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Series I. Houdini's Act, 1907-circa 1920s, undated

Series II. Correspondence, circa 1800s-1926, undated

Series III. Writings, circa 1894-1926, undated

Series IV. Promotional Material, 1894-1926, undated

Series V. Photographs, 1900-circa 1920s, undated

Series VI. Personal and Professional, 1903-1927, undated

Series VII. Film Career, 1919-1925

Series VIII. Collected Material, circa 1641-circa 1930s, undated

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University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Harry Houdini:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Collection Summary

Creator: Houdini, Harry, 1874-1926
Title: Harry Houdini Papers
Dates: circa 1641-1943, undated
Abstract: The papers of magician, escape artist, business man, aviator, author, and actor popularly known as Harry Houdini consist of correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, posters, business documents, and material related to magic, performance, theatre, and other topics.
Call Number: Performing Arts Collection PA-00043
Extent: 76 document boxes (31.92 linear feet), 26 oversize boxes (osb), 12 oversize folders (osf), 10 bound volumes (bv), 3 note boxes
Language: Predominately English; some printed material, letters, and documents in French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Repository: Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Despite claiming he was born in Appleton, Wisconsin, the magician, escape artist, business man, aviator, author, and actor popularly known as Harry Houdini was born Erik Weisz in Budapest, Hungary, to Rabbi Mayer Weisz and Cecilia Steiner on March 24, 1874. As was often the case for immigrants, the spelling of the family name was changed to Weiss and Erik became Ehrich (whose nickname Ehrie, became Harry). In 1876, Rabbi Weisz immigrated ahead of his family to the United States and eventually secured a position at a synagogue in Appleton, Wisconsin, in 1878. Later that same year, Cecilia Weisz, along with their four sons Erik, Herman, Nathan, and William, joined Rabbi Weisz in Wisconsin. After losing his position at the synagogue, Rabbi Weiss and his family moved to Milwaukee in 1882, where the family experienced almost constant poverty. In 1887, the family moved to the tenements of New York City. Ehrich moved around and did a series of odd jobs until meeting Jacob Hyman in 1888. The boys shared an interest in magic and after reading The Memories of Robert-Houdin, Ambassador, Author and Conjuror, Ehrich decided to pursue magic professionally and formed The Brothers Houdini with Hyman in 1891.

The Brothers Houdini performed around New York City in small theatres and dime museums between 1892 and 1894, with occasional engagements in Philadelphia and Chicago, including on the midway at the 1893 Columbia Exposition. In spring 1894, the partnership with Jacob Hyman dissolved and Houdini began performing solo for a short time as Professor Houdini, then rebranded The Brothers Houdini with his actual brother Theo "Dash" Weiss (later known professionally as "Hardeen"). The partnership didn't last long, as Houdini met Willhelmina Beatrice Rahner, known to everyone as Bess, who became his professional and life-long partner when the two married—after only three weeks—on June 22, 1894. The Houdinis performed with traveling circuses and medicine shows in terrible conditions throughout 1895 and in an effort to secure a regular salary, Houdini became manager of a burlesque troupe called The Gaiety Girls. During this same year, Houdini began a series of handcuff escape publicity stunts at police stations across the northeast. The next two years were grueling for the Houdinis, as The Gaiety Girls troupe and other performance companies they performed with folded. The years between 1897 and early 1899 proved no better, as the Houdinis did almost anything to earn income including performing comedy sketches and, ironically, séances. He even attempted to sell his entire magic act and get a regular job. During this time, however, Houdini continued to perform handcuff escapes and accept challenges and earned the nickname "The King of Handcuffs."

The Houdinis lucky break came in 1899. After performing at the Palm Garden in St. Paul, Minnesota, Houdini received an offer to join the Keith-Orpheum Circuit from manager Martin Beck. To promote his show, Houdini continued to perform handcuff escapes at police stations and received great attention in local newspapers. In early 1900, the Houdinis embarked on a European tour arranged by Martin Beck, only to find upon arrival that no bookings had been made. Without Beck's help, Houdini, ever the promoter, was able to secure bookings throughout England, Scotland, and Wales to sold-out shows; many of which broke attendance records. His success continued throughout 1904 in venues throughout central Europe and Russia. Houdini returned to the United States briefly in 1904 and then returned to Europe where he was already an established celebrity.

Houdini continued performing his illusions, handcuff challenges, and escape acts on land and water throughout the country and the world almost continuously for the rest of his life, which was cut short at the age of 52 when he died of peritonitis as a result of a ruptured appendix on October 31, 1926.

Themes in Houdini's life which are represented in his Papers:

Cecilia Weiss, His Mother

Houdini described his mother as one of only two women he ever loved. When she died in 1913, Houdini was in such a state of grief that he visited his mother's grave every night for a week and was in an unshakeable depression for over a year. For the rest of his life, Houdini mourned deeply for his mother.


An article posthumously published in 1927 about Houdini's library described it as, "A three-story house crammed with fifteen thousand books, fifty thousand prints, half a million cuttings and four tons of theatrical bills stands on an obscure New York block and domiciles a bibliophile–Houdini the Handcuff King. A dozen and a half rooms are lined with shelves and these with books, old, new, small, large. One is heaped with filing cases of prints. The basement is full of antique posters." Houdini was a lifelong student of magic and his intent to publish a meticulously researched response to Thomas Frost's book Lives of the Conjurors (1876) perhaps served as the catalyst for amassing the books, playbills, clippings, posters, programs, manuscripts, and ephemera that became his personal research library. Magicians and relatives of magicians long departed frequently gave him material, but perhaps two of his most significant suppliers were Quincy Kilby for theatrical material and Henry Evans Evanion, and later Evanion's nephew Robert Evans, for magic material. Kilby was an author, poet, playwright and actor, and one-time treasurer of the old Boston Theatre. Kilby often bartered rare manuscript materials with Houdini and sometimes gave him outright many rare playbills and other material related to theatre. He was Houdini's main source for Edwin Booth material. Evanion was a retired English magician when he reached out to Houdini in 1904. Evanion had himself amassed an enormous magic collection, with many rare items. Indeed, part of Evanion's collection is in the British Museum. Houdini purchased many rare playbills, engravings, and lithographs, as well as a voluminous number of playbills documenting Evanion's own magic career, and many of these in the Houdini papers are marked with Evanion's name or initials. After Evanion's death in 1905, Houdini began correspondence with Evanion's nephew Robert Evans, who is the source for most of the eighteenth and nineteenth century British clippings and periodical excerpts found in the collected material of the papers and frequently bear his initials.


For a man like Houdini, who built a career on spectacle, self-promotion, risk-taking, and trail-blazing, it is only natural that he would be drawn to moving pictures. The new medium allowed him to be immortalized on celluloid and bypass the constraints of the human body, which can only be in one place at one time. Houdini's earliest appearances on film were his outdoor escapes, which he began filming in 1906. A film short called Houdini Defeats Hackenschmidt was shown during Houdini's Boston engagement at Keith's Theatre in March 1906 and this is believed to be Houdini's first appearance in a narrative film. Twelve years later, movie houses were beginning to overtake live performances in popularity and Houdini entered the movie making business in earnest. In 1918, Houdini starred in a 15-part serial for Octagon Films called The Master Mystery. The first three chapters received a helpful review in Billboard and it opened in Boston and throughout New England, with Houdini often making a personal appearance. This success propelled Houdini toward Hollywood where he starred in two feature films, The Grim Game (1919) and Terror Island (1920), for Famous Players-Lasky.

Houdini wasn't interested in working only in front of the camera, but also in production. Possibly envisioning a vertical film monopoly, Houdini owned a film processing laboratory, the Film Developing Corporation (FDC), his own motion picture company, The Houdini Picture Corporation (founded in 1921), and a distribution company Mystery Pictures Corporation. Houdini founded FDC in 1916 with the help of investors (including magician Harry Kellar) and his brother Theo, who Houdini asked to manage the company. Houdini sought to revolutionize film developing by mechanizing the process, which at that time was done by hand, resulting in cheaper and faster development. FDC, however, accrued substantial debt and through an advantageous legal and business maneuver Houdini formed another company, the Weehawken Street Corporation (WSC), mortgaged the building to WSC, which leased it back to FDC. The Houdini Picture Corporation made two films The Man from Beyond (1921) and Haldane of the Secret Service (1923), for which Houdini was the producer, writer, and star, but which proved a financial and critical disappointment.

Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.)

Houdini was elected to the Society of American Magicians on February 7, 1903, but in July 1908 resigned, partly out of anger that his magazine, the Conjurers' Monthly Magazine, was not selected to be the official publication of the organization. The Sphinx had been the place where member's reports had been published since the organization's founding in 1902 and it became the official organ of S.A.M. with the March 1909 issue. The separation ended in June 1912, when Houdini was made an Honorary Member. On June 2, 1917, Houdini became president of the Society of American Magicians and became editor of the member's-only newsletter M.U.M. (Magic-Unity-Might) beginning with the June 1917 edition until his death in October 1926. Under Houdini's leadership, S.A.M. grew in number and prestige. He solicited magic clubs all over the country and where clubs didn't exist, he formed S.A.M. Assemblies made up of local magicians.


Houdini's crusade to debunk the mediums and "miracle workers" who practiced spiritualism and who—Houdini felt—played on the emotions of the bereaved to make a living, began in earnest after meeting Arthur Conan Doyle in 1920. Doyle's wife, Lady Doyle, professed that she could communicate with the departed through "automatic writing." In June 1922, Houdini asked Lady Doyle to communicate with his dear mother, but the written communication she produced was full of improbable occurrences; the primary being the transmission in English which Cecilia Weiss rarely used because she wasn't conversant in the language. This disillusioned Houdini who continued to attend séances in order to learn spiritualists' methods, resulting in his obsession with debunking such performers. Perhaps his most intense war was with Mina "Margery" Crandon. Throughout 1922 and 1923, Houdini increased his attack on spiritualism issuing challenges, engaging in debates, and while at the opening of his film The Man From Beyond, including a brief lecture on spiritualism. In 1926, Houdini even testified before Congress in support of a bill that would outlaw within the District of Columbia, individuals from engaging in spiritual practices with the intent to deceive for profit. Houdini continued to offer lectures across the country and in 1924, he signed with the Coit-Albert Lyceum circuit to deliver a spiritualism lecture tour.

Dr. A. M. Wilson, The Sphinx, and The Conjurers' Monthly Magazine

Dr. A. M. Wilson was an old-time magician who performed in the 1860s under his stage name "Aristos." Before that, he was an assistant and pupil to magician Robert Heller. He retired from performing and became a minister, a doctor, and a pharmacist, but remained associated with magic; primarily as the editor of magic journal The Sphinx (the October 1904 issue was his first as editor). Wilson, like Houdini, was outspoken and like Houdini, was known to enter into conflicts with magicians. Houdini's own dispute with Dr. Wilson seemed to begin early in his career when he took offense that the Sphinx never published his likeness on the cover, nor printed any articles about his act. This was one reason Houdini launched the Conjurers' Monthly Magazine in September 1906. Prone to grandiose statements, Houdini boasted that after only two months, the circulation of his magazine had surpassed that of all other magic magazines combined. Very quickly a war of words took place on the pages of each magazine and escalated into a feud that lasted until September 1915, when Houdini and Wilson made amends and ended their dispute. The August 1908 issue was the last of the Conjurers' Monthly Magazine.

Partial Chronology of Houdini's Life

1874 March 24 Born in Budapest, Hungary
1874 March 24 Born in Budapest, Hungary
1876 Rabbi Weisz immigrates to America
1878 June 19 Weisz family immigrates to America from Hamburg, Germany
1878 September Weiss family moves to Appleton, Wisconsin
1883 Weiss family moves to Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1886 Runs away from home and lives with the Flitcrots in Delvan, Wisconsin
1887 Weiss family moves to New York City; Ehrich returns to his family
1888 Meets Jacob Hyman at his job at H. Richter's Sons
1891 Ehrich pursues magic full-time and with Jacob Hyman perform as The Brothers Houdini
1892 October 5 Rabbi Weiss dies from complications associated with tongue cancer operation
1893 The Brothers Houdini perform in various venues
1894 April The Brothers Houdini partnership dissolves
1894 June The Brothers Houdini perform with Theo "Dash" Weiss as partner
1894 June 22 Marries Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner, known as Bess
1895 April-October The Houdinis join the Welsh Bros. Circus and perform throughout Pennsylvania
1895 October Becomes manager of The American Gaiety Girls burlesque show; it folds in April 1896
1895 November 22 Escapes from handcuffs at Gloucester (MA) police station, beginning regular handcuff escape routine; begins accepting challenges from the public
1898 June Publishes first article "Silent Second Sight" in Mahatma
1898 October-November Publishes Magic Made Easy
1899 March Martin Beck sees Houdini perform at the Palm Garden Beer Hall in St. Paul, Minnesota. Beck later offered him a four-year contract with the Keith-Albee Orpheum vaudeville circuit
1900 June Houdinis arrive in England for European tour, but Beck had not scheduled any venues; Houdini makes his own bookings to great success
1900 August Renews passport and lists birthdate as April 6, 1873 and birthplace as Appleton, Wisconsin
1900-1905 Performs throughout Europe and Russia
1905 July Returns to U.S.
1906 March-April Publishes The Right Way to Do Wrong
1906 September First issue of Houdini's personal magazine devoted to magic, Conjurers' Monthly Magazine, is published
1907 May 7 Jumps handcuffed from Weighlock Bridge into Erie Canal, Rochester, NY
1907 November 1 Publishes short story "Dan Cupid -- Magician" in Buffalo Evening News
1908 January 25 Performs his Milk Can escape for first time
1908 May The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin is first published
1908 July Resigns from the Society of American Magicians
1908 August Final issue of Conjurers' Monthly Magazine published
1909 November Buys a French Voisin biplane and makes his first flight at Hufaren parade grounds, Wandsbek, Germany
1910 February Travels to Australia for performance tour and attempt to achieve flying record for first flight over Australia
1910 March 18 Houdini makes first controlled airplane flight in Australia and completes three successful flights at Diggers Rest
1910 May 1 Houdini make his last ever flight at Rosehill, Australia
1911 March Performs the Double Fold Death Defying Mystery during an engagement in Sheffield, England
1912 April Society of American Magicians makes Houdini an honorary member
1912 July 7 Does first overboard box escape off Governor's Island, NY
1912 September 21 Debuts the Water Torture Cell, Circus Busch, Berlin, Germany
1913 June 4 Escapes from the convict ship Success in New York harbor
1913 July Legal name change from Ehrich Weiss to Harry Houdini is finalized
1913 July 17 Cecilia Weiss dies at age 74
1914 July 13 First performs Walking Through a Brick Wall, Hammerstein's Roof Garden, NY
1914 August Houdini and Bess move out of 278 and in with the Dash and his wife at 394 E. 21st Street in Flatbush, NY
1915 September 8 Performs suspended straitjacket escape off Kansas City Post building
1915 September Reconciles with Dr. A. M. Wilson (Editor of The Sphinx), ending their long feud
1916 February 7-13 Performs at the Majestic Theater, Austin, TX
1916 February 10 Performs suspended straitjacket from Littlefield building at 6th and Congress, Austin, TX
1916 June Appears on the cover of The Sphinx for first time
1916 September 25 Signs contract forming the Film Developing Corporation
1916 October 1 Weiss family plot and exedra (designed by Oscar Teale) dedication ceremony at Machpelah Cemetery, Queens, New York
1917 April 5 Brother Leopold Weiss marries Houdini's ex-sister-in-law Sadie Glantz (who was married to Nat Weiss)
1917 June 2 Elected president of the Society of American Magicians
1917 September 22 Papers announce Houdini will forgo vaudeville tour to devote his time to "war work"
1918 January 7 Performs Vanishing Elephant for the first time, Hippodrome Theater, NY
1918 July Work begins on movie serial The Master Mystery
1918 November 18 The Master Mystery Episode 1 premieres at the St. James Theater, Boston, MA
1919 March Acquires a controlling interest in Martinka's & Co. Magic Shop in New York;
Signed a contract to make movies for Famous Players-Lasky
1919 April Arrives in Hollywood; filming of The Grim Game begins
1919 September-October The Grim Game debuts and opens in different cities
1919 October Filming begins for second Houdini-Lasky film Terror Island; Sues Octagon Films for $40,000
1919 December Spends week going through massive new auction acquisition for his Theatrical Collection
1920 January Sells his interest in Martinka's magic shop
1920 February-March Filming of Haldane of the Secret Service
1920 April 12 Terror Island opens on double bill with SEX at The Modern and The Beacon theaters in Boston, MA
1920 April 14 Meets Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his family
1920 April-May Attends a series of séances with various mediums in London
1920 September 24 Houdini's secretary John Sargent dies and Bess's niece, Julia Sawyer, takes over duties
1921 January Miracle Mongers and Their Methods is published
1921 February Houdini Picture Corporation is founded
1921 May-June Filming of The Man From Beyond in the Niagara region and Lake Placid, NJ
1922 April 2 The Man From Beyond premieres at Times Square Theater, NY
1922 May Houdini's Paper Magic is published; Wins lawsuit against B. A. Rolf and Octagon Films
1922 June 18 Lady Doyle gives Houdini automatic writing séance and alleges to communicate with Cecilia Weiss
1922 June 30 Writes letter to New York Times spelling out spiritualism skepticism; it is published on July 5
1922 August 21-27 The Man from Beyond opens at the Rialto Theater, Washington, D.C. and Houdini appears in person, giving a public lecture on spiritualism
1922 September 18 Houdini "openly challenges" Conan Doyle to attend demonstration of spiritualist methods
1923 February Houdini writes Doyle telling him he's joined the Scientific American committee; the magazine offers $2000 to anyone who can take a spirit photograph under test conditions
1923 April-November Gives spiritualism lectures in various venues
1923 May 20 Major exposure article runs in Oakland Tribune Magazine: "Houdini Unmasks the Mediums"
1923 May 25 Conan Doyle publishes rebuttal to Houdini in Oakland Tribune: "Doyle Challenges Houdini Statement"
1923 October-December Haldane of the Secret Service opens
1923 December 24 Conan Doyle pens angry letter to Houdini: "You can't bitterly and offensively--often also untruly--attack a subject and yet expect courtesies from those who honour that subject."
1924 January-December Continues giving spiritualism lectures throughout the country
1924 May A Magician Among The Spirits is published
1924 May 5 Houdini writes Doyle offering to send copy of A Magician Among the Spirits and Doyle-Houdini friendship ends
1924 July 23 Houdini and Scientific American committee have first séance with Mina "Margery" Crandon at her Boston home
1924 July 24 Houdini and Scientific American committee second séance with Margery at Charlesgate Hotel, Boston, MA
1924 August 25 Third séance with Margery at Charlesgate Hotel; Houdini's "Margie Box" is used
1924 August 26 Fourth séance with Margery at Charlesgate with reinforced "Margie Box"
1924 August 27 Fifth séance with Margery at Charlesgate. Margery failure is reported in press the next day
1924 October 6 Signs deal to create Red Magic syndicated newspaper insert
1925 January-December Continues to expose spiritualists and their methods
1925 January 2 Exposes Margery's methods at Symphony Hall in Boston, MA
1925 April 20 Houdini's librarian, Alfred Becks, dies
1926 October 22 Houdini punched in the stomach by J. Gordon Whitehead in dressing room of Princess Theater, Montreal, Canada
1926 October 24 Houdini gives his final performance ever at Garrick Theater, Detroit, MI
1926 October 25 Undergoes operation and appendix removed
1926 October 31 Houdini dies at 1:26 pm
1927 June Bess sells Houdini's theatrical collection to Messmore Kendall
1927 July Houdini's magic and spiritualism library donated to the Library of Congress

*All dates from "Chronology" are from Wild About Harry [www.wildabouthoudini.com]

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Scope and Contents

The Harry Houdini Papers are arranged into eight series: I. Houdini's Act, 1907-circa 1920s, undated; II. Correspondence, circa 1800s-1926, undated; III. Writings, circa 1894-1926, undated; IV. Promotional Material, 1894-1926, undated; V. Photographs, 1900-circa 1920s; VI. Personal and Professional, 1903-1927, undated; VII. Film Career, 1919-1925; VIII. Collected Material, circa 1641-circa 1930s, undated. Houdini was a prolific collector of material related to magic, performance, theatre, and other topics. The bulk of the papers consist of this collected material.

The Houdini Papers were housed in the University of Texas Main Building tower when it caught on fire on August 10, 1965. Some items were indirectly affected by the heat, smoke, and water used to distinguish the fire. As a result, a large portion of this material—particularly correspondence—has water damage. The ink on letters is smeared and has migrated to other pages making some letters difficult to read. Other items, such as photographs were ruined or have adhered to other photographs or papers. Some documents have the appearance of dirt or soot. Though the Ransom Center Conservation Department cleaned such items, some are stained. Because of this associated damage, some photographs and other documents are restricted from use, but they are still listed in the container list.

There are many duplicate publications, playbills, and photographs in the papers. For preservation and paging purposes, three copies were maintained in the body of the collection and the remainder are housed separately in the "Duplicate Material" boxes. In cases where duplicate material was removed, the appropriate "duplicate box" number is also listed in the container list. For example, the Houdini Exposes the Tricks Used by the Boston Medium "Margery" to win the $2500 prize offered by the Scientific American is listed as being in box 11.18 and box D2. The duplicate material is restricted; however, researchers may contact the Performing Arts curator for permission to access these boxes.

Series I. Houdini's Act, 1907-circa 1920s, undated (0.5 box, 2 note boxes) contains a few items associated with Harry Houdini's performances. It is difficult to determine the intent, purpose, or authorship of the notes about magic tricks and the drawing of a swing apparatus in this series. It is unclear if these were illusions used, considered, or studied by Houdini. Of particular interest are the glass lantern slides Houdini used to illustrate his spiritualism lectures between 1923 and 1926. Houdini had the slides especially made by the Standard Slide Company in New York and many of the images used on the slides were taken from Houdini's extensive collection of engravings and photographs. Special permission from the Curator of Performing Arts, plus advance notice, is required to access the glass lantern slides and the artifacts. To make an appointment, please email Reference.

Series II. Correspondence, circa 1800s-1926, undated (7.5 boxes) is further arranged into three subseries: A. Letters to Houdini, B. Letters from Houdini, and C. Third-Party Letters. Subseries A. Letters to Houdini includes letters, telegrams, and postcards from world-famous, local, and amateur magicians from all over the world, as well as retired magicians, magic suppliers, and other performers. These letters reveal a great deal about Houdini and his interests, his feuds, his friendships, his frequent generosity, and the history of magic. Very often Houdini corresponded with relatives of deceased magicians to learn more about their career or to add playbills or other memorabilia to his extensive magic collection. Of interest regarding Houdini's rare books and manuscripts collection are letters from theatre impresario Quincy Kilby, who was a significant source of Houdini's theatre collection.

The letters are in alphabetical order, most often by the name used in the signature; which may be either a given name or a stage name. Because magicians often use both, researchers should look in the container list under all names used by a performer. In most cases, there is only one or two letters and many are in languages other than English, primarily German or French. There are several correspondents with a large volume of letters, including: Ernst Basch, Dr. Walford Bodie, Birchet "Kit" Clarke, T. Nelson Downs, Henry Ridgely Evans, Robert Evans (nephew of Henry Evans Evanion), Ottokar Fischer, Marie Frikell (widow of Wiljalba Frikell), Professor Hoffman, Quincy Kilby, Robert Kudarz, Alexandra Nicholas (Eleanor Bishop), Edwin Fay Rice, William Ellsworth Robinson (Chung Ling Soo), Augustus Roterberg, Alex Weyer, A. M. Wilson, and M. M. Wood. Any enclosures such as programs, clippings, and photographs are included with the correspondence. In a few instances, a file may also include carbon copies of the outgoing letters written by Houdini, but for the most part, the few outgoing letters that exist in the papers are in Subseries B. Letters from Houdini.

The relatively few letters addressed to Houdini's magazine Conjurers' Monthly Magazine are also included in this series. The subject of the letters include subscription requests, advertisements for the barter and exchange column, comments on the magazine, article submissions, general magic happenings, as well as comments regarding Houdini's books. Some letters include typed comments which served as internal memos between Houdini and his brother Leo Weiss who assisted with the magazine.

Subseries B. Letters from Houdini includes letters as well as "love notes" that Houdini sent or left for his wife Bess. Addressing Bess as "My sweet little wife" or "My dear little popsy wopsy" or "My darling baby," Houdini's letters and notes reveal a very intimate glimpse into their marriage. In a revealing letter dated January 1, 1918, Houdini provides "just a few important instructions, after our conversation, in case I die first" wherein Houdini advises Bess in the event that she once again enter "the 'bonds' of wedlock" that she should protect herself and make the suitor sign away his marriage rights, otherwise "they will have half of everything I worked and slaved for, suffered and went hungry and sleepless nights to earn." Houdini re-read this letter in June 1918, February 1921, and May 1926 and noted that he still agreed with the content of the letter.

After Houdini's death, Bess annotated some letters such as the June 1924 telegram where she stated that Houdini sent her "hundreds of wires" and added "my letters and wires will form a pillow for my head when I join my beloved." The folder of undated notes includes quick jottings Houdini left for Bess. On one such note, Bess described them, "Every morning I would find a dear little message like these, on my pillow…"

The few outgoing letters are regarding various topics including a segment of letters about a manuscript by Professor Hoffmann (Angelo Lewis) that Houdini was helping get published, a letter to Dr. Leo Weiss about publishing an illusion by M. M. Wood in the Conjurers' Monthly Magazine, and copies of letters Houdini sent to newspaper editors in 1912 regarding an advertisement he wanted published while also asking them to "please read it over carefully, to see that there is nothing libelous in same."

Subseries C. Third-Party Letters includes letters sent to Bess from friends, letters sent to Houdini's brother Theo "Dash" Weiss from other magicians and associates, a letter sent to Houdini's assistant Franz Kukol, and a letter from Houdini's brother Leo to an unidentified woman (possibly his wife). The letters to Theo Weiss from Max and Felix Berol discuss property lots Houdini had considered purchasing. Houdini and Theo were helping Henry Evans Evanion's widow, Mary, secure a pension and letters with her demonstrate that effort. The other letters provide details about performances and magic gossip; particularly the letters with Albert Hill.

Series III. Writings, circa 1894-1926, undated (3 boxes) is arranged into four subseries: A. Magician Research and Notes, B. Book-Length Works, C. Unidentified Manuscripts, and D. Published Works by Houdini. Houdini wrote about magic and magicians throughout his entire career and published six books. Additionally, he published articles in popular publications and, as editor, he was a frequent contributor to the Society of American Magician's monthly newsletter M.U.M. He also wrote numerous pieces for his short-lived magazine Conjurers' Monthly Magazine. As a result, he spent a lifetime accumulating notes, gathering research, and collecting material in support of his writings.

Subseries A. Magician Research and Notes includes assorted notes about different magicians and illusionists. In many cases, the notes extend to one or more typed pages with the subject clearly listed. In other cases, the notes are jottings written on scraps of paper, the back of envelopes, and anything at hand. Often, it is difficult to identify the magician who is the subject of the note. As a result, it is difficult to determine if certain notes were used and to what end; however, many appear to have been used in The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin (1908). When the subject of the note could be identified, it is filed alphabetically; however, there are three folders which are in no identified order. The "interviews and other typed notes" folder contains more formalized notes regarding plans for a book; for example, a list of magicians that should be included. The interview notes are summaries of biographical information either gleaned directly from the magician himself or from a third-party, such as an assistant or contemporary magician. The assorted notes are either unidentified or there is more than one name listed on the note. The "filing notes" provide directions to where something may be filed within Houdini's original filing system. For example, one note says, "Gun trick, see Mathews."

Though Houdini published six books, there is only material associated with A Magician Among the Spirits (1924) and The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin (1908) in Subseries B. Book-Length Works. The material that is associated with these two books is minimal and there are no working drafts or complete drafts, but rather small segments of typescript manuscripts and documents related to the end of book production or marketing. Of interest is the page in folder 10.5 that lists the different locations where copies of the manuscript were stored for safe-keeping and the two folders of correspondence in which Houdini requested permission to publish from different authors and publications. It is clear that Houdini envisioned a revised edition at some point, as he went through the published edition and made extensive corrections directly in the text, glued in small sheets of paper for longer corrections, and for even longer corrections, he laid in entire sheets of paper. Houdini gave this corrected version to Head of Production at Harper and Brothers, Arthur W. Rushmore, for safekeeping. A revealing note written on the flyleaf by Rushmore states, "This volume, with changes by the author was given me by Houdini to be held for any subsequent edition. He considered himself in constant danger because of his investigations and wanted this volume where it would be safe. It was never reprinted and these ms. changes are the only copy in existence."

The notes, fragments, and drafts filed with the material for The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin was not originally identified and associated with this publication. After comparing passages from the typed manuscripts and the published text, it is highly likely that these pages are associated and therefore have been filed under this title. The working draft titled "Robert Houdin" in folder 11.2 is an incomplete draft and also includes clippings and illustrations from Houdini's magic collection that were considered for the publication.

Subseries C. Unidentified Manuscripts is comprised of writings, some with titles, but of which the purpose and intent is unknown. Because Houdini contributed to many publications, it is likely they were published somewhere, but this is unable to be verified.

Subseries D. Published Works by Houdini includes printed advertisements, articles, letters to editors, pamphlets, and short stories. There are no drafts for any of these works, only these printed versions. The articles related to magic and spiritualism are arranged by the name of the publication.

The few advertisement clippings are paid ads that appeared in the entertainment columns in newspapers promoting Houdini's appearances at different venues, such as the London Hippodrome.

The pamphlets and booklets are in alphabetical order by title and range in date from circa 1884-1885 to 1924. All of these appear to be either written by Houdini or commissioned by him, as most are promotional in nature. There are two editions of Harry Houdini The Adventurous Life of a Versatile Artist; printed in 1910 and updated in 1922, with a 1923 letter from a publisher suggesting future editions. As the title suggests, the 63-page booklet details all of Houdini's successes to that point, while boastfully claiming "Even the salary of the President of the United States is a small item beside Houdini's earning per anum."

According to a note handwritten on it by Houdini in 1921, Mysterious Harry Houdini - Tricks Requiring No Practice or Special Apparatus was his first "book" printed in Chicago sometime around 1894 or 1895. This, along with Magic Made Easy by Professor Houdini, are the oldest items documenting Houdini's earliest attempt to make a living in magic. Going by Professor Harry Houdini, the 25 cent booklet advertises tricks, techniques, and personal instruction, as well as trading in magic apparatus or books at Harry Houdini's School of Magic located at 221 E. 69th Street in New York City. These are very rare and extremely fragile. Magic Made Easy by Professor Houdini, King of Cards and Handcuffs is too fragile for handling; therefore, it has been digitized and a copy is available to researchers.

Series IV. Promotional Material, 1894-1926, undated (2.5 boxes) is divided into four subseries: A. Printed Material and Ephemera, B. Posters, C. Clippings, and D. Publications about Houdini. Considering Houdini's near forty-year career, there are relatively few handbills, playbills, or programs documenting Houdini's performances. Subseries A. Printed Material and Ephemera contains bills divided between escape challenges and Houdini's other performances. The challenge handbills give details about contests issued by individuals and groups inviting Houdini to attempt to remove himself from restraints such as straitjackets, handcuffs, manacles, sea bags, wooden packing cases, and even in front of a loaded canon. The general performance handbills, playbills, and programs date from 1900 to 1926 and advertise Houdini's overboard box escapes, spiritualism lectures, charity benefits, as well as other performances. Each of these is listed individually in the container list.

Subseries B. Posters includes over forty publicity posters and broadsides advertising Houdini's appearances in cities throughout the world. The posters are in alphabetical order either by venue name or by the text most prominent on the poster. The earliest poster is dated 1894 when Professor Houdini performed at the Globe Museum in New York City's Bowery. An undated poster, possibly from 1897, advertising "Spiritualistic Entertainment" performed by Professor Houdini and the rare billing of Mademoiselle Beatrice Houdini, a "psycometric artist," performing the "greatest séance ever introduced in America" documents the Houdinis own foray into spiritualism. The bulk of the posters are from Houdini's 1920 tour of Great Britain when he played at the chain of Empire, Hippodrome, and Pavilion theatres. Many posters are digitized and are available via the Ransom Center's Digital Collections Portal and are so noted in the container list by a camera icon.

In Subseries C. there are numerous clippings documenting the publicity Houdini received beginning in 1896 to after his death in 1926, with a few clippings dating from 1927 to 1943; the year Bess Houdini died. Messmore Kendall purchased the Houdini papers from Bess in June 1927 and very likely continued to add clippings related to Houdini. Most of the clippings are brittle and very fragile.

Series V. Photographs, 1900-circa 1920s (1 box) includes promotional portraits, family portraits, casual snapshots with magicians and other entertainers, as well as Houdini's spiritualism exposé evidence photos with Bess and Oscar Teale demonstrating the methods used by self-proclaimed mediums.

Series VI. Personal and Professional, 1903-1927, undated (1.5 boxes) comprises documents and ephemera related to Houdini's personal life and interests. The most personal are the few diary pages that exist in the papers. The page dated February 15, 1915, communicates Houdini's final wishes for the disposition of his mother's letters to him and two personal letters; one to his mother before his marriage and a love letter from Bess. He asks that a pillow be made of them and it is to be buried with him. As with the letter to Bess regarding her marrying after his death, he reviewed the note on three later occasions. At some point, he handwrote at the top, "in case letters are not found until after I am buried, please burn [underlined twice] them" signed Houdini, Ehrich Weiss. A note dated 1917 details Houdini's visit to Colonel T. Allston Brown and in 1918, a visit to his coffin. The two other entries were removed from an actual diary book and it is Bess Houdini's notes that are the most significant. On June 22nd 1926, Houdini wrote on the day of their 32nd wedding anniversary, that it was raining and they couldn't travel to Coney Island. A few months later in December 1926, Bess added the details of that last anniversary together and that her "heart is breaking. I need my dear one's strong arms about me to help me." On June 22, 1927, Bess reflected on the above entry, "My first anniversary alone. I am desolate. H. Cohen called. Had my treatment." The other journal entry of January 8, 1927 is pasted to the back of one of Houdini's little notes he left every morning for Bess.

The rare books and manuscript catalogs and receipts give a small sense of Houdini's varied collecting interests, which included magic, the supernatural, the theatre, and Americana. The complete catalogs include booksellers such as Frank Hollings. Suckling & Co., Dunster House Bookshop, Thomas F. Madigan, George A. Van Nosdall, and Maggs Brothers. The lists, notes, and clippings include fragments removed from catalogs highlighting a single item and perhaps sent to Houdini by others. There are many handwritten and typed notes, made by Houdini, his librarian Alfred Becks (noted by his initials), or other assistants who worked on his collection. One listing for the Joseph N. Ireland records has several annotations by Houdini. The clippings and articles are regarding rare books and manuscripts generally. There are less than ten invoices and receipts for rare books and documents Houdini purchased, including David Garrick's travel diary to France from 1751, Edmund Kean correspondence, Scot's 1584 Discoverie of Witchcraft as well as engraved prints, playbills, and programs which are held in other collections at the Ransom Center.

Houdini's tumultuous relationship with the Society of American Magicians is reflected in the material he retained, as most of it dates from his tenure as President, with a few items predating his resignation in 1908. There is almost a complete run of the Society's member newsletter, M.U.M., but there are several years that are missing issues. Additionally, there are three typed manuscripts by Kit Clarke and one by C. Fred Crosby that were published in the newsletter.

Series VII. Film Career, 1919-1925 (4.5 boxes) includes documents and ephemera associated with Houdini's involvement with Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, his Film Developing Corporation (FDC) / Weehawken Street Corporation, Houdini Picture Corporation, Mystery Pictures Corporation, and Octagon Film Corporation. This series is arranged alphabetically by company name and then within each company either by film title or by subject.

Famous Players-Lasky Corporation produced The Grim Game (1919) and Terror Island (1920) starring Harry Houdini. As his role was limited to acting, there is only promotional material including film stills, a title card (which was used by Houdini as a file divider), and advertisements.

Houdini's earliest venture in film production was his Film Developing Corporation (FDC) / Weehawken Street Corporation, which was founded by Houdini and a group of investors in 1921 and dissolved in 1925. Financial statements, correspondence with his lawyer Bernard Ernst and accountant George M. Sachs, a mortgage contract, and tax documents dating from 1920 to 1925 are included.

Despite Houdini owning Houdini Picture Corporation and having written, produced, and acted in its only two films, The Man From Beyond (1921) and Haldane of the Secret Service (1923), these films are represented in the collection with promotional material only. There are film stills and publicity shots for Haldane of the Secret Service. The range of promotional material is more extensive for The Man From Beyond and includes press kits, lobby cards, promotional posters, and newspaper mat molds. Many posters have been digitized and are available via the Ransom Center's Digital Collections Portal and are so noted in the container list by a camera icon. In addition, there are three silent film title cards and limited correspondence.

Mystery Pictures Corporation was a foreign film distribution company and interestingly contains the broadest volume of material associated with Houdini's film projects. The primary project undertaken by Mystery Pictures Company was the American adaptation of the original Italian film, Il Mistero Di Osiris, produced by VeraFilm Roma. The business and administrative files are in alphabetical order by Houdini's original folder title, noted in the container list with single quotation marks. In cases where no original title existed, one was supplied by the archivist. Many of these files contain correspondence regarding intellectual property and legal issues, as well as invoices and receipts. Related to the creative aspect of the film, which had several names including Ashes of Passion, Reincarnation, Il Mistero Di Osiris, and the final title Il Mistero Di Osiris or The Mystery of the Jewel (Talisman), are adaptations beginning with an original play script by Agnes Fletcher Baine, the Italian script with English translations, and the Mystery Pictures Corporation story and script.

Houdini signed a contract with Octagon Film Corporation to appear in a 15-part mystery serial called The Master Mystery. It was released in 1919 and each installment had its own title. The papers include the scripts for all but one of the fifteen episodes and 23 silent film title cards.

Series VIII. Collected Material, circa 1641-circa 1930s, undated (53 boxes) forms the bulk of the papers and it is further arranged into ten subseries: A. Magician and Entertainer Files; B. Subject Files; C. Robert Evans Material; D. Autographs and Letters; E. Manuscripts; F. Photographs, Engravings, Prints; G. Scrapbooks; H. Posters; I. Periodicals; J. Publications and Printed Material, and K. Artifacts.

Subseries A. Magician and Entertainer Files is in alphabetical order by name; which may be either a given name or a stage name. Because magicians often use both, researchers should look in the container list under all names used by a performer. The performers reflect Houdini's broad collecting interests and he amassed files about all categories of entertainers, or people associated with the entertainment business, including ventriloquists, acrobats, spiritualists, mind readers, escape artists, jugglers, clowns, and of course, magicians. Very often, there may be only one item, or in some cases, there may be multiple folders for an individual. For the most part, this material was already arranged in alphabetical order. It is unclear if this was the filing system used by Houdini or was imposed by the Ransom Center between the 1960s and the 1990s. Since that could not be determined, the arrangement was maintained.

