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C. Hartley Grattan:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Grattan, C. Hartley (Clinton Hartley), 1902-1980
Title: C. Harley Grattan Papers
Dates: circa 1920-1978
Abstract: Correspondence, research materials, typescript drafts, published materials, lectures and speeches, broadcast scripts, and personal items document Hartley Grattan's career from his days as a free-lance writer through his tenure as Professor of History and Curator of the Grattan Collection of Southwest Pacificana at the University of Texas at Austin, ca. 1920-1978.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-1700
Extent: 30 record cartons, 5 galley files (gf), (30 linear feet)
Language: English and
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

C(linton) Hartley Grattan was born on October 19, 1902, in Wakefield, Massachusetts, son of Leonard E. and Laura (Campbell) Grattan. After graduating with a B.A. degree from Clark College, Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1923, where he specialized in the history of thought and culture under historian Harry Elmer Barnes, Grattan began writing articles and reviews on American literature for H. L. Mencken's American Mercury. His first professional publication, an essay on James Russell Lowell, appeared in May 1924.

After moving to New York in 1926, Grattan pursued a career as a free-lance writer. Over the next fifty years he wrote and edited a number of books and contributed essays to many other publications. He also contributed numerous articles to newspapers and magazines, especially American Mercury, Scribner's, and Harper's, writing as a literary critic, an economist, and as an historical and social analyst. He lectured at educational and other institutions and gave many radio talks.

Grattan's first book, Why We Fought (1929, reprinted in 1969 with an afterword by the author), was one of the earliest revisionist histories of the United States' entry into World War I. Bitter Bierce: A Mystery of American Letters, a study of Ambrose Bierce, and The Peerless Leader, a study of William Jennings Bryan (completed from work begun by Paxton Hibben) were both published in 1929. The Critique of Humanism: A Symposium (1930, reprinted 1968), a controversial collection of essays edited by Grattan, contested the views of Paul Elmer More and Irving Babbitt. The Three Jameses: A Family of Minds, a biography of the famous literary family, was published in 1932 (reprinted 1962). A Preface to Chaos: War in the Making (1936) and The Deadly Parallel (1939) continued Grattan's anti-war stance, arguing against American involvement in World War II. News of the Nation (1948) was edited by Grattan and Sylvan Hoffman.

From the late 1920s, Grattan built up a considerable reputation as the first and foremost American authority on Australia and the southwest Pacific. His writings on Australia developed from his initial visit there in 1927, when he accompanied his first wife, singer Beatrice Kuper (stage name Beatrice Kay), who performed in Sydney and Melbourne. He returned to Australia in December 1936 after being awarded a grant by the Carnegie Corporation for travel, study, and the collection of materials for a social history of the Commonwealth. This visit lasted until September 1938, during which time Grattan visited many places throughout the country. He also established contact with a wide range of political and academic figures and met a number of literary figures with whom he had been corresponding since his earlier visit. He gave two series of lectures at the University of Melbourne in addition to a number of single lectures during his stay. Grattan made a third visit for a few weeks in 1940 to observe the impact of war on the country for the Institute of Current World Affairs of New York (The Crane Foundation). In 1960, he was invited to return to Australia to address the Australian Institute of Political Science (AIPS) and to spend a few weeks as a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra, the nation's capital.

Grattan began writing newspaper and magazine articles on Australia during his 1927 visit. His first book-length study, Introducing Australia (1942, rev. ed. 1947), became a standard work. Australia (1947), a collection of essays by a number of authorities in various fields, many of whom were Australia's distinguished intellectuals of the day, was edited by Grattan. The United States and the Southwest Pacific was published in 1961. His major two-volume history, The Southwest Pacific to 1900 and The Southwest Pacific Since 1900, was published in 1963 by the University of Michigan Press in its series, The History of the Modern World. He also contributed an essay to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands Since World War I, which was edited by William Roger Louis and William S. Livingston and published by The University of Texas Press in 1978.

From 1951 to 1959, Grattan completed a number of projects in conjunction with the Fund for Adult Education. His book In Quest of Knowledge: A Historical Perspective on Adult Education was published in 1955. His other projects included editing a publication entitled Ageing in the Modern World and contributing to the Project for Education in Leadership and the handbook Continuing Education for Adults and the State of New York. Another work, American Ideas about Adult Education 1910-1951, was edited by Grattan and published in 1959 by the Teachers College, Columbia University.

On an official level, Grattan was involved with the U.S. government's social relief program from 1934 to 1935 when he worked as the editor for the research section of the Federal Economic Relief Administration. Early in 1942, he served briefly on the Board of Economic Welfare to give advice on the Pacific region, but resigned after the Dies Committee accused him of disloyalty to the United States.

In 1953, Grattan was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Clark University, and in 1977 he received an honorary Doctor of Laws from the Australian National University. In 1964 he joined the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin as a lecturer (later professor) in the Department of History, serving simultaneously as curator of the Grattan Collection of Southwest Pacificana. He retired in 1974.

Hartley Grattan divorced his first wife, Beatrice Kuper, in 1934 and married Marjorie (Campbell) Grattan in 1939. They had four children, Rosalind, Jacqueline, Jennifer, and John. Grattan died on June 25, 1980, in Austin, Texas.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, research materials, typescript drafts, published materials, lectures and speeches, broadcast scripts, and personal items document Hartley Grattan's career from his days as a free-lance writer through his tenure as Professor of History and Curator of the Grattan Collection of Southwest Pacificana at the University of Texas at Austin, circa 1920-1978. The material is arranged in seven series: I. Correspondence, 1923-1980 (19 boxes); II. Works, 1924-1978; III. Response to Works, 1929-1968; IV. Research Materials; V. Academic and Curatorial Activities, The University of Texas at Austin, 1965-1974; VI. Personal Papers, circa 1920-1977; and VI. Book Withdrawals.

Although the records were acquired in a largely disorganized state and overall arrangement has been imposed, where possible the original order within each subseries has been left intact. Because most folders were untitled, folder titles have been created. Where an original title existed, it has been written in quotation marks. Where it was possible to identify research materials pertaining to a specific work, these remain with related records in the Works series. However, most research materials, especially those relating to Australia, New Zealand, and the southwest Pacific, have been included in the Research Materials series. Most research materials used in the writing of magazine or newspaper articles may also be found under Research, although some are included with the typescript of the article in the Works series. Correspondence which was originally maintained separately comprises the Correspondence series, but a considerable amount of correspondence is scattered throughout the Works and Research Materials series, especially if it relates to a particular publication or topic. Miscellaneous articles, notes, reviews, and other material may be found at the end of the Correspondence series. Response to Works contains published reviews and commentaries, while personal reactions to Grattan's works are found in the Correspondence series.

The records span six decades from the mid-1920s to the mid-1970s, however the bulk of material covers the period from around 1930 to the mid-1960s when Grattan worked as a free-lance writer. Because the collection contains a large amount of research materials and correspondence, it has great informational value beyond its significance as a record of Grattan's literary and academic careers. The Correspondence, Works, and Research Materials series provide the greatest potential for research on a variety of subjects, particularly Australia, New Zealand, and islands of the southwest Pacific, and Antarctica. Also of interest is material on Dr. Herbert Vere Evatt, a judge on the High Court of Australia, who later became the first president of the United Nations General Assembly. Other subjects covered include the British Commonwealth, World War II and its aftermath, adult education, and literary figures. The Correspondence series contains letters from a wide range of correspondents, mainly Australian and American. Significant Australian correspondents include Miles Franklin, Nettie Palmer, Alice Henry, Katherine Susannah Pritchard, H. V. Evatt, Brian Fitzpatrick, John J. Crawford, and Lloyd Ross. There are quantities of letters from American correspondents Harry Elmer Barnes, Allan Nevins, and George H. Nadel.

Drafts of some of Grattan's early books, Why We Fought, Bitter Bierce, The Three Jameses, and The Deadly Parallel, are not present in the collection, although research materials and correspondence relating to some of these works may be found in the Works series. Drafts of Introducing Australia, Grattan's first major publication on Australia, are also not present. The collection contains only a small amount of material relating to Grattan's academic and curatorial activities at the University of Texas at Austin between 1954 and 1974. Copies of course outlines, reading lists, and lecture notes are not present. Passports, a marriage certificate, diplomas, and other personal items are included in the Personal Materials series.

In addition to the seven main series of materials are small amounts of material listed as Works by Others, Unfiled, Unprocessed, Duplicates, Vertical Files, and Index Card Boxes.

Series I. Correspondence, 1923-1980 Grattan correspondence is arranged in four subseries: A. Outgoing, 1923-1971; B. Incoming, 1924-1980; C. Circular Letter, 1940-1941; and D. Miscellaneous, 1958-1969, undated. Correspondents include authors, historians, political figures, book dealers, periodicals, publishers, government agencies, educators and universities. Notable among them are Grattan’s mentor, Harry Elmer Barnes, and H. L. Mencken. Also present is family correspondence and some third-party correspondence. Where possible, enclosures such as reports or clippings are included. However, many were separated prior to cataloging and manuscript materials were moved to the Works series.

Correspondence in the Outgoing subseries reflects variety of topics, such as employment, publications, the sale of his collections, and travels to Australia and meeting Australians. Included is extensive correspondence with his then future wife Marjorie Campbell, circa 1923-1936, as well as 1939-1968, after their marriage. Also present are letters dating from his third Australian trip in 1940. These include carbons and drafts of letters which are included in the index of correspondents at the end of the finding aid.

Incoming correspondence comprises the bulk of the series and is in alphabetical order by folder heading--usually the name of the correspondent.

Of note is the third subseries containing responses to two circular letters Grattan wrote in 1940 and 1941 regarding Australia and New Zealand.

An index of correspondents is located at the end of the finding aid.

Series II. Works, 1924-1978 This series spans six decades, from one of Grattan's earliest articles published in 1924 to his contribution to a work on Australia and the Pacific published in 1978. It includes eight subseries: Books, Articles, Book Reviews, Lectures and Speeches, Broadcast Talks, Miscellaneous Published, Unpublished or Proposed Works, and Unidentifed Works.

The Books subseries contains the most material and is arranged to reflect Grattan's activities as author, contributor to, or editor of the represented works. Under the "Author" heading are some research materials and correspondence relating to three of Grattan's early books, Bitter Bierce (1929), The Three Jameses (1932), and The Deadly Parallel (1939). Following the research materials and drafts of In Quest of Knowledge (1955) are records relating to some of Grattan's other published works and projects in association with The Fund for Adult Education between 1956 and 1959, in particular Ageing in the Modern World, Project in Education for Leadership, and Continuing Education for Adults in the State of New York. The bulk of the material in this subseries consists of drafts for the major two-volume history, The Southwest Pacific to 1900 and The Southwest Pacific Since 1900. The draft chapters were originally numbered in sequence from Chapter 1 to Chapter 38, but when the work was split into two volumes Chapters 25 to 38 were renumbered as Chapters 1 to 15 in the second volume. Chapter numbers appear as Roman numerals on some of the renumbered drafts and in the published book. There are multiple versions of some chapters but only single versions of others. In addition to the drafts of each chapter, a complete typescript version of both volumes is also present, as are the galley proofs.

Under the "Contributor" heading are essays which Grattan contributed to a variety of books, including encyclopedias. Of note here are essays on Harry Elmer Barnes for a testimonial volume which was published in 1968, and an essay on the southwest Pacific since the end of World War I. This latter piece was included in a collection of essays, and was originally conceived at the time of Grattan's retirement in 1974 but was not published until 1978. Also present is a biographical sketch of Tom Collins, which appeared in Such Is Life by Tom Collins (Joseph Furphy) when it was published by the University of Chicago Press in 1948. Production files for Australia (1947), which was edited by Grattan as part of a United Nations series, may be found under the "Editor" heading. The files contain draft contents, emended outlines specifying chapters and contributors, general editorial guidelines, reports of writing progress, detailed editorial briefs for each chapter, and biographies of contributors. Grattan was also the general editor for a series of reprints of works in Pacific history published by Praeger. In addition to his editorial duties, he wrote an introduction to each selected work and drafts of these introductions are included.

The Articles subseries contains typescripts of published and unpublished articles. Correspondence and research materials are included with the typescripts of "The Cost of World War II,""James T. Farrell: Moralist," and "The Curious Story of John Brown Williams of Salem, Massachusetts." Some of the typescript articles in this subseries appear in published form as well, but the majority do not. Copies of many of Grattan's articles published in magazines and newspapers from 1924 to the early 1960s are present and cover a wide range of topics. "Libraries: A Necessity for Democracy" (1938), written by Grattan for the New South Wales Free Library Movement is included with the published articles. An index of Grattan’s published articles is located at the end of the finding aid.

Typescripts of published book reviews include Grattan's reviews of Patrick White's Voss, The Joyful Condemned by Kylie Tennant, and The Story of Australia by A. G. L. Shaw. Also included in the Book Reviews subseries are copies of many of his published reviews from 1924 to 1964, with two scrapbooks covering the years 1924 to 1935. Many of the early reviews are of American literature, however Grattan reviewed widely in many fields over this period.

Under Lectures and Speeches are a number of untitled typescripts which have been listed by their subject matter. Of interest are lectures Grattan gave in Australia between 1937 and 1938, particularly a lecture given at the Hawkesbury Agricultural College in July 1937 entitled "Is the Farmer Doomed?" which created a furor amongst the agricultural community. "Salute to the Professors," given to the American Historical Association in 1939, is also included, as is information on Grattan's 1960 lecture series in Australia.

Broadcast Talks contains typescripts of talks broadcast over Sydney radio stations during Grattan's second visit from 1936-38. There is also a copy of a talk on Fiji, broadcast on Fiji radio in 1960 while Grattan was en route to Australia.

Unpublished Works contains material relating to two books which Grattan proposed to write and have published. Although neither work was completed or ever published, records included here show the early phases of planning and writing. Australia, An Anthology was a project which Grattan pursued over a number of years. The book was to be an anthology of Australian writings on literature, political, economics, history, and law. Correspondence (1942) included in this subseries documents Grattan soliciting suggestions on what should be included in the anthology. Escape from Botany Bay was proposed as a retelling of the famous escape of the Bryants and their party from Botany Bay, the site of the main convict settlement in Australia, in 1791. Outlines of the proposed book are included.

