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Ian McEwan:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: McEwan, Ian, 1948-
Title: Ian McEwan Papers
Dates: 1930s-2014 (bulk 1968-2013)
Abstract: Drafts (typescripts, printouts, electronic files) of published and unpublished works, personal and professional correspondence, notebooks, photographs, clippings, and family papers belonging to English novelist Ian McEwan. The professional and personal papers document McEwan's diverse writing career and range of creative output including novels; short stories; essays; lectures; scripts for radio, television and stage; screenplays; and libretti.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-4902
Extent: 71 document boxes (29.82 linear feet), 2 oversize boxes (osb), 1 notecard box, 12 computer disks, 1 computer hard drive
Language: Predominately English but also includes material in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

Ian Russell McEwan was born on June 21, 1948, near Aldershot, England, to Rose, a housewife, and David McEwan, a soldier in the British army (McEwan's father was later "commissioned from the ranks" and became an army officer). The family was stationed abroad at posts in Libya, Singapore, and Germany for most of McEwan's childhood and early adulthood. McEwan essentially grew up as an only child, even though he had a much older stepbrother, Jim (known as Roy), and stepsister, Margaret (Margy), from his mother's first marriage to Ernest Wort. Wort died serving in Belgium in 1944, and McEwan learned later in life that a brother, David Stewart Wort, was born to his mother and father in 1942 and given to a childless couple in response to a newspaper advertisement.

In 1959, at the age of 11, McEwan was sent from Tripoli, Libya to attend Woolverstone Hall, a state-run boarding school in Sussex, England, where he lived until 1966. In 1967, he entered the University of Sussex in Brighton where he graduated in 1970 with a BA in English. McEwan then attended the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich for an MA in English Literature, but also wrote stories under the guidance of Malcolm Bradbury and Angus Wilson. There, McEwan studied novels by American authors such as Norman Mailer, John Updike, Philip Roth, and Saul Bellow. These writers greatly influenced McEwan's early voice and their work appeared to him as "vibrant compared to its English counterpart at the time." While at UEA, McEwan wrote short stories that were submitted as part of his Master's thesis and later published in First Love, Last Rites (1975). The disturbing and grotesque topics in this collection garnered as much outrage as praise by critics ("brilliantly perverse") and won McEwan the 1976 Somerset Maugham Award. It was also at the UEA that McEwan met Penny Allen, who had two daughters from her first marriage to Alan Tuckett. In 1982, McEwan and Allen were married and the following year, had their first son, William. In 1986, their second son Gregory was born.

McEwan's first published story, "Conversation with a Cupboard Man," appeared in the Transatlantic Review (Spring/Summer 1972); however, Ted Solotaroff at the New American Review (which later became the American Review) truly launched McEwan's career with his second published story "Homemade" (#15, 1972). McEwan soon found his name appearing on the Review's cover for his story "Disguises," along with established writers such as Günter Grass, Susan Sontag, and Philip Roth (#18, September 1973). Solotaroff sent McEwan's work to Tom Maschler at Jonathan Cape, who published First Love, Last Rites.

After receiving his MA in English in 1972, McEwan and two friends traveled the "hippy trail" to Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan before he returned to London in order to focus on his writing. In 1977, he began his long association with literary agent, Deborah Rogers, who has represented him throughout his career. While awaiting publication of First Love, Last Rites, McEwan met Ian Hamilton, publisher of the New Review, and joined a clique of writers including James Fenton, Craig Raine, Martin Amis, and Julian Barnes, all about to publish their first books. McEwan's friendship with these writers has remained strong throughout his career.

In 1976, McEwan was asked to teach at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop where he met several emerging American writers including author Jayne Anne Phillips. In 1978, McEwan's second short story collection, In Between the Sheets, was published, as well as his first novel, The Cement Garden, which marked the end of his career as a short story writer. From that point on, McEwan has focused on novels, with occasional departures to write for the stage and screen.

McEwan's first television script "Jack Flea's Birthday Celebration" aired in 1976. He later adapted his short story "Solid Geometry" for the BBC; however, senior management was uncomfortable with some of the subject matter and suggested revisions, which McEwan opposed. The BBC halted production just prior to filming which resulted in a very public dispute ending with the firing of the film's producer. In 1980, McEwan wrote the teleplay, The Imitation Game, about female codebreakers at Bletchley Park. The film was directed by Richard Eyre and starred Brenda Blethyn and Harriet Walter. In 1983, he adapted his short story, The Last Day of Summer, and later that year, his first feature film, The Ploughman's Lunch (produced and directed by Eyre) was released. McEwan's adaptation of Timothy Mo's 1982 novel Sour Sweet was released in 1988, and his screenplay The Good Son starring Macaulay Culken was released in 1993.

The 1980s were a productive decade for McEwan. His second novel, The Comfort of Strangers, was published in 1981 and shortlisted for the Booker Prize. It was later adapted for screen by Harold Pinter and directed by Paul Schrader. In 1983, along with Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie, Julian Barnes, Rose Tremaine, and Kazuo Ishiguro, McEwan was named one of Granta magazine's "20 Best Young British Novelists." McEwan's versatility as a writer resulted in a 1984 collaboration with composer Michael Berkeley for the libretto Or Shall We Die? about the threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union. McEwan's third novel, The Child in Time (1987) won the Whitbred novel prize and marked a shift in the content of his novels, focusing less on individual morality and more on societal morality and social responsibility.

McEwan's literary success continued in the 1990s with his most popular novel to date, The Innocent (1990), which was later adapted to screen by McEwan. In 1992, Black Dogs was published and shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Ever versatile, McEwan also published a children's book made up of connected stories about a young boy named Peter, The Daydreamer. Enduring Love was published in 1997 and became a finalist for the Whitbread Book of the Year competition, quickly followed by Amsterdam (1998) which won the Booker Prize.

The 1990s also brought great personal changes for McEwan when his marriage to Penny Allen ended in 1995 with a rancorous divorce and intense custody disputes. In 1997, McEwan married journalist Annalena McAfee, whom he first met during her interview with McEwan.

In the new millennia, McEwan continues to enjoy numerous accolades and an expanding catalog of works. He received the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 2000. His next three books were all shortlisted for the Booker Prize, Atonement (2001), Saturday (2005), and On Chesil Beach (2007). In addition to winning the People's Booker Prize, Atonement also received the WH Smith Literary Award (2002), the National Book Critics' Circle Fiction Award (2003), the Los Angeles Times Prize for Fiction (2003), and the Santiago Prize for the European Novel (2004). The novel was adapted by Christopher Hampton in 2003 into a multi award-winning film. Additional novels Solar (2010), Sweet Tooth (2012), and The Children Act (2014) were published, as well as another collaboration with Michael Berkeley for the libretto For You (2008). In 2011, McEwan was awarded the Jerusalem Prize and received criticism from pro-Palestinian writers and supporters for not boycotting the award and accepting it in person; however, McEwan defended his decision stating, "I'm for finding out for myself, and for dialogue, engagement, and looking for ways in which literature, especially fiction, with its impulse to enter other minds, can reach across political divides."

As of 2015, McEwan continues to focus on issues of censorship, climate change, science and the humanities and writes and speaks frequently on these topics.

Scope and Contents

The Ian McEwan papers consist of drafts (typescripts, printouts, electronic files) of published and unpublished works, personal and professional correspondence, notebooks, photographs, clippings, and family papers from English novelist Ian McEwan. The professional and personal papers document McEwan's diverse writing career and range of creative output including novels; short stories; essays; lectures; scripts for radio, television and stage; screenplays; and libretti. The papers are organized into five series: I. Works, 1969-2013, undated; II. Correspondence, 1968-2014, undated; III. Personal and Professional, 1930s-2014 (bulk 1974-2013); IV. Works by Others, 1976-2012, undated; and V. Serials and Publications, 1973-2014.

The materials arrived at the Ransom Center in labeled A4 size document storage boxes and the arrangement outlined here closely reflects McEwan's original record organization.

Additionally, one computer hard drive containing document files, email correspondence, and photographs, as well as twelve computer disks are included in the material. Many of McEwan's writings (including novels, screenplays, essays, and lectures, as well as unidentified documents), outgoing correspondence, photographs, and personal and professional documents exist as electronic files and are available to researchers. Two access copies are available. One reflects the original directory structure and contains all files, including duplicates. The other access copy was arranged by the Ransom Center and reflects the arrangement as listed in the container list and includes a brief description, the number of files, the file formats, and the year timestamp. These dates do not necessarily reflect when the file was created or last saved. A number of these files exist in more than one iteration, may have multiple file names, exist in more than one file format, and/or exist in multiple subdirectories. The email correspondence has not been processed and is not available to researchers at this time.

Series I. Works consists of 29 document boxes of materials associated with McEwan's writings. It is arranged into four subseries: A. Novels and Collections, 1970-2009, undated; B. Screenplays, Film Adaptations, Scripts, 1974-2010; C. Short Stories, circa 1969-1997; and D. Other Writings, 1969-2013, undated. Works in each of these subseries are arranged in alphabetical order by title. If an individual work has corresponding electronic files, an entry for the files is included within the material associated with that title.

Subseries: A. Novels and Collections represents all of McEwan's book-length works published between 1976 and 2010, except for the children's book Rose Blanche (1985). Within each title, the material generally follows the chronological order of literary production, from research and notes to publication proofs. When present, related material such as dust jacket proofs, editorial correspondence, publicity material, and New Yorker page proofs of excerpts follow the drafts. There are a few pages of notes and draft fragments for the novel Sweet Tooth (2012), but this material does not reflect the full writing process as represented with the other works.

McEwan often used green A4 notebooks to write story ideas and fragments of manuscript text. The notebooks were filed by McEwan with the manuscript material for the corresponding novel, but such notebooks often contain other notes and draft fragments for other unrelated writings, jottings, and personal impressions. When identifiable, these writings are noted in the container list. The notebooks for the novels Atonement (2001) and Enduring Love (1997) are particularly interesting. In the case of Enduring Love, McEwan sketched out drawings of the hot air balloon and placement of the characters to help visualize the scene.

There are several draft iterations present for most of McEwan's books. If discernable, drafts remain arranged as they were filed by McEwan. Since McEwan heavily revised drafts, his edits can often indicate draft sequence. Early working are sometimes incomplete, and consist of only specific chapters or segments. Incomplete and unnumbered draft pages make it difficult at times to discern any intended order, and these materials remain in the order that they arrived at the Ransom Center. Paper dividers inserted during processing indicate obvious breaks in page segments. If McEwan provided a title for the draft, that title was used in the container list and is indicated in single quotes in the container list.

The heavily revised drafts illustrate McEwan's constant efforts to shape and perfect the text. Drafts of the novels Atonement, The Child in Time, and The Innocent demonstrate very different plot structures than the final published versions. For example, the first draft of The Innocent begins with a flashback to a funeral. An early draft of part one of Atonement has the family named Brenner (rather than Tallis), published versions of chapters one and two switched, and the removal of the scene in which characters arrive at a train stop on the family estate.

McEwan often asked close friends to review near-final drafts of his novels and there are drafts bearing marks by Craig Raine and Tim Garton Ash; particularly for Atonement, Black Dogs, Enduring Love, On Chesil Beach, and Saturday. McEwan's wife, Annalena McAfee, was a frequent reader of McEwan's drafts and frequently wrote comments throughout the writing process; particularly for Atonement, Enduring Love, On Chesil Beach, Saturday, and Solar.

An explanation of terms used in the finding aid to describe drafts:

  • annotations--notes or comments by McEwan or a third party.
  • edits--notes or corrections by a third party (copy edits).
  • revisions--handwritten re-workings of sentences.
  • top copy--the top copy of multi paged carbon typescript.
  • typescript--manuscript created using either a typewriter or a word processed printout.
  • working draft--handwritten or typed that contains notes, paragraphs, or fragments.

Noteworthy within the Atonement material are clippings and correspondence related to plagiarism accusations published in the Mail on Sunday in 2006. The paper pointed out close similarities between McEwan's descriptions of the wounded soldiers in Atonement's hospital scenes and segments of No Time for Romance; an autobiography McEwan used for research written by wartime nurse Lucilla Andrews. Many prominent writers, including Thomas Pynchon, came to McEwan's defense.

Of notable interest within the Enduring Love material are the items that are related to an article that appeared as Appendix I in the novel. "A Homo-Erotic Obsession, with Religious Overtones: A Clinical Variant of de Clerambault's Syndrome" is a case study of an anonymous patient (Jed Parry) suffering from de Clerambault's Syndrome and written by the fictional researchers Robert Wenn and Antonio Camia (Wenn and Camia being anagrams of the name Ian McEwan) and cited as published in the equally fictional British Review of Psychiatry. Box 7.10 contains the green A4 notebook McEwan used for notes in forming the novel. Near the middle-end of the notebook, is the page with McEwan using his name to form Wenn and Camia. In box 8.1 is a faxed response to Research Fellow "R. Wenn" from the legitimate publication, the British Journal of Psychiatry, thanking him for his submission to the journal. As a result of much debate within the editorial correspondence printed in the British Journal of Psychiatry (Psychiatric Bulletin) as to the Appendix's legitimacy and whether it inspired the novel or whether the novel inspired the appendix, in box 9.5 is a letter from McEwan confirming that Appendix I is fictional.

McEwan's desire for creating realistic situations can also be seen in his intense research for the novel Saturday. In his very technical descriptions of Dr. Henry Perowne performing surgery, McEwan observed hours of actual surgery and was assisted by neurosurgeon Dr. Neil Kitchen. The green A4 notebook in box 14.1 and research notes in 14.3 demonstrate McEwan's attention to detail as he observed these medical procedures.

Subseries B. Screenplays, Film Adaptations, Scripts contains McEwan's original scripts for film, television, and radio, as well as film adaptations of his novels written by himself and other writers. The subseries is arranged alphabetically by title with a general category of television and radio scripts filed at the end.

McEwan's produced feature length screenplays include The Good Son (1993), The Innocent (1993), and The Ploughman's Lunch (1983). Five of McEwan's novels were adapted for film by other writers and produced for theatrical release: the multi-nominated award-winning film Atonement (2007, adapted by Christopher Hampton); Enduring Love (2004, adapted by Joe Penhall); First Love, Last Rites (1997, adapted by David Ryan and Jesse Peretz); and The Cement Garden (1993, adapted by Andrew Birkin). In 1985, McEwan wrote a film treatment and initial script based on his novel, The Comfort of Strangers; however, the film released in 1990 was based on Harold Pinter's screenplay adaptation. Disparate drafts of screenplays for produced and unproduced films are present. For films in which he wasn't the author of the screenplay, McEwan often made script notes and in the case of Atonement and Enduring Love served as executive and associate producer (respectively). A small amount of production and publicity material for the films Atonement, Enduring Love, and The Ploughman's Lunch are filed after the script drafts. For supplementary material related to McEwan's films and adaptations, see the Professional Correspondence subseries and in the Personal and Professional series, see press clippings and photographs.

Of note in the series are folders 26.2-3 which contains McEwan's teleplay Solid Geometry, as well as the accompanying publicity and correspondence that resulted from the BBC's decision to cease production immediately before filming.

The scripts, notes, outlines, and treatments filed in the 'Television and Radio' section was grouped together by McEwan in a folder bearing his notations. These early radio and teleplays written in the mid-1970s, are his adaptations of his own short stories.

Subseries C. Short Stories is predominately made up of two segments of writings originally maintained by McEwan in marked and labeled envelopes: 'complete but abandoned' and 'unfinished-abandoned.' Many of these stories were apparently written while attending the University of East Anglia and have instructor's comments written on them (unidentified, but perhaps by Malcolm Bradbury and/or Angus Wilson). Despite McEwan's categorization of 'complete but abandoned,' "Conversations with a Cupboard Man" was published first in the Transatlantic Review and then later in his short story collection First Love, Last Rites.

Subseries D. Other writings includes drafts for book contributions, essays, speeches, lectures, remarks made at public events, book reviews, early journalism, as well as unidentified short writings. The subseries is arranged alphabetically by category: book contributions; essays; journalism; lectures, speeches, events; novel excerpts; reviews; assorted short writings; and writing notes and unidentified fragments. Within each of these, works are arranged alphabetically by title, followed by untitled works (with the exception of book contributions, which is arranged by author). Works that have been labeled "untitled" are followed by brief subject phrases in brackets. If publication information is evident, it is also included in the description.

Of particular interest within book contributions is McEwan's foreword, entitled "Reading Station," to his brother David Sharp's memoir Complete Surrender (2008). Also included with this material are McEwan's comments and historical corrections to Sharp's memoir.

Topics covered in McEwan's essays include such broad subjects as his writing, climate change, Charles Darwin and natural selection, world events, and tributes to writers such as Saul Bellow and John Updike. Many of these essays were published in periodicals such as the Guardian and the Observer.

'Journalism, etc.' contains clippings and complete issues of publications with pieces by McEwan during the 1970s and 1980s. The clippings are book, theatre, and film reviews; editorial essays; or feature stories published in the New Statesman, the Observer, Radio Times, and the Spectator.

McEwan is a highly sought out speaker and received a tremendous amount of requests to speak at writing and science conferences. In addition, McEwan received many awards related to his literary accomplishments as well as his interest in climate change and science and the humanities. The segment "Lectures, Speeches, Events" includes drafts of speeches, and introductory remarks given by McEwan at such public events. In some cases, files also contain programs, publicity, research, and itineraries; though the bulk of material of this type is arranged in the Personal and Professional series. Many of these public addresses were later published and if that information could be determined, it is included in the description.

Also included in this subseries are brief typescript excerpts from some of McEwan's novels. These pages were not originally filed with the drafts, which suggests they were used as reference material or were used during public readings.

The segment entitled "assorted short writings" includes many brief pieces that were often not intended for publication, such as obituaries, a travel diary, and other unidentified essays. These are complete drafts; unlike the material filed in "writing notes and unidentified fragments," which is made up of untitled working drafts, notes, or jottings that are unidentified.

Series III. Correspondence contains personal, professional, and reader's letters. The series is arranged into four subseries: A. Personal, 1968-2014; B. Professional, 1971-2014; C. Readers, 1987-circa 2000s; and D. Outgoing, 1979-circa 2000s. The arrangement is based upon McEwan's general categories.

Personal correspondence consists primarily of letters with family and close friends. McEwan filed the letters in A4 document boxes by date span, which are noted in the container list. In order to help locate specific correspondence, the letters are further arranged alphabetically by name within these date spans. The bulk of letters received in the late 1960s to the 1980s were from university friends and colleagues, who often comment on McEwan's writings. Frequent correspondents include: Felicity "Flick" Allen, Julian Barnes, Polly Bide, Sue Birtwistle, Malcolm Bradbury, Carmen Callil, Jon Cook, Richard Eyre, Stephen Gerber, Ray Neinstein, Vic Sage, John Webb, and Angus Wilson. There is a considerable volume of letters from McEwan's mother, Rose, with occasional letters from his father David.

Later letters often relate to personal and professional occasions and life events; such as when McEwan received the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 2000, birthdays, weddings, publication congratulations, and similar sentiments. Correspondents include writers (e.g. Julian Barnes, Antonia Fraser, Jayne Anne Phillips, Harold Pinter, Salman Rushdie, Zadie Smith, John Updike), artists (e.g. David Buckland), musicians (e.g. Paul McCartney and Mark Knopfler), politicians and statesmen (e.g. Tony Blair, Walter Veltroni), scientists (e.g. James Watson), literary critics (e.g. Amanda Craig, Frank Kermode), and many journalists.

Several folders of personal correspondence arrived at the Ransom Center with evidence of mold. The Center's Conservation Department has vacuum treated material in these folders, but mold spores may still be present. For health reasons, patrons may consider wearing gloves and a dust/mist respirator while handling this material. The treated folders follow the same organizational structure as the other personal correspondence, but are filed in box 70. Some folders of correspondence are still being treated and will be added to the collection once all treatment has been completed.

Professional correspondence begins in 1971 with a letter from Ted Solotaroff of the New American Review (later the American Review) wherein Solotaroff speaks to McEwan about his unique voice and promising future as a writer. Other professional correspondence includes letters from publishers, agents, fans, aspiring writers, universities, and other professional associates. A majority of letters are requests for appearances, interviews, signed books, charitable donations of books or money, permission for rights to adapt McEwan's work, and invitations to book and literary festivals. Requests also include letters from university students studying McEwan's works and posing questions regarding his writings and themes. There are many letters from students beginning in 1995 when A Child in Time was selected as a set text for A-level English literature exam by the Associated Examining Board.

The Professional Correspondence segment is in date order at the folder level; letters within folders are not specifically arranged. Contracts and travel itineraries for book tours are frequently filed within the professional correspondence. Beginning in approximately 1987, McEwan began to employ secretaries to answer his mail and a carbon copy of his secretary's response is often attached to the incoming letter. Among Ian McEwan's secretaries were Heather Mansell-Jones, Nicky Forsythe, Beth Coventry, Lesley-Ann Fairbrother (many outgoing attached 1989-1990), and Svetlin Stratiev.

Of particular interest is the correspondence between McEwan and American author John Updike; as well as McEwan's correspondence with the Writers Guild of America regarding arbitration to determine writing credits for the screenplay The Good Son.

'Publishers, etc.' was a file of incoming letters, contracts, and faxes from publishers and firms including Random House, Harper Collins, Jonathan Cape, Chatto and Windus, and Uitgeverij De Harmonie; however, letters from these companies are filed throughout the professional subseries. This folder also includes edits for Enduring Love, an Enduring Love page proof excerpt published in the New Yorker, and editorial feedback regarding a first draft screenplay called 'Flies' from The Forge (Fox Creative Group). Much of this correspondence is similar to what may be found in the other professional correspondence, but this was maintained in its original segment and arranged chronologically by the Ransom Center. Brief writings, such as speeches, essays, etc. were also in this segment, but were separated to the short works. A separation sheet within the first folder lists those works that were moved.

Many of the same correspondents are filed in more than one category. A list of correspondents found throughout the archive is provided in this guide's Index of Correspondents; however, routine mail (e.g. regarding home repairs), form letters, or basic cover letters (e.g. enclosed is a copy of your contract) aren't included in the index.

Letters from readers are arranged by decade, except for a small segment of letters from McEwan's friends and acquaintances regarding specific novels which McEwan kept separate. Many school-aged children wrote to McEwan regarding his children's book The Daydreamer and there are two folders of such letters (many with drawings).

Outgoing correspondence consists of a small segment of carbon letters, as well as hand-written letters (presumably drafts or correspondence that was transmitted via fax), and electronic files from McEwan to others. Of primary interest are the twenty to thirty letters McEwan wrote to his parents between 1976 and 1978 at the beginning of his writing career, just before and after his first book was published. In these letters, he details daily life with his then-wife Penny, family matters, and provides writing updates. These letters also cover his time teaching at the Iowa Writers' Workshop (in one letter, he describes his first American Thanksgiving). Also within this file, are postcards and photos from a 1986 visit to Singapore where McEwan appears to have visited previous places where the family lived while stationed there.

Series III. Personal and Professional contains papers, documents and electronic files related to McEwan's childhood, family life, and writing career. Appointment diaries, awards, contracts, family papers, notebooks, photographs, press clippings, printed material, publicity, scrapbooks, travel files, and university and school papers are found in this series. The materials are in alphabetical order by name or topic.

The appointment diaries span from 1974 to 2012 (excluding 1976) and list daily jottings and appointments.

Awards contains speech drafts, event programs, photographs, correspondence, and clippings. McEwan's appearance to accept the Jerusalem Prize in 2011 sparked controversy due Israel's role in the region's political unrest and included in this segment are notes and drafts of McEwan's acceptance speech as well as some of the press coverage of the event. Plaques and certificates were transferred to the Ransom Center's Personal Effects Collection.

Contracts contains some publishing, radio, television, and other contracts; however the majority of McEwan's publishing contracts are filed in the corresponding year with professional correspondence.

The family papers includes material associated with the David and Rose McEwan and Annalena McAfee families. Letters and items addressed to McEwan's wife, Annalena, as well as some German reviews of her first novel, The Spoiler, are filed in box 47. Of particular interest is the typescript of an oral history interview McEwan conducted with his father in 1989. In it, David McEwan warily answers questions about his childhood, serving in World War II, his military service, and meeting and marrying his wife Rose, all while carefully avoiding intimate discussion of his feelings. McEwan refers to this interview when later writing about the discovery of his unknown brother, David Sharp. Also present are some of David McEwan's military documents, his obituary, and a political essay on multilateralism. Related to Rose McEwan are scrapbooks she compiled to document Ian McEwan's writing career, condolence cards she received when her husband, David, died as well as a program and documents related to her memorial service. Two illustrated letters McEwan sent to each of his sons, Greg and Will McEwan, in March 1990 while traveling overseas includes sketches of each person's placement on the Earth and an explanation of the different time zones.

Forty-three notebooks of different sizes, roughly dating from 1970s to 2010, were used for both writing and personal purposes. The journals are not arranged in any particular order. Titles, if present, are taken from the covers and provided in single quotes; otherwise, they are listed based on their physical description. Many of the journals contain notes and ideas for McEwan's novels and writings including Saturday, Atonement, The Innocent, Solar, and On Chesil Beach. Personal notes include travel diaries, jottings and ideas, reminders and "to-do" notes, contacts, and notes from a metaphysical relationship workshop. When subjects and writings could be identified, they are listed in the container list. Most journals are undated and any dates provided in the container list were found within the notebook and may not be complete or comprehensive.

Photographs in the collection are black-and-white, color prints, and digital images and include publicity shots, informal snapshots, travel, and family photographs. The photographs are largely related to McEwan's private life with friends and family, but also many are related to his writing career and depict McEwan at home, receiving awards and honorary degrees, and at book readings. The digital images are organized into folders representing years 2004 through 2014 and mostly capture McEwan traveling with his wife Annalena, his sons, and close friends, as well as family photos taken at home. Photos of particular interest are McEwan's 'childhood' photos in box 48.8 which depict McEwan and his family overseas; as well as 'friends and travel' photos in box 48.11 which include photos of McEwan in the late 1960s through 1970s. Some friends pictured with McEwan include Julian Barnes, James Fenton and Darryl Pinckney, Jayne Anne Phillips, and traveling companions who accompanied McEwan to Afghanistan in the early 1970s. The segment of photos related to McEwan's films include him onset with Campbell Scott, Isabella Rossellini, Anthony Hopkins, John Schlesinger for The Innocent and with Giovanni Ribisi, Jesse Peretz, and Robert John Burke onset of First Love, Last Rites.

McEwan has been interested in political topics related to British politics, nuclear war, the environment, censorship, and the role of writers in society since the 1980s. The political files contain printed material, meeting minutes, and similar documents related to McEwan's involvement in political and social causes such as the Charter 88 group and June 20 Group which were formed as a direct response to Thatcherism in the 1980s and members included Harold Pinter, Antonia Fraser, and other artists and intellectuals.

There are ten boxes holding press clippings which document book reviews, best seller lists, and profiles of McEwan published in British, American, Canadian, Australian, and foreign language publications. For book reviews, the arrangement follows McEwan's general arrangement, which is divided between English-speaking and foreign-language press, and then within each of these categories, arranged by novel title. Reviews of film and television work, as well as author profiles and interviews contain primarily English-language clippings, but there is some foreign press interfiled. Reviews of film and television are arranged alphabetically by title and interviews and profiles are arranged by decade. Three folders contain clippings on assorted topics, primarily science and philosophy, which McEwan retained for research or reference. Many of these were sent to McEwan by his Dutch publisher Jaco Groot.

University papers arrived at the Ransom Center with evidence of mold. The Center's Conservation Department vacuum treated material in these folders, but mold spores may still be present. For health reasons, patrons may consider wearing gloves and a dust/mist respirator while handling this material. The treated folders follow the same organizational structure as other materials in this series, but are filed in box 71. Some documents are still being treated and will be added to the collection once all treatment has been completed.

Series IV. Works by Others is subdivided into two subseries and contains printouts and electronic files: A. About McEwan and His Works, 1988-2012, undated; and B. Other, 1976-2012, undated. Dissertations, theses, and university papers written by students studying McEwan's writings form the bulk of the first subseries; some of these are in French or Italian. Also contained in this subseries are essay typescripts, drafts of interview typescripts containing McEwan's edits (for inclusion by the interviewer), and other literary criticism. Subseries B. Other contains articles, poems, chapter drafts, short stories, and other works written by other writers and retained either for research or reference or because they were written by friends, family, and/or associates of McEwan. Also included are some adaptations of McEwan's works, such as Craig Raine's libretto Atonement and an unauthorized musical adaptation of a story from The Daydreamer. Other authors represented include Christopher Hitchens, Harold Pinter, and McEwan's stepdaughter Polly Tuckett. Of particular interest is the photocopy of a 1967 travel journal penned by McEwan and Mark Wing-Davey (his best friend at Woolverstone Hall) describing their hitchhiking trip to Athens.

Series V. Serials and Publications consist of entire issues of periodicals and other printed items containing works by McEwan, as well as interviews with and articles about him. Issues are in alphabetical order by title and the significance of each is noted within parentheses.



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Garton Ash, Timothy.
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Raine, Craig.
Updike, John.
University of East Anglia.
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Novelists, English--20th century.
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For additional materials related to Ian McEwan at the Ransom Center, see manuscript holdings for: Mel Gussow, Paul Schrader, Jayne Anne Phillips, and Bananas (periodical).

