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Américo Paredes Papers, 1886-1999

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CreatorParedes, Américo
TitleAmérico Paredes Papers
Dates: 1886-1999
Dates: bulk 1931-1999
AbstractCorrespondence, creative works, printed material, sound recordings, photographic material, and artifacts reflect the life and work of Américo Paredes (1915-1999). Paredes was a folklorist, teacher, novelist, poet, musician, academic administrator, and Mexican-American activist. Born in Brownsville, Texas, he spent his career at the University of Texas at Austin.
OCLC Record No.51244413
Extent70 ft., 1 in.
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
RepositoryBenson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries,The University of Texas at Austin

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The Américo Paredes Papers are described in a two-page guide. Series I-III are described in Page 1 of this guide, Series IV-X and Subgroup 2 can be found in this section.
Subgroup One, Américo Paredes Papers, 1886-1999
Series I. Personal Files, 1931-1999, no date (bulk 1946-1999)
Series II. Creative Works, 1933-1999
Series III. Subject Files, 1886-1999 (bulk 1952-1999)
Series IV. General Correspondence, 1892, 1948-1999 (bulk 1965-1998)
Series V. Printed and Manuscript Music, Music Notes, 1903?-1987
Series VI. Printed Materials, 1916-1999 (bulk 1953-1995)
Series VII. Card Files, no date
Series VIII. Audiovisual Materials, 1941-1998
Series IX. Posthumous Materials, 1999
Series X. Separated Material
Subgroup Two. Américo Paredes Donation, 1992
Manuscript, Printed Material, and Flag, 1938, c.1990, 1992


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 Appendix: University of Texas at Austin Courses Taught after 1966 

Listed by their designation in the core Anthropology/English or Anthropology curriculum, below are the titles for Paredes's classes, which he abbreviated on his course file folders. Late in his career, his courses were also cross-listed in the Ethnic Studies, Mexican-American Studies, and/or Latin American Studies programs.

  • Undergraduate Folklore Course - Anthropology 324L:
  • Undergraduate Seminar in Greater Mexican Folk Culture
  • Undergraduate Folklore Courses - Anthropology/English 325K (General Folklore):
  • General Folklore
  • Introduction to Folklore and Folklife
  • Undergraduate Folklore Courses - Anthropology/English 325L (Area Folklore):
  • Greater Mexican Folklore
  • Greater Mexican Folk Literature
  • Greater Mexican Folklife
  • Graduate Folklore Courses - Anthropology 394M/English 3945N:
  • Methods and Materials of Reseach I
  • Introduction to Graduate Folklore
  • Mexican Symbolic Structures
  • Folklore of Greater Mexico
  • Folk Narrative in Spanish America
  • Décima, Corrido, Copla, and Related Forms
  • Ritual Structures
  • Ethnic Folklore: Tradition and Dissent
  • English courses taught after establishment of the Folklore program:
  • 314 Introduction to Literature: Magic and Science in Anglo-American Literature
  • 342 Life and Literature of the Southwest: The Mexican Experience
  • 394M Graduate Reading in Folklore

Box and Folder Inventory


Paredes Papers, Page 1

1-56The inventory begins on Page 1 of the finding aid.


Series IV. General Correspondence, 1892, 1948-1999 (bulk 1965-1998),
8 ft. 9 in.

