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Bonnie Nadell:

An Inventory of Her David Foster Wallace Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Nadell, Bonnie
Title: Bonnie Nadell Collection of David Foster Wallace
Dates: 1980-2008
Abstract: Spanning nearly thirty years, the Bonnie Nadell Collection of David Foster Wallace documents Nadell's literary representation of Wallace, primarily with personal and professional correspondence between Nadell, Wallace, and publishing insiders.
Extent: 1 box (.42 linear feet)
Language: English
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

Bonnie Nadell worked in publishing for Simon & Schuster in New York City during the early 1980's. She moved to San Francisco around 1985, becoming a literary agent for Frederick Hill at Frederick Hill Associates. Lacking clients as a new agent, Nadell answered the phones and went through the slush file, a group of unsolicited manuscript submissions, where an excerpt of what was to become David Foster Wallace's The Broom of the System caught her attention. Wallace became her first client and she his first and only U. S. literary agent. Nadell had a large influence on Wallace's writing career, guiding him as an agent and as a close friend. With Nadell's assistance, Wallace published three novels, three short story collections, and numerous short fiction, essays, and nonfiction works with, among many others, Little, Brown and Company, Viking Press, W. W. Norton & Company, the New Yorker, GQ, Playboy, Rolling Stone, Harper's Magazine, and the Atlantic Monthly. In addition to Wallace, Nadell has represented Sonia Nazario, Antonya Nelson, and Rebecca Solnit. She is now the vice president of Hill Nadel Literary Agency, based in Los Angeles.

Scope and Contents

Spanning nearly thirty years, the Bonnie Nadell Collection of David Foster Wallace documents Nadell's literary representation of Wallace, primarily with personal and professional correspondence between Nadell, Wallace, and publishing insiders. The collection is organized in two series: Series I. Correspondence, and Series II. Agent files. Series I. contains over forty letters (1985-2008) from Wallace to Nadell and about twenty-four email printouts between the two discussing personal and publishing issues. In a 1989 letter, Wallace voices his anticipation of a Nadell visit: ". . . Boston is fun; we'll have laughs, listen to rap and James Brown. . ." In the most recent email (2008), Wallace discusses plans to begin an article for GQ on the just-nominated Barack Obama, stressing his need for "close, candid access to a couple of Obama's junior speech guys" before they become too involved in the campaign. Additional correspondence in Series I. is between Wallace or Nadell and various translators and publishing world colleagues and acquaintances. The content of this correspondence is almost entirely professionally-oriented. In the earliest letter (1985) of the collection, a twenty-three year old Wallace introduces himself and a "representative" chapter of The Broom of the System to Frederick Hill.

Series II. contains files relating to Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, The Broom of the System, Consider the Lobster, Everything and More, Girl With Curious Hair, Infinite Jest, Signifying Rappers, and 'periodical publications.' The files mostly contain correspondence between Nadell and editors and publishers, with some Wallace correspondence as well. Interspersed are unmarked, and often undated, typescript copies of various short Wallace pieces that most likely were meant for submission to editors. These typescripts remain in their original locations within the respective folders in which they arrived, perhaps indicating the approximate date Nadell was sending them out. Also present is an essay, "Ralph and the Legal Milestone" (1980), which Wallace wrote for a creative writing class, receiving an A+.

The collection remains predominately organized as it arrived at the Ransom Center in 2011, with some minor corrections to the rough chronological order of the correspondence in each folder.



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DeLillo, Don.
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Turner, Alice K.
Wallace, David Foster.
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Related Material

Additional Wallace materials are located in the Ransom Center in the David Foster Wallace Papers, the David Foster Wallace Collection, the Don DeLillo Papers, and the James Linville Paris Review Collection.

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Purchase, 2011 (2011-01-015-P)

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Stephen Cooper, 2011


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Container List

Series I. Correspondence 1980-2008, undated

1.1-1.2 'Wallace correspondence,' 1980-2005, undated
1.3 'Selected emails,' 2006-2008, undated

Series II. Agent files 1985-2005, undated

1.4 Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, 1997-1999, undated
1.5 Broom of the System, 1985-2004, undated
1.6 Consider the Lobster, 2003-2005, undated
1.7 Everything and More, 2000-2003, undated
1.8 Girl With Curious Hair, 1988-1995, undated
1.9 Infinite Jest, 1992-2000, undated
1.10 'Periodical publication,' 1986-1989, undated
1.11 Signifying Rappers, 1989-1991, undated