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In addition to material found in the collection, the following sources were used:

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Container List

Series I. Works, 1969-2013, undated

Subseries A. Novels and Collections, 1970-2009, undated
Amsterdam (novel, 1998)
1.1 Outline, Part I/Chapter 1 fragment, Part III/Chapter 3 fragment, February-March 1997
1.2 Notebook. Chapter outlines and notes, Town and Country forum, biology notes (personal notes, corrections for Enduring Love at back), April-July 1997
1.3 Early typescript with revisions; notes; article clipping (1994), circa 1997
1.4 Typescript with revisions (synopsis of Tim Garton Ash's comments on first page), circa 1997-1998
1.5 Draft fragment with revisions completed January 1998 (synopsis of Craig Raine's comments on first page), December 1997-January 1998
1406012P_001 Chapter drafts, incomplete fragments, word count. 50 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 1999-2004
1405011P_008 'Back up.' Chapter drafts, incomplete fragments, word count, correspondence and excerpt for website. 7 electronic files: WordPerfect, 1997
1.6 Amsterdam or The Spoiler: A Comi-Tragedy. Revised typescript with revisions and edits (Hitch written on first page), February 1998
1.7 Editorial correspondence and corrections, January-March 1998
Atonement (original title An Atonement) (novel, 2001)
1.8 Notebook. Notes for review of E.O. Wilson's Consilience (published as "Move Over Darwin" in the Observer), writing notes and ideas, notes for 1999 Borges colloquium at the British Library featuring McEwan and Martin Amis, early notes and passages of Atonement, personal notes, August 1998-December 2000
1.9 Notebook. Notes for Malcolm Bradbury obituary (published as "The Great Listener" in the Guardian), notes and passages of Atonement, personal notes, 2000-2001
2.1 Research. Copies of transcribed memoirs, articles, photocopied documents, correspondence, maps, 1999-2001
2.2-3 Part I. Early typescript with revisions, 2001
2.4 'Atonement ending, first draft.' Photocopy of typescript with revisions of novel's final chapter, 7 June 2001
2.5-7, 3.1 Parts I-IV. Revised typescript of complete novel with revisions, notes, 2001
3.2 Part II. Typescript with revisions and annotations by Annalena McAfee, 2001
3.3-5 'Fourth penultimate draft.' Typescript of Parts I-II with revisions, April 2001
3.6-7, 4.1-2 Near final draft. Typescript of complete novel with annotations by Annalena McAfee, 2001
4.3 Revised fragments from Parts I-V. Typescript drafts with revisions, 2001
4.4 Edited and revised segments, writing notes, final proofing notes, editorial correspondence and notes by Craig Raines, Annalena McAfee, Nan Talese and others, 2001
1406012P_001 Chapter drafts, complete draft, research, recipient book list, plagiarism documentation. 8 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, 2004-2006
1405011P_009a 'Cecilia Back up - Part One.' Fourth and Fifth Drafts. Chapter drafts. 23 electronic files: WordPerfect, 2000-2001
1405011P_009b 'Cecilia - Part Two.' Drafts, notes. 5 electronic files: WordPerfect, 2000-2001
1405011P_009c 'Part One, fourth draft / Part Two, second draft / as of 12/12/00.' Chapter drafts, incomplete drafts. 16 electronic files: WordPerfect, 2000
4.5 Page proof with copy-edits and revisions, 2001
4.6 Bound page proof with some edits, 2001
5.1 Test dust jacket proofs and marketing material, 2001
5.2 Plagiarism accusation. Clippings, correspondence and email printouts, and McEwan response, 2006
Black Dogs (novel, 1992)
5.3 Early draft. Handwritten notes and fragments, typescript with revisions, November 1990-August 1991
5.4 'Final.' Revised typescript with revisions, 1991
5.5 Near final draft. Revised typescript with revisions by McEwan and annotations in unidentified hand, 1991
5.6 Notes for final draft, photos of Majdanek Concentration Camp (Poland, 1981), editorial correspondence from Nan Talese, 1981-1991
1406012P_001 Writing notes, blurb. 2 electronic files: Microsoft Word, 2004
The Cement Garden (novel, 1978)
5.7 Handwritten draft (dated October 1976-July 1977) with revisions written in red dated October 1977, 1976-1977
5.8 Photocopy of above handwritten draft without the October 1977 red revisions; photocopy of handwritten fragments, 1976-1977
6.1 Handwritten and typed fragments, notebook, 1976-1977
The Child in Time (novel, 1987)
6.2 Composition notes, story ideas, draft fragments, circa 1983-1985
6.3-4 Handwritten draft with notes and draft fragments, circa 1983
6.5 Working draft segments. Early drafts of Chapters 1-3; later drafts of Chapters 4 and 9, circa 1983-1985
6.6-7 First draft. Typescript with revisions of chapters 4-10, April-October 1986
6.8, 7.1-2 'Penultimate draft.' Typescript with revisions, February-March 1987
7.3 'Extracts from an unfinished novel' by Ian McEwan published in the Blackwell Review (became part of Chapter 2), Spring 1985
Editing notes and letters from editor Nan Talese, 1986-1987
Partial page proof of Chapter 1, 1987
1406012P_001 Translation notes. 2 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 2004
The Comfort of Strangers (novel, 1981)
7.4 Early notes, story ideas, early typescript segment with revisions, January-March 1979
7.5 Chapter outlines, plot notes, (sketches of scenes), undated
7.6 'First draft.' Handwritten and typescript draft with revisions and notes, June 1979-July 1980
7.7 'Untitled novel revisions,' circa 1980
The Daydreamer (children's fiction, 1994)
7.8-9 First and second handwritten and typescript drafts with revisions, 1991
1406012P_001 Chapter drafts, complete draft, correspondence, notes, edits. 43 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 2004
Enduring Love (novel, 1997)
7.10 Notebook. Early notes, story ideas, sketches of scene, chapter outlines, working draft segments, Appendix I notes (anagram), editorial notes based on reading by Tim Garton Ash, James Fenton, Craig Raines [also includes notes for screenplay Flies and personal notes and jottings at the back of notebook], September 1995-January 1997
8.1 Fax from British Journal of Psychiatry, research articles, 1995-1997
8.2-3 Early typescript with revisions, undated
8.4-6 Typescript with edits by Annalena McAfee, circa 1997
8.7, 9.1-2 Revised typescript with edits by and list of notes from Tim Garton Ash, March 1997
9.3 Notes and working draft segments, undated
1406012P_001 Chapter drafts, notes, correspondence, word count, excerpts, British Journal of Psychiatry documents. 212 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 1999
9.4 Partial page proof with edits by Annalena McAfee, circa 1997
9.5 Correspondence; including letter to Psychiatric Bulletin from McEwan explaining Appendix I, 1997-1999
First Love, Last Rites (story collection, 1975) (in the order published in collection)
9.6 Homemade. Typescript with revisions, March 1971
Solid Geometry. Typescript with revisions, handwritten notes, and fragments, September-October 1973
Last Day of Summer. Typescript with revisions, February-March 1973; top copy, undated
Cocker at the Theatre. Typescript with revisions, May 1971
Butterflies. Typescript with revisions, April 1973; photocopy typescript, circa 1973
9.7 Conversation with a Cupboard Man. Handwritten draft, October-November 1970
First Love, Last Rites (story). Typescript with revisions, handwritten notes and draft, 9 February-4 March 1974; top copy (original and photocopy), undated
Disguises. First draft with revisions, November-December 1971
Stories not published in collection
9.8 The Power of Archetypes. Typescript with revisions, 30 January-1 February 1974; top copy, undated
A deep blue sky, clear but for… Typescript with revisions, 8-14 October 1974
Footsteps from beginning. Typescript with revisions, 6-16 January 1973
Intersection (published in Tri-Quarterly, Fall 1975). First draft (photocopy), February 1971; Handwritten draft and notes, 1971
Untitled [Dead as They Come]. Handwritten draft and typescript about mannequin in shop window (published in In Between the Sheets), undated
9.9 Handwritten notes about Harriet Walter and The Imitation Game, note written on Reno postcard, undated
For You: A Libretto (libretto, music by Michael Berkeley, 2008)
9.10 Working typescript and handwritten drafts, circa 2006-2008
10.1 Typescript with minor edits (1) [same copy as below, but different edits between the two], 5 May 2007
10.2 Typescript with minor edits (2), 5 May 2007
10.3 Final draft. Typescript, circa 2007
1406012P_001 Notes, drafts, complete drafts, production notes, correspondence. 32 electronic files: Microsoft Word, 2006-2008
10.4 Email printouts, 2007-2008
10.5 Music Theatre Wales, World premiere performance at Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon and UK tour. Rehearsal notes, press release, programs, May 2008
In Between the Sheets (stories, 1978)
10.6 Pornography. Handwritten and typescript drafts with revisions, 27 May 1975
Reflections of a Kept Ape. Handwritten and typescript working drafts with revisions, 19 December 1975-19 February 1976; Typed top copy and carbon, undated
Without Blood (published in collection as Two Fragments: Saturday and Sunday, March 199-)
10.7 Handwritten and typescript working drafts, notes, undated
Saturday. Typed top copy and carbon, undated
Sunday. Carbon typescript; Page proof (Nat Mags, December 1976)
Dead As They Come. Handwritten draft, 2 November 1974; Top copy typescript with revisions, undated
10.8 In Between the Sheets (story). Handwritten and typescript drafts with revisions, September 1974; typed top copy and photo duplication copy, undated
To and Fro. Handwritten and typescript drafts with revisions, notes, March-April 1976; typescript with copy edits, typed top copy, undated
Psychopolis. Typed draft with revisions, notes, 23 August-16 September 1976; Typed top copy and carbon, undated
10.9 Notes and fragments, undated
10.10 Dust jacket (with note from Deborah Rogers dated 2013), 1978
The Innocent (original title The Letter in Berlin) (novel, 1990)
10.11 Research articles, correspondence from Bernhard Robben and others, map and photographs of Berlin, 1954-1988
10.12 Novel outline and notes, January-February 1988
'First draft'
11.1 Handwritten and typescript working draft fragments, April 1988-June 1989
11.2-4 Complete typescript with revisions, circa June 1989
11.5-7 The Letter in Berlin. Original typescript submitted to Jonathan Cape (also includes a 2005 letter from Deborah Rogers), June 1989
12.1-3 Original revised typescript with annotations written in unidentified hand, June 1989
12.4 Editorial correspondence from editors, proofreaders, and fact-checkers, June-September 1989
On Chesil Beach (novel, 2007)
12.5 Notebook. Notes about John Updike and Saul Bellow; notes and passages for Saturday; notes and passages for a review of The Wall Jumper by Peter Schneider; Antony Gormley notes; notes on climate change for Open Democracy; essay for The Edge; notes and plots; first draft segment of On Chesil Beach, May 2004-April 2005
12.6 Notebook. Primarily notes and passages for On Chesil Beach, but also contains notes and passages for Saturday, "End of the World Blues," For You Libretto; notes and plots; jottings, May 2005, undated
12.7 Working drafts of chapters 1 and 2, April-November 2005, undated
12.8 Chapters 1-4. Typescript with edits, undated
13.1 'Final major draft before submitting.' Typescript with revisions and notes, undated
13.2 Typescript with annotations by Annalena McAfee, undated
13.3 Typescript with annotations by Tim Garton Ash [removed from binder], 2 October 2006
13.4 Typescript with some revisions, 15 October 2006
13.5 Typescript with annotations by Annalena McAfee, 27 October 2006
13.6 Notes, revised fragments, 2005-2006
1406012P_001 Novella draft, chapter drafts, complete drafts, notes, corrections, editor queries, added pages. 80 electronic files: Microsoft Word, 2005-2007
13.7 Page proof with edits, December 2006
13.8 Correspondence and editorial notes, 2006-2007
13.9 New Yorker excerpt. Page proofs (two versions) with edits by Deborah Triesman, 28 November 2006, 7 December 2006
13.10 Or Shall We Die? (oratorio libretto, music by Michael Berkeley, 1983). Notes, drafts, Introduction typescript, recording cover, 1982
Saturday (novel, 2005)
14.1 Notebook, green. Writing, research, and personal notes (including first meeting with brother David Sharp, observations with Dr. Neil Kitchens, notes and fragments for Saturday), 2001-2003
14.2 Notebook, blue. Jottings, notes about Enduring Love, writing notes and fragments for Saturday, undated
14.3 Research. Surgery observation notes with Dr. Neil Kitchen, medical articles, Ray Dolan email printouts, notes, 2004
14.4-8 'First major draft.' Typescript with revisions (some notes and working draft segments interfiled), March 2003-August 2004
14.9 Part I. Early typescript with annotations by Annalena McAfee, 2004
14.10 Part IV. Early typescript with revisions, 2004
14.11, 15.1 Parts I-V. Typescript with annotations by Annalena McAfee, August 2004
15.2 Parts I-III. Typescript with annotations by Annalena McAfee, 2004
15.3 Part IV ('A's 2nd reading'). Typescript with annotations by Annalena McAfee, 2004
15.4 Parts III-V ('Venice draft'). Typescript with annotations by McEwan, 6 September 2004
15.5 Typescript with annotations by Tim Garton Ash, Summer 2004
15.6 Incomplete typescript (includes only those pages containing annotations by Craig Raine), Summer 2004
15.7-8 Parts I-V ('Corsica draft'). Typescript with annotations by Annalena McAfee and some revisions by McEwan, September-October 2004
16.1 Part I. Typescript with copyedits, 2004
1406012P_001 Notes, research, partial drafts, complete drafts, New Yorker excerpt drafts, page proofs, corrections, dust jacket blurb, excerpts for public readings, editor queries, unrelated correspondence. 120 electronic files: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Portable Document Format (PDF), 2004-2007, 2014
16.2 Writing notes, editorial notes, and revisions, 2004
16.3 Draft fragments, 2004
16.4 Correspondence, 2004
16.5 Bound page proof, October 2004
16.6-7 Page proof containing only pages with revisions (Jonathan Cape) (two copies), 25 October 2004
16.8 Partial page proofs with copyedits and revisions, 29 November 2004
16.9 Jacket proofs, mockup (Jonathan Cape); endpaper proof (Nan Talese/Doubleday); jacket copy/synopsis drafts, 2005
16.10 New Yorker excerpt. Typescripts, proof with edits by Deborah Triesman, November-December 2004
Solar (novel, 2010)
16.11 Notebook. Notes about Angela Hewitt, Christopher Hitchens, Steven Pinker; preface to Complete Surrender by David Sharp; notes; draft fragments for Solar, February-May 2007, undated
17.1 Research. Articles and notes about climate change, 2000s
17.2 Research. Maps, travel brochures, and itineraries regarding American Southwest, 2000s
17.3 'Early draft' segments. Typescript, February 2009, undated
17.4 Draft of Part I segment and Appendix. Typescript, undated
17.5 Part II. Typescript with revisions and revised pages inserted, undated
17.6 Part I and II. Third draft typescript with revisions, April-May 2009
17.7 Part I. Typescript with annotations by Annalena McAfee, April 2009
17.8 Parts I and II. Fourth draft with revisions; also description of novel's origins, 15 August 2009
17.9 Part III. First draft with revisions dated 26 August 2009; also notes for final draft, May-August 2009
17.10 Complete typescript with annotations by Annalena McAfee, August 2009
18.1 Complete typescript with annotations by Tim Garton Ash, undated
18.2-3 Complete typescript with copyedits by Jan Franklin, October 2009
18.4 Final draft with revisions, October 2009
18.5 Final draft. Bound clean copy, 22 October 2009
18.6 Final draft. Bound copy with edits for US edition, 22 October 2009
1406012P_001 Notes, partial drafts, chapter drafts, complete drafts, ‘experimental opening,’ correspondence, page proofs, Nobel speech, excerpts for public readings. 96 electronic files: Microsoft Word, Portable Document Format (PDF), 2009-2010
19.1-2 Page proofs, 25 November 2009
19.3 Advance proof, 2009
19.4 Editorial queries and email printouts, September-December 2009
19.5 Dust jacket proofs, 2009
19.6 New Yorker excerpt published as The Use of Poetry. Two sets of page proofs with edits by Deborah Treisman and McEwan, November 2009
19.7 Sweet Tooth (novel, 2012). Note fragments, draft fragments, undated
Subseries B. Screenplays, Film Adaptations, Scripts, 1974-2010
Amsterdam (film adaptation by Brian Gilbert)
19.8 First draft screenplay, March 2000
19.9 First draft screenplay, second revision, undated
Atonement (film adaptation by Christopher Hampton)
19.10 First draft screenplay with letter from Robert Fox, 13 July 2003
20.1 Revised second draft screenplay with revisions by McEwan, 23 April 2004; script notes, 17 May 2004
20.2 Third draft screenplay (clean copy), 2 November 2004
20.3 Third draft screenplay with annotations by McEwan, 2 November 2004
20.4 Screenplay with 'current revisions' by Christopher Hampton and Joe Wright, 15 December 2005
20.5 Screenplay with 'current revisions' and annotations by McEwan (marked with flags), 23 April 2006
20.6 Final draft, 18 May 2006
20.7 Production and publicity material. Directors list (5 May 2005); Call sheet #22 (7 July 2006); email printouts; publicity postcards (2007); award, 2005-2007
20.8 Segments of original manuscript used by Georgina Millet (Assistant Art Director), undated
Before the War (screenplay by McEwan, based on novel 1934 by Albert Moravia)
21.1 Revised screenplay, August 1988
21.2 Revised screenplay, February 1990
Birdsville (screenplay by McEwan)
21.3 First draft screenplay (circa 1985); letters from Massimo Mazzucco, script ideas and notes, 1985
21.4 Revised screenplay draft, January 1992
21.5 Screenplay draft (undated) with letter from Orlow Seunke, April 1998
21.6 Screenplay draft by Orlow Seunke based on McEwan's original screenplay, notes, letter, October 2000
21.7 The Cement Garden (film adaptation by Andrew Birkin). Second draft screenplay, 14 December 1989
21.8 The Child in Time (film adaptation by Andrew Davies). Revised screenplay with revisions by McEwan, February 1998
The Comfort of Strangers
22.1 Film treatment by McEwan (an original and two copies), notes on script; also present are notes for semi-autobiographical novel and notes for 'Rowan Atkinson as manager of a nuclear power station,' circa 1985
22.2 First draft screenplay by McEwan, March 1985
22.3 Screenplay by Harold Pinter, 17 July 1989
1406012P_001 The Daydreamer (film adaptation). Synopsis. 2 electronic files: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, 1993
Enduring Love (film adaptation by Joe Penhall)
22.4 Screenplay with annotations by McEwan, 27 March 2003
22.5 Screenplay, 18 July 2003
22.6 Revised screenplay, 22 August 2003
22.7 Production and publicity material. Storyboards for scene one (31 July 2003); provisional shooting schedule (5 September 2003); unit list; photo of McEwan on set during filming of balloon scene; film screening publicity postcard and invitation, 2003-2004
22.8 First Love, Last Rites (film adaptation by David Ryan and Jesse Peretz). Revised screenplay, 21 August 1995
Flies (screenplay by McEwan)
22.9 Screenplay with revisions by McEwan (circa 1996); notes on script changes (July 1996); memos with Twentieth Century Fox (March-April 1996), 1996
1406012P_001 Drafts, research, correspondence, notes, contact number. 25 electronic files: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Macintosh WordPerfect, 1994-1996
The Good Son (screenplay by McEwan)
23.1 'First draft – revised, not polished' screenplay, June 1987
23.2 Revised first draft screenplay with revisions by McEwan, August 1987
23.3 Revised screenplay, 29 July 1991
23.4 Revised screenplay (1 June 1992); breakdown of script changes (9 November 1992), 1992
1406012P_001 Drafts, correspondence. 10 electronic files: Microsoft Word, 1991-1992
23.5 The Modern Review (vol. 1, issue 13) covering censorship of film, February/March 1994
The Gun
29.7 Writing notes and draft fragments, circa 1990s
1406012P_001 Notes. 2 electronic files: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, 2004
23.6 The Imitation Game (teleplay by McEwan). Research and writing notes; typescript draft; handwritten Introduction to published collection The Imitation Game: Three Plays for Television (Cape, 1981), 1978-1980
The Innocent (film adaptation by McEwan)
23.7 Screenplay with revisions (marked 'Norma Heyman's Copy'), 11 March 1991
23.8 Revised script with revisions (5 March 1991); inserted revised pages (28 June 1992, undated); storyboards for 1989 scene (9 July 1992); correspondence regarding script changes, 1990-1992
1406012P_001 Drafts, notes. 21 electronic files: Microsoft Word, 1991-1992
23.9 Memos and correspondence regarding film edits, February-March 1994
23.10 Script changes, 1992
24.1 The Last Day of Summer (screenplay by McEwan). First draft typescript (undated); second draft shooting script (28 June 1983); outline and notes, 1983, undated
On Chesil Beach (film adaptation by McEwan)
24.2 Early screenplay segment with revisions, undated
24.3 Revised screenplay with revisions, undated
24.4 Loose pages, undated
24.5 Screenplay with revisions, 25 May 2010
24.6 Screenplay with revisions, 5 July 2010
1406012P_001 Drafts, notes. 7 electronic files: Final Draft Document File, Microsoft Word, 2009
24.7 Film production correspondence and lists of possible writers and directors, 2008-2012
The Pleasure Dome (screenplay by McEwan)
Research about neuroanatomy
24.8 Correspondence with Dr. Ray Dolan, including script segment with notes by Dolan; brain scans with notes by Dolan; faxed research articles, September-November 1993
24.9 Photocopies of newspaper and medical journal articles, 1989-1993
24.10 Writing notes and outline, circa 1993
24.11 Screenplay draft with revisions, circa 1993
25.1 Screenplay draft, 15 November 1993
25.2 Screenplay draft with revisions, June 1994
1406012P_001 Synopsis, drafts, scene list, directors list, notes. 17 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 1994-1995
25.3 Memo about screenplay, June 1993
The Ploughman's Lunch (screenplay by McEwan)
25.4 Notebook. Writing notes, circa 1981
25.5 Writing notes and synopsis, research, 1981-1982
25.6 First draft of screenplay with revisions, 24 November 1981-20 February 1982
25.7 First draft of screenplay with revisions (photocopy), 24 November 1981-20 February 1982
25.8 Second draft of screenplay with revisions, 1982
25.9 Production material. Shooting schedule, cast list, letter from Richard Eyre, 1982-1983
Repression [in file folder called 'Animation']
26.11 Typescript, 1997
1406012P_001 Synopsis, correspondence. 6 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 1997
Saturday (film adaptation by Patrick Marber; project abandoned and rights reverted in 2011)
25.10 Early draft of screenplay with annotations by McEwan, undated
25.11 Draft with annotations by McEwan, 17 April 2009
26.1 Draft with annotations by McEwan, circa 2009
Solid Geometry (teleplay adaptation by McEwan of his short story of the same title)
26.2 Script draft with revisions, 1978
26.3 Censorship controversy. Press releases, chronology of events, correspondence related to the BBC's decision to cease production of the teleplay; Reading of Solid Geometry by Royal Shakespeare Company press releases and program, 1978-1979
'Television and Radio'
26.10 Conversation with a Cupboard Man. Radio play draft and recording schedule, November 1974
26.4 Disguises (teleplay adaptation by McEwan of his short story of the same title). Short story page proofs from American Review, scene outline, film treatments (two copies), undated
26.5 The Guardians. Teleplay drafts (top copy and carbon copy), undated
Jack Flea's Birthday Celebration
26.6 Handwritten and typed script draft, circa 1974
26.7 Early typescript script draft with revisions, undated
26.8 Later typescript script draft, undated
26.10 The Kensington Girls. Teleplay outline, undated
26.9 Living Out the Dead End. Teleplay drafts (two carbon copies), undated
26.10 Tongue Tied: A Sketch (also titled Joey Deacon's Christmas). Handwritten draft fragment; sketch; teleplay draft, undated
Woman in White. 'first sketch' of teleplay (abandoned in June 1974), 1974
'Half hour tv plays,' undated
General ideas and notes, undated
Original folder
1406012P_001 Correspondence. Outgoing correspondence to the Writers Guild of America and Writers Guild of Great Britain. 7 electronic files: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, 1995
Subseries C. Short Stories, circa 1969-1997
26.11 A Deep Blue Sky, Clear But For. Carbon typescript, circa 1970s
Vaginismus. Typescript photocopy, publication photocopy, circa 1970s
A Very Very Very Very Very Old Lady (fairytale written for Polly Tuckett). Typescript, 21 August 1975
'Complete But Abandoned'
26.12 Conversation with a Cupboard Man. Typescript, Autumn 1970
Cry Credo (one-act play). Typescript, circa 1969-1970
The Day After. Typescript, black and white photograph of a little girl (circa 1950s), Spring 1971
Evening with Raymond. Typescript, December 1970; handwritten draft, 1970
Farewell to Adolescence. Carbon typescript, Spring 1971
Fictiveness. Typescript photocopy of school paper with grade and instructor's remarks, circa 1970
26.13 Harris (radio play). Typescript, circa 1969-1970
Hospitality. Carbon typescript with cover letter from McEwan to Alan Ross with Ross's reply, November 1971
Mole. Typescript with revisions, April 1970
Mr. Lomax Along Again. Typescript, September 1970
On the Train. Typescript, Spring 1971
Paula: Two Truths and a Fiction. Typescript, Autumn 1970
Theft. Typescript, December 1970
26.14 Tonio Kröger (teleplay). Typescript
The Use of Riches. Typescript, Summer 1970
A Version of the European Artist. Typescript of school paper with grade and instructor's remarks, circa 1970
Word: A Short Story to be muttered aloud. Typescript, October 1970
A Word. Typescript, circa 1970
Poems with varying titles about the circus; The Persuasion of the Prospective Musician (poem on verso), circa 1969-1970
Untitled. Typescript with revisions, undated
Original envelope, 1971
27.1-2 'Unfinished-Abandoned.' Drafts, fragments, jottings, 1971-1974
27.3 Notes from creative writing meetings, 1974, 1976
Subseries D. Other Writings, 1969-2013, undated
Book contributions
27.4 Brockman, John (Ed.). What We Believe But Cannot Prove: Today's Leading Thinkers on Science in the Age of Certainty (2006). Introduction. Incomplete typescript, circa 2005
Care, John (Ed.). William Golding: The Man and His Books. A Tribute on his 75th Birthday (1986). Schoolboys. Typescript, notes, circa 1986
Foden, Giles (Ed.). Body of Work (2011). Into the Dawn. Typescript with revisions, 2011
Parr, Martin. Home and Abroad (1995). Introduction. Typescript with revisions, 1995
Sharp, David and John Parker. Complete Surrender (2008). Reading Station (foreword). Editorial comments by Ian McEwan, partial page proofs with edits, contract, manuscript fragment, May 2008
27.5 An Only Childhood: Ian McEwan Remembers Growing Up Without Brothers and Sisters (published in The Observer [London]), 31 January 1982). Handwritten draft, 1981-1982
'April 29, 1994'. Typescripts, 1994
27.5, osb 2 Fictional Apostasy (published as Am I Really a Believer? In The Guardian, 16 February 2013 and as The God That Fails: When I Stop Believed in Fiction in New Republic, 25 February 2013). Typescripts with revisions; The Guardian newspaper; The New Republic magazine, 2013
27.5 The Go-Between. Typescript with revisions; typescript excerpt from Mother Tongue; notes, circa 2004
How could we have forgotten that this was always going to happen? (The Guardian, 8 July 2005). Typescript; partial typescript with revisions, 2005
Let's Talk about Climate Change (published on, 21 April 2005). Typescript, 2005
The Master: Ian McEwan pays tribute to Saul Bellow (The Guardian, 7 April 2005: 2). Typescript with revisions; photocopy of published essay, 2005
A Medium of No Importance (published in The Observer [London], 31 July 1983). Typescript, 1983
27.6 Mother Tongue: A Memoir (published in The Guardian on 13 October 2001 and reprinted in On Modern British Fiction, Zachary Leader, Ed). Typescripts with revisions, circa 2001
On John Updike (published in New York Review of Books, 12 March 2009 and as Beyond the Bounds of Realism in The Guardian, 31 January 2009). Typescript, 2009
On Quarrels. Typescript carbon, undated
Only Love and Then Oblivion (The Guardian, 15 September 2001). Typescript with revisions; email printout, September 2001
27.6, osb 2 A Parallel Tradition (The Guardian, 1 April 2006; a version of this article was presented at the symposium "The Selfish Gene: 30 years on" at the London School of Economics, 16 March 2006). Typescripts with revisions; The Guardian newspaper, March 2006
27.6 Perspectives: The Plot Thickens for the Century's Final Chapter (Financial Times [London], 24 December 1994). Typescript, 1994
The Plague (published in L'Unita). Typescript, 28 September 1994
The Right Approach. Typescript carbon with revisions, undated
27.7 Solid Geometry (essay about BBC's decision to cancel production of the play by McEwan). Appears in "On Television" (Royal Shakespeare Company Warehouse). Printed contributions from other authors, circa 1970s
Stockwell. Typescript carbon with revisions, undated
What's New? Typescript, undated
Untitled [cultural memory]; Charter 88 accounts balance sheet, circa 1992
Untitled [Darwin and evolution]. Typescripts, undated
Untitled [evolutionary decline and Stephen Jay Gould's book, Wonderful Life]. Typescript, circa 1999
Untitled [The New Review and Ian Hamilton]. Typescript, undated
Untitled [politics of 1980s Poland]. Typescript carbon, undated
Untitled [reminisces of walking with his father and witnessing a wreck, visiting Woolverstone Hall, and his brother David Sharp]. Typescript with revisions, notes, circa 2000s
'Journalism, etc.'
27.8 Brick (no. 37 Autumn 1989). Contains A Move Abroad
The Craftsman (Vol. 52, No. 3, March 1996). Contains Obituary for Major D. McEwan (Retd)
DIS literary magazine (undated first issue). Contains Adonis and Prufrock Sing to Diana of Ephesus
Granta. An Interview with Milan Kundera. Tear sheets, 1984; also tear sheets of "Milan Kundera, and the idea of the author in modern criticism" inscribed to McEwan by David Lodge (Critical Quarterly), 1984
osb 2 London Review of Books (Vol. 3, No. 2, 5-18 February 1981). Contains Writing for Television
New Statesman
27.9 29 September 1978. Contains "Kamera Obskura." McEwan's review of On Photography by Susan Sontag
30 March 1979. Contains Solid Geometry
10 August 1979. Contains "In Season." McEwan's review of production of As You Like It at the Olivier Theatre
3 March 1989. Contains "Do You Dare Like This Book? Ian McEwan on the Salman Rushdie Affair."
27.10 No 5, April 1980. The Imitation Game (2 copies)
No 8, July 1980. The Cross-Legged Reader: Review of Duffy by Dan Kavanagh
27.8 Sussex University Orchestra Programme. Programme notes, 8 December 1969
Time Out (9-15 November 1973). Contains "Cocker at the Theatre"
osb 2 Times Literary Supplement (25 January 1980). Contains Getting Out and Copping Out: Review of David Hare's Dreams of Leaving (television)
27.11 Clippings from New Statesman, Observer, Radio Times, Spectator, 1975-1989
Lectures, Speeches, Events
28.1 'Cambridge Lecture Notes.' Cambridge Seminar on Contemporary British Writing, 6-15 July 1994. Typescript with revisions, 14 July 1994
Darwinism Today: Setting the Intellectual Agenda, London School of Economics, 10 October 1998. Typescript of introductory remarks (McEwan was chair of the event), 1998
28.2 End of the World Blues. Frank E. and Arthur W. Payne Distinguished Lecture, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University, 17 January 2007 (Reprinted in The Portable Atheist, Christopher Hitchens, Ed). Typescripts with revisions and clean copies, research, program, email printouts, 2007; page proofs for The Portable Atheist, 9 June 2007
28.1 Global Sustainability: A Nobel Cause, Potsdam, Germany. Nobel Cause Symposium Series, 9 October 2007. Typescripts with revisions and clean copies, October 2007
'Kafka Lecture, Torino.' Handwritten draft, 5 November 1994
The Levers of Fiction. The Graham Storey Lecture, University of Cambridge, 7 March 2011. Typescripts with revisions, email printouts, March 2011
28.3 Literature, Science and Human Nature. Hilary Lecture, Oxford, 2003 (published in The Literary Animal: Darwinian Perspectives in Literature, J. Gottschall and D. Sloan Wilson, Eds.). Typescripts, 2003
Literature, Science and Human Nature. Van der Leeuw Lecture, Gronigen, Netherlands, 2002. Typescript; typescript of The Annoying Resistance of Facts (accompanying essay by Douwe Draaisma), 2002
28.4 Maxwell E. Perkins Award Presented to Deborah Treisman. Center for Fiction, New York, 11 December 2012. Notes for remarks, itinerary, December 2012
The Moral Landscape: A Conversation between Sam Harris and Ian McEwan, Cambridge Wordfest, Cambridge, UK, 16 April 2011. Notes regarding Sam Harris, admission ticket, 17 April 2011
28.4, osb 2 The Originality of our Species. Revolución Darwin, Fundación Ciencia y Evolución (Science and Evolution Foundation), Santiago, Chile, 8 September 2009; version reprinted in the Guardian, 23 March 2012). Typescripts with revisions, Chilean newspapers, article clipping, 2009
28.4 Paul McCartney recipient of honorary doctorate from University of Sussex (12 July 1988). Oration typescript with revisions, 1988
Science writing: Towards a Literary Tradition? "The Selfish Gene: 30 years on" at the London School of Economics, 16 March 2006 (a version of this lecture was published as A Parallel Tradition in The Guardian, 1 April 2006). Handwritten and typed notes, March 2006
Shakespeare Prize acceptance speech. Alfred Toepfer Foundation, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 16 June 1999. Typescript with revisions, 1999
Talk on Consciousness. Wellcome Trust, 2 October 2008. Typescript with revisions, research, 2008
28.5 Turning Pages: Love & Death (lecture to celebrate Times Literary Supplement's 100th anniversary; published in Areté Magazine, Autumn 2002). Typescript drafts with revisions, draft fragments, research, 2002
28.6 The Twenty First Century. Graduation Keynote Address, IE University, School of International Relations, Madrid, 2010. Typescript with revisions, incomplete typescript, 2010
University of Hull commencement address. Typescript with revisions, circa 2009?
28.7 'USC Atonement Notes' (Open Class lecture for students of the University of South Carolina MFA program, 11 April 2012). Lecture notes, including examples from Atonement and other writer's works, correspondence, April 2012
28.6 Untitled [impact of Darwin's ideas on McEwan's works]. Darwin Anniversary Festival, University of Cambridge. Draft of questions and discussion points, notes, program draft, correspondence, July 2009
Untitled [Rhône-Poulenc Prize for Science Books awards ceremony]. Typescript, circa 1998
Untitled [Steven Pinker in Conversation with Ian McEwan] (The Old Vic Theatre, London, 2002). Typescript remarks and questions, 2002
Untitled [Tribute to Martin Amis]. Typescript with revisions, 29 March 1993
28.8 'Various lectures, openings, etc. 89/90.' Handwritten and typed notes and drafts, photocopies of the story "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1989-1991
Novel excerpts
28.9 Atonement. Typescript, undated
The Children Act. Typescript with revisions, undated
On Chesil Beach. Typescripts, undated
Saturday. Typescript, undated
Solar. Eight typescript segments of varying lengths, 2009
Photocopied pages from published novels Atonement and Saturday, undated
29.1 Bellow, Saul. The Dean's December (1982). Typescript with revisions, circa 1982
Calvino, Italo. The Watcher (1963). Typescript, 12 July 1992
Schneider, Peter. The Wall Jumper (1984) (published as A Tale of Two Cities in The Guardian, 22 October 2005: 21). Typescripts with revisions, 2005
Wenders, Wim. Kings of the Road (1976). Film review typescript carbon, undated
Wilson, Angus. Anglo-Saxon Attitudes (1956). Typescript, undated
Assorted shorting writings
29.2 Baby Please Don't Go. Published poem clipping, 12 April 1998
The Beatles. Typescript, undated
Books of the Year (published as The Pick of the Publishing Year in Financial Times [London], 3 December 1994). Typescript draft, 17 November 1994
Holly Eley obituary. Typescripts, 2010
Ian McEwan & Antony Gormley: A Conversation about Art and Nature (The Kenyon Review, Vol. 28, No. 1, Winter 2006). Partial interview transcript with marks by McEwan, 2006
Luca Lanzi. Typescript, 2012
Passage to Juneau: A Sea and Its Meanings by Jonathan Raban. Book jacket blurb typescript, 1999
Plagiarism. Incomplete typescript with revisions, circa 1981
Program notes for quartets by Bela Bartok, Josef Haydn, and Ludwig van Beethoven. Typescript, undated
Remembering Malcolm. Tribute to Malcolm Bradbury. Typescript with revisions, circa 2000
A Song: Nothing Rhymes, It Just Won't Rhyme. Handwritten draft, circa 2006
The Song of Einaudi. Poem by McEwan and Annalena McAfee in celebration of Giulio Einaudi Editore's 80th anniversary. Typescript with revisions, 10 November 2013
Steven Pinker and his book The Blank Slate. Notes, typescript fragments, article by Pinker, circa 2000-2002
Three Cabaret Songs (music by Michael Berkeley and lyrics by McEwan). Sheet music (photocopy), 2013
Untitled [if McEwan became a guitarist instead of a novelist] (published in Brick literary journal). Typescript, 1994
Untitled [journey with Gabrielle Kelly]. Travel diary entries, 1981
Untitled [Malcolm Bradbury's retirement from University of East Anglia]. Typescript, circa 1994
McEwan interview with Lynn Wells. Partial typescript with revisions, 7 December 2005
Untitled [travel essay about the Languedoc region of France]. Typescript, circa 2005
Untitled [travel essay about Vancouver, British Columbia]. Typescript, undated
Untitled [tribute to Jaco Groot]. Typescript, circa 1990s
Writing notes and unidentified fragments
Mary [Mary arrives at manor and meets Edward Aronson]
29.7 Typescript segment
1406012P_001 Synopsis, notes. 7 electronic files: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Macintosh WordPerfect, 1999, 2004
Little Man. Synopsis, drafts of three chapters. 4 electronic files: Microsoft Word, 2007
29.3 Notes regarding Darwin; interview questions by David Amigoni, June 2009
Notes, research about natural selection, drafts of McEwan writings about Darwin [removed from report folder]. Includes notes on Dawkins and Unweaving the Rainbow, Gould, E.O. Wilson on Enlightenment, Wolpert; Rhône-Poulenc Prize for Science Books 1998 awards speech; Darwinism Today: Setting the Intellectual Agenda (chaired by McEwan, LSE, 10 October 1998); Review of Consilience by E.O. Wilson; Untitled talk about Darwin and evolution, circa 1998
Notes regarding scientists, undated
Notes regarding Dr. James Watson, circa 2012
Notes regarding science and literature, undated
Notes regarding Tony Blair (and plot notes for novel Saturday?) 8 May 2005
Notes regarding John Updike and his novel Memories of the Ford Administration, circa 1992
Twin Beds in Rome by John Updike. Annotated printout of story and notes, undated
Assorted notes, collected material, jottings, undated
29.4 'Notes, etc.' Journal entries; writing notes and draft fragments; manuscript drafts including To Elaine: Sand and Sky (poem), Large Reckoning in a Small Room (review of Fireworks by Angela Carter); six sketch drawings (crayon and chalk), 1972-1975
29.5 'Miscellaneous notes.' Writing notes, draft fragments, jottings, scenes from Ploughman's Lunch, 1981-1982
29.6 Film and short story notes and draft fragments, circa 1970s-1980s
29.8 Notebook. Copied poems, unidentified writing and notes, circa 1970s-1980s
1406012P_001 Assorted short writings; book contributions; essays; lectures, speeches, events; reviews; unidentified fragments. Drafts, notes, correspondence [there are duplicates of many files]. 317 electronic files: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, 1994-2012
'New Fiction.' Drafts. 6 electronic files: Microsoft Word, 2007, 2013
Film short adaptation of Solid Geometry. Draft by unidentified author. 1 electronic file: Microsoft Word, 2004

