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Samuel Langhorne Clemens:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, 1835-1910
Title: Samuel Langhorne Clemens Collection
Dates: 1861-1963, undated
Abstract: Includes manuscripts and letters written by Samuel Langhorne Clemens, who was better known as the American author Mark Twain. Letters written by Clemens to P. T. Barnum, Frank Bliss, William Bowen, Wattie D. Bowser, Karl Gerhardt, Bram Stoker, and many others are present.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-0809
Extent: 3 boxes (1.26 linear feet), 2 galley folders (gf)
Language: English
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center



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Joan Sibley and Katherine Noble, 2012

Note: This finding aid replicates and replaces information previously available only in a card catalog. Please see the explanatory note at the end of this finding aid for information regarding the arrangement of the manuscripts as well as the abbreviations commonly used in descriptions.

Container List


1.1 … among us does not miss the gentle ministrations…, handwritten manuscript / incomplete with few revisions, 1 page (numbered 9), undated.
1.2 A cruise in the dark, Chapter XII, A tramp abroad, handwritten manuscript / original draft, 25 pages bound, undated. Included also is a portrait of Twain and typed pages from the original edition, bound.
1.1 Following the equator, Chapter 51, handwritten manuscript with ANS at end / facsimile, 8 pages, 14 April 1897. Not included in published volume.
1.3 A ghost story, newspaper clippings with handwritten revisions, 10 pages bound, undated. Bound with this: Speech to the Scottish corporation, London.
1.1 The gilded age by Mark Twain and Charles Warner, excerpts, handwritten manuscript, 6 pages, undated.
Life on the Mississippi, suppressed chapter, 2 carbon typescripts / copies, 12 pages each, undated.
gf 1 Mark Twain at Carnegie Hall, galley proof, 2 pages, undated. An address Taxes and morals delivered in New York, 22 January 1906.
1.4 A murder, a mystery, and a marriage, signed handwritten manuscript, 99 pages bound, undated.
1.5 Notebook with handwritten notes, addresses, and manuscripts, 128 pages bound, 1892-1893.
1.1 Officers of Millicent Library, signed handwritten manuscript with revision, 22 February 1894. Page 3 on verso of ALS James S. Metcalfe to Rodney Lee.
An open letter to Commodore Vanderbilt, proof with few handwritten corrections, 8 pages, undated (published 1956). Removed from PS 1322 O636 1956 HRC. Not described in card catalog (Transfer, Library).
1.3 Speech to the Scottish Corporation, London, newspaper clippings with handwritten comments, bound, undated. Bound with this: A ghost story.
1.1 Three aces; Jim Todd's episode in social euchre, A poem and a denial, proof with handwritten markings, 9 pages, circa 1930. Included with this: enclosed envelope with AN by Jacob Blanck, undated; bookplate of Will N. Clemens.
When all your days are dark with doubt…, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated. Included with this: TN re the poem.


2.1 ALI to unidentified recipient, undated. Removed from Mark Twain scrapbook F.
ALS to unidentified recipient, 26 December no year.
ANS to unidentified recipient, 1884?
ALS to unidentified recipient, 30 August 1885. From the Drake Collection.
ANS to unidentified recipient, 21 December 1886. From the Drake Collection.
ALS / photocopy to unidentified recipient, 15 October 1888. Not described in card catalog (Gift, 1975).
ALS to unidentified recipient, 25 June 1895.
ALS to Archer, William, 2 August 1900.
ALS to Barnum, P. T., 3 February 1875.
ALS to Barrett, Oliver Roger, 19 February 1890.
2 ANS to Bliss, Frank, 25 March 1898, 16 April 1901.
3 ALS to Bliss, Frank, 26 August 1901, 29 August no year, 8 September no year. From the Hanley Collection.
ALS to Bowen, Dora Goff, 6 June 1900.
2.2 8 ALS, ALS / photocopy, 3 ALS / incomplete, ALI, telegram / photocopy to Bowen, William, 1866-1889, undated.
2.1 ALS to Bowen, William, 20 March no year. Not described in card catalog (G8875, 1991).
2.3 3 ALS to Bowser, D. Wattie, 20 March 1880, 16 November 1881, 22 December 1881.
ALS to Bowser, D. Wattie, 30 March 1880. Written on AL by unknown author to Twain, 30 March 1880.
AL / mutilated to Bowser, D. Wattie, 10 January 1882.
2.1 TLS / photocopy to Brenholts, Edwin A., 18 March 1901. Not described in card catalog (G1565, 1983).
ALS to Chatto, 22 June 1889.
ALS to Chatto and Windus, 16 March 1899.
ALS to Colborne, John, 16 December 1873.
ALS to Cowan, James, 9 December 1879.
2 ALS / facsimiles, one to Frisbee, T. S., the other to Dear Sir, 25 October 1897. Enclosed with this: 2 photographs of Clemens in an ox-cart. Withdrawn from: Biography of Samuel Clemens, pamphlet, 7 pages.
ALS to Garth, John, 2 October 1909.
14 TccL, 2 TccL / incomplete to Gerhardt, Karl, 1882-1884, undated. Eight also addressed to Josephine Gerhardt.
ALS to Gilder, 30 May 1889.
TL to Greene, Sara Pratt McLean, 12 December 1881. Removed from Clemens / 258c.
ALS to Hartford Courant, 13 September 1875.
ALS to Howe, Edgar Watson, 20 April 1884.
2.4 AN to Laura with sketch, undated.
ALS to MacAlister, J. Y. W., 12 April 1940. Removed from Frank C. Willson's copy of Three aces.
AN / incomplete, signed Mark Twain, undated.
ALS to Manning, 5 July 1899.
ALS to Orion and Mollie, 5 November 1897.
ALS to Osgood, James Ripley, 19 October 1881. Removed from Clemens / 258 c.
ALS to Pears, Muriel, 23 October 1904. Bound. From the Hanley Collection.
ALS to Peck, E. B., 11 February 1882.
ALS to Phillips, Horatio G., 29 October 1861.
APCI to Plasmon Company, 25 April 1902. Not described in card catalog. (Transfer, Vertical File Collection / Clemens Scrapbook 18, 1998).
ALS to Powers, L. M., 9 November 1905.
ALS to Redpath, 10 July 1871.
TL to Redpath, James, 28 December 1874. Included with this: ANI by JR re Clemen's TL, undated.
AN to Slote, Dan, 1867. Written on a bill for breakfast on board Quaker City, marked paid.
Handwritten telegram / draft to Stanley, Henry Morton, 22 March 1889.
AL / copy to Stanley, Henry Morton, 18 June 1889.
ALS to Stoker, Bram, 13 May 1908.
ALS to Charles L. Webster & Co., 29 December 1887.
ALS to White, 10 June 1893.
Printed acknowledgement of messages of condolence re death of Mrs. Clemens, signed and inscribed to Winter, Elsie Leslie, June 1904.


