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David Daiches:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Daiches, David, 1912-2005
Title: David Daiches Collection
Dates: 1941-1966, undated
Abstract: The collection of Scottish literary historian, critic, and scholar David Daiches consists mainly of manuscripts for a number of his critical works, essays, and reviews plus a small amount of correspondence.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-1039
Extent: 4 boxes (1.68 linear feet), 1 galley folder (gf)
Language: English
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center



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Joan Sibley and Michael Ramsey, 2011


This finding aid replicates and replaces information previously available only in a card catalog. Please see the explanatory note at the end of this finding aid for information regarding the arrangement of the manuscripts as well as the abbreviations commonly used in descriptions.

Container List


1.1 Burns as a world figure (for Scotland's Magazine), typescript with corrections and notes, 8 pages, undated.
Christopher North (originally a radio broadcast; later published in Literary Essays), carbon typescript with corrections and notes, 9 pages, August 1954.
1.2-2.2 A critical history of English literature, typescript with corrections and notes; some carbon / duplicate material, 2 volumes, undated. From Hanley II.
1.1 D. H. Lawrence (broadcast script), typescript with corrections and notes, 19 pages, 22 February 1962 (recording date). From Hanley II.
D. H. Lawrence (privately printed pamphlet), page proofs, 25 pages, 1963. From Hanley III.
English studies at the University of Sussex, typescript / draft with corrections, 3 pages, August 1962.
English studies in the school curriculum, typescript with corrections, 3 pages, 19 February 1963.
George Eliot: Middlemarch, typescript with corrections and notes, 39 pages, undated.
Introduction to Wuthering Heights (by) Emily Brontë (Penguin edition), typescript with revisions, 17 pages, undated.
Lincoln and Whitman (lecture to German Association for American Studies, Berlin, 10 June, 1965), typescript with revisions and note, 8 pages, undated.
Literature and education in the United States (British Academy lecture), typescript with revisions, 10 pages, 1965.
2.3 Mark Twain as Hamlet, typescript with revisions, 5 pages, 12 February 1963.
2.4 A matter of degree / titled Your candidate is improperly dressed (appeared in New Yorker), typescript and carbon typescript with corrections and notes, undated. From Hanley II.
2.5 Milton, typescript with corrections and deletions, note, printed inserts of segments of Milton's poetry, 302 pages, 1950. From Hanley II.
2.6 Milton (Ch. 1, 2, and most of 3), incomplete typescript with corrections and note, 114 pages, 1950; galley proofs with corrections, 128 pages. From Hanley II.
3.1 The novel / titled Chapter from The Present Age, carbon typescript with corrections and note, 33 pages (lacks pages 17-24, 38-39), undated. From Hanley II.
3.2 The opening of Paradise Lost (chapter for The Living Milton, edited by Frank Kermode), typescript with corrections, additions, and note, 10 pages, undated. From Hanley II.
2.3 The paradox of Scottish Culture: the eighteenth century experience (Whidden Lectures, 1964), typescript with revisions, 42 pages, 1964 (date published).
The place of literature in the Sussex scheme (published in The idea of a new university, edited by Daiches), typescript with revisions, 9 pages, 5 February 1963.
Review of James Hogg, a critical study, by Louis Simpson, typescript with corrections, 1 page, undated.
(Review of) Memoirs of a public baby by Philip O'Connor, carbon typescript with corrections, 1 page, undated. From Hanley II.
(Review of) My brother's keeper: James Joyce's early years by Stanislaus Joyce, typescript with note, 2 pages, undated.
Review (of) The cave and the mountain, by Wilfred Stone, typescript with corrections, 3 pages, undated.
(Review of) The Scots literary tradition: An essay in criticism by John Speirs, typescript with revisions, 1 page, undated.
(Review of) Scott's novels: the plotting of historical survival, by Frances R. Hart, typescript with revisions, 3 pages, 15 August 1966.
(Review of) of Scrutiny; reissued in 20 volumes with an index and retrospect, typescript with revisions, 4 pages, undated; carbon typescript with corrections, 4 pages, undated.
(Review of) Selected letters of Robert Frost, edited by Lawrence Thompson and Robert Frost; The aim was song, by Jean Gould, typescript with revisions, 3 pages, undated.
(Review of) Virginia Woolf's diary, typescript / first draft, 4 pages, undated.
Sir Herbert Grierson (script for memorial broadcast), typescript / original draft with corrections and note, January 1960.
Sketch for the New Yorker (Report of the Queen's visit to Cambridge to open the new Veterinary School), typescript / first draft with corrections, 3 pages, undated.
Some aspects of Milton's pastoral imagery (lecture in Venice, 1965), typescript with revisions and note, 10 pages, undated.
(Speech of introduction) Sir David Lindsay Kerr, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 1 page, undated.
(Speech of introduction) The Rt. Hon. the Viscount Radcliffe… (for honorary degree, University of Sussex), typescript with corrections, 1 page, undated.
Two Whitman catalogues, typescript with corrections, 2 pages, undated.
3.3 Two worlds, typescript with corrections and note, 205 pages, undated. From Hanley II.
gf 1 Two worlds, galley proofs with corrections and note, 59 pages, undated. From Hanley II.
3.4-5 Virginia Woolf, carbon typescript with corrections, 139 pages, 1942; composite handwritten and typescript / early draft with corrections, 70 pages, undated. From Hanley II.
3.6 Walt Whitman, Impressionist prophet, carbon typescript with corrections, 12 pages, undated. From Hanley II.
1.5 World literature in perspective: introduction, typescript / incomplete with revisions, 10 pages, January, 1966.

