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Sanora Babb:

An Inventory of Her Papers in the Manuscript Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Babb, Sanora, 1907-2005
Title: Sanora Babb Papers
Dates: circa 1840s-2006 (bulk 1928-2005)
Abstract: The Sanora Babb Papers consist of manuscript drafts, galley proofs, correspondence, photographs, publications, topical files, appointment books, notes and reflections, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, artifacts, audio material, and digital material related to the American writer Sanora Babb, her sister, writer-photographer Dorothy Babb, and her husband, cinematographer James Wong Howe.
Extent: 71 document boxes, 12 serial boxes, 5 oversize boxes, 2 note card boxes, 1 galley file, 1 oversize file folder, 2 restricted document boxes (32.84 linear feet)
Language: English and Spanish
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

Sanora Louise Babb was born on April 21, 1907, at a hospital in Leavenworth, Kansas, though her parents Walter Babb and Jeanette “Jennie” (Parks) Babb (later Kempner) lived in Red Rock, in Oklahoma Territory. In 1909, the Babbs had their second daughter, Dorothy, while living in Waynoka, Oklahoma. A baker by trade, but a gambler by profession, Walter Babb had difficulty settling in one place and the family frequently relocated. Walter believed that there was a prosperous future in dry-land farming and in 1913 moved the family in with his father, Alonzo, in a one-room dugout home on a broomcorn farm in Baca County, Colorado. Babb's life on the High Plains influenced her development as a woman and a writer, and she drew from these early experiences in her poems, short stories, the novel The Lost Traveler (1958), and her memoir An Owl on Every Post (1971). After four years of crop failures, the Babbs moved to Elkhart, Kansas, and eventually to Forgan in the Oklahoma Panhandle. After graduating valedictorian of her high school class, Babb enrolled at the University of Kansas. After one year, she returned home and graduated from the Garden City Junior College in 1926. Soon after, she received a teaching certificate and taught for one year in a one-room school house.

Babb's professional writing career began in earnest after several poems were published in the local newspaper. The Garden City Herald offered her a job as a reporter and she soon obtained Associated Press credentials. She aspired to work at a larger newspaper and audaciously moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1929. As the country entered the beginning stages of the Depression, Babb had difficulty finding employment, but was soon hired as a secretary for Warner Brothers and then later as a scriptwriter for KFWB radio station. In 1934, Babb brought her sister Dorothy to California and supported her while she attended The University of California Los Angeles, where Dorothy received a B. A. in English. The Babb sisters enjoyed a close relationship, based on a strong familial bond born out of a difficult childhood as well as a shared interest in writing. Sanora, the stronger and more ambitious of the two, provided Dorothy with continual emotional and financial support for the remainder of Dorothy's life, which at times strained their relationship.

Babb published her poems and short stories in "little magazines" such as The Midland, The Anvil, Trend, and The Magazine. During the 1930s and 1940s, Babb came in contact with eminent and struggling artists and writers such as Carlos Bulosan, Ralph Ellison, Henry Koerner, Meridel Le Sueur, Dorothy Parker, Harry Roskolenko, William Saroyan, Genevieve Taggard, B. Traven, Nathanael West, and Chinese-American cinematographer James Wong Howe.

With Europe on the brink of war, Babb joined Howe in England in 1936 while he was on film location. Due to Hollywood's “moral code” and California's miscegenation laws, Babb and Howe married in a civil ceremony in Paris, France, in 1936. The couple later married in California after the repeal of its miscegenation laws in 1948. While in Europe with Howe, Babb traveled throughout England, France, Poland, and enjoyed an extended tour of the Soviet Union to attend a month-long theatre festival. She returned to London in 1937 where she co-edited the political magazine The Week with Claud Cockburn.

Always sympathetic to those less fortunate and perhaps inspired by what she observed in communities in Russia, after returning from Europe Babb joined the Farm Security Administration (F. S. A). She worked as an assistant to migrant camp manager Tom Collins, establishing tent camps for dispossessed migrant workers in California's agricultural valleys. During the day, she assisted families with basic needs and supplies, educated workers about labor rights, and helped them organize, while at night she recorded her observations and reflections in field notes she later used in her writings. Dorothy frequently visited Sanora in the field and recorded what she witnessed with her camera. Sanora's essays published in The Clipper and New Masses and Dorothy's photographs provide an intimate and realistic insight into the impoverished conditions at migrant camps. In 1939, Sanora began writing her first novel based on her F. S. A. experiences and sent several early chapters of Whose Names Are Unknown to Random House, which offered her a contract to complete the manuscript. Before she could finish the novel, however, John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath (1939) was published and Random House broke the contract, stating that readers would not be interested in another novel on the same subject. Despite her disappointment, Babb put the manuscript aside and continued writing poems, short stories, and developing ideas for a second novel.