2.5 Unidentified author. Description of an agent's prospectus of the gilded age, typed carbon copy manuscript, 3 pages, undated.
Unidentified author. TccL / copy to Kohn, John S. Van E., 21 March 1941.
Unidentified author. Lava (poem), handwritten manuscript, 2 pages, undated. Removed from Twain scrapbook B. Poem by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps?
2.6 Unidentified authors. Items withdrawn from Mark Twain books in the HRC Library and miscellaneous Twain-related information. Not described in card catalog (Transfer, Library).
2.5 Unidentified author. Mark Twain in the Twainian, handwritten, typed, and carbon copy manuscript, 6 pages, undated.
Brownell, George Hiram. TLS to Groves, John Stuart, 5 February 1941.
Burr, E., Jr. AD re the election of E. Burr, Jr. to Tom Sawyer's Gang, 1 January 1881.
Clemens, Clara, 1874- . ALS to Knox, Louis, Mrs., 7 May 1910.
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, 1835-1910:
2.5 Announcement of the marriage of his daughter Clara, printed card, 6 October 1909.
Autograph signature, January 1885.
Autograph signature Mark Twain, undated. Attached to this: Autograph signature Charles Dudley Warner, 25 September 1884.
Autograph signature Truly yours, Mark Twain, undated. From the Stark Collection.
ADS / copyright registry at the Hall of Stationers' Company for A tramp abroad, 14 October 1879. Signed by Joseph Greenhill.
TDS / agreement between Samuel L. Clemens and Albert Bigelow Paine and the Mark Twain Company, 24 July 1909.
AN, undated. Included with this: AN by William Todd.
Photograph with signature Mark Twain, undated.
Protection - Arguments, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated. Extracted from A ghost story by Clemens, newspaper clippings with handwritten revisions.
Signatures, 2 written on small card, undated. Signed S. L .Clemens and Mark Twain.
Will - duplicate copy, signed handwritten document, 11 April 1884. From the Hanley Collection.
Danim?, Sam G. ALS to Chaney, 3 February 1880.
De Winton, F. AL / copy to Chatto, Andrew, 8 July 1889. Letterhead: Adjutant General's Dept., Horse Guards, War Office, London.
Henderson, Archibald, 1877-1963. ALS to King, 29 July 1914. Letterhead: University of North Carolina. Removed from PS 1331 H4 1912.
Hersholt, Jean, 1886-1956. Note on Clemen's copy of The celebrated jumping frog of Calaveras County, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
gf 2 Johnson, Merle De Vore. A bibliography of the works of S. L. Clemens: Index, galley proofs, 29 sheets, 1935. Not described in card catalog (R6591, 1975).
2.7 Johnson, Merle De Vore. Letters to Lyon, Isabel V., 6 items 1908. Not described in card catalog (R6591, 1975).
2.5 Kohn, John S. Van E. TLS to Groves, John Stuart, 19 March 1941.
Kohn, John S. Van E. TLS to Willson, Frank C., 28 October 1955. Included with this: TccL Willson to Kohn, 4 November 1955.
3.1 Lentz, Laurie. Mark Twain in 1906: An Edition of Selected Extracts from Isabel V. Lyon's Journal, typescript / photocopy and published article / photocopy; 72 pages and 19 pages; 1981, undated. Not described in card catalog (G850, 1981).
Lyon, Isabel V.:
3.2 Diary kept as personal secretary to Samuel Clemens, handwritten manuscript / transcript by Lyon, 114 pages, 3 January – 22 June 1906.
3.3 Diary kept as personal secretary to Samuel Clemens, handwritten manuscript / photocopy, 203 pages, January – December 1906.
3.4 ALI / draft to Howe, 9 October 1938.
Above Lyon items not described in card catalog (R6591, 1975).
2.8 Meek, Frederick M., 1902- . ALS to Willson, Frank re Tom Sawyer's gang initiation papers, undated. Included with this: TccL fromWillson to Meek, 20 April 1955.
1.1 Metcalfe, James S. ALS to Rodney Lee, 20 August 1912. On verso of page 3 of Officers of Millicent Library.
2.8 Milliken, Elsie Leslie. Huckleberry Finn and The prince and the pauper, signed handwritten manuscript, 4 pages, undated.
Milliken, Elsie Leslie. Robin Hood, signed handwritten manuscript, 2 pages, undated. Also included: Pyle, Howard, signed drawing: A memory of Robin Hood, undated.
Neider, Charles, 1915- . ALS, TLS to Gelb, Arthur, 3 July and 23 October 1963.
Phelps, William Lyon. Mark Twain, typescript / copy, 8 pages, August, 1907. Printed in The North American review.
Société des gens de lettres. Printed DS / authorization signed by Clemens re the reproduction of his work, undated.
Taylor, Howard P. Idiosyncracies of Mark Twain, typescript with handwritten emendations and annotations, 22 pages, undated.
Ticknor, Caroline. 3 ALS, 3 TL / copies to Paine, 1910.
Warner, Charles Dudley, 1829-1900. The gilded age by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner, excerpts, handwritten manuscript, 5 pages, undated.
3.5-7 Willson, Frank C. 2 notebooks, 37 handwritten or typed manuscript copies of articles by Clemens or letters from him or notes by Willson. Not described in card catalog (R1166, R1167, R1168, 1969).

Explanatory Note Concerning Manuscript Collections Cataloged in the Card Catalog

Prior to 1990 when archival cataloging procedures were adopted at the Ransom Center, all manuscript collections were described in a card catalog.

Organization of Collections:

Manuscripts for each author collection were organized into four categories:

  • Works: manuscripts by the author, arranged alphabetically by title;
  • Letters: the author's outgoing correspondence, arranged alphabetically by recipient name;
  • Recipient: the author's incoming correspondence, arranged alphabetically by the author of the letter; and
  • Miscellaneous: all other manuscripts and correspondence, arranged alphabetically by creator.

Materials that did not fit into these categories, such as art, photographs, books, and near-print materials such as newspaper clippings, were dispersed to other Ransom Center collections for cataloging and storage.

Abbreviations Used in Descriptions:

The symbols below were used in combinations. For example ALS means autograph letter signed; Tccms means typed carbon copy manuscript, etc.

  • A = autograph (i.e., handwritten)
  • T = typed
  • S = signed
  • I = initialed
  • Ms = manuscript
  • Mss = manuscripts
  • L = letter
  • FL = form letter
  • N = note
  • D = document
  • C = card
  • PC = post card
  • cc = carbon copy
  • p = page
  • pp = pages
  • l = leaf
  • ll = leaves
  • nd = no date
  • inc d = incomplete date