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Kazuo Ishiguro:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Ishiguro, Kazuo, 1954-
Title: Kazuo Ishiguro Papers
Dates: 1955-2015
Abstract: The papers of British writer and Nobel laureate Kazuo Ishiguro consist of drafts (typescripts, printouts, electronic files) of published and unpublished works, personal and professional correspondence, notebooks, photographs, clippings, and family papers which document Ishiguro's diverse writing career and range of creative output which includes novels, screenplays, short stories, and song lyrics.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-05377
Extent: 80 document boxes (33.60 linear feet), 2 oversize boxes (osb), 1 oversize folder (osf), 4 serials boxes, 51 computer disks
Language: Predominately English, but also includes material in Japanese and printed material in various languages
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

Kazuo Ishiguro was born in Nagasaki, Japan, on 8 November 1954 to Shizuo Ishiguro, an oceanographer, and Shizuko, a homemaker. The family moved to England in 1960 when Ishiguro's father was offered a temporary post at the National Institute of Oceanography. Despite expecting to be in England for a brief period, the family ended up making their permanent home in Guildford, Surrey, England. Since the Ishiguro's were expecting to return to Japan, they maintained many aspects of Japanese culture inside the home, but as a child, Ishiguro had, in his own words, a "straightforward kind of British upbringing." He learned to play the piano at age 5 and the guitar at age 15 and as a teenager, expected to make a living as a musician. Music has remained a life-long interest.

Ishiguro took a gap year before attending the University of Kent, and between April and July 1974, he and his friend, Brian Dawes, spent three months back-packing across the western states of the U.S. and Canada. After completing his first year at university, Ishiguro took another year off and went to Renfrew, near Glasgow, Scotland, to volunteer as a community worker on a housing estate. Officially, this year-long intermission was time for Ishiguro to focus on literary pursuits, but unofficially, Ishiguro used it as a final attempt at establishing a music career. After this break, he returned to the University of Kent and in 1978 received a BA in English and Philosophy.

After graduating, Ishiguro worked for a year as a social worker at the West London Cyrenians, a non-profit organization supporting the homeless and other disadvantaged people. While there, Ishiguro met another social worker, Lorna MacDougall, and the two later married in 1986. They had a daughter, Naomi, in 1992.

The emotionally demanding work at Cyrenians led Ishiguro to consider a return to school. He learned about Malcolm Bradbury's creative writing program at the University of East Anglia and began courses there in 1979, mentored by writer Angela Carter. In June 1980, Ishiguro's first published story, "A Strange and Sometimes Sadness," appeared in Bananas magazine, which along with two other stories, "Waiting for J" and "Getting Poisoned," were later published in Faber's Introduction 7: Stories by New Writers (1981).

During his first year at East Anglia, Ishiguro began writing what would become his first, well-received, and award-winning novel (Winifred Holtby Prize of the Royal Society of Literature), A Pale View of Hills (1982). In 1983, along with Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie, Julian Barnes, Rose Tremaine, and Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro was named one of Granta magazine's "20 Best Young British Novelists." That same year, Ishiguro became a citizen of the United Kingdom.

Between his first two novels, Ishiguro ventured into writing scripts and wrote two television plays, A Profile of Arthur J. Mason (1984) and The Gourmet (1985), both of which were successfully produced and aired on British television.

His second novel, An Artist of the Floating World (1986), launched Ishiguro into the literary spotlight; the novel was on the Booker shortlist and won the Whitbread Book of the Year prize.

The third novel, The Remains of the Day (1989), received international notoriety and won the Booker prize. Ruth Prawer-Jhabvala adapted the novel into the award-winning film starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson and directed by James Ivory. The same year, Ishiguro returned to Japan for the first time since his family left in 1960, as part of a Japan Foundation tour.

His next three novels were either shortlisted or awarded major awards: The Unconsoled (1995) received the Cheltenham Prize in 1995, When We Were Orphans (2000) was shortlisted for both the Whitbread Novel Award and the Booker Prize for Fiction, and Never Let Me Go (2005) was shortlisted for the Booker Prize for Fiction, as well as the U.S. National Book Critics Circle Award. The novel was also awarded several literary prizes throughout Europe and was adapted to film by Alex Garland starring Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. His short story collection, Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall (2009), was shortlisted for the 2010 James Tait Black Memorial Prize (for fiction).

Ishiguro has received numerous honours and awards for his writing. He was appointed as Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1995 for services to literature, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and was awarded the Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government in 1998. Welsh painter Peter Edwards was commissioned to paint Ishiguro's portrait which is part of the permanent collection at the British National Portrait Gallery; the painting was also displayed briefly at Prime Minister Tony Blair's residence at 10 Downing Street.

In 2007, Ishiguro came full-circle returning to his life-long interest in music through his collaboration with American jazz vocalist, Stacey Kent, and her husband British tenor saxophonist Jim Tomlinson. Ishiguro's song lyrics appeared on three of Kent's albums: Breakfast on the Morning Tram (2007, Blue Note / EMI), Dreamer in Concert (2011, Parlophone France), and The Changing Lights (2013, Parlophone Music/Warner).

In 2015, Ishiguro's fifth novel, The Buried Giant, was published, and in October 2017, Ishiguro was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Scope and Contents

The papers of British writer Kazuo Ishiguro consist of drafts of published and unpublished works, personal and professional correspondence, notebooks, photographs, clippings, juvenilia, and family papers which document Ishiguro's diverse writing career and range of creative output, including novels, screenplays, short stories, song lyrics, and even drawings. The papers are organized into five series: I. Works, 1964-2014, undated; II. Correspondence, circa 1970s-2010s, undated; III. Personal and Professional Papers, 1955-2015; IV. Works by Others, 1989-2009, undated; and V. Periodicals and Publications, 1985-2011.

It is evident that Ishiguro was very conscious and purposeful in selecting, organizing, and preparing his papers for transfer to the Ransom Center in 2015. He carefully considered what to include (for example, regarding his correspondence, Ishiguro notes "I've excluded from this submission anything I felt had been sent to me in confidence…") and carefully arranged the materials into labeled A4-sized document storage boxes. In addition, Ishiguro annotated his papers with sticky notes; in some cases including typed notes that run to a page or more. These notes offer detailed context and background on circumstances surrounding specific events, identification of key people, and nostalgic memories of the past. Because these notes form an intrinsic part of the archive, they were retained during processing. In cases where Ishiguro used sticky notes, the notes were removed from the paper, placed into plastic Mylar sleeves, and filed in front of the item. In order to easily locate material with extensive comments, an asterisk (*) is used in the container list to identify such documents.

The arrangement of the materials closely reflects Ishiguro's own organization of the documents. Where Ishiguro provided a meaningful label for a grouping of material or a title for an unpublished work, that wording was used in the container list and is indicated in single quotes.

Series I. Works forms the bulk of the material and consists of 51 document boxes of notes, drafts, electronic files, proofs, editorial queries, adaptations, scripts, and film treatments associated with Ishiguro's writings. The works are arranged into four subseries: A. Novels, 1980-2014, undated; B. Screenplays, 1984-2005, undated; C. 'Early Work, Unpublished Work, and Miscellaneous (including 'The Experiments'),' circa 1978-2013, undated; and D. 'Juvenilia,' 1964-2014, undated (bulk 1970-1979). Works within each of these subseries are in alphabetical order by title. If an individual work has corresponding electronic files, an entry for the files is included in the container list within the material associated with that title and includes a brief description, the number of files, the file formats, and the timestamp. These dates do not necessarily reflect precisely when the file was created or last saved. Files listed as IBM PC DOS were created by Ishiguro using a Panasonic KX-W1510 word processor.

Subseries: A. Novels represents all of Ishiguro's book-length works published between 1982 and 2009 and is in alphabetical order by title. Rough papers, drafts, proofs, etc. for The Buried Giant (2015) are not included because it was published after Ishiguro's papers arrived at the Ransom Center; however a few pages of notes and fragments were mixed in with notes from Nocturnes. Within each title, the material generally follows the chronological order of literary production, from research and notes to publication proofs. When present, related material such as editorial correspondence and film, radio and theatrical adaptations by other writers follow the proofs.

It wasn't until the late 1990s, that Ishiguro began keeping the 'rough papers' of a work; his first ideas, notes, working drafts, and rejected pages that began the initial phases of a writing project. As a result, the amount of material for Ishiguro's published novels vary, with the earlier novels often only containing complete manuscript drafts and proofs. For his later works, including When We Were Orphans, Nocturnes, and Never Let Me Go, he includes pages and pages of early notes, providing a more complete picture of a novel's evolution. These 'rough papers' include outlines, notes, plot sketches, various drafts experimenting with narrative voice and structure, chapter drafts, and rejected pages. The notes were loose and most pages are unnumbered and without dates, making it difficult to discern any order or writing chronology. As a result, no attempt was made to arrange these materials within folders. The exception to this is Ishiguro's heavy use of paperclips. Pages that were clipped together were placed in white paper sleeves during processing in order to maintain the association and reflect Ishiguro's process.

Ishiguro's working method has remained remarkably consistent throughout his career. Before beginning formal drafts, he spends a great deal of time, often two or more years, plotting the "fictional landscape" before ever beginning the actual prose. When his papers were acquired by the Ransom Center, Ishiguro drafted an explanation of his process, titled 'How I Write,' and pulled examples of working draft segments from When We Were Orphans to illustrate each stage of the process. This explanation and the draft segments were placed with his writings during processing at the Center and are filed at the beginning of box 1. Copies are also available in the Ransom Center Reading and Viewing Room.

The novel Never Let Me Go (2005) contains the most material with ten document boxes of 'rough papers,' handwritten working drafts, typescript drafts, proofs, and correspondence. The 'ideas as they come' notebooks contain lengthy notes about possible plots, themes, and narrative structure. Very often these notes take the form of a conversation, where Ishiguro "talks through" his ideas in writing in order to come to a solution. An example of such a note, "Miss Emily, we do need to think more about her…" For preservation purposes, the papers were removed from the original binder notebooks and a photocopy made of the label.

The seven segments marked Clones 1, Clones 2, etc. comprise the 'first rough draft' of the novel and demonstrate a departure from Ishiguro's usual habit of drafting and redrafting large segments of pages before moving on to the next section. With this novel, Ishiguro wrote this rough draft all the way through to the end before revising. The seven notebooks were photographed and prints were made to show the original look and feel of the first draft binder notebooks, but the contents were removed for preservation purposes.

Though Ishiguro's novel Never Let Me Go was successfully adapted to film in 2010 by Alex Garland, there is no script or correspondence regarding the adaptation in the papers.

Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall (2009) is Ishiguro's only published short-story collection; however, Ishiguro conceived of it as one entire book with related themes and stories. He approached it as if writing a novel, simultaneously drafting each story one after another. Originally, the "rough papers" were unsorted and the various drafts for each story intermingled. To aid in identification, the stories were sorted and arranged by title.

Ishiguro's first novel, A Pale View of Hills (1982), does not include documentation of his early ideas; however, Ishiguro provides sticky notes that explains the changes between the 'penultimate draft' and the 'final draft.' Ishiguro clarifies that the 'final draft' contains his original ending, but after conversations with his editor, Robert McCrum, and his agent, Deborah Rogers, Ishiguro devised a new ending. So, the 'final draft' is actually the last draft of the original story before it was revised. Unfortunately, the archive doesn't contain a final typed draft with the changes incorporated; only the "penultimate draft" with the handwritten-changes.

Several writers expressed interest in adapting A Pale View of Hills and the papers include screenplays by Peter Kosminsky, Kosminsky and Ishiguro, Kiju Yoshida, and Semi Chellas, as well as a radio adaptation by Jim Friel.

While preparing his papers, Ishiguro collected together several works that he refers to as 'Run-up to The Remains of the Day.' Each of these four works played a crucial role for Ishiguro, as he experimented with the ideas and explored the themes that would eventually become the Booker-award winning novel, The Remains of the Day (1989). A Profile of Arthur J. Mason (broadcast 1984) is a teleplay commissioned by England's Channel 4 in 1982 or 1983. Ishiguro explains, "This was my first outing with a butler character, and later, as I began to work on Remains, I remember I saw in my mind for Stevens the face and manner of Bernard Hepton, the actor who portrayed Arthur Mason." The unfinished story "England in October" was written in 1983 and Ishiguro describes this as "the first clear manifestation of ideas that later became The Remains of the Day…No sign of a butler yet, but the idea of a mythical version of England and Englishness created for 'nostalgia' and the consumption of foreign Anglophiles began, in a literal way, in this story…". The story "The Patron," though abandoned, focuses on a butler whose "voice is quite close to that of Stevens. The butler-master relationship is an earlier version of Stevens/Darlington, though the master here involves himself naively in domestic politics." The notes and outline for the unrealized teleplay, Service in Japan, closely resemble Remains, which Ishiguro had already started writing, and so to focus on the novel, abandoned that project.

The first complete draft of The Remains of the Day manuscript is in the folders called 'Intermediate Draft and Scrapped Chapters.' On an attached sticky note, Ishiguro explains that he discarded boxes of the earliest drafts while working during his "lock-in" sessions; therefore, this surviving draft is considered the first draft to be found in the papers. This version includes an alternate opening chapter that Ishiguro removed and decided not to include in the published novel. The segments are arranged in the original order as found in Ishiguro's original folder.

The two folders titled "Final draft - Original Top Copy" include a manuscript draft that more closely resembles the final published novel. The heavily edited and revised draft is divided into segments; frequently with notes interfiled among the manuscript draft.

Two attempts were made to adapt the novel into a screenplay--first by Harold Pinter and then later by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala--and both scripts are in the papers. Pinter personally optioned the novel, but Columbia Pictures decided the cost was too great and the project was taken over by Merchant-Ivory Productions. Jhabvala was asked to adapt the novel and her script was successfully produced into the Academy-award winning film starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson and directed by James Ivory.

Ishiguro's experimental novel, The Unconsoled (1995), includes six boxes of material. Four volumes of notes dating from approximately 1991 to 1994 outline Ishiguro's possible plot ideas and structure, political and unifying themes, characters and relationships, and what he refers to as 'The Experiments.' Looking at these writing exercises, one gets a true sense of Ishiguro's desire to try out new techniques and devices. Of interest in box 25.7 is a handwritten sheet which hung by Ishiguro's desk detailing a "menu of methods which I could take in—just in a glance—as I was writing…" Though integral to the creation of this novel's unique form, in preparing his papers, Ishiguro separated 'The Experiments' from the papers associated with The Unconsoled and filed them with his miscellaneous works [see Subseries C 'Early Work, Unpublished Work, Miscellaneous (including 'The Experiments')].

Some scholars and critics view Ishiguro's fifth novel, When We Were Orphans (2000), as an attempt to correct perceived problems with The Unconsoled. After completing his fourth novel, in notes dated 10 October 1994, Ishiguro reflects on the "lessons learned" as he is "struggling to form a foundation for a new novel." He begins, "Okay, here we are, it looks like we've finally finished the long novel. It's called THE UNCONSOLED. Now what thoughts do we have about it? ...Let's give a little time to thinking about things before going onto the next project…" (These notes were in a binder notebook called 'Notes for Novel 5,' but the papers were removed for preservation purposes. Originally, Ishiguro filed the notebook with material from The Unconsoled, but since the notes primarily deal with ideas for novel five, the papers are filed with When We Were Orphans materials).

Ishiguro's father, Shizuo, was born in Shanghai, the setting for When We Were Orphans (Ishiguro's grandfather was sent to China to establish Toyota in the early-mid 20th century). This personal family connection to Shanghai informed Ishiguro's vision of the city and his father provided assistance with research, hoping that it would assist his son. In addition to family photos showing Shizuo as a child in Shanghai, included are photocopied pages, which Shizuo annotated and translated, from a book about Shanghai housed at the Nagasaki Central Library.

Often Ishiguro's notes and drafts begin long before a novel is published, suggesting a contemplative, iterative technique focused on getting it just right. The early plans, notes, and rough papers for When We Were Orphans were started in 1994 and these original notes indicate a very different storyline; a mystery within a mystery. Ishiguro ultimately abandoned this thread and the discarded 'Coring Mystery' pages are filed with drafts of Part Three.

Mick Jagger's film production company, Jagged Films, optioned the novel and three script drafts written by Jay Cocks are included.

Subseries B. Screenplays includes drafts (printouts and electronic files) of Ishiguro's film and television projects. Not only have many of Ishiguro's novels been optioned or produced for screen, Ishiguro has written two successfully produced screenplays; The Saddest Music in the World (2003) starring Isabella Rosselini and directed by Guy Maddin and The White Countess (2005) starring Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, and Vanessa Redgrave and directed by James Ivory. For both films, the initial screenplay, along with multiple successive drafts, are included.

Subseries C. 'Early Work, Unpublished Work, Miscellaneous (including 'The Experiments')' includes manuscript drafts for Ishiguro's short works which include: early short stories, contributions to works by others, the experiments leading up to The Unconsoled, unrealized ideas for film and television projects, nonfiction essays, a review written by Ishiguro, speeches and addresses, lyrics, notes and ideas for writing projects, and unrealized and/or abandoned writing projects.

The early short stories are arranged chronologically, as that was Ishiguro's original arrangement. The radio play, Potatoes and Lovers, was submitted unsuccessfully to the BBC; however, Ishiguro included it as part of his successful application to Malcolm Bradbury's creative writing program at the University of East Anglia in 1979.

The 1991 writing experiments, which Ishiguro labeled as Experiments 1 through 5, were exercises he used to stretch himself as a writer by exploring different literary devices. For example, Experiment 1 is focused on third person / first person narrative voice. After playing with this technique and considering it, Ishiguro concludes "The narrative technique doesn't really take off to become anything special…" Ishiguro was eager to try something new for his fourth novel, The Unconsoled, and depart from what readers had come to expect from his first three, very successful novels.

The 'Experiments (neat drafts)' were originally in a black notebook binder, but removed during processing at the Ransom Center for preservation purposes. Experiments 2 through 5 were used to test the "Dream Technique" (found in folder 48.5). Ishiguro states that the documents in folders 48.4 and 48.5 "should be used in conjunction." A revised version of Experiment 3 was published in 2001 as "A Village after Dark" in the New Yorker and as a mini-book in France by Calmann-Lévy. Wishing to use an unpublished piece, Ishiguro revised Experiment 4 and read it at the 1996 Harbourfront Festival in Toronto.

Ishiguro's ability to write across genres is evidenced by his collaboration with American jazz vocalist, Stacey Kent, and her husband British tenor saxophonist Jim Tomlinson. Ishiguro's song lyrics have appeared on three of Kent's albums: Breakfast on the Morning Tram (2007, Blue Note / EMI), Dreamer in Concert (2011, Parlophone France), and The Changing Lights (2013, Parlophone Music/Warner). The collaborators have never been in the same room while working and the "virtual" process begins with Ishiguro drafting the lyrics and then sending them electronically to Tomlinson who puts the words to music, with frequent exchanges of music files and emails to get a song to its final arrangement.

Subseries D. 'Juvenilia' is comprised of childhood stories, song lyrics when Ishiguro was trying to establish a music career, and Ishiguro's earliest attempts at focused writing during and between undergraduate and graduate study. "Run, Melody, Run" is the earliest writing that exists in the papers and was written in a green exercise book between 1964 and 1965 while a student at Stoughton County Junior School. Included with this are annotated inkjet photo printouts from that period (the original photograph prints are filed in folder 64.4).

