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Rudyard Kipling:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936
Title: Rudyard Kipling Collection
Dates: 1828-1966, undated
Abstract: Includes manuscripts and letters of the British short-story writer, poet, and novelist Rudyard Kipling. Correspondents include Vaughan Bateson, Ralph David Blumenfeld, J. B. Booth, Sylvestre Dorian, Emery Walker, Edward Lucas White, and others. Also present are numerous manuscripts and letters about Kipling, created or gathered by Vaughan Bateson, George Charles Beresford, Charles Edmund Carrington, Lloyd Horwitz Chandler, Lionel Charles Dunsterville, William Arthur Young, and others.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-2306
Extent: 7 boxes (2.94 linear feet), 2 galley folders (gf), 2 oversize folders (osf)
Language: English, French
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center



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Joan Sibley and Katherine Noble, 2013


This finding aid replicates and replaces information previously available only in a card catalog. Please see the explanatory note at the end of this finding aid for information regarding the arrangement of the manuscripts as well as the abbreviations commonly used in descriptions.

Container List


1.2 Barrack room ballades XII: Screw guns, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated. Included with this: TLS Jacob Schwartz to T. E. Hanley re this item and photocopy, undated. From Hanley II.
1.1 The Christmas story-teller, carbon typescript / copy, 10 pages, undated.
gf 1 Collar-Wallah and the poison stick, galley proofs, 9 leaves, 6-8 February 1925.
1.3 Dirge of dead sisters, printed poem with signed handwritten excerpt, 4 pages bound, undated.
1.4 The disturber of traffic, typescript / signed printer's copy with extensive handwritten emendations and corrections, 28 pages, 11 June 1891.
1.1 The female of the species, signed typescript with handwritten corrections, 2 pages, circa 1911.
1.5 The Irish guards: chapter 1, typescript with handwritten revisions, 22 pages; 3 typescripts / incomplete with handwritten revisions, 10 pages, 7 pages, 5 pages; undated.
1.6 The lamentable comedy of Willow Wood, typescript, 16 pages; carbon typescript, 16 pages; undated.
osf 1 Letting in the jungle: 3 installments, 3 galley proofs, 1 page each, 1895.
1.1 My new cut ashlar… , typescript, 1 page, undated. Written on this: 2 ANS (in Vaughan Bateson's hand?), one of which mentions Kipling.
gf 1 The potted princess, galley proofs, 9 leaves, 6-8 February 1925.
1.1 The potted princess, page proofs, 5 pages, 1925.
1.7 Primum tempus, signed typescript with handwritten changes, 7 pages bound, undated. First two pages contain poem which starts In the Neolithic age savage warfare did I wage… . From the Wrenn Collection.
1.1 Sergeant Whatsisname, signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, 5 April 1901.
Sons of the suburbs, proof, 1 page, December 1916-January 1917. Originally suppressed and unpublished.
To the people of the free state, hectograph, 2 pages, undated. With Julian Ralph. Included with this: speech delivered at Bloemfontein, 28 March 1900; preface by Albert Savine to French translation of Plain tales from the hills; French news report of Kipling speech at the Sorbonne.
War in the mountains: first part, typescript with handwritten revisions, 7 pages, 1917. Originally suppressed and unpublished.