An explanation of format terms used in the finding aid:

  • Article-long form narrative; usually removed from a magazine or journal
  • Broadside-single sheet advertisement; mostly text
  • Business brochure-single sheet folded in half with program of services offered, etc. and without actual performance dates listed
  • Cabinet card portrait-card photographs, generally portraits, which measure 4 1/4 by 6 1/2 inches, including the mount
  • Calling card-small card, similar to a business card, but bearing only a name
  • Carte de visite portrait-small-format photographs affixed to card stock, typically portraits, and the image was a standard size of 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches
  • Chapbook-small books or pamphlets, usually cheaply printed
  • Clipping-short narrative usually removed from a newspaper
  • Handbill-small printed advertisement, often with only one performer listed; intended to be distributed by hand
  • Letterhead-only the portion of the stationery with the design; usually has been cut from an actual letter
  • Magic trick descriptions-includes typed manuscripts, clippings removed from publications, printed and published material, newsletters
  • Playbill-often skinny and long, sometimes large, printed advertisement; usually with a bill of multiple performers or cast; intended to be hung as an advertisement
  • Printed advertisement-not a playbill or handbill; usually a decorative and colorful design
  • Stationery-blank sheets of personalized stationery; often very elaborate designs, in multiple colors, and featuring drawings or photographs of the performer
  • Tear sheets-Sheets torn from a publication, usually to send as proof of inclusion
  • Tintype photograph-photographs produced directly on lacquered metal, usually iron

Of interest are the files belonging to the Sphinx editor A. M. Wilson. The material dates between 1904 and 1923 and is primarily incoming correspondence from magicians and magazine subscribers. There are some letters from his son, Dyke, and letters related to his medical and pharmaceutical practice. Included is a small amount of manuscripts submitted by readers for inclusion in the magazine, clippings, playbills and business cards sent by magicians, and magical apparatus suppliers. Writings by A. M. Wilson for his column, Sphinx advertisements, and an issue of the Sphinx is also present. It is unclear how Houdini acquired these materials.

Subseries B. Subject Files contains advertisements, articles, broadsides, brochures, business cards, catalogs, clippings, engravings, handbills, letters, manuscripts, notes, pamphlets, photographs, playbills, postcards, scrapbook pages, scrapbooks, sheet music, and sketches collected by Houdini on very broad subjects pertaining to magic, the occult, spiritualism, and performance, as well as unrelated topics such as crime, medicine, science, the city of New York, mothers, museums, fairs, weather, and animals. Most of these files include clippings from British periodicals sent to Houdini by Robert Evans (his initials are frequently present, as well as broad subject terms he provided). The nature of this relationship is unclear, as is whether Houdini requested Evans send him material on various subjects; or, if Evans knowing Houdini as he did, sent him material on a variety of subjects that he knew would interest Houdini. For the most part, this material was already arranged in alphabetical order by subject. It is unclear if this was the filing system and/or the terms used by Houdini; however, in some instances, a Houdini envelope is present with a term (such as Fairs) handwritten on it. In those cases, the term is maintained and is so noted by single quotations in the container list. It is unclear if the rest of the arrangement was imposed by the Ransom Center between the 1960s and the 1990s. Since that could not be determined, the arrangement is maintained.

There are several subject files which are particularly interesting; not necessarily for what they include, but for the subject matter. The "mothers" file for example, no doubt reflects the deep affection and connection Houdini felt for his mother, who he described as one of only two women he ever loved.

Houdini is said to have had a fascination with death and there are several items in the papers that appear to reflect that. The "Chinese torture" file includes photographs sent to him by E. A. Dean. The "crime" files contain a photograph of and two clippings about Garfield Burley and Curtis Brown, who were lynched by a mob in Newbern, Tennessee, on October 8, 1902. Also of interest are the large volume of British criminal broadsheets. These single sheet publications date from the 1678 to 1875 and detail the week's most heinous murders and included confessions, trials, verdicts, and sentences. Often, following the execution, another sheet was printed with an eyewitness account of the execution itself. Many of these sheets are ballads. Printers include Birt, Catnach, Disley, and Rial.

The file titled "indigenous peoples" was ascribed by the Ransom Center and includes tintype drawings of people native to all continents—particularly Africa, South America and Asia—as well as sample cranial structures. Many of these are labeled. The intent and purpose of these is unclear.

There are several folders of uncategorized Robert Evans clippings, which are organized broadly by century and people and places.

Subseries C. Robert Evans Material contains notes and notebooks sent to Houdini from Henry Evans Evanion's nephew. The notebooks appear to be handwritten transcriptions of portions—or in some cases—entire works published between the 17th and 19th centuries. The notes are likewise copied excerpts from various published sources. Again, it is unclear if Evans served as Houdini's proxy researcher and requested this of Evans; or, if Evans engaged in this on his own.

Subseries D. Autographs and Letters includes single signatures removed from correspondence or actual autographs, but most of this series is comprised of letters Houdini purchased. The letters date from the 1700s to 1901 and are arranged first by letter volume: single letters, multiple letters to or from the same recipient, and letter collections; then alphabetically by name. Many of the single and multiple letters are from people associated with the theatre or some other creative pursuit, but not magicians. There are three large letter collections: Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll, James Northcote, and William Frederick Wallet.

Robert G. Ingersoll was an attorney, orator, and an anti-spiritualist. It is likely for this last characteristic that Houdini collected this material. It is made up of original outgoing letters from Ingersoll to various recipients from 1872 to 1899. There are also various documents associated with Ingersoll and third-party correspondence from members of the Illinois legislature to Present-Elect Ulysses S. Grant recommending Ingersoll for the position of U.S. District Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. There is also an 1801 letter from Jared Ingersoll, delegate to the Continental Congress and a signer of the United States Constitution, to John Sleet. The original dealer folders are included for many of the letters. These letter are included in the Index of Correspondents.

James Northcote was an English painter who specialized in portraits and historical events. These letters were received by Northcote and sent from family, prominent people, and some third-party correspondence where Northcote is mentioned. Originally, these were bound into two volumes, but were removed by the Ransom Center sometime between 1960 and 1990. Houdini typed an annotation regarding Northcote and the nature of the letters which he signed and attached inside the volume boards. The first folder contains a photocopy of this note preventing the need to open the boxes containing the original binding and boards. These letter are included in this finding aid's Index of Correspondents, but many of the names are not identified.

William Frederick Wallet was a popular circus clown who performed before Queen Victoria in 1844, after which he referred to himself as the Queen's Jester. The letters date from 1883 to 1890 and are from Wallet to Thomas Gibbons. They are attached to paper gatherings which at one point likely formed an album. Pages also include clippings, programs, photographs, a letter and poem by Edwin Waugh, a poem by George Byrne, a letter from D. A. Seal, a letter from J. L. Toole, and a letter from John A. Dingess. These letter are included in the Index of Correspondents.

Subseries E. Manuscripts includes handwritten documents and fiction and nonfiction writings. Many of these are unidentified and why Houdini collected them is unclear. The German "Anthropometrischer Congress zu Berlin" may be associated with the indigenous tintypes located in box 72.

Subseries F. Photographs, Engravings, and Prints is a general category comprised of visual materials that are either unidentified or defy easy categorization. Included is one photo album, possibly from the late 1890s, containing travel snapshots wherein the people and location are unidentified. Based on an image of the ship SS Saratoga present in the album and the nature of the photos, it is likely Cuba. The album may have belonged to a friend, or because of Houdini's varied interests and collecting habits, it may be something he purchased.

Subseries G. Scrapbooks includes twelve scrapbooks; at least six of which were assembled by other magicians including Professor Baldwin, Herr Alexander, Professor Helms, Dante the Magician, and Dr. Merlin. These scrapbooks include clippings, playbills, programs, and photographs documenting the careers of their previous owners, and often contain material about other magicians. The other scrapbooks have loose and specific themes such as magic, magicians, spiritualism, snake charmers, and other illusionists. Some of these scrapbooks are digitized and are available via the Ransom Center's Digital Collections Portal and are so noted in the container list by a camera icon. Bound volume one is a large scrapbook containing letters from movie fans from around the world and addressed to Houdini care of Famous Players-Lasky. The letters date from 1920 to 1922 and are organized alphabetically by country name. The construction of the scrapbook includes pages in which each is covered with envelopes containing the folded letter. The scrapbook itself is made of brittle paper and the weight of each page bearing the envelopes and letters makes it impossible to use, so it is restricted.

Subseries H. Posters includes four posters; only one of which is related to magic. There are two 1912 posters for the convict ship Success which was on display in London. Houdini would later perform an escape from one of her cells while the ship was on display in New York harbor in 1913.

Subseries I. Periodicals contains almost sixty titles and ranges from single to multiple issues, as well as portions of an issue. Most topics relate to magic, spiritualism, or entertainment more broadly. The British encyclopedic periodicals such as the Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction and the Gentleman's Magazine were sent to Houdini by Robert Evans; many of these were still wrapped in string into parcels by year. Red Magic was a Sunday supplement geared toward children that printed tricks, jokes, riddles, and optical illusions. It was put out by the New York World and Houdini was listed as the Editor; though he probably had very little hands-on involvement with selecting the material. This and other periodicals dating from the 1920s were almost all printed on paper that has become brittle and is too fragile to use. Many of these titles are restricted, as noted in the container list.

Subseries J. Publications and Printed Material includes published books, booklets, a map, and single sheet items. Many are related to magic or history.

Subseries K. Artifacts includes magic apparata, a Houdini picture frame, and two decks of playing cards. The provenance of the cards and magic apparata is unclear and may not have belonged personally to Houdini. Special permission from the Curator of Performing Arts, plus advance notice, is required to access the artifacts and picture frame. To make an appointment, please email Reference.

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Open for research. Special permission from the Curator of Performing Arts, plus advance notice, is required to access artifacts, art, glass lantern slides, and any restricted material. To make an appointment, please email Reference. Researchers must register and agree to copyright and privacy laws before using archival materials.

Use Policies:

Ransom Center collections may contain material with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations. Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in the collections without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the Ransom Center and The University of Texas at Austin assume no responsibility.

Restrictions on Use:

Authorization for publication is given on behalf of the University of Texas as the owner of the collection and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder which must be obtained by the researcher. For more information please see the Ransom Center's Open Access and Use Policies.

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Index Terms

Evanion, Henry, 1831?-1905.
Hardeen, 1876-1945.
Houdini, Beatrice, 1876-1943.
Houdini, Harry, 1974-1926.
Ingersoll, Robert Green, 1833-1899.
Northcote, James, 1746-1831.
Robert-Houdin, Jean-Eugène, 1805-1871.
Wallett, William Frederick.
Wilson, A. M. (Albert M.), 1854-1930.
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation.
Society of American Magicians.
Escape artists.
Magic tricks.
Document Types

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Related Material

For additional materials related to Harry Houdini or magic at the Ransom Center, see the Harry Houdini Collection, the Magic Collection, the Scrapbook Collection, the Poster Collection, the Prints Collection, the Playbills and Programs Collection, the Albert Davis Collection, the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Literary File Photography Collection, the Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. Records, the Silent Film Title Card Collection, the Sarah Bernhardt Collection, the Elbert Hubbard Collection, the McManus-Young Collection, the Vertical File, the Literary Files Collection, and the Ransom Center's library holdings.

Additional materials from Houdini's personal collection can be found in various assembled collections at the Ransom Center including the Edwin Booth Collection, Circus Collection, Playbills and Programs Collections, Theater Biography Collection, Theater Arts Manuscripts Collection, and the Ransom Center's library holdings.

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Administrative Information


Attorney, businessman, and theatre owner Messmore Kendall purchased Houdini's personal papers and dramatic library from his widow, Bess, in June 1927. In 1958, the Hoblitzelle Foundation purchased the papers from Kendall and placed them on permanent loan to the University of Texas Hoblitzelle Theatre Arts Library. In 1969, the Foundation gifted the Houdini Papers to the University of Texas. Though the papers includes some books, Houdini willed his magic library, comprised of books related to magic, spiritualism, the occult, and other topics, to the Library of Congress. From the point of acquiring the papers in 1927 to the point of the University taking physical possession in 1958, it is very likely that Kendall continued to add documents and items related either to Houdini or magic to his collection. That is the likely reason some items in the papers post-date Houdini's death in 1926. Once the papers arrived at the Center, librarians began cataloging the papers following best practices at that time. The Houdini papers were part of the Hoblitzelle Theatre Arts Collection, which was housed on the 21st floor of the University of Texas Tower. In August 1965, the material was in the process of being cataloged when a fire broke out in an adjoining room. Staff rescued material, but introduced a new level of disorganization to the papers. Over the years, staff have attempted to process it in various ways. Because of the volume and breadth of collected material, curators and librarians created artificial collections based on subject or format. Consequently, items and documents were removed from the Houdini papers and formed the centerpiece for the Center's Magic Collection, the Playbills Collection, the Theater Biography Collection, the Circus Collection, the Scrapbook Collection, the Theater Arts Manuscripts Collection, among others. During this most recent processing, the archivist made an earnest attempt to reunite material owned by Houdini from the Magic Collection to the Houdini Papers. Based on the presence of Houdini's signature or writing, items inscribed to Houdini, the initials of Robert Evans, the initials of Houdini's librarian Alfred Becks, and the signature or initials of Henry Evans Evanion, items were removed from the Magic Collection and placed back with the Houdini papers.

Preferred Citation

Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin. Harry Houdini Papers (Performing Arts Collection PA-00043).


Deposit, 1958; Gift, 1969

Processed by:

Amy E. Armstrong, 2018

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In addition to material in the papers, the following sources were used:

Buranelli, Prosper. "Houdini's Literary Escape."The Bookman, January 1927

Cox, John. Wild About Harry. [www.wildabouthoudini.com]

Moses, Arthur. Houdini Speaks Out, "I am Houdini, and You are a Fraud!" Xlibris Corporation [self-published], 2007.

Silverman, Kenneth. Houdini!!! The Career of Eric Weiss. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1996.

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Container List

Series I. Houdini's Act, 1907-circa 1920s, undated

1.1 Notes about magic tricks, drawing of a swing apparatus, undated
1.2 Letter of introduction to Jerry Dinan (San Francisco Police Chief) from C. Bray (Orpheum Circuit) regarding Houdini's escape act with annotation "I never used this letter..." by Houdini, August 1907
1.3 Scene and prop list requirements for theatres, circa 1920s; Worker's Compensation notice, 1918; Advertising copy regarding imposter going by Harry Handcuff Houdini, circa 1910s
osb 3 Hand-lettered advertisement for "the latest thing in strait jackets made especially for H. Houdini," undated
74-75; Access by appointment Spiritualism Lecture Series. Glass lantern slides numbered 1-50 (some duplicates), 1920s

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Series II. Correspondence, circa 1800s-1926, undated

Subseries A. Letters to Houdini, circa 1800s-1924
1.4 Abbott, David P. Letter, undated
Albany, Monsieur. Letter, 24 April 1909
Albee, Edward F. Empty envelope, 1926; Letter, 1917
Aldrich, Charles T. Letter, 20 March 1918
The Alley Festa [for Red Cross and Allied War Relief]. Letter signed by Virginia Vanderbilt and Mrs. C. B. Dillingham, 1917
Allondale, Will. Letter, undated
Anderson, A. (Mrs. John Henry Anderson). Letter, 13 August 1907; Transcribed letter from John Henry Anderson, Sr.
Anderson, John Henry, Jr. Letter with clippings, 19 March 1919
Anderson, P. Letters, 1906
Ariz. Postcard (French), 2 February 1924
Armstrong, W. J. Letter, portion of poster, 28 July 1922
1.5 Bailey, S. Wilson. Letter, 1917
Baldwin, Professor S. S. [billed as The Original White Mahatma]. Postcards and letters, 1900-1920
Ball, Ernest R. Letter, 13 April 1917
Bamberg, David Tobias ("Papa Bamberg"). Postcards and letters (some in German), 1903-1912
Bamberg, Emile. Letter, 1908
Bamberg, Theodore ("Theo"). Letters, 1916-1918
Bart, G. J. Letter, undated
1.8 Basch, Ernst and Friedericke. Letters (German; some with typed translations made by Houdini), telegram, 1903-1912
1.5 Bean, Captain and Mrs. Edward D. Letters, 1906-1911
Beaton, Kenneth C. Letters, 1917
Becker, J. H. Letter, 1906
Bell, Alexander Graham. Letters, 1917
Bellefontaine, Alphonse. Postcard, undated
1.6 Ben-Ali-Bey (Max Auzinger). Letters and postcard (some German), 1908
Benjamin, Walter R. Letters, 1910-1926
Benwell, Henry L. Letter, 1911
Berlin, Irving. Note, 1922
Berol, William. Letter, postcard, 1906, 1911
Berol-Konorah, Max. Letters (one addressed to Hardeen, one missing first page), circa 1890s-1908
Birch, James H., Jr. Letter, 1918
Blind, Adolph. Postcards and letters (German), carbon letter from Houdini, 1904-1916
1.9 Blitz, Professor Abraham [nephew of Signor Antonio Blitz]. Letters, photograph, 1906-1920
1.10 Bodie, Walford. Business card with note, undated; Letters, 1920
R10 Damaged letter, 1920
1.6 Bohem, Charles S. [billed as Van Tone]. Letters, clipping, issue of The Wizard Monthly (Vol. 1, No. 4, January 1917), 1916-1917
Bolin, T. Letter (German), 1903
1.7 Bolke, Richard. Letter, 1915
Bosworth, H. Letter, carbon letter from Houdini, 1920
Brackett, Walter M. Letters, undated; Program, 1913
Bramah and Co. Letter, carbon letter from Houdini, 1920
Brisbane, A. (New York Evening Journal). Letter, 1916
Brito, Frederico Carlos la Costa. Letter, 1916
Brooks, Herbert. Letter, 1917
Brown, Colonel T. Allston. Letters, 1917; Letter from Sam Harris [?] of The New York Clipper, 1917
Brown, Will. Letters, 1906-1908
Bryan, Mary B. Postcard, undated
Buckle, Arthur. Letters and postcard, 1902-1905
Burton, Frank. Postcard, 1909
Byrd-Page, Dr. F. Letters, 1904; Program, undated
1.11 Caldwell, M. F. Letter with Society of American Magicians identification card, playing card, circa 1919
Carkeek Family. Letter (completely faded due to water damage), undated
Carlton. Letter sent to Houdini via Mr. Howell, 1904
Caroly, J. Letters and postcards (French); some with English translations, 1903-1904, 1921
Carrillo, Leo. Letter, undated
Carrington, Hereward. Letters, undated; clippings, handbills and printed material, 1895-1896, undated
Carter, Charles J. [billed as Carter the Great; Carter the Mysterious; owner of Matrinka & Co.; National Theatre Exchange; Chicago Footlights] Photograph postcard, letters (one completely faded due to water damage), 1901-1918
Cassidy, John. Letter, 1914
Castle, Vernon. Note, undated
Chase, C. Milton. Letter, 1907
Chase-Kramer, Grace and Arthur B. Chase. Letter written by Arthur B. Chase (undated) with note added by Chase-Kramer, 1917; Letter, 1918
Clark, Owen. Letter, carbon letter from Houdini, carbon letter from Chris Van Bern, 1914
1.12 Clarke, Birchet ("Kit"). Letters and postcards [also letters from Mrs. B. Clarke and daughters Ruth and Alma], 1916-1918
1.11 Clarke, Sidney W. Letters, carbon letter from Houdini with typed note to his secretary Sargent, 1917, 1920
Clempert, John. Letters (one completely faded due to water damage), 1909
Closson, George E. Letters (including inventory of magic memorabilia), 1903-1914
Cohan, George M. Letter, 1917
Cooper, J. C., Jr. Letter, 1907
Cooperstein, Louis (Drexel University). Letter, 1908
Corelli, Blanche. Letter, 1910
Crabtree, Lotta. Letter from E. Donovan on behalf of Crabtree, 1916
Culpitt, Frederic. Letters, carbon letter from Houdini, 1920
"Cunning." Letter, Houdini's reply, 1913
2.1 Danrog, Tournée. Letter (French), 1922
d'Arlion, Charles. Postcard, 1912
Davis, F. Richard. Letters, brief writing about Richard Potter, 1917
Day, Harry. Letters, 1903, 1916, undated
Dealy, C. Victor. Letter, 1907
De Biere. Letters, 1911
De Lion, Clément. Postcards and letters (one in German), 1903-1908
2.1, osb 2 Deodato, Joseph. Letters, 1908-1912
2.1 Devant, David. Letters, 1905-1924
DeVere, C. Letters, carbon letter from Houdini, 1902-1908
2.2 de Verli, Emile. Letters and postcard (French), 1908-1908
Dickens, W. Nelson. Note, undated
Dileore, Mary. Letters, 1908
Dobler, Geroge [son of Herr Dobler]. Letters, 1909
Donn, Henry. Letter, 1916
Dooley, E. J. Letters, 1900-1908
Douglas, Randolph O. Letter, 1920
2.3-5 Downs, T. Nelson. Letters, 1898-1923, undated
2.2 Drioux, Auguste. Letter addressed to Monsieur Confiere (French), 1920
Dumont, Frank. Letters, undated
Durbin, William W. Letters [one addressed to Harry Kellar], 1916-1919
2.6 Elias. Letter (French), 1909
Ellison, Saram R. Letters, three carbon letters from Houdini, 1903-1918, undated
Emery, H. G. (Century Co. Publishers). Letter, 1917
Emmett, Harvey. Photograph postcard, 1908
E. P. Dutton and Company. Letters, 1917
Evanion, Henry Evans. Letters, 1904-1905
Evanion, Mary. Letters, 1905-1906
Evans, E. [niece of Henry Evanion]. Letter, 1906
2.7 Evans, Henry Ridgely. Letters, six carbon letters from Houdini (some containing edits to book project), letter addressed to Evans from Paul Carus (Open Court Publishing Company) regarding Houdini book, 1902-1921, undated
2.6 Evans, Ray (Baltimore American). Letter, 1917
2.8 Evans, Robert [nephew of Henry Evans Evanion]. Letters and copied notes, safe patent, 1905-1923, undated
2.6 Everhart. Letter, 1908
3.1 Fakir of Ava. Letter regarding Isaiah Harris Hughes from Sarah Hughes Smith, 1916
Farman, William. Letter, 1919
Farrelly, V. Letter regarding Weyer Memorial Fund, 1922
Fasola, Gustave. Letter, 1907
Fay, Anna Eva. Letters, 1910-1913, undated
Feith, Annie. Postcard and letter, 1909
Fennell, Eugene S. Business card with note, undated
Fields, W. C. [signed Bill Fields]. Letter, 1924
Figueras, Salvador. Letter, 1924
3.2 Fischer, Ottokar. Letters, carbon letter from Houdini regarding friendship, 1902-1909, undated
3.1 Fitzpatrick, J. C. (Library of Congress). Letter, 1917
3.1, osb 3 Floyd, W. E. Letters (one with annotation by Houdini), photographs, manuscript about Robert Nickel and Fakir of Ava written by Houdini, 1907-1919
3.1 Fly-Cumberant. Postcard, 1903
Fox, Imro. Letters, 1900-1901
3.3 Frikell, Marie [widow of Wiljalba Frikell]. Letters and postcards (German), 1903-1912, undated
3.4 Frikell, Wiljalba. Letter with translation and calling cards (German), 1903
3.1 Fritz, T. Francis (Mahatma publisher). Letters, photograph postcard, postcards, 1901-1908
Frohman, Daniel. Letters, 1919
Fuller, Welsh. Letter, 11 February 1907 [water damage; difficult to read]
3.5 Gallatovits, Raymond (Magicians' Club of New York). Letter, 1917
Garland, Maurice. Letter, undated
Germaine, K. Letters, 1906, 1917
Gibbs, Milton E. Letter, 1918
Glackens, Louis M. Letter, 1917
Goldberg, R. L. (The Evening Mail). Letter, 1917
Goldin, Horace. Letters, 1900-1901, 1909, 1921
Goldschmidt, A. J. Letter, 1905
Goldsmith, Alfred. Letter, 1922
Goldston, Will. Letters [one to Hardeen and forwarded to Houdini, letter forwarded from Harry Day, one letter missing first page], photographs, 1903-1917
Gonzales, F. Horace. Letter, 1908
Goodspeed, Charles E. (Goodspeed's Book Shop). Letter, 1921
Gorlitzer, L. Letters, 1900
Grahame-White, C. Letters, 1910-1911
Green-Wood Cemetery. Letter and document concerning Eliza Gilbert, 1923
Greene, Dr. Willard B. Letters, 1916-1917
Gregorowitsch, J. Letters and postcards (German), 1900, 1903, undated
Greup, Gilbert. Letter, 1908
Griffin, Charles Eldridge. Letters, 1904-1906
Guest, Edgar A. Letters, 1916-1917
Gysel, Robert Henri. Letters [one letter to Gysel from H. Liscomb Miller (27 January 1916)], 1907-1916
3.6 Haas, Alexandre. Postcards and letters (German), 1908-1917
Haas, Regina. Letter, 1922
Hackenschmidt, Georg. Letters (some in German), 1901-1904
Hagen, Charles J. Letters (one outgoing from Houdini with Hagen's response on it), 1916-1919, undated
Halton and Jansen Co. Letter, photograph, 1909
Hambly, B. M. (The Performer). Letter, 1912
Hamley, Cecil. Letters, carbon letter from Houdini, 1909
Hand, Dominic A. Postcard, 1906
Hanlon, William. Letters, manuscript and poem, 1917-1918
Hanson, Harry. Letters, 1921
Harcourt, Fred. Letters, 1904
Hartz, Augustus F. ("Gus"). Letters, 1918
3.7 Hatton, Henry (born Patrick Henry Cannon). Letters, three carbon letters from Houdini, 1908-1918
3.8 Haugeros, Charles M. Letter; Note beginning with "Crook, liar, thief, ingrate" typed by Houdini, undated
Hayman, Joe. Telegram, letter, clippings, 1918
Heath, Frederick W. Postcard, 1908
Heimbürger, Alexander. Letters, carbon letter from Houdini, 1903-1909
Heise, John (John Heise Autographs). Letter, 1925
3.9 Heith, Mystical (The Magic Key). Letters, 1917
Helms, Harry M. Letters, 1906, 1916-1917
Henry, Professor E. Letter, undated
Herman, Harry. Poem, undated
osb 3 Herne, Jake [Jacob "Jake" Hyman was Houdini's first performance partner as The Brothers Houdini]. Letter, 1898
3.9 Herrmann, Adelaide. Letters (one to Alexander Herrmann), photograph, 1908, 1917-1922
Herrmann, Leon. Letter, undated
Hershfield, Harry (New York Evening Journal). Letter, 1917
4.1 Hertz, Carl and Emilie. Letters, 1908-1924, undated
4.2 Herzfeld. Postcards (German), 1903
Heverly, Linden [billed as Heverly the Mystic]. Letter, clipping, 1922
Hewes, Frank D. Letter, 1917
Hicks, W. L. Letters, 1907
Hill, Bert. Letter, 1908
Hilliar, William J. Letters, photograph, 1902-1917
Hitchcock, Raymond. Postcard, 1908
Hobart, V. V. Letter, 1914
Hobbs, Hart, and Company, Ltd. Letters, 1920
Hodson, F. C. Letter, 1916
4.4 Hoffmann, Professor (Angelo Lewis). Letters, 1916-1919
4.2 Hofmann, Secretary. Letter (German), letter from Houdini (German) with handwritten response from Hofmann, 1903
Holden, John Watkins (Dr. Holden). Letters, 1908, 1917
Holmes, Alfred M. Letters, one carbon letter from Houdini, 1904-1905
Homburger, Lionel M. Letters (one to Dr. W. Golden Mortimer), 1903-1916
4.3 Hooker, Samuel C. Letter from Houdini with Hooker's handwritten response, 1922
Hope, H. J. Postcards, 1914
Hopkins, A. A. Letter, 1915
Hornmann, Otto and Mary. Letters (one to brother Dr. Leopold Weiss), 1902-1922, undated
Horster, Friedrich Wilhelm Conrad. Letter (German), 1904
Houston, Henry. Letters, clippings, 1916
Howell, Professor H. J. Letter, 1907
Hull, Burling G. G. Letters, carbon letter from Houdini, 1918-1919
Hunter, G. W. Letters, 1904-1909
4.5 Independent Order Free Sons of Israel. Postcard invitation, 1924
Inman, C. E. (The Evening News, Providence, Rhode Island). Letter, 1917
4.6 John Bull Magazine. Letter, 1914
Johnson, Martin. Photograph postcard, 1918
Josephy, Harry. Letter (German) with typed transcription (German), undated
Josolyne, Sidney E. Letters, 1916, 1920
4.7 Kaufmann, W. H. Letter, 1922
Keane, J. Warren. Partial letter, undated
Kearney, Patrick (Famous Players-Lasky Corporation). Letter with clipping, 1922
Keedick, Lee. Letters, 1922
Keith, A. Paul (The B.F. Keith Circuit). Letters, 1907-1917
Kellar, Harry. Letter, letter facsimile, photograph, 1918
Kendrew, Edward G. ("Ken"). Letter, carbon letter from Houdini, 1920
Kent, Josiah Coleman. Letters, 1917, 1920
Kilby, Bert H. Letters, 1906-1907
4.8-10, 5.1 Kilby, Quincy. Letters, seven carbon letters from Houdini, 1915-1922, undated
4.7 King, E. C. (Famous Players-Lasky Corporation). Letter, 1921
King, Francis. Letters, 1900
Kirsch, William [billed as Professor Kirsch]. Letter, 1919
Kitson, M. Letter, 1917
Klein, John C. (Cosmopolitan News Service). Letter, 1922
Kolar Joseph J. Letter to Clinton T. Burgess from Kolar and forwarded to Houdini with typed note from Burgess with clipping, 1922
Kolling, Joe (The Billboard). Letter, newspaper excerpt, 1922
Kopf, Heda. Postcard (German), 1901?
Krieger, Professor Louis. Printed advertisement (1897-1898) with letter on back, 1920
5.2 Kudarz, Robert. Letters, photographs, programs, two carbon letters from Houdini, 1907-1922
4.7 Kurtz, O. H. (The Player). Letters, 1911
5.3 Lasky, Jesse L. (Famous Players-Lasky Corporation). Letter, 1919
Laurens, Gustave G. Letters, partial manuscript about Caglistro, 1916-1917
Leavitt, M. B. Letters, 1901, 1910-1912
Lee, Edgar. Letter, 1907
Lee, Harry A. Letters, clipping, circa 1916
Lee, Henry. Letter, 1906
Lee, Sydney. Letter, business card, undated
Legris. Letter (French) with typed translation, 1914
Leipzig, Nate. Letter, 1918
Le Mare, E. Letter, 1914
Leonardo, Professor El. Letter, undated
Le Roy, Jean Aimé. Letter, 1916
Le Roy, Servais. Letters, postcard, 1909, 1918, undated
5.4 Le Roy, W. D. and Mrs. Letters (one to Dr. Teale), 1896-1920
5.3 Levett, W. H. Letter, 1919
Lewis, Maud A. Note, 1920
Lindsey, Anne Hawthorne. Letter, 1917
Lindsley, Frank W. Letter, 1908
London, Charmian (wife of Jack London). Letter, photograph, 1917
Loraine, Robert. Letter, 1920
Low, John F. Letter, 1922
Lowell, James. Letter, undated
Lyle, Cecil. Letters, 1916-1919
5.5 Macaire, Sid. Letters, 1904-1920
MacKenzie, Norman S. Letter, 1913
Marco. Letter, 1904
Marcus, Henry. Letter, 1914
Margery, Arthur. Letters along with list of magic ephemera available for purchase, 1909
Marriott, Arthur. Letter, 1909
Marsh, C. A. Letter, 1912
Marshall the Mystic. Christmas card with photograph, 1906
Martin-Harvey, John. Letter, 1923
Martinka, Frances J. and Pauline E. (Martinka & Company). Letters, 1906-1917, undated
Maskelyne, J. N. Letters (one to unidentified "Madam," 1877), carbon letter from Houdini, 1904-1914
5.6 Matthews, Brander. Letters, one note and one carbon letter from Houdini, 1914-1919
Maurer, Otto, Jr. (Columbia Magic Trick Mfg. Co.). Letters, 1900-1901
Maurer, Otto, Sr. (Columbia Magic Trick Mfg. Co.). Letter, clipping, 1897-1898
McClure News Syndicate (on behalf of Mrs. Richardson of Ladies' Home Journal). Letter, undated
McKinney, Mrs. J. G. Empty envelope, 1919
Meers [billed as The Three Meers]. Photograph postcard, 1903
Méliès, Georges. Letters, 1914
Mellinger, John R. Letter, 1910
Mellini, Herman. Letters, photograph postcard, Christmas card (German), 1901-1908
Melville, William A. Letters, 1913, 1917
Mercedes. Letter, undated
Merci-Pinetti, Vittorio. Letters (French) with handwritten English translation, 1909, 1921
Merlin. Letters, undated
Merriman, H. Letter, 1911
5.7 Merton, Hal. Letters, 1917
Metz, Theo (Metz Music Co.). Letters, 1917
Miller, J. Randolph. Letters, 1907
Milligan, Harold Vincent. Letter, 1917
Minerva (Mrs. Van Dorn). Telegram, 1908
Moisant, John Bevins (Aerial Manufacturing Company of Great Britain and Ireland, Ltd.). Letter, two carbon letters from Houdini, 1910
Moose, Arthur J. Letter, 20 December 1907
Mora, "Silent." Letter, 1919
Moreland, Beatrice. Letters, 1924
Morrison, Rex Okla. Letter addressed to magic supply company with typed note addressed to Houdini from "Sam," 1917
Morritt, Charles. Letter (first page missing), undated
Mortimer, W. Golden (Society of American Magicians). Letters, 1903-1917
Mortonello. Postcard, undated
Moss' Empires Ltd. (W. Nevard; S. H. Richardson). Letters, program, 1920
Munro, George MacKenzie. Letters, printed material, 1903-1916
Mutual Welfare League of Sing Sing (E. J. Meagher). Letter, 1917
Mystical Heath (The Magic Key). Letter, 1917
5.8 Nason, Arthur Huntington. Letter, 1917?
Newmann, C. A. George. Letter, playbill, 1917
Nicholas, H.R.H. Princess Alexandra [Eleanor Bishop; mother of Washington Irving Bishop]
5.9 Letters, 1915-1917, undated; 'Claim of Carlos Butterfield against the Government of Denmark' document, circa 1800s; Petition for war pension, 1907; Clipping, 1918; Marriage announcement with handwritten annotation by Nicholas, 1893; Cabinet card portrait with inscription by Nicholas: 'Countess Lenias Langdon Nicholas and her favorite pupil Edwina Forest,' circa 1890s
5.8 Nordini, E. S. Postcards (German), 1903-1904
Norworth, Jack. Letter, undated
6.1 O'Brien, Mique (The Terre Haute Tribune). Letter with typed annotation by Houdini, 1924
Olney, Richard (U.S. House of Representatives). Letter, 1916-1917
Ornson, J. P. Letter, 1918
Osborne, Harold A. Letters regarding Hoffmann manuscript (one with handwritten note by A. W. Todd), carbon letter from Houdini, 1917
6.2 Peers, F. J. Letter, 1911
Pentz, Collins (The Eagle Magician). Letter, 1917
Peterkin, Walter G. (Mahatma). Letters, 1900-1901
Pitroff. Letters, carbon letter from Houdini, 1914
Pittsburgh Automotive Vise and Tool Co (G. P. B. Blackhutan). Letter, 1908
Plate, Adrian. Letters, printed puzzle, 1904-1917
The Players Library. Letter acknowledging donation of a lock of Edwin Booth's hair, 1917
Polley, E. Walter (The Baltimore News). Letter, 1917
Powell, F. E. (Frederick Eugene). Letters (one envelope contains notes by Houdini written on back), carbon letter from Houdini, 1904-1921
6.3 Rapp, Augustus. Letters, printed photograph, undated
Raymond, Maurice F. Letters, 1920
Reed, Florence. Letter, 1922
Rhode Island Society of Magicians (C. Foster Fenner). Letter, 1917
6.4-6 Rice, Edwin Fay. Letters, 1908-1919
6.3 Rice, Georgiana. Letters (two addressed to Mr. Sargent), 1916, 1919
Richards, P. Postcard, undated
Riley, Joe. Letter, undated
Rinn, Joseph F. Letter to Sargent and forwarded to Houdini, 1920
6.7 Robinson, William Ellsworth ("Rob") [billed as Chung Ling Soo]. Letters, postcards, telegrams, 1900-1913, undated; Letter from Dot Robinson [assistant and wife Olive "Dot" Path], 1920; Letter from brother Edward W. Robinson, 1908
6.3 Robinson, William H. Letter, 1909
Rochdale District-Birth, Death, Marriages Registrar, 1902
Rodeheaver, Homer. Letters, 1916-1917
Rogoff, Julius M. Letter, 1906
Rohan, Andrew. Letter, 1907
Rohmer, Sax. Letter, carbon letter from Houdini, 1920
Rohnstein, R. Letter (German), 1908
Roltare, Charles. Letters, clipping, 1908, 1913
Rosenberger, E. [billed as Captain Vetrio]. Letter, 1907
Rosini, Carl. Letter, clipping, photograph, 1922
Roterberg, August ("Gus")
6.8 Letters to Houdini, two carbon letters from Houdini, catalog, photograph of Roterberg and front of store, 1892-1917, undated
7.1 'About Handcuffs Gags and Letters from Roterberg.' List of cuffs written by Houdini, letters regarding keys and cuffs, descriptions of cuffs and keys, 1908, undated
6.3 Rouclere, Harry. Letters, handbill (1878), 1907-1916
Royal Academy of Arts. Letter, 1909
Rullman, Leo (Society of American Magicians). Letters, 1917
Russell, William A. Letters, 1911
Ryan, Sam J. Letter, 1916
7.2 Saal, Alfred P. Letter, advertisement, 1917
Saltonstall, G. W. Letter, 1917
Sander, Val. Letters, printed material, 1917, 1920
Sargent, John William. Letters, Christmas card, carbon letter from Houdini, 1918, undated
Schmid, A. A. [billed as Albertini]. Postcard (German), 1900
Scheidler, John G. Letter, 1902
Schröder, Karl. Postcards, 1920-1921
Schwartz, Harold A. Letter, 1922
Schwengers-Heimbürger, Frau. Letter (German), 1909
Seeman, Adolph. Letters, photograph of Seeman, 1919-1921; Original patent for "device for suspending persons in midair without visible support" by Ernst H. J. Seeman, 1882
7.3 Selbrini, Willie. Letter, 1917
Selig, W. N. (Selig Polyscope Company). Letter, 1914
Senter, Orestes A. B. Letters (one with handwritten annotation by Houdini), 1908; Manuscript of "Reminiscences of Some Magicians I Have Seen," undated
Shaw, Robert Gould (Harvard College Library). Letters, 1920-1921
Shreve, Frances Emily. Letter, undated
Smith, Adile O. Letters, 1919
Smith, Edward H. (The World). Letter, undated
Smith and Sutton. Letter, 1907
Somerfield, T. S. Postcard (Houdini pictured), 1911
Soo, Chung Ling--see Robinson, William Ellsworth ("Rob")
Spencer, Frank. Letter, 1922
Stanyon, Ellis. Letters, 1901
Stevens, Mr. (on behalf of). Note, undated
Stone, Fred. Letter, 1918
Strong and Bolden. Letter, 1919
Sullivan, John L. Letter, 1907
Svengali, H. Letter, 1917
7.4 Tarlton, Paul B. [billed as Takasi]. Letter, undated
Taylor, E. C. Letters, Christmas card, 1917, undated
Teale, Oscar S. Letters, 1915-1917
Tearles, Dr. H. C. Addressed cardboard [no letter or note], undated
Terhune, Albert Payson. Letters, 1917
Testa, Gustavo. Postcard, 1913
Thayer, F. G. Letter, Phantom Rope Escape trick description, 1917
Thorn, Chevalier Ernest. Letters, biographical manuscript, 1904, 1920
Thurston, Howard. Letters (one with typed explanation by Houdini), 1901-1918, undated
Tirpitz, Grand-Admiral Alfred von. Letter (on behalf of; German), 1913
7.5 Trewey, Félicien and Jeanne. Letters (some in French), 1916-1921, undated
7.4 Tumulty, J. P. [Secretary to President Woodrow Wilson]. Letters, 1916, 1918
Turley, Don. Letters, 1915
7.6 United States Penitentiary (Atlanta, Georgia) (Fred G. Zerbst). Letter, 1916
Upton, James. Letter, photograph, 1904
7.7 Van Dier, R. Letter, 1917
Van Hoven, Frank. Letters, clipping, 1917-1918
Variety Magazine (illegible signature). Note, 1915
Variety Theatres Controlling Co. Letter, 1913
Vaughan, Alfred. Letter, 1909
Vernelo, E. M. Letter, 1906
Vickery Family. Letters from George, wife Emma, sons James and Albert, 1906-1917
Vincent, Guss. Letter, 1917
Vizetelley, Frank H. (Funk and Wagnalls). Letters, 1916-1918
7.8 Waitt, J. E. ("Doc"). Letters, telegram, clippings, 1907, undated
Waldmann, Otto. Letter, affidavit, catalog, 1919
Walker, C. Letter, 1902
Walker, T. M. Letters, telegram, 1916
Waller, Charles. Letter, timeline, 1910
Waller, Lewis. Notecard with handwritten annotation by Houdini, undated
Waring, Andrew G. Letters, 1908, 1912
Watson, A. Letter, 1914
Watson, W. J. Letters with "crook" and "this man is all wrong" annotation by Houdini, 1911, undated
Weiss, Theo "Dash" [billed as Hardeen, Houdini's brother]. Letters (one from Alf M. Holmes addressed to Dash; other side of page is typed letter to Houdini from Theo), two carbon letters from Houdini, 1906-1907, undated
7.9 Welsh, Charles. Letter, postcard, facsimile chapbook "Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog," 1908
Weltman, I. Postcard, 1916
Wendell, E. Jansen. Letter, 1916
Werner, Francis J. Letters, notes from Society of American Magician meetings, 1904-1916
7.11 Weyer, Alex. Letters, telegram from Houdini, 1901-1914, undated
7.9 Whitaker, H. Letter with "TRAITOR" annotation by Houdini, 1909
White, Oliver. Letter, 1917
Whitely, Henry. Letters, photograph card, 1903-1904, undated
Widmann, Willy. Letter and note (German), 1913
Widmayer, Frank B. Letters, 1905-1916
7.10 Wighton, Ernest. Letters, 1914, undated
Williams, _____[?]. Letter, 1901
Williams, C. O. (Australian Society of Magicians). Letters, 1910
Williams, Charles Oswald. Letter, 1905
Williams, Oswald. Letter, 1917
Williams, Geo. L. Letters, 1907
Willmann, Carl. Letters and postcard (German), note written by Houdini, 1900-1909; Typed carbon letter to Willmann from unidentified author about Houdini and Lenz (German), 1903
7.12 Wilson, Dr. A. M. [Editor of The Sphinx]. Incoming and outgoing letters, 1904-1924
7.10 Wilson, Francis. Letter, 1922
Wilson, Mark. Letter, 1913
Wilson, Woodrow. Notecard, 1916
Winckler, Albert [billed as Venturini]. Letters (German), 1904, undated
Windecker, Alexander. Letters, 1908, 1913
osb 2 Wingard, Professor J. Letters, photograph, clipping, 1911-1912
7.10 Wood, Allene. Postcard, 1912
8.1 Wood, Montraville M. Letters [many with illustrations], 1903-1912, undated
7.10 Wood and Bates. First page of letter, 1903
Woodward, L. M. Letter, 1914
Worth, E. M. Letters, 1906, 1914
Wyatt, Clayton. Letters, 1907, 1910
8.2 Zada, Ali (born Charles Logrenia). Letter, undated
Zangrell, Israel. Postcard, 1916
Zelka, Wilfred C. Letters, 1907
8.3 Unknown / Illegible. Partial letters, letters with illegible signatures
8.4 Conjurers' Monthly Magazine. Letters from individuals to the Editor, 1906-1908
8.5 Empty envelopes addressed to Houdini, 1907-1923
R10 Damaged envelopes, 1907-1923
8.6 Stamps removed from envelopes
Subseries B. Letters from Houdini, 1901-1926, undated
To Bess Houdini
8.7 1902-1926. Letters and notes [letter dated 22 June 1926 includes note dated 22 June 1927 by Bess Houdini about spending her first wedding anniversary alone]
8.8 Undated. Notes left by Houdini for Bess [one has an explanation by Bess]
8.9 Outgoing letters. Assorted carbon copy letters to various recipients, 1904-1920
Subseries C. Third-Party Letters, 1901-1921, undated
8.10 To Bess Houdini from others, 1907, 1912, undated
8.11, osb 3 To Theo "Dash" Weiss [billed as Hardeen] from others (one is carbon letter from Hardeen to Billboard Magazine), cabinet card portrait of Albert Hill, 1901, 1921, undated
8.12 To Franz Kukol (Houdini's assistant) from Olga Heyer (German), 8 November 1911
8.13 From Leopold Weiss to "Dear Madam," 1902

