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Photographs by C.B. Waite

Assorted photographs

Postcards of Mexico and Guatemala

The Benson Latin American Collection

Rene D`Harnoncourt Photograph Collection, 1900-1925

Descriptive Summary

Creator D'Harnoncourt, Rene, 1901-1968.
Title Rene D'Harnoncourt Photograph Collection
Dates: 1900-1925
Abstract Photographs (by C.B. Waite, 1901-1907, and others) and postcards collected in Mexico during the early twentieth century.
Accession No.
OCLC Record No. 33332835
Extent 218 photographs;
Extent 64 postcards.
Language English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Rene D'Harnoncourt was a museum director and authority on American Indian and Mexican arts and crafts. Born 1901 in Vienna, Austria; died 1968 in Long Island, New York. D'Harnoncourt lived in Mexico from 1925 to 1933 and worked as an artist before joining a Mexico City antiques firm in 1927.

D'Harnoncourt compiled and lectured on a collection of folk art for the Mexican Ministry of Education (1929) and was chosen to prepare an exhibition of Mexican fine and applied arts for display in the U.S. After its opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1930, D'Harnoncourt toured with the exhibition for two years.

D'Harnoncourt moved permanently to the U.S. in 1933. He directed the radio program, "Art in America"; taught art history at Sarah Lawrence College (1934-1937); and began working for the Indian Arts and Crafts Board of the Department of the Interior in 1936, becoming general manager in 1937 and chairman of the board in 1944. He joined the staff of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1944 and was its director from 1949 until July 1968.

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Scope and Contents

Photographs and postcards collected in Mexico during the early twentieth century. One hundred twenty-four were made 1901-1907 by photographer C. B. Waite. The others are undated; some were made by a photographer with the surname of Scott, a few were copyrighted by the Sonora News Company, and most of the remainder are unattributed. Images consist of commercial travel views of street scenes, architecture, and picturesque, in situ and studio portraits of native residents of Mexico, many from the series, “Views of Mexico,” by C.B. Waite; and snapshots of similar subjects. A few photographs were taken in Guatemala but locations are not well identified. Mexican locales represented in the photographs include Mexico City, Tehuantepec, and Uruapan, among others; some locations are unidentified. Many of the prints are gelatino-chloride and silver gelatin snapshots.

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Organized into three series: I. Photographs by C. B. Waite. II. Assorted photographs. III. Postcards.


Arranged numerically within subseries and folders.

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Digital images included in this on-line finding aid are property of the Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries. Please contact the Benson for information about reproducing or redistributing these images.

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Index Terms

Mexico--Description and travel--Photographs.
Mexico City (Mexico)--Photographs.
Tehuantepec (Mexico)--Photographs.
Uruapan del Progreso (Mexico)--Photographs.
Indians of Mexico--Photographs.
Other Authors
Waite, C. B. (Charles Burlingame)
Sonora News Company
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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

René D'Harnoncourt Photograph Collection, 1900-1925, Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Acquisitions Information

The René D'Harnoncourt Photograph Collection was donated 1971-1974 to the Benson Latin American Collection by his daughter, Anne D'Harnoncourt.

Processing Information

The collection was described by the Benson's Mexican Archives Project in August 1994.

Prepared by the Mexican Archives Project Jaunary 5, 1995.

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Container and Item List

Photographs by C.B. Waite

box folder
1 1(formerly 1A) C.B. Waite photos #4-686 1901-1904 and n.d.
38 items
Type of Mexican country home corridor n.d.

Upper corredor Mexican home Dec. 1, 1904

Near Irimbo, Michoacán and Pacific Ry. Mex. n.d.

copy 2
A little Mexican nurse June 1, 1901

A Mexican Indian with his load, Mexico City Dec. 1, 1904

Wholesale loads of Mexican baskets n.d.

Maguey or pulque hacienda, near City of Mexico n.d.

The Molino del Rey, near Chapultepec, Mexico n.d.

In an Mexican patio making drawn work Dec. 1, 1904

Mexican parihuelas with furniture Dec. 1, 1904

copy 2
Tehuantepec woman, house dress Mar. 13, 1901

Tehuantepec woman, velvet and gold [dress] n.d.

Tehuantepec street costume [man with two women] Mar. 13, 1901

Cinco de Mayo decorations, City of Mexico n.d.