1.8 ALS / facsimile to unidentified recipient, 10 June 1896. 2 copies.
ANS to unidentified recipient, 10 January 1898. Grants permission to reprint Recessional hymn.
TLS to unidentified recipient, 12 October 1912.
TLS to unidentified recipients Phyllis, Herbert and Eileen re a league of British Empire children and parents, 20 November 1913.
ALS / photocopy to unidentified recipient Susan, 29 April 1893.
TLS to unidentified recipient re General Dunsterville's book, 20 June 1919.
TLS secretary D. Ponton to unidentified recipient, 22 July 1919.
osf 2 TLS secretary M. E. Walford to unidentified recipient, 15 June 1919. Enclosed with this: The London morning chronicle, 5 September 1828.
1.8 TLS to Adam, Mrs., 27 February 1933.
ALS to Alexander, Gibb, Sir, 21 December 1935. Included with this: typed copy.
ALI to Allen, 9 February 1909.
2 ALS, ALS / photocopy, 2 TL / copies, TccL / copy to Bateson, Vaughan, 1905-1923. Included with these: 2 TL / copies of 1909 letter; Rudyard Kipling's horoscope, carbon typescript, 1 page.
1.9 ALS / facsimile, TL / copy, TccL / copy to Bateson, Vaughan, 24 April 1910, 26 August 1919, 30 April 1923. Bound with three issues of The masonic record, November and December 1923; January 1924. Also in this volume: ALS / facsimile Kipling to unidentified recipient, 10 June 1896; 2 clippings. Bookplate of Vaughan Bateson.
1.8 ALS / photocopy to Bateson, Vaughan, 24 April 1910.
ALS to Bennett, undated.
ALS, 3 ALI, 2 TLS, 2 TLI to Blumenfeld, Ralph David, 1910-1933.
1.10 6 ALS, 11 TLS, TLI to Booth, J. B., 1932-1935.
1.8 TLS to Buckland, 6 May 1915.
TLS to Bullen, 1 October 1903. Removed from K178.
TccL / copy to Cleveland, Stephen Grover, President U. S., 16 May 1895.
ALS to Clifford, Hugh Charles, Sir, 6 July 1925. Removed from K2014.
ANS to Colvin, 5 August 1924.
TccL / copy to Dawson, Francis Warrington, 3 September 1920. Criticism of Dawson's The gift of Paul Clermont. Enclosed with this: ALS Dawson to Pinker re the Clermont book, 27 September 1920.
TLS to Diesser, Daniel Cuking, 6 June 1912.
6 TLS / photocopies to Dorian, Sylvestre, 1925-1932.
TLS, TLI to Doyle, Monsignor, 8 November 1919.
1.11 ALS / photocopy to Glave, Edward James, 28 December 1892. Included with this: photocopy of title page of Ballads and barrack-room ballads with Kipling's presentation inscription to Glave.
TLS to Gooch, Mrs., 29 April 1920.
2 TLS to Hertzog, Paul, Mrs., 10 November 1914, 5 November 1917.
ALS to Horder, Garrett, 23 April 1905.
TLS to Ingham, A. B., Mrs., 23 August 1920.
TLS to Kennedy, Arthur Clark, 1 January 1925.
TLS / copy to Kilenyi, Julio, 6 December 1935.
2 ALS to Lewis, T. C., 12 May 1909, 31 January 1911.
ANS to Livett, C. and J. M., 18 February 1931.
TLS to Lucas, Edward Verrall, 20 August no year.
TLS to Maude, Mr., 15 May 1908. Removed from K126J.
ALS to Meredith, Mrs., 21 February 1909.
ALS to Merrieleis, F. T., 6 October 1902.
ALS, ANI to Methuen and Co., Ltd., 25 May 1903, undated. ANI written on proof of sketch.
FL to Michell, J. C., 1900? Printed above a letter from Cornell Price to Kipling thanking him for a gift from his friends, 26 October 1900. Kipling had Price's letter printed to send to the contributors to the gift. Included with this: receipt signed by Michell, 23 April 1913.
ACS to Pegram, 28 November 1907.
2 ALS to Pollock, Walter, 4 December 1904, undated.
ALS to Porter, W. M., 13 October 1907.
ALS to Ross, P. T., 13 October 1901.
ALS to Somerset, Arthur, 16 November 1900.
TLS to Tittle, Walter, 23 November 1923.
2 ALS, 2 TLS to Walker, Emery, 1921.
ALS to Watt, Alick S., undated. From the Wrenn Collection.
2.1 13 ALS to White, Edward Lucas, 1893-1914.
2.2 4 ALS / photocopies to White, Edward Lucas, 1893-1897. Original envelope for 1894 letter included.
1.11 ANS to Whitlock, Brand, undated. Written on verso of ALS from Whitlock to Kipling, 30 March 1899.
TLS to Young, William Arthur, 8 December 1928. By secretary.