Babb was active in the League of American Writers and served on the editorial board of The Clipper and The California Quarterly in the 1940s and 1950s. These publications exposed American readers to the work of B. Traven, author of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1934), Ray Bradbury, and the French colonial poets Aimé Césaire, Léon Damas, and Jean Joseph Rabéarivélo. In the 1950s and 1960s, Babb met regularly with a writers' group that included Bradbury, Esther McCoy, Sid Stebel, Bonnie Barrett Wolfe, C. Y. Lee, Peg Nixon, Richard Bach, and Dolph Sharp. During the House Un-American Activities Committee's hearings, she grew concerned that her political beliefs were jeopardizing Howe's film career and she moved to Mexico City, where she continued writing short stories and poems and drafted the manuscript for her second novel, The Lost Traveler (1958). While in Mexico, Babb became friends with Hal Croves, thought to be the novelist B. Traven; dancer and choreographer Waldeen; and numerous blacklisted Hollywood writers such as Albert Maltz.

After returning to Los Angeles in 1951, Babb continued writing and publishing for the remainder of her life. Decades after submitting the manuscript to Random House, Babb published a re-edited Whose Names Are Unknown in 2004 to great critical acclaim. The Los Angeles Times stated that Babb's Dust Bowl novel rivaled Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath because of its insider perspective and sensitivity to the subject. It was a finalist for both the 2005 Spur Award and the 2005 PEN Center USA Literary Award.

In addition to numerous poems and short stories, Babb's other publications include two collections of short stories entitled The Dark Earth and Other Stories of the Depression (1987) and The Cry of the Tinamou (1997) and a collection of poems entitled Told in the Seed (1998). Preceded in death by her husband James Wong Howe in 1976 and sister Dorothy in 1995, Babb died at age 98 on December 31, 2005, in Hollywood, California.

Scope and Contents

The Sanora Babb Papers, circa 1840s-2006 (bulk 1928-2005) consist of manuscript drafts, galley proofs, correspondence, photographs, publications, topical files, appointment books, notes and reflections, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, artifacts, audio material, and digital material related to the writer Sanora Babb, her sister, writer-photographer Dorothy Babb, and her husband, cinematographer James Wong Howe. The personal and professional papers provide diverse and comprehensive coverage of Sanora Babb's remarkable life—which spanned nearly a century—through extensive correspondence, writings, and photographs. The papers are organized into seven series: I. Literary Activities, II. Correspondence, III. Topical Files, IV. Photographs, V. Dorothy Babb, VI. James Wong Howe, and VII. Publications.

Series I. Literary Activities includes products associated with Babb's writing and is arranged into six subseries: A. Short Stories, B. Published Books, C. Poems, D. Other Writings, E. Notes, Reflections, Story Ideas, and F. Related Material. Though Babb wrote and published in a variety of literary forms, she primarily considered herself a short story writer. Works are arranged in alphabetical order by title with untitled drafts, fragments, and miscellaneous works arranged at the end of each subseries. Within each title, the material is generally chronological following the order of literary production beginning with research notes through to published drafts. When applicable, related materials such as reviews, correspondence, or adaptations follow the drafts.

Babb was an ardent and dedicated correspondent, exchanging lengthy, poignant, and sincere letters with family, friends, and professional associates that often span several decades. Series II. Correspondence is arranged into two subseries: A. Professional and B. Personal, each in alphabetical order by correspondent's name. This collection of letters documents many facets of Babb's life as a woman and as a writer.

Series III. Topical Files contains Babb's address books, daily appointment books, research files, clippings, and files related to the business aspect of her writing. The series is in alphabetical order by topic.

Babb enjoyed taking photographs of family and friends, as well as having her photograph taken. Series IV. Photographs includes black-and-white and color prints, negatives, cased daguerreotypes, cased hand-tinted prints on milk glass, tintypes, photo albums, and scrapbooks. Photographs in the collection span the duration of Babb's life.

Included in Sanora Babb's papers is a small amount of her sister's personal papers. Series V. Dorothy Babb contains Dorothy's literary output, transcribed letters from Filipino-American writer Carlos Bulosan, still-life photographs, a Garden City Junior College yearbook, and assorted notes and clippings. Glass slides of Dorothy Babb's Farm Security Administration photographs have been separated and formed into the California Migrant Farm Workers Slide Collection in the Ransom Center's Photography Department. All original prints of these photographs were retained with the Sanora Babb papers.

Series VI. James Wong Howe includes a small amount of material related to Babb's husband, cinematographer James Wong Howe. Articles, clippings, ephemera, letters, biographical notes, tributes, and sympathy cards form the bulk of this small series. Howe's professional papers are housed at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Center for Motion Pictures Study and a collection inventory from that repository is also included in this material.

Series VII. Publications are arranged in alphabetical order by title with the bulk consisting of magazines and literary journals containing Sanora or Dorothy Babb's published works, as well as issues retained for research related to particular writings.

The Sanora Babb Papers includes numerous documents that were typed or printed on highly acidic paper. Over time, these sheets have deteriorated and are now very fragile. In order to diminish further deterioration caused by frequent handling, some original documents have been removed and restricted and replaced with photocopies or digitized images.



Open for research

Condition Note: The Sanora Babb Papers includes numerous documents that were typed or printed on highly acidic paper. Over time, these sheets have deteriorated and are now very fragile. In order to diminish further deterioration caused by frequent handling, some original documents have been removed and restricted and replaced with photocopies or digitized images.

