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T. J. (Thomas James) Cobden-Sanderson:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Cobden-Sanderson, T. J. (Thomas James), 1840-1922
Title: T. J. (Thomas James) Cobden-Sanderson Collection
Dates: 1840-1928, undated
Abstract: Includes manuscripts and letters written by T. J. Cobden-Sanderson, the English artist, bookbinder, and printer who was a co-founder of the Doves Press. Also present is some of his incoming correspondence, as well as Cobden and Sanderson family papers.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-0835
Extent: 3 boxes (1.26 linear feet), 1 oversize folder (osf)
Language: English
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center



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Joan Sibley and Jamie Hawkins-Kirkham, 2011

Note: This finding aid replicates and replaces information previously available only in a card catalog. Please see the explanatory note at the end of this finding aid for information regarding the arrangement of the manuscripts as well as the abbreviations commonly used in descriptions.

Container List


1.1 Announcement of a series of lectures by Prince Kropotkin, signed handwritten manuscript, 3 pages, undated.
1.2 Art and life, handwritten manuscript, 93 pages, undated.
1.3 Arts and crafts, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 96 pages, undated.
1.4 Bindings from the point of view of decoration may be divided into two main divisions…, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 46 pages, 20 November 1889.
1.5 The book beautiful, signed handwritten manuscript with few revisions, 60 leaves, 1892.
1.6 Cosmic vision, typescript with handwritten revisions, 125 pages; typescript / duplicate pages, 71 pages; 1922.
1.1 The credo, handwritten manuscript, 10 pages, undated.
Doves Press initials, handwritten and printed designs, 10 pages, undated.
1.7 Doves Press specimen pages and bindings, printed pages, 40 pages, undated.
1.1 Lecture on cosmic vision, handwritten manuscript with corrections, 52 pages, undated.
Lecture on home rule for Ireland, handwritten manuscript with corrections, 6 pages, 15 December 1887. Given to the Home rule meeting at Hendon.
Lecture on home rule for Ireland, handwritten manuscript with corrections, 12 pages, 9 January 1888.
Lecture on land nationalization, handwritten manuscript, 9 pages, 21 December 1887. Given to the Hendon Liberal Club.
Lecture on protest, handwritten manuscript, 6 pages, 20 March 1899. Includes outline for public meeting.
2.1 Lecture on socialism old and new, handwritten manuscript with corrections, 26 pages, December 1887. Given to the Hendon Liberal Club. Written partially in another hand.
1.1 Lecture on Sunday opening of the Hendon Liberal Club, handwritten manuscript with corrections, 13 pages, 1887.
2.2 Lecture on the British ideal, handwritten manuscript with corrections, 36 pages, 10 April 1888. Given to the Hendon Debating Society.
1.1 Lecture on the self and mankind at large, handwritten manuscript, 12 pages, undated.
Lecture on William Morris, handwritten manuscript, 5 pages, 30 December 1887. Given to the Hendon Liberal Club.
London: part II, The city planned, pages 10-11, 4 proof sheets, 12 pages, 1897.
2.3 Metrical system of the Bible, handwritten manuscript, 12 pages, undated.
Miscellaneous notes, handwritten manuscript, 29 pages, undated.
The poet's epitaph, signed handwritten manuscript, 2 leaves, undated.
Priscilla's prayer, two handwritten manuscripts, 1 page, undated.
The Studio; Sunday evening readings:
2.4 Handwritten manuscript, 137 pages, February - March 1889. Topics: Socrates; Revival of learning; More's Utopia; Socialism.
2.3 Introduction, handwritten manuscript, 23 pages, 1887-1888.
Preface to the life of Socrates, handwritten manuscript, 3 pages, 13 January 1889.
Proposal, handwritten manuscript with corrections, 8 pages, 1888-1889.


2.5 ALS to unidentified recipient, undated.
ALS to unidentified recipient, 28 February 1901. Removed from A 232 C65 A4 HRC TAR.
ALS to Armour, George Allison, 7 February 1898. From the Wrenn Collection.
ALS, ALS / incomplete to Cobden-Sanderson, Richard, 4 June 1895, undated.
3 ALS, 6 ALI to Cobden-Sanderson, Stella, 1904-1908.
ALS to Haas, Meno, 19 September 1912.
2.6 37 ALS, 19 APCS to Johnston, Edward, 1900-1916.
2.5 ALS to Langdon, 13 November 1921.
2 ALS to Murray, Charles Fairfax, 2 June and 21 June 1889.
AL to Royen, van, undated.
ALI, AL to Schmidt, Erich, 25 September 1912, undated.
2.7 37 ALS, 3 APCS to Speyer, Edward, 1903-1921.
2.5 AL to The Star re the dock laborers' strike, 28 August 1889.
ALS to Trump, Mrs, 17 August 1909. Removed from PR 2750 B07 1909 TAR.