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Series III. Writings, circa 1894-1926, undated

Subseries A. Magician Research and Notes, circa 1900-1910
9.1 A
9.2 B
9.3 C-F
9.4 H-K
9.5 P-R
Robert-Houdin, Jean Eugène
9.6 Notes typed by Houdini, 28 June 1902; 'Material that Robert claimed as his own brain work and which was NOT the truth.' Typed notes, undated
9.7 S-Y
9.8 Interview and other typed notes
9.9-10, osf 10 Assorted. Notes and jottings about various magicians and illusionists
9.11 Unidentified notes. Filing instructions and other notes, undated
Subseries B. Book-Length Works, circa 1908-1926, undated
A Magician Among the Spirits (1924)
10.1 Notes and typescript segments about 'Mediums,' 1923-1924
10.2 Edits. Handwritten and typed lists of revisions, including outgoing correspondence to Harper and Brothers, 1924
10.3 Errata and Addendum. Handwritten and typed list of corrections to first published edition (Houdini printed this at his own expense and included them in the copies he sent to friends and associates), 1924
10.4 Lists of recipients of published book, 1924
10.5 Letters from publishers, publication quotes, requests for books, locations of various draft copies, 1923-1924
10.6-7 Requests for permission to publish, 1924
10.8 Advertising leaflet and order form, circa 1924
10.9-10 First edition (Harper and Brothers, 1924). Extensive corrections in text made by Houdini with pages inserted (given to Arthur W. Rushmore of Harper and Brothers by Houdini and to be held for any future revised editions in the event of Houdini's death [feared he was in danger]), original envelope, circa 1924-1926
The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin (1908)
11.1 Notes and fragments. Handwritten notes, typed draft fragments, clippings, undated
11.2 Draft. Partial typescript with edits, undated
11.3 Advertisement copy [?], undated
Subseries C. Unidentified Manuscripts, undated
11.4 Handcuffs, Keys and Instructions Regarding Same. Carbon copy typescript with Chapter XV written at the top [possibly part of Handcuff Secrets (1910)?], undated
11.5 Henry Evans Evanion. Typed memorial [possibly published in Conjurers' Monthly Magazine or M.U.M.], undated
11.6, osb 10 Historical Lock Pickers. Typescript drafts, one with handwritten edits (osf 10), undated
11.7 An Interesting Scrap Book. Typescript draft, undated
11.8 Locks. By Houdini at the Palladium. Typescript drafts (one with edits), undated
11.9 Philadelphia Material. Typed research notes about several magicians (including notations regarding associated material owned by Houdini and in his magic collection) to be used for an article, undated
11.10 Sensational Escape from Police Handcuffs. Draft, undated
11.11 Untitled. Handwritten manuscript about J. Warren Kean and the "Askme" mystery machine [missing first page and not Houdini's handwriting; appears to be intended for publication in a magazine], undated
Untitled. Handwritten manuscript about Dr. Fergus [only page 5 is present; possibly a short story; handwriting is uncertain, but possibly Houdini's], undated
Untitled. Typescript about Breeton [only page 2 is present; appears to be a short story], undated
Untitled. Handwritten manuscript [only one page; nothing in it is identifiable; is not Houdini's writing], undated
Subseries D. Published Works by Houdini, circa 1894-1926, undated
11.12 As I Possess the Largest Collection. Clipping regarding Houdini's magic collection, 1916
Warning [assumed to be written by Houdini]. Regarding Arthur Conan Doyle's beliefs about spiritualism, undated
Warning. Regarding Houdini's handcuff patent, 1900
11.13 Billboard. Modest Magicians. Clipping, 10 December 1921
osb 2 Hearst's Weekly. Nearly Dying for a Living. Partial printed article, 1919
11.13 M.U.M., The Society of American Magician's Monthly. Alexander Weyer. Tear sheet, May 1921
Duplicates removed to Box D2
New York American
11.13 Spiritualists Who Prey on Rich Exposed. Clipping, 15 August 1925
Houdini Unmasks Hoodwinkers of Rich. Clipping, 16 August 1925
Popular Science Monthly clippings
11.13 Lessons in Magic by Houdini. Clipping, January 1926
My Rope Escapes by Houdini. Clipping, February 1926
The Vaudeville News. Discusses Conditions in the British Isles. Newsletter, 20 August 1920
11.14 Letters to Editors. Clippings, 1910-1921, undated
Pamphlets and Booklets
Harry Houdini The Adventurous Life of a Versatile Artist
11.15 1910
11.16 1922 Revised edition
11.17 Letter, 1923
11.18 Houdini Exposes the Tricks Used by the Boston Medium "Margery" to win the $2500 prize offered by the Scientific American, 1924
Duplicates removed to Box D2
R11 Magic Made Easy by Professor Houdini, King of Cards and Handcuffs. Booklet advertising Houdini's School of Magic, circa 1898
11.19 The Marvelous Adventures of Houdini, The Justly Celebrated Elusive American. By Harry Houdini, 1917
11.20 Mysterious Harry Houdini - Tricks Requiring No Practice or Special Apparatus. Pamphlet with annotation and autograph by Houdini added 29 May 1921, circa 1894-1895
Short Stories
11.21 Bahl Yahn the Strong Man (The World). Clipping, 26 May 1907
Dan Cupid-Magician (Boston Evening Record). Clipping, 16 April 1908
11.22 To My Mother. Postcard with poem by Houdini and photo of Houdini and his mother Cecilia Weiss, circa 1914

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Series IV. Promotional Material, 1894-1926, undated

Subseries A. Printed Material and Ephemera, 1900-1926
11.23 Advertisement clippings, 1911, 1926, undated
11.24 Advertising copy, 1916
11.25 Handbills, clipping advertisement, 1902-1920
Duplicates removed to Box D2
11.26 Souvenir postcards, 1909
11.27 Conjurors' Monthly Magazine advertisement, 1906
11.28 Harry Houdini at Different Ages of His Career. Image used in various publications, undated
11.29 Martinka's & Co. Magic Shop. Catalog (Houdini owned an interest) with Houdini pictured on back, 1919
National Vaudeville Artists Souvenir Program, New York Hippodrome (Houdini pictured on cover)
11.30 3 June 1917
Duplicates removed to Box D2
11.31 12 May 1918
Programs, playbills, handbills (General)
12.1 1900 November. Wintergartens, Berlin, Germany
1902, 12 July. Colosseum Theater, Essen Ruhr, Germany
1904 March. Hippodrome, London, England
1905, 2, 9 October. Colonial Theater, New York, NY
1909, September 13. Hippodrome, Willesden, UK
1911, September 18. Keith's Theater, Boston, MA
12.1, osb 3 1912, September-October. Circus Busch, Berlin, Germany. Broadside and program
12.1 1913, October 30. Circus Corty-Althoff, Stuttgart, Germany
1914, February 20. Empire Theater, Leeds, UK
1914, June 12. Empire Theater, Nottingham, UK
Duplicates removed to Box D2
1914, July 27. Hammerstein's Victoria Theatre, New York, NY
1915, April 26 (week of). Maryland Theater, Baltimore, MD
Duplicates removed to Box D2
1915, September 5 (week of) Orpheum Theater (Baltimore Ave.), Kansas City, KS
1915 [?]. Palace Theater. Handbill for "The Submerged Water-Filled Iron Bound Box Mystery"
1915 [?]. Handbill for "The Submerged Iron-Bound Box Mystery"
12.2 1916, July 25. Handbill for overboard box escape at Parkway Baths, Brighton Beach, NY
1918, March 10. Naval Training Camp, Pelham Bay Park, NY
1918, April 7. New York Hippodrome Employees Association Annual Benefit for the Sick Fund, Charles Dillingham's Globe Theatre, New York, NY
1918, 28 April. Houdini Night, Elks Club, New York Lodge No. 1, Hippodrome Theater, New York, NY. Program and souvenir program printed on silk
Duplicates removed to Box D2
1920, 12 January. Alhambra Theater, Bradford, UK
osb 3 1920, 19 April. Portsmouth Hippodrome, UK
12.2 1924, 18 February. East Stroudsburg State Normal School Entertainment Course "Houdini" Lecture Demonstrations on Fraudulent Spiritualistic Phenomena, Plaza Theatre, Stroudsburg, PA [program has annotation written by Houdini: 'a very rare [?] prog. On my first lecture tour"]
1925. Souvenir program for spiritualism lecture, Hippodrome Theater, New York, NY
1925. Handbill "Houdini Will Expose and Show the Methods Used by 'Margery'"
1925. Promotional pamphlet "$10,000 Challenge!"
1926, March-April. Three Shows in One, Princess, Theater, Chicago, IL
Subseries B. Posters, 1894-1920, undated
osf 3 Bedford Palace. "Houdini (Himself)," 17 May 1920
Bedford Palace. "Enormous Engagement Houdini (Himself)," 17 May 1920
osb 10 B. F. Keith's Palace Theatre (New York). "Houdini," 9 August 1915
"Challenge to Houdini from U. S. Navy Chief Petty Officers," 1918
osf 9 Circus Busch / Houdini's Neueste Sensation. Lithograph, undated
Coliseum (Glasgow). "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 1 March 1920
Empire (Birmingham). "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 19 January 1920
osf 4 Empire (Cardiff). "Houdini Water Torture Cell" (3 copies), 6 January 1913
Empire (Cardiff). "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 5 April 1920
osf 5 Empire (Edinburgh). "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 23 February 1920
osf 9 Empire (Leeds). "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 8 March 1920
osf 5 Empire (Liverpool). "Liverpool City Police Office," February 1904
osf 9 Empire (Liverpool). "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 2 February 1920
osf 4 Empire (New Cross). "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 7 June 1920
Empire (Newport). "Houdini Water Torture Cell" (2 copies), 3 March 1913
Empire (Nottingham). "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 29 March 1920
osf 9 Empire (Sheffield) "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 15 March 1920
osf 4 Empire (Stratford). "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 16 February 1920
Empire (Swansea). "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 9 February 1920
osf 9 Empire & Hippodrome (Bristol). "Houdini Himself," 24 May 1920
osb 10 Globe Museum (New York City). "First Appearance of the Peerless Prince of Prestidigitateures Prof. Houdini," April 1894
osf 9 The Grand (Bolton). "Houdini Will Forfeit £50" (six copies), December 1908
osf 5 Harry Houdini King of Cards. Lithograph, undated
osf 9 Harry Houdini Mysteriarch. Lithograph, circa 1915
Hippodrome (Brighton). "Houdini (Himself)," 12 April 1920
osf 3 Hippodrome (London). "Houdini the Handcuff King and Famous Gaol Breaker," 1904
osb 10 Hippodrome (London). "Victory! Victory !! Victory !!! Houdini Still King of Handcuffs," 1904
osb 3 Hippodrome (New York). "Houdini's Vanishing Elephant." Original watercolor painting for promotional posters, 1918
Hippodrome (New York). "Houdini's Vanishing Elephant." Watercolor painting, 1918
osf 4 Hippodrome (New York). "Look Out For the Vanishing Elephant." Broadside, 1918
osb 10 Hippodrome (New Castle). "Houdini (Himself)," 26 April 1920
osf 9 "Houdini's Death Defying Mystery." Lithograph, 1908
osf 5 "Houdini Wins Exciting Scene." Daily Mirror Illustrated advertisement, March 19
osf 3 Hull Palace. "The World-Famous Self-Liberator Houdini (Himself)," 22 March 1920
osf 9 Opera House (Melbourne). "Harry Houdini," 26 February 1910
osf 3 Oxford Music Hall. "Challenge - Will He Get Out" (3 copies), 11 November 1908
osb 10 Palladium (London). "Houdini (Himself)," 3 May 1920; 10 May 1920
Pavilion (Glasgow). "Farewell Visit to Scotland of Houdini," 31 May 1920
osb 8 Pavilion (Leicester, England). "Police Invited to Handcuff Houdini" (2 copies), 1902
osb 10 Russian broadside advertising Houdini's appearance in Moscow at Gordon "Aquarium" Garden (2 copies), July 1903
osf 9 "Spiritualistic Entertainment…Mysterious Harry Houdini assisted by Mlle. Beatrice Houdini," circa 1900s
Subseries C. Clippings, 1896-1943, undated
12.3 1896-1899
12.4, osb 9-10 1900-1915
12.5, osb 9 1916-1920
12.6, osb 3, osb 9-10 1921
12.7-9, osb 3 1922
13.1-3 1923
R8 Duplicate issues of Free Press Evening Bulletin [Winnipeg, Canada] newspapers are RESTRICTED
13.4 1924-1925
13.5-6 1926; clipping dated 10/31/26 includes annotation by Bess Houdini written one year later in 1927
13.7, osb 3 1927-1933; "Love Letters of Houdini" removed from The World Magazine, 17 August 1930
osb 10 Mrs. Houdini Futile Tryst with her Husband's Ghost. Article, American Weekly, 7 March 1943
13.8 Undated
Subseries D. Publications about Houdini, 1907-1926
13.9 The American Magazine (March 1928). Kellock, Harold. Houdini--the Master Magician: His Life and Some of His Secrets (the first in five-part series)
13.10 Aus den Geheimakten des Welt-Detektivs: Auf den Spuren Houdinis (German), December 1908
osb 8 Cook, Burr C. The Mystery Man of the Stage. Article removed from Theatre Magazine with cover of publication, March 1923
13.11 Articles from L'Illusioniste. Hand-copied translations of opinion articles by Edouard Raynaly (Editor of the magazine) regarding Houdini's article about Robert-Houdin in Conjurers' Monthly Magazine, May-June 1907
13.12 Reason Quarterly (February-April 1925). Reese, D. D. Houdini Cornered
13.13 Unidentified. Partial booklet with missing pages: cover, 1, 2, 17 plus, circa 1926

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Series V. Photographs, 1900-circa 1920s, undated

13.14 Houdini posed in various restraints. Prints, cabinet cards, circa 1903-1920s
13.15, osb 9 Houdini performing suspended straitjacket escapes. Prints, circa 1915-1918
13.16, osb 9 Houdini performing overboard box escape at Battery Park. Prints, 1914
13.17 'Challenge Houdini' display outside of theater. Copy print, 1911
Houdini backstage inside Chinese Water Torture Cell. Copy prints, circa 1912-1914
Milk can and box used in the Double Fold Death Defying Water Mystery. Copy print, undated
Houdini performing for children. Print, undated
13.18 Reproduced images taken from publications, stationery, postcard, undated
14.1 Houdini Portraits. Cabinet cards, prints, photograph postcards of Houdini, circa 1903-1920s
Bess Houdini and Weiss Family
14.2 Cecilia Weiss (Houdini's mother). Cabinet card portrait, undated
Cecilia Weiss, Bess and Harry Houdini. Cabinet card portrait, undated
Bess and Harry Houdini with dog Charlie and Martin Beck. Mounted print, 1900
Harry Houdini with dog Charlie. Print, undated
Bess Houdini. Print, undated
14.2, osb 2 Bess Houdini. Publicity portraits, circa 1910s
14.2 Bess and Harry Houdini
Bess and Harry Houdini. Greeting card, undated
Houdini (standing) with brothers Nathan (left) and Theo "Dash" (right) with inscription by Houdini. Cabinet card portrait, 1904
Houdini with Others
14.3 Houdini with Sarah Bernhardt. Print, 1917
Houdini with Ching Ling Foo and Theo "Okito" Bamberg [he is incorrectly identified as David Bamberg on the back of photo]. Print, undated
Houdini with Burton King. Print, undated
14.3, osb 3 Houdini with S. S. Baldwin, undated
14.3 Houdini with Charles Morritt. Mounted and laminated prints, undated [photo incorrectly dated 1904]
Houdini with President Theodore Roosevelt. Prints, 1914
Houdini with President Roosevelt's grandchildren, undated
Houdini with T. Nelson Downs. Cabinet card portraits, 6 March 1901
Houdini with Hanlon. Photograph postcard, undated
Houdini with Frank McIntyre [?]. Prints, negatives, undated
Houdini with Bess and members of his act, undated
Houdini with unidentified man in front of iron fence. Print, undated
Houdini with unidentified magician. Prints, undated
osb 9 Houdini with Circumnavigators Club, New York. Banquet print, 25 October 1917
Research and Interests
14.4 Aviation. Houdini flying in his biplane, 1909-1910
14.5 Houdini at Bartolomeo Bosco's grave, circa 1905
Houdini at William Henry Palmer's (Robert Keller) grave, 1916
14.6 Spirit Exposé. Bess and Harry Houdini with assistance from Oscar Teale demonstrating slate switch trick; Houdini demonstrating wax hands, circa 1920s
14.7 Houdini assistants Franz Kukol, James Vickery, and Jimmy Collins identified, others unidentified taken possibly in Niagara region during filming of The Man From Beyond, Milwaukee, and other travel. Snapshot photographs, negatives, clipping about Blondin the Hero Of Niagara (25 May 1861), undated

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Series VI. Personal and Professional, 1903-1927, undated

Screen storage; Access by appointment Aviation. First Aerial Flight in Australia award. Includes Australia Aero League trophy and photograph of Houdini piloting his Voison aircraft, 16 March 1910
14.8 Christmas Card. Printed personalized card picturing Harry and Bess Houdini, 1904/1905
Diary Pages
14.9 "Last Wishes." Note regarding his mother's and Bess's letters [Houdini added to this in June 1915, September 1916, and February 1924], 15 February 1915
Colonel T. Allston Brown. Typed entries, 1917, 1918
June 22. Handwritten entries by Houdini and Bess, 1926, 1927
October 19. Handwritten entry by Houdini noting a speaking engagement at McGill University with note added by Bess, 1926
Jan 8. Handwritten entry by Bess (one of Houdini's loves notes is attached to the page), 1927
"Darling Mother." Handwritten note to Cecilia Weiss, undated
Drawings of Houdini
14.10 Original sketches and caricatures drawn by Fred Velasco (1911), Grant Wright (1924), and unidentified artist; image of Houdini removed from printed material, 1911-1924, undated
osb 3 Painting of Houdini standing near stage door, undated
Financial and Legal
14.11 Cancelled check paid to Houdini from McClure Newspaper Syndicate with annotation on back by Houdini, 1907; Cancelled check paid to Valadon with annotation by Houdini, 1911
14.12 Contract between Houdini and Edward D. Bean for manufacture of thumb grip, 1906; Contract between Houdini and Martha Engel, 1908?
14.13 Personal Receipts, 1903-1904
14.14 Program of Testimonial Dinner Tendered to Hon. Daniel J. Gantt (Houdini is listed as a guest), 15 May 1918
Rare Books and Manuscripts Collecting
14.15, osb 4 General, 1922-1925, undated
14.16, 15.1 Maggs Bros., undated
15.2 Invoices and receipts, 1903-1924
15.3 Lists, notes (including notes by Houdini librarian Alfred Becks about A. M. Wilson collected correspondence), clippings, 1920s, undated
Society of American Magicians
Annual Dinner
15.4 1907. Clipping, 12 May 1907
1908. Menu, souvenir program (printed on four playing cards; Houdini is listed as one performer), admission tickets
15.4, osb 9 1917. Menu, banquet photograph print
15.4, D1 1918. Menu, souvenir program (on silk)
osb 9 1919. Banquet print
15.4 1921. Menu, admission ticket, note regarding member's widows, ticket order forms
1922. Menu
1925. Clipping (laminated)
Clipping, ticket order form, undated
Membership and Meetings
15.5 S.A.M. Stationery, 1923-1924
Odes - For Use in Society of American Magicians Meetings. Card, undated
Member update, December 1907
Notes regarding secret handshake and word, undated
Clippings, 1920-1923
M.U.M. Newsletters [Houdini was an editor and frequent contributor]
15.6-7 Published issues (1916, 1917, 1922-1925 are incomplete runs), 1916-1925
Duplicates removed to Box D1
15.8 Clarke, Kit. Alexander Herrmann (poem). Typescript (published in M.U.M. April 1917), 1917
Clarke, Kit. Putting One Over Herrmann's Manager. Typescript (published as Outwitting Herrmann's Manager in M.U.M. September 1917), 1917
Clarke, Kit. The Story of the Gift Shows. Typescript (published in M.U.M. January 1918), 1918
Crosby, C. Fred. Kit Clarke and His Contemporaries. Typescript (published as Kit Clarke and His Contempories [sic] in M.U.M. October-November 1918), 1918
Other Events
15.9 Remember the Antilles. Program, 11 November 1917
The First Ladies' Night of the Season. Ticket, 25 February 1917
Magic Vaudeville. Program, 30 April 1910
Showmen's Hospital Benefit. Program, 21 April 1918
osb 9 Banquet honoring Houdini, Chicago Assembly. Banquet print, 6 February 1922
15.10 In Memoriam Harry Houdini. Printed sheet, 1926
15.11 Dried flower, undated
Ephemera. Playing card, business cards, invoice, 1900, undated
Household items. List of furniture and dishes handwritten on the back of a handbill for Democratic ticket for Massachusetts election (1877), undated
Journal cover. Notes written in unidentified hand on separated book board [scratched onto cover are the initials HGA; the other side included a name which has been scratched out but appears to be "Harry G. Appleton," 27 April
Mourning card, undated
Stub for Imperial Dry Plate Co. (photo developing) [Circus Busch written on it], undated

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Series VII. Film Career, 1919-1925

15.12 Motion Pictures of Harry Houdini. Typed list, undated
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
The Grim Game (1919)
15.13 Film stills, 1919
osb 14 Title card. One title card (used as a file divider), 1919
Lobby card. Cut in half with music cues on back, 1919
osb 3 Pictorial article from The Sketch about air stunts used in film, 4 February 1920
Terror Island (1920)
16.1 Printed advertisements with photo
Film Developing Corporation / Weehawken Street Corporation
16.2 Mortgage contract, 1920
Financial statements, correspondence (George M. Sachs, accountant; Ernst Fox & Cane, attorney), taxes
16.3 1921
16.4 1922
16.5-6 1923
16.7 1924
16.8 1925
Houdini Picture Corporation
16.9 Haldane of the Secret Service (1923). Film stills, publicity shots, 1923
The Man from Beyond (1922)
17.1 Film stills, 1922
17.2 Newspaper mat molds, 1922
73 Newspaper mat mold plates, 1922
osb 3 Press kit, 1922
Duplicates removed to Box D3
Lobby cards. Eight cards depicting scenes from the film, 1922
Promotional posters
osf 6 Two film scenes: one with Houdini and woman on top of a rock in water, one with Houdini in cabin with two threatening men, 1922
osf 7 "Police Certificates Houdini" (three copies), 1922
"World Famous Cartoonists" (three copies), 1922
Letter from Arthur Conan Doyle (two copies), 22 June 1922
osf 9 Houdini frozen on boat with two threatening men. Lobby poster, 1922
osf 8 Houdini encased in ice. Color lithograph (regular size and oversized in six sections), 1922
Houdini with woman near waterfall. Color lithograph (regular size), 1922
osf 13 Houdini hanging from cliff. Color lithograph (three-sheet), 1922
osb 14 Silent film title cards. Three cards, circa 1922
17.3 Correspondence, empty envelopes, 1922-1923
Mystery Pictures Corporation
Business and Administration
17.4 Bylaws, 1921
17.5 'Copyright Matters.' Correspondence, clipping, 1921
'Customs.' Correspondence, 1921
17.6 'Ernst, Fox & Cane' [Attorney]. Correspondence, 1921-1922
17.7 'H - Miscellaneous.' Correspondence, 1923-1924
'L - Miscellaneous.' Correspondence and contract between Houdini and Bernard Levey, 1922
Miles, Herbert. Letter and notes, 1921
'Paid Bills.' Invoices, receipts, 1921-1922
'S - Miscellaneous.' Receipts, 1922
17.8 Sachs, George M. [Accountant], 1922-1924
17.9 Tahar, Sheik. Correspondence, 1923
'Treasury Department.' Documents related to purchase of film Ashes of Passion, 1922
'V - Miscellaneous.' 1922
'Wood, L. N.' Correspondence and contract between Houdini and Lawrence M. Wood, 1921
Ashes of Passion [original film title Il Mistero di Osiris (The Mystery of the Jewel) later renamed Reincarnation]
17.10 Baine, Agnes Fletcher. Ashes of Passion: Mystery Tale of Old Egypt. Scripts for stage performance (one with annotations regarding revisions), undated
Il Mistero Di Osiris (original Italian production by VeraFilm, Roma)
17.11 Printed story. Pamphlet (Italian), 1919
17.12 Promotional postcards, 1919
17.13 Handwritten English translation, circa 1921
17.14 Carbon copy typescript of English translation, circa 1921
Il Mistero Di Osiris or The Mystery of the Jewel (Talisman)
18.1 Story drafts with edits, 1921
Printed story. Pamphlet, 1921
18.2 Title card script. Typescript draft fragments, complete script, undated
18.3 One Thousand and One Nights. Correspondence and confidential report, 1921
Octagon Film Corporation
The Master Mystery (15-part serial, released 1919), 1918
18.4 Episode 1. Location action, tentative titles, continuity, notes, scripts
18.5 Episode 2. Scene plot, scripts
18.6 Episode 3. Scene plot, scripts
18.7 Episode 4. Scene plot, retakes, scripts
18.8 Episode 5. Scene plot, script
18.9 Episode 6. Scene plot, scripts
18.10 Episode 7. Scene plot, scripts
19.1 Episode 8. Scene plot, scripts
19.2 Episode 9. Scene plot
19.3 Episode 10. Scene plot, script
19.4 Episode 11. Script
19.5 Episode 13. Scene plot, script
19.6 Episode 14. Script
19.7 Episode 15. List of sets, scene numbers, scripts
19.8 Original folder
osb 14 Silent film title cards. 23 cards, circa 1919
Silent film title cards from unidentified film [World War I theme]. Eight complete cards that were cut in half and used as file dividers, 3 incomplete half cards, undated

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Series VIII. Collected Material, circa 1641-circa 1930s, undated

