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Clancy Sigal:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Sigal, Clancy, 1926-2017
Title: Clancy Sigal Papers
Dates: 1800s-2008 (bulk 1956-2007)
Abstract: The papers document all major writings by author and journalist Clancy Sigal and include notes, typescripts, background research and publicity materials. Correspondence and materials documenting personal and family history are also present.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-5115
Extent: 54 document boxes, 3 oversize boxes (osb) (22.5 linear feet), 3 oversize folders (osf), 1 galley file (gf), 16 bound volumes (bv)
Language: English
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

Clancy Sigal was born September 6, 1926, in Chicago, Illinois."The bastard child of a love affair" Sigal’s parents, Leo Sigal and Jennie Persily, were both industrial workers and union organizers. Sigal's father was absent throughout most of his childhood, leaving Jennie to raise Sigal on her own. Sigal often accompanied his parents on labor-organizing trips to mid-sized industrial towns throughout the North and Mid-West.

Sigal grew up in the West-Side Chicago neighborhood of Lawndale. Almost all of his grade and high school contemporaries were children of immigrants from Ireland, Italy or Eastern Europe. He was first inspired to become a writer at the age of thirteen when he read James T. Farrell and Richard Write. Sigal was involved in union organizing from the age of 14 to 19 at which point he joined the U.S. Army. As a sergeant in Occupied Germany, he attended the Nuremberg War Crimes trial with the intent to assassinate Herman Goering, but his gun was confiscated at a checkpoint.

After his army service, Sigal attended the University of California at Los Angeles where he received a B.A. in English Literature in 1950. Following graduation he briefly worked for the United Auto Workers before becoming a Hollywood agent representing a number of prestigious writers, actors, and directors. In 1956, he received a literary fellowship from Houghton Mifflin and left America for Paris to begin work on his first novel. He subsequently moved to London where he remained for the next thirty years

Sigal published Weekend in Dinlock in 1960, a work that blends elements of autobiography, social history, and fiction. The central figure in Weekend in Dinlock is Davie, a miner and gifted painter, inspired by the real-life Len Doherty. Davie is torn between the masculine culture of mining and a personal desire to pursue his artistic talents.

In 1963, Sigal published Going Away. Although written first, it was revised and published after Weekend in Dinlock. Composed in the first person, Going Away follows one man's drive from Los Angeles to New York. Drawing on Sigal’s experience as a union organizer, a Hollywood agent, and a soldier, the novel explores America’s spiritual and political maladies.

While in England, Sigal found an audience and began to broadcast regularly from the same BBC studios that George Orwell had used. Building up a body of humanistic journalism, he published extensively in the New Statesman, Observer, Encounter, and the New Society. From 1972 onward, he served as a feature writer, U.S. correspondent, essayist, book critic, and diarist for the U.K. Guardian.

Sigal published his pseudo-autobiographical novel Zone of the Interior in 1972. The satiric novel draws upon his experience with the Philadelphia Association and the famous "anti-psychiatrists" R. D. Laing and David Cooper, with whom he collaborated to create a half-way house for schizophrenics at Kingsley Hall in London’s East End. Although the novel was published to widespread audience in the U.S. it was stopped in Britain by Laing’s ambiguous threat of libel action. Zone was finally published in the U.K. in 2005 by Ponoma books.

Throughout the 1980’s, Sigal was a lecturer in the sociology department, professor of the school of journalism, and director of the London semester program at the University of California Santa Barbara. During this time he was also a book critic, reviewer, and diarist for The Listener, BBC.

Sigal published his fourth novel, The Secret Defector, in 1993. A heavily autobiographical novel, The Secret Defector is a story of Gus Black, who leaves his job as an agent in Hollywood and moves to England where he joins the Marxist Left but ultimately ‘defects’ from the movement. Centering on a love affair, the novel explores a man’s dialogue with feminism.

Published in 2006, A Woman of Uncertain Character: The Amorous and Radical Adventures of My Mother Jennie (Who Always Wanted to Be a Respectable Jewish Mom) by Her Bastard Son, (2006) is an overtly autobiographical tale, relating the story of his mother's adventurous life. The work has been described as both a gritty piece of prose and a tender memoir of a larger-than-life woman.

Clancy Sigal was a National Book Award nominee for Going Away and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from PEN USA in 2007. He died July 16, 2017 in Los Anglels, California.

Scope and Contents

Handwritten, typed and printout drafts, correspondence, screenplays, playscripts, research materials and notes, legal and editorial, records, photographs, audio and video recordings, awards, books, notebooks, journals, magazines, and other periodicals, newspaper clippings, periodicals galley proofs, and maps document the life work and family of Clancy Sigal from the mid-1800s to 2008. The five series are arranged by size and/or importance: I. Writings, 1950s-2007; II. Career and Personal, 1800s-2007; III. Journals and Notebooks, 1950s-2005; IV. Correspondence and Name Files, 1943-2008; V. Clippings, 1958-2005.

Series I. is divided into two subseries: A. Long Works and B. Short Works. The Series comprises over a third of the collection and documents Sigal’s literary activities from the 1950s to 2007. In addition to his five published novels, several unpublished screenplays and one unpublished novel are represented. Research materials relating to military desertion during the Vietnam War and mining and miner’s rights in England, from which he drew inspiration for his novels and articles, are also well represented.

Subseries A. Long Works, includes handwritten, typed and printout drafts, correspondence, clippings, and research materials for Going Away (1963), The Secret Defector (1992), and A Woman of Uncertain Character (2006). Weekend in Dinlock (1960), and Zone of the Interior (1976), are represented with notes, correspondence, publicity and extensive research materials, but lack drafts. Sigal’s writing process is particularly well documented in materials for A Woman of Uncertain Character (2006). Extensive notes and research materials relating to Chicago (the primary setting of the work) along with numerous printout chapter drafts and draft fragments record the evolution of this autobiographical work. Chapter drafts for A Woman of Uncertain Character are listed in the Index of Works. The subseries also includes two unrealized screenplays, an unrealized novel with co-author Barbara Probst Solomon, along with an unrealized essay collection. Also included are extensive research materials, chapter drafts, draft screenplays, and draft essays regarding military desertion, especially during the Vietnam War, all of which are organized under Sigal’s working title The Uses of Treason. The subseries is arranged alphabetically by title. All titles in this series are listed in the Index of Works.

Subseries B. Short Works, includes clippings, correspondence, and research materials along with numerous drafts of published and unpublished essays, short stories, op-eds, articles, interviews, and chapter drafts. This subseries also includes eleven distinct playscripts all addressed to the same London location. A few chapter drafts from his longer works are intermingled with items in this subseries. The subseries is arranged alphabetically by title and all titles are listed in the Index of Works.

Series II. Personal and Career, is the second largest series and documents Sigal’s family origins, his early years working for the Jaffe Agency, and his road trips through to his later career as a successful journalist and author. Materials relating to his UCLA graduating class of 1950 and their 1975 reunion constitute a significant portion of this series. Correspondence, draft essays, and research materials regarding Watergate and UCLA graduates John Ehrlichman and Bob Haldeman are well represented including drafts of an unpublished manuscript entitled "Revenge of the Commie Nerds or My Watergate Hangup". Photographs (2 boxes) from the 1800s to the 2000s record the life of Clancy Sigal, family, and friends. The series is arranged alphabetically. All drafts in this series are listed in the Index of Works under "Jaffe Agency" and "UCLA Reunion".

Series III. Journals and Notebooks, includes typed and handwritten, diaries, and journal entries documenting Sigal’s early years on the road, his departure from America, experiences with LSD and R. D. Laing, his relationship with Doris Lessing, his 1984 heart attack, and other significant events in Sigal’s life. Comingled with these materials are numerous notepads and pocket notebooks with Sigal’s handwritten contact lists with names, addresses, phone numbers, and journalistic scribbles, along with some research notes on topics such as the Young Americans for Freedom, and Thurcroft. This series is arranged chronologically.

Series IV. Correspondence and Name Files, spans seven boxes and is organized alphabetically by name. Individuals are represented either by incoming and outgoing letters, as subject and correspondent, or as subject only. Name files can include correspondence, clippings, photographs, bound volumes, and typescripts by or about the individual. Prominent subjects include Enid Balint, Brendan Behan, R. D. Laing, and Grover Lewis. Short-stories-as-fictionalized-accounts record his well-known relationship with Doris Lessing. These are listed in the Index of Works under "Doris Lessing". The series includes incoming and outgoing letters with friends, colleagues, editors, military deserters, activists, family, and other associates. Prominent correspondents include Richard Attenborough, Enid Balint, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Fabian Society, Frances Goldin Literary Agent, E. M. Forster, Farrar Straus and Giroux, Harper Collins Publishers, Mervyn Jones, R. D. Laing, Doris Lessing, Barbara Probst Solomon, Deborah Treisman, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Margaret Walters. Correspondence with his former wife Margaret Walters (divorced 1989) is also located in Series II. Personal and Career where they take the form of extensive journal entries/notes on UCLA and Watergate.

Series V. Clippings, gives ample witness to his publishing activities as a journalist, reviewer, and essayist. Spanning five decades, this series includes published versions of Sigal’s book, television, and theatre reviews; interviews; Guardian articles; New York Times Op-Eds; and Los Angeles Times articles and obituaries. The series is arranged alphabetically by material type, then chronologically.