Letters and cards, with such enclosures as printed material including clippings, creative works, and photographs. Three sub-series: 1. Correspondence, 1892, 1948-1998; 2. Older Correspondence Files, 1953-1975; 3. Unfiled Correspondence, 1967-1985, 1998-1999.
This series contains primarily Paredes’s correspondence with colleagues, students, friends, relatives, business associates, and admirers. Correspondence with colleagues concerns scholarly projects, professional organizations, the University of Texas and other academic institutions, and personal matters. He read manuscripts for academic journals, consulted on grant-funded projects and on educational resource projects, such as books and films, and participated in the planning of academic conferences. The files contain correspondence with University of Texas colleagues such as Roger Abrahams, Richard Bauman, Rolando Hinojosa Smith and José Limón, and other scholars including Arthur Campa, Manuel R. Dannemann, Julián Cáceres Freyre, Alan Dundes, Archie Green, Wayland Hand, Stanley Robe, Julian Samora, and Merle Simmons. Paredes was involved with professional organizations dedicated both to folklore scholarship and to Latin American studies and issues. Among the organizations he created correspondence files for are Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española, American Folklore Society, California Folklore Society, National Association for Chicano Studies, National Chicano Council on Higher Education, Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education, and Texas Folklore Society.
Paredes filed some professional correspondence elsewhere, or removed folders from this series. Editor and publisher correspondence is in Series II, Subseries 1, B. "Reviews, Correspondence on Publications." Paredes’s subject files, Series III, include name correspondence files in Subseries 1, University of Texas files; Subseries 4, Journal of American Folklore and American Folklore Society Files; Subseries 5, Texas Folklife Resources Files; and Subseries 6, Professional Activities Files. The files in Series I, Subseries 1, B. Corrrespondence Separated by Américo Paredes, include correspondence with colleagues.
Student correspondence regards coursework and theses, as well as other personal and professional matters. Several students remained close to Paredes, some, like Limón, became colleagues. The correspondence files also document Paredes’s relationships with younger scholars who had not worked with Paredes as students, but who sought him out for consultation or because he was a subject of their work. Younger students and scholars represented in Paredes’s correspondence files include Arturo Chamorro, Leticia Garza-Falcón., William Gradante, James McNutt, Manuel Peña, and Ramón Saldívar. Paredes filed some student correspondence in Series III, Subseries 1, University of Texas files.
Though much of Paredes’s personal correspondence is found in Series I, Subseries 1, Paredes filed some correspondence with friends and relatives in this series. Longtime personal correspondents include his cousin, Ted Manzano. Other personal correspondence is with old Brownsville friends such as Daniel Bray, Henry K. Garcia, and Sabas Klahn. Some correspondents appear both in this series and in Series I.
Paredes arranged and organized the files. He filed correspondence alphabetically by correspondent and in reverse chronological order. During processing, some unfiled and loose correspondence was added to his files. Paredes removed manuscripts and printed material from received correspondence. During processing, some loose items that Paredes had removed but did not file in a new location, such as manuscripts, were returned to the sender’s name file.
The series is organized in three subseries, created by Paredes. Note that individual correspondents may appear in more than one subseries.
Access to some material in the series is restricted. See Series X description.
57Subseries 1. Correspondence, 1892, 1948-1998 (bulk 1965-1998),
6 ft., 8 in.
Paredes's Correspondence files include a variety of professional and personal correspondence. Most dates from the early 1970s until Paredes's death, though some files include older material.
1A, 1971-1997
2Abrahams, Roger D., 1965-1985, 1991-1994
3Academia Mexicana de la Historia, 1986, 1996
4Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española, 1977-1984, 1990-1998
5Acuña, Rudy, 1990
6Águila Azteca, 1990-1993
7Alurista, 1974-1980
8American Folklife Center, 1977
9American Folklore Society, 1967-1977, 1985-1998
10Andrade, Gustavo S., 1981-1982
11Aztlán, 1972-1983, 1994-1997
581-2B, 1971-1997
(2 folders)
3Bah, Tierna, 1985-1986
4Barrera, Aida, 1982, 1984, 1992
5Barrera, José, 1996
6Bascom, William (and Berta), 1967-1974, 1987-1988, n.d.
7Bauman, Richard, 1967-1998
8Beasley Project (Frank Wardlaw), 1976-1978
9Bernal, Joe J., 1969-1976
10Bratcher, James T., 1969-1972
11Bray, Daniel, M.D., 1967, 1971, 1982, 1989-1998
12Brewer, Samuel A., 1972-1976
13Brownsville Historical Association, 1996-1998
14Burns, Richard, 1987-1992, 1998, n.d.
591-2C, 1966-1997
(2 folders)
3-4Cáceres Freyre, Julián, 1960-1997
(2 folders)
5Cadaval, Olivia (Smithsonian), 1992-1996
6Calderón, Héctor (José López-Morín), 1996-1998
7California Folklore Society, 1965-1978
8Campa, Arthur L., 1968-1977
9Cardenas, De Dwyer, Carlota, 1976-1981
10Carvalho Neto, Paulo de (Professor), 1966-1975
11Chamorro, Arturo, 1977-1995
12Chavira, Juan Antonio (McLemore), 1977
13CIBOLA, 1976-1979, 1981
14Cisneros, Humberto, 1983-1985
15Cobos, Ruben, 1974
16Colorado College (Colorado Springs), 1973-1974, 1985-1990
601Comité de Folklore, 1969-1977
2Cooksey, Mrs. Robbie Choate, 1972, 1974
3D, 1971-1977, 1983-1995
4-5Dannemann, Manuel R., 1962-1981
(2 folders)
6Davis, Robbie, 1979-1986
7Dickson, Allen, and Anderson Centennial Professorship, 1983-1984
8Dundes, Alan, 1966-1972, 1993
9E, 1971-1980, 1985-1988, 1995
10Epstein, Shifra (Ph. D ad hoc - Bauman, Chairman; M.A.- Paredes), 1975, 1979
11Exchange Projects (Bloche; Espinosa M.), 1979-1980
12F, 1971-1984, 1991-1993, 1998
13Farrer, Claire (Ph. D. - Folklore (Abrahams)), 1976
14Farrington, J. A. (dormant - permanently), 1966, 1972
15Flores, Richard Reyes, 1986-1996
16Ford Foundation, 1971-1972
17Frankel Prize, 1987-1994
611-2G, 1963, 1971-1996
(2 folders)
3Galán Productions (also NLCC [National Latino Communications Center]), 1992-1993
4-5García, Henry K., 1966-1985
(2 folders)
6-7Garza-Falcón, Leticia, 1992-1997
(2 folders correspondence; 3 folders printed material and creative works)
8["Back Talk"], 1994
9[Gente Decente draft chapers], 1995
621[Stories of a Decent People manuscript, Gente Decente page proofs (partial)], 1996, 1998
2Gómez, Joel, 1968, 1970
3Gómez-Quinones, Juan, 1974-1980
4González, Alicia María, 1976-1988
5Gosnell, Nancy Lynn (M.A.), 1987-1989
6Gradante, William J., 1978-1980, 1987-1993
7Graham, Joe S., 1976, 1992, n.d.
8-9Green, Archie, 1961-1978
(2 folders)
10Greenhill, Pauline Jane, 1983-1984
11-12Greenway, John, 1963-1976
(2 folders)
13Gutiérrez, José Angel (M.A.S. Graduate Program, Hirsch; Ph.D. M.A.S., Political Science), 1970-1976
631-3H, 1972-1998
(3 folders)
4Hand, Wayland D., 1967-1975, 1981
5Harcourt, Brace , Jovanavich [Center for the Study of Instruction Consultation], 1972-1979
6Harcourt, Brace, Jovanavich [Permissions], 1978-1981, 1983-1989
7Haynes, Patricia, 1981-1983
8Hernández, Inés, 1975-1980, 1993
9[Photocopied printed materials], 1991-1992
10Herrera-Sobak, María, 1978-1980, 1992
641-2Hinojosa, Rolando, 1976-1994, n.d.
(2 folders)
3Hinojosa-Smith Committee, 1980-1981, 1994
4Honda, Shigeru, 1985
5I, 1971-1979, 1985-1988
6Imafuku, Ryata, 1986-1989, 1998
7Ireland, Tom, 1976-1977
8J, 1972-1993
9Johnson, Paula, 1979
10Jorgensen, Marilyn, 1984
11Klahn, S., and Family, 1983-1992, 1997-1998
12K, 1972-1995
13-14L, 1972-1994
(2 folders)
15Lane, Bruce, 1978, 1981-1982, n.d.
651Lara, Celso - Comité de Folklore, 1974-1978
2Leger, James K., 1983-1986, 1998
3Licht, Michael, 1980, 1982-1983
4-6Limón, José, 1970-1997
(3 folders correspondence; 3 folders creative works)
7-8Mexican Ballads, Chicano Poems: History and Influences in Mexican American Social Poetry, (manuscript), [1988]
(2 folders)
9[Curriculum Vitae; "The Native Dances: Postmodernism, Modernism and Social Movement in Mexican American South Texas" (manuscript)], 1988-1989
10M-Mc [Folder 1], 1971-1975
661-3M-Mc [Folder 2-4], 1976-1996
4McClean [sic], Malcolm D. - "Corrido de Chessman", 1962, 1986
5McDowell, John H., [1976], 1994-1998
6McKenna, Teresa, 1982-1988
(1 folder correspondence; 7 folders creative works)
7 ["Parto de Palabra: Studies on Chicano Literature in Process"], 1987
8-10 [The Broken Web], 1988
(3 folders)
11["Immigrants in Our Own Land: A Chicano Literature Review and Pedagogical Assesment"], 1985
12 [Aztlán, 1:2 (1970); 13:1 & 2 (1982), 1970, 1982
13 ["Selected Bibliography of Chicano Literature," and "Notes on Chicano Poetry and the Political Age:..."], 1987
671McNutt, James, 1977-1986, 1991, 1995, n.d.
2Maldonado, Jesús M., 1993-1997
3Manzano, Ted, 1977-1998
4Meier, Matt S., 1994-1998
5Mesa Redonda de Folklore y Etnomuicologia (Ramirez & Chamorro), 1979-1983
6Mexican Americans in Texas History, San Antonio, May 2-4, 1991, 1991
7Miller, Ed, 1976-1981
8Mishler, Craig, 1977-1993
9Moedano, Gabriel, 1963-1976
10Montelongo, Ignacio (Gonzalez), 1983-1989, n.d.
11N-O, 1972-1995
12Návar, María Margarita, 1978-1985, 1990
13NCCHE and NACS [National Chicano Council on Higher Education and National Association for Chicano Studies], 1978-1992
681NEH [National Endowment for the Humanities], 1973, 1978
2National Humanities Faculty, 1973-1975
3Ngenge, Tayoba Tata, 1985-1986
4-5P-Q, 1971-1996
(2 folders)
6Paredes, Raymond, 1974-1989
7Parthasarathy, Rajagopal, 1983-1987
(1 folder correspondence; 5 folders creative works)
8["The Cilappatikãram and Epic Tradition"], 1986
(5 folders)
691Peña, Félix, 1976-1990
2-3Peña, Manuel H., 1976-1995
(2 folders)
4Peña, Doctora Remedios de la, 1973-1974
5Plasker, Robert L., 1968
6Poveda, Pablo, 1981-1984, 1990
7 ["Chuy's Cancionero: A Song to the Chicano People" (M.A. thesis)] , 1982
8-10R, 1972-1998
(3 folders)
701Ramírez, Olga (Nájera), 1982-1992, 1997
2Reyna, José R., 1974
3On Rivera, Tomás - Various, 1978-1989
4Robe, Stanley, 1963-1974, 1980-1981, 1994
5Roberts, F. Warren, 1993-1997
6Rosaldo, Renato, Jr., 1981-1991
7Stanford, "The Undying Love," etc., 1987
8-9S, 1972-1997
(2 folders)
10Sáenz, Candelario, 1991-1996
11[Celso Garza Guajardo, En Busca de Catarino E. Garza (Monterrey, N.L., 1989) (Photocopy)]
12[Justice Department files on Garza Revolt participants], 1892
711 [Unknown author, "Lineage of Captain Marcos Alonso Garza and Juana de Treviño" with appendices (no date)]
2Saldívar, Ramón, 1976-1980, 1986-1998
3-4Samora, Julian, 1972-1976
(2 folders)
5Santa Cruz, 1971-1973
6Schecter, John, 1978-1986
7Schmidt, Henry C., 1972, 1975, 1982, 1992-1997
8Seriff, Suzy, 1983-1991, n.d.
9Sheehy, Daniel E., 1979-1980, 1993
10Shulimson, Judith, 1980
11S.I.E.F. [Société Internationale D'Ethnologie et de Folklore], 1965-1970
12Simmen, Edward, 1989-1992
13Simmons, Merle E., 1966-1974
14Sociedad Folklórica de México, 1971
15Spitzer, Nick, 1975-1986, 1995
16Stoeltje, Beverly, 1977-1985?
17Strachwitz, Chris, 1976, 1993-1995
18Swing, Pamela, 1980-1983
19-20T, 1972-1997
(2 folders)
721Taylor, Kathryn Sue, 1978-1982
2TACHE (Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education), 1976-1986
3Texas Committee for the Humanities, 1979, 1983, 1989, 1994
4Texas Folklife Resources (Tish Hinojosa), 1992-1998
5-6Texas Folklore Society, 1948-1998
(2 folders)
7Texas State Historical Association (T.P. Acosta), 1986-1994
8Texas Institute of Letters, 1980, 1990-1998
9"Texas Voices," 1985-1986
10Tittel, Edward R., 1977, 1979, n.d.
11Turner, Kay Frances, 1979-1988
12-13U - V, 1971-1996, n.d.
(2 folders)
14Vento, 1978
15-17W, X, Y, Z, 1972-1998
(3 folders)
731Wade, Melvin A., 1980, 1982
2Weidlich, Lorre, 1979
3Western Literature Association, 1985-1989
4White, Marilyn Mildred, 1977-1982
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Subseries 2. Older Correspondence File, 1953-1975,
1 ft., 8 in.
This subseries contains two separate alphabetical sequences of correspondence files, though they may have originated in a single filing system. Paredes arranged and organized them. He labeled one set of files with slightly inaccurate inclusive dates, noted in parentheses below. He labeled the second set "inactive." The subseries includes name files related to several projects and professional activities (similar to those in Series II, Subseries 6, Other Professional Activities), but no files by the names of individual correspondents.
5A (1971-1974), 1974-1975
6-7A (inactive), 1954-1970
(2 folders)
8B (1963-1975), 1962-1973
9B (inactive), 1957-1967
10-11Book and Offprint Orders, 1962-1973
(2 folders)
12Budget Council, English Department, 1964-1968
13C (1967-1975), 1967-1974, n.d.
14-15C (inactive), 1953-1965
(2 folders)
741D (1968-1975), 1968-1975, n.d.
2D (inactive), 1958-1967
3E (1969-1970), 1969-1970
4F (1968-1973), 1963-1973
5G (1963-1975), 1963-1975
6E,F,G (inactive), 1955-1967
7H (1968-1975), 1968-1974
8-9H (inactive), 1952-1954, 1960-1965
(2 folders)
10I (1966-1970), 1965-1972
11J (1964-1970), 1964-1970
12J (inactive), 1959-1967
13K (1966-1974), 1964-1974
14L (1961-1973), 1960-1975
15L (inactive), 1957-1967, n.d.
16 President's (L.B.J.) Symposia Committee, 1971-1972
751 M-Mc (1966-1975), 1966-1975
2-3M (inactive), 1957-1967
(2 folders)
4National Humanities Faculty, Denton Project, 1972-1973
5N-O (1967-1973), 1967-1972
6N-P (inactive), 1957-1967
7P-Q ( -1975), 1966-1975
8R, 1962-1975
9R (inactive), 1957-1968
10Rio Grande Valley Club, 1961-1962
11S, 1965-1975
12-13S (inactive), 1959-1967
(2 folders)
761Senator Joe Bernal - Committee Hearings, 1971
2-3Student Correspondence, 1965-1970
(2 folders)
4T, 1963-1970
5T (inactive), 1959-1967
6Texas Education Agency Consultantships, 1968-1972
7U-V, 1963-1971
8V, W (inactive), 1957-1967
9W, X, Y, Z, 1963-1970, 1975
10West Virginia NDEA, 1960-1962
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77Subseries 3. Unfiled Correspondence, 1967-1985, 1998-1999,
5 in.
This subseries contains correspondence left unfiled by Américo Paredes. It includes three small groupings and Paredes's incomplete Letter Record for 1981-1985.
The folder Paredes labeled "Correspondence - General" (1967-1984) contains routine business and professional correspondence, some unfiled family correspondence, and correspondence with friends from Brownsville, O. B. García and Chuck Schwanitz. It is unclear why Paredes did not file the correspondence, much of which may have been conducted from his home, in the above series.
Two folders, "For Filing" and "To File," contain correspondence from 1985, when personal and physical difficulties interfered with Paredes' routines.
Unanswered letters make up the bulk of the Unfiled Correspondence from 1998-1999, when Paredes was too ill to correspond regularly. Paredes had not opened the material that arrived at his campus office. It was received at the Benson Latin American Collection still sealed, and was opened during processing.
1Letter Record - Phone Calls, Books Out, 1981-1985, n.d.
2-3Correspondence - General, 1967-1984
(2 folders)
4For Filing, January-September 1985
5To File, February-May 1985
6Unfiled Correspondence, A-L, 1998-1999
7Unfiled Correspondence, M-Z, 1998-1999
8-9[Unopened mail to English Department address], 1998-1999
(2 folders)


Series V. Printed and Manuscript Music, Music Notes, 1903?-1987,
1 ft., 3 in.