Subseries A. Magician and Entertainer Files, circa 1641-1926, undated
20.1 Abbott, David P. Super Mind Reading. Typed carbon manuscript, undated
osf 10 Abbott, Fant. A Mighty Power. Pamphlet, undated
20.2 Abbott's Magic Novelty Company. Magic trick descriptions, undated
20.3 Agosta-Meynier. Program and business card (French), circa 1920s
20.4 Albany [sometimes billed as Albani]. Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, 29 April 1909
osb 2 Albee, E. F. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 21 August 1916
20.5 Prince Albene. Cabinet card portrait, undated; Clipping of letter to editor by Albene, 28 May 1910; Magic trick descriptions, undated
20.6 Lt. Albini and Dr. Harley. Handbill, 1886
20.7 Albrecht, Professor E. Clipping, undated
20.8 Aldrich, Charles T. Clipping, 1920
20.9 Alexander (The Man Who Knows). Clippings, 1923, undated
20.10 Allyne. Facsimile of playbill (1865), undated
20.11 American Magic Co. Description of apparatus and trick. Typed manuscript, undated
20.12 Anderson, Helen [sometimes billed as Helena]. Playbill, handbills, program, photograph, undated
Anderson, John Henry, Jr.
osb 4 Engraved portrait, 1868
20.13 Program, 1876
Anderson, John Henry, Sr. [billed as Professor Anderson the Wizard of the North]
20.14 Professor Anderson's Note-book or, Recollections of his Continental Tour (four copies), undated
Why Was Professor Anderson Turned Out of the Great St. James Hall?, undated
20.15, osb 12 Handbills, playbills, printed advertisements, program, admission ticket, clippings, articles [one with annotation by Houdini], issues of Professor Anderson's Psychomantic Reporter Round the World [one with annotation by Houdini], 1843-1874
osb 12 The Wizard Spell! Or, the Magic Sketch Book. Printed advertisement sheet, undated
20.16 Items belonging to Anderson and notes by Houdini and Robert Evans. Letters, checks, auction program, etc. 1861-1874, undated
20.17, osb 1 Photographs (one framed), undated
Duplicates removed to Box D1
20.18 Scrapbook. Written on first page "Prof. Anderson Financial Expenses," clippings relate to current events and not related to magic and are glued over the original writing in the book, 1907-1908
20.19 Anderson, Philip Prentice [?]. Cabinet card inscribed to Houdini, 30 March 1906
20.20 Astley, Philip. Engraved portrait, clipping, 1776
20.21 Astor, Philip. Conjuring at Home. Tear sheets from The London Magazine, November 1904
20.22 Antonio, Diavolo and his Three Sons. Transcribed article (1835) on Vogel & Co. letterhead, 1916
20.23 Auber. Clippings, 1871
20.24 Captain Austin. Handbills, 1878
20.25 Awata, Katsnoshin. Program, 1886
20.26 Bailey, Sam Wilson. Cabinet card photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1911
20.27 Baker, Walter. Blank stationery, circa 1910s
20.28 Balabrega. Partial letter to unidentified recipient with annotation by Henry Hatton, undated
osb 8 Ball, Ernest R. Mother Machree. Original music manuscript inscribed to Houdini, 1910
20.29 Bamberg, David Tobias [billed as Papa Bamberg]. Carte de visite portrait, undated; Fragment of broadside, undated
20.30 Bamberg, Tobias ("Theo") [billed as Okito]. Photographs inscribed to Houdini, 1907-1908; Letterhead, 1911; Magic trick descriptions, circa 1920s; Photograph clipping, circa 1920s
20.31 Barnard, Charles. Letter to Professor R. E. Thompson, circa 1910s
20.32 Barnato, Harry. Clipping, 1908
20.33 Barnum, P. T. Autograph cut from letter, October 1860; Excerpt from Figaro with article and photograph of Barnum, 15 July 1874
20.34 Barrabas. Photograph, undated
20.35 Barton-Wright, E. How to Pose as a Strong Man. Tear sheets from Pearson's Magazine, June 1899
20.36 Basch, Ernst. Photographs (one with program on back), undated
20.37 Bassi, Amedeo [opera singer]. Photograph mount with inscription (photo missing), 1908
20.38 Beaumont, J. Clippings, undated
20.39 Becks, Alfred [Houdini's librarian]. Cabinet card photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1920
20.40 Behiron, Mademoiselle. Clipping, 1772
20.41 Bellachini, Samuel. Partial program (German) with Houdini autograph, undated
Belzoni, Giovanni
20.42 Engraved portraits, undated; Murray, John. Description of the Egyptian Tomb Discovered by G. Belzoni. Printed pamphlet with map, 1821; "Memoir of Giovanni Belzoni, Esq." The European Magazine and London Review, August 1822; Burton, Richard F. "Giovanni Battista Belzoni." Article torn from publication, undated; Clipping, 1827
20.43 Prince Bendon (ventriloquist). Autographed photograph, undated
20.44 Berg, Joe. Photographs inscribed to Houdini, 1926
21.1 Bernardi, Costantino. Printed advertisement warning of Bernardi impersonator (German), undated
Bertram, Charles
21.2 Clipping, 1887; Letter to S. Gebney from Bertram, circa 1880s; Letter to Mr. Halton from Mrs. Bertram, 1908; Autograph, undated; Unidentified notes or partial letter, undated
21.3 Bi-Ber-Ti. Clipping, 1911; Photograph with annotation by Houdini, undated
21.4 Bidder, George (human calculator). Engraved portraits, circa 1818
Bishop, Washington Irving
21.5 Second Sight Explained. Handwritten manuscript, undated; Note typed by Houdini, undated; Copy of Bill of Sale of Georgia Eleanor Bishop, 1897
21.6 Blackstone, Harry, Sr. [often billed as The Great Blackstone]. Clippings, circa 1910s-1926
21.7 Blair, Charles E. Broadside (Russian; typed note incorrectly identifies language as Polish), undated
Signor (Antonio) Blitz
21.8 Playbills, 1831-1832, undated; Photographs, 1857, undated; Engraved portrait, undated; Letter to Mr. Jeffreis correspondence with transcript, postcard, 1875
21.9 Engraving plates, engraved calling cards, undated
21.10 Blockson and Burns. Cabinet card portrait, undated
21.11 Blondin, Charles. Clippings, 1859-1862
21.12 Blythe, Vernon [stage name Vernon Castle]. Cabinet card portrait annotated by Houdini, 1906
21.13 Bodie, Walford. Programs, clippings, photographs inscribed to Houdini, 1921-1922, undated
R10 Water damaged photograph and playbill, 1921-1922
21.14 Bolin, Theophile. Cabinet card portrait annotated by Houdini, 1903
21.15 Böning. Clipping (German) with typed note, undated
21.16 Boris, Emil. Photograph, undated
Bosco, Bartolomeo
21.17 Engraved portrait, undated; Letter (German) to unidentified recipient with typed English translation, 14 January 1846; Letter (German) to unidentified recipient, 6 May 1848; Agreement (French) between Bosco and his son Eugene with several typed English translations, 20 May 1852; Typed note by Houdini, undated
21.18 Bose, Somesh Chandra. Clippings, 1923
21.19 Bossler and Schreivogel. Letterhead, 1910
21.20 Bouvelard. Broadside, 1790; Clipping with handwritten manuscript, 1795
21.34 Herr Bowman and LaZola. Playbill, circa 1900s
21.21 Boziwick, G. F. Program, undated
osb 4 Breda, Vera. Playbill with annotation by Houdini, 1826
Breslaw, Philip
21.22, osb 12 Clippings, 1771-1803
21.23 Illustrations, engraved portraits, 1830, undated; Handbills, 1780, undated; MUM newsletter. "Breslaw: One of the Great Mystifiers of the Eighteenth Century…" by Houdini, July 1920
21.24 Hughes, T. and R. "Breslaw's Last Legacy; or, Magical Companion: Containing all that is Curious, Pleasing, Entertaining, and Surprising." Printed booklet, 1802; Tegg, Thomas. "Breslaw's Last Legacy; Or, The Whole Art of Legerdemain: Being the best Collection of Tricks on Slight of Hand, &c." Printed booklet, 1803
21.25 Brooks, Joe. Clipping, 1922
21.26 Brown, George W. Cabinet card portrait, undated
21.27 Brown, Henry "Box." Playbills, admission tickets, typed note by Houdini, 1868-1878
osb 4 Buck, Mons. Broadside, 1838
21.28 Buckley, Arthur H. Buckley's New and Improved Effects with Cards: A Series of Twelve Problems, Numbers 1 and 2 (Magic Products Company, August 1921). Booklets, 1921
21.29 Burgess, Harvey J. Photograph postcard, undated
21.30 Burk the Magician. Letterhead, 15 August 1911
21.31 Burlingame, Charles L. Third-party letter to Francis T. Fritz, 1903
21.32 Burman, Firbank. Clipping [incorrectly spelled Burmain], undated
21.33 Burns, E. S. Business brochure, undated; Atlas Trick & Novelty Co., Chicago, Illinois. Blank stationery, circa 1910s
22.1 Caesar the Great and Co. Program printed on ribbon, photographs inscribed to Houdini, advertisement, 1907
22.2 Cagliostro, Count. Engraved portrait with typed note by Houdini, 1785
22.3 Canton Magic Crafters. Letterhead, undated
22.4 Card, Madame Gilliland. Clippings, 1872-1880
22.5 Carlos, Sennor [sic] Don. Letter to Madame Rassochin [illegible] (German), 7 September 1900
22.6 Carlton, A. Photographs inscribed to Houdini, clippings, empty envelope, program, 1902, undated
22.7 Carrington, Hereward. "Side-Show Tricks Explained," Little Blue Book No. 1279. Printed booklet, 1928; "Gamblers' Crooked Tricks: A Complete Exposure of Their Methods." Little Blue Book No. 1285. Printed booklet, 1928
22.8 Carter, Charles J. Printed brochure, undated; Clippings, 1923
22.9 Catulle, Charles. Catalog of illusions, stationery, circa 1920s
22.10 Dr. Cavendish. Playbill, partial broadside, 1880
22.11 The Celebrated Indian (of Madras). Playbill, circa 1880s
22.12 Chabert, Ivan Ivanitz [also known as Xavier Chabert]. Engraved portraits and illustrations, 1829, undated; Clippings, 1826-1830; Broadsides, 1822, 1828; Letter to Mr. Collins, 1818
22.13 Chamberlins' Shows. Letterhead, 1911
22.14 Mr. Charles. Playbills, 1817-1829; Clipping, 1814
22.15 Chase, C. Milton. Clipping, undated
22.16 Chase-Kramer, Grace. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1916
22.17 Chefalo and Capretta. Advertisement, blank stationery, undated
22.18 Cherry, A. Clippings, 1886-1887
22.19 Chester. Letterhead, undated
22.20 Chimes, E. Handbill, 1917
22.21 Chinese performers. Program, 1851; Clipping, 1817
22.22 Cinquevalli, Paul. Engraved caricature removed from a publication, 1886
22.23 Clarence, H. G. Business brochure, circa 1890s
22.24 Clark, Joseph. Engraved portrait, circa 1700s
22.25 Clark, Owen. Photograph postcard, undated
Clarke, Kit
22.26 Clippings, 1874-1918; Tintype photograph of members of Forepaugh's Circus including Kit Clarke, 1873; Notes typed by Houdini, undated; Clarke, Kit. "Fishing with Thaddeus Norris." Tearsheets removed from The American Angler, March 1918
22.27 Claud "The Magician." Letterhead, undated
22.28 Clempert, John. Letter to Variety Theatre Co., 1913
22.29 Cleveland, John H. Letterhead, undated
22.30 Clivette. Advertisement, reprinted article, 1918
22.31 Compagnie D'Accessoires Magiques. Letterhead, 1911
22.32 Compton, Allen J. Letterhead, 1911
22.33 Comte. Letter (French) to Monsieur Capelle, 1832; Typed note by Houdini, 1916
osb 2 Connelly, Jane (actress in The Man From Beyond). Publicity portraits inscribed to Bessie and Harry Houdini, 1920s
22.34 Cooke, G. A. Paper photograph mount (photo missing) autographed by Cooke, 27 May 1898
22.35 Cooper, J. C. and R. W. and H. F. Crittenden. Letterhead, undated
22.36 Corelli, Blanche (Compars Herrmann's daughter). Photograph inscribed to Mr. and Mrs. Houdini, 1910
22.37 Corenth and Co. Business brochure, 1922
osf 10 Corsi. Partially transcribed playbill, undated
22.38 Courtney. Clipping, 1920
22.39 Coussinet, Albany. Program (Dutch), undated
22.40 Coutts, John. Clipping, 1922
22.41 Cranbrook, W. H. M. Playbill, 1842
22.42 Crane, Lawrence. Cabinet card photographs inscribed to Houdini, undated
22.43 Crawford, Mrs. A. Herbert. Clipping, 1922
22.44 Cucchiani. Admission ticket, undated
22.45 Cuerton, Daniel. Clipping, 1803
22.46 Cumberland, Stuart C. Letter to Sri Clare, undated
22.47 Cunning "The Jail Breaker" [also billed as Doc Cunning]. Advertisement, undated
22.48 D. Robbins & Co., Inc. / E-Z Magic. Magic trick description, undated
22.49 Daarna the Fakyr. Program (Dutch), 1881
22.50 Dakamon. Handbill, 1914
22.51 Daly, Madame Estelka. Business card, circa 1912-1913
22.52 Daniels, J. C. Business brochure, undated
22.53 Danrog, Tournée. Business brochure (French), undated
22.54 Davenport Brothers. Cabinet card portraits (1865-1869) inscribed to Houdini (1908-1909); Clippings, 1865, undated; Program, undated
22.55 Davidson, A. F. Business postcard, undated
22.56 Day, Harry. Cabinet card portrait autographed by Day, undated
De Biere, Arnold
22.57 Contract, 1911; Programs and advertisements, 1914-1918; Photograph postcard, undated; Clippings, 1914-1915
22.58 Dr. De Buatier. Program [Professor Logrenia advertisement on back], clipping, circa 1860s-1880s
22.59 De Jallé. Playbill (Spanish), 1911
de Kolta, Buatier
22.60 Letter to unidentified recipient (French) with typed translation, 1879; Letters to Mr. DeVere (1875) with typed translations, one with note written by Cheevre (1909); Letter to Albany (French) with typed translation, 1888; Letter from Alice B. de Kolta to Mrs. Martinka, 1903; Photographs, 1902, undated; Advertisement from program, undated; Clipping, undated; Program, 1903; Calling card for Madame de Kolta, undated; Handwritten biographical notes, undated
22.61 De Lawrence, George. The Mysteries of Crystal Gazing. Booklet, 1921
22.62 De Louie, Professor. Handbills, 1875-1883
23.1 de Loutherbourg, Philip James. Clipping, 1793; The Hive printed newssheet, circa 1790s
23.2 De Manche. Program, circa 1890s
23.3 De Rovere, Jules. Clipping, 1828
De Vere, Charles
23.4 Photograph postcard inscribed to Houdini, 5 April 1909; Photographs of De Vere at different ages, undated; Programs, 1863-1875; Brochure, letterhead, advertisement for Paris and London magic shops, 1909, undated; The Entr'arte and Limelight newspaper with illustration and advertisement, 16 October 1875; Letters from Helena Anderson (1874), Oscar Anderson (1874), L. M. Anderson (1875)
23.5 De Vere, Clementine [billed as Ionia]. Business card, undated
De Verli, Emile
23.6 Journal notebook containing pasted-in De Verli programs, clippings, advertisements (French), 1876-1892
23.7, osb 4 Programs (French, Flemish?), 1874-1909
Duplicates removed to Box D1
23.7 Handbills, undated; Clipping, 1880; Photograph postcard, undated; Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, 1909; Journal notebook with clippings, handbills, 1860-1882
Duplicates removed to Box D1
23.8 Dean, Guy D. Business card, undated
23.9 Dr. Dee. Program, 1877
23.10, osb 2 Deodato, Joseph. Cabinet card photographs, undated
Devant, David
23.11 Handbill, 1896; Programs, 1913-1916; "Tricks at the Card Table" from The Royal Magazine, 1909; "More Tricks at the Dinner Table" from The Royal Magazine, April 1909; Clippings, 1911, 1917; Christmas card, 1909
Duplicates removed to Box D1
23.12 D'Jalma, Prince Sadi. Clipping (1878) with annotation by Houdini, undated
Herr Dobler [real name William George Smith Buck].
23.13 Handbills, programs, 1863-1885; Clippings, 1904, undated
osb 12 Engraved portrait, undated; Broadside with annotation by Houdini (also playbill attached to the back, undated), circa 1880
Döbler, Ludwig Leopold
23.14 Clippings, 1844-1846; Programs, 1842-1844; Engraved portrait, circa 1820s-1830s; Printed poem with engraved illustration, undated; Letters from Döbler to unidentified recipients (German; 1809, 1842, 1844) with German transcripts
23.15 Doctor, Signor Joseph. Playbill, 1793
23.16 Doidge, Robert W. Advertisement, circa 1920s-1930s
23.17 Dolan, Edward F. Business brochure, undated
23.18 Dooley, Edward J. Cabinet card portraits, circa 1890s
23.19 Dowley, J. E. Letterhead, 1909-1910
Downs, T. Nelson
23.20 Cabinet card portraits (one inscribed to Houdini), 1909, undated; Photograph postcards (one mailed to Houdini), 1898; Letters to Sargent (1895, 1897) and Friend Elliot (undated); Letter to "My dearest friend" from unidentified (only first page of letter), 1900; Typed biographical note by Houdini, undated; Playbill, 1899; Letterhead, 1896; Clippings, undated
23.21 Doyle, Arthur Conan. Photograph portrait inscribed to Houdini, 1920
23.22 Dun, William Moy. Calling card, undated
23.23 Dunbar, Charles C. Program, 1880; Business brochure, undated
23.24 Dunninger, Joseph. Clipping, 1923
23.25 Durham, E. H. and Jabo the Educated Baboon. Letterhead, 1911
23.26 Duval and Howarde. Playbill, 1904
osb 4 Eagle, Bernardo. Playbills, 1837, undated
24.1 Earles, B. [?]. The Great Wizards' Hand-Book of Magic. Or Parlour Entertainment and Fortune-Telling By Cards. Booklet with pages from other publications laid in with annotation by Houdini, circa 1850s[?]
24.2 Edelson the Enchanter. Playbill, 1909
24.3 Edwyns, James. Business brochure, circa 1884
24.4 Egerton, Grace. "All Round the World & Home Again." Miniature chapbook, circa 1873
24.5 Eidel, H. H. Letterhead, undated
24.6 Eleonore. Portrait postcard, undated
24.7 Elliott, J. [not James]. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, undated
Ellison, Saram R.
24.8 Sargent, Epes W. "Saram W. Ellison." Booklet about the Ellison magic collection, 1915; Advertisements and article about collection, undated; Photographs of wand collection, undated
osb 12 Newspaper excerpts with annotations by Houdini, 1917
24.9 Ellsler, Effie. Clipping, undated
24.10 Ellwood. "100 Minutes in Kweer Kompany." Program, circa 1901
24.11 Elmina. Photograph, undated
24.12 Elsdon Novelty Company. Letterhead, undated
24.13 Elymas the Sorcerer. "Elymas the Sorcerer Struck Blind." Engraved illustration, undated
24.14 Emilie, Madame. Printed advertisements (English and French), 1851
24.15 Epstein, Adams. Cabinet card photographs, 1901
24.16 Epstein, Chevalier Docteur. Printed advertisements, 1870; Clipping, 1869
osb 4 Erivoi. Photographs inscribed to Houdini, undated
24.17 Ernesto. Letterhead, undated
24.18 Ervin, E. G. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, undated
24.19 Essauvas. Postcard advertisement, undated
Evanion, Henry Evans
24.20 Evanion's first letter to Houdini (undated) with note typed by Houdini, undated; Evanion's ventriloquist act with typed note by Houdini, undated
24.21, osb 12 Evanion's autobiography, undated; Financial and legal documents, 1869-1880, undated; List of Evanion's collection, undated; Correspondence to and from Evanion with others, 1858-1897; Business card, ephemera, 1840, 1897, undated
24.21 Cabinet card portraits (one inscribed to Houdini; two with annotations on back), 26 May 1904
Duplicates removed to Box D1
24.21, osb 12 Clippings, 1862-1874, undated
24.22 Evanion's handwritten notes regarding his act and tricks, circa 1850s-1890s
24.23, osb 12 Evanion's notes on magic, circa 1850s-1890s
Programs, playbills, handbills
24.24 1850s
24.25, osb 12 1860s
24.26, 25.1, osb 12 1870s
Duplicates removed to Box D1
25.2-3 1880s
Duplicates removed to Box D1
25.4 1890s
Duplicates removed to Box D1
25.5 undated
Duplicates removed to Box D1
Evans, Henry Ridgely
25.6 Photograph, undated; Flying Leaves from the Journal of a Mystic and Mason, No. III, "Trewwyism." Tearsheets, undated; Flying Leaves from the Journal of a Mystic and Mason, No. IV, "The King of Conjurers." Tearsheets, undated; Letter from Harry S. Thompson with Evans bibliography, 1904
25.7 Signor Fabra. Playbill, circa 1800s
25.8 The Fakir [Alfred Silverstein, Sr.?]. Playbill, 1868
25.9 The Fakir of Oolu [Alfred Silverstein, Jr.?]. Playbills, 1873
25.10 Falck. Handbill, 1835; Clipping, 1835
25.11 Farley. Program, 1852
25.12 Farnum Brothers (Dick and Joe). Advertisement clipping, circa 1910s
25.13 Faustino. Handbills (French), undated
Fawkes, Isaac [sometimes spelled Fawks]
25.14 Notes by and letter to Houdini, 1904; Facsimile reproduction of 18th century newspapers held at Harvard University, 1723-1726
25.14, osb 4 Clippings and articles, 1717-1782; Engraved portraits, undated
Fay, Anna Eva
25.15 Somnolency and Guide to Dreams by Anna Eva Fay. Booklet, 1900; Clippings, 1904, undated; Photograph postcard inscribed to Houdini, undated; Letter from Fay's manager Harry F. Jordan to Mr. Henderson written on Fay stationery, 1899
25.16 Fay, Eva. Carbon copy typescript of advertising copy, 7 November 1925; Clippings, 1922-1923
25.17 Fenner, C. Foster. Admission tickets, 1919
25.18 Festa, Professor [Madame Festa also listed]. Handbill, program, clippings, 1882
Duplicates removed to Box D1
25.19 Fields, Eddie. Photographs, undated
26.1 Fischer and Sey. Stock prospectus for The United Magic Corporation, 1920s
26.2 Fisk, Dode. Letterhead, circa 1909-1910
26.3 Fiske, Reverend Theophilus. Clippings, 1851-1852
26.4 Fitzgerald, Eddie. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1912
26.5 Flammarion, Camille. Clippings, 1922
26.6 Florentine. Playbill, circa 1880s
26.7 Floyd, Professor W. E. [also billed as The Floyds]. Playbills, 1880-1889; Illustrated programs, circa 1897-1909; Excerpt from The Sphinx, August 1919; Letterhead, 1910s; Typescript advertising copy, undated
Duplicates removed to Box D1
26.8 Fly and Cumberland. Clipping (German), 1921
26.9 Follett. Program, 1878
26.10 Foon, Ah. Clipping, 1914
26.11 Four Fords. Photograph, 1908
26.12 Fowle, Joseph. Playbill, circa 1860-1880s
26.13 Fowler, Gus. Clipping, 1923
osb 12 Fowler, Professor O. S. Program regarding phrenology, undated
26.14 Fox, Imro. Clippings, 1890; Playbill, program, 1890
26.15 Frakishimer [?]. Telegram message (German), 1902
26.16 Frevoli, Frederic. Clipping, 1907
26.17 Frickell. Printed advertisements (one with annotation), circa 1880s-1890s
26.18 Frikell, Adalbert. Programs, 1881-1882
Frikell, Wiljalba
26.19 Telegram sent by Houdini to Bess Houdini regarding first visit to Frikell, March 1903; "Last words written by Frikell found in his dress suit after death." Illegible German words written in pencil on scrap of paper and annotated by Houdini, October 1903; Postcards Houdini sent to himself on the day Frikell died, October 1903; Cabinet card photo of Houdini standing in front of Villa Frikell, 1903; Cabinet card portrait of Frikell and his wife annotated by Houdini, 1903; Printed memorial thank you note from Marie Frikell, 15 October 1903
26.20 Programs, 1857; Admission tickets, 1857, undated; Business cards, undated; Engraved portrait and illustration, undated; My Répertorre: New Entertainment of Natural Magic (Without the aid of any apparatus), entitled Two Illusions. Chapbook, undated
osf 10 Sheet of printed quotes by Frikell, undated
26.21, osf 10 Clippings (some in German), 1858-1872, undated
26.22 Small envelope printed with name and image of Frikell containing grains of unidentified material, undated
26.23 Straight pin given to Houdini attached to handwritten note: "Mrs. Frikell made me a present of this. Mr. F used to wear it."
osb 12 Frith, W. P. Newspaper excerpt, 1909
osb 2 Frölich, Josef. Excerpt from publication (German) with annotation by Houdini, circa 1920s
26.24 Ganthony, Robert. Programs [one also includes Nellie Ganthony], 1890, 1896
26.25 Gardiner. Letterhead, circa 1910s
26.26 Genther, Wells. Classified ad, undated
26.27 Gifford, Robert and Nellie [billed as The Giffords]. Letterhead, undated
26.28 Gill'o, Pierre. Advertisement (French) removed from German publication, 1903
26.29 Signor Girard. Playbill, circa 1880s-1890s
Girardelli, Josephine
26.30 Broadside, undated; Clippings, undated
26.30, osb 2 Engraved portraits, 1823
26.31 Glasgow Society of Magicians. Program, 1920
26.32 Glover, C. Roswell. "Amalgamation: A Method Whereby the Magicians of American Can Combined in United Effort and Movement." Printed pamphlet, circa 1920s
Duplicates removed to Box D1
26.33 Goldberg. Clipping, engraved portrait clipping [article about Horace Goldin on back], undated
Goldin, Horace
26.34 Programs, 1902-1911; Photograph postcard, undated; Typed statedment regarding Selbit signed by Goldin, undated; Garyn, Pat, Ed. Horace Goldin Suggests… Publicity suggestions for B.F. Keith Circuit Theaters. Pamphlet, 1921; Horace Goldin against Clarion Photoplays Inc., Supreme Court. Brief for Plaintiff-Appellant [mentions Harry Houdini in testimony]. Typescript and printed copies, 1922; Clippings, 1903-1920, undated
Goldston, Will
26.35 Will Goldston's Easy Road to Magic in Seven Lessons. Publication, 1916; Will Goldston's Card System of Exclusive Magical Secrets. Publication, 1920; Postcard from J. M. Hartz to Goldston, 4 July 1898
osf 10 Secrets of the Magicians by Will Goldston. Newspaper excerpts from American Weekly, 1935
27.1 Gollmar Brothers. Letterhead, undated
27.2 Gottschalk, E. Photograph of The Old Print Shop inscribed to Houdini, 1916
27.3 Grdina. Letterhead, 1911
27.4 Greatrakes, Valentine. Excerpt from The Penny Magazine, 1841
27.5 Green, Prince Carleton. Playbill, circa 1880s
27.6 "Ma" Green. Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, undated
27.7 Green the Wizard and Mademoiselle Agnes De Vere [separately billed]. Handbill, circa 1880s-1900s
27.8 Grey, Sylvia. Carte de visite portrait, undated
27.9 Grigorowitsch, Josef. "Prospekt des Magnetopat Josef Grigorowitsch." Pamphlet (German) annotated by Houdini, circa 1900s
27.10 Guertin, Professor. Playbill, circa 1880s-1890s
27.11 Guibal. Clipping, undated; Note typed by Houdini, undated
27.12 Gutekunst, F. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1917
27.13 Gylleck Brothers (Olaf T. and Elmer). Playbill, 1917
27.14 Gyngell, Gellini. Clipping, 1867
27.15 Haas. Handbill, undated
27.16 Halbert. Handbill, circa 1850s
27.17 Hall The Original Man of Mystery. Letterhead, undated
27.18 Halloran, Daniel J. "Professor Halloran's Sensational Mind Reading Tricks." Published booklet, 1913
27.19 The Great Hambujer. Handbill, 1860
27.20 Hamilton, Tody. Stamp, undated
27.21 Hana San The Mystifying Geisha Girl. Letterhead, 1911
27.22 Hancock and Hancock (Professor W. H. Hancock assisted by Mrs. W. H. Hancock). Stationery, circa 1900s
27.23 Hanlon, George and Edward. Excerpt from publication with annotation by Houdini, circa 1860-1865
27.24 Harcourt. Clipping, undated
27.25 Hardeen [Theo "Dash" Weiss; Houdini's brother]. Printed advertisement and card, undated; Portrait clippings, undated; Partial program, undated
27.26 Harmon, Professor A. Programs, 1877-1879
27.27 Harned, Virginia. Postcard advertisement, undated
27.28 Professor Harry. Playbill, circa 1880s
27.29 Harry, Marshall. Clipping (French), 1922
osb 12 Hartz. Playbills, undated
27.30 Hartz, Gus. Cabinet card portraits, undated
Duplicates removed to Box D1
Hartz, Joseph Michael
27.31 Programs [some mistakenly spelled Hart], 1865, undated; Handbills and playbills, 1858-1859; Clippings, 1859, 1879; Printed newspaper with 'very rare' annotation by Houdini, 1874
osb 4 Broadside, circa 1840s
27.32 Hartzman. Handbill, undated
27.33 Harvey, Martin. Photograph postcard, undated
27.34 Haselmeyer, Louis. Biographical manuscript by Houdini, undated; Program, 1868; Playbill, 1865?; Clippings, 1873
27.35 Hathaway & Co. Photograph of sword box, undated
27.36 Hatton, Henry [born Patrick Henry Cannon]. Printed advertisement, 1886; Letter from St. Nicholas Publishers (William Fayal Clarke), 1909
27.37 Hatton, Henry and Adrian Plate. "Magicians' Tricks, How They are Done." Pamphlet, undated
27.38 Hayes, A. Letterhead, 1911
27.39 Hayman, Al. Photograph with note from Houdini, undated
27.40 Hayman, Joe. Cabinet card portraits (one inscribed to Houdini), 1909
27.41 Haywood, Harry. Letterhead, undated
27.42 Hazelmeyer. Handbills, 1877
27.43 Hecker, H. F. Printed advertisement card, circa 1880s
27.44 Heger. Letterhead, 1911
27.45 Heimbürger, Alexander [billed as Herr Alexander]. Advertisement pamphlets (German), 1878; Program (Spanish), 1849; Handwritten manuscripts and sketches by Heimbürger, undated
27.46 Heleb [or Heteb], Selht [or Selkt]?. Photograph, undated
27.47 Heller, Haidee. Letter to unidentified recipient (note on letter: "invitation to Robert Heller funeral"), circa 1878
Heller, Robert
27.48 Programs, 1851-1878; Clippings, 1868; Printed advertisements, clippings, 1850s-1870s; Letter from Robert Heller to "Dear Sir" with annotation by unknown, 6 July 1878
osb 4 Cover of sheet music for "Twilight Musings, Josephine Mazurka" composed by Heller, circa 1855
27.49 Professor Helles. Handbill, 1870
27.50 Helms, Harry M. Letterhead, undated
27.51 Henrick. Postcard to "Friend Bob," undated
27.52 Mr. Henry. Playbills, 1826-1829; Engraved illustrations, 1820, undated; Letter to unidentified recipient (signed J. Ealtreatt[?]), undated; Clipping, 1829
27.53 Herman, W. Letterhead, 1910
27.54 Hermann, Carlo. Printed advertisement (Portuguese), 1921
27.55 Hermon, Professor A. Printed advertisements, 1879
27.56 Hermon, Harry. "The Secret Out at Last. Hellerism." Partial pamphlet, 1870s
27.57 Hernandez. Printed advertisements, circa 1880s
27.58 Herrmann, Adelaide. Photographs (one with assistant [possibly Milton Hudson Everett]); one inscribed to Houdini, circa 1874-1900s); Playbill [billed with nephew Leon Herrmann], 1899; Clipping and articles by Herrmann, 1899, 1924, undated
Herrmann, Alexander [billed as Herrmann the Great or The Great Herrmann]
27.59 Correspondence to A. Herrmann, 1893-1894; Facsimile photographs, undated; Cabinet card portrait given to Houdini by W. D. LeRoy, 1912; Research notes written by Houdini, undated; Biographical notes, undated; Box office report of Herrmann benefit performance, May 1896
27.59, osb 12 Clippings, 1880-1897
27.59, osb 2 Programs (including for his last performance), playbills, 1874-1896
R10 Printed advertisement, undated
Herrmann, Compars (Carl) [billed as Professor Herrmann]
28.1 Photostats of marriage certificate and German translation, undated; Transcription of legal documents (German), undated; Admission ticket, 1848; First American program, 1866; Letters from Herrmann to "My Dear Friend" (1869) and "My dear friend Philipps (1870); Carte de visite and cabinet card photographs [also photo of Blanche Corelli (Compars' daughter) inscribed to Houdini, 1900], circa 1860s-1880s; Clippings (one with annotation by Houdini), 1848-1887, 1924; The Art of Magic by Chevalier Herrmann removed from North American Review, July 1891; Engraved portrait, undated; Broadside, 1863; Biographical notes, undated
28.1, osb 12 Playbills, programs (some with annotations by Houdini), 1848-1872
28.2 Herrmann, Felix. Clipping, 1920; Partial letter with envelope addressed to Clinton Burgess, 1920?
28.3 Herrmann, Leon [also billed as Herrmann the Great]. Program, 1904; Clipping, 1903
28.4 Herrmann, Willard and Diantha [billed as The Great Herrmanns]. Letterhead, circa 1910s
28.5, osb 4 Hertz, Carl. Playbills, 1906-1908; Program, 1883; Clipping, undated
28.6 Heverly. Photographs inscribed to Houdini, 1924; Advertisement postcards (one autographed), undated; Letterhead, undated
28.7 Heyne, Henry B. Handbill, undated
28.8 Hicks, W. L. Cabinet card photographs (one inscribed to Houdini), 1907, undated
osb 2 Higgins, F. L. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1906
28.9 Hilbert, Frank. Clipping (1905) mounted on sheet with typed annotations by Houdini, 1915
28.10 Hill Bros. (Salida, Colorado). Catalog, 1915
28.11 Hindiana. Printed advertisement, 1903
Professor Hoffman (Angelo Lewis)
28.12 Advertisement for Latest Magic, 1918; Printed photograph inscribed to Houdini, undated
28.13-15 Latest Magic (1918). Typescript with edits, 1918
28.16 Dr. Holden. Handbill, circa 1890s
28.17 Holden, Max. Business brochure, undated; Clipping, undated
28.18 Holland, William. Handbill, 1877; "Life and Adventures of Marian; the Giant Amazon Queen." Booklet by Holland, circa 1882
28.19 Holmes, Alfred M. and Lena A. Program and playbill, 1892, undated; Clipping, 1917; Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, 1904
28.20 Holmes, Donald. Letterhead, 1911
28.21 Herr Holtum. Playbill, circa 1880s
28.22 Home, D. D. Letter to unidentified recipient, 1871
28.23 Homer & Co. Cabinet card portrait, undated
28.24 L'Homme Masqué. Printed business cards, undated
29.1 Hooker, Samuel C. Letters to Harry Kellar, 1916-1917
29.2 Professor Horan. Handbill, undated
29.3 Professor Horman. Broadside, circa 1880s
29.4 Hornmann, Otto. [billed as Hornmann The Great; also owned the Hornmann Magic Company]. Programs, 1894, 1909; Playbill, 1893
29.5 Hornmann Magic Company. Advertisement from The Spinx, 1926; Partial envelope, circa 1920s
osf 10 Houdin and Caroline Houdin. Playbill, 1866
29.6 Houghton, Robert. Program, circa 1880s
osb 4 Hoven, Van. Excerpt from Variety, 1911
29.7 Howell, T. and Neena. Program, playbill, 1885
29.8 Hubbard, Elbert, II. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1918
29.9 Professor Huber and the Wizard Company. Business brochure, undated
29.63 Humberty, Henry. Advertisement clipping, undated
29.10 Hurst, Lulu. Playbill, 1884
29.11 Indian Illusionist. Handbill, 1895
29.12 Indiana Magical Fraternity. Letterhead, undated
29.13 Jack, Tom. Clipping advertisements (German; one with annotation by Houdini), 1911, undated
29.14 Jacobs [billed as Wizard Jacobs]. Clippings, 1859; Auction brochure, 1870
29.15 Jadee, Beebe Zaharra. Program, circa 1880s
29.16 Mr. and Miss Jameson. Programs, 1821
Jansen, Charles [billed as The Great Jansen]
29.17 Brochure, undated; Photographs inscribed to Houdini, 1912; Treasurer's Statement and Box Office Report, 1912;
osb 12 Scrapbook pages with playbills, undated
29.18 Jansen, H. A. [billed as Dante]. Letter from J. O. Valentine on The Great Blitz letterhead, 1901
29.19 Jaquet-Droz, Pierre. "Les Jaquet-Droz et leurs automates" par C. Perregaux. Booklet (French, 1906) inscribed to Houdini, 1907
29.20 Jeans. Postcard advertisement, undated
29.21 Mr. Johnson. Clipping, 1763
29.22 Johnson, Ralph. Photograph of Johnson flying biplane, undated
29.23 The Johnsons. Letterhead, 1909
29.24 Johnson and Gholson. Printed advertisement card, 1915
29.25 Mr. Jonas. Playbills, July-August 1816; Clippings, 1772-1791 with note dated 1807
29.26 Mr. Jones. Printed advertisement, 1814
29.27 Jones, A. L. Letterhead, circa 1910s
29.28 Judd, W. J. Clipping, circa 1800s
29.29 Juggling Mowatts. Photograph clipping, undated
29.30 Kajiyama. Copy for press release, 1930
29.31 Karma. Clipping, 1923
29.32 Karrell. Business brochure, circa 1910
29.33 Katerfelto [also spelled Katterfelto and Caterfelto]. Excerpts from magazines and clippings, 1783-1797; Engraved illustration, 1814
29.34 Kearney and Blair. Letterhead, undated
29.35 Keating, Fred. Publicity photographs, circa 1930s
29.36 Keating, M. J. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1900
29.37, osb 12 Kellar, Harry and Eva. Playbills, programs, 1891-1907; Clipping, article, undated; "Kellar's Aids in Arithmetical Calculations." Pamphlet, 1888
29.38 Kelly and Violette. Cabinet card portrait annotated Kelly and Violet, undated
29.39 Kendall. Photograph with autograph, undated
29.40 Kennedy, King. Letterhead, circa 1910s
29.41 Kennedy and Lorenz. Program, 1895
29.42 Kerini, François. Clipping (German), 1904
osb 4 Kerr & Weston. Publicity photographs of Donald Kerr and Effie Weston, 1918
29.43 Kilby, Quincy. Clipping, 1916
29.44 King, Francis. Clippings, 1902-1904
29.45 Kirsch. Letterhead, circa 1910s
29.46 Mr. Kite. Playbills, circa 1880s
29.47 Kleen assisted by Lillian Lynbrook. Stationery, circa 1910s
29.48 Knapp, Joe. Letterhead, circa 1900s
29.49 Knox [billed as Professor and Madame Knox]. Printed advertisement, circa 1890s; "When Knox the Wizard Came to Town" (poem by Quincy Kilby), Print proof, 1917
29.50 Kobelkoff, Nicolai Wassiljewitsch. Playbill (French), circa 1880s; Clipping, 1885
