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Américo Paredes Papers, 1886-1999

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CreatorParedes, Américo
TitleAmérico Paredes Papers
Dates: 1886-1999
Dates: bulk 1931-1999
AbstractCorrespondence, creative works, printed material, sound recordings, photographic material, and artifacts reflect the life and work of Américo Paredes (1915-1999). Paredes was a folklorist, teacher, novelist, poet, musician, academic administrator, and Mexican-American activist. Born in Brownsville, Texas, he spent his career at the University of Texas at Austin.
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Extent70 ft., 1 in.
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
RepositoryBenson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Folklorist, academic teacher and administrator, novelist, poet, singer, activist. Américo Paredes Manzano (1915-1999) was born in Brownsville, Texas. His father, Justo Paredes Cisneros, a rancher whose family had settled north of the Rio Grande around 1749, and his mother, born Clotilde Manzano Vidal, taught their eight children to love and respect the history and folklore of the Lower Rio Grande Border region.

As a youth, Américo Paredes studied guitar and piano, learned Border folk songs, and wrote poetry in Spanish and English. While a student at Brownsville High School, he won a statewide poetry contest and aspired to teach literature at the University of Texas at Austin. He published his poetry in San Antonio’s La Prensa and worked as a proofreader and writer at the Brownsville Herald while attending Brownsville Junior College. After earning his degree (1936), he reported and wrote features on folklore for the Herald, published a volume of his poetry in Spanish, and wrote George Washington Gómez, an unpublished English-language novel about Mexican American life in Brownsville. He pursued his love of music by hosting a Brownsville radio program and performing publicly. His 1939 marriage to singer Consuelo (Chelo) Silva was brief, though the couple had a son, Américo, Junior.

During the early years of the Second World War, Paredes worked in Brownsville for the war effort, resigning to be drafted in 1944. The U.S. Army sent him to occupied Japan to report for its newspaper, Stars and Stripes. Paredes stayed in Asia until 1950, writing and editing Army publications, contributing a column to El Universal in Mexico City, and working in public relations for the American Red Cross. In 1948, he married Amelia Sidzu Nagamine (1921-1999), a Japanese-Uruguayan woman raised in Mexico and South America.

Paredes returned to Texas with his wife in 1950, and, assisted by the G. I. Bill, entered the University of Texas at Austin (UT). Paredes concentrated on the study of folklore in the English Department, completing his baccalaureate (summa cum laude) in 1951, and his Masters degree in 1953. In 1956, at age 40, he earned his UT doctorate in English and Spanish. While establishing himself as a scholar of Border folklore, Paredes continued to write fiction. As a graduate student, he won prizes for a novel and a short story. Two of his stories, “Over the Waves Is Out” (published 1953) and “The Hammon and the Beans” (published 1963) reached wide audiences through anthology and textbook reprints.

Paredes’s Ph.D. dissertation concerned corridos, or narrative ballads, about Gregorio Cortez, a Mexican American whose conflict with Texas Rangers resulted in strikingly different accounts in Texas-Mexican folk songs and histories written by Anglo Texans. Paredes’s work encompassed not only the corridos’ formal aspects, but also Cortez’s life and the cultural differences reflected in the descriptions of it. The University of Texas Press published a revised form of the dissertation as “With His Pistol in His Hand” in 1958. Over the next four decades, Paredes produced a series of academic books and articles, primarily on folk song and poetry, which transformed scholars’ understanding of the American Southwest and influenced folklorists internationally.

After completing his doctorate, Paredes taught briefly in El Paso. The UT English Department hired him back in 1958, making him one of the few Mexican Americans on the faculty in Austin. He taught courses on literature, creative writing, composition, and folklore, before accepting a half-time appointment in the UT Anthropology Department in 1966. Paredes initiated the interdisciplinary graduate Folklore major in the English and Anthropology Departments (1967), and was the first Director of the Center for Intercultural Studies in Folklore and Oral History (1967-1970). He designed the new program’s core graduate course and taught it regularly, as well as courses on Mexican-American culture and folklore. Paredes retired from full-time UT faculty status in 1984 but continued to teach for several years.

In addition to establishing the Folklore Center, Paredes led the movement to create a formal program in Mexican American Studies at UT. He served as Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies and head of the new, interdisciplinary Mexican American Studies program (1970-1972), with which he remained closely involved for years. Like the UT Folklore program, the UT Center for Mexican American Studies earned an outstanding reputation, and many of Paredes’s students had distinguished careers. Through his teaching, scholarship, and example as a public intellectual, Paredes had a profound influence both within the academy and beyond. Known personally for his seriousness, dignity, and wit, he received the respectful honorific, “Don Américo.”

Paredes also earned numerous formal distinctions, such as the first endowed professorship in his discipline (1983) and an annual lecture series named in his honor (begun 1987) at UT, a Guggenheim fellowship (1962), the Charles Frankel Prize from the National Endowment for the Humanities (1989), and the Order of the Aztec Eagle (Aguila Azteca), the highest honor bestowed on foreign nationals by the government of Mexico (1991). The Austin Independent School District named a new middle school after Paredes in 1998. Among the scholarly groups bestowing honors upon him were the American Folklore Society, the North American Academy of the Spanish Language, the Sociedad Folklórica de México, and the Western Literature Association.

In the 1990s, Paredes fulfilled his early promise as an author of fiction and poetry. George Washington Gómez finally saw print, as did his prize-winning novel from 1955, The Shadow, and collections of early poetry and short stories. The new availability of Paredes’s writing from the 1930s led scholars to revise their understanding of Mexican-American literary history. As younger musical artists and the listening public renewed their appreciation of traditional Border music, Paredes also gained popular recognition for his knowledge of Mexican and tejano song. By the end of his life, Paredes had achieved high distinctions in his many roles as a scholar, teacher, activist, and creative artist.

Américo Paredes acknowledged the contribution of his private partnership with Amelia Paredes to his professional accomplishments. The couple had three children, Alan, Vicente, and Julia; grandchildren; and great-grandchildren. Amelia Paredes managed the household, and, helping those with the same condition as her daughter, was a prominent advocate for the rights of the developmentally disabled in Texas. Américo Paredes passed away in Austin on Cinco de Mayo, 1999, followed in July by Amelia Paredes.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, creative works, printed material, sound recordings, legal documents, financial records, photographic material, diaries, works of art on paper, and artifacts (1886-1999, bulk 1933-1999) document the life and work of Américo Paredes as a scholar, teacher, creative artist, and activist. Material primarily reflects Paredes's work as a folklore scholar and as a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin (UT).

Notes, manuscripts, calendars, numerous subject files, and extensive correspondence files document his publishing, teaching, and administration of the Folklore and Mexican American Studies programs at UT. Other professional activities represented in the papers include his contacts with folklore scholars in the United States and abroad, his involvement in scholarly organizations, and his consultations on numerous projects for scholarly, student, and general audiences. The papers contain relatively little information on his UT career before the formation of the UT Folklore Center 1966. Paredes’s files of personal clippings document his professional achievements, 1952-1998.

Manuscripts and copies of published works contain the poetry, songs, fiction, and journalism Paredes wrote before beginning his academic career. Correspondence, manuscripts, and printed material document his relationships with other young Mexican-American poets, 1935-1940. Later correspondence reflects Paredes’s relationships with Mexican-American scholars of several generations, and his influence on younger students and readers. In the texts of speeches, manuscripts, interviews, and correspondence, c. 1970-1998, Paredes articulated his experiences as a Mexican American to various audiences.

Personal material includes correspondence with his wife, Amelia Nagamine Paredes, during the periods in which the two were separated, and correspondence with various family members. Some of the family correspondence reflects a shared interest in the culture and history of the Texas-Mexican Border region. Other personal materials include calendars and mementos. The papers include little material that illuminates Paredes’s personal life before his second marriage, and almost none from his childhood. Diaries, manuscripts, correspondence, and printed articles record some of his impressions during his period in Asia (1945-1950).

Photographic material consists of a small number of snapshots in letters, reference files, and student papers, as well as microfilm and videotape. The photographs include few images of Paredes himself. Audio material includes field recordings and speeches by Paredes, but primarily contains commercially produced recordings.

In general, the Américo Paredes papers arrived at the Benson Latin American collection in good order. Most individual files and many subseries were intact. During processing, the papers were organized into nine series. Headings assigned by Paredes to sets of files are indicated by quotation marks on the following inventory. Other folder titles in brackets were assigned during processing. Series descriptions below include other notes on arrangement and organization.

The primary language of the Américo Paredes Papers is English, though portions of the correspondence, creative works, and printed materials are in Spanish.

All records created before 1900 are in photocopied form.



The Américo Paredes Papers are described in a two-page guide. Series I-III are described in this section, Series IV-X and Subgroup 2 can be found on Page 2 of the guide.
Subgroup One, Américo Paredes Papers, 1886-1999
Series I. Personal Files, 1931-1999, no date (bulk 1946-1999)
Series II. Creative Works, 1933-1999
Series III. Subject Files, 1886-1999 (bulk 1952-1999)
Series IV. General Correspondence, 1892, 1948-1999 (bulk 1965-1998)
Series V. Printed and Manuscript Music, Music Notes, 1903?-1987
Series VI. Printed Materials, 1916-1999 (bulk 1953-1995)
Series VII. Card Files, no date
Series VIII. Audiovisual Materials, 1941-1998
Series IX. Posthumous Materials, 1999
Series X. Separated Material
Subgroup Two. Américo Paredes Donation, 1992
Manuscript, Printed Material, and Flag, 1938, c.1990, 1992


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Paredes, Américo. Archives.
Cortez, Gregorio. 1875-1916.
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University of Texas at Austin. Center for Intercultural Studies in Folklore and Ethnomusicology.
University of Texas at Austin. Center for Mexican American Studies.
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Japan--History--Allied occupation, 1945-1952--Personal narratives.
Folk poetry--Mexico.
Brownsville (Tex.).
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Lower Rio Grande Valley (Tex.).
Abrahams, Roger D.
Bauman, Richard.
Boatright, Mody Coggin. 1896-1970.
Cáceres Freyre, Julián.
Dannemann, Manuel.
De la Croix, Horst.
Samora, Julian. 1920-.
Hinojosa, Rolando.
Hinojosa, Tish.
Klahn, Sabas. 1915-1992.
Limón, José Eduardo.
Mendoza, Vicente.
Paredes Manzano, Eliseo. 1899-.
Romo, Ricardo.
Saldívar, Ramón.
Stilwell, Hart. 1902-.
Wardlaw, Frank Harper.
Kanellos, Nicolás.
Garza-Falcón, Leticia.
Peña, Manuel H. 1942-.
Dundes, Alan.
McDowell, John Holmes. 1946-.

Related Material

UT Folklore Center Records, Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Separated Material

Paredes's book and compact disc collections were separated. Duplicate article reprints, curriculum vitae, and course handouts were discarded.

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Américo Paredes Papers, Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Processed by Américo Paredes Papers Project staff in 2002. Paredes Papers Project supported by the Office of the Provost, University of Texas at Austin.

Subgroup One - Américo Paredes Papers


Series I. Personal Files, 1931-1999, n.d. (bulk 1946-1999),
4 ft., 6 in.