There are no published bibliographies of Grattan’s works, but two helpful resources are Jack Healy's manuscript of a Grattan bibliography, covering the years 1922 to 1966, and Grattan's annual reports of his publications as a faculty member at UT, covering the years 1965 to 1971.

Series III. Response to Works, 1929-1968 (bulk 1929-32, 1955-67) Critical response to a number of Grattan's books and one major article is documented through reviews and commentaries published between 1929 and 1967. A scrapbook covering the years 1929 to 1932 contains published reviews of his early works. Included are reviews of The Peerless Leader, Why We Fought, The Critique of Humanism, and The Three Jameses published in the American press. In addition there are Australian reviews of Australian literature, and a review of A Bookman's Day Book by Nettie Palmer.

American reviews of Grattan's In Quest of Knowledge and Australian reviews of The United States and the Southwest Pacific are also present. The bulk of material in this series consists of numerous reviews of The Southwest Pacific to 1900 and The Southwest Pacific Since 1900 published in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada, and other countries between 1963 and 1968.

Reviews of Grattan's article "What the War Cost", which was published in Harper's magazine in April 1949, are included, as are miscellaneous reviews from 1932 to 1951.

Responses to articles by Grattan by various readers are also located in the Series I. Correspondence files for specific publications.

Series IV. Research Materials, 1941-1975, undated Grattan’s research materials focus largely on Australia and other south pacific locations, but include materials related to countries around the world. The materials date from the early 1940s to mid-1970s, with the bulk focused on the period from the 1920s through the 1940s, and World War II specifically. Included are notes and notebooks, clippings, bibliographies and book dealers’ catalogs.

Series V. Academic and Curatorial Activities, 1965-1974 Class rosters, student grade lists, typescript papers submitted by students, correspondence and administrative records, and material relating to the Grattan Collection of Southwest Pacificana represent Grattan's activities at the University of Texas at Austin between 1965 and 1974. The series includes two subseries: Academic Activities and Curatorial Activities. The bulk of the material is included under the first subseries. Grattan taught a number of courses on history and American literature during this period. Administrative and student records relating to such courses as "The British Empire since 1783,""Americans and War,""The Southwest Pacific,""The James Family," and "The Adams Family" are present.

Curatorial Activities materials include book orders, notes on magazine files and correspondence to university officials regarding the development and funding of the Collection. There is also material on the three lecture series given by Sir Robert Menzies, former Prime Minister of Australia, who retired in 1966, when he visited the University of Texas at Austin between November 18 and 25, 1969. Grattan was called upon to introduce Menzies at the lectures.

Series VI. Personal Papers, circa 1920-1977 Grattan’s personal papers include biographical and family information, personal academic records, photographs, financial and legal documents and records of his numerous awards, honors, and organizational memberships. The materials are in alphabetical order by folder heading.

Series VII. Book Withdrawals, undated This series contains manuscript materials removed from Grattan books transferred to the Ransom Center’s library. They are filed in the Library of Congress call number order of the books from which they were removed.



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Container List

Series I. Correspondence, 1923-1978

Subseries A. Outgoing Correspondence, 1923-1971
1.1 Unidentified recipients, 1942-1969, undated
1.3 B-C
1.4 Barnes, Harry Elmer, 1923-1964
1.5 Cargill, Oscar, 1962
1.6 Cohen, Warren I., 1961-1964
1.7 Crawford, John Grenfell, Sir, 1960-1971
1.8 D-G
1.9-13 Grattan, Marjorie Campbell, 1923-1968
1.14 Hoffman, Sylvan, 1943-1968
1.15 H-L
1.16 M-Q
1.17 Michigan University Press, 1961-1964
1.18 R-Z
1.19 Rockefeller Foundation, 1955-1962
Subseries B. Incoming Correspondence, 1924-1980
1.20 Unidentified authors
1.21 A-Ar
1.22 Angus and Robertson, Ltd. (Sydney), 1934-1975
1.23 Armitage, Harold, 1957-1979
1.24 As-Australia
1.25 Association Press, 1954-1969
1.26 Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), 1938-1964
1.27 The Australian Observer, 1947
2.1 Australian National University, Canberra, 1957-1975
2.2 Ba
2.3 Bailey, David W., 1942-1952
2.4 Baker, Kate, 1929-1950
2.5 Ball, William Macmahon, 1937-1967
2.6 Ball-Blair Agency, 1960-1964
2.7 Barnes, Harry Elmer, 1925-1967
2.8 Clarence L. Barnhart Inc., 1949-1954
2.9 Barrington, Marjorie S., 1945-1963
2.10 Bb-Bk
2.11 Binns, Kenneth, 1938-1950
2.12 Bl-Bn
2.13 Bo-Brn
2.14 Boyer, R. J. F., 1942-1943
2.15 Brady, Alexander, 1938-1966
2.16 Bro-Bz
2.17 Brown, Arthur, 1946-1970
2.18 Burton, Herbert, 1945-1978
2.19 Carl Byoir & Associates, 1955-1956
2.20 Ca
2.21 California University Press, 1945-1970
2.22 California University, Santa Cruz, 1964
2.23 Cambridge University Press, 1956-1966
2.24 Canada. National Defence College, 1965-1967
2.25 Cb-Cn
2.26 Cargill, Oscar, 1962
2.27 Canberra, Australia. National Library, 1944-1971
2.28 Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1936-1970
2.29 F. W. Cheshire Ltd., 1960-1961
2.30 Chicago University Press, 1944-1966
2.31 Clark, Colin, 1940-1968
2.32 Clark University, 1951-1980
2.33 Close, Robert S., 1948
2.34 Coa-Cov
2.35 Cohen, Warren I., 1961-1967
2.36 Corner, Jennifer Grattan, 1958-1975, undated
2.37 Columbia Lecture Bureau, 1946-1952
2.38 Corbett, David, 1965-1967
2.39 Cow-Cz
2.40-41 Crawford, Sir John Grenfell, 1941-1972
3.1 Cremin, Lawrence A., 1957-1958
3.2 Cusack, Dymphna, 1938, undated
3.3 D
3.4 The John Day Company, New York, 1936-1967
3.5 Duke University Press, 1962-1964
3.6 E
3.7 Eggleston, Frederick W., Sir, 1941-1953
3.8 Enders, Rosalind Grattan, 1957-1962, undated
3.9 Evatt, Herbert Vere and Mary Alice, 1937-1962, undated
3.10 Ewers, John Keith, 1938-1955
3.11 F-Ft
3.12 Farrell, James T., 1940-1974
3.13 Fisher, Allan G. B., 1943-1970
3.14 Fitzpatrick, Brian, 1937-1947
3.15 Ford Foundation, 1951-1969
3.16 Franklin, Miles, 1932-1955
3.17 Fu-Fz
3.18 Fuller, Joseph V., 1929
3.19 G-Grh
3.20 Geismar, Maxwell, 1963-1964
3.21 Gilmore, Mary Cameron, Dame, 1937-1938
3.22 Grattan, Jacqueline, 1957-1975, undated
3.23 Grattan, John, 1959-1961, undated
3.24 Grattan, Laura, 1956-1967, undated
3.25 Grattan, Marjorie Campbell, 1927-1968
3.26 Green, Henry Mackenzie, 1931-1948
3.27 Gri-Gz
3.28 Ha-Hd
3.29 Hacker, Louis Morton, 1942-1979
3.30 Hansen, Harry, 1926-1952
4.1 Harper's Magazine, 1942-1970
4.2 Harvard University Press, 1955-1970
4.3 Hazlitt, Henry, 1928-1978
4.4 Healy, Jack, 1967-1975
4.5 He-Hn
4.6 Heller, William I., 1945, undated
4.7 Henry, Alice, 1933-1939
4.8 Hirning, L. Clovis, 1962-1970
4.9 Ho-Hz
4.10 Hoffman, Della, 1957-1972
4.11-12 Hoffman, Sylvan, 1942-1968, undated
4.13 I
4.14 Invitations
4.15 J
4.16 K-Kh
4.17 Keogh (Thomas) Attorney, 1941-1942
4.18 Kershner, Frederick D., 1952-1968
4.19 Kouwenhoven, John Atlee, 1945-1970
4.20 Ki-Kz
4.21 La
4.22 Leeson, Ida, 1940-1944
4.23 Levi, Julian, 1941-1970, undated
4.24 Lb-Lz
4.25 Lowndes, Arthur G., 1959-1962
4.26 M-Mac
4.27 Mathews, Elbert G., 1938-1971
4.28 Mad-Men
5.1 Mencken, H. L., 1925-1933, undated
5.2 Meo-Mi
5.3 University of Michigan Press, 1957-1961
5.4 University of Michigan Press, 1962-1967
5.5 Mj-Mz
5.6 Moore, John Hammond, 1969-1971
5.7 Moore, Tom Inglis, 1938-1971
5.8 Muirden, Bruce, 1952-1966
5.9 Na-Nev
5.10-11 Nadel, George Hans, 1951-1969
5.12 Nelson, Keith L., 1965-1971
5.13 Nevins, Allan, 1933-1965
5.14 New-Nh
5.15 Ni-Nz
5.16 O
5.17 Overacker, Louise, 1946-1979
5.18 P-Pg
5.19 Palmer, Nettie, 1928-1963
5.20 Parnaby, Owen W., 1960-1961, undated
5.21 Paul's Book Arcade, Auckland, 1958-1966
5.22 Penton, Brian, 1937-1941, undated
5.23 Ph-Pz
5.24 Potts, John C., 1959-1975, undated
5.25 Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., 1956-1964, undated
5.26 Prichard, Katherine Susannah, 1930-1948
5.27 Q
5.28 R-Re
6.1 Remington, Geoffrey C., 1938-1965
6.2 Rascoe, Burton, 1924-1941, undated
6.3 Regamey, Antony, 1948-1964
6.4 Rf-Ros
6.5 Roach, James R., 1945-1967, undated
6.6 Ross, Lloyd, 1937-1969
6.7 Rot-Rz
6.8 Salier, Cecil W., 1939
6.9 S-Sh
6.10 Si-Sn
6.11 So-Stn
6.12 Stivens, Dal, 1938-1948
6.13 Sto-Sz
6.14 Stokes, Donald Slater, 1965-1966
6.15 T
6.16 Tennant, Kylie, 1968-1970
6.17-18 University of Texas, 1965-1971, undated
6.19 Toll, Maynard J., 1967-1970
6.20 Troy, Lillian Scott, 1930-1931
6.21 U
6.22 U.S. Department of State, 1940-1958
6.23 U.S. National War College, 1962-1963
6.24 V
6.25 W-Wg
6.26 Walker, Edward Ronald, 1941-1949
7.1 Weisbrod, Hanno, 1968-1969
7.2 Wh-Wn
7.3 Wicks, Peter, 1970-1971
7.4 Wo-Wz
7.5 X-Z
7.6 Young, Mark B., 1938
Subseries C. Circular Letters, 1940-1941
Replies to a circular letter regarding Australia, 1940
7.7 A-H
7.8 I-Z
Replies to a circular letter regarding New Zealand, 1941, addressed to H. Belshaw, writing on behalf of Grattan
7.9 A-Z
7.10 Unidentifed
Subseries D. Miscellaneous, 1958-1969, undated
7.11 Corner, Jennifer Grattan, Incoming, 1958, undated
7.12 Godwin, Robert B. [to Beck Book Co. Pty. Ltd], 1962-1969
7.13 Grattan, Beatrice Kuper, Incoming, undated
7.14 Grattan, Jacqueline, Incoming, 1958
7.15 Grattan, John, Incoming, 1960
Grattan, Marjorie Campbell
7.16 Corner, Jennifer Grattan(Outgoing), 1960
7.17 Grattan, Jacqueline (Outgoing), 1960
7.18 Grattan, John (Outgoing), 1960
7.19 University of Michigan Press (Outgoing), 1962
7.20 A-J (Incoming)
7.21 Crawford, Jessie Anderson Morgan (Incoming)
7.22 Dursteler, William S. (Incoming)
7.23 Dursteler, William S. (Incoming)
K-Z (Incoming)
7.24-25 Re: Florida property (Incoming)
7.26 Wedding gift cards (Incoming)
7.27-28 Unidentified