The 'early (unpublished) novels' are arranged in chronological order and To Remember a Summer By and Sylvie were written while Ishiguro was at the University of Kent. The Archive Note filed in folder 50.1 provides detailed context surrounding—and a critical appraisal of—these early novels, while also providing an incredibly candid and thoughtful assessment of the significance of these "lost" novels to Ishiguro over time.

The folder titled 'song lyrics' includes music and lyrics written between 1970 and 1974; including the first song Ishiguro ever wrote in summer 1970 called "Shingles." Ishiguro recalls performing many of these songs at school programs. Later, Ishiguro often used "foolscap sheets with data charts on the back" given to him by his oceanographer father, "He had reams of it and I sometimes used it to save on paper costs!"

In 1974, Ishiguro took a gap year before beginning university and spent three months back-packing across the western states of the U.S. and Canada. Three notebooks were carried by Ishiguro over the course of the 92-day trip and include daily diary entries, sketches, ideas for songs, and other jottings. The entries for notebooks one and two are written from the back to the front and in notebook three, Ishiguro explains, "I appear to have filled every other page with entries, then when I'd reached the end of the book, come back in reverse order filling up the pages that were still available." Also included in notebooks one and three are brief entries related to a trip to Glasgow, Scotland immediately upon returning to Britain from America. The two booklets, 'And Oh, in Berkeley' and 'In Downtown San Francisco,' were written a few months after returning to England. "These are my very first extended prose works in adulthood, and for all the cringe-inducing, sub-American hippie vernacular, I can see in these pieces a good instinct for structure and narrative shape (which is alarmingly absent in my first efforts to write novels just a few years later - 'To Remember a Summer By' and 'Sylvie')."

Series II. Correspondence is primarily professional and includes letters from publishers (Faber and Faber and others), agents (Deborah Rogers and others), fans, aspiring writers, universities, scholars, and other professional associates. A majority of letters are requests for appearances, interviews, signed books, charitable donations, permission for rights to adapt or publish Ishiguro's work, and invitations to book and literary festivals. The letters are filed in chronological order; however, individual letters within folders are not further arranged.

Business correspondence between the late 1980s and early 2000s was often conducted via fax machine. As a result, papers contain a large volume of faded faxed correspondence. For preservation purposes, these were photocopied during processing and in extreme cases, some faxes were digitized to enhance the contrast and printouts made.

Ishiguro collected together one document box of letters he labeled as '(slightly) more interesting correspondence.' This description was retained in order to provide additional context and insight. These are some of the earliest, more personal letters, often from close University friends or fellow authors; however, many of the same correspondents can be found throughout the correspondence series. A list of correspondents found throughout the archive is provided in this guide's Index of Correspondents; however, routine mail (e.g. regarding home repairs), form letters, requests for autographs, or basic cover letters (e.g. enclosed is a copy of your contract) aren't included in the index.

There is a small group of separately-filed outgoing correspondence from Ishiguro; however, interfiled within the correspondence between the 1980s and 2000s are handwritten and typed outgoing letters that were sent via fax.

Series III. Personal and Professional papers contain documents and items related to Ishiguro's childhood, family life, and writing career. Childhood and family papers, marketing and jacket designs for Ishiguro's publications, notebook journals, photographs, press clippings, travel and public event files, and university and school papers are found in this series. The materials are in alphabetical order by name or topic.

Though Ishiguro estimates that he made well over 100 comic books as a child, these eight are what remain in large part due to Ishiguro's mother safekeeping. The titles and plot lines indicate that Ishiguro was inspired by the programs he watched as a young boy on television: Well Done Noddy, The Flowerpot Men, Bronco, Wells Fargo, The Gun, Whirlybirds, Asanshonday (phonetic spelling of Ascension Day), and Supercar.

The Naomi Comic Strip began when Ishiguro's daughter, Naomi, was 9 years old. He drew the first panel depicting his wife, Lorna, asleep on the couch. Naomi was amused by the drawing and Ishiguro continued to add panels over the next couple of weeks. The comic book "was purely to entertain Naomi (and Lorna) and is full of private jokes and references. Fairly soon, my wife and daughter (and I) grew tired of the project, so the story remains unfinished after fourteen pages."

Ishiguro has prepared a very detailed description of each of the twenty notebooks journals located in this series. For easy identification, he assigned each an alphabetical letter (though letters E, I, O are not used due to mislabeling by Ishiguro). Ishiguro then flagged segments and assigned a number to those segments within the notebook. The index filed in folder 62.6 provides a listing of these footnotes with the corresponding annotations. Additional description of other subjects are listed in the container list. The dates are approximate, and in most cases, were provided by Ishiguro.

Black-and-white and color photographs in the collection include family photographs (print and digital images), informal snapshots, and publicity shots. The photographs related to his writing career depict Ishiguro on international British Council and publicity tours, receiving awards and honorary degrees, at book readings, and on film sets. Of particular interest in folder 64.12 are the photos of Ishiguro's first visit to Japan in 1989 after leaving there as a child more than three decades before. The photos include Ishiguro's Japanese relatives and visits to important sites from his childhood.

Ishiguro's photos of the 1994 Cannes Film Festival jury, of which he was a member, provide images of a distinguished group of actors and filmmakers, including a very relaxed Clint Eastwood. Personal photos of particular interest are Ishiguro's 'childhood' photos in Japan and just after arriving in Britain are filed in folder 64.4. The 'University Days' photos show Ishiguro with long hair and beard, often playing the guitar or with university friends.

A Polaroid snapshot taken in summer 1989 includes Ishiguro, his wife Lorna, English novelist Graham Swift and his wife Candice Rodd, and English novelist Salman Rushdie with his then-wife Marianne Wiggins. On the back of the photo, Ishiguro has written, "This photo taken in summer 1989, when Salman Rushdie and his then-wife Marianne Wiggins stayed the night at our house in Knighton Park Rd, Sydenham, during the darkest days of Rushdie's fatwa. Eight special branch officers stayed the night too, some remaining in cars in the street outside."

For additional context and identification of photos, see the inventory created by Ishiguro in folder 64.4, as well as the Travel and Public Events segment which often includes color inkjet printouts of some of the same photos and annotated by Ishiguro.

There are eight document boxes of press clippings which include book reviews, best seller lists, and profiles of Ishiguro published in British, American, Canadian, Australian, and foreign language publications. The organization follows Ishiguro's general arrangement with book reviews and publicity being organized by the title of the book or film. Profiles, interviews, and mentions are organized by country, also reflecting Ishiguro's original arrangement.

Ishiguro has often discussed in interviews his displeasure regarding the grueling pace of major press tours and the papers also hint at this. The Travel and Public events segment is arranged chronologically following Ishiguro's own organization. This arrangement allows one to get a sense of the time Ishiguro spent away from home and unable to focus on his writing.

'University days' document aspects of Ishiguro's early adulthood beginning with his coursework at the University of Kent, his attempt to establish a career in music, and his early jobs as a social worker. The private diary spans from October 1975 to May 1976 when Ishiguro had taken a year off from the University of Kent. The pages detail Ishiguro's brief stint in London as he visits various record labels in the hope of being discovered, "In many ways, then, this diary tracks my gradual acceptance that I would fail in the music world (the 'London Project' is declared a 'failure' later in the diary), and the movement of my ambitions towards literary projects."

Series IV. Works by Others is one document box of writings and manuscripts sent to Ishiguro from other writers, students, and scholars studying his works.

Series V. Periodicals and Publications consist of entire issues of magazine, journals, and other printed items containing works by Ishiguro, as well as interviews with and articles about him. Issues are in alphabetical order by title and the significance of each is noted within parentheses.



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Separated Material

Twenty-four non-commercial compact discs containing interviews, readings, radio appearances, and songs and performances from Ishiguro's youth were transferred to the Ransom Center Sound Recordings Collection.

Three commercial compact discs featuring vocalist Stacey Kent and three books were transferred to the Ransom Center Library and are listed in the University of Texas Library Catalog .

Moving image material including VHS tapes and DVDs were transferred to the Ransom Center Moving Image Collection.

Two typewriters and one word processor were transferred to the Ransom Center's Personal Effects Collection. After processing the computer disks, they were also transferred to the Personal Effects Collection.

