University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

John Carter:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Carter, John, 1905-1975
Title: John Carter Collection
Dates: 1885-1974, undated
Abstract: Includes manuscripts and letters written by the English bibliographer, book-collector, and antiquarian bookseller John Carter, as well as a file of incoming correspondence. Correspondents include Nicolas Barker, Percy Muir, A. N. L. Munby, Michael Sadleir, G. Thomas Tanselle, and numerous others. Also included are materials concerning Carter's personal collection of Catullus.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-0706
Extent: 3 boxes (1.26 linear feet), 1 galley folder (gf)
Language: English, Hungarian, and Latin
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center



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Joan Sibley and Jamie Hawkins-Kirkham, 2011

Note: This finding aid replicates and replaces information previously available only in a card catalog. Please see the explanatory note at the end of this finding aid for information regarding the arrangement of the manuscripts as well as the abbreviations commonly used in descriptions.

Container List


1.1 Atalanta in Brooklyn, carbon typescript with handwritten corrections, 2 pages, 6 August 1965. Removed from Z 8857 B766 HRC.
1.2 Bibliography of Catullus editions and Catulliana, handwritten manuscript in notebook, 116 pages, 1925. Includes items cut from auction and booksellers catalogues pasted in. Laid in are 5 leaves of notes.
1.1 Bibliomania in Bond Street or Old and rare in Bond Street, carbon typescript with handwritten corrections, 5 pages, undated. For The queen.
A book-collector's bookshelf, carbon typescript with handwritten corrections, 8 pages, 4 July no year. For National Book Leagues' book.
Book publishing in the United States, a reminiscent analysis, carbon typescript with handwritten corrections, 11 pages; proof with handwritten corrections, 1 page; 24 January 1958, undated. Included is TccL Carter to the Times, 20 February 1958. 6 clippings removed.
Bookshelves, carbon typescript, 7 pages, 22 March 1958. For House and garden.
1.3 Catullus, printed book interleaved with handwritten notes and corrections, 253 pages, undated. Copy of Clarendon Press edition edited by Robinson Ellis. Laid in are 11 pages of notes, including ALS from Robert Gathorne-Hardy to Carter, 10 December 1933.
1.4 Catullus, proof copy with handwritten corrections in two parts, 80 pages, 1934. Translated by Robert Gathorne-Hardy, edited and arranged by John Carter; published by Mill House Press. Laid in are 5 pages of notes on Reinshaw Hall stationery, one page of text, and APCS to Carter, 17 December 1934.
1.1 Farewell, Catullus, carbon typescript with handwritten emendations, 24 pages, June 1960. For Texas quarterly.
1.5 A handlist of the writings of Stanley Morison, printed book interleaved with handwritten notes and corrections, 100 pages, 1950. Laid in are 8 leaves of notes, including quotes from book dealers.
1.1 The Hastings rarities: some reflexions on hoaxing, typescript with handwritten emendations, 6 pages, undated.
The Hon. Robert Gathorne-Hardy, initialed carbon typescript with handwritten corrections, 1 page, 30 July 1973.
In the sale room, carbon typescript, 6 pages; carbon typescript with handwritten corrections, 6 pages; undated.
2.3 John Henry Wrenn, carbon typescript with handwritten corrections, 6 pages, 1958. Enclosed with TccL from Carter to the Grolier Club, New York, 1968.
1.1 Lecture on the occasion of the exhibit Printing and the mind of man at the Lilly Library, typescript / photocopy, 16 pages, 1937. Removed from q Z 121 C3 HRC.
The Library of Frank Hogan at Washington, D.C., page proofs with handwritten corrections, 8 pages, July 1939.
1.6 The Morgan Library: PML 1949-1968, carbon typescript, 6 pages; carbon typescript with handwritten revisions, 6 pages; February 1970, 4 March 1970. For T.L.S.
Mr. Chrysler's controversial century, carbon typescript with handwritten emendations, 6 pages, 14 December 1962.
National libraries, carbon typescript, 3 pages; carbon typescript with handwritten emendations, 3 pages; undated, 20 January no year. For T.L.S.
1.7 Notebook, handwritten manuscript in notebook, 41 pages, undated. Includes notes on Joseph Charles Thomson, Ashley catalog specimens at BM, stereotype printing, A. E. Housman books at St. John's Oxford, and William Johnson Cory's Halsdon papers. Laid in are 14 items.
1.6 The pendulum of taste, typed and carbon manuscript with handwritten corrections, 9 pages, undated. For Atlantic monthly.
Percy Muir at eighty, typescript with handwritten corrections, 5 pages, 1 October 1974. For The book collector.
A Renoir is a girl's best friend--or is it?, signed typescript with revisions, 32 pages, undated.
Review of A history of the old English letter foundries by Talbot Baines Reed, carbon typescript, 2 pages, undated. For Books and bookmen.
Review of C. Valerii Catulli Carmina, edited by R. A. B. Mynors, signed handwritten manuscript with corrections, 4 pages, undated. Written for T.L.S. Titled Lepidus novus libellus.
Review of Sale catalogues of the libraries of eminent persons, edited by A. N. L. Munby, carbon typescript, 6 pages, undated. For Books and bookmen.
Sale at Stackpole Court, carbon typescript with handwritten emendations, 4 pages, December 1962. For T.L.S.
Swings and roundabouts in the rare book market, carbon typescript with handwritten emendations, 21 pages, 30 January 1959. For Harper's magazine.
Works of art as property, carbon typescript with handwritten corrections, 15 pages, 14 February 1957. For the Trust bulletin of the American Bankers Association.