29.51 Kornman, Freidrich. Business brochure, circa 1880s
29.52, osb 4 Broadsides (German, English), 1857-1871
29.52 Playbills and handbills (German, English), 1858, 1871; Programs (English, Hungarian), 1858-1865; Photograph, undated
29.53 The Great Lafayette. Programs, 1911; Houdini calling card with note written on back by Lafayette accompanied by note typed by S. Smith, 1911; Clipping, undated; Letter from Lafayette to Manager of Alhambra Theatre (Paris), 1911
osb 2 La Devo. Printed advertisement, 1908
29.54 La Mar, Leona. Press release copy, 1927
29.55 Dr. Lamb. Clipping, undated
29.56 Lamb, Frank E. Photograph with autograph, undated
29.57 Lambert, Leslie. Clipping, 1907
29.58 La Miller. Stationery, circa 1900s
29.59 Lamont, Jennie and Albert. Clipping, 7 March 1877
29.60 Lamount, Harry (wire walker). Photograph, undated
29.61 Lane, Arthur. The Philosophy of Life. Printed prose inscribed to Houdini, February 1916
29.62 Mr. Lane. Facsimile with annotation by Houdini stating from "Houl's Everyday Book," undated
30.1 Lane and Ney. Clipping (German), 1901; Program (German), undated
30.2 Lascher. Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, undated
30.3 Laurant. Letterhead, circa 1910s
30.4 Lazern the Mystic. Letterhead, circa 1910s
30.5 Lebert, C. Business brochure with annotation by Houdini, circa 1899
30.6 Lee, Nelson. Playbill, 1832
30.7 Leipzig. Clipping, 1911
osb 4 Professor Le Mare and Alfred Le Mare. Program, circa 1880s
30.8 Lennox, B. Advertisement, clippings, 1854
30.9 Lenormand, Marie Anne. Clipping, circa 1800s
30.10 Professor Leo. Partial playbill, circa 1880s
30.11 Leo, Frank. Letterhead (partial letter on back), 1911
30.12 Leonard, Gus. Advertisement clipping, undated
30.13 The Great Le Roy & Company. Letterhead, circa 1900s; Clipping, 1916; Handbill, undated
30.14 Le Roy, J. A. Photographs inscribed to Houdini, circa 1916
30.15 Leroy, Max. Program (French), undated; Clipping, undated
Le Roy, Servais
30.16 Excerpt from The Royal Magazine, October 1899
30.16, osb 4 Newspaper clippings, 1901, 1920, undated
Le Roy - Talma - Bosco
30.17 Theatre programs, 1916, undated; Travel slip, undated
osb 12 Newspaper clipping, 1915
30.18 LeRoy, W. Playbill, undated
Le Roy, W. D. [later spelled Leroy]
30.19 Business brochures, 1892, 1899
Duplicates removed to Box D1
Catalog, circa 1910s; Cabinet card portraits inscribed to Houdini, 1907-1912
osb 4 Clipping, 1893
30.20 Les Letelliers [Albert and Alma]. Letterhead, circa 1900s
30.21 Lewis, Harry. Letterhead, 1911
Liebholz, Herman
30.22 Clipping, undated; Broadside with annotation by Houdini, circa 1860s
osb 8 Program (undated) with original mailer from Mrs. J. D. Hall to Houdini dated 1920
30.23 Lightner the Wizard. Letterhead, 1906-1907
30.24 Dr. Lind. Handbill, 1888
30.25 Professor Lingerman. Handbills, business card, 1905
osb 12 Loggie. Playbill, 1827
30.26 Professor Logrenia. Playbill and handbill, undated; Program, 1877; Clippings, 1867, undated; Carte de visite photograph, undated; Business card, undated; Letter to Harry Evanion (1872) with annotation by Houdini, 1907
osb 2 Madame and Signor Lorenzo. Playbill, circa 1860s
30.27 Mr. Lowe. Clipping, 1841; Hand-copied transcription of playbills, undated
30.28 Lubin. Program, circa 1880-1890s
30.29 Lunette, Mazie (acrobat). Photographs, undated
30.30 Lynn, Dr. H. S. Program with annotation by Houdini, 1882
Macaire, Sid
osb 4 Advertisement, undated
30.31 Letter from Charles McDonald, 1883; Letter (only page 10) from Selbit, 1903
30.32, osf 10 Macallister, J. M. Playbills (one with note typed by Houdini), 1851, 1878, undated; Engraved portrait clippings, 1851; Business card, undated; Program, undated
30.33 Macaluso, Raphaël. Engraved portrait removed from a publication (French), undated
Maccabe, Frederic [billed as The Great Maccabe]
osb 8 Broadside (fragment), undated
30.34 Clippings, undated; Program, 1867
osf 10 Mack, L. D. [Mack the Magician]. Broadside, undated
30.35 Madewell, Sanders L. Letterhead, circa 1910s
30.36 The Magicians Club. Clipping, undated
30.37 Le Magicien. Advertisement (French), undated
30.38 Professeur Magicus. Program (French), undated
30.39 Magischen Zirkels. Printed advertisements and programs (German), 1912-1920
30.40 Magloire. Clippings, 1861
30.41 Magnus. Program, 1863; Clipping, 1867
30.42 Magnus, Alfredus. Engraved portrait, circa 1800-1840
30.43 Maitland. Clipping, undated
30.44 Herr Maju. Clipping, undated
30.45 Makiro and Company. Letterhead, circa 1910s
30.46 Malini. Clipping, 1904
30.47 Manfre, Blaise [known as The Water-Spouter; Manfredi is written on some images]. Engraved portraits (1794) one with annotation by Houdini, undated; Typed note about 'water trixster,' undated
30.48 Manicardi. Program (French), undated; Note typed by Houdini, undated
30.49 Manning and Class (Russian ballet on high-wire). Photographs, undated
30.50 Marchaud, Flaram. Engraved portrait, circa 1790s
30.51 Mr. Marriot. Printed advertisement, 1831
30.52 Marshall the Mystic. Page removed from Mahatma, June 1899
30.53 Martin, Frank and Madame Annetta. Printed advertisement, circa 1880s
30.54 Martin, Ora A. [billed as Martin]. Clipping, 1923
30.55 Martini, Jacobus. Engraved portrait, circa 1641
30.56 Martino. Handbill, circa 1880s
30.57 Martino, Jean [billed as The Wizard of the East]. Clipping, undated
30.58 Marvelle. Photograph, undated
30.59 Maskelyne, Clive. Postcard to A. W. Gamage Ltd., 1905
30.60 Maskelyne, E. K. Clipping, 1920
Maskelyne, John Nevil
30.61, osb 12 Clippings, 1877, 1906-1917
30.61 Letter to Houdini, 1908; Photographs, 1905-1906; Program for the Italian Exhibition with advertisement for Egyptian Hall performance (p. 2), 1888
Maskelyne & Cooke Entertainment
30.62 Admission ticket, 1889; Clipping, 1913; Envelope, 1880
osb 4 Portrait clipping, 1874
31.1 Matasma. Letterhead, circa 1910s
31.2 Professor Matthews. Clipping, undated
31.3 Maurer, Otto. Catalogue of Magical Apparatus and Illusions, circa 1890s
31.4 Maurice, Robert J. Letterhead, circa 1910s
31.5 Maxey, Sam Long [?]. Cabinet card portrait, undated
31.6 Maxwell the Great. Letterhead, circa 1910s
31.7 The Great McEwen. Letterhead, 1910
31.8 McGuire, Edward G. Letterhead, 1910
31.9 McIntosh, J. B. Letterhead, 1909; Program, undated
31.10 McIntosh, Jim. Letterhead, 1910
31.11 McKinney, J. A. Letterhead, circa 1910s
31.12 The Great McKune. Christmas postcard, 1908
31.13 McKurrio. Letterhead, 1911
31.14 Mehay. Business card, 1872
31.15 Mellini, Hermann. Carte de visite portrait, circa 1863; Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, 1903; Souvenir ticket, undated; Stationery, circa 1900s; Clippings (German), 1902
31.16 Melville, W. ("Billy"). Program, 1887; Handbill, undated
31.17 Prince Mendes. Christmas card, undated
31.18 Merci-Pinetti, Vittorio and Giulia. Photographs inscribed to Houdini, 1921, undated
31.19 Merlin. Clippings, 1788, undated
31.20 Merritt, Raymond. Letterhead, circa 1910s
31.21 Merton, Hal. Cabinet card portrait (one inscribed to Houdini), 1907, undated; Postcard photographs mailed to Houdini, 1907; Photograph removed from program, undated
31.22 Mildred and Rouclere. Program, circa 1880s; Playbills, circa 1880s; Postcard advertisement addressed to Houdini, circa 1907; Cabinet card portrait with autograph, 1907; Typed press release and advertisement card, 1920; Clipping, undated
31.23 Millar, W. J. L. "How an American Brought the Great Italian Wizard before H.M. Queen Victoria. To Which is Added 'Charles Dickens on Actors.'" Booklet, 1899; Calling card, undated
31.24 Miller, Professor C. A. Business brochure, circa 1892
31.25 Miller, Professor J. Programs, 1882-1885; Clipping (possibly not the same Professor Miller), 1864
31.26 Miller, Naida (high-wire). Photographs, circa 1920s
31.27 Miller, Welsh. Advertisement clipping, undated
31.28 Mills, Walter J. Advertisement clipping, undated
31.29 Minerva. Clipping, undated
31.30 Mitchell. Cabinet card portraits, 1893
31.31 Moodaya, Mooty. Playbill, circa 1880s
31.32 Moon, Thomas. Letter from J. Williams and letter from unidentified to unidentified recipient [possibly Henry Evans Evanion] regarding Moon, 1866; Handbill with "very rare" annotation by Houdini), undated; Hand-copied transcription of playbills annotated by Houdini "from Evanion, in his handwriting," undated; Clipping, 1884
31.33 Morphét, Mr. and Mrs. Fred [billed as The Morphets]. Business brochures, undated
31.34 Morris, J. Carte de visite portrait, undated; Clippings, 1868, 1875
31.35 Morritt, Charles. Handbill, illustration removed from publication, 1892; Program [billed as Morritt & Hertz Mysteries with Carl Hertz], 1915
osb 8 Mortimer. Programs, 1881
31.36 Morton, J. Roy. Letterhead for Pygmalions Galatea, circa 1910s
31.37 Morton, W. Letter to Henry Evanion, 1877; Letter to unidentified recipient, 1874
31.38 The Great Mossay. Playbill, circa 1880s
31.39 Mourdiny. Printed circular (German) regarding deceptive performance with annotation by Houdini, July 1902
31.40 Mysterious Lady. Handbill, circa 1880s; Clippings, undated
31.41 "Mysterious Mysticus." Clipping, 1914
31.42 Mysterious Smith Company (A. P. Smith and Madame Olga). Business brochure, 1921; Photographs inscribed to Houdini, 1921
31.43 Mysto, Carl. Program, circa 1900s
31.44 Nadall, Professor Herman [billed with Nellie Davenport and Willard the Wizard]. Playbill, circa 1890s
31.45 Nagyfy. Photograph clipping, undated
31.46 Nandell Amusement Enterprise. Letterhead, 1919
31.47 National Conjurers Association. Newsletter, 1917
31.48 Nelson, Jay (clown juggler). Portrait, undated
31.49 Neuwald, Escamoteur L. Program (German), undated
31.50 Mr. Newman (ventriloquist). Handbill, clippings, 1852
31.51 Newmann, C. A. George. Program, circa 1914-1918
31.52 Newmann the Great. Clipping, undated
31.53 Nicholson (ventriloquist). Clipping, circa 1920s
31.54 Nickle, Robert. Playbills, 1885, undated; "The Life and First Five Years Before the Public of Robert Nickle. The World's Prestidigitateur: Including a Brief Description of His Wonderful Newly Invented Spectacular Sensation Act and Play Entitled Satan in Paradise; Or, Nature Outdone." Booklet with Houdini's autograph, 1869
31.55 Magic tricks taken from Wheaties cereal boxes, circa 1920s; Clippings, circa 1912
osb 8 Printed advertisement for Castle Beer, circa 1920s
31.56 Nicoli. Clippings, 1904
31.57 Professor Nicoli. Business brochure, circa 1890s
31.58 Nixon, W. H. Advertisement copy for sale of Nixon's spirit painting act. Typescripts, undated
31.59 Noakes, Ernest E. Business brochure, circa 1900s
31.60 NoKomis, Dudley. Letterhead, circa 1910s
31.61 Nordini. Playbill with annotation by Houdini, 1904
31.62 Norris, W. S. [billed as Professor Norris]. Handbills and programs, 1869-1877; Pocket calendar advertisement, 1905; Price list for Professor W. S. Norris's Conjuring Depot, circa 1910s
31.63 Northern Magical Society. Letterhead, circa 1910s
31.64 Norwood the Persian Conjurer. Playbill, 1863
31.65 Novomagian Club. Letters to and from Charles Roach Smith and David Diamond, 1829, 1876-1877; Membership certificate, 1842; Notes, 1880, 1884
32.1 Oaks Magical Company (Oshkosh, Wisconsin). Flyers, undated
32.2 Ogan, Albert G. Business brochure, circa 1906
32.3 Professor Oliver. Handbills, 1874-1875; Page from program, 1866
Duplicates removed to Box D1
32.4 Oliver, Professor George W. Letterhead, 1911
32.5 Ornson, J. P. Photograph postcard, one with autograph, undated; Letterhead, 1911
32.6 Osborne, Harold A. Membership cards for Society of American Magicians and invoice, 1914-1917
32.7 Ovettes [billed as The Magical Ovettes]. Postcard advertisement, 1910
32.8 Owen, Charles [billed as Professor Charles]. Clipping, 1917
32.9 Paffen the Great. Letterhead with writing on the back, circa 1910s
32.10 Palaro. Letterhead, circa 1910s
32.11 Pauline, J. Robert. Publicity photographs, circa 1920s
32.12 Paxton, Frank. Publicity photographs, circa 1930s; Carbon copy typescript of advertising copy, 8 December 1931
71.20 Peck, George A. (Greene's Opera House). Empty envelopes, 1900; Letters from: D. H. Pingree (written on Ann Eva Fay stationery), undated; H. M. Howard, 1897
32.13 Peebles, Dr. James Martin. Clippings, 1922
32.14 Peladine, Thomas. Clipping (German), 1904
32.15 Pentz, Collins. "Modern Vaudeville Patter." Chapbook; part of the 'Vest Pocket Series of Magic,' undated
32.16 Pepper, Professor J. H. Handbills, undated; Clippings, 1855-1868; Excerpts from newspapers, 1863-1868; The Mechanic newspaper, 19 December 1868
Duplicates removed to Box D1
32.17 Percival, John H. Program, 1919
32.18 Signor Petro. Playbill with annotation by Houdini, 1830
32.19 Philippe, King Louis. Engraved portrait, undated
32.20 Pierce, Harrie R. Clipping advertisement, undated
32.21 Pinchbeck, Christopher. Clipping (1832) with typed note by Houdini, undated
32.22 Signor and Signora Pinetti. Clipping, 1784
32.23 Plate, Adrian. Banquet menu, 1917; Business brochure, circa 1910s
Poletti, Cavaliere Antonio
41.22 Programs, handbills, 1857-1860; Clippings, 1858-1860; Playbill fragment, 1857
osb 4 Playbill, 1857
32.49 Potter, Richard. Clipping regarding first American-born and African-American magician, circa 1920s
32.24 Powell, Frederick Eugene. Handbill (Spanish), 1911; Portrait clipping, undated
32.25 Major Powis. Clipping, undated
32.26 Prescott, Jack. Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Joe King, 1904
32.27 Price, Charles P. Cabinet card portrait with autograph, circa 1900-1910s
32.28 Prince, Arthur. Clipping, 1921
32.29 Prosopographus. Clipping, 1826
32.30 Prudence, Isa. Handbill, 1847
32.31 Ransome, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Invitation, circa 1881
32.32 Inspector Rautrick[?]. Cabinet card portrait, undated
32.33 The Great Raymond. Clippings (one also includes photo of Ching Ling Foo), circa 1920s
32.34 Rea, John. Playbill, 1818; Clipping, undated
32.35 Rea, Sieur. Clipping, 1792
32.36 Professor Rechnitzer. Playbill, circa 1880s
32.37 Redan, Ellinor. Portrait clipping, undated
32.38 Professor Redmond. Portion of playbill, business brochure, circa 1890s
32.39 Reed, P. W. Letterhead, 1911
32.40 Reman, Jean. Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, undated
32.41 Rhode Island Society of Magicians. Admission tickets, 1917-1919; Program, 1915; Clippings, 1916-1919; Invitation, 1920; Banquet menu, 1914
Rice, Edwin Fay
32.42 Handwritten manuscripts about magicians and his autobiography, undated; Playbills and programs, 1875-1877; Cabinet card portraits, 1878, 1895; Photographs, 1900; Eulogy text, 1919; Copy of statement regarding Gus Hartz, 1917; Card from Katherine H. C_____, December 1918; Letter from Rev. Josiah Coleman Kent regarding Houdini's magic collection and autograph, 1917
32.43 The Richards. Photograph, circa 1920s
32.44 Richards, Ralph and Adelle LaRue. Letterhead, 1911
32.45 Rienz. Clipping, undated
32.46 Ring and Hubbard [Clarence T. Hubbard and P. N. Ring, child magicians]. Business brochure, circa 1910
Ringling, Otto
32.47 Clipping, 1911
Access by appointment Portrait negative [nitrate], undated
Robert-Houdin, Jean-Eugèe
33.1 Character of Time: Robert-Houdin. Handwritten translation of an original French brochure by Lemezeiez de Neville[?] (Paris, 1861), includes photograph of Robert-Houdin with annotation by Houdini [French brochure not present], 1907
osb 1 Photographs of Robert-Houdin's grave and detail of bas-relief (framed), undated
osb 4 Inventory of Robert-Houdin playbills [possibly written by A. Becks], undated
32.48 Letter to unidentified recipient (French) with English translation, 1853; Letter to Dantan (French; letter is damaged and only part of it remains) with English translation, 1856; Letter to unidentified recipient (German) with English translation, 1860; Program, 1849; Title page with photograph of Houdin from Confidences et Rèvélations by Robert-Houdin, 1868; "Robert-Houdin: Conjurer, Author and Amabassador" by Henry Ridgely Evans. Article pages removed from Cosmopolitan, undated; Facsimiles photographs of playbills and other Houdin items, undated; Programs from Théatre Robert-Houdin featuring Méliès and Legris (one with annotations by Houdini), undated; Postcards Houdini sent to himself from Blois, France while visiting Robert-Houdin's grave, June 1902
33.2 Robert-Houdin Club of Kansas City. Photograph removed from publication (Dr. A. M. Wilson pictured), undated
33.3 Roberts & Company. Letterhead, 1911
Robinson, William Ellsworth [later billed as Chung Ling Soo]
Billed as Robinson Man of Mystery with Dot Robinson
33.4 Letterhead, 1897, undated; A Few of Robinson's New Ideas, Catalogue No. 1 by William E. Robinson. Booklet, circa 1897; Alexander Herrmann Prestidigitator by W. E. Robinson. Typed manuscript (published in Scientific American, 20 March 1897), undated; Clipping, 1901
Billed as Chung Ling Soo
33.5, osb 12 Clippings, 1905, 1918
33.5 Handbill with annotation on back, 1900; Program (German), 1901; The Birmingham Pictorial and Dart, 25 April 1902; Souvenir photograph, undated; Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, undated; Photograph of Chung Ling Soo posters at The Palace, 1907; Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson in front of theatre, 1900
33.6 Souvenir pencil, undated
33.7 Roche, Frederick (child illusionist). Business brochure, 1906/1907
33.8 Professor Rodolphe and Mademoiselle Pauline. Playbill, 1873
osb 12 Roggé, Professor F. Broadside (German), 1875
33.9 Professor Rolletti and Grace Clyde. Handbill, 1865
33.10 Roltare, Charles. Program, undated; Postcard advertisement addressed to Houdini, undated; Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1924
33.11 Romaine, Professor L. Playbill, letterhead, circa 1902
33.12 Signor Rossi. Playbill, circa 1880s
Rössner, A. Max
osb 2 Advertisement portrait, undated
33.13 Brochures (German), undated; Pamphlet with sheet music (German), undated; Letter to E. N. Rassochin (German), 1900
33.14 Roterberg, August ("Gus"). Hand-drawn portrait on envelope, undated; Advertisement for book The Modern Wizard, 1895; Magical Repository catalog, 1894; Postcards from Julius Andreasch (German), 1898; Professor Bollini, 1898; Titus Dordia, 1898; H. von Erdmann (Russian postcard written in German), 1893?; A. A. Schmid (German), 1900; F. A. van Heyst, 1900; Williams (French), 1898
33.15 Röthig [also spelled Roetig]. Programs (French), 1901
33.16 Routledge, Tervy. Business brochures (one with annotation by Houdini), undated
33.17 Roy, William Lee. Letterhead, 1890s
33.18 The Royal Mystery. Printed advertisement, 1887
Duplicates removed to Box D1
33.19 Rozello. Handbill, circa 1880s
33.20 Signor Rubini. Business brochure, undated; Handbills and programs (one with annotation by Houdini), 1864-1867
33.21 Rusk, Professor R. F. Letterhead, 1911
33.22 Russell the Egyptian Wizard. Letterhead, 1897
33.23 Russell, William A. Business brochures for act and book about magic, circa 1900s; Calling card, undated; Program, 1910
33.24 Russell, William Clark. Photograph with autograph, undated
33.25 Ryder, Professor G. W. Printed advertisement, circa 1880s
33.26 Sa, Ah Cheng. Caricature, undated
33.27 Salerna, A. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, undated
33.28 Samee, Ramo. Playbill, 1823
33.29 Sanbern. Photograph, undated
33.30 Professor Santana. Business brochure, circa 1920s
33.31 Madame Saqui. Clipping, 1852
33.32 Sargent, James. Cabinet card portrait inscribed to and with annotation by Houdini, 7 December 1905
33.33 Sargent, John William. Program, 1872; Bookplate, circa 1915; Illustrated advertisement, undated; Clippings, 1920; Facsimile photograph of poster, undated; Letters from: E. H. Collins (Ladies Home Journal), 1895; John Lawrence, 1897
33.34 Satini. Clipping, undated
33.35 Savren, J. Page of business brochure with annotation by Houdini, undated
33.36 Scanlan. Photograph, undated
33.37 Schafer, Ernest. Business brochure, circa 1900s
33.38 Herr Schalckenbach. Clipping, 1868
33.39 Scheidler, John G. Cabinet card portrait, obituary, undated
33.40 Schenk, B. Programs (German), undated
33.41 Schlessinger, Isidore. Photograph with annotation by Houdini, circa 1900
33.42 Schmidt, Edwin (child magician). Business card, circa 1900
33.43 Schulte, George. Business cards, undated; Photographs (1911, undated) most inscribed to Houdini, 1926, undated; Photograph of hand holding ball, 1905; Printed advertisement, undated
33.44 Scot, Michael. Clipping, 1866
33.45 Scott, C. Pearson [billed as Great Scott]. Business card, undated
33.46 Sears. Typed caption, clippings, undated
osb 4 Seeman, Adolph. Printed advertisement 'The Enchanter' (undated) with note typed by Houdini, 1916
33.47 Herr Seemann. Clipping, undated
33.48 Selbini, Lalla. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, clipping, undated
33.49 Selbits, P. T. Photograph, circa 1920s
33.50 Semon, Zera. Letterhead, 1883
33.51 Senter, Orestes A. B. Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, undated
33.52 Severn, A. [billed as Herr Hengler]. Clipping with annotation typed by Houdini, 1916
33.53 Seyman, M. Clipping, undated
34.1 Shaw, W. H. J. Printed advertisements, brochure, undated; Shaw's Book of Acts for Circus, Side Show, Museum, Stage and Parlor. Booklet with annotation by Houdini, undated
34.2 Shepherd, Charles. "A Good Palm for Eggs," handwritten description of illusion, undated
34.3 Sherwood, Billy. Photograph, undated
34.4 Sid, Professor Salim. Cabinet card portrait autographed, undated
34.71 Silver and Lawrence. Advertisement and blank contract, circa 1900s
34.5 Sinclair, Charles. Clipping, undated
34.6 Professor Skeels. Printed advertisement, undated
34.7 Skelly, James P. Photograph from publication, undated
34.8 Slater, John. Clippings, 1921-1923
34.9 Smythe, Donn V. Postcard advertisement, undated
34.10 Sola, Francis. Clipping about child magician, undated
34.11 Soo, Ah Ling. Cabinet card portrait, undated
34.12 South & Evered. Handbill, 1885
34.13 Stahlberg, Casper. Hand-painted illustration, undated
34.14 Stanyon, Ellis (Stanyon & Co.). Magnetic Chair trick description, undated; Printed advertisements for Magic magazine, undated; Pricelists, undated; Invoice, 1903; Articles from Magic magazine, 1902, 1904; Photograph from publication, undated
34.15 Sténégry. Broadside, 1887
34.16 Stenson, Edward H. Program, 1900
34.17 The Great Stock. Letterhead, circa 1910s
34.18 Stodare, Alfred. Clippings, 1865, 1867
34.19 Stodart, Colonel. Clipping, 1864
34.20 Stork, Harry / Rajan. Blank stationery for each magician pasted on scrapbook paper, circa 1890s-1900s
34.21 Strauss. Letterhead, 1910
34.22 Stromer [or Stromar], A. Letters from Professor Kalman and N. C. Baron, 1910
34.23 Sylvester, Allen and Marie [billed as The Sylvester's]. Letterhead, circa 1910s
34.24 Syril. Letterhead, circa 1910s
34.25 Tacianu, Alexander. Cabinet card portrait inscribed (German) to Houdini, circa 1902; Photograph postcard addressed to Houdini, 1918
Talon, Phillippe
41.23 Cabinet card portrait of Mrs. Philippe, undated; Handbill (French), undated
Duplicates removed to Box D1
Photograph, undated; Programs (Italian, English), handills (some with annotations by Houdini), 1837-1851; Clipping, 1845; Souvenir handkerchief, 1845; Letter to son Edmond (French, 1877) with English translation, undated; Letter from son Edmond Talon to Houdini with annotation, 1909
41.23, osb 4 Newspaper excerpts (French), 1843
34.26 Taylor, E. C. [billed as Taylor the Wizard]. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1919; Photograph, circa 1920s (possibly not the same Taylor); Playbill, undated; Envelope, undated; Letter to unidentified recipient from Mark P. Quigley (Taylor's agent), 1885
34.27 Teale, Oscar S. "Stereoscopic Effects with the Optical Lantern" by Teale. Tear sheets from The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger, undated; The Twentieth Century Magician by Teale. Booklet, 1905; Letters from L. C. Zelleno, 1906, 1916
34.28 Terry, Jack. Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, 1904
34.29 Testa, Gustavo. Carte de visite portrait, undated
34.30 Testot, C. F. Letters to Henry Evanion, 1867, undated
34.31 Thalberg, Sigismond. Clippings, 1871
osb 12 Theo. Questions: Do You Know What the Future Holds?. Sign, undated (pasted on item has come off)
34.32 Thiodon, A. Business brochure, undated
34.33 Thomas, Walter. Patent for 'Trick Sword,' 1902
34.34 Thomson, Alfred. Business brochure, circa 1890s
34.35 Thorn, Ernest. Program, 1907; Postcard advertisement, undated
34.36 Thornton, J. W. Cabinet card portrait, circa 1900s
osb 2 Thoset, D. Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1916
34.37 Thurston, Howard. Advertisement cards, undated; Programs (both with annotations), 1916, undated; Admission tickets with note typed by Houdini, 1919; "The Experiences of a Magician" by Thurston. Pages of published article, undated; Clippings and advertisements from publications, 1907-1926; Photograph, undated
34.38 Tolmaque. Letter to Henry Evanion from Tolmaque written on program (1873) with annotation by Houdini, undated
34.39 Tormai, Najip [?]. Cabinet card portrait, 1895
34.40 Tourtellotte, W. Calling card, undated
34.41 Travers, Roland. Letterhead, undated
Trewey, Félicien
34.42 Cabinet cards portraits and photographs (many with writing by Trewey), undated; Advertisement card, 1896/1897
osb 12 Scrapbook page with program, clippings, portraits, circa 1860-1880s
34.43 Tryon [J. H. Tryon's Shows]. Letterhead, circa 1910s
34.44 Turpanjian, Missak [billed as The Great Rajah]. Clipping, 1925
34.45 Valadon, Paul. Business brochure, circa 1909
34.46 Vandermast, J. Q. Letterhead, circa 1910s
34.47 Van Dier. Photograph, 1910
34.48 Vaughan, Alfred. Photograph inscribed to and with annotation by Houdini, undated
34.49 Verbeck, Eugene. Program, 1885; Clipping, 1887
34.50 Victor, Maurice. Illustration, 1873; Clipping, 1900; Article, undated
34.51 Vidocq, Eugene FranÇois. Clippings, handbill, 1845
34.52 Vio, Sandro. Program, advertisement card, undated
34.53 Von Eckenberg, Johann Carl [listed as John Charles Von Eckeberg in English clipping]. Clippings (German, English), circa 1800s
34.54 The Great Warni and Nab Newo. Clipping, undated
34.55 Wassmann and Brown. Printed advertisement, undated
34.56 Professor Watson. Portion of playbill, circa 1880s
34.57 Webb and Webb. Letterhead, circa 1910s
34.58 Webster, Isaac Newton. Playbills, 1812
34.59 Weller, Charles S. Letter to Tom Bonney regarding T. Nelson Downs, 1920
Werner, Francis J.
34.60 Photograph inscribed to Houdini, 1913
34.60, osb 2 Clippings, 1916, undated
Weyer, Alex
34.61 Carte de visite portrait of Alex and Lilly Weyer, undated; Playbills (German, French), undated
Form letter and account balance sheet for the Weyer Memorial Fund, 1922
Duplicates removed to Box D1
34.62 Wiggs, B. Cabinet card portrait inscribed to Houdini, undated
34.63 Wilbur Four. Photograph, undated
34.64 The Great Wilcox. Letterhead, 1910
34.65 Wildman, Thomas. Clippings, 1776, 1842
34.66 Wilhelm, G. Letterhead, undated
34.67 Wilka Concert Co. Letterhead, circa 1910s
34.68 Williams, Billy. Photograph inscribed to and with annotation by Houdini, 1908
34.69 Williams, Charles. Postcard advertisement to Arthur Bohm, 1902
34.70 Williams, Johnny. Clipping with annotation by Houdini, undated
35.1 Williams, The Two. Details of performance contract [?] (German), 1901
35.2 Willmann, Carl. Letterhead, business brochures, clipping, advertisement postcard, Carte de visite portrait, undated; Program, 1894
35.3 Wilson. Letterhead, circa 1910s
Wilson, A. M. (Editor of The Sphinx; toured as Aristos)
Incoming Correspondence
35.4 A, 1905-1925
35.5-7 B, 1904-1925
35.8, 36.1 C, 1905-1923
36.2-3 D, 1906-1923
36.4 E, 1905-1923
36.5 F, 1907-1923
36.6-7 G, 1902-1923
37.1-3, osb 2 H, 1900-1923
37.4 Houdini, Harry, 1906-1923
37.5 Hull, Burling, 1908-1911; includes account invoices
37.6 I, 1905-1921
37.7 J, 1905-1923
37.8 K, 1905-1923
37.9, 38.1 L, 1905-1923
38.2-4, osb 2 M, 1905-1923
38.5 N, 1905-1923
38.6 O, 1905-1923
38.7, 39.1 P, 1902-1923
39.2 Q, 1915-1917
39.3-4 R, 1905-1923
39.5-7 S, 1905-1923
39.8, 40.1 T, 1904-1923
40.2 U-V, 1902-1923; some addressed to Aristos (1902)
40.3-4 W, 1905-1923
40.5, osb 12 Y-Z, 1905-1923
40.6 Incomplete letters / Illegible signatures
40.7 Clippings, 1919
40.8 Magical apparatus and publishers. Advertisements, catalogs (including one from A. W. Gamage Co. with photo of Houdini), undated
40.9 Magician's business cards, playbills, programs, 1909-1922
40.10 Photographs. 'Dash and Doc Wilson,' Snapshot [associated letter in box 9], undated; Professor Neumann, Cabinet card portrait, undated; W. Cerno, Cabinet card portrait, undated
40.11 Society of American Magicians and Magic Circle. Membership materials, 1904-1920
The Sphinx
40.12 Advertisements, blank stationery, invoice, issue index, published issue (May 1926; includes editorial by Houdini), notes for putting together an issue, 1905-1926
40.13 Column by Wilson about Magicians' tours and performances (often sent in by other magicians). Typescripts, undated
41.1 Submissions, notes, illusion descriptions, diagrams, etc. presumably used in publication, circa 1900s-1920s
41.2 Herr Wingard. Admission ticket, circa 1890s
41.3 Wishart. Business brochure, undated
41.4 Wohlgemuth, Henri. Program (French), 1865; Clippings, 1857-1863
41.5 Professor Wolbme. Clipping, 1866
41.6 Wood. Letterhead, circa 1910s
41.7 Wood, Allene. Photographs (one with her father Montraville M. Wood), undated
41.8 Wood, Montraville M. Photographs (one with daughter Allene and his wife), 1908, undated; Business brochure, undated; Advertisement for Wood's Gyroscopic Mono-rail Truck, undated; International Aviation Meet brochure, 1911
41.9 Woollepla. Handbill, 1875
41.10 World's Master Magicians. Letterhead, form letter, 1911
41.11 Wright, W. Letter from Wright to Henry Evanion, 1890
41.12 Wyman. Biographical manuscript and portion of publication to be used for book (possibly written by Henry Ridgely Evans), undated
41.13 Young. Clipping, undated
41.14 Professor and Madame Young. Handbills, playbills (one in German with annotation by Houdini), admission tickets, 1863-1873
Duplicates removed to Box D1
41.15 Young Highlanders. Playbill with annotation "second sight before Houdin's time" written by Houdini, 1837; Handwritten and typed note written by Houdini based on the advertisement, undated
41.16 Young, Wellington. Playbill, undated; Printed advertisement, circa 1864; Broadside, 1869
41.17 Young, William H. [possibly the African American magician of the same name?]. Letter to Mr. Fursman (American Museum, New York) 2 April 1841
41.18 Zancig, J. Program, 1910; Clippings, 1906, undated; Cabinet card portrait, undated
41.19 Zento, Thomas and Myrtle [billed as The Great Zento and Company]. Letterhead, circa 1910s
41.20 Zermo. Playbill, undated
41.21 Ziska. Telegram to H. Golding, undated
Subseries B. Subject Files, 1678-circa 1930s, undated
42.1, osb 5 Advertising. Broadsides for various products, 1897, undated
42.2 Agents. Brochure catalogs listing entertainers for hire, circa 1900s
42.3 Alchemy. Robert Evans note, clipping, 1908, undated
42.4 Animal magnetism. Clippings, undated
42.5-6, osb 5 Animals. Clippings, articles, playbills (one in German with handwritten English translation), photographs, scrapbook pages, 1753-1905, undated
Astrology, 1824-1907
42.7 Articles, clippings, business card; Tabula Magus of Planetary Hours. Condensed edition of "Pocket Mascot, or Tabula Magus" (1900) by C. H. Webber. Booklet, circa 1900
'Astrology, Palmistry, Cards, etc.' Articles, clippings
R11 Brittle clippings, 1900s
42.8, osb 5 Clippings, articles, programs, playbills, pamphlets (one in German), engravings, scrapbook pages, 1730-1921
42.9 Die Androiden des Jaquet-Droz aus La-chaux-de-fonds Meisterwerke aus dem vorigen Jahrhundert. Booklet (German), undated; A Chapter on Automatic Androids with Special Reference to Mephisto, the Marvelous Chess Player. Booklet, undated; Montandon, Léon and Alfred Chapuis. Less Maillardet. Booklet (French), 1917; Chapuis, Alfred. Chinoiseries et Automates. Booklet (French), 1918
42.10 Autosuggestion (Coue Method). Clippings, 1921-1923
42.11, osb 11 Aviation. Clippings, 1911-1919
42.12, osb 13 Ballooning. Clippings, articles, sketch, playbills, engravings, 1784-1907
42.13, osb 11 Bottle Conjurors. Clippings, Boston Weekly Messenger newspaper (20 September 1821), 1749-1864
42.14 Chinese torture. Photographs (two inscribed to Houdini from E. A. Dean), 1926
42.15, osb 5 Clippings, article, 1793-1920
osb 5 Photographs of Barton Brothers Circus, circa 1920s
Conjurors and conjuring
43.1 Clippings, hand-tinted engravings, Robert Evans note, 1782-1921
43.2 Unbound signatures (incomplete) of untitled text published by Robert H. Fryar, undated
43.3 Robert Evans note, Houdini typed note, engraved illustrations, undated
43.3, osb 11 Clippings, articles, 1785-1924
R11 Brittle clippings, 1920s
43.4 Clipping and cabinet card photograph of lynching victims Garfield Burley and Curtis Brown (photo inscribed to Mahatma's Collection from Le Clair Zelleno), 1902
43.5, osb 13 British crime broadsides and ballads, 1678-1875, undated
osb 13 Scrapbook pages regarding prominent murder cases, 1823-1851
43.6 Curious and Strange. Articles, clippings, Robert Evans notes, excerpt (German, 1684), 1684-1917
43.7 Dance. Postcard for the Passpart's Dancing Duo, undated
43.8 Dreams. Article, 1865
Exhibitions (Earl's Court, Crystal Palace, Buffalo Bill, Paris Exhibition, local and International exhibitions), 1769-1904
43.9, osb 5, osb 11 Clippings, articles
43.10, osb 11 Ticket stubs, playbills, handbills, programs, manuscript fragment
Duplicates removed to Box D1
'Fairs,' 1720-1902
43.11-12, osb 5, osb 11 Clippings, articles
Duplicates removed to Box D1
44.1, osb 5, osb 11 Engraved illustrations, playbills, handbills, broadsheet ballad, typed transcript of playbill
Duplicates removed to Box D1
44.1 Hone, William. The Every-Day Book and Table Book; or, Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements…, Vol. I. Booklet, 1839; Rouget, J. B. (pub.). A Short history of Smithfield, With an account of Bartholomew Fair, the Cock Lane Ghost, the Great Fire of London and other interesting matters. Chapbook, undated
osb 5 Scrapbook pages
44.2, osf 11 Faith Healing. Clippings, 1921-1923
44.3 Fakirs (Hindu magicians). Clippings, articles, 1799-circa 1920s
44.4, osb 6 Festivals and Fetes. Clippings, articles, playbill, poem manuscript, Robert Evans notes, 1736-1895
44.5 Fire Eating. Clippings, articles, blank Stationery, Robert Evans notes, engraved illustrations, 1755-1906
osb 6 Fireworks. Playbills, circa 1800s
44.6 Fleas. Playbills, handbills, clippings, 1833-1923
Fortune Telling
44.7 Anderson, A. How to Tell Fortunes by the Hand. Booklet, 1902
44.8 J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company. The Old Gipsy's Dream Book and Fortune Teller and Napoleon's Book of Fate. Book, 1901
44.9 J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company, The Old Witch's Dream Book and Complete Fortune Teller. Book, 1892
44.10, osb 6 Clippings, articles, handbill. 1789-1920
osb 6 Broadside, circa 1920s
'Freaks' / Unusual People, 1752-1924