Works 1:

3.7 Scottish poetry of the 18th century, 5 typed and carbon manuscripts with corrections and notes, 1952-1955. Contents: The eighteenth century revival I (radio broadcast); The eighteenth century revival II; Robert Burns (radio broadcast); Song in Scotland III; The eighteenth century vernacular poets; Review of The Scottish tradition in literature by Kurt Wittig. From Hanley II.

Works 2:

3.8 Literary essays, typed and carbon manuscripts with corrections and notes, 1956 (publication date). Contents: Religion, poetry, and the "dilemma" of the modern writer; Guilt and justice in Shakespeare; Samuel Richardson; The "new criticism": Some qualifications; The writing of Scottish literary history. From Hanley II.

Works 3:

3.9-10 Robert Burns, typed and carbon manuscripts with corrections, 1959. Contents: spiral notebook of notes taken for book on Burns; typescript notes on Henry McKenzie's Anecdotes and Egotisms, 2 pages; typescript notes on Scots Gaelic literature, 4 pages; composite handwritten and typed notes from Thompson's book on Henry McKenzie, 7 pages; Robert Burns (British Council pamphlet); Robert Burns: Some bicentenary publications; Robert Burns: Some aspects of his character and genius; Robert Burns (written for The Scotsman); Robert Burns (written for The Sunday Times). From Hanley II.

Works 4:

4.1 A series of 20 corrected typescripts, handwritten, typed, and carbon manuscripts with corrections and notes, 1950-1962. Contents: Sir Herbert Grierson, 1866-1960; Hugh MacDiarmid: the early poems; (Review of) The Shakespeare first folio: Its bibliographical and textual history by W. W. Greg; Review of book of essays by Louis Kronenberg; Tentative outline of projected History of English Literature; Le bon David; Language and action in Marlowe's Tamburlaine; Imagery and meaning in Antony and Cleopatra; (Review of) The poems of Robert Fergusson; Review of Aladdin (pantomime); Mourning becomes O'Neill; (Review of) The decline and fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon, an abridgment by D. M. Low; American culture in Britain; (Review of) The English epic and its background by E. M. W. Tillyard; (Review of) The exiled heart by Maurice Lindsay and Interim report by Tom Wright; (Review of) In memoriam James Joyce: A vision of world language by Hugh MacDiarmid; Wordsworth, the romantic imagination and the cult of nature; The Brontës; (Review of) Anatomy of criticism by Northrup Frye; (Review of) On poetry and poets by T. S. Eliot. From Hanley II.

Works 5:

4.2 Translating the Hebrew Bible and other essays, typed and carbon manuscripts with corrections and notes, 1955-1961. Contents: Translating the Hebrew Bible; Burns as a world figure; Introduction (to A century of the essay); Introduction (to New Direction's edition of Kay Boyle's stories); A Cambridge dialogue; Drama (Chapter from The present age); Review of Andrew Wright's book on Jane Austen; (Review of) George Orwell by Laurence Brander; English in the universities; End of the heroic tradition; Review of David Craig's Scottish literature and Scottish people; Yellow and mauve. From Hanley II.


4.3 TLS to unidentified recipient, undated. From Hanley II.


4.3 Ferguson, John DeLancey. TLS to Daiches, David, 13 January 1950. From Hanley II.
Harcourt, Brace and Company, Inc. (Frank Morley). TLI to Daiches, David, 19 January 1942. From Hanley II.
Laughlin, James. TLS to Daiches, David, 3 July 1941. From Hanley II.
Rinehart and Company, Inc. (Emilie M. Wallace). 2 TLS to Daiches, David, 11 and 23 August 1950. From Hanley II.
Trilling, Lionel. TLS to Daiches, David, 27 March 1951. From Hanley II.

Explanatory Note Concerning Manuscript Collections Cataloged in the Card Catalog

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Organization of Collections:

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Abbreviations Used in Descriptions:

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  • l = leaf
  • ll = leaves
  • nd = no date
  • inc d = incomplete date