2.1 TccLI, TccL to Adams, Thomas Randolph, 1969.
6 TccL to Adelman, Seymour, 1969-1972.
TccLI to Adelsperger, Robert James, 1969.
9 TccL to Atlantic Monthly, 1956.
TccL to Barker, Nicolas, 1973.
TccL to Barnes, Mrs., 1973. Included is ALS from Anne, Mrs. Barnes' mother to Carter, 1973.
3 TccL, 1 TL / photocopy to Barnes, Warner, 1969.
TccL to Beckinsale, Monica, 1961.
2 TccL to Belanger, Terry, 1973-1974.
TccL to Bell, L. W., 1917. Included is TLS from Times literary supplement to Carter, 1971.
TccL to Berland, Abel E., 1972.
2 TccL secretary to Berol, Alfred C., 1974.
TccL to Bevan, Jonquil, 1971. Included is TLS to Carter from University of Pittsburgh Press, 1970
TccL to Bibliographical Society of America. Papers, 1949.
TccL to Bligh, Eric Walter, 1962. Included is an extract from a letter to Carter from Bligh, carbon typescript, 1 page.
2 TccL to Bok, Cary W., Mrs., 1972. Included are 2 TccL from Lord John Kerr to Bok, 1972, and a page of notes by Carter.
3 TccL to Bond, William Henry, 1961-1967.
TccL to Boyd, Alice, 1973.
TccL to Bradish, C. R., 1958. Removed from Z 987 C34 HRC.
TccL to British Broadcasting Corporation, 1969. Directed to Chief Accountant.
TccL to British Museum. Department of Manuscripts, 1973.
TccL to Brown, Arthur, 1973.
TccL to Bruccoli, Matthew Joseph, 1971.
TccL to Burdon-Miller, Rowland, 1971.
2.2 TccL to Canfield, Cass, 1973.
TccL to Cassel & Co., Ltd., publishers, 1973.
TccL to Celmer, Ernest V., 1917. Re a review in Book collecting world.
3 TccL to Christie, Manson and Woods, Ltd., 1969.
TccL to Christie, Manson and Woods (Canada) Ltd., 1967.
TccLS, TccL to Clique Ltd, 1970, 1972.
TccL to Coe (Debenham) Ltd., 1971.
TccL to Commander, John, 1971.
TccL to Coral, Lenore, 1972.
TccL to Curtis Brown Ltd., 1966.
TccL to Driver, Clive E., 1972.
TccL to Duschnes, Philip C., firm, booksellers, New York, 1971.
2 TccL to The Economist, 1956-1957.
5 TccL to Ewing, Douglas C., 1969-1972. Includes TccL from Ewing to Sothebys, undated.
TccL to Fabes, Gilbert Henry, 1961.
4 TccL to Fairbank, Alfred J., 1972. Included is a memo from Philip Wilson to Carter, 1972.
TccL to The Fawcett Library, 1973.
TccL to Fawcus, Arnold, 1971.
2 TccL to Fedden, Henry Romilly, 1972-1973.
TccL to Feldman, Lew David, 1970.
2 TccL to Filby, P. William, 1971-1972.
TccL to Foyle (W & G) Ltd., 1970.
TccL to France. Ambassade. Great Britain, 1972. Included is a valuation of the library of the French Ambassador, carbon typescript 1 page, 1972.
TccLI to Fredeman, William Evan, 1973. Included is a mimeo from Carter to Isabella, 1973.
TccL to Friends of the National Libraries, London, 1966. Included is a circular re a John Tillison manuscript notebook.
TccL to Frontiers; a magazine of natural history, 1971.
2.3 TccL to Garrick Club, London, 1973. Included is AN by Carter.
TccL to Gill, Evan Robertson, 1961. Removed from Z 1028 T5 HRC.
TccL to Gilson, David J., 1970.
TccL to Great Britain. Post Office, 1974.
TccL / memo to Green, Janet, 1971.
3 TccL to Grolier Club, New York, 1958-1968. Enclosed is John Henry Wrenn by Carter, carbon typescript with handwritten corrections, 6 pages, 1958.
TccL to Guignard, Jacques, 1968.
TccL to Hamilton, Stickney, Mrs., 1966.
TccL to Hammer, Carolyn Reading, 1971.
TccL to Hart-Davis, Rupert, 1971.
TccL secretary to Hart-Davis, Macgibbon Ltd., 1973. Removed from Z 987 C34 HRC.
TccL to Harvester Press, 1971.
2 TccL to Hazen, Allen Tracy, 1949, 1972.
TccL to Heritage of the graphic arts, directed to Robert Leslie, 1971.
2 TccL to Herrmann, Frank, 1973-1974.
TccL to Hillier, Bevis, 1973.
TccL to Hitchman, Janet, 1971.
TccL to Holroyd, Michael, 1973.
2 TccL to Houghton, Arthur Amory, 1969.
3 TccL to Howell, Warren R., 1969-1972.
TccL to Hughes, David Y., 1972.
TccLI to Hyde, Harford Montgomery, 1970. Not described in card catalog.
TccL to Hyde, Mary Morley Crapo, 1968.
TccL to Johnston, Priscilla Winthrop, 1973.
TL / photocopy to Keen, Geraldine, 1970.
2 TccL to Kerr, Lowell, 1965. Removed from Z 8857 B766 HRC.
2 TccL to Keynes, Geoffrey Langdon, Sir, 1969.
TccL to Knapp-Fisher, James S., 1971.
TccL to Koshland, William, A., 1971.
2 TccL to Laurence, Dan H., 1973.
TccLI, TccL to Lee, Laurie, 1970.
TccL to Lenkey, Susan V., 1966.
TccLI, 3 TccL to Lewis, Wilmarth Sheldon, 1969-1973.