2.8 Benson, William Arthur Smith, 1854-1924. 2 ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 9 March 1885, 21 December 1890.
Besant, Annie Wood, 1847-1933. ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 8 June 1889.
Brooke, Stopford Augustus, 1832-1916. 4 ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 1911.
Burne-Jones, Edward Coley, Sir, 1833-1898. ALI to Cobden-Sanderson, 26 November 1868.
Burne-Jones, Georgiana MacDonald, d. 1920. 2 ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 14 November 1884, 31 July 1889.
Cockerell, Douglas. ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 13 May 1898.
2.9 Haas, Meno. 15 ALS, APCS to Cobden-Sanderson, 1911-1912, undated.
2.8 Holiday, Henry, 1839-1927. ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 21 January 1921.
L., W. W. ALI to Cobden-Sanderson, 9 July 1896.
Lethaby, William Richard, 1857-1931. ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, undated.
Methuen, Algernon Methuen-Marshall, 1856-1924. TLS to Cobden-Sanderson, 2 June 1902.
Nathan, Matthew, Sir, 1862-1939. ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 22 September 1913.
Osborn, Henry Fairfield. TLS to Cobden-Sanderson, 21 July 1913.
Prothero, George Walter, Sir, 1848-1922. ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 25 March 1914.
Robins, Elizabeth, 1862-1952. ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 10 April 1907.
Russell, John Francis Stanley Russell, 1865-1931. ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 23 December 1913.
Schmidt, Erich. 2 ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 18 September and 30 September 1912.
Sharp, Evelyn, 1869-1955. FLS to Cobden-Sanderson, Easter 1918.
Sickert, Thérèse. ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, undated.
Soissons, Guy Jean Raoul Eugène Charles Emmanuel de Savoie-Carignan, 1860- . ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, 26 February 1912.
Stowe, Lyman Beecher, 1880- . ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, undated.