44.11-12, osb 6 Clippings (one with annotation by Houdini), articles
44.13, osb 6 Handbills, photographs, third-party letter, engraved illustrations, program
45.1 Frosts. Clippings, 1763-1901
45.2, osb 2 Gambling. Clippings (one German), 1738, 1901, undated
45.3 Ghost. Playbill, clippings, articles, 1824-1922
45.4 Guilds. Clippings, articles, 1822-1902
45.5 Gypsies [spelled Gipsies on original folder]. Clippings, articles, 1817-1922
45.6, osb 6 Horses. Clippings, articles, illustrated postcard, 1788-1923
Hypnotism, 1824-1923
45.7, osb 13 Clippings
45.8 Scrapbook
Illustrations (to use in advertisements)
45.9 Specimen Book of Poster Cuts (J. E. Jackson & Bro.), 1875; Illustrated frames, undated
osb 11 Specimen pages (stock illustrations), circa 1800s
45.10, osb 11 Indian Magic Tricks. Clippings, articles, 1823-1921; The Art of Conjuring…A Description of the Performance of the Famous Indian Jugglers Now Exhibiting at No. 87 Pall Mall (W. Mason, pub.), circa 1800s
Indigenous peoples
45.11 Articles, clippings, circa 1880s-1910s; Engraved illustration, undated
72 Anthropological tintypes depicting illustrations of native peoples and skulls, circa 1800s
45.12 Inventions. Clippings, advertisement, 1775-1921
45.13, osb 6 Jokes and Cartoons. Clippings, 1854-1918
R11 Fun: A Weekly Joke Book, circa 1912; Brittle clippings, 1900s
45.14, osb 6 Articles, clippings, 1818-1914
45.14 Engraved illustrations, playbill, handbills, catalog, 1818-1914
osb 6 Rastelli, Enrico [incorrectly identified as Rostelli]. Photographs, circa 1910s
45.15, osb 6 Lectures. Clippings, playbill, 1783-1899
Locks, keys, handcuffs
45.16, osb 6 Printed advertisements, articles, clippings, scrapbook pages with articles, business card (with note on back), Robert Evans note, 1788-1922
45.16 Photographs of locks and keys, undated
Duplicates removed to Box D1
45.17 Pinkerton, Allan. The Bankers, Their Vaults, and the Burglars. Booklet, 1873; Sargent & Greenleaf Co. General Information Relating to Bank Locks. Booklet, circa 1870s; Papers in Mechanicks. Booklet (incomplete), 1785
46.1 Looping the Loop. Clippings, handbills, 1842-1904
46.2, osf 11 Madame Tussaud's Exhibition. Clipping, 1864, 1893; Serialized article "The Romance of Madame Tussaud's" by John Theodore Tussaud. Clippings, 31 March-5 May 1919
Magic (General)
46.3, osb 6 Articles, clippings, 1867-1923
46.3 Robert Evans notes, undated; Playbills, programs, undated; Photographs, undated
46.4, osb 2 Magic apparatuses and publishers. Catalogs, 1871-1920s; Manufacturers of Magical Apparatus; Typed list, undated
Magic Tricks and Illusions
46.5, osb 6, osf 11 Clippings; articles; advertisement for optical illusions; decapitated head, after-dinner, cabinet, and other tricks, 1867-1921
46.5 The New Handbook of Magic, Conjuring, Tricks with Cards, and Sleight of Hand. Pamphlet, undated
osb 6 Vanishing Lady illusion, 1887, undated
46.6 Handwritten and copied notes, Robert Evans notes, 1908, undated
46.7 Patent (German), 1909
46.8 Wilhelm Wille in Braunschweig. Catalog of Magic (German) bound in paper cover with note by Houdini, 1870. Catalog was given to Houdini by A. Roterberg
Magicians (General)
46.9, osb 6 Visual images. Cartoons, caricatures, engraved images, photographs, circa 1880s-1920s
46.10 Miscellaneous clippings, Robert Evans notes, 1863-1923; Index to Some of the Conjuring Lights Living and Deceased by Robert Ankele. Pamphlet, 1898
46.11 Mathematics. Articles, clippings, 1841-circa 1920s, undated
46.12 Medicine. Printed advertisements, clippings, engraved illustration, 1786-1925
46.13, osb 6 Memory. Articles, 1751, 1856; Scrapbook page with clippings, 1827-1840
osb 6 Mermaids. Scrapbook pages, 1726-1902
46.14, osb 6 Mind Reading. Clippings, articles, notes written by Robert Evans, 1884-1915
46.15 Mothers. Clippings, notes written by Robert Evans, 1751-1920
46.16, osb 2 Motion Pictures. Clippings, clipping used for advertisement, 1921-1925
46.17 Clippings, articles, advertisement, 1774-1886
46.18 An Illustrated Catalogue and Guide Book to Barnum's American Museum. Book, circa 1860
osb 6 Rackstrow's Museum (London). Scrapbook pages with clippings, catalogs, illustrated prints attached, 1736-1801; Scrapbook sheets with handbills and broadsides, 1837-1895
46.19, osb 6 Programs, handbills, playbills, clippings, scrapbook pages, engraving, 1822-1923
osb 6 Harry Stoddard Band. Photograph, circa 1920s
osb 2 Seymour, Walter R., Photograph, circa 1910s [not sure he is a singer]
46.20 Taylor, Margaret. Photograph, circa 1930s [not sure she is a singer]
osb 6 Van and Schenck [Gus Van and Joe Schenck]. Photographs, circa 1920s
Sheet music
osb 2 "Mother Machree" lyrics by Rida Johnson Young and music by Chauncey Olcott and Ernest R. Ball, 1910; "Vocal Selections from Olivette, Opera Comique" as played by the Comley-Barton Troupe composed by Audran with annotation perhaps by Houdini, undated
osb 6 "Ethardo Valse, Played during the celebrated performance of Ethardo at the Crystal Palace" arranged by C. Coote Jr., 1866; "Love & the Tread Mill" written and adapted by W. T. Moncrieff, circa 1880s; "Mary's Ghost or the Favorite Anatomy Song…" by J. Blewitt [only cover], undated; "The Poor Italian Boy: A Descriptive Ballad" poetry by S. J. Arnold and composed by W. Hawes, undated; "There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town To-Night" words by Joe Hayden, new version by T. A. Metz, Dillon and Dodge, music by Theo. A. Metz, 1917; "The Whims & Oddities" by T. Hood, undated
46.21 Mystical Beasts. Articles, 1849, undated
46.22, osb 6 New York. Engraved prints of buildings and scenes, clippings about buildings and people, advertisements, business cards, stationery, ticket stub, circa 1800s-1900s
47.1 Occult / Black Art. Articles, circa 1890s-1901, undated
47.2 Optical Illusions. Clipping, article, 1812, undated
47.3 Palmistry. Printed advertisements, business card, clippings, 1798-1910; The Curiosity Book in Monthly Numbers, No. II, Vol. I. Booklet, circa 1858
47.4, osb 6 Panoramas, Dioramas, Dissolving Views, Magic Lanterns. Playbills and handbills (one in German, French), posters, clippings, ticket stubs, programs, 1789-1896
R11 Brittle and damaged playbills and posters, 1789-1896
47.5 Paper folding. Articles, 1896
47.6 Plagiarism / Verbal Parallels. Pages from Bayles Dictionary, 1734-1738; pages from Notes and Queries, 1869-1898; notes written by Robert Evans; Clipping, 1923
47.7 Poetry. Pages removed from various publications, 1762-1799, undated
47.8 Police. Directory of Police and Prisons. Pamphlet, June 1914; Clippings attached to Houdini stationery, 1913; Loose clippings, 1912-1913
47.9 Prison. Cabinet card photographs of cell block and various English prison laborers, circa 1900
Duplicates removed to Box D1
47.10, osb 6 Prodigy. Scrapbook pages, handbills, clippings, 1788-1896, circa 1920s
47.11 Prophecy. Articles, clippings, 1714-1874, circa 1920s
47.12 Clippings (one with annotation by Houdini), articles, photograph postcards of ladders, 1768-1908, undated
47.13 Geheim-Chiffrirkunst. Book (German), circa 1880s
48.1 Rope Dancing (Tight Rope, High-wire). Clippings, playbills, articles, print illustrations, 1807-1863, 1919
osb 6 Rope-Maker. Printed manuscript, circa 1700s[?]
48.2, osb 6 Science. Clippings, articles, 1823, 1917-1923
48.3 Sorcery (Demonology and Witches). Articles, Robert Evans note, 1711-1916, undated
48.4, osb 6 Specialty Acts (acrobats, dare-devils, feats of strength, unique abilities). Clippings, articles, letterhead, photographs of 'Maurice and May,' printed advertisements, 1788-1921; Photograph of Larry Staunberg [billiards?], circa 1910s
48.5 Spirit photography. Print of Alice and the Fairies photograph, 1917
48.6 Index of clippings on Houdini Stationery
Clippings by subject
48.7 'Exposure.' Articles (including serialized Pearson's story), 1909-1910
R8 'Jamestown Evening News - Lily Dale News.' Excerpts from newspaper containing 'Lily Dale News' column by Jack Abbott, 1925
48.8 'Lodge, Sir Oliver.' Clippings, 1922-1923
48.9, osb 7 'Owen, Rev. G. Vale.' Clippings, newspaper excerpts, 1920-1923
48.10 'Satire.' Clippings, 1920-1923
Clippings - General
48.11 1762-1894
48.12-16, 49.1-2, osb 7, osb 11, osf 11 1906-1924
49.3 Advertisements (one in French), photograph, illustrated booklet, undated
49.4 Campbell, R. A. Life of Emanuel Swedenborg. Handwritten manuscript, undated
49.15 Spiritualism is the Work of Satan. Pamphlet, circa 1920s
R12 Brittle and duplicate issues, circa 1920s
49.5, osb 7 Sport. Clippings, 1867-circa 1920s; Handbills, 1906
49.6 Stage effects. Clippings, articles, 1893-1921, undated
49.7 Stone eaters. Clipping, engraved portrait, undated
49.8 Stunts. Clippings, Robert Evans note, engraved portrait, 1774, 1918-1919, undated
49.9 Superstitions and Charms. Clippings, 1824-1899
49.10 Sword swallowing. Clippings, 1822, undated
49.11 Table turning. Clippings, 1853-1854
49.12 Campbell, R. A. 'Telepathy, clairvoyance, voudism, etc.' Pages pasted into booklet, undated
Clippings, articles (one with annotation by Houdini), 1892-1893
R11 Brittle clippings and articles, 1892-1893
Theatre and Stage [Entertainers and Performers]
Clippings and articles
49.13 1700s
49.14, osb 11, osb 13 1800s
50.1, osb 11, osb 13 1900s
50.2 Pasted onto loose pages, 1759-1822
50.3 Greene's Opera House (Cedar Rapids, Iowa). Front cover of bound program for 1890-91 season inscribed to Houdini from Chas. A. Laurance, 1 September 1923
50.4 Manuscripts and notes. Robert Evans note, undated; "Statement of Miss Nancy O'Neill and McKee Rankin to Ratcliffe Claim." Typescript, undated
50.5, osb 7 Programs, playbills, tickets for assorted music, theatre, and other performances, 1870-1927
Published Material
50.6 Johnson, Charles. The Masquerade: A Comedy. As it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, By His Majesty's Servants. Booklet, 1719
50.7-8 The Theatre: A Monthly Review and Magazine (British serial). Photographs of actors with biographies attached (loose pages); some include requests for autographs from Bess Houdini (1911), 1879-1897
50.9 Unidentified. History of Stage Costume. Portion of publication, undated
osb 7 Visual material. Holden's Comic Mannikins. Broadside, undated; Between the Performance. Reproduction print, undated
50.10 Vampires. Article, 1823
50.11 Ventriloquism. Scripts (one with annotation by Houdini), undated; Playbills, 1860s-1870s; Clippings, 1801s-1870s, circa 1920; Equipment advertisement, undated
50.12 Barrett & Farnum. Photograph, circa 1920-1930
Bergen, Edgar and Charlie McCarthy. Photographs, circa 1920-1930
Davies, E. D. Cabinet card portraits, 1874, undated
Edgar, The Great. Photographs, circa 1920-1930
Edwards, Tom. Photographs, circa 1920-1930
osb 7 Harrington, Jonathan. Engraved portrait, undated
50.13, osb 7 Lester, The Great. Photographs, circa 1920-1930
osb 7 Montgomery, A. Photograph, circa 1920s-1930s
50.13 Noble, Carol. Photograph, circa 1900s
50.13, osb 7 Prince, Arthur. Photographs, circa 1920-1930s
50.13 Reynard, Ed F. Photograph, circa 1920s
Ripon, Alf. Photographs, circa 1920s
50.14 Thurton's Odd Folks. Printed advertisements, 1859-1865
50.13 Wood, _____. Cabinet card photo, undated
50.15 Witchcraft. Clippings, articles, 1693, 1865-1901
Assorted clippings on a variety of subjects
51.1 1600s
51.2 1700s
51.3-6, osb 7, osb 11 1800s
51.7, osb 11 1900s
R11 Brittle clippings, 1900s
osb 13 Foreign language, circa 1920s, undated
52.1 'People' and 'Places.' Portrait clippings of various people, buildings, ships, monuments, circa 1800s
52.2 1700s-1800s
71.21 Fragments of playbills, clippings, circa 1870s-1920s
71.22 Filing cards and envelopes. Empty envelopes used for filing material
Subseries C. Robert Evans Material, 1917, undated
52.3 Evanion Recollections. Anecdotes written by Evans about his uncle, 1917
Notebooks. Handwritten notes taken from published sources
52.4 David Garrick, undated
52.5 Dramatic Obituary. Handwritten list of death dates and burial site for actors, monarchs, poets, etc., undated
52.6 The History of Dr. John Faustus, undated
52.7 Mr. Leadbetter's First Experience of Spiritualistic Phenomena: The Other Side of Death (1903). Two volumes, undated
Quaint & Curious. Notes, anecdotes, etc. copied from various sources on various subjects, undated
52.8 No. 25
52.9 Nos. 41-42
52.10 Nos. 43-44
52.11 No. 45 (2 volumes)
53.1 Nos. 46-47
53.2 Nos. 48-49
53.3 Nos. 50-51
53.4 Nos. 52-53
53.5 Nos. 54, 56
53.6 No. 81
53.7 A Rap at the Rappers [about spiritualism]
54.1 Russell, William Clark. Representative Actors: A Collection of Criticisms, Anecdotes, Personal Descriptions, etc., etc. (1875, 1888). Notes about Mrs. Siddons, John Philip Kemble, Mrs. Clive, Kean, and others
54.2-6, 55.1-3 Research Notes. Handwritten notes copied by Evans from original 17th-20th century published sources and sent to Houdini, undated
Subseries D. Autographs and Letters, circa 1700s-1916, undated
55.4 Autographs. Signatures clipped from correspondence (Captain Bean and Santos-Dumont signatures include annotation typed by Houdini), undated
Single letters
55.5 Abell, Edith [soprano] to Notes and Queries, 25 June 1874
Ambrose, C. to Holborne, 23 June 1820
Aneon, Marie [?] to B_____ (French), undated
Bacon, Elizabeth to "My Dear Sir," 18 February
Belocca, Anna de [opera singer] to Monsieur Pittman (French), 8 July
Bernard, William and Caroline to Colonel Thomas Aspinwall [U.S. consul in London], 21 May 1829
Best, William Thomas [organist] to Rev. R. J. Tunlin[?], 2 September 1861
Brough, Robert [actor] to McKee Rankin [actor], 13 July 1900
Burns, Charles to "Dear Sir" regarding playbills, 30 December 1896
Carr, G. C. Letter to "Dear Sir," 31 December 1803
Clarke, John S. [actor] to "My dear old friend", 5 October 1889
Cobbe, J. H. on behalf of Geneviève Ward to unidentified recipient, 28 September 1881
Cooke, J. P. to "My dear sir," 28 July 1851
Curtis, M. B. to Dramatic Editor, Evening Telegraph, 18 May 1894
Daly, Henry F. [actor] to F. C. Gray, 11 October 1870
Dupuis, Henry to unidentified recipient, 16 October 1842
Daudy[?], W. to Wright, 4 March 1859
Edwards, Maze on behalf of Henry E. Abbey to Harry Ensign, 28 March 1881
Eldridge, Louisa ("Aunt Louisa") [actress] to J. H. Brown, 21 August 1888
Fiske, Mary ("The Giddy Gusher") [columnist, Dramatic Mirror] to Mr. Duff written on Robert Heller Stationery, undated
Folger, William M. [naval officer]. Letter on his behalf to the Colonial Club, 31 December 1898
Fortescue, W. to Mr. Selby, undated
Garrett, J. K. to Morris Simmonds (Simmonds & Brown), 11 October 1886
Greenbaum, Jules [film producer?] to Madame E. N. Rosselini, 24 January 1901
Harrison, Maud [actress] to illegible recipient, undated
Hawes, Maria G. to unidentified recipeient, undated
Henderson, Grace [actress] to Mr. Claff, undated
Hill, Gus to Dumont, 25 November 1901
Hingston, E. P. to F. Burgess [note on letter states "Artemas Ward's manager; very rare"], 24 February 1875
Huntington, _____ to Mr. Stoddar, 28 December 1891
Hutchinson, G. to James Pulman, 6 January 1876
Jarbeau, Verona [actress] to Mr. Leach, undated
Johnson, L. B. to L. Penley, undated
Leffler, Adam [actor] to Montgomery, 12 February 1857
Lemon, _____ (on behalf of; State Paper Office) to Mr. Neale, 8 June 1820
Moulton, Louise Chandler [poet] to Dearest "Nance," undated
Macready, William Charles [actor] to unidentified recipient, 8 March 1845
Morrell, T. H. [collector] to J. B. Clapp, 13 August 1890
Muldener, Marie Louise [actress]. Shakespeare quote with no recipient listed, 28 August 1889
Norman, R. H. [Richard Henry?] to Signor De Begnis on behalf of Louisa Balsano, 27 August 1841
Pearson, Rev. Hugh to unidentified publisher, 15 January 1822
Pettitt, Harry [dramatist] to Paul Merritt, 17 September
Reed, Priscilla [also known as Priscilla German Reed, previously known was Priscilla Horton] to Mrs. Blanché[?], undated
Riddell, H. S. on behalf of Mrs. Kendal [actress] to unidentified recipient, 4 March 1890
Rops, Félicien [Belgian artist] to Labussière (French); includes drawing of boaters, undated
Salomon, Hector [composer] to Cher Collaborateur (French), 28 July 1880
Saville, J. F. to Hemming; note on letter: son of Mrs. Faucit, 15 August
Saville, J. F. to Sims [half of letter is missing]; note on letter: Husband of Mrs. Faucit, 28 July 1830
Sunderland, S. [vocalist] to "Dear Sir," 16 December 1855
S_____, Grace to Mr. Hemples, April 1879
Thompson, James to F. C. Griffith, undated
Vincent, Henry to H. E. Dawe, 23 October 1843
Wall, Horace and Mart W. Hanley (Wall's Dramatic Bureau) to "My Dear Sis," 14 May 1879
Wittram, E. to unidentified recipient, undated
55.7 Illegible signature to unidentified recipient (part of letter is in French), 28, 29 April 1809
Illegible signature to Mr. Pittman, 17 November 1878
Illegible signature to Captain of the ship Isabella, 13 April 1818
Illegible signature to Mrs. Garrick, 26 February 1816
Multiple Letters to/from Single Recipient
55.6 Dick, Phil G. [printer or lithographer?]. Letters from: Joseph H. Keane, 3 September 1880?; Augustus J. Bruno, 22 April 1881
Drake, James F. Letters from: Walter T. Wallace, 10 April 1916; Alfred P. Lowell, 3 November 1916; Alfred Baker, 1916
Frederick, William S. [Stage Manager of Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia]. Letters from: Fannie Gray, 9 November 1844; Amie [?] Hyde, 26 January 1847; M. Seinor [?], 22 October 1833
Garnerin, André-Jacques. Letters to: Citoyen Henri (French), 1808[?]; Général (French), 1811[?]
Greene, Charles S. Letters from: Kendal Weston, 17 May; Bert Coote [actor], 3 November 1895; F. A. Tennehie [?], 1893
Larpent, John [Inspector of Plays]. Letters from: E. B. Impey, 2 March 1814; _____ Kelly, 3 May 1814; _____ Lacy, 21 July 1800; Lewis Peacock, 21 January 1813; J. Smith, 11 March 1817; G. Stokes, 24 December 1817; R. Wilson, 26 April; Illegible signature, 10 April 1818
Ludlow, Henry. Letters from: Charlotte Sainton [composer], 12 March 1869; B. Palmer [contralto singer], 22 February 1865
Winston, J. Letters from: C. Charlton, 1 October 1825; _____ Colman, 24 May 1811
Letter Collections
Ingersoll, Colonel Robert G. (attorney, orator, anti-spiritualist)
55.8, 56.1 Letters from Ingersoll to various recipients (many include original dealer descriptions), 1872-1899
56.2 Court document, 30 May 1885; Letters from members of Illinois Legislature to President-Elect Ulysses S. Grant, January-March 1869; Autograph signatures and notes, undated; Billing statement, 1901; Check, 1897; Stock certificate, 1889; Printed material, 1887-1898; Letter from Jared Ingersoll (Statesman) to John Sleet, 1801
56.3-8, 57.1-11, 58.1-8, 59.1-11 Northcote, James (English portrait and historical painter). Incoming and outgoing correspondence to relatives and associates, 1700s-1800s
60.1-4 Wallett, William Frederick (circus clown). Paper albums with original letters written by Wallett to Thomas Gibbons. Also includes clippings, programs, playbills, photographs, letter and poem by Edwin Waugh, poem by George Byrne, letter from D. A. Seal, letter from J. L. Toole, letter from John A. Dingess, 1845-1892
Subseries E. Manuscripts, 1771-1897, undated
60.18 Anthropometrischer Congress zu Berlin. List of names, 14-15, June 1897
60.5 Houdin, Michael vs. William Jones. Legal document regarding Michael Houdin and his guardian Katharine Houdin, June-July 1771
60.6 Order of Board To Pay (bill for ship passengers), 1778
60.7 Reeve, Arthur B. The Submarine Mystery. Handwritten draft inscribed to Houdini from Reeve, 19 December 1918
60.17 Swartwout, Samuel (Collector of the Port of New York). Payment check to Henry Ogden (cashier of custom house of Port of New York), 24 September 1831
60.8 Unidentified author. Prologue to the Desert Island. Handwritten manuscript, undated
60.9 Unidentified author (perhaps Julia Pardoe?). The Pacha of Buda. Handwritten manuscript, undated
60.10 The Holland Maid, 20 years of age. Unidentified transcription of playbill or broadside [?], undated; Unidentified fragments, undated
Subseries F. Photographs, Engravings, and Prints, circa 1861-circa 1920s, undated
60.11 Gale, Hannah (ballerina who died in Philadelphia's Continental Theatre fire in September 1861). Carte de visite photograph of "The Late Miss Hannah Gale," circa 1861
60.12 Halleck, Fitz-Greene (poet). Carte de visite photograph of his home, undated
60.13 International Exhibition (Philadelphia, 1876). Shakespeare House. Stereograph, 1876
60.14 Mason, J. B. (actor). Cabinet card portrait, undated
osb 4 Smith, Edward. Block print of Benjamin Franklin signed by the artist, 1928
41.24 Illegible signature. Block print of children praying before their meal with adult woman signed by the artist, undated
60.15 Unidentified photos. Vicky and Karl inscribed to Bessie and Houdini, Joe and Mildred inscribed to Harry and Bessie, Charles R. Nietzyn inscribed to Houdini, Lilly Paucoust Bliss, assorted performers, circa 1890s-1920s
R10 Water damaged photos, circa 1890s-1920s
60.16 Unidentified engravings, prints, 1782, undated
61.1 Unidentified photo album. Snapshots of unidentified couple traveling possibly in Cuba, circa 1890s
Subseries G. Scrapbooks, circa 1821-circa 1924, undated
61.2 Playbills and photographs of magicians; many pages include notations by Houdini, 1871-1908
BV 3 Baldwin, Professor S. S. and Kittie. 'Somnambuncists, Fourth Tour Around the Globe.' Scrapbook contains clippings from appearances of S. S. Baldwin, programs and playbills of performances, and photographs of countries visited on his fourth global tour. Also included is a typed preliminary inventory of the scrapbook's contents. Some images contained within this scrapbook depict graphic subject matter, circa 1840s-1920s
BV 1 Film career letters. Letters and envelopes from fans from around the world and clippings regarding Houdini's films. Pages are organized alphabetically by country, circa 1920-1922
61.3 Heimbürger, Alexander [Herr Alexander]. Scrapbook with clippings (some in Spanish, French, and Portuguese) and playbills, 1838-1852
BV 4 Helms, Professor Harry. 'Magic Illusions: Spooks, No. 1.' Clippings describing various tricks [note by Houdini states "I got this from ," with arrow drawn to the name Harry Helms], circa 1904-1910
BV 5 Jansen, Harry August (later known as Dante the Magician). 'Magicians Doings.' Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, programs, and images of as well as other magicians and illusionists, circa 1854-1905
BV 6 Macaire, Sid. Disbound spiritualism scrapbook of newspaper clippings centered around spiritualism and its practices. Includes a number of exposé articles that detail the professional tricks behind mediums and séances [includes annotations by Houdini, as well as note stating he purchased the book from Sid Macaire], circa 1881-circa 1907
BV 2 Magicians. A scrapbook of newspaper clippings, playbills, advertisements, and other assorted material for a number of different magicians and performers including Robert Houdin, John Henry Anderson (The Great Wizard of the North), Robert Heller, and Henry Evans (Evanion), circa 1821-1939 (bulk 1842-1889)
BV 7 Dr. Merlin. Playbills, clippings, programs, and photos of various magicians [note by Houdini dated 1 March 1922 states it was given to him by Dr. Merlin's sister], circa 1867-1896
BV 8 Snake Charmers and Other Illusionists. A scrapbook of newspaper clippings, other printed material and images detailing the secrets behind snake charmers, conjurers, and illusionists, circa 1832-1914
BV 9 Spiritualism. A set of loose pages that include material from the Illustrated American and Picture Magazine, various images, and a collection of newspaper clippings on spiritualism and mediums, circa 1829-circa 1923 (bulk 1920-1923)
BV 10 Spiritualism and Magic. Disbound scrapbook divided into sections on spiritualism, magic tricks, and articles from Scientific American, circa 1922-1924
Subseries H. Posters, 1912-1920, undated
osf 1 L'éclair - Journal politique independent. Poster for independent newspaper L'éclair ("The Flash") designed by Jean D'Ylen for Vercasson [also contains brown label in separate folder], 1920
osf 2 Prochainement une curieuse soirée les hommes mysterieux. Poster advertising unnamed entertainment duo (French), undated
osf 5 Visit the Convict Ship Success. Lithograph, 1912
Visit the Convict Ship Today. Lithograph, 1912
Subseries I. Periodicals, 1724-1926
61.4 L' Almanach illustrè le Cagliostro [German; signed by E. Basch with annotation by Houdini], 1867 (2 copies)
61.5 Apostolic Review. No. 32, 10 August 1926
R9 The Banner of Life. 21 August 1926
61.6 Bayles Dictionary (single page excerpts with passages marked in pencil by Robert Evans and highlighting various topics). 1734-1738
Berliner Tageblatt (German)
R1 7 September 1913 [contains article about Houdini]
16 October 1925 [contains marked article]
22 December 1925
circa 1925[?]
February 1926
The Better Magazine: A Magic Paper that is getting Better Every Month. Vol. V, No. 4, May 1909
The Birmingham Post (Alabama). Entire newspaper, 8 March 1924
Brave and Bold Weekly
61.8 No. 415, 3 December 1910
No. 428, 4 March 1911
R1 Le Canada (French). 19 October 1926
61.9 The Chapbook. Fragment of back cover, undated
The Christian Register
61.10 Vol. 99, No. 2, 8 January 1920
Vol. 99, No. 7, 12 February 1920
Vol. 99, No. 8, 19 February 1920
Vol. 99, No. 10, 4 March 1920
Vol. 99, No. 11, 11 March 1920
Vol. 99, No. 12, 18 March 1920
Vol. 99, No. 17, 22 April 1920
Vol. 99, No. 20, 13 May 1920
Vol. 99, No. 46, 11 November 1920
Vol. 100, No. 39. 29 September 1921
Vol. 100, No. 46, 17 November 1921
osb 4 Vol. XLVII, No. 14, 24 June, 1911
Vol. XLVII, No. 17, 15 July 1911
Vol. 28, No. 16, 30 December 1916
61.11 The Columbine, or Dramatic Mirror. No. 1, 24 April 1830
61.12 Conjurers' Monthly Magazine [published by Houdini, with articles by Houdini and illustrated with documents from his collection]. Vol. I, No. 9, 15 May 1907
61.13 The Dearborn Independent, 5 June 1926
62.1 Encyclopedia Britannica. 1823
62.2 The Family Doctor and People's Medical Adviser. No. 69, 26 June 1886
62.3 Felsman's Magical Review. Promotional newsletter, October 1919
The Gentleman's Magazine (single page excerpts with passages marked by Robert Evans in pencil and highlighting various topics; some with string still tied around bundle)
62.4 1752
62.5 1754
62.6 1755
63.1 1763
63.2 1770
63.3 1773
63.4 1779
63.5 1780
63.6 1781
64.1 1782
64.2 1783
64.3 1784
64.4 1787
64.5 1791
64.6 1792
65.1 1794
65.2 1795
65.3 1796
65.4 1798
65.5 1801
65.6 1802
65.7 1803
66.1 1806
66.2 1817
66.3 1818
66.4 1823
66.5 1825
66.6 1828
66.7 1870
66.8 'Some curios from The Gentleman's Magazine.' Excerpted pages marked by Robert Evans, 1735-1788
The Harbinger of Light (A monthly journal devoted to psychology, occultism, and spiritual philosophy)
67.1 Vol. 54, No. 630, 1 August 1922
Vol. 54, No. 632, 1 October 1922
osb 4 The Illustrated London News. Vol. XLV, No. 1290 [incomplete], 3 December 1864
67.2 Vol. 7, No. 8, October 1925
Vol. 8, No. 2, February 1926
R1 John Bull. 8 June 1828
osb 8 Le Journal de La Prestidigitation (French). 1 January 1910 [contains article about Houdini]
67.3 18 July 1925 (Evolution Number)
9 January 1926 (Mystery Number)
Light: A Journal of Spiritual Progress & Psychical Research
67.4 1922. 16 December
1923. 16 June
67.4 5, 12 January
9, 16, 23 February
1, 15, 22, 29 March
5, 12, 19 April
10 May
67.5 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 January
7, 14, 21, 28 February
7, 14, 21, 28 March
4, 11, 18, 25 April
2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May
6, 13, 20, 27 June
67.6 4, 11 July
8 August 1925
31 October
21 November
67.6 2 January
8, 15 May
24 July
14 August
67.7 The London Journal. 22 April, 13 May, 8 July 1721
67.8 The Magical Bulletin (Devoted to the interests of more and better magic). Vol. 7, No. 2, February 1919
67.9 Magie: Vereinszeitung des Magischen Zirkels (German). Vol. 4, No. 8, February 1922
osb 8 Mahatma (special inserts). A. J. Martyne, "King of Platform Entertainers" Vol. 1, No. 4, June, 1895; Myron Mason, MD on a new cancer cure, Vol. 1, No. 5, July 1895
67.10-11 The Mask. Nos. 1-12 (except 7), February-December (except August) 1868
The Message of Life (Devoted to the teachings, philosophy, and phenomena of spiritualism)
67.12 Vol. XXIII, No. 270, December 1925
Vol. XXIII, No. 271, January 1926
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction (single page excerpts with passages marked by Robert Evans in pencil and highlighting various topics)
68.1 1822
68.2 1823
68.3 1824
68.4 1826
68.5 1827
68.6 1828
69.1 1829
69.2 1830
69.3-4 1831
69.5 1832
69.6 1833
69.7 Mr. Mathews' Comic Annual. Publications (both signed by Houdini), 1830, 1832
69.8 The Music Hall and Showman. Advertisement rates, 1905
The National Spiritualist
osb 8 1919: August, September, December
1920: May, June
1921: March, May, June, September, October
1922: October
Duplicates removed to Box D3
1925: January-August, November
Duplicates removed to Box D3
1926: January-May, December [April issue contains article "Houdini and the Future of Spiritualism"]
Duplicates removed to Box D3
69.9 The New Republic. Vol. XLIII, No. 556, 29 July 1925
Notes and Queries (single page excerpts with passages marked by Robert Evans in pencil and highlighting various topics)
70.1 1859
70.2 1870
70.3 1885
70.4 No. 22, December 1923; No. 26, December 1923; No. 27, January 1924 [complete issues and not just single pages]
Oxberry's Dramatic Biography and Histrionic Anecdotes, 1825-1826. Divided into segments by name
70.5 Volume I, 1825: January 15, 22, 29; February: 5, 26; March: 12, 19, 26; April 9
70.6 Volume II, 1825: Nos. 18, 19, 21, 23-27, 29-32
70.7 Volume III, 1825: Nos. 33, 35-44, 47-48
70.8 Volume IV, 1826: Nos. 49-64
70.9 Volume V, 1826: Nos. 65, 66, 68, 72-80
70.10 Volume VI: 1927 18 issues [issues are not numbered]
70.11 Passez Muscade (French). Vol. 6, No. 11, September 1921 [inscribed to Houdini from H. Kellar]
70.12 The Penny Pictorial Magazine. Vol. I, No. 5, 7 July 1899
71.1 The Picture Magazine. No. ?, March 1893 [cover missing], No. 20, August 1894; No. 22, October 1894
The Present Truth
osb 4 Vol. V: No. 77, 1 August 1923; No. 113-114, 1, 15 February 1925; No. 115, 1 March 1925
71.2 Le Prestidigitateur (French). Vol. 4, No. 41, May 1922
71.3 Das Program (German). No. 1185/1186, 1924
The Progressive Thinker
R2 1924: 3, 10, 24, 31 May
1924: 7, 21, 28 June
1924: 5, 12, 19 July
1924: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 August
1924: 13, 20, 27 September
R3 1924: 4, 11, 18, 25 October
1924: 1, 8, 15 November
1924: 6, 13, 20 December
1925: 10, 17, 24 January
R4 1925: 7, 14, 21, 28 February
1925: 7, 14, 21 March
1925: 4, 11, 18, 25 April
1925: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May
1925: 6, 13, 27 June
1925: 4, 18, 25 July
R5 1925: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 August
1925: 12, 19 September
1925: 5, 12, 26 December
1926: 2, 9, 16, 23 January
R6 1926: 6, 13, 20, 27 February
1926: 6, 13, 20, 27 March
1926: 3, 10, 17 April
R7 1926: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 May
1926: 12, 19, 26 June
1926: 3, 10, 17, 31 July
1926: 7, 14, 21 August
1926: 4 December
71.4 Psychic Power. Vol. 3, No. 11, November 1924
The Radical
71.5 Vol. VI, 1869: No. 2, August; No. 3 September; No. 6, December
Vol VII, 1870: No. 1, January
Fragments of issues, undated
R9 Red Magic. Penny sheet newspaper, 1925
osf 12 Redpath Chautauqua News. 1920
The Sphinx
71.6 Vol. XVII: No. 10, December 1918; No. 11, January 1919
Vol. XXXI, No. 4 June 1932
Index to Volume 9 (March 1910-February 1911) and Volume 12 (March 1913-February 1914)
osb 13 The Statesman (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). 1 January 1825
The Sun (London, England)
osb 13 1801: 8 August; 24, 25 September; 3, 5, 28 October; 29 December
1802: 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 21 January; 6 February
1806: 21 November; 2 December
R9 The Sun (New York). 4 November 1939 (several issues)
71.7 The Tea-Table, 1 June 1724
71.8 The Transvaal Critic. Vol. XXVI, No. 679, 31 January 1913 [includes advertisement for Houdini in England]
71.9 The Two Worlds: An exponent of the spiritual philosophy of the present century). Vol. XXXV, No. 1817, 8 September 1922
osb 4 An Universal History of Arts and Sciences, circa 1740. Encyclopedia pages (incomplete) on various topics [with annotation by Robert Evans]
R1 Variety. 19 May 1926
osb 8 The Vaudeville News (New York). 22 May 1925
osb 4 The Wizard (or, oracle of events to come). 4 April 1842 [signed by Houdini]
71.10 Der Zauberkünstler (German). No. 1, Juli 1897 [annotation by Houdini on cover]
osb 4 Zit's Theatrical Newspaper (New York). 5 June 1926
Subseries J. Publications and Printed Material, 1680-1902
osb 7 An Account of the Proclaiming the King and Queen [William and Mary]. Printed account, 1689
71.11 Brette, John (compiler). Centennial Celebration of the Evacuation of New York City, Monday, November 26th, 1883, with an Historical Outline and Oder of Procession. Booklet with annotation 'rainy day but very enjoyable' in unidentified hand [Houdini was nine and was living in Wisconsin in 1883], 1883
osb 11 British Empire in North America with the West India Isles. Map from Wynne's History of America, 1771
71.12 Chambers, Robert (Ed.). "Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen." Booklet with annotation by Houdini, 1854
71.13 Congressional Record (extract). Remarks of Hon. William S. Bennet of New York. Views of Charles W. Eliot and Andrew Carnegie. Opposing Restriction of Immigration. Booklet, 14 January 1911
Harry A. Wolff, Publishers, Inc.
71.14 Anderson, A. How to Do Sleight of Hand. Booklet, 1902
Tousey, Frank. How to Do Tricks. Booklet, 1902
71.15 J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company. The Amateur's Guide to Magic and Mystery and the Black Art Exposed. Book, circa 1895-1898
71.16 Philadelphia Vacant Lots Cultivation Association. Farming in the City. Sixth Annual Report of the Philadelphia Vacant Lots Cultivation Association. Booklet, 1902
71.17 Tavernier, Jean-Baptiste. A collection of several relations & treatises singular and curious of John Baptista Tavernier, Baron of Aubonne, not printed among his first six voyages (1680). Chapter VII. Touching the Islands of the Prince. Printed excerpt, 1680
71.18 Unidentified Author. Vocal and Optical Deceptions. Booklet, 1885; Signor Ansani's Looking-Glass. Printed segment, circa 1700s; Moore's Almanac, January 1807
71.19 Ephemera. Program for Silver Wedding Celebration of King George V, July 1918; Invitation for Inauguration of Robert E. Pattison as Governor of Pennsylvania, January 1891; Ballot for Elks Philadelphia Lodge No. 2, 1906; Postcard of Unknown Warrior's cortege passing the Cenotaph, London, 1920
Subseries K. Artifacts, undated
osb 15; Access by appointment Frame with Harry Houdini embossed at top [empty], undated
73; Access by appointment Playing cards. Two full decks (one with Agoston business cards), single cards, undated
Silk square, undated
Trick sword [?], undated
Unidentified metal pieces, undated
Unidentified cylinder with holes [magic apparatus], undated