Series II. Correspondence, 1968-2014

Subseries A. Personal, 1968-2014
70.1 A-J
70.2 Bide, Polly
70.3 M-Z
70.4 McEwan, Rose
70.5 First names only; unidentified
30.1 A-M
30.2 N-W; first names only; unidentified
30.3 A-M
30.4 McEwan, Rose and David
30.5 N-Z
31.1 First names only; unidentified
31.2 A-Z
31.3 First names only; unidentified
31.4 A-Z; first names only; unidentified
31.5 A-G
31.6 H-McEwan
32.1 McW-N
32.2 O-S
32.3 T-Z
32.4 First names only; unidentified
32.5 A-G
32.6 H-Ma
33.1 Mc-P
33.2 R-Z
33.3-4 First names only; unidentified (box 33.3 includes interview typescript )
33.5 A-D
34.1 E-J
34.2 K-M
34.3 N-Z
34.4 First names only; unidentified
34.5 Early university, 1971-1978
34.6 Man Booker Prize congratulations, 1998
35.1 Birthday, Wedding, New House, Order of the British Empire CBE honor, 1997-2008
35.2 Updike, John. Letters between McEwan and Updike, 2004-2009
Subseries B. Professional, 1971-2014
35.3 1971-1973
35.4 1974-1975
35.5 1976-1977
35.6 1978
35.7 1979
36.1-2 1980
36.3-4 1981
36.5 1982
36.6 1983-1984
36.7 1985-1986
37.1 1987
37.2-3 1988
37.4-5, 72 1989
37.6-7 1990
38.1 1991
38.2-5 1992
38.6-7 1993
39.1 1994; includes interview transcript and photos from Gilles Ménégaldo
39.2-3 1995
39.4 1996
39.5 1997
39.6-7 1998
39.8 1999; includes photo contact sheet from Pip Rook Photography
40.1 2000; includes JANUS newsletter (Woolverstone Hall Old Boys Association)
40.2 2001
40.3-6 2002
40.7-8 2003
41.1 2004
41.2 2005
41.3 2006
41.4 2007
41.5 2008
41.6 2009
41.7 2010
41.8 2011
41.9 2012
41.10 2013-2014
42.1-3 'Publishers, etc.,' 1994-2010; 42.1 contains New Yorker proof for "In the Beginning" and notes for "Flies" screenplay
Subseries C. 'Readers,' 1987-circa 2000s
42.4 1990s
42.5-6 2000s; 42.5 contains photos of McEwan on set of Atonement
43.1 Atonement, Rose Blanche, Saturday, Sweet Tooth, 2001-2012
43.2-3 The Daydreamer, 1996-2008
Subseries D. Outgoing, 1979-circa 2000s
43.4 1979-1980s
43.5 1990s; includes incoming faxes and letters, script segment of The Innocent (faxes received and looks like faxed outgoing)
43.6 2000s
43.7 McEwan to Rose and David McEwan (parents), 1976-1978, 1986
1406012P_001 Letters to publishers, editors, other professional associates, friends, family, John Updike, and others. 290 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Outlook Item Template, 1991-2012

Series III. Personal and Professional, 1930s-2014 (bulk 1974-2013)

Address books
43.8, 67.13 Three address books (a handwritten journal-like note was folded into book housed in 67.13; note is filed in 43.8), circa 1990s
1406012P_001 Contact lists. 215 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format (RTF), 1998-1999, 2004
Agents (royalty statements, contracts)
43.9 'Georges Borchardt,' 1996-2009
43.10 'Rogers, Coleridge & White,' 2002-2006
Appointment diaries
44.1 1974, 1975
44.2 1977, 1978
44.3 1979, 1980
44.4 1981, 1982
44.5 1983, 1984
44.6 1985, 1986
44.7 1987, 1988
44.8 1989, 1990
44.9 1991, 1992
45.1 1993, 1994
45.2 1995, 1996
45.3 1997, 1998
45.4 1999, 2000
45.5 2001, 2002 (letters folded into book 2001 were removed and filed in folder)
45.6 2003, 2004
45.7 2005, 2006
45.8 2007, 2008
45.9 2009, 2010
45.10 2011, 2012
1406012P_001 Archival Papers. Inventory of personal papers, interview transcript. 2 electronic files: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, 2013-2014
46.1 Alfred Toepfer Stiftung Shakespeare Prize. Laudatio for Ian McEwan (German and English speech transcript), program, 1999
osb 1 American Academy of Arts and Letters. Certificate, 2006
46.2 Casino de Santiago Award. Certificate, schedule, minutes of the jury, March 2004
46.3 Common Wealth Awards of Distinguished Service. Press kit, 2007
69.4-5, osb 1 Honorary degrees. Diplomas and photographs from Oxford Brookes University, Royal Holloway University of London, University College London, University of Hull, University of Sussex, 1989-2009
46.4, osb 2 Jerusalem Prize. Speech drafts and notes, correspondence, itinerary, press coverage of speech, 2011
69.6 Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Certificate, 2003
46.5 Programs and photographs. Kenyon Review Award for Literary Achievement (2006), New York Public Library Literary Lions (2011), Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author Award (2010), 1999-2011
46.6-7 Lists compiled by multiple sources (also includes some articles, interviews, and literary criticism of McEwan's works, including McEwan's entry in the Dictionary of Literary Biography), 1988-1998
1406012P_001 List of writings. 1 electronic file: Microsoft Word, 2014
46.8 Christmas and change of address cards (McEwan-McAfee family), 2002, 2010-2011
Collected material
46.9 Assorted clippings about friends, photocopies of stories and poems, 1980s-1990s
The Euston Manifesto, 2006
Kingdon, Jonathan. Exhibition programs, 2009
Stage Beauty. Publicity brochure (film directed by McEwan's friend Richard Eyre), 2004
46.10, 47.1-2 Contracts (publishing, radio, television, loan to British Library), 1974-1994, 2012
47.3 Ephemera. Includes business cards, tickets, membership cards, blank postcards, application, 2000s
Family papers
McAfee, Annalena
47.8 50th birthday invites, November 2009
47.9 Christopher Hitchens editorial about September 11, 2001 attacks. Transcript sent to McAfee, 2001
47.10 Correspondence addressed to McAfee, 2001-2012
47.11 Jottings, receipts, undated
47.12 The Spoiler (novel, Harvill Secker, 2011). German reviews, 2012-2013
1406012P_001 Memo, email printout. 3 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 1997, 1999, 2004
McEwan, David
47.13 Military certificates and document, 1952-1955
47.14 Multilateralism or Unilateralism: Finding the Common Ground. Typescript essay by D. McEwan, handwritten notes, circa 1989
Container Electronic-file
47.15 1406012P_001 Transcript of interview with D. McEwan conducted by Ian McEwan with cover letter; handwritten transcript, 3 November 1989; 1 electronic file: Microsoft Word, 2004
47.16 Obituary, 1996
48.1 McEwan, George. Handwritten notes, circa 1930s?
McEwan, Rose
48.2 Condolence cards on death of David McEwan, 1996
48.3 Memorial service. Drafts of program, letter, photographs, 2003-2004
osb 1 Scrapbooks ('Ian's Progress'). Two scrapbooks containing clippings, 1974-1980, 1981-1987
McEwan, Will and Greg
48.4 Illustrated letters by Ian McEwan, March 1990
Outgoing cover letter draft with Ian McEwan's annotations, undated
Cards, undated
47.4 Financial documents. Reports from accountant, investments, 1977-1987
47.5 Funerals and memorials. Programs, remarks for friends and family; including Saul Bellow, Polly Bide, Christopher Hitchens, Pat Kavanagh, Daniel Keel, Ann McPherson, Harold Pinter, Susan Sontag, and Snoo Wilson, 1988-2012
47.6 Invitations for state events and openings, 2003
47.7 Unidentified notes, undated
1406012P_001 "To do" lists, book lists, unidentified. 5 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 1999, 2004, 2009
66.1 Blue. Travel notes, The Innocent notes, circa 1990s
66.2 Red spiral. Notes about alternative medicine therapies, undated
66.3 Red spiral. Contacts, lists, personal notes, undated
66.4 Blue. Contacts, The Innocent notes, personal notes, undated
66.5 Green. Notes about pirates, Corsica, travels, budget calculations, writing notes, school sports, undated
66.6 Precious Moments memo book. Jottings, undated
66.7 Albert Einstein notebook, 'Saturday.' Notes for novel Saturday, personal jottings, contacts, directions, circa 2000s
66.8 Green spiral, 'Saturday.' To-do and packing lists, Spanish phrases, contacts, notes related to novel Atonement, personal jottings, 2001-2002
66.9 Blue, 'Saturday.' Research for novel Saturday, observation and notes with Dr. Neil Kitchen, to-do lists, circa 2000s
66.10 Green spiral, 'Atonement.' Notes for novel Atonement, contacts, to-do lists, 2001
66.11 Composition book, 'Solar'. Notes for novels Solar and Sweet Tooth, travel notes, contacts, 2009-2010
66.12 Red spiral. Personal notes, jottings, undated
66.13 Swiss postcard cover. Personal notes, notes for the novel Atonement, undated
66.14 Blue, 'Saturday.' Jottings, notes for novel Saturday, 2002-2003
66.15 White, 'Chesil Beach.' Notes regarding film adaptation of Atonement, jottings, circa 2000s
66.16 Green spiral. Contacts, jottings, circa 1980s
66.17 Red spiral. Notes for novel The Child in Time, jottings, circa 1980s
66.18 Faded red spiral. Notes for novel The Child in Time, jottings, circa 1980s
66.19 Red spiral. Notes regarding philosophy, jottings, circa 1980s
66.20 Memo pad. Jottings, budget calculations, undated
66.21 Red spiral, 'Soviet Union.' Travel notes about Russia, jottings, May 1987
66.22 Red spiral, 'Partnership and Energy.' Workshop notes and exercises, February 1991
66.23 Red memo pad. Notes about film making, travel notes, writing notes, September 1986
66.24 Orange Rhodia. Jottings, notes regarding the screenplay The Pleasure Dome, circa 1990s
66.25 Pink and green stripes. Travel notes, contacts, jottings, writing notes, undated
66.26 Brown notebook. Travel journal while in Afghanistan, June 1972
66.27 Floral, light green, inscribed to McEwan from Ali. Blank, undated
66.28 Red, 'Ringkøbing Couples.' Notes for novel The Innocent, workshop notes and exercises, February 1988
66.29 Blue, 'Berlin.' Notes for novel The Innocent, 23 February 1988
66.30 Blue, 'Berlin II.' Notes for novel The Innocent, 1988
67.1 Blue. Jottings, workshop notes and exercises, 21 September 1988
67.2 Blue, 'Ringkøbing.' Workshop notes and exercises, notes for novel The Innocent, February 1989
67.3 Blue. Notes for novel The Innocent, contacts, personal notes, 12 February-May 1988
67.4 Blue. Jottings, notes about science and religion, 1 November 1988-14 October 1989
67.5 Red spiral. Jottings, contacts, undated
67.6 Green spiral. Jottings, notes, 1978
67.7 Red. Budget calculations, grocery lists, notes about the brain, circa 1970s
67.8 Red spiral. Travel notes, personal notes, undated
67.9 Red spiral. Personal notes, contacts, jottings, undated
67.10 Green. To-do lists, income and expenses, jottings, notes for script The Imitation Game, 1977
67.11 Red spiral. Jottings, undated
67.12 Red spiral. Personal notes, undated
Parties and celebrations
48.5 Birthday invites, guest lists, seating arrangements, gift lists; includes "Stanzas for an Ancient Writer On the Occasion of His 60th Birthday" poem by Zadie Smith, 1998-2008
1406012P_001 Guest lists, menus, invitation templates. 20 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 1997-1998, 2004-2008
48.6 Programs, certificates, 2000s
1406012P_001 Script for Solar Aid. 2 electronic files: Microsoft Word, 2012
48.7 Booker Prize Award Ceremony. Included in photos: McEwan, McAfee, Salman Rushdie, Beryl Bainbridge, and others, 1998
48.8 'Childhood.' McEwan as a child in Aldershot, Tripoli, Singapore, and Woolverstone. Included in photos: David and Rose McEwan, sister Margy, Granny Moore, and other family, 1949-1978
48.9, osb 1 Family. Included in photos: David and Rose McEwan, sister Margy, brothers Jim (Roy) and David Sharp, David McEwan military photos, Uncle George and Aunt Grace, Granny McEwan, 1936-2002
48.10 Films. The Innocent (on-set film stills of Campbell Scott, Isabella Rossellini, Anthony Hopkins, John Schlesinger, Will McEwan, Ian McEwan, 1991); First Love, Last Rites (on-set snapshots of Giovanni Ribisi, Jesse Peretz, Robert John Burke, Annalena McAfee, Ian McEwan, and others, 1997), 1991-1997
'Friends and travel'
48.11 Included in photos: Danuta Garton Ash, Craig and Li Raine, Galen Strawson, Ann Vant, James Fenton and Darryl Pinckney, Redmond and Belinda O'Hanlon, Julian Barnes, Jon Cook, Diane de Bell, Penny Allen, John Webb, Jayne Anne Phillips, Polly Bide, Iowa University colleagues, Afghanistan trip, Gabrielle Kelly, Jim Grant, Annalena McAfee, Allan Hollinghurst, Tom Grieve, Bob Nicholson, Sheela and Ray Dolan, fall of Berlin Wall, 1968-2000s
1406012P_001 Assorted. 2 electronic files: JPEG, 2004
Dolan, Ray. 13 electronic files, JPEG, 1998
1405011P_002 McEwan and Ray Dolan hiking in southwestern US or California; McEwan and Annalena McAfee in Spain [?]; McEwan and friends in snowy mountains; McEwan’s [?] desk, office, and various rooms. 114 electronic files: JPEG, 2004
Sun Valley Writers Conference (2009), Pettit Lake. Ian McEwan and other writers including Annette Gordon-Reed. Also pictured Annalena McAfee and Will McEwan. Photos by Nils Ribi. 33 electronic files: JPEG, 2009
1405011P_005 Yosemite National Park. Mostly landscape and some photos of McEwan with unidentified friend. 116 electronic files: JPEG, 2004
1405011P_006 Rias Altas casino (A Coruña, Galicia, Spain). Ian McEwan at speaking event and landscapes. Also pictured Annalena McAfee and unidentified people. 43 electronic files: JPEG, March 2004
48.12 Pre-mid 1990s. Included in photos: Penny Allen, Greg and Will McEwan, Alice Tuckett, Rawlinson Road home, Bergerie in France, 1976-1996
48.13 Post-mid 1990s. Included in photos: Annalena McAfee; Greg and Will McEwan; Rose McEwan; Tim Garton Ash; sons of McEwan, Craig Raine, and Martin Amis; Sheela and Ray Dolan, 1996-2010
1406012P_001 2004. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including England, Corsica, Spain, and Scotland. 1299 electronic files [MASTERS]: JPEG, TIFF, 2004. 430 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, 2004. 1822 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2004.
2005. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including England, Scotland, Mallorca, Uruguay, and the Arctic. Also included in photos are Martin Amis, Christopher Hitchens, and Ray Dolan and family. 1331 electronic files [MASTERS]: JPEG, 2005. 113 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, 2005. 2283 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2005.
2006. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including on the set of the film Atonement in France, Scotland, and the U.S. Also included in photos are John Updike, Ray Dolan and family, and Redmond O'Hanlon. 757 electronic files [MASTERS]: JPEG, 2006. 14 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, 2006. 1060 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2006.
2007. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including Greece and the family home in England. 584 electronic files [MASTERS]: JPEG, Audio Video Interleave (AVI), 2007. 53 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, 2007. 859 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2007.
2008. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including Hong Kong, New Zealand, India, San Francisco, and home in England. 1521 electronic records [MASTERS]: JPEG, Audio Video Interleave (AVI), 2008. 122 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, 2008. 2054 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2008.
2009. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including Mallorca, Switzerland, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Portugal, Chile, the Galapagos, and home in England. Also included in photos are Judy Dench, Ray Dolan, Julian Barnes, James Fenton, Darryl Pinckney, Martin Amis, and James Magnuson. 1971 electronic files [MASTERS]: JPEG, 2009. 70 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, 2009. 2968 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2009.
2010. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including German, Panama, Italy, and home in England. 560 electronic files [MASTERS]: JPEG, 2010. 21 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, 2010. 771 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2010.
2011. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including Israel, France, Mallorca, Washington D.C., Maldives, and home in England. 858 electronic records [MASTERS]: JPEG, Audio Video Interleave (AVI), 2011. 27 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, 2011. 1308 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2011.
2012. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including Italy, Germany, Brazil, and new home in England. 881 electronic files [MASTERS]: JPEG, 2012. 56 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, 2012. 1483 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2012.
2013. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including Switzerland, Arizona, and Venice. Majority of the photos are taken at McEwan's home. Also included in photos are Julian Barnes, Ray Dolan, and Zadie Smith. 1643 electronic files [MASTERS]: JPEG, Quick Time Movie (MOV), Audio Video Interleave (AVI), 2013. 148 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, Quick Time Movie (MOV), Audio Video Interleave (AVI), 2014. 4369 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2013.
2014. Images of McEwan, family and friends, unidentified people in various settings and travel destinations including Switzerland, Paris, Russia, and home in England. 442 electronic files [MASTERS]: JPEG, 2014. 161 electronic files [PREVIEWS]: JPEG, 2014. 1408 electronic files [THUMBNAILS]: JPEG, 2014.
Metadata. 2 electronic files: Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File (.csv)
Raw photos. 11712 electronic files: JPEG, TIFF, Quick Time Movie (MOV), Audio Video Interleave (AVI), 2004-2014
Publicity and head shots
48.14 1970s. Included in photos: Jaco Groot, Penny Allen
48.15-16 1980s. Included in photos: Richard Eyre, Harriet Walter, Jonathan Pryce, Simon Relph, cast and crew of Ploughman's Lunch, Diogenes Verlag publishers, Granta's 20 Best of Young British Novelists for 1983, Charter 88
49.1-2, osb 1 1990s. Included in photos: Richard Eyre, Annalena McAfee, Picador 21st anniversary (including Jim Crace, Sonny Mehta, Julian Barnes, Graham Swift and others), Salman Rushdie
49.3 2000s. Included in photos: McEwan receiving CBE award, Martin Amis and Isabel Fonseca, Paul Auster, Tavis Smiley, John Updike, Walter Veltroni, Blake Morrison, Mariella Frostrup, Salman Rushdie, and unidentified
1405011P_007 Candid photos of McEwan at home by Jytte Nielsen. 16 electronic files: JPEG, November 2002
Political activity
49.4 Censorship regarding The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie. Untitled essay, oration on receiving honorary degree from Sussex University, press releases from International Committee for the Defense of Salman Rushdie and his Publishers, editorial by McEwan, 1989
49.5-6 Charter 88. Printed material, clippings, correspondence, 1988-1992
49.7 Joint Soviet Working Group (SWG) / European Nuclear Disarmament (END) delegation to Moscow. Itinerary, clippings, correspondence, Five per cent bed…(printed essay by McEwan), 1987
49.8 June 20th Group. Correspondence, minutes, clippings, 1988-1992
49.9 'Political.' Town and Country Forum, Charter 88, Children are unbeatable!, and other organizations, 1996-1998
49.10 Other political organizations. Printed material for Helsinki Citizens Assembly, Constitutional Reform Centre, Book Action for Nuclear Disarmament, Wheatland Conference on Literature, Polish documents, 1983-1990
Press clippings
English-speaking press
50.1 American Review, Best American Short Stories, The Short Stories, 1973, 1978, 1996
50.2-3 Amsterdam, 1998-1999
50.4-5, osb 2 Atonement, 2001-2009
50.6-7 Black Dogs, 1992-1993
50.8 The Cement Garden, 1978-1979
51.1-3 The Child in Time, 1987-1988
51.4 The Comfort of Strangers, 1981-1982
51.5 The Daydreamer, 1994-1995, 2005
51.6-7 Enduring Love, 1997-1998, 2004-2009
52.1 First Love, Last Rites, 1974-1976, 2009
52.2 For You, 2008
52.3 The Imitation Game: Three Plays for Television, 1981
52.4 In Between the Sheets, 1978-1980
52.5 The Innocent, 1990
52.6 On Chesil Beach, 2007-2009
52.7 Or Shall We Die?, 1983
52.8 Rose Blanche (includes one in German, 1985)
52.9-10, 53.1-2, osb 2 Saturday, 2004-2005
53.3 Solar, 2010
53.4 Sweet Tooth. Also includes blurbs for Sweet Tooth and McAfee's novel The Spoiler, 2013
Foreign press
53.5 Amsterdam, 1998-1999, 2007
53.6-8 Atonement, 2001-2003
54.1 Black Dogs, 1993-1995
54.2 The Cement Garden, 1978-1986
54.3 The Child in Time, 1987-1993
54.4 The Comfort of Strangers, 1982-2005
54.5 The Daydreamer, 1994-2009
54.6, 55.1 Enduring Love, 1997-1999
55.2 First Love, Last Rites, 1978-1981, 1998
55.3 For You, 2009
55.4 In Between the Sheets, 1977
55.5 The Innocent, 1990-1992, 2003
55.6 Last Day of Summer; also includes digital printout of photographs, 1975-1976, 2010
55.7-8 On Chesil Beach, 2007-2009
55.9, 56.1 Saturday, 2005-2006
56.2-5 Solar; also includes itinerary for press tour, 2010-2011
56.6, 57.1 Sweet Tooth, 2013
57.2-4 Assorted reviews, interviews, profiles, 1979-2013
Film and television
57.5 Atonement. English and foreign language press, 2007-2009
57.6, 58.1 Enduring Love. Mostly North American and some British press, 2004
58.2 The Innocent. English and foreign language press, 1992-1995
58.3-4 Ploughman's Lunch. English and foreign language press, 1983-1984
58.5 Assorted. Press and reviews for The Cement Garden, The Imitation Game, Jack Flea's Birthday Celebration, Solid Geometry, Sour Sweet, and other film projects, 1976-2004
Profiles, interviews, mentions
58.6 1970s
58.7, 59.1, osb 2 1980s
59.2, osb 2 1990s
59.3, osb 2 2000s
1406012P_001 Interview transcripts, questionnaire. 6 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 2004, 2013-2014
59.4-6 Research and assorted. Clippings covering many subjects including climate change, politics, philosophy, evolution, (often sent to McEwan by others, including Jaco Groot), 1979-2014
1406012P_001 Atonement. Review saved from Newsweek website. 2 electronic files: WordPerfect, 2004
Enduring Love. Text and excerpt for website. 1 electronic file: WordPerfect, 2004
Sweet Tooth. Review. 1 electronic file: Microsoft Word, 2013
Research and assorted. Book reviews [some saved from the Web] and science articles. 15 electronic files: Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Word, Graphic Interchange Format (GIF), 2004
60.1 Legal contract for property purchase, sales brochures for previously owned properties, aerial photograph of Fitzroy Square, correspondence, receipts, 1981-2007
1406012P_001 Directions to properties, lists of service people, correspondence. 10 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 1999, 2004-2011
Public appearances
60.2 Literary festival, readings, and tribute programs, 1995-2013
60.3 Max Perutz Science Writing Prize (McEwan served on judging panel). Program, entrant's essays, scoring sheets, 2007
60.4 Perspectives on Ian McEwan (School of English and American Studies, University of East Anglia). Seminar program, ticket, 15 November 2003
60.5 Atonement. Publication party postcard, 2001
Enduring Love. Reading group guide, 1997
For You. Program for Italian performance, 2010
60.5, osf 1 Saturday. Italian button and brochure, publication party postcard, German pamphlet with interview, poster, 2005
60.6-8, 61.1-2 Itineraries for book tours, speaking engagements, and some personal travel. Includes email printouts for transportation and lodging arrangements, programs and brochures, publicity clippings, correspondence, 2001-2013, undated
61.3 Printed material (excluding serials and clippings) profiling or mentioning McEwan, 1989-2013
1406012P_001 Guest lists and readings for Atonement U.S. book tour. 3 electronic files: WordPerfect, 2004
61.4 Royalty statements, 1978-1982
61.5 School report cards, 1953-1959
61.6 Timeline with publications listed, 1983
61.7 United States Citizenship and Immigration Services visa petition, 2008
61.8 Brochures and other printed materials, undated
1406012P_001 Lists of travel destinations, packing lists, directions, contacts. 17 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 2004-2008
University of East Anglia
61.9 The Incredible Magazine (spoof university magazine; contains Cocker at the Theatre), 1971
61.10 Diploma, 30 June 1972
University of Sussex
71.1-4 Essays, exams, and notes for courses including The Modern European Mind (MEM), Mind and Body, World History Since 1900, English Poetry, 1967-1970
71.5 Cry Credo: One Act Play. Mimeograph copies, 1969
61.11 Syllabus for Arts and Letters in Britain 1900-1930, circa 1967-1970
Diploma, 14 July 1970
61.12 Updike, John documentary profile. Contract, script, Hay Festival call sheet, outline for program, Hay Festival reporting, April-June, 2004
61.13 Wedding invitations, 2010, undated
61.14 Woolverstone Hall. Janus newspaper. Transcripts of articles written by McEwan for the school newspaper, 1965-1966

Series IV. Works By Others, 1976-2012, undated

Subseries A. About McEwan and His Works, 1988-2012, undated
61.15 Amigoni, David. "The Luxury of Storytelling": Science, Literature and Cultural Contest in Ian McEwan's Narrative Practice. Photocopied typescript, 2007
Begley, Adam
61.15 The Art of Fiction CLXXII (The Paris Review, 44:162, Summer 2002). Faxed page proofs with corrections, 2002
1406012P_001 The Art of Fiction CLXXII (The Paris Review, 44:162, Summer 2002). Interview drafts. 8 electronic files: WordPerfect, 2004
62.1 Benedetti, Luca. La Narrativa di Ian McEwan. Bound thesis (Italian), 2002-2003
62.2 Decroix, Vincent. The Gothic Fascination in Ian McEwan's First Love, Last Rites; The Cement Garden; The Comfort of Strangers. Master's thesis, 2001
62.3 Erba, Paola. La Narrativa di Ian McEwan. Bound thesis (Italian), 1991-1992
61.15 Finney, Brian. Briony's Stand Against Oblivion: Ian McEwan's Atonement. Computer printout, 2002
62.4 Gherardi, Chiara. McEwan: il bambino nel tempo Studio psicoanalitico di un processo di maturazione creativa. Bound thesis (Italian), 1999-2000
61.15 Groes, Sebastian. Ian McEwan: Contemporary Critical Perspectives (2009). Journeys without Maps: An Interview with Ian McEwan by Jon Cook, Sebastian Groes, and Victor Sage. Interview typescript with revisions, circa 2003-2009
62.5 Keating, Sharon. Loss, betrayal and reparation in two novels by Ian McEwan. Master's thesis, 2002
62.6 Leavitt, David. Notes on Coincidence (in the World and in Fiction). Photocopied typescript, undated
63.1-2 Le Barzic, David. La responsabilisation esthétique: phénomènes et mécanismes de réponse dans l'œuvre d'Ian McEwan. Doctoral thesis (French), 2001
1406012P_001 Louvel, Liliane, Gilles Ménégaldo, Anne-Laure Fortin. Interview draft. 2 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 1994
63.3 Maurel, Claire. A study of Enduring Love by Ian McEwan. Thesis, 1999
62.6 Palmer, George. An examination of the Oedipal Complex within The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan. Typescript, 1994
64.1 Pedot, Richard. Écriture de la perversion dans l'oeuvre de Ian McEwan. Doctoral thesis (French), 1996
62.6 Phillips, Caryl. Ian McEwan. Oration typescript, 8 November 2006
64.2 Pigmei, Valentina. Le metamorfosi del corpo nella Narrativa di Ian McEwan. Thesis (Italian), 1999
62.6 Roth, Marco. Rise of the Neuronovel. Photocopied internet article printout, 2012
64.3 Sabadin, Maria. The Cement Garden di Ian McEwan. Thesis (Italian), 1988-1989
62.6 Smith, Zadie. Zadie Smith Talks with Ian McEwan (The Believer, August 2005). Typescript, 2005
64.4 Sol-de Ruyter, Saskia. Ian McEwan's Awareness of Time: An essay of his work with emphasis on The Child in Time. Typescript (2 copies), 1992
62.6 Spears, Heather. Sketches of Ian McEwan in conversation with Malcolm Bradbury (photocopies), 18 October 1992
Stratmann, Gerd. Constructions of Childhood and the Thing Itself: Ian McEwan's The Child in Time. Tearsheets, undated
Takamoto, Takako. Does the Medical Report Have the Final Say?: Ian McEwan's Enduring Love. Tearsheets, card, circa 2012
Van Alphen, Ernst. The Homosocial Gaze According to Ian McEwan's The Comfort of Strangers. Photocopied excerpt from Vision in Context: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Sight (Teresa Brennan and Martin Jay, Eds., 1996), 1996
Wells, Lynn
62.6 Ian McEwan (New British Fiction) (2010). Author Interview. Typescript with edits by McEwan, 2009-2010
1406012P_001 Interview draft. 1 electronic file: Microsoft Word, 2007
62.6 Williams, Christopher. Ian McEwan's The Cement Garden and the Tradition of the Child/Adolescent as 'I-Narrator.' Tear sheets, 1993
Unsigned. Crossing the Border: Boundaries in the Works of Ian McEwan. Typescript, undated
Unsigned. What do you think McEwan says about time in "The Child in Time"? Typescript, undated
Subseries B. Other, 1976-2012, undated
64.5 Amigoni, David. A Consilient Canon? Bridges to and from Evolutionary Literary Analysis. Review article about The Literary Animal: Evolution and the Nature of Narrative (Jonathan Gottschall and David Sloan Wilson, Eds) and Madame Bovary's Ovaries: A Darwinian Look at Literature (David P. Barash and Nanelle R. Barash). Typescript, 2006
Briggs, Raymond. Fungus the Bogeyman. Script notes, May 1982
Ekman, Paul. Emotions Revealed (2003). Chapter Two, Can We Change What We Become Emotional About? Typescript, 2001
Greene, Ed. Untitled Haiku poem. Handwritten poem with explanatory note by McEwan, 1976, 2006
65.1 Greene, Graham. The Tenth Man. Photocopy from script department (1945) with annotations by McEwan, undated
Hitchens, Christopher
65.2 God is Not Great. Typescript with annotations and notes by McEwan, 2006
64.5 Lightness at Noon. Koba The Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million by Martin Amis. Typescript review (published in The Atlantic September 2012), 2012
Pinter, Harold
65.3 Celebration. Clean copy of typescript with postcard, 1999
NATO Action in Serbia. Speech (printed), 1999
65.4 Raine, Craig. Atonement: A Libretto. Script draft (three copies) with annotations by McEwan, undated
65.5 Ridley, Matt. The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves. Third draft typescript with annotations by McEwan, September 2009
64.5 Sedley, Stephen. Submission to the Leveson Inquiry, First Phase. Typescript, October 2011
65.6 Sharp, David and John Parker. Complete Surrender. Typescript of memoir with notes and letter from McEwan, July 2007
64.5 Strawson, Galen. The Self and the SESMET (Journal of Consciousness Studies, 6.4, 1999). Photocopied pages with inscription, 1999
Tuckett, Polly (McEwan's stepdaughter)
65.7 At Close Range. Typescript with some marks by McEwan (2 copies), undated
Atrophy. Typescript with some marks by McEwan, undated
Groom Marooned! Typescript with some marks by McEwan, undated
My Funny Valentine. Typescript with some marks by McEwan (2 copies), undated
No Dumb Cookie. Typescript within email, 2000
Personals. Typescript with some marks by McEwan (2 copies), undated
Soft Time. Typescript with some marks by McEwan, undated
Tentmanship. Typescript with some marks by McEwan, undated
65.8 Untitled novel. Typescript draft with annotations and notes by McEwan, undated
1406012P_001 Drafts. 8 electronic files: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 2004
64.5 Vores, Andy. Vanishing Cream. Musical adaptation of story from The Daydreamer, undated
Wing-Davey, Mark and Ian McEwan. Diary of a Duo. Photocopy of handwritten journal describing a 1967 hitch-hiking trip to Athens with McEwan, December 2008

Series V. Serials and Publications, 1973-2014

68.1 AIP & Co., 1984 (contains profile)
Annabelle, 20 November 2013 (contains profile in German)
osb 2 Arcadia, 26 January-24 February 2010 (contains profile in Spanish)
29.9 Bach World Tour, Angela Hewitt. Preface. Souvenir Program (2 copies), 2008
68.1 Books Quarterly, No. 15, Winter 2005 (contains profile)
Broadcast, 17 March 1980 (contains story on censorship of play Solid Geometry)
27.8 Brick, No. 37 Autumn 1989 (contains A Move Abroad)
68.1 City Sync, 1982
Das Magazin
68.2 No. 17, 30 April 1994 (contains profile in German)
No. 29, 29 July 2005 (contains profile in German) (2 copies)
osb 2 De Harmonie. Special magazine celebrating publisher's 40th anniversary. (contains Too Many Skodas)
De Revisor
68.2 July 1975 (contains short story In Between the Sheets in Dutch)
September 1975 (contains interview in Dutch)
August 1982 (contains script Jack Flea's Birthday Celebration in Dutch)
68.3 El País Semanal (contains interview in Spanish)
End: Journal of Nuclear Disarmament, Issue 28/29, Summer 1987 (contains essay about the END delegation to Moscow)
Esquire, July/August 1992 (contains McEwan's diary during filming of The Innocent)
Études britanniques contemporaines, No. 8, December 1995 (contains interview in English)
The European English Messenger, Vol. 1, No. 3, Autumn 1992 (contains interview with McEwan)
68.4 No. 29, 18 July 2005 (contains profile in German)
Special book edition. December 2013-January 2014 (contains profile in German)
osb 2 The Globe and Mail, 8 July 2005 (contains a version of How Could We Have Forgotten This Was Always Going to Happen?)
68.4 GTC: The Alumni Magazine for Green Templeton College, Edition 1, 2009 (contains profile of McEwan's friend Dr. Ann McPherson)
The Guardian (excerpts)
osb 2 2-3 December 1989 (contains The Grist that Great Novels are Made of)
29 November 2000 (contains The Great Listener)
9 June 2001 (contains The Great Odyssey)
12 September 2001 (contains Beyond Belief)
15 September 2001 (contains Only Love Then Oblivion)
13 October 2001 (contains Mother Tongue)
7 April 2005 (contains Saul Bellow: The Master)
1 April 2006 (contains A Parallel Tradition)
31 January 2009 (contains Beyond the Bounds of Realism)
17 December 2011 (contains Hitchens was the consummate writer, the brilliant friend)
24 March 2012 (contains Originality of the Species)
15 September 2012 (contains The Satanic Verses: Publish and Be Damned)
16 February 2013 (contains Am I Really a Believer?)
68.4 Harpers & Queen, August 1977 (contains short story Deep Sleep, Light Sleeper)
The Independent, Arts and Books Review
osb 2 1 July 2005 (contains profile of McEwan and Antony Gormley)
6 April 2007 (contains profile)
68.4 Index on Censorship, Vol. 13, No 5, October 1984 (contains essay A Sharp Reminder)
68.5 Letopis Matice srpske, 1980 (Serbian magazine)
The Literary Review, No. 60, June 1983 (contains interview with McEwan)
London Review of Books
osb 2 5-18 February 1981 (contains Writing for Television)
21 January-3 February 1982 (contains profile) (3 copies)
4 October 2001 (contains review of novel Atonement)
3 March 2005 (contains review of novel Saturday)
68.5 Matrix, no. 15, Spring 1982 (contains interview with McEwan)
23.5 The Modern Review, Vol. 1, Issue 13, February/March 1994 (covering censorship of film The Good Son)
68.5 Nagyvilág, no. 11, November 1978 (contains short story Psychopolis in Hungarian) (2 copies)
The Nation
38.5 14 September 1992
69.1 11 April 2005 (contains review of novel Saturday) (2 copies)
The New Republic, 25 February 2013 (contains essay The God that Fails: When I Stop Believing in Fiction by McEwan)
New Statesman
27.9 29 September 1978. (contains Kamera Obskura: Review of On Photography by Susan Sontag)
30 March 1979. (contains Solid Geometry)
10 August 1979. (contains In Season: Review of Shakespeare's As You Like It production at the Olivier Theatre)
3 March 1989. (contains Do You Dare Like This Book? Ian McEwan on the Salman Rushdie Affair)
The New York Review of Books
osb 2 14 July 1994
11 April 2002 (contains review of novel Atonement)
12 March 2009 (contains On John Updike)
New York Times Book Review (contains review of Atonement)
The New Yorker
69.1 3 July 1995, Special Fiction issue (contains In the Beginning; an excerpt from Enduring Love)
23 February 2009 (contains profile) (2 copies)
69.2 Nuovi Argomenti, No. 30, April-June 1989 (contains profile in Italian)
Nuvo, Autumn 2009 (contains profile)
The Observer
osb 2 31 January 1982 (contains An Only Childhood)
7 June 1998 (contains Wild Man of Literature [c1976]) (clipping)
58.7 The Pennsylvania Gazette April 1985 (contains profile)
69.2 Profil, 21 October 2013 (contains profile in German)
Pública, 23 November 2008
53.6 Pulp. March-April 2002 (contains profile in Italian)
osb 2 No. 1, October 1979
27.10 No 5, April 1980 (contains The Imitation Game) (2 copies)
No 8, July 1980 (contains The Cross-Legged Reader: Review of Duffy by Dan Kavanagh)
69.3 The Spectator, 7 April 2007 (contains profile)
osb 2 The Sunday Telegraph, 16 September 2001 (excerpt)
69.3 The Tablet, 26 February 2005 (contains review of novel Saturday)
Telegraph Magazine, 24 May 2003 (contains essay about McEwan's writing space)
Time Out
27.8 9-15 November 1973 (contains Cocker at the Theatre)
69.3 3-9 December 1976 (contains profile of McEwan)
osb 2 The Times, 12 September 2001 (excerpt)
The Times Literary Supplement
osb 2 25 January 1980 (contains 'David Hare's Dreams of Leaving')
18 November 1983 (contains Writers and the Cinema-A Symposium) (excerpt)
58.7 Trinity Review. 1980 (contains interview)
osb 2 Weekend Telegraph, 24 October 1998 (contains Are We Set to Destroy the Things We Love?)
69.3 Unidentified publication (either in Serbian or Russian)
Clippings and newspaper
29.10 Financial Times, New York Times, The Observer, Die Welt, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 1983-2013
29.11 The Guardian, 1980-2009