Manuscript music and lyrics, notes, sheet music and music books, music catalogs and publications, 1905-1987. Paredes filed the material together. Two subseries: 1. Compositions, Transcriptions, and Notes, 193?-1987; 2. Sheet Music, Music Books, Related Printed Material, 1903?-1978.
78Subseries 1. Compositions, Transcriptions, and Notes, 193?-1987, no date,
5 in.
Lyrics and musical transcriptions, notes, and a published music book. The subseries includes early songs by Paredes, probably composed 1933-1950, and musical transcriptions he made of them later. Notes, cards, and notebooks record Paredes' repertory and practicing habits at various intervals, 1940-1982. A few manuscript materials relate to his musical education and to the Paredes Collection of Border songs he gathered in 1954. A book of Mexican folk music (1966) to which Paredes wrote the introduction is included.
Paredes filed one collection of his early song lyrics with his poetry in Series II, Subseries 1 (Literary Productions). Written music created in the course of his project with Tish Hinojosa is in Series III, Subseries 5 (Texas Folklife Resources).
1"Album de Canciónes (Personal)", [193-?]
2"Notas sobre la armoniá del Professor Antonio Ortiz", [193-?]
3[Notebooks of early compositions], 1970, n. d.
4Manuscripts of compositions:
"Quiéreme" (Bolero), 1941
"Mujer de Todos" (Tango), 1950
5"Canciónes" notebook, n. d.
6Sheets and cards from "Canciónes" notebook, n.d.
7Paredes Collection transcriptions by George Foss, [196-?]
8[Transcriptions of compositions (manuscript)], 1947, 1976, 1979, undated
"Rosas Marchitas" (Yucateca)
"Como una Rosa" (Tango)
"Quiéreme" (Bolero)
"Como la Noche" (Danza)
"Tu Mirar" (Fox)
"Después del Baile" (Canción Ranchera)
"No Me Admira" (Vals)
"Antenoche" (Yucateca)
"Pétalos Rotos" (Canción)
"Pobre Corazón" (Bolero)
"Horas Tristes" (Bolero)
"La Perica" (sin letra)
"Cuando Yo Te Conocí" (Fox)
"Queja del Alma" (Yucateca)
"Mal Pago" (Tango)
"Ojos Mareños" (Waltz)
"Flor de Burdel" (Tango)
"La Que Está'i Tiene la Culpa" (Canción)
"Esquinita de Mi Pueblo" (Fox)
"Volutas de Humo" (Danza)
"Por Última Vez" (Bolero)
"Tus Ojos" (Bolero)
"La Yoguita Colorada" (Corrido Histórico, 1938)
"Voy a Buscar Quien Me Quiera" (Canción Méxicotejana)
"Amelia" (Bambuco)
"Mujer de Todos" (Tango)
9Transcriptions of compositions (manuscripts, photocopies):
"Duerme" (Danza Mexicana) [also typescript] 1987
"Duerme" (Danza Mexicana)
"Amelia" (Bambuco)
"Me Alejo de Ti" (Canción)
"Soñé" (Tango)
10Transcriptions of compositions (typescript), no date
"Amelia" (Bambuco)
"Duerme" (Danza)
11["Border Songs" transcriptions, lyrics, manuscript transcriptions], c. 1982, n.d.
12[Guitar exercises and repertory notes], 1940, 1972-1976, 1978, 1980-1982
13Folk Music of Mexico, by Joseph Castle, introduction by Américo Paredes, 1966
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79Subseries 2. Sheet Music, Music Books, Related Printed Material, 1903-1978
10 in.
Music books, sheet music, manuscript music, notes, periodicals, and published catalogs and programs, 1903-1978. Includes Instructional Materials; Collected Materials; Related Printed Material.
Folk, popular, and classical music for the guitar and piano, printed in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Venezuela, France, and Germany. A small number of music and recording catalogs were added to the subseries during processing.
Instructional Materials:
1Santisteban. Carcassi: Method for the Guitar. Philadelphia: Oliver Ditson Company, 1906?
2Bickford, Zarh Myron. Directions for Playing the Ukulele. New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1925?
3Gomez, Guillermo. La Guitarra Española. Mexico, D.F.: Guillermo Gomez, 1938
4[Guitar instruction book and photocopied music], n.d.
5Matteo Carcassi, (ed.) G. W. Bemis. Twenty-Five Melodious Studies for the Guitar. Philadelphia: Oliver Ditson Company, 1903
6Burgmüller: Twenty-five Studies, Easy and Progressive. New York City: Century Music Publishing Co., 1911, 1940
7Segovia, Andres. Diatonic Major and Minor Scales.Washington, D.C.: Columbia Music Co., 1953
8Segovia, Andres. Daily Studies for Guitar. Melville, N.Y.: Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp., 1955
9Guitar music, n.d.
10Sherwood’s Imperial Diagram Method for the Guitar, n.d.
Collected Materials:
11G. C. Santisteban. Thirty Compositions and Arrangements for the Guitar. Philadelphia: Oliver Ditson Company, 1905
12Sheet music, [Contains an inscription.] 1933, 1939, n.d.
13[Harmonizations by Vicente T. Mendoza (manuscript transcriptions)], 1929, 1941.
14Manuscript music, 1940, n.d.
15Sheet music, 1911, 1918, 1935, 1940, n.d.
16Bal y Gay, Jesús. Romances y Villancios—Españoles. Méxoco: La Casa de España, 1939
80Santamaria, Francisco J. Antologia: Folklorica y Musical de Tabasco. México, D.F.: Publicaciones del Gobierno del Estado, 65, 1952
811Celebrated Guitar Solos Album [also except of Frances (?) Toor article on Mexican wedding traditions], 1941, n.d.
2Guitar music, 1941, 1943, 1947, 1967
3Robb, John Donald. Hispanic Folk Songs of New Mexico. Albuquerque: The University of New Mexico Press, 1954.
4Sheet music published by Instituto de Folklore Venezolano, 1955-1957
5Trova Mexicana and Cancionero del Bajió issues, 1955-1958
6Benaros, Leon. "El Chacho: Vida y Muerte de un Caudillo." Buenos Aires, Argentina: LAGOS, 1966.
7Japanese songs [sheet music and manuscripts] n.d.
8Guitar Player's Pastime. Boston: Carl Fischer, Inc., n.d.
9Sheet music, n.d.
10Reprints from Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine, volume 7, 1964
11Carulli, F. Eine Sammlung…für Gitarre. Hamburg, Germany, n.d.
Related Printed Material:
12"Rod Kennedy Presents - Montoya" [concert program], 1972
13[Folk music catalogs], 1948, 1957-1960.
14[Spanish Music Center catalogs], 1973, 1975, 197-1978.


Series VI. Printed Materials, 1916-1999 (bulk 1953-1995),
13 ft., 4 in.