Four subseries: 1. Correspondence, 1946-1999, no date, 1 foot, 8 inches; 2. Subject Files, 1931-1999, no date, 1 foot, 7 inches; 3. Curriculum Vitae, Bibliography, and Personal Clippings, 1946-1998, 10 inches; 4. Calendars, 1960-1997, 7 inches.
1Subseries 1. Correspondence, 1946-1999, no date,
1 ft., 8 in.
Letters and cards with enclosures including clippings and other printed material, manuscripts and notes, and photographs. Paredes did not file this correspondence with, or removed it from, his General Correspondence files (Series IV). Two sub-subseries, A. Family and Personal Correspondence, 1946-1999, n.d.; B. Correspondence Separated by Américo Paredes, 1946-1996.
A. Family and Personal Correspondence, 1946-1999, n.d.
Includes correspondence with his wife and sons, mother, siblings and other relatives; friends and professional acquaintances; and collections of greeting and holiday cards. Some letters include ephemera and photographic material, and touch on professional as well as personal matters. Early correspondence with Amelia Paredes (1947-1948) and some family correspondence is in Spanish, but the bulk is in English.
Note that Paredes typically labeled files of correspondence with his wife “A-A” (for Amelia-Américo), and that he often addressed his wife by her nickname, “Nena.” In correspondence between the two, they occasionally used the private names “Gusai” (Amelia) and “Dana” (Américo).
Family correspondents include Paredes’s mother, Clotilde Manzano Paredes; his elder siblings Eliseo (1899-1988), who was the city historian of Matamoros, Mexico, Lorenzo (born 1904), and Clotilde Paredes Ceballos (1906-1991); and his younger siblings, the twins Amador (1920-1985) and Eleazar (1920-1975), both teachers. He corresponded with Clotilde Ceballos’s daughter, Patti Padron, and with Odilia Galván Rodríguez, granddaughter of his sister Isaura (1902-1936). Paredes’s other siblings were Blanca (1910-1930) and Justo, Junior (1912-1914).
1Letters A-A [Amelia-Américo], 1947-, 1947-1948, 1958
2Cartas A-A, Korea, 1948
3A-A, and boys, Summer 1962 [West Virginia, June-August], 1962
4A-A, and boys, Border field trip [September], 1962
5A-A, and boys, trip to Mexico [October-December], 1962
6A-A, and boys, trip to Spain, etc., 1963-1964, undated
7[A-A correspondence], 1963
8-11A-A correspondence, UC [University of California at Berkeley], January-June 1967
(4 folders)
12Nena - Japan trip, 1971
13[Amelia Paredes letters], 1976
21[Clotilde Manzano Paredes], 1956-1958
2-4Eliseo P., 1956-1988
(3 folders)
5-6Lorenzo P., 1948, 1954-1997
(2 folders)
7-9Clotilde and family, 1958-1998
(3 folders)
10-11Amador P., 1954-1985
(2 folders)
31Eleazar P., 1969-1974
2Paredes Cantú, Rubén, 1974-1997
3Paredes family, 1991-1998
4[Odilia Galván Rodríguez, stories and poems], no date
5Personal memorabilia [family correspondence], 1957, 1962, n.d.
6Personal memorabilia (especially Nena) [family greeting cards], 1960, 1975-1981, 1988-1992, 1999, n.d.
7[Amelia Paredes holiday letter, draft], 1993
8Cartas de Amigos Japoneses, 1946, n.d.
9-10[Personal correspondence], 1956-1966
(2 folders)
11[Greeting cards], 1974-1975, 1982, 1991-1999, n.d.
12[Christmas card (UT Mariachi?)], 1977
13Hospital Stay - May 1977 - Cards, Notes, Gifts - Also Second Stay - July 1977, 1977
4B. Correspondence Separated by Américo Paredes, 1946-1996
These files resemble those in Series IV (General Correspondence). Each correspondent was deceased when Paredes grouped the files. Primarily these files document professional relationships with other scholars. However, included is Paredes’s lengthy (1946-1992) and revealing correspondence with one of his best friends, Horst de la Croix (1915-1992), an art historian.
1Boggs, Ralph S. (d. 1994), 1960-1973
2Cortazar, Augusto Raúl, 1963-1977, n.d.
3-5De la Croix, Horst, 1946-1974, 1983-1992
(3 folders)
6[Horst de la Croix correspondence and creative works (?)], 1946-1960, 1968-1969
7Dorson, Richard M., 1966-1979
8Ross, Stanley R., 1972-1984
9Mexicanistas - Stanley Ross [Second Binational University Symposium on Border Studies], 1981-1982
10Salz, Andrew J., 1946, 1992-1996
11R. C. Stephenson Memorial Committee, 1978, 1988
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5Subseries 2. Subject Files, 1931-1999, no date,
1 ft., 3 in.
Notes, correspondence, manuscripts, works of art on paper, newspaper clippings and other printed material, financial records, ephemera, photographs, and artifacts. Three sub-subseries: A. Miscellany, B. "Memorias Materials," C. "Notes in Lieu of Journal."
A. Miscellany, 1931-1999, n.d.
Primarily older material that Paredes had filed with his folders of personal and family correspondence. Other personal files were added from elsewhere in the papers, including a small number of financial records and some folders of University of Texas paperwork labeled “personal.” Includes Paredes's correspondence with other young Mexican-American poets and collected poetry (1935-1945); souvenirs and notebooks from his Army service in Asia (1945-1950); diplomas, transcripts, correspondence, and clippings documenting Paredes’s educational career (1931-1954).
1[Lesson book for soprano voice], n.d.
2[Brownsville High School Spanish Club program and Junior College French Club clipping], 1934
3Versos de Amigos, 1936-1943
4Versos de Otros Amigos, 1935-1936, n.d
5Versos de E.M.Cortinas, n.d.
6Manuel Cruz, In Memoriam, 1943-1945
7Pre-War Stuff, 1938, 1943-1944, 1950-1951, n.d.
8[Watercolor sketches], 194-?
9[A.P. Business cards, press cards, identification cards], 1945-1946, 194-
10[Collected business cards, mostly Japan], 194-
11[Red Cross pocket address books], 194-
12[Address books and notes], 194-
13Calaveras del Espanto (Brownsville), November 2, 1948
14[Pan American State Bank (Brownsville), Paredes Grocery account book with notes], 1948
15[Receipts, Japan], 1950, n.d.
16[Copies of artifacts from WWII and Japan in box 141], n.d.
17[Souvenirs of Japan], 1946, n.d.
18[Japanese music books], 1950, n.d.
19Orient (Mostly Japan) - Social, Political, 1946-1950
20Orient (Mostly Japan) - Social, Political Clippings, 1946-1949
21[Language materials (Greek and Japanese)], n.d.
141Artifacts from service in Army, 194-
(badges, tags, embroidered patches)
61-3Schooling: Documents, Correspondence, Diploma, Grades, 1931-1936, 1944-1954
(2 folders)
4Greek and Latin Lessons, 1950-1951, 1956, n.d.
5Portrait photograph, 1954
6[Empty envelope with notes], n.d
7[UT Commencement program], 1956
8Mexico Trip, July 18-30, 1971
9[Travel receipts], 1973
10Personal File - Grants and Fellowships, 1954-1968, 1975-1979
11Personal File - Travel Authorizations, 1964-1981
12Sixty-Fifth Birthday, 1980
13Vacation, 1981-1982
14Annuity - VALIC, 1977-1996
15Certificates, 1979, n.d.
143Last Holder for Class Notes, n.d.
71Mariachi, 1982, 1984
2[UT mariachi music], n.d.
350th . . . . . . [List of invitees?], 199-
4AISD - A. Paredes Middle School, 1998
5[Financial records], 1984, 1993-1999
6[Miscellaneous printed material and notes], 1992, n.d.
B. "Memorias Materials," 1953-1974, n.d.
Printed materials, most dating from the early 1970s. Organized and arranged by Paredes. Subseries 3, Curriculum Vitae, Bibliography, and Personal Clippings, contains similar material.
7Clips for Filing, 1973, n.d.
8Personal File: Clippings, 194-, 1972-1974, 197-
9[Clippings and Josephine Casteñada (Brownsville High School) material], 1963, 1967-1968
10RAP, The Newsletter of the University Folklore Association , 2:2, c.1970
11Personal File: General, 1953, 1955, 1965-1974, n.d.
C. "Notes in Lieu of Journal," 1936-1987
Notes, creative works, and printed material. Organized and arranged by Paredes. Includes Paredes’s earliest manuscript collection of poetry, “Black Roses” (1936) and material on his experiences in Asia. Further notes on Asia in Subseries 3.A, below.
12[Notes, calendar], 1987, n.d.
13[Emi Juarez, "A Musician With No Name" (Poem dedicated to A.P.), River City Review, April 1989
14[South-Central Modern Language Association, South-Central Bulletin items], 1962-1963
15[UT Folklore Archive guides], n.d.
16[Notes including: "Notes for reference crossing over from U.S. to Japan," "Descriptions," "Dialogue," "Story ideas"], 1945, n.d.
17[Notes], 194-, 1977, c. 1990
18Black Roses, 1936, n.d.
19[Black Roses notes], c. 1940, 1979-1980, n.d.
20[Calendar Pages], September-December 1962
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8Subseries 3. Curriculum Vitae, Bibliography, and Personal Clippings, 1946-1998,
10 in.
Clippings and ephemera, notes, creative work, correspondence. Three sub-subseries, A. Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography Files, 1947-c.1995; B. Personal Clippings and Printed Material, 1952-1998, n.d.; C. Biographical Files Created by Research Assistant, 1979-1984.
A. Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography Files, 1947-c.1995
A. Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography Files. Printed material, notes, creative work, and correspondence. Paredes, who only updated curriculum vitae partially after 1974, stored clippings and ephemera pertaining to his professional accomplishments, such as programs, with his formal vita and bibliography. Other items he filed with his vita include a number of personal notebooks (1947-1956) and an anonymous biographical sketch of his life.
1Curriculum Vitae, c. 1966, 1974
2Curriculum Vitae, 1988
3Curriculum Vitae, c. 1990, c. 1995
4Bibliography, c. 1970
5Bibliography to 1972
6Bibliography, 1974
7[Additions to vita and bibliography], c. 1979, c. 1983, n. d.
8[Notes, correspondence, printed material filed with curriculum vitae], 1980, 1990, c. 1994, c. 1995, n.d.
9Personal File (Vita), 1963, 1965-1966, c. 1969-1970, 1972
105 de Mayo 1978 "Tribute" and Minority Students Affair, 1978
11[Manchuria trip - calendar], 1946
12-14Far East Notebook Number 1-3, 1947-1956
(3 folders)
15Biography: First and Second Drafts, n.d.
16Mariachi Project, 1977-1978, n.d.
17Mariachi Paredes de Tejasisltán, 1981-1982
B. Personal Clippings and Printed Material, 1952-1998, n.d.
Paredes labeled some loose files of clippings about himself and his accomplishments, some with attached correspondence, as personal clippings. During processing, these folders and other loose printed material about Paredes’s career were added to this subseries, and the material was rearranged chronologically. Because Paredes filed many similar items in other series, this sub-subseries does not contain all such material in the papers.
18Clips (Personal), 1952-1957, 1959-1962, 1970, n.d.
19Clips (Personal), 1975-1978, n.d.
20Clips (Personal), 1979
91Clips (Personal), 1980-1982
2Clips (Personal), 1983
3Clips (Personal), 1984
4Clips (Personal), 1986-1989
5Clips (Personal), 1990
6Clips (Personal), 1991
7Clips (Personal), 1993-1995
8Clips (Personal), 1996, 1998, n.d.
9Arte Público Press catalogues, 1997-1998
10University of Texas Press catalogues, 1999
C. Biographical Files Created by Research Assistant, 1979-1984
Photocopied correspondence and printed material. These files were among the foldered articles copied by the assistant, in Series II, Subseries 1. They were added to Paredes’s own clipping files during processing.
11Paredes Biography/Personal, 1982, n.d.
12Américo Paredes, 1979-1980, 1983-1984, n.d.
13Gregorio Cortez Movie, 1983, n.d.
14Paredes' Bibliography, n.d.
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10Subseries 4. Calendars, 1960-1997, (bulk 1971-1997),
8 in.
Wall calendars, most distributed by the University of Texas’s Texas Union and coinciding with the academic year, and larger blotter-sized desk calendars. On the calendars, Paredes noted professional and personal appointments, and other information about his schedule. On some cases, he also made notes about his day-to-day activities and his health. Amount of notation varies.
Wall Calendars, 1960-1962, 1971-1996
1 1960
2 1961-1962
3-6 Academic years, 1971-1972 through 1974-1975
(4 calendars)
7 March-June 1975
8-11Academic years, 1975-1976 through 1978-1979
(4 calendars)
12 1980-1981
13 1982-1983
14 1984
15 1986
16 1986-1987
17-18 1988
(2 calendars)
19-20 Academic years, 1988-1989 and 1989-1990
(2 calendars)
21 November-December 1992
22-25 Academic years, 1993-1994 [2 copies] through 1995-1996
(4 calendars)
1441-2 Academic years, 1991-1993
(2 calendars)
Desk Calendars, 1977-1997
3 March-December 1977
4-23 1978-1997
(20 calendars)


Series II. Creative Works, 1933-1999, (bulk 1950-1998)
10 ft.