Plazuela de Guardiola, Calle de S. Francisco, Mexico City Dec. 1, 1904

Selling flowers at market near cathedral, Mexico City Dec. 1, 1904

Flower market near cathedral, City of Mexico Dec. 1, 1904

Tomb of Juárez, Mexico City Dec. 1, 1904

Aqueductbuilt in 1603, City of Mexico n.d.

Funeral car, Panteón Dolores, Mexico City Dec. 14, 1904

copy 2
copy 3
Funeral car for adult, City of Mexico Dec. 14, 1904

Maximillian's coach of state, National Museum, City of Mexico n.d.

Palenque cross in National Museum of Mexico n.d.

Relics of Juárez in National Museum, Mexico n.d.

Tehuantepec women and native costume

[caption faded; group of bullfighters, picadores, et al] date faded

Banderillas with firecrackers (from sketch) Dec. 1, 1904

View from mill, Atequiza Hacienda n.d.

View of Hacienda Atequiza, Mexico n.d.

Church on Hacienda de Atequiza, Mexico n.d.

Store and dwelling, Hacienda Atequiza n.d.

Hacienda of Don Félix Quero,? Mich. [description faded] date faded

[of a painting of] Hidalgo, the father of Mexico[Ôs] independence n.d.

Tlaxcala; street and corn cribs Dec. 14, 1904

2 (formerly 1B) C.B. Waite photos #719-1491 1901-1907 and n.d.
42 items
Street in Aguascalientes, Mexico Dec. 14, 1904

Irapuato, Mex. Strawberry Station, Mex. Cen. Ry. Dec. 14, 1904

León, Mexico Dec. 14, 1904

Interior, Theatre Juárez, Guanajuato Dec. 14, 1904

Guanajuato; water carrier in street. Dec. 14, 1904

copy 2
Organo cactus hedge in Mexico Dec. 14, 1904

Street in Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico Dec. 14, 1904

Plaza and cathedral, Guadalajara Dec. 14, 1904

Public water fountain, Guadalajara Dec. 14, 1904

Street in Chapala, Mexico Dec. 14, 1904

Zocalo and palaca, Guadalajara, Jal. Dec. 14, 1904

Royal palms at Cuernavaca, Mor. n.d.

Fountain under the mango trees, Cuernavaca n.d.

A bit of the Jardín Borda, Cuernavaca Dec. 26, 1904

La Poblanita n.d.

La Sitala (La Sitala, en La Jota) Dec. 26, 1904

La coca del Jarabe

Iguala, Guerrero, under the tamarindo trees n.d.

Iguala, Guer.; the baby burro May 31, 190?

Sn. Juan River, Vera Cruz; water carriers Dec. 26, 1904

Cock fight Dec. 18, 1907

Indian fruit vendor, Santa Fé, Mexico n.d.

copy 2
El Arbol de la Noche Triste, Mex. n.d.

Calzada up the hill of Guadalupe, Mex. Dec. 26, 1904

Tetzcotzinco hill, where the king of Texcoco had his palace n.d.

Ruins of water fountain called Queen's bath on Tetzcotzingo n.d.

copy 2
Street market in Puebla, Mexico Dec. 26, 1904

Coasting down Popocatepetl, Mexico Dec. 26, 1904

La Coca. Tehuantepec. Church costume. n.d.

copy 2
Tehuanas con huipiles Feb. 20, 1901

Grinding corn in Tehuantepec Feb. 20, 1901

The Tehuantepec market Feb. 20, 1901

The pumpkin market, Tehuantepec Feb. 20, 1901

A hot country washing place n.d.

A Mexican Indian traveler in Chiapas Nov. 15, 1901

Jaltipan Indian mother and child Jan. 2, 1905

Jaltipan Indian woman washing n.d.

Jaltipan Indian family est. Vera Cruz n.d.

3 (formerly 2) C.B. Waite photos #1539-2416, and unnumbered 1905-1907 and n.d.
44 items
Bananas growing in Tabasco, Mex. Jan. 2, 1905

Field of sugar cane in Mexico n.d.

Sombreros in marketplace, City of Mexico n.d.

copy 2
[partially cut away]? mules [loaded with timber] being driven? to Mexico City Jan. 2, 1905

Hot country laborer, Mexico n.d.