Unidentified author:
2.3 Unidentified article on confusion re Kipling authorship, typescript / copy, 23 pages, undated.
The blacksheep, carbon typescript, 3 pages, undated.
Note re Kipling and children, typescript with reproduction of photograph, 1 page, February 1937. Included with this: original photograph of Kipling and children, 1904.
R. K. and engineering, carbon typescript, 5 pages, undated.
Rudyard Kipling, handwritten manuscript / draft / unfinished, 43 pages bound in notebook, undated.
The Yorkshire Kiplings, carbon typescript, 4 pages, undated.
TLS to Young, William Arthur, 6 February 1923.
TLS to Young, William Arthur, 26 March 1930.
TLS to Young, William Arthur, 10 March 1931.
2.4 The Aldus Book Co., Ltd. Memorandum re The female of the species by Rudyard Kipling, typescript, 3 pages and 1 page addition, undated.
Alexander, William Valentine. TLS to Browne, Travers S., 16 April 1928.
Arnold, Edward. ALS, TLS to The Authors' Syndicate, Ltd. re The adventures of Dunsterforce by L. C. Dunsterville, 8 and 26 April 1920.
Baker, C., Mrs. 2 ALS to Bateson, Vaughan, undated.
Baldwin, Stanley Baldwin, Earl, 1867-1947. TLS T. L. Dugdale to Bateson, Vaughan, 9 March 1937.
Barraclough, W. H. TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 1 February 1937.
Bateson, Vaughan:
2.5 Kipling and Yorkshire, 3 typed and carbon copy manuscripts / drafts with handwritten revisions, 2 incomplete, 41 pages; 19 pages; 18 pages; undated.
2.6 Kipling as a Rosicrucian, handwritten manuscript / draft with revisions, 6 pages; typescript, 4 pages; undated. Included with this: Alchemy and modern science, printed, 28 pages.
2.7 Masonry and magic of frater Rudyard Kipling, carbon typescript with handwritten emendations, 27 pages, undated.
2.8 Masonry and magic of frater Rudyard Kipling, typed and carbon copy manuscript with printed paste-ins, 22 pages; typed and carbon copy manuscript / miscellaneous pages, 18 pages; circa 1924.
2.9 The masonry and magic of Rudyard Kipling, carbon typescript with handwritten revisions, typed cover note, and typescript speech introduction, 27 pages, undated.
2.10 Miscellaneous notes, handwritten manuscript, 2 pages, undated.
Notes for talk on mystical symbolism, typescript, 3 pages, undated.
2.11 Something more of Kipling, handwritten, typed, carbon copy manuscript / notes, 80 pages, undated.
2.12 Something more of Kipling, signed carbon typescript with handwritten revisions, 80 pages, 1937.
2.13 Talks on Kipling, handwritten, typed, and carbon copy manuscripts / drafts with printed paste-ins, 26 pages, undated. Pages not arranged in order, some seemingly incomplete.
2.14 Talks on Kipling and masonry, typed and carbon copy manuscript / miscellaneous pages, 28 pages, undated.
3.1 TccL to unidentified recipient, 14 March 1937.
TccL to unidentified recipient V. B. B., 14 September 1937.
3 TccL to Bazley, Basil M., 1937.
TccL to Craster, Henry Herbert Edmund, Sir, 21 February 1937.
TccL to Groves, E., Mrs., 17 January 1937.
TLS, TccL to Kipling, Caroline Starr Balastier, 12 February 1937, 28 August 1937.
TL / draft to Lyddon, William, undated.
3 TccL to Macdonald, Florence, 1937.
TccL to Macdonald, Julian, 9 January 1937.
TccL to Macmillan & Co., 26 June 1937.
TLS, 4 TccL to Ogden, James R., 1936-1937. TLS by Veronica Bateson.
TccL to Robinson, Christopher H., Sir, 1 November 1936. Included with this: TL / draft / incomplete.
2 TccL to editor of The Times, 18 and 21 January 1937.
TccL / incomplete to Wilson, A. T., Sir, 22 January 1937.
2.4 Benson, Mary. Reminiscences of the Kipling family, carbon typescript, 8 pages, undated.
Beresford, George Charles:
3.2 Design for a memorial … to the memory of Rudyard Kipling to be erected at Westward Ho! North Devon, pen and ink sketch with handwritten notes, 2 pages, undated.
Ground floor plan of the houses at old United Services College, pencil sketch, 2 pages, undated.
The ground or entrance floor of United Services College, handwritten manuscript, 5 pages, undated.
3.3 Photographic views of the old United Services College, Westward Ho! With explanatory notes on the arrangement of the buildings during the time of Kipling's schooldays, 21 snapshots pasted on sheets with handwritten notes and captions by Beresford, 13 pages, undated.