Index of Correspondents

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  • Armstrong, Frankie--31.2
  • Arnold Kopelson Productions (Sanford Panitch)--38.7
  • Aroshas, Deborah Elhadad--42.6
  • Arredondo, Nemesio Chavez--36.5
  • ArtCare (Peter Ursem)--40.2
  • Article 19 (Frances D'Souza)--49.9
  • Arts Centre (Chris Ould)--37.1
  • Arts Council of England (Peter Hewitt and Kim Evans--40.2, Gary McKeone--41.2-3)
  • Arts Council of Great Britain (Basil Deane--36.3, Kate Marsh--37.5, Roy Shaw--35.5, Hugh Willatt--35.3)
  • Arvon Foundation at Lumb Bank (John R. Young)--36.3
  • Arvon Foundation at Totleigh Barton--36.4, 39.5
  • Ascherson, Neal--31.2
  • Ashford, Richard W. (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)--42.4
  • Ashworth, Andrea, 1969- --34.6
  • Astor, James--40.2
  • Atkin, Tim (University of Durham)--36.5
  • Atlas, James (New York Times Book Review)--36.3
  • ATV Network Limited (Nicholas Claxton)--36.4
  • Auckland Writers & Readers Festival (Stephanie Johnson)--40.6
  • Aukin, David (Hampstead Theatre)--30.3, 31.4
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Diana Giese)--58.7
  • Australian National Word Festival (Judy Pearce)--38.3
  • The Author (Derek Parker, 1932- )--37.6
  • Authors' Licensing & Collecting Society--38.3, 41.2, 41.10
  • Avebury, Anna--43.1
  • Avoledo, Tullio--42.4
  • Bacas, Charlie--60.6
  • Baker, John H.--39.4
  • Baker, Jolyon--39.4
  • Bakowski, Andrzej--37.4
  • Ball, Rebecca--38.6
  • Ballerini, Anna--
  • Balliol College (University of Oxford) (Martin Shipway)--36.7
  • Bananas (Emma Tennant)--35.4-5, 36.2
  • Banks, Iain, 1954-2013--32.5
  • Banner, J.--36.3
  • Bantam Books (Firm) (Lou Aronica--38.4, 38.6, Gloria Boykin--35.3, Judy Knipe--35.3, Ted Solotaroff, 1928-2008--35.6
  • Barbican Centre (Beverly Silverstone)--41.2
  • Barde, Marianne de--35.4-5
  • Bardsley, Julia (Haymarket Theatre [London, England])--36.7, 38.3
  • Barkat, Nir (Municipality of Jerusalem)--46.4
  • Barking College of Technology (John C. Green)--36.6
  • Barnes, Elaine--42.6
  • Barnes, J. R. ("Jon")--34.5
  • Barnes, Julian ("Jules") (wife Pat Kavanagh)--13.8, 30.3, 31.4-5, 32.5, 33.5, 43.1
  • Barnes, Luci Gorell--42.4
  • Barnett, Kathy--38.6
  • Barrett-Lee, Lynne--42.5
  • Bashaarat, Magnus--40.3
  • Bass, Roger J.--32.5
  • Basso, Susanna (Italian translator)--31.5
  • Bassoli, Carla--36.3
  • Bat, Tim (trickster)--31.5, 42.4
  • Bate, Jon--35.6
  • Bath Literature Festival (Nicola Bennett--40.8, Laurence Staig--39.5-6)
  • Batstone, William--40.6
  • Bauer, Jerry--35.5, 36.1, 37.5
  • Baxter, Valerie--42.5
  • Bayer, Otto (German translator)--37.2
  • Bayne, Christine--42.6
  • BBC Bristol (Firm) (Mark Smalley--40.5, Amanda Theunissen--37.2)
  • BBC Education (Firm) (Terry Doyle)--36.4
  • BBC Radio 3 (Jeremy Howe)--38.1
  • BBC--see British Broadcasting Corporation
  • Beals, Daniel (Northwest Bookpost)--36.1-2
  • Beaufort Society of Oxford University (Amandeep Rehlon)--39.6
  • Becker, Peter--42.5
  • Becker, Wolfgang, 1954- --37.4
  • Beer, Bill--36.3
  • Behoud de Begeerte (Luc Coorevits--40.8, Hein Goeyens--40.7-8, Kristoff Tilkin--40.2)
  • Bell, Julia--37.2, 39.4
  • Beloff, Michael J. (Trinity College [University of Oxford])--35.1, 39.7
  • Belvedere School--43.3
  • Benedictus, David H.--30.3, 36.4
  • Benjamin, George--32.5
  • Benussi, Cinzia--37.4
  • Berard, Stephen--42.4
  • Berger, Sheila A.--42.6
  • Bergman, Carol--40.5
  • Bergqvist, Sophia--40.6
  • Bergson, Chris--42.6
  • Berke, Norman--43.1
  • Berkeley, Michael--10.4
  • Berkeley, Michael and Deborah Rodgers--31.2
  • Berlin Literary Festival (Alice Franck)--37.1
  • Bertinetti, Paolo (to Salman Rushdie)--39.1
  • Bertola, Stefania (Italian translator)--36.1, 36.6
  • Bertonasco, Orietta--37.1
  • Bide, Polly (Penelope)--30.1, 30.3, 31.5, 32.5, 35.1, 70.2
  • Big Star in a Wee Picture (Sarah Barclay)--37.7, 38.1
  • Bigsby, C.W.E. (Christopher) (University of East Anglia)--33.5, 42.2
  • Billingham & Nixon Solicitors--36.6
  • Binding, Jo--39.5
  • Bindon, Chris--42.5
  • Binet, Roland--36.3-4
  • Binns, Ronald, 1948- ("Ron")--36.7
  • Birch, Dinah (Trinity College [University of Oxford])--38.4
  • Birkbeck College (Louise Lamb)--40.4
  • Birmingham City Council (Anu Singh)--40.8
  • Birmingham Readers & Writers Festival (Helen Cross--39.6, Mary Cutler--38.7, Mark Homer--38.4)
  • Birmingham Repertory Theatre (Bill Pryde)--35.7
  • Birtwistle, Sue (husband Richard Eyre; daughter Lucy)--30.3, 31.2, 31.4-5, 32.5, 33.5, 34.6, 36.1
  • Bishopston Comprehensive School--43.3
  • Bissell, Lynette (New Albany High School)--42.6
  • Bjørnsonfestivalen (Gro Kvanvig)--40.7-8
  • Black, Barrington--43.1
  • Blackman, Stephen--31.5
  • Blackwell, G. A.--36.4
  • Blair, Isla--32.5
  • Blair, Tony, 1953- --33.5
  • Bland, Charles--42.6
  • Blanks, Louise--36.6
  • Bloodworth, Shaun--38.2
  • Bloomsbury (Firm) (Caroline Michel--37.3, Alexandra Pringle--41.2, Kathy Rooney--37.6, Arzu Tahsin--40.8, 41.2)
  • Bloomfield, John F.--37.3
  • Bly, Carol--42.6
  • Bodfish, Lisa--39.4
  • Bodley Head (Firm) (Peggy Woodford)--35.7
  • Bodmer, Tommy--36.5
  • Böhm, Johannes--42.6
  • Boland, Eavan (Stanford University. Department of English)--41.4
  • Boland, Maura (St. Charles Sixth Form College)--39.6, 39.8
  • Bold, Alan Norman, 1943- --36.2
  • Bonazzi, Maria Chiara (La Stampa)--42.4
  • Bond, F. E.--42.6
  • Boniface, Garry--37.6
  • Book Action for Nuclear Disarmament (BAND)--49.10
  • Book Aid International (Philip Ziegler)--40.7
  • The Book of Lists (Vicki Baker)--38.5
  • Book Trust (C. Goff--38.4, Melissa Halliday--37.2, Huw Molseed--40.4, Andrew Motion--40.7)
  • Booker McConnell Prize (Barbara Buckley)--36.4
  • Booker, Hylan and Charlotte Schiff-Jones (Hylan Booker Couture)--31.5, 33.5
  • Boorman, John, 1933- --32.5, 33.5
  • Borchardt, Georges (Georges Borchardt, Inc.)--34.6
  • Borders Book Festival (Alistair Moffat)--41.2
  • Boston University (Howard B. Gotlieb)--39.7, 42.2
  • Bottomley, Virginia--33.5
  • Boulding, Chris (Brasenose Literary Society)--36.4
  • Boulton, Claudia--70.1
  • Bowen, Andrew (Advocates Library)--42.4
  • Bowker, Peter--36.3-4
  • Boxer, Mark, 1931-1988 and Anna Ford--30.3, 31.2
  • Boxmind Ltd. (Richard Dawkins)--40.5
  • Boyd, David Kyle--41.6
  • Boyd, William (Granta)--42.2
  • Boyd's Co. (Don Boyd, 1948- --36.7, Jeremy Watt--35.7)
  • Boyne, John (Harlequinned)--39.3
  • Bradbury, Elizabeth--32.5
  • Bradbury, Malcolm, 1932-2000 (University of East Anglia)--31.5, 32.5, 34.5, 36.1, 36.3
  • Bradshaw, Melissa--40.6
  • Bradshaw, Miranda--42.6
  • Bragg, Melvyn, 1939- --32.5, 33.5, 43.1, 41.6
  • Bramhall, Richard--17.2, 31.5
  • Brandel, Naomi--42.6
  • Brannigan, Julia--43.1
  • Braun-Budde, Sigrid, 1939- --37.1
  • Bray, Rachel Hemming--37.7
  • Brebbia, Alex--33.5
  • Breuer, Esther--39.3
  • Brian Byfield Films (Brian Byfield--36.3, Ian Single--36.2 [photocopy])
  • Bridge Film Production Company (Kevin Loader)--42.1
  • Bridge, Gillian--42.4
  • Bridgewater Press (T. G. Rosenthal ["Tom"])--42.2
  • Bridport Arts Centre (Margaret Chapman Andrews)--37.7
  • Brighton Festival (Nicki Jackowska)--38.2
  • Brighton Polytechnic (Alan Tomlinson)--37.2
  • Brisbane Writers Festival (Rosemary Cameron)--40.7-8
  • British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Amanda Berry--41.3, Doreen Dean--39.3, Harry Manley--39.4)
  • British Broadcasting Corporation (Peter Ansorge--35.5, John W. Archer--35.6, 36.5, Colin Barr--40.3, 40.8, John Boundy--35.5, Simon Broughton--36.6; Judith Bumpus--36.3, Bill Burke--38.2, Elizabeth Burke--39.2, 40.3, Susanna Capon--35.3, Martin Davidson--38.1, Matthew Dodd--41.3, Richard Dunn--36.3, Richard Ellis--36.2-3, 36.5, Simon Elmes--39.2, John Ford--35.5, Brian Gibbs--35.4, Jane Graham--35.4, Barry Hanson--35.3-4, Simon Hayward-Tapp--40.7, Joan Hedgecock--35.3, Martha Kewney--41.8, Roland Keating--37.1, Beeban Kidron--38.5, Kirsten Locke--41.1, Aasiya Lodhi--41.1, Angie Nehring--39.8, Rebecca Ng--39.7, Kirsty Pope--41.1, Tara Prem--35.4-5, 36.2, Amy Robbins--40.3, John Scotney--35.4, Ann Scott--35.3, Olivia Seligman--39.7, Alan Seymour--35.4, Dorothy Spokes--35.5, Mark Thompson--37.1, 41.4, Phil Tinline--41.1, Ben Travers--35.7, Ian Trethowan--35.7, Mary Sackville West--38.5, 38.7, 43.5, Martin Williamson--36.3, Richard Wortley--35.6)
  • British Council (Richard Alford--39.8, Jonathan Barker--35.1, 37.2, 37.4-5, 38.3, 38.6, Mark Baumfield--41.1, David Blagbrough--38.3, Kate Bostock--39.2-3, Kenneth Churchill--36.1-2, Leonora Collins--36.4, Martin Davidson--41.8, Vernon Ellis--41.8, Harold Fish--36.7, 37.1, 38.3, Jane Graham--35.4, Christine Hänsel--39.4, Harriet Harvey-Wood, 1934- --36.3-7, Richard C. Jordan--36.3, C. Jordis--36.2, 37.7, Francis Jurksaitis--36.3, Margaret Meyer--40.5, Alastair Niven--40.1, Louis Pirenne--42.1, Sinead Russell--41.1, Barbara Schleihagen--37.7, Ann Scott--35.4, John Sheehan--37.1, John Shorter--36.5, Ben Travers--35.4, Richard Walker--37.1, Cynthia M. Westwood--37.6, Patricia Wright--36.4)
  • British Film Institute (Cary Bazalgette, Robert White)--39.4
  • British Humanist Association (Hanne Stinson)--41.2
  • British Institute of Human Rights (Sue Baring, Rosa Curling)--40.7
  • British Journal of Psychiatry (Zofia Ashmore)--8.1
  • British Library (Janet Benoy--41.10, John Eatwell--41.1, Colin Wight--39.7)
  • British Red Cross (Regina Maschler)--40.7
  • British-Spanish Tertulias (Tristan Garel-Jones)--41.1
  • Britton, Esme J.--42.4
  • Broadmoor Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry (Tim McInerny)--40.3, 41.2
  • Brontë Society (Andrew McCarthy)--41.3
  • Brook, Malcolm--42.5
  • Brookes, Deborah--42.5
  • Broßeit, Dieter--37.1
  • Brown, Judith--43.1
  • Brown, Stuart (Thropton Village First School)--42.4
  • Brown, Tina--33.5
  • Browne, Joe--47.10
  • Brundret, Katy--37.7
  • Brunner, Hugo, 1935- --35.1
  • Bryan, S. (doctor who had similar encounter as described in Saturday)--42.5
  • Bryer, Robin--42.6
  • Bryn Mawr (Nancy J. Vickers)--40.6
  • Bryson, Bill--42.1 (photocopy)
  • Buchanan, Angela--39.8
  • Buchler, Brett--31.2
  • Buckland, David (Cape Farewell)--33.5, 41.2
  • Budge, Peter--42.6
  • Bunker, Christopher B.--33.5, 35.1, 41.3
  • Burma Campaign UK (Richard Shannon)--41.2
  • Burns, Richard, 1958- --31.2
  • Burrell, Dorothy--42.6
  • Burstin, Peter--42.5
  • Burton, Fiona (David, Rachel, James, Catherine, Sarah)--31.5, 32.5, 33.5, 34.6
  • Burton, Jane (Oxford University Literary Society)--37.3
  • Butterworth, Clare--40.6
  • Byrnes, Christina (C.)--39.2-3
  • Calandrone, Maria Grazia--42.5
  • Calder, Angus (Open University in Scotland)--31.2, 36.4
  • Calder, Liz, 1938- --31.5, 32.5, 33.5, 34.6, 40.4
  • California Institute of Technology. Hixon Writing Center. Words Matter Project (Carol Magun--60.6, Steven Youra--40.7, 60.6)
  • California Center for the Book (David Gernard)--41.8
  • Callil, Carmen (Virago Press)--30.3, 31.2, 31.5, 32.5-6, 35.1, 36.1
  • Cambridge Arts Cinema (Nigel Arthur)--38.6
  • Cambridge College of Arts & Technology Literary Society (Muriel McCluggage)--36.2
  • Cambridge Union Society (University of Cambridge) (Sarah Daniel--37.5, Calum C. Macdonald--29.3, Simon Radford--40.8, Edward Stourton--35.6)
  • Cambridge University Literary Society (Matthew Greenwood)--38.6
  • Camden School for Girls (Olivia Camillo)--40.3
  • Cameron, John--37.3
  • Campaign Against Arms Trade (Anna Jones)--41.3
  • Campaign for Homosexual Equality (Ian Parkes)--36.5
  • Campbell, Alastair--33.5
  • Campbell, Beatrix--31.5, 32.5
  • Campbell, Gill--37.6
  • Campbell, Ramsey, 1946- --30.3, 35.6
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Sylvie Salahuddin)--39.5
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio Canada (Mary Stinson)--40.5
  • Cancer Research Campaign (Amanda MacManus--38.4, Lynn Pearcy--39.3)
  • Cancer Research UK (Diana Williamson)--42.5
  • Canon Collins Educational Trust for Southern Africa, Manuscript Appeal (Ethel de Keyser)--38.1
  • Canova-Green, Marie-Claude--37.5
  • Capital Radio Drama Department (Linda _____)--36.3
  • Cappelen (Aase Gjerdrum)--35.7
  • Cappelli, Silvia and Valentina Bigini--39.5
  • Cardia, Roberto--39.4
  • Carey, John, 1934- (Merton College Oxford)--31.2-3, 34.6, 36.6-7
  • Cariss, Pascal--1.7, 4.4, 31.4
  • Carlin, Joyce--42.6
  • Carmichael, Neil (England. Parliament. House of Commons)--41.10
  • Carnegie, Rory--38.4
  • Carpenter, Humphrey--37.7, 38.1
  • Carroll, James, 1943- --37.1 (photocopy)
  • Carter, Angela, 1940-1992--30.1, 30.3, 31.2, 34.5, 35.4
  • Carter, R. J.--36.2, 36.4
  • Carter, Ray--37.4
  • Cary, Anthony (British Embassy Stockholm)--40.8
  • Casa Internacional (Academia Británica)--70.1
  • Castro-Davis, Sophie--42.5
  • Catalano, Cosmo A.--30.1
  • Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival (Sean Kelly)--40.2, 41.2
  • Cats Protection (Jenny Wood)--42.6
  • Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood (Robert Cartwright)--40.1
  • Centro Studi Goffredo Parise (Mauro Portell)--39.2-3
  • Černých, Zdenek and Hanka--39.4
  • Chalbi, Sonia--37.3, 37.5
  • Channel Four Television (Yve Edwards--40.2, Michael Kustow--36.5)
  • Chapman, Harold--30.3, 32.5, 40.1
  • Chapman, Jodie--42.6
  • Charles, Prince of Wales, 1948- (on behalf of The Prince's Teaching Institute)--41.5
  • Charleston Festival (Diana Reich)--40.8
  • Charleston Trust (Christopher Naylor)--38.1, 38.3
  • Charlton-Jones, Kate--42.5
  • Charter 88 (Organization) (Anthony Barnett--38.1-2, Kelvin Knight--37.6, Christopher May--38.1, Andrew Puddephatt--39.5)
  • Chatto & Windus (Firm) (Lisa Appignanesi--42.1, Jonathan Burnham--39.5, Carmen Callil--37.1, 37.3)
  • Cheek, Mavis--42.6
  • Chelsea College of Art & Design (Amanda Faulkner)--40.2
  • Cheltenham Festival of Literature (Nicola Bennett--38.5, Humphrey Carpenter--33.5, Richard Cohen--38.2-3, Alan Hancox--36.5, Keith Nimmo--36.6, Gordon Parsons--37.1, 37.4, Jeremy Tyndal--36.6)
  • Chéreau, Patrice--32.5
  • Chervet, Roger--40.3
  • Cherwell (Ian Critchley--37.6, Julian Grenier--37.1, John O'Connell--38.3)
  • Chester Literary Festival (W. J. Hughes)--40.3, 41.3
  • Chicago Humanities Festival (Margaret M. Keller)--40.4
  • Chilton, Chris (The Racketeers book group)--41.2
  • Chin, Alison--42.4
  • Christ Church Cathedral School (Hugh McDonald)--31.4
  • Christie, David (St. Edward's Oxford)--32.5
  • Christie, Julie, 1941- --32.5
  • Chrystall, Elizabeth A. F.--37.1
  • Cicinato, Roberto--37.4
  • Cinema City (Paul Willetts)--38.7
  • City Arts & Lectures (Firm) (Sydney Goldstein)--39.8, 40.7
  • City Lit Centre for Adult Studies (Christine Nicholson)--36.4
  • Clare County Library (Frances O'Gorman)--41.3
  • Clarke, Kieran (St. Joseph's Academy)--37.1
  • Classic Arts Productions (Wendy Thompson)--39.3
  • Claus, Richard--36.7
  • Clayton, Neil and Mary--33.5
  • Climate Outreach and Information Network (Mim Saxl)--41.3
  • Clive Conway Celebrity Productions (Clive Conway)--41.3
  • Coates, Eric--31.5
  • Cockle, Jenny--42.4
  • Codron, Michael, 1930- --35.7, 36.2
  • College of St. Mark and St. John Foundation (Ian Gordon)--35.6-7
  • College of St. Paul and St. Mary (Cheltenham, England) (Clare Hanson)--36.7
  • Collis, Catherine ("Cathy") (The Red Green & Blue Company)--38.1
  • Colman Getty Ltd.--39.6
  • Colombini, Ermanna--36.7
  • Colophon Press (David Rees)--38.4, 38.7
  • Common Wealth Awards of Distinguished Service (Richard E. Menkiewicz)--41.4
  • Commonwealth Writers Prize (Kate Mervyn-Jones)--40.4
  • Comstock, Rolland Lee, 1936-2007 (Comstock & Rose)--37.4-5
  • Connolly, Cressida, 1960- --31.4-5
  • Conroy, Margaret ("Maggie") (Red Fox Random House Children's Books)--30.3, 31.5
  • Constantin Film (Firm) (Oliver Berben, 1971- , Oskar Roehler, 1959- )--24.7
  • Constantine, David, 1944- --32.5
  • Constitutional Reform Centre (Richard Holme, 1936- )--37.4
  • Conte, Steven, 1966- --41.6
  • Contemporary Authors (Susan Strickland)--41.1
  • Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television (Terrie M. Rooney)--42.3
  • Continuum (Sarah Douglas)--41.1
  • Conway, Brian--42.4
  • Cook, Jon (University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of East Anglia)--30.1, 30.3, 31.2, 31.5, 32.5, 33.5, 34.6, 35.1
  • Cook, Matthew, 1963- (illustrator)--41.6
  • Cook, Nathan--39.4
  • Cookson, Linda--37.1
  • Cooley, Nancy (musician)--30.3
  • Cooper, Leo--33.5
  • Copetas, A. Craig, 1951- --30.1
  • Copthall School (Jane Blandy)--41.1
  • Cork Arts Festival (Hilary O'Malley)--39.7
  • Cormack, Patrick, 1939- (House of Lords)--41.10
  • Cornwall County Council (Alison Gunderson--41.3, Rebecca Rowland--40.2, 40.8)
  • Cornwell, David--33.5
  • Cosmopolitan (Anne Boston)--36.4
  • Coventry, Beth--32.5, 33.5, 35.1
  • Cowie, Nicci--36.3
  • Cox, Madeline--37.6
  • Crace, Jim--33.5
  • Craig, Amanda, 1959- --32.5
  • Cranna, John, 1954- --31.4-5
  • Crawford Centre for the Arts (Jane Fox)--36.1
  • Creative Artists Agency, Inc. (Ken Hardy--37.6, Carin Kligman--38.6-7, Eileen F. Rapke--38.6, Rosalie Swedlin--37.1, 37.2 [photocopy])
  • Critical Quarterly (Brian Cox, 1928-2008)--37.6
  • Croft, David G.--41.2
  • Cronin, Helena (London School of Economics)--31.5, 33.5, 34.6, 35.1, 41.3, 42.2
  • Crow, Devlin and Kennedy--40.3, 40.6, 41.1
  • Crowther, Peter, 1949- (PS Publishing)--38.2, 40.8
  • Crowther, Prudence ("Pru")--30.3, 31.4-5
  • Croyston, Sean--37.1
  • Cugnoni, Rachel (Vintage)--33.5
  • Culanu Centre (Daniel Silverstein)--40.7, 41.1
  • Cullman, Elizabeth (Amherst)--30.3
  • Cuninghame, Dorothy--42.6
  • Cunliffe, Shay--31.5
  • Cunningham-Reid, Fiona--36.2
  • Currie, Edwina, 1946- (on behalf of Hooked on Books Club)--41.3
  • Curry, Jennifer--35.5, 36.2
  • Curtis Brown, Ltd. (Felicity Bryan)--35.4
  • D'Elia, Gaetano--36.7
  • Daily Telegraph and Morning Post (David Holloway)--35.3
  • Dale, Lawrence--37.2
  • Dallas Brett Solicitors (Danielle Battigelli)--38.3
  • Dallas Museum of Art (Carolyn Bess)--17.2
  • Dalzell Durbridge Authors Ltd. (Stephen Durbridge)--35.4
  • Daniel, Danny--38.6
  • Danish Association of English Teachers at Secondary Schools (Birthe Dahl)--36.7, 37.1
  • Danzinger, Daniel J. G.--36.7
  • Daphne du Maurier Festival of Arts & Literature (Jonathan Aberdeen)--40.2, 40.7
  • Darbys Solicitors (Claire Jones)--40.7
  • Darnton, A. L.--37.5
  • Das, Prodeepta--36.3-4
  • Dauphin, Ruda B. (Forum International du Cinema et de l'Ecriture)--40.5
  • Davenport, Mickey--36.4
  • David Higham Associates (Anne McDermid)--35.4-5
  • David Thompson University Centre (Donald Mitchell)--36.5
  • David, Sam T.--33.5
  • David, Thomas--33.5
  • Davids, Roy (Roy Davids Ltd.)--40.2, 40.8, 42.2
  • Davidson, Clare--42.4
  • Davie, Richard--36.7
  • Davies, M. J.--36.3
  • Davis, John A.--43.1
  • Davis, Laura--42.6
  • Davis, Peggy--70.1
  • Davison, Shura--37.7
  • Dawkins, Christopher--33.5
  • Dawkins, Richard, 1941- --33.5, 39.8
  • Day, Andrew--39.2
  • de Ban, Patricia--36.5
  • De Barba, Milena--39.2
  • De Eerste Amsterdamse Filmassociatie (Leon de Winter)--36.5 (photocopy)
  • De la Tour, Andy--38.1
  • de Looza, Laurence N.--35.7
  • De Nitto, Ambra--39.6
  • de Volkskrant (Ariejan Korteweg)--35.7, 40.6
  • DeBell, Diane--33.5
  • Deborah Rogers Ltd. Literary Agency--see Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd.
  • Debrett's Distinguished People of Today--37.4
  • Decroix, Vincent--40.5
  • Deedes, W. F. (William Francis) ("Bill") (The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph)--39.8
  • Demos (James Wilsdon)--40.4
  • Denham, Elizabeth--40.3
  • Dennys, Louise (Alfred A. Knopf Canada)--33.5
  • Dent, Russell--37.4
  • Depland, Daniel--36.1
  • Derby City Council (Maureen King)--39.6
  • Derham, Emma--40.8
  • Derham, Patrick (Rugby School)--41.2
  • Desborough, Tracey--38.7
  • Desdevises, Yann--42.4
  • Design Council (Amy Dickson)--39.8
  • Deutsche Schillergesellschaft (Ulrich Ott)--41.1
  • Deverell, William ("Bill")--32.5, 42.6
  • Devlin, Kieron--37.7
  • Dewse, David A.--42.4
  • Di Iacova, Angelo--38.6
  • Dick, Peter--42.4
  • Digby Stuart College Students Union (Greg Watts)--37.1
  • Dignity in Dying (Sarah Wootton)--41.7
  • Dinshaw, Fran--31.5
  • Diogenes Verlag (Tommy Bodmer--35.7, 36.1-2, Cécile Brunner--36.1, Christine Doering--36.2, Ruth Geiger--39.8, 41.1, 47.10, 56.1, 56.4, 56.6, 57.1, 60.7, Sonja Herrmann--60.7, Anna and Daniel Keel--31.5, 34.6, 35.6, Winfried Stephan--37.4, 41.7, 42.2, Thorsten Wiedau--41.6)--39.7
  • Dobson, Frank, 1940- --33.5
  • Dodds, Alan G.--37.3, 42.5, 43.1
  • Dolan, Celia--31.5
  • Dolan, Ray and Sheela--9.10, 14.3, 16.4, 24.8, 31.5, 32.5, 35.1, 43.1
  • Dolphi, Lara--42.6
  • Doncaster Library Service (Peter Sansom)--37.4
  • Doran, Jan--36.2 (photocopy)
  • Doran, Peter--36.5 (photocopy)
  • Dormer, S.--37.3
  • Doubleday (Ellen Archer--50.7, Suzanne Herz--42.1, Courtenay Seabring--42.2, Nan Talese--4.4, 5.6, 12.4, 32.3, 34.3, 37.2, 37.6, 38.1, 38.3-4, 38.6, 39.8, 42.1-2, 50.5, 50.7, 52.9)
  • Doubleday Publicity (Christina Semmel)--9.5
  • Doubtfire, Dianne--37.5
  • Dragon School Oxford (John Mynam)--31.4
  • Dragosei, Francesco--31.5, 42.1
  • Driffield School--43.2
  • Drunken, Jan--31.1
  • Dubnov, E. (Evgeniĭ), 1949- (Eugene)--37.5
  • Dufrene, Nadine--31.2
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award (Organization) (David Hempleman-Adams, 1956- )--41.2
  • Dunhill, Michael (Merton College)--12.4
  • Dunn, Matthew (Woodhouse Grove School)--38.3
  • Dunnigan, Brian--39.7
  • Durden, Elizabeth A.--42.6
  • Durden, William G. (Dickinson College)--33.5, 41.2, 41.4
  • Durham University Union Society (Rebecca Gill)--39.2, 41.1
  • Durse, Danielle H.--42.4
  • Duvall, Liz--13.8, 38.4, 42.1-2
  • Dyson, Judy--70.1
  • E_____, Frank (Osney Island, Oxford)--34.6
  • Eagleton, Terry, 1943- (Times Literary Supplement)--32.5
  • Eastern Arts Association (Laurance Staig)--36.1
  • Eastern Washington University (John Keeble--36.4, James J. McAuley--36.3)
  • Eastwood, Martin--37.6
  • Ed Victor Ltd. (Ed Victor)--38.2
  • Edinburgh International Book Festival (Julie Johnstone--40.5, Catherine Lockerbie--40.2, 40.6, 41.2, 41.4)
  • Edinburgh University Student Publications Board (James Campbell)--35.6
  • Editions Alta (Sylvie Messinger)--35.5
  • Editions Gallimard (Christine Jordis)--42.1-2
  • Editora Rocco (Paulo Roberto Rocco)--55.5
  • Editorial Anagrama (Marie Cortes)--34.6, 37.3
  • Edward Arnold (Publishers) (Andrew Steeds)--37.3
  • Edward Dillon & Co. (Peter Wallis)--37.3
  • Edwards, Philip--32.5
  • Edwards, Simon--31.5
  • Edwards, Stephen and Ruth Geiger (Diogenes)--41.7 (email printout)
  • Egan, Jennifer--34.1
  • Eichhorn, Janelle--38.7
  • Ekman, Maria--37.1
  • Ellery Queen--35.4
  • Elon, Florence--30.3
  • Elston, Nina--37.2
  • Elsworthy, S. (editor)--41.7, 42.3
  • Embassy of Iceland (Jakob Frímann Magnússon)--39.3
  • Embrace Arts--41.9
  • Emirates Airline International Festival of Literature (Isobel F. Abdulhoul)--41.5
  • Empty Space Theatre Company (Andrew Holmes)--37.2 (photocopy)
  • Encounter (Anthony Thwaite)--35.3
  • English Centre of International PEN (Jo Paterson--40.7, Josephine Pullein-Thompson--35.7, 36.2, Diana Reich--35.1, Catherine Rosenberg--38.1)--39.4, 41.10
  • English National Opera--37.2
  • English PEN--see English Centre of International PEN
  • The English Review (Bernard Arthur Richards)--37.6
  • English Stage Company Ltd. (Stuart Burge--35.7, Michael Grave--35.6, Rob Ritchie--35.7)
  • Engwicht, Harald--42.5
  • Eshel, Amir (Stanford University)--34.1
  • Esquire (Rosie Boycott--38.3, A. Craig Copetas--35.7, Lee Eisenberg, 1946- --37.2, Julian Evans--38.1, Gordon Lish--35.3, 35.5, Murphy Williams--39.5, _____--35.7)
  • Essex County Council (Malcolm Burgess)--40.7
  • Esson, Merle, 1950- --39.8
  • Eton College Literary Society (Alexander Ball--41.1, Alex Lass--41.3, S. P. Swaika--40.6)
