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Dinah Maria Mulock Craik:

An Inventory of Her Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock, 1826-1887
Title: Dinah Maria Mulock Craik Collection
Dates: 1820-1900, undated
Abstract: Chiefly includes the manuscripts of numerous literary works, plus two commonplace books and ten diaries (1874-1887) of the English Victorian novelist and poet Dinah Maria Mulock Craik. A small amount of correspondence includes one letter to Craik from John Henry Newman as well as some letters written to her adopted daughter, Dorothy Craik Pilkington.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-0964
Extent: 10 boxes (4.20 linear feet), 1 oversize folder (osf)
Language: English
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center



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Joan Sibley and Katherine Noble, 2013


This finding aid replicates and replaces information previously available only in a card catalog. Please see the explanatory note at the end of this finding aid for information regarding the arrangement of the manuscripts as well as the abbreviations commonly used in descriptions.

Container List


osf 1 In a house-boat, a journal, proofs with handwritten corrections, 3 pages, 1884. Included with this: envelope addressed to Sir Joseph Noel Paton, 27 February 1884; proofs for 4 illustrations; printed clipping of Ballad by M., undated.
1.1 Magnus and Morna: A Shetland fairy tale, proofs with handwritten corrections, 24 pages, undated.
Not afraid!, proof of poem, 1 page, undated. Authorship not verified.

Works 1:

1.2 Articles, vol. I, handwritten manuscript, 182 pages bound, undated. Separate stories and poems include: How she told a lie, 19 pages; The arctic expedition, 2 pages; Passing by, 2 pages; The shadow of death, 2 pages; Dead, yet speaking, 1 page; Kissing through the chair, 1 page; Going to work, 1 page; A ruined palace, 12 pages; An island of the blue, 26 pages; Two little tinkers, 33 pages; Save the children, 26 pages; My sister's grapes, 13 pages; About travelling and travelers, 32 pages; On novels and novel, 22 pages, misnumbered 21.

Works 2:

1.3 Articles, vol. II, handwritten manuscript, 192 pages bound, undated. Separate stories and poems include: Light in darkness, 47 pages, misnumbered 46; The postman's daughter, 16 pages; His little mother, 52 pages; The story of a little pig, 10 pages; De mortuis, 40 pages; Genius, its aberrations and its responsibilities, 18 pages; A New Year's gift to sick children, 9 pages.

Works 3:

1.4 Articles, handwritten manuscript, 277 pages bound, circa 1868. Separate stories and poems include: The two lime-trees, 1 page; A city at play, 28 pages; The first Sunday of Lent (in Paris), 32 pages, misnumbered 31; A peep at an old French town, 38 pages, misnumbered 37; A garden party, 29 pages; Old love story, 48 pages; The last news of the fairies, 16 pages; Baby's pennies, 2 pages; Saint Louis, king of France, 34 pages; Doubts, 2 pages; The dog with a conscience and the dog without, 30 pages; Johnny's opinion of himself, 17 pages.

Works 4:

1.5 Articles, handwritten manuscript, 114 pages bound, undated. Separate stories include: In King Arthur's land, 43 pages; La belle France, part I, 31 pages, part II, 38 pages; Birds in the snow, 2 pages.

Works 5:

2.1 Articles, handwritten manuscript, 296 pages bound, undated. Separate stories include: The history of an old friend, 26 pages; For better for worse, 16 pages; Concerning men, by a woman, 20 pages; A home of rest, 27 pages; Our island sports, 16 pages; About money, 21 pages; In a house-boat, 26 pages; Kiss and be friends, 28 pages; About sisterhoods, 21 pages; Plain speaking, I, 11 pages, II, 11 pages, III, 16 pages, IV, 4 pages, V, 17 pages; Fighting in the dark, 36 pages, misnumbered.

Works 6:

2.2 Commonplace book, handwritten manuscript, 78 pages bound, circa 1820-1836. 36 pages in another hand, possibly Thomas Mulock. Illustrated with prints and drawings.

