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Reginald Harvey Griffith:

An Inventory of His Literary File Photography Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Griffith, Reginald Harvey, 1873-1957
Title: Reginald Harvey Griffith Literary File Photography Collectiony
Dates: 1896-1953
Abstract: The collection consists of 94 pictures of and relating to the American scholar Reginald Harvey Griffith.
Call Number: Photography Collection PH-02685
Extent: 94 items (.83 linear feet)
Language: English.
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 94 pictures, the bulk of which are portraits of Reginald Harvey Griffith (American, 1873-1957) and his family. Griffith was a Professor of English at the University of Texas at Austin and an eminent authority on Alexander Pope and his works.

This collection forms a part of the Literary File Photography Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portrais and images by or of those figures.



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Index Terms

Griffith, Reginald Harvey, 1873-1957.
Document Types
Photographic prints.

Related Material

Additional material can be found in the Reginald Harvey Griffith Papers (MS-01739) at the Harry Ransom Center.

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Item List

Box 1 3/4 left profile bust portrait of Griffith.
Portraits of Mary Ann Coleman Griffith (Griffith's mother).
Portraits of Rev. Dr. Richard H. Griffith (Griffith's father).
Halftone print of a view of the Cooper-Limestone Institute.
Right profile portrait of Griffith as a young man.
Portrait of Griffith at age 3 (986:0039:0008 is an enlarged and cropped version of 986:0039:0007).
Two variant portraits of Griffith as a young man; each in a folder.
Portraits of Griffith as an older man (986:0039:0011-0012 are duplicates).
Portrait of Griffith, circa 1905.
Portraits of Griffith as an elderly man.
3/4 left profile bust portrait of Griffith (same image as 957:0130:0001, but printed with caption).
Portraits of Mary Goffe (Griffith's niece) as a child.
Portrait of Griffith's sister Kate, who "died at the age of 16" (see accompanying handwritten note).
Portrait of Griffith's sister "Daught.," December 1896.
Portrait of Griffith’s sisters Annie and Ethel (Mrs. Goffe).
[Item returned to Reginal Harvey Griffith Collection (MS-01739)]
Bust portrait of Griffith’s brother, Wiltshire, as a boy.
Portrait of Wiltshire Griffith, Jr., at 5 months.
Full-length portrait of Wiltshire Griffith as a boy.
Half-length portrait of Griffith as a boy.
Two variant portraits of Wiltshire Griffith as a young man.
Portrait of Wiltshire Griffith as a young man in uniform.
Box 2 Portrait of Thomas J. Matlock (Griffith’s father-in-law).
Portraits of Mary Isabel Thompson Matlock (Griffith’s mother-in-law) as an older woman (986:0039:0035) and as a young woman (986:0039:0036).
Portraits of (Alice) Mary Matlock (Griffith’s wife) as a young woman.
Portrait of Mary Matlock Griffith and her daughters, Regina and Mary Nelle.
Halftone print of a bust portrait of Mary Matlock Griffith as an older woman.
Portrait of "Mrs. Griffith" as a young woman, seated, with baby "Richard" [Griffith?] on her lap, "Hyde Park Cottage / Austin, summer, 1907," 1907.
Portrait of an unidentified woman (a nurse?) holding baby "Richard H. Griffith / Hospital / spring 1907", 1907.
Portrait of "Mrs. Griffith" holding baby "Richard" [Griffith?] (variant of 986:0039:0044), 1907.
Portrait of Mary Nelle and Regina H. Griffith as children.
Portraits of Mary Nelle Griffith as a child (986:0039:0049-0050 are duplicates).
Portrait of Regina Griffith; signed presentation to her father, 1932.
Portrait of Regina Griffith; mounted, in folder, with inscription on recto of inside cover leaf: "Gene (high school years)."
Portrait of Mary Nelle Griffith as a young woman; signed presentation to her father.
Group portrait of nine young men and a dog "at the Bicklers’, about 1911 (May?) / 1904 San Antonio St., Austin", 1907.
Group portrait of 10 young men and 5 women, taken on the same occasion as 986:0039:0054.
Snapshots of the Griffiths and their daughters on the bank of the Llano River, Kingsland, Texas.
Portrait of Griffith and his daughters.
Group of swimmers in an unidentified body of water.
View of the Griffith home at 1928 San Antonio Street, Austin, with two little girls (Griffith’s daughters?) standing on the sidewalk.
Snapshot of Griffith in front of a house, leaning against the porch.
Portrait of the Griffiths and their daughters in their garden.
Images of Griffith and his granddaughter with a Christmas tree.
Image of Griffith’s granddaughter and a dog seated in front of a group of office buildings.
Image of Griffith holding his baby granddaughter, Lynne Isabel Belmont, Christmas, 1936.
Portrait of Lynne Isabel Belmont on a handmade Christmas card to Griffith from his daughter Mary Nelle, 1939.
Portrait of Lynne Isabel Belmont as a baby.
Portrait of Lynne Isabel Belmont as a young woman; signed presentation to "Grandfather."
Snapshots of Lynne Issabel Belmont as a young woman. [986:0039:0073 was a copy print and was deaccessioned by Ransom Center staff]
Handmade photo "album" of pictures of Lynne Isabel Belmont, circa 1938.
Portrait of a baby (Richard Wally?) on a Christmas card from "Lynne, Ricky and Richard Wally"; accompanied by an envelope, postmarked North Hollywood, California, 17 December 1953.
Snapshot of a toddler identified by inscription on verso as "Barbara Ann / Bushnell and / remains of / first birthday / cake. / Wiltshire Griffith's / grand-daughter / Florence's child."
Silhouettes (black paper cutouts mounted on white paper) of Griffith (986:0039:0090), his wife (986:0039:0091-0092), and their home at 1928 San Antonio Street, Texas (986:0039:0089).
Portrait of Griffith’s nephew (Wiltshire Griffith’s son) in military uniform, 1944.
Group portrait of 14 men, including Griffith; mounted on board, with subjects identified on lower mount recto; handwritten on verso: "Board of Visitors to Annapolis, June, 1910 / See Frank Leslie’s Weekly, June 23, 1910", 1910.
Group portrait of 15 men, including Griffith, taken on the same occasion as 986:0039:0082, 1910.

Index of Photographers

  • Baker's Art Gallery--986:0039:0027
  • Baldwin--986:0039:0039
  • Barber's (Hendersonville, N.C.)--986:0039:0081
  • Barnes, Walter--986:0039:0013
  • Christianson–Leberman (Austin, Tex.)--986:0039:0052
  • Downing--986:0039:0034-0035, 986:0039:0040-0041
  • Elliott (Austin, Tex.)--986:0039:0009-0010, 986:0039:0016
  • Fitzgerald, J. C. (Greenville, S.C.)--986:0039:0023, 986:0039:0029
  • Harris & Ewing--986:0039:0051
  • Jensen & Raymer (Austin, Tex.)--986:0039:0042
  • Leidloff's Studio--986:0039:0004
  • Miller, Mrs. C. R.--986:0039:0083
  • Van Ness, J. H.--986:0039:0007
  • Voorhees & Devoe-- 986:0039:0022
  • White Studio--986:0039:0070
  • University Studio (Austin, Tex.)--957:0130:0001, 986:0039:0015