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Index Terms

Doherty, Len.
Laing, R. D. (Ronald David), 1927-1989.
Lessing, Doris.
Lewis, Grover.
Persily, Jennie.
Sigal, Leo.
Solomon, Barbara Probst.
Terkel, Studs, 1912-2008.
Treisman, Deborah, 1970-.
George Howland Elementary School.
Lucy Kroll Agency.
Philadelphia Trust Ltd.
University of Southern California, School of Journalism.
University of California, Los Angeles.
Blacklisting of entertainers--United States.
Communism--United States.
Chicago (Ill.).
Laing, R. D. (Ronald David), 1927-1989.
LSD (Drug).
Miners--Protection--Great Britain--History--20th century.
New Left--Great Britain.
University of California, Los Angeles.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974.
Worker’s rights.
Los Angeles.
Kingsley Hall.
Thurcroft (England).
Document Types
Galley proofs.
Legal documents.
Page proofs.
Printed ephemera.
Sound recordings.

Related Material

For additional Clancy Sigal correspondence and related materials at the Harry Ransom Center, see manuscript holdings for Alfred A. Knopf, Barbara Probst Solomon, Doris Lessing. Joan Rodker (via correspondence with Doris Lessing), New Departures, and Norman Mailer.

Materials relating to Clancy Sigal can also be found in the Trocchi Alexander collection (MS 69-2084) at the Washington University Archives.

Separated Material

34 audio cassettes were transferred to the Center’s Sound Recording Collection.

1 book was transferred to the Center’s Library.

20 computer disks related to A Woman of Uncertain Character were transferred to the Center’s Electronic Records Collection.

A black flag (approximately 50 x 60 cm) bearing a white peace sign was removed from the military deserters materials and transferred to the Center’s Personal Effects Collection.

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Clancy Sigal, 1926-. Contemporary Authors Online. (accessed 24 October 2013).

Clancy Sigal Papers, 1800s-2008. Harry Ransom Center.

Sigal, Clancy, "Profile: Clancy Sigal," Writers Guild of America, West, Nov. (1989): 20-22.

Container List

Series I. Writings, 1950s-2007

Subseries A. Long Works 1950s-2007
1.1 Double Focus (unrealized screenplay), photocopy typescript draft, undated
Going Away (1963)
1.2 Spiral-bound flip-top notebook with notes, 1956
1.3 Handwritten journal on notepad, 1956-1957
1.4 'The Romancers' (working title), early typescript draft 'outline' and handwritten and typescript draft fragments, circa 1950s
1.5 Early typescript draft in the form of a letter to "Charlie" and handwritten notes, 1955
1.6 Review clippings, 1962-1984, 2004
1.7 Correspondence, 1964, 1972
1.8 'Selected Glossary of Characters in Going Away,' photocopy typescript, undated
1.9 Jake and Sally: A Chicago Love Story, (unrealized novel; co-author Barbara Probst Solomon), photocopy typescript, 1975
2.1 A Perfect Stranger (unrealized screenplay), typescript with handwritten corrections, 1980
Piecework (unrealized essay collection; alternate titles: Writers and Lovers; Going With What You've Got)
2.2-3 Printout draft fragments and handwritten notes, circa 1990s
2.4 Printout chapter drafts and draft fragments, circa 1990s
2.5-6 Printout chapter drafts and draft fragments, handwritten notes, correspondence and research materials, circa 1990s
2.7 Correspondence, 1990s
Secret Defector (1992)
3.10 Notes, 1987-1994
3.1-3 'Ceiling Spike'(working title), early typescript draft with original folder, lightly corrected and annotated, circa 1964
3.4 'In England: A Novel'(working title), typed notes for early version, 1970
3.5-9 'Picking Up Where I Left Off' (working title), printout draft with extensive corrections and revisions, circa 1987
3.10 Publisher rejections, 1987-1992
3.11 Contract with Harper Collins and dust jacket designs, 1990-1993
4.1 Editorial correspondence, 1990-1994
4.2 Review List, 1992
4.3 New York Cocktail Party Reception: party list and invitation card, 1992
4.4 Harper Collins press release materials and review clippings, 1992
4.5 Chicago Tribune interview with Clancy Sigal, original with photocopy, 14 July 1992
The Uses of Treason (unrealized work; working titles: Stationmaster, The King’s Road)
Research regarding military desertion
Bound volumes
15.1 The Amnesty of John David Herndon (James Reston, Jr., 1973), lightly marked
15.2 Charlie Company (Peter Goldman and Tony Fuller, 1983), annotated with note from John Blades tipped in
Rebels Against War (Lawrence S. Wittner, 1969), annotated
15.3 Desertion and the American Soldier, 1776-2006 (Robert Fantina, 2006), marked
15.4 Harald Kater publication on deserters (1989), unmarked volume
15.5 In the Service of Their Country: War Resisters in Prison (Willard Gaylin, 1970), unmarked volume
15.6 The Palace Guard (Dan Rather and Gary Paul Gates, 1975), incomplete copy, lacking first 192 pages, lightly marked
15.7-16.4 Clippings, 1968-1981, 1990-2004
19.1-5 Assorted research materials, notes, and correspondence, 1969-2007
Correspondence with military deserters
16.5 1969-1971
Notebook labeled ‘sympathizers’
16.6 1969-1993
16.7 Lists of contacts, circa 1970s
16.8 ‘Max,’ 1970-1971
16.9 Stukenbroeker, Dennis, 1975, undated
16.10 Efaw, Fritz, 1975-1994
16.11-12 Editorial correspondence, 1994-2004
18.2 Interview with George Meals with edits, February-November 1970
18.3 Interviews with deserters and biographical notes, undated
18.4-5 Notes, 1969-1970s
18.6-8 Pocket-notebooks, fourteen numbered, 1970-1990s
16.13-17.5 Titled drafts of articles, essays, and chapters regarding military desertion, 1970-2006, undated
17.6 Untitled draft, two printouts, undated
17.7-18.1 Untitled draft fragments, undated
Unrealized film
19.6 ‘The Uses of Treason: Military Deserters in the Vietnam War,’ printout notes, two bound copies, circa 1990s
19.7-8 ‘The King's Road,’ proposals, notes, and correspondence, 2000-2001
Weekend in Dinlock (1960)
Len Doherty
4.6 Photographs, 1960
4.7 Untitled typescript drafts about Len Doherty Brendon Crossley, undated
4.8 Newspaper clippings, 1970-1994
4.9 'Death and the Left,' typescript essay, lightly corrected, circa 1980s
4.10 Correspondence with Sylvia Buckley, 1983
4.11 Correspondence with Jack Doherty, 1987
4.12 Letter from Anthony Daley, 21 June 1961
4.14-15 Miners, clippings file, 1980-1992
4.12 Letter from Anthony Daley, 21 June 1961
4.16 Correspondence, 1982-1987
4.17 A Village and the Miner's Strike, An Oral History, marked bound volume, 1986
4.18 Introduction to Weekend in Dinlock, corrected typescript draft and lightly corrected later draft, circa 1980s
4.19 Martin Secker & Warburg letter regarding re-issue, 20 July 1984
4.20 Preface to re-edition, photocopy printout drafts, printout e-mail correspondence, 1992-2004
4.21 Review clippings, 1960-1975
A Woman of Uncertain Character (2006)
Chicago-related materials
5.1 Six pocket notebooks, 1981
5.2 Research materials,1970s
5.3 Research materials with extensive handwritten notes, circa 1975
5.4 Research materials, including maps, 1975-1983
5.5 Research materials, 1980-1994
5.6 Research materials re Jews in Chicago; ‘The Candy Lady’ typescript draft with light edits, 1981-1983
6.1 Research materials and correspondence, 1988-2004
6.2 Research materials re Howland Elementary, School for the Arts, circa 1993
'Howland,' printout draft, circa 1993
'Family Poker,' printout draft of playscript, circa 1993
6.3 Early chapter drafts and draft fragments, printout typed and handwritten, 1958-1980s
6.4 'Plan of the Book,' two early incomplete typescript drafts, circa 1968
6.5 Chapters drafts and research materials, 1991-2003
6.6-7.1 Early typescript and printout chapter drafts, undated
7.2 Autobiographical timeline with notes and clipping of chronology from unidentified published work, circa 1970s-1980s
7.3 E-mails, printouts, with early photographs of family life, paper doll book, photocopy of page of events of 1925, 1980s-2005
7.4 Research materials, newspaper and magazine clippings, printouts and handwritten notes, circa 1994-2004
'Joe’s Book' (alternate title)
7.5 Notes regarding Frances Ring's advice, 1999-2001
osf 3 Handwritten notes on oversized sheet of paper, 2000-2002
7.6 Printout readers' advice handwritten and printout notes and notecards, 2000-2002
7.7 Printout chapter drafts and draft fragments, 2000-2002
7.8 Correspondence with Frances Goldin and Sam Stoloff, 2000-2002
8.1 Three notepads and photocopies of notes, 2001 and earlier
8.2 Multiple printout draft proposals, 2002
8. 3 Printout draft proposal and fragments, clippings, and handwritten notes, 2002-2003
8.4 Printout notes and correspondence about writing and publishing and Woman of Uncertain Character (new title), 2003
8.5 Early printout chapter drafts and typed early draft fragments, with correspondence, handwritten notes, and publicity, 1981-2006
Printout chapter drafts with draft fragments
8.6 '1920s,' 1998-2001
8.7-9.2 '1930s-1940s,' 2000-2003
9.3-10.1 '1940s,' with handwritten notes, correspondence and research materials, 2000-2003
10.2 '1950s,' 2000-2001
10.3 '1960s,' 1999-2002
10.4 '1970s,' 2000
10.5 '1990s,' 1999-2000
10.6 '2000s,' 2000-2002
11.1 '2000s,' 2000-2002
11.2-3 Editorial correspondence, printout chapter drafts, research materials, review lists, 2002-2006
11.4-5 'Amy's Edit,' printout draft with light corrections, circa 2006
11.6 Captions and photocopy photographs and illustrations, photocopy of marked page proofs, circa 2006
12.1 Chapter headings and advice from readers, handwritten and printout, circa 2006
12.2 Late printout draft, unmarked, circa 2006
12.3 2002-2004
12.4 With biographical information, and notes regarding publication and promotion, 2004-2006
12.5 Marketing, 2005-2007
12.6 2006-2007
12.7 Notes, undated
osb 55 Los Angeles Times Book Review of A Woman of Uncertain Character, photocopy, 2006
Zone of the Interior (1976)
13.1 Editorial correspondence, 1975
13.2 Notes and diary entries including typed notes re Villa 21, with edits, addressed to David Cooper, 1963-1964
13.3 Notes and diary entries, 1960s
13.4 Notebooks, 1964-1965
13.5 Memorandum of Association of Philadelphia Trust Ltd., (Kingsley Hall Articles of Association), with typed and handwritten revisions, 1964
13.6 Psychiatry and Anti-psychiatry, marked bound volume, 1970
13.7 Newspaper clippings, articles, and notes, circa 1970s
13.8 Correspondence with Michael Rubenstein, 1975-1978
13.9 Report on Humbolt's Gift, photocopy of article on libel and secrecy and transcript of BBC radio piece on libel, 1975-1980
13.10 Correspondence, 1977, 1988
Reviews, publicity, book tours
13.11 ABA exhibitor badge, book cover, notes on Chapter 3, 'Manuscript schedule,' circa 1976
14.1 Clippings and typescript draft review, 1976-1978
14.2 Typescript essay by unknown author regarding Zone of the Interior, 1990
14.3 Printouts and clippings on 'anti-psychiatrists,' 2004-2005
14.4 Free Association Books edition, correspondence, 1989, 1991
14.5 Ponoma Books edition, correspondence and related materials, 2005-2007
Subseries B. Short Works 1959-2006
20.1 Lists of published articles from 1961-1983, printouts, 1983
20.2-22.6, gf Drafts of short works, including playscripts, 1957-2000, undated (see Index of Works)