Index Terms

Babb, Dorothy, 1909- .
Babb, Sanora.
Bradbury, Ray, 1920- .
Bulosan, Carlos.
Collins, Tom.
Crichton, Kyle, 1896-1960.
Ellison, Ralph.
Howe, James Wong.
Koerner, Henry.
McCoy, Esther.
Saroyan, William, 1908-1981.
Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.
Traven, B.
Villa, José García.
Wixson, Douglas C.
Zatz, Asa.
United States. Farm Security Administration.
Asian Americans.
Authors, American--20th century.
Dust Bowl Era, 1931-1939.
Migrant Labor—United States—20th century.
Women authors--20th century.
High Plains (U.S.).
Document Types
Galley proofs.
Serials (publications).
Sound recordings.

Related Material

The following collections at the Ransom Center contain additional material related to Sanora Babb, Dorothy Babb, or James Wong Howe: California Migrant Farm Workers Slide Collection containing Dorothy Babb's photographs, Literary Files, and David O. Selznick.

Other repositories with material related to Sanora Babb, Dorothy Babb, or James Wong Howe include: Margaret Herrick Library at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Columbia University, Harvard University, Library of Congress, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Smithsonian Archives of American Art, Stanford University, Syracuse University, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, and University of Pennsylvania.

Separated Material

Sanora Babb's library, including copies of her novels, has been separated from the collection and is housed in the Ransom Center's Book Collection. A dust mask with original packaging dating from approximately the 1930s, an official Pre-Convention Clinton Team lapel pin, a 1946 War Bonds medal, and a pair of children's beaded moccasins have been separated from the collection and are housed in the Ransom Center's Personal Effects Collection. Five audio cassette tapes containing interviews with Sanora Babb and a B. Traven seminar have been separated from the collection and are housed in the Ransom Center's Sound Recordings Collection. One 3.5-inch floppy disk containing drafts of the manuscript Whose Names Are Unknown has been separated from the collection and is housed in the Ransom Center's Digital Collection. Dorothy Babb's Farm Security Administration photographs have been separated and formed into the California Migrant Farm Workers Slide Collection in the Ransom Center's Photography Department.

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Processed by:

Amy E. Armstrong, 2009


In addition to material found within the Sanora Babb Papers, the following sources were used:

Babb, Sanora and Douglas C. Wixson, eds. On the Dirty Plate Trail: Remembering the Dustbowl Refugee Camps. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2007.

Wixson, Douglas C. "Sanora Babb: Tales from the American High Plains." (Harry Ransom Center, 2008), [accessed 21 April 2009]

Series Descriptions

Series I. Literary Activities, 1925-2005 (33 boxes)

This series includes materials associated with Babb's literary activities and is arranged into six subseries: A. Short Stories, B. Published Books, C. Poems, D. Other Writings, E. Notes, Reflections, Story Ideas, and F. Related Material. Many of the drafts in the collection are typed on paper that has become brittle and fragile over time. In extreme cases, originals have been removed and restricted and photocopies or digitized images have been provided.
Babb enjoyed writing short stories more than any other literary form and was frequently published in both literary journals and popular publications. Subseries A. Short Stories is arranged alphabetically by title and includes typescript drafts, revised drafts, and published versions of Babb's stories, as well as related material such as correspondence, critiques, and research notes. Stories with a high volume of drafts or accompanying material are in individual folders bearing the title of the work. Babb retained multiple duplicate photocopies of typescripts and published stories to send to friends and associates; however, identical photocopies have been removed from the collection.
Subseries B. Published Books is arranged in alphabetical order by book title and contains drafts, galley proofs, correspondence, synopses, screen adaptations, reviews, research files, and marketing materials related to Babb's book-length works. Published works include two short story collections, Cry of the Tinamou (1997) and The Dark Earth and Other Stories of the Great Depression (1987); two novels, The Lost Traveler (1958) and Whose Names Are Unknown (2004); and Babb's memoir, An Owl on Every Post (1970). Babb's ethnographic research material for Whose Names Are Unknown is particularly noteworthy, as she took extensive field notes while working with migrant families for the Farm Security Administration (F. S. A.). She documented migrants' personal stories and linguistic patterns, crop cycles and harvesting procedures, and living conditions. Babb also maintained a small amount of F. S. A. and camp documents, including her personal case file, forms, government publications, and labor and camp newsletters. Tom Collins, an F. S. A. administrator, worked directly with Babb and supported her research. Collins also assisted John Steinbeck with his research for The Grapes of Wrath, and this subseries contains two postcards and a letter from Steinbeck to Collins. The research material also contains copies of "Shorts," vignettes believed to have been written by Collins based on his own experience working with the migrant farmers. Also of interest are family letters, Jennie Babb's journal entry describing a Kansas dust storm, as well as Babb's essays about the migrant condition in California.
Correspondence with Random House and other publishers regarding the cancelled publication of Whose Names Are Unknown is filed in this subseries; however, researchers should also consult professional and personal correspondence in Series II. Correspondence. Additional material related to Babb's writings is located in Series III. Topical Files and VII. Publications.
Subseries C. Poems is arranged by Babb's original groupings: State of Manuscript, Topic, Chronology, and Assorted. A portion of Sanora and Dorothy Babb's early poems were removed from a small notebook which also contained other notes. Due to the arrangement, copies of a particular poem may be found in more than one location within the subseries.
Subseries D. Other Writings contains Babb's other literary forms and includes drafts, published articles, clippings, synopses, film treatments, scripts for plays and films, and book reviews. This series also contains unfinished works "in progress," including an excerpt from an unfinished novel, short stories, poems, and assorted drafts and fragments. While Babb successfully published numerous short stories and several novels and poems, she frequently wrote non-fiction including essays, book reviews, and articles on a variety of subjects, including the writing craft and the cinematographic work of her husband, James Wong Howe. Because of Howe's work and connections in the film industry, Babb and Howe collaborated on several screenplays that were never produced. Present in this series are drafts for Chinatown Story, Corner Grocery, and Rickshaw Boy.
A diversity of material comprises Subseries E. Notes, Reflections, Story Ideas. Babb was an avid letter writer and frequently maintained segments of letters she received, as well as copies of excerpts from letters she composed. She also typed or handwrote reflections on a wide array of often intensely personal subjects. Such jottings are often interfiled with story ideas and outlines, character studies, inspirational quotes, clippings and articles, and other writers' works, perhaps to serve as notes and inspiration for her writing. Babb's original arrangement of these materials by topic is mostly intact; however, the bulk of it covers a variety of subjects and has been filed as "General" notes.
Series F. Related Material includes index cards containing the titles of Babb's works, assorted letters from readers, and assorted published reviews of her novels, The Lost Traveler and An Owl on Every Post. Babb often combined material associated with these two works.