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Container List

Series I. Works, 1974-2014, undated

Subseries A. Novels, 1980-2014, undated
'How I Write'
1.0 An explanatory note written by Ishiguro describing his writing process, 2014
Examples A-H. Working draft segments taken from When We Were Orphans which illustrate each stage of the process, circa 1995-1998
An Artist of the Floating World (1986)
'Second Novel' [aspects of these working drafts evolved into short story "Summer After the War" published in Granta 7 (1983)]
1.1 Early working drafts.* Typescript drafts with revisions, circa 1981
1.2 Early notes.* Possible themes, plot structure, characters, circa 1982
1.3 'Rough pages.'* Handwritten and typed fragments, notes, circa 1982-1983
1.4 'Notes and plans.' Handwritten and typed writing notes, outlines, plot sketches, chapter notes, character sketches, research notes, thoughts about novel, notecards, 1983-1985
'Rough drafts' [working title The War Artist]
1.5-7 October 1948 [Part I].* Multiple working typescript drafts with revisions, rejected chapters, October 1983-March 1984, undated
2.1 April 1949 [Part II].* Multiple working typescript drafts with revisions, October 1983, undated
2.2 November 1949 [Part III].* Working typescript draft with revisions, rejected pages, November 1984, undated
2.3 June 1950 [Part IV].* Typed drafts, outlines, notes, March-June 1984, undated
'Penultimate draft'
2.4-5 Typescript with revisions, notes, new pages, 1984-1985
2.6 Notes.* Japanese place names by Shizuo Ishiguro (father), outline, Lorna MacDougall's comments, writing ideas and notes, calendar of events in book, list of possible character names, undated
2.7 'Neat top copy; original manuscript.' Typescript, circa 1985
2.8 Page proofs with copy-edits, 1985
2.9 Editorial queries with associated corrected pages, page proof segment with corrections, replaced pages of manuscript, 1985
80.13 The Buried Giant (2015). Notes, March-May 2007
Never Let Me Go (2005)
3.1-6, 4.1-6, 5.1-3 'Rough papers,' February 2001-July 2003
'Ideas as they come'
5.4 Notebook 1. Handwritten plot ideas, themes, narrative structure, plot sketches, outlines, January 2001-November 2002
5.5 Notebook 2. Notebook with handwritten plot ideas for Part III, correspondence, notes about transplant surgery from Current Dilemmas book, January 2001-June 2003
'First rough draft'
5.6 'Clones 1' [removed from blue binder notebook]. Handwritten notes, plans, themes (March 2000-February 2001); partial handwritten draft (working title: The Students of Hailsham Lodge, December 2000), 2000-2001
5.7 'Clones 2' [removed from red binder notebook]. Partial handwritten draft, March 2001, undated
6.1 'Clones 3' [removed from green binder notebook]. Handwritten draft segment (September 2002), additions to part I (June 2001) which includes a sketch of the school grounds, read-back notes, June 2001-September 2002
6.2 'Clones 4 - Section 2 Cottages' [removed from blue binder notebook]. Handwritten draft of part II with read-back notes interfiled, draft of 'Appendix: Collection Chests,' October 2001-February 2003
6.3 'Clones 5 - Section 2 Cottages' [removed from red binder notebook]. Handwritten draft segment, read-back notes, July 2002
6.4 'Clones 6 - Section 3 Centre' [removed from red binder notebook]. Handwritten draft segments (March 2002, May 2003), read-back notes, 2002-2003, undated
6.5 'Clones 7 - Section 3 Centre' [removed from blue binder]. Handwritten draft, notes interfiled (May-July 2003), 'scrapped scenes from part III,' 'rough ending,' read-back notes (July 2002), 'new ideas for part III' (December 2002), 2002- 2003
6.6 'Rejected pages from rough draft.' Handwritten draft fragments, 2002-2003
7.1-3 'Draft 2 (Complete)' [titled: 'The Students of Hailsham Grange or Never Let Me Go Part I Draft I']. Typescript with notes, October 2002-August 2003
'First neat draft'
7.4-6 Typescript (August 2003) with minor revisions, writing notes (May, September 2003), 2003
7.7-9 Typescript (September 2003) with comments by Lorna MacDougall and revisions by Ishiguro, writing notes and summary of MacDougalls's comments (8 September 2003), revised pages (16 September 2003), 2003
1505021P_006 'First draft (1 August 2003) (amended: 28/8/03, 6/9/03).' Chapter drafts. 25 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, August-September 2003
1505021P_007 'Part Two (Draft One) Chaps.10-17 (8/4/03).' Chapter drafts. 8 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, January-March 2003
1505021P_008 'Part One (Chaps 1-9) (Draft One) (28/11/02) (amended 8/4/03).' Chapter drafts. 9 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, November 2002
1505021P_009 'First draft (Chaps 1-23) (1 Aug 2003) (amended: 26/8/03, 6/9/03).' Chapter drafts. 24 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, August-September 2003
1505021P_010 'First neat draft with running page numbers (August 2003) (corrected: 26/8/03, 6/9/03).' Chapter drafts. 24 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, August-September 2003
'Second neat draft'
8.1-3 Typescript (September 2003) with revisions dated October 2003, rejected pages, 2003
8.4-6 Typescript (September 2003) with revisions dated October 2003 and February 2004, notes from phone conversation with Faber editor Jon Riley (7 January 2004), 2003-2004
1505021P_011 'Second neat draft (18/9/03) (revised 8/10/03).' Chapter drafts. 24 electronic files: Microsoft Word for Windows, September-October 2003
1505021P_012 'Second neat draft (18/9/03) (revised 8/10/03).' Chapter drafts. 25 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, August-October 2003
1505021P_013 'Second neat draft (18/9/03) (revised 8/10/03).' Chapter drafts. 26 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, September-October 2003
8.7-10 Typescript (September 2003) with edits by Faber editor Jon Riley, related editorial correspondence and notes, September 2003-February 2004
'Third draft'
9.1-3 Typescript (March 2004) with revisions, March 2004
1505021P_014 'Third neat draft (5/2/04).' Chapter drafts. 26 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, September 2003-February 2004
1505021P_015 'Third neat draft – Works version 4 (5/2/04) (revised 5/3/04).' Chapter drafts. 28 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, September 2003-March 2004
1505021P_016 'Third neat draft – Single file Word Document (5/3/04).' Single file of entire novel. 1 electronic file: Microsoft Word for Windows, March 2004
Page proofs
9.4 First set (Faber). Proofs with edits and letter from Charles Boyle, April 2004
9.5 Second set (Faber). Proofs with edits and list of edits, letter from Charles Boyle, June-September 2004
9.6 First pass (Knopf). Proofs with light edits and letter from Leyla Aker, August 2004
Editorial notes and correspondence
9.7 Note to Charles Boyle regarding edits, notes to translators, lists of edits, March-November 2004
10.1 Chapter 10 and Chapter 22. Ishiguro's attempts to rework chapters [based on editorial notes above], February 2004, undated
Library McLatchie G. R., and D. J. Leaper. Oxford Handbook of Operative Surgery. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001
Saunders, W. B. A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice Transplantation Surgery: Current Dilemmas. 2nd ed. London: Harcourt, 2001
Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall (2009)
'Rough papers'
10.2 General notes for structure of book, story ideas, unidentified notes and fragments, summary of Lorna MacDougall's comments, read-back notes, October 2004-January 2008, undated
10.3-4 Crooner, June 2005-December 2007, undated
10.5-6, 11.1-2 Come Rain or Come Shine [working titles: Useless Friend, Nostalgia Music], September 2005-February 2006, undated
11.3-4 Malvern Hills, January 2008, undated
11.5-6, 12.1-2 Nocturne [working titles: Plastic Surgery, Bandage Days, Bandages, Presentation], July-December 2007, undated
12.3-4 Cellists, August 2005, undated
12.5 Gershwin, June 2005
'1st Draft (rough) vol. 1'
12.6 Crooner [titled 'Exp 6-First draft']. Typescript (November 2003) with edits dated April 2004, writing note (February 2005), 2003-2005
Are You Blue, Joe. Handwritten second draft (February 2005), writing notes, 2005
Useless Friend. Notes, June 2005
Cellist. Handwritten draft (undated), notes (June 2005), 2005, undated
Proud Father. Handwritten draft (January 2005), writing notes (February-June 2005), 2005
'1st (rough drafts) vol. 3'
13.1 Plastic Surgery [working title: Bandage Days]. Handwritten draft, September-October 2007
Cosmetic Surgery. Handwritten draft (June 2006), writing notes (June, July, November 2006), 2006
Malvern Hills. Handwritten draft (May 2006), writing notes (July, October 2006; January 2007; January 2008), 2006-2008
'Draft 2 (neat) vol. 1'
13.2 Crooner. Typescript of draft 3 (June 2005) with revisions dated December 2007 and January 2008
Come Rain or Come Shine. Typescript of draft 2, February 2006
Malvern Hills. Typescript of draft 3, January 2008
Nocturne. Typescript of draft 3 (December 2007) with revisions dated December 2007
Cellists. Revised typescript of earlier draft (August 2005) revised February 2008
General notes including Lorna MacDougall's comments and possible titles, January-February 2008
13.3 'Submission to RCW' [Rogers, Coleridge & White] draft. Clean copy typescript, February 2008
13.4 Typescript draft with copyedits, circa March-June 2008
13.5 Typescript draft with 'post-Knopf edits,' June 2008
1505021P_017 'Final edit - WP version – separate files (June 2008).' Story drafts. 9 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, February-June 2008
1505021P_018 'Complete single file – Word document (pre-editing) (Feb. 2008).' Draft. 1 electronic file: Microsoft Word for Windows, February 2008
1505021P_019 'Word document – separate files - pre-editing (19/2/08).' Story drafts. 7 electronic files: Microsoft Word for Windows, February 2008
1505021P_020 'Neat draft – separate files - pre-editing (19/2/08).' Drafts. 25 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, December 2007-February 2008
1505021P_021 'Final version – Word document - single file (26 June 2008).' Draft. 1 electronic file: Microsoft Word for Windows, June 2008
1505021P_022 'Final version – Word document - separate files (26 June 2008).' Story drafts. 7 electronic files: Microsoft Word for Windows, June 2008
14.1 Page proofs (Faber), August 2008
14.2 Correspondence with translators and editors, editorial queries, March 2008-February 2009
A Pale View of Hills (1982)
14.3 Draft fragment.* Single line of text, circa 1980s
14.4 Penultimate draft.* Typescript with revisions and photocopied pages, circa 1980-1981
14.5 Final draft (with original ending). Clean copy typescript (with note from Deborah Rogers dated 22 February 1982), circa 1981
14.6 Printer's proof (Faber). Photocopied typescript with copyedits and printer's marks, 1982
14.7 Page proofs (Faber), 1982
Film Adaptations
14.8 Sticky note from Ishiguro explaining scripts, 2014
Screenplay by Peter Kosminsky
14.9 First draft. Photocopied screenplay with annotations by Ishiguro, September 1985
15.1 Second draft. Clean copy photocopied typescript, September 1987
15.2 Second draft. Photocopied typescript with annotations by Ishiguro, September 1987
15.3 Notes regarding Kosminsky's script, meeting notes, handwritten and typed scene revisions by Ishiguro, undated
15.4 Script notes, letter from Kosminsky, 1987
15.5 Screenplay by Kazuo Ishiguro and Peter Kosminsky. Typescript with annotations by Ishiguro, September 1990
Screenplay by Kiju Yoshida
15.6 First draft (English), July 1996
15.7 Second draft (English), photograph of Kiju Yoshida and Ishiguro, October 1996
15.8 Third draft (English), March 1997
15.9 Printed screenplay (Japanese), undated
16.1 Screenplay by Semi Chellas. First draft typescript with annotations by Ishiguro (April 2004), handwritten reading notes (April 2004), Ishiguro's ideas for additional scenes (May 2004), 2004
16.2-3 Correspondence and agreements regarding film rights and options, 1995-2001
Radio Dramatization
80.11 First draft script by Jim Friel (9 May 2005). Ishiguro's notes after first reading (11-12 May 2005), 2005
80.12 Rehearsal draft, letter, June 2005
The Remains of the Day (1989)
Precursors to novel
A Profile of Arthur J. Mason (television film, 1984)
16.4 Sticky note from Ishiguro describing project, 2014
16.5, osf1 Film synopsis, writing notes, 'The August Passage' poster, working drafts*, 1982-1983
16.6 Final draft, shooting draft, 1983-1984
16.7 England in October (unfinished story).* Typescript drafts with handwritten revisions, circa 1983
16.8 The Patron.* Typescript drafts with handwritten revisions, circa 1984
16.9 Service in Japan.* Notes and outline for unrealized television film, December 1987
'Butler (notes & roughs)'* [removed from red binder notebook]
17.1 A Butler in England. Scrapped draft of Chapter one, 28 August 1986
'Ideas for Stories, etc.' Handwritten and typed notes for possible writing projects, including plot summaries, themes, and rough drafts for 'Butler Novel,' 'East-West novel,' and 'Butler in Japan' circa 1985-1986
17.2 'History 2' [removed from pink binder notebook]. Research notebook containing notes, book lists, reading notes, circa 1986-1989
17.3 'Butler - notes and ideas as they come.' Writing notes, plot summaries, research notes based on readings, 'ideas as they come' notes including themes, characters, chronology, 1986-1987
17.4-5 'Early drafts.' Various handwritten and typed drafts, writing notes, and rejected chapters, 1986-1987
18.1-3 'Intermediate draft and scrapped chapters.'* Chapter drafts which form the first complete draft of manuscript, notes, scrapped chapters, 1987
'Final draft - original top copy'
18.4 'Part One (original)' [removed from black binder notebook]. Top copy typescript of Part 1 with revisions, read-back notes (2 November 1987; 1 June 1988; 5 April 1988; 16, 20 May 1988), writing notes and themes, notes by Lorna MacDougall, 1987-1988
18.5 'Part Two (original)' [removed from black binder notebook]. Top copy typescript of Part 2 with revisions (original ending and revised ending), plot notes, read-back notes (24 August 1987, 14 May 1987), writing notes, 1987-1988
18.6 'Original.' Photocopied typescript with annotations by Faber editor Robert McCrum, 24 June 1988
18.7 Printer's proof (Faber). Photocopied typescript with copy-edits and printer's marks, copy-editor's queries with Ishiguro's responses, draft of letter to editor, 1988
19.1 Page proofs (Faber) with copy-edits, 1989
19.2 Page proofs (Faber Library edition, 1996)*, circa 1996
Film Adaptation
19.3 Screenplay (revised 24 January 1991) by Harold Pinter with postcard*, 1991
19.4-5 Screenplay by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.* Notes, daily shooting schedule, second draft script with inserted pages, rejected pages from second draft, 1992
19.6 Musical Adaptation. The Remains of the Day - The Musical.* Script by Alex Loveless, Ishiguro's comments, performance program, 2009-2010
Radio Dramatization
19.7 First draft script (December 2003) by Jim Friel, Ishiguro's notes after reading, letter, 2003
Rehearsal draft, 2003
The Unconsoled (1995)
'Notes 1'
20.1 Handwritten and typed writing notes (possible plot ideas and themes, plot structure, characters, related to Dream Techniques, etc.), March-July 1991, undated
20.2 'Novel 4 - Ideas as they come.' August 1991-January 1992, undated
Typescript working drafts, undated
'Notes 2'
20.3 Handwritten and typed writing notes (plot structure, characters, related to Dream Techniques, etc.), January-December 1992, undated
Typescript working drafts and writing 'experiments,' January 1992
'Notes 3'
20.4 Handwritten and typed writing notes (plot structure, themes), January 1993, undated
'Ideas as they come.' Writing notes, read-back notes, October 1992-June 1993, undated
'Notes 4'
20.5 'Unifying ideas,' December 1993-February 1994, undated
'Finale notes,' April-November 1993, undated
'Amendments for [?] passages,' August-September 1993, undated
20.6, 21.1 'Ryder - loose notes.' Plot sketches, read-back notes, draft fragments, scrapped passages, writing notes, August 1991, undated
'First draft'
21.2-6 Typescripts (some labelled 'rough draft' some labelled 'first draft'), notes, writing plans, November 1991-April 1993, undated
21.7 'Revisions - political story.' Notes regarding "Sophie" plot, revision plans, undated
21.8, 22.1 'Ryder - draft two (un-neat).' Typescript drafts of chapters 1-8 (February-March 1992), amended chapter fragments (undated), 1992, undated
22.2-5 'Final draft before editing (rough copy).' Typescript with revisions, notes and ideas, February-October 1992, February-April 1993, undated
22.6, 23.1-5 'Final Copy (with editorial changes and Sophie re-writes).' Typescript photocopy with revisions and inserted handwritten pages, 21 July 1994
23.6-7, 24.1-2 'Final Draft (before editorial changes) (original top copy).' Typescript (revised draft), 24 September 1994
'Rejected pages'
24.3 'Chapter 8 - first revised draft' and 'odd pages from first revised version,' undated
24.4-6 'Penultimate draft parts 1-4,' undated
24.7-9, 25.1 'Ryder - scrapped drafts,' February-November 1992, undated
'Notes and revisions'
25.2 Revision notes, read-back notes, 'notes toward draft 3,' revised pages, May-October 94, undated
25.3 'Typos, etc.' / 'proper names, place names, etc.' / 'finale,' August 1994, undated
25.4 Copy-edits.* Editorial correspondence, editorial queries and Ishiguro's corrections, poet and translator Michael Hofmann's comments, October 1994
1505021P_023 'Part I – revised version (backup) (before copy-edit and last revisions).' Chapter drafts. 16 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_024 'Part II – revised version (backup A) (before copy-edit and last revisions).' Chapter drafts. 16 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_025 'Part III – revised version (backup) (before copy-edit and last revisions).' Chapter drafts. 12 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_026 'Part IV – revised version (back up) (before copy-edit and last revisions).' Chapter drafts. 16 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_027 'Part I – revised version (with revised Chap. 8) (+ copy editing changes).' Chapter drafts. 16 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_028 'Part II – revised version (with copy-editing corrections).' Chapter drafts. 15 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_029 'Part III – revised version (with copy-editing corrections).' Chapter drafts. 14 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_030 'Part IV – revised version (with revised last page) (+ with copy-editing changes).' Chapter drafts. 16 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_031 'Part I [Early Draft REF ONLY].' Chapter drafts. 14 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_032 'Part II [Early Draft REF ONLY].' Chapter drafts. 15 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_033 'Part III [Early Draft REF ONLY].' Chapter drafts. 12 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_034 'Part IV [Early Draft REF ONLY].' Chapter drafts. 16 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
25.5-6 Page proofs (Faber) and style sheet, November 1994
25.7 Writing process.* 'Crash writing' schedule and 'dream techniques' poster, 1991
25.8 Theatrical adaptation by Toby Farrow and Martin Constantine.* First draft script (February 2007), 'latest draft' (undated), cast list for staged reading, email printouts, February 2007
When We Were Orphans (2000)
26.1 'Notes for Novel 5' [removed from black binder notebook].* Reflections on the novel The Unconsoled (1994), notes with ideas and themes for fifth novel, 'The English Detective ideas as they come,' October 1994-April 1996
86 Photo-album: Memory of Shanghai.* Photocopied excerpts with annotations by Shizuo Ishiguro
Family photos with accompanying letter from Shizuo Ishiguro
26.2 Source material about China with accompanying letter from Peter Fritz, 1996
26.3 'History: China' [removed from blue binder notebook. Note on binder states: 'Research related to When We Were Orphans and The White Countess']. Research notes from readings and based upon conversation with Shizuo Ishiguro, 1995-1997
'Plans and notes'
26.4 Early handwritten and typed notes and outlines for 'The English Detective,' May 1995-April 1996, November 1998, undated
26.5 Handwritten chapter plans and notes, January-November 1998, undated
26.6 New outline, 'notes and ideas as they come,' February 1996-August 1997, undated
'Rough papers'
26.7 August 1995, undated
26.8-9, 27.1 March 1996, undated
27.2-5 March-December 1996, undated
27.6, 28.1-3 November 1996-November 1997, undated
28.4-6 July 1997-May 1998, undated
28.7, 29.1-2 February 1998, undated
29.3-5 April-September 1998, undated
29.6-7, 30.1 September-December 1998, undated
30.2-5 August 1998-March 1999, undated
30.6-7, 31.1-4 September 1998-May 1999, undated
31.5-6, 32.1-2 April-May 1999, undated
32.3-6 May 1999, undated
33.1 Chronology of novel and characters*, undated
33.2-3 Part I ('Early rough draft for Part I'). Handwritten and typescript drafts [also includes handwritten drafts from Part II], rejected pages, read-back notes, November 1995-August 1997, undated
1505021P_047 'The English Detective – Draft One Part One (revised Sept 96).' Assorted chapter drafts. 15 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1996
1505021P_042 'Draft One – Part One Back-up (revised Sept 96).' Assorted chapter drafts. 15 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1996
1505021P_043 'Eng. Det. MS DOS.' Chapter drafts. 2 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
33.4 Part II ('Rough handwritten drafts [Part II] S'hai memories + Notes on above'). Handwritten chapter drafts, notes, August-December 1996, undated
33.5 'Neat early draft of Parts I & II + Notes.' Typescript drafts, notes, May 1996-May 1997 (revisions dated September 1996-April 1997)
Part III
33.6-7 'Rough handwritten drafts of Part III (including Coring Mystery),' August 1997, undated
Rejected pages
34.1 'The Coring Detective Story.' Notes, chapter typescripts with revisions dated January 1998, November 1997-March 1998
34.2 'Rejected - Coring mystery.' Handwritten 'rough' chapter drafts with typed pages interfiled (undated), notes (June 1998), June 1998, undated
34.3 'New Part III - rejected (the detective story).' Chapter typescripts with revisions (undated), notes, August 1998, undated
Part IV
34.4 Chapter one rough draft, writing notes, read-back notes, outlines, September 1998-March 1999, undated
34.5 'Rough draft (return to Shanghai to end).' Handwritten drafts of parts IVa and IVb, writing notes, notes about Shanghai from photo album, November 1998, undated
34.6-7 'Rough draft (return to Shanghai & epilogue).' Handwritten drafts of parts IVc and IVd, writing notes, notes about Shanghai from photo album, November-December 1998, undated
35.1-3 'Neat draft one' (titled The English Detective). Typescript with light edits [chapter three is out of order], undated
'Neat draft two' (titled The English Detective)
35.4-6 Clean typescript, 8 May 1999
1505021P_041 'Neat Draft 2 with continuous page numbers (8/5/99).' Chapter drafts, revised chapter drafts. 43 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, May 1999
'Neat draft three'
35.7-8 'Revised chapters for neat draft three.' Typescript of chapters 1-4, 7-9, and renumbered chapters 10-11 and 24, May 1999, undated
36.1-3 Typescript (dated 28 May 1999) with hand-corrections completed 11 June 1999
36.4-6 'Faded print copy.' Typescript with some edits, June 1999
1505021P_035 'WWWO (previously Eng. Det.) Neat draft 3 (pages numbered separately per file) (UNCORRECTED: for REF ONLY 28/5/99).' Chapter drafts. 24 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, May-June 1999
1505021P_036 'WWWO (previously Eng. Det.) Neat draft 3 (pages numbered consecutively) (corrected 28/5/99, 11/6/99).' Chapter drafts. 24 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, May-June 1999
1505021P_045 'Neat Draft 3 pages numbered consecutively (28/5/99) (corrected: 11/6/99, 21/6/99).' Chapter drafts. 28 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, May-June 1999
1505021P_046 'Neat Draft 3 pages numbered consecutively (28/5/99) (corrected: 11/6/99, 21/6/99).' Chapter drafts. 25 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, May-June 1999
36.7-8, 37.1 Typescript with markers for inserted pages (dated June 1999), revised pages to be inserted (undated), revision plan and notes toward neat draft four (9 August 1999), edits from Nina Salter of Calmann-Lévy (July 1999), June-August 1999
1505021P_037 'The English Detective (last update 24/4/99, 7/5/99.' Chapter drafts. 24 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, June 1998-May 1999
1505021P_038 'English Detective Back-Up Disk. (22 April 1999) (last update 24/4/99).' Chapter drafts. 25 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, April-May 1999
1505021P_039 'Eng. Detective – Rejected Chapters.' Chapter drafts. 16 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, January-June 1998
37.2 'Rejected pages from neat draft three before revisions,' circa June 1999
37.3 'Notes and reactions to neat draft 3 towards neat draft 4 (Final).' Page counts; notes; plans for Part IV and Part VI; notes of comments made by Lorna MacDougall, Deborah Rogers, Robert McCrum, Jon Riley, Joanna Mackle, Ann Warford Davis, and Toby Faber, May-July 1999, undated
'Neat draft four'
37.4-6 Typescript (19 August 1999) with revisions dated 31 August 1999, proof-reader's queries and Ishiguro's response (December 1999), 1999
37.7-8, 38.1 Typescript (10 September 1999), read-back notes, September 1999
1505021P_040 'WWWO (formerly English Detective) Neat Draft 4 (19/8/99) (revised and updated: 31/8/99, 9/9/99, 13/9/99).' Chapter drafts, inserts. 30 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, May-September 1999
1505021P_044 'Neat Draft 4 (19/8/99) (revised and updated: 31/8/99, 9/9/99, 13/9/99).' Chapter drafts. 26 electronic files: Microsoft Works for Windows, May-September 1999
Page proofs (Faber)
38.2 Copy one. Page proofs with edits, editorial correspondence, proofreader's queries, dustjacket proofs, notes, October-December 1999, undated
38.3 Copy two. Clean page proofs, November 1999
Film adaptation by Jay Cocks for Jagged Films*
38.4 First draft script (March 2003) with notes by Ishiguro (September 2003), 2003
38.5 Second draft script, circa 2004
38.6 Third draft script (September 2005) with notes by Ishiguro, notes towards Ishiguro's own adaptation (September-November 2005), 2005
Subseries B. Screenplays, 1984-2005
Diary of a Mad Old Man (unrealized film project)
'Tanizaki Project'
39.1 Tanizaki, Junichiro. Howard Hibbert, trans. Diary of a Mad Old Man. New York: First Vintage International Edition, August 1991 (copyright Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1965)
39.2 Notes for adapting novel to film, ideas and themes, correspondence regarding film option, meeting notes with Jim Ivory and Ismail Merchant, 1992-1994
39.3 'Diary of Mad Old Man (2)' [removed from black notebook binder]. Typed and handwritten writing notes (June-July 1995); rejected ideas, drafts of treatments 1 and 2 (October 1994); writing notes, themes, historical backdrop (October 1994-January 1995), 1994-1995
39.4 Handwritten writing notes and plans, themes (February 1995), 'current treatment' (undated) [removed from green binder notebook], 1995, undated
39.5 Handwritten draft [removed from green binder notebook], undated
39.6 'Miscellaneous papers.' Typed and handwritten writing notes and plans, handwritten draft pages, April 1995, undated
1505021P_050 'Draft One (corrected).' Script draft. 11 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
1505021P_051 'Draft One Copy (corrected).' Script draft. 10 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1990s
39.7, 40.1 'Second draft.' Handwritten draft, read-back notes, undated
The Gourmet (television movie, 1984)
40.2 Rough draft. Clean copy, undated
40.3 Rough draft. Clean copy photocopy with revisions and letter to Michael Whyte, undated
40.4 Second draft. Typescript with revisions, undated
40.5 Final draft. Clean copy, 26 September 1984
40.6 Final draft. Photocopy with revisions and revised pages interfiled, 26 September 1984
40.7 Draft. Photocopy with revisions, undated
40.8 Final draft (April 1985) with revisions dated July 1985. Clean copy, April-July 1985
40.9 Notes, revised script segments, 'budget cuts for Gourmet,' drafts, June 1985, undated
40.10 Cast and crew lists, call sheet, October 1985
The Saddest Music in the World (film, 2003)
Screenplay by Kazuo Ishiguro
40.11-12 Rough draft. Handwritten script, film proposal (5 June 1987), notes and plans, rejected pages, brochure about Palestinian documentary, circa 1987
41.1 'Second draft' [actually first complete draft]. Handwritten draft, undated
41.2 First neat draft. Typescript with edits and inserted pages, 31 October 1988
41.3 'Final draft / Peter Yates draft.' Typescript (6 March 1989) with handwritten revisions dated: '3rd draft - 4 July 1990' and '4th draft -17 July 1990,' 'plan for draft 4,' 1989-1990
41.4 'Draft three / Peter Yates typescript.' Clean copy typescript, 27 July 1990
41.5 Working drafts, rejected and revised pages, outline of scenes, original film proposal (5 June 1987), notes for rewrites, CVs of researchers, correspondence, 1987, undated
Screenplay by Kazuo Ishiguro (Paramount Pictures)
41.6 Early draft fragments, notes, treatments, rejected pages, plot outlines, undated
42.1-2 'Draft three.' Handwritten draft, 'plan for draft 2,' notes, revisions, undated
42.3 First neat draft [removed from green binder notebook]. Typescript (undated); read-back notes dated 24 September 1991, July 1993, 8 June 1997, 1 June 1998; revised and rejected pages, 1990-1997, undated
42.4 Clean copy typescript, July 1998
42.5 Typescript with minor copy edits, circa July 1998
Guy Maddin Rhombus Media Production
42.6 Preliminary treatment by Guy Maddin. Photocopy, undated
42.7 Screenplay adaptation by Guy Maddin and George Toles. Typescript with annotations by Ishiguro, 7 October 2002
42.8 Screenplay adaptation by Guy Maddin and George Toles. Clean copy, 13 November 2002
43.1 Screenplay adaptation by Guy Maddin and George Toles. Clean copy, 28 January 2003
43.2 Synopsis by Ishiguro (9 July 1999), writing notes and plans, 'sad music shorts,' correspondence, 1999-2004
43.3 Publicity. Film screening correspondence and notes, clippings and reviews, 2003-2004
43.4-6 'Saddest Music in the World development.' Correspondence regarding option agreements and film development, actor and director profiles and lists, script changes, 1993-1999
The White Countess (film, 2005)
Early drafts
43.7 'First draft (pen/ink copy)' [working title The Aesthete] [removed from black binder notebook]. Writing notes, handwritten draft, December 1995, undated
44.1 'First draft (neat) (copy)' [removed from green binder notebook]. Clean copy photocopied typescript (8 February 1996), notes from meeting with Jim Ivory (July 1996), ideas after discussion with Lorna MacDougall (July 1996), 1996
1505021P_048 'Draft One (7/2/96).' Script draft. 7 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1996
1505021P_049 'Draft One Back-Up (7/2/96).' Script draft. 8 electronic files: IBM PC DOS, circa 1996
44.2 'Second draft treatment' [removed from green binder notebook]. Handwritten treatment (23 January 1997), rejected pages from second draft script (undated), 1997, undated
44.3 'Second draft (rough)' [removed from black binder notebook]. Handwritten draft and edited pages from previous draft, 17 February 1997
44.4 'Third draft (neat)' [removed from blue binder notebook]. Typescript [pages are made up of second and third drafts] with minor edits and annotations (16 June 1997), synopsis, writing notes (March 1997-June 1998), 1997-1998
44.5 'Draft 4 (neat)' [removed from blue binder notebook]. Clean copy typescript, 26 May 1998
Merchant Ivory Productions, Inc.
44.6 'Draft 4.' Typescript (26 May 1998) with annotations by and with accompanying letter from Jim Ivory (12 July 2003) and edits by Ishiguro, 1998, 2003
45.1 'Draft 5.' Typescript with handwritten edits, 30 September 2003
45.2 'Draft 5.' Typescript (30 September 2003) with handwritten edits incorporated and additional edits, circa September-October 2003
45.3 'Draft 6.' Typescript (12 December 2003) with handwritten edits ['superseded' written on the cover], December 2003
45.4 'Draft 6.' Typescript (January 2004) with handwritten edits ['superseded' written on the cover], January 2004
45.5 'Draft 6.' Typescript (January 2004) with handwritten edits incorporated and additional edits ['superseded' written on the cover], January 2004
46.1 'Draft 7.' Clean copy typescript ['superseded' written on the cover], February 2004
46.2 'Draft 7.' Typescript with possible cuts ['superseded' written on the cover], February 2004
46.3 'Draft 8.' Typescript with minor edit ['superseded' written on the cover], July 2004
46.4 'Draft 9.' Clean copy typescript, September 2004
46.5 'Miscellaneous papers.' Second draft of rough treatment (undated), script segment drafts, read-back notes (May 1998), synopsis, writing notes (June 1997), outline for second draft screenplay and treatment (undated), 1997-1998, undated
46.6 Film synopsis, list of new scenes, writing notes, history notes (September 2003), read-back notes (September 2003), 2003, undated
46.7 'Mr. Kao rewrites.' Segment of draft 6 with edits; segment of draft 6 with handwritten edits incorporated, circa 2004
46.8 Revisions and scene cuts. Matsuda/Jackson dialogue with suggested cuts and alterations by John Hill (April 2005), scene one-liners, written intro (three drafts; including revised based on post-LA screening), notes for Jim Ivory, additional scene cuts, email printouts, 'blind draft summary' (December 2003), historical comments, comments from Natasha Richardson and Jim Ivory, 2003-2005
47.1 'Late revisions.' Handwritten notes and revised scenes, undated
26.3 See also research notebook for When We Were Orphans for additional notes
Subseries C. 'Early Work, Unpublished Work, Miscellaneous (including 'The Experiments'),' 1978-2013, undated
Early short stories
47.2 Potatoes and Lovers: A Play for Radio.* Notes, working drafts, clean copy typescripts, circa 1978-1979
47.3 Untitled story.* Draft fragment, circa 1979
47.4 Waiting for J.* Notes, working drafts, clean copy typescripts, draft of outgoing letter to Bill Buford 1979-1980
47.5 The Playground.* Working draft, clean copy typescript, 1979
47.6 Getting Poisoned.* Clean copy typescript, photocopied typescript, 1979
47.7 A Strange and Sometimes Sadness.* Clean copy typescript, photocopied typescript, published issue of Bananas (June 1980), 1979-1980
47.8 Untitled war story.* Draft fragment, circa 1979-1980
47.9 A Family Supper.* Third and fourth typescript drafts, page proofs, published issue of Quarto (August 1981), 1980-1981
47.10 An Empty Flat.* Typescript, 1980
47.11 A Bassline Through the Ceiling.* Photocopied typescript, circa 1980
47.12 The Summer After the War.* Typescript, photocopied typescripts, circa 1981-1982
47.13 Original green folder*, 1980-1981
Contributions to Works by Others
47.14 Ashkenazy, Vladimir. Chopin: Favourite Piano Works (album released under Penguin Classics label, 1998). Compact disc liner notes. Notes, handwritten and typescript drafts, May 1998
Baker, Kenneth. Early Japanese Stories. Introduction. Typescript, May 2000
Conrad, Barnaby, III and Mark Hugh Miller. Mark Stock: Paintings (Metropolitan Books, 2000). Blurb. Typescript, 2000
Garland, Alex. Never Let Me Go Screenplay (Faber and Faber, 2011). Introduction. Typescript, 30 October 2010
Hockney, David and Stephen Spender. Hockney's Alphabet (Faber and Faber for the AIDS Crisis Trust, 1991). T is for T-Bone. Draft, July 1990
Kawabata, Yasunari. Snow Country and Thousand Cranes (Penguin Books, 1986). Introduction. Draft, correspondence, 1985
Kent, Stacey. In Love Again: The Music of Richard Rodgers (album released under the Candid label, 2002). Compact disc liner notes. Typescript, July 2002
Long, Robert Emmet. James Ivory in Conversation (University of California Press, 2005). Blurb. Typescript, 2005
French Students' Guide to The Remains of the Day. Preface. Typescript, November 2000
'Experiments 1-5' [pre-cursors to The Unconsoled]
'Drafts and notes'
47.15 Experiment 1. Typescript, writing notes, first draft reading notes, April 1991
47.16 Experiment 2 [aspects evolved into The Unconsoled]. First draft, photocopy of first draft, second draft, April 1991
48.1 Experiment 3 [evolved into A Village After Dark]. First and second draft typescripts, notes for Experiment 5, circa 1991
48.2 Experiment 4. First and second typescript drafts, typescript (7 June 1991) with revisions dated 15 October 1996, notes, 1991, 1996
48.3 Experiment 5. First and second typescript drafts, 1991
48.4 'Experiments (neat drafts)' [removed from black binder notebook].* Typescripts of experiments 2-5 (May-July 1991) revisions dated 1996 and 2001, typescripts for published versions of experiment 3 and 4, 1991-2001
48.5 'The Dream Technique and Memory Techniques' [removed from black binder notebook].* Writing notes for dream techniques tested in Experiments 2-5; themes, second draft reading notes, qualities of dreams and how to represent them in narrative, April 1991-February 1996
48.6 A Village after Dark (published in The New Yorker 21 May 2001). Drafts (one titled Now That I am Older), correspondence, galley proofs, April-May 2001
'Ideas for TV and film'
48.7 Tramps (unrealized feature film). Treatment drafts, notes, October 1984-August 1986, undated
48.8 Assorted story ideas including The Decline of English Murder (May 1986), Contacts (November 1986), a biopic about Sir Oswald Mosely (April 1986), and notes for television adaptation of Family Supper and The Gourmet, circa 1984-1986
49.1 In Conversation with Timothy Mo.* Interview notes, issue of The Fiction Magazine (Winter 1982), 1982
Dear Stuart…(epistolary essay).* Typescript draft, circa 1983
Film review for Ran (directed by Akira Kurosawa).* Published clipping, typescript photocopy, 12 November 1985
University of Kent, Honorary degree ceremony speech.* Typescript, July 1990
Campaign in Support of Salman Rushdie on Third Anniversary of Iranian Fatwa (published as 'The Satanic Verses, by a New Reader' in The Guardian, 6 February 1992).* Typescript, 1992
Letters to the Editor regarding Booker Prize (September 1999) and Graham Swift (March 1997).* Handwritten drafts and typescripts, 1997-1999
Books of the Year 1998. Typescript, 1998
Malcolm Bradbury (published as 'Gentle Giant: Malcolm Bradbury has Died' in The Guardian, 28 November 2000). Typescript, 27 November 2000
Kazuo Ishiguro remembers Ismail Merchant (published in Entertainment Weekly, 23 December 2005). Email printout, 31 May 2005
Memories of Ismail Merchant (read at memorial held at Curzon Cinema Mayfair, 18 November 2005). Typescript, November 2005
Guardian Book Club - Never Let Me Go (published in The Guardian as part of Guardian Book Club: Kazuo Ishiguro talks to John Mullan, 23 March 2006). Typescript, 22 February 2006
Kinokuniya Bookshop (published on bookshop website and magazine). Typescript, 13 November 2006
Contribution to Rosemary Goad's 80th birthday celebration, Typescript, September 2008
Books That Made a Difference to Kazuo Ishiguro (published in O, The Oprah Magazine, October 2010). Typescript, 2010
Kazuo Ishiguro on Film (published in 'Six Novelists on their Favourite Second Artform' in The Guardian, 27 April 2013 and as part of King's College London series The Joy of Influence: Six Novelists on Another Art Form). Typescript, 1 May 2013
'Song lyrics' for Stacey Kent
49.2 Breakfast on the Morning Tram (2007, Blue Note / EMI). Drafts of The Ice Hotel, I Wish I Could Go Traveling Again, Breakfast on the Morning Tram, So Romantic, 2006-2007 (*CD transferred to HRC Library)
49.3, 80.9 The Changing Lights (2013, Parlophone Music/Warner). Drafts of Waiter, Oh Waiter (2007), The Changing Lights (2012), The Summer We Crossed Europe in the Rain (2010), 2007-2012 (*CD transferred to HRC Library)
80.10 Dreamer in Concert (2011, Parlophone France). Drafts of Postcard Lovers, 2008 (*CD transferred to HRC Library)
49.4 Tango in Macao and Craigie Burn. Working drafts, 2007
Final drafts (as sent to Stacey Kent and Jim Tomlinson)*, 2006-2012
49.5 Thoughts on novels read and films seen.* Notes about 'great writers,' films, and novels ranging from Jane Austen to War and Peace to Natural Born Killers; also includes Ishiguro's notes after re-reading An Artist of the Floating World in 1999, August 1985-April 2011
Unpublished / Unrealized
49.6 Owl (idea for 'potential second novel').* Draft fragment, circa 1981-1982
49.7 Flight from Nagasaki (incomplete novel).* Typescript draft of chapters one through four, notes, circa 1983-1986
49.8 Gershwin (see also Nocturnes).* Draft three typescript, revised June 2008
49.9-11 'Sleazy Port SE Asian story and miscellaneous.' Typescript drafts, notes [many titled 'fourth novel' and some titled 'the motorway story,' 'the foreign aid novel,' 'a western,' 'sleaziest port in the world,' 'plan for short story 3,' 'infidelity story'], list of 'ideas for stories, etc.,' research and clippings (1989), read-back notes (July 1995), 1989-1990, 1995
49.12 'Ghosts project.'* Film treatment, outline, notes for unproduced documentary about Japanese ghosts, February-April 1987
49.13 'Tragic vampire film for Guy Maddin.' Film treatment, December 2000
49.14 Untitled start to novel [man living in shack]. Draft fragment, circa 2005-2006
Untitled start to novel [Eastern European hotel]. Draft fragment, circa 2005-2006
49.15 List of possible subjects to be written about, undated
Subseries D. 'Juvenilia,' 1964-2014 (bulk 1964-1979)
'The early (unpublished) novels'
50.1 Archive note, 2014
To Remember a Summer By
50.2 First draft [titled Something to Remember a Summer By]. Typescript draft with edits (December 1975-April 1976), readers' reactions, 1975-1976
50.3 Second draft [removed from navy blue binder notebook]. Typescript and handwritten draft with edits, circa 1976
50.4 Third draft [removed from orange binder notebook]. Clean copy of second draft used for submission, letter dated 1978 from Duckworth publishers, 1977
50.5 First draft [working title: The Cold and Winter Sky] [removed from purple binder notebook]. Typescript and handwritten draft with edits (August 1977-October 1978); also artist's sketch book with notes, 1977-1978
50.6 Second draft [removed from red binder notebook]. Typescript draft with edits, 1978
50.7 Third draft. Clean copy typescript, August 1977-October 1978
51.1 'Third novel' [elements incorporated into A Pale View of Hills]. Typescript draft (December 1978), notes, 1978-1979
Short works
51.3 Run Melody Run.* Story handwritten in school book, inkjet photograph printouts of Ishiguro at school, letters from school friend, 1964-1965, 2006
51.4 The Cleaner and the Cat.* Short story, circa 1977-1978
Hitch-hiker / Double Agents / J. and Mr. Rogers / Reinhart.* Early drafts of short stories, circa 1975
I Used to Know Alison.* Rough notes for a novella or short screenplay, circa 1977-1978
The Man with no Brain.* Handwritten script draft, photocopied script fragments, and notes for play performed on the occasion of Tony Beagley's 21st birthday; also pay slip inserted among pages, 1976
Film short.* Script, 1975
Gundown in Dead City: A Western (novella).* Typescript drafts with edits, 1975
Untitled fragment. Handwritten for untitled work, circa 1976-1977
Notes for stage play.* Typescript, circa 1979
51.5 Song lyrics.* Handwritten and typed songs, lyrics, and notes; doodles; comical letters; sheet music, 1970-1974
51.2 'Rough songwriting' [removed from green binder notebook]. Loose sheets with typed and handwritten notes and song lyrics (including notes for "To Remember a Summer By"), doodles, 1975-1976
'Travel pieces'
51.6 Note from Ishiguro, 2014
51.7 USA/Canada diary and notebooks #1-3, 1974
51.8 And Oh, in Berkeley / In Downtown San Francisco.* Typed booklets, letters, Greyhound map, 1974, 1994-1995