Works 7:

2.3 Commonplace book, handwritten manuscript (poems), 14 pages bound with 3 loose pages, circa 1847-1848.

Works 8:

2.4 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 107 pages bound, 1874.

Works 9:

2.5 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 105 pages bound, 1875.

Works 10:

2.6 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 106 pages bound, 1876.

Works 11:

3.1 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 106 pages bound, 1877.

Works 12:

3.2 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 106 pages bound, 1878.

Works 13:

3.3 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 105 pages bound, 1879.

Works 14:

3.4 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 105 pages bound, 1880.

Works 15:

3.5 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 105 pages bound, 1881.

Works 16:

3.6 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 106 pages bound, 1882.

Works 17:

3.7 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 105 pages bound, 1883.

Works 18:

3.8 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 106 pages bound, 1884.

Works 19:

3.9 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 105 pages bound, 1885.

Works 20:

4.1 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 105 pages bound, 1886.

Works 21:

4.2 Diary, handwritten manuscript, 78 pages bound, 1887.

Works 22:

4.3 The adventures of a brownie: as told to my child, handwritten manuscript, 87 pages bound, circa 1872.

Works 23:

4.4-6 A brave lady, a novel, handwritten manuscript vol. I, 212 pages bound, misnumbered 211; vol. II, 207 pages bound, misnumbered 208; vol. III, 227 pages bound, misnumbered 224; circa 1870. Originally titled Lady de Bougainville.

Works 24a:

5.1 Fifty golden years. Incidents in the Queen's reign / titled The Queen, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 56 pages bound, misnumbered 57, 1887.

Works 24b:

5.2 Fifty golden years. Incidents in the Queen's reign, 2 proofs with handwritten corrections, 32 pages bound, 1887.

Works 25:

5.3-4 Hannah, handwritten manuscript with revisions, vol. I, 202 pages bound, misnumbered 201; vol. II, 220 pages bound, misnumbered 219, circa 1872.

Works 26:

5.5 Irene. A play in four acts, handwritten manuscript, 68 pages bound, misnumbered 72, circa 1886.

Works 27:

6.1 King Arthur. Not a love story, handwritten manuscript, 290 pages bound, misnumbered 284, circa 1886.

Works 28:

6.2 The laurel bush, an old-fashioned love story, handwritten manuscript, 155 pages bound, misnumbered 157, circa 1877.

Works 29:

6.3 A life for a life, a domestic play, handwritten manuscript, 43 pages bound, circa 1884.

Works 30:

6.4 The little lame prince and his travelling cloak, a parable for young and old, handwritten manuscript, 119 pages bound, undated.

Works 31:

6.5 Little Sunshine's holiday, a picture from life, handwritten manuscript, 176 pages bound, misnumbered 183, circa 1871.

Works 32:

7.1 Miss Tommy, a medieval romance, handwritten manuscript, 180 pages bound, circa 1884.

Works 33:

7.2 My mother and I. A love story for girls, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 238 pages bound, 1873.

Works 34:

7.3 A noble life, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 272 pages bound, 1865.

Works 35:

7.4 A Paris atlelier, handwritten manuscript, 9 pages bound, undated. Included with this: Facing the world, a story for boys, handwritten manuscript, 15 pages bound, undated.

Works 36:

8.1 Sermons out of church, handwritten manuscript with numerous revisions, 211 pages, circa 1875. Bound with this: ALS to Craik from John Henry Newman, 10 August 1875.

Works 37:

8.2 Two marriages, handwritten manuscript, 312 pages bound, circa 1867. Comprising "John Bowerbank's wife" and "Parson Garland's daughter."

Works 38:

8.3 We four in Normandy, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 113 pages bound, misnumbered 112, undated. Bound with this: Twenty-six hours. A study from nature, handwritten manuscript, 28 pages, circa 1865.