Photocopies, publishers' reprints of scholarly articles, periodicals and clippings, newsletters, reports, books, bound theses and dissertations, brochures and pamphlets; some with enclosed corespondence and notes. Five subseries: 1. Advice Solicited, 1916-1993 (bulk 1955-1993); 2. Dissertations and Theses, 1953-1995; 3. Collected Material, 1945-1999; 4. Offprint Files, 1918-1995; 5. Books, 1927-1997.
82Subseries 1. "Advice Solicited," 1916-1993 (bulk 1955-1993),
10 in.
Publishers' reprints and photocopies of scholarly articles, some notes, correspondence. Paredes created and named this grouping, which contains many reprints inscribed by friends, colleagues and students.
1Dodson, Ruth. Don Pedrito Jaramillo, "Curandero." San Antonio: Casa Editorial Lozano, 1934. [Also contains a clipping and notes.] 1934, 1968. n.d.
2Dobie, J. Frank. "The Roadrunner: In Fact and Folklore." In the Shadow of History. Austin, TX: Texas Game, Fish, and Oyster Commision, 1939
3Dobie, J. Frank. "Pitching Horses and Panthers." In Mustangs and Cow Horses. Austin, TX: Texas Folk-Lore Society, 1940
4Dobie, J. Frank. "The Writer and His Region." Southwest Review, (Spring 1950): 1-7. [Inscribed by author, 1960.]
5[Instituo de Folklore (Venezuela), Folk Dance Booklets.] 1955-1956
6Hill, Archibald A. "Linguistics and the College Teacher of Language, Literature or Composition." College Language Association Journal, 2:2 (1958): 75-86. [Inscribed by author.]
7McElderry, Jr., B.R., Roy P. Basler, Bernard I. Duffey, T. George Harris, Lyon N. Richardson. The Changing Role of the Middle West. Reprinted from The Centennial Review of Arts & Science, 2:2 (1958): 109-153.
8Mendoza, Vicente T. "La Canción de Aliento Entrecortado en México y en América es de Origen Hipano. Miscelánea en Homenaje a Mons. Higinio Anglés. Barcelona: V. 2 (1958-1961): 517-535. "Lo Esencial en la Música de México," (n.d.): 183-192. [both pieces contain inscription from author.]
9Cadogan, León. "Como Interpretan los Chiripá (Ava Guarani) la Danza Ritual." Revista de Antropologia, 7:1 & 2 (1959): 65-99.
10Rosenthal, Theodore, Bernard J. Siegel. "Magic and Witchcraft: An Interpretation From Dissonance Theory." Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, V. 15 (1959): 143-167.
11Romanell, Patrick. "Ortega en Mexico: Tributo a Samuel Ramos." Dianoia, (1960): 170-180.
12De La Croix, Horst. "Military Architecture and the Radial City Plan in Sixteenth Century Italy." The Art Bulletin, 42:4 (1960): 263-290. [Inscribed by author.]
13Cassar-Pullicino, Joseph. "The Study of Maltese Folktales." Presented at the Internationaler Kongreß der Volkderzählungsforscher in Kiel und Kopenhagen, 1959. Published 1961. [Inscribed by author.]
14Mendoza, Vicente T. "El Plano O Mundo Inferior--Mictlan, Xibalbá, Nith y Hel--. Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl, V.3 (1962): 75-99.
15Medoza, Vicente T. "El Machisom en Mexico: Al Traves de las Caonciones, Corridos y Cantares." Cuadernos del Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Folkloricas,No. 3 (1962): 75-86. [Inscribed by author.]
16Chertudi, Susana. "Antes Fui Hija/Ahora Soy Madre.": Un Cuento de Adivinanza: AaTh 927 (b). Cuadernos de Instituto Naional de Investigaciones Folklóricas, No. 3 (1962): 63-74. [Inscribed by author.]
17Lehman, Winfred P. "The Composition of Eddic Verse." Studies in Germanic Languages and Literatures. Washington University Press, 1963: 7-14. [Inscribed by author.]
18Paz, Octavio. El Laberinto de la Soledad, 3rd ed. Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Economica, 1963.
19Câmara Cascudo, Luís da. "Temas do Mireio No Folclore de Portugal e Brasil." Ocidente, V.64 (1963):31-43. [Inscribed by author.
20Abrahams, Rober D. "Ritual, For Fun and Profit or The Ends and Outs of Celebation." Prepared for Burg Wartenstein Symposium No. 59, New York, NY, 21-29 July 1973. Also "Folklore in Culture: Notes Toward an Analytic Method." Studies in Literature and Language, 5:1 (1963):98-110. [Inscribed by author.]
21Hill, Archibald A. "Some Further Thoughts on Grammaticality and Poetic Language." (n.d.): 81-91. Also "Three Examples of Unexpectedly Accurate Indian Lore." Studies in Literature and Language, 6:1 (1964): 80-83. [Inscribed by author.]
22Abrahams, Roger D., Joseph C. Hickerson. "Cross-Fertilization Riddles." Western Folklore, 23:4 (1964): 253-258. [Inscribed by Hickerson.]
23Chertudi, Susana. "Contes D'Animaux en Argentine." Reprinted from IV. International Congress for Folk-Narrative Research in Athens, Athens, 1965, 72-76. [Inscribed by author.]
24Hill, Archibald A. "Non-Grammatical Prerequisites." Foundations of Language, v. 2 (1966): 319-337. Also "The Locus of The Literary Work." English Studies Today, V. 3 (1964): 41-50. [Inscribed by author.]
25Cáceres Fryre, Julián. "La Celebracion del Carnaval en la Provincia de la Rioja (Republica Argentina). XXXVI Congreso Internacional de Americanistas, V. 2 (1966): 389-415.
26Wildhaber, Robert. "A Bibliographical Introduction to American Folklife." New York Folklore Quarterly, (December 1965): 258-303.
27Hill, Archibald A. "Post-Nominal Modifiers: Transformations and Phonology." Acta Linguistica Hafniensia, 9:1 (1965): 37-49. Also "A Re-Examinationof theEnglish Articles." 17th Annual Round Table, Monograph Series on Languages and Linguistics: Georgetown Univeristy Institute of Languages and Linguistics, 1966. [Both pieces inscribed by author.]
28Abrahams, Roger D. "The Shaping of Folklore Tradtions in the British West Indies." Journal of Inter-American Studies, 9:3 (1967):456-480. [Inscribed by author.]
29Cassar-Pullicino, J. "Ethno-Linguistic Aspects of Animals in Malt." Journal of Maltese Studies, No. 4 (1967): 1-68. [Inscribed by author.]
30Folk Songs and Dances of the Americas, V. 1 & 2. Washington, D.C.: Pan American Union, 1967.
31Andersen, Theodore. "Day unto day uttereth speech: Languages and Education--A Criticism." The Graduate Journal, 4:2 (1961): 406-421. [Inscribed by author.]
32Abrahams, Roger D. "'Pull Out Your Purse and Pay': A St. George Mumming From the British West Indies." Folklore, V. 79 (1968):176-201. [Inscribed by author.]
831Tambiah, S.J. "The Magical Power of Words." Presented at the Malinowski Memorial Lecture, London School of Economics and Political Science, 20 February 1968.
2Abrahams, Roger D., Alan Dundes. "On Elephantasy and Elephanticide." The Psychoanalytic Review, 56:2 (1962): 225-241. [Inscribed by Abrahams.] Abrahams, Roger D. "Reputation vs. Respectability: A Review of Peter J. Wilson's Concept." Review Interamericana, 9:3 (1979): 448-453.
3Acuña, Rudoph F. "Ignacio Pesqueira: Sonoran Caudillo." Arizona and the West, V. 12 (1969): 139-172.
4Câmara Cascudo, Luis da. "Desplantes." Revista do Arquivo Municipal, 176:32 (1969): 127-138. [Postcard from author included.]
5Rodrigues, Lucio. "Konkani Folksongs of Goa: An Album." Essays on Konkani Language and Literature, (1970):61-76. [Inscribed by author.]
6"Pequena Biografia de Luís da Câmara Cascudo." (1971)
7Greenberg, Joseph H. "Is Language Like a Chess Game." American Anthropological Association Annual Report 1970, 4:1 (1971): 53-67.
8Abrahams, Roger D., Richard Bauman. "Sense and Nonsense in St. Vincent: Speech Behavior and Decorum in a Caribbean Community." American Anthropologist, 73:3 (1971): 762-772. [Inscribed by authors.]
9Beutler, Gisela. "Algunas Oraciones y Ceremonias Relacionadas con el Cultivo del Maíz en Mexico." Contributions to Ethnology and Linguistics, Archaeology and Physical Anthropology of Indian America, (1973): 93-111.
58Gay, Geneva, Roger D. Abrahams. "Does the Pot Melt, Boil, or Brew? Black Children and White Assessment Prodecures." Journal of School Psychology, 11:4 (1973): 330-340. [Inscribed by Abrahams.]
11Nostrand, Richard L. "'Mexican American' and 'Chicano': Emerging terms for a People Coming of Age." Pacific Historical Review, 42:3 (1973): 389-406. [Contains a letter from the author.]
12Condominas, Georges. "Ethics and comfort an Ethnographer's View of His Profession." American Anthropological Association, Annual Report 1972, (April 1973): 1-17.
13McLeod, Norma. "Ethnomusicological Research and Anthropology." Review of Anthropology, V. 3 (1974): 99-115. [Inscribed by author.]
14Davidson, H.R. Ellis. "Folklore and History." Folklore, V. 85 (1974): 73-92.
15Madrid-Barela, Arturo. "In Search of the Authentic Pachuco: an Interpretive Essay."; "Towards an Understanding of the Chicano Experience." Aztlán, 4:1 (1974): 31-60; 185-193. [Both pieces inscribed by author.]
16Bauman, Richard, and Joel Sherzer. "The Ethnography of Speaking." Annual Review of Anthropology, 4 (1975).
17Beutler, Gisela. Reviewo of Folk Literature of the Sephardic Jews, by Samuel G. Armistead and Joseph H. Silverman. Jahrbuch Für Volksliedforschung, (1974): 154-166. [Inscribed by author.]
18Dannemann R., Manuel. "Situacion Actual de la Musica Folklorica Chilena: Según el 'Atlas del Folklore de Chile.'" Revista Musical Chilena, 29:131 (1975): 38-86. [Contains letter from author.]
19Bauman, Richard. "Verbal Art as Performance." American Anthropologist, 77:2 (1975): 290-311. [Inscribed by author.]
20Bauman, Richard, Roger D. Abrahams, Susan Kalcik. "American Folklore and American Studies." American Quarterly, 28:3 (1976): 361-377. [Inscribed by Bauman.]
21Romo, Ricardo. "A Perspective on Chicano History." Review of The Chicano, by Norris Hundley, Jr. ed. Reviews in American History, (March 1976): 32-37.
22Dannemann R. Manuel. "La Funcion Social de la Poesia Tradicional Chilena su Comprobacion en la Zaon de Melipilla." VICUS Cuadernos, Arqueología, Antropología Cultural, Etnología, V. 1 (1977): 151-205. [Inscribed by author.]
23Bauman, Richard. "Settlement Patterns on the Frontiers of Folklore." Frontiers of Folklore, William R. Bascom, ed. Westview Press, Inc., 1977. [Inscribed by author.]
24Bauman, Richard. "Linguistics, Anthropology, and Verbal Art: Toward a Unified Perspective, With a Special Discussion of Children's Folklore." Linguistics and Anthropology, Muriel Saville-Troike, ed., Georgetown University School of Languages and Linguistics, 1977. [Inscribed by author.]
25Chamorro E. J. Arturo, "Uso y Funcion del Teponaztle en el Medio Rural Tlaxcalteca, Mexico." Folklore Americano, No. 28 (1979): 69-83.
26Green, A.C. "The State Dobie Left Us In." Lone Star Review, [198-] [Photocopy]
27Speck, Ernest B. "Mody Boatright's Cowboy as Hero." Southwest Review, (Summer 1981): 268-276. [Inscribed by author.]
28[Festival materials], 1983-1984
29Sherzer, Joel. "Poetic Structuring of Kuna Discourse: The Line." Language Society, II (1982): 371-390. [Inscribed by author, also contains letter.]
30Peña, Manuel. "Música Tejana." Texas Humanist, (July-August 1985): 23-25.
31Cacere Freyre, Julian. "Los Capiangos de Facundo Quiroga." Boletin del Instituto Bonaerense de Numismatica y Antigüedades, No. 15 (1986): 1-12.
32González-Gerth, Míguel. "Ashes of the Dead," (1987). [Inscribed by author.]
33Hancock, Ian. "The Black Seminoles of Brackettville, Texas." The World & I, (December 1989): 676-687. [Photocopy]
34Longoria, Arturo, Aida Barrera. "Los Tejanos The Mexican Texans." Texas Highways, (September 1993): 48-55. [Photocopy, contains a note by Dr. Paredes]]