2 TccL to Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, Mo., 1973-1973. One written by a secretary.
TccL to The listener and BBC television review, 1971.
TccL to Longford, Frank Pakenham, 1971.
TccL to Lubbock, Roger, 1969. Included are the appraisals of two Caxtons owned by Lubbock, for insurance purposes.
TccL to Lynes, Russell, 1963.
2.4 TccL to McConnell, John Lithgow Chandos, 1973. Written by Carter's secretary. Included is a phone message to Carter.
2 A cables / drafts, 2 TccL to McWhorter, George, 1972, undated.
TccL to Malkin, Sol M., 1972.
TccL to Manning, Peter, 1971.
3 TccL to Mayfield, John S., 1948-1974.
TccL to Mitchell, David, 1973.
TccL to Morgan, Aubrey Niel, 1971.
TccL to Morley, Frank Vigor, 1971.
TccL to Morris, Desmond, 1967.
TccL to Morris, G. C. R., 1973. Included is a signed typed memo to Carter, 1973.
7 TccL to Muir, Percival Horace, 1964-1969. First letter addressed to the heirs of Ian Fleming with a carbon to Muir. One letter written by secretary.
TccL to Munby, Alan Noel Latimer, 1973.
2 TccL to Murphy, H. A., Mrs. 1972.
TccL to Murray, Prudence, 1973.
TccL to Mynors, Roger Aubrey Baskerville, Sir, 1972.
TccLI to Nebenzahl, Kenneth, 1971.
3 TccL to Needham, Paul, 1971-1972. Included are two telex messages.
3 TccL to Newnham, Anthony, 1969-1971. Included is a carbon typed memo from Carter to Gabriel Austin, 1971.
4 TccL to Nikirk, Robert, 1971-1973.
TccL to Nixon, Enid Dorothy Bromley, 1967.
3 TccL to Nixon, Howard Millar, 1971-1973.
TccL to Norman, Geraldine, 1973.
TccLI, TccL to Oxford University. Bodleian Library, 1970. One written by secretary. Included is Carter's correspondence with David Gilson: ALS / photocopy and TccL.
TccLI, 2 TccL to Pariser, Irene Marks, 1971-1972.
TccLI to Parsons, Marjorie Tulip Ritchie, 1973.
2 TccL to Pollen, Peregrine, 1967.
TccLI to Power, Eugene B., 1969.
2.5-6 28 TccLI, 30 TccL to Randall, David A., 1966-1973. Included is in-house Sotheby correspondence relating to the Lilly estate and offers made to the Lilly Library; and correspondence relating to David Randall, 51 pieces.
2.4 TccL to Ray, Gordon Norton, 1969.
TccL to Richards, James Maude, Sir, 1972. Included is a page of notes.
TccL to Roberts, Francis Warren, 1972.
TccL to Rosenwald, Lessing Julius, 1972. Included is typed memo from Carter to Gina, 1972.
TccL to Rota, Anthony B., 1970.
TccL to Rund (J. B.), booksellers, New York, 1974.
TccL to Russell, Leonard, 1972.
TccL to Ryskamp, Charles, 1972. Not described in card catalog.
2.7 TccL to Sadleir, Edith Tupper-Carey, 1969. Removed from Z 992 C378.
TccL to Sadler, Richard, 1972.
TccL to Savage, Basil, 1970.
TccL to Sayce, R. A., 1969.
TccL to Schmoller, Hans, 1967.
TccLI, 2 TccL to Seven Gables Bookshop, New York, 1969-1972.
TccL to Sharpe, Mrs., 1973.
2 TccL to Smith, Paul Jordan, 1972. One written by secretary.
TccL to Smith, Warren Hunting, 1966.
TccL to Strong, Patrick, 1972.
TccL to Sunday Telegraph, 1972.
TccLI, TccL to Szladits, Lola L., 1970-1972.
2 TccL to Tanselle, George Thomas, 1972-1973.
TccL to Taylor, John Russell, 1968.
2 TccL to Times Bookshop, London, 1961. One written by secretary. Removed from Z 1028 T5 HRC.
2 TccL to Times Literary Supplement, 1946-1973.
TccLI, 6 TccL to Todd, William Burton, 1966-1973.
TccL to University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1973.
3 TccL to Van Devanter, Willis, 1972-1973.
TccL to Van Oss, O., 1971.
TccL to Vernon, Dudley, 1973.
TccL to Vogue, 1957. Included is The hub of the fine art market by Carter, carbon typescript, 10 pages, undated.
TccL to Warner, Oliver, 1957. Removed from Z 987 C34 HRC.
2 TccL to Wells, James M., 1966-1972.
2 TccL to Whalley, George, 1971-1973.
TccL to White, William, 1971.
TccL to Whitehead, Thomas, 1972.
TccL to Who's Who in Europe, 1970. On verso is draft of telex message from Carter for Sol Malkin, undated.
TccL to Wills, David, 1968.
Typed memo / photocopy to Wilson, Peter Cecil, 1966.
TccL to Wilson, Robert A., 1957. Newspaper clipping removed.
TccL to Windle, John, 1971. Included is note by Carter.
TccL to Winifrith, Tom, 1972.
TccLI, 8 TccL to Wolf, Edwin, 1969-1972. One letter addressed to Wolf's secretary.
TccL to Wolfenden, John Frederick, Sir, 1973.
TccLI to Zeitlin and Ver Brugge, Los Angeles, 1972.
TccL to Zevin, Ben D., 1972.
TccL to Zuckerman, Solly, Sir, 1973.