Series II. Correspondence, circa 1910-2006 (24 boxes)

Correspondence is arranged into two subseries following Babb's general arrangement: A. Professional and B. Personal. Babb frequently retained carbon copies of her outgoing letters, and incoming and outgoing letters are often interfiled; however, she filed a small number of outgoing letters separately. In her letters, Babb reveals her thoughts and feelings, provides advice and comfort, describes progress with her writing, and details her daily life and activities.
Subseries A. Professional correspondence consists of incoming and outgoing letters to publishers, literary agents, and other professional associates and is in alphabetical order by the organization name or topic. Babb's literary agents included Maxim Lieber, Harriet Wolf, Joanna Dearcopp, Mary Abbott and Julie Fallowfield with McIntosh and Otis, and Patience Ross with A. M. Heath & Company in London, England. Several notable publishers such as Saxe Commins at Random House, Kyle Crichton at Collier's, and Millen Brand at Crown Publishers nurtured her writing career through their critiques, support, and recommendations. Significant correspondence with publishers regarding specific works may also be located under the work's title in Series I. Due to Babb's life-long relationship with many of these individuals, correspondence often became more personal, and may also be filed in Subseries B. Personal Correspondence.
Subseries B. Personal Correspondence contains incoming and outgoing letters to family, friends, and associates and is arranged alphabetically by correspondent's last name or by topic. The most significant and voluminous letters in this series are between Babb and her sister Dorothy, her husband James Wong Howe, and her mother Jennie Babb (Kemper). Sanora and Dorothy engaged in frequent, lengthy, and candid correspondence; however, Sanora often didn't retain Dorothy's letters in their entirety, rather she kept only certain pages which interested her, perhaps to be used later as material or inspiration for her writing. In addition, these letters are often undated or difficult to date due to missing pages and envelopes. Letters with Dorothy and her mother often describe aspects of the family's early years in Oklahoma and Colorado and daily events.
Babb and Howe corresponded frequently, as he was often away on-location for various films. In addition to the personal dialogue between man and wife, Howe's letters provide details about his work and experiences on film sets.
As a writer and wife of a Hollywood cinematographer, Babb regularly met and corresponded with other notable artists, though she often down-played this aspect of her life. Her correspondence demonstrates her life-long friendships and brief encounters with both the famous, such as actresses Joan Crawford and Lynn Redgrave, and the unrecognized. She maintained a forty-year correspondence with her distant cousin whom she never met, Lillie Pollard, as well as with Kathleen Hawkins, a Colorado ranch woman Babb hired after Hawkins placed an ad as a typist in a writing magazine. Notable correspondents include Ray Bradbury, Hal Croves (one of many aliases associated with B. Traven), writer and intimate friend Ralph Ellison, dancer and choreographer Waldeen, Filipino-American writers Carlos Bulosan and José Garcia Villa, writer Melissa Blake Levitzky, painter Henry Koerner, and novelist William Saroyan. Correspondents often wrote to Howe and Babb together as evidenced by brief notes from Dorothy Parker, Pearl S. Buck, and Vincent Price. Also of interest are a 1943 letter and Christmas card author Toshio Mori sent Babb while he was interned at Topaz Internment Camp in Utah. Correspondent names are listed in the Partial Index of Correspondents located at the end of this finding aid.

Series III. Topical Files, 1878-2003 (bulk circa 1940s-1990s) (9 boxes)

Topical Files are in alphabetical order and contain Babb's address books, daily appointment books, research files, clippings, and files related to the business aspect of her writing. Babb also maintained clippings, writings, and correspondence about other writers; however, correspondence with those individuals is predominantly located in Series II. Of particular interest in this series are Babb's Biographical files, teaching files for a short story writing course she taught at University of California Los Angeles, correspondence regarding literary rights for B. Traven's stories, and correspondence with Arnold Rampersad concerning Babb's relationship with author Ralph Ellison.