35Ríos, Francisco Armando. "The Mexican in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore." El Grito, (n.d.): 14-28. [Photocopy]
36Gregg, Fredrick James. "Winston Churchill: The Enfant Terrible of England." Vanity Fair, (January 1916): 35-50. [Reprint, n.d.]
37Martínez, Thomas M. "Advertising and Racism: The Case of The Mexican-American." E l Grito, (n.d.): 3-13. [Photocopy]
38Duran, Gustavo. "...Recordings of Latin American Songs and Dances." (n.d.): 42-45 [photocopy]
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84Subseries 2. Dissertations and Theses, 1953-1995,
2 ft., 1 in. (20 vol.)
Bound doctoral, masters, and undergraduate honors theses; correspondence; offprint. Paredes's collection of University of Texas at Austin dissertations and theses contains his own M.A. thesis and Ph.D. dissertation, his son's doctoral thesis, theses by his students, and a doctoral dissertation by a colleague's student.
Mullen, Patrick Borden. “The Function of Folk Belief among Texas Coastal Fishermen.” Ph.D. dissertation [Paredes, Committee Chairman], The University of Texas at Austin, 1968
Stoeltje, Beverly June Smith. “Rodeo as Symbolic Performance.” Ph.D. dissertation [Paredes, Committee Chairman], The University of Texas at Austin, 1979
1[Note removed from Beverly Stoeltje's "Rodeo"], n.d.
Von-Maszewski, Betty Spencer. “Hemingway and Baroja: A Comparison.” M.A. thesis [Paredes, Supervising Professor], The University of Texas, 1963
Barrera, Hebe. “K 1837: The Sophistication of a Folkloric Motif.” M.A. thesis [Paredes, Supervising Professor], The University of Texas, 1965
85Story, Suzanne. “Human Action and Responsibility in Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy and Richard Wright’s Native Son." M.A. thesis [Paredes, Supervising Professor], The University of Texas, 1965
Hamner, Robert Daniel. “Thomas Wolfe: A New Appraisal.” M.A. thesis [Paredes, Supervising Professor], The University of Texas, 1966
Braun, Margaret Marie Vandervoort. “Male-Female Relationships in the Novels of Frank Norris.” M.A. thesis [Paredes, Supervising Professor], The University of Texas, 1967
1[Note removed from Magaret Braun's "Male-Female Relationships in the Novels of Frank Norris"], n.d.
Pugh, Judy Fayrene. “A Transformational Study of Hinduism.” M.A. report [Paredes, Supervising Professor], The University of Texas at Austin, 1970
Havner, Myrna Leigh. “Fantasy Play and Social Power: The Dynamics of Interaction in a Nursery School Play Group.” M.A. thesis [Paredes, Supervising Professor], The University of Texas at Austin, 1976
86Weatherspoon, Mary Alice. “The Political Activities of Philip Freneau and Washington Irving.” Ph.D. dissertation [Paredes served on committee], The University of Texas at Austin, 1968
Schmer, Mabel Jean. “Investigation of the Development of Individual Differences in Visual Ability and Verbal Processes in Paired-Associate Learning in Children.” Ph.D. dissertation [Paredes served on committee], The University of Texas at Austin, . 1975
McNutt, James Charles. “Beyond Regionalism: Texas Folklorists and the Emergence of a Post-Regional Consciousness.” Ph.D. dissertation [Paredes served on committee], The University of Texas at Austin, 1982
[Inscribed by author.]
Barsun, Helen Jeannine. “A Miracle of Rare Device: Ray Bradbury Looks at Life.” B.A Honors thesis [Paredes served on committee], The University of Texas at Austin, 1969
1[Potocopied offprint removed from Helen Jeanine Barsum's "A Miracle of Rare Device:...", inscribed], n.d.
87Paredes, Américo. “Ballads of the Lower Border.” M.A. thesis, The University of Texas, 1953
[2 copies]
Paredes, Américo. “El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez, A Ballad of Border Conflict.” Ph.D. dissertation, The University of Texas, 1956
88West, John Oliver. “To Die Like a Man: The 'Good' Outlaw Tradition in the American Southwest.” Ph.D. dissertation, The University of Texas, 1964
Paredes, Vicente. “Learning Goals and a Continuum of Epistemological Beliefs about Ability.” Ph.D. dissertation, The University of Texas at Austin, 1995
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89Subseries 3. Collected Material, 1909, 1945-1999 (bulk 1962-1999),
2 ft., 1 in.
Publishers' reprints and photocopies, newspapers and clippings, periodicals, newsletters, reports, brochures, pamphlets. Material Paredes received, copied, or saved, but which he did not file, makes up this subseries. Assembled during processing, this subseries contains a variety of material of personal or professional interest to Paredes that was received loose or unfiled. He created and named the grouping, "Clips for Classifying, Ordering, Filing."
Unfiled Printed Material
1[Clippings and other printed material], 1991, 1993, 1995-1998, n.d.
2El Regidor (San Antonio) [photocopy], November 2, 1909
3Patricia Casasa, "Apendice," 1978
4Vocabulario Camesino Nacional. , 1945
5[Goldfinch, Charles W. "Juan N. Cortina 1824-1892: A Re-Appraisal." Masters of Arts Dissertation], 1949
6Kentucky Foreign Language Quarterly, 11:4 (1964)
[inscribed by F. Herrera y Sánchez]
7Martinez, Cervando, and Martin, Harry W. "Folk Diseases Among Urban Mexican-Americans: Etiology, Symptons, and Treatment." The Journal of the American Medical Association, 196:2 : 161-164. (1966)
[inscribed by Harry Martin]
8Lopez Narvaez, Carlos. "Poesía y Coplas Anónimas." Bocatín Cultural y Bibliográfico, 10:10 : 137-168. (1967)
9Abrahams, Roger D. "Public Drama and Common Values in Two Caribbean Islands." Trans-action, July/August 1968.
10Liquors and Liquor Recipes, "The Esquire Liquor Intelligencer," 196-, 1968.
11Claudia, Madsen. "A Study of Changes in Mexican Folk Medicine." Contemporary Latin American Culture, Edmonson, Munro, et al, 1968.
12Reyna, Jose R. "Chicano Folklore: Methods and Methodology." La Luz,2:4 : 28-30. (1973)
13Madrid-Barela, Arturo. "In Search of the Authentic Pachuco: An Interpretive Essay," "Towards an Understanding of the Chicano Experience." Aztlán, 4:1 ; "Pochos: The Different Mexicans, An Interpretive Essay, Part I." Aztlán, 7:1 (1974)(1977).
14San Diego museums materials (Fronteras Conference?)] [c. 1976]
15Journal of American Folklore, 96:381 . (1983)
16Lindstrom, Naomi. "Latin American Pop Occult Texts: Implicit Ideology." Studies in Latin American Popular Culture, V. 2, 1983
17[Hinkle, Stacy C. "Wings and Saddles: The Air and Cavalry Punitive Expedition of 1919." Southwestern Studies, 5:3 (1967). From Jim McNutt, . 1985
18Douglas, James Ridley. "Juan Cortina: El Cuadillo de la Frontera." Master's Thesis, 1987.
19[UT Folklore Center and The Back Page, Newsletters, December 1989.
20[Library catalog records], 199-
21Magazines, 1998
901Newsletters, 1998-1999
2Abrahams, Roger D. "The Past in the Presence: An Overview of Folkloristics in the Late 20th Century." Folklore Processed: in Honour of Lauri Honko on his 60th Birthday 6th March 1992. [Inscribed by author.] 1992
3Ballestoras, Octavio A. and Maria del Carmen. Mexican Sayings: The Treasure of a People. [Photocopy], 1992
4[Various Offprints by René Galindo.] 1995, n.d.
5[Syllabus for Introduction to U.S. Ethnic Studies, Dr. Leticia M. Garza-Falcón-Sánchez.] 1995
6Hancock, Ian. "The Consequences of Anti-Gypsy Racism in Europe." Beogradski Krug, no. 1-2 (1995): 221-227.
7Correspondence [photocopied, relating to UT Law Professor Lino Graglia's comments.] 1997.
8Hancock, Ian. "The Struggle for the Control of Identity." Transitions: Changes in Post-Communist Societies, 4:4 36-53. (1997):
9[Inter-University Program for Latino Research.] 1998
10[John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Reports of the President and the Treasurer, 1997. 1998
11Llano Grande Journal, 1:3-4, 1998.
12Abrahams, Roger D. "Phantoms of Romantic Nationalism in Folkloristics." 199-
13Gilb, Dagoberto. "The Magic of Blood." 199-
14[Addresses and directions], n.d.
15[Photocopies of encyclopedia entry regarding China.] n.d.
16Gutiérrez, Ramón A. "Historical and Social Science Research on Mexican Americans." n.d.
17[Photocopies of articles concerning Mexican popular culture], n.d.
18Pamphlet, Museo del Español, n.d.
9113Collected clippings from San Antonio and Austin newspapers, 1990-1991
14Collected clippings from Brownsville newspapers, 1992, 1995, 1998
15University of Texas newsletters [On Campus, Longhorn Scoreboard], 1993, 1998-1999
16Austin newspapers [American-Statesman, Chronicle], 1998
17New York Review of Books, June 1998
"Clips for Classifying, Ordering, Filing":
9019Photocopies of notated clippings from Henry K. García, 1975, n.d.
911[Clippings and photographs sent by García, Henry K.], 1971, 1973, 1977, 1984, n.d
2[General articles, includes offprints], 1971, 1973, 1977, 1984, n.d.
3[General clippings], 1974, 1976-1977
4[Various clippings], 1970, 1972-1976, 1978, 1982
5Letras Pototcinas: Vocera de Cultura, [Various Issues], 1957-1959, 1961-1962
6Siempre!, and Supplements [Clippings], 1959, 1973, n.d.
7Boletín Bibliografico, 1962
8Mexico en la Cultura, [Folder 1 of 2], 1962-1963
9Mexico en la Cultura, [Folder 2 of 2], 1963-1964
10Excelsior, 1973-1974, 1976-1977
11Picking Up the Tempo Austin: A Country Western Journal, 1975
12Impacto, nos. 1185, 1272, 1332 [Clippings], 1975, n.d.
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Subseries 4. Offprint Files, 1918-1995,
7 ft., 11 in.
Photocopies and publishers’ reprints of scholarly articles, newspaper clippings. The files are in their original order. The scholarly offprints, some inscribed by their authors, consist of three different sequences, filed alphabetically by author. The subseries also includeds a small set of collected, unpublished papers, and articles from Folklore Americas and Siempre! Some of this material may have been prepared and foldered to be placed on the reserve shelf in the UT Folklore Center for student use.
Consult finding aid in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Reading Room for the complete list of Paredes's Offprint Files.
92-110Offprint Files
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Subseries 5. Books, 1929-1997,
5 in. (5 vol.)
Books, correspondence, printed material, photographs. Paredes's book collection was separated to the collections of the General Libraries. Volumes in this sub-series contain his notes or other information, and were not separated. A folder includes notes and other materials from the books that were cataloged.
Consult the "Personal Library" card file in Series VII for further information on books owned by Paredes.
1111Sargent, Helen C. and George L Kittredge, eds. English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Cambrdige Ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, The Riverside Press Cambridge, . 1932
2Morley, S. Griswold, ed. Spanish Ballads (Romance Escogidos). New York: Henry Holt and Company, . 1929
3Carpenter, Rhys. Folk Tale, Fiction and Saga in the Homeric Epics. Berkeley: University of California Press, . 1962
4Whiting, Bartlett J., ed. Traditional British Ballads. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., . 1955
5Alurista. Cuatro Mipas Xicanas, . 1974
6["Tira Diapositiva, No. 54." Tema: Campaña al Desierto 1878-1884. (Notes for slides)] n.d.
7[Items removed from books (notes)] 1942, 1971, 1973, 1976-1977, 1985, 1988, 1993, 1996, 1997


Series VII. Card Files, n.d.,
11 ft., 3 in.

Paredes's card files, undated, primarily contain bibliographic references, along with some notes, addresses of colleagues and acquaintances, and foreign language vocabulary cards. Notable are the file on Paredes's Personal Library (related material in Series VI, Subseries 5, Books)and the file labeled "Notes" which pertains to his "On Gringo, Greaser, and Other Neighborly Names" project (related material in Series II, Subseries 3, Research Materials).
Most of the files contain further subheadings than are listed below.
[Bibliographic references, first series]:
112Scholars, Research Materials, and Methods
Miscellaneous Texts and Studies
"Minor Genres"
Prose Narrative
Non-Verbal Performance
Material Folklore
[Bibliographic references, second series]:
Research Materials
Mexican Culture
Latin American Culture
Spanish Culture
115North American Culture
Prose Narrative
116Poetry Song
Fixed Forms
117Belief Practice
Material Culture
118Lore of Special Groups
"Personal Library":
Anthropology Text Books
Archeology & Prehistory
Art, Artifact, Architecture
Belief (Collections)
Black Cultures
Field Work
Folklore Collections
Folklore Textbooks
Folksong Poetry (Texts)
Folksong Poetry (Studies)
Food & Drink
Mexican History Culture
Minor Genres
Prose Narrative (Texts),
Prose Narrative (Studies)
Special Collections
119Theory (History) Studies
Writing & Comp.
[Bibliographic references, third series]:
I. Como México Sí Hay Dos
II. On Greaser, Gringo, and Other Neighborly Names
III. Yo Soy Puro Mexicano
IV. Uncle Remus con Chile
V. Some Conclusions
Appendix I - Glossary
Appendix II - Minor Folklore Forms
Appendix III. - Informants
Notes - Readings
121 "Addresses":
[Empty divisions]
[Bibliographic references, fourth series]:
122 Periodicals [listing]
Bobbs-Merrill Reprint Series in the Social Sciences
[Unlabeled divider]
123I.L.A.S. Offprints
"Décima Bibliography"
"References for Classes":
[Bibliographic references]
[Vocabulary Cards (German and Latin)]
124"Miscellaneous Note Cards"


Series VIII. Audiovisual Materials, 1941-1998,
8 ft., 5 in.