Series II. Personal and Career,1800s-2007

23.1-2 'Annenberg School for Communication Annual Activities Report, 1994-1995' with curriculum vitae and writing samples, 1979, 1994-2001
23.3 Army Honorable Discharge document (1946), fax with cover sheet, 26 September 2006
Articles about Clancy Sigal
23.4 The Feminine Eye: 'A Big Mistake in London.' inscribed to Sigal, 29 April 1966
23.5 Horisont, Swedish journal with article on Sigal by Jan Broberg, correspondence and notes, 1963, 1 January 1964
23.6 ‘Profile: Clancy Sigal,’ Writers Guild of America, West article by Sigal re unions and blacklist, November 1989
23.7 BBC contracts, 1983-1988
British Magazines and Newspaper clippings
23.8-10 Assorted, 1971-1988
23.10 The American Worker, unmarked pamphlet, 1947
23.9 The Day Before Yesterday: An Illustrated History of Great Britain, unmarked volume, 1971
British New Left
24.1 Correspondence from Tony Beck with dossier on the New Left, 1970-1987
24.2 Interview with Clancy Sigal regarding The New Left, 1969
24.3 Interviews with members of the New Left: Richard Findlater, Kenneth Allsop, Peter Worsley, E. P. Thompson, Hall, Stuart, R. G. Davis-Poynter, Elizabeth Thomas; transcripts and digests, 1969
24.4 List of individuals associated with the New Left, 1958-1959, undated
24.5 Horisont, with notes, inscription and letter from Jan Broberg, 1963-1964
24.6 Monthly Review, May 1969
24.7 New Left Review Daily, 1960
24.8-10 New Left Review, including issue inscribed to Sigal, by Raphael Samuel, 1960, 1961, 1980, 1985
24.11 The New Reasoner, Spring and Summer 1959
24.12 The Universities & The Left Review bound periodicals, 1957-1959
24.13 Raphael Samuel 1934-1996, bound volume, unmarked copy, 1996
25.1 Chicago Cubs 2003 Information Guide, bound volume with note from Stan Isaacs, 2003
25.2 'Clusters' loose autobiographical timeline, undated
23.1 Correspondence with U.S. Department of Justice and Central Intelligence Agency, 1979
25.3 Document regarding safety deposit box, Bank of America and National Provincial Bank Limited, November and August 1960
25.4 Dream journal including post-heart-attack entries, photocopy, 1980s
25.5 Famous Last Words, bound volume by Barnaby, Conrad with light annotations and inscribed from Peter Lessing to Sigal, 1961
25.6 FBI file and correspondence, 1948-1981
25.7 Freedom Now pamphlet and marked map of USA Sigal used for his 1963 trip, 1963
25.8 George Howland Elementary School, 5th grade report card, 1937
25.9 'In case of emergency...' typed notes, 13 December 1969
Jaffe Agency
26.1 Client lists, 1956
26.2 Lucy Kroll Agency, correspondence and curriculum vitae, 1992
26.3 Memos re story bulletins and literary properties, 1954-1957
26.4 Notebook with typed notes regarding Jaffe Agency clients, 6-ring pocket, circa 1955
26.5 Short story pitch to New Yorker regarding Jaffe Agency, undated
26.6 Story Bulletins, 1955-1957
26.7 'The Sunset Strip Demon' Sigal writing about working at Jaffe Agency; photograph of Jaffe Agency and Sunset Strip, undated
26.8 Unidentified typescript with research materials (all photocopies) from film Born Free, produced by Sam Jaffe, undated
26.9 'The Virginian,' photocopy typescript draft by Sam Jaffe as told to Sam Locke
'The Night Paramount Burned,' by Sam Jaffe as told to Sam Locke, photocopy typescript draft with article torn from publication, 1990
Unidentified incomplete typescript, undated
26.10 Map of Albany, Georgia, correspondence regarding worker's rights and civil rights, with related materials, 1963
26.11 Maps of London, circa 1960s
26.12 Map book for Paris city streets, circa late 1950s
27.1 Maps of Israel, Galilee, and Jerusalem, 1960s-1970s
27.2 Military certificates and award, University of California bachelor of arts diploma, and Los Angeles drivers identification card, 1942-1953
27.3 Notes for political speech, letter from Sigal to 'Nick,' 26 December 1975, undated
27.4 Notes for a speech in England regarding politics in Britain, undated
27.5 Notes regarding heart attack, printout and print of Winslow Homer's Croquet Scene from wall of his hospital room, undated
27.6 Personal ads placed by Sigal and responses, 1987
27.7 Snapshots and portraits of Jennie Persily and other Persily's (Fannie and Sam, Grandmother Edith Rosenzwerg--Joe Sigal's great grandmother), 1800s-1980s
27.8, osb 55 Snapshots and portraits from Sigal's childhood and family members; International Garment Workers Union photograph, 1800s-2002
27.9 Disbound album of Sigal and Jacobs family, 1921-1996
27.10, osb 55 Snapshots and portraits of Sigal, circa 1930s-1990s
27.11 Snapshots and portraits of Sigal’s Howland Elementary Class, and family, 1984-1985 miner's strike pin, California driver's licenses, State of Israel passport and certificate, circa 1930s-2000s
27.12 Snapshots of Sigal wearing jogging suit, disbound album, 29 photographs, circa 1950s-1960s
27.13 Snapshots and portraits of Sigal and friends in London, including slides and contact sheets, circa 1950s-1960s
28.1 Portraits and snapshots of UCLA friends, 1951-1990s
28.2 Portrait of Sigal with Irwin Shaw, 1970s
28.3 Snapshots of Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Hollywood, and daily life, including negatives, slides, and contact sheets, 1980s
28.4 Snapshots of Sigal, family and friends, daily life and travel, circa 1985-1995
28.5 Snapshots and portraits of Sigal, including contact sheets, and negatives, circa 1990-2000s
28.6 Snapshots of Denton Holland's retirement party leaving USC, including negatives, undated
28.7 Snapshots and portraits of Margaret Walters, including contact sheets and negatives, undated
28.8 Snapshots and portraits of Barbara Probst Solomon and other family and friends, post World War II destruction, undated
28.9 Snapshots of Leo and Phil Sigal, undated
28.10 Snapshots of relatives and hand-drawn Sigal & Katz family tree, undated
29.1 Publisher's contracts, remittance slips, correspondence, letter of recommendation, work certificates, printout Sigal bio, 1944-1984 timeline, other financial documents, 1956-2007
29.2 Research materials and correspondence regarding Civil Rights, 2005
29.3 Song lyrics, 2005
29.4 Spare Rib and Shrew, women's liberation periodicals, May 1971, September and June 1972
29.5 A Tribute to Dorothy Ray Healey, bound volume, clippings of articles regarding leftist women, Christmas card from Mollie West, letter from Judith Rascoe, 1978--2004
UCLA Alumni and 1975 Class Reunion Materials
29.6 Autobiographical draft fragments printouts ‘Hail the Blue and Gold!,’ ‘The Break-In,’ ‘Watergate Summer 75 (UCLA Reunion),’ 2000
29.7 A Battlefield Revisited by John Caughey reprinted article, 1967
29.8 Campus flyers, 1970s
29.9 Correspondence, circa 1970-2000
29.10-14 Correspondence with Margaret Walters regarding UCLA, Daily Bruin, Watergate, 1975-1976
30.1 'Craig's Wife,' typescript with edits, undated
30.2 Daily Bruin Alumni Newsletters, 1995-1997
30.3 'His Girl Friday, or The Last Remake of the Front Page,' typescript draft with edits, undated
30.4 Indices and lists of names, 2007, undated
30.5-6 'Loud Bark and Curious Eyes: A History of the UCLA Daily Bruin, 1919-1955,' copy of typescript thesis by George Garrigues, excerpts from Daily Bruin, and clippings, 1949-1979
30.7 Notebooks, three spiral bound, with notes re UCLA reunion trip and class members, 1949-1979
30.8 Notes and correspondence, undated
30.9 Notes of interviews with classmates and faxed draft of article from Harriet [Glickman?] to Sarah [Dunant?], undated
30.10 Notes and tests for English Literature, 1940s
31.1 'Psychosomatic Autobiography,'typescript draft with light corrections, 4 December 1961
31.2 Reunions, class of 1950: programs, correspondence and related materials, 1975-2000
31.3 'Reunion,'typescript drafts with corrections, circa 1975
31.4 Rotch News, family newsletter, December 1974
31.5 UCLA Alumni Magazine (1969), UCLA Daily Bruin clipping, clipping regarding UCLA racism, 1949-1969
31.6 UK Home Office letter re immigration status, 1957-1962
University of Southern California
31.7 Letter from Bob Aguaro, former USC student, 3 October 1989
31.8 London Semester reports and related materials, 1984-1994
31.9 'London Spring 1987,' disbound photo album, 1987
31.10-11 Teaching observation and evaluation reports, photocopy, 1981-1984
32.1 USC faculty contract materials, evaluation, and correspondence, 1982-1994
32.2 USC School of Journalism Outstanding Faculty Member diploma and photo; journalism bibliography, 6 May 1994
32.3-5 USC writing seminars, course materials and notes, 1986-1993
Draft essays
32.6 'All the President's Men,'typescript draft with extensive edits, circa 1970s
'Haldeman, Ehrlichman, and the Rest of Us: A Los Angeles Log,' typescript draft with edits, undated
32.7-11 'Revenge of the Commie Nerds or My Watergate Hangup' [alternate title, My Watergate Hangup], typescript drafts and draft fragments with edits, undated
33.1 'The War of Ehrlichman's Jaw,' undated
'The Three Caballeros,' undated
'Women Speak for Themselves,' undated
33.2 Untitled printout draft fragments regarding Watergate, UCLA, Ehrlichman and Haldeman, circa 1975
33.3 Letters to Margaret Walters regarding Alexander Butterfield, John Ehrlichman, and Bob Haldeman and photocopy letter to Enid Balint, 1975-1976, 1986
33.4 Magazine and newspaper clippings re: Watergate, Nixon, Erlichman, Haldeman, and UCLA, 1973-2000
Memo books (three) with notes from interview with Haldeman
33.5 'Mid March 76 #5,' 1976
'Late March 76 #6,' 1976
'Hardwick Education #11,' 1976
33.6 'Watergate' bound volume, Third Edition by Philip West, 1973
33.7 Working Men's Club and Institute Union Limited List of Union Clubs, lightly marked volume, 1978
33.8 Writing assignment ‘If I could change the world’ for secondary school children, handwritten responses graded by Sigal, 1958