Series II. Works, 1924-1978

Subseries A. Books, 1929-1963
1. Grattan as Author
Bitter Bierce: A Mystery of American Letters (1929)
7.29-30 Research notes
7.31 Clippings and articles
7.32-33 Incoming correspondence, 1928-1931, undated
7.34 Royalty statements
Why We Fought (1929)
7.35 Order forms, 1969 edition
The Three Jameses: A Family of Minds (1932; 1962 reprint)
8.1-3 Research notes, clippings, and articles
8.4* Incoming correspondence, 1930-1970, undated (*see also folder 1.5)
8.5 Royalty statements, 1966-1967
The Deadly Parallel (1939)
8.6 Research notes, clippings, and articles
8.7 Correspondence, 1939-1940
Introducing Australia (1942)
8.8 Research materials, circa 1936-1942
8.9 Research notes
8.10 Editorial comments (unidentifed)
8.11 Pasteup
Lands Down Under (1943)
8.12 Brochure
In Quest of Knowledge: A Historical Perspective on Adult Education (1955)
8.13-16 General research--adult education
8.17 Outline of book
8.18-19 Research notes
8.20 Committee report on internships, fellowships, and scholarships in the mass media, undated
8.21 Research notes--adult education in the United Kingdom
9.2-. ""Intellectuals
9.4-7 Correspondence, 1951-1954
9.8 Royalty statements, 1956-1957
9.9-10 Typescript drafts with revisions, introduction
9.11 Preface, table of contents, introductory remarks, pages 1-71
9.12 Pages 72-136
gf Galley proofs with corrections
9.13 Bicentennial edition, 1976
Publications and Projects in Association with the Fund for Adult Education
Ageing in the Modern World
9.14 Correspondence re old age, 1956
9.15 Ageing [published by U.S. Dept. of HEW], May 1957-Sept. 1960
9.16-20 General research--adult education
9.21-22 Correspondence, 1957-1958
Project in Education for Leadership
9.23-24 Project files, 1958
Continuing Education for Adults and the State of New York
10.2 "A Handbook for Administrators," 1953
10.3 Correspondence, 1959
10.4-5 Typescript draft chapters
10.6 Working papers
American Ideas about Adult Education (1959)
10.7 Royalty statements, 1959-1968
10.8 Correspondence, 1960-1964
10.9-10 General research--adult ed and ageing publications, 1944-1974
10.11 Biographical statement
The United States and the Southwest Pacific (1961)
10.12 Research notes
Typescripts with Revisions, version I
10.13 Preface, Part I: On the Character of the Area
10.14 Part II: Historical Background
10.15 Part III: World War II and After
Typescripts with Revisions, version 2
10.16 Preface, Table of Contents, Part I
10.17 Part II
10.18 Part III
10.19 Royalty statements, 1967
gf Galley proofs, uncorrected
Page proofs, with corrections
The Southwest Pacific to 1900 (1963)
Typescripts with revisions
10.20 Chapters 1-4
10.21 Chapters 5-7
10.22 Chapters 8-12
10.23 Chapters 13-14, Research notes
10.24-25 Chapter 15, Research notes
11.1 Chapter 16
11.2 Chapter 17
11.3 Research notes
11.4 Chapter 18-21 [originally numbered 6-9]
11.5 Research notes
11.6 Chapters 22-24 [chapter 24 originally numbered 25]
11.7 Bibliography, Notes for additions to New Zealand bibliography
11.8 Chapters 1-4
11.9 Chapters 5-8
11.10 Chapters 9-12
11.11 Chapters 13-15
11.12 Chapters 16-17
11.13 Chapters 18-20
11.14 Chapters 21-22
11.15 Chapters 23-24
11.16 Bibliography
gf Galley proofs
11.17 Chapters 1-4
11.18 Chapters 5-8
11.19 Chapters 9-13
11.20 Chapters 14-17
11.21 Chapters 18-21
11.22 Chapters 22-24
11.23 Suggested readings
11.24 Royalty statements, 1965-1969
The Southwest Pacific since 1900 (1963)
Typescripts with revisions
11.26 Chapter 1 [originally numbered 25]
11.27 Chapter 2 [originally numbered 26]
11.28 Chapter 3 [incomplete]
11.29 Chapter 4 [originally numbered 28]
11.30 Chapter 4 [incomplete]
12.1 Chapter 5 [originally numbered 29]
12.2 Chapter 5 [incomplete], research notes
12.3-5 Research notes [Australia, New Zealand]
12.6 Chapter 6 [originally numbered 29]
12.7 Chapter 7 [originally numbered 30]
12.8 Chapter 8 [originally numbered 31]
12.9-10 Research notes [New Zealand]
12.11-13 Chapter 9 [originally numbered 33]
12.14 Chapter 9 [incomplete]
12.15 Chapter 10 [originally numbered XXXIV]
12.16 Chapter 11
12.17-18 Research notes [Pacific Islands]
12.19 Chapter 12 [originally numbered 34]
12.20-21 Chapter 13 [originally numbered 36]
12.22 Chapter 14 [originally numbered 37]
12.23 Chapter 15 [originally numbered 38]
12.24 Author's note, table of contents, notes for maps
Typescripts with revisions
12.25-31 Chapter 1-8
13.1-6 Chapter 9-15
13.7 Suggested readings
13.8 Royalty statements, 1964-1969
13.9 "Bibliography of Certain Writings by C. Hartley Grattan," 1926-1963
2. Grattan as Contributor, 1938-1978
13.10 Foreword, typescript draft. Written for book by Dr. H. V. Evatt on W. A. Holman, 1938.
13.11 "Australia," page proofs. [Probably an earlier version which was used by Grattan to update the entry.]
13.12 "Australia," page proofs. Published in The Encyclopedia of Americana, 1945.
13.13 Biographical sketch of Tom Collins, galley proofs. Published in Such Is Life, 1949
13.14 "Australian Art and Literature." Published in The American People's Encyclopedia Yearbook, 1954-1957
13.15 "Australian Art and Literature" and "New Zealand Literature." Published in Funk and Wagnall's Universal Standard Encyclopedia, 1957
13.16 Foreword, typescript draft. Published in Australia's Colonial Culture: Men, Ideas and Institutions in Mid-Nineteenth Century Eastern Australia, 1957
13.17 Essay on the British Commonwealth for Information Please Almanac, 1958
13.18 "Harry Barnes as Teacher," typescript draft. Published in Harry Elmer Barnes, Learned Crusader, 1968
13.19 Jefferson Encyclopedia. Correspondence re: reviewing articles on Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania, 1969
13.20 Afterword, typescript, and page proofs. For 1969 reprint of Why We Fought
13.21 "Reflections on Australian History," typescript preface, photocopy of original 1957 article with revisions, notes. Published in Contemporary Australia: Studies in History, Politics and Economics, 1969
13.22 The Foreign Affairs 50-Year Bibliography, 1972, working papers
13.23 Carbon typescript
13.24 "The Southwest Pacific since the End of World War I," typescript draft. Published in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands Since the First World War, 1978
13.25 Research notes
13.26-27 Corrected photocopied typescripts of all essays included in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands Since the First World War, 1978
13.28 Essay on Australia for Groliers Encyclopedia, undated
13.29 Unidentified typescript preface on Henry Lawson, undated
3. Grattan as Editor, 1943-1970
13.30 News of the Nation: A History of the United States in Newspaper Style. Correspondence, promotional pamphlets, publicity materials, samples, typescript revisions, circa 1943-1952
13.31 "Books: Australia and New Zealand." Published in The East and West Association, June, 1943
13.32-35 Australia, production files, 1947
Praeger Scholarly Reprints in Pacific History
13.36-38 Production files, 1967-1970
Typescript introductions and research notes
14.1 Bingham, Hiram. A Residence of Twenty One Years in the Sandwich Islands: Or the Civil, Religious and Political History of those Islands, 1855
14.2 Callahan, J. M. American Relations in the Pacific and Far East, 1794-1900, 1901
14.3 "Codrington: Notes"
14.4 Coote, Walter. The Western Pacific, 1883
14.5 Cumming, C. F. Gordon. At Home in Fiji, 1882; A Lady's Cruise in a French Man-of-War, 1882
14.6 D'Albertis, L. M. New Guinea, What I Did and What I Saw, 1881
14.7 Delano, Amaso. Narrative of Voyages and Travels in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, 1817
14.8 Hort, Dora. Tahiti: The Garden of the Pacific, 1891
14.9 Stewart, C. S. A Visit to the South Seas in the United States Ship Vincennes, during the Years 1829-1830
14.10 Thomson, A. S. The Story of New Zealand Past and Present, 1859
Subseries B. Articles, circa 1936-1967
14.11 Africa in the Service of Europe? undated
14.12 Australia and Netherlands East Indies, undated
14.13 Australia and the Imperial Conference, 1937
14.14 Australia and the World Today, [1938]
14.15 Australia: The Rise of a Welfare State [circa 1950]
14.16 The Australian-American Trade Negotiations, 1937
14.18 Australia's Many Moods, undated
14.19 Australia's Orientation to the World, undated
14.20 Australia's 150 Years: 1788-1938 [1938?]
14.21 Beardsley Ruml and His Ideas, 1952
14.22 Be Skeptical of Australia! [1937 or 1938?]
14.23 The British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations, undated
14.24 The British Overseas Will Fight, undated
14.25 Broken Hill: A Symbol of Australia, undated
14.26 A Chat with Herbert Hoover [1964?]
14.27 Colin Clark: A Conservative as Radical, undated
14.28 The Complex World of the Consumer, undated
14.29 The Conclusions of an Amateur Government Employee, undated
14.30 Conquest of Mount Saint Elias, undated
14.31 The Cost of World War II [moved to What the War Cost]
14.32 The Couple Who Praised Liberty, undated
14.33 Cultural Life--Literature [originally titled On Australian Literature 1788-1938], undated
14.34 The Curious Story of John Brown Williams of Salem, Massachusetts, undated
14.35 Five Journeys to Australia, and What I Found There, undated
14.36 Full Employment and Economic Nationalism, undated
14.37 A Garrulity About Austrian Literature Since 1927, 1965
14.38 A Hard Look at Adult Education, undated
14.39 H. G. Wells In and On Australia, undated
14.40 How to Pull the Public's Leg: The Story of Louis de Rougemont, undated
14.41 Industrial Expansion in India since the War, undated
14.42 Is College Worthwhile? 1936
14.43-44 James T. Farrell: Moralist, 1954
14.45 John Curtin, Prime Minister of Australia, [1944?]
14.46 Livingston Hopkins, undated
14.47 The Military "Experts," undated
14.48 A Note on "Chinese" (George Ernest) Morrison, 1862-1920, undated
14.49 Notes on Australia, undated
14.50 Notes on the Future of the British Commonwealth, undated
14.51 Other Days, Other Faces, undated
14.52 Outback in Australia, undated
14.53 The Political Position in Australia, undated
The Position of the Primary Producer. The Case of Australia, undated
14.54 Queensland, Australia, undated
14.55 The Sinking of the Lusitania, undated
14.56 Sir John Hubert Plunkett Murray, Dec. 21, 1861-Feb. 27, 1940, undated
14.57 South of Honolulu, undated
14.58 The Standard of Living, Wages and Prices, undated
14.59 The Story of Daisy Bates, undated
14.60 "There'll Be some Changes Made": The Question of Post-War Reconstruction, undated
14.61 The True Story of William Buckley: White-Blackfellow, undated
14.62 The Truth about Tropical Australia, undated
14.63 Twenty Five Years of It; Or My life as a Word Factory, undated
14.64 What Is It Like in Australia? undated
14.65 What the Australian Election Revealed, undated
14.66 What the War Cost [see also The Cost of World War II]
14.67 Why Did America Fight? The Attack on the Revisionists, undated
14.68 Introduction to bibliography of Grattan's works by J. Healy, [circa 1966 or 1967]
15.1-5 Untitled articles
Published versions of articles
15.6 1924-27
15.7 1928
15.8 1929
15.9 1930
15.10 1931
15.11 1932
15.12-15.13 1933
15.14-15.15 1934
15.16 1935
15.17 1936
15.18 1937-1938
15.19 1939
15.20 1940
15.21 1941
15.22 1942-1943
15.23 1944
15.24 1945-1946
16.1 1947
16.2 1948-1949
16.3 1950-1954
16.4 1956-1961
16.5 Undated
Subseries C. Book Reviews and Reader's Reports, 1924-1975
16.6* Typescripts of published book reviews and various reader's reports (*see also folder 1.3, Brown)
Published versions of book reviews
16.7 Miscellaneous research notes
16.8 1925-1929
16.9 1930-1931
16.10 1932
16.11 1933-1935
16.12 1936-1937
16.13 1939
16.14 1940
16.15 1941-1942
16.16 1943-1944, 1946
16.17 1948-1949
16.18 1950-1951
16.19 1952-1954
16.20 1955-1959
16.21 1960-1975
16.22 Undated
16.23 "1924-29 Incomplete"
16.24 "1930 1931 1932 1933 [also includes 1934-1935]"
Subseries D. Lectures and Speeches, 1933-1964
16.25 Lecture on the James family, 20 Jan. 1933
16.26 "Taking the Lid Off Relief," 25 Nov. 1935
16.27 "Is the Farmer Doomed?" July 1937
16.28 Speech on American culture, 18 July 1937 or 1938
16.29 Speeches on New Zealand, 25 Jul., 1 Aug., 8 Aug. 1937 or 1938
16.30 Speech on labor relations in the U.S., 15 Aug. 1937 or 1938
16.31 "After Twenty Months in Australia" Talk No. 1, 22 Aug. 1938
16.32 "After Twenty Months in Australia" Talk No. 2, 29 August 1938
16.33 "Salute to the Professors," 30 Dec. 1939
16.34 Lecture on isolation and war, 19 Apr. 1940
16.35 Lecture on Australian foreign policy, 12 May 1940
17.1 Lecture on World War II and its effects on America, 5 June 1940
17.2 "Australia and the Pacific," 2 July 1941
17.3 Outline of lecture on the arms race, 195?
17.4 Commencement address, Clark University, 7 June 1953
17.5 "The Changing Concept of the Educated Person in America," 2 July 1957
17.6 Australian Institute of Political Science. Australian National University. Series of lectures, 1960
17.7 "Southwest Pacific," 8 March 1963
17.8 "The Present Image of Australia in the United States," 21 Jun. 1965
17.9 Summary of lecture on Australia and New Zealand, undated
17.10 "A Chat on America's Economy," undated
17.11 "The Uses of Liberal Education," undated
17.12 "Problem Two: Continuing Education," undated
17.13 Re proposed visits to Australia, 1943, 1946
17.14 Re lecture "What Is Ahead for the British Empire?" 4 Dec. 1948
Subseries E. Broadcast Talks, 1937-1960
17.15 "Industrial Strife in the USA," 14 June 1937?
17.16 "The TVA," 15 Nov. 1937?
17.17 Broadcast on American movies, 1 Aug. 1937 or 1938
17.18 "Does American Business Want War?" 24 May 1939
17.19 "Australia Today," 27 Oct. 1940
17.20 Broadcast on Fiji, May 1960
17.21 Broadcast by Sylvan Hoffman about News of the Nation, undated
17.22 International Quiz, undated
Subseries F. Miscellaneous Published, 1931-1964
17.23 The Bear Garden, 1931-1932, clipping scrapbook of letters to the editor
17.24 The Experts Questionnaire, undated
17.25 Quotations and blurbs, 1932-1964
Subseries G. Unpublished or Proposed Works, 1942-1919
17.26 As I Said: Thirty Years of Freelancing, notes
Australia: An Anthology
17.27 Correspondence, research notes, 1942
17.28 Index cards
17.29 Australia, Asia, and the Pacific, draft of article, notes, 1970?
17.30 Biography of Gen. Robert E. Wood, correspondence, notes, clippings, 1964
17.31 Collected work, notes, undated
17.32 Collected Writings on American Literature, proposal, 1970
The Escape from Botany Bay
17.33 Correspondence, 1962-1964
17.34-35 Research notes
17.36 Proposed, 1970-1977, notes, lists, clippings
17.37-38 The Southwest Pacific Since World War I, Holograph draft, [1979?]
Subseries H. Unidentified Works
17.39-40 Unidentified Works