Series IV. Photographs, circa 1840s-2005 (6 boxes)

Photographs in the collection include black-and-white and color prints, negatives, cased daguerreotypes, cased hand-tinted prints on milk glass, tintypes, photo albums, and scrapbooks. Photographs in the collection span Babb's life beginning with early nineteenth-century family, infant, and childhood photos through her final jacket photo for Whose Names Are Unknown. These photographs provide visual documentation of significant people and events in her life. There are a large number of historical family photos, including several early prints of the Baca County, Colorado, homestead that provided the setting for Babb's memoir, An Owl on Every Post. Many of the photographs are snapshots taken while traveling, including photographs of Europe just prior to World War II, social gatherings, and personal family moments, as well as studio portraits, including Babb's screen-test shots for MGM studios.
Babb frequently appears in photographs with her immediate family, including her parents, Walter Babb, Jennie and step-father Clarence Kemper, Dorothy, and her husband, James Wong Howe. Photographs of Howe include candid family photographs and a small number taken on-location at various movie sets. Due to their content and artistic composition, Babb's scrapbooks documenting her early school days, as well as her years at The University of Kansas and Garden City Junior College, are of particular interest. Also of interest are modern snapshots of Babb's childhood communities in Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma, taken by her biographer, Douglas Wixson.
The series also includes a photo album that belonged to Babb's sister, Dorothy, containing photographs of locations in Europe, California and New York, the Kemper family store, as well as Dorothy, Sanora, Walter Babb, Jennie and Clarence Kemper, and friends including author Carlos Bulosan.

Series V. Dorothy Babb, 1926-1996 (1.25 boxes)

Though not as prolific a writer as Sanora, Dorothy Babb did achieve limited publishing success. Series V. is comprised of Dorothy's personal papers and includes drafts and published versions of her short stories, essays, and poems. Dorothy was a close friend of Filipino-American writer Carlos Bulosan and she intended to publish a book of their correspondence, but never completed this work. A draft of this manuscript comprised of typed carbon transcripts of Bulosan's letters and an incomplete draft of her memoir are included in her works. Also in this series are a small number of Dorothy's still-life photographs, her Garden City Junior College yearbooks, and assorted notes and clippings. The Ransom Center has formed a separate collection of Dorothy Babb's Farm Security Administration glass slides, the California Migrant Farm Workers Slide Collection. Prints of these images remain in the Sanora Babb papers.

Series VI. James Wong Howe, 1939-2003, (0.75 boxes)

This series contains material related to Babb's husband, cinematographer James ("Jimmie") Wong Howe. The bulk of the items is comprised of biographical material related to Howe's film career and includes clippings, articles, tributes, filmographies, photographs, sympathy cards, and ephemera. Howe owned a Chinese restaurant called Ching How in Los Angeles during the 1940's, and several menus, reviews, and advertisements are also present. Researchers should also consult Notes, Reflections, Story Ideas in Series I. for additional Howe-related material Babb was compiling for use in writing a Howe biography, as well as a screenplay for several proposed Howe film projects. Howe's professional papers are housed at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Center for Motion Pictures Study, and that collection inventory is also present.

Series VII. Publications, 1928-1999, (12 boxes)

This series contains magazines and literary journals, the vast majority of which contain Sanora or Dorothy Babb's published works. A small number of serials were originally used for research purposes and filed within topical files, but to facilitate easier access, these have been separated from their original location and filed alphabetically with the other publications. Separation sheets mark their original location.