Series III. Journals and Notebooks,1950s-2005

34.1 Journal entries and correspondence from time in New York, 1950s
34.2 'Inventory,' spiral-bound flip-top notebook with autobiographical notes and an inventory of work from 1946-1966, labeled 1955-1966
34.3 Two pocket journals, 1957-1959
34.4 Journal entries including notes on why he left America, circa 1958-1967
34.5 Typed and handwritten journal entries on loose leaves, 1959
34.6 'Play reviews,'small spiral-bound notebook, 1960
'Notes,'pocket notebook, 1960
34.7 Single leaf of typed journal notes, April 1960
34.8 Loose leaves with numbered handwritten journal entries, September 1960
34.9 Two spiral-bound notebooks with notes and journal entries, 1960-1962
34.10 Seven pocket address notebooks and day planners, 1960s-1970s
35.1-4 Four spiral-bound notebooks with journal entries regarding Doris Lessing, R. D. Laing, LSD use, and Going Away, 1962
35.4 Pocket day planner for Londoners, 1962
35.5 Handwritten journal, loose leaf paper, 1962-1963
35.6 Typed fragments of journal entries, 1963
35.7 Typed journal on loose-leaf paper, includes entries on SNCC-Atlanta, Studs Terkel and Nelson Algren, 1963
35.8-9 Typed journal entries on loose leaf paper, 1963
35.10 Notepad with handwritten journal entries, January-April 1963
35.11 Spiral-bound notebook with handwritten journal entries, April-June, 1963
35.12 Legal tablet and notepad with journal entries, photocopy newspaper clippings, June-October 1963
35.13 Small, bound diary and photocopy handwritten journal entries, June-October 1963
36.1 Spiral bound notebook with sparse journal entries, August-December 1966
36.2 Typed journal entries with annotations, January-June 1967
36.3 'Notebook 1 April 30 1968,' spiral-bound notebook with journal entries, 1968-1969
36.4 Queen Anne Street Diary, typed journal entries, 1968-1970
36.5 Three small notebooks/pocket journals, 1969, 1979
36.6 Two spiral-bound notebooks with handwritten journal entries, 1970
36.7 Spiral-bound notebook with journal entries and loose leaves with typed journal entries regarding Margaret, 1970
36.8 Unbound address book, circa 1970s
37.1 Typed journal entries on loose leaf paper including Margaret Walters and Doris Lessing visit and related materials, 1971-1973
37.2 Typed journal entries on loose leaf paper, 1972
37.3 Five pocket notebooks, 1972
37.4 War Resisters League 1973 Peace Calendar and spiral bound notebook, 1973
37.5 Typed journal entries with handwritten annotations, 1974-1975
37.6 Four spiral-bound notebooks with handwritten notes, 1975, 1998, undated
37.7 Handwritten diary list, 1975-1976
37.8 Nine pocket notebooks, 1976
37.9 'Little Italy,'four pocket notebooks and nine photographs, 1978
37.10 'Santa B,'three pocket notebooks, 1979
37.11 Six pocket notebooks, February-March 1980
38.1 Printout entries from dream journal, late 1980s
38.2 Eight small notebooks containing Sigal’s handwritten notes, phone numbers, names and addresses, 1981, 1983, undated
38.3 Pocket notebook, December 1982
38.4-5 Seven pocket notebooks, 1983-1984
38.6 Colored marker drawings while in Kaiser Hospital, Los Angeles, for Heart Attack; some drawn on the verso of USC School of Journalism correspondence, 1984
39.1 Typed and printout post-heart-attack journal entries, 1984-1985
39.2-4 Three pocket notebooks, including one labeled 'Thurcroft,' 1985-1987
39.5 Two pocket notebooks containing Sigal handwritten notes, phone numbers, names and addresses and one pocket day planner, 1988, undated
osb 55 Calendar, heavily annotated, 1989
39.6 Young Americans for Freedom research materials: two spiral bound notebooks labeled 'RT Wing 2' and 'RT Wing 3,' correspondence, Los Angeles Times newspaper and CV of Deroy Murdock, business cards and handwritten notes, 1989
39.7-8 Four spiral-bound notebooks,1989-1990
40.1 Four spiral-bound pocket notebooks containing Sigal’s handwritten notes, phone numbers, names and addresses, 1999, undated
40.2 Notepad with handwritten notes regarding 1963, circa 2000
40.3 Typed contact list and three notepads, containing Sigal's notes, phone numbers, names and addresses, 2002, undated
40.4-41.4 Circa 28 notepads and spiral bound notebooks, containing Sigal's notes, phone numbers, names and addresses, 2002-2005, undated
42.1 Spiral-bound notebook with notes regarding working with Lord Snowden, undated
42.2 Untitled typescript draft fragment, autobiographical account of moving to England, undated
42.3 Handwritten notes on back cover of notepad, undated
42.4 Address book, undated
42.5 Spiral-bound notepad and hardbound address book containing Sigal's handwritten notes, phone numbers, names and addresses, undated
42.6 Seven small fliptop notebooks containing Sigal's handwritten notes, phone numbers, names and addresses, undated
42.7 Spiral-bound notepad with, light notes on two pages only, undated

Series IV. Correspondence and Name Files,1943-2008

43.1 Allard-Astor, 1959-2005, undated
43.2 Balliett-Bateson, 1943-2008
43.3 Berkovitz, Robert, with chapter excerpt from A Short History of American Capitalism by Meyer Weinberg, 2002
43.4 Binni, Francesco, 1989-1996
43.5 Boggs, Grace with Detroit materials, 1989
43.6-9 Balint, Enid, with copies of lectures and articles by Balint, photocopy printout draft essay written by Sigal to mother, and related materials, 1963-2002 (Bound volume, The Doctor the Patient and the Group by Enid Balint transferred to Center Library)
Behan, Brendan, essays and research materials, 1959-2002
43.10 'Talk with Brendan,'typescript
'The Life and Times of Brendan Behan, Dublin's Most Famous Forgotten Son,'LA Times Book Review, printout drafts and newspaper clippings
'Death of an Author, The Behemoth,' typescript drafts
'Talks with Brendan or Modest Observations on the State of Things in General,' typescript draft with light corrections
'Brendan and Mr. Beckett,' printout draft with corrections
Newspaper clippings and printout research materials
44.1-2 Carlson-Cotton, 1963-1998, undated
44.3 Dunant-Davis, 1943-circa 1998
44.4 Editorial correspondence, 1983-2004
44.5 Edwards-Eleanor, 1989-2003, undated
44.6 Fitzgibbon-French, 1960-1993
44.7 Gavron-Gosling, 1987-1990, undated
44.8 Glickman, Harriet, 1962-2001
44.9 Heston-Howells, 1992-2002, undated
44.10 Hatton, Maurice, 1989-1998
45.1 Issacs, Stan, 1958
45.2 'Joan''JT,'1963-2003
45.3 James, C. L. R. (Cyril Lionel Robert) to'Marty,' 1962-1963
45.4 Jarrico, Paul, typescript obit and clippings, 1997
45.5 Joans, Mervyn, 1990, 1998
45.6 Kavan-Kramer, 1963-1981
Laing, R. D. (Ronald David)
45.7-8 Assorted materials re R. D. Laing and Villa 21, 1981-2006
45.9 Letters from Sigal to R. D. and Adrain Laing, 1963-1964, 1993
45.10 Letters from R. D. and Adrian Laing to Sigal, 1963-1964, 1993
45.11 Letter from Bob Mullan, author of R. D. Laing the Authorized Biography, 19 April 1989
45.12 Research materials regarding schizophrenia, R. D. Laing, and mental illness, 2002-2008
45.13 Lahr-Levitt, 1963-1998
46.1-5 Leigh, Lis, 1988-2005
Lewis, Grover
46.6 'Goodbye if You Call it Gone,' unfinished work by Grover Lewis, printout drafts and photocopies with light corrections, 1961, 1995
Clippings, 1992-1995
Correspondence with Rae Lewis, 1995
46.7 Academy All the Way, novel by Grover Lewis, bound volume, inscribed to Sigal, July 1988
Lessing, Doris
47.1 Photos of Sigal and Doris Lessing and correspondence with New York Times Book Review, 1950s, 1992
47.2 Handwritten entries regarding 'George' and 'Sophie,' circa 1957
47.3 'Joy to the World Good Will Towards Men,'two typescript drafts with edits and draft fragment, and photographs of manor house, 1957-1958
47.4 'Cable Street,' fictionalized portrayal of Lessing and their relationship, typescript edits, 1958
47.5 'Eleven Plus Jungle,' journal of London slum school where Richard Hoggart worked, typescript with edits, 1958
47.6 Handwritten journal featuring Doris Lessing, 1958
47.7 Handwritten and typed notes regarding Doris Lessing and Joan Rodker, 1958
47.8 First-person prose piece about London in July and breakup with woman [Doris Lessing?], typescript with annotations, 1959
47.9 'Diary and Essay of Leaving England,' spiral bound notebook with handwritten entries including breakup with Doris Lessing, 1959-1960
47.10-11 Typed journal entries re Doris Lessing, 1959
47.12 Three hand-drawn anxiety charts, 1959-1960
47.13 Letters from Doris Lessing, with McFarlin Library finding aid for Doris Lessing Manuscripts, 1959-2001
47.14 'The Sexual History of Jake Blue,' typescript draft with extensive edits, circa 1960s
47.15 Clippings and printouts of articles by and about Doris Lessing, 1961-2006
47.16 'Arguments: A Historical Romance,' typed playscript with edits, circa 1970s
47.17 'A Visit with Rose,' photocopy typed playscript, BBC production, circa 1983
47.18 Letter to Sigal (New York Times Book Review) from Kate Delano Condax re Doris Lessing, 12 April 1992
47.19 'Friendship, Friendship, Just a Perfect Friendship,' three photocopies of unpublished playscript with light edits, undated
47.20 'How to Live with a Lady Writer: First Lesson, Don’t Call Her a Lady Writer,' printout and typescript draft fragments with light edits, undated
47.21 'Lunch with Rose,' fictionalized portrayal of Lessing and their relationship, typescript draft with light corrections, undated
47.22 Untitled draft fragments, typescripts and printouts, undated
48.1 Lessing, Peter, 1957
48.2 Marco-Muhammad, 1962-1999
48.3 Mulligan, Jim, 'The Four Minute Warning' printout draft of short story, 30 October 1989
48.4 O’Connor-Osmond, 1989-2002
48.5 Pawley-Purslow, 1963-2002
48.6 Persily, Jennie, correspondence including Leo Sigal and Faye Levinson; printout letter from Sigal to Jennie written after her death, printout draft of biographical work on Jennie by Sigal, 1940, 1959, undated
49.1 Radford-Rosenberg, 1987-2008, undated
49.2-4, osf 1-2 Robbins, Harold, typescripts, correspondence about Robbins, handwritten notes and clippings, April 1968-1990s, undated
49.5 Sakol-Sweezy, 1963-2005, undated
49.6 Solomon, Barbara Probst, correspondence, clippings, and photograph; typescript by John S Friedman, 1964-1991
50.1-2 Sigal, Leo, 1934-1999
50.3 Tackaberry-Vincent, 1975-2007
50.4-5 Walters, Margaret, 1975-2000
50.6 Walter-Yost, 1960-2001
50.7 Wellbaum, Sam, 1992-1997
50.8 Unidentified, (2 letters), 1989, undated

Series V. Clippings, 1958-2005

51.1 1958-1966
51.2 1958-1986, bound volume
51.3-4 1960-2003
51.5-6 1966-1986, disbound dossier
52.1-3 1970-2003
52.4 1975-1979
52.5 1975-1992
52.6-7 1976-1986
53.1 1980-1989
53.2 1983
53.3 1984
53.4 1985-1989
53.5 1988-1993
53.6 1990-2007, undated
Book Reviews
53.7 Assorted, 1959-1987
54.1 Assorted, 1977-1992
osb 55 Los Angeles Book Review, 1999-2005
54.2 New York Review of Books, 1965-1966
54.3 Encounter magazine issues, 1960-1961
54.4 Film, television, and theatre reviews, 1960-1992
54.5 Guardian articles, 1977-2001, undated
54.6 Hollywood Diary Guardian articles, 1989-1994
54.7 Interviews, 1966-1984
54.8 Letters to the editor, 1959, 1991-1995
54.9 Los Angeles Times, 1981-2001
54.10, osb 56 The Milford Cabinet Newspaper, 26 September 1963
54.10 Monteith Journal newsletter and The New Society newspaper, 1962
54.11 New York Times Op-Eds, 1975-1995
54.12 Obituaries, 1980-1990

Index of Correspondents

  • Agauro, 'Bob'--31.7
  • Ahmanson, Kathleen Holser--29.9, 43.1
  • Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.--44.5
  • Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill--44.5
  • Algren, Nelson, 1909-1981--43.1
  • Allan, Mayer (Buzz)--44.5
  • Allard, John--43.1
  • Ambrose Appelbe & Pyke--50.5
  • Amoore, Patrick--43.1
  • Anderson, Charlotte--29.9
  • Arnold, Dexter--8.5
  • Astor, David, Hon., 1912-2001--43.1
  • The Atlantic Monthly Press--4.1, 34.1, 44.4
  • Attenborough, Richard, 1923- --43.1
  • Attenborough, Sheila--43.1
  • Bachrack, S.--29.9
  • Bacon, John E. (Central Intelligence Agency)--25.6
  • Balint, Enid--43.6-9
  • Balliett, Whitney-43.2
  • Barber, Edwin (W. W. Norton & Company)--4.1
  • Barley, Alison--(Martin Secker & Warburg)--4.19
  • Barnett, Marian (center theatre group)--22.1
  • Bateson, Joy B. (PKL Limited)--43.2
  • BBC TV--44.5
  • Berkovitz, Robert--6.1, 8.5, 11.2, 26.2, 43.3
  • Bernheim, Alain--44.10
  • Berschtel, Sara (Metropolitan)--12.3
  • Bershtel, Sara (Metropolitan Books)--44.4
  • Biggers, Jeff, 1963- --12.4
  • Binni, Francesco--43.4
  • Blades, John, 1936- --15.2
  • Bloomsbury--3.10
  • Blythe, Will (Esquire)--4.1
  • Boehmer, Peter J.--4.16
  • Boggs, Grace Lee--43.5
  • Boudin, Leonard, 1912-1989--43.2
  • Boult, Reber--46.4
  • Breines, Paul, 1941- --43.2
  • Breslow, Paul--43.2
  • British Broadcasting Corporation--44.5
  • Broberg, Jan, 1932- --23.4-5
  • Broecker, Nourene S.--34.1
  • Broms, Anita--34.1
  • Brooks, Rosetta--29.9
  • Brophy, Joseph (Harper Collins Publishers)--4.1
  • Brown Tina (The New Yorker)--44.4-5
  • Brown, Fred--50.1
  • Brown, Kenneth H.--43.2
  • Buckley, Sylvia--4.10
  • Burbidge, J. G.--4.16
  • Butler, Jason--12.6
  • Buzz--44.5
  • The Cabinet Press, Inc.--1.7
  • Cade, Scott--16.12
  • Cahill, Joseph--44.1
  • Calder, Liz (Bloomsbury)--3.10
  • Callil, Carmen (Chatto & Windus)--3.10
  • Campbell, Beatrix--44.1
  • Carlson, Eleanor--44.1
  • Carnegie Fund for Authors--53.7
  • Caroles--16.5
  • Cavin, Bram--53.14
  • Central Intelligence Agency--23.1, 25.6
  • Century Hutchinson Publishing Group, Ltd--44.5
  • Chatto & Windus--3.10
  • Chavin, Phil--42.1
  • Chavin, Philip--26.2
  • Codrington, Sally--44.1
  • Cohen, Dr.--4.21
  • Cohen, Mike--44.1
  • Condex, Kate Delano (Kate Delano Condax & Associates)--47.17
  • Conley, Thomas F. (Department of the Army)--25.6
  • Cooper, D. G. (David Graham), 1931-1986--13.3
  • Cottle, Thomas J.--44.1, 49.5
  • Cotton, Oliver--44.2
  • Crawford, Claudia, 1928- --32.2
  • Croft, Debbie--34.1
  • Crossley, Brendon--4.13
  • Crown Publishing Group--4.1
  • Culver, Thomas--9.3
  • Curtis, Michael C. (The Atlantic Monthly)--4.1, 44.5
  • Cutler, L. W.--34.1
  • Czubiak, Nelda B.--29.9
  • Daley, Anthony H.--4.12
  • Darvin, Manny--44.3
  • David Grossman Literary Agency--4.1
  • ‘David’--16.5
  • Davidson, Mark, -2005--29.9
  • Davis, Bea--10.1
  • Davis, Joe--44.3
  • Davis, Sylvia--44.3, 45.18
  • De Santillana, Dorothy--49.5
  • Dee-Howell, Lisa--44.5
  • Denne, Dick--16.12
  • Dixler, Elser (The Nation)--44.4
  • Doherty, Jack--4.11
  • Dolin, Arnold (Penguin Books USA )--3.10
  • Doris, Grumbach--8.5, 44.7
  • Dorothy, Brendon--4.16
  • Dunant, Sarah--44.3
  • Edmonds, Robin--44.5
  • Edwards, Anne, 1927--44.5
  • Efaw, Fritz--16.6, 16.10
  • Elias, Michael--58.3
  • Ellison, Nick--11.3, 16.8
  • Engelhardt, Tom, 1944- (Pantheon Books)--44.5
  • Engelson, Joyce (Crown Publishers, Inc.)--4.1
  • English Stage Company--44.5
  • Esquire--4.1
  • Essie, “Aunt”--57.5
  • Evans, Peter (Dept. of English, University of Newcastle upon Tyne)--31.2
  • Ewalt, Mark--4.21
  • Fabian Society--20.2
  • Fanger, Donald--44.6
  • Fanger, Margo--44.6
  • Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc.--3.10, 44.4
  • Findlater, Richard--16.5
  • Fitzgerald, Jim (St. Martin’s Press, Inc.)--4.1
  • FitzGibbon, Constantine, 1919- --44.6
  • Follet, Ken--44.6
  • Forster, E. M. (Edward Morgan), 1879-1970--44.6
  • Foster, Douglas (Mother Jones)--40.4
  • Frances Goldin Literary Agent--2.8, 3.10, 4.1, 7.8, 16.11, 44.7
  • Francis (The New Statesman)--16.5
  • Fraser, Ronald, 1930-2012--44.6
  • French, Phillip--44.6
  • Fritz, Efaw--16.12
  • Fromsen, Murray--31.8
  • Furr, Grover--16.12
  • Gabrielski, Robert--8.5
  • Gade, Glenn--16.5
  • Gaess, Roger, 1943- --16.6
  • Gavron, Daniel--44.7
  • Gibbon, Pete--4.16
  • Gillespie (San Francisco Review of Books)--44.4
  • Gillian--50.3
  • Gittelson, Natalie--44.5
  • Glickman, Harriet--29.9, 44.8
  • Goldfarb, Robert--44.7, 49.3-4
  • Goldin, Frances--see Frances Goldin Literary Agent
  • Gopnik, Adam (The New Yorker)--44.4
  • Gosling, Nigel--44.7
  • Gould, Tony--50.3
  • Graham, Caroline (The New Yorker)--44.4
  • Greene, Elaine (Elaine Greene Ltd. Literary Agency)--44.7
  • Griffiths, Trevor--44.7
  • Grossman, David--4.1
  • Grossman, Ronald P.--6.5, 44.7
  • Grumbach, Doris--44.7
  • Håkanson, Jan--16.7
  • Haldeman, H. R. (Harry R.), 1926-1993--3.10
  • Hall, Stuart, 1932- --24.5
  • Hamish Hamilton Ltd.--4.1
  • Harper Collins Publishers--4.1
  • Harper’s--44.5
  • Harper's Magazine--34.1
  • Hatton, Maurice--44.10
  • Hayes, Dade--44.9
  • Hayes, Thomas Lee, 1932- --16.5
  • Headley, Betsy--4.16
  • Hebdige, Dick--16.12
  • Heinz, Norden--16.6
  • Herbert, Gold--8.5
  • Heron, Kim (The New Yorker)--44.4
  • Heston, Charlton--44.9
  • Hetty, Vorhaus--16.5
  • Hewitt, Patricia, 1948- --44.9
  • Hill, Mar--34.1
  • Hodge Jones & Allen--50.5
  • Hodge, Henry--50.5
  • Hollick, Sue--44.9
  • Home Office Aliens Department--31.6
  • Hopkins, Elle--44.9
  • House, Gordon (British Broadcasting Corporation)--44.5
  • Howard, Gerald (Doubleday)--12.3
  • Howe, E. Graham--44.9
  • Howells, Kim Scott, 1946- --44.9
  • Huerta, Dolores--8.5
  • In These Times--44.5
  • Interview--44.5
  • Isaacs, Stan--45.1
  • Jack Easy & Partners--50.5
  • James, C. L. R. (Cyril Lionel Robert), 1901-1989--45.3
  • Jeannie Sakol--see Crawford, Claudia, 1928-
  • Joel, Joey--45.2