Series II. Correspondence, circa 1970s-2010s

52.1 1980s
52.2 1990-1993
52.3-5 1994; includes Rushdie Alert newsletter
52.6-7, 53.1-5 1995; includes letters related to Officer of the Order of the British Empire appointment
53.6-7, 54.1 1996
54.2-3 1997
54.4-6 1998
55.1-4 1999
55.5-6, 56.1-4 General; includes audiobook cover art for When We Were Orphans
56.5 Regarding 'Early Japanese Stories' edited by Lord Kenneth Baker
56.6 Regarding 'the John Swires/When We Were Orphans affair'
56.7, 57.1-2 2001
57.3-4 2002
57.5, 58.1-2 2003; includes edited transcript of Ishiguro speaking at the Sorbonne
58.3-5 2004
58.6-7 2005
59.1-3 2006
59.4-5 2007
59.6 2008
59.7 2009
60.1 2010
60.2 2011
'(Slightly) more interesting correspondence'
60.3 1970s; also outgoing to Sue Roe and Judith Evans; sketch by Gill Hall
60.4 1980s; some outgoing
60.5 1990s
60.6-8 2000s; box 60.7 contains proofs of profile published in The Paris Review
61.1 2010s
61.2 Outgoing, 2001-2007

Series III. Personal and Professional Papers, 1955-2015

Childhood and Family Papers
61.3-4 Comic books.* Eight booklets written and illustrated by Ishiguro, circa 1960-1962
80.14 The Naomi Comic Strip.* Cartoon drawings drawn for Ishiguro's daughter Naomi, 2001
80.15 Library card, rent book, letter to editor from Fumiko Ishiguro, 1980-1991
Marketing and Jacket Designs
61.5-7 Unconsoled and backlist reissues. Correspondence, jacket proofs and copy, marketing plan, 1994-1999
61.8, osf1 When We Were Orphans. Jacket proofs and copy, guest list, publicity schedule, correspondence, posters, 2000-2001
62.1-2 Never Let Me Go and backlist reissues. Jacket proofs and copy, correspondence, guest lists, publicity schedule, author questionnaire, 2004-2005
62.3 The Remains of the Day (Everyman's Library Series edition [2012] and Folio Society edition [2007]). Rejected illustrations, literary context draft, correspondence, page proofs, 2007, 2012
62.4 Nocturnes and backlist reissues. Jacket proofs and copy, queries regarding American language and other edits, press releases, 2008-2010
62.5 Author questionnaires for When We Were Orphans and Never Let Me Go* [also known as press cheat sheets], 2000, 2005
62.6 Notebook index prepared by Ishiguro*, 2014
62.7 Sketchbook. Hitchhiking trip in France with two schoolmates at the age of 16, 1971
Notebook A. Travel journal of summer trip across Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Holland with three school friends (1973). Various jottings and sketches, 1972-1973
62.8 Notebook B. Jottings, lyrics, and sketches, circa 1973
Notebook C. Comedy sketch ideas, partial journal entries, notes from radio plays, lists of creative graduate programs, letter drafts, 1978-1979
62.9 Notebook D. 'Timings' logs, Single Homeless Action in West London (SHAWL) meeting minutes, jottings, notes on television writing, interview notes with novelist Timothy Mo, partial journal entries, 1982-1983
Notebook F. Writing notes for An Artist of the Floating World [working title War Artist], jottings, notes for Arvon Foundation writing workshops, letter draft, early writing notes for what became The Remains of the Day [titled 'Butler'], 'timings,' film and story ideas, 1984-1985
63.1 Notebook G. Notes for Northern Arts Council writing workshop, writing notes for novel An Artist of the Floating World and teleplay The Gourmet, notes for Arvon Foundation writing workshop, recollections of 1985 Faber Fiction Tour, writing ideas including notes for what became The Remains of the Day, 'timings' logs, 1983-1985
Notebook H (used by both Ishiguro and wife Lorna MacDougall). Incomplete travel journal of 1986 trip to Singapore and Malaysia, 'timings' and 'crash' sessions logs for early stages of writing The Remains of the Day, jottings, notes for unidentified (Tramps), 1986-1989
63.2 Notebook J (used by both Ishiguro and wife Lorna MacDougall). Writing notes for The Remains of the Day, British Council Germany lecture notes, notes for unrealized Japanese Ghosts TV documentary, jottings including notes about home purchase, Lorna MacDougall's "to-do" lists and notes, 1987
Notebook K. Notes for Arvon Foundation writing workshop, idea for The Remains of the Day [titled Butler], June 1987
63.3 Notebook L. Jottings, notes regarding the title for novel The Remains of the Day, research for screenplay The Saddest Music in the World, circa 1987-1988
Notebook M. Interview notes for appearance on BBC Radio's Third Ear, jottings, 'timings' and 'crash' sessions logs for The Remains of the Day, 1985, 1988-1989
63.4 Notebook N. Ideas for fourth novel, jottings, lecture notes for New York Times Literary Brunch (1990), notes from meeting with Paramount for film Saddest Music in the World, 'jet lag plan,' contact names from tours, 1989-1990
Notebook P. Jottings, 'timings' logs, travel notes for Bournemouth Booksellers Convention, 1990
63.5 Notebook Q. 'Timings' logs for The Unconsoled, sketches, 1991-1993
Notebook R. Jottings, notes for film projects including list of film directors, speech notes for acceptance of Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres, early outline for Never Let Me Go, notes for meetings with Joanna Mackle (head of Faber publicity) and Jon Riley (Faber editor) about When We Were Orphans, notes for meeting with Mick Jagger and others of Jagged Films regarding film option for When We Were Orphans, notes for speech for launch of When We Were Orphans, 1994-2000
64.1 Notebook S. 'Timings' logs for The Unconsoled, Diary of Mad Old Man/The White Countess, and When We Were Orphans, 1993-1999
Notebook T [notebook begins at the back]. Notes for what became When We Were Orphans [labeled English Detective] and Nocturnes, meeting notes for film project, drafts of faxes sent to Philippe Jacquier [French producer working on unrealized Japanese adaptation of A Pale View of Hills], 1995-1996
64.2 Notebook U. 'Timings' log for Never Let Me Go, January 2001-April 2003
Notebook V. 'Timings' log for Never Let Me Go (2003), Nocturnes, and The Buried Giant (2007-2013), 2003-2013
64.3 Photo inventory prepared by Ishiguro, 2015
64.4 Childhood in Japan and England. Black and white, color snapshots of Ishiguro as baby and toddler, schooldays, birthday parties, 1955-1965
64.5 University Days. Color snapshots of Ishiguro as musician, traveling, 1976-1977
1986 Whitbread Book of the Year Award
64.6 Award presentation and dinner, January 1987
64.7 Faber party. Black and white contact sheets of Ishiguro and guests, January 1987
64.8 Ishiguro at Sydenham, London home. Black and white publicity prints, circa 1987
64.9 Australia and Kangaroo Island. Color snapshots of Ishiguro, Michael Ondaatje, Victoria Glendinning, Edmund White, Robert McCrum, February 1988
64.10 Booker Award for The Remains of the Day. Color snapshots, black and white publicity prints, color inkjet printouts, 1989
64.11 Budapest and Szentendre, Hungary. Color snapshots of Ishiguro with Angela Carter, Richard Ford, Susan Sontag, Nurrudin Farah, Paul Bailey, C. K. Williams, Lorna MacDougall, Holly Eley, June 1989
64.12 Japan Foundation tour of Tokyo, Nagasaki, Takayama, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Nara. Black and white publicity prints, color snapshots of events and family, November 1989
64.13 Barcelona. Color snapshots of Ishiguro with Lorna MacDougall, Richard Arridge, Montse, staff from Spanish publisher Anagrama, staff of British Council, 1988, 1990
64.14 Cannes Film Festival Jury. Color snapshots of Ishiguro with Clint Eastwood, Catherine Deneuve, Alexander Kaidanovsky, Shin Sang-ok, Alain Terzian, Pupi Avati, Lalo Schifrin, Marie-Françoise Leclère, Gilles Jacob, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, May 1994
64.15 Honors. Color publicity prints of Ishiguro and Lorna MacDougall at Buckingham Palace with Order of British Empire medal (November 1995), Ishiguro with Douglass Dunn of St. Andrew's University (2003), Ishiguro with recipients of Honorary Doctorate from University of East Anglia (1995), 1995, 2003
64.16 Tokyo. Color snapshots, October 2001
65.1 Never Let Me Go film set. Ishiguro with Charlotte Rampling, Alex Garland, Andrew MacDonald, Allen Reich at Ham House, June 2009
65.2 Publicity phots. Color prints of Ishiguro at home in London, 2009
65.3 1980s. Color snapshots of Ishiguro with family, friends and other writers; travel, 1983-1989
65.4 Ishiguro with Salman Rushdie, his then-wife Marianne Wiggins, Lorna MacDougall, Candice Rodd, Graham Swift, summer 1989
65.5 1990s. Color snapshots of Ishiguro with family, friends and other writers; travel, 1990-1999
65.6 2000s. Color snapshots of Ishiguro in Japan and with author Haruki Murakami, 2000-2014
1505021P_001 'Portraits of Kazuo Ishiguro.' Photos taken by Francesco Guidicini for Sunday Times taken at Ishiguro London home. 68 electronic files: JPEG, 2000
1505021P_002 'Dorset / Devon 2009.' Family photos. 49 electronic files: JPEG, 2009
1505021P_003 'Dorset / Devon 2008.' Family photos. 82 electronic files: JPEG, 2007
1505021P_004 'Ireland 2008.' Family photos. 100 electronic files: JPEG, 2007
1505021P_005 'Malvern Hills / Cotswolds / Soar Mill Cove / Devon 2005.' Family photos. 81 electronic files: JPEG, 2005
1505021P_007 Family photos. 2 electronic files: JPEG, December 2002
65.7 Duplicated published photos (for example, a photo that appeared in a magazine and this is a photocopy or digitized version of that page), 1988-1995
Press Clippings
An Artist of the Floating World
65.8-9, osf1 UK and US; also poster by Yohan, 1986-1987
65.10 Foreign language (some translations attached), 1985-1987
65.11 The Gourmet. Television guide, reviews, letter, 1987
Never Let Me Go (novel)
65.12, 66.1-2 UK, 2005-2010
66.3-4 US and Canada, 2005-2009
66.5-6, 67.1-5 Foreign language, 2005-2006
Never Let Me Go (film)
67.6-7 UK, 2009-2011
67.8 US and Canada, 2010-2011
68.1 Film festival programs, 2010-2011
68.2 UK, US, Canada, 2009-2010
68.3 Foreign language, 2009-2010
A Pale View of Hills
86 Green scrapbook. Includes letters, postcards, clippings, reviews, photographs, 1980-1983
68.4 UK and foreign language (some translations attached), 1982-1985, 1991
The Remains of the Day (novel)
68.5 UK (paperback), 1990
68.6 US, 1989-1990
68.7 Canada, 1989-1993
The Remains of the Day (film)
85 Columbia Tri-Star Films (UK) press books, vols.1-3. National, magazine, and regional press coverage, 1993
68.8 US, 1992-1993
69.1 The Saddest Music in the World (US and UK), 2003-2004
The Unconsoled
69.2-3 UK, 1995-1996
69.4 US, 1995-1996
69.5 Canada, 1995-1996
69.6 Australia and other foreign press, 1995
When We Were Orphans
69.7-8 UK, 2000
70.1 Booker Prize and Whitbread Prize coverage. Clippings, program, invitation, 2000
70.2-3 US, 2000
70.4 Canada, 2000
70.5 France, 2001
70.6 Germany, 2000-2001
70.7 Spain, 2001
71.1 Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Japan, 2000-2001
71.2 The White Countess, 2005-2006
Profiles, interviews, mentions
71.3 1980s
71.4 1990s
71.5 2000s; including segments on Malcolm Bradbury's death and Radio4 Book Club
71.6 US, 1980s-2000s
71.7 Australia, 1989-1993
71.8 Brazil, 1990-1996
72.1 Canada, 1980s-1990s
72.2-3 France, 1987-1998; including publisher catalog
72.4 Germany, 1989-1997
72.5 Italy, 1990-1991
72.6 Japan (many with translations), 1990-1997
72.7 Scandinavia, 1980s-1990s
73.1 Spain, 1980-1994
73.2 Assorted international press (Greece, Israel, Netherlands, Portugal), 1988-1991
'Travel' and Public Events
73.3-4 Australia and New Zealand, Adelaide Writers' Week, Wellington Festival (February-March 1988). Itineraries, travel information, correspondence, color inkjet photographs, color photographs (headshots), clippings, telephone messages, drawing by Nado Milat, programs, 1987-1989
73.5 Barcelona, Spain, British Council (September 1988). Itineraries, travel information, correspondence, color inkjet photograph, speaking notes, 1988
73.6 Germany, Klett-Cotta tour for An Artist of the Floating World (October 1988). Itineraries, correspondence, plane tickets, 1988
73.7 Nantes, France, British Council (February 1989).* Itineraries, travel information, correspondence, 1988-1989
73.8 Northern Germany, British Council (April 1989).* Itineraries, travel information, correspondence, 1989
73.9 UK (Faber) tour for The Remains of the Day (May 1989). Itinerary, 1989
73.10 The Wheatland Foundation Literary Conference, Budapest, Hungary (June 1989). Color inkjet photographs, itinerary, list of participants, 1989
73.11 Cambridge Seminar (July 1989). Program, maps, 1989
73.12 Denmark tour for The Remains of the Day (September 1989). Itinerary, 1989
73.13 USA and Canada (Knopf) tour for The Remains of the Day (September 1989). Itineraries, travel information, correspondence, color inkjet photographs, 1988-1989
74.1-3 Japan, Japan Foundation (October 1989).* Itineraries, travel information, correspondence, color inkjet photographs, tickets, letter from father about Japan and family, souvenirs and ephemera, business cards, notebook (includes Lorna MacDougall's notes), 1988-1989
74.4 France (Presses de la Renaissance) tour for The Remains of the Day (February 1990). Itinerary, 1990
74.5 Houston International Festival (March 1990). Correspondence, travel information, Ishiguro's travel notes about Houston, itineraries, clippings, 1989-1990
74.6 Brazil, Rocco / British Council (August 1990). Itineraries, color inkjet photographs, Ishiguro's travel notes about Rio and Sao Paulo, travel information, correspondence, travel ephemera, 1990
74.7 USA (Knopf and Vintage) tour for The Remains of the Day (September 1990). Itineraries, messages, travel information, color inkjet photographs, travel ephemera, 1990
75.1 Germany, Frankfurt Book Fair, The Remains of the Day tour (October 1990). Correspondence, itineraries, travel ephemera, color inkjet photographs, 1990
75.2 Czechoslovakia (cancelled). Correspondence, 1990
75.3 Spain, Barcelona (Anagrama / British Council) for The Remains of the Day (October 1990). Itineraries, color inkjet photographs, travel ephemera, correspondence, 1990
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79.2 2011. Japan (January 2011) for Never Let Me Go film. Itineraries, interview questions, business cards, email printouts, color inkjet photographs, travel ephemera, Sumo wrestling championships material, 2011
79.3 Hotel bills, etc., 1997-2000
'University days' / Early adulthood
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University of Kent at Canterbury
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79.15 West London Cyrenians. Printed material, newsletters, journal notes and jottings, 1978-1979
80.1 Unidentified papers. Notes, press kit for film Guantanamero, French language exercises, phone numbers, circa 1990s

Series IV. Works by Others, 1989-2009

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80.8 Wijkström, Suzanne. Beyond East and West: The Novels of Kazuo Ishiguro. University thesis, letter, 1994

Series V. Periodicals and Publications, 1985-2011

81 Aera, 24 December 2001 (contains profile in Japanese)
Asiaweek, 21-28 December 1986 (contains profile)
47.7 Bananas, June 1980 (contains story A Strange and Sometimes Sadness)
86 Bookforum, Fall 2000 (contains review of When We Were Orphans)
Book Page, September 2000 (contains review of When We Were Orphans)
81 The Bookseller, 21 January 2005 (contains profile)
81 No. 31, Fall 1987 (contains a review of An Artist of the Floating World)
No. 38, Winter 1990 (contains interview)
Bungakukai, No. 8, 2006 (contains interview in Japanese)
Cawaii Click, 1987 (contains profile in Japanese)
Contemporary, No. 63, 2004 (contains interview with Guy Maddin and photos from The Saddest Music in the World)
Current, January/February 1996 (contains story A Family Supper)
The East, May/June 1990 (contains interview)
Element, Fall 2000 (contains review of When We Were Orphans)
Elle, May 1989 (contains profile)
Esquire (Japan), December 1990 (contains story Summer After the War in Japanese)
L'Express, 23-29 January 1997 (contains profile in French)
The Fiction Magazine
49.1 Winter 1982 (contains In Conversation with Timothy Mo by Ishiguro)
82 December/January 1985 (contains excerpt of An Artist of the Floating World)
Frau, 25 December 2001 (contains profile in Japanese)
Fujin no Tomo, no. 1, 1990 (contains profile in Japanese)
The Good Book Guide, April 2000 (contains review of When We Were Orphans)
The Guardian
86 Weekend, 25 March 2000 (contains profile)
Review, 19 February 2005 (contains profile)
82 Harper's Bazaar (Japan), January 2002 (contains profile)
Inside Borders, September 2000 (contains review of When We Were Orphans)
Kent Bulletin, No. 7, 1986 (contains profile)
Litteratures, October/November 1994
86 London Review of Books, 13 April 2000 (contains review of When We Were Orphans)
82 Madame Figaro, August 2001 (contains excerpt from When We Were Orphans in French)
Mystery Magazine
82 January 2002 (contains profile/interview in Japanese)
February 2002 (contains profile/interview in Japanese)
National Portrait Gallery Report 1995/1996. (contains photos of Ishiguro portrait painted by Peter Edwards)
The New Republic
83 22 January 1990 (contains review of The Remains of the Day)
16 October 2000 (contains review of The Unconsoled)
New Statesman, 3 April 2000 (contains review of When We Were Orphans)
86 The New York Review of Books, 21 December 1995 (contains review of The Unconsoled)
New York Times Book Review
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24 September 2000 (contains review of When We Were Orphans)
The New Yorker
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23 October 1995 (contains profile)
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Le Point, 19-25 February 1990 (contains profile in French)
Prospect, April 2005 (contains review of novel Never Let Me Go)
47.9 Quarto, August 1981 (contains story A Family Supper)
83 Saturday Night, June 1995 (contains ad for The Unconsoled)
The Shape of Literature to Come, 1998 (contains profile in Japanese)
Shinchō weekly (Japanese magazine)
83 No. 43, 1989
No. 46, 1989 (contains photo)
Sight and Sound, March 2011 (contains article about film Never Let Me Go)
Splash, Summer 1990 (contains profile)
84 Sugino, Akira. European Integration and UK-Japan Relations, Second Gyosei International Lecture 1992-1993. (Reading: Gyosei International College, 1993
The Sunday Times
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Culture, 23 April 2000 (contains bestseller list for When We Were Orphans)
84 Switch, January 1991 (contains in-depth profile in Japanese)
Telegraph Magazine, 24 May 2003 (contains essay about Ishiguro's writing space)
Time International
84 30 October 1989 (contains review of The Remains of the Day)
8 February 1993 (contains profile)
29 March 1993 (contains profile of Emma Thompson and film The Remains of the Day)
22 November 1993 (contains profile of Anthony Hopkins and film The Remains of the Day)
14 February 1994 (contains profile)
15 May 1995 (contains profile)
24 April 2000 (contains review of When We Were Orphans)
La Vanguardia, 2 December 1990 (contains profile in Spanish)
Vogue, October 2010 (contains profile of Carey Mulligan and film Never Let Me Go)
W: The Waterstone's Magazine, Spring 1995 (profile about The Unconsoled)
Wisepolicy, 2006-2007 (contains review of The White Countess in English, French, and Japanese)