Container List

Series I. Literary Activities, 1925-2005

Subseries A. Short Stories
1.1 "An Old Man Waiting" (published in Kansas Magazine, 1938), typescript draft, published story, 1938
1.2 "Aslant the Moon" (published in Yellow Silk, 1986), first draft, published story, notes, letter to the editor, 1983-1986
1.3 "Beginning at Seventy-Third Street," typescript draft and letter, 1935
"Berta" (published in Literary America, 1936), typescript draft, 1934
"The Bones Show Through," typescript draft, 1934
"The Brave," circa 1934-1935
1.4 "The Celebrity," typescript drafts, 1951
1.5 "The Children," corrected typescript drafts, 1946
1.6 "Cosmic Cave," corrected and revised typescript drafts, notes, 1947
1.7-8 "Cry of the Tinamou," notes, corrected and revised typescript drafts, 1960-1989
1.9 "Daft" (published in Southwest Review, 1969), published story, 1969
"The Dark Earth" (published in The Magazine, 1934), published story, 1934
"The Daughters," typescript, undated
"Dry Summer" (published in The Anvil, 1932), typescript drafts, 1932
1.10 "El Ensueño" [variously titled The Dream] (published in Wyoming, The Hub of the Wheel…A Journey for Universal Spokesmen, 1988), typescript drafts, 1958-1988
1.11 "Farm in Alaska" (published in New Masses, 1935), typescript draft and copy of published story, 1935
"Farmer's Holiday" (published in The Magazine, 1934), typescript and published story, 1934-1935
"Femme Fatale" (published in Masses and Mainstream, 1948), typescript and final drafts, published story, 1946-1948
2.1 "Flying Bird of Dreams," edited drafts, critiques by Dorothy Babb, Esther McCoy[?], and unidentified others, notes, letters, circa 1950s
2.2 "The Golden Mountain" (published in New-Story, Paris, 1952), edited and final typescript drafts, published story, 1946, 1952
2.3 "A Good Straight Game" (published in Kansas Magazine, 1951), edited and final typescript drafts, published story, 1947-1951
2.4 "The Grandfather," typescript drafts, circa 1932
2.5 "Interview," typescript draft, circa 1930s
3.3 "It's a Mean World, Mister," revised typescripts, circa 1946
2.6 "The Journey Begun" (published in Cross Section of New American Writing anthology, 1948), working drafts, corrected typescript drafts, published story, circa 1945-1948
2.7 "Little Pariah" (published in Clay, 1932), typescript, published story, 1931-1932
"Lora" (published in The Daily Worker, 1935), typescript, copy of published story, 1935
"Lost Cry," typescript and revised drafts, 1933
"The Lost and the Dying," corrected typescript draft, 1933
"Love Be My Destiny" (published in Southwest Review, 1964), published story, 1964
"The Larger Cage" (published in Antioch Review, 1953)
2.8-9 Typescript drafts, revised drafts, critiques by Charles Humboldt, Ray Bradbury, Dorothy Babb, Waldeen, published story, letters, 1951-1953
2.10 Film Options; correspondence, contracts, published material, 1961-1967
2.11 "The Low Cost of C Sharp Minor" (published in L.A. Magazine, 1959), typescript and revised drafts, published story, 1959
3.1 "Margin Farm," typescript draft, circa 1930s
"The Matriarch of the Court" [variously titled The Matriarch] (published in Southwest Review, 1955), typescript, published story, 1955
"Morning in Imperial Valley" (published in Kansas Magazine, 1941), published story, 1941
"Mrs. Kornfeldt's Plush Force," typescript draft, undated
"My New Friend, Coco," typescript and corrected drafts, undated
3.2 "Margarita," typescript drafts; letters with critiques from Harriet Wolf, Melissa Blake, Esther McCoy, Dorothy Babb, notes, circa 1955-1962
3.4 "The Meeting" [variously titled Night of Evil] (published in Southwest Review, 1982), typescript and revised drafts, alternate endings, published story, 1961-1982
3.5-6 "Midnight," typescript and revised drafts, 1981
3.7-8 "Mister Never," notes, typescript and revised drafts, letter, 1968-1974
4.1 "No Lamps Lighted" (published in The Daily Worker, 1936), copy of published story, 1936
"The Old One" (published in The Midland, 1933), typescript draft, published story, 1933
"One with Beauty," typescript drafts, undated
4.2 "Polly "(published in The Clipper, 1940), typescript, published story, 1940
"Prairie Dwellers," typescript drafts, 1925
4.3 "Personal Equations," typescript and revised drafts, 1950
4.4 "Professor Coyote," typescript and revised drafts, undated
4.5 "Reconversion by Carrie Riggs," typescript draft, circa 1934-1935
"The Refugee" (published in Cross Section of New American Writing anthology, 1945), typescript and revised drafts, published story, 1945
"Run, Sheepy, Run!" (published in Kansas Magazine, 1966), typescript draft, published story, 1959-1966
4.6 "Reconciliation" (published in New Mexico Quarterly Review, 1947), typescript and revised drafts, published story, letters, 1945-1947
4.7 "A Scandalous Humility" (published in Northwest Review, 1968), published story, notes, 1968
"Something for a Careful Box," typescript draft, circa 1930s
4.8* "The Santa Ana" [variously titled Night of Yearning,The Stranger,The Santa Ana Wind] (published in The Best American Short Stories, 1960 and The Saturday Evening Post, 1959), typescript drafts, published story, letter, 1953-1960 (*oversize clipping removed to box 84)