Manuscripts, notes, correspondence, published articles and reviews, clippings and other ephemeral printed material, and financial and legal records document Américo Paredes’s works as an author and lecturer, 1933-1999 (bulk 1950-1998). Paredes filed correspondence regarding his publications and speaking engagements separately from his other correspondence. The series is divided into three subseries: 1. Literary Productions, 1933-1999, 7 ft., 1 in.; 2. Talks, Lectures, Symposia, 1958-1998, n.d., 10 in.; 3. Research Materials, c. 1954-1987, 2 ft. 1.
Paredes did not file his musical compositions with his writings. His compositions may be found in Series V, Subseries 1, Compositions, Transcriptions, and Notes, along with his introduction to Joseph Castle's Folk Music of Mexico (1966).
11Subseries 1. Literary Productions and Correspondence, 1933-1999,
7 ft., 1 in.
Manuscripts in various states, drafts, notes and academic coursework; published articles and reviews; publisher, editor, and reader correspondence; contracts; financial documents such as royalty statements; and paperwork regarding republication permissions.
The subseries is divided into five sub-subseries: A. Early Publications, Drafts, Manuscripts, 1933-1997 (1 ft., 8 in.); B. “Reviews, Correspondence on Publications,” 1934-1999 (1 ft. 8 in.); C. Manuscripts of Published Books, c.1956-1998 (2 ft. 6 in.); D. Offprints of Articles, 1942-1986 (10 in.); E. Term and Class Papers, 1949-1954 (5 in.).
A. Early Publications, Drafts, Manuscripts, 1933-1997,
1 ft., 8 in.
Includes copies of Paredes’s earliest published work (1933-1952), and finished and incomplete manuscripts (1935-1997), including outlines and fragments of several incomplete works of fiction (c. 1945-1950). Paredes filed this material together, and during processing, the folders for individual works were rearranged chronologically. Following the chronological sequence are undated folders organized and named by Paredes, each containing several works. Subseries 2, "Symposia, Talks, Lectures" contains similar material.
Some published works that originated as spoken talks are included. Subseries 2, "Symposia, Talks, Lectures," contains similar material. Published version of some of these manuscripts are in Series 1.D, Offprints of Articles.
1The Palmegian [Brownsville Junior College and High School], 1933
2Old Stories and Sketches (pre-1950), 1935-1936, 1938, n.d.
3"Composiciones Musicales/Musical Compositions," 1936?
4Cantos de Adolescencia, [1937]
5Copy of "Cantos" with Leather Cover, c. 1937
6Calaveras (Brownsville), volume 1, number 1, 1938
7Okazuni - G-Eye Opener, Tokyo - Stars and Stripes, 1945-1946
8China Articles and Sketches (Red Cross), 1946-1947
9Articles to "Universal," 1946-1947
10"Gitako: A Japanese Fairy Tale," 1947
11"Will Adams, Samurai," 194-
12"21,000 Pingpong Balls" [incomplete draft], n.d.
13Plot and Some Detail on "Yamamoto Was Her Name" ["21,000 Pingpong Balls"], n.d.
14Published Stuff, pre-1950 (Far East Stuff), 1946-1948, n.d.
15[Publications, Troop Information and Education Service, U.S. Army], 1949-1950
16Drafts of Japanese Novels, c. 1950
121Published Stuff, pre-1950, 1934-1952, n.d.
2River Man, La Palangana, 1950, n.d.
3River Man, Downriver Man, n.d.
4Fragments - Notes, 1946, 1958, n.d.
5Correspondence - for Notes, 1949, n.d.
6Story Drafts and Notes, 1950, 1982, 1984, n.d.
7"Corrido de Cortina" article, n.d.
8Translation of Astucia [by José Luis Inclan, chapters 1, 2, 15 (incomplete)], n.d.
9A Texas-Mexican Cancionero [notes and draft pages], 197-
10[Manuscript of musical transcriptions for A Texas-Mexican Cancionero (?)], n.d.
11First draft of "La Médula Emotiva," c. 1972
12"Concepto de la 'Médula Emotiva'" - English Version, c. 1972, c. 1989
13Data on José Mosqueda [includes "José Mosqueda: Un Ejemple de la Folklorización de los Hechos de la Vida Real" (draft)], 1891, 1963, 1965, n.d.
131"Mexican Border Songs," 1982
2"Nearby Places and Strange-Sounding Names," 1983
3["Mia Tía Pilar" and "Mr. White" manuscript pages], 1997, n.d.
4"The Mexico-Texan," n.d.
5"Corrido de Willie Clemence," n.d.
6[Notes], 199-
7Published Manuscripts Subsequent to 1953:
"The Love Tragedy in Texas-Mexican Balladry," 1953
"The Mexican Corrido: Its Rise and Fall," 1957
"El Corrido de José Mosqueda as an Example of Pattern in the Ballad," 1958
"The Bury-Me-Not Theme in the Southwest," 1959
Review of The Restlessness of Shanti Andia and Other Writingsby Pio Baroja, translated by Anthony Kerrigan, 1959
Review of American Murder Ballads, by Olive Woolley Burt, 1958
Review of The Mexican Corrido as a Source for Interpretive Study of Modern Mexico (1870-1950), by Merle E. Simmons, [1958]
8Early Drafts of Published Essays:
"Como México Sí Hay Dos" [draft (in English) of "El folklore de los grupos de origen mexicano en Estados Unidos"], 196-
"Yo Soy Puro Mexicano" [draft (in English) of "Estados Unidos, México y el machismo"], 196-
9Manuscripts of Published Articles [folder 1]:
"Folklore" ["Special Article: A Selective Annotated Bibliography of Recent Works in Latin American Folklore, 1960-1967"], c. 1967
"Some Stereotypes about the Mexican-American" (working paper) [2 copies], n.d.
"Cultural Context and Concepts about Folklore" ["Concepts about Folklore in Latin America and the United States"], 196-
"Folklore, lo Mexicano, and Proverbs," n.d.
10 Manuscripts of Published Articles [folder 2]:
"El concepto de la 'médula emotiva' aplicado al corrido mexicano: 'Benjamin Argumendo'" (working paper), c. 1972
"Toward Performance-Oriented Ethnographies of Ethnic Groups: A Folklorist's Perspective" (working paper) ["On Ethnographic Work among Minority Groups: A Folklorist's Perspective"], c. 1977
11-12Raw Material for Articles on Folklore (also Border History), 195-
(2 folders)
13Articles in Progress:
"The Tendency Toward Shortened Variants in the Corrido," 195-
"The Formal Opening and the Despedida," 195-
141Papers on Folklore and Related Subjects (Unpublished Materials) [folder 1]:
[Essay on "El Corrido de Kiansis"], 195-?
["Ethnic and Minority Groups"], 1967
Roger D. Abrahams, "The Uses of Folklore in Minority Groups" [with Paredes's notes], 1967
"Club Relations in the Community", n.d.
"Meaning of 'El Diez y Seis'" [published version], 1971
"The Folktale in the Southwest," n.d.
2Papers on Folklore and Related Subjects (Unpublished Materials) [folder 2]:
"Negro Folk Songs," 1953
"The Tendency Toward Shortened Variants in the Corrido," 195-
Notes, The Rotary Reminder, 1961, n.d.
3 Unpublished Papers [folder 1]:
[Untitled manuscript], 196-?
"Some Stereotypes about the Mexican-American" [working paper], n.d.
"The Meaning of el Dieciséis de Septiembre," 1971
"La trayectoria del corrido mexicano: Reevaluación," 196-
"Preface" [to José Angel Gutiérrez, La Raza and Revolution: A Study of Four Texas Counties], 197-
4Unpublished Papers [folder 2]:
"'Ethnic' Groups and Folklore in the United States," n.d.
"Folklore e historia: Dos cantares de la frontera del norte," n.d.
5Papers, Unfinished [folder 1]:
"The Shaping of Folklore Traditions in North America: Mexican-American Groups" [translation of "El folklore de los grupos de origen mexicano en Estados Unidos"], n.d.
"Folklore and an Instrument of Conformity and Dissent in Mexico (1830-1940)," c.1972
"Tributaries to the Main Stream: The Ethnic Groups," 1967
"Mexican Folklore and the American Southwest," 1960
"Some Stereotypes about the Mexican American," n.d.
6Papers, Unfinished [folder 2]:
"The Southwest: Meeting of the Ways" [published in part in The Texas Observer], 1960
[Unidentified outline and manuscript pages], n.d.
"Folk Medicine and the Intercultural Jest," 1967
"The Tall Tale in the Spanish-Speaking Southwest," n.d.
"Suplemento I: Los Hechos" ["José Mosqueda"], n.d.
"The Formal Opening and the Despedida in the Texas-Mexican Corrido," 1959
7Pending Projects - Story and Article Ideas, 1966
In Progress:
8[Paredes Collection notecards], n.d.
9Rough Draft for Article on Songs of Spanish Origins on the Border, n.d.
10 "'El Romance de la Isla de Jauja' en el suroeste de Estados Unidos," n.d.
11 "Copies of Ballad Music" and other written music, n.d.
12 "The Texas Rangers," 197-
13"On Ethnographic Work among Minority Groups: A Folklorist's Perspective," c. 1977
14 Notes and manuscript fragments, n.d.
15"Isla de Jauja" research materials, 1954, n.d.
16 Ballad notes, 1970, n.d.
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15B. "Reviews, Correspondence on Publications," 1934-1999,
1 ft. 8 in.
Contains correspondence with publishers, editors, and readers; financial records; legal documents; printed material. Paredes created files on specific works and general files by publisher. Some old correspondence is in subject folders (Box 18). In his “UT Press” file, Paredes included correspondence both regarding his own books and concerning his work as a reviewer for the press. Rather than creating files for his later books published by Arte Público Press, he typically placed all correspondence in the general publisher folders.
Paredes did not file his royalty statements and reprint permission forms consistently, and they were organized during processing. Titled folders of correspondence regarding some early publications were moved from Series IV to this one.
Paredes filed correspondence regarding his edited volume, Humanidad, in Subseries 2 of this series. He stored the files regarding his co-edited volumes Toward New Perspectives in Folklore and The Urban Experience and Folk Tradition with his Journal of American Folklore files, in Series III, Subseries 4. The file about his note "Tag, You're It" is in the Series III, Subseries 3, Course Files. Further correspondence concerning Folklore and Culture on the Texas-Mexican Border is in his Center for Mexican American Studies files, Victor Guerra file (Series II, Subseries 1)
"With His Pistol in His Hand": A Border Ballad and Its Hero:
1Correspondence on Research and Publication, 1955-1959, 1973
2Reviews, 1958-1960, 1970?
3[Book jacket], c. 1958
4[Financial documents], 1963, 1966-1992
5"With His Pistol . . ." - UT Press, 1958, 1971-1999
6Cortez Book (Translation), 1972-1974, 1984, 1986
7-8Movie Project - Cortez Book, 1975-1984, 1990, 1992
(2 folders)
Movie from "With His Pistol in His Hand" [The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez]:
9 ["The True Story of Gregorio Cortez," screenplay by Victor Villaseñor], 1981
10 [Center for Mexican American Studies premiere screening], 1982
11[Correspondence], 1982
12[Reviews, advertisements, articles], 1982-1983
16"The Hammon and the Beans":
1"Hammon and the Beans," 1963, 1970, 1974, 1978, 1985-1987, 1992
American Extremes (translation of Extremos de América by Daniel Cosio Villegas):
2UT Press - Extremos de América (Translation), 1960-1964, 1970
"Tributaries to the Main Stream: The Ethnic Groups":
3Our Living Traditions (Basic Books, Voice of America), 1966-1978, 1996-1998
Folktales of Mexico:
4Correspondence, 1963-1972
5Clips, Reviews, 1970-1977
6[Financial documents], 1970-1997
Mexican-American Authors:
7[Correspondence], 1970-1972, 1974-1975, 1991
8[Financial documents], 1972-1994
A Texas-Mexican Cancionero: Folksongs of the Lower Border:
9-11[Correspondence], 1960, 1969, 1972-1978, 1980-1981, 1984, 1993, 1995, n.d.
(3 folders)
12[Financial documents], 1976-1980, 1983-1995
13UT Press Reincarnation, 1974, c. 1975, 1993-1994, 1997
17George Washington Gómez: A Mexicotexan Novel:
1-2G. W. G. Gift Copies, Clips, etc., 1990-1994, 1999, n.d.
(2 folders)
3-4[Reader letters], 1997-1998
(2 folders)
Between Two Worlds:
5Versos Varios - Master Copy, n.d.
6[Versos Varios notes and correspondence], 1989, n.d.
7Rejected (For Various Reasons), n.d.
Folklore and Culture on the Texas-Mexican Border:
8Essay Collection, 1988-1991
9[Clips, reviews], 1993-1995
"Mia Tía Pilar":
10Sketches - Collection [also "Mr. White"] 1998, n.d.
11Reviews by Others - Articles, Books by A. P., 1968, 1972-1973
18General and Publisher Correspondence:
1UT Press [correspondence], 1963-1987, 1994-1996
2UT Press [royalty statements], 1992-1998
3-6Arte Público (Kanellos, Nick), 1973-1999
(4 folders)
7Arte Público [royalty statements], 1992-1998
8Old Correspondence on Literary Matters, 1934-1944
9Old Correspondence on Literary Matters (Dallas Contest - 1952), 1952-1953
10Old Correspondence on Literary Matters - pre-1950 Rejections, 1937, 1943, n.d.
11Rejections, 1952-1960, n.d.
12Manuscripts (Correspondence), 1959-1966, n.d.
13Manuscripts Published - Correspondence, 1975-1982
14-15Permissions to Print; Royalties on Books, Poems, Stories, etc., 1969-1998
(2 folders)
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19C. Manuscripts of Published Books, c.1956-1998
2 ft. 6 in.
C. Manuscripts of Published Books, (c.1956-1998, 2 ft. 6 in.) includes manuscripts, galleys, and proofs of some of Paredes’s later works (published 1990-1998), including a draft of The Shadow (c.1956). The files for his collections Folklore and Culture on the Texas-Mexican Border and The Hammon and the Beans and Other Stories include reprints of previously published works.
George Washington Gómez:
1-6[Typescript (copy 1)], c. 1989
(6 folders)
7-14[Typescript (copy 2)], c. 1989
(8 folders)
20Between Two Worlds:
1-2[Typescript], 1989
(2 folders)
Uncle Remus con Chile:
3Fragments from Uncle Remus con Chile 1962, n.d.
4[Fragments from field tapes (transcriptions)], 1963, n.d.
5-6[Notes on informants and tales], n.d.
(2 folders)
7-9[Typescript], n.d.
(3 folders)
211-4Manuscript to Be Corrected [incomplete], n.d.
(4 folders)
Folklore and Culture on the Texas-Mexican Border:
5-6Collection [Manuscripts, reprints of articles], 1966, 1971-1974, 1979-1983, n.d.
(2 folders)
7[Galley pages with corrections and notes], c. 1992
8[Galleys with notes and corrections, Frontmatter-Chapter 4], c. 1992
221-2[Galleys, Chapter 5-Chapter 11], c. 1992
(2 folders)
3[Page proofs, Frontmatter-Introduction], c. 1992
4[Cover letter to page proofs], 1993
5-11[Page proofs], 1993
(6 folders)
The Hammon and the Beans and Other Stories:
12-13[Typed manuscript], n.d
(2 folders)
231-2Story Collection, 1953, 1963, n.d.
(2 folders)
3-4[Typescript (incomplete)], 199-, n.d.
(2 folders)
5-7[Page proofs (incomplete)], 1994
(3 folders)
24The Shadow:
1The Shadow, c. 1956, 1995
2[Typescript], n.d.
3[Manuscript and cover letter to Nicolás Kannellos], 1996
4[Manuscript], 199-
5[Corrected pages], 199-
6-7[Page proofs], 1998
(2 folders)
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D. Offprints of Articles, 1942-1986,
10 in.
Contains two sets of offprints, filed separately by Paredes. Paredes titled one set, mostly publishers’ reprints, “Offprints (Propios).” A research assistant created the second set, primarily consisting of photocopies of published articles and of a few manuscripts from this subseries, in the early 1980s. The assistant's notes appear on some items. The same individual created some files in Series I, Subseries 3.
Paredes owned microfilm copies of Pacific Stars and Stripes (1945-1946) containing his reporting. See Series VIII, Subseries 2, Visual Materials.
25"Offprints (Propios)":
1"The Love Tragedy in Texas-Mexican Balladry." Folk Travelers, Texas Folklore Society Publications, 25 (1953): 110-114.
2Review of The Mexican Corrido as a Source for Interpretive Study of Modern Mexico, by Merle E. Simmons. Journal of American Folklore, 71 (1958): 582-583.
3"El Corrido de José Mosqueda as An Example of Pattern in the Ballad." Western Folklore, 27 (1958): 154-162.
4"The Bury-Me-Not Theme in the Southwest." And Horns and Toads, Texas Folklore Society Publication, 29 (1959): 88-92.
5"Gringo" in "Notes and Queries." Western Folklore, 19 (1960):277.
6"Where Cultures Clashed and Merged." Texas Observer, August 12, 1960. "The Mexican Contribution to Our Culture." Texas Observer, August 19, 1960. "The Hammon and the Beans." Texas Observer, April 18, 1963. "
7"Folklore and History." In Singers and Storytellers (Publications of the Texas Folklore Society, 30), edited by Mody Boatright, Wilson M. Hudson, and Allen Maxwell. Dallas: Southern Methodist University Press, 1961.
8"Texas' Third Man: The Texas-Mexican." Race: The Journal of the Institute of Race Relations, 4 (1963): 49-58.
9"The Ancestry of Mexico's Corridos: A Matter of Definitions." Journal of American Folklore, 76 (1963): 231-235. Simmons, Merle E. "The Ancestry of Mexico's Corridos." Journal of American Folklore, 76 (1963): 1-15.
10Review of José Alcina Franch, "Las "Pintaderas" Mejicanas y Sus Relaciones." In Erasmus: International Bulletin of contemporary Scholoarship, 15 (1963): 757-758.
11"Guitarreros." Southwest Review (1964): 306.
12"Some Aspects of Folk Poetry." University of Texas Studies in Literature and Language, 6 (1964): 213-225.
13"El Cowboy Norteamericano en el Folklore y la Literatura." Reprint from Cuadernos del Instituto Nacional de Antropologia, No. 4, 1963 [1965]: 227-240.
14"Vicente T. Mendoza, 1895-1964." Journal of American Folklore, 78 (1965): 164-155.
15"The Anglo-American in Mexican Folklore." Reprinted as No. 30 in the University of Texas Insitute of Latin American Studies Offprint Series.
16"El Folklore de los Grupos de Origen Mexicano en Estados Unidos." Folklore Americano, 14 (1966): 146-163.
17"Estados Unidos, México y el Machismo." Journal of Inter-American Studies, 9 (1967): 65-84.
18"A Selective Annotated Bibliography of Recent Works in Latin American Folklore." Handbook of Latin American Studies, 30 (1968): 385-410.
19"Folk Medicine and the Intercultural Jest." Spanish-Speaking People in the United States. Proceedings of the 1968 Annual Spring Meeting of the American Ethnological Society, Seattle, Wa., (1968): 104-119
20Review of Proverbial Comparisons in Ricardo Palm's Tradiciones Peruanas, by Shirley L. Arora. Romance Philology, XXI (1968): 358-359.
21Editor and "Preface" of Las Miniaturas en el Arte Popular Mexican, by Mauricio Charpenel. Austin: Center for Intercultural Studies in Folklore and Oral History (Latin American Folklore Series No. 1), 197-
22"The Where and Why of Folklore." Illinois History, 23 (1970): 75-76
23"The United States, Mexico, and Machismo." Journal of the Folklore Institute, V. 8, No. 1 (1971): 17-37
24Mexican-Americanists of Texas: A Chicano Studies Directory. Austin: Center for Mexican-American Studies, University of Texas, Austin, 1971
25"Folklore e Historia: Dos Cantares de la Frontera del Norte." 25 Estudios de folklore, ed. Fernando Anaya Monroy. Mexico: UNAM, Estudios de Folklore No. 4 (1971): 209-222
26"Some Aspects of Folk Poetry." Reprinted as No. R659 in Warner Modular Publications, Series on Anthropology, 1973
27"José Mosqueda and the Folklorization of Actual Events." Aztlán, 4 (1974): 1-30.
28"José Mosqueda and the Folklorization of Actual Events" [reprint]. Folklore Americano, 20 (December 1975): 55-82.
29"The Role of Folklore in Border Relations and How it Expresses Intercultural Conflict and Cooperation." Fronteras 1976: San Diego/Tijuana--The International Border in Community Relations: Gateway or Barrier? No. 3 (1976): 17-22.
30"On Ethnographic Work Among Minority Groups: A Folklorist's Perspective." New Scholar, VI (1977): 1-32.
31"'El Romance de la Isla de Jauja' en el Suroeste de Estados Unidos." Logos, No. 13-14 (1977-1978): 399-406.
32"Folklore, Lo Mexicano, and Proverbs." Aztlán, 13 (1982):1-11
33Graham, Don, James W. Lee, William T. Pilkington. "Introduction: The Conference in Perspective." The Texas Literary Tradition: Fiction, Folklore, History, 1983.
34"The Corrido: Yesterday and Today." Ecology and Development of the Border Region. Stanley Ross, ed. Mexico, 1983
35"A Sense of Place." Discovery: Research and Scholarship at The University of Texas at Austin, (Winter 1983): 21-24
36"The Undying Love of 'El Indio' Córdova: Décima and Oral History in a Border Family." Ernesto Galarza Commemorative Lecture, Stanford Center for Chicano Research, 1986
Note: Bibliographic information omitted if listed as publisher's reprint above.
1"José Mosqueda and the Folklorization of Actual Events" [reprint], 1975
2"The Problem of Identity in a Changing Culture: Popular Expressions of Culture Conflict Along the Lower Rio Grande Border"
3"The Mexico-Texan Corrido." Southwest Review 27 (1942): 470-481
4"The Love Tragedy in Texas-Mexican Balladry," 1953
5"Over the Waves Is Out." New Mexico Quarterly 23 (1953): 177-187
6"El Corrido de José Mosqueda as an Example of Pattern in the Ballad, 1958
7Review of The Mexican Corrido as a Source for Interpretive Study of Modern Mexico, by Merle E. Simmons, 1958
8"The Bury-Me-Not Theme in the Southwest," 1959
9"The University of Texas Folklore Archive." The Folklore and Music Archivist 2 (Fall 1959): 1, 4
10"Tag, You're It." Journal of American Folklore, 73 (1960): 157-158
11"Luis Inclán, First of the Cowboy Writers." American Quarterly 12 (1960): 55-70
12"Interview with Vicente T. Mendoza" [photocopied manuscript], 1960?
13Review of The True Story of Billy the Kid: A Tale of the Lincoln County War by William Lee Hamlin. In Midwest Folklore, 10 (1961): 111-112
14"Folklore and History," 1961
15Review of Cantares históricos de la tradición argentina, by Olga Fernández Latour. Journal of American Folklore 75 (1962): 356
16"The Ancestry of Mexico's Corridos: A Matter of Definitions." Journal of American Folklore, 76 (1963): 231-235. Simmons, Merle E. "The Ancestry of Mexico's Corridos." Journal of American Folklore, 76 (1963): 1-15
17"Texas' Third Man: The Texas-Mexican," 1963
18"The Hammon and the Beans." The Texas Observer, 55, no. 10 (1963): 11-12.
19Review of "Las "Pintaderas" Mejicanas y Sus Relaciones." by José Alcina Franch, 1963
20Review of "Treasure of the Sangre de Cristos: Tales and Traditions of the Spanish Southwest," by Arthur L. Campa, Journal of American Folklore, 77 (1964): 269-270
21"Some Aspects of Folk Poetry," 1964
22Review of "Lírica Narrativa de México: El Corrido," by Vicente T. Mendoza. Journal of American Folklore, 78 (1965): 364-365
23Review of "Modern Greek Folklore and Ancient Greek Religion," by John Cuthbert Lawson. Journal of American Folklore, 78 (1965): 356
24Review of Legends of Texas and Happy Hunting Ground, J. Frank Dobie, ed. Journal of American Folklore, 78 (1965), 163-164
25Review of Picardía Mexicana by Armando Jiménez. Journal of American Folklore, 78 (1965): 75-77
26"El Cowboy Norteamericano en el Folklore y la Literatura" [reprint], 1965
27Review of Cuentos Folklóricoa de Chile, Vols. 1-3 by Yolando Pino Saavedra. Journal of American Folklore, 78 (1965): 171
28"Vicente T. Mendoza, 1894-1964." Journal of American Folklore, 78 (1965): 154-155
29"El Folklore de los Grupos de Origen Mexicano en Estados Unidos," 1966
30"The Décima on the Texas Mexican Border: Folksong as an Adjunct to Legend." Journal of the Folklore Institute, 3 (1966): 154-167
31(With George Foss), "The Décima Cantada on the Texas-Mexican Border: Four Examples." Journal of the Folklore Institute, 3 (1966): 91-115
32"The Anglo-American in Mexican Folklore"
33"Estados Unidos, México y el Machismo," 1967
34"Cultural Context and Concepts About Folklore." [photocopied manuscript draft of "Concepts About Folklore in Latin America and the United States"] 1967
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44"Introduction," In The Urban Experience and Folk Tradition, Américo Paredes and Ellen J. Stekert (eds.) Austin and London: The University of Texas Press, 1971
45"El Concepto de la 'Médula Emotiva' Aplicado al Corrido Mexican: 'Benjamin Argumendo." [draft], n.d.
46"José Mosqueda and the Folklorization of Actual Events," 1974
47"Foreward," and "Jorge Isidoro Sánchez y Sánchez (1906-1972)" in Humanidad: Essays in Honor of George I. Sánchez. Los Angeles: Chicano Studies Center Publications, University of California, Los Angeles, 1977
48"On Ethnographic Work Among Minority Groups: A Folklorist's Perspective," 1977
49"The Problem of Identity In a Changing Culture: Popular Expressions of Culture Conflict Along the Lower Rio Grande Border." In Views Across the Border: The United States and Mexico. Stanley, Ross (ed.) Albuquerque: The University of New Mexico Press, 1978.
50Panel Discussion on "Chicanos and the Corrido" [by Pablo Poveda], May 4, 1981
51"El Corrido de Willie Clemence" [photocopied manuscript], November, 9, 1982
52"Folklore, Lo Mexicano, and Proverbs" [working paper] 1982
53"Mexican-Americans in the Southwest: A Heritage of Conflict." [unpublished], n.d.
54"Some Sterotypes About the Mexican American." [unpublished], n.d.
248"Folk Medicine and the Intercultural Jest," 1968
9"Where Cultures Clashed and Merged." The Texas Observer, August 12, 1960. "The Mexican Contribution to Our Culture." The Texas Observer, August 19, 1960
E. "Term and Class Papers," 1949-1954,
5 in.
Paredes's papers from his student career at the University of Texas include both routine class assignments and major papers, some later published. The philosophy correspondence lesson was added to this subseries, but Paredes filed and organized the other material.
271[Philosophy 310 correspondence lesson], November 7, 1949
2[English 321K comparison papers], 1950, n.d.
3"Conroy, Lucas, Macomber, and the Short Happy Life," [English 371K], March 15, 1951
4[UT Department of Geology report covers], 1951
5"And Svidrigailov was a Riddle..." [English 356K], May 11, 1951
6"The Road to Underground," [English 356K], April 9, 1951
7"'Degree' in Troilus and Cressida" [English 266K], July 5, 1951
8"Social Relationships in Chaucer's England" [English 276], August 13, 1951
9"Characterization in 'The Canterbury Tales'" [English 276], August 24, 1951
10"Discussion of The Chariot" [English 383K], November 9, 1951
11"George Herbert's Inner Conflict as Reflected in his Poems" [English 383K], January 15, 1952
12"Study of Five Plays of Lope de Vega" [Spanish 392K], January 17, 1952
13"Comments on Donne, Herbert, Crashaw and Vaughan" [English 383K], January 12, 1952
14"A Comparison of Two Essays on Theodore Dreiser" [English 377K], February 18, 1952
15[English 377K papers on Willa Cather, O Pioneers! and Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises], 1952
16"A Comparison of Sonnets of Lope de Vega and Tirso de Molina" [Spanish 392L], May 24, 1952
17"Some Neo-Classical Influences in Burns' The Cotter's Saturday Night" [English 368K; draft and final copy], January 16, 1953
18"The Question of Christian Humanism" [Philosophy 382], May 13, 1953
19"Los Refranes Índice del Carácter de Sancho" [Spanish 294K], July 14, 1953
20[English 377 papers], 1953
21"The Epic Quality in Paradise Lost" [English 363], December 18, 1953
22"Some Observations on the Structure of Shakespeare's Sonnets" [English 390K], January 4, 1954
23"El Corrido de José Mosqueda as an Example of Pattern in the Ballad" [English 373K], May 18, 1954
24"Luis Inclán: A Mexican 'Cowboy' Writer" [English 280K, Mody Boatright], July 14, 1954
25"Language Behavior and Foreign Policy" [Philosophy 332], n.d.
26"Unamuno, el 'Momism,' y la Fé del Hombre Moderno" [draft?], n.d.
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Subseries 2. "Symposia, Talks, Lectures," 1958-1998, n.d.,
10 in.
Texts of talks, some subsequently published as articles; correspondence regarding conferences, arrangements, and publications; printed material related to schedules and events. Documents Paredes's appearances before various scholarly, general, student, Mexican-American, and University of Texas audiences. Some of the material in this subseries resembles that in Subseries I.
The subseries includes correspondence related to Paredes’s edited volume Humanidad : Essays in Honor of George I. Sanchez.
281"Estados Unidos, Mexico y el Machismo" [includes English translation], 1970
2"El Corrido Mexicano," Mexico City?, 197-
3Laredo talk [folder 1], 1969-1970
4Laredo talk ["Mexican-Americans in the Southwest: A Heritage of Conflict"] [folder 2], [1970]
5[Remarks, Este Congreso de Estudios México-Americanos, Austin], c. 1971
6Social Work Seminar [Social Work: A Minority Experience, UT School of Social Work], 1971
7Wisconsin Trip [Symposium on the Quest for National Identity in Latin America, University of Wisconsin at Madison], 1971
8Brownsville Talk ["Folk Narrative in the Southwest," Conference of College History Faculties of South Texas, Texas Southmost College], 1971
9East Texas State University Trip [Symposium on African, Afro-American, and Chicano Cultures (1972)], 1971-1972
10Houston Trip ["Texas-Mexican Folklore and Its History," University of Houston], 1972
11["Read at student demonstration in front of Main Building"], 1972
12Crystal City Trip [Crystal City High School baccalaureate talk], 1972
13[Speech card, University of Texas], August 26, 1972
14Mérida Talk ["Folklore as an Instument of Conformity and Dissent in Mexico (1830-1940)," Conference on Modern Latin American Literature and Society (1972)], 1972-1973, 1976
15"'Mexican Americans and Their Culture' and Our Aims in Education" [Denton High School], February 1, 1973
16Caldwell, Idaho [Summer Folklore Conference, College of Idaho (1973)], 1972-1973
17[Congressional testimony on American Folklife Center], 1974
18Border Conference - San Antonio [Contemporary Dilemmas of the Mexican-United States Border (1975)], 1974-1975, 1984
19[Metz Recreation Center (Austin), mural dedication] 1976
20[Fronteras 1976 Conference, San Diego] 1976
21El Paso Border Conference [Conference on Border Studies], 1977
22George Sánchez [folder 1], 1973-1974
23George Sánchez [folder 2] [includes talk, June 22, 1977], 1974-1977
24[Society for Ethnomusicology, Twenty-second Annual Meetings, University of Texas at Austin], 1977
25Tucson Trip [NEH Conference on Chicano Humanities], 1979
26Hispanic Meeting - Washington, D.C. - October 10, 1979 [Hispanic Scolarship in the Humanities in America], 1979
291[Eighth Annual Conference of the National Association for Chicano Studies, Houston], 1980
2UCLA - Corrido Talk - May, 1981
3AFS - San Antonio, 1981
4TSC - May 12, 1982 [Texas Southmost College commencement], 1982
5Symposium on Texas Literature, March 24-26, 1983 [The Texas Liteary Tradition, University of Texas at Austin], 1982-1983
6Chicano Music Symposium, October 27-28, 1983 [A Dialogue with Tejano Music/Encuentro con la Música Tejana], 1981-1983
7Mexican-American Alumni/Sánchez Endowment, October 29, 1983
8Retirement - Cortesiás, Notes of Talk, April 25, 1984
9[UT College of Liberal Arts Pro Bene Meritis Award], 1998
10México - SFM ["El Choque Cultural como Tema en el Corrido Fronterizo Mexicotexano"], n.d.
11"Preliminary remarks" [unidentified event], n.d.
12[Speech cards, unidentified], n.d.
13Lectures, Talks [folder 1]
"Texas-Mexican Folklore: Our Common Heritage," Pan American College, n.d.
"Divergencias en el Concepto del Folklore y el Contexto Cultural," n.d.
"Border Ballad Types," Texas Folklore Society, 195-
14Lectures, Talks [folder 2]
"Folklore in the Texas-Mexican Culture," Austin Rotary Club, n.d.
Talk at SCRC meeting, New York, 1967
Talk, Comparative Literature group, Berkeley, 1967
15Lectures, Talks [folder 3]
"Folklore and Latin American Studies," n.d.
Talk at Huston-Tillotson, n.d.
East Austin Anti-Boat Race [?] Rally, UT West Mall, April 25, n.d.
"Some Stereotypes about the Mexican-American," n.d.
[Untitled manuscript], n.d.
16Papers - Where? When?, 1970, 1972
17Speaking and Singing Engagements and Correspondence, 1958-1965, 1975
18Honoraria - Trip Expenses, 1971, 1974
19Commitments - Writing, Speaking, 1971-1973
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Subseries 3. Research Materials, 1951-1987,
2 ft., 1 in.
Manuscripts, notes, collected printed material, and photographic material relating to four projects. This subseries was created during processing, and consists of four sub-subseries. A. "The Border Décima," 1951-1982; B. "On 'Gringo,' 'Greaser,' and Other Neighborly Names," 1964-1968, 1975, 1983-1987, n.d.; C. “Mexican Folktales from JAF (Translated),” c. 1970; D. Collected Verses, c. 1954, n.d.
A. "The Border Décima," 1951-1982
Poetry collected by Paredes and others, manuscripts including field notes, correspondence, genealogical research materials, and printed material. The material, in its original order, documents a long-time research interest of Paredes’s. Related material is in Series VII, Card Files, "Décima Bibliography."
301Stanford Paper ["The Undying Love of 'El Indio' Córdova," working paper], [1986]
2[Handouts for Stanford paper], [c.1986]
3Décima Texts - Working Copy, n.d.
4Genealogies - Décima Project, 1982, n.d.
5Border Trips, Notes, June 1983, December 1983, 1951, 1954, 1982, n.d.
6Materials for Décima Monograph [Folder 1], [1982-1986]
7Materials for Décima Monograph [Folder 2], [1982-1986]
8Paredes, Eliseo, “Camilo Manso Murió por la Patri y Vive por Ella”; "Apuntos Históricos Sobre Tamaulipas y Matamoros"; “Ecos del Histórico Reencuentro México España,” 1971, 1959, 1977
9Paredes, Eliseo, "Biografías Cortas de los Ex-Presidentes Municipales de la Heróica y Leal E Invicta Matamoros, Tamps.," 1965-1966
10Paredes, Eliseo (M.) [“Condecora Otrogada al Gen.l y Lic.D.Antonio Canales Rosillo por su Valiente Participacion en la Batalla de Mier . . .”; “Matamorenses Fundadores y Alumnos del Heroica Colegio Militar”; “Los Fundadores de la Invicta, Heroica y Leal Matamoros”], 1972, 1973, n.d.
11Décima - Manuscript Roughs, Papers Read, 1966-1967, 1982, n.d.
12[Information about archival sources], n.d.
13Décimas - Master Copy, n.d.
311Recording Tape Log, 1954
2Ballad Trip, Texts of Corridos, Décimas, Notes, 1951, 1955, n.d.
3[Décimas Paredes Collection], 1982, n.d.
4Advertencia [Décimas], [198-?]
5Décima Papers, 1963
6[Décima materials and manuscript pages], 195-, n.d.
7[Décima materials], 1980-1982
8Field Notes, 1954
9Décimas, 1938, 1954, n.d.
10Original Texts from VCH [Vicenta Cisneros de Hinojosa], 1962, n.d.
11Décima Project, Fotos, Panchita & Prudencio [reproduction], 1983
12Décimas de Humberto Cisneros – Texts, n.d.
13[Brownsville trips material], 1982, 1984-1985
14Brownsville Trip, November 24-29, 1982
15Décima Texts to Copy, n.d.
16Décima - Correspondence, 1982-1983
17Décima Bibliography, 1971
18Décima Project Notes, 1967, 1971, 1974, 1977, 1981-1982
19Offprints - Décima; Décima Project, n.d.
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B. "On 'Gringo,' 'Greaser,' and Other Neighborly Names," 1964-1968, 1975, 1983-1987, n.d.
Manuscript pages, notes, and bibliographies related to Paredes's research on bilingual jokes and tales. The project originated with his 1962-1963 field collecting trips. Related material can be found in Subseries I, Subseries1, C, with the Uncle Remus con Chile manuscript material, and in the "Notes" card file in Series VII.
321[Notes on Journal of American Folklore, Volumes 1-79], c. 1966
2[Bibliographies], 1966, 1968, 1983, n.d.
3Mexican Folklore Bibliography, n.d.
4Mexican Popular Culture: Tradition and Change (References), 1966, 1975, 1985-1987
5-6["On Gringo, Greaser , and Other Neighborly Names," typescript (partial) and other materials], 1964-1968, n.d.
(2 folders)
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C. "Mexican Folktales from JAF (Translated)," c. 1970
Corrected manuscripts, notes on sources, and Aarne-Thompson motif notes for tales originally collected by others and published in the Journal of American Folklore. Paredes chose and translated the stories for, but did not use them in, his Mexican Folktales (published 1970). See correspondence related to that book in Subseries 1.
327-9 [corrected typescript], n.d.
(3 folders)
10[Notes], n.d.
11[Motif indexing], n.d.
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D. Verse Collections, c. 1954, n.d.
Volumes of Paredes's transcriptions of the lyrics for the Paredes Collection, his 1954 field collection of Border songs. Separate copies of some of these transcriptions are included, as is a bound collection of decima. This material was gathered together during processing.
33Paredes Collection:
1"Paredes Collection: Folk Song Texts I" [P1-P23]
2"Paredes Collection: Folk Song Texts II" [P24-P44]
3"Paredes Collection: Folk Song Texts II" [copy 2, P20-P44]
341"Paredes Collection" [P1-P26, reverse order] (folder 1)
2"Paredes Collection" (folder 2)
3[Selections from the Paredes Collection]
4[Collected décimas (loose photocopies)]
5[Décima collection (bound)]


Series III. Subject Files, 1886-1999 (bulk 1952-1999),
9 ft. 11 in.

Notes, manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, photographs, and sound recordings. Six subseries: 1. University of Texas Files, 1886-1893, 1926, 1962-1999 (bulk 1962-1999), 2 ft. 1. in.; 2. Reference Files, 1919-1995 (bulk 1952-1995), 2 ft., 6 in.; 3. Course Files, 1906?-1991 (bulk 1966-1991), 3 ft., 3 in.; 4. Journal of American Folklore and American Folklore Society Files, 1959-1974 (bulk 1968-1973) 1 ft., 5 in.; Texas Folklife Resources Files, 1978-1994 (bulk 1992-1994), 2 in.; 6. Professional Activities Files, 1967-1997, 6 in..
Subseries 1. University of Texas Files, 1886-1893, 1926, 1962-1999 (bulk 1962-1999),
2 ft., 1 in.
Correspondence with University of Texas (UT) administrators, colleagues, and students; clippings, newsletters, announcements, brochures, and other printed material; notes and texts of speeches. The subseries documents Paredes's involvement in the creation and early administration of both the Folklore and Mexican-American Studies programs at UT Austin. Other material in the subseries relates to honors and distinctions Paredes earned at UT Austin and UT Brownsville. A relatively small amount of material documents Paredes's ties to the English and Anthropology Departments. Paredes filed some personal correspondence similar to that in Series VI in this subseries.
Arrangement and organization are Paredes's. Headings created by him appear in quotation marks. During processing, related files were added to the Mexican-American Studies and UT Brownsville divisions. Access to some material is restricted (see Series X description).
35"UT Official":
1President - UT, 1972, 1980, 1983-1984, 1986-1991, 1994, 1996-1998
2Dean - Liberal Arts, 1976, 1979-1980, 1982-1984, 1986, 1992, 1998
3Romo, Ricardo [folder 1], 1978-1980, 1982-1984, 1986-1990
4Romo, Ricardo [folder 2], 1886, 1890, 1893, 1923, 1991, 1993-1999, n.d.
5Mexican American Library Program, 1978, 1980, 1988-1995
6Graduate School, 1977-1978, 1980
7Ashbel Smith Professorship, 1981
8Libraries, 1987, 1989-1991, n.d.
9Latin American Studies (ILAS [Institute of Latin American Studies] and BLAC [Benson Latin American Collection]), 1975-1976, 1979-1983, 1986-1991, 1993
10Spanish and Portuguese, 1967, 1969, 1972, 1975
11Centennial Convocation, 1983
12Admissions and Registration [University Committee], 1976-1977
13University Committees (Closed), 1973, 1975, 1977
14 U.T. Brownsville, 1993-1996, 1998
15[UT Brownsville: commencement programs, invitations], 1995
16 Medrano, Manuel F., 1994-1996
17Letty Fernández, 1995-1998
18[UT Brownsville Hispanic Heritage Month brochure and verses], 1998, n.d.
19 Students - General,
20M.A. Theses - Completed,
21Theses & Dissertations - Record,
36Mexican American Studies (M.A.S.) Program:
1Mexican American Studies Program General, 1970-1973
2MAS Correspondence [and printed material], 1970-1981
3MAS Program [folder 1], 1970-1972
4MAS Program [folder 2], 1970-1972, 1974, n.d.
5[El Chisme, Newsletter of the Center for Mexican-American Studies], c. 1971-1972
6Clips on MAS Question, 1972
7MAS Logs, 1977-1979, 1990, n.d.
8Logs: Meetings and Phone Calls, 1977-1979
9Dean's Committee - MAS Director, 1981
10M.A.S. [folder 1], 1984-1990
11M.A.S. [folder 1], 1991-1993
371 M.A.S. [folder 3], 1994-1999
2 V. Guerra, 1992-1995
3Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee, 1969-1971
4Ethnic Studies Committee, 1969-1971
5Concilio [Texas Concilio for Chicano Studies] Info, 1971, n.d.
6[Program, Mexican-American Studies Institute for the State of Texas], 1970
7Bullock, Prof. Henry (Ethnic Studies), 1970-1971
8Colegio Jacinto Treviño, 1971
9Santa Barbara - Seminar on Chicano Studies, 1971-1973
10The Vento-Juan Lunatkl Affair, 1978-1980
381History of Ideas Courses, 1971
2 Nelson, Victor, 1973?
3 Franklin, Judy E., 1971, n.d.
4 Graduate Studies Committee, 1971-1972
5M.A.S. - Graduate Studies, Research Grants, 1971-1973, 1976
M.A.S. Post Doctoral Fellows:
6 Handouts - M.A.S. Ph.D., n.d.
7 MAS-NDEA Post Doctorals, 5/14/70-4/23/73, 1970-1973
8Postdoctorals - '72-'73, 1970-1972
9 Post Doc Lectures, 1973
10 Juan Gómez-Quiñones, 1971-1973, 1971-1973
11 Gustavo González, 1971-1973
12 José Roberto Juárez, 1970-1973
13 Sena Rivera, Jaime, 1972-1973
39Folklore Center:
1Folklore Program at UT Austin, 1963-1964, 1966-1970
2Beginnings of UT Folklore Program (Interdisciplinary), 1966-1968, 1970-1973, 1976-1978, 1981, n.d.
3Folklore Center, 1965?, 1971-1972, 1974, 1986-1992, 1994-1996, 1998
4Survey of Teaching and Research in Latin American Folklore in the U.S., 1966
5Kennedy Corridos Project (Aborted), 1963-1965, 1967-1969
6For 1950-1984 Log, 1967-1972, 1974-1975, 1978-1979, 1981-1983
7Folklore Center, Acting Director, '74-'75 1970, 1974-1975
8[American Folklore newletters], 1975, 1981
9Anthropology - Correspondence, Memos, 1974, 1976-1980, 1982, 1984-1990, 1995-1996
10Folklore Recruitment, 1981
11English Department, 1970, 1972-1977, 1979-1982, 1984, 1986-1989, 1991-1995, 1998-1999, n.d.
12Budget Council, 1962-1964, n.d.
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Subseries 2. Reference Files, 1919-1995 (bulk 1952-1995),
2 ft., 6 inches
Subject files containing notes, manuscript music, essays by Paredes and others; clippings, postcards, periodicals, and other printed material; correspondence; photographs. Files contain material created and collected by Paredes, his family, students, and colleagues, including notes relating to Paredes's original research and field collections. Organizational heirarchy, division titles, and arrangement are Paredes's. Some loose items within Paredes's divisions were foldered and assigned titles, indicated by brackets. Paredes filed some pieces of correspondence similar to those in Series IV, General Correspondence, in this subseries.
Some of the files in this subseries contain Paredes's codes for his course files. See the description for Subseries 3, Course Files, for information on his labeling conventions. Appendix A lists titles of his courses.
40"Reference Materials":
"Scholarly History/Biography":
1[Vicente T.] Mendoza Interview, n.d.
2Virginia Rodríguez Rivera Interview, 1962, n.d.
3ITGF (4a) The Historic Geographic Method, n.d.
4ITGF (8) The American Anthropological School, n.d.
5Folklorists, 1961, 1964, n.d.
"Ethnographies, Culture History":
6325K Folklore in the U.S., 1952, 1973, n.d.
7Paredes, Lorenzo, "Slaying of Marshall Crixell," n.d.
8Regarding Zaragoza, 1960, n.d.
9McNelly's Rangers, 1959
10Clips on Border History, 1953, 1959, 1962, 1969, 1991, 1994, n.d.
11[Printed material], 1954, 1978, 1982, 1991
12Border History - General Information, c. 1942, 1959-1960, 1995, n.d.
13Illustrations of Argentine History, Colonial Types, etc. from Billikien, 1958, 1960
14Significant Newspapaer Articles on Recent Conditions in Mexico and Other Parts of Spanish America, 1961
15[Clippings and notes], 1965-1966, 1973, 1977, 1981, n.d.
16Personal File (Clips), 1960-1964, 1973, n.d.
17Mexican-Anglo Relations, 1959, 1961-1962, 1967, 1972, n.d.
"Notes by Subject":
18Essays on the Theory of Folklore, n.d.
19325K Introduction to Folklore and Folklife (General), 1958, 1973, n.d.
20Critiques - by Students, 1966, n.d.
21Folklore Topics: Correspondence, Notes, 1980, n.d.
22325K (2, 3, 5-9) Toelken, Dynamics of Folklore, n.d.
23Folk Composers, Singers, Narrators, 195-, 1954, 1957, 1967, n.d.
24Texts Copied (Check), 1954, n.d.
41"Field Notes":
1Entrevista con Andrés Segura por Pablo Poveda, October 13, 1980
2Gregorio Cortés - Thesis Material, 1952-1953, 1955, 1957, 1972, 1975, n.d.
31962-1963 Log, 1962-1963
4Interviews on Border Folklore and Historical Events, 1951, 1954-1955
5Notes for Calendar, 1962, 1976
6Field Notes - 1960s [Questionnaire], 1962-1963
7ITGF (9) Personality and Culture: Psychological Approaches, n.d.
8Pending - Unclassified, n.d.
9SS (5) Structural Studies, n.d.
10ITGF (13) Folklore as Social Interaction, n.d.
11GM Life (7) Theory and Method, n.d.
12Social Uses of Folklore, 1968, n.d.
"Belief and Practice":
13[Printed Material], 1965, n.d.
14Virgin, Apparition of, Jim Wells County, 1963
15Shawna Craig Masters Thesis, Niño Fidencio ["The Living Legendry of Fidencismo: An Analysis of the Alabanzas"], 1984
16[Loose material], 1973, n.d.
17"Mock Joya: 'Japanese Customs and Manners'" [Nippon Times clippings], 1948-1950
18[Loose clippings], 1952, 1962-1964, n.d.
19Carnival - Uruguay, 1961
20SS (4) Studies on Ritual, 1977, 1980, n.d.
21SS (6) Symbolic Classification and Comparative Symbology, c. 1980
22ITGF (12) Structure and Symbol, n.d.
23SS (11) Verbal Genres as Symbolic Structures, 1980, n.d.
24Cult, Witchcraft, Magic, 1956, 1959, 1962, 1965, 1968, 1974, n.d.
25314L Magic and Science, 1979, 1981, n.d.
26ITGF (7) Myth and Ritual, n.d.
27SS (12) Symbols and Social Change, 1980
"Ethnicity and Folklore":
28Ethnic FKL (4) Identity and Ethnicity, c. 1979
29Ethnic FKL (8) Folklore, Ethnic Identity and Politics, c. 1979
30Ethnic Folklore Genres, n.d.
31Ethnic Folklore (1) Concepts About Ethnicity, Race, Culture, c. 1977-1979
"Poetry and Song":
32325L V. Poetry and Song, 1962-1967, 1973, 1977, 1980-1981
33G.M. Folk Lit (21) Roots of Mexican Folk Song, n.d.
34Folksong Notes, Clippings, etc., 1952, 1959, 1962, n.d.
35Lectures - On Folksong, 1958?, 1961, n.d.
36Border Songs, 1982
42"Collections and Studies":
1[Collected lyrics, texts, articles], 1959-1965, n.d.
2Texts of Mexican Songs Contributed by Mrs. Elsie Ramírez, El Paso, Texas [Collected by Gilberto S. Hernandez], 1919-1950
3"Jose Morante and the Contemporary Corrido in San Antonio," [Anthropology 394M Paper], 1973
"Copla, Canción Romantica":
4(27) Canción Romántica and Popular Music, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1985
5G.M. Folk Lit. (22) La Copla, n.d.
6From: La Musa Popular, n.d.
7Collections - Miscellaneous, 1959, 1962-1963, 1966-1968, 1971, 1974
8325K (23 & 24) Listening Sessions, 1967, n.d.
9Echoes from the Romancero, 1973, 198-, n.d.
10325L (29) Performance and Function in Folksong, n.d.
11325L Special Sessions - Tapes, 1967, 1969, 1979
"Décima, Corrido, Copla, and Related Forms":
"Romance" [no files after heading]
12[Vauqeluelin Duvalier, "Romance y corrido" (photocopy)], 1937
13Corrido - Other Forms, 1930, 1944, 1957, 1976-1977
14325L El Corrido, 1968, 1971, 198, 1982, 1986, n.d.
15Corridos - Hojas Sueltos, [1945]-1946, 1960, 1962-1964, 1966, 1970, 1974, 1976
431Mexican-American Corridos, 1963-1964, 1973-1974, n.d.
2"El Contrabando de El Paso," 1957
Corrido (C. Adolfo López Mateos) [empty folder, discarded]
3Corrido (José Becerra), 1960
4[Corridos and notes] (Folder 1), n.d.
5[Corridos and notes] (Folder 2), n.d.
6Corrido Texts, 1953, 1957, n.d.
7Reyna, José (1982), Review of Dickey's Kennedy Corridos, 1982