Series III. Response to Works, 1929-1968

17.41 Scrapbook [reviews of books by Grattan], 1929-1932
18.1 Why We Fought, 1929
18.2 The Three Jameses, 1932
18.3 Introducing Australia, 1942
18.4 "What the War Cost" [published in Harper's, April 1949]
18.5 In Quest of Knowledge, 1955-58
18.6 The United States and the Southwest Pacific, 1961, undated
The Southwest Pacific to 1900; The Southwest Pacific Since 1900, 1963
Reviews in American publications
18.7 1963
18.8 1964
18.9 1965-1968
18.10 Undated
18.11-12 Reviews in Australian publications, 1963-1964, undated
18.13 Reviews in New Zealand publications, 1963-1964
18.14 Reviews in British publications, 1964
18.15 Reviews in Canadian publications, 1965
18.16 Miscellaneous, 1964-1967, undated
18.17 Miscellaneous reviews, 1932-1958

Series IV. Research Materials, 1941-1975, undated

Subseries A. Subject Files
18.18 Decade of 1920s
18.19 Decade of 1930s [course to be offered, 1968]
18.20 Adult education, Index cards
30 Index Cards
18.21-22 Africa
18.23-26 American history
18.27-28 Antarctica
18.29-32 Arts
18.33 Archival resources and bibliography
18.34 Literature
18.35-36 Lecture notes by T. Inglis Moore
18.37 Biographies of prominent Australians
18.38 Defence and Foreign Policy
World War II
Australia News & Information Bureau
18.39 Outline of a Study Course on Australia
Press releases
18.40 May-June 1941
18.41 June 1941-January 1942
18.42 May-October 1942
18.43 February-August 1943; May 1945
18.44 Miscellaneous
19.1 Australian Official Shortwave News, Jan. 1942
19.2 The Coo-ee Clarion, Nov. 1942-June 1943
19.3 Authors, photographs of
19.4 Barnes, Harry Elmer
19.5-8 British Commonwealth
19.9 Canada
19.10 China
19.11 Comics
19.12 Commonwealth Conference, 1955
19.13 Communism
19.14 Cowley, Malcolm
19.15 Darwin, Charles
Evatt, Herbert Vere
19.16 Correspondence
30 Index cards
19.17-18 Notebook and notes
19.19 Notes on tapes by Mrs. Evatt
19.20 Published articles, reviews, etc., 1945-1974
19.21 Falkland Islands
19.22-24 Fiji
19.25 France
19.26 French Islands
19.27 Germany
19.28 Hayek, Friedrich A.
19.29 Higher education
19.30 India
19.31 Japan
19.32 Johnson, Lyndon B.
20.1 Latin America
20.2 Literature
20.3-4 Literary biography
20.5 Low, David
20.6 Mexico
20.7 New Guinea
20.8-9 New Zealand
20.10 Pacific Islands
20.11 Pacifism
20.12 Pakistan
20.13 Samoa
20.14-15 Soviet Union
20.16 Spain
20.17 Student demonstrations
20.18 Texas constitution (proposed), 1975
United Kingdom
20.19-20 Business, finance, and economics
20.21 Politics
United States
20.22 Business, finance, and economics
20.23-24 Foreign policy
20.25-26 Politics, government, and administration
20.27 Wells, H. G.
Subseries B. General Research Materials
20.28 Australia and New Zealand magazine references
20.29 Australia names, notes, etc.
20.30 Australia, New Zealand, etc.--notes on books
20.31 Australian books
20.32 Australian books and pamphlets
21.1 Calverton, V. F.
21.2 Gorky
21.3 Hacker, Louis Morton
21.4-6 James, Henry
21.7 Notes on books by
21.8-10 James, Henry, Sr.
21.11-12 James, William
21.13 Lawrence, D. H.
21.14 Marx, Karl
New Guinea and South Pacific Islands
21.16 South Sea Islands
21.17 Southwest Pacific
21.18 Ideas and questions
21.19 What They Read
21.20 Wilson, Woodrow
21.21-22 Untitled
21.23 Blank
Subseries C. Bibliographic Research
21.24 Art catalogs
Book dealers' ads and catalogs
21.25 A-B
21.26 C-M
21.27 N-P
21.28 Q-W
22.1 Clippings about books
22.2 Lists (Australia)
22.3-5 Notes
22.6 Islands, New Zealand, Antarctica
22.7 New Zealand

Series V. Academic and Curatorial Activities, The University of Texas at Austin,1965-1974

Subseries A. Academic Activities
22.8 Annual reports
22.9 Bibliographies
22.10 1965
22.11 1966
22.12 1967
22.13 1968
22.14 1969
22.15 1970
22.16 1971
22.17 1972
22.18 1973
22.19 1974
22.20 Clippings
22.21 Conference courses
22.22 Correspondence
22.23 Lecture notes, background material
22.24 The Adamses
22.25 American literature
22.26 Americans and war
22.27 Intellectuals
22.28 James family
22.29 Southwest Pacific since 1900
Student papers
22.30 1969-1970
22.31 1971-1973
23.1 Undated
23.2 Texas State Historical Association
Subseries B. Curatorial Activities
Collection index cards, title and subject
30 A-C
V-Z; Boxes, author and subject
Boxes; Duplications; Papers 1-147
23.3-7 Collection lists
23.8> Correspondence
Exhibits, 1967, 1975
23.9 Brochure and catalog copy, 1967
23.10 Checklist, 1975
23.11 Labels, 1967
23.12 Notes, 1967
23.13 Lectures by Sir Robert Menzies
23.14 Notes on the magazine files
23.15 Publicity release
23.16 Rules governing use of The Southwest Pacific Collection
23.17 Miscellaneous

Series VI. Personal Papers, circa 1920-1977

Awards and honors, 1934-1977
23.18 Honorary Degree, Australian National University, 1977
23.19-20 Honorary Degree, Clark University, 1953
23.21 Funk & Wagnalls, 1976
23.22 Marquis Biographical Library Society, undated
23.23 International Mark Twain Society, 1934
23.24 S.S. Monterey, 1940
23.25 Wisdom Hall of Fame, 1970
23.26 Biographical information
23.27 Bibliographical information
23.28 Calendars, 1964-1975
24.1 Clippings
Conference and meeting materials
24.2 Leadership, Social Service Institute, 1936
24.3 Australian Policy in the Pacific, 1940
24.4-5 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, 1957
24.6-7 The Indian Ocean Area, 1971
24.8-11 Dies Committee Papers
24.12 New Bedford High School, 1920
24.13 Clark University, 1920-1923
24.14 Employment, circa 1943-1966
24.15 Family papers, circa 1955-1963
Financial records
24.16 Banking, 1936-1938; 1964-1966
24.17 Book and subscription receipts, 1937-1978
24.18 Household, circa 1961-1964
24.19 Income, 1932-1967
24.20 War ration books, circa 1943
24.21 Miscellaneous, 1937-1970
24.22 Interview, 1971
24.23 Legal documents, 1926-1970
Memberships and organizations
24.24 Australian Society of New York
24.25 Book Collectors Society of Australia
24.26-27, 25.1 The Century Association
25.2 Chair of Australia Literature Fund
25.3 Friends of the Sydney University Library
25.4 North Shore Historical Society
25.5 Recording Society of Australia Limited
25.6 Royal Australian Historical Society
25.7 Statistical Society of Australia
25.8 Sydney Science Fiction Group
25.9 Miscellaneous
25.10 Memorabilia
25.11 Military documents, 1942-1944
25.12 Passports, 1926-1946
25.13 Photographs
25.14 Property, 1946-1962
25.15 Southwest Pacific Collection
25.16 Travel papers, circa 1936-1975
25.17 Miscellaneous

Series VII. Book Withdrawals, undated

Library of Congress call number
25.18 A
25.19 B
25.20 C
25.21 D-DS
25.22-26 DU
25.27 E
25.28 G
25.29 HA-HC
25.30 HD-HX
25.31 J
25.32 L
25.33 M
25.34 N
25.35 P
26.1 Q
26.2 R
26.3 S
26.4 T
26.5 U
26.6 Z
26.7-9 No call number
Works by Others
26.10 Collins, Tom. Rigby's Romance. Bound carbon typescript, presentation copy to Grattan signed by Kate Baker, undated, and typed list of corrections to manuscript
gf Furnley, Maurice [pseud. of Wilmot, Frank Leslie Thomson]. Revolution: A Farce. Galley proofs with corrections, presentation to Grattan from FW, 18 August 1938
26.11 Healy, Jack. The Treatment of the Aborigine in Australian Literature from the Beginning to the Present Day, draft of dissertation, [1967]
26.12 Healy, Jack. Consciousness, Literature and the Aborigine in Nineteenth Century Australia, Australian National University, 23 March 1973
26.13 Heider, Fred. M. Diary, 1936
26.14 Spence, Catherine Helen. Democracy, Aristocracy & Plutocracy. Holograph manuscript, Democratic Club, 15 September 1901
26.15-16 Unidentified typescript re Aborigine in literature [possibly an earlier or later draft of dissertation by Jack Healy?]
26.17 Bibliography on Gratten by Jack Healy–bound Xerox copy
26.18-27, 27.1-32 Grattan Unfiled
28.1-39, 29.1-20 Grattan Unprocessed
29.21-26 Grattan Duplicates
29.27-29.39 Grattan Vertical File
Index Card Boxes
30.1 A-C
30.2 C-K
30.3 L-P
30.4 P-V
30.5 V-Z; Boxes
30.6 Boxes, Duplications, Papers, Adult Education