4.9 "Snow is a Promise" [variously titled Davy] (published in New-Story, Paris, 1951), typescript and revised drafts, published story, 1946-1951
5.1 "The Stone Seed," typescript and revised drafts, 1964-1970
5.2 "Taos: A Bit of Old World," typescript draft, circa 1930s
"The Terror," (published in the former Soviet Union), typescript drafts and copies, 1935-1936
"Unemployed," typescript draft, circa 1930s
"Winter in Town," typescript draft, circa 1930s
"The Wolves Cry Wild…" (published in Trend, 1934), typescript draft, published story, 1932-1934
5.3 "Woman on a Balcony" (published in New Mexico Quarterly Review, 1949), fragments, published story, 1949
"A Word Sometimes Used for Women," typescript draft and copies, undated
"Young Boy, The World" (published in Black & White, 1939 and The American Century anthology, 1955), published story, 1939
5.4* "The Tea Party" [variously titled The Lodger] (published in Seventeen, 1956), typescript and revised drafts, published story, 1952-1956 (*oversize story removed to box 84)
5.5 "That Presence Out There" [variously titled A Star and a Planet of Night, The Dung Hunters, The Secret] (published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine), typescript and revised drafts, published story, 1952
5.6 "Ting Foo Timothy," typescript draft, undated
5.7 "The Vine by Root Embraced" (published in The California Quarterly, 1952), research notes, typescript draft, critiques by Dorothy Babb, letter, published story, 1944-1952
5.8 "Voluntary Exile" [variously titled I Wait in Panama], typescript and corrected drafts, circa 1930s[?]
5.9 "The Wild Flower "[variously titled Kansas Afternoon] (published in U. S. Stories anthology, 1949; Kansas Magazine, 1950; Best American Short Stories anthology, 1950; U. N. Magazine, undated), corrected and revised typescript drafts, published story, 1947-1950
5.10 "William Shakespeare" (published in Kansas Magazine, 1953 and Montevallo Review, 1950), typescript drafts, published story, 1950-1953
6.1 Untitled drafts, circa 1930s-1960s
6.2 Untitled drafts and fragments, undated
6.3 Stories from black binder, 1946, undated
6.4 Stories from red binder, undated
6.5-6 Bound stories, undated
6.7 Extra pages, undated
6.8 'Miscellaneous Writings' [story copies sent to various recipients], circa 1950s-1980s
7.1 Notations and Original Folder Copies, undated
Story Scrapbooks
85 1941-1970
Subseries B. Published Books
Cry of the Tinamou (1997)
7.2 Manuscript; photocopies of typescripts and published stories, undated
7.3 Galley Proofs, 1997
7.4 Book Jacket, 1997
7.5 University of Nebraska Press; introduction by Alan Wald, correspondence, marketing materials, 1996-1997
7.6 The Dark Earth and Other Stories of the Great Depression (1987), introduction, typescript drafts, 1987
The Lost Traveler (1958), [variously titled The Strangers, The Cheaters, The Lost Travelers]
7.7-9 Notes, Synopsis, Chapter Drafts, Unused Chapters, circa 1940s-1960s
7.10* Typescript draft, 1947 (*original removed to box 92: restricted due to fragile condition, digital copy available for use)
8.1-2 The Cheater, early typescript draft, circa 1947-1949
8.3-4 The Lost Travelers, 3rd typescript draft, 1949
9.1-2 The Lost Travelers, final typescript draft, 1949
9.3-4 Third version typescript draft, 1949-1950
10.1-2 Edited original typescript, 1954
10.3-4 Sixth version working copy, 1957
11.1 Publisher's dummy, 1957-1958
11.2-3 Victor Gollancz Edition (UK), typescript, 1957
Screenplay adaptation based on novel
11.4 ‘Early draft,' photocopy, 1968
12.1 ‘Original copy,' photocopy, 1968
12.2 Draft, photocopy, 1968 [?]
12.3 Revised draft, photocopy, 1968-1969
12.4 Third typescript draft, 1983
12.5 Revised draft, photocopy, 1991
12.6 Revised typescript draft, photocopy, 1993
13.1 Loose fragments, undated
13.2 Critiques, circa 1949
13.3-4 Personal, 1950-1963
13.5 Film, 1957-1968
13.6 General, 1941-1951
13.7 Reynal and Company, 1954-1965
13.8 ‘Symposium,' readers' comments, undated
13.9* Reviews (*oversize articles removed to flat file)
An Owl on Every Post (1970)
14.1 Proposal, undated
14.2-3 First Draft, carbon copy, also includes edits, unused segments, additional segments, 1962-1970
14.4 Chapters 2-9, edited, undated
14.5-15.1 Corrected typescript, photocopy, two copies, undated
15.2-3 Corrected typescript, photocopy, circa 1969
15.4-5 Edited typescript proof, 1970
* Galley proofs (*removed to galley folder), 1970
16.1 Publisher's dummy, Peter Davies Edition (UK), 1971
16.2 Afterword, University of New Mexico Press edition (1994), 1993
16.3 Peter Davies, Ltd., 1971-1975
New American Libraries, 1974-1979
Plowden, Judith [regarding film options], 1988-1989
Assorted, 1972-1973
16.4 McCall Publishing Company, 1970-1971
16.5 Sullivan, Glenda, 1971-1974
16.6-17.1 Personal, circa 1970s-1990s
17.2 Publicity tour (Denver) and reviews, 1970-1971
17.3 Reviews, circa 1970-1973
Told in the Seed (1998)
17.4-18.1 Manuscript with alternate arrangements, circa 1996
18.2 Manuscript submission to City Lights Booksellers and other publishers, 1996
18.3 Galley proofs, photocopy, circa 1996-1998
18.4 Correspondence, West End Press, 1996-1998
Whose Names Are Unknown (2004)
Research Material and Notes
18.5 Family letters and journal regarding Kansas dust storms, 1935-1937
Farm Security Administration