Hot country house, Mexico n.d.

Carboneros; charcoal vendors, City of Mexico n.d.

Vendor of ollas, Mexico Jan. 2, 1905

Cargador in City of Mexico n.d.

Tejedora, Mexico [orig. 165? Note: Waite's name is not printed on photo, but it is stamped on back side.] n.d.

A family in Mexico [rural setting] n.d.

Making tortillas in Mexico n.d.

copy 2
Mexican lavandería Jan. 2, 1905

Mexican water carrier at fountain Jan. 2, 1905

copy 2 [faded]
Mexican washing place n.d.

Doing the washing in Mexico Jan. 2, 1905

copy 2
Market on the ground floor, Mexico n.d.

Lovers playing the bear in Mexico Jan. 2, 1905

Chicken and turkey vendors, Mexico Jan. 2, 1905

Our charcoal men in Mexico n.d.

Brasero; a Mexican kitchen [worn] n.d.

Guitarist, Mexico City [added to this in pencil: “(oval) - Souvenirs and Curiosidades - Colección Nuevo 1”; none of this is on photo.] n.d.

Vendor of petates or rush mats n.d.

Corn husks for tamales in Mexico n.d.

copy 2 [damaged]
A moving furniture store in Mexico [Indian carrying a load of wicker chairs] n.d.

Pulque gatherer near City of Mexico Jan. 2, 1905

Here's looking at you, in Pulque n.d.

Tehuantepec women [in costume], (rear view) n.d.

copy 2
Sumidero cascade, Mex. Ry. n.d.

Apizaco, the cane station, Mexico Jan. 2, 1905

[cane weaver; young girl matting cane stalks] Dec. 19, 1907

Unnumbered photographs (in Folder 3)
1 [pathway among the cypress trees; description cut away] Dec. 1, 1904

Tehuantepec? [Faded. See No. 1797 of Tehuantepec women in native costume.]

Tehuantepec woman [in] house dress. Mar. 13, 1901
[Oaxaca street scene; woman leading burro, atop which rides a girl holding large baskets. In background: business of Vicente Gallardo, “gran surtidor de telas y ornamentos sacerdotales,: housed in building with a three-arch entrance.] n.d.

[M.C. & P.? R. R? “a view in Puente de Ixtla”] Dec. 28, 1904

[woman and child of Oaxaca?] date faded

[... crater of volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico; see No. 1336, also of Popocatepetl; also one of Schmidt lantern slides.] Number torn n.d. away.

All rights of copying reserved; this picture must not be copied or published without written permission of C. B. Waite, Photographer, [“Views of Mexico for Sale”], San Juan de Letrán No. 3, Mexico City [also San Juan de Letrán No. 5] [also: 1 St. San Cosme 8-1/2, Mexico City]. “Es Propiedad Depositada.”
*Also stamped as property of Sonora News Company, Mexico.
Note: Copies of Waite's prints No. 40, 205, 283, and 1222 are found also in the Tabasco Rubber Plantation Photographs.