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R11, osf 12 Clippings (Brittle)
R1-R9, R11-R12 Periodicals and publications (Brittle)
R10 Photographs and Documents (Water Damaged)

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Index of Correspondents

Boxes 35 through 40 contain correspondence to Dr. A. M. Wilson (Editor of The Sphinx).

Boxes 55 and 56 contain correspondence to Colonel Robert Ingersoll.

Boxes 56 through 59 contain correspondence to James Northcote.

  • Abbott, David P.--1.4, 35.4
  • Abdou, Michael--8.4
  • Abell, Edith--55.5
  • Adams, Frederic Laud--35.4
  • Adams, McGregor (Old Colony Club)--35.4
  • Ahrensmeyer, H.--35.4
  • Alarcón, Aldo B.--35.4
  • Albany, Monsieur--1.4
  • Albee, Edward F.--1.4
  • Alberts, Harold--35.4
  • Aldrich, Charles T.--1.4
  • Alexander, C.--35.4
  • Aliaga, C. A. Costa--35.4
  • The Alley Festa [for Red Cross and Allied War Relief; letter signed by Virginia Vanderbilt and Mrs. C. B. Dillingham]--1.4
  • Allen, John J.--35.4
  • Alli, Mock Sad--35.4
  • Allis, C. H.--35.4
  • Allison, D. F.--35.4
  • Allison, Van K. (The Conjuring Record)--35.4
  • Allmon, Arthur A. A.--35.4
  • Allondale, Will--1.4
  • Alsdorf, D. H. (Donald Holmes Dealer in Magical Appartus)--35.4
  • Alvin, The Great--8.11
  • Ambrose, C.--55.5
  • American Magic Corp.--35.4
  • American Mysto--35.4
  • Amor, Cecil W.--35.4
  • Amuso, Raymond F.--35.4
  • Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Free-Masonry--35.4
  • Anderson, A. (Mrs. John Henry Anderson)--1.4
  • Anderson, Helena--23.4
  • Anderson, John Henry, Jr.--1.4, 20.16
  • Anderson, John Henry, Sr.--20.16
  • Anderson, L. M.--23.4
  • Anderson, Oscar--23.4
  • Anderson, P.--1.4
  • Andreasch, Julius--33.14
  • Andrews, L. A.--35.4
  • Andruchowitz, Eugene--35.4
  • Aneon, Marie [?]--55.5
  • Anneman, Theo--35.4
  • Applegate, Fred J.--35.4
  • Applegate, H. S.--35.4
  • Archer, Louis--35.4
  • Arcoma--35.4
  • Argus the Magician--35.4
  • Ariz--1.4
  • Armstrong, W. J.--1.4, 35.4
  • Arnal, August--35.4
  • Arnold, F. A.--35.4
  • Arnold, J. Harvey--35.4
  • Arnolda, R. J. (Association of Ceylon Magicians)--35.4
  • Arras, Charles C.--35.4
  • Arthur, B. W.--35.4
  • Artists' General Benevolent Institution--58.4, 59.3
  • Assiev--35.4
  • Associated Concert Magicians of Great Britain (V. Maxwell)--35.4
  • The Associated Press (Kent Cooper)--10.6
  • Athenaem Club--35.4
  • Atlas Trick and Novelty Co.--35.4
  • Aubert, Dufeigneur, Heath--59.9
  • Australian Society of Magicians (H. Pridero)--35.4
  • Axford, Edward (New Zealand Society of Magicians)--35.4
  • Ayers, Professor T.--17.3
  • Babb, R. F.--35.5
  • Bacon, Elizabeth--55.5
  • Badley, Ben R.
  • Bagley, Charles J.--35.5
  • Bailey, S. Willson (Bailey & Tripp Magical Co.)--1.5, 35.5
  • Baker, Alfred--55.6
  • Baker, Guy--35.5
  • Baker, Ralph M.--35.5
  • Baker, William F.--35.5
  • Baldwin, Curtis N.--35.5
  • Baldwin, Professor S. S.--1.5
  • Ball, Ernest R.--1.5
  • Bamber, William--35.5
  • Bamberg, David Tobias ("Papa Bamberg")--1.5
  • Bamberg, Emile--1.5
  • Bamberg Magic and Novelty Co.--35.5
  • Bamberg, Theodore ("Theo" "Okito")--1.5
  • Banks, A.--24.21
  • Banyan, Alfred--35.5
  • Banza, Kita--35.5
  • Barbeau, Frank R.--35.5
  • Barbee, G. R.--35.5
  • Barbour, Victor D.--35.5
  • Barnard, Charles--20.31
  • Barnes, Al--35.5
  • Barnes, T. Roy--8.4, 35.5
  • Baron, N. C.--34.22
  • Barone, H. E.--35.5
  • Bart, G. J.--1.5
  • Bartlett, I. F.--35.5
  • Barton, James--35.5
  • Barton, Newton--57.11
  • Basch, Ernst and Friedericke--1.8, 35.5
  • Bassay, Signor L.--35.5
  • Bastard, Sarah--58.2
  • Bastard, William--57.9
  • Bates, Roy--35.5
  • Bauer, Paul--35.5
  • Bauman, S. P.--35.5
  • Baxter, G. E.--35.5
  • Baxter, Lawrence W.--35.5
  • Baylay, W. Frederick--57.2, 57.10, 59.1
  • Bayly, Mr.--57.7-8
  • Bean, Captain and Mrs. Edward D.--1.5
  • Beatie, E. J.--35.5
  • Beaton, Kenneth C.--1.5
  • Becker, H. F.--35.5
  • Becker, J. H.--1.5
  • Becker, William F., Jr.--35.5
  • Beckwith, Ernest G.--35.5
  • Bee Medicine Company--35.5
  • Behymer, Charles E.--35.5
  • Beishlick, Howard--35.5
  • Bell, Alexander Graham--1.5
  • Bell, B.--58.6
  • Bell, David--35.5
  • Bell, T.--56.3, 56.6
  • Bellamy, Humphrey--58.1
  • Bellefontaine, Alphonse--1.5
  • Belleu, Henry--56.4, 58.3
  • Belocca, Anna de--55.5
  • Ben-Ali-Bey (Max Auzinger)--1.6
  • Benedict, Edward--35.5
  • Benedict, Hugall--35.5
  • Benge, C.--59.7
  • Benjamin Illusion Company--35.5
  • Benjamin, Walter R.--1.6
  • Benwell, Henry L.--1.6
  • Berberich, A. L.--35.5
  • Berding, Andrue H. (also spelled Andrew)--35.5
  • Berg, Joe--35.5
  • Berger, Alonzo W.--35.5
  • Berkey, Charles F.--8.4, 35.5
  • Berlin, Irving--1.6
  • Bernales, T. C. de--59.7, 59.9
  • Bernard, Myra--35.5
  • Bernard, William and Caroline--55.5
  • Bernard, Mr. and Mrs.--8.10
  • Berol, Arthur--35.5
  • Berol, William--1.6, 35.5
  • Berol-Konorah, Max--1.6
  • Berryman, William R.--35.5
  • Berton, James--35.5
  • Best, Frank J.--35.5
  • Best, P. D.--35.5
  • Best, William Thomas--55.5
  • Bharucha, N. B.--35.6
  • Bickford, R. L.--35.6
  • Bienvenu, Arnaud--35.6
  • The Billboard (Edward Haffel)--35.6
  • Birch, George--35.6
  • Birch, James H.--1.6
  • Birch, McDonald--35.6
  • Birch, Nelson--35.6
  • Bird, Isaac--59.2
  • Bishop, Robert (The Mystic Circle)--35.6
  • Bishop, W.--35.6
  • Bisses, James--59.1
  • Bjorklund, Harry--35.6
  • Black, H. J. J.--
  • Black, J. F.--35.6
  • Blackburn Percy W.--35.6
  • Blair, Carson--35.6
  • Blair, Clarence E.--35.6
  • Blake, James F.--35.6
  • Blanchard, Doctor--35.6
  • Bland, W. S.--35.6
  • Blankenbaker, S. W.--35.6
  • Blicrojen Company--35.6
  • Blind, Adolphe--1.6, 35.6
  • Bliss, Maurice (Wizard's Club of New York City)--35.6
  • Blitz, Professor Abraham--1.9
  • Blondell, Jay George--35.6
  • Blythe, Will (Magic Circle)--35.6
  • Boden, Percy H. (Australian Society of Magicians)--35.6
  • Bodie, Walford--1.10
  • Boehur, Robert M.--35.6
  • Bogdon, Albert E.--35.6
  • Bohem, Charles S. [billed as Van Tone]--1.6, 35.6
  • Bohn, Gustav--35.6
  • Bolin, T.--1.6
  • Bolke, Richard--1.7
  • Bolles, E. William--35.6
  • Bollini, Professor--33.14
  • Bonney, T. C.--35.6
  • Booth, R. S.--57.1
  • Bories, Emil--35.6
  • Bostock, H. S.--35.6
  • Bosworth, H.--1.7
  • Botz the Magician--35.6
  • Bourgevis, F.--57.10
  • Bowen, A. F.--35.6
  • Bowen, O. H.--35.6
  • Bowman, S. P.--35.6
  • Bowman, V. M.--35.6
  • Bowyer, Robert--58.5
  • Bowyer, Thomas ("Van Russell")--35.6, 40.2
  • Bowyer, Mrs.--58.1
  • Boyd, F., Jr.--35.6
  • Boyd, G. F.--35.6
  • Boyd, Robert T.--35.6
  • Boydell, Mr.--57.7
  • Boyland, William, Jr.--35.6
  • Brackett, Walter M.--1.7
  • Bramah and Co.--1.7
  • Brandt, Rud--35.7
  • Braue, Frederick G.--35.7
  • Braun, George--35.7
  • Braun, John--35.7
  • Brawn, Clayton G.--35.7
  • Bray, C. (Orpheum Circuit)--1.3
  • Breeden, L. C.--35.7
  • Breene, D. A.--35.7
  • Breese, Sidney, C. B. Laurance, P. H. Walker--56.2
  • Brintnall, E. E.--35.7
  • Brisbane, A.--1.7
  • Brisone, E. F.--35.7
  • British Consulate General--35.7
  • Brito, Frederico Carlos la Costa--1.7
  • Britton, J.--57.2
  • Broderson, William E.--35.7
  • Bronagen, Morton--35.7
  • Brooking, L. T.--35.7
  • Brooks, H. A.--35.7
  • Brooks, Herbert--1.7
  • Brough, Robert--55.5
  • Brown, Charles E.--35.7
  • Brown, Evans--35.7
  • Brown, J. J.--35.7
  • Brown, Paul--35.7
  • Brown, Colonel T. Allston--1.7
  • Brown, Will--1.7, 8.11
  • Browne, _____--57.11
  • Brumfield, A. W. C. (Indiana Magic Fraternity)--35.7
  • Brunner, Ludwig--35.7
  • Bruno, Augustus J.--55.6
  • Brush, Charles R. (Canton Magic Crafters)--35.7
  • Brush, Edwin--35.7
  • Bruton, J. F.--35.7
  • Bryan, Mary B.--1.7
  • Buck, J.--35.7
  • Buckland, Arthur A.--35.7
  • Buckle, Arthur--1.7
  • Buff, Claude--35.7
  • Buffalo Courier--27.59
  • Bullis, F. H.--35.7
  • Burch, Jack--35.7
  • Burdette, E. R.--35.7
  • Burford, Will F. (LeMont-Jone Company)--35.7
  • Burger, Fairfax--35.7
  • Burgess, Clinton--35.7
  • Burk, Jospeh--35.7
  • Burke, Charles L.--35.7
  • Burlingame, Charles--21.31
  • Burnes, J.--35.7
  • Burney, Dr.--59.1
  • Burns, Charles--55.5
  • Burns, Charles C.--35.7
  • Burns, E. S. (Atlas Trick Company)--35.7
  • Burton, Frank--1.7
  • Burton, James E. (Hidalgo Smelting Company)--56.1
  • Butler, Ladson--35.7
  • Butler, R. R.--35.7
  • Buttitta, James--35.7
  • Byrd-Page, Dr. F.--1.7
  • Cadfield, _____--59.10
  • Caesar, Frantz--35.8
  • Caig, W. A. F.--35.8
  • Caldwell, M. F.--1.11
  • Canar, H. A.--35.8
  • Canning, I.--59.1
  • Cannon, Patrick Henry--see Harry Hatton
  • Cannon, William Stevens--35.8
  • Carkeek Family--1.11
  • Carl Brema & Son--35.8
  • Carlisle, A.--57.2
  • Carlos, Sennor Don--22.5
  • Carlton--1.11
  • Carlstrom, Gus E.--35.8
  • Carnoha, Roy--35.8
  • Caroly, J.--1.11
  • Carr, G. C.--55.5
  • Carrillo, Leo--1.11
  • Carrington, Hereward--1.11, 10.6, 35.8
  • Carroll, Lawrence W.--35.8
  • Carter, Charles J. [billed as Carter the Great; Carter the Mysterious]--1.11
  • Carter, D. H.--35.8
  • Carter, Ernest A.--35.8
  • Carter, H.--56.4
  • Carus, Paul (Open Court Publishing Company)--2.7, 35.8
  • Case, Paul F.--35.8
  • Cason, Ray H.--35.8
  • Cassidy, John--1.11
  • Caste, James--8.11
  • Castle, Corley--58.7
  • Castle, Vernon--1.11
  • Catlin, George W.--35.8
  • Caulk, William B.--35.8
  • Caupert--35.8
  • Cauthorn, Courtney M.--35.8
  • Cawood, G. S.--35.8
  • Chabert, Ivan Ivanitz [also known as Xavier Chabert]--22.12
  • Chalon, A. B.--59.6
  • Chamberlin, J. M.--35.8
  • Champe, Raymond M.--35.8
  • Chantrey, J. L.--58.8
  • Chappell, D. H. C.--35.8
  • Charles T. Power Co. (F. Birren)--10.6
  • Charlton, C.--55.6
  • Chase, C. Milton--1.11
  • Chase, L. D.--35.8
  • Chase-Kramer, Grace and Arthur B.--1.11
  • Chasnoff, Jacob--35.8
  • Chatfield, J. B.--57.8-9
  • Chavrin, Maurice--35.8
  • Chester, Harry--35.8
  • Chevalier, Jason--35.8
  • Chicago Magic Company--35.8
  • Christi the Prince of Magic--8.4, 35.8
  • Christian, Hugh--56.4, 57.6
  • Christians--35.8
  • Christman, Ed--35.8
  • Christopher, F.--35.8
  • Cisle, H. E.--35.8
  • Cladek, V.--35.8
  • Clapp, Ernest F.--35.8
  • Clark, Owen--1.11
  • Clark, W.--35.8
  • Clarke, Alma--1.12
  • Clarke, Birchet ("Kit")--1.12, 35.8
  • Clarke, Mrs. B.--1.12
  • Clarke, John S.--55.5
  • Clarke, Ruth--1.12
  • Clarke, Sidney W.--1.11
  • Claud--35.8
  • Claudio--35.8
  • Clements, A. J.--35.8
  • Clempert, John--1.11, 22.28
  • Closson, George E.--1.11
  • Cobbe, J. H. (on behalf of Geneviève Ward)--55.5
  • Cockbarn, Mary--58.8
  • Coe, W. W.--36.1
  • Cohan, George M.--1.11
  • Cohen, L.--36.1
  • Cohen, Ovid--36.1
  • Cole, Judson--36.1
  • Coleman, G. A.--36.1
  • Coleman, Mrs.--36.1
  • Colman, _____--55.6
  • Collins, E. K.--36.1
  • Commonwealth Trust Company--16.7
  • Comte--22.33
  • Conklin, Ed--36.1
  • Connor, D. R.--57.4
  • Conran, E. P.--36.1
  • Constable, Archibald--59.2
  • Coogan, M. T.--36.1
  • Cook, Will--36.1
  • Cooke, J. P.--55.5
  • Coolbough, Richard--36.1
  • Cooper, J. C.--1.11
  • Cooperstein, Louis (Drexel University)--1.11
  • Coote, Bert--55.6
  • Corelli, Blanche--1.11
  • Corregan, George G., Jr.--36.1
  • Cory, James Y.--56.2
  • Cowan, A. D.--36.1
  • Cowan, Gerald R.--36.1
  • Coyle, John--36.1
  • Crabtree, Lotta--1.11
  • Craker, R. J.--36.1
  • Crawford, T. J.--36.1
  • Crocker, W. B.--36.1
  • Cronin, T. J.--36.1
  • Cross, Ed--36.1
  • Crow, M. L.--36.1
  • Cruzan, G. R.--36.1
  • Cubitt, R.--36.1
  • Culpitt, Frederic--1.11
  • Cumberland, Stuart C.--22.46
  • Cummins, John, Jr.--36.1
  • Cunning the Jail Breaker--1.11, 36.1
  • Currie, John (The Order of the Magi)--36.1
  • Curry, W. H.--36.1
  • Curtis, M. B.--55.5
  • Cush, M.--56.3
  • Cypra, Anton--36.1
  • C_____, Danson Richardson--57.5
  • The Daily Telegraph (London) (F. Miller)--10.6
  • Dale, George--36.2
  • Dale, Will--36.2
  • Dallaway, James--58.1
  • Dallivette--36.2
  • Dalmau, Ernesto A.--36.2
  • Daly, Henry F.--55.5
  • Damon, James Paul--36.2
  • Daney, Joseph--36.2
  • Daniel, B. A.--36.2
  • Danrog, Tournée--2.1
  • d'Arlion, Charles--2.1
  • Darnoc and Montague--36.2
  • Darst, J.--36.2
  • Daudy[?], W.--55.5
  • Davenport, Lewis--36.2
  • Davies, Harrison L.--36.2
  • Davis, Herbert A.--36.2
  • Davis, F. Richard--2.1
  • Davison, Matthew--58.2
  • Dawson, C. M.--36.2
  • Dawson, Thomas--57.6
  • Day's Variety Agency
  • Day, Harry--2.1, 3.5
  • Deacon, Henry H.--57.4
  • Dealy, C. Victor--2.1, 36.2
  • Dean, P. C.--36.2
  • Dearn, Edwin A.--36.2
  • DeBar, Osvald--36.2
  • De Biere--2.1
  • DeBiere, Sadie--8.11
  • Defries, Ray Lee--36.2
  • De Jalle, J.--36.2
  • De Jen, J.--36.2
  • De Jeu, J.--36.2
  • de Kolta, Alice B.--22.60
  • De Lacie, Dan--36.2
  • Delamotte, Miss--58.3
  • De Lawrence, George--36.2
  • Deleporte, A.--36.2
  • De Lion, Clément--2.1
  • Del Arno--36.2
  • Demanuel, Joseph--36.2
  • De Maro, R.--36.2
  • De Mateo, F.--36.2
  • DeMole, _____--59.3, 59.6
  • De Muth, Fred K.--36.2
  • Dennis, Priscilla--59.8
  • Dent, A. R.--36.2
  • Deodato, Joseph--2.1, osb 2
  • De Shong, R.--36.2
  • Deuble, Louis E.--36.2
  • Devant, David--2.1
  • DeVega--36.2
  • DeVere, C.--2.1
  • De Vere, Keyline--36.2
  • de Verli, Emile--2.2
  • Devine, Eugene--36.2
  • Devo--36.2
  • De Voll, C. S.--36.2
  • Dewsbury, C.--36.2
  • D'Hemecourt, Jules A.--36.2
  • Diamond, David--31.65
  • Diamond, Sydney H.--36.2
  • Dick, Leon (Magicians Club of New York)--36.2
  • Dick, Louis M.--36.2
  • Dickens, W. Nelson--2.2
  • Dierkes, William F. X.--36.2
  • Dileore, Mary--2.2
  • Dillon, J. Ralph--36.2
  • Dimmock, Walter W.--36.2
  • Dingess, John A.--60.3
  • Dittmar, J. A.--36.2
  • Dixon, L. M.--36.2
  • Dobler, Geroge--2.2
  • Dockweiler, Michael--36.2
  • Dodd, Mead and Company--36.2
  • Doerr, H. R.--36.2
  • Doidge, Robert W.--36.2
  • Doisy, Alfred--36.2
  • Domitz, Gustave A.--36.3
  • Domzalski, W. H. (Society of Detroit Magicians)--36.3
  • Donn, Henry (Magic Circle)--2.2, 36.3
  • Dooley, Billy--36.3
  • Dooley, C. E.--36.3
  • Dooley, E. J.--2.2
  • Dordia, Titus--33.14
  • Dornfeld, W. ("Dorny")--36.3
  • Douglas, Lyle--36.3
  • Douglas, Randolph O.--2.2
  • Dow, J. M.--36.3
  • Downs, T. Nelson--2.3-5, 23.20, 36.3
  • Drexel, Ken--36.3
  • Drioux, Auguste--2.2
  • D'Rubio, Emique--36.3
  • D'Rubio, Henri--36.3
  • Drummond, E. A.--36.3
  • Ducarel, C.--36.3
  • Ducrôt, Frank (Hornmann Magic Company; Martinka & Company)--36.3
  • Duffy, Jno B.--36.3
  • Duggan, Lewis--36.3
  • Dulberg, Jack L.--36.3
  • Dulbin, F.--36.3
  • Dumont, Frank--2.2
  • Duncan, The Great--36.3
  • Duncan, L. W.--36.3
  • Dunkel, Walter S.--36.3
  • Dunsterville, Amelia--57.5
  • Dunton, William Rush, Jr.--36.3
  • Dupuis, Henry--55.5
  • Durbin, William W.--2.2, 36.3
  • Duryee, E. E.--36.3
  • Dusenbery, H. Syril--36.3
  • Duval Brothers--36.3
  • DuVall, C. M.--36.3
  • D_____, Noel--57.11
  • Eagle Magic Company--36.4
  • Eastman, Charles C.--36.4
  • Eastman, Ernest M.--36.4
  • Eastman, W. F.--36.4
  • Easton, W. T.--36.4
  • Eby, C. S.--36.4
  • Eccles, James--36.4
  • Eckam, Elma G.--36.4
  • Edelson, Isadore--36.4
  • Edmund the Mysterious--36.4
  • Edwardo--36.4
  • Edwards, Maze (on behalf of Henry E. Abbey)--55.5
  • Edwards, W. G. (Edwards Monthly)--36.4
  • EEDO the Magician (E. E. Dwyee)--36.4
  • El Roy--36.4
  • Eldridge, Louisa ("Aunt Louisa")--55.5
  • Elias--2.6
  • Elliott, J. W.--36.4
  • Ellison, Saram R.--2.6, 36.4
  • Elting, Alfred--36.4
  • Emerson, W. F.--36.4
  • Emery, H. G. (Century Co. Publishers)--2.6
  • Emmett, Harvey--2.6, 36.4
  • Engelhardt, P. N.--8.4
  • Enochs, Loyd--36.4
  • E. P. Dutton and Company--2.6
  • Enschede, J. W.--36.4
  • Entwisle, G. H. (Order of the Magi)--36.4
  • The Era Dramatic and Musical Journal (F. H. Pedgrift)--36.4
  • Erblang, A. A.--36.4
  • Erdmann, H. von--33.14
  • Ernst, Bernard (Ernst, Fox & Cane)--16.3-4, 16.6, 17.6, 36.4
  • Erwin, E. G.--36.4
  • Eske, Will--36.4
  • Esseff, Jay--36.4
  • Estate of George D. Smith (H. H. Hymes)--15.2
  • Evanion, Henry Evans--2.6, 24.20
  • Evanion, Mary--2.6, 8.11
  • Evans, Cid N. L.--36.4
  • Evans, E.--2.6
  • Evans, Henry Ridgely--2.7, 36.4
  • Evans, Ray (Baltimore American)--2.6
  • Evans, Robert--2.8
  • Evans, Val--36.4
  • The Evening News (London) (L. G. Harris)--10.7
  • Everhart--2.6
  • Experimenter Publishing Co.--36.4
  • Fanley, Ed J.--36.5
  • Farber, L. G.--36.5
  • Farington, J.--59.5
  • Farley, Donald Edgar--36.5
  • Farley, W. Clayton--36.5
  • Farman, William--3.1
  • Farrance, B. F.--36.5
  • Farrelly, V.--3.1
  • Farris, G.--57.4
  • Fasola, Gustave--3.1
  • Fay, Anna Eva--3.1
  • Fay, Peter--36.5
  • Fay, Robert C.--36.5
  • Fay the Man of Mystery--36.5
  • Feigenbaum, J. (Knights of Magic)--36.5
  • Feith, Annie--3.1
  • Felsham, I.--56.3
  • Felsman, Arthur P.--36.5
  • Feltham, John--57.3
  • Fennell, Eugene S.--3.1
  • Fenner, C. Foster--36.5
  • Field, C. S.--osb 12
  • Fielding, John--59.8
  • Fields, W. C.--3.1
  • Figueras, Salvador--3.1
  • Fillis, William--57.7
  • Film Developing Corporation--16.3-5, 16.7-8
  • Film Library Inc. (Herbert Miles)--17.7
  • Fingle, J.--36.5
  • Finkelle, R. C.--36.5
  • Finzel, John--36.5
  • Fischer, C.--36.5
  • Fischer, Ottokar--3.2
  • Fischer, Robert S.--36.5
  • Fiske, Mary ("The Giddy Gusher")--55.5
  • Fitcj, H. Rea--36.5
  • Fitzpatrick, J. C. (Library of Congress)--3.1
  • Fitzwater, Leslie--36.5
  • Flaig, Wesley A.--36.5
  • Flanigan, W.--36.5
  • Fleishman, Jospeh--36.5
  • Fleming, Paul (Paul F. Gemmill)--36.5
  • Floyd, W. E.--3.1, 36.5, osb 3
  • Fly-Cumberant--3.1
  • Foley, Gerald--36.5
  • Folger, William M. (on his behalf)--55.5
  • Ford, Don--8.4
  • Ford, G.--57.3, 57.11
  • Forrest, Mr.--57.10
  • Fortescue, W.--55.5
  • Forward, J. Drover--36.5
  • Foss, R.--36.5
  • Foster, C. M.--36.5
  • Fowler, Gus--36.5
  • Fox, Imro--3.1
  • Frances--36.5
  • Francis C. Hill Publishers--36.5
  • Francis, William J.--36.5
  • Franklin, S. P.--36.5
  • Fraser, Otto--36.5
  • Fredericks, Captain--57.6
  • Fredrik, Alexander and Viola--36.5
  • Freeman, Harry J. (Frimini)--36.5
  • Freeman, Norman L.--56.2
  • Frevoli, Fred--36.5
  • Frikell, Marie--3.3
  • Frikell, Wiljalba--3.4
  • Frisby, J. C.--36.5
  • Fritz, A. J.--36.5
  • Fritz, Harry S.--36.5
  • Fritz, T. Francis (Mahatma)--3.1, 8.4, 36.5
  • Frohman, Daniel--3.1
  • Fry, John W.--36.5
  • Fuigle, J. S.--36.5
  • Fuller, Welsh--3.1
  • Funk & Wagnalls Company--10.6
  • Funkhouser, Margaret J.--36.5
  • Furman, Frederick F.--36.5
  • Gallagher, C. H.--36.6
  • Gallatovits, Raymond (Magicians' Club of New York)--3.5
  • Gallon, Charles A.--36.6
  • Gandy, Henry--59.2
  • Gans, Arthur D.--36.6
  • Garland, Maurice--3.5
  • Garnerin, André-Jacques--55.6
  • Garrett, J. K.--55.5
  • Gauthier, Adrien--36.6
  • Gawariber, R. H.--8.4
  • Gee, H. Albiston (Order of the Magi)--36.6
  • Genaro, Will S.--36.6
  • General Acoustic Company (K. M. Turner)--36.6
  • Gentilly, J. V.--36.6
  • Gerchsheimer, Fred K.--36.6
  • Germaine, K.--3.5, 36.6
  • Gestefeld, Leslie P.--36.6
  • Gibbs, Albert--57.9
  • Gibbs, Milton E.--3.5
  • Gibson, C. C.--36.6
  • Gibson, W. H.--36.6
  • Gibson, Walter B.--36.6
  • Gifford, Robert--36.6
  • Gilbert, A. C.--36.6
  • Gilbert, B. L.--36.6
  • Gilbert, H. F.--36.6
  • Gillis, John J.--36.6
  • Gillray, _____--57.6
  • Gilmore, W. J.--36.6
  • Ginsberg, Reuben--36.6
  • Glackens, Louis M.--3.5
  • Glover, C. Roswell--36.6
  • Glyde, H.--36.6
  • G. & M. Magic--36.6
  • Golden, Henry G.--36.6
  • Goldberg, R. L. (The Evening Mail)--3.5
  • Goldin, Horace--3.5, 36.6
  • Goldschmidt, A. J.--3.5
  • Goldsmith, Alfred--3.5
  • Goldston, Will--3.5, 36.7
  • Gonzales, F. Horace--3.5
  • Goodricke, France (Spa Buildings and Theatre Scarborough)--24.21
  • Goodspeed, Charles E. (Goodspeed's Book Shop)--3.5
  • Goodwin, A. K.--36.7
  • Goodwin, Francis--59.4
  • Gordien, Henry--36.7
  • Gordon, Eugene--36.7
  • Gore, Jay I.--36.7
  • Gorlitzer, L.--3.5
  • Graef, Peter N.--36.7
  • Graham, A. E.--36.7
  • Grahame-White, C.--3.5
  • Gravatt and McFadden--36.7
  • Gravatt, Winston D.--36.7
  • Graves, George--57.4-5, 58.3
  • Graves, Mary--58.5
  • Graves, Thomas--58.7, 59.7
  • Gray, Charles D.--36.7
  • Gray, Fannie--55.6
  • Grdina, John J.--36.7
  • Green, John C.--36.7
  • Green-Wood Cemetery--3.5
  • Greenbaum, Jules--55.5
  • Greene, Bertram--36.7
  • Greene, T. A.--36.7
  • Greene, Dr. Willard B.--3.5
  • Greenwood, W. Douglas--36.7
  • Greer, W.--36.7
  • Gregorowitsch, J.--3.5
  • Greiner, Russell F.--36.7
  • Greup, Gilbert--3.5
  • Griffin, Charles Eldridge--3.5
  • Griffin, E. A.--36.7
  • Griffin, Harry C.--36.7
  • Grissell, P.--56.6-7
  • Groth, A. C.--36.7
  • Gruse, John--36.7
  • Guder, Carl H.--36.7
  • Guest, Edgar A.--3.5
  • Guest, H. M.--36.7
  • Guest, Leslie P.--36.7
  • Guisberg, Reuben P.--36.7
  • Guntesman, J. S.--36.7
  • Gwynne, Jack--36.7
  • Gylleck, Elmer A.--36.7
  • Gylleck, Olaf T.--36.7
  • Gysel, Robert Henri--3.5, 36.7
  • H. Miles, Ltd.--37.1
  • Haas, Alexandre--3.6
  • Haas, Regina--3.6
  • Hackenschmidt, Georg--3.6
  • Hackman, Eli--37.1
  • Haenchen, F. C.--37.1
  • Hagen, Charles J.--3.6, 37.1
  • Haldeman, John R.--37.1
  • Hale, James J.--37.1
  • Hale, Robert--37.1
  • Haley, Louis C.--37.1
  • Halini--37.1
  • Hall, George L. (Meliso)--osb 2
  • Hall, George W.--37.1
  • Halley, Douglas G.--37.1
  • Halton, H. T.--37.1
  • Halton and Jansen Co.--3.6, 37.1
  • Hambly, B. M. (The Performer)--3.6
  • Hamburger, Lionel M. (Heller's School of Magic)--37.1
  • Hamilton, H. Forney--37.1
  • Hamilton, Sidney--37.1
  • Hamley Bros., Ltd.--37.1
  • Hamley, Cecil--3.6
  • Hammond, Andrew Snape--57.8
  • Hand, Dominic A.--3.6
  • Hand, W.--37.1
  • Hanks, O. B.--37.1
  • Hanlon, William--3.6, 4.10
  • Hansen, A. A.--37.1
  • Hanson, H.--37.1
  • Hanson, Harry--3.6
  • Harcourt, Fred--3.6
  • Hardin, Henry--37.1
  • Hardman, Charles W.--37.1
  • Hari--37.1
  • Harmas, Ora S.--37.1
  • Harper & Brothers (William H. Briggs)--10.7
  • Harper, William E.--37.1
  • Harrington, A. B.--37.1
  • Harrington, C. H.--37.1
  • Harrison, Maud--55.5
  • Harscbarger, Ray S.--37.1
  • Hart, Jason A.--37.1
  • Hart, _____--57.9
  • Harto, James--37.2
  • Hartz, _____--37.2
  • Hartz, Augustus F. ("Gus")--3.6
  • Hartz, J. M.--26.35
  • Hathwell, _____--57.8
  • Hatke, C. W.--37.2
  • Hatsell, John--59.8
  • Hatton, Henry (born Patrick Henry Cannon)--3.7, 35.8
  • Haugeros, Charles M.--3.8
  • Havens, C. Alfred--37.2
  • Hawes, Maria G.--55.5
  • Hawkins, Barkley--8.4
  • Hawkins Whitshed, Mrs.--58.1
  • Hawks, Burt D.--37.2
  • Hay, Charles--59.2
  • Hay, J. B.--56.2
  • Hayden, Harry--37.2
  • Hayden, Ray C. (Pittsburgh Association of Magicians)--37.2
  • Hayman, Joe--3.8
  • Hays, E. S.--37.2
  • Hays, Robert N.--37.2
  • Heaney Magic Co.--37.2
  • Heath, Frederick W.--3.8
  • Hebert, Al J.--37.2
  • Heck, C. Dana--37.2
  • Heimbürger, Alexander--3.8
  • Heiney, Robert J.--37.2
  • Heise, John (John Heise Autographs)--3.8
  • Heith, Mystical (The Magic Key)--3.9
  • Heller, E. B.--37.2
  • Heller, Haidee--27.47
  • Heller, Robert--27.48
  • Helms, Harry M.--3.9, 37.2
  • Henderson, Grace--55.5
  • Henderson, Leroy--37.2
  • Henrick--27.51
  • Henry, Mr.--27.52
  • Henry Hardon & Co.--37.2
  • Henry, Professor E.--3.9
  • Henry, Mark--37.2
  • Henry, S. S.--37.2
  • Henze, Charles--37.2
  • Herbert and Matthews--37.2
  • Herman, E. W.--37.2
  • Herne, Jake [Jacob Hyman]--osb 3
  • Herrmann, Adelaide-- 3.9
  • Herrmann, Alexander--27.59
  • Herrmann, Compars--28.1
  • Herrmann, Felix--28.2, 37.2
  • Herrmann, Leon--3.9, 37.2
  • Hershfield, Harry (New York Evening Journal)--3.9
  • Hertz, Carl and Emilie--4.1
  • Herzfeld--4.2
  • Hesterinam, L.--24.21
  • Heverly, Linden [billed as Heverly the Mystic]--4.2, 37.2
  • Hewes, A. S. S.--37.2
  • Hewes, Frank D.--4.2, 37.2
  • Hewitt, William J.--37.2
  • Heyer, Olga--8.12
  • Hickey, Preston Langley--37.2
  • Hicks, W. L.--4.2
  • Hiestand, John W.--37.2
  • Hiestand, Charles F.--8.4
  • Higgin, John--58.3
  • Hilberg, Herbert J.--37.2
  • Hill, Albert--8.11
  • Hill, Bert--4.2
  • Hill, Gus--55.5
  • Hilliar, William J.--4.2, 37.2
  • Hilliard, John--37.2
  • Himson, J.--57.8
  • Hinchman, Thomas--57.4
  • Hingston, E. P.--55.5
  • Hisle, Sam O.--37.2
  • Hitchcock, Raymond--4.2
  • Hite, Maxwell H.--37.2
  • H. L. Hutchinson Ltd.--37.2
  • Hlavin--37.2
  • Hobart, V. V.--4.2
  • Hobbs, Hart, and Company, Ltd.--4.2
  • Hoch, Vincent--37.2
  • Hodson, F. C.--4.2, 37.2
  • Hoel, Robert W.--37.2
  • Hoer, Hal--37.2
  • Hoffman, L. J.--37.2
  • Hoffmann, Professor (Angelo Lewis)--4.4
  • Hofmann, Secretary--4.2
  • Hogg, J. P.--37.2
  • Holbrook, R. J.--37.2
  • Holden, John Watkins (Dr. Holden)--4.2
  • Holden, Max--37.2
  • Hole, Henry--59.5-6
  • Holmes, Alfred M. ("Alf")--4.2, 7.8
  • Holmes, Robert--37.2
  • Holston, J. G. F., Jr.--37.2
  • Holt, A. H.--56.2
  • Homburger, Lionel M.--4.2
  • Home, D. D.--28.22
  • Homkowicz, P. I.--37.2
  • Honigman, A.--37.2
  • Hood, Henry--58.2
  • Hooker, Samuel C.--4.3, 29.1, 37.3
  • Hope, H. J.--4.3
  • Hopkins, A. A. 4.3
  • Hopping, Charles P.--37.3
  • Horne, W. L.--37.3
  • Hornmann, Otto and Mary (Hornmann Magic Co.)--4.3, 8.4, 37.3
  • Horowtiz, S. Leo--37.3
  • Horster, Friedrich Wilhelm Conrad--4.3, 8.4, 37.3
  • Horton, A. B.--37.3
  • Horton, W. H.--37.3
  • Houdini, Harry--37.4
  • Houdini Picture Corporation--17.9
  • Houston, Henry--4.3
  • Howard, Fred--37.3
  • Howard, H. M.--71.20
  • Howard, Nathaniel--59.7
  • Howard, Mrs.--57.2
  • Howell, Harold A.--37.3
  • Howell, Professor Harry J.--4.3, 37.3
  • Howison, C. H.--37.3
  • Hoyle, Henry--57.5
  • Hudnall, C. W.--37.3
  • Hudson, W.--37.3
  • Huesman, A. J.--37.3
  • Hull, Burling G. G.--4.3, 37.5
  • Hulse, Homer R.--37.3
  • Hummel, P. C.--37.3
  • Humptre, Annabella--59.2
  • Hunsinger, Harry--37.3
  • Hunt, Edward P.--57.1, 59.8
  • Hunt, Joseph--59.8
  • Hunter, C. Max--37.3
  • Hunter, G. W.--4.3
  • Huntington, _____--55.5
  • Hurgood, Harry Milton--8.4
  • Huston, J.--58.6
  • Hutchinson, G.--55.5
  • Hutchinson, Wilford--37.3
  • Hyde, Alex--37.3
  • Hyde, Amie [?]--55.6
  • Impey, E. B.--55.6
  • Independent Order Free Sons of Israel--4.5
  • Ingersoll, Jared--56.2
  • Ingersoll, Robert G.--55.8, 56.1
  • Inman, C. E. (The Evening News, Providence, Rhode Island)--4.5
  • Ino the Magician--37.6
  • Ireland, Laurie--37.6
  • Irving, B.--37.6
  • Irving, C. Howard--37.6
  • Irving, Jean--37.6
  • Irving, Louis J.--37.6
  • Irwin, Arthur--37.6
  • Irwin, James T.--37.6
  • Isenhart, H. S.--37.6
  • J. B. Lippincott Co. (W. M. Lednum)--37.7
  • Janowski, S.--37.7
  • Jansen--37.7
  • Jarbeau, Verona--55.5
  • Jeffryes, John--56.8, 57.3-4
  • Jenkins, C. E.--37.7
  • Jensen, O. H.--37.7
  • Jester, Glenn V.--37.7
  • Jewel (Mrs. M. Golden)--37.7
  • J. J. Little & Ives Company--10.5, 11.17
  • John Bull Magazine--4.6
  • Johnson, Elmer--37.7
  • Johnson, George (The Magic Wand and Magical Review)--37.7
  • Johnson, George M.--37.7
  • Johnson, Herbert--37.7
  • Johnson, Howard S.--37.7
  • Johnson, Joseph H.--37.7
  • Johnson, L. B.--55.5
  • Johnson, L. M.--37.7
  • Johnson, Martin--4.6
  • Johnson, Sidney R.--37.7
  • Johnson, W. A.--37.7
  • Johnston, A.--37.7
  • Johnstone, George--58.4, 59.3
  • Johnstone, Lady--59.8
  • Jonas, A. F.--37.7
  • Jones, Lloyd Evertt--37.7
  • Jones, T., Jr.--37.7
  • Jones, Ulysses S.--37.7
  • Jordan, Charles T.--37.7
  • Jordan, Harry F.--25.15
  • Joseffy--37.7
  • Joseph, M.--37.1
  • Josephy, Harry--4.6
  • Joslen, Olin T.--37.7
  • Josolyne, Sidney E.--4.6
  • Kains, Maurice Eugene--37.8
  • Kalman, Professor--34.22
  • Kam, Charles H. Ross (Chicago Stock)--37.8
  • Kansas City Advertising Club (George M. Husser)--37.8
  • Kaplin, O.--37.8
  • Kara, P.--37.8
  • Kardell, Ed and Lewis--37.8
  • Karn, F. E.--37.8
  • Kastor, L.--37.8
  • Kaufmann, W. H.--4.7
  • Kaye, Walter S.--37.8
  • Keane, J. Warren--4.7
  • Keane, Joseph H.--55.6
  • Kearney, Patrick (Famous Players-Lasky Corporation)--4.7
  • Keedick, Lee--4.7
  • Keelner--37.8
  • Keely, Fred I.--37.8
  • Keith, A. Paul (The B.F. Keith Circuit)--4.7
  • Kellar, Harry--4.7, 37.8
  • Keller, Frank H. (Society of Detroit Magicians)--37.8
  • Keller, Leo--37.8
  • Kellner, E. L.--37.8
  • Kelly, James F.--37.8
  • Kelly, Philip--59.7
  • Kelly, Thomas F.--37.8
  • Kelly, _____--55.6
  • Kelmar (William H. Traphagan)--37.8
  • Kelsey, J. Tully--37.8
  • Kendall, Oliver--37.8
  • Kendrew, Edward G. ("Ken")--4.7
  • Kennedy, King--37.8
  • Kennedy, W. H.--37.8
  • Kenny, Alex--37.8
  • Kent, Josiah Coleman--4.7
  • Kesler, Ben--37.8
  • Khlandrah, Swami--37.8
  • Kickeley, H. B.--37.8
  • Kij, Professor--37.8
  • Kilby, Bert H.--4.7
  • Kilby, Quincy--4.8-10, 5.1
  • King, Belle L.--27.59
  • King, E.--56.8
  • King, E. C. (Famous Players-Lasky Corporation)--4.7
  • King, Francis--4.7
  • King, I.--58.2
  • Kingsburgh, Carold--37.8
  • Kingsley, Howard--37.8
  • Kingsmill, Fraser--37.8
  • Kirsch, William--4.7, 37.8
  • Kitson, M.--4.7
  • Kleemann, H. C.--37.8
  • Klein, E. Vaughn--37.8
  • Klein, Erwin A.--37.8
  • Klein, John C. (Cosmopolitan News Service)--4.7
  • Knapp, Joe--37.8
  • Knetzger, Louis J.--37.8
  • Koehn, Leroy--37.8
  • Kolar Joseph J.--4.7, 37.8
  • Kolling, Joe (The Billboard)--4.7, 37.8
  • Kopald, S. L.--37.8
  • Kopf, Heda--4.7
  • Korneagay, H. G.--37.8
  • Kosak, Val--37.8
  • Kreungold, Sigmund--37.8
  • Krieger, Professor Louis--4.7
  • Kriski, J. W.--37.8
  • Kroeger, August--37.8
  • Kroner, Frank M.--37.8
  • Kudarz, Robert--5.2
  • Kurtz, O. H. (The Player)--4.7
  • Kuttert, Adolf--37.8
  • K_____ (British Gallery)--59.2
  • LaBelle, Fred A.--37.9
  • Lacy, _____--55.6
  • LaDare, C.--37.9
  • Lafayette, The Great--29.53
  • Lafortune, Paul--37.9
  • Laives, Ray W.--37.9
  • Lamming, Hugh--37.9
  • Lasky, Jesse L. (Famous Players-Lasky Corporation)--5.3
  • Lamb, F. N.--37.9
  • Lanning, Hugh--37.9
  • LaPlano, Frederick--37.9