  • Etwall Primary School PTA (Caroline Walton)--40.7
  • Európa Könyvkiadó--35.5
  • European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Giovanni Frazzetto)--41.3
  • Evans, D. A.--42.6
  • Evans, Dylan (Centre for the Philosophy of Natural and Social Science)--39.8
  • Evans, Jonathan (Great Britain. MI5)--34.1, 41.9
  • Evans, Tina--36.6
  • Evening Standard (Jane Ellison--35.5, Neroli Lawson--38.6)
  • Evershead, Jessica--39.2
  • Eversole, Stephanie--40.2
  • Everyman Cinema (Pete Howden)--38.6
  • Evon, Virginia E.--43.1
  • Ewing, Barbara--40.5
  • Exclusive Media Group (Simon Oakes)--41.7
  • Eyre, Lucy and Ben--34.1
  • Eyre, Richard, 1943- (Sue Birtwistle and Lucy Eyre)--25.9, 30.3, 31.5, 32.5, 34.1, 36.2
  • F_____, Jackie and Richard--34.4
  • F_____, Jerry A. (CUNY)--42.1
  • Faber and Faber Ltd. (Alison M. Abel--35.4, Matthew Evans--36.7, 38.4, Becky Fincham--41.6, June Hall--35.4, Camilla Horne--36.3, Will Sulkin--36.7, 37.2)
  • Fabian-Reinstein, Anthony--37.7
  • Fairbairns, Zoë--36.5
  • Fairclough, Colin (Salvation Army's Family Tracing Service)--41.1-2, 42.5
  • Fairfax, Ferdinand--36.7 (photocopy)
  • Farber, Dawn--40.1
  • Farley, Eric--34.5
  • Farmelo, Graham--42.6
  • Farnhill, Lauren (King Edward VI School)--39.7
  • Farson, Daniel, 1927- --36.5
  • Fearnley, Jackie--42.5
  • Feldman, David and Miri Rubin (Centre for History and Economics. King's College [University of Cambridge])--38.6
  • Feldman, Irving--35.5
  • Feltons (James Watts)--37.4-5
  • Fend, Ma Than É (also known as Bilat Pyan Than)--32.5
  • Fenici, Marco--42.6
  • Fenn, Sally--43.1
  • Fenton, James, 1949- (The Independent)--10.11, 31.4, 32.5, 34.1
  • Ferguson, Alan--36.7
  • Ferguson, Mike (Clyst Vale Community College)--41.2
  • Ferrebe, Alice--38.2
  • Festival della Scienza (Vittorio Bo)--40.7
  • Fiction Festival (Anthony Ellis)--37.7
  • The Fiction Magazine (Judy Cooke)--36.5
  • Field, Michele--36.7
  • Finch, _____--42.6
  • Finetake Productions (Dick Arnall)--42.1
  • Finlaison, B. H. W.--43.1
  • Finlay, Iain--40.2
  • Fisher, Anne-Louise--37.5
  • Fisher, Morgan--30.3, 31.2
  • Fisketjon, Gary L. (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.)--31.5, 35.1
  • FIST magazine (Louisa Harwood and Dean Whittington)--37.4
  • Fitzroy Square Frontagers' & Garden Committee (C. Neil Phoenix)--41.1
  • Fitzwilliam College (Nicola M. Padfield)--40.4
  • Fletcher, John (University of East Anglia)--36.1
  • Flohic, Catherine (Flohic Editions)--31.5
  • Floyd, Mark--38.7
  • Folio Society (Sue Bradbury)--39.4
  • Forbes, Duncan (Wycombe Abbey School)--41.3
  • Forbes, Leslie--32.5
  • Ford, Anna--31.5, 35.1
  • Forest Arts Centre (Nell Leyshon)--40.1
  • The Forge, Fox Creative Group (Amanda Stern)--22.9, 42.1
  • Forrester, Selwyn--35.6
  • Fox, Geoff (University of Exeter)--39.2
  • Foyles (Christopher Foyle)--40.8
  • Frame Up Films (Susan Humphries)--36.5 (photocopy)
  • France. Ambassade (Great Britain) (René Lacombe)--39.4-5
  • Franco Maria Ricci (Evelyn Stern)--37.2
  • Fraser, Antonia and Harold Pinter--31.5, 34.6, 49.8
  • Fraser, Antonia, 1932- --31.4, 34.1, 37.6 (on behalf of Bloomsbury), 58.7
  • Fraser, Colin--42.5
  • Fraser, Jennifer (Victoria College [Toronto, Ont.])--39.8
  • Frayn, Michael--31.5, 32.5, 41.2
  • Frayn, Rebecca--40.7
  • Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University (Evelyn Kelsey, Amir Eshel)--41.3
  • Friedhoff, Herman--10.11, 37.1
  • Friends of Israel Educational Trust (J. D. A. Levy)--35.7
  • Friends of the Bodleian (Jon Stallworthy)--41.1
  • Friends of the Dallas Public Library (June Leftwich and Pat Bowman)--40.6
  • Friends of the Heath Library (Lee Montague)--40.4
  • Friesen, Eric D.--41.6
  • Frinton Literary Festival (Philomena Dwyer)--41.3
  • Frost, Jason--42.5
  • Fuentes, Dominique F.--41.2
  • Fujikawa, Yoshiyuki, 1938- (Japanese translator)--37.5
  • G_____, Nick W. (artist)--32.4
  • Gabriel, Susan--39.4
  • Gadney, Reg, 1941- and Fay Maschler--32.5, 34.1
  • Gair, Kate--31.4
  • Gallix, Francois--39.4
  • Galway Arts Centre (Michael Diskin)--38.6, 41.4
  • Galway Arts Festival (Rose Parkinson)--38.7, 40.4
  • Gannon University (Marion F. Gallivan)--40.7
  • Garland, Caroline--32.5
  • Garland, Sarah and David--31.2, 31.4-5, 32.5, 34.1, 34.6, 35.1, 60.8
  • Garrett, Melanie--42.4
  • Garrett, Tony (partner of Angus Wilson)--30.3, 31.4-5, 32.5-6, 70.1
  • Garton Ash, Timothy ("Tim")--9.5, 12.4, 16.4, 31.2, 31.5, 32.5, 40.1 (to Pavel Seifter)
  • Gaskill, Malcolm--43.1
  • Gatenby, Greg--34.1, 41.3
  • Geary, Richard--41.2
  • Gedeon, Charlotte--40.8
  • Gee, Maggie, 1948- --31.2
  • Geiger, Ruth--32.5
  • GEO magazine (Renate Decker-Berry)--35.7
  • George Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd. (Allegra Huston)--37.2
  • George, Elizabeth--42.4
  • Georges Borchardt, Inc. (Jonathan Berman--41.2, Georges Borchardt--35.4-5, 36.4-5, 37.1, 38.1, 38.5-6, 40.7, 43.5, 43.9, 52.9, Laura Goldin--37.1, Alexandra Harding--38.5-7, DeAnna Heindel--9.5, 39.6, 40.2-5, 41.1, Cindy Klein--37.6)
  • Gerber, Merrill Joan--37.6
  • Gerber, Stephen--30.1, 30.3
  • Gerlach, Thomas--38.2
  • Gerstley, Michael J.--38.6
  • Getty, Victoria, Lady--34.1
  • Giæver, Trine--42.6
  • Gibbs, Alison, 1962- --38.6
  • Gilbert, W. Stephen ("Steve")--30.3, 36.2
  • Gildemeister, Heidi--32.5
  • Giles, Sarah--30.3
  • Gimeno, Concha--37.1
  • Giulio Einaudi editore (Paolo Collo--37.2, 54.1, Lorenzo Fazio--39.3, Ernesto Ferrero--36.7, 37.1, Sapo Matteucci--37.6, Paola Novarese--60.7, Camillo Pennati, 1931- --36.7, Carla Polzot--40.3)--34.6
  • Giunti (Bruno Mari)--37.5, 39.2
  • Glasgow City Council (Andrew Kelly)--41.1
  • Glasgow Herald (John Linklater)--37.2
  • Gledhill, Raymond--37.7
  • Glimmer Train (Susan Burmeister)--38.4
  • Gloucestershire County Council (Anne Morgan)--38.6
  • Gloversmith, Frank--37.1
  • Glyndebourne (Gillian Brierley)--40.7
  • Godwin, Fay--35.4, 36.7
  • Goethe Institut (Claudia Amthor-Croft--41.2, Barbara Honrath--40.5)
  • Goetze, Jutta--35.7
  • Gold, Mick, 1947- --31.2, 31.5, 34.1, 34.6, 35.1
  • Goldcrest Films and Television (Amanda Schiff)--36.6
  • Gonzalez, Rosa (Universitat de Barcelona)--38.5
  • Good, Jules (Stirling University Literary Society)--36.3-4
  • Gordon, Edmund--41.10
  • Gordon, Giles, 1940-2003--36.3
  • Gormley, Antony--34.1, 41.1
  • Goswami, Soumya S.--35.6
  • Goto, Byron--42.4
  • Gould, Alan, 1949--31.2 (Australia), 32.5
  • Gould, Philip, 1950-2011--34.1
  • Gowar, Norman W. (University of London. Royal Holloway)--34.6
  • Gown Literary Supplement (Kevin Smith)--37.1
  • GQ (Michael VerMeulen)--37.3
  • Gradiva (Firm)--34.6
  • Graham, Chris--41.10
  • Graham, Jacqui (Picador)--31.5, 34.6
  • Graham, John--37.6
  • Graham, Laura--42.6
  • Granger, Elsie--37.1
  • Granqvist, Heidi--37.1
  • Grant, Damian--36.6
  • Grant, H. B. ("Brian")--43.1
  • Granta Books (Bill Buford--35.7, 36.1-3, 36.6-7, Sara Holloway--40.3)
  • Graziussi, Cristina--39.4
  • Great Britain. Cabinet Office (Dennis, Brennan, James Mackie)--34.1
  • Great Britain. Department for Education (C. Brien)--41.9
  • Great Britain. Home Office (M. May)--38.3
  • Great Britain. Prime Minister (William Chapman on behalf of Tony Blair--42.2, Carol Kempton on behalf of Cherie Blair--47.6)
  • Green School for Girls--38.1
  • Green, Charles--39.2-3
  • Greene, Ed--30.3
  • Gregory, Andrew--37.1
  • Gregory, Anna--39.4
  • Grenville, Kate, 1950- --35.7, 36.1-2
  • Gribble, Chris (Writers' Centre Norwich)--41.6-7
  • Grieve, Colin--42.5
  • Griffin, Jeanne--37.7
  • Griffiths, T. R.--39.6
  • Grimsby Public Library (Kevin Cavanagh)--40.8
  • Grisman, Sarah--42.5
  • Groot, Jaco--30.3, 31.2, 31.5, 32.5, 34.1
  • Gross, Harriet--36.2
  • Groucho Club (Elizabeth Glassenbury--39.2, Diana Gordon--38.2, 38.4)
  • Grove, Valerie, 1946- --32.5
  • Grow, Gavin--42.4
  • Grylls, David S. (University of Oxford)--38.2
  • Grzegorzek, Mariusz--37.5 (fan art), box 72 (fan art)
  • The Guardian (Felicity Carter--41.5, Alan Rusbridger--40.7, 41.1, W.L. Webb--35.3)
  • Gulliver Conference--37.5
  • Guptara, Prabhu S.--36.1
  • Guy's and St. Thomas' Medical and Physical Society (Charles Pither)--40.6, 40.8
  • Gyldendal Norsk Forlag (Gordon Hølmebakk--37.2, Synnøve Vervik--41.1)
  • Gyldendals Bogklub (Johannes Riis)--36.3
  • Gyldendalske boghandel, Nordisk forlag (Neils Beider)--34.6
  • H_____, Chris--31.1
  • H-A_____, David--33.4, 34.6
  • Hadley, Phil--42.6
  • Haessler, George--35.6
  • Hagen, Christel--43.1
  • Hague, Paul--34.1
  • Hague, William, 1961- --35.1
  • Haiselden, William F.--39.2
  • Hall, Barnavy--35.7
  • Hall, Fernau--36.4
  • Halmi, Nicholas S.--42.4
  • Hamilton, Diana--70.1
  • Hamilton, Ian, 1938-2001--31.2, 31.4, 31.6, 34.6
  • Hamilton, Nathan and Zoë Green (University of East Anglia, Wake magazine)--41.2-3
  • Hamilton, Pamela--43.1
  • Hamway, Griselda--40.2
  • Hansell, Anthony--34.1
  • Hansell, Philip--32.6
  • Hansen, May Britt (Basecamp)--41.2
  • Harbourfront Reading Series (Greg Gatenby--37.5, 38.3, 40.6, 42.1-2, Carla Lucchetta--38.4, Christine Rassias--38.4)
  • Hardie, Xandra--30.3, 31.4, 32.6, 34.1, 35.1, 36.7, 43.1
  • Harding, Kim--42.6
  • Hare, David, 1947- and Nicole--30.3, 31.6
  • Harper & Row, Publishers (Ted Solotaroff, 1928-2008)--35.7, 36.1, 36.3, 36.5, 36.7
  • Harper Collins Publishers (Joanna Cotler--38.6, 42.1, 43.5, 51.5, Stephen Fraser--40.3, Susan Knopf--37.6, Abigail McAden--40.3)
  • Harpers & Queen (Julie Kavanagh, 1952- )--36.1
  • Harres, Andrew--31.2
  • Harris, Julie--42.6
  • Harris, Susannah--42.6
  • Harrison, Andrew Philip--37.3
  • Harrison, Ian--42.4
  • Harrison, Nigel--37.4
  • Harriss, Andrew M.--43.1
  • Harrogate International Festival (William Dodds)--37.4
  • Harry Ransom Center (Megan Barnard)--41.6
  • Hart, Christopher--40.2
  • Hart, David--40.8
  • Hart, Mollie--42.5
  • Harten, Ann (?)--31.1
  • Harty, Belinda (married to Redmond O'Hanlon)--31.6, 32.6, 34.1
  • Harvard University. Mahindra Humanities Center (Sarah Razor)--41.9
  • Harvey Wood, Harriet, 1934- --35.1
  • Harvey, Mathew--36.4
  • Harvey, Paul A. S.--36.3
  • Harvey Unna & Stephen Durbridge Ltd. / Lemon Unna & Durbridge (Stephen Durbridge--23.4, 36.5, 36.7, 37.1-3, 37.6, 38.1, 38.6, 43.5, Bethan Evans--37.2-3)
  • Harvill Press (Maggie Chambers--39.6-7, Audrey Fitt--41.1)
  • Haskell, Jonathan--42.4
  • Hass, Robert ("Bob") and Earlene--30.3, 36.3
  • Hatchards (Firm) (Karin L. Scherer)--39.6, 41.2
  • Hattaway, Michael (University of Sheffield)--38.6
  • Hattersley, Roy (Buxton Festival)--32.6, 41.2
  • Haviaras, Stratis, 1935- --36.7
  • Hawkins, Hugh--34.1, 35.5
  • Hayakawa Publishing Inc. (Hiroshi Hayakawa)--39.3
  • Haynes, Heather--42.6
  • Hay-on-Way Festival of Literature (Peter Florence)--37.3-4, 38.6
  • Heathfield, K.--42.5
  • Hebditch, Lucy and Fiona Ferguson (Ryde High School)--39.3
  • Heinz, Drue--41.3-4
  • Heinz-Smith, Hilary--42.4
  • Helen & Douglas House--41.8
  • Hellewell, David (M-D Music)--37.7
  • Helsingin Sanomat (Jan Blomstedt)--36.5
  • Henderson, Katy--40.2
  • Henley Literary Festival (Linda Gray)--41.8
  • Hennessy, Val (Daily Mail)--31.6, 32.6
  • Henrietta Barnett School (Sylvie Provan and Anouska Bhattacharyya)--40.3
  • Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery (Sara S. Hodson--32.6, Robert C. Ritchie--39.8)
  • Henseler, Yvonne de--32.6
  • Hern, Nick--43.1
  • Hertford Choral Society (June Crew)--37.1
  • Hertfordshire Fiction Festival / Hertfordshire Litfest (J. Macrae)--37.4
  • Herzinger, Kim A., 1946- (University of Southern Mississippi)--37.4
  • Hesperus Press (Jenny Rayner)--40.4
  • Hetherington & Co. (M.K. Colah)--35.4
  • Hewitt, Angela, 1958- (Trasimeno Music Festival)--34.1
  • Hey, Kathryn--42.4
  • Hickey, Ted (Ulster Museum)--30.3, 38.5, 42.4
  • Higgins, Mike (Tom Hood School)--37.1
  • Hitchens, Christopher ("Hitch")--10.11, 37.1, 31.6
  • Hixson, James--39.5
  • Hoare Nairne, Charles--34.1
  • Hobart & William Smith Colleges (James Crenner)--35.5
  • Hobbs, Mark--42.5
  • Hodder & Stoughton (Andrew Steeds)--37.5
  • Hoffman, Leonard ("Lennie") and Gillian (House of Lords)--31.6, 34.1
  • Hogarth Press (Jenny Uglow)--36.7
  • Hogg, Nick--40.2
  • Holder, Sophia--43.1
  • Holland, Matt (University of Oxford. Department for External Studies)--36.7
  • Holland, Tamara--42.6
  • Holland, Tom--32.6, 34.1
  • Holmes, Richard, 1945 and Rose Tremain--34.1
  • Holston, Rand (Creative Artists Agency)--34.6
  • Honey magazine (Malcolm Hall)--36.4
  • Horne, Alistair--34.1, 42.6, 43.1
  • Houghton Mifflin Company (Sarah Flynn--37.1, Austin G. Olney--36.5, W. Hal Stewart--43.9, Nan Talese--36.3-7, 37.1-2)--7.3, 10.11
  • House, Chris--42.4
  • Howard, Elizabeth Jane--42.6
  • Howard, Elizabeth M.--42.6
  • Howarth, Alan (Department for Culture, Media and Sport)--35.1
  • Howe, Julia--38.2
  • Howell, Emma (Ruskin College)--39.6
  • Howell, Geraint--31.6
  • Hughes-Hallett, Lucy and Dan--34.1
  • Hugot, Gérard--39.3
  • Hull City Arts (Maggie Hannan and Steven Hall)--41.2
  • Hurwitz, Brian (King's College London)--41.3
  • Hutchinson, Chris--37.2
  • Hutchinson, Mark--35.6
  • Huth, _____--32.6
  • Hyde, L. J. ("Jim")--34.1
  • Ilkley Literature Festival (Dominic Gregory)--40.6
  • Illig, John (Middlebury College Squash Office)--41.7
  • Illinois Humanities Council (Eileen R. Mackevich and Jennifer A. Moran)--42.1
  • Illuminations (Diane Large)--36.5
  • Illustrated London News Group (Mark Palmer)--40.7
  • Ilott, Terry--36.3
  • Imperial College & Science Museum Libraries--see Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (Janet Smith)--39.7-8, 40.5
  • Imperial War Museum (Great Britain) (Christopher Dowling)--32.6, 34.1, 40.6-8
  • Imre, Csete--39.4
  • The Independent (Sebastian Faulks--36.7, Nick G_____--37.2)
  • Independent Broadcasting Authority--36.3
  • Index on Censorship (Ursula Owen--39.3, Mark Thompson, 1959- --37.4)
  • Ings, Richard--38.2
  • Inigo Productions (Georgina Van Welie)--39.5
  • Inprint (Rich Levy)--41.1
  • Institute of Contemporary Arts (Linda Brandon--38.3, Rachel Cottam--40.5-7, 42.2, Philip Dodd
  • --40.4, 40.8, Antonia Quirke--40.3, 40.8, Helena Reckitt--38.1)
  • Institute of Neurology, Queen Square (Patricia Forsdick--40.2, Richard Frackowiak--40.2, 42.2, Deborah Hadley--40.3, Roger Lemon--42.2, Robert Walker--40.3)
  • International Film Festival of Locarno (Gian Carlo Bertelli--36.7, Irene Bignardi--41.1)
  • International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (Deirdre Ellis-King)--40.7
  • International Literatuur Bureau (Menno Kohn)--35.4
  • International Parliament of Writers--49.9
  • International PEN--see PEN (Organization)
  • International School of the Hague--42.5
  • International Writers' Reunions (Merja Launis)--37.2
  • InterTalent Agency (Tom Strickler)--38.5
  • Iowa Writers' Workshop (John Leggett)--35.5, 36.1
  • Ipswich Film Theatre--37.5
  • Irish Press Plc. (Anthony Glavin)--37.2
  • Irving, John--35.6 (photocopy)
  • Isis Publications (Oxford University) (Fenton Bailey--36.1, Nicholas Dale--37.3, Jonathan Hewes--35.7, Lydia Slater--38.1, S. J. Spiller--36.4)
  • Isserlis, Steven, 1958- --41.7
  • Istanbul Turco-British Association (Yildiz Arda)--37.4
  • Italian Cultural Institute (Mario Fortunato)--41.1
  • Jack, Ian, 1945- (Granta)--32.6, 34.1
  • Jackson, Geoffrey--42.6
  • Jackson, Kate--42.6
  • Jackson, Mick--37.3
  • Jackson, Patrick--42.6
  • Jackson, Roy--37.1
  • Jackson, Tony--34.1
  • Jacobi, S.--38.2
  • Jacobs, Bob and Hilary--34.1
  • Jakubowski, Maxim--35.5
  • James A. Michener Center for Writers (Marla Akin, James Magnuson)--17.2
  • James, Callum--42.5
  • Jamieson, Michael (Lewes Monday Literary Club)--41.2-3
  • Japan Uni Agency, Inc. (Norio Irie)--35.7
  • Jardis, Christine--36.1
  • Jasim, Majeed Hameed--37.5
  • Jay, Mary (Sir John Deane's College)--37.7
  • Jay, Xantha--36.6
  • Jefcoate, Helen--39.4
  • Jenne, Katherine--39.5
  • Jennings, Daniel--35.6
  • Jerusalem International Book Fair (Zev Birger, 1926-2011)--46.4
  • Jewell, Ines--42.6
  • Johansson, Mats and Anette--39.4
  • John-Anthony, Patrick--38.1
  • Johns, Andrew--42.5
  • Johnson, John (Chilterns Conservation Board)--34.1
  • Johnson, Kathryn--39.5
  • Johnson, Milly--34.1
  • Johnston, Stephen--31.6
  • Jolly, Sara--35.6
  • Jon Blair Film Company (Adair Brouwer)--38.2
  • Jonathan Cape Ltd. (Jason Arthur--4.4, Neil Belton--42.1, Alex Bowler--42.3, Liz Calder--36.7, Pascal Cariss--42.1, Kate Chapman--35.4, Anthony Colwell--35.4, 36.3, Marilyn Edwards--35.4-6, 36.2-4, Cecilia Fellner--35.4-5, Dan Franklin--1.7, 41.2, 42.1, David Godwin--38.1, Xandra Hardie--35.6, 36.1, Jane Hill--36.2, Mark Holborn--38.2, Chloë Johnson-Hill--46.4, Rupert Lancaster--35.6, 36.1-2, 36.5, Tom Maschler--35.4, 36.1-4, 36.7, 37.1-2, 38.4, 39.8, 42.1-2, 43.1, Simon Master--37.2, Lesley Nolan--37.5, Mike Petty--35.5, Gaye Poulton--35.5, Margaret Stevenson--35.5-6, Maggie Traugott--35.4, Rachael _____--37.6, 43.5)
  • Jones, David--39.8
  • Jones, Edwina Currie--see Curie, Edwina, 1946-
  • Jones, Helen--43.1
  • Jones, Michael (Panoptic)--39.3
  • Jones, Tom--42.6
  • Joseph, Chris--42.6
  • Joshi, Sanjay Kumar--40.2, 42.5
  • Jourdan, Pat, 1939- --30.3, 32.6, 34.1, 70.1
  • Kaleidoscope (Sally Marmion)--37.2
  • Kaskell, Peter H. and Francis A. Wood--41.3
  • Katz, Ian (The Guardian)--34.2
  • Kavanagh, Julie, 1952- --31.6, 32.6
  • Kavanagh, Pat--31.6
  • Kawalek, Jillian--39.5
  • Kean, Sophie--39.6
  • Keating, Sharon--62.5
  • Keats-Shelley Memorial Association (Jonathan Leigh-Hunt)--39.8
  • Keefe, Barrie (related to Verity Bargate)--36.4
  • Keel, Daniel--34.2
  • Keene, David--34.2
  • Keene, Gillian--40.8
  • Keenoy, Ray--37.7
  • Kehlmann, Daniel, 1975- --34.2, 43.1
  • Kell, Chris--34.2
  • Kelliher, Claire--42.6
  • Kellogg College (University of Oxford). Centre for Creative Writing (Clare Morgan)--41.7
  • Kelly, Gabrielle (husband Allan)--31.6, 32.6
  • Kenah, Rosemary--42.4
  • Kennedy, Stephen (University of Oxford)--40.4
  • Kent Literature Festival (John Rice)--36.3, 36.5, 36.7
  • Kent, Lesley--43.1
  • Kermode, Frank, 1919-2010--32.6
  • Kern Associates (Satoshi Iwanami, Lawrence E. Kern)--35.5
  • Key West Literary Seminar (Miles Frieden)--41.2-4
  • Key-Williamson, Barney--42.6
  • Kilfeather, Siobhán Marie--30.3, 36.3
  • Kilmartin, Terry--42.4
  • King, D. P. A.--36.4, 36.7, 37.1
  • King, Phyllis--43.1
  • King's College London (Anne Norton)--41.6
  • Kingston Readers' Festival (Chrissie Bestley)--40.8
  • Kingston University Literary Society (Helen Wilkinson)--38.7
  • Kinsolving, William--34.6
  • Kirk, John--43.1
  • Kitchen, Neil (National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery)--41.4
  • Kitchen, Neil and Amanda--34.2
  • Kleemeier, Wolfgang--39.6
  • Klein, Saul--37.6
  • Knight, Sheila--42.6
  • Knopfler, Mark--31.6, 34.2
  • Knoydart Foundation (Davie Newton)--41.6
  • Kodak (C. P. H. Tombs)--39.3
  • Kolvenbach, Ulrich--40.2
  • Koralek, Jenny--43.1
  • Korsström, Tuva--38.4, 38.7
  • Kosanović, Jelena--42.4
  • Kötting, Katie--40.4
  • Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza--37.1
  • Krasniewska, Dorota--36.3-4
  • Krause, Gregor--37.1
  • Krupicka, Miroslav--39.5
  • Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf (Doris Sossenheimer)--40.8
  • Kustow, Michael--32.6
  • Ladd, Denise--32.6, 42.6
  • Lahti International Writers' Reunion--40.8
  • Lakehard Ltd. (Norma Heyman)--23.8
  • Laluyaux, Laurence--34.2
  • Lamb, Cedric--30.3
  • Lancaster Festival of Literature (Adrienne Lash--35.6-7, Christopher V. Stafford--36.3)
  • Lancaster, James Austin Taylor--42.5-6
  • Lange, Candyce--36.4
  • Langford, Paul--40.4
  • Langslow, Anne--42.6
  • Lassiter, Graham--37.1
  • Law, Sue (Dave, Katy)--30.3
  • Lawson, Denis--40.6
  • Lawson, Mark--31.6
  • Le Fanu, Mark (Society of Authors [Great Britain])--32.6
  • Le Monde (Florence Noiville)--41.5
  • Le Serpent a Plumes (Sibylle Moulin)--37.4
  • Lee, Hermione (University of York)--36.4
  • Leeds Russian Archive (Brotherton Library) (Richard Davies)--37.6
  • Leek, Ronnie--37.1
  • Leggett, John, 1971- --30.3
  • Lemon Unna & Durbridge--see Harvey Unna & Stephen Durbridge Ltd.
  • Lerner, Laurence ("Larry")--34.2
  • Lester & Orpen Dennys (Janice Bearg, Louise Dennys)--37.1-2
  • Lette, Kathy, 1958- --30.3, 31.2, 31.4, 31.6, 32.6, 34.2
  • Levinson, Deirdre--42.4
  • Levita, Phyllis--37.3
  • Lewin, Mercer--34.6
  • Liddell, Susan H.--37.7
  • Lieberson, Sandy--32.6
  • Liebhaber, Kaye--42.4
  • Lillehaug, Jessica--40.2
  • Linea D'Ombra (Maria Nadotti)--37.5
  • Lingua e Nuova Didattica (Mariella Stagi)--40.8
  • Link Arts (Steve Spence)--37.7
  • Linstead, Hilary--36.7
  • Liotta, Laura--39.2
  • The Listener (Derwent May, 1930- )--35.3
  • Lister, David (Varsity)--39.2
  • Literacy Chicago (Elizabeth Kramer)--40.7
  • Literárny Týždenník (Lubos Jurik)--37.7
  • Literary Rendezvous--40.8
  • Literaturbüro Lüneburg (Stefanie Baumann)--39.4
  • Literature Animateur (Jenny Barnett)--37.2
  • Little, Brenda (re: Rushdie)--37.4
  • Liverpool University Press (J.G. O'Kane)--35.5
  • Liz Bolton & Associates (Liz Bolton)--37.2
  • Loader, Kevin and Shreepali Patel (Bridge Films)--34.6, 41.1
  • Lodge, David, 1935- --31.6, 32.6, 34.2
  • Loizeau, Laurence--39.1
  • London Borough of Wandsworth (D. F. Parker)--35.5, 36.1
  • London Evening Standard (Geordie Greig)--61.3
  • London Library--39.5-6, 41.2
  • London Magazine (Alan Ross)--35.6
  • London Review of Books (Susannah Clapp)--36.1, 36.5
  • London School of Economics and Political Science. Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (Rom Harré and Roman Frigg)--41.7
  • London Screenwriters Workshop (Mark Hudson)--36.6
  • Longley, Edna (Queen's University Belfast)--31.2
  • Longview Entertainment Ltd. (Rosalie Swedlin)--25.3, 43.5
  • Los Angeles Times Book Prizes (Tom Crouch)--40.8
  • Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (Lara E. Furar)--40.8
  • Loucks, Brian (Creative Artists Agency)--34.6
  • Lovell, Gillian--40.7
  • Lowenstein, Celia--31.6, 32.6
  • Lowe-Watson, Dawn--34.2, 42.5
  • Lucinda Vardey Agency (Lucinda Vardey)--38.1
  • Lukács, Laura (Hungarian translator)--41.10
  • Lumb Bank (Barbara Hughes)--35.7
  • Lutrario, Chris (Lewes Monday Literary Club)--41.3
  • Lycée Français de Gaulle--43.3
  • M_____, Helen (National Youth Theatre of Great Britain)--33.3
  • M_____, Jenifer ("Jenny") (Cresset Press, former employee)--41.2
  • MacCabe, Colin (University of Strathclyde)--31.2, 32.6, 36.3-5
  • Macer-Wright, J.--38.7
  • MacKenzie, Laurence --31.4, 36.7
  • MacKinnon, Gillies--37.7
  • Maclean's (Mark Abley)--36.3-4
  • MacLennan, Neil--32.6
  • Macmillan Publishers (Jonathan Riley, Adrian Soar, Peter Straus)--39.3, 42.1
  • Macmillan-Scott, Clemmie--39.8
  • MacRae, Julia (Julia MacRae Books)--31.6
  • MacShane, Denis--34.2
  • Magdalen College (University of Oxford). Magdalen Speaker Society (Clare Lombardelli)--39.8
  • Magee, Bryan--32.6, 34.2, 35.1
  • Magnum Photos Ltd. (Chris Boot)--38.6
  • Maguire, Stephen--42.5
  • Mail on Sunday (Paula Johnson)--43.5
  • Malcolm, David (University of Gdańsk)--32.6, 40.4, 40.6
  • Malcolmson, Judy--34.2
  • Mallinson Rendel Publishers (Ann Mallinson)--39.2
  • Manca, Annalena--42.4
  • Manches (Cathleen Blackburn--39.8, Jane Mitchell--42.2, Alan Poulter--41.1)
  • Manchester Grammar School (George Myers)--37.2
  • Mandarin (Elsbeth Lindner)--37.5
  • Mann, Adrian--42.6
  • Mann, Lorraine--39.8
  • Manners, Suzanne (Dukes Playhouse)--38.7
  • Mansell Jones, Heather--31.6, 32.6, 34.2
  • Mante, Sandra--41.1
  • Mantle, Jonathan--35.7
  • Marber, Patrick, 1964- --32.6, 37.3
  • Marchant, Margaret--39.3
  • Marcoaldi, Franco (La Repubblica)--38.7
  • Mare's Nest Publishing (Jill Burrows)--39.3
  • Marianacci, A. Dante (Instituto Italiano di Cultura)--34.6
  • Maro, Judith, 1919-2011--32.6
  • Marr, Sally--40.7