2.10 Airlie, H. Blanche. ALS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 23 February 1918.
Bain, James Stoddart, 1872- . ALS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 2 October 1925.
Bellows, William. ALS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 5 January 1924. Enclosed is a receipt.
Bradley, Andrew Cecil, 1851-1935. 3 ALS, APCS to Cobden-Sanderson, T. J., 1926?, undated.
Cobden-Sanderson, Anne. ALS to Johnston, Edward re Cobden-Sanderson, 23 August 1926.
Cobden-Sanderson, T. J. (Thomas James), 1840-1922:
osf 1 Certificate commemorating the retirement of T. J. Cobden-Sanderson as Honorary Secretary of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, signed handwritten document, 2 pages, 15 January 1903. Enclosed: ALS from Alfred A. Longden to Cobden-Sanderson, 29 September 1903.
2.10 Deed and dissolution of partnership with Emery Walker, 3 pages, 23 July 1909.
3.1 Doves Bindery visitor's book, May 1896 - December 1938. Includes signatures of T. J. Cobden-Sanderson, Jane Morris, William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones, Emery Walker (crossed out in red), C. Elkin Mathews, Bertrand Russell, Charlotte Perkins Gilman Stetson, and many others. Bound by Doves Bindery in vellum, in a box by James Brockman. Not described in card catalog.
2.11 The Eastern and Colonial Association, papers relating to Cobden-Sanderson's directorship, composite handwritten, typed, and printed manuscript, 178 pages, 1897-1921. Includes correspondence.
2.10 Miscellaneous notes and draft fragments, handwritten manuscript, 18 pages, undated.
3.2 Notes on education, handwritten and printed manuscript, 69 pages, undated.
2.10 Notes on self-expression and self-sacrifice, handwritten manuscript, 10 pages, undated.
Notes on the history of books and libraries, handwritten manuscript, 8 pages, undated.
Notes on the vellum copies of Iphigenie auf Tauris and Asher and Co., handwritten manuscript with corrections, 12 pages; handwritten manuscript, 4 pages; undated.
Probate of the will of T. J. Cobden-Sanderson, signed handwritten and printed document, 6 pages, 7 September 1922.
Statement of claim in the matter of the estate of T. J. Cobden-Sanderson; between Emery Walker and Julia Sarah Ann Cobden-Sanderson (widow), signed document, 4 pages, 15 February 1923. Included is Advice on evidence, signed typed document, 3 pages, December 1923.
Du Morgan, S. E. ALS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 5 December 1884.
Fiedler, Professor. AN to Cobden-Sanderson, T. J., undated.
Hewitt, Graily, 1864- . ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, T. J., 10 July 1914.
Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910. ALS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 2 January 1908.
Huntington (Henry E.) Library and Art Gallery. 2 TLS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 5 April and 12 April 1926.
3.3 Mackail, John William, 1859-1945. APC to Cobden-Sanderson, T. J., 4 June 1915.
Mackail, John William, 1859-1945. ALI to Cobden-Sanderson, T. J., 6 October 1915.
Mackall, Leonard L. TLS to Cobden-Sanderson, T. J., 28 June 1914.
Maggs Brothers. TLS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 14 April 1924.
Mathews, Charles Myles. Certificate of ownership of 5052 shares in the Pioneering Mining, Milling, Power and Tunnel Co., signed handwritten and printed document, 1 page, 21 March 1916. In joint ownership with Mrs. Irene Baker.
Maude, Aylmer, 1858-1930. TLS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 2 March 1923.
Morax, René, 1873- . ALS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 28 February 1903.
Morris, May, 1862-1938. ALS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 13 September 1922.
Robins, Elizabeth, 1862-1952. ALS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 28 August 1926.
Royen, van. 8 ALS, APCS to Cobden-Sanderson, T. J., 1914-1915.
Russell, Mary Annett Beauchamp Russell, 1866-1914. 3 ALS to Sanderson, Anne Cobden, 1922-1924, undated.
Sanderson, Anne Cobden, d. 1926:
3.3 Executor's account of her estate, carbon typed document, 16 pages, January 1928.
Margaret Cobden, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
Receipt for the exclusive right to burial in the Hammersmith Borough cemetery, signed handwritten and printed document, 1 page, 20 April 1921.
3.4 Recipes, composite handwritten, typed, and carbon manuscript, 133 pages, undated. Laid in a Doves Press vellum binding.
3.3 Statement of the sale of shares of Consolidated Langlaagte Gold Mining shares, signed handwritten and printed document, 1 page, 2 October 1918.
TccL to Bellows, William, 4 January 1924.
Sanderson, James:
3.5 Commonplace book, handwritten manuscript, 93 pages, undated.
3.3 Hawker and Pedlars Inspector's Deputation, signed handwritten and printed document, 2 pages, 30 October 1840.
Sanderson, Mary Ann. Death certificate, signed handwritten and printed document, 2 pages, 30 June 1922.
Stewart, Frances Adler H. Death certificate, signed typed and printed document, 2 pages, 26 April 1922.
Walker, Emery, Sir, 1851-1933. Receipt for a copy of the Bible on vellum, in sheets, from T. J. Cobden-Sanderson, signed handwritten document, 1 page, 16 March 1909.
Whittingham (Charles) and Griggs Printers, Ltd. ALS to Whitworth, 4 February 1924.
Wilson, C. V. ALS to Cobden-Sanderson, T. J., 22 October 1899.

Explanatory Note Concerning Manuscript Collections Cataloged in the Card Catalog

Prior to 1990 when archival cataloging procedures were adopted at the Ransom Center, all manuscript collections were described in a card catalog.

Organization of Collections:

Manuscripts for each author collection were organized into four categories:

  • Works: manuscripts by the author, arranged alphabetically by title;
  • Letters: the author's outgoing correspondence, arranged alphabetically by recipient name;
  • Recipient: the author's incoming correspondence, arranged alphabetically by the author of the letter; and
  • Miscellaneous: all other manuscripts and correspondence, arranged alphabetically by creator.

Materials that did not fit into these categories, such as art, photographs, books, and near-print materials such as newspaper clippings, were dispersed to other Ransom Center collections for cataloging and storage.

Abbreviations Used in Descriptions:

The symbols below were used in combinations. For example ALS means autograph letter signed; Tccms means typed carbon copy manuscript, etc.

  • A = autograph (i.e., handwritten)
  • T = typed
  • S = signed
  • I = initialed
  • Ms = manuscript
  • Mss = manuscripts
  • L = letter
  • FL = form letter
  • N = note
  • D = document
  • C = card
  • PC = post card
  • cc = carbon copy
  • p = page
  • pp = pages
  • l = leaf
  • ll = leaves
  • nd = no date
  • inc d = incomplete date