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Assorted photographs

box folder
1 4 ( formerly 3) Miscellaneous photos #1 - 30 n.d.
33 items
Water man of Juanacatlan, No. 948, by Cox & Carmichael, Photographers, 1a Independencia No. 4, Mexico City
Rag picker, No. 162
“Feliz,” No. 762
Untitled, No. 772
Untitled, No. 1018
Guadalajara, No. 1446
copy 2 of No. 1446
[Scott's?] unnumbered photo of women washing, in the same setting as that of No. 6 above (No. 1446)
Untitled, No. 1480
La Viga Canal - unloading, No. 1712
Torreón, No. 2445
Untitled, No. 2524
Untitled, No. 2935
Untitled, No. 2989
Untitled, No. 2990
“Fruit Carrier,” number torn away
Sonora News Company
Street in Tehuantepec, No. 291, [name of photographer partially cut away]
Jamiltepec Indian with his load, No. 419
copy 2 of No. 419
Hauling freight in Vera Cruz, No. 629
Traveling in the state of Chiapas, No. 630
copy 2 of No. 630
Market scene, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, No. 652
Hennequin plantation in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, No. 900
[Women with children, at temporary food stand; unnumbered, brown-tone print]
“Típicos” - La Rochester, Mexico, D.F.
[Woman with children]
[Kitchen scene]
Woman and girl wearing the Tehuantepec-style headdresses; Tip. 53]
[Performer, in costume, with guitar]
[Young farmer behind plow-team]
[Small market, smiling vendors, on unidentified cobblestone street]
“Plazuela de la Soledad, San Miguel de Allende, 21 de Junio de 1904?” [year erased]
Male dressed in colorful Indian attire (color added to photo by hand, it appears)
box folder
2 5 (formerly 4B) Small prints (Foto-Valdes) n.d.
23 items
Unidentified; printed Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México, by “Foto - Valdes revelado e impresión.” Include panoramic shots, street scenes, rooftops, public fountains, churches, monuments, and plazas/markets. Approximately 2-1/8” × 3-1/8″.
box folder
2 6 (formerly 5) Guatemala/Mexico (undated and unidentified) n.d.
38 items
Mixtec year sign, dated inscription at Cuilapan
copy of No. 1
copy of No. 1
Mexico: group scene, “Fiesta at Amatlán (Cordobo).”
Residence [?]
Guatemala: children in front of church school
Outdoors scene, unidentified
“Santa María de Jesús” (church facade)
Esquipulas, Guatelama: street vendors?
Santiago de Atitlán: street scene
Chichicastenango street
Chichicastenango market scene
similar scene, same sit?
Chichicastenango: steps at church entrance
Guatemalan family [?]
Young boy
Market scene
Public fountain [?]
Group scene
At edge of lake
[?] Lago de Atitlán
[?] Lago de Atitlán
Pátzcuaro [?]
Street scene
Street intersection: horse-drawn carriage
Street scene
Women beside dwelling with thatched roof
Similar scene
Woman weaving
Prehispanic site
Unidentified site
Siqueiros painting, s/“Mex Feb. 1930”
Unidentified stela
Unidentified stela
Street corner, Guatemala?
Thatched-roof dwellings

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Postcards of Mexico and Guatemala

box folder
2 6 (formerly 5) Miscellaneous postcardsn.d.
38 items
7 (formerly 4A) Postcards of Mexico, arranged by statesn.d.
26 items
Distrito Federal
Xochimilco, D.F. No. 37, Hugo Brehme, photographer
Guanajuato, Gto., panoramic view; Azo postcard.
Momias del Panteón Municipal; Azo postcard.
San Miguel Allende, Gto., No. 23
Tepotzotlán. [Convento]; Vitava postcard [see G917.25 R6647e, p. 236]
Tepotzotlán [another view of convent]; Vitava postcard
Pátzcuaro, Calle de Buenavista, No. 16, by Valdés; Gevaert postcard [see folder 6]
Pátzcuaro, panorama de. No. 39, by Valdés (Gevaert) [see folder 6]
Lago de Pátzcuaro, No. 64 (EKKP)
Uruapan. Portal A. F. Mercado (58) (Gevaert)
Taller de pintura indígena (75) (EKKP) [see No. 138]
Uruapan. Plaza Fr. Juan de Sn. Miguel (115) (Gevaert)
Uruapan. [plaza] vendedora de legumbres (124) (Gevaert)
Uruapan. Portales (125) (EKKP)
Uruapan. Taller de pintura indígena (138) (Gevaert) [see#75]
Uruapan. Plaza Juárez (139) (EKKP)
Uruapan. Plaza Juárez (140) (Gevaert)
Uruapan. “Tipos Tarascos” (148) (EKKP)
Uruapan. Tipos Tarascos [elderly woman, seated on sidewalk] (150) (EKKP)
Uruapan. Camino cerca La Charanda. (170) (EKKP)
Uruapan. Calle A. Obregón
Vista parcial, Cuernavaca. Viveros, photographer, No. 47, Agfa postcard
Querétaro. Palacio Federal. J. T. Patiño, ph. (Gev.)
Querétaro. Interior view of Santa Clara, No. 59, J. T. Patiño, photographer (Gevaert)
Querétaro. Interior of Santa Rosa, No. 56, J. T. Patiño, photographer (Gevaert)
Unidentified group. Agfa postcard. [Headdress worn by women in center of marching group is that of the Tehuantepec women.]

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