85-86 Oversize Boxes

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  • Cheltenham Festival of Literature--52.6, 53.1, 54.5, 55.5, 59.6
  • Cherrington, John--55.4
  • Cherwell (Toby Smith)--53.1
  • Chicago Humanities Festival--58.7
  • Chivers Press Ltd. (Liran Kataria)--56.6
  • Chong, Kevin--58.7
  • Chronicle Books (Christine E. Carswell)--54.2
  • Chuokoron-Sha, Inc. ( Irie, Norio)--52.3, 52.7, 53.3, 54.1, 54.6, 55.5-6, 74.1
  • Císař, Peter--53.2
  • City of London School for Girls--59.1, 59.3
  • City University London (Harriet Gilbert)--57.5
  • City View Magazine (Bjorn Thomson)--56.1
  • Clark, Eric--54.1
  • Clark, Richard Grenville--52.6
  • Clements, Nick--60.3
  • Clifden Community School (Brendan Flynn)--52.3, 53.1, 53.6, 54.5, 57.4, 58.5
  • Classic Arts Productions (Wendy Thompson)--52.6
  • Claude Gill Books--60.3
  • A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books (Peter Win)--58.7
  • Clingerman, Rose--52.6
  • Coates, Nigel (wife Lucy)--52.6, 54.4, 54.6, 55.1-3, 56.1, 57.3, 58.1, 58.3, 58.5-6, 59.5, 59.7, 60.3, 60.7
  • Cobb, Peter--53.3
  • Coe, Jonathan--60.8
  • Coleman, Ursula--54.2
  • Collier, Simon James--59.7
  • Collins English Dictionary (Kate Harris)--54.4-5
  • Colman Getty PR Consultancy--54.6, 55.2, 55.4, 60.2, 78.3
  • Columbia: A Journal of Literature & Art (Paul McRandle)--54.2
  • Columbia TriStar Films (UK) (Lucy Darwin)--75.5
  • Columbia Tri-Star Home Video
    • Chung, Yuen--55.5
    • Russell, Amy--55.6
  • Companhia Das Letras (Luiz Schwarcz)--56.1
  • Columbia University (Lee C. Bollinger)--60.6
  • Comité International d'Auschwitz (Christoph Heubner)--76.7
  • Compan-hiadas Letras--58.1
  • Connolly, Cressida, 1960- --54.6, 55.2, 55.4-5, 56.4, 58.4
  • Conradi, Peter (Kingston University)--53.1
  • Constantine, Martin--25.8
  • Contemporary Authors--53.4, 54.1, 55.1, 58.3
  • Contemporary Novelists (Susan W. Brown)--53.1
  • Cooper, Jeremy, 1946- --54.6
  • Cope, Wendy--60.7
  • Corine International Book Award (Wolf Dieter Eggert)--78.12
  • Cornwall County Council--57.5
  • Corporate Flair, Inc.--54.1
  • Cosmopolitan (Kate Figes)--53.2
  • Craig, Joseph--58.7
  • Craig, Robert--58.7
  • Crawford, Charles (Great Britain. Embassy [Poland])--59.1
  • Creator Magazine (Nick Crowe)--53.6
  • Crowe, Dan (Rizzoli)--58.6
  • Cruickshank, Harriet--43.5
  • Currie, Edwina, 1946- --57.3
  • Dahl, Dawn--53.7
  • Daily Mail
    • Jones, Nigel--59.1
    • Lewis, Jemima--53.3
  • Daily Telegraph
    • Deedes, W. F. ("Bill")--56.2
    • Hastings, Max--52.6
  • Dædalus (Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences) (Stephen R. Graubard)--52.5
  • Daesan Foundation (Chang Jae Shin)--54.3
  • Daniels, Irene (University Challenge)--58.7
  • Dannatt, Adrian--76.2
  • Danziger, Danny--59.4
  • Daphne du Maurier Festival of Arts and Literature (Jonathan Aberdeen)--54.3, 56.7
  • Darke, Chris--58.7
  • Davey, Judith--55.2
  • David Godwin Associates (David Godwin)--54.2
  • Davidson, Jenny--53.7
  • Davidson, Philip--54.1
  • Davies, Bronwyn (James Cook University of North Queensland)--54.1
  • Davies, Sue--53.6
  • Deborah Rogers, Ltd. Literary Agency--see Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd.
  • De Falbe, John (John Sandoe Books Ltd.)--53.6
  • DeLaney, John--60.1
  • De Medriros, Maria--60.6
  • Dennys, Nick--53.7
  • Deregowski, Tadeusz--58.1
  • De Vrijzinnige Lezer (Jan Jespers)--54.3
  • Dewse, David A.--52.6
  • Di Renzo editore (Sante Di Renzo)--54.3
  • Diss, Jacqueline--56.7, 58.6
  • Diverse Production
    • McCabe, Rob--54.5
    • Theunissen, Sophie--54.3
  • DNA Films (Andrew Macdonald)--61.1
  • Donato, Carmelo--52.7
  • Dong, Stella--56.1
  • Donohugh, Helen--60.3
  • Donovan, Paul--58.2
  • Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group (Luke Dempsey)--56.2
  • Doust, Dudley--52.6
  • Dowling, Hugh (University friend, musician)--59.2
  • Drabble, Margaret, 1939- --60.8
  • Drobka, Marta--59.1
  • Dublin International Writers' Festival (Laurence Cassidy)--52.6
  • Dubnov, E. (Evgeniĭ), 1949- --57.4
  • Dubois, Danielle--54.5
  • Duckworth Literary Entertainments (Tom Hedley)--54.5
  • Ducornet, Rikki, 1943- --74.7
  • Duley, Gavin--52.7
  • Dunmore, Helen, 1952- --58.6, 60.8
  • Dureau, Yona--55.2
  • Durham Union Society (Kate Fox)--53.1, 53.4
  • Early, Vin--60.5
  • East Meets East (Alice Kemp-Welch)--59.7
  • E.D. Distribution (Fabrice Leroy)--78.9
  • Edgarian, Carol and Tom Jenks, 1950- --53.2
  • Edinburgh International Book Festival--52.6, 54.6, 55.1, 55.6, 56.3-4, 58.6, 59.6
  • Éditions des Deux Terres (Nina Salter)--57.3, 57.5, 58.1, 58.3, 58.6, 59.5, 60.1, 66.5, 68.3
  • Les Éditions Hatier--54.1
  • Editorial Anagrama--55.3, 56.7, 57.1, 58.3, 58.6, 76.4, 78.7, 78.14
  • Editorial Galaxia (Carlos G. Lema)--59.5
  • Edwards, Peter (painter)--52.3, 52.6, 53.3, 53.7, 54.2, 55.2, 59.1-2, 60.5
  • Edwards, Ros (Edwards Fuglewicz)--55.5
  • Egerton, Keith W.--38.2
  • Egoyan, Atom, 1960- (Ego Film Arts)--43.4
  • Elletson, Anne--58.4
  • Elletson, Anne and Randall Wright--54.5-6
  • The English Agency (Japan) Ltd. (William Miller, Junzo Sawa)--52.1, 53.1, 55.6, 57.1, 57.4, 59.6
  • The English Association (Helen Lucas)--59.1
  • English Centre of International P.E.N. (Julia Fulcher)--52.5, 57.5
  • English-Speaking Union (Valerie Mitchell)--54.1
  • Eragny Choristers Association (Michael W. D. White)--53.6-7
  • Esquire (UK) (Dan Davies)--59.6
  • Esteve-Coll, Elizabeth A. L. (Victoria and Albert Museum)--53.1
  • Evans, Judith--56.3, 60.3
  • Evans, Richard ("Taff")--60.3
  • Evanston Public Library--53.4
  • Everyman's Library (Jane Holloway)--62.3
  • Faber and Faber Ltd.
    • Alexander, Rachel--14.2, 55.4, 57.2-3, 58.3-4, 58.6-7, 59.1, 59.4, 59.6-7, 60.2, 62.1-2, 62.4
    • Amey, Bridgett--52.3
    • Atkinson, Will--53.1, 53.3, 55.5, 58.4, 59.3, 60.1, 61.1, 62.2, 62.4
    • Benbow, Andrew--59.7
    • Boyle, Charles--9.4-5, 9.7, 25.4-5, 38.2, 52.3, 58.5 (with page proof)
    • Brackstone, Lee-14.2, 54.4, 59.2, 59.7, 61.6
    • Broccardo, Diana--53.3, 57.2, 59.1
    • Burton, Kate--58.4
    • Cargill, Angus--14.2, 58.6-7, 59.6-7, 60.8, 62.1-2
    • Collins, Clare--55.2, 56.2-3, 56.4
    • Daly, Catherine--59.7
    • Donohue, Walter--14.2, 61.1
    • Edwards, Ros--52.6, 53.6, 61.5
    • Evans, Matthew--53.6-7, 60.4, 60.8
    • Faber, Toby--37.3, 54.4, 55.4-5, 56.4, 56.6, 57.2, 58.3
    • Griffiths, Hannah--59.4, 59.6-7, 60.1, 62.4
    • Holmes, Susan--58.3, 61.5, 62.1
    • Holroyd, Alex--58.6-7, 59.7
    • Keogh, Patrick--59.7
    • Loose, Julian--54.4
    • Mackay, Gillian--57.4
    • Mackle, Joanna--52.3, 53.4, 53.6, 54.1, 54.4, 55.1, 61.5
    • Matthews, Belinda--14.2, 53.6-7, 54.6, 56.3, 58.4
    • McCrum, Robert--52.2-3, 52.6, 53.3, 53.6-7, 60.5, 61.5, 73.3, 86
    • McLaren, Chris--55.4, 57.2, 57.4
    • Murphy, Noel--58.4, 62.2
    • Odufunade, Bomi--58.5
    • Page, Stephen--57.3-5, 58.4-5, 58.7, 59.2, 59.5, 60.2
    • Pallai, Anna--55.4, 78.10
    • Pearson, Nicholas--52.3, 52.7, 62.4
    • Pearson, Rebecca--59.6-7, 60.1, 61.1
    • Platt, Emma--52.3, 53.1-2, 53.6, 54.2, 55.4, 56.2-4, 61.5
    • Reihill, Clare--56.7, 57.1, 57.3, 58.5, 61.8
    • Riley, Jonathan ("Jon")--5.5, 8.7, 8.10, 54.4-5, 55.2-3, 55.5, 56.2, 56.4, 56.7, 57.2-3, 57.5, 58.1-4, 58.6, 60.5-6, 61.8
    • Robertson, Jane--2.9
    • Sanger, David--60.2
    • Savitt, Sarah--59.7, 62.4
    • Simpson, Peter--52.3, 53.6, 60.4
    • Sljivic, Sandra--53.7, 54.1
    • Smith, Angela--52.3, 54.1
    • Wennerbom, Cate--14.2, 53.3
    • Willett, Justine--52.7
    • Winter, Nicola--53.1, 54.1
    • _____, Judith--54.1, 55.1
  • Fabula Festival--59.7
  • Fajardo, Sergio (Mayor of Medellín, Colombia)--59.1
  • Fanning (?), Tony and Dorothy--53.6 (with note from Shizuko Ishiguro), 57.3
  • Farley, Mark--59.3
  • Farrar, Straus, and Giroux (Jonathan Galassi)--59.1
  • Feaver, Jane--58.7
  • Felsted Arts Festival--53.1, 53.3, 53.6
  • Festival International du Film
    • Bouchart, Caroline--75.6
    • Jacob, Gilles--75.6
    • Petit, Nicole--52.5
  • Festivaletteratura Mantova--54.4-5, 58.6, 76.6
  • Ferlita, Salvatore--78.15
  • Figment Films (Kevin Macdonald)--60.5
  • Filippi, Antonella (Giornale di Sicilia)--78.15
  • Fillon, Alexandre--59.1
  • Finney, Brian--57.3
  • Finnigan, Valentine--53.3
  • Fischer Ross Group--54.3
  • Fisher, Anne-Louise (Anne-Louise Fisher Associates)--56.3-4, 58.7
  • Fisher, Kevin--55.5
  • Fitzgerald, Maria--53.4
  • Fitzgerald, Penelope--60.5
  • Fitzmaurice, Gabriel--52.7
  • Fleming, Robert--55.5
  • Flint, Mary--54.2
  • Foale, Hazel--53.3
  • Folio Society (Sue Bradbury)--54.5, 55.4, 58.3, 59.5
  • Fondazione Tanturri (Riccardo Tanturri)--52.6
  • Ford, Caroline--52.6, 58.4, 59.7
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office--54.3
  • Forlaget Systime--52.7, 53.7
  • Forster, Stephen (Winds Publications)--52.6
  • Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature--56.3
  • Fourth Estate Ltd.--54.4, 54.6, 55.3, 58.4, 58.7
  • Fowler, Allen--52.7
  • Fox, Geoff (University of Exeter)--53.3
  • Fox, James--60.6
  • Fox Searchlight Pictures
    • Lan, Nancy--79.2
    • Woloshen, Judy--60.1 (with Never Let Me Go press itinerary for film), 78.16
  • France. Ambassade (Londres)
    • Bernard, Daniel--55.4
    • Poivre d'Arvor, Olivier --53.6-7
  • France Animation (Christian Davin)--75.7
  • Fraser, Antonia, 1932- --60.8
  • Freer Gallery of Art (Karen Sagstetter)--54.3
  • French Institute (Geraldine D'Amico)--54.4, 55.5, 60.5
  • Friedmann, William D., 1927-2010--57.4
  • Friedrich Berlin (Sigrid Löffler)--56.1, 56.7
  • Friel, Jim--59.7
  • Fujii, Hiroaki (Japanese Ambassador to Great Britain)--53.5, 54.1
  • Fujin-No-Tomo Sha (Seiko Muramoto)--74.1
  • Fulmar Television (Elodie Gornall)--58.1
  • Furman University Library--54.1
  • Gale, Steven H. (Kentucky State University)--54.2
  • Gallix, François--48.6, 55.1-5, 55.6 (includes transcript of the Sorbonne lecture in 1999), 56.2-3, 57.1, 57.4-5, 58.2, 58.6-7, 77.4, 78.9
  • Galway Arts Centre--55.6, 57.3-4, 58.1
  • Gandhi, Gopal (High Commission of India)--53.4
  • Garland, Alex, 1970- --60.5-6, 60.8, 61.1
  • Garner, Roy--54.6
  • Garrood, Anthony ("Tony") and Richard--54.4, 56.4, 57.3
  • Garrood, Peter--52.6, 53.5
  • Gáspár, László--54.2
  • Gates, William--54.1
  • Gay, Kenneth--52.7
  • George Eliot Fellowship--56.7
  • George, Martin--53.7
  • Georgetown University (Michael J. Collins)--53.6
  • Getty Grant Program (Jack Meyers)--55.3, 76.8
  • Ghioto, Becket--59.7
  • Giulio Einaudi editore
    • Bo, Vittorio--54.2, 55.1
    • Canobbio, Andrea--57.5, 58.3, 58.6
    • Cassarotto, Elena--59.3, 78.8, 78.11
    • Novarese, Paola--56.1, 57.1, 58.2, 58.6, 59.2
    • Polzot, Carla--78.11, 78.15
  • Global Millennium Project--53.1
  • Globe Theatre (London, England : 1996- )--57.2
  • Goad, Rosemary--60.7
  • Goff, Martyn--59.1
  • Golding, Mike--53.2
  • Gomersall, Lydia--57.4
  • Goni, A.C.--52.4
  • The Good Book Guide
    • Barnes, Julene--56.3
    • Gertler, Frances--56.2
    • Saville, Kathryn--52.6, 53.4
  • Gordon, Edmund--58.1
  • Göteburg International Book Fair--56.3-4
  • G. P. Putnam's Sons (Faith Sale)--86
  • Gradiva Publicações (Joana Gonçalves)--55.6, 56.4, 56.6
  • Grand Street (Jean Stein)--52.3, 52.7, 56.3
  • Granta
    • Eccles, Catherine--52.5
    • Freeman, John--61.1
    • Gordon, Helen--58.4 (includes page proofs)
  • Graver, Lawrence, 1931- (Williams College)--53.3
  • Gray, Nigel--53.2, 53.6, 54.2, 54.5, 55.5, 56.7
  • Gray, Tamara--59.1
  • Graywolf Press (Fiona McCrae)--53.7
  • Great Britain. Prime Minister (Alex Allan on behalf of John Major)--53.5
  • Green, Jim--52.3, 53.4, 53.6, 54.2-3, 55.4, 55.6, 58.6-7, 59.1, 59.4, 60.1, 60.7
  • Greenhalgh, Chris--52.6
  • Gregory, Gill--52.4
  • Greig, Andrew--57.4
  • Greig, Geordie (Tatler)--54.6, 56.7, 57.2, 57.4, 58.1, 58.4, 58.6, 59.1-3, 59.5-6, 60.7
  • Greig, Octavia--56.7, 57.2
  • Groes, Sebastian (Liverpool Hope University; Roehampton University)--59.4, 59.6-7, 60.1, 61.1 (with draft of interview), 78.13
  • The Guardian
    • Foden, Giles--58.6
    • Norton, Nicola--57.4
    • Phillips, Sarah--61.1
    • Rusbridger, Alan--57.4, 58.7
    • Rustin, Susanna--62.2
    • Williams, Richard--58.2
  • Guignery, Vanessa--58.1, 60.1
  • Guildford Arts--58.6
  • Guildford Institute--55.5
  • Gurganus, Allan, 1947- --74.7
  • Guzzetti, Silvia (Avvenire)--53.1, 53.3-4
  • Gyldendals Bogklub (Johannes Riis)--53.7, 56.2
  • Gyldendal Publishers (Anne Bjerkhof)--76.12
  • Gyosei International College (H. E. Bell)--52.4
  • Haglund, Magnus--58.4
  • Hamish Hamilton Limited (Kate Shaw)--54.1
  • Hammerman, Pat--52.4
  • Hansen, Solveig--59.7
  • Harbourfront Reading Series (Greg Gatenby)--54.2, 61.8, 73.13
  • Harcourt Brace & Company (Meredith Arthur)--55.3
  • Haringey Council Education Services--54.1
  • Harper Audio (Julie Saltman)--56.6
  • Harper Collins Publishers
    • Dowling, Meaghan--56.7
    • Papasan, Jay--55.1
    • Proffitt, Stuart--53.4
  • Harper's Bazaar (Jessica Green)--57.4
  • Harper's Magazine (Jennifer Szalai)--58.4
  • Harvey, Susan Erika--78.1
  • Harvey Wood, Harriet, 1934- --53.5
  • Harvill Press--55.6, 57.5
  • Hassan, Ihab--80.4
  • Hatchards (Firm)--53.7, 58.7
  • Hatten, Veronica--53.6
  • Hay Festival of Literature and Arts--55.2, 55.5, 62.2
  • Hayakawa Publishing, Inc.
    • Hayakawa, Hiroshi--56.2, 56.7, 57.1-4, 58.4, 58.6-7, 59.1-3, 59.5, 77.2
    • Sugano, Kunihiko--56.2
    • Sugano, Motoko--57.2
  • Haywood, Sam (musician)--55.2, 56.1, 56.7, 57.2-3, 59.5
  • Healey, Joe--60.3
  • Hedges, Gloria A.--53.2
  • Heinemann (Firm) (Ravindra Mirchandani)--57.1
  • Herzberg, Judith--60.5
  • Herzinger, Kim (Institute of Anglo-American Studies)--53.1
  • Heslop, Caroline--53.6
  • Heubner, Christoph--55.3
  • Hilonowitz, Lawrence--59.7
  • The Hindu (Gowri Ramnarayan)--55.3
  • Hiroshima-Nagasaki Schools' Anti-War Writing Competition (Richard Woolfenden)--52.4
  • Hodder & Stoughton Publishers
    • Craddock, Alison--52.7
    • Page, Jeremy--52.6 (includes proofs for A Family Supper)
    • Welch, Carole--52.7, 53.7
  • Hoffman, Matt--59.1
  • Hoffman, Michael--25.4
  • Hogan, Desmond--60.4
  • Hogan, Eileen--55.5, 56.2, 56.7, 57.1
  • Horsford, Lynn (Shaker Films, Ltd.)--41.5, 43.5
  • Hoskins, Bob--60.8
  • HotWired (Eliot Bergson)--52.4
  • Houston International Festival--74.5
  • Howell, Ron--59.1 (with libretto)
  • Huckson, Videt (?)--58.7
  • Huizinga Lecture (J. Th. M. Bank)--54.5
  • Hulce, Tom, 1953- --56.4
  • Humber School for Writers (Joe Kertes)--53.1
  • Humfrey, Charles (Great Britain. Embassy [Japan])--53.6
  • Hungry Mind Review (Martha Davis Beck)--53.1
  • Hunnewell, Susannah (The Paris Review)--59.4-5
  • Hunter, Barry--54.1
  • Hurley, Catherine--58.3
  • Hyde, George (Kyoto Women's University)--55.6, 56.7, 57.3
  • Hyland, Jody (Queen's College, London)--57.3, 59.6
  • Iceland Group plc--56.1
  • Iikubo, Ryuko (Look Japan)--52.5, 53.1, 55.4, 56.7, 58.3
  • Inch, Arthur R.--60.8
  • The Independent (Boyd Tonkin)--54.2, 56.1
  • Independent on Sunday (Maggie O'Farrell)--54.2
  • Index on Censorship (Ursula Owen)--53.2
  • Ingersoll, Earl G. (State University of New York Brockport)--57.1-2
  • Ingvarsdóttir, Fríöa Björk--54.1, 54.3
  • Inness, Claire--54.1
  • Inouye, Charles Shirō (Tufts University)--57.1-2
