University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Anthony Hope:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Hope, Anthony, 1863-1933
Title: Anthony Hope Collection
Dates: 1893-1924, undated
Abstract: Includes manuscripts of literary works and letters written by the English novelist and playwright Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins, who used the pseudonym Anthony Hope. Among his manuscripts are the final page proofs with corrections for Rupert of Hentzau, the sequel to The Prisoner of Zenda.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-1873
Extent: 1 box (.42 linear feet), 1 galley folder (gf)
Language: English
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center



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Processed by:

Joan Sibley and Michael Ramsey, 2011

Note: This finding aid replicates and replaces information previously available only in a card catalog. Please see the explanatory note at the end of this finding aid for information regarding the arrangement of the manuscripts as well as the abbreviations commonly used in descriptions.

Container List


1.1 Untitled poem, Life is love…, signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
Captain Dieppe, signed handwritten manuscript with emendations, 107 pages, 1899.
1.2 The philosopher in the apple-orchard, handwritten manuscript, 9 pages, undated.
1.3 Rupert of Hentzau, final page proofs with handwritten emendations and corrections, 385 pages, undated.

Works I:

Nine short stories. Contents: The courtesy of Christian the highwayman; The crime of Count Nikolas of Festenburg; The device of Giraldo the painter; The happiness of Stephen the smith; The indifference of the miller of Hofban; The love of the Prince of Glottenberg; The madness of Lord Harry Culverhouse; The victory of the Grand Duke of Mittenheim; The wager of the Marquis de Merosailles.
1.4-5 Nine typescripts with handwritten emendations, undated.
gf 1 Nine galley proofs with handwritten corrections, undated.


1.6 ALS to unidentified recipient, 28 August 1902.
ALS to unidentified recipient, 23 January 1907.
2 ALS to Appleton, 28 February and 23 March 1906.
ALS to Appleton (D.) & Co., 21 February 1922.
2 ALS to Arrowsmith, J. W., 13 October 1899, 9 March 1902.
ALS to Batley, Mrs., 30 August 1904.
TLS to Bennett, Arnold, 14 September 1914.
ALS to Blake, Walter, 20 September 1919.
ALS to Bower, Miss, 18 March 1899.
ALS to Chamberlain, Mrs., 28 December 1900.
ALS to Charnwood, Godfrey Rathbone Benson, 27 August 1911.
ALS to Christy, Gerald, 16 April 1899.
ALS to Clodd, Edward?, 15 December 1894.
ALS to Cornhill Magazine, directed to Reginald Smith, 18 March 1913.
ALS to Duckworth, Gerald, 20 November 1901. Letter of introduction for John F. S. Russell, 2nd Earl Russell.
ALS to Ellhusen, Mrs., 26 July 1900.
ALS to Francis, Sir, 18 February 1910.
ALS to Gielgud, Kate Terry Lewis, 6 December 1898.
ALS to Gould, 17 January 1899.
ALS to Grahame, Mrs., 1 December 1901.
ALS to Hicks, Ellaline Terriss Lewin, 6 November 1899.
ALI to Innes, 6 February 1893.
ALS to Kay, Mrs., 16 October 1893.
ALS to Lambert, 20 February 1899.
ALS to Luard?, S. W., 18 March 1905.
ALS to McCutcheon, George Barr, 27 December 1914. Removed from TEMP H314ad 1898.
ALS to Marshall, 19 March 1901.
ALS to Mills, Mrs., 4 May 1906.
ALS to Rhys, Ernest, 28 June 1894.
ALS to Spielmann, Marion Harry, 30 December 1906.
ALS to Stirling, Charles, 17 February 1906.
ALS to Sutherland Jackson, J. H., 14 February 1904.
ALS to Terry, Ellen, Dame, 1 February 1895.
ALS to Tittle, Walter, 8 July 1923.
ALS to University Press, 16 June 1905. Was 61-1243.
ALS to Vincent, J. E., 23 May 1894.
ALS to Visiak, Edward Harold, 12 January 1924.
9 ALS to Watt, A. P., 17 April - 10 July 1919. Purchase, 1991 (R12518), not described in the card catalog.
2 ALS to Wilson, 5 September 1920, 25 March 1921.


1.7 Hope, Anthony. List of published works, signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.

Explanatory Note Concerning Manuscript Collections Cataloged in the Card Catalog

Prior to 1990 when archival cataloging procedures were adopted at the Ransom Center, all manuscript collections were described in a card catalog.

Organization of Collections:

Manuscripts for each author collection were organized into four categories:

  • Works: manuscripts by the author, arranged alphabetically by title;
  • Letters: the author’s outgoing correspondence, arranged alphabetically by recipient name;
  • Recipient: the author’s incoming correspondence, arranged alphabetically by the author of the letter; and
  • Miscellaneous: all other manuscripts and correspondence, arranged alphabetically by creator.

Materials that did not fit into these categories, such as art, photographs, books, and near-print materials such as newspaper clippings, were dispersed to other Ransom Center collections for cataloging and storage.

Abbreviations Used in Descriptions:

The symbols below were used in combinations. For example ALS means autograph letter signed; Tccms means typed carbon copy manuscript, etc.

  • A = autograph (i.e., handwritten)
  • T = typed
  • S = signed
  • I = initialed
  • Ms = manuscript
  • Mss = manuscripts
  • L = letter
  • FL = form letter
  • N = note
  • D = document
  • C = card
  • PC = post card
  • cc = carbon copy
  • p = page
  • pp = pages
  • l = leaf
  • ll = leaves
  • nd = no date
  • inc d = incomplete date