Index of Correspondents

  • Abrams, Ray H. (University of Pennsylvania)--1.21
  • Adams, Alfred Thorne--1.21
  • Adams, F. P. (New York Herald Tribune)--1.21
  • Adams, J. Donald (The New York Times Book Review)--1.21
  • Adams, Mildred (Committed on the History of the Federal Reserve System)--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Adamson, Bart--7.7
  • Adamson, Bartlett (Fellowship of Australian Writers)--3.11
  • Adamson, Robert W. (Cambridge University Press)--1.3*, 2.22
  • Addis, Mabel--1.21
  • Adelaide Club--1.21
  • Ahern, H. D. (N.S.W. Constitutional League)--5.14
  • Albrecht, Sandra L.
  • Alexander, Frederick (University of Western Australia)--1.21, 2.3 [to Bailey, David W.]
  • Alexander, Margaret (Royal Institute of International Affairs)--4.13
  • Allen, Bernard L. (West Virginia University)--1.3
  • Allen, Frederick Lewis (Harper's Magazine)--4.1, 6.4 [to Riggs, Robert L.]
  • Allen, G. G. (Recording Society of Australia)--5.28
  • Allen, Gay Wilson--1.21
  • Allen, H. K. (Mrs.)--1.21
  • Allen, James G. (University of Colorado)--1.21
  • Allison, Ebert (Austin Lodge No. 128)--1.24
  • Alvord, Ned--4.11 [to Hoffman, Sylvan]
  • American Civil Liberties Union (Mr. Swing)--1.2*
  • American Council Institute of Pacific Relations--1.21
  • Amidon, Beulah (Survey Associates, Inc.)--14.15
  • Amlie, Thomas R. (Congress of the United States. House of Representatives)--1.21
  • Anderson, Robert P. (Clark University)--2.32
  • Anderson, Ruth Carmichael--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Angus & Robertson Ltd. (Sydney)--1.22
  • Anthony, E.--1.21
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  • Armitage, Harold--1.23
  • Arnold, Ann--1.21
  • Arvin, Newton--1.21
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  • Atherton, Gertrude--1.24
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  • Australia. Trade Commission--1.24
  • Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology--1.27
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  • Australian National University. Canberra Press--1.27
  • Avery, Charles (WMID, Atlantic City, NJ)--1.27
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  • --2.2
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  • Baur, John I. H. ("Jack")--2.2
  • Baur, Louisa--2.2, 7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Bausman, Frederick--2.2
  • Baylebridge, William--1.3*, 2.2
  • Bazley, A. W. (Australian War Memorial, Canberra)--7.27
  • Beaglehole, Timothy (Victoria University)--20.9
  • Bean, C. E. W.--2.10
  • Beard, Charles A.--2.10
  • Beard, Mary--2.10
  • Beaumont, F. H. (University Book Shop)--6.21
  • Beck, Nancy Rearden--7.32, 7.33
  • Bedford, Randolph--2.10
  • Bedford, Ruth M.--2.10
  • Beebe, Marjorie (Bennington College)--2.10
  • Behre, Charles H. (Columbia University)--2.10
  • Behre, Charles H. (Northwestern University)--19.16
  • Beidler, Paul--2.10
  • Belknap, Helen Olive--2.10
  • Bell, Daniel (Fortune)--3.11
  • Bell, Harold (Australian Mutual Provident Society)--1.27
  • Belshaw, H. (Auckland University College)--2.10, 7.9
  • Benda, Harry J. (Yale University. Southeast Asia Studies)--7.5
  • Benjamin, Jack--2.10
  • Bennett, H. Gordon (N.S.W. Citrusgrowers' Defence Association)--5.14
  • Bennett, Harry--2.10
  • Bennett, P. J. (Australian Journalists' Association)--1.27
  • Bergeret, Eleanor N. (Columbia University. Teachers College)--1.3*, 2.34
  • Berman, Ruth (Liberty Magazine)--4.24
  • Bernstein, Joseph A. (Publicity Associates, Inc.)--5.23
  • Bernstorff, Johann Henrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht, graf von--2.10
  • Berolzheimer, Howard (National Tax Equality Association)--2.10
  • Berry, Bob--2.10
  • Bertino, Barbara (Cambridge University Press)--2.23
  • Berwick, Keith B. (Pacific Historical Review)--5.18
  • Best, G. J. M. (Prudential Assurance Company Limited)--7.7
  • Beveridge, W. I. B.--7.7
  • Bickell, Herschel (The Literary Review, New York Evening Post)--2.10
  • Biddle, Mr.--1.3*
  • Bidwell, Percy W. (Council on Foreign Relations)--2.34
  • Billikopf, Jacob (Howard University)--2.10
  • Binder, Carroll (Chicago Daily News)--1.3*, 2.25
  • Bingham, Alfred M.--19.16
  • Binns, Kenneth--2.11 (Australia. Parliament) [one to Souter, H.]; 7.7 (Australia. Parliament. Library)
  • Binzel, Alma L.--2.10
  • Birch, Alan (Business Archives and History; University of Sydney; Business Archives Council of Australia)--2.16
  • Bitting, Clarence R.--2.10
  • Blackburn, Maurice (Australia. House of Representatives)--7.7
  • Blackman, R. P.--2.12
  • Blackton, Charles Stuart (Colgate University)--2.12
  • Blackwell, Julian (B. H. Blackwell Ltd.)--2.12
  • Blair, Lyle (University of Michigan Press)--5.3
  • Blakey, George T. (Eastern Indiana Center of Earlham College)--2.12
  • Blanchard, Charles B. (Little, Brown & Company)--8.4
  • Bland, F. A. (University of Sydney)--2.12, 7.7
  • Bland, H. A. (Australia. Department of Labor and National Service)--1.24
  • Bland, Harry--2.12
  • Bleiberg, Robert M. (Barron's)--2.2
  • Block, Ian--2.12
  • Block, Marguerite (Columbia University in the City of New York)--2.12
  • Blodgett, John W.--2.12
  • Blood, George--2.12
  • Bloodworth, William A.--2.12
  • Bluett, A. R.--7.7
  • Blumann, Sigismund (Camera Craft Publishing Company)--7.33
  • Blumenthal, Sidney--2.12
  • Bogue Jesse P. (American Association of Junior Colleges)--1.21
  • Bohn, William E. (Rand School of Social Science)--5.28
  • Bok, Helene--7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Bolton, A. T. (Ure Smith Pty. Limited, Publishers)--6.10, 18.11
  • Bolton, Eileen (Pacific Affairs)--5.18
  • Bolton, G. C. (University of Western Australia)--2.13
  • Bone, Homer T. (United States Senate)--2.13
  • Boni, Charles, Jr. (Albert & Charles Boni, Inc.)--7.32
  • Boote, Henry (Australian Worker)--7.7
  • Booth, B. T. (Angus & Robertson Ltd.)--1.22
  • Borchard, Edwin M. (Yale University. School of Law)--2.7 [to Barnes, Harry Elmer], 2.13, 8.7
  • Borovka, Lewis A.--2.13
  • Bourne, Alexander P.--8.4
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  • Bowater, E. J.--7.7
  • Bowden, M. G. (Cassis School)--2.20
  • Bowen, Frances Jean--2.13
  • Bower, Claude G. (The Evening World)--2.13
  • Bowles, Dolores--2.13
  • Box, Thadis W. (Utah State University)--2.13
  • Boyce, Dorothy (U.S. Department of State)--6.22
  • Boyd, Juilian P. (Princeton University. The Library)--2.13
  • Boyer, R. J. F. (Australia. Department of Information)--1.3*, 2.13
  • Bradford, Alex--2.13
  • Bradish, C. R.--2.13
  • Bradley, Anne (Franklin Publications)--3.11
  • Bradley, N. I.--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Brady, Alexander (The University of Toronto; Canadian Institute of International Affairs)--2.15
  • Braisted, William (The University of Texas)--2.13
  • Branch, Edgar M.--2.13
  • Brassington, Alan C.--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Bray, W. H.--4.14
  • Breeden, Waldo Preston
  • Brennan, Allan--2.13
  • Brice, Ashbel G. (Duke University Press)--3.5
  • Brice, Sally (Austin League of Women Voters)--1.24
  • Brickett, G. S.--2.13
  • Brickley, Robert C.--2.13
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  • Briears, John (Australia. News and Information Bureau)--1.24
  • Brien, Donald--2.13
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  • Briggs, Grace A. (Harvard University Press)--4.2
  • Briggs, William H. (Harper & Brothers)--8.4
  • Brinser, Ayers
  • Brinton, Crane (Havard University)--2.13
  • Brisbane, A. (New York Evening Journal)--7.32
  • Broadhead, Peggie (Australian Broadcasting Commission)--2.16
  • Brodney, Spencer [pseud. of Brodzky, Leon]--2.16, 2.39 (Current History)
  • Brookins, Jack E.--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Broon, Len (Australian National University)--2.16
  • Broonworth, Tom--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Brower, David R. (University of California Press)--2.21
  • Brown, Arthur--2.17
  • Brown, Francis (New York Times Book Review)--5.14
  • Brown, Harrison--2.16
  • Brown, J. D. (News Limited)--7.7
  • Brown, J. E.--2.16, 3.29 [to Hacker, Louis]
  • Brown, John--7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Brown, Mr.--1.3*
  • Brown, M. E. (Contemporary Authors)--2.34
  • Brown, Maurice (Australian Administrative Staff College)--2.16
  • Brown, S. S. (Australia. News and Information Bureau)--1.24
  • Brown, Spencer--2.16
  • Browne, B. S. (University of Melbourne)--7.7
  • Browne, Robert B.--9.17
  • Brownlow, Louis (Public Administration Clearing House)--2.16
  • Brumm, Dorothy (Politics)--5.23
  • Brungs, Paul W.--2.16
  • Brunner, Edmund de S. (Columbia University)--2.16
  • Brunstetter, Max R. (Columbia University. Teachers College)--2.34
  • Bryant, Elizabeth H. (Council on Foreign Relations, Inc.--13.22
  • Bryde, C. W. L.--2.16
  • Bryson, Katherine--9.1
  • Bryson, Lyman--9.1
  • Buchan, H. J. (Flinders University of South Australia)--3.11
  • Buck, Pearl S. (The East and West Association)--1.8*, 2.16, 3.6
  • Buck, Robert W.--8.7
  • Buhl, Paul--2.16
  • Bullock, Essie W. (Association Press)--1.25
  • Bunnag, Jerome--2.16
  • Burch, Blen--2.16
  • Burchett, G. H.--2.16
  • Burdett, Thomas R.--2.16
  • Burdick, Roland E. (Association Press)--1.25
  • Burgmann, Ernest Henry (Bishop of Goulburn)--2.16
  • Burke, Keast (Australian Documentary Facsimile Society)--1.27
  • Burlingame, Robert--2.16
  • Burnett, R. I. M. (New Zealand. Department of Internal Affairs)--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Burns, Crayton--2.16
  • Burr, Anna Robeson--8.4
  • Burrill, Meredith (United States Department of the Interior)--6.21
  • Burton, Herbert (University of Melbourne)--2.18
  • Burton, Joe (University of Melbourne)--7.7
  • Burton, Ruth Guthrie (Mrs. Richard)--2.16
  • Butler, I. A.--7.7
  • Butlin, S. J. (University of Sydney. Department of Economics)--1.16, 2.16, 7.7
  • Buttery, Ron G.--2.16
  • Buxton, Frank W. (The Boston Herald)--2.13
  • Cabell, William D. (Mrs.)--5.5
  • Cadogan, S. (Constitutional Association of N.S.W.)--2.34
  • Cahir, F. J., Jr. (Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company)--5.23
  • Caldwell, Erskine--2.20
  • Callaghan, Allan R. (Australia Embassy, Washington, DC)--2.20
  • Calwell, Arthur A. (Australia. Parliament)--1.24
  • Cam, Gilbert A. (New York Public Library)--20.10
  • Cambridge University Press--2.23
  • Cambridge, W. C. (Farmers and Settlers' Association of New South Wales)--7.7
  • Camlek, L. (Association Press)--1.25
  • Campbell, D. A. S.--7.7
  • Campbell, Don L.--7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Campbell, Oscar James (Columbia University)--2.34
  • Campbell, Persia (Queens College. Department of Economics)--2.20
  • Canada. National Defence College--1.3*
  • Canby, Henry S. (The Saturday Review of Literature)--2.20
  • Canfield, Cass (Harper & Row, Publishers)--1.15*, 3.28
  • Cannell, Lewis D.--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Cargill, Oscar (New York University)--1.5*, 2.26
  • Carleton, B. H.--2.20
  • Carmichael, Alan (Australian Broadcasting Commission)--1.2*, 1.26
  • Carnell, E. J.--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Carpenter, F. S. (Canada National Defence College)--2.24
  • Carpenter, Warwick S. (Harper's Magazine)--4.1
  • Carroll, Mark (Harvard University Press)--4.2
  • Carruth, Gorton (Thomas Y. Crowell Company)--2.39
  • Carson, William J. (National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.)--5.9
  • Carter, Edward C. (Institute of Pacific Relations)--4.13
  • Carter, Gwendolen--2.20
  • Cartmell, Van H. (Garden City Publishing Company)--3.19, 13.30
  • Case, Elizabeth (University of Michigan Press)--5.4
  • Casey, Gavin S.--2.20
  • Casey, M. Elizabeth (Middlebury College)--5.2
  • Casey, Richard Gardiner (Australia. Department of External Affairs)--1.3*, 2.20, 4.14
  • Cassidy, Michael B.--2.20
  • Catton, Bruce (American Heritage)--1.21
  • Cavness, Don W. (Texas. House of Representatives)--2.20
  • Chamberlain, Heath B. (Pacific Affairs)--5.18
  • Chamberlain, John (The Freeman)--1.8*, 2.25, 3.11
  • Chamberlin, William Henry--2.25
  • Chandler, A. C.--2.25
  • Chapman, John M.--2.25
  • Chapman, Maristan--2.25
  • Charles Scribner's Sons--8.4
  • Chase, Stuart--2.25
  • Chatterji, N.--2.25
  • Chaudhuri, Nalia Krishna--1.3*, 2.25, 7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Cherne, Leo (Research Institute of America)--1.18*, 5.28
  • Chester, Colby M.--2.25
  • Chisholm, Alec H. (Who's Who in Australia)--6.19
  • Christesen, C. B. (Meanjin)--4.28
  • Christian, C. S. (Australia. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization)--2.25
  • Church, Charles A. (U.S. Treasury Department)--6.20
  • Church, Dorothea (Vance and Nettie Palmer Tribute)--6.24
  • City of New York. Office of the Mayor--5.14
  • Claflin, Muriel (Cambridge University Press)--2.23
  • Clark, Adrian N. (D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc.)--5.15, 14.15
  • Clark, Anna H. (Fund for Adult Education)--10.8
  • Clark, Charles Manning Hope (Duke University. Department of History; Australian National University)--2.25, 7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Clark, Colin (Bureau of Industry; Department of Labour and Industry; The Econometric Institute)--2.31
  • Clark, Delbert--9.4
  • Clark, Dymphna--2.25
  • Clark, Hubert Lyman--2.25
  • Clark, L. M. (Australian National University, Canberra)--2.1
  • Clark, Lucy--7.20[to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Clark, M. W. (Mrs)--2.25
  • Clark, Sheldon--7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Clark, Victor S. (Library of Congress)--2.25
  • Clarke, George--2.25
  • Clarke, Lloyd (Australian News & Information Bureau)--2.25
  • Clarke, Viola (Australia. News and Information Bureau)--1.24
  • Clarkson, Paul S. (Clark University)-1.3*, 2.32
  • Claspy, Everett Miller--2.25
  • Clay, David M. (Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference)--5.2
  • Cleland, J. L. (National Library of Australia)--2.25, 2.27
  • Clemens, Cyril (Mark Train Journal)--4.28
  • Cleveson, Clem (Australian Newspaper Service)--2.25
  • Cline, Clarence Lee--2.25
  • Close, Robert Shaw--2.33
  • Clough, Barbara M. (Northfield School for Girls)--5.15
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  • Coblentz, E. D. (New York American)--7.32
  • Cohen, Elliot E. (Commentary)--2.34
  • Cohen, Warren I. (Michigan State University; University of Washington)--1.6*, 2.35
  • Coil, E. J. (National Planning Association)--5.9
  • Colby, Vineta (H. W. Wilson Company)--7.2
  • Cole, R. Taylor (Duke University)--5.18
  • Colebrook, Jean--2.34
  • Collins, I. W.--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Collins, Seward (The American Review)--1.21
  • Colmer, William M. (United States. House of Representatives)--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Conklin, Agnes E.--2.34
  • Connolly, Roy--2.34
  • Connor, Paul--2.34
  • Conron, Shana R. (Political Science Quarterly)--5.23
  • Cook, Mary Manning (Mills College. Library)--5.2
  • Cooley, Martin I. (Devin-Adair Company Publishers)--3.3
  • Cooley, Mary E.--2.34
  • Coombs, Herbert Cole (Australian Legation)--2.34
  • Corbett, David C.--1.3*, 2.38
  • Corbin, Marion--7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Corner, Ivan--2.34
  • Corner, Jennifer Grattan--1.8*, 2.36
  • Corner, Laura--2.34
  • Cortez, Ruben (Journal of Mexican American History)--4.15
  • Cosgrave, W. E.--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Council of Adult Education (Victoria, Australia)--2.34