18.6 Eviction notice, field notes, ideas, letters from migrants, songs, FSA publications, circa 1936-1940
18.7 Case file with note from Tom Collins, 1938
18.8 Tom Collins note, field notes, ideas, clippings, Farm Security Administration reports, migrant narratives, untitled manuscript, circa 1936-1940
18.9 Clippings, field notes, reports, circa 1936-1940
18.10 Tom Collins ‘Shorts'; carbon copy vignettes written by Collins about migrant workers, 1938
18.11 Letters and postcards from John Steinbeck to Tom Collins, 1938
19.1 Photographs, circa 1936-1940
19.2 United States government reports and publications, 1938
19.3* Clippings and articles, circa 1936-1940 (*oversize article removed to flat file)
19.4 Notes and story ideas
19.5 Guggenheim application, includes synopsis, work plan, and untitled manuscripts, circa 1938
Related Writings
19.6* "Dealing in Major Catastrophes" (published in New Masses, 1939), published story, 1939; also "The Way It Is" by Ralph Ellison (published in New Masses, 1942) (*oversize articles removed to restricted box 91)
19.6 "Migratory Farm Workers in California," typescript, circa 1938-1939
"San Joaquin Valley," handwritten and typescript drafts, 1938
"U. S. Highways," typescript draft, 1937
Letter fragment sent to Harper's, circa 1939
Untitled, circa 1934
Manuscript Drafts
19.7 Early fragments, circa 1939
7.10* First draft with handwritten corrections; also clippings, 1938, 1955 (*original removed to box 92: restricted due to fragile condition, digital copy available for use)
19.8-9 Working copy, carbon with handwritten corrections, also additional loose chapters, 1938
20.1-2 Revised draft, carbon copy, circa 1939
20.3 Revised draft, bound, photocopy, circa 1939[?]
20.4-21.1 Working copy, photocopy, circa 2000s
21.2-3 Original draft, revised, photocopy, circa 2000s
21.4-5 Revised draft ‘#2,' photocopy, 2000
22.1-2 Revised draft ‘#3,' March 2003
22.3-4 Revised and edited draft ‘#4,' photocopy, September 2003
22.5-6 Revised and edited draft ‘#5,' September 2005
23.1 Bound page proofs; also marketing materials, 2004
23.2 ‘Wixson edits,' circa 1999-2004
23.3-5 Publishers, 1939-1958
23.6 Short, John D. [regarding John Steinbeck and Tom Collins], 1975
23.7 PEN USA Literary Awards Festival program, 2005
Subseries C. Poems
State of Manuscript
23.8-9 Published, A-Z, circa 1950s-1990s
23.10* Unpublished, A-Z, circa 1950s-1990s (*oversize poem removed to box 88)
23.11-12 ‘In Work,' includes drafts and notes, undated
24.1-2 Returned Submissions, undated
24.3 John F. Kennedy tribute; also includes poem by and letter from Ann Stanford, 1964
24.4 Love poems, circa 1950s-1980s
24.5 Poems dedicated to James Wong Howe, circa 1970s-1980s
24.6-9 Early poems by Sanora and Dorothy Babb, circa 1920s-1930s
24.10-25.3 Assorted, circa 1950s-1990s
25.4-5 Submission lists, circa 1970s-1990s
25.6 Notations and original folder copies
Subseries D. Other Writings
25.7 Another Reaps, excerpt from unpublished novel, circa 1930s
25.8 "The Photography of James Wong Howe," notes and photocopy of published article by Sylvester Davis [pseudonym used by Sanora Babb] (published in California Arts and Architecture, 1939)
‘Blaise Cendrars' International Society
25.9 Letters, clippings, 1989-1995
"An Adventure with Blaise Cendrars" (published in Feuille De Routes, 1981), typescript drafts, published essay, 1981
"Blaise Cendrars and the Oklahoma Outlaw," typescript drafts, 1968
25.10-26.4 Chinatown Story [variously titled Ching and the Dog, Inc.], screenplay by Sanora Babb and James Wong Howe, based on a story by Sanora Babb, revised drafts, 1955-1956
26.5 Corner Grocery, synopsis for play and film, 1942
26.6 "Dr. Fera of Moscow" (published in The Clipper, 1941), corrected typescript, published essay, 1941
26.7 "Extras," typescript, circa 1930s-1940s
26.8 Los Angeles Times book reviews, 1958-1959
26.9 Old Man Chen, synopsis for film, 1935
26.10 "Picnic Mephitis" (published in Woman's Journal-UK, 1960 and Outdoor World, 1969), typescript and revised drafts, published article, 1959-1969
Rickshaw Boy [based on novel by Lau Shaw, pseudonym for Lao She]
26.11 Treatment for film, circa 1945-1948
26.12 Revised script budget, 1948
27.1 A Song Upon the Hills, unpublished poetry collection manuscript, undated
27.2 South Dakota Farm, one-act play script, circa 1930s
27.3 "To the Nazis in Kiev" (published in The Clipper, 1941), typescript, published essay, 1941
27.4 Women Without Men, synopsis by Sanora Babb and William Saroyan, circa 1930s
The Writer articles
27.5 Correspondence
"Storytellers' Street," October 1961
"Rebellion and Response," January 1966
"A World of Forms," July 1973
27.6 ‘On Writing,' notes, clippings, articles, circa 1960s-1970s
27.7 "The Writers' Congress," typescript and letter, 1943
Yung, Peter, photographer and filmmaker
27.8 Introduction, Our World My Eyes, credited to James Wong Howe, written by Sanora Babb, 1973
Narration, Locke (film)
In Progress
27.9 Konkie, short novel typescript drafts, notes, circa 1930s
27.10 Untitled typescript, circa 1930s
27.11 [Costa Rica and Panama], handwritten short story manuscript, poems, notes, 1932
27.12 Little Brown Brother, typescript, 1939
The Negro Boy in the Rotogravure, typescript, undated
The Housing Shortