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Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of, 1769-1852
Title: Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington Collection
Dates: 1810-1852, undated
Abstract: Includes military documents and letters written by (or on behalf of) the Anglo-Irish soldier and statesman Arthur Wellesley, who was named the first Duke of Wellington after his defeat of Napoleon I at Waterloo. The majority of the letters are written to evangelist Miss A. M. Jenkins (93 letters), a Mrs. Jones (28 letters), Sir Robert Kennedy (11 letters), and to his nephew William Pole Tylney Long Wellesley, 4th Earl of Mornington (10 letters).
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-4460
Extent: 2 boxes (.84 linear feet)
Language: English and French
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center



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Joan Sibley and Michael Ramsey, 2011

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Container List


1.1 Memorandum for the Commissary General, handwritten manuscript, 2 pages on 1 leaf, undated.
Memorandum for the Commissary General, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, 16 November 1810.
Memorandum: plans for collecting the stores for the siege of Bayonne, handwritten manuscript / copy 4 pages on 1 leaf, 6 March 1814.
Memorandum respecting the preparations for the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, handwritten manuscript, 3 pages on 1 leaf, August 1811. Partly in Wellington’s hand.
Proclamation No. 28, printed document, 3 pages on 1 leaf, 15 March 1814. In French. Addressed to local mayors; concerning provisioning of the allied armies under Wellington.


1.2 ALS to unidentified recipient, undated.
AL to unidentified recipient, 9 May 1837.
4 ALS to unidentified recipients, 1818-1852.
ALI to unidentified recipient Gerald, 30 April 1835.
AL / copy to unidentified Portuguese official, 4 November 1810 (Pero Negro). Concerns abuses by importers of goods for use of the British army.
ALS to My dear admiral, 30 July 1826.
ALS to Adams, 9 September 1841.
AL / copy to Angoulême, Louis-Antoine de Bourbon, duc d’, 15 May 1814.
ALS to Austin, George, 3 April 1848.
ALS by N. Burgh, aide-de-camp, to Bisset, G., 15 November 1811. Relaying Wellington’s instructions about greasing the wheels of bullock carts.
ALS to Bramley, 26 July 1838.
ALS to Brookes, 9 November 1819.
ALS to Browne, Colonel and Mrs., 29 January 1849.
ALS to Brownlow, Emma Sophia Edgcumbe Cust, Countess of, 28 July 1836.
AN to Burchell, Mr., 25 November 1834.
ALS to Chad, George William, 14 October 1821.
AL to Churchill, David Charles, 22 June 1832.
ALS to Clarendon, John Charles Villiers, 3rd Earl of, 4 January 1810. Removed from Wp T258 8520. From the Wrenn Collection.
ALS to Coquhoun, Miss, 26 December 1834.
ALS to Corderoy, B., 8 December 1840.
ALS to De La Warr, George John Sackville-West, 5th Earl of, 23 April 1831.
ALS to Eardley-Wilmot, Lady, 29 December 1850.
ALS to Fellowes, Henry, 27 April 1835.
ALS to FitzClarence, Frederick, Lord, 6 January 1833.
ALS to Fleming, John, 15 August 1842.
ALS to Garrick, George, 13 June 1844.
AL to Goddard, Mr., 16 May 1834.
ALS to Gordon, Hesse, Mrs., 4 July 1819.
1.3 ALS to Hale, W., 10 October? 1843.
ALS to Haliday, Charles, 16 June 1838.
ALS to Hamilton, Duchess of, 18 July 1825.
AL to Hamilton, Mrs., 15 February 1829.
ALS to Hardy, 26 July 1834.
AL to Henry, Mrs., 25 April 1846?
3 ALS to Hildyard, William, 27 February, 16 March, and 17 March 1840.
ALS to Hill, Rowland Hill, 2nd Viscount, 12 December 1842.
ALS to Howe, Richard William Penn Curzon Howe, 1st Earl of, 6 February 1846.
AL to Hughes & Co., Messrs., 23 November 1842. Dictated by Wellington, probably in the hand of his secretary.
ALS to Hutchinson, 22 August 1836.
93 ALS to Jenkins, A. M., Miss, 1833-1851:
1.4 July 1833 - October 1835.
1.5 November 1835 - December 1836.
1.6 January 1837 - May 1845.
1.7 June 1845 - February 1851.
1.8 Empty envelopes.
1.9 28 ALS to Jones, Mrs., 1850-1852.
1.3 AL to Keily, Augustin, 23 June 1817?
1.10 10 ALS, AL / copy to Kennedy, Robert, Sir, 1810-1828.
1.3 ALS to Leigh, 14 August 1830?
ALS to Leslie, 17 February 1830.
ALS to Lewis, Thomas Frankland, Sir, 4 December 1834.
ALS to Love, Miss?, 1844?
ALS to Lowther, Beresford, 4 July 1850.
2 ALS to Lucas, John, 16 May 1839, 20 December 1841.
AL / copy to May, 29 August 1811. Addressed to a major in the Royal Artillery. Concerns the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo.
ALS to Melville, J. C., 5 May 1842.
AL to Midghall, 15 November 1843.
2.1 5 ALI, 5 ALS to Mornington, William Pole Tylney Long Wellesley, 4th Earl of, 1825-1827.
2.2 AL to Parke, Mr., 10 October 1820?
ALS to Peel, Jane Lennox, Lady, 14 November 1849.
AL to Potts, P., 7 April 1846.
AL to Rennie, John, Sir, 7 October 1833.
ALS to Rutland, John Henry Manners, 5th Duke of, 23 September 1832.
ALS to Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of, 28 August 1838.
ALS to Thorpe, 26 April 1835.
ALS to Turnbull, T. S., 21 April 1847.
ALS to Umston, James, Sir, 27 February 1843.
ALS to Victoria Maria Louisa, Duchess of Kent, 1 October 1844. Written on verso: AN by the Gräfin Zeppelin re Wellington’s letter, April 1848.
ALS to Ward, 31 August 1826.
ALS to Wellesley, Gerald Valerian, 23 May 1836.
ALS to Williams-Wynn, Charles Watkin, 20 October 1827. Body of letter in another hand.