  • Insight Japan (George Bull)--53.1
  • Institute of Psychoanalysis--55.5-6
  • International Center of Photography--55.4
  • International Creative Management--53.7, 59.5-6, 60.2, 77.7
    • De Laney, John B.--56.3
    • Gerwin, Karen--56.1
    • Urban, Amanda ("Binky")--14.2, 52.2, 54.1, 55.6, 56.4, 56.7, 57.2, 58.2-4, 58.6-7, 59.3, 60.1, 62.4
  • International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award--53.6, 57.1, 58.2, 59.2
  • International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design (Giancarlo De Carlo)--52.7
  • International Literature Festival Berlin--58.1
  • International Literary Festival in Reykjavik--58.4
  • International Parliament of Writers (Christian Salmon)--52.4
  • International PEN--see PEN (Organization)
  • International Social Service of the United Kingdom--53.6-7
  • International Youth Meeting Center in Auschwitz (Faustin Plitzko)--76.7
  • Iowa Writers' Workshop
    • Booth, Connie--76.2
    • Conroy, Frank--57.4
  • Irie, Norio, Masako, Kei--58.6
  • Ishiguro, Hidé--52.3, 53.2
  • Ishiguro, Shizuko (Mum or "Okako")--52.3, 53.1, 53.5-6, 56.1, 57.1-2, 57.4, 58.4, 58.6-7, 60.3, 60.5, 74.1, 86
  • Ishiguro, Shizuo (Dad)--52.3, 53.4, 74.1, 77.2, 86
  • Ishiguro, Yoko (sister)--52.3, 53.2, 56.1
  • Ishikawa, Luli--53.7
  • Isis magazine--54.2
  • Ison, Ireene--59.6
  • Jacquier, Philippe (Sépia Production)--16.2-3, 53.6, 54.1-2, 55.3
  • Jagged Films (Julian Plunkett Dillon)--38.4
  • Japan Foundation
    • Asao, Shinichiro--53.1
    • Katori, Yasue--74.1
    • Matsushiro, Akira--52.5
    • Sakurai, Tomoyuki--53.5
  • Japan Society--57.2
  • Jefford, Andrew--52.6 (includes draft of article about Ishiguro), 56.1
  • Jefford, Bosia--56.3
  • Jenkin, Patrick (Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons)--65.8
  • Jennings, Chris--52.6
  • Jerome, Helen M.--56.3
  • Jewish Museum (New York, N.Y.)--57.4
  • Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer, 1927-2013--78.6
  • Jocelyn, Ann Henning--59.3
  • Johanssen, Marie--52.6
  • Johnson, Richard A. (Richard Alan), 1953- ("Rick")--54.4
  • Johnson, Simon--54.2
  • Jonathan Cape Ltd. (Robin Robertson)--54.5, 55.4
  • Jones, Edwina Currie--see Currie, Edwina, 1946-
  • Jones, Jeff P.--58.1
  • Jones, Riley--58.3, 59.6
  • Jones, Susanna--54.1
  • Joseph Conrad Society--58.4
  • Joseph, Randy L.--59.1
  • Joshi, Sanjay Kumar--57.2
  • Joyau, Isabelle F. M. (Université de Paris III)--53.7
  • Judy Daish Associates Ltd.
    • Daish, Judy--16.2-3, 39.2, 43.5, 53.2, 53.7, 54.1, 55.3, 56.1, 56.3, 57.1, 58.3, 58.5, 58.7, 59.1-2, 59.7, 60.2, 75.6
    • Farmer, Lynda--16.2, 58.1, 58.3-5, 58.7
    • Soar, Liz--57.3
  • Kafnol, Paul (HD Thames Ltd.)--57.2
  • Kagoshima, Yuri--77.2-3
  • Karl Blessing Verlag
    • Blessing, Karl--55.3, 57.4, 61.8
    • Genzler, Ulrich--58.7
    • Held, Elisabeth--78.12
    • Netenjakob, Ulrike--58.1, 58.7
  • Karp, Rachel--58.6
  • Kato, Jill Fanshawe--53.7
  • Katori, Yuko--59.1
  • Kay, Jackie--61.1
  • Keating, H. R. F. (Henry Reymond Fitzwalter), 1926-2011 ("Harry") (The Detection Club)--60.8
  • Keiko, Miya--55.4
  • Keillor, Garrison--52.6
  • Kelly (?), Adam--56.1
  • Kelly, Kathleen--53.7
  • Kelly, Rita--55.1
  • Kemp, Peter--59.6
  • Kenline, Kris--54.2
  • Kent, Stacey--58.1, 60.6-7
  • Kerslick, Graham--52.3, 60.8
  • Kibbutz HAmeeuchad Publishing House (Ziv Lewis)--56.6
  • Kidwai, A.H.--54.3
  • Killick, Tom--52.6, 60.3
  • Kim, Nami--53.3
  • Kincaid, Paul--78.10
  • King's Lynn Literature Festival--56.3
  • Kinoshita, Reiko, 1948- --57.3
  • Klett-Cotta (Susanne John)--73.6
  • Knaus Verlag
    • Brecht, Edgar--56.6
    • Held, Elisabeth--56.1-2, 57.1, 61.8
    • Netenjakob, Ulrike--56.1, 76.10
  • Knepper, Gertrude R.--52.5
  • Kodansha America, Inc. (John K. Urda)--53.2
  • Kosminsky, Peter (Stonehenge Films Ltd.)--15.4, 55.4, 58.5, 59.5-6, 60.5
  • Król, Joachim, 1957- --58.3
  • Krannert Art Museum (Ginger Gregg Duggan)--58.6
  • Krummacher, Gottfried W. and Kikuko Tatsumi--56.2, 57.2
  • Kubrow, Colin--56.2
  • Kurokawa-White, Ikuko--57.3
  • Kuwabara, Aya--58.1-2
  • Kuzui Enterprises (Kaz Kuzui)--16.2
  • Kyodo News Service--86
  • Labovitch, Ben--53.3
  • Lackey, Michael (University of Minnesota)--59.7
  • Lackie, Ann (SciTalk)--58.6
  • Ladkin, Peter W.--54.2
  • Lamal, Jonathan--53.3
  • Lancaster Literature Festival--52.1
  • Landsberg, Olivia (White Heat Productions)--55.6
  • Landseer Productions, Ltd. (Ken Howard)--58.3
  • Lang, Jack, 1939- --55.1
  • Lannan Foundation (Jeanie J. Kim)--52.6-7, 53.1, 53.4, 54.2, 75.12
  • Lanone, Catherine (Universite de Toulouse)--59.6
  • Latham, Carolyne--52.4
  • Latham, Martin--53.1
  • Lavergne, F.--53.2
  • Lavin, Carmen--52.2 (includes paper Returning through Memory in the Novels of Kazuo Ishiguro)
  • Le Fanu, Mark (Society of Authors)--53.5
  • Lea, Daniel (Oxford Brookes University)--58.1
  • Lee, Hermione--60.1
  • Legg, Helen--57.4
  • Leicestershire County Council Library Services for Education--53.6
  • Leitch, Andrew--60.7
  • Lejot, Paul--56.2
  • Leman, Gerard--52.6, 54.1, 58.6
  • Leo Commerce--56.6
  • Lévai, Balázs--59.1
  • Lewis, Barry--54.4, 54.6, 55.2, 55.4
  • Lewis-Crosby, Meg--54.2
  • Liang, Holan (Downing College, University of Cambridge)--53.1
  • Librairie Plon--52.7
  • Lieberman, Beryl--53.7
  • The Lifted Brow (Ronnie Scott)--59.6
  • Lightman, Alan P., 1948- --60.7
  • Listen Entertainment, Ltd.--56.1
  • Literaturen (Sigrid Löffler)--55.6
  • Literaturhaus Berlin (Herbert Wiesner)--57.1
  • Literaturhaus München (Reinhard G. Wittmann)--54.5
  • Llewellyn, Susan H.--54.2
  • Lodge, David, 1935- --60.5
  • London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames (Nigel Cutting)--53.6
  • London Festival of Literature--54.6, 55.5
  • London Film Festival--58.1
  • London Jazz Radio (Nicola Young)--53.6
  • London Library--60.1
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (Alain Pottage)--59.7
  • LondonZok (Luke Douglas-Home)--54.5
  • Long, Marjorie M.--52.6
  • Looking for a New England (Roger Garfitt)--52.4-5
  • Los Angeles Times Festival of Books--55.6
  • Louis, C. K.--53.4
  • Louvel, Liliane (Universite de Poitiers)--53.1
  • Loveless, Chris--59.7
  • Lowe, Tim--60.3
  • Lucinda Vardey Agency (Lucinda Vardey)--52.3, 73.13
  • Lyall, Sarah--53.4, 60.5
  • Lyons, Anthony (The King's School)--59.3
  • Macdonald, Maryann--53.6
  • MacDougall, Mae--52.3
  • Mackay, Shena--60.5
  • Mackenzie, Dave--57.2
  • Mackle, Joanna (British Museum)--59.1
  • MacLehose, Koukla--58.1
  • Macmillan Publishers
    • Riley, Jonathan ("Jon")--54.2, 54.4-5, 55.2
    • Straus, Peter--53.4, 54.2, 54.6, 55.4
  • Maddin, Guy, 1956- --43.2, 60.5-8
  • Maddison, John--53.6
  • Madsen, Alan--53.4
  • Magino, A.--56.2
  • Magnuson, Mike--53.3
  • Mail on Sunday / John Llewllyn Rhys Prize (Martyn Goff)--58.2
  • Makino-Fayolle, Rose-Marie--59.1
  • Maksimovic-Vidanovic, Deana--57.2
  • Mál og Menning (Friorik Rafnsson)--53.2
  • Malcolm Bradbury Memorial Trust--57.4
  • Malcolm, Hamis--53.1
  • Mallinson Rendel Publishers (Ann Mallinson)--73.3
  • Mancini, Julie--53.1
  • Manferlotti, Stefano (Naples University)--52.6, 53.2
  • March, Janet (The Countess of March)--57.4
  • Margaret Herrick Library--59.2
  • Marion Boyars Publishers, Ltd. (Marion Boyars)--53.2
  • Marmot and Whyte Limited (Janine Marmot)--52.5
  • Marshall, John and Anne (Clifden)--52.3, 53.7, 54.5, 56.4, 58.7
  • Marshall, Jonathan--57.5
  • Marshall, Michael and Blanca--52.3, 53.6, 54.6
  • Marshall, Michael and Lenore--54.2, 60.4
  • Martin, C. J.--52.6
  • Martin, Linda--53.1
  • Martinez, Oscar M.--54.1
  • Mason, Paul--54.1
  • Mason, Richard, 1978- (author)--56.7, 57.5, 59.2, 59.4-5, 60.6
  • Matthews, Colin--60.6
  • Matthews, Sean (University of Nottingham)--59.4, 78.13
  • Maughan, Christopher (De Montfort University Leicester)--56.2
  • Maxwell, Bambie and Stewart Hughan--55.5, 59.4
  • Mayoux, Sophie--54.3
  • The Mays (Ryan Roark)--59.4
  • McCaldon, Andrew--53.1
  • McCann, Joe--52.7
  • McCrum, Robert--52.1, 52.7, 53.5-6, 55.1, 55.5, 56.3-4, 57.1, 57.5, 58.2, 58.4, 58.6, 60.5
  • McCrum, Robert and Sarah Lyall (St. Peter's St, London)--53.3, 54.2, 60.5
  • McDowall, Cecilia--59.5
  • McEwan, Ian, 1948- --57.4, 60.6
  • McGuinness, Andrew--59.7
  • McKellar, Don, 1963- --43.2
  • Medeiros, Maria de--58.4
  • Meikle, Joe (wife Helena and daughter Lorna)--52.3, 52.7, 53.2, 53.7, 54.2, 60.8
  • Melanie Jackson Agency (Melanie Jackson)--58.2
  • Melbourne Writers' Festival--55.3, 57.2
  • Mendelson, Charlotte--59.3
  • Merchant Ivory Productions--55.1-2, 56.2, 57.4, 58.2, 59.1-2
    • Bradley, Paul--39.2, 44.6, 57.5, 58.1, 58.3
    • Chung, Melissa--58.5, 60.7
    • Ivory, James ("Jim")--44.6, 46.8, 60.1, 60.5
    • Merchant, Ismail--39.2, 53.2, 55.5, 56.2, 58.5, 60.5, 60.8, 78.6
  • Mesher, David (San Jose State University)--54.3 (includes draft of Ishiguro's entry in the Dictionary of Literary Biography), 54.6, 55.1
  • Meyers-Belkin, Eve--60.1
  • Michael Sobell House--52.6
  • Michaels, Paul--54.1
  • Michel, Caroline (Hutchinson)--59.6, 60.1
  • Michida, Jun (cousin)--59.6
  • Michida, Ken (cousin)--57.4
  • Michida, Yoshiko (aunt)--53.4, 59.6
  • Middlesex University (Sue Gee)--58.3
  • Millan, Betty and Walter--59.4
  • Millennium Committee of New York--54.4
  • Miller, J. Douglas ("Doug")--52.7, 53.1
  • Miller, Mark--56.1, 58.7
  • Miscuk, Steven R.--75.13
  • Mital, Atul--56.1
  • Mitchell, David (David Stephen)--60.5-6, 60.8, 61.1
  • Mo, Timothy--61.1
  • Modern Painters (Linda Saunders)--56.1 (with proof of interview between Ishiguro and painter Andrew Burgess)
  • Mollett, Andrew--54.3
  • Monda, Antonio (Le Conversazioni)--59.6
  • Mongush, Mergen--54.3
  • Morah Raymond Gallery (Dean Cameron)--53.2
  • Morais, Richard Charles (Forbes) (Email address: Icehunt)--52.3, 52.6, 54.1, 56.1, 56.4, 57.4-5, 58.2-3, 58.6, 59.1-2, 59.4-5, 60.5, 60.7, 78.1
  • Morais, Susan--59.1
  • Moran, Chihoko (University of Stirling)--52.7
  • Morel, Lucas (John Brown University; Washington and Lee University)--54.3
  • Morikawa, Shinya--60.1
  • Morinaga, Kazuko (aunt)--55.3
  • Morrison, Blake--56.4, 60.5
  • Morse Partners (Rose Marie Morse)--55.3
  • Mortensen, Peter--52.5
  • Moss, Hugo, Isa, and Beatrice--52.3, 52.7, 53.2, 53.4, 53.7
  • Moss, Sarah--54.1
  • Mott, Steve ("Syd")--60.3
  • Moy, Anne M.--54.4-5, 55.1-2, 57.3
  • Mullan, John--60.1
  • Mulligan, Anne--78.1
  • Mulligan, Carey, 1985- --61.1
  • Muncharaz, Luis (Congreso Universitario Internacional)--53.6
  • Munslow, Eva Aston--75.7
  • Murray, Chris--53.1
  • Museum of London--54.2
  • Nagel, Ming (on behalf of Caryl Phillips)--52.7
  • Nagler, Camilla--59.7
  • Naomi Epel & Associates--76.11
  • National Academy of Writing--56.2-3, 56.7, 57.1-2, 59.1-2, 59.7
  • National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain)
    • Brooke Johnson, Caroline--58.1
    • Bulley, Anjali--57.5
    • Cooper, John--56.1
    • Patey, Carole--53.3
    • Simon, Jacob--59.1
    • Smith, Charles Saumarez --52.4-5, 53.3-4, 55.3, 56.4, 57.4
  • National Trust (Great Britain) (Sarah Staniforth)--53.6
  • Nayler, Robin--58.7 (with essay)
  • N.D.F. Productions
    • Cassuto, Ado Yoshizaki--58.4
    • Ordonez, Andy--43.4
    • Wilkinson, Cath--43.4
    • Yoshizaki, Michiyo--43.4, 54.2, 54.5, 56.7, 58.1, 59.3, 59.7
  • Neal, Edna Read--53.6
  • Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Angela Schrader)--55.1, 55.4
  • New York Public Library (Barbara Shapiro)--54.1
  • New York Times (Alyse Myers)--58.2
  • The New Yorker
    • Besser, Carin--59.4
    • Buford, Bill--48.6
    • Remnick, David--56.1
    • Treisman, Deborah--57.3, 58.1
  • New Zealand International Festival of the Arts--73.3
  • New Zealand Writers and Readers Week (Ann McAnison)--61.1
  • Newbury Library--56.7
  • Newman, Miriam--53.2
  • NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation (Kimiko Aoki)--59.7
  • Nielsen, Jørgen (Danish translator)--55.6, 58.6
  • Nightingale, Edward--52.4
  • Nikkei (Hidenaka Kato)--55.2-3, 57.1
  • No More Hiroshimas (Amanda Macintosh)--52.4
  • Norris, Sandy (Brentwood County High School)--60.7
  • Northamptonshire County Council Education and Libraries--53.7, 54.3
  • Novak, Barbara J.--57.3
  • Nutley, Colin--43.5
  • O, Thiam Chin --59.3
  • O'Brien, John--52.7
  • The Observer
    • Ingram Debbie--54.1
    • McCrum, Robert--55.3, 56.1, 56.4, 56.7, 57.4, 58.4, 59.2
    • Plummer, James--57.2
    • Schnitzler, Meike--56.7
  • O'Donnell, Carolyn (Redwood Group)--57.2
  • O'Hanlon, Redmond ("Rodsi")--60.8
  • Ohta Publications Co. Ltd. (Sam Ohta)--53.6
  • Okanagan University College (Jennifer J. Gustar)--58.1
  • Oleksiw, Susan (Larcom Press)--55.5
  • Ondaatje, Michael, 1943- --60.4-5
  • Ono, Kazushi (Baden State Opera)--77.2
  • Ortolaw, Guy--76.11
  • O'Shea, Mary and Mick (author; Blackrock, Cork)--52.3, 54.2, 54.5-6, 55.5, 56.1, 58.6, 59.5
  • O'Sullivan, Tim--52.7
  • Osborne, Betsey--58.6
  • Oshima, Yoko--57.2
  • Otsuma Women's University (Misako Inoue)--59.5
  • Oundle School--59.2
  • Oulton, Caroline--57.2
  • Overlook Press (Peter Mayer)--60.8
  • Owl Bookshop--53.4
  • Oxford Union Society--59.6
  • Oxford University Press (Kate Colquhoun)--54.3
  • Padilla, Ignacio, 1968- --53.3, 60.5
  • Page, Stephen and Caroline--60.6
  • Palabras Literary Agency--57.5
  • Palmer, Judith--56.7
  • Palmer, Nigel--16.3, 53.6
  • Pang, Helen (TS Japan)--54.1
  • Panoptic (Michael Jones)--52.4
  • Paprotny, Thorsten--53.4
  • The Paris Review
    • Jones, Radhika--59.6
    • Linville, James--54.2
  • Parish, Bev--51.8, 52.7, 53.1, 53.6, 54.3, 54.5, 55.1, 56.1, 56.4, 57.2-4, 58.4, 59.1, 59.4, 59.6
  • Parker, Richard (Beauchamp College)--59.2, 60.6
  • Patey, Caroline (Università degli Studi di Milano)--75.4
  • Paton, David--54.2
  • Paul and Peter Fritz Literary Agency (Peter Fritz)--26.2, 52.6, 78.12
  • Pavilion Books (Fiona Brownlee)--53.3
  • Pearson, Nicholas--54.1
  • Peg's Club (Andrew Campbell)--52.5, 55.4
  • Pen and Ink Press--58.6
  • PEN (Organization)--52.6, 54.5, 59.2
  • P.E.N. (Organization) Zentrum Deutschland--58.3
  • Penguin Books
    • Campbell-Smith, Duncan--54.4-6, 55.2
    • Jones, Kate--54.6
    • Laurie, Hilary--54.6
    • Mayer, Peter--53.6
    • Soames, Martin--47.4
    • Torrance, Fanny--86
    • Winder, Simon--54.4, 54.6, 57.5
  • Penguin Books Australia Ltd. (Gabrielle Coyne, Jo Bramble, Annabelle Murray-Smith)--52.6, 55.3, 55.6, 61.5, 73.3
  • Penguin Classics (Laura Barber)--57.3, 58.2
  • Penguin Putnam Inc. (Caroline J. White)--56.7
  • Penguin USA (Al Silverman)--53.2
  • Peterborough City Council--58.7
  • Peters Fraser Dunlop Group--53.7, 58.4
  • Pethebridge, Denis--58.3
  • Petry, Mike--55.2, 55.5, 56.1
  • Phillips, Caryl ("Caz")--60.5
  • Phillips, Hayden (Department of National Heritage)--53.5
  • Phillips, Margaret--52.4
  • Picador (Emma Bravo)--59.1
  • Piekarz, Bridget--76.11
  • Piel, Jean-Louis--58.4
  • Piemonte, Barbara--54.6
  • Pieraccini, Rolando--55.1
  • Pierre Belfond (Firm)
    • Cartano, Tony--52.7
    • Delmote, Fabienne--52.7
    • Triffaux, Françoise--58.3
  • Pigeaire-Henriet, Catherine--54.2
  • Pinter, Harold, 1930-2008--19.3, 60.5, 60.8
  • Pipesmokers' Council--54.2
  • Planet 24 (Helen Veale)--52.5