2.8 Unidentified author. APCS to Carter, 1956.
Unidentified author Bertie. ALS to Carter, undated.
Unidentified author John. TLS, APCS to Carter, 1948-1952.
Unidentified author Julian. ALS to Carter, 1960
Unidentified author Topsy. ALS to Carter, 1957.
Unidentified author Victor. TLS to Carter, 1956.
Adams, Frederick Baldwin, 1910- . ALS to Carter, 1948.
Adams, Thomas Randolph, 1921- . TLS to Carter, 1969.
Adelman, Seymour. 6 TLS to Carter, 1969-1972, undated. Included with this: newspaper clipping regarding works of the artist Thomas Eakins and restoration of the artist's home; invitation to an exhibition of the works of Ralph Hodgson, 1971; summary of the Ralph Hodgson Centenary Exhibition, University of Pennsylvania Library, 1971; flyer for an exhibition of the works of Claud Lovat Fraser, 1971.
Adelsperger, Robert James, 1925- . TLS to Carter, 1969.
Amram, Hahn and Sandground. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Atlantic Monthly. 5 TLS to Carter, 1956.
Babb, James Tinkham, 1899- . TLS to Carter, 1948.
Barnes, Warner. 6 TLS to Carter, 1969.
Belanger, Terry. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Bentley, Richard. ALS to Carter, 1932.
Berland, Abel E. TLS to Carter, 1972.
Berol, Alfred C. 3 TLS to Carter, 1973-1974. One written to secretary.
Betjeman, John, Sir, 1906- . TLS to Carter, 1948.
Bevan, Jonquil. APCS to Carter, 1971. Not described in card catalog.
Blackwell (B. H.) Ltd., booksellers, Oxford. 2 TLS to Carter, 1964.
Bligh, Eric Walter. ALI, TLS to Carter, 1962-1967.
Bond, William Henry, 1915- . 2 TLS to Carter, 1961-1967. Included with this: Book collecting by Bond, offprint, 4 pages, 1961.
British Museum. Department of Manuscripts. 2 TLS to Carter, 1973.
Brooke, Jocelyn, 1908-1966. APCS to Carter, 1952.
Brown, Arthur, 1921- . TLS to Carter, 1973.
Bruccoli, Matthew Joseph, 1921- . TLS to Carter, 1971.
Bunting, Daniel George, 1890- . TLS to Carter, 1952.
Burdon-Muller, Rowland. ALS to Carter, 1971.
Canfield, Cass, 1897- . TLS to Carter, 1973.
Carter, Will, 1912- . ALS to Carter, no year. Removed from Z 45 C378.
Cassell & Co. Ltd., publishers. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Chicago Tribune. TLS to Carter, 1948. Included with this: clipping from Magazine of books, article entitled Books alive by Vincent Starrett, 1948.
Christie, Manson and Woods, Ltd. ALS, TLS to Carter, 1969.
Clark, Nelson Ltd. TL to Carter, 1973.
Cole, Arthur. 2 ALS to Carter, 1948.
Coral, Lenore. TLS to Carter, 1972.
Crosby, John Campbell, 1912- . TLS to Carter, undated. Newspaper clipping removed.
Curtis Brown Ltd. TLS to Carter, 1966.
2.9 Duschnes, Philip C., firm, booksellers, New York. TLS to Carter, 1971. Removed from Z 987 C35 1970 HRC.
Economist, London. 3 TLS to Carter, 1956-1957.
Esher, Oliver Sylvia Brett, 1881-1963. 2 ALS to Carter, 1932-1948.
Evans, Arthur William. TLS to Carter, 1932.
Ewing, Douglas C. ALS to Carter, 1917.
Fairbank, Alfred J. 2 ALS, TLS to Carter, 1972.
Fawcett Library. FLS to Carter, 1973. Included with this: The Society of Dilettani by Robin Fedden, photostat of an article from Apollo magazine, 1973.
Fedden, Henry Romilly, 1908- . 2 TLS to Carter, 1973-1973.
Feisenberger, H. A. T.? ALS to Carter, 1967. Signed Henry
Ferguson, Frederic Sutherland, 1878- . ALS to Carter, 1948.
Filby, P. William. 7 TLS to Carter, 1971-1973. Enclosed is printed keepsake: Not in Goff; flyer for Star Spangled Books, a catalogue of an exhibit of materials relating to the National Anthem.
Foote, Edward J. TLS to Carter, 1972.
Fredeman, William Evan, 1928- . TLS to Carter, 1973.
Friends of the National Libraries, London. TLS to Carter, 1966.
Frontiers; a magazine of natural history. TLS to Carter, 1971.
Garrett, K. I. ALS to Carter, 1970. Not described in card catalog.
Gathorne-Hardy, Robert, 1902- . ALS to Carter, 1933. Removed from PA 6274 A2 1904 copy 2 HRC.
Gathorne-Hardy, Robert, 1902- . 2 APCS to Carter, 1960. Removed from PA 625 E5 1953.
Gill, Evan Robertson. TLS to Carter, 1961. Removed from Z 1028 T5 HRC.
Gilson, David J. 2 ALS to Carter, 1970.
Goldschmidt, Ernest Philip. TLS to Carter, 1948.
Granada Publishing Ltd. FLS to Carter, 1973.
Great Britain. British Council. TLS to Carter, 1963. Included with this: book review in Hungarian plus English translation.
Great Britain. Post Office. TLS to Carter, 1974.
Greene, Belle de Costa. TLS to Carter, 1948.
Grolier Club, New York. 4 TLS, 1 invitation to Carter, 1958-1969.
Hammer, Carolyn Reading, 1911- . ALS to Carter, 1971.
Hart-Davis, Rupert, 1907- . ALS to Carter, 1971.
Hart-Davis, Macgibbon Ltd. TLS to Carter, 1973. Removed from Z 987 C34 HRC.
Harvester Press. TLS to Carter, 1971.
Hayward, John, 1905-1965. ALS, TLS to Carter, 1952-1963.
Hazen, Allen Tracy, 1904- . ALS, TLS to Carter, 1949-1972. Included with this: review of Carter's Taste and Technique in Book Collecting.
Heritage of the graphic arts. TLS to Carter, 1971.
Herrmann, Frank. 3 TLS to Carter, 1973-1974.
Hirsch, Paul, 1881-1951. ALS to Carter, 1948.
Hitchman, Janet. ALS to Carter, 1971.
Hofmann & Freeman. TLS to Carter, 1972.
Holroyd, Michael, 1935- . TLS to Carter, 1973.
Houghton, Arthur Amory, 1906- . 2 TLS to Carter, 1969.
House & garden. 3 TLS, APCS to Carter, 1958.
Housman Society. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Howell, Warren R., 1912- . 3 TLS to Carter, 1969-1972.
Hughes, David Y. TLS to Carter, 1972.
Hyde, Harford Montgomery. ALS to Carter, 1970. Not described in card catalog.
Hyde, Mary Morley Crapo. ALS to Carter, 1948.
Jackson, William Alexander, 1905-1964. TLS to Carter, 1956.
Jennings, Richard. 2 ALS to Carter, 1948, undated.
Jeremy, Norman. TLS to Carter, 1971.
Kerr, Lowell. 2 TLs to Carter, 1965. Removed from Z 8857 B766.
Keynes, Geoffrey Langdon, Sir, 1887- . 3 ALs to Carter, 1948-1969.
Knopf (Alfred A.) Inc., New York. TLS to Carter, 1953. Clipped reviews removed.
Laurence, Dan H. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Lee, Laurie, 1914- . ALS to Carter, 1970.
Lewis, Wilmarth Sheldon, 1895- . 3 ALS, 3 TLS to Carter, 1948-1973.
Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, Mo. 2 TLS to Carter, 1972-1973.
London Institute of Contemporary Arts. TLS to Carter, 1967.
Lubbock, Roger. ALS to Carter, 1969.
Lydenberg, Harry Miller, 1874-1960. TLS to Carter, 1937. Removed from Z 987 C34.
3.1 MacDonald, Hugh, 1885-1958. ALS to Carter, 1951.
MacManus, M. J., 1841-1951. ALS to Carter, 1933.
McWhorter, George. ALS, 2 TLS to Carter, 1971-1973.
Manning, Peter. TLS to Carter, 1971.
Marland, Michael. ALS to Carter, 1963.
Massey, Dudley. 2 ALS, ALI to Carter, 1932-1952.
Mayfield, John S., 1904- . 3 TLS to Carter, 1948-1974.
Meynell, Francis, Sir, 1891- . ALS to Carter, 1961. Removed from Z 01028 T5 HRC.
Milanytch, S. P. ALS to Carter, 1957. Removed from Z 987 C34 HRC.
Morison, Stanley, 1889- . TLS to Carter, 1952.
Morris, G. C. R. ALS to Carter, 1973.
Muir, Percival Horace, 1894-1979. 2 ALS, 3 TLS, APCS to Carter, 1948-1969.
Muirhead, Arnold Meadowcroft, 1900- . ALS to Carter, 1952.
Munby, Alan Noel Latimer, 1913-1974. 2 TLS, ANI to Carter, 1948-1960.
Murphy, H. A., Mrs. 4 ALS to Carter, 1971-1972.
Murray, Prudence. ALS to Carter, 1973.
National Book League, London. 3 TLS to Carter, 1957. Included with this: articles from the National Book League's series "So and So's Book Shelf."
Needham, Paul, 1943- . TLS to Carter, 1972.
Neill, D. G. ALS to Carter, 1971.
New York City Public Library. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Newnham, Anthony. 2 ALS to Carter, 1969-1971.
Nicolson, Harold George, Sir, 1886-1968. TLS to Carter, 1948.
Nikirk, Robert. 2 TLS to Carter, 1973.
Nixon, Enid Dorothy Bromley. ALS to Carter, 1967. Removed from Z 121 C3 HRC.
Nixon, Howard Millar. 3 ALS, 1 TLS to Carter, 1952-1971. One letter removed from N 8790 B758 HRC.
Nowell-Smith, Simon Harcourt, 1909- . ALS to Carter, 1952.
Oates, John Claude Trewhard. ALS to Carter, 1952.
Oxford University. Bodleian Library. TLS to Carter, 1970.
Pariser, Irene Marks. 2 ALS to Carter, 1972.
Parrish, Morris Longstreth, 1867- . TLS to Carter, 1939.
Parsons, Ian MacNaghten. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Parsons, Marjorie Tulip Ritchie. ALS to Carter, 1973.
Peterson, William S. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, TLS to Carter, 1973.
Playfair, Edward Wilder, Sir, 1909- . TLS to Carter, 1967.
Pollard, Graham, 1909-1976. ALS to Carter, undated.
Quaritch (Beranrd) Ltd. Booksellers. TLS to Carter, 1972. Removed from Z 997 F676 HRC.
Randall, David Anton, 1905- . 3 ALS, 34 TLS, 1 cable to Carter, 1966-1972, undated.
Rietlinger, Gerald Roberts, 1900- . 3 TLS to Carter, 1962-1964. Included are Carter's notes for a review.
Roberts, Francis Warren, 1916- . TLS to Carter, 1972. Included with this: vita sheets for employees of the University of Texas Humanities Research Center.
Rosenwald, Lessing Julius, 1891- . TLS to Carter, 1972.
Rota, Anthony B. 2 TLS to Carter, 1970-1971.
Rund (J. B.), booksellers, New York. TLS, FL / photocopy to Carter, 1973, undated.
Russell, Leonard, 1906- . TLS to Carter, 1972. Enclosed are 5 pages of uncorrected proof of The pearl of days by Russell.
3.2 Sadleir, Michael, 1888-1957. 4 ALS to Carter, 1948-1956.
Salpeter, Harry. TPCS to Carter, 1963.
Savage, Basil. TLS to Carter, 1970.
Scolar Press Ltd. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Seagrave, Edmond. ALS to Carter, 1964. Removed from Z 987 C34 HRC.
Seven Gables Bookshop, New York. 3 TLS to Carter, 1969.
Sharp, Ronald Alan. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Shillingsburg, Peter L. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Smith, Paul Jordan, 1885- . TLS to Carter, 1972.
Smith, Warren Hunting, 1905- . TLS to Carter, 1966. On verso is draft of reply.
Spater, George A. TLS to Carter, 1970.
Strutt & Parker, Lofts & Warner. TLS to Carter, 1962.
Sunday Times, London. TLS to Carter, 1962. Signed by Leonard Russell.
Tanselle, George Thomas, 1934- . ALS, TLS to Carter, 1972-1973.
Taylor, Colin. ALS to Carter, 1973.
Taylor, John Russell, 1935- . ALS to Carter, 1968.
Thomas, Alan G. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Times, London. TLS to Carter, 1950. Enclosed are pulls from the obituary of Belle da Costa Greene.
Times Bookshop, London. TLS to Carter, 1961. Removed from Z 231.5 P7 E5.
Times Newspapers Limited. 2 TLS to Carter, 1973. Included is TLS from Omnific Design Ltd. to Carter re Caxton exhibition plus financial notes re the exhibition.
Tinker, Chauncey Brewster, 1876-1963. ALS to Carter, 1948.
Todd, William Burton. 3 ALS, 2 TLS, TL, TL / fragment to Carter, 1967-1973, undated.
Tollemache, Peter. ALS to Carter, 1971.
University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Van Devanter, Willis, 1930- . 3 TLS to Carter, 1972-1973. Included with this: TLS / copy Batho, A. G. to Paul Mellon, 1973; TLS / copy Batho, A. G. to Van Devanter, 1973.
Vernon, Dudley. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Walker, Anthony. TLS to Carter, 1957.
Warner, Oliver, 1903- . ALS to Carter, 1957. Removed from Z 987 C34 HRC.
Weightman, Maurice. TLS to Carter, 1957. Removed from Z 987 C34 HRC.
Weinreb, Ben. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Wells, James. TLS to Carter, 1951.
Wells, James M. 2 TLS to Carter, 1966-1972.
Whalley, George, 1915- . TLS to Carter, 1973.
White, William, 1910- . TLS to Carter, 1971.
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Zeitlin and Ver Brugge, Los Angeles. TLS to Carter, 1973.
Zevin, Ben D. 2 TLS to Carter, 1957-1972.