  • Courtney, Philip (Coty)--2.34
  • Cousins, W. G. (Angus & Robertson Ltd.)--1.22
  • Covey, Arthur R. (Bedford, NY. Board of Appeals)--1.3*
  • Covici, Pascal (Viking Press)--6.24
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  • Cowper, Norman (Allen, Allen & Hemsley)--7.7
  • Cowper, Norman Lethbridge--2.39
  • Cox, Geoffrey (New Zealand Legation)--2.39
  • Cox, Miles--7.7
  • Crabtree, Arthur P. (University of the State of New York)--10.3
  • Crawford, Jean--2.39
  • Crawford, Jessie Anderson Morgan--7.21 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Crawford, John Grenfell, Sir (Australian National University) (Rural Bank of New South Wales)--1.7*, 2.40-2.41, 7.7, 18.1, 20.9
  • Crawford, R. Max (University of Melbourne)--2.39
  • Crawford, Ralston--2.39
  • Crawley, John (Wm. H. Wise & Co. Publishers)--1.18*
  • Cremin, Lawrence A. (Teachers College, Columbia University; University of Wisconsin)--1.3*, 3.1
  • Crews, Joseph S.--2.39
  • Crisp, Helen--2.39
  • Crisp, Leslie Finlay (Canberra University College)--2.39
  • Crocker, W. R. (United Nations)--2.39
  • Croft, Patricia (Australian National University, Canberra)--2.1
  • Croll, R. S. T.--2.39
  • Cross, Hartley (Springfield College)--2.39, 6.11, 7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Crowther, Joseph J.--2.39
  • Crunden, Robert M. (University of Texas at Austin)--1.3*, 2.39
  • Cryan, Amy (Australian Institute of International Affairs)--1.27
  • Cuddy, John J. (Californians, Inc.)--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Culver, Joseph H. (University of Texas at Austin)--6.17
  • Cumpston, J. H. L. (Australia. Department of Health)--7.7
  • Cumpston, John--2.39
  • Cunningham, Kenneth Stewart (Australian Council for Educational Research)--2.39, 7.7
  • Cunningham, Louis Wyborn (Gazette and Telegraph Company)--2.39
  • Cunningham, Mary E. (New York State Historical Association)--5.14
  • Curlewis, F. C. P. (Australian Sugar Producers' Association Limited)--2.39
  • Curti, Merle (Smith College)--8.4
  • Curti, Merle Eugene--2.39
  • Curtin, John (Parliament of the Commonwealth)--2.39
  • Curtis, John Gould [on behalf of Hart, Albert Bushnell]--3.28
  • Curtz, Ernst F. (Ernst F. Curtz Associates)--2.39
  • Cusack, Dymphna--3.2
  • Cushing, Edward (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)--2.16
  • Cushing, George (WJR, Detroit)--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine], 6.25
  • D'Amico, Victor--10.3
  • Dagsland, Hilga--3.3
  • Dakin, W. S.--3.3
  • Dale, Edgar (Ohio State University)--9.4
  • Daley, Louise Tiffany--3.3
  • Dalgliesl, Alice (Charles Scribner's Sons)--6.9
  • Dallas, K. M.--3.3
  • Dalsimer, Samuel (Cecil & Presbrey, Inc.)--3.3
  • Daly, Rose (Harper's Magazine)--4.1
  • Daniel, Howard--3.3
  • Daniells, Lorna M.--3.3
  • Daniels, Stuart L. (Prentice-Hall, Inc.)--5.23
  • Dark, Eleanor--3.3
  • Darling, J. R. (Geelong Church of England Grammar School)--7.7
  • Darrow, Clarence--3.3
  • Dauer, Ernst A. (Household Finance Coporation)--4.1[to Harper's Magazine]
  • Daumarie, Yvonne (Ambassade de France)--3.11
  • Davidson, Alfred (Bank of New South Wales)--7.7
  • Davidson, Donald C. (University of California, Santa Barbara)--2.20
  • Davidson, J. W. (Australian National University, Canberra)--2.1
  • Davidson, Jim (Australian National University)--3.3
  • Davis, Elmer (Columbia Broadcasting System)--1.8*, 3.3
  • Davis, R. (Frank A. Munsey Company)--7.32
  • Davis, Ruth H.--7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Davis, Stuart--3.3
  • Davison, Frank--3.3
  • Davison, Peter H. (Harvard University Press)--4.2
  • Dawson, George (Grosset & Dunlap, Inc. Publishers) (Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., Publishers)--3.27, 5.25
  • Day, A. J.--4.14
  • De Silva, Hilni--3.3
  • Deachman, R. J.--3.3
  • Deane, Albert (Paramount Pictures, Inc. Foreign Department)--5.18
  • DeLong, Walter J. (Weyerhaeuser Timber Company)--6.25
  • Denson, John (Newsweek)--5.14
  • Derecktor, Lina P. (Katonah Village Library)--3.3, 4.15, 19.17
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  • Dever, Paul A.--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
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  • DeVoto, Bernard--3.3
  • Dexter, Byron (Council on Foreign Relations)--2.34, 13.22
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  • Dickins, Nance (Australian Institute of International Affairs)--1.27
  • Dickinson, Joan Younger--3.3
  • Dickinson, Robert L. (Euthanasia Society of America, Inc.)
  • Dillard, Hardy C. (Institute of Public Affairs)--4.13
  • Dimoff, John (University of Michigan Press)--1.17*, 5.4
  • Divine, Robert A. (University of Texas at Austin)--1.8*, 3.3
  • Dixon, J. M. (Colonial Sugar Refining Company, Sydney)--2.34
  • Dobbie, Lucie E. N. (University of California Press)--2.21
  • Dodd, Alan P. (Australia. Department of Public Lands)--1.24
  • Dodd, Loring--13.10
  • Dodds, R. S. (New South Wales Government Office)--5.14
  • Dodge, Mildred--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
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  • Doering, Otto C.--3.3
  • Dolbeare, Louis P.--3.3
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  • Donnelly, Walter (University of Michigan Press)--5.3-5.4
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  • Donovan, Robert Kent (British Studies Inteligencer)--2.13
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  • Doremus, Edwin (Thomas Y. Crowell Company)--2.39
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  • Douglas, Ronald (Teacher Retirement System of Texas)--6.15
  • Downer, L. J. (University of Melbourne)--3.3
  • Downey, P. J. (Comment)--2.34
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  • Drew, Lisa (Doubleday & Company, Inc.)--7.33
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  • Dry, F. W. (Massey Agricultural College)--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
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  • Dudley, Lavinia (Encyclopedia Americana)--1.8*, 3.6
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  • Duncan, Bernice G. (Books Abroad)--2.13
  • Duncan, W. G. K. (University of Sydney)--7.7
  • Durrie, Paul H. (Fund for Adult Education)--9.19
  • Dursteler, William S.--7.22 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
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  • Dyson, William--3.3
  • Eager, W. Lawrence (Bank of America)--3.6
  • Earl, Elliott--3.6
  • Eayrs, Herbert (Fred F. French Management Company, Inc.)--3.11
  • Eble, Kenneth E.--3.6
  • Ebray, A.--3.6
  • Edelmann, Susan (New York University Press)--5.14
  • Edwards, E. Paul--3.6
  • Edwards, Muriel MacDonald--3.6
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  • Eisenberg, Moses Joel--3.6
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  • Eisenstadt, Evelyn (U.S. Department of State)--6.22
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  • Elin, C. C. (Angus & Robertson Ltd.)--1.22
  • Elkin, A. (University of Sydney)--3.6
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  • Eller, Russell Z. (California Fruit Growers Exchange)--2.20
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  • Elliott, L. W. (Standard-Vacuum Oil Company--1.18*, 6.11
  • Elliott, Roy M.--3.6
  • Ellis, Jean (Finch College; Conference on British Studies)--3.6
  • Ellis, Maxine--3.6
  • Elting, Helen W. (The English-Speaking Union)--3.6
  • Emery, Ruth (New York University. Conference on British Studies)--5.14
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  • Everett, Will--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
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  • Fatout Paul (Purdue University)--3.11
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  • Feldman, Robert J. (The World Pubishing Company)--13.19
  • Fennell, Jim (Darrell Royal Workshop)--4.28
  • Fenner, Bobbie--7.20 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Fenner, Frank--3.11
  • Fenton, Harold E. (Christchurch Co-op Book Society Ltd.)--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Fenton, R. S. (Constitutional Association of Australia)--2.34
  • Ferguson, George A. (Angus & Robertson Ltd.)--1.22
  • Ferry, John B.--3.11
  • Field, M. (Australia. Office of the Consul General)--1.24
  • Finey, George--3.11
  • Finkelstein, Lawrence S. (Council on Foreign Relations)--2.34
  • Finlay, A. M.--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Firth, Cedric--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Fischer, John (Harper & Brothers)--4.1
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  • Fletcher, Scott--10.3
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  • Franklin, Daanny--3.11
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  • Franklin--3.11
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  • Fraser, Hugh Russell (Committee on American History)--13.30
  • Fraser, Malcolm--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
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  • Gepp, Herbert--3.19
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  • Geto, Alfred D.--3.19
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  • Goodman, R. B. (Lake States Conservation Advisory Council)--4.21
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  • Gordon, Gayle--3.19
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  • Grattan, Jennifer--see Corner, Jennifer Grattan
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  • Grattan, Marjorie Campbell--1.9-1.13*, 3.25 [to Grattan, C. Hartley]; 7.16 [to Corner, Jennifer Grattan]; 7.17 [to Grattan, Jacqueline]; 7.18 [to Grattan, John]; 7.19 [to University of Michigan Press]
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  • Gunther, John--3.27
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  • Gurr, Tom (The Sun)--7.7
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  • Hall, Leslie--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]?
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  • Holland, William L. (Council on Foreign Relations)--2.34
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  • Internal Revenue Service (District Director)--1.18*
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  • Jack-Hinton, Anna--4.15
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  • Jackson, William A. (Library of Harvard University)--3.28
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  • Jarman, Ruth M.--4.15
  • Jarrell, Andrew J. (Reader's Digest)--5.28
  • Jarrott, T. L.--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Jasay, Anthony E de--4.15
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  • Jelliffe, Cameron (The English-Speaking Union)--3.6
  • Jenkins, Shirley (Institute of Pacific Relations)--4.13
  • Jeppson, John (Clark University)--2.32
  • Jervis, L. C. (Mrs.)--8.4
  • Jewish Frontier--1.15*
  • Jewks, Ernest E. (Alexander Hamilton Institute)--1.21
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  • Johnson, W. M. (Webster Publishing Company)--6.25
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  • Jones, Charles Lloyd (David Jones Limited)--7.8
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  • Jones, J. Gordon (Chamber of Manufactures of New South Wales)--7.8
  • Jones, Joseph (University of Texas at Austin)--1.15*, 4.15
  • Jones, Llewellyn--4.15
  • Jones, Marjorie M. (Brandeis University)--4.15
  • Jonson, Hazel A. (Connecticut College Library)--2.34
  • Joralemon, Dorothy Rieber--13.10
  • Joralemon, Ira B.--13.18
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  • Josephson, Ben (Fortune)--3.11
  • Journal of Religious History--4.15
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  • Kouwenhoven, Joan (Mrs. John A.)--4.20
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  • Krier, Mary--4.20
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  • Matthews, J. L. (U.S. Department of Agriculture)--8.13
  • Matthews, M. (Mrs.)
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  • Plimsoll, J. (Embassy of Australia)--5.23
  • Plowman, C. G. (Australian National University, Canberra)--2.1
  • Pollard, James--2.25
  • Pope, Arthur Upham--1.16*, 5.23
  • Portus, Jerry (The University of Adelaide)--5.23
  • Potter, Russell (Columbia University)--2.34, 5.23
  • Pottle, Frederick A. (Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell)- -17.33
  • Potts, John C. (Colonial Sugar Refining Company, Ltd., Fiji)--5.24
  • Powell, Joseph M. (University of Canterbury; Monash University)--5.23
  • Powell, William B.--10.4 [to Harper's Magazine], 5.23
  • Powler, A. L. (International Harvester Export Company)--5.23
  • Poynter, J. R. (University of Melbourne)--4.28
  • Praeger, Frederick A. (Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., Publishers)--5.25
  • Pratt, Harriet (The English-Speaking Union)--3.6
  • Prentice, P. I. (Time)--5.23
  • Prentice-Hall, Inc. (Miss Boesch)--1.16*
  • Prentiss, Mark O.--4.7 [to Barnes, Harry Elmer], 5.23, 52.10
  • Press, Beatrice (The New Leader)--5.14
  • Prest, W. (University of Melbourne)--2.40 [to Crawford, John Grenfell, Sir]
  • Preston, Richard A. (Duke University Commonwealth-Studies Center)--3.3, 5.23
  • Price, Frank W. (Wm. H. Wise & Co. Publishers)--7.2
  • Price, Leonard H. (U.S. Department of State)--6.22
  • Priceman, Mark--5.23
  • Prichard, Katharine Susannah--5.26, 7.8
  • Prior, Arthur N.--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Prior, James A.--5.23
  • Proskauer, Joseph M. (American Jewish Committee)--1.21
  • Pulling, R. J. (University of the State of New York)--10.3
  • Pundick, Douglas (Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., Publishers)--14.10
  • Putnam, A. James (The Macmillan Company)--6.13
  • Putnam, A. L.--5.23
  • Quest Haven School--5.27
  • Ramsden, B. M. (Melbourne University Press)--3.6
  • Randall, Cecile--8.4
  • Random House (Editor, Landmark Books)--1.18*
  • Ransom, Harry (University of Texas at Austin)--6.17, 6.18
  • Rapp, Adele S. (American Red Cross, North Shore Chapter)--1.21
  • Rascoe, Burton--6.2, 7.13 [to Grattan, Beatrice Kuper]
  • Raul, Theodore B.--5.28
  • Raup, Philip M.--5.28
  • Rawson, Roy--5.28
  • Read, Stanley A.--5.28
  • Reed, Lawrence H. (Doubleday & Company, Inc.)--3.3
  • Reed, Wendy R. (New South Wales Parliament)--5.14
  • Regamey, Antony (Boston Society of the New Jerusalem; Church of the New Jerusalem; New Church Theological School; Swedenborg School of Religion)--6.3, 7.23 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Reilly, James J.--5.28
  • Reinhardsen, Marjory--5.28
  • Reischauer, Edwin O (Harvard University)--5.28
  • Remington, Geoffrey C. (Remington & Co.)--6.1, 7.23 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Remington, Joan--1.18*, 5.28, 7.23 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Reuben, William A.--5.28
  • Revue de Hongrie--2.7 [to Barnes, Harry Elmer]
  • Reynal and Hitchcock, Inc.--5.28
  • Reynolds, Richard George--5.28
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  • Rice, Harriet Langdon--8.4
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  • Richardson, Henry Handel [pseud. of Ethel Florence Lindesay Robertson] --6.4
  • Ricketts, Phyllis Ruth--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
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  • Rietmulder, James (Association Press)--1.25, 9.8
  • Riggs, Robert L. (The Courier-Journal, Louisville)--6.4 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Riordan, John--5.9 [to The Nation]
  • Rishworth, E. K.--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Ritchhart, Abe--6.4
  • Ritchie, W. G.--6.4
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  • Roberts, Hew (State University of Iowa)--6.4
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  • Roberts, Russell--6.4
  • Roberts, T. H. (State University of Iowa)--4.13
  • Roberts, Warren (University of Texas at Austin)--6.17, 6.18
  • Robinson, A. E.--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Robinson, Clark L.--6.4
  • Robinson, E. Ann (Middlebury College)--5.2
  • Robinson, Harold C. S (University of Kentucky)--6.4
  • Robinson, Monroe Douglas (Treasury Department. War Finance Committee)--6.4
  • Robson, L. C. (Sydney Church of England Grammar School)--7.8
  • Rocker, R. (Who's Who in the Western Hemisphere)--7.2
  • Rodman, Selden (Common Sense)--2.34
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  • Rogers, F. H. (University of New England)--6.13
  • Rogers, Frank (Amherst College)--6.4
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  • Rogers, Walter S. (Institute of Current World Affairs)--4.13, 6.4, 17.13
  • Rohde, Ruth Bryan (Spearers' Research Committee for the United Nations)--14.57
  • Rorty, James--6.4
  • Rorty, Richard--6.4
  • Rorty, Winifred--6.4
  • Rose, R. (Australia. Department of Territories)--1.24
  • Rosecrance, Richard (Department of State)--6.4
  • Rosen, Helen van Derwoot--6.4
  • Rosenberg, Jerry (Miami University)--6.4
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  • Roskolenko, Harry--6.4
  • Ross, E. A.--6.4
  • Ross, I. Clunies (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization)--6.4
  • Ross, Lloyd (Australian Railways Union)--6.6, 7.8
  • Rossant, M. J. (Business Week)--6.4
  • Rouleau, Greg (W. A. Sheaffer Pen Co.)--6.11
  • Rubenstein, Sara Fine--6.11
  • Ruff, G. Elson (Muhlenberg Press Publishers)--5.5
  • Ruger, John W. (Katonah Village Improvement Society)--1.15*, 4.16
  • Ruml, Beardsley--6.7
  • Rusk, Dean (War Department)--1.18*, 6.7
  • Russell, Anne (Angus & Robertson Ltd.)--1.22
  • Russell, Howard C.--6.7
  • Russell, P. F. X. (Canada. National Defence College)--2.24
  • Ryan, J. (Australian National University, Canberra)--2.1
  • Ryan, J. Franklin (Bedford, NY. Justice of the Peace)--2.10
  • Ryan, J. T. (Union League Club)--6.7
  • Ryan, K. Bruce (University of Cincinnati)--6.7
  • Salier, Cecil W.--6.8
  • Salmund, A.--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Salpeter, Harry--6.9
  • Samalman, Alexander (Publishers Autocaster Service)--7.32
  • Sampson, Celia--7.23 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Sanders, Martha (The Heritage Club)--4.5
  • Sanderson, Nancy--6.9
  • Sargent, Lydia M.--6.9
  • Saunders, P. H. (Office of the High Commissioner for Australia)--2.27
  • Sawer, Geoffrey--6.9
  • Scal, Marjorie (Cambridge University Press)--2.23
  • Scarbrough, Lem (Mrs.)--6.9
  • Schackne, Stewart (Standard Oil Company)--6.11
  • Schantz, Sidney--6.9
  • Schapiro, Meyer--6.9
  • Schlesinger, Stephen (John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation)--1.15*
  • Schmalhausen, Samuel D.--6.9
  • Schmitt, Karl M. (University of Texas at Austin)--6.9
  • Schnapper, M. B. (Public Affairs Press)--5.23, 19.17
  • Schniftgieser, Karl (The Washington Post)--6.9
  • Schofield, Thelma (Pacific Affairs)--5.22
  • Schoppert, Lois M.--6.9
  • Schreiner, George A.--2.7 [to Barnes, Harry Elmer], 6.9
  • Schutz, Anton (New York Graphic Society)--5.14
  • Schwartz, Harry (Syracuse University)--6.9
  • Scoon, John (University of Chicago Press)--2.30, 6.9
  • Scott, Frank R. (McGill University)--6.9
  • Scott, Virginia Lee (University of Delaware)--6.9
  • Scott, W. J.--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Seabourne, J. Gay--6.9, 18.4
  • Sedgwick, Mrs.--1.18*
  • Seely, Elizabeth C. (Sarah Lawrence College. Library)--6.9
  • Seidel, Stuart, Jr.--6.9
  • Selde, Creven--6.9
  • Seldes, Gilbert (Columbia Broadcasting System)--2.34
  • Selling, Robert M. (U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare)--6.21
  • Selman, J. B. (Australia. Northern Territory Administration. Library)--1.24
  • Seltenrich, H. H. (Garden City Publishing Company)--3.19
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  • Serle, Percival--6.9
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  • Sharp, Russell A. (Webster Publishing Company)--6.25
  • Shaw, Leander J. (Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University)--3.11
  • Shaw, R. Vernon--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Shaw, Roger--6.9
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  • Shea, George (Barron's)--2.2
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  • Sheppard, A. W. (Sheppard's Book Shops, Sydney)--6.9
  • Shillito, Phyllis (Sydney Technical College)--6.13
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  • Sihler, Ernest G. (New York University)--6.10
  • Silber, John R. (University of Texas at Austin)--6.10, 6.17
  • Sills, Percival--6.10
  • Silverstein, Adolph (Win Nathanson and Associates, Inc.)--5.9
  • Simon, Hope R. (United Nations Information Council of Columbia University)--2.34
  • Simone, Jean--7.23 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Simone, Rich--7.23 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Sinclair, Keith (University of Auckland)--20.9
  • Sinclair, Upton--6.10
  • Skinner, Mary Louisa--6.10
  • Sklar, Robert (University of Michigan)--6.10
  • Slate, W. L. (Mrs. Sylvestre M)--6.10
  • Slate, Zo--6.10
  • Slater, J. (Communist Party of Australia)--2.34
  • Smart, E. Kenneth--4.14
  • Smith & Herbert Ltd.--6.10
  • Smith, Bernard (University of Melbourne)--4.3 [to Bailey, David W.], 6.10
  • Smith, C. P. (The West Australian)--7.8
  • Smith, Carson W.--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Smith, E. H.--6.10
  • Smith, F. B. (Historical Studies)--4.5
  • Smith, George Ivan (United Nations; This Modern Age)--6.10
  • Smith, Hilda W.--6.10
  • Smith, Hilda--9.1
  • Smith, Lawrence M. C. (U.S. Department of Justice)--6.21
  • Smith, Lewis Worthington--6.10
  • Smith, Louise--6.10
  • Smith, Neville (The Argus)--1.21
  • Smith, R. O.--6.10
  • Smith, Vivian B.--1.18*, 6.10
  • Smith, Warren Allen--6.10
  • Smith, Wilbur (University of California, Los Angeles)--1.3*
  • Smith, William Warren, Jr. (Harvard University Press)--4.2
  • Snyder, Arthur--6.10
  • Sommer, H. O.--6.11
  • Sonneberg, Walter--6.11
  • Soschin, E. (Russell & Russell Publishers)--6.7
  • Soskin, William (Stackpole Sons Publishers)--6.11, 8.7
  • Sottschalk, Helen--6.11
  • Souter, H. (Australia. Department of Commerce)--1.2*, 1.24
  • Spaulding, Ruth--6.11
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  • Sprenkle, Caroline--6.11
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  • Squibb, Francis (American Peoples Encyclopedia Yearbook)--13.14
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  • Stackpole, Stephen H. (Carnegie Corporation of New York)--1.3*, 2.28
  • Staley, Eugene--6.11
  • Stark, Charles R. (Klamath County Chamber of Commerce)--4.20
  • Starr, Mark (International Ladies's Garment Workers' Union)--4.13
  • Steinberg, Jacob (Twayne Publishers, Inc.)--6.15
  • Stephensen, P. R. (The Endeavour Press)--6.11
  • Stephenson, Huber--5.1 [to Editor, American Mercury]
  • Sterling, Mary (Silas Wainwright Auxiliary to Poast No. 6338)--6.24
  • Stevens, B. S. B.--7.8
  • Stevens, Janet--9.1
  • Stewart, Jean--6.11
  • Stewart, John (Australian Labor Party)--4.21
  • Stewart, John Innes MacKintosh--6.11
  • Stewart, Marguerite Ann (Institute of Pacific Relations)--4.13
  • Stewart, Maydelle B. (North American Lily Society)--6.11
  • Stier, Cornelia Campbell--7.23 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Stitt, Joan B. (Ford Foundation)--3.15
  • Stivens, Dal (Commonwealth of Australia. Department of Information)-- 6.12
  • Stiver, Michael L. (Coordinator of Information)--6.11
  • Stockdale, N. (Flinders University of South Australia)--6.13
  • Stoddart, Curwen (Brooklyn College)--2.16
  • Stokes, Donald Slater (University of Hawaii)--6.14
  • Stone, Bill--1.18*, 6.13
  • Stone, Geoffrey--6.13
  • Stone, Mark K.--6.13
  • Stone, Walter W.--6.13
  • Stone, William T. (Mrs.)--7.23 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Stout, Rex (Authors Guild)--1.27
  • Strachan, Pearl (Christian Science Monitor)--6.13
  • Strangeland Charles E. (Universität Berlin)--6.13
  • Strauss, Anne Marie A.--1.18*, 6.13
  • Strauss, Florence (U.S. Office of War Information)--6.21
  • Strauss, Harold (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.)--4.20
  • Street, Jessie M. G.--7.8
  • Studin, Charles H.--6.13
  • Styles, Edward (The World Publishing Company)--13.19
  • Sutch, W. B. (Office of Minister of Finance, Wellington, NZ)--6.13
  • Suter, Eugene (The Hotchkiss School)--6.13
  • Sutherland, Bruce (Pennsylvania State College)--6.13
  • Sutphin, Donald R.--6.13
  • Svec, Melvina--1.18*
  • Sven, M. Melvina (United Nations Association, Cedar Rapids Area Chapter)--6.13
  • Swasey, E. M. (The American Weekly)--7.32
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  • Swenson, Rinehart J. (New York University)--5.14
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  • Symons, A. E.--7.8
  • Tafel, Richard H. (Church of the New Jerusalem)--13.18
  • Tagel, Jacqueline (The Sapphire & Opal Centre Pty. Limited)--6.15
  • Tange, A. H. (Australian Legation)--6.15
  • Tangen, John N.--6.15
  • Tate, Allen--6.15
  • Tate, Frank (Australian Council for Educational Research)--5.19 [to Palmer, Nettie], 6.15
  • Taussig, Richard S.--6.15
  • Taylor, C. R. H. (Alexander Turnbull Library)--1.21
  • Taylor, Diane--6.15
  • Taylor, H. Walker, Jr.--6.15
  • Taylor, Milton C. (U.S. National War College)--6.23
  • Taylor, R. Brodie--6.15
  • Taylor, Stanford E. (Educational Development Laboratories)--3.6
  • Tead, Ordway--8.23
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  • Thayer, Peter J.--6.15
  • Thenault, Georges (Ambassade de France)--3.11
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  • Thomas, Howard--6.15
  • Thomas, Margaret L.--6.15
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  • Tibbits, Clark (U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare)--9.14
  • Timperley, H. J.--6.15
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  • Tinkham, George Holden (Congress of the United States. House of Representatives)--6.15
  • Tipton, Bill (Acco Press)--1.21
  • Titus, Elizabeth L. (University of Chicago Press)--2.30
  • Tobin, Gregory M.--6.15
  • Toll, Maynard J., Jr.--6.19
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  • Townsend, John Wilson--7.33
  • Townsend, W. Lewis C. (Sydney Morning Herald)--6.15
  • Trail, Jean K. (University of Chicago Press)--2.30
  • Traylor, Idris R., Jr. (International Center for Arid and Semi-arid Land Studies)--6.15
  • Treharne, Horace C. (Cleveland Advertising Club)--2.25
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  • Trist, Frank (International P.E.N.)--5.18
  • Trotta, Richard (National Bank of Westchester)--5.9
  • Troy, Lillian Scott--6.20
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  • Tsuchiko, Takeshi (Fiji Press, Ltd.)--5.18
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  • Tully, Jim--6.15
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  • Turner, Frank T.--6.15
  • Tweed, T. W. (Mrs.) (Dora Hood's Book Room Limited)--3.3
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  • Uebel, Helen B. (Scott, Foresman and Company)--6.9
  • Ulrich, C. A. (Houghton Mifflin Company)--8.4
  • Uncensored--6.21
  • Universities Bureau of the British Empire--1.2*
  • University Building Bookshop, Melbourne--6.21
  • University of Adelaide (Registrar)--1.2*
  • University of Melbourne--4.14
  • University of Montreal--4.14
  • University of Queensland Press--5.27
  • University of Sydney (Committee on Commonwealth Research Studentships)--1.18*
  • University of Texas at Austin--6.17-6.18
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  • Uren, Malcolm J. L. (The Western Mail)--6.21
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  • Van Zandt, J. Parker (The Brookings Institution)--6.24
  • Vandenbasch, Amy--5.23 [to Political Science Quarterly]
  • Vars, Ethan W.--6.24
  • Vaurs, Roger (Ambassade de France)--3.11
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  • Vernon, James, Sir (Colonial Sugar Refining Company, Sydney)--2.34, 6.24
  • Vickery, Mr.--1.18*
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  • Villiard, Oswald Garrison--6.24
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  • Virgin, Eric (Legation of Sweden)--6.13
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  • Vizetelly, Henry E. (Funk & Wagnalls Company)--3.17
  • Voice--6.24
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  • Walker, M. T.--6.25
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  • Warne, Colston E. (Consumers Union)--2.34
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  • Warren, Fred D.--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine], 6.25
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  • Warren, Austin--6.25
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  • Watkins, Edwin (University of Michigan Press)--5.3
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  • Weight, Glenn S.--6.25
  • Weimer, Joseph Glenn--4.20
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  • Wheeler, Jesse H. (University of Missouri)--7.2
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  • White, H. L. (Parliament of the Commonwealth. The Library)--2.27
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  • White, Thomas H.--7.2
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  • Williams, I. Morgan (New Zealand. House of Representatives)--7.9 [to Belshaw, H.]
  • Williams, John H.--1.18*, 7.2
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  • Williams, John--7.2
  • Williams, R. L. (Yale University)--7.2
  • Williams, W. Wynne--7.2
  • Williams, Whiting--7.2
  • Williamson, F. S.--7.2
  • Williamson, T. B.--7.33
  • Willoughby, J.--7.2
  • Wilmot, Frank--7.8
  • Wilson, Dana--7.2
  • Wilson, Edmund (The New Yorker)--5.14
  • Wilson, F. S.--7.2
  • Wilson, J. S. G.--7.2
  • Wilson, Kenneth (Reader's Digest)--5.28
  • Wilson, Lascelles (University of Sydney)--6.13
  • Wilson, Patricia A. (Prentice-Hall, Inc.)--5.23
  • Wilson, Thomas J. (Harvard University Press)--1.15*, 4.2, 10.19
  • Wilson, Thomas M. (U.S. Foreign Service)--7.2
  • Wimp, Robert D. (Texas Rehabilitation Commission)--6.15
  • Winchell, Walter (Daily Mirror)--7.2
  • Wing, Donald G. (Yale University. Library)--1.18*, 7.5
  • Winks, Robin W. (Yale University)--7.5
  • Winters, Yvor--7.2
  • Wise, Clarence (Mrs.)--7.2
  • Withers, Carl (Grolier Society,Inc.)--3.27
  • Withers, Harry C. (Dallas Morning News)--1.8*, 3.3
  • Wolcott, Marion D.--7.4
  • Woll, Peter--7.4
  • Wollaston, E. (Angus & Robertson Ltd.)--1.22
  • Wood, Elizabeth--7.4
  • Wood, Fred--7.4
  • Wood, Kay (Darrell Royal Activity Center)--7.23 [to Grattan, Marjorie Campbell]
  • Wood, M. E. (Australia. Australia House)--1.24
  • Wood, Ralph C.--4.1 [to Harper's Magazine]
  • Woodward, William R.--7.4
  • Wright, Benjamin F. (Smith College)--6.10
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  • Wyvell, Lois (Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., Publishers)--13.37
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  • Zierer, Clifford Maynard (University of California, Los Angeles)--7.5
  • Zimmern, Alfred, Sir--7.5
  • Zink, LaVerne (University of Wisconsin Press)--7.2