Subseries 1. Sound Recordings, 195? -1998,
7 ft., 9 in. (98 reels magnetic tape, 61 audio cassettes, 85 phonograph records)
Reel-to-reel and cassette magnetic tapes, phonograph records.
Magnetic tapes (6 ft., 5 in., 98 reels, 61 cassettes) include recordings made of collected folk music, of radio programming, of speeches and lectures by Paredes, dubs of commercial recordings, and commercially produced cassettes. Includes tapes compiled for use by students (see Series III, Subseries 3, Course Files). Some tapes include catalog numbers from the UT English Department's Folklore Archive, of which Paredes was Archivist (1957-1967). Paredes's personal tape collection includes copies of some of his 1954 field recordings (the Paredes Collection), field recordings made by his students and by colleagues. The original Paredes Collection tapes now reside in the UT Folklore Center Archives at the Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin. Some of Paredes's personal tapes include photocopies of his catalog descriptions, created for the Folklore Archive. Transcriptions of lyrics from songs in the Paredes Collection may be found in Series II, Subseries 3, Research Materials.
Phonograph records (1 ft., 4 in., 61 twelve-inch record albums, 24 seven-inch records) are commercially reproduced long playing albums and singles, primarily containing popular and folk music of Mexico and of Mexican-Americans, though other Latin American music is included.
All titles in the following inventory were taken from tapes' reels or boxes. Some tapes included written, typed, or photocopied lists and notes, which have been separated to folders.
Note: Access to reel-to-reel tapes is restricted. Consult archivist about use of cassette tapes listed in this series.
125Magnetic Tapes:
All titles in the following inventory were taken from tapes' reels or boxes. Some tapes included written, typed, or photocopied lists and notes, which have been separated to folders.
Separated Lists and Notes:
1Selections from the Paredes Collection reel tapes - track listings
2Música Popular Mexicana (MPM) Notes, 1968?
3"Montelongo" reel notes
4"Sampler - Ritual, Sones, Marimba" reel notes
5"Corrido Sampler" reel notes
6"Décima-Copla Sampler" reel notes
7"Décimas 1," "Décimas 2" reel notes
8"Gregorio Cortez Sampler" reel notes
1261Folklore Archives P-series reel notes (Faculty: Paredes recordings)
2Folklore Archives P(ST)-series reel notes (Paredes: Student recordings)
3Folklore Archives XC-series reel notes (Copies of commercial recordings)
4"Melodiás Mexicanas" reel notes
5"Mexican Songs (from Lomax)" reel notes
6"Tex-Mex #5 - Folklyric" reel notes [includes Chris Strachwitz letter], 1975
7"Rancheras" reel notes
8"Agustín Ramirez" reel notes
9"Vera Cruz - Marimba" reel notes
10"Mexican Mariachi and Other Songs" reel notes
11"Spanish Folksongs including Sephardic" reel notes
1271"Uruguayan Folksongs" reel notes
2'Border Songs - Jerry Abrams" reel notes, 1970
3"Colombian Folk Music - Negro" reel notes
4"Argentine Songs" reel notes
5"South American 4 Tracks" reel notes
6Lá Vem o Brasil reel notes
7"H #I" [José Raúl Hellmer, Panorama de Música Folklórica Mexicana] reel notes
8"H #II" [José Raúl Hellmer, Panorama de Música Folklórica Mexicana] reel notes
9"20 Mexican Songs" reel notes
10"German Folk and Drinking Songs" reel notes
11"Folk Singer Compositor" reel notes
11"Schubert and Beethoven" reel notes
One-Quarter Inch Reel-to-Reel Tapes:
125Selection from Paredes Collection, n.d.
(8 reels)
Morgantown lecture, 196-
(2 reels)
Paredes: American Folklore [Voice of America Recording?], April 11, 1967
Vicente Mendoza – Interview, November 26, 1962
Miscellaneous ? ? ?
1. Percussion instruments
2. Talk on Crystal City
(several short talks)
Paredes Speech [includes Mariachi Paredes de Tejasisltán performance], February 17, 1982
(2 copies)
Música Popular Mexicana radio series [which included Paredes's commentary], 1968?
(7 reels)
Montelongo [Paredes Collection selections by Nacho Montelongo]
Chicano Corridos
Border Songs Practice 2
Mendoza – Mexican Songs, May 7, 1963
Décimas 1
Décimas 2
Décima Sampler
Sampler – Ritual and Dance Forms
Décima-Copla Sampler
Corrido Sampler
Sampler – Ritual, Sones, Marimba
Gregorio Cortez Sampler
(5 inch reel)
126Ballad Sampler
Anglo-American Folksong Sampler I & II (325K)
P45 Mexican songs
P47 Chilean Music
P(ST)55 Reminiscences: José Diaz, Enrique Salinas, Señor Franco; Folktales:Maria de los Angeles Castellano I of II
P(ST)56 Reminiscences: Señor Franco, Enrique Salinas, M.A. Howsley II of II
P(ST)57 Mexican and American Songs: Mrs. Geraldine Lopez Dyer; Reminiscences: Mrs. Lucille Ragsdale
XC5 South African Songs, “Boermusiek”
[XC7] American War Songs (Warner)
XC8 American Songs, Hally Wood
XC11 Miscellaneous: Carols, Instrumentals, Childrens Songs
[XC16] English and American (Ballads and Lyrics)
Songs by the Labordes [on spine, includes XC35 Argentine Songs], 1962
Mexican Songs [copies of commercial recordings]
(2 reels)
Guatemalan Peasant Meeting
Melodiás Mexicanas (Berta Cabaza), August 4, 1959
Mexican Songs (from Lomax)
Décimas Guajiras [copies of commercial recordings]
(2 reels)
Mexican Panorama[copies of commercial recordings]
(2 reels)
"Music from San Luis Coyotzinga, (Puebla) Mexico. Collected by Caroline Holmes . . . .," dubbed 1968
Sones Veracruzanos[copy of commercial recordings]
Mariachis - Sam Eskin [copy of commercial recordings]
Mariachis [copy of commercial recordings]
Tex-Mex #5 - Folklyric [copy of commercial recordings]
Agustín Ramirez [copy of commercial recordings]
Vera Cruz - Marimba [copy of commercial recordings]
Mexican Mariachi and Other Songs [copy of commercial recordings]
La Voz de Guty Cárdenas
Spanish Folksongs including Sephardic
127Uruguayan Folksongs
Colombian Folktales [recorded by Peter Kapp], 1963
El Huérfano - Trio Matamoros [copy of commercial recordings]
Border Songs - Jerry Abrams, 1970
Guatemalan Peasant Meeting
El Mariachi de la Tierra [presented by Manuel Peña]
Nursery Rhymes - Mexican-American, Susan Goolsby
[John Henry?] Faulk, "The Ree-publicans"
Colombian Folk Music - Negro
Los Tex Mex [copy of commercial recordings]
Parodias - Los Tex Mex, Eleazar Garcia [copy of commercial recordings]
Argentine Songs [XC35]
Peruvian Songs and Villancicos
South American Music 4 Tracks [copy of commercial recordings]
Border Songs
Lá Vem o Brasil[copy of commercial recordings]
#1 Hellmer [Panorama de Música Folklórica Mexicana, collected by José Raúl Hellmer]
H #I [Panorama de Música Folklórica Mexicana, collected by José Raúl Hellmer]
H #II [Panorama de Música Folklórica Mexicana, collected by José Raúl Hellmer]
#3 Hellmer ? ? ?
Mexican Songs III
Mexican Songs IV
20 Mexican Songs
German Folk and Drinking Songs
Folk Singer Compositor
Gazette - Pete Seeger [Gazetteer?]
Schubert and Beethoven
Austrian Alps
? ? ?
Empty Reel
128Cassette Tapes:
"Mexican Border Songs, Sung by A. Paredes & P. Poveda, recorded 10/25/82, Austin (TX)”
"Liberal Arts Honors Day" [2 tapes], May 23, 1998
"Corrido Sampler"
"Décima/Copla Sampler"
"Anglo-American Folksong Sampler"
"Gregorio Cortez Sampler"
"Greater Mexican Literature, copy Dr. Paredes" [3 tapes]:
"1. Decima & copla, 2. Romance & corrido"
"3. Romance & Corrido, 4. Post World War II"
"Post World War II (continue)"
"Mariachi Paredes Tejasisltán 12/4/77 / Mariachi la Estrella 12/4/77," December 4, 1977
"Mariachi Paredes, Amador—dedicacion KYWW"
"Décimas I"
"J. Paredes C.: Corridos de Juventino Paredes C. y Agustin Herrera"
"Pablo [Poveda?]"
"Leticia’s talk [Leticia Garza-Falcón?]/Texano Songs"
"Pastorela texts and music – Sra. Garcia"
"Conversation: Hector, Lorenzo, John at 15/16 IPS"
"Hector & Lorenzo at regular speed"
129"The Saga of the Vaqueros by Jorge Necer," 1986
"Brownie McNeil, Western Songs"
"Corridos by Abino Trejo, Nampa, Idaho," 1971
"'Don Fernando,''1777,' sung by Irvan Perez," 1979
"Trina la Güera"
"Los Tex Mex/Ultimas Exitas "
"'Gabino Barrera . . . '"
"Corridos/Side II Blank"
T5"Viva la Causa - Songs and Sounds from the Delano Strike"
129"Don Ignacio - Mexican Harp (Marti)"
"Tangos Immortales, con Libertad Lamarque"
"Chuy Negrete/Celebrate the Life of Cesar Chavez"
"Don Vincente y su Orquesta/Ramon Cortez y su Orquestra Pasodoble"
"Cultural Citizenship': Renato Rosaldo Talk," April 17, 1990
"Los Motines de Chicago [Prof. Hopgood]"
"Hesperion XX, Cansós de Trbairitz," 1987
"Guillermo Velázquez y Los leones de la sierra de Xíchú" [from RRHS (Rolando Hinojosa-Smith?)]
"Juvencio Vargas" [from John McDowell]
"Canciones de Agustin Lara originales"
130"Los Dandys/Tres Ases" [from Ricardo Romo], 1993
"Cien Años del Bolero" [from RR (Ricardo Romo?], 1993
Sabor del Pueblo radio series [5 cassettes], [1983]
Commercially Recorded Cassettes:
Antologia de la Musica Regional, vol. 1 (Consejo Cultural de Nuevo Leon, A.C.)
Borderlands, Washington: Smithsonian/Folkways SF 40418, 1993
Alberto Barrera, Mis Canciones Rio Grande City, Texas: AAAAA Records 5A-001, 1992
Linda Ronstadt, Canciones de mi Padre, New York: Asylum 60765-4, 1987
Panco Villagomez, Corridos Famosos, vol. 2 [Mexico]: MCM PEK-C 9022, n.d.
Unlabeled cassettes [5 cassettes]
Memorex Cleaning Kit
1341 Tayer, La Herencía de los Rodríguez, Monterrey, N.L.: Tayer VC-001, n.d.
"El Huracan del Valle" [1936-1937 recordings of Narciso Martinez]
2 "Lara/Other Mexican Composers" [from RRHS]
"Corridos Collected by Mrs. Bob [Mary] Hardesty"
3Cassette tape from Ignacio Montelongo, 1985?
Phonograph Records:
1311er-2o Concursos se Composicion de Huapango, Gobierno Constitucional del Estado de Tamaulipas L.P. 010, n.d.
Los Alegres de Teran, Corridos Famosos, McAllen, Texas: Falcon FLP-4001, n.d.
Los Alegres de Teran, Recordando a los Valientes, New York: Caliente CLT 7224, 1977
Anthologia Musica Romantica de Mexico, (Serafin PCS-9433, -9433, -9434, -9435) [2 LPs and book, inscribed to AP from Lila (Wistrand?)], 1976
Asi es Panama!, [Panama?]: Luna LU-1010, n.d.
Pancho “Charro” Avita, Paloma Azul, Mexico: Orfeon LP-12-430 [inscription from Amador Parades], 1965
Manuel Bernal, El Brindis del Bohemio, Mexico?: RCA MKL-1216, n.d.
Antonio Bribiesca, La Guitarra Mexicana de Antonio Bribesca, Mexico: Orfeon LP-12-722, n.d.
Los Calchakis, Musical Mysteries of the Andes, New York: Peters International FARN 91027, 1975
Canciones de Ayer, 1 (Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol. 6), El Cerrito: Folklyric 9011, 1977
Canciones de Ayer, 2 (Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol. 7), El Cerrito: Folklyric 9012, 1977
Canciones de Ayer, 3 (Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol. 8), El Cerrito: Folklyric 9013, 1977
Guty Cardenas, Guty Cardenas, Naucalpan: Columbia DCA 110, n.d.
Osiris Rodriguez Castillos, Canta y Recita sus Obras, Montevideo: Antar PLP 5018, n.d.
Conjunto Villa del Mar de Angel Valencia, Sones Jarochos Picantes, Mexico: Audio Mex ALP-2100, n.d.
Coro Folklorico Femenino de la Escuela Nacional Normal de San Justo, Coro Folklorico Femenino de la Escuela Nacional Normal de San Justo, Buenos Aires: Qualiton CM-1016, n.d.
El Coro Estable de Rosario, El Coro Estable de Rosario, Buenos Aires: Qualiton CM-1015, n.d.
Corridos, Part 2 (Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol. 3), El Cerrito, CA: Folklyric 9005, n.d,
El Corrido de Patty Hearst y Otros Corridos, McAllen, Texas: Falcon FLP 4077, n.d.
Corridos de la Rebellion Cristera, Mexico: Instituto de Antropologia e Historia MC 0780, 1980
Chaf y Queli, Albures Mexicanos, vol. 2, Los Angeles: Marca Diablo MD-05, n.d.
Oscar Chavez, Oscar Chavez, Mexico: Polydor 16004, 1972
Los Chenchos y los codos, Trina la Güera, Mission, Texas: Falcon FLP-118, n.d.
Los Chiriguanos, Guaraní Songs and Dances, New York: Nonesuch H-72021, n.d.
Jaime Davalos, Recital Jaime Davalos, Argentina: Diskorn 2001, n.d.
Folklore Mexicano, vol. 1, Musart D-890, 1977
Fondo Nacional de las Artes, República Argentina, Folklore Musical y Música Folklórica Argentina, vol. 1: Charango, caja y bombo, Qualiton QF-3000, 1966?
Francisco Gabilondo Soler, Más Canciones Infantiles, Mexico: RCA MKL-1122, n.d.
Tito Hernandez, La Ultima Familia, Miami: Gema LPG-1175, n.d.
Victor Jara, Viva la Resistencia Chilena, [Mexico?]: Cleta-Unam SRSS21374, n.d.
Flaco Jimenez, El Gran Flaco Jimenez y su conjunto, Joey: 2049, 1979
Agustin Lara y su orquesta, Agustin Lara y su orquesta, Mexico: RCA MKS-1559, n.d.
Little Joe & Johnny y La Familia, Sea la Paz la Fuerza, Temple, Texas: Leona Records Corporation LP-019, 1978
132Maracaibo, Caracas: Cymbal LPA 1043, n.d.
El Mariachi los Mensajeros, Corridos con Antonio Aguilar, Hialeah, Florida: Musart DM 1075, n.d.
Lydia Mendoza, Part I: First Recordings, 1928-1938 (Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol. 15) / Folklyric: 9023, n.d.
Lydia Mendoza, Part II: Early Recordings from the 1930’s (Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol. 16) / Folklyric: 9024, n.d.
Music of Peru (Ethnic Folkways Library), New York: Folkways FE 4415, 1959
Musica en la Independencia y la Revolución Mexicana, Fonomex, 1985
Musica Huasteca, Mexico: Museo Nacional de Antropología, 1968
Toña la Negra, Lo Mejor de Toña la Negra, Mexico: RCA MKLA-33 [3 LPs], 1964
Norteño Acordeon, Vol 1, “The First Recordings” (Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol. 5) / Folklyric: 9006, n.d.
Violeta Parra, Las Ultimas Composiciones de Violeta Parra, Chile: RCA Victor CML-2456, 1966
Paya Entre Don Javier de la Rosa y el Mulato Taguada (Instituto de Investigaciones Musicales [Universidad de Chile] Antologia del Folklore Musical Chileno, V), Chile: RCA CML-2739, n.d.
La Peña de los Parra, Santiago: Demon LPD-015, n.d.
Gilberto Perez y sus compadres, Que Puntada, San Antonio: Nuevo NU-1013, 1977
Los Pinguinos del Norte (Music of la Raza, vol. 1), Berkeley: Arhoolie ST 3002, n.d.
Lucha Reyes, Lo Mejor de Lucha Reyes, RCA Victor MKLA-35 [3 LPs], 1964
The String Bands: End of a Tradition (Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol. 5), El Cerrito: Folklyric [still sealed], n.d.
Sones Jarochos (Music of Mexico, vol. 1), El Cerrito: Arhoolie 3008, 1979
Testimonio musical de Mexico, Mexico: Museo Nacional de Antropología, 1967
Testimonios del Viento, vol. 1, Corridos Históricos del Bajío ([Mexico]: Tlalli TLC-8013) [2 copies, one still sealed], 1983
Los Tex Mex, Los Tex Mex, Hialeah, Florida: Adria AP-20, n.d.
Los Tex Mex, Ultimos Exitos de Los Tex Mex (Parodias), Hialeah, Florida: Puchito MLP 605, n.d.
Texas-Mexican Border Music, “An Introduction” (Texas-Mexican Border Music, vol. 1), Berkeley: Folklyric 9003, n.d.
Los Torrealberos, Los Torrealberos, Caracas: Banco Largo QBL-1202, [inscription form Martha J. de Machado], no date
Trío Chicontepec, La Huasteca Canta, [Mexico]: Trebol T 10148, n.d.
Trio Romantico, Serenata Mexicana, Mexico: Audio Mex ALD-2032 [Jacket has AP correction to performer credit], n.d.
Chabela Vargas, Noche Bohemia, [Mexico]: Orfeon LP 12-85, n.d.
Leda Valladares (recopilación), Cantores del Norte: Documental Folklorico del Norte Argentino, Buenos Aires: TK LD-90-092, n.d.
Victor Yturbe “Piruli,” Solo para Adultos, Mexico: Belart, 7014, n.d.
133Miguel Aceves Mejía con el Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán “La Cecilia” / “¿A Dónde Te Hallas?” (RCA Victor 51-7331), n.d.
Los Alegres de Teran “El Ojo de Vidro,” / Mano a Mano Los Alegres de Teran con Dueto Rio Bravo “El Clavo” (Discos Columbia de México 45-4094), n.d.
Los Campeones de Raul Ruiz “El Pajaro Gigante de Robe” / “Borracho Perdido” (Freddie FR-211 [Corpus Christi]), n.d.
Los Cantores de Quilla Huasi “Angelica” / “La Montonera” (Philips AA 342.325 [Argentina]), n.d.
Los Conquistadores Tono y Juan (Narrador: Cesar Camacho, Acc: Mingo Saldivar): “Adios Augustin Lara” / Chico Mireles co los Cucarachos (Acc: Mingo Saldivar) “Imposible” (Sombrero SO-2345 [San Antonio]), n.d.
Los Conquistadoes Pepe y Agustin con Los Arcos “Homenaje a J. F. Kennedy” / Aunque Pasen los Años” (Norteño NO-221 [San Antonio]), n.d.
Johnny Degollado y los Gallitos “Si Tu Me Quieres” / “El Barrio de Montopolis” (Mal-Do 1011 [Austin]), 1975
Rumel Fuentes “Soy Chicano” / “Corrido de Cesar Chavez” (Arhoolie Records 45-529); [includes mimeographed page with Chavez lyric], [1975]
Rumel Fuentes “Soy Chicano” / “Corrido de Cesar Chavez” (Arhoolie Records 45-529 ) [second copy does not include mimeographed page], [1975]
Hermanas Padilla “Para que quiero un amor” / “El corrido de Rosaura” (Tico 45-3827 [New York City]), n.d.
Los Huanca Hua (Los Hijos de la Música), Volumen No. 4 [EP] “Naranjales” / “El Pajarillo” / “Nunca Te Olvidamos (La Olividada)” / “Tonada de la Rosa” (Odeon DSOA/E 3433 [Buenos Aires]), n.d.
Lupita y Ray “Corrido de Kennedy” / “Gustavo Diaz Ordaz” (Falcon Record Company 1315 [Mission]), n.d.
Carlos Mejia Godoy y los de Palacagüina “Son tus perjumenes mujer” / “Alforsa campesina” (CBS 45-7878 [Mexico]) [both sleeve and label have inscription from Patricia Casasa, dated 8/79], 1979
Lydia Mendoza “Lorando en Navidad” / “Feliz Año Nuevo” (Falcon Record Company [McAllen]), 1922
Lydia Mendoza “Mal Hombre” / “Adios Vieja Escalera” (Norteño NO-381 [San Antonio]), n.d.
Jose Mojica "'Jurame," "Maria La O" / "Gratia Plena," "Dime" (RCA Victor MKE 656 [México, D.F.]), n.d.
Sara Montiel, Tangos chantés par Sara Montiel [EP] “Uno” / “Nostalgia” / “A Media Luz” / “Bandoneon Arrabalero” (Hispavox 25 510 [France]), n.d.
Los Rayos del Alamo de Tony Guerrero “El Pajarote, Grandote” / “Andas Pa’tras” (Discos Plata Records 398), n.d.
Rumel y Jo con Teatro Chicano “Mexicano-Americano” / “Yo Soy Tu Hermano” (Aztlan Records AN-1001 [Eagle Pass]), n.d.
Richard G. Santos y Patricia (Acc: Los Conquistadores) “Rudy el Venadito Narizon” / “Navidad a una Madre” Patricia y Richard G. Santos (Acc. Leo Garza) “Noche Buena” / “The Magic of Christmas” (Sombrero SO-2380 [San Antonio]), 1976
Herb Torres: “Dalia” / “Tribute to J.F.K.” (Van Recording V-01764 [Angleton, TX]), n.d.
Trio los Amigos: “Tragedia de Kennedy” / “Los Tres Chapas’” (Valmon Records Vn-1-082 [Austin]), n.d.
Trio Sanchez Monges Ayala [EP] “Todo los Domingos” / “Mi Despedida” / “Tierra Querida” / “Refraneando” (Odeon DSOA/E 1516 [Buenos Aires]), n.d.
Canciones de la Helga: Agustin Lira, Luis Valdez, “Huelga en General” Agustin Lira, “El Esquirol” (Thunderbird Records 00002 [Delano, California]), n.d.
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Subseries 2. Photographic Materials, 1941, c. 1947-c. 1948, 1972, 1979, 1994, n.d.,
8 in.
Microfilm, videotape cassettes. Primarily collected material, though the microfilm includes Paredes's copies of his writing for the U.S. Army's newspaper Pacific Stars and Stripes.
Microfilm Reels:
133UT General Libraries Pacific Stars and Stripes, Vol. 1, October 3, 1945-March 17, 1946
UT General Libraries Pacific Stars and Stripes, (Vol. 2, March-August), March 18, 1946-August 29, 1946
UT General Libraries Pacific Stars and Stripes, (Vol. 2, August-December), August 29, 1946-December 31, 1946
5Danzas de los Conchevos en San Miguel de Allende. Fernandez, Justino. El Colegio de Mexico. 1941
1Charles Philip Sonnichsen, "Ramón Rivera Rodríguez: The Music of a Chicano Prisoner" (M.A. thesis, University of California at Los Angeles), 1972
Videotape Cassettes:
134"Lydia" Mendoza and Barrio News, January 27, 1979
(3/4" cassette)
"Una Lucho Por Mi Pueblo: Venimos A Contradecio," Produced by Gederico A. Reade Jr., 1994
(VHS Cassette)
[No title], n.d.
(Beta cassette)