Index of Correspondents

  • Incoming to Nadell/Wallace
    • Aguado, Joan (MGM/UA Communications Co.)--1.5
    • Bialosky, Jill (W. W. Norton)--1.3
    • Bittner, Marlena (Hatchette Book Group)--1.3
    • Blythe, Will (Esquire)--1.8
    • Chearney, Lee Ann, 1959- (Antaeus, The Ecco Press)--1.11
    • Cho, Renée (Kings Road Productions)--1.5
    • Cioni, Adelaide--1.3
    • Close, Ann (Alfred A. Knopf)--1.5
    • Cohen, Jesse (Lipper Publications)--1.7
    • Conroy, Frank, 1936-2005 (The University of Iowa)--1.10
    • Curtis, C. Michael (The Atlantic)--1.10
    • Dach, Cindy (Phoenix Central Library)--1.4
    • DeLillo, Don--1.2
    • Diez, Georg (Die Zeit)--1.3
    • Donadio, Rachel (New York Times Book Review)--1.3
    • Elman, Richard--1.10
    • Fadiman, Anne, 1953- --1.3
    • Garrison, Deborah (New Yorker)--1.9
    • Goode, James (University Man)--1.5
    • Gordon, Jaimy, 1944- (Western Michigan University)--1.8
    • Hagler, Jr., Warren M. (Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art)--1.8
    • Hills, L. Rust (Esquire)--1.10
    • Hine, Andy (Time Warner Book Group)--1.6
    • Hitt, Jack (Harper's)--1.11
    • Holbein, Chris (PETA)--1.6
    • Howard, Gerald (Viking Penguin Inc.)--1.5, 1.8, 1.10
    • Jewell, C. S. (Cathy S.), 1967- (Antaeus, The Ecco Press)--1.11
    • Karmodi, Ostap--1.3
    • Kernochan, Rose (Granta)--1.9
    • Kinard, Anne (Granta)--1.11
    • Kipen, David--1.4
    • Klayman, Rachel (Avon Books)--1.5
    • Laurans, Penelope (The Yale Review)--1.10
    • Lish, Gordon (The Quarterly)--1.10
    • Loewenthal, Linda (Quality Paperback Book Club)--1.2
    • Lovell, Joel (Condé Nast)--1.3
    • McNamara, Jane (The New York Public Library)--1.4
    • Metz, Sylvia, (Edima)--1.11
    • Morgan, Speer, 1946- (The Missouri Review)--1.11
    • Mourits, Bertram (Contact Publishers)--1.3
    • Nadell, Bonnie--1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.10, 1.11
    • Nesi, Edoardo, 1964- --1.9
    • Nijsen, Joost (Uitgeverij Nijgh & Van Ditmar)--1.11
    • Nozieres, Claire--1.5
    • Perroni, Sergio Claudio--1.5
    • Pevitt, Christine (Viking Penguin Inc.)--1.8
    • Pietsch, Michael--1.3, 1.9, 1.10
    • Radziewicz, John (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich)--1.5
    • Silverman, Ilena B. (Harper's)--1.10
    • Smith, Lee, 1962- (Antaeus, The Ecco Press)--1.11
    • Sullivan, Robert, 1953- (Life)--1.3
    • Toyne, Becky (The Harvill Press)--1.6
    • Treisman, Deborah, 1970- (New Yorker)--1.4
    • Turner, Alice K. (Playboy Magazine)--1.10
    • Wallace, David Foster--1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 1.8
    • Watson, Lucia (Viking Penguin Inc.)--1.5
    • Wilder, Corina (PETA)--1.6
    • Wille, Andrew (Little Brown & Company [UK])--1.5
    • Zuckerman, Jocelyn (Condé Nast)--1.6
  • Outgoing from Nadell/Wallace
    • Abrahams, William Miller, 1919-1998--1.5
    • Chearney, Lee Ann, 1959- (Antaeus, The Ecco Press)--1.11
    • Cioni, Adeleide--1.3
    • Clemmey, Mary--1.5, 1.9
    • Curtis, C. Michael (The Atlantic Monthly)--1.10
    • Davey, Beth (Little Brown & Company)--1.9
    • Delillo, Don--1.2
    • Donald, Roger (Little Brown & Company)--1.5
    • Fadiman, Anne, 1953--1.3
    • Finnegan, Edward F. (Illinois State University)--1.2
    • Gaber, Jason (Jewish Community Center)--1.5
    • Hill, Frederick (Frederick Hill Associates)--1.1, 1.2
    • Hills, L. Rust (Esquire)--1.10
    • Howard, Gerald (Viking Penguin Inc.)--1.5, 1.8
    • Jacob, Didier (Le Nouvel Observateur)--1.2
    • Jenks, Tom, 1950- (Charles Scribners & Sons)--1.5
    • Karmodi, Ostap--1.3
    • Katz, Paul (Zomba Records)--1.11
    • Kipen, David--1.4
    • Kramer, Scott (Alliance Productions)--1.5
    • Lish, Gordon (The Quarterly)--1.10
    • Lovell, Joel (Condé Nast)--1.3
    • Magnuson, James (Michener Center)--1.3
    • Marchese, Paola (Andrew Nurnberg Associates)--1.2, 1.9
    • Moore, Irene (Frederick Hill Associates)--1.2, 1.9
    • Mourits, Bertram (Contact Publishers)--1.3
    • Nadell, Bonnie--1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5
    • Nadell, Mr. and Mrs.--1.1
    • Nesi, Edoardo, 1964- --1.9
    • Ostuni, Signor Vincenzo--1.2
    • Perroni, Sergio Claudio--1.5
    • Prairie Schooner--1.10
    • Sidelsky, Russell (Def Jam Records)--1.11
    • Sparrow, David (Tennis Magazine)--1.2
    • Sullivan, Robert, 1953- (Life)--1.3
    • Treisman, Deborah, 1970- (New Yorker)--1.4
    • Turner, Alice K. (Playboy Magazine)--1.2, 1.5
    • Wallace, David Foster--1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 1.11
    • Zuckerman, Jocelyn (Condé Nast)--1.6

Index of Works

  • "Authority and American Usage"--1.2
  • The Broom of the System: Theatrical Movie, Sample Outline--1.2
  • "Here and There"--1.1
  • Las Meniñas--1.2
  • Ralph and the Legal Milestone--1.1
  • "Say Never"--1.1
  • "Solomon Silverfish"--1.1