8The Décima, 1927-1928, 1931, 1938, 1941, 1943, n.d.
9G.M. Folk Lit. (23) La Décima, 1973, n.d.
10[José Guadalupe] Posada Print, n.d.
11Calaveras Lantiguas de "El Mañana" [McAllen, Texas] 1950-1951
12Calaveras, 1950, 1960, 1962, 1977
"Danza" [no files after heading]
"Songs - Untyped":
13Argentine Songs, 1955
14Other Songs of Narrative Intent, 1954
15Songs of Love and Sentiment, 1959
16Dancing Songs, 1954
17Songs for Special Occasions, 1954, n.d.
18Comic and Satirical Songs, 1954, n.d.
19Collections: Songs With Bicultural Themes, 1954, 1962, n.d.
20Children's Songs, 1954, n.d.
21Texts - Various, 1954, 1967, 1969, n.d.
22Verse - Untyped, 1962, 1965, 1968, 1974, n.d.
23Folk Speech, Names, Customs, Beliefs, 1963-1964, n.d.
24Spanish Versification, n.d.
25Caso, María, "Apuntes de fonética española," n.d.
26[Material on gestures], 1966, 1976
27010-1 Negro Sermon: Sermon on Love, n.d.
28010-3 Negro Sermon: Sermon on Modesty, n.d.
441010-3 Negro Sermon: Who Is This?, n.d.
"Minor Genres" [no files after heading]
"Dance and Drama":
"Folk Play":
2["A Collection of Dichos"], 1996
3Patorelas (Material on), 1956, n.d.
4Pastorelas, 1953, n.d.
5[Student term paper, "Serodes Pastorela"], January 9, 1964
6[Student papers], 1969-1970
7[Texas Observer Clippings], 1967
8Pastorela - Text - July '55 [Translation of 1891 manuscript], 1955
9Pastorela Obtained From Mike Pool, n.d.
10Pastorela Obtained from José Limón, 1967
"Regional Dance":
11[Loose printed material], 1959, 1980, n.d.
"Ritual - Dramatic Dance":
12[Pemex Travel Club, "Mexico's Costumes and Dances"], 1962
"Games" [no files after heading]
"Narrative Collections":
13[Prose narrative file divisions], n.d.
14Folktale Manuscripts Mexican, 1962-1963, n.d.
Saddled as Punishment (Q493) [empty folder, discarded]
15[Printed material], n.d.
16Incest: Legendary and Actual Cases, 1960
17[Tales, legends, jests, anecdotes collected by students], 1961, 1963-1965, 1967, n.d.
18[Student papers], 1965, 1968-1970, n.d.
451011-3 Folktale: El Caballo Blanco, n.d.
2Tales, 1958-1959, 1967, n.d.
"Legend and Reminiscence":
3Reminiscence - Enrique Salinas, n.d.
4"The Carload of Concrete" (Legend), 1960
5Legends - Various, 1939, c. 1942, 1959, 1964, 1972
"Tales 'A-T' Types" [Aarne-Thompson Motif Index]:
"1-299 Animal Tales":
6"Snake Story" (Good is Repaid with Evil) - Mixteco-English (Wistrand), 1966
"300-1199 Ordinary Tales":
7Taming of the Shrew, 1959-1960
"1200-1999 Jokes and Anecdotes":
8[Printed material], 1942, 1946, 1951, 1958-1969, 1967, n.d.
"200-2399 Formula Tales":
9[Clipping], June 14, 1954
"Jokes, Humor":
10[Notes and printed material], 1979, n.d.
"Material Culture":
11Low Riders, 1987
(11) Material Folklore and the Folklife "Movement" [empty folder, discarded]
12M800 Mexican Foods, 1961-1962, n.d.
13Material Culture - Some Dances (39 Cards), 1965, n.d.
14Arts, Crafts, Architecture, 1942, 1964, 1967, 1969, 1974-1975, 1981, n.d.
15Photos for Illustrative Purposes, n.d.
16Material Culture, 1952, 1960-1961, 1963
17Mexican Folk Dress - Stamps, [1962]
18Ethnic FKL (9) Material Folklore and Identity, n.d.
19SS (9) Dramatic Genres and Material Culture, 1978, n.d.
20M - La Flor del Toto (Mendoza), n.d.
211. Harada, Dr. Jiro: Art Feature; 2. Articles on Japanese Art, Sculpture, etc. by other authors, 1948-1950
"Special Groups":
"Age-Group Lore":
22Children's Lore, 1962, 1964-1966
"Ethnic Lore":
23Folklore of Brazil, 1959, 1962
24Brazilian Folk Songs, n.d.
25Japanese Folklore, Literature, Customs (see also "Mock Joya"), 1948-1950
26Mexican and Mexican-American Folklore - Various Groups, 1965-1966, 1968
27Folklore of Other Span.-Speaking Groups, 1959, 1968, n.d.
28American - Non-Anglo, Non-Spanish Speaking Groups, n.d.
29Teaching Aids - Spanish Literature, 1950, 1952, 1966, n.d.
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Subseries 3. Course Files, 1906?-1991 (bulk 1966-1991),
3 ft., 3 in.
Notes, outlines, essays, class handouts; clippings and excerpts of books and articles; correspondence; sound recordings. The files contain material, primarily notes and bibliographic references, for classroom use in the courses Paredes taught after the creation of the University of Texas Folklore program (1966-1991). Folders, most with titles, course designations, and class session numbers, are organized and arranged as Paredes had filed them. At the beginning of the subseries are some of Paredes's course descriptions. During processing, loose student papers were added to the end of this subseries
Each folder has its own title and course designation. Typically, Paredes labeled folders for classroom use with an indication for the course (its abbreviated title, number, or both) and a numeral in parenthesis, assumed to be an ordinal representing either the sequential class meeting of, or topic covered in, that particular course. For example, Paredes probably created the folder titled "325L (Folklife) (20): Houses and Their Contents" for the twentieth classroom session or twentieth topical area, houses, of his course, Greater Mexican Folklife, one of several courses he taught listed as Anthropology/English 325L. Consult Appendix, "University of Texas at Austin Courses Taught after 1966," for course titles and numbers.
Articles and audio cassettes that Paredes placed on reserve at the University of Texas Undergraduate Library are included in this series. The cassette tapes, include examples of song forms chosen by him from his field collection, along with transcriptions and translation of the songs' lyrics. Similar items constitute part of Series 8, Audiovisual material.
46"Course Outlines":
1[Correspondence concerning courses; Graduate Syllabus for Folklore; list of courses taught], 1982-1983, n.d.
2Anthropology 394M/English 394N, Décima, Corrido, Copla, and Related Forms, Spring 1977, Spring 1986
3Anthropology 394M/English 394N, Ethnic Folklore: Tradition and Dissent, Spring 1979, Spring 1981
4Anthropology 394M/English 394N/Latin American Studies 391, Topics/Studies in Greater Mexican Folklore: Symolic Structures, Spring 1980
5Anthropology 394M/English 394N, Introduction to Graduate Folklore, Spring 1983, Fall 1986
6Anthropology 394M/English 394N/Latin American Studies 391, Spanish American Folklife, Spring 1984
7Anthropology 394 M/Latin American Studies 391, Mexican Popular Culture: Tradition and Change, Fall 1985, Fall 1989
8[Draft syllabus, Anthropology 394 M/Latin American Studies 391, Mexican Popular Culture], 1991
9Anthropology 394M.2, Folklore of Greater Mexico Fall 1966-1976
10Anthropology-English 325L Folklore of Greater Mexico, Spring 1978, n.d.
11Anthropology 325L/English 325L/Latin American Studies 324L/Mexican American Studies 374, Greater Mexican Folk Literature, Spring 1982, Spring 1987
12Anthropology 325L/English 325L/Latin American Studies 324L/Mexican American Studies 374, Greater Mexican Folklife, Fall 1987
13Anthropology-English S325K, Introduction to Folklore and Folklife, Summer 1982
Course Notes:
"Current Courses":
4614Greater Mexican Folk Literature - 325L - 1987, 1957, 1963, 1969, 1971-1973, 1976-1977, 1982, n.d.
15Greater Mexican Folklore Bibliography, 1969-1971, 1974, 1976, 1980-1982, 1986-1987, 1990
16394M (2): Traditions: The Social Base, n.d
17Bibliography: Joking, n.d.
18[Research material (photocopies)], 1910, 1940, 1947, 1950-1951, 1954-1955, 1984-1990
19325L-Lit (8): Folkspeech, Choteo, Albur, 1959, 1966-1967, 1974, n.d
20ANT 324L/MAS 374 (Notes), n.d.
21394M (3): Belief Systems, 1966-1967, 1969, 1971, 1976, 1978, 1981, 1986-1990, n.d
471394M (8): Verbal Art, 1965, 1968, 1980, 1985, 1987-1988, 1990
2Mexican Popular Culture: Tradition and Change: General, 1989, 1991
3[325L] (12,13): Jokes, Humor, 1965, 1978, n.d.
4[324L/MAS 374] Undergraduate Seminar in Greater Mexican Folk Culture - General, 1989, 1991
5ANT 324L/MAS 374 Greater Mexican Folk Culture (Folksongs), 1980, n.d.
6ANT 324L/MAS 374 (1): Undergraduate Seminar First Meeting , 1976, n.d
7UG seminar (2): Some Theoretical Considerations, n.d.
8UG seminar (3): Ethnicity, Class, and Regionalism, n.d.
9(4) Magic and Religion, 1966, n.d.
10(5) Folk Belief, 1969, n.d.
11(6) Rites of Passage I, n.d.
12(7) Rites of Passage II, 1980, 1987
13(8) Ritual and Festival I, 1942, 1974, 1980, n.d.
14(9) Ritual and Festival II, 1966, 1991, n.d.
15(10) Social Networks, n.d.
16(11) Revitalization Movements, n.d.
17(12) Food and Drink, 1980, n.d.
18(13) Popular Arts, 1969, n.d.
19(14) Tourism and Popular Arts, 1976
20(15) Folkspeech, Albur, Choteo, n.d.
21(16) "Minor" Genres, 1982, n.d.
22325L (Folklife) (17) Dance, 1971, n.d.
23(17) Myths and the Mythic, n.d.
24(18) Märchen and Novelle, n.d.
25(19) Legends and Casos, 1955, n.d.
26(20) Jokes and Anecdotes, 1939, 1968, 1974, n.d.
27(21) Folksongs and Their Functions, n.d.
28(22) The Corrido and Other Narrative Songs, 1958, 1964, 1982
481(23) Décima, Pasquín, Graffito, n.d.
(24) Post-Revolutionary Musical Trends [Empty folder, discarded], n.d.
2(25) Popular Traditions and the Mass Media, 1982-1983, 1985
3(26) Whither "Tradiciones Populares"?, 1966, 1975, 1978, 1982
[Unlabelled divider]:
4Clips, 1985, 1988
5394M (4): Life Cycle, 1962, 1986, 1989, n.d.
Puig, Claudia, “Latino Girl’s Coming Out . . .” [Empty folder, discarded]
E325L (Folklife) (26, 27): Food and Drink [Empty folder, discarded]
6Décima, Corrido, Copla - Spring 1986, 1970, 1973, 1977, 1985-1986
7Chicano Folklore Text, 1982
8394M (6): Social Networks, 1956, 1960, 1969, n.d
9394M (9): Popular Traditions and the Contemporary World, 1963, 1977, 1981, 1987, n.d.
10[325L] (General): Greater Mexican Folklore, 1987, n.d.
11325L (Folklife) (20): Houses and Their Contents, 1962, n.d.
12325L (Folklife) (21): Arts and Crafts, n.d.
13325L (Folklife) (22): Popular Costumes, 1910
14Bensusan, Guy, "Mexican Popular Music: Some Viewpoints", 1982
Speck, Paula K., "Rius for Beginners: A Study in Comicbook Satire" [Empty folder, discarded]
Friedlander, Judith, "Cultural Extremists: Being Indian in Hueyapán" [Empty folder, discarded]
Flora, Cornelia Butler, "The Fotonovela in America" [Empty folder, discarded]
Franco, Jean, "What's in a Name? Popular Culture Theories and Their Limitations” [Empty folder, discarded]
Wicke, Charles R., “The Burron Family: Class Warfare and the Culture of Poverty” [Empty folder, discarded]
15325L – Lit (9): Names, Ethnic Labels, Stereotypes, 1972, n.d.
16394M (7): Material Culture, 1925-1926, 1960, 1980, n.d.
"Ant. 325L/LAS 325L/MAS 374 Greater Mexican Folklife":
"Mexican Popular Culture: Tradition and Change":
17325L (Folklife) (10): Ritual and Custom in Daily Life, 1967, 1971, n.d.
18325L (Folklife) (13): Festivals and Pilgrimages (Intensification), 1981
19394M (5): Ritual and Festival, 1978,1981. n.d.
20[325L] Final Exam, 1987
21[325L] (1): Greater Mexican Folklife (Introductory), 1987
22325L (Folklife) (2,3,4): Cultural and Historical Backgrounds, 1966, 1973, 1982, 1987, n.d.
23325L (Folklife) (5): The Frontier, 1987, n.d.
24325L (Folklife) (6): Stereotypes, 1969, 1982, n.d.
25325L (Folklife) (12): Rites of Passage, 1963, n.d.
26325L (Folklife) (11): Shamansitic Beliefs and Practices, 1966, 1969, n.d.
27Calaveras - 1972, 1954, 1972
491325L (Folklife) (14): Folk/Ecclesiastical Beliefs and Practices, 1963, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982
2325L (Folklife) (8): Belief Systems: General, n.d.
3325L (Folklife) (9): Belief and Practice, 1964, 1966, 1969, n.d.
4325L (Folklife) (15): Field Work: Ethics and Methods, 1985, 1987, n.d.
5325L (Folklife) (16): Games and Contests, 1963-1964, 1966, 1974, 1987, n.d.
6325L (Folklife) (18): Drama, 1966, 1972, 1976, n.d.
7325L (Life) (19, 23, 24): Viewing Sessions, 1969, 1972, n.d.
8325L (Folklife) (28): The Future of Mexican "Folk" Culture, 1974, n.d.
9La Carpa Garcia – San Antonio, July 26, 1981
"Greater Mexican Folk Literature":
10(11) Riddles, Puzzles, Other Minor Genres, n.d.
11325L-Lit (10): Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases, 1970, 1976, 1980
12Introductory: Concepts and Problems, n.d.
13ITGF (4): The Comparative Schools, 1983, n.d.
14Hispanic Folk Narrative, 1970, n.d.
4515"Tag, You're It" [correspondence], 1960
4916Mexican Humor, 1962, n.d.
17325K (4, 10, 11): Folklore Scholarship, 1966, 1969, n.d.
18Wilson, William A., “Herder, Folklore, and Romantic Nationalism,” 1973
19Romanticism and Folklore Scholarship, n.d.
20325L (Folklife) (7): Concepts and Definitions, n.d.
21325L-Lit (4): Folklore and the Folk, n.d.
22ITGF (5): Folklore as Survivals: the English Anthropological School, n.d.
23(6) Social Networks, n.d.
24Possible Handouts, 1967, n.d.
25325L (14-20): Prose Narrative: Myth, Legend, Tale, 1967, 1969, n.d.
[Unlabelled divider]
26G.M. Folk Lit (7): Beginnings of Folklore Scholarship, 1970, n.d.
27325K (19): The Hero in Folklore, 1966, 1973
28ITGF (6): Communalists and Re-Creationists: Focus on Folksong, n.d.
29[Offprints of articles by Merle E. Simmons and Tomas Stanford], 1958, 1963, 1975
30The Danza, 1906 [?], n.d.
31La Noche de Crismas, 1966, 1973, 1981, 1992
32Décima, Corrido – Bibliography, n.d.
501Miscellaneous Notes – Folklore, 1961, 1963, 1968-1969, 1979, 1981-1982, 1987, n.d.
2325L (15-20) Prose Narrative, 1970, n.d.
3Décima, Corrido, Copla; Spring Semester- 1986, 1985-1986
Course Handouts, Readings, and Sampler Audio Tapes:
MAS 374 Greater Mexican Folk Literature Handouts:
4"La Canción Romántica," n.d.
5"Décima y Copla," n.d.
6"La Copla," n.d.
7Short Paper II, n.d.
8"'Contermporary' Music," n.d.
ANT 324L/MAS 374, Undergraduate Seminar in Greater Mexican Folk Culture:
9Description and Schedule, Fall 1990
Items Placed on Reserve at Undergraduate Library [UGL]:
10[Cover letter from UGL Reserve], December 6, 1993
11Casasa, Patricia, "La bienvenida a la cadena perpetua: O la despedida de soltera," 1983
12Frenk, Margit, "Folklore vivo/folklore transcripto: En torno al Cancionero Folklorico de Mexico," 1983
13Garcia Cancini, Nestor, "¿Reconstruir lo popular?," 1988
14Garza, Mercedes de la, "Naguales mayas de ayer y de hoy," 1987
15Herrera Guido, Marco Antonio, "La nationalizacion del rock en Mexico," 1983
16Monsivais, Carlos, "La agonía interminable de la canción romántica," 1984
17"Origen y evolucion del mariachi," 1983
18Perez Serrano, Manuel, "El duende y la matlacihua," 1945
19"Riddles" and "Proverbs" from Antologia del saber popular, 1971
20Rodriguez Rivera, Virginia, Chapter 2 from: La comidia en el México antiguo y moderno, 1965
21Velasco Toro, José, "Riyual necrodúlico de los Mayos de Sonora," 1984
1361C-90 Canción Romántica
(audio cassette)
2C-91 Corrido Sampler
(audio cassette)
C-92 Décima/Copla Sampler
(audio cassette)
3"Canción Romántica" [cassette C-90 notes]
4"Corrido Sampler" [cassette C-91 notes]
5"Décima y Copla" [cassette C-92 notes]
51ANT 394M/LAS 391, Mexican Popular Culture: Tradition and Change Handouts, Fall 1991
1Description and Schedule
2Other Suggested Readings
3Poetry and Song ["Categories of Folk Poetry and Folksong"]
4"Graffito, Pasquín, Calavera"
5Folk Narrative ["Categories of Prose Narrative"
Unfiled Student Papers:
6"Interview with Feliciana Hernandez" ["325L?"], 1971
7"Chistes y Riddles: Una Collection Pequeña" [Anthropology 325L], 1977
8 "Beatriz Noloesca 'La Chata': A Life History" [Anthropology 394M, "Greater Mexican Popular Culture"], 1989
9The Function of Susto" [Anthropology 325L], n.d.
10Valenzuela, Liliana, "Mexico's La Malinche: Mother or Whore, Creator or Traitor?" [Master of Arts thesis], 1988
11"Bibliography," "References Cited" [works, authors unknown], n.d.
12"The Odyssey" [Mexican American Studies 374], 1990
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Subseries 4. Journal of American Folklore and American Folklore Society Files, 1959-1974 (bulk 1968-1973),
1 ft., 5 in.
Correspondence, log books, manuscripts, and financial documents (1956-1974) concerning Paredes's American Folklore Society (AFS) membership and activities, and his Journal of American Folklore (JAF) editorship, 1968-1973. Paredes filed this material together. During processing, his files were ordered and three subdivisions were created and named.
A. Correspondence, 1959-1973
A set of alphabetical files of correspondence with prospective JAF authors, including acceptance, rejection, and editorial correspondence as well as fragments of submitted manuscripts. Following is a set of name files, mostly for other AFS officers, similar to those in Series IV, General Correspondence. They contain correspondence concerning administrative, editorial, and other AFS-related activities.
521-15A-O, 1968-1973
(15 folders)
531-7P-W, 1968-1973
(7 folders)
8X, Y, Z, 1970-1971, 1973
9Brunvard, Jan H., 1959-1960, 1962-1964, 1967-1973
10Denisoff Reply, 1970-1971
11Glassie, Henry H., 1971-1972
12Goldstein, Kenneth S.--American Folklore Society, 1967-1970, 1972
13Ives, Edward, 1963-1964, 1967-1969, 1971
14Stekert, Ellen, 1968-1971
15Toelken, Barre, 1970-1973
16Walsh, Patricia and Elizabeth Powers [Editorial Assistantship], 1968-1970
17Wilgus, D. K., 1963-1964, 1968-1973
B. Subject Files, 1961-1974
Files relating to Paredes’ activities as a member of AFS and as editor of JAF. Materials document Paredes’ official activities as a member of AFS and as editor of JAF, including documentation concerning AFS meetings, JAF issue logs, and the publication of two books under Paredes’ editorship. Similar files are in Series II, Creative Works; Series III, Subseries 5-6; Series IV, General Correspondence.
541General (& Permissions), 1968-1972
2Miscellaneous [General], 1971-1972
3Notices and Announcements, 1968-1971
4[AFS and JAF Letterhead Stationery], n.d.
5American Folklore Society Meetings, 1961-1970
6Congreso de Americanistas - 1964 (36th - Spain); 1966 (37th - Argentina); 1970 (39th - Peru), 1963-1964, 1966, 1970-1971
7"Congreso Internacional de Foklorologiá, " Panama--September 1973, 1972-1974
8JAF Budget [personnel], 1970-1972
9JAF Editorship, 1969-1974
10JAF Log of Issue Contents, 1968-1973
11JAF Manuscript Logs, 1968-1973
12Rerouted Manuscripts, 1973
13Toward New Perspectives in Folklore, Book, 1970-1971
14Urban Lore Book [The Urban Experience and Folk Tradition], 1969-1971
15Elsea, Fred, 1972
16Bruce, James M., 1972-1973
17Ethnic Scholarship, 1971
C. Journal of American FolkloreIssue Preparation Files, 1970-1973
Correspondence and manuscripts documenting Paredes's and his editorial assistants’ preparation of JAF issues 332 through 342.
5418-19JAF 332-333, 1970-1971
(2 folders)
551-9JAF 334-342, 1971-1973
(9 folders)
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Subseries 5. Texas Folklife Resources Files, 1978-1994 (bulk 1992-1994),
2 in.
Correspondence, printed materials, and music manuscripts document Paredes’ relationship with Texas Folklife Resources (TFR), 1978-1994 (bulk 1992-1994). Materials primarily concern Tish Hinojosa's semi-formal apprenticeship with Paredes, when he taught the singer-songwriter traditional Border songs (1992-1993) later recorded on her album Frontejas, and a TFR-sponsored concert and symposium honoring Paredes (1993).
5510Jasper, Pat, 1978, 1993
11[Tish Hinojosa project, notes], 1992-1993
12[Tish Hinojosa project, lyrics and correspondence], 1993
13Hinojosa, Tish [music, lyrics], 1992, n.d.
14Tish Hinojosa, 1993-1994, n.d.
15Hinojosa, Tish [notes], 1992, n.d.
16[TFR Symposium Honoring Paredes (October 20-21, 1993), clippings and ephemera], 1993
17Symposium, 1993
18October 20-21 Homenaje, 1993
19Richards, Ann [Letter on occasion of TFR Symposium], 1993
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Subseries 6. Professional Activities Files, 1967-1997,
6 in.
Correspondence, financial records, printed material documenting various non-University of Texas projects in which Paredes participated, as a consultant, reviewer, or researcher. Includes several files documenting Paredes's participation in the research for the project led by Julian Samora that resulted in the book, Gunpowder Justice: A Reassessment of the Texas Rangers (1979), and extensive documentation of his work for the Smithsonian American Folklife Festivals.
Documentation of similar activities may be found in Series IV, General Correspondence.
5520Aida Barrera [Southwest Center for Educational Television] Projects, 1978-1983
561Dick Bauman Project [and John H. McDowell correspondence], 1987, 1989-1990
2Border Problems Program [National Advisory Board of the Mexico-United States Border Research Program], 1976-1978
3Héctor Calderón Interview, Rough, 1996
4In Progress [Transcript of interview by Héctor Calderón and José Rósbel López-Morín, incomplete], July 13, 1996
5Campa Manuscript and New Mexico University Press, 1974
6Exchanges, n.d.
7Exchanges (Seperatus), 1967
8Gross, Joan, 1990, n.d.
9[HEW Project Request], 1970
10Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1979-1981
11Place Name Survey, 1973
12Pan American U. - Edinburgh [Proyecto Comprender consultation], 1975
13(Samora) Team Project Budget, 1973
14Texas Ranger 1973
15Field Project - Summer, 1973, 1975
16Smithsonian American Folklife Festivals, 1972-1973
17Smithsonian American Folklife Festivals, 1974, 1977, n.d.
18Smithsonian American Folklife Festivals [Field Research Manual, Division of Performing Arts, Smithsonian Institution, n.d.
19Smithsonian, (Telephone) Log, 1974
20Stanford University, 1973
21[Syllabi for courses taught by others], 1986, 1994
22[UT Office of Public Affairs Project], 1997
23Module Project (Warner), 1973


Paredes Papers, Cont'd

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