  • Marsden, Meg--42.6
  • Marsh, David, 1952- (Financial Times)--39.3
  • Marsh, Gina--38.4
  • Martella, Licia--43.1
  • Marticorena, Fernando--42.4
  • Martin, Augustine (University College, Dublin)--38.2, 38.6
  • Martin, Juliet--37.5
  • Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd. / Secker & Warburg (Christopher Holmes--35.5, T.G. Rosenthal [Tom]--35.3, Jane Wood--36.7)
  • Marxism Today (Eileen Phillips--36.5, Sally Townsend--36.3)
  • Maschler, Alice (Rise Phoenix)--34.2, 41.2
  • Maschler, Tom, 1933- (Jonathan Cape [Firm])--31.4, 31.6
  • Mason, Clare--39.5
  • Mason, Robert, 1951- and Anne Howeson--36.1
  • Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory (Ghillean T. Prance, 1937- )--41.6
  • Matejovsky, Jiri--39.8
  • Mathews, John Dewe ("Johnny") and Celia--32.6, 34.2
  • Matković, Vanyja (University of Nottingham)--36.3, 36.5
  • Matsui, Nobuyoshi--30.1
  • Maurel, Sylvie--41.4
  • Mavrohanna, Gina--36.4
  • Maxwell, David--37.1, 42.5
  • The May Anthologies (Imogen Walford)--41.2
  • Mayer, Peter (Overlook Press)--32.6, 40.8
  • Mayer, Phoebe--41.10
  • Mayoux, Suzanne (French translator)--42.2
  • Mazzucco, Massimo, 1954- --21.3
  • McAfee, Annalena (Financial Times)--2.1, 8.1, 27.2, 31.6, 33.1, 34.2, 42.1
  • McCartney, Paul--33.1, 34.2, 34.6
  • McClatchy, J. D., 1945- ("Sandy") (Yale Review)--41.3
  • McCormack, Jane--42.6
  • McCormick, William B.--41.1
  • McCrum, Robert (The Observer Books)--35.1
  • McDougall, Charles--30.3, 36.2
  • McDougall, Gordon--38.7
  • McEwan, David (father)--30.1, 30.4, 70.4
  • McEwan, Greg (son)--34.2
  • McEwan, Ian (child with same name)--31.6
  • McEwan, Rose (mother)--30.1, 30.4, 31.4, 31.6, 33.1, 34.6, 70.4
  • McEwan, Will (son)--33.1
  • McGahern, John, 1934-2006--34.2
  • McGowan, Philip (F. Scott Fitzgerald Society, Queen's University of Belfast)--41.2
  • McGrath, Patrick, 1950- --37.6-7
  • McLean, Donna--33.1, 34.2, 35.1
  • McLean, Karen--39.5
  • McManus, John--39.7
  • McPherson, Beth--39.4
  • McWilliam, Candia--31.4, 32.1, 33.1, 34.2
  • Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre (Rachael Thomas)--40.2
  • Medcalf, Stephen, 1936-2007--33.1, 34.2, 43.1, 70.3
  • Medecins sans Frontiers (Petrana Nowill)--40.7
  • Medical Foundation (Carla Cornwell, Debra Squires)--33.1, 33.4, 40.8, 41.1, 41.3
  • Melbourne Writers' Festival (Simon Clews)--39.6, 40.4, 40.8
  • Melmon, Richard--42.6
  • Menchise, Antonella--37.5
  • Ménégaldo, Gilles (Université de Poitiers)--39.1 (includes interview transcript and photo), 39.4, 42.1
  • Menzie, Diana--42.5
  • Mercer Lewin (P.M. Mercer)--40.4, 41.1
  • Merrill, Jane P.--42.6
  • Merton College (Jessica Rawson)--41.1
  • Messer, Jane (University of Technology, Sydney) and Niobe Syme--40.7
  • Methuen London (Nick Hern)--36.6
  • Meyer, Harriet S.--39.2
  • Meyer, Michael--39.5
  • Michaels, Anne, 1958- --33.1
  • Michel, Caroline (William Morris Agency)--33.1, 34.2, 42.1
  • Mickler, Gabriele ("Gaby")--42.6
  • Middle Temple (London, England) (Kristine McGlothlin, George Newman)--41.6
  • Middlebury College (Jay Parini--41.5, Jim Ralph--41.7)
  • Middlesex University (Gazelle Banihahsemi)--39.6
  • Midland Arts Centre (Tim Bennett-Goodman)--36.6
  • Milich, John--70.3
  • Miller, Arthur I.--42.6
  • Miller, David--32.1
  • Miller, Francis--37.3
  • Mills, David--33.1
  • Mills, Russell, 1952- (Thumb Gallery) (book jacket designer)--30.1, 31.2, 35.5, 36.2-3
  • Millum, Trevor (National Association for the Teaching of English)--40.8
  • Milner, Alexandra--16.2
  • MIND National Association for Mental Health--37.5
  • Minett, Harold F.--35.4
  • Miramax Films (Scott Martin)--23.9
  • Mississippi Review (University of Southern Mississippi) (Frederick Barthelme, 1943- )--35.6-7
  • Mitchell, Julian, 1935- --34.5
  • Modern Painters (Karen Wright)--38.5
  • Mole Valley Leisure (Charlotte Gardiner)--41.3
  • Mole, Allegra--32.1, 33.1, 35.1
  • Mole, Peter--30.3, 32.1, 33.1, 34.2, 35.1
  • Moment magazine--35.4
  • Monday Literary Club (Dorothy Harrison)--37.4
  • Monrad-Krohn, Michael--37.6
  • Monte, Dan--42.4
  • Moore, Kane--41.2
  • Moore, Tony--36.5
  • Moorey, Myrtle--38.7
  • Moosmüller, Birgit--37.5
  • Moreno, Pedro Escudero--40.7
  • Morgan, Clare--38.2
  • Morgan, Matthew--40.3
  • Morpurgo, Michael--33.1
  • Morris, Barbara (Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning)--42.6
  • Morrison, Blake (The Independent on Sunday)--34.2, 37.6
  • Morse, Wendy--42.4-5
  • Mortensen, Gemma--38.6
  • Mortimer, Emily (Babel magazine)--38.1
  • Mortimer, Penny (June 20th Group)--37.7, 49.8
  • Moss, Rhiannon (Shirley Society, Cambridge)--40.2
  • Motion, Andrew, 1952- (Chatto & Windus)--32.1, 34.2, 37.4
  • Moving Picture Company (Derek B_____)--36.5
  • Moving Pictures (Tim Adler)--39.3
  • Muir, Jamie--30.3
  • Muirhead, Hazel--42.6
  • Muldoon, Paul--37.1
  • Mullan, John--47.10
  • Mundle, Catriona--32.1, 33.1, 41.10
  • Murphy, Angie--30.3
  • Murray, Philip J.--37.6
  • Muse, Ruth (Marjorie)--30.1
  • Museum of Modern Art (Oxford, England) (John Leslie)--38.5
  • Music Theatre Wales (Catriona Chatterley)--10.4
  • MVM Films (Paolo Pagnoni)--36.7 (photocopy)
  • N_____, Mike (St. Georges Ave, London; filmmaker)--37.2
  • Nagyvilág (László Kéry)--35.4
  • Nahal, Shami--37.2
  • Nan A. Talese Doubleday (Nan Talese)--9.5, 13.8, 43.5
  • Narioo, Eric--33.1
  • Nath, Kabir--36.3
  • National Association for the Teaching of English (David Klemm)--36.4
  • National Book League (Martyn Goff)--31.2
  • National Endowment for the Arts (Frank Conroy, 1936-2005)--36.5
  • National Humanities Center (U.S.) (Geoffrey Harpham Galt, 1946- )--41.8
  • National Jewish Hospital and Research Center (Alvin Cohen)--35.7
  • National Library for the Blind (Great Britain)--39.6, 39.8, 40.7
  • National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain) (Sarah Moir--41.2, Sandy Nairne--34.3, 41.2, Charles Saumarez Smith--40.5)
  • National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (Deborah Chandos-Hall)--40.6
  • National Theatre (Great Britain) (Michael Kustow--36.2, Peter McInerney--36.5)
  • National Union of Journalists (Great Britain) (John C. Foster)--26.3
  • Nayman, Chira--42.6
  • Neinstein, Ray--30.2, 30.5, 31.2, 31.4, 32.1, 33.1, 34.3, 34.6
  • Nelson, Gillian--42.5
  • Nessel, Denise--42.4
  • Network Educational Press (Carol Thompson)--41.1
  • Network Training (Martin Smith)--40.5
  • Neumann, Constanze--42.4
  • Neumüller, Günter--38.7
  • New American Review--see American Review
  • New Left Review (Perry Anderson)--36.3
  • The New Review (Ian Hamilton)--35.4
  • New Socialist (Nick Curran, James Curran)--36.6
  • New Statesman (John Gross--35.3, Bruce Page--36.5, Claire Tomalin--35.4, Francis Wheen--36.4-5)
  • New Statesman Society (Stuart Weir)--37.3, 49.5
  • New York Academy of Medicine (Jo Ivey Boufford)--41.5
  • New York Public Library (Paul LeClerc, 1941- --41.5, 41.8, Tony Marx--41.8)
  • New York Times (David Shipley) (with copy of The Nation, 14 September 1992)--38.5
  • The New Yorker (Devereux Chatillon--43.9, Deborah Garrison--42.1 [also contains proof], Nancy Gerstein--35.4-5, Frances "Fran" Kiernan--35.5, 35.7, 36.2 (photocopy), Cressida Leyshon--9.5, Deborah Treisman--42.2)--39.3
  • New Yorker Festival (Rhonda Sherman)--60.6
  • New Zealand International Festival of the Arts (Ann Mallinson)--37.4-5
  • Newcastle 900 (Pam Jarvis)--36.1
  • Newell, Louise--38.1
  • Newton, Tony--33.1
  • Nexus Television (Beverlee Bolton-Debbage)--39.8
  • NFH Ltd. (Norma Heyman)--43.5
  • Nicholls, Tamar (Godolphin School)--42.6
  • Nicholson, Bob and Peggy--33.1
  • Nicholson, Catriona (University of Reading)--42.1
  • Nicholson, Colin on behalf of James Tait Black Award (University of Edinburgh)--41.2
  • Nicholson, F. P.--37.6
  • Nielsen, Jørgen (Danish translator)--38.2
  • Nitrate Films (Amanda Temple)--38.6
  • Niven, Alastair (King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Foundation of St. Catharine's)--33.1
  • Noakes, Jonathan (Eton College)--33.1
  • Noble, Jonathan--37.7
  • Noiville, Florence (Le Monde)--34.3
  • North London Hospice--39.6, 40.5
  • North West Arts (Nance Green)--37.4
  • Northamptonshire County Council (Neil Rowland)--40.2
  • Northern Arts (Philip H. Bomford)--35.7
  • Norton, George--37.3
  • Noss, Amy--30.5
  • Nottinghamshire County Council (Barry Prothero)--38.2
  • Nova (Margaret Pringle)--35.3
  • Nun's Island Arts Centre (Michael Diskin)--38.4, 38.6
  • Nwaokolo, Helena--42.5
  • O'Brien, Edna--33.1, 47.10
  • O'Brien, John--39.2
  • The Observer (Sarah Baxter--39.3, Nigel Billen--42.1, Terence Kilmartin--35.3, Heidi Kingstone--37.3, Polly Pattullo--36.3, Miriam _____--36.4)
  • O'Donnell, Michael J.--42.6
  • O'Driscoll, Claudia--42.5
  • O'Hanlon, Galen--33.3, 34.3, 35.1
  • O'Keefe, Bernard--37.2
  • O'Rourke, Rebecca (University of Birmingham)--36.1-2
  • O'Sullivan, Zoë--37.3
  • Oakley, Mark--42.4
  • Oeser, Hans-Christian (German translator)--37.6-7, 38.7
  • Oglethorpe, James--35.6
  • Old Fire Station Arts Centre (Oxford)--36.7
  • Olivar, Madère--43.1
  • Oliver, Henry--42.6
  • Oltermann, Philip, 1981- --34.3
  • Openshaw, Elizabeth--37.6-7
  • Oriel Rhodes Society of Oxford (Paul Tanner)--38.6
  • Orton, Barbara--42.6
  • Orza, Luisa--42.6
  • Osborne, John (Philip Larkin Society, University of Hull)--41.2
  • Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Walter G. Wieser)--37.1
  • Ostruc, Françoise--42.4
  • Otter, Laurens--43.1
  • Ousey, Richard--42.5
  • Outer Hebrides Tennis Club--39.5
  • Owen, Trevor--39.5
  • Ox, P.--30.5
  • Oxen Park Cinema Club (Fiona Baxter)--41.2
  • Oxfam (Tom Childs)--41.2
  • Oxford Advanced Studies Program (Ralph Dennison)--38.7
  • Oxford Brookes University (Clare Fox--42.6, Beth Hill--41.3, Daniel Lea--40.8)
  • Oxford City Council (Peta Donaghy)--33.1
  • Oxford Literary Festival (Sally Dunsmore and Angela Prysor-Jones)--40.2
  • Oxford Playhouse Company (Gordon McDougall)--35.7
  • Oxford School of Cookery (Caroline Lawrence)--34.6
  • Oxford Union Society (Jonathan Catherall--37.6, Melanie Johnson--37.5, Paul Kenward--39.2, David Powell--41.3, Igor Toronyi-Lalic--40.2; Jonathan Wolf--39.3)
  • Oxford University Arts Society (Nancy Braithwaite)--37.5
  • Oxford University Beaufort Society (Rebecca Wharf)--40.8
  • Oxford University Development Office (Marion Nelson)--37.4
  • Oxford University English Society (Chris Fitzgerald--40.7, Xana Jones--39.6)
  • Oxford University Press (Judith Luna--37.6, Michael Rodgers--40.5-6)
  • Oxford-Bonn Week (Thomas Grundmann, Karl Wilhelm Starcke)--40.8
  • Padilla, Ignacio, 1968- --39.3
  • Page, Mary Ann (Page / Rogosin Films)--33.1, 38.7, 43.5
  • Palmer, Davina (Parish Church of St. John the Baptist)--41.3
  • Pan Books (Caroline Ballinger--37.1, Tim Binding--36.6, Ian S. Chapman--37.6, Kathy Gale--37.7, Antony C. Hammond--35.5, Margaret S. Heŕiot--35.7, David Larkin--35.7, Caroline Lassalle--35.5, Gail Lynch--37.3, Geoffrey Mulligan--37.3, Mike Petty--36.1, Peter Straus--37.6-7)
  • Pan Macmillan (Peter Strauss)--40.2
  • Panhans, Lothar--37.6
  • Paper Drum Publishing (Ken McDonald)--38.3
  • Paramount Pictures Corporation (William Horberg, Ileen Maisel)--23.8
  • The Paris Review (Benjamin Ryder Howe--40.7, George Plimpton--42.2)
  • Park, Christine and Caroline Heaton--37.6-7
  • Parmenter, J. C. (Lloyds Bank Limited)--36.3
  • Parry, Roger--42.5
  • Partis, Jackie--37.1
  • Partisan Review (Elizabeth Dalton--35.6, William Phillips--36.5)
  • Passes, Jane--40.7
  • PAT Education & Learning (Nicholas Griffin)--40.7
  • Paton, Nic--37.7
  • Patterson, Simon--42.5
  • Patterson, T. J. S. ("Tom")--34.3
  • Paul Raymond Publications Ltd. (Roger Baker)--35.5
  • Paul, Sasha--36.6
  • Paxman, Jeremy, 1950- --32.2, 33.1
  • Pears, Tim--43.1
  • Pearson, Mike--41.3
  • Peat, David--38.7
  • Pedot, Richard--38.6, 42.4
  • Pelling, Jack--33.1
  • PEN (Organization) (Ronald Hardwood, Caro Llewellyn, Caroline McCormick)--41.4-5
  • Penguin Books (Tim Binding--36.4, Fanny Blake--32.2, Peter Carson--38.1, Dotti Irving--36.4, Andrew Kidd--42.1, Peter Mayer--36.2, 36.5, 37.3, Caroline Muir--38.1, Stuart Proffitt--42.2)
  • Penguin Books Canada Limited (Cynthia Good)--37.2
  • Penguin Group (Canada) (Andrea Crozier)--41.1
  • Penguin Theatre Company (Stephen Nowell)--36.5
  • Penjakova, Maria--39.8
  • People of Today (Patsy Ellis--38.6, Jonathan Parker--39.2, 39.4)
  • Perabo, Susan, 1969- --60.6
  • Percy, Marianne--37.4
  • Peres, Sylvie--39.4, 39.6
  • Performers Workshops (Richard Hope and Michael Hadley)--37.1
  • Perrin, Lola--34.3
  • Perry, John--33.1
  • Perry, Mike--39.6
  • Perth International Writers' Festival (Wendy Were)--40.5
  • Pesaro Secondary School--43.2
  • Pesi, Lola--42.6
  • Peters, Richard--42.6
  • Peterson, Garry S.--42.5
  • Petrignani, Sandra--37.7
  • Pettersson, Gunnar--35.6
  • Pettinato, Francesca--37.3
  • Petty (?), Mike (and Sonny)--31.1
  • Philcox, Jenny--36.4
  • Phillips, Caryl ("Caz")--32.2, 34.3, 34.6
  • Phillips, Jayne Anne, 1952- --32.2
  • Phillips, Lucinda--32.2
  • Phillips, Nick--42.5
  • Phillips, Stephen J.--35.6
  • Phoenix Cinema (John Hughes)--38.6
  • PICA Club (Colin Walsh)--39.6, 41.3
  • Picador (Jacqui Graham, Peter Straus--38.6-7, 39.8, 42.1, 43.5)
  • Pick, Joan Margaret--42.4
  • Pickard, Keith--32.2
  • Pigmei, Valentina--64.2
  • Pillière, Linda--13.8
  • Pimlico (Will _____)--34.6
  • Pinca, Roberto--36.7
  • Pinckney, Darryl (partner of poet James Fenton)--33.1, 34.3
  • Pinter, Harold, 1930-2008--22.3, 32.2, 33.1, 34.3, 37.5 (re: Comfort of Strangers script), 49.8, 65.3
  • Pittel, Keith--34.3
  • Pittman, Al--36.6
  • Pixit Productions (Fernando Ghia, 1935-2005)--37.1
  • Player, M. J.--36.1
  • Plotz, Floy--39.7
  • Plymouth Arts Centre (Bernard Samuels)--37.5, 37.7
  • PNC Bank (Connie Bond Stuart)--46.3
  • Poetry Center of the 92nd Street YM-YWHA (New York, N.Y.) (Melissa Hammerle--38.4, Karl Kirchwey--38.2, 38.5, David Yezzi--40.6)
  • Poetry Society (John Medlin)--36.6
  • Pollack, Eileen, 1956- --36.2
  • Pollitzer, Sally--43.1
  • Pontani, Filippo Maria--39.4
  • Porter, Peter--34.3
  • Porter, Theodore--42.4
  • Portland Arts & Lectures (Howard Aaron)--40.7, 41.1
  • Potter, Sally, 1949- --37.3
  • Pounder, Graeme--37.1-2
  • Powell, L. Jack--38.6-7
  • Powell, Michael, 1905-1990 (Michael Powell Productions)--31.2
  • Powell, Neil, 1948- --41.4
  • Powell, Rupert--42.5 (also photos with McEwan on set of film Atonement)
  • Powell, Susan--38.5
  • Prague Writers' Festival (Michael March)--39.8
  • Präsidialabteilung der Stadt Zürich (Roman Hess)--37.7
  • Pre-adoption, Post-adoption, Permanency Advice and Counseling (PAC)--41.8
  • Preece, Julian (University of Kent)--42.4
  • Premio Grinzane Cavour--39.4
  • Prentice Hall (Jan Morris)--37.4
  • Prescott, David--36.4
  • Presentable (Cayt Smithson)--41.1
  • Price, David--31.2
  • Prideaux, Sue--34.3
  • Princeton University (Cass Garner)--41.4
  • Proietti, Franca--40.3
  • Psiche (Daniela Scotto di Fasano)--40.8
  • Psychology Today (Denise Winn)--35.6
  • Public Affairs (Lisa Kaufman)--39.8
  • Publishers Association (Desmond Clarke)--36.5
  • Publishing Mills (Geoff Schackert)--39.8
  • Puffin Viking Kestrel (under Penguin Books) (Liz Attenborough)--37.3
  • Pullan, Charles--33.1
  • Pullman, Philip, 1946- --37.6
  • PULS Publications (Jan Chodakowski)--36.5
  • Purdue University (W. J. Stuckey)--35.6
  • Pyatt, R. J.--39.4
  • Pyke, Rex--30.5
  • Pyszora, Françoise--38.5
  • Quarto (Craig Raine, Jorkins Spenlow)--36.2
  • Quemain, Miguel Angel--39.2
  • Quillinan, Cynthia--60.7
  • Quinn, Andrew--36.2
  • Quintana, Annette--42.4
  • R_____, James--34.6, 35.1
  • Raban, Jonathan--31.4, 32.2
  • Rabiger, Sigrid--36.4
  • Radio France (Roger Vrigny)--36.2
  • RadioTimes (Sally Beauman)--35.4
  • Radow, Jeanne and Jack--42.5
  • Raglan, Daniel P.--38.4
  • Raine, Craig (Quarto)--4.4, 15.6, 30.5, 31.2, 32.2, 33.2, 35.7, 36.2, 43.1
  • Raine, Li--see Slater, Ann Pasternak
  • Raine, Nina--34.3
  • Ralphs, John--37.6-7
  • Ramsden, Nicola (Bexley Grammar School)--42.6
  • Ramster, John (Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow)--41.2
  • Rance, Petrina (Bentley Book Club)--40.6
  • Rance, Sara--38.4
  • Randolph, Olga--41.5
  • Random House, Inc. (Dan Franklin--4.4, 5.2, Sharon Klein--40.5 (on behalf of Margaret Atwood), Christian Lewis--19.4, Jennifer Marshall--41.10, Caroline Michel--40.8, Neil S. Nyren--35.4-5, Russell Perreault--41.4, Gail Rebuck--5.2, 42.2, Alison Rich--61.1, Stephen Rubin--16.4, Susan Sandon--40.4, James H. Silberman--35.4, Nan Talese--4.4, 19.4
  • Catherine Tappett--39.6, Simon _____--42.1, 42.3
  • Random House Australia (Carol Davidson--60.8, Karen Reid--60.8, Margie Seale--41.5)
  • Random House Children's Books (Margaret Conroy--42.1, Louise Grosart--43.1, David Morton--39.3, Caroline Roberts--39.6, Scott Sellers--60.6)
  • Random House New Zealand (Sarah Thornton)--41.5
  • Random House of Canada (Nikki Barrett)--34.6
  • Rankine, Pauline (Waingel's Copse School)--39.3
  • Ranvaud, Donald (University of East Anglia)--36.7 (photocopy)
  • Rapattoni, Daniela T.--37.1
  • Raven, Susan--30.5
  • Ravenscroft, Keith--39.7
  • Rawsthorn, Alice (International Herald Tribune)--47.10
  • Rea, Kevin (University College School, Frognal)--40.7
  • Ream, Alice and Olivia Abbatt--40.7
  • Red Fox--see Random House Children's Books
  • Reed, Jeremy--33.2
  • Rees, Rebecca (Oxford University Literary Society)--37.1
  • Reeuwijk, Alexander--34.3
  • Refugee Council (Abby Rudland)--40.7
  • Regel, Thorsten--39.4-5
  • Reid, Christopher and Lucinda (UK Crafts Council)--30.5, 31.2, 33.2, 34.3, 36.2
  • Reiner, Peter B. (University of British Columbia)--61.1
  • Remnick, David (The New Yorker)--34.3
  • Reynolds, Paul--35.5
  • Rice, Stevie--37.3
  • Richards, Hannah and Ian Nouvel--34.3
  • Richardson, W. N. B.--35.1
  • Rider, Margaret--42.6
  • Ridley, Matt--34.3, 41.3
  • Riis, Johannes (Gyldendals Bogklub)--34.6
  • Rilla, Wolf--42.5
  • Rimminen, Marjut (Marjut Rimminen Animations)--42.1
  • Riverside Pictures (Gys Versluys)--36.7 (photocopy)
  • Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre (Amanda Conquy)--33.3, 41.1
  • Robben, Bernhard--31.2, 31.4, 32.2
  • Robert Fleming and Co. (David Marsh, 1952- )--39.5
  • Robert Fox Limited--19.10
  • Roberts, John--42.4
  • Roberts, Michèle--34.6
  • Roberts, Ryan (McEwan website creator and host)--33.2, 34.3, 40.3, 40.8
  • Robertson, Robin, 1955- (Random House)--40.3
  • Robinson, Kate (Bolivian Pune Expedition)--38.2
  • Rochefort, Malcolm--33.2
  • Rochester Arts & Lectures (Susan Chekow Lusignan)--41.1
  • Roe, Margaret--42.5
  • Roger, Angela--38.7
  • Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd. (Stephen Edwards--39.6, Benita Edzard--38.1-4, 38.7, Bethan Evans--36.2, Mike Gerrard--35.6-7, 36.2, 47.2, Margery Gretton--37.6, Laurence Laluyaux--61.1, Brenda Leys--35.6-7, Clare Loeffler--37.4-5, Ben Maschler--40.4, Penny Mortimer--35.7, 36.2, Myrian Pruvost--37.4, Rosalind Ramsay--39.2-4, Deborah Rogers--10.10, 11.5, 35.5, 36.2-7, 37.1, 37.3, 37.6, 38.1, 41.1, 41.4, 43.2, Nigel Sealey--36.5, Michael Sells--40.3, Claudia Shaffer--37.4, Charles Walker--36.6, Ann Warnford-Davis--34.6, 35.6, 35.7, 36.2-3, 36.5, 36.7, 37.1-3, 37.6, 38.1-2, 38.4, 38.6-7, 39.4, 39.8, 40.1, 53.7, Hannah Westland--40.7, 41.1, Octavia Wiseman--39.8, Michael _____--40.3, Josepha _____--40.6)--39.2, 39.5
  • Rogers, Richard George and Ruthie--40.3
  • Rogers, Ruth, 1948- (The River Café)--34.3
  • Rohwer, Jörn--39.4-5
  • Roland, Aurora--36.4
  • Rolling Stone (A. Craig)--35.3
  • Rook, Philip ("Pip") (Pip Rook Photography)--39.6, 39.8 (includes photo contact sheet)
  • Rooke, Rosemary--41.2
  • Rosenberg, Peter M.--36.3
  • Rosenblatt, Jeremy (London School of Economics)--36.1, 36.3
  • Rosenthal, T. G. ("Tom") (Bridgewater Press)--34.3
  • Rosetta Pictures (Emma Crichton-Miller)--42.2
  • Roso, Heather--42.6
  • Ross, Larry--42.5
  • Rossman, Michael--30.5
  • Rossmere Primary School students--43.1
  • Roth, Philip--34.5, 35.6, 36.2
  • Rowland, Marian--42.6
  • Rowohlt Verlag (Hans Georg Heepe--35.4, Renate Pape--35.5)
  • Royal College of Art--38.4
  • Royal Exchange Theatre Company (Christine Bola)--36.1, 36.3
  • Royal Festival Hall (Christina Patterson)--39.7
  • Royal National Theatre (Great Britain) (Sophie Hauser)--37.6
  • Royal Shakespeare Company (Colin Chambers--36.7, Philip Haas on behalf of Clifford Williams--35.6, Walter _____--35.7)
  • Royal Society (Firm) (Sir A. [Aaron] Klug, 1926- --35.1, 39.6, Julie Maxton--41.8, Paul Nurse--41.8)
  • Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain) (Penny Egan--40.8, Paul Judge--41.1, Viv Long-Ferguson--41.1)
  • Royal Society of Literature (Great Britain) (Maggie Fergusson--41.7, 41.10, Michael Holroyd--35.1, Elizabeth Hughes--39.2, Colin Thubron--41.9, 42.6)--40.3
  • Royle, Martin and Kate (Bible Cottages; Lewes)--31.2, 37.1
  • Royle, Nicholas--37.5
  • Ruche, Françoise--37.1
  • Ruder, William ("Bill") (William Ruder Incorporated)--42.5
  • Rushdie, Salman--33.2
  • Ryan, Kiernan, 1950- --32.2, 34.6
  • Ryan, Steve--42.6
  • Ryedale Festival (Martin Vander Weyer)--40.4
  • Ryersson, Scot D.--39.2
  • Sabadin, Maria--37.3
  • Sady, M.--42.5
  • Sage, Victor, 1942 ("Vic")--30.2, 30.5, 31.2, 31.4, 32.2, 33.2, 34.5, 35.5, 37.7
  • Saint-Jacques, Guy (Canadian High Commission)--41.3
  • Salisbury Festival--39.6
  • Salisbury, Bill (William Mansell)--34.3
  • Salon de la Litérature Européene de Cognac (Ghislaine Houry)--38.6
  • Sam Spiegel Film and Television School (Renen Schorr)--46.4
  • Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust (Sandra Price)--41.4
  • Samizdat (Tony Flower, 1951- )--37.5
  • Sampson-Livermore Library--39.5
  • San Mateo Public Library Foundation (Dildar Gill Pisani)--40.7
  • Sanger, Andrew (Top Rail)--34.3, 34.6, 35.7, 36.2, 38.1
  • Saqi Books Publishers (Phil Harry)--40.5
  • Sartor, Luisa--38.7
  • Saunders, C. J. and N. F. McDonald (University of Oxford)--38.2
  • Saunders, Chris--38.7
  • Savill, Sheila--47.5
  • Saxton, Josephine--31.4
  • Saxton, Paul--42.4
  • Schaefer, Max--39.3
  • Schiff, Stephen and Rebecca--33.2, 34.6
  • Schlaeger, Jürgen on behalf of Alfred Toepfer Foundation Shakespeare Prize (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)--39.8, 42.2
  • Schlaman, Kristine K.--42.6
  • Schlesinger, John, 1926-2003--23.9
  • Schmidt, Jörg Uwe--39.6
  • Schmitz, Neil (State University of New York at Buffalo)--30.5, 31.4
  • Schultze, Hans-Jürgen--36.6, 37.3
  • Schumock, Jim--39.8 (also transcript of interview published in Glimmer Train)
  • Schwartz, John Burnham--33.2
  • Schweighofer, Fritz, 1916- --36.6
  • SciTalk (Ann Lackie)--41.2
  • Scorsese, Martin--32.2
  • Scotland, Tony (Bulgarian Orphans Fund)--34.4, 41.8-9
  • Scott, Drew--34.3
  • Scott, Sarah--42.5 (includes fan art)
  • Scottish Film Council (Ken Ingles)--36.7
  • Scourfield, Peter--36.5
  • Scruton, Roger--31.4, 32.2, 33.2, 34.3, 34.6
  • Scruton, Sophie--35.1
  • Scully, Lisa and Erica Morrical--42.6
  • Seaboyer, Jude--42.4
  • Seal, Sophie--40.7
  • Seasayer, Jude--39.4
  • Seattle Arts & Lectures (Howard Aaron, Claire Molesworth)--41.1, 60.6
  • Sebestyen, Victor, 1956- and Jess--34.3, 35.1
  • Sedley, Stephen--33.2, 34.3, 40.7
  • Serpent's Tail (John Hoyland)--38.4
  • Setchfield, Neil--36.6
  • Seunke, Orlow--21.5-6, 38.3-4, 38.6 (photocopy), 40.2
  • Sevenoaks School Kent (M. T. M. Casey McCann)--35.6, 36.5
  • Seymour, Miranda--31.2
  • Shaffer, Mark--70.3
  • Shaid, Novid--41.5
  • Shanahan, Andrew--42.3
  • Sharp, David (brother)--41.1
  • Shawn, Wallace ("Wally")--30.5
  • Sheffield City Council, Off the Shelf Literature Festival--39.3, 40.4, 40.8, 41.1
  • Sheffield City Libraries (Chris Meade)--37.5
  • The Shirley Society (Tim Clayton--36.3, Sarah Macrory--40.8)
  • Short, Damon--36.7
  • Shreeve, James ("Jamie")--30.5, 31.2, 35.1
  • Shropshire County Council (Gordon Dickins)--39.6
  • Siani-Davies, Mary--33.2
  • Sieff, Gemma--43.1
  • Siegle, Carla Feldpausch--42.5
  • Simmonett, Stephen M.--35.6
  • Simon and Schuster (Michael Korda, 1933- --36.3, Nan Talese--35.5-7, 36.1, 36.3, 52.4, Thomas C. Wallace--36.4)
  • Simonin, Walter--38.7, 39.5
  • Simpson, Georgie--41.2
  • Simpson, Nicholas W.--58.7
  • Sinclair, Ian (Journalist)--41.7
  • Singh, Patricia and Reg (Beaux Arts London)--34.3
  • Skene, Douglas--34.6
  • Skene, Judy--34.3
  • Škovierová, Barbara--42.5
  • Skyros Centre (Yannis Andricopoulos)--38.1, 38.5, 40.7
  • Slade School of Fine Art (Reg Gadney)--41.1
  • Slater, Ann Pasternak ("Li Raine")--32.2, 33.2, 35.6
  • Slay, Jack, Jr. (La Grange College)--42.4
  • Smeet, Nick--37.1
  • Smith, Amanda--42.4
  • Smith, Annette--34.3
  • Smith, Chris (Department for Culture, Media and Sport)--35.1
  • Smith, Joan Sheridan--42.4
  • Smith, Peter J. (Nottingham Trent University)--39.3
  • Smith, Philip--37.5
  • Smith, Robert--31.4
  • Smith, Simon N. G. (Eric Maschwitz Musicals Ltd.)--42.6
  • Smith, Tony--61.2
  • Smith, Zadie--34.3
  • SmithKline Beecham (Robin Fears)--39.6, 39.8
  • Snell, Stephen--39.6
  • Società di Pensieri (Barbara Pulliero)--39.2
  • Society of Authors (Great Britain) (Mark Le Fanu--35.1, 40.5-6, 41.4, David Machin--35.7, 36.2)
  • Solaire (René Daillie)--35.6
  • Soleread Limited (William Ellis)--36.2
  • Solotaroff, Ted, 1928-2008--33.2
  • Somerville College (University of Oxford) (Katherine Duncan-Jones)--40.2
  • Sommerfeldt, Dirk--42.6
  • Sontag, Susan, 1933-2004--33.2 (fax)
  • Sotheby's (Firm) (Julian Rota)--38.5
  • Soueif, Ahdaf (married to Ian Hamilton)--33.2, 35.1
  • Sourat UK Ltd. (Omar Al-Qattan, 1964 and Jonathan Jones)--38.7
  • Souris, Michèle--42.3
  • South Bank Centre (Alan Bisset--38.7, Helen Carr--38.6, Maura Dooley--38.1, 38.4, Judith Palmer--38.7)
  • The South Bank Show (David Hinton--35.6, David Thomas--36.4, 41.1, Nigel Wattis--40.4)
  • South Tipperary Arts Centre (Grace Wells)--40.3, 40.8, 41.1
  • Southampton Arts Centre, The Gantry (Frances Clarke)--39.8
  • Southworth, Eric (Symposium of British and Spanish Writers)--38.4
  • Souvenir Press Ltd. (Ernest Hecht)--35.5
  • Spadaccino, Tamara--39.4
  • Spence, Stephen--36.5
  • Spender, Stephen, 1909-1995--37.7
  • Spiked (Pamela Mulloy)--40.8
  • St. Catherine's High School (Susan Whitworth Tait)--39.4
  • St. Catherine's College (Cambridge) (Tom Illingworth)--40.8
  • St. Catherine's College (University of Oxford) (Peter Michael Williams, 1945- )--40.5
  • St. Edmunds Art Centre (Jennifer Curry)--35.7
  • St. Joseph's Secondary School (Lucia M. Geady)--39.6
  • St. Luke's Hospital for the Clergy (John Cherry)--41.1-2
  • St. Paul's School, English Society (Mark Godfrey)--37.6
  • St. Peter's School Association (Kevin Hinton)--40.7
  • Stadtbibliothek Reutlingen (Frauke Schade)--39.4
  • Stafford, David (University of Edinburgh)--40.2
  • Stafford, Ellen--42.4
  • Stallworthy, Jon--33.2
  • Starr, Viennetta Vic--42.4
  • Steele, Gerald R.--42.6
  • Steele, Jonathan (The Guardian)--49.7
  • Steen, Larry--39.4
  • Stefan Batory Trust--37.2
  • Stegmüller, Renate--36.2
  • Steiner, Robert (University of Colorado Boulder)--36.3
  • Stenberg Nilsen, Hanne-Lene--41.1
  • Stenson, Betty--40.3, 40.8
  • Stevens, Dan--42.5
  • Stevens, Jeff--42.6
  • Stevens, Matthew--40.2
  • Stevens, Monica--33.2
  • Stevenson, Randall (University of Edinburgh)--36.2
  • Stewart, Chris--34.3
  • Stichting Van der Leeuw-Lezing (Anton Brand--40.2, 40.6, Jitty Jaarsma--40.5)
  • Stobie, Carla J. (Urmston Gramma School)--42.5
  • Stone, Andrew--34.3
  • Stone, Bob and Janice--33.2
  • Stoppard, Tom--32.2, 33.2, 34.3, 35.1
  • Stothard, Peter (The Times)--33.2
  • Stoves, David--42.5
  • Straeham, Gareth J.--42.4
  • Straight Lines (Robin Robertson)--36.5
  • Stratiev, Svetlin--33.2
  • Strawson, Galen--4.4, 9.5, 12.4, 31.4, 32.2, 33.2, 34.6
  • Stuart, Elly Crichton--40.8
  • Stuart, Mark--40.8
  • Student Educational Conferences Ltd. (Bryonie Jones)--39.2
  • Studio Babelsberg (Peter C. Lundy)--38.6
  • Studio Indeks (Konstanty Lewkowicz)--39.8
  • Styles, Vanessa--42.6
  • Styne, David (Creative Artists Agency)--34.6
  • Suffolk Book League (Jacquie Knott--40.8, Jean Muir--37.6, Anne Parry--39.5, D. Woodcut--38.7)
  • Sunday Times (Hunter Davies--35.5, J.W. Lambert--35.3, Jane McCarthy--43.5; Claire Tomalin--35.7, 36.4)
  • Surrey County Council (Jill Rooney)--39.8
  • Surrey, John--42.6
  • Susan Sontag Foundation (David Rieff)--41.7
  • Sutcliffe, Serena (Sotheby's)--34.6
  • Sutherland, Jamieson A.--39.4
  • Sutherland, John, 1938- --34.3
  • Svarny, Erik--36.4
  • Swallow, Geoff--36.5
  • Sweeney, Cait and Molly--34.3
  • Sweeney, Matthew, 1952- --31.4, 35.7
  • Sweetman, David, 1943- --30.5
  • Swift, Graham, 1949- and Candice--32.2
  • Sydney Opera House (Sally MacDonald)--60.8
  • Sydney Writers' Festival (Meredith Curnow)--39.6-7
  • Symphony Space (Katherine Minton)--43.9
  • T_____, James--34.4
  • Tabor Centre--41.2
  • TAK TAK TAK anthology (Andrew Brown)--37.6
  • Takamoto, Takako--62.6
  • Tarnopolsky, Damian--40.3
  • Tate Britain (Gallery) (Joanna Banham)--40.5, 40.8, 41.1
  • Tate Modern (Gallery) (Jemima Montagu)--40.3
  • Tatler Publishing Company (Jessamy Calkin)--38.4
  • Taylor, Christa M.--36.3
  • Taylor, D. F.--42.4
  • Taylor, Jehane--42.6
  • Taylor-Mead, Elizabeth (Metropolis Pictures Ltd.)--36.3
  • Teatro dell'Archivolto (Giorgio Gallione)--40.3
  • Tebb, Rupert--38.4
  • Teen Ink (John Meyer)--41.2
  • Teenage Trust Cancer Appeal (David Lodge--38.6, Fay Weldon--38.1)
  • Telegraph Sunday Magazine (John Anstey--36.5, Julian Browne--35.6, 36.2, Gill Charlton--36.4, W. F. J. Kingdon--36.1, Mark Law--36.5, Deirdre Lyndon--35.6, Veronica Wadley--36.1-2)
  • Temple, Malcolm--35.7
  • Temple, Philip--33.2
  • Templeton, Peter--33.2
  • Tempska, Ula (Polish translator)--36.6
  • Thalbach, Katharina, 1954- --37.1
  • Thames Television, ltd. (Barry Hanson--35.4, Ian Howard--37.7, Paul Kafno--36.1, Peter Tabern--36.6)
  • Thatcher, Zara--42.5
  • Theligmann, Markus--39.4
  • Thiemann, Albrecht--38.7
  • Thiesen, Lene--42.6
  • Thomas, Caroline--36.4
  • Thomas, David--41.1
  • Thomas, Robin--40.3
  • Thompson, Emma--33.2
  • Thompson, Mark--37.6-7
  • Thorn, Jon--35.6, 36.5
  • Thornberry, Derek--32.3
  • Thorpe, Dave--36.7
  • The Threepenny Review (Wendy Lesser)--40.1-2
  • Thurmauer, Eric--36.6
  • Thwaite, Anthony--32.3
  • Till, Julie--39.5
  • The Times (Ivan Barnes--42.4, Rosanna Greenstreet--38.3, Hilly Janes--41.1, Rebecca Ley--41.1, Ion Trewin--35.3, Nicholas Wapshott--36.2)
  • The Times. Educational Supplement (Michael Church)--35.3
  • The Times Literary Supplement (Ferdinand Mount, 1939- --40.2, Jeremy Treglown--36.1-2)
  • Todd, Richard--36.6
  • Toepfer, Birte (Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S.)--34.6
  • Tolaini-Sage, Sharon--33.2
  • Tomalin, Claire--2.1, 32.3, 33.2, 34.3, 41.1, 42.6, 43.1
  • Tomsky--42.5
  • Tonbridge School (Martin Hammond--40.6, Anthony Seldon--37.7)
  • Torre, Antón--39.8
  • Torrents, Nissa (University College, London. Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies)--36.3
  • Town and Country Forum (Sophie Jeffreys, Roger Scruton)--49.9
  • Townsend, Pete--35.6 (photocopy)
  • The Training Partnership (Radka Newby)--39.6-7, 40.3
  • Transatlantic Review (McCrindle, Joseph F.)--34.5
  • Transeuropéennes de Littérature (Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes and Henry Dougier)--36.7
  • Transworld Publishers Ltd. (Wendy Tury)--35.3
  • Treglowan, Holly--34.3, 47.10
  • Tremain, Rose and Penelope Hoare (Chatto & Windus [Firm])--34.3
  • Trentadue, Lee (Galiano Island Books)--42.4
  • Tribune (Sean Hall--38.3, Douglas Hill--35.3)
  • Trinity Centre (Tim Harris)--37.1
  • Trinity College (University of Cambridge) (Philip Gaskell)--35.5-7
  • Trinity College (University of Oxford) (Dennis Burden)--40.1
  • Trinity Review (Trinity College [University of Cambridge]) (Saul Hyman)--36.1
  • TriQuarterly (Elliott Anderson, Robert Coover, Allan Gray)--35.3-4
  • Troccoli, Tiziana--42.4
  • Trodd, Brian--42.6
  • Trotter, Angela--37.4
  • Trumel, Gregor--42.4
  • Tucker, Ian--42.5
  • Tuckett, Alan--30.5, 31.2, 32.3, 34.3, 34.5, 70.3
  • Tuckett, Alan and Toni--32.3, 35.1
  • Tuckett, Alice ("Ali") (stepdaughter)--31.4, 32.3, 34.3
  • Tuckett, Polly (stepdaughter)--32.3, 34.3
  • Tudge, Colin--34.6
  • Turner, Edward--40.7
  • Turville Park Cricket Club (Andrew Ingram)--34.3
  • Tuscan Sun Festival (Christopher Potter)--41.1
  • Tuthill, Mark--41.1
  • Twentieth Century Fox (Jorge Saralegui, Fox Creative Group)--22.9
  • Twentieth Century Fox-Film Corporation (Clifford Werber)--37.1 (photocopy)
  • Twiss, Valerie--34.3
  • Tystad, Yan--40.3
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection (William S. Heffelfinger III)--41.1
  • Uitgeverij De Harmonie (Jaco Groot--35.3-6, 36.2-5, 36.7, 44.9, Emilia van Heuven--37.1)
  • Uitgeverij Manteau (Gerda Reynaert)--39.6
  • Ungerer, Tomi, 1931- (Council of Europe)--33.2
  • UNICEF (Gillian Wilcox)--39.8
  • Union Society, Cambridge--see Cambridge Union Society (University of Cambridge)
  • United States. Embassy (Great Britain) (Matthew S. Mulley on behalf of Ambassador Matthew Barzun)--41.10
  • Università di Macerata (Rosario Portale)--37.7
  • University College, London (Louisa Diplock--41.5, Ian Dodwell--36.2, Malcolm Grant--41.4)
  • University of Bradford (Andrew Ford)--35.7
  • University of Bristol Literary Society (S. Berger)--36.2
  • University of Cincinnati (James Schiff)--40.8
  • University of Dundee (Hilda D. Spear)--37.2, 37.7
  • University of Durham (Peter Lewis)--36.1
  • University of East Anglia (Brandon Gough--41.1, Bill Macmillan--41.5, Andrew Motion--39.8; Evelyn Mould--40.1, Michael G. E. Paulson-Ellis--38.6, Owen Sheers--39.6, Val Striker--40.3)--39.3
  • University of East Anglia. Publications Office (Alice Willoughby)--40.5
  • University of East Anglia Society (Michael Benson--38.1, Derek C. Burke--42.1, Lynn Cutress--38.1)
  • University of Essex (Joseph C. Allard)--36.5
  • University of Essex. Center for Psychoanalytic Studies (Christina Wieland)--39.6
  • University of Exeter (Charles _____)--36.2
  • University of Groningen (W. M. Verhoeven)--38.1
  • University of Hertfordshire (Eileen Smith)--40.6
  • University of Hull (Heather Budgen, David J. Drewry)--41.6
  • University of Iowa (Connie Brothers)--36.1, 36.5
  • University of Iowa Writers' Workshop--see Iowa Writers' Workshop
  • University of Lancaster (David Craig)--37.3
  • University of Leeds (Richard Brown)--37.4-5
  • University of Leicester Literary Society (G. Rinshaw--37.1, Peter J. White--35.7)
  • University of Leicester. Centre for Applied Psychology (Arabella Kurtz)--40.6
  • University of Liverpool. School of English (Dinah Birch)--41.3
  • University of London. Royal Holloway (Jonathan Holmes--40.2, Michael A. Miller--39.6)
  • University of Manchester (John McAuliffe)--41.3
  • University of Michigan. Michigan Society of Fellows (Otto G. Graf)--35.3-4
  • University of Minnesota. Department of English (Terri Sutton)--41.6
  • University of Oxford. Environmental Change Institute (Peter Gingold)--41.2
  • University of Pennsylvania (Walter D. Wales)--36.7
  • University of Pittsburgh Writing Program--41.10
  • University of Plymouth (Anthony Caleshu)--41.1
  • University of Sussex (Michael Farthing--41.9, Leslie Fielding--37.2-4, G. M. Ivey--37.2, Michael Jamieson--35.7, 37.3-4; G. Lockwood--37.3, Marina Pedreira--41.1)
  • University of Wales, Bangor (Graeme Harper)--39.6
  • University of Warwick (Jeremy Treglown)--39.6, 43.1
  • University of Warwick. Philosophy and Literature Society (Ben Adler)--38.5
  • University of York Union Society (Adam Sloan)--41.3
  • University Radio Bailrigg (Steven Lewis)--35.7
  • Updike, John--35.2
  • Upp the Arts (Alastair McLachlan)--40.8
  • Valentine, Pauline--36.7, 37.1, 37.4
  • Valins, Linda--37.3
  • Vanity Fair (Graydon Carter)--41.2
  • VanLaningham, Christie--42.6
  • Vanstone, Maurice--39.3, 42.4
  • Varela, Luis (University of Salford)--38.7
  • Vasconcellos, John (California State Senate)--42.4
  • Vauterin, Michéle--39.4, 42.1
  • Vázquez, José Eduardo--42.5
  • Veltroni, Walter, 1955- --33.2, 34.3
  • Venables, Clare (The Crucible Theatre [Sheffield, England])--30.5, 36.1, 36.4
  • Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch (R. Neven Du Mont)--35.5
  • Verlant, Gilles, 1957- --36.1
  • Veronesi, Sandro--37.5, 38.4
  • Verso Editions and New Left Books (Neil Belton--36.6, Rhiannon Patterson--37.7)
  • VG Wort--41.10
  • Victor Gollancz Ltd. (Liz Knights)--42.1
  • Victoria and Albert Museum (R. C. Kenedy)--35.6
  • Vida, Vendela--41.7
  • Viita, Tom (St. Paul's School English Society)--40.2
  • Viking Penguin Inc. (Kathryn Court--38.7, Michael Jacobs--38.5, Dawn Seferian--37.1)
  • Vintage Books (Jason Arthur--41.2, Rachel Cugnoni--41.1, 41.3, 42.2; Geraldine D'Amico--42.2, Robin Desser--38.6, Liz Foley--41.4, Laura Hassan--41.9, Anne Messitte--43.9, Caroline Michel--42.1-2)
  • Vintage Canada (Deborah Roxborough)--40.3
  • Virago Press (Lennie Goodings, Ursula Owen)--36.3
  • Vitali, Leon, 1948- --40.4
  • Vlug, René--39.4
  • Vogue (Jane Ellison--35.5, Georgina Howell--35.6, Lucy Hughes-Hallett--35.5, Martin O'Brien--35.7)
  • von Moltke, Gebhardt (Ambassador, Federal Republic of Germany)--39.8
  • von Ploetz, Hans-Friedrich (Ambassador, Federal Republic of Germany)--40.4
  • VPRO Television--39.6
  • W_____, Marissa (?)--31.1
  • W_____, Nigel--33.2
  • Wadlow, Trevor--36.4
  • Wagner Journal (Barry Millington)--41.8
  • Wagner, Thomas (Associated Press)--41.1
  • Wainwright, Chris (on behalf of Cape Farewell)--41.9
  • Wainwright, Edward--42.6
  • Wake, Hal--61.1
  • Walker, Andy--36.5
  • Walker, Mel--37.7
  • Wall, Stephen (Essays in Criticism)--32.3, 33.2, 34.3, 34.6, 38.7
  • Wall, Yvonne Rouse--32.4, 34.3, 34.6
  • Wall to Wall Television (Catherine Lucas--38.5, Deborah Marshall--38.7, Tom McDonald--40.8)
  • Wallace, Alicia Kim--42.6
  • Wallace, Sam--37.1
  • Wallwork, Adrian--36.7
  • Walter, Harriet--36.3-4
  • Wandor, Michelene--36.1, 36.5
  • Ward, Helen and Alan (Gray's Inn)--33.2, 34.3, 35.1, 42.3
  • Ward, Lalla--33.2
  • Ware, Nick--42.6
  • Wareham, Tom--36.1
  • Wark, Kirsty--33.2
  • Warner, Harris (?)--31.1
  • Warnford-Davis, Ann--30.5, 31.2, 34.3
  • Warwickshire County Council (Adrian Litvinoff)--39.7
  • Wasserman, Jerry--61.1
  • Wathi, Saras--42.6
  • Watson, Annabel--39.4
  • Watson, James D., 1928- (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)--33.2, 34.3
  • Watts, Vincent (University of East Anglia)--35.1
  • Weaver, James S.--42.6
  • Weaver, William, 1923-2013 (Franco Maria Ricci Editore)--31.2
  • Webb, John--30.2, 30.5, 31.2, 31.4, 32.3, 33.2, 34.3, 35.1, 36.1, 70.3
  • Weber, Nicholas Fox--42.4
  • Wechsler, Robert (Palindrome IMPG)--40.3
  • Weeks, Stephen--40.2
  • Weideman, René--30.5
  • Weidenfeld and Nicolson (Firm) (Mark Boxer, 1931-1988--36.1, Peter Tallack--39.8, 42.2)
  • Wellcome Trust--39.8
  • Wells, Dee--34.5
  • Wells Festival of Literature (Pamela Egan)--40.4
  • Welsh Arts Council (Auri Griffiths)--36.3-4
  • Welt, Wolfgang, 1952- --36.1
  • Wesker, Dusty--30.5, 36.2
  • West Bridgford School (Ailish D'Arcy)--40.2
  • West Midlands Arts (Frank Challenger)--36.1
  • Wetherell, John--42.6
  • Wetzel, Pius--40.4
  • Wheatland Foundation (Rose Marie Morse)--37.2
  • Wheatley, Patricia (British Broadcasting Corporation)--33.2
  • Wheeler, Sara--39.8
  • Wheen, Francis (New Statesman)--30.5
  • White Room (St. John's College [University of Oxford]) (Paul Oldfield)--36.1
  • White, Barry B. (United States Ambassador to Norway)--41.7
  • White, Kevin--42.4
  • White, Lee--36.4
  • Whitechapel Art Gallery (Alicia Miller)--40.4
  • Whitehead, Paul--36.1
  • Whittaker, Margaret--37.7
  • Whitton, Eric--40.7
  • Widgins, Dolores--38.7
  • Wild and Fresh (Zimena Percival)--38.2 (photocopy)
  • Wilesmith, Audrey--34.3
  • Wilkinson, Greg--37.6
  • Willems, Raymond (Université de Haute-Normandie)--36.1
  • Williams, Christopher, 1952- --36.6-7, 42.1
  • Williams, Jim--41.1
  • Williams, Juliet--38.4
  • Williams, Nigel, 1948- --32.3
  • Williamson, G.E.--35.6
  • Wilson, Angus, 1913-1991--30.5, 34.5, 35.7
  • Wilson, Caroline--39.5
  • Wilson, David Sloan (Binghampton University)--33.2, 42.4
  • Wilson, Edward O. (Museum of Comparative Zoology)--41.6
  • Wilson, Eva--35.5
  • Wilson, Faith (Faith Wilson Arts Publicity)--10.4
  • Wilson, Rachel--37.4
  • Wilson, Snoo, 1948-2013--32.3, 33.2, 35.1
  • Winchester School of Art Students Union (Susannah Oliver)--37.2
  • Wing, Anna--33.2, 35.1
  • Wing-Davey, Mark, 1948- --33.2
  • Wing-Davey, Zanna--32.3
  • Winter, Mark A. (Gethsemane Lutheran Church)--37.3
  • Wisniewski, Jacek, 1945- (Warsaw University)--36.3
  • Withycombe-Taperell, Lily--34.4
  • Wittmann, Wolfgang--37.3
  • Women's International Zionist Organization (Ingrid Bolmut)--39.6
  • Wood, Barry--42.5
  • Woodman, Tamsyn--42.6
  • Woods, Simon--39.5
  • Woolsey, Marijke--36.6
  • Word Festival Canberra (Nancy Clarke)--39.4
  • Words (Judith Franklin)--36.7, 37.1
  • Wordstock (Scott Poole)--41.2
  • World Science Festival--41.6
  • Wort, Margy--34.3; see also Armour-Chelu, Margy
  • Wort, Roy (Jim) and Merle--30.5, 31.4, 32.3, 33.2, 34.3, 34.6
  • Worth, Jonathan--33.2
  • Wray, Donald--4.4
  • Wright, Ken--37.4
  • Wright, Margarete--42.6
  • Wright, William--33.2, 34.3
  • Writers and Scholars Educational Trust (Julia Cargill)--35.7
  • Writers Guild of America West (Sally Burmester)--38.6
  • Writers' Guild of Great Britain (Alison V. Gray)--39.2, 39.4
  • Writers' Week (David Browne)--39.7, 40.4
  • Wronoski, Jim--42.4
  • Wronoski, John W.--41.2
  • Württembergische Staatstheater (Gottfried Greiffenhagen)--36.7
  • Wytham Woods (England) (Nigel Fisher)--40.6
  • Yiri, Koten--39.8
  • Yorkshire Arts Association (Nigel Lowry--36.3, Susan C. Taylor--36.5)
  • Yorkshire Television (Jonathan Dimbleby?)--36.5
  • Young & Rubicam (Richard Hytner)--36.7
  • Young, Anna--38.6
  • Young, Nils--38.6
  • Zauner, Anne--41.1
  • Zigal, Thomas ("Tom")--41.6
  • ZLR Publications (Neil Cross)--37.1
  • Zoetrope: All-Story (Kelcey Nichols)--39.8
  • Zohar--40.2
  • _____, Ada--32.4, 34.4
  • _____, Adam--31.1, 31.4
  • _____, Alan (Burns?) (Ladbroke Gardens, London)--35.5, 70.5
  • _____, Alan and Gill--31.3
  • _____, Amanda--31.1
  • _____, Ana (British Council [Spain])--32.4
  • _____, Andrea--32.4
  • _____, Andreas (Gest Offset)--12.4
  • _____, Andy--31.1
  • _____, Angie--31.1
  • _____, Anita (Creative Artists Agency)--34.6
  • _____, Anita and Mark--35.1
  • _____, Anita--31.1
  • _____, Anna--31.3, 34.4
  • _____, Annabel (Brighton)--36.3
  • _____, Audrey (?)--36.4
  • _____, Aunt Nancy--35.1
  • _____, Aurora--31.3
  • _____, Bea--33.4, 35.1
  • _____, Ben--33.3, 34.4
  • _____, Blake--31.4, 35.1
  • _____, Bob and Fred (Los Angeles, CA)--31.1
  • _____, Bridget and Francis--31.1
  • _____, Carl (Solent Rd, London)--31.1
  • _____, Cayla--34.4
  • _____, Christine (NRF)--33.3
  • _____, Christopher (Christ's College; Dunbigh Close)--36.1-2
  • _____, Christopher (Camberwell Grove London)--32.4
  • _____, Christopher and Deena--35.1
  • _____, Colin (not MacCabe)--33.4
  • _____, D.--34.4
  • _____, Dan (?) (University of East Anglia)--36.6
  • _____, Dan and Lucy--35.1
  • _____, Dan--31.1
  • _____, Dave (Glasgow)--70.5
  • _____, David (Linden Gardens) (Hare?)--36.1-2
  • _____, David and Jane--33.3
  • _____, David--31.3, 32.4, 34.4
  • _____, Edna--34.4
  • _____, Eduardo--31.4
  • _____, Emma--31.3, 70.5
  • _____, Fernanda and Clio (kids)--33.3, 34.4
  • _____, Finian--34.4
  • _____, Frances--31.3
  • _____, G. K. (New York; Gabrielle Kelly?)--31.1
  • _____, Gaby (filmmaker; choreographer; Gabrielle Kelly?)--32.4, 33.4, 34.4
  • _____, Georgia (kid)--32.4
  • _____, Gill (as in Gillian?)--70.5
  • _____, Gina (Cambridge Literary Society)--36.1-3
  • _____, Gina--31.1
  • _____, Ginny--42.6
  • _____, Graham and Candice--34.6
  • _____, Greg and Mandi--31.1
  • _____, Griselda and Nigel--34.6
  • _____, Hannah (Bide?)--32.4
  • _____, Harriet--32.4
  • _____, Harry--47.10
  • _____, Helen (not Ward)--30.2, 31.1, 31.3, 32.4, 34.4, 36.3, 70.5
  • _____, Holly and Gavin--31.1, 31.3
  • _____, Hugh--33.3, 34.4, 35.7
  • _____, Ian and Justine--35.1
  • _____, Isabel--33.3
  • _____, J.D. (?)--31.1
  • _____, Jack--32.4
  • _____, Jack and Edwina (Iowa)--31.4
  • _____, Jackie and Pete (cousin)--33.3, 47.5
  • _____, Jai--33.3, 34.4
  • _____, Jake--34.4
  • _____, James (and Ray?)--33.4
  • _____, James? (Oxford)--36.5
  • _____, Jane--33.3, 35.1
  • _____, Jean--31.4
  • _____, Jenny (The Cliff, Brighton)--70.5
  • _____, Jeremy or Jenny (?) (Berkeley)--37.4
  • _____, Jim--31.1
  • _____, John (Hatfield Polytechnic, Arts Council Fellow in Creative Writing)--34.5
  • _____, John (not Webb; Norwich)--30.2
  • _____, John (Milich?) (not Webb; NY)--31.4
  • _____, John and Sita--31.1
  • _____, Jonslin (?) (Basset Rd)--36.2
  • _____, "Jos"--70.5
  • _____, Josie--33.3
  • _____, Judith--32.4
  • _____, Judy--31.1
  • _____, Judy and Allan--30.2, 31.1
  • _____, Judy and Hilary (Lydgate House Hotel)--39.8
  • _____, Julie--31.1
  • _____, Julie and D_____--34.4
  • _____, Kate (Brighton)--36.4
  • _____, Kathryn--42.4
  • _____, Keith (Pickard?)--32.4
  • _____, Kevin--31.3, 34.4
  • _____, Kitty--31.1, 31.3, 36.2
  • _____, Larry--31.3
  • _____, Leo--33.3
  • _____, Linda--30.2, 31.3
  • _____, Liz (Oxford; housekeeper or secretary?)--33.3
  • _____, Lucy--34.4
  • _____, Maggie--70.5
  • _____, Mandy--31.3
  • _____, Maria (?)--32.4
  • _____, Mary Jane and John (MacLennan?)--33.4, 34.4
  • _____, Mary Kaye (Schilling?)--34.4
  • _____, Maurice and Jesus--34.4
  • _____, McPlecu (Jerusalem; Buffalo, NY)--31.1
  • _____, Melissa--33.3
  • _____, Merrill--31.4
  • _____, Michael--31.1
  • _____, Mike (Buffalo, NY)--31.1
  • _____, Mollie (kid)--32.4
  • _____, Nancy--32.4
  • _____, Nathan--34.4
  • _____, Nick and Jane--34.4
  • _____, Nick--34.4
  • _____, Nigel--33.3
  • _____, Paola--40.3
  • _____, Pat (Dartmouth Park)--36.3
  • _____, Peggy--33.3, 34.4
  • _____, Pete and Julie--34.4
  • _____, Peter and Kate--33.3
  • _____, Peter and Shirley--34.4
  • _____, "Pum"--70.5
  • _____, Rana--31.1, 31.3
  • _____, Rebecca and Mathew--34.4
  • _____, Richard (New Orleans)--33.4
  • _____, Richard--34.4
  • _____, Richard and Lucy (Eyre?)--31.1
  • _____, Robin--33.3
  • _____, Rodan (Detroit)--31.1
  • _____, Rodsi (?)--31.3-4, 32.4, 33.4
  • _____, Roger--30.2
  • _____, Rose--33.4
  • _____, Rosie--33.4
  • _____, Rupert--31.1
  • _____, Ruth--34.4
  • _____, Sally--34.4, 70.5
  • _____, Sarah--33.3
  • _____, Sarah and Graham--34.4
  • _____, Scott--33.4
  • _____, Stan (Buffalo, NY)--70.5
  • _____, Steven (writer; PhD student; Hawaii)--31.1
  • _____, Sue and Dave (Glasgow)--70.5
  • _____, Susanna (Clapp?)--34.4
  • _____, Suzan--31.1
  • _____ S. & A. M.--70.5
  • _____, Ted--31.1
  • _____, Tom and Giti--35.1
  • _____, Vic and Lee--70.5
  • _____, Vicki--31.3
  • _____, Walter (Riverside Studios)--36.3
  • _____, Walter--31.1, 31.3
  • _____, Zelda--32.4
  • Unidentified (Annandale Rd Greenwich)--36.4
  • Unidentified (House of Lords, Lewes)--34.4
  • Unidentified (Random House Group)--33.3, 34.4
  • Unidentified (The Land Girls movie postcard)--43.1
  • Unidentified (University College London)--31.3, 35.5
  • Unidentified (edits about Comfort of Strangers)--36.2
  • Unidentified (edits about Sweet Tooth)--43.1
  • Unidentified (ex-ATS wireless operator)--36.4
  • Unidentified (writer; Gladstone Place)--35.6
  • Unidentified--31.3-4, 32.4, 33.3-4, 34.6, 35.1, 40.2, 42.6, 70.5
  • Unsigned--36.3