Index of Published Articles

  • Africa: Core of Empire--16.2
  • Africa: Will It Be a Slum Continent? [book review]--15.7
  • Aims of British Foreign Policy, The--16.1
  • Alien Americans--15.17
  • Along the Life Line of Empire--15.18
  • Ambrose Bierce--15.6
  • America Will Fight, Unless . . .--15.14
  • America: The World's "Problem"--15.7
  • American and the Next War--15.19
  • American Bookshelf, An--15.13
  • American Conquers Eroticism--15.16
  • American: The World's "Problem"--15.8
  • Americans at Versailles, The--15.9
  • Antipodal Theatres: The Show Shops of Australia . . .--15.7
  • Are We An International Menace?--16.1
  • Australia and Asia--15.14
  • Australia and the Near North--16.2
  • Australia and the Pacific--15.7
  • Australia and the Pacific [book review]--15.23
  • Australia Arms--15.18
  • Australia Drifts--15.18
  • Australia Examines the Future [book review]--43.7
  • Australia in U.S. Camp--15.20
  • Australia on the Firing Line--15.22
  • Australia Through Australian Eyes--15.21
  • Australia Today--15.23
  • Australia Tries Again to Settle Interior After Century of Failure--15.15
  • Australia, Settled as a Result of Our Revolution, Holds Its Sesquicentennial- -15.18
  • Australian Bush Songs, The--15.8
  • Australian Labor Situation, The--15.6
  • Australian Literature--15.7
  • Australian Literature: An American Criticism . . .--15.10
  • Australian Political Seesaw--15.12
  • Australian Self-Reliance--15.20
  • Australian-American Axis, An?--15.20
  • Authorship in Australia--15.6
  • Aventura Antárctica--16.3
  • Back to Work: When and Where?--15.18
  • Basic Three, The--16.4
  • Behind the Figures [book review]--15.17
  • Beveridge Plans Are Not Enough--15.22
  • Big Business Manager: Eugene Holman--16.3
  • Bland's Government in Australia--15.20
  • Bolsheviks in Washington--15.15
  • Books--5c to $1--15.8
  • Britain's Next Big Crisis--16.1
  • Britain's One Way Out--15.24
  • Britain's Rising Living Standard--16.4
  • Calm Within the Cyclone, The--15.11
  • Can Knowledge Be Made Popular?--15.7
  • Capitalism Collapses--15.14
  • Caribbean: Detritus of Empire--16.2
  • Colin Clark on Australia--16.4
  • Colin Clark: A Conservative as Radical--16.4
  • Colonel House's Self-Defense--15.11
  • Colonial Writers--15.7
  • Colonialism in Southeast Asia--16.2
  • Colonialism: A Forecast--16.2
  • Colonization in Australia--15.21
  • Coming: A New British Empire?--15.20
  • Commencement Address. Clark University, 1953--16.3
  • Communication, A: Do We Need to Go to War?--15.20
  • Confederation or Conglomeration?--15.22
  • Contemporary American Writers and the American Tradition--15.6
  • Could Australia Be Neutral?--15.18
  • Crisis in American Ideology, The--15.15
  • Critics Who Interest Me [letter to the editor]--15.13
  • Cut the Apron Strings--16.5
  • Degradation of American School Teachers, The--15.6
  • Dominion Down Under--15.18
  • Economic Problem of Colonialism, The--16.2
  • Economics of Holiday, The--16.3
  • Enigma of New Guinea, The--15.21
  • Failure of Woodrow Wilson, The--15.14
  • Farthest East in Canada--15.17
  • Fight for Academic Freedom, The--15.17
  • First Reader, The--15.10, 15.11
  • First Reader, The--15.16
  • First Reader, The--15.20
  • First Reader, The--15.20
  • Fool's Highway [book review]--15.16
  • Frank Norris--15.8
  • Frank Norris: Literary Pioneer of the '90s--15.6
  • Full Employment Through the Wringer--15.24
  • Future of Africa, The--15.22
  • Future of Foreign Trade, The--15.23
  • Future of the British Empire, The--15.19
  • Future of the Pacific Coast, The--15.24
  • G. D. Eaton: A Reminiscence--15.13
  • Glimpse of Henry James, A--15.10
  • Good World for Mr. Mencken, A--15.13
  • Good-bye to H. G. Wells!--15.10
  • Grattan on Food--16.5
  • Great Australian Trek, The--16.3
  • Great Day, The [book review]--15.17
  • Harry Hansen of the World--15.8
  • Has Australia Recovered?--15.15
  • Hayek's Hayride--15.24
  • Historians Cut Loose, The--15.6
  • Historians Cut Loose, The--15.8
  • Historiens Américains Pendant la Guerre Mondiale--15.6
  • Hope of New Zealand, The--15.22
  • Hot Springs Food Conference, The: Faith, Hope--and Charity--15.22
  • How America Is Controlled--15.12
  • How American Was Forced into the World War--15.10
  • How to Make a World Worth Living In--15.18
  • How Vulnerable is Australia?--15.22
  • How We Can Draw Nearer to the United States--15.20
  • Howells: Ten Years After--15.9
  • Ideas of a Perfect Cynic, The--15.8
  • If Britain Goes Under: A Speculation--15.20
  • If We Really Want International Trade--16.1
  • Ik Marvel--15.6
  • Intellectuals Go Left--15.11
  • Irish Names [letter to the editor]--15.14
  • Is Fascism Coming in the U.S.A.? . . .--15.16
  • Jack London--15.8
  • James T. Farrell: Moralist--16.3
  • Japan Will Not Change Her Immutable Line--15.21
  • Japan's Policy after the Moscow Pact--15.21
  • Katonah Record Open Forum [letter to the editor]--16.2
  • Keyserling, Peddler of Wisdom--15.9
  • Kingdom of Books, The--15.10
  • Let's Be Firm with Japan's Hotheads--15.21
  • Libraries: A Necessity for Democracy--15.18
  • Literary Criticism and the Teaching of English--15.10
  • Literary Scene in Australia, The--15.18
  • Literary Scene in Australia, The--15.20
  • Literary Scene in Australia, The--15.20
  • Literary Scene in Australia, The--15.21
  • Literature in the Antipodes--15.14
  • Living Standards in To-morrow's World--15.20
  • Measuring the Economic Pendulum [book review]--16.1
  • Modern Critic's Point of View, The--15.9
  • Modern Seaport of British South Africa--15.7
  • Moral Reform Won't Save Capitalism--15.15
  • Muddle in the Balkans, The--15.15
  • Munitions--Racket or Capitalism?--15.15
  • NANYO: Japan's South Sea Islands--15.20
  • New Books From Keynes to Canby--16.1
  • New England's Economic Plight--16.4
  • New Nations: How They Came of Age [book review]--16.1
  • New Non-Fiction, The [book review]--16.5
  • New Society, The: III: Money and Banking--15.12
  • New Views of American History [radio broadcast]--15.23
  • New Voice: The Promise of Our Youngest Writers--15.11
  • New York Cat, A--15.13
  • New Zealand Fights for a Liberal Peace--15.20
  • Next War, The--15.12
  • Next War, The--16.5
  • No More Excurions!--15.19
  • Note on Fenimore-Cooper, A--16.5
  • Notes on Britain Today--15.24
  • Notes on the Mass Media--16.9
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes--15.6
  • On the 'Meaning' in Novels--15.12
  • Open Letters to Lewisohn, Krutch and Mumford--15.12
  • Our Unknown Pacific Islands--15.21
  • Outstanding Magazine Articles, March, 1936 [lists The Fight for Academic Freedom by CHG]--15.17
  • Passion Spins the Plot--15.14
  • Peace Depends Largely on Heath of Economy--15.24
  • Peace: Has Pacifism Failed?--15.13
  • PhD Is Losing Its Eminence, The--16.4
  • Pity the Poor Middle Class--15.16
  • Postwar Migration: A Mirage--15.22
  • Present Situtation in Literary Criticism, The--15.11
  • Prince of Anglomaniacs Pilloried--15.6
  • Race Mysticism--15.13
  • Readers and Writers Down Under--16.1
  • Reconstruction in Australia--15.24
  • Red Opinion in the United States--14.15
  • Red Socialist or Free, We Still Have to Work--15.24
  • Refugees and an Underdeveloped Economy--15.19
  • Rise and Fall of the Old PhD, The--15.19
  • Road to Destitution, The--15.16
  • Saint Andy--15.7
  • Salutes to the Litterateurs--15.23
  • Sarah Orne Jewett--15.8
  • Senator Flanders: Intelligent Conservative--16.3
  • Shape of Things, The--15.22
  • Slump in Letters, The--15.11
  • Small Business, I Love You--15.24
  • So Your Income's Shot to Hell?--15.14
  • So-Called Humanism of Paul Elmer More, The--15.16
  • Social Security Poor--16.2
  • South African Labor--15.7
  • Soviet Admits Need for Broader Culture--15.15
  • Struggle for Peace, The--15.20
  • Student and Contemporary Writers, The--15.6
  • Teaching Love of War [letter to the editor]--16.5
  • Theatre Programs--15.13
  • There'll Be Some Changes Made--15.21
  • They Didn't Spare the Trees--15.16
  • They Knew What They Wanted--15.19
  • Thomas Alva Edison: An American Symbol--15.13
  • Thomas Bailey Aldrich--15.6
  • Those Japanese Mandates--15.23
  • Those Lovely Figures--16.3
  • Through the Years with the Jameses--15.12
  • Timeless Land, The--15.21
  • Trouble in the Hills--15.16
  • Troubles of a Radical Editor, The--15.12
  • Truman's Three Wise Men--16.2
  • Turning the Pages with C. Hartley Grattan--15.10
  • Uncensored: Special Supplement: Neutrality Act of 1939--15.19
  • United of Australia Put to Severe Test--15.14
  • UNO's Food Organization Helpless Before Its Biggest Problem--15.24
  • Upton Sinclair on Current Literature--15.11
  • Vicomte Grey et la Crise de 1914--15.6
  • Vine-Covered Factory Worker, The--15.24
  • Walter Hines Page: Patriot or Traitor?--15.6
  • Walter Winchell: King of Gossip--15.8
  • Wanted: Unemployed Authors--15.10
  • Warning to the Peace-Planners, A--15.22
  • Wartime President, The--15.19
  • Was Thoreau an Anarchist?--15.7
  • Well, Will It Be Fascism?--15.12
  • Well-Read Man, 1931, The--15.10
  • What British Socialism Is Up Against--15.24
  • What Business Thinks about Postwar America--15.23
  • What Can New Zealand Do?--15.21
  • What Is Liberalism?--15.13
  • What Is This Humanism?--15.9
  • What the War Cost--16.2
  • What the Younger Generation Thinks--15.12
  • What's Wrong With Our Education--15.18
  • Where Are the Democrats Going?--15.14
  • White Collar Workers in Retreat--15.17
  • Who Gets Supplementary Relief?--15.16
  • Who Is On Relief?--15.16
  • Who Supports Fascism?--15.15
  • Why America Will Go to War--15.15
  • Why, Dr. Einstein!--15.11
  • William Cullen Bryant--16.5
  • Wilson Was for War in March, 1916--15.11
  • Women of the Other Nation--15.16
  • Woodrow Wilson--Ten Years After--15.14
  • Working for the Government--15.17
  • World Today, The: Australia's Great Curse Is Drought . . .--15.7
  • World Today, The: From Sydney to Melbourne . . .--15.7
  • World Today, The: In Australia as in London a Street Car is a Tram . . .--15.7
  • World Today, The: One Month Away is Australia with its Great Modern Cities . . .--15.7
  • World Today, The: With the Gold Out of Its Hills . . .--15.7
  • Years, The: 1923-1933--15.13
  • Youth, the Campaign, and Tomorrow--15.17

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