Works 39:

8.4-9.2 The woman's kingdom. A love story, handwritten manuscript with revisions, vol. I, 216 pages bound, misnumbered 217; vol. II, 203 pages bound; vol. III, 208 pages bound; circa 1869.

Works 40:

9.3 An unknown country, handwritten manuscript, 257 pages bound, misnumbered 252, circa 1887.

Works 41:

9.4 An unsentimental journey through Cornwall, handwritten manuscript, 202 pages bound, misnumbered 201, circa 1884.

Works 42:

10.1-2 Young Mrs. Jardine, handwritten manuscript, 456 pages bound in 2 volumes, circa 1879.


10.3 ALS to unidentified recipient, undated.
ANS to unidentified recipient re Nathaniel Hawthorne, 8 December no year.


10.4 Unidentified author. Genealogy of Dinah Maria Mulock Craik, 1 page, undated.
Unidentified author. ANS to Craik?, undated.
Unidentified author. ALS to Craik, 15 June 1885.
Anderson, Mary. 4 ALS to Craik, 1885, undated.
Brunton, T. Lauder. ALS to Pilkington, Dorothy Craik, 28 March 1879.
10.5 Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock, 1826-1887. AN describing plaque, 26 October 1881. On wooden plaque labeled "A piece of antiquity painted on the wall adjoining to the kitchen of Winchester College." Reproduces image and verse about the "trusty servant."
10.4 Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock, 1826-1887. TD / memorandum as to the trusts of the will of the late Mrs. Dinah Maria Craik, 3 pages, May 1900.
Grossart, Alexander Balloch, 1827-1899. ANI to Craik, circa 1869. Written on printed notice of the publication of the complete poems of Phineas Fletcher.
Herkomer, Hubert von, Sir, 1849-1914. ALS to Craik, 19 June 1883.
Howitt, Mary Botham, 1799-1888. ALS to Craik, 27 March no year.
Macdonald, Mrs. AL to Craik, 6 September 1882.
MacKinley, Antoinette. ALS to Pilkington, Dorothy Craik, undated.
O'Reilly, Philip. TLS to Pilkington, Dorothy Craik, 9 July 1909.
Orridge, Charles. Printed DS / application for search of death certificate of Thomas Samuel Mulock, 17 November 1899.
Stafford, Horatia. AN to Craik, circa 1887. Removed from: Fifty golden years. Incidents in the Queen's reign, 1887. Contains ANI by Mrs. Craik.
Stafford, Horatia. 5 ALS to Craik, 1887. Written at the request of Queen Victoria.

Explanatory Note Concerning Manuscript Collections Cataloged in the Card Catalog

Prior to 1990 when archival cataloging procedures were adopted at the Ransom Center, all manuscript collections were described in a card catalog.

Organization of Collections:

Manuscripts for each author collection were organized into four categories:

  • Works: manuscripts by the author, arranged alphabetically by title;
  • Letters: the author's outgoing correspondence, arranged alphabetically by recipient name;
  • Recipient: the author's incoming correspondence, arranged alphabetically by the author of the letter; and
  • Miscellaneous: all other manuscripts and correspondence, arranged alphabetically by creator.

Materials that did not fit into these categories, such as art, photographs, books, and near-print materials such as newspaper clippings, were dispersed to other Ransom Center collections for cataloging and storage.

Abbreviations Used in Descriptions:

The symbols below were used in combinations. For example ALS means autograph letter signed; Tccms means typed carbon copy manuscript, etc.

  • A = autograph (i.e., handwritten)
  • T = typed
  • S = signed
  • I = initialed
  • Ms = manuscript
  • Mss = manuscripts
  • L = letter
  • FL = form letter
  • N = note
  • D = document
  • C = card
  • PC = post card
  • cc = carbon copy
  • p = page
  • pp = pages
  • l = leaf
  • ll = leaves
  • nd = no date
  • inc d = incomplete date