  • Lardner, F. (E. F. Albee Theatre)--37.9
  • Largo, Thomas--37.9
  • Larsen, William, Jr.--37.9
  • Larson, G. A., Jr.--37.9
  • Laufer, Jac.--37.9
  • Laurant, Eugene--37.9
  • Laurens, Gustave G. (Society of American Magicians)--5.3, 37.9
  • Lavilette--37.9
  • Lavsa, Otto H.--37.9
  • Lawhead, W. T.--37.9
  • Lawrence, J. Pink--37.9
  • Leaman, H. J.--37.9
  • Leat, Harry (B. Wayne)--37.9
  • Leavitt, M. B.--5.3
  • LeBey, C. C.--37.9
  • LeDuc, Arthur C.--37.9
  • Lee, Edgar--5.3
  • Lee, Harry A.--5.3
  • Lee, Henry--5.3
  • Lee, John M.--37.9
  • Lee, Richard N.--37.9
  • Lee, Sydney--5.3
  • Lee, Victor--37.9
  • Lee, W. W.--37.9
  • Leed, _____--57.11
  • Leedy, Charles A. (Youngstown Telegram)--37.9
  • Leffler, Adam--55.5
  • Legris--5.3
  • Leicester, H. A.--58.4-5
  • Leicester, John--58.5
  • Leipzig, Nate--5.3
  • Leith, F. E.--37.9
  • Le Mare, E.--5.3
  • Lemon, _____ (State Paper Office)--55.5
  • Leonardo, Professor El--5.3
  • Leonza (L. A. Young)--37.9
  • Le Roy, Jean Aimé--5.3
  • Le Roy, Servais--5.3
  • Le Roy, W. D.--5.4, 37.9
  • Leroy, Mrs. W. D.--5.4
  • Les Folks--37.9
  • LeVal, Carol--37.9
  • Levassor, L. E.--37.9
  • Levett, W. H.--5.3
  • Levey, Bernard--17.7
  • Lewchuk, N. P.--37.9
  • Lewis, Maud A.--5.3
  • Lewis, R. D. ("Rodile") (Society of Minneapolis Magicians)--37.9
  • Leyland, Wilfred (Order of the Magi)--37.9
  • Library of Congress. Copyright Office--17.5
  • Light: A Journal of Spiritual Progress & Psychical Research (David Gow)--10.6
  • Lilley, N. J.--37.9
  • Limnell, E. M.--37.9
  • Linck, A. J.--37.9
  • Lind--37.9
  • Lindhorst, Will--38.1
  • Lindquist, Gunnar V.--38.1
  • Lindsey, Anne Hawthorne--5.3
  • Lindsley, Daisy Day--38.1
  • Lindsley, Frank W.--5.3, 38.1
  • Lingerman, Samuel and Lucy--38.1
  • Lingo, Archie--38.1
  • Linnell, Franklin P.--38.1
  • Linnett, William M., Jr.--38.1
  • Lippincott, Wilmot--38.1
  • Lithgow, A. W.--38.1
  • Litiley, Harry W.--38.1
  • Lloyd, Arthur--38.1
  • Lloyd, W. R.--38.1
  • Loback, Besse--38.1
  • Locan, C. A.--38.1
  • Lockman, Earl A.--38.1
  • Lockwood, H.--38.1
  • Lockwood the Mystic (A. Porter Thompson, Jr.)--38.1
  • Logrenia, Professor--30.26
  • Lohrey, Carl S.--38.1
  • London, Charmian--5.3
  • London Exhibitions Ltd.--osb 12
  • The London Magazine (D. Whitelaw)--10.7
  • London Magical Company--38.1
  • Lonergan, David James (Society of Minneapolis Magicians)--38.1
  • Long, G. V.--38.1
  • Longacre, W. Kay (Sphinx Club)--38.1
  • Lonsdale, James--58.3
  • Loraine, Robert--5.3
  • Lord, Alon--38.1
  • Lorenz, C. O.--8.4, 38.1
  • Louine (also known as Harry Louine and Louis N. Miller)--38.1
  • Low, John F.--5.3
  • Lowe, Harry B.--38.1
  • Lowell, Alfred P.--55.6
  • Lowell, James--5.3
  • Ludo Press (H. P. Haynes)--38.1
  • Ludwig, Robert--38.1
  • Lustig, David J. (La Vellma)--38.1
  • Lybarger, Jesse J.--38.1
  • Lyddon, Kendrick B.--38.1
  • Lyle, Cecil--5.3
  • Lyman, Ellsworth--38.1
  • Lynn, H. S.--38.1
  • Lyons, Lewis E. (The Magic Shop)--38.1
  • Lytell, Ted--38.1
  • M. Lewis Co.--38.2
  • Macaire, Sid--5.5
  • Mac Donald, F. W.--38.2
  • MacFall, F. S.--38.2
  • Mackay, Hugh (Magical Criticisms)--38.2
  • MacKearn, Sydney H.--38.2
  • MacKenzie, Norman S.--5.5
  • Macourek, Joseph--38.2
  • Macready, William Charles--55.5
  • Madison, Robert--8.4, 38.2
  • Maged, Mustafa--8.4
  • Maggs Brothers--15.2
  • Magic: The Magazine of Wonder (F. T. Singleton)--38.2
  • Magic Circle (William R. Minns)--38.2
  • The Magic Wand (magazine)--38.2
  • Magicians Club of New York--38.2
  • Magnus, Hewitt--38.2
  • Mahood, C. M.--38.2
  • Majestic Amusement Enterprise--38.2
  • Malcom, F. D.--38.2
  • Maly, Charles J.--38.2
  • Manchachand, Nathu--8.4
  • Mann, George--38.2
  • Manufacturers' Publicity Company--38.2
  • Mapes, E. B.--38.2
  • Marchall, George P.--38.2
  • Marco--5.5
  • Marcus, Henry (The Billboard)--5.5, 38.2
  • Mardino--38.2
  • Margery, Arthur--5.5, 38.2
  • Margules, Sam (Pittsburgh Association of Magicians)--38.2
  • Marion, Jack F.--38.2
  • Marjis, Don--38.2
  • Marks, Willam B.--38.2
  • Maro--38.2
  • Marsh, Phil--38.2
  • Marshall, Horace--38.2
  • Marriott, Arthur--5.5
  • Marsh, C. A.--5.5
  • Marshall the Mystic-- 5.5
  • Lt. Martin--38.2
  • Martin, Frank T. B.--38.2
  • Martin, Mark--38.2
  • Martin, William--56.8, 57.5
  • Martin-Chapender, H.--8.11
  • Martin-Harvey, John--5.5
  • Martinez, Joseph--38.2
  • Martini, Alonzo--38.2
  • Martinka, Frances J. (Martinka & Company)--5.5, 38.2
  • Martinka, Pauline E.--5.5
  • Martinka & Co.--38.2
  • Marvelle the Hypnotist--38.2
  • Marvin R. Clark Benefit Fund (Marvin R. Clarke, T. C. H. Leonard)--27.59
  • Marx, Mrs. C. J.--38.2
  • Maskelyne, J. N.--5.5
  • Maskelyne, John Nevil (Maskelyne & Devant)--8.4
  • Mason, W. H. B.--38.2
  • Massey, Edward M.--38.2
  • Matthews, Brander--5.6
  • Matthews, H. A.--38.2
  • Maurer, Otto, Jr. (Columbia Magic Trick Mfg. Co.)--5.6
  • Maurer, Otto, Sr. (Columbia Magic Trick Mfg. Co.)--5.6
  • Maurice, Robert J.--38.2
  • Mawe, C. R.--38.2
  • Mayer, William--38.2
  • Mayoh, William--38.2
  • McBee, Joseph--38.3
  • McCafferty, LeRoy--38.3
  • McCauley, Andrew--38.3
  • McChesney, E. A. M.--38.3
  • McClintock, _____--38.3
  • McClure News Syndicate (on behalf of Mrs. Richardson of Ladies' Home Journal)--5.6
  • McClure's Magazine--10.7
  • McGanity, Richard J.--38.3
  • McGill, H. W.--38.3
  • McGlohon, Richard--38.3
  • McGrath, T. W.--38.3
  • McGuffin, W. J.--38.3
  • McIntyre, James--38.3
  • McKeon, Guy--38.3
  • McKnight, James--38.3
  • McLaughlin, Edward--38.3
  • McLavish, William--38.3
  • McLean, Angus--38.3
  • McLean, L. D.--38.3
  • McLelland, J. C.--38.3
  • McManus, John J.--38.3
  • McQuade, W. T.--38.3
  • Mead, Art--38.3
  • Meakin, Henry--38.3
  • Medical Protective Company of Fort Wayne, Indiana--38.3
  • Medrington, Charles--8.4, 38.3
  • Meers [billed as The Three Meers]--5.6
  • Meikeljohn, _____--38.3
  • Meinecke, Albert W.--38.3
  • Melbourne, H. F.--38.3
  • Méliès, Georges--5.6
  • Mellinger, John R.--5.6
  • Mellini, Herman--5.6
  • Melton, Tom--38.3
  • Melville, Frederic--8.4
  • Melville, William A.--5.6
  • Melvo, C. W.--38.3
  • Mendelson, D.--38.3
  • Mercedes--5.6
  • Merci-Pinetti, Vittorio--5.6
  • Merlin--5.6
  • Merriman, H.--5.6
  • Merton, Hal--5.7, 38.3
  • Merz, J. P.--38.3
  • Metz, Theo (Metz Music Co.)--5.7
  • Meyenberg, William--38.3
  • Meyer, B.--57.8
  • Mezyrto, W. M.--38.3
  • "Mighty Oaks"--38.3
  • Mikulsky, J. J.--38.3
  • Milford, Edw.--38.3
  • Miller, Charles--38.3
  • Miller, Gustav--38.3
  • Miller, H. Liscomb--3.5
  • Miller, Henry W.--38.3, osb 2
  • Miller, J. D.--38.3
  • Miller, J. Randolph--5.7
  • Miller, Jack--38.3
  • Miller, L. F., Mrs.--38.3
  • Miller, Louis N.--38.3
  • Miller, P. W.--38.3
  • Miller, Reid--38.3
  • Miller, Welsh--8.4
  • Milligan, Harold Vincent--5.7
  • Milner, Lady--58.6
  • Milnes, Keith--59.4
  • Milwaukee Sentinel (A. F. Neyrick[?])--27.59
  • Minerva (Mrs. Van Dorn)--5.7
  • Minneapolis Daily News (W. A. Frisbie)--38.3
  • Mishel, D. M.--38.3
  • Mitchell Kennerley Publishers (Mitchell Kennerley)--10.7
  • Mitchell, _____--57.8
  • Modern Magical Institution (P. L. Mahanti)--38.4
  • Moffatt, John--38.4
  • Moford, Gus (Magic Products Company)--38.4
  • Moisant, John Bevins (Aerial Manufacturing Company of Great Britain and Ireland, Ltd.)--5.7
  • Mole, H. C.--38.4
  • Monarch, J. E.--38.4
  • Monox, P.--59.6
  • Montgomery, Malvin--38.4
  • Mooberry, R. W.--38.4
  • Moore, Alonzo--38.4
  • Moore, Arthur J.--5.7, 38.4
  • Moore, Caleb R.--38.4
  • Moore, George Godfrey--38.4
  • Moore, Harriet Carrick--59.6
  • Moore, James Carrick--58.5, 59.5-6
  • Moore, John L.--38.4
  • Moore, Marrion L.--38.4
  • Moorman, H.--38.4
  • Mora, L. Jerome "Silent Mora"--5.7, 38.4
  • Morales, V.--38.4
  • Moran, D. J., Mrs.--38.4
  • More, Elwin--38.4
  • Moreau, Professor--38.4
  • Moreland, Beatrice--5.7
  • Morey--38.4
  • Morgan, Edwin Lee--38.4
  • Morgan, Frank J.--38.4
  • Morgan, Henry--38.4
  • Morgan, M.--38.4
  • Morgan, William--38.4
  • Morin, John--38.4
  • Morphét, Fred--38.4
  • Morphet, Harry--38.4
  • Morrell, T. H.--55.5
  • Morris, Charles--38.4
  • Morris, Chester B.--38.4
  • Morris, Ethel--38.4
  • Morris, Nelson--8.4
  • Morris, Walter--38.4
  • Morrison, H. S.--38.4
  • Morrison, Rex Okla.--5.7
  • Morritt, Charles--5.7
  • Morrow, George "Great"--38.4
  • Mortimer, W. Golden (Society of American Magicians)--5.7
  • Morton, Walter W.--38.4
  • Moseley, Walter M.--58.8
  • Mosher, Arthur H.--38.4
  • Moss' Empires Ltd. (W. Nevard; S. H. Richardson)--5.7
  • Mott, A T.--38.4
  • Moulton, Louise Chandler--55.5
  • Mrose, Arthur J.--8.4
  • Mudge, Thomas--56.5-8, 57.4, 59.3
  • Mueller, Jesse A.--38.4
  • Muldener, Marie Louise--55.5
  • Mullholland, John--38.4
  • Munro, George MacKenzie--5.7
  • Murray, Albert R.--38.4
  • Murray, Frank A.--38.4
  • Murray, Kenneth B.--38.4
  • Mutual Welfare League of Sing Sing (E. J. Meagher)--5.7
  • Myer, Isaac--38.4
  • Myers, J.--38.4
  • Myers, W. K.--38.4
  • Myette, Narcisse--38.4
  • Mystery Pictures Corporation--17.7
  • Mystical Heath (The Magic Key)--5.7, 38.4
  • Mysto--38.4
  • Naldrett, Percy--38.5
  • Namreh the Magician (Herman L. Weber)--38.5
  • Nason, Arthur Huntington--5.8
  • Nellar, E. G.--38.5
  • Neller, Ernest T.--38.5
  • Nelson, Art J.--38.5
  • Nelson Enterprises (R. A. Nelson)--38.5
  • Nelson, John W.--38.5
  • Nesnahs, The--38.5
  • Nesper, Arthur--38.5
  • Neubauer, A. H.--38.5
  • Neville, Russell T.--38.5
  • Newell, L. B., Mrs.--38.5
  • Newman, J. W.--38.5
  • Newman, Lawrence L.--38.5
  • Newmann, C. A. George--5.8, 38.5
  • Newton, Ray--38.5
  • New York (State). State Tax Department--17.8
  • New York American (F. J. McCarty)--10.7
  • New York Clipper--38.5
  • New York Herald (C. Lincoln)--10.7
  • New York Times (F. G. Birchall)--10.7
  • New_____, William--59.8
  • Nicholas, H.R.H. Princess Alexandra [Eleanor Bishop]--5.9
  • Nicholas, J. Harvey--38.5
  • Nichols, E. E. Wood--38.5
  • Nicola, The Great--38.5
  • Nielting, J. W.--38.5
  • Nies, F. E.--38.5
  • Nighton, George--38.5
  • Nixon, Doc--38.5
  • Nixon, James--57.4
  • Nobbe, Paul--38.5
  • Noffke, Paul A.--38.5
  • Norcott, William--59.4
  • Nordini, E. S.--5.8
  • Norman, R. H. [Richard Henry?] (on behalf of Louisa Balsano)--55.5
  • Northcote, James--57.5-7, 57.11, 58.1-2, 58.7-8, 59.1-2, 59.4, 59.6-7, 59.10
  • Northcote, Stafford H.--58.5
  • Norton, Bert R.--38.5
  • Norton, C. Porter--38.5
  • Norworth, Jack--5.8
  • O'Bern, Joshua H.--38.6
  • O'Brien, Mique (The Terre Haute Tribune)--6.1
  • The Odd Store (Gerro Gordo, Illinois)--38.6
  • Ogden, F. R.--38.6
  • Oglesby, R. J., C. E. Lippincott, G. L. Fort, J. P. Van Dorsten, J. L. Tincker--56.2
  • Okito, Theo (see also Bamberg)--38.6
  • Oliver, Harry--38.6
  • Olms, John--38.6
  • Olney, Richard (U.S. House of Representatives)--6.1
  • Omar the Magician--38.6
  • Opel, Harry--38.6
  • Opie, Amelia--58.7
  • Origer, Nick--38.6
  • Ornson, J. P.--6.1, 38.6
  • Ornum's--38.6
  • Ortwein, M. H.--38.6
  • Osborne, Harold A.--6.1, 8.11
  • Overstreet, LeRoy--38.6
  • Ovette--38.6
  • Paffen, Joseph--38.7
  • Page, T. H.--56.4, 58.2
  • Paine, H. S. (Chicago Magic Co.)--38.7
  • Palda, Ervin J.--38.7
  • Palmer, B.--55.6
  • Palmer, Mr.--57.11
  • Papier, George--38.7
  • Parents, Anthony--38.7
  • Park, Charles--56.1
  • Parker, T. L.--57.11, 58.6. 59.5
  • Parks, Ira D.--8.4, 38.7
  • Parshall, G. E.--38.7
  • Parsons, Charles--38.7
  • Parsons, E. A.--38.7
  • Parsons, Frances--57.5, 58.2
  • Paul, S. C.--38.7
  • Paull, J.--38.7
  • Paulson, Harold E.--38.7
  • Pauly, W. G.--38.7
  • Pavey, William H.--38.7
  • Pavlick, Frank J.--38.7
  • Payne, Sonnie--38.7
  • Peacock, Lewis--55.6
  • Pearce, George E.--38.7
  • Pearse, Wood--59.1, 59.8, 59.10
  • Pearson, Rev. Hugh--55.5
  • Peden, Henry--38.7
  • Pedlar, J.--58.8
  • Peerless Handcuff Company (James Milton Gill)--8.11
  • Peers, F. J.--6.2
  • Pemberton, M. Margaret--38.7
  • Penny, William Jones--8.4
  • Pentz, Collins (The Eagle Magician)--6.2
  • Percival, John H.--38.7
  • Perkins, Edward H.--38.7
  • Peterkin, Walter G. (Mahatma)--6.2
  • Peters, Fred J.--38.7
  • Peters, Thomas J.--38.7
  • Peterson, P.--38.7
  • Petrie-Lewis Manufacturing Co. (J. A. Petrie)--38.7
  • Pettitt, Harry--55.5
  • Philippe, Louis--32.19
  • Philomon, Carl--38.7
  • Phipps, Mrs.--57.2, 58.1
  • Pierce, Carl W.--38.7
  • Pierce, J.--38.7
  • Pierson, George H.--38.7
  • Pihale, John J.--38.7
  • Pilgrom Oil Company--38.7
  • Pingree, D. H.--71.20
  • Piper, A. F. (The Great Mystics Concern)--38.7
  • Pitroff--6.2
  • Pittman, G. R.--38.7
  • Pittsburgh Association of Magicians (Harry A. Weitzel)--
  • Pittsburgh Automotive Vise and Tool Co. (G. P. B. Blackhutan)--6.2
  • Plate, Adrian--6.2, 39.1
  • The Players Library--6.2
  • Pliva, A.--39.1
  • Podmore, Harry J.--39.1
  • Pole, J. T.--58.7
  • Pollard, W. D.--39.1
  • Polley, E. Walter (The Baltimore News)--6.2
  • Poole Bros. Magical Exchange--39.1
  • Ports, Ian--59.7
  • Posden, Mr.--57.9-10
  • Pottinger, Head--58.3
  • Powell, F. E. (Frederick Eugene)--6.2, 39.1
  • Powers & Dane--39.1
  • Powers, Clyde W.--39.1
  • Poziski, S. Lionel--39.1
  • Prideaux, William--59.2
  • Pritchard, B. Franklin--39.1
  • Proctor, T. H.--osb 3
  • Providence Society of Magicians--39.1
  • Provost, A. H. (Derallo)--8.4
  • Pughe, George W.--39.1
  • Puhl, Edward W.--39.1
  • Purcell, Roscoe--39.1
  • Quaid, L. J.--39.2
  • Quill Club--39.2
  • Quin, Ernest and Eugene--39.2
  • Radcliff, _____--58.7
  • Radu--39.3
  • Rainey, D. L.--39.3
  • Raistrick, William A.--39.3
  • Ramsdell, C. J.--39.3
  • Ramsden, Robert--56.4, 57.7
  • Ranee, Frank--39.3
  • Ransom, Elmer P.--39.3
  • Ransom, William A.--39.3
  • Rapp, Augustus--6.3, 39.3
  • Rasmussen, Harald--39.3
  • Ravetta, William--39.3
  • Rayinfeld, J.--58.7
  • Raymond, A.--39.3
  • Raymond, Maxine--39.3
  • Raymond, Maurice F.--6.3
  • Read, R. W.--39.3
  • Reed, Edward--39.3
  • Reed, Florence--6.3
  • Reed, Priscilla [also known as Priscilla German Reed and Priscilla Horton]--55.5
  • Reguera, Edward--39.3
  • Rehbein, A. J.--39.3
  • Reinhart, Robert--39.3
  • Remmett, _____--56.8, 57.1
  • Reno, Ed and Madame--39.3
  • Rensland, M. G.--39.3
  • Republican State Central Committee of Illinois--56.2
  • Rhea, Charles S.--39.3
  • Rheiner, Conrad B.--39.3
  • Rhode Island Society of Magicians (C. Foster Fenner)--6.3
  • Rhys--10.7
  • Rice, Edwin Fay--6.4-6
  • Rice, Georgiana--6.3, 8.10
  • Rich, Harry--39.3
  • Richards, P.--6.3, 8.4
  • Richards, William--39.3
  • Richardson, Clarence E.--39.3
  • Richardson, Danson--58.3, 59.7
  • Richardson, Gerald A.--39.3
  • Richardson, Herbert R.--39.3
  • Richdale, Annie E.--39.3
  • Rickman, J.--59.9
  • Riddell, H. S. on behalf of Mrs. Kendal--55.5
  • Riggs, S. B.--39.3
  • Riley, Joe--6.3
  • Rinaker, John I.--56.2
  • Rinn, Joseph F.--6.3, 39.3
  • Ritchie, Carroll--39.3
  • Rivers, D.--59.1
  • Robert-Houdin, Jean-Eugèe--32.48
  • Roberts, Guy C.--39.3
  • Roberts, Mysterious--39.3
  • Robertson, A.--59.1
  • Robinson, Anne--57.11
  • Robinson, E. W.--39.3
  • Robinson, Harry A.--39.3
  • Robinson, William Ellsworth ("Rob") [billed as Chung Ling Soo]--6.7
  • Robinson, William H.--6.3
  • Robinson's Magic Shop (R. E. Robinson)--39.3
  • Robison, Fred P.--39.3
  • Rochdale District-Birth, Death, Marriages Registrar--6.3
  • Rockwood, Paul R.--39.3
  • Rodeheaver, Homer--6.3
  • Roemer, Emil--39.3
  • Roennau, Peter--39.3
  • Rogers, Edward--57.5
  • Rogoff, Julius M.--6.3
  • Rohan, Andrew--6.3
  • Rohmer, Sax--6.3
  • Rohn, Amos C.--39.3
  • Rohnstein, R.--6.3
  • Rolf, Carl--39.3
  • Roltare, Charles--6.3
  • Rops, Félicien--55.5
  • Rosdew, _____--56.6, 59.9
  • Rose, Alfred--39.4
  • Rose, Edw. Jack--39.4
  • Rose, James--59.4
  • Rosenberger, E. [billed as Captain Vetrio]--6.3
  • Rosencrane, Clayton W.--39.4
  • Rosini, Carl--6.3
  • Ross, John--39.4
  • Ross, William--39.4
  • Rössner, A. Max--33.13
  • Roterberg, August ("Gus")--6.8, 39.4
  • Roth, Conrad--39.4
  • Roth, D. M.--39.4
  • Roth, W.--57.1
  • Rouclere, Harry--6.3, 39.4
  • Rougere--39.4
  • Roundell, _____--58.4, 58.6-7, 59.3-4
  • Rowland, A. B.--39.4
  • Royal Academy of Arts--6.3
  • Royston, Glen M.--39.4
  • R. S. Schlosser & Co.--39.4
  • Ruisselle, E.--8.4, 39.4
  • Rullman, Leo (Society of American Magicians)--6.3, 39.4
  • Rumer, Phillip--10.5
  • Rumsey, Mark B.--39.4
  • Russell, Jackson C.--39.4
  • Russell, W. (Russell the Magician)--8.4
  • Russell, William A.--6.3, 39.4
  • Ruth, Charles V.--39.4
  • Rutherford, W.--39.4
  • Rutledge, R. Leighton--39.4
  • Ryan, Sam J.--6.3
  • Rybolt, E. F.--39.4
  • Rysley, G. S.--39.4
  • Saal, Alfred P.--7.2, 39.5
  • Sachs, George M.--16.4, 16.6-8, 17.8
  • Sainton, Charlotte--55.6
  • Salisbury, W. N.--39.5
  • Salomon, Hector--55.5
  • Saltonstall, G. W.--7.2
  • Santemma, J.--39.5
  • Sander, Val--7.2
  • Sargent, J. M.--39.5
  • Sargent, John William--7.2, 39.5
  • Satchell, William J.--39.5
  • Satterthwaite, A. L.--39.5
  • Saturday, J. W.--39.5
  • Savant, Nixon--39.5
  • Saville, J. F.--55.5
  • Scheidler, John G.--7.2
  • Schell, R. G. (Pittsburgh Association of Magicians)--39.5
  • Scheppe, F. P., Jr.--39.5
  • Scherer, Joe--39.5
  • Scherman, Robert--39.5
  • Schieldge, Ernest K.--39.5
  • Schilling, George--39.5
  • Schlichter, George--39.5
  • Schmid, A. A. Postcard (German), 1900
  • Schmid, A. A. [billed as Albertini]--7.2, 33.14
  • Schopper, Raymond L.--39.5
  • Schreck, Harry C.--39.5
  • Schrempp, Albert A.--39.5
  • Schröder, Karl--7.2
  • Schuaubelt, E. F.--39.5
  • Schulte, George--39.5
  • Schumann, H. V. (Buckeye Magic Supply Co.)--39.5
  • Schwartz, Harold A.--7.2
  • Schwartz, Louis C.--39.5
  • Schwengers-Heimbürger, Frau--7.2
  • Scott, Lionel T.--39.5
  • Scribner, Charles S.--39.5
  • Scruggs, P. T.--39.5
  • Seacrist, Guy--39.5
  • Seal, D. A.--60.2
  • Seed, Walter--39.5
  • Seeman, Adolph--7.2
  • Seinor [?], M.--55.6
  • Selbrini, Willie--7.3
  • Selig, W. N. (Selig Polyscope Company)--7.3
  • Selvage, R. L.--39.5
  • Selvin, E. D.--39.5
  • Semple, Paul R.--39.5
  • Seng, Lee Lai--39.5
  • Senpersad, J.--39.5
  • Senter, Orestes A. B.--7.3, 39.5
  • Servaas, Bert (Indiana Magical Fraternity)--39.5
  • Servia, R.--8.4
  • Sewell, Len J.--39.5
  • Seymour, A. E.--39.5
  • Seymour, F. W.--39.5
  • Shafer, Burwin--39.5
  • Shaffer, F. M.--39.5
  • Shaffer, Walter--39.5
  • Shah, Manek--39.5
  • Shambough, F. H.--39.5
  • Shapiro, M.--39.5
  • Sharpe, W.--39.5
  • Shaw, Enos L.--39.5
  • Shaw, Robert Gould (Harvard College Library)--7.3
  • Shaw, W. H. J.--39.5
  • Shea--39.5
  • Shepherd, Charles G.--39.5
  • Sherman, S. Bradford--39.5
  • Shilling, Louis E.--39.6
  • Shirk, Adam Hill (Famous Players-Lasky Corporation)--39.6
  • Shope, A.--39.6
  • Show World Publishing Co.--39.6
  • Shreve, Frances Emily--7.3
  • Shrimplin, R.--39.6
  • Silliman, Thomas A.--39.6
  • Silvey and Bugdun--39.6
  • Simmons, W. C.--39.6
  • Simms, Sheldon--39.6
  • Simonton, Raymond H.--8.4
  • Skellington, William--39.6
  • Skillings, Ray--39.6
  • Slayton, R. L.--39.6
  • Slocum, H. J.--39.6
  • Sloo, J. C.--56.2
  • Small, Charles H.--39.6
  • Smith and Sutton--7.3
  • Smith, A. O.--39.6
  • Smith, A. P.--39.6
  • Smith, Adile O.--7.3
  • Smith, Alfred--24.21
  • Smith, Charles N.--39.6
  • Smith, Charles Roach--31.65
  • Smith, Edward H. (The World)--7.3
  • Smith, George--57.6
  • Smith, J.--55.6
  • Smith, Sarah Hughes--3.1
  • Smith, T.--56.4-5, 57.5-6
  • Smith, Willard S.--39.6
  • Smith, William C.--39.6
  • Smythe, Donn V.--39.6
  • Snider, J. F.--39.6
  • Snow, Hartley--39.6
  • Snyder, Al.--39.6
  • Society of American Magicians-Chicago Assembly No. 3 (James McDonald)--39.6
  • Society of American Magicians-Felicien Assembly No. 6--39.6
  • Society of Twin Cities Magicians (R. F. Eldridge)--39.6
  • Somerfield, T. S.--7.3
  • Somers, Harris--39.6
  • Southwick, Edw.--39.6
  • Spencer, Frank--7.3
  • Spillsburry, Edgar Ashe--59.1, 59.7
  • Spitari, Laurance W.--39.6
  • Spratt, C. Arthur--39.6
  • Sprong, John C.--39.6
  • S. S. Adams Co.--39.6
  • St. Amand, Ernest J.--39.6
  • St. Claire, B. Jack--39.6
  • St. John, Lord--59.9-10
  • St. Nicholas Editorial Rooms (William Fayal Clarke)--27.36
  • Staff, Frank--39.6
  • Stafford, Sir--58.8
  • The Stage (Carson & Comerford Ltd.)--39.6
  • Stahl, F. J.--39.6
  • Stanyon, Ellis--7.3, 39.6
  • Staples, Bruce--39.6
  • The Star (London)--10.7
  • Stathem, John--39.6
  • Steele Family--39.6
  • Stefanik, Carlo--39.6
  • Steinmetz, Jospeh Janney--39.6
  • Stephens, R. G.--39.6
  • Stevens, _____ (on behalf of)--7.3
  • Stewart, Charles A.--39.6
  • Stewart, J. Edward--39.6
  • Stewart, Thomas--57.10
  • Stifft, David E. (also known as David E. Swift)--39.7
  • Stilwell, C. J.--39.7
  • Stipp, George H.--39.7
  • Stock, George W.--39.7
  • Stockes, Thomas E.--39.7
  • Stockton, J. Bruce--39.7
  • Stoddard, Roy--39.7
  • Stokes, G.--55.6
  • Stokes, W. H.--39.7
  • Stone, Fred--7.3
  • Stone, Raymeen--39.7
  • Stone, W. D.--39.7
  • Stoppleworth, Mrs. E. L.--10.8
  • Straub, B. G.--39.7
  • Strong and Bolden--7.3
  • Sublett, Joe B.--39.7
  • Sugden, R. S.--39.7
  • Suhr, H. F. C.--39.7
  • Sullivan, John L.--7.3
  • Sullivan, Thomas A.--39.7
  • The Sun (New York) (Edmond Bartnett)--10.7
  • Sunderland, S.--55.5
  • Sunetaro, S.--39.7
  • Sussman, Julius--39.7
  • Svengali, H.--7.3
  • Swart, D. M.--39.7
  • Syere, R. S.--58.2
  • Sylvian, Leon--39.7
  • Sznek, John A.--39.7
  • S_____, Grace--55.5
  • T. Fisher Unwin Ltd.--10.7
  • Taggart, Archer W.--39.8
  • Taintor, E. E.--39.8
  • Tait and Amee--39.8
  • Talbot, C. W. (Spokane Mystic Club)--39.8
  • Tallman, Malcolm Herrick--39.8
  • Tally--39.8
  • Talon, Edmond--41.23
  • Tarbell, Harlan E.--39.8
  • Tarlton, Paul B. [billed as Takasi]--7.4
  • Tarr, W. B.--39.8
  • Taylor, Arthur--39.8
  • Taylor, C. P.--39.8
  • Taylor, E. C.--7.4
  • Taylor, P. A.--18.3
  • Taylor, S. W.--39.8
  • Teale, Oscar S.--7.4, 39.8
  • Teegarden--39.8
  • Teitel, Joe--39.8
  • Tekara, B.--39.8
  • Teller, Lee--39.8
  • Ten Eyck, P.--39.8
  • Tennehie [?], F. A.--55.6
  • Terhune, Albert Payson--7.4
  • Test, Robert W.--39.8
  • Testa, Gustavo--7.4, 39.8
  • Testot, C. F.--34.30
  • Thayer, F. G. (Thayer Manufacturing Co.)--7.4, 39.8
  • Theo--39.8
  • Theo, A.--58.1
  • Thomas, Nelly--57.6
  • Thomas, Peyton--39.8
  • Thomas, R. L.--39.8
  • Thompson, B. L. (Canadian Magicians' Club)--39.8
  • Thompson, G. H.--39.8
  • Thomson, George--40.1
  • Thompson, Harry S.--25.6, 40.1
  • Thompson, James--55.5
  • Thorn, Chevalier Ernest--7.4, 40.1
  • Thorne--8.4
  • Thornhill, Mrs.--57.8, 58.3
  • Thornton, J. N.--40.1
  • Thurster, J.--59.7
  • Thurston, Howard--7.4, 40.1
  • Thyroff, George R.--40.1
  • Tickell, Charles H.--40.1
  • Tiddeman, R. P. G.--59.1
  • Tienken, Harry G.--40.1
  • Tillinghast, Byron C.--40.1
  • The Times (London) (M. Smith)--10.7
  • Times-Picayune (L. K. Nicholson)--10.7
  • Timme, William, Jr.--40.1
  • Timsley, John W.--40.1
  • Tirpitz, Grand-Admiral Alfred von. Letter (on behalf of)--7.4
  • Tolmaque, Herr--34.38
  • Toole, J. L.--60.3
  • Toube, Ira--40.1
  • Tountellotte, Billy--40.1
  • Toy, Chee (Ching Ling Foo's daughter)--8.10
  • Trapenhagen, William H.--40.1
  • Travers, Roland--40.1
  • Trebor--40.1
  • Tremont Magic Co.--40.1
  • Tresham, Henry--57.7
  • Trewey, Félicien and Jeanne--7.5
  • Tripp, Irving M.--40.1
  • Troke, James Allen--40.1
  • Truchsess, Count--57.10
  • Trudel, Ivanhoe--40.1
  • T. S. Denison & Co. (Eben H. Norris)--40.1
  • Tumulty, J. P. [Secretary to President Woodrow Wilson]--7.4
  • Tunmer, S.--40.1
  • Turley, Don--7.4
  • Turtle, William C.--40.1
  • Twamley, Isaac--40.1
  • Uhlmann, Gus--40.2
  • Uker, Verne W.--40.2
  • United States Penitentiary (Atlanta, Georgia) (Fred G. Zerbst)--7.6
  • United States. Department of the Treasury--17.5, 17.9
  • Uppleby, George--56.4
  • Upton, James--7.6
  • Ulrich, Ernest--40.2
  • Valentine, E. S.--40.2
  • Valentine, J. O.--29.18
  • Valois, Andrew--40.2
  • Van Antwerp, Theodore C.--40.2
  • Van Bern, Christopher--1.11
  • Vancolen--40.2
  • Vancouver Society of Magicians (Thomas Bowyer)--40.2
  • Van der Koor, H. E.--40.2
  • Van der Linden, E.--40.2
  • Vandermast, J. Quincy--40.2
  • Van Dien, Richard--40.2
  • Van Dier, R.--7.7
  • van Heyst, F. A.--33.14
  • Van Hoven, Frank--7.7
  • Variety Magazine (illegible signature)--7.7
  • Variety Theatres Controlling Co.--7.7
  • Vasco--40.2
  • Vaughan, Alfred--7.7
  • Velte, Ralph--40.2
  • Veno, William--40.2
  • Vernelo, E. M.--7.7, 40.2
  • Vernon, M.--40.2
  • Verostick, John F.--40.2
  • Vezina, E. J.--40.2
  • Vickery, Albert G.--7.7
  • Vickery, Emma--7.7
  • Vickery, George--7.7
  • Vickery, James--7.7
  • Vincent, Guss--7.7
  • Vincent, Henry--55.5
  • Vintus, Len--40.2
  • Violet, E. W.--40.2
  • Vogel, Christian--40.2
  • Voss, William--40.2
  • Vowell, F. E.--40.2
  • Vizetelley, Frank H. (Funk and Wagnalls)--7.7
  • Wagar, Frank L.--40.3
  • Wagner, Frank J.--40.3
  • Wagner, Robert H.--40.3
  • Wait, Sheridan--56.2
  • Waitt, J. E. ("Doc")--7.8
  • Walden, Lorenzo D.--40.3
  • Waldmann, Otto--7.8, 40.3
  • Walker, C.--7.8
  • Walker, J. P.--40.3
  • Walker, T. M.--7.8
  • Wall, Horace and Mart W. Hanley (Wall's Dramatic Bureau)--55.5
  • Wallace, Cosmo--58.1
  • Wallace, E. C.--40.3
  • Wallace Edward A.--40.3
  • Wallace, Walter T.--55.6
  • Waller, Charles--7.8
  • Waller, Lewis--7.8
  • Wallett, William Frederick--60.1-3
  • Walsh, J. E.--40.3
  • Walsh, William P. (The Magic Emporium)--40.3
  • Walter, J. C.--40.3
  • Walters, W. S.--40.3
  • Walton, Otto F.--40.3
  • Wanner, George--40.3
  • Ward, I.--58.2
  • Waring, B. B.--40.3
  • Waring, Andrew G.--7.8
  • Warmkessel, Willard--40.3
  • Warner C. Williams & Co.--40.3
  • Warren, F. W.--40.3
  • Warren, Walter G.--40.3
  • Watson, A.--7.8
  • Watson, W. J.--7.8
  • Waugh, Edwin--60.2
  • Wayne Wizard's Association (Eugene Gordon)--40.3
  • W. B. Saunders Co.--40.3
  • Weatherford, Earl--40.3
  • Webb, Ray--40.3
  • Webber, E. H.--40.3
  • Weber, H. C.--40.3
  • Weber, Herman L.--40.3
  • Weedore, B. R.--40.3
  • Wehner, Kenneth G.--40.3
  • Weiss, Theo "Dash" [billed as Hardeen, Houdini's brother]--7.8
  • Weller, Charles S.--40.3
  • Wellings, Edw.--59.1
  • Wellington--40.3
  • Welsh, Charles--7.9
  • Weltman, I.--7.9
  • Wendell, E. Jansen--7.9
  • Weller, Charles S.--34.59
  • Werheim, Walter P.--40.3
  • Werner, Francis J.--7.9, 40.3
  • Werner, Paul Robert--40.3
  • West, George--40.3
  • Weston, Kendal--55.6
  • Wetenhall, Edward--57.4
  • Wettstein, H.--40.3
  • Weyer, Alex--7.11
  • Wheeler, J. S.--40.3
  • Whipple, Elmer J.--40.4
  • Whitaker, H.--7.9
  • White, Ed C.--40.4
  • White, Harold P.--40.4
  • White, Kenneth Blake--40.4
  • White, Oliver--7.9
  • Whitefoord, C.--57.7
  • Whiteley, Henry--7.9
  • Whitewood, T.--57.9
  • Whitfeld, Samuel--57.10
  • Whitiley, Harry W.--40.4
  • Widdeh, E.--58.1
  • Widmann, Willy--7.9
  • Widmayer, F.--8.4
  • Widmayer, Frank B.--7.9
  • Wighton, Ernest--7.10
  • Wilcox, B. B.--40.4
  • Wilder, Marshall P.--40.4
  • Wildern, Art P.--40.4
  • Wilfrid the Wizard--40.4
  • Wilhelm, G.--40.4
  • Wilka, W. L.--40.4
  • Williams, _____[?]--7.10
  • Williams--33.14
  • Williams, Charles. O. (Australian Society of Magicians)--7.10, 40.4
  • Williams, Charles Oswald--7.10, 40.4
  • Williams, E. D.--40.4
  • Williams, Geo. L.--7.10
  • Williams, Herbert R.--40.4
  • Williams, John--40.4
  • Williams, Oswald--7.10
  • Williams, Robert G. (Society of American Magicians)--40.4
  • Willmann, Carl--7.10
  • Willner, George E.--40.4
  • Wilson, Ada Lana--8.10
  • Wilson, Dr. A. M. (The Sphinx)--7.12
  • Wilson, C.--40.4
  • Wilson, Dyke (A. M. Wilson's son)--40.4
  • Wilson, Francis--7.10
  • Wilson, Joshua--40.4
  • Wilson, Mark--7.10
  • Wilson, R.--55.6
  • Wilson, W. H.--40.4
  • Wilson, Woodrow--7.10
  • Wilton, Alf T.--40.4
  • Wilton, Joseph--56.8
  • Winckler, Albert [billed as Venturini]--7.10
  • Windecker, Alexander--7.10
  • Windsor, H. H.--40.4
  • Wingard, Professor J.--osb 2
  • Wingard--8.11
  • Wingfield, A.--56.3
  • Winter, James W.--40.4
  • Wintermute, Harry--40.4
  • Wittram, E.--55.5
  • Wobensmith, Jason C. (Society of American Magicians)--40.4
  • Wogen, F. T. See--40.4
  • Wolf, J. W.--40.4
  • Wolfe, John E.--40.4
  • Wood and Bates--7.10
  • Wood, Allene--7.10
  • Wood, Charles W.--40.4
  • Wood, Montraville M.--8.1
  • Woods, Frank L.--40.4
  • Woods, Roy F.--40.4
  • Wood, W.--57.7
  • Woodmason, Alf--59.6
  • Woodward, L. M.--7.10
  • Woodworth, H. S.--40.4
  • Woolston, C. H.--40.4
  • The World (New York) (J. O. H. Cosgrove)--10.7
  • Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers--59.3, 59.5
  • Worslev, J. H.--40.4
  • Worth, E. M.--7.10
  • Worthan, Charles--40.4
  • Worthington, L.--40.4
  • Worthington, Thomas C., III--40.4
  • Woulffe, Homar H.--40.4
  • Wrey, B.--57.1, 58.3
  • Wright, Harry--8.11
  • Wright, W.--41.11
  • Wyatt, Clayton--7.10, 40.4
  • Yama, Omar--40.5
  • Yaumans, Charles E.--40.5
  • Yerkes, Lester M.--40.5
  • Yonge, James--58.4-5
  • Yorke-Downs, Helen--8.10
  • Yost, Willis K.--40.5
  • Young, Robinson--59.3
  • Young, William H.--41.17
  • Zad, Benjamin--40.5
  • Zada, Ali (born Charles Logrenia)--8.2
  • Zadielovich, B.--40.5
  • Zalano--40.5
  • Zam Borsky, Jospeh J.--40.5, osb 12
  • Zamora, Eufrasio--40.5
  • Zancig, Julius--40.5
  • Zelleno, L. C.-- 34.27, 40.5
  • Zangrell, Israel--8.2
  • Zelka, Wilfred C.--8.2, 8.4
  • Zelo--40.5
  • Zenola--40.5
  • Zens, M. F.--40.5
  • Ziegler, John M.--40.5
  • Zimmerman, Joseph--40.5
  • Zink, W. T.--40.5
  • Zirsch, T. C.--40.5
  • Unidentified / Illegible--8.3, 8.11, 33.14, 38.2, 55.6-7, 56.3, 56.8, 57.1-3, 57.5-8, 57.10-11, 58.1-2, 58.4, 58.8, 59.2-5, 59.8-9, 59.11
  • _____ [Manager for John Henry Anderson, Sr.]--20.16
  • _____, Gracie--8.10
  • _____, William Walker--58.5

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