3.2 9 ALS to Parry, A. Eric, 1936-1937, undated. Included with these: ALS from Vernon Wilson to Parry, 24 February 1938.
3 ALS to Young, William Arthur, 1928-1930.
2.4 Bigelow, Frederick Southgate, 1871- . TLS to Browne, Travers S., 1 May 1928.
Booth, J. B. ANS re Sons of the suburbs by Rudyard Kipling, 1 page, undated. Written on verso of broadside of Sons of the suburbs.
Bourne & Shepherd. TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 26 August 1937.
Browne, Travers Stuart:
Notes on Kipling books, handwritten manuscript, 44 pages, undated. Removed from Z 8465 M38 1922.
TLS with TccL / copy to Bok, Edward William, 9 May 1928.
4 TccL / copies to Livingston, Flora Virginia Milner, 1925-1930.
TccL to Safford, Mr., 17 May 1928.
3.4 Carpenter, Lucile Russell. Correspondence with Drake, James R. re Kipling materials, March-April 1953. Includes 3 TLS Carpenter to Drake, 2 TccL Drake to Carpenter.
Carrington, Charles Edmund, 1897- :
3.5 Chronology of the life of Rudyard Kipling composed from various sources, signed typescript with handwritten corrections, additions, and notes, 39 pages, 1966.
3.6 Correspondence from various persons re Kipling, 28 ALS, AL, 25 TLS, TLI, 2 APCI to Carrington, 1952-1956. Contains letters from Rt. Hon. L. S. Amery, Sir Noel Annan, Lord Baldwin of Bewdley, Elsie Bambridge, Lord Beaverbrook, Sir Maurice Bowra, Sir Frank H. Brown, Hilton Brown, Hon. Bruce Claxton, Sir Sydney Cockerell, Sir Frank Debenham, Bonamy Dobrée, Daphne du Maurier, T. S. Eliot, Philip Gosse, Lord Hailey, Sir William J. Haley, Lady Hardinge of Penshurst, Rupert Hart-Davis, Ken McCormick, Florence Macdonald, Daniel Macmillan, Betty Miller, Viscountess Milner, Raymond Mortimer, Sir Hugh Poynter, Lord Rothschild, Marie C. Stopes, Angela Thirkell, and G. M. Young.
3.7 Correspondence from various persons re research items, 4 ALS, 11 TLS, APCS to Carrington, 1952-1961.
3.8 Correspondence re Kipling and George V, 3 ALS Sir Owen Morshead (librarian, Windsor Castle) to Carrington; TLS Sir Michael E. Adeane (private secretary to the Queen) to Carrington; 2 TccL Carrington to Morshead, 1954.
3.9 Fan letters, 3 ALS, 3 TLS to Carrington, 1956.
The life of Rudyard Kipling:
3.10 Bibliographical notes, handwritten manuscripts / notes, 50 pages, undated.
3.11-4.4 Composite handwritten, typed, and carbon copy manuscript with handwritten revisions and notes, approximately 1000 pages, circa 1955.
gf 2 Galley proofs / incomplete with handwritten corrections, notes, and emendations, 12 pages, 1955. Proofs for forepages and prologue.
7.1 Printed book with extensive annotations by Carrington, xxi, 433 pages bound, 1956 (publication), 1966 (annotations).
4.5 Balestier family and Kipling, handwritten manuscript / notes, 39 pages, undated.
Kipling at Bateman's, Burwash, 1903-1918, handwritten manuscript / notes, 29 pages, undated.
Kipling at Bateman's, 1919-1936, handwritten manuscript / notes, 32 pages, undated.
Kipling at Battleboro, 1892-1896, handwritten manuscript / notes, 20 pages, undated.
Kipling family; early childhood of Rudyard Kipling, handwritten and typed manuscript / notes, 26 pages, undated. Included with this: ALS Carrington to Rota re these notes, 13 October 1966.
Kipling in India, 1882-1889; America, 1889, handwritten manuscript / notes, 27 pages, undated.
Kipling in London, 1889-1891, handwritten manuscript / notes, 52 pages, undated.
Kipling in New York, 1899; Rottingdean and South Africa, 1898-1902, handwritten manuscript / notes, 44 pages, undated.
Kipling's schooldays; United Services College, handwritten manuscript / notes, 14 pages, undated.
4.6 Notions by CEC, handwritten manuscript / notes, 33 pages, undated.
4.7 Statement re correspondence and arrangements, signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, June 1966.
4.8 Working notes, handwritten and typed manuscript / notes with signed handwritten notes in 2 exercise books and 36 loose pages, 1951.
4.9 TccL to Watt (A. P.) and Sons, directed to W. P. Watt, 18 March 1955.
Chandler, Lloyd Horwitz, 1869- .
5.1 Bibliographic materials, carbon typescript with few annotations, 6 pages, 1931-1932, undated. Contents: revised and enlarged notes on Kipling's story Mrs. Bathurst; titles of Kipling items or alleged Kipling items which, for one reason or another, do not appear in the Kipling summary; memorandum; unidentified Kipling chapter headings. Recorded from Kipling 2030.