3.3 Unidentified author. Note on The auction room by John Carter, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated. Initialed R. A. B. D. Removed from HF 5476 C378 1960 HRC.
Barker, Nicolas. TccL to Adelman, Seymour, 2 June 1972.
Carter, John, 1905-1975:
3.3 Books and book collectors, notes, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated. Removed from Z 987 C34 HRC.
Exhibition party list, typescript with handwritten revisions, 8 pages, 23 May 1967.
Notes on Catullus, handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated. Removed from PA 6275 E5 1953.
Telephone message from Dr. Morro, typescript, 1 page, 28 March 1960.
Carter, John, 1905-1975. Collection of Catullus:
3.5 Adams, Herbert Mayow, 1893- . ALS to Carter, John, 2 May 1951. Withdrawn from: PA 6274 A2 1528 HRC CAT.
Carter, John, 1905- . The Ashburner Ms of Catullus, typescript, 2 pages, undated.
Carter, John, 1905- . A Fifteenth-Century Manuscript of Catullus, typescript with handwritten corrections, 3 pages, undated.
3.4 Catullus, Gaius Valerius. Poems LXIII-CXVI, translated into English by Arthur S. Way. Printed leaves removed from an edition of Catullus, interleaved with handwritten translations of the texts. Printed leaves paginated 33-66; handwritten on 79 sides of 42 leaves, 13 March 1913. Withdrawn from: PA 6274 A25 1897 HRC CAT.
3.5 Housman, Alfred Edward, 1859-1936. Notes on Catullus, handwritten manuscript, 2 pages, undated. Removed from: PA 6274 A2 1889.
Mynors, Roger Aubrey Baskerville, Sir, 1903- . 5 ALS to Carter, John, 1948-1957.
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Luxmoore, Henry Elford, 1841-1926. 2 ALS to Furse, Charles Wellington, 1892. Removed from Notebook by Carter containing notes on William Johnson Cory's Halsdon papers. See also ALS from F. Warre Cornish to Furse, 1894.
Muir, Percival Horace, 1894-1979. Review of ABC for book collectors by John Carter, carbon typescript, 3 pages, undated. Removed from Z1006 C37 1966 HRC.
Munby, Alan Noel Latimer, 1913-1974. Review of Books and book collectors by John Carter, carbon typescript with handwritten emendations, 3 pages, undated.
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Sotheby and Co. Notes, memorandum for letter, handwritten and typed manuscripts, 7 pages, 1956-1971.
Stark, Freya, 1893- . TLS to Kerr, John Andrew Christopher, 1973.
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Zeitlin and Ver Brugge, Los Angeles. Press release re Sir Frank Francis lecture, carbon typescript, 2 pages, 14 January no year.
Miscellaneous notes.