  • Pocket Books (John J. Ordover)--53.6
  • Poetry Center of the 92nd Street YM-YWHA
    • Hammerle, Melissa--52.6, 53.1, 53.3
    • Kirchwey, Karl--52.7, 61.8
  • Polentas, Manolis--52.7
  • Portfolio Gallery (Gloria Chalmers)--53.4
  • Portland Arts & Lectures (Sherry Prowda)--52.4
  • Poyser, Jim--54.1
  • Prague Writers' Festival--55.1, 55.3-4, 55.6, 56.7
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute (Jane McCallum, Chris Pope, Jane Fraser)--60.1 (with Q&A material), 60.7
  • Princeton University. Council of the Humanities (Anthony T. Grafton)--60.8
  • Princeton University. Creative Writing Program (Paul Muldoon)--54.2
  • Probert, Hywel (News International Group)--57.1
  • Publishers Association--56.1
  • Purden, Laurie--54.1
  • Putnam Berkley Group (Lorrie McCarthy)--53.7
  • QPD (Suzie Dooré)--56.3
  • Quayle, Eric--52.6, 53.2
  • Quemain, Miguel Angel--53.1
  • Raggini, Marina--52.7, 53.1
  • Raisa Gorbachev Foundation--59.6
  • Ram, Susan--69.6 (with transcript of radio interview)
  • Ramsay, Eileen--55.5, 57.4
  • Randall, Carl--58.1
  • Random House
    • Aker, Leyla--9.7, 62.2
    • Chirico, Tony--58.3
    • Coglianese, Diana--62.4
    • Klein, Sharon--58.6
    • Thornton, Matt--57.4
    • Yule, Sean--57.5, 58.6
  • Random House (Germany) (Tilo Eckardt)--78.12
  • Random House of Canada (Sharon Klein)--61.8
  • Random House Speakers Bureau (Pamela Henstell)--60.1
  • Ravenscroft, Keith--53.4
  • RDF Productions (Victoria Greenly)--56.2
  • Reed, Carolyn--54.5
  • Rees, Sue--59.4
  • Reininger, Edward J.--53.3
  • Reisner, Christoph--54.2
  • Relógio d'Áqua Editores (Francisco Vasconcelos)--52.1
  • La Repubblica (Leonetta Bentivoglio)--59.7
  • Renton, Linda--57.1
  • Rhombus Media
    • Blake, Brenda--43.2
    • Dollack, A.--58.1
    • Fichman, Niv--43.2, 43.4, 57.4, 59.4, 60.7
    • Probyn, Hugh--58.7
    • Shapiro, Jody--58.2
  • Rice, Chris--58.6
  • Richard Rogers Partnership (Martha Gale)--58.1
  • Richardson, Norman, 1947- --53.5
  • Riddler, Dez and Kevin McInearney--56.2
  • Riley, Jonathan ("Jon")--58.7
  • Roberts, F.J.--54.2
  • Roberts, Marion--53.5
  • Robertson, Robin--53.3, 57.3, 58.1, 60.6
  • Robinson, Jamie--56.2
  • Rochester Arts & Lectures--55.6
  • Rockberger, Polly--56.7
  • Rodd, Candice--54.2, 56.4, 57.2-3
  • Roe, Nick--58.7
  • Roe, Sue--60.4
  • Roganović, Vesna--53.1
  • Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd.--53.3
    • Baker, Lisa--58.5, 59.2, 78.7
    • Cusk, Sarah--52.1
    • Dalby, Liz--54.4, 55.1
    • Edwards, Stephen--53.6-7, 54.2-3, 54.6, 55.1, 55.6, 56.1, 57.1, 58.3-4, 58.6-7, 59.1-2, 59.4, 59.6-7, 77.2, 78.4, 78.12
    • Edzard, Benita--52.2
    • Gardner, Eilidh--60.4
    • Gowers, Susannah--58.4, 58.6-7, 59.1-4
    • Griffin, Megan--59.6, 60.1
    • Halton, Margaret--60.1, 60.1
    • Laluyaux, Laurence--58.1, 58.3, 58.6
    • Loeffler, Clare--74.6, 75.1
    • Maschler, Ben--57.4
    • Monsey, Alex--55.2, 55.4, 55.6, 56.1, 56.3-4, 56.6, 57.4, 57.1-2
    • Mortimer, Penny--53.3
    • Nelson, Zoë--60.2
    • Perrott, Georgie--59.7, 60.1
    • Ramsay, Rosalind--52.3, 52.6-7, 53.1-4
    • Rogers, Deborah--14.5, 52.2, 52.6, 53.6-7, 54.6, 55.1, 56.4, 57.5, 58.3, 58.5, 59.7, 60.6, 61.5, 62.2, 86
    • Sells, Michael--52.3, 52.6-7, 53.1-4, 53.6-7, 54.2, 54.4-6, 55.1, 55.3-5, 56.1-4, 57.1-5, 58.2-5, 76.4, 77.1
    • Shah, Mohsen--59.4
    • Simpson, Eleanor--59.6-7, 60.2
    • Thomas, Hanna--59.4, 59.6
    • Von Keyserlingk, Felicia--59.7, 60.1-2
    • Waldie, Zoë--55.2, 55.6, 56.2, 56.4, 57.2
    • Warnford-Davis, Ann--52.1-3, 52.7, 53.1-2, 53.4, 53.6-7, 54.1-2, 54.4, 55.1-3, 55.6, 56.1-4, 56.6-7, 57.1-5, 58.1, 58.3, 61.8, 74.1, 75.1, 76.4, 76.13, 77.1
    • Westland, Hannah--57.5, 58.1, 58.3, 58.5-6
  • Rogers, Jane--52.7, 53.3, 59.7, 60.5, 61.1
  • Rogers, Richard--58.2
  • Rogers, Ruthie and Richard--57.3, 58.6
  • Rojas Goñi, Alejandra (Hoy magazine)--53.6
  • Romanek, Mark--79.1
  • Roper, Richard A.--53.7
  • Rosenberg, Sylvia--53.2
  • Rosenthal, Daniel--60.8
  • Rosenthal, T. G. ("Tom")--60.5, 60.8
  • Rowohlt Verlag
    • Hansen, Nikolaus--54.1
    • Heepe, Hans Georg--53.1, 55.4
    • Naumann, Michael--52.7
    • Knecht, Christina--43.4, 54.1, 54.5, 76.5
    • Semler, Asma--75.1
    • Überhoff, Thomas--54.5
    • Wellmann, Angelika--54.1, 76.5
  • Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)
    • Banham, Joanna--54.2
    • Greenburg, Sarah (Royal Academy Magazine)--57.5
  • Royal Court Theatre
    • Hytner, Joyce--56.1
    • Mortimer, John--53.7
  • Royal Festival Hall (South Bank Centre)
    • Borthwick, Ruth--55.5, 57.1, 58.3, 58.6, 59.2
    • Browne, Liam--55.5
    • Byatt, Antonia--54.6, 55.5
    • Patterson, Christina--54.5
  • Royal Holloway, University of London (Douglas Cowie)--59.6
  • Royal National Theatre (Great Britain) (Amanda Saunders)--53.2
  • Royal National Theatre (Great Britain). Studio (Matthew Poxon)--25.8
  • Royal Society of Literature (Great Britain)--54.1, 60.2
    • Fergusson, Maggie--59.6, 60.2
    • Glendinning, Victoria--52.4
    • Parham, Maggie--52.4, 53.3, 59.2
    • Schute, Patricia M.--60.4
  • Royle, Nicholas--54.1
  • Rugby School (Mary Hamilton)--52.4
  • Russell, Doreen--53.1
  • Rutter, Jonathan (McDonald & Rutter)--53.2, 54.2
  • Ryan, Antonia--57.5
  • Ryman, Geoff--78.10
  • Sacks, Nigel P. M.--53.3
  • Sargood, Lisa--58.1
  • Saint-Malo Etonnants Voyageurs--55.3-4, 58.6
  • Sakamoto, Akiko--57.4
  • Salatko, Alexis--53.2
  • (Maria Russo)--70.2
  • Sanger, David--59.1
  • Sasaki, Toru (Kyoto University)--53.6-7, 55.4
  • Saturday Daily Telegraph Magazine (Sally Williams)--57.5
  • Sauer, Lori--60.6
  • Saxton, Bob--56.4
  • Sceptre (Carole Welch)--55.6, 60.1
  • Schlesinger, Dan--59.2
  • Scholl, Joachim (DeutschlandRadio)--54.2, 61.8
  • Scottish Council Foundation--56.2
  • Scribner (Nan Graham)--57.1
  • The Script Factory (Tricia Tuttle)--43.3, 58.4
  • Scuola Holden--59.1
  • Seaton (?), Matt--55.5
  • Senanayake, G. T. P. K. P.--59.4
  • Serono Literary Award (Alessia Salvatori)--78.11
  • Shaffer, Brian (Rhodes College)--53.6, 54.2, 54.5-6, 55.1-2, 55.6, 56.4, 57.2, 57.4, 58.1, 58.3
  • Sheasby, Stephen--54.1
  • Sheffield City Council--57.4-5, 58.7, 59.6
  • Shillinglaw, Susan--57.2
  • Shimizu, Kumiko--53.3
  • Shin, Sang-ok, 1926-2006--52.3
  • Shirley Society--59.2
  • Shooting Star Trust--57.3-7, 59.2
  • Shwartz, Ronald B.--54.3
  • Siddo, Charlton--54.2
  • Simons, J. David--52.3, 52.6, 53.5, 55.1-2, 57.4, 58.4, 58.7, 59.1-2, 59.4-7, 60.7, 74.1
  • Simpson, Mona--60.5
  • Sinclair, Clive--61.1
  • Sinclair, Seth--60.2
  • Singhvi, L. M. (High Commissioner for India)--53.1
  • Singler, Heather--52.3
  • Skorodenko, V. A. (Vladimir Andreevich), 1937- --52.2
  • Skreba Films Ltd. (Ann Skinner)--54.4, 54.6, 65.11
  • Sky Arts (Judy Elliott)--60.2
  • Slabbert, Nicola--52.5
  • Sligo Literary Festival--57.2
  • Slovenský Spisovatel (Igor Navrátil)--75.2
  • Slowe, Lilian--59.4
  • Small Press Traffice Literary Arts Center (Dodie Bellamy)--54.2
  • Smith, Alison--52.7
  • Smith, Carl W. L.--53.6
  • Smith, Nancy--53.2
  • Smith, Paul--60.5
  • Smithsonian Institution (Marc Pachter)--55.2, 76.8
  • Smooth Operations (Vince Hunt)--58.1
  • Soames, Henrietta, 1958- --57.1
  • Soames, Sally--52.6, 53.2
  • Society of Authors--57.1, 57.3, 57.5, 58.7
  • Soda Pictures (Eve Gabereau)--43.3, 58.3-5
  • Sofer, Dalia, 1972- --59.4
  • Solomon, Andrew, 1963- --57.2
  • Solomon, Jodi--57.4
  • Songlines (Simon Broughton)--58.2
  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (Firm) (Patricia S. Cho)--59.1
  • Sony Pictures--60.6
  • Sorel-Cameron, James--52.3, 53.1, 56.1, 58.6, 59.6, 60.7
  • Southbank Centre (Martin Colthorpe)--59.7
  • The South Bank Show (Jason Wright)--54.5
  • Southern Writers' Conference--55.6, 56.4
  • Spalding, Linda--56.4
  • Special Broadcasting Service (Andrea Stretton)--54.1
  • The Spectator (Emma _____)--53.6
  • Spiro, Minkie--54.2
  • Springer, Janet--60.6
  • Spurring, Sally--55.6
  • St. Albans Girls' School--52.6
  • St. George's School--52.7
  • St. Martin's Press (Robert Weil)--80.2
  • Staahl, Meg (Élan)--55.5
  • Stadtbibliothek Reutlingen (Frauke Schade)--53.7
  • The Stage (Alistair Smith)--59.7
  • Stankiewicz, Ewa--58.6
  • Stapleton, Lara--57.1
  • Starr, Jim--52.7
  • Stephenson, Helen (North Bridge House Junior School)--59.2
  • Stern, Edward--53.7
  • Stock, Mark--55.4
  • Stuart, Mark--58.1
  • Student Educational Conferences, Ltd. (Bryonie Jones)--53.4
  • Sugden, Jonathan--55.6
  • Sun Valley Writers Conference (Mary Anne Dolan)--56.7
  • The Sunday Telegraph (Miriam Gross)--53.2, 55.1
  • The Sunday Times (Alice Jones)--58.7, 59.7
  • Sutcliffe, William--58.1
  • Swainson, Bill--60.4
  • Swetz van Middhlar, C.W.--52.7, 53.7
  • Swinfen, Ann--55.5
  • Swift, Graham, 1949- --53.4, 56.4, 60.5, 60.8
  • Sydney Writers' Festival (Wendy Were, Sandra Yates)--59.7 (with Q&A for Writers' Festival)
  • Szperling, Cecilia--52.7
  • Taga, Mikiko--53.6, 54.2
  • Die Tageszeitung (Jörg Lau)--53.4
  • Tamaya, Meera--52.2 (includes paper Ishiguro's Remains of the Day: The Empire Strikes Back)
  • Tandon, Bharat (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford)--60.1
  • Tate Modern (Gallery) (Minnie Scott)--59.7
  • Tatler magazine (Olivia Stewart-Liberty)--54.5
  • Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust--60.6
  • Taylor, Catriona--54.2
  • Taylor, Craig--57.2
  • Taylor, Jonathan F.--55.4
  • Teasdale, Joanna--52.5
  • Teixeira de Mattos, Liesbeth and Marian Lameris--14.2
  • Telegraph Magazine (Michele Lavery)--57.5
  • Tempus Publishing Ltd. (Chris McLaren)--57.5, 58.1
  • Tenold, Gene L.--52.7, 53.1
  • Thompson, Emma--60.8
  • Thornber, Patricia J.--54.2
  • Thwaite, Anthony--53.4, 53.7, 74.1
  • Time Magazine (Pico Iyer)--60.5-6, 60.8
  • The Times Higher Education Supplement (Stuart Campbell)--58.5
  • Times Literary Supplement
    • Mount, Ferdinand--52.7, 54.2, 56.1
    • Stothard, Peter--57.3, 58.1
  • Toder, Naomi D.--60.1
  • Tomlinson, Jim--60.6-7
  • Toyne, Marcus--52.5
  • Tran, John--57.2
  • Transworld Publishers, Ltd. (John Saddler)--54.3, 55.1
  • Trasferetti, Benedito Cláudio--57.2
  • Trinity College Literary Society--59.2
  • Tunstall, Stuart--54.1, 55.6, 58.5, 59.2
  • U.K. Japan 2000 Group--65.8
  • U.K. Today (Chris Warren)--53.3
  • U.K. Year of Literature (Sean Doran)--52.7
  • Umeda, Hiromichi--56.3
  • University of East Anglia--52.7
    • Burke, Derek C.--52.4, 53.5
    • Burn, Killara--54.4
    • Harper, Graeme--52.4
    • Hazell, Emma--55.3
    • Motion, Andrew, 1952- --55.1, 60.5-6
    • Paulson-Ellis, M.G.E.--53.2, 53.4
    • Sage, Lorna--54.1
    • Striker, Val--58.4
  • University of Essex--79.10
  • University of Florida (John P. Leavey)--56.4
  • University of Glasgow (Maria Di Mario)--59.5
  • University of Iowa Writers' Workshop--see Iowa Writers' Workshop
  • University of Kent at Canterbury--59.5, 59.7
    • Melville, David--58.4
    • Raraty, M. M.--79.10
    • Scofield, Martin--54.5
    • Sibson, Robin--53.5
  • University of Manchester
    • Mayer, David (Department of Drama)--60.3
    • McAuliffe, John--59.3
  • University of Minnesota (Terri Sutton)--59.5
  • University of St. Andrews (Ian M. Wright)--57.4, 58.2, 77.5
  • University of Warwick--79.10
  • Valérie, Franceschi--58.1
  • Vaughan, Ronald--51.8
  • Venezia, Alessandra--59.2
  • Veyret, Paul--56.7, 57.2-4, 58.6, 77.4
  • Vianu, Lidia (Universitatea Din Bucuresti)--56.3, 59.5
  • Victoria Literary Arts Festival--56.3
  • Vintage Books
    • Asher, Martin--52.3, 53.3-4, 53.6-7, 54.1, 56.7, 57.1, 57.4, 58.4, 59.1, 61.5, 61.8
    • Barrett, Katy--54.1, 74.7
    • Foley, Liz--59.5
    • Michel, Caroline--57.3
    • _____, Margaux--59.3
  • Vintage Canada (Kendall Anderson)--59.1
  • Von Baeyer, Jakob--59.6
  • W Magazine (Vanessa Lawrence)--78.5
  • Wachtel, Eleanor--57.3
  • Wahlstrōn & Widstrand
    • Modig, Jonas--52.6
    • Pailsson, Ann--53.6-7
  • Wai, Isabella--53.7
  • Warnford-Davis, Ann--60.6
  • The Washington Post Book World (Marie Arana-Ward)--53.3
  • The Washington Times (Colin Walters)--53.7
  • Washington University (Saint Louis, Mo.) (Lorin Cuoco)--52.6, 53.1, 75.13
  • WATCH Copyright database (Katy Hathaway)--53.2
  • Waterman, David--55.1
  • Watershed Productions (Chris Wallis)--56.6
  • Waterstone & Co.
    • Broom, Stuart--58.6
    • Holgate, Andrew--53.7
    • Johnson, Gerry--59.7
    • Law, Pete--59.5
    • Limb, Susan--55.4
    • Wilson-Fletcher, Honor--54.3, 54.5, 55.3
  • Waterstone's Books Quarterly (Dawn Pomroy)--57.2
  • Watts Publishing Group (Philippa Stewart)--56.7
  • Ways with Words Literature Festival--56.3
  • Webster, Nyla J.--54.6
  • Wesley College, Dublin--54.2
  • Whitbread Book of the Year (Bud McLintock)--54.6, 56.1
  • Whyte, Ed--58.7
  • Whyte, Michael and Janine Marmot--54.2, 55.6, 56.7, 57.3
  • Wieseltier, Leon (The New Republic)--53.6
  • Wilkinson, Alan and Anne--55.4, 58.6, 60.5
  • Wilkinson, Harry and Vera--53.5, 59.4
  • William Morris Agency (UK) Ltd. (Caroline Michel)--43.5, 59.1, 59.4
  • Williams, Bronwyn Thomas (New England College)--52.6
  • Williams, Claire (Highgate School)--59.1
  • Williams, Hugo--60.8
  • Wills, Dave--57.5
  • Winokur, Jon--54.2
  • Wojcik, Michael--54.5
  • Wong, Cynthia (University of Colorado at Denver)--52.7, 54.6, 55.1-2, 55.4-5, 56.2, 58.4, 59.2
  • WORDS (Sonia French)--58.7
  • Words and Images (Benjamin Rybeck)--59.5
  • World Economic Forum
    • Figueres, José María--58.1
    • Lee, Esther--58.3, 77.7
    • Malleret, Thierry--77.7-8
    • Rabinovitch, Nina--58.2, 77.7
    • Rodel, Paul--77.7
    • Schwab, Klaus--77.7
  • World Literature Today (William Riggan)--55.3-4
  • Wormald, Mark--58.6-7
  • Writers' Monthly (Alan Williams)--52.6
  • Wronoski, Jim--54.3
  • W. W. Norton & Company
    • Cherry, Amy--59.5
    • Weil, Robert--58.7
  • Wydawnictwo Albatros A. Kuryłowicz (Andrzej Kurylowicz)--59.3, 60.1, 60.6-7, 61.1, 78.4
  • Yaddo (Artists' colony) (Michael G. Sundell)--54.1
  • Yamaguchi, Mizuhiko--49.12
  • Yanagi, Allison--52.4
  • Yarker, Jonathan--60.7
  • Yomiuri Shimbun (Mizuhiko Yamaguchi)--74.1
  • Yomiuri Shimbun London Bureau (Lucy Jones, Shoichi Nasu)--53.3
  • York Press (Nahla El Geyoushi)--55.6
  • The Yorkshire Post (Simon _____)--53.3
  • Yoshida, Kiju--16.2-3, 54.2
  • Yoshihara, Hiro--58.5
  • Young, Ric--54.4
  • Zbinden, Karine--52.4
  • Die Zeit (Iris Radisch)--54.4
  • Zhang, Li-Fen--38.2
  • Zinck, Pascal--76.3
  • Zingg, Martina--52.7
  • Unidentified--52.1, 52.3, 52.6, 53.5-6, 54.4, 54.6, 55.5-6, 56.3, 57.1-2, 57.4, 58.7
  • _____, Ali (Rivar Place, Cambridge)--59.3
  • _____, Anne--53.3
  • _____, Brenda--60.5
  • _____, Charles--60.5
  • _____, Clive (addressed to Lorna)--52.3
  • _____, Dave (regarding music soundtrack)--58.4
  • _____, Eva (?)--53.7, 57.3
  • _____, Fumiko (not sister) (Garbutt Place, London)--53.4
  • _____, Gill and Doug--53.6
  • _____, Helen, Shane, Megan, Freddie--53.4
  • _____, Julia--52.3
  • _____, Keith--60.4
  • _____, Marian--52.3
  • _____, Matt--53.5
  • _____, Michael (different from below)--54.1
  • _____, Michael (different from above)--58.6
  • _____, Morag (Lorna's aunt)--57.3
  • _____, Noel and Steven--54.2
  • _____, R. S.--60.7
  • _____, Salina and Geoff (?)--54.6
  • _____ "T.S. Eliot"--55.1
  • _____ (Ladbroke Grove)--58.3