5.2 List of newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals, etc. containing items of the work of Rudyard Kipling, items of work that have been accredited to him, and items written about him by others, carbon typescript, 44 pages, 15 September 1930.
5.3 TLS to Fleming, Gibson, 29 January 1930. With enclosure.
TccL to Macmillan & Co., 16 February 1930. With enclosure.
2 TLS to Young, William Arthur, 18 and 27 September 1930.
TLS to Young, William Arthur, 21 September 1930.
3.4 Clegg, Norman W. TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 2 June 1938.
Collingwood, Rubin George. ALS to Bateson, Vaughan, 8 March 1937.
Craster, Herbert Henry Edmund, Sir, 1879-1959. 2 ALS to Bateson, Vaughan, 24 February and 5 March 1937.
The Craven Herald Ltd., Skipton, England. TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 27 December 1936. With 2 pasted-on clippings.
5.4 Dawson, E. ALS to Bateson, Vaughan, 2 November 1937.
Dobrée, Bonamy, 1891- . Kipling revisited; review of The art of Rudyard Kipling by J. M. S. Tompkins, signed carbon typescript with few handwritten corrections, 10 pages, 15 January 1960. From Hanley II.
5.5 Drake, James R. Bibliographic items, typescript, 5 pages; 3 carbon typescripts, 18 pages; undated.
5.6 Drake, James R. Materials re reputed Kipling letters, typed and carbon manuscript / copies, 16 items, various dates. Includes reports from investigators and lawyers and copies of the letters in question; also copy of letter titled Private: a letter to the owner of certain letters of R.K. by Christopher Morley.
Dunsterville, Lionel Charles, 1865-1946:
5.4 Memorandum of agreement between Dunsterville and Edward Arnold re The adventures of Dunsterforce, printed and ADS, 28 November 1919.
12 ALS to unidentified recipient, 1927-1928.
ALS to Alec-Tweedie, Mrs., 23 July 1929.
6 ALS, 3 TLS to Colles, William Morris, 1919-1924.
2 ALS to Young, William Arthur, 19 January 1929, 30 May 1931.
Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, 1926- . TLS private secretary Sir Michael E. Adeane to Carrington, Charles, 18 November 1955.
Evans, Hedley J. ALS to Young, William Arthur, 2 December 1928.
5.7 Force, Charles Warren. TLS and TccL to and from Force re Kipling manuscripts and bibliographic points, 49 pages, 1936-1943.
5.4 Freeman, Lewis Ransome, 1878- . White – all through, handwritten manuscript, 25 pages. Removed from PR 4854 F35 1920 copy 2.
Green, Frances Lockwood. 6 ALS to Bateson, Vaughan, 1936-1937.
5.4 Green, Frances Lockwood. 2 ALS to Ogden, James R., 7 November 1936, 9 January 1937.
Green, Herbert. Recent encroachment of the sea at Westward Ho!, North Devon, surveyed by Herbert Green, M. A., handwritten manuscript / copy, 1 page, September 1879.
Gwynn, Stephen Lucius, 1864-1950. The greatness of Kipling, signed typescript with handwritten revisions, 8 pages, undated. From Hanley II.
Healy, Thomas. TLS to Young, William Arthur, 11 December 1922.
Hepworth, J. ALS, TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 3 and 13 March 1937. TLS by secretary and enclosure included.
Huxley, Leonard, 1860-1933. ALS to Colles, William Morris re Lionel Charles Dunsterville, 17 January 1922.
Kaye-Smith, Sheila, 1887-1956. TLS to Young, William Arthur, 13 July 1928.
Kernahan, Coulson, 1858-1943. ALS to Barr, Robert, 11 December 1890. Concerns primarily the publication of The light that failed in Lippincott's magazine.
Keywordes, W. ALS to Young, William Arthur, 10 March 1928.
Kipling, Alice. ALS to Watt, A.S., 11 July 1899. Included with this: TccL / copy of letter.
Kipling, Caroline Starr Balastier. 6 TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 1936-1937. 2 by secretaries.
Kipling, Caroline Starr Balastier. ALS to Miller, DeWitt, 30 May 1896.
Kipling, J. B. ALS to Bateson, Vaughan, 23 December 1937.
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936:
5.4 Autographed quotation, signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, 6 August 1900.
5.8-9 Copies of Kipling letters to various persons collected by C. E. Carrington for his biography of Kipling, typed and carbon / copies together with ALS / photocopies and some handwritten notes by Carrington, 247 pages, 1882-1935.
5.4 Dealer's descriptions of Kipling manuscripts and letters, handwritten, typed, and carbon manuscripts, 12 pages, undated. Included with these: 2 copies of the front of an envelope addressed by Kipling to W. Hallett Phillips.
Last will and testament, TD / photocopy, 6 pages, 9 January 1936.
5.10 Letters between members of the Kipling family, typescript / copy, 45 pages, undated. Letters dated 1829-1892.
5.4 Signature, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
Signature, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
The Kipling Society. List of members of the Kipling Society in the United States and its outlying territories, mimeo, 3 pages, 15 June 1930. Three copies.
The Kipling Society. ALS, 6 TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 1936-1937.
6.2 Livingston, Flora Virginia Milner, 1862- . ALS, 16 TLS, TLS / photocopy, TNS to Browne, Travers S., 1923-1931, undated.
6.1 Livingston, Flora Virginia Milner, 1862- . 2 TLS to Scheuer, Alwin J., 15 and 18 November 1930. Chiefly concern incident involving Kipling, his agent, Walt, and S. S. McClure.
6.3 Livington, Miss. Bibliography of Kipling's contributions to The pioneer and The week's news, typescript, 26 pages, 1930.
6.1 Lyddon, William George, 1871- . ALS to Bateson, Vaughan, 17 December 1936.
McCardie, Henry Alfred, Sir, 1869-1933. ALS to Young, William Arthur, 3 December 1932.
Macdonald, Florence B. 5 ALS to Bateson, Vaughan, 1937-1938. Included with this: Macdonald data, typescript, 3 pages, undated.
Macmillan Co., Ltd. TLS to Colles, William re Lionel Charles Dunsterville, 25 July 1919.
MacMunn, George Fletcher, 1869- . ALS to Young, William Arthur, 20 October 1931.
6.4 Martindell, Ernest Walter. 4 ALS to Young, William Arthur, 1922-1923. Included with these: handwritten manuscript / copies of Kipling's poems.
6.1 Martindell, Ernest Walter. ALS to Hatton, 11 November 1922.
Milburn, C. H. 2 TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 17 and 24 June 1937.
Morley, Christopher Darlington, 1890-1957. 2 TLS to Young, William Arthur, 5 May and 11 August 1916. Letterhead: Doubleday, Page & Company.
Norman, Hubert James. ANS re Rudyard Kipling's funeral, undated. Written on verso of ticket to funeral.
6.2 Ogden, James R. 19 TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 1936-1937.
Parry, A. Eric. An appreciation of George Charles Beresford (M'Turk), signed typescript, 1 page, March 1938.
Parry, A. Eric. Rudyard Kipling and the old United Service College, proof with handwritten emendations, 1 page, 1937.
Ramsden, Eugene. TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 4 March 1937.
Roberts, Arthur E., 1886- . TL to Young, William Arthur, 23 February 1908.
Roosevelt, Theodore, President U. S., 1858-1919. TccL / copy to Phillips, W. Hallett, 12 September 1895. Mentions Kipling.
Schuler, Loring A. TLS to Browne, Travers S., 4 May 1928.
Sewell, Winifred. TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 30 January 1937.
Somerset, Arthur. ALS to Downing, William, 13 December 1918.
6.6-9 Stewart, James McG. Rudyard Kipling, a bibliographical catalogue, galley proofs with handwritten corrections and marginal notes, approximately 661 pages, 1959.
6.2 Stoney, R. S. ALS to Bateson, Vaughan, 2 December 1936.
The Sussex County magazine. 2 TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 8 and 15 January 1938.
Trideaux, N. T. 3 ALS to Young, William Arthur, 1913.
6.10 Watt, A. S. TLS to Dodd, Robert, 24 July 1899. From the De Golyer Collection.
West, Arthur B. ALS to Bateson, Vaughan, 10 February 1937.
Whitten, Wilfred. TLS to Young, William Arthur, 6 December 1922.
Williamson, H. S. Masonic references in the works of Kipling, typescript, 21 pages, 4 October, 1928; February 1931 (revised). Inscribed to Vaughan Bateson.
Williamson, H. S. ALS, TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 14 and 19 March 1931.
Wilson, Arnold Talbot, Sir, 1884-1940. TLS to Bateson, Vaughan, 19 January 1936.
Yeats, Alvice Whitehurst, 1910- . Main address – Kipling dedication at the convocation for the opening of the O. E. Smith Wing and the Kipling Room, Dalhousie University, typescript with handwritten coversheet, 12 pages, 20 July 1956.
Young, William Arthur:
6.10 Editorial note, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
Kipling's Sussex, typescript / copy, 8 pages, undated.
TccLI to Dunsterville, L. C., 16 January 1929.

Explanatory Note Concerning Manuscript Collections Cataloged in the Card Catalog

Prior to 1990 when archival cataloging procedures were adopted at the Ransom Center, all manuscript collections were described in a card catalog.

Organization of Collections:

Manuscripts for each author collection were organized into four categories:

  • Works: manuscripts by the author, arranged alphabetically by title;
  • Letters: the author's outgoing correspondence, arranged alphabetically by recipient name;
  • Recipient: the author's incoming correspondence, arranged alphabetically by the author of the letter; and
  • Miscellaneous: all other manuscripts and correspondence, arranged alphabetically by creator.

Materials that did not fit into these categories, such as art, photographs, books, and near-print materials such as newspaper clippings, were dispersed to other Ransom Center collections for cataloging and storage.

Abbreviations Used in Descriptions:

The symbols below were used in combinations. For example ALS means autograph letter signed; Tccms means typed carbon copy manuscript, etc.

  • A = autograph (i.e., handwritten)
  • T = typed
  • S = signed
  • I = initialed
  • Ms = manuscript
  • Mss = manuscripts
  • L = letter
  • FL = form letter
  • N = note
  • D = document
  • C = card
  • PC = post card
  • cc = carbon copy
  • p = page
  • pp = pages
  • l = leaf
  • ll = leaves
  • nd = no date
  • inc d = incomplete date