Explanatory Note Concerning Manuscript Collections Cataloged in the Card Catalog

Prior to 1990 when archival cataloging procedures were adopted at the Ransom Center, all manuscript collections were described in a card catalog.

Organization of Collections:

Manuscripts for each author collection were organized into four categories:

  • Works: manuscripts by the author, arranged alphabetically by title;
  • Letters: the author's outgoing correspondence, arranged alphabetically by recipient name;
  • Recipient: the author's incoming correspondence, arranged alphabetically by the author of the letter; and
  • Miscellaneous: all other manuscripts and correspondence, arranged alphabetically by creator.

Materials that did not fit into these categories, such as art, photographs, books, and near-print materials such as newspaper clippings, were dispersed to other Ransom Center collections for cataloging and storage.

Abbreviations Used in Descriptions:

The symbols below were used in combinations. For example ALS means autograph letter signed; Tccms means typed carbon copy manuscript, etc.

  • A = autograph (i.e., handwritten)
  • T = typed
  • S = signed
  • I = initialed
  • Ms = manuscript
  • Mss = manuscripts
  • L = letter
  • FL = form letter
  • N = note
  • D = document
  • C = card
  • PC = post card
  • cc = carbon copy
  • p = page
  • pp = pages
  • l = leaf
  • ll = leaves
  • nd = no date
  • inc d = incomplete date