Series IX. Posthumous Materials, 1999
½ in.

Printed material, notes. Items created after Paredes's death that the Benson Latin American Collection received from his home office with his papers. Includes University of Texas Office of Public Affairs and Austin American-Statesman obituaries.
1351Curriculum vitae, photocopied photographs, 1999
2Obituaries, 1999


Series X. Separated Materials,
1 ft., 11 in.

Materials separated because of their physical size and records to which access is restricted. Two subseries: 1. Oversized Materials; 2. Restricted Materials.
Subseries 1. Oversized Materials,
3 in.
Large format items such as posters and periodicals, separated from their places in the original arrangement in Series I-VI.
See separation sheets in original arrangement.
1431-44Oversized materials
Subseries 2. Restricted Materials,
1 ft., 8 in.
Primarily student records subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Texas Public Records Act. Access to these records is restricted under the University of Texas' student records policy.
A small amount of professional correspondence has been restricted in order to respect its authors' privacy.
136-139Restricted materials


Subgroup Two - Américo Paredes Donation, 1992
6 ½ in.

Book manuscript, periodical, programs, flag. Paredes donated these items to the Benson Latin American Collection in 1992. They include early published poetry, the typed manuscript for his novel George Washington Gómez (published 1990), and a flag and programs commemorating his being honored at the Texas General Land Office's 1992 Cinco de Mayo Celebration.
1354Calaveras (Brownsville), November 1, 1938
5-13George Washington Gómez [typescript with corrections], c.1990
3[Programs, notes], 1992
142Texas state flag

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