  • Johannessen, Joy (Harper Collins Publisher)--3.11
  • Jones, Kate (Hamish Hamilton Ltd.)--4.1
  • Jones, Mervyn, 1922-2010--34.5, 45.5
  • Jordan, Eileen Herbert (Today’s Woman)--34.1
  • Kaetz, Deborah--49.3-4
  • Kalish, Saul L. (Board of Education, The City of New York)--49.3-4
  • Kate Delano Condax & Associates--47.17
  • Kathleen, Lilly--6.1
  • Katz, Deborah--49.4
  • Kavan, Jan, 1946- --45.6
  • Kelly, Clarence M.(United States Department of Justice)--25.6
  • Kemp, James Andrew--19.5
  • Kibbe, Eleanor--45.6
  • Kizer, Carolyn--45.6
  • Kjelshus, Eddie H. (Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration)--49.3-4
  • Kohn, E. C.--43.1
  • Kramer, Laurence David--45.6
  • Kramer, Sydelle (Little, Brown, and Company; Frances Goldin)--3.10, 4.1
  • Kriegel, Leonard, 1933- --29.1, 32.1
  • Kroll, Lucy--26.2
  • La Penta, Joseph--1.7
  • Lahr, John, 1941- --11.3, 16.12, 45.13
  • Laing, Adrian--59.2-3
  • Laing, R. D. (Ronald David), 1927-1989--14.4, 45.9-10
  • Landis, James (William Morrow and Company)--3.10
  • Lane, Gloria, 1932- --49.14
  • Langguth, A. J., 1933- --45.13
  • Lawson, Jeff--45.13
  • Lee, Carol--45.13
  • Leff, Phyliss--45.13
  • Leigh, Lis--10.6, 16.12, 46.1-5
  • Lepofsky, Max R.--49.3-4
  • Lessing, Doris, 1919- --47.13, 50.1
  • Lessing, Peter--48.1
  • Levinson, Faye--48.15
  • Levitt, William Haskell (Bill)--45.13
  • Lewis, Anthony, 1927-2013--3.10
  • Lewis, Rae--45.9
  • Little, Brown, and Company--3.10
  • Lopez, Ken--16.12
  • Lowenthal, Zvi (The New York Times Book Review)--47.6
  • Luedtke, Luther S.--32.1
  • Magid, Marion--44.5
  • Manny, Darvin--44.4
  • Marco, Gordon De--48.2
  • Maroney, Kevin--44.9
  • Marshal, Walt--16.6
  • Martin Secker & Warburg--4.19
  • Matles, Jim--48.2
  • Maurice, Hatton (center theatre group)--34.18
  • Mayer, Allan (Buzz)--44.5
  • Mayfield, Sara--48.2
  • Mayhew, Alice E. (Simon & Schuster)--4.1
  • McCall’s--44.5
  • McCreight, Allen H. (United States Department of Justice)--53.1
  • McDannel, Liz--30.2
  • McDonough, Don--16.6
  • McGoran, Maeve--23.3
  • McLaughlin, Charles--48.2
  • Meals, George--18.2
  • Mecke, Theodore H., Jr. (Ford Motor Company)--49.3-4
  • Metropolitan Books--44.5
  • Meyer, Constance--30.9
  • Michener, Charles--4.1
  • Mitchell, C. C.--6.2
  • Mitchell, Juliet, 1940- --48.2
  • Moberg, David--48.2
  • Monthly Review Foundation--49.5
  • Moore, Rosemary--14.5
  • Mother Jones--44.5, 40.4
  • Mullan, Bob--46.5
  • Mulligan, Jim--48.3
  • The Nation--44.4
  • The New Yorker--44.4, 25.3
  • Nelson, Bryce (University of Southern California)--21.6, 29.1, 32.1
  • Norden, Heinz, 1905-1978--16.6
  • North, John--4.16
  • O'Connor, Patrick--48.4
  • O'Grady, Selina (Free Association Books)--14.4
  • Olivier, Tarquin, 1936- --48.4
  • Oorschot, G. A. van (Geert A.), 1909-1987--27.4
  • Orliss, Maret--12.6
  • Osmond, John--48.4
  • Owens, George W. (Central Intelligence Agency)--53.1
  • Pantheon Books--44.4
  • Parry, Joseph (University Press Inc.)--11.3
  • Partisan Review--44.4
  • Pattisson, John G.--50.6
  • Pawley, Martin--48.5
  • Penguin Books USA--3.10
  • Persily, Jennie--48.6
  • Pfefferblit, Elaine (Poseidon Press)--4.1
  • Phillips, William (Partisan Review)--44.4
  • Pierson, Frank R. (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)--48.5
  • Piper, Anne--48.5
  • Polner, Murray (Present Tense)--44.4
  • Poseidon Press--4.1
  • Prashker, Betty A. (Crown Publishing Group)--4.1
  • Present Tense--44.4
  • Pritchard, Gwynn--48.5
  • Pryor, Roberta--48.5
  • Purslow, Louise (BBC)--48.5
  • Putter, Ben--57.5
  • Pyatok, Richard--16.5
  • Racine, Dan--8.5
  • Radford, Tim, 1940- --49.1
  • Rains, Herb--16.5
  • Rascoe, Judith--9.5, 16.12, 29.5, 49.1
  • Ravenel, Shannon (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill)--11.3, 44.5, 52.3
  • Rector, Jeff--11.2
  • Redgrave, Vanessa, 1937- --49.1
  • Reid, Brenda (BBC TV)--35.3
  • Reid, Jeff (In These Times)--44.5
  • Reisz, Karel--49.1
  • Renee, (G. F. N. Productions, Inc.)--49.1
  • Richardson, Donald W. (Department of the Air Force)--25.6
  • Ring, Frances--49.1
  • Ritchie, Rob (Royal Court Theatre)--44.5
  • Ritz, Barbara--49.1
  • Robinson, Colin--11.3, 12.4, 8.4
  • Rockwell, Joan--49.1
  • Rodker, Joan--49.1
  • Rogan, Helen (Harper’s)--44.5
  • Rosenberg, Max J., 1914-2004--49.1
  • Rosenthal, Marshall--6.2
  • Rotch, William B. (The Cabinet Press, Inc.)--31.4
  • Rothenberg, William L. (Carnegie Fund for Authors)--29.1
  • Royal Court Theatre--44.5
  • Rubin, Bonnie Miller--10.1
  • Sakol, Jeannie--49.5
  • Sale, Faith (G. P. Putnam’s Sons)--4.1
  • Salinsky, John--43.6
  • Sampley, Stephen--31.2
  • San Francisco Review of Books--44.4
  • Santillana de, Dorothy--49.5
  • Scholder, Amy--11.2-3, 12.3-4
  • Schutz, John A., 1919- --32.1
  • Schwartz, Norton--29.9
  • Scott, Ann (BBC TV)--44.5
  • Shaffer, Ralph E.--29.9
  • Sharrow, Sheba--49.5
  • Shiloh, Benjamin (Benny)--49.5
  • Shirley--49.5
  • Siagon, In Queen Anne Street--16.12
  • Sidey, Paul (Century Hutchinson Publishing Group, Ltd)--44.5, 3.10
  • Sigal, Jennie--See Persily, Jennie
  • Sigal, Leo--50.1-2
  • Simon & Schuster--4.1
  • Simonelli, C. F. (Technicolor, Inc.)--49.4
  • Sister Maureen--48.2
  • ‘SLA’--16.12
  • Solomon, Barbara Probst--12.4, 16.12, 49.6, 50.4
  • Souquet, Nicole--49.5
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  • St. Martin’s Press, Inc.--4.1
  • Steve--49.5
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  • ‘Sweetheart’--4.3
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  • United States Federal Bureau of Investigation--53.1
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  • _____, 'Bill'--31.8
  • _____, 'Bob'--11.2
  • _____, 'C. S.'--16.6
  • _____, 'Dave'--12.4
  • _____, 'Denise'--16.6
  • _____, 'Eleanor'--44.6
  • _____, 'Ian'--16.12
  • _____, 'Irene'--16.5
  • _____, 'Joan'--45.2, 62.7
  • _____, 'J. T.'--45.2
  • _____, 'Marina'--30.4
  • _____, 'Mark'--57.5
  • _____, 'Nick'--27.3
  • _____, 'Norbert'--49.5
  • _____, 'Sandy'--16.6
  • _____, 'Walter'--50.6