2.3 Aylmer. AL / incomplete to Wellington, 13 July 1811. Written on this is Wellington’s handwritten comment on Aylmer’s request for leave.
Bathurst, Henry Bathurst, 3rd Earl, 1762-1834. 2 AL / copies to Wellington, 4 May 1814, 23 July 1816. Letter of 1814 encloses AL / copy Charles Robinson to Earl Bathurst, 2 May 1814. Concern Sir Robert Kennedy.
Kennedy, Robert, Sir. AL / copy, AL / draft, AL / draft / incomplete to Wellington, 8 December 1819, undated.


2.4 Unidentified authors. Handwritten manuscripts / fragments re the Duke of Wellington, 5 leaves, undated.
Jenkins, A. M. 4 ALS to Wellington, 17 November and 19 November 1835, undated.
2.5 Jenkins, A. M. Extracts from the diary of a lady with letters from the Duke of Wellington, handwritten manuscript / copy / incomplete, 137 pages, 1834-1852.
2.4 Raglan, Fitz Roy James Henry Somerset, 1788-1855. 2 ALS to Kennedy, Robert, Sir, 16 November and 12 December 1814. Enclosed with December letter: AL / copy Earl of Liverpool to Duke of Wellington re Sir Robert Kennedy, 6 December 1814, with AN by Kennedy in margins. Enclosed with November letter: bill from the New Steine Hotel, Brighton.
Russ, John D. ALS to sister, 12 May 1860. Includes obituary clipping for Mrs. Eliza P. Russ.
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of, 1769-1852:
2.4 Note re pay of particular officers, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, 1811.
Printed invitation to the Lord and Countess of Litchfield, 17 May 1839.
Warrant authorizing reimbursement to Lt. General Sir Thomas Graham for death of his horse, signed printed document, 1 page, 4 July 1812.
Wellington, Catherine Pakenham, Duchess, d. 1831. ALS to unidentified recipient Charles, 11 December 1826.
Wellington, Catherine Pakenham, Duchess, d. 1831. 2 ALS to Brown, Mrs., 18 November 1830, undated.
Wemple, Christopher Yates. Obituary clipping, 1882.

Explanatory Note Concerning Manuscript Collections Cataloged in the Card Catalog

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  • Ms = manuscript
  • Mss = manuscripts
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  • ll = leaves
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