Index of Works

Arranged by title. This index includes chapter drafts and draft fragments.

  • An Abuse of Hospitality--20.3
  • Address to the Fabians--20.2
  • Afternoon of a Socialist--20.3
  • All the President's Men--32.5
  • Arguments: A Historical Romance--47.16
  • Arguments--21.1
  • Arriving Where We Started--49.6
  • Ashcroft--20.3
  • The Best Die Young--see Death and the Left
  • Blasts, Briefcases, and Stiff Upper Lips--20.3
  • The Break-In--29.6
  • Brendan and Mr. Beckett--43.10
  • Brendan Behan--43.10
  • Cable Street--47.4
  • Ceiling and the Spike--20.3
  • Ceiling Spike--3.1-3
  • Christian Love--20.3
  • Clusters--25.2
  • Corpuscle Quartet Rides Again t--20.3
  • Craig's Wife--30.1
  • Death and the Left--20.3
  • Death and the Left--4.9
  • Behemoth--43.10
  • Distractions--20.3
  • Dolores--20.3
  • Double Focus--1.1
  • Down Among the Cannibals--20.3
  • The Dying Engineer--20.3
  • Eat Your Heart Out--21.1
  • Eleven Plus Jungle--47.5
  • English Montage--20.4
  • Fall from Grace--20.4
  • Fridays are the Best of All--20.4
  • Friendship, Friendship, Just a Perfect Friendship--47.21
  • General--43.10
  • Girl Named Marvin A--20.5
  • Girl on a Roof--20.5
  • Going Away, the Prequel--20.5
  • Going Away--1.2-8
  • Going With What You've Got--see Piecework
  • Good Time Girl--20.5
  • Goodbye if You Call it Gone, unfinished work by Grover Lewis--45.9
  • Hail the Blue and Gold!--29.6
  • Haldeman, Ehrlichman, and the Rest of Us: A Los Angeles Log--32.5
  • Himmler in London--16.13
  • His Girl Friday, or The Last Remake of the Front Page--30.3
  • Hollywood Diary Guardian articles--20.5
  • How to Live with a Lady Writer: First Lesson, Don’t Call Her a Lady--47.19
  • How to Make a Rubber Gun--20.5
  • In Pursuit of Saul Green--20.5
  • Indian and Charley--20.5
  • Introduction to Weekend in Dinlock--4.20
  • Jack and Sally: A Chicago Love Story--1.9
  • Joseph Cotton--20.9
  • Joy to the World Good Will Towards Men--47.3
  • King’s Road, The--see Uses of Treason
  • The Language of the Soul--20.6
  • Lies of Love--20.6
  • The Life and Times of Brendan Behan--43.10
  • Lillian Gish--20.9
  • Little Big Horn--21.2
  • London Ley Lines of an L.A. Layabout--20.6
  • Los Angeles: The Rainbow City--20.6
  • Loud Bark and Curious Eyes, copy of thesis by George Garrigues--30.5-6
  • Love and the Irish Question--21.2
  • Love Story--20.6
  • Lunch with Rose--47.18
  • Mafioso and the Social Democrat--20.6
  • Marion and Annie--20.6
  • Matinee Idyll--21.2
  • May--20.6
  • Mister Beckett--20.6
  • Mullaly--20.6
  • My Own Foreign Legion--20.6
  • My Watergate Hangup--see Revenge of the Commie Nerds
  • Nelson Algren--43.1
  • Night Out on the Flatbrush--20.7
  • The Night Paramount Burned, by Sam Jaffe as told to Sam Locke--26.9
  • Nora Sayre--20.9
  • The Novel--20.8
  • Old Pals--21.2
  • On the Ropes--20.9
  • Operator--20.9
  • Ota Katz--20.9
  • Over the Edge in Hollywood--20.10
  • Perfect Stranger--2.1
  • Picking Up Where I Left Off--3.5-8
  • Piecework--2.2-8
  • Politics of Love--21.5
  • The Professional--49.4
  • Psychosomatic Autobiography--31.1
  • The Questions--21.5
  • The Redhead from Yellowstone by Carl Fredricks, pseudonymously titled--21.5
  • Reluctant Hunt--21.5
  • Reporting Los Angeles in Crisis-and After--21.5
  • Reunion--31.3
  • Revenge of the Commie Nerds--32.7-11
  • Review of Elsa Lanchester--21.5
  • Review of Guide to Chicago Neighborhoods--21.6
  • Review of Socialism: Past and Present by Michael Harrington--21.5
  • Review of The Life of Dashiel Hammett by Diane Johnson--21.5
  • Review of You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again by Julia Philips--21.5
  • The Romancers--1.4
  • Scales--21.2
  • Second Hand Kid t--22.1
  • Secret Defector--3.10-4.5
  • The Sexual History of Jake Blue--47.14
  • Shirley Temple--20.9
  • Song of the Open Road--22.1
  • Stones--22.1
  • Sudden Death, screenplay adaptation of A Night out on Flatbush--22.1
  • Suicide and the Left--20.3
  • Sunset Strip Demon--26.7
  • Talk with Brendan--43.10
  • The Thousand Horses--22.2
  • ‘30’--21.3
  • Tom Sawyer and the Jewish Question--8.3
  • True (Red) Grit: Paul Jarrico--45.2
  • Two Cats on a Mantlepiece [sic]--22.2
  • Two Conversations--22.2
  • Typewriter Music--22.2
  • Unidentified draft fragment--26.9
  • Untitled draft fragment, account of moving to England--42.2
  • Untitled draft fragments--22.5-6, 47.20
  • Untitled drafts--22.3-4
  • Untitled--47.8
  • Up North--22.2
  • Uses of Treason--15.1-19.6
    • Deserters--16.13
    • The American Deserters--16.13
    • Anxiety: A Love Story--16.13
    • 'The Deserter Story,'--16.13
    • G. I. Bonnie--16.13
    • GI Blues--20.5
    • 'Guy Fawkes' Notebook--16.13
    • The Guys Speak for themselves--16.13
    • Interview with George Meals--18.2
    • Last Train to Stockholm--16.13
    • London, 1969-1973--16.13
    • The Lost Boys of Queen Anne Street--17.1
    • Paris Blues--17.2
    • The Rebel--17.2
    • ‘The Real Peace Movement’--17.2
    • Saigon, in Queen Anne Street--17.2
    • sp/4 Gary Mark--17.2
    • Stationmaster--17.3-4
    • Untitled draft--17.6
    • Untitled draft fragments--17.7-18.1
  • The Virginian--26.9
  • Visit with Rose A--47.22
  • Volnak--17.5
  • Warren the Deserter--17.5
  • Which Side are you on--17.5
  • Who Pays the Taxi Driver--17.5
  • Watergate Summer 75--29.6
  • Where's Charley?--21.4
  • Winning Team--21.4
  • The Women in His Life--21.4
  • The War of Ehrlichman's Jaw--33.1
  • Way out West with the Deacon--22.2
  • Weekend in Dinlock--4.6-22
  • Who was I? Who I Am--22.2
  • A Woman of Uncertain Character, A--5.1-12.7
  • Woman of Uncertain Character, chapter drafts:
    • Amy's Edit--11.4-5
    • Anxiety: A Love Story--10.3
    • Autobiographical timeline--7.2
    • The Autobiography of Clancy Sigal--10.6
    • Awake--10.5
    • The Best Die Young--8.7
    • The Big Secret Revealed--11.1
    • The Big Store--9.4, 10.1
    • Blossoms in the Dust--9.4
    • The Bomb in the Bed, Mom's Lover--9.4
    • A Boys Paradise in a Grownups' Hell--9.6
    • The Break In--8.7
    • A Cultural Note--6.5
    • The Candy Lady--5.6
    • The Case of C...S...--6.3
    • The City Does Not Yield It's Heart Easily to Strangers--6.3
    • Come Out You Damn Whore--8.7
    • Coming Out of the Maize, At 70--6.6-7.1
    • Coming Through--10.2
    • Crime Without Punishment--8.7, 11.1
    • Damned Whore--9.4
    • Dear Mom--6.6-7.1
    • Dear Mom--8.5
    • Die Yankee Dog! The Permanent Soldier--10.1
    • Distractions--8.7
    • Distractions--9.4
    • Divorce, Chicago Style--10.1
    • Dowun Sowuth--7.7
    • The End of the Endless Summer--9.3, 10.1
    • Fallatio--8.7
    • Family Poker--6.2
    • Fighting It Out--6.6-7.1
    • The First 75 Years, Jennie--7.7
    • Glimpses from My Mother's Life--6.3
    • Good Lives--6.3
    • Hail, Blue and Gold--8.7
    • The Heart is a Gregarious Hunter--9.1, 9.4
    • Hey Boppa Re Bop--8.7
    • Hidden Hearts, Crow--10.5
    • How Harold Robbins Saved My Life--10.3
    • How I Caused the Watergate Scandal--8.7, 9.4
    • How I Got the News of My Mother's Death--10.2
    • How it Began--10.5
    • How Joe Was Born--10.5
    • How They Met--8.6
    • Howland--6.2
    • If It's not Jewish Self-Hatred What is It?--8.7
    • Inside Jennies Head--6.5
    • Intimacy Issues--10.2
    • Inventing Clarence--6.3
    • The Invisible Man's Revenge--6.5
    • Jennie and the Women--9.3
    • Jennie Dowun Sowuth--8.5, 8.7, 10.6
    • Jennie in the Snow--10.1
    • Jennie in the Sun--8.7
    • Jennie's Last Hurrah--10.1
    • Jennie's Man--10.3
    • Jennie's Woman--9.1-2
    • Jews of Prague!--10.3
    • Joe’s Book: An Autobiography of Clancy Sigal--11.1
    • Joe's my Son--11.1
    • Killing in Gary--6.5
    • Lawndale--8.7
    • Leo Sigal's Mystery--11.2
    • Letter to My Mother--6.6-7.1
    • Libel--20.6
    • The Light in London--10.3
    • Limbo and Beyond--10.4
    • London Ley Lines of an L. A. Layabout, A Soldier’s Story--8.5
    • Love and the IND Train--10.4
    • The Man Who Hated Change--6.3
    • Missing Daddy--8.7
    • Mister Average--11.1
    • Mom Me and the Movies--9.4
    • Mom's History--8.6
    • My Daddy--9.1, 9.4
    • My Freedom Summer--10.3, 20.6
    • My Main Butcher--9.4, 10.1
    • Naming Names--9.4
    • The Navy Pilots Tale--8.7
    • Need I Say More--8.5
    • New Boy on the Block--20.7
    • Nickle Movies--11.1
    • 1963--20.8
    • A Normal Life--10.6
    • Novel, the typescript with edits--20.7
    • Osama Bin Leiberman--8.7, 9.1, 9.4
    • Out of the Loop: A Chicago Journal--6.6-7.1, 8.5
    • Over the Edge in Hollywood--20.10
    • Percy Comes Home--10.3
    • The Permanent Soldier--6.5, 8.7
    • The Physical Side of Love--7.7, 10.6
    • Picking Up Where I left Off--8.5
    • Plan of the Book--6.4
    • Preface to Joe's Book--10.2
    • The Reality Principle--11.3
    • Red Diaper Baby--11.2
    • Red Hair Red Lips--11.2
    • Red Hair Scarlet Lips--8.6
    • Red is the Color of Memory--10.6, 11.1
    • Review of Guide to Chicago Neighborhoods by Ron Grossman--21.6
    • Rip Van Winkle--10.5
    • Roosevelt Road: A Chicago Memoir--6.6-7.1
    • Rough Notes on Fatherhood--10.6
    • Sadie Cookie Bomb in the Head--9.4
    • Sadie, Distractions--9.1
    • Sadie--9.4
    • Scarlet Woman--11.2
    • The Second Hand Kid--8.5
    • Sex and the City--9.6
    • Short Talk with a Negro Nationalist--6.6-7.1
    • Sigal's Personal Pit-Stop Guide to Little Zones of Wonder in Los Angeles--22.1
    • Sonny Boy--6.6-7.1
    • A Statement of Faith--10.2
    • Strange Life of Liberal England, T--22.1
    • Street Fighter in Love--10.5
    • Students and Kids--22.1
    • The Suicide Club--10.3
    • Sundays in the Museum with Seurat--8.3
    • Their Last Fling--10.2
    • They Get You in the Place You Live--10.5
    • The Three Caballeros--33.1
    • Tom Sawyer and the Jewish Question--6.5
    • Untitled draft fragments--10.6
    • Venus Among the Hobos--9.1, 9.4
    • Venus in Hobo Heaven--6.5
    • Venus' Lover My Daddy--9.1, 9.4
    • Venus Observing Metro Goldwyn Mayer's Truth Serum--10.1
    • Venus Unmasked--10.1
    • Voices, Sex and the City--10.6
    • Vulnerable Vultures--10.2
    • West Hollywood Blues--10.2
    • Who is Clancy Sigal?--9.3
    • Wimmin Men and Anyone In Between--10.4-5
    • The Women Speak for Themselves--33.1
    • Writer fucker--22.2
    • Yom Kippur Blues--10.5
  • Writer--47.19
  • Writers and Lovers--see Piecework
  • Yankel, the D. P. Stops a Race Riot--22.2
  • You be Careful--22.2
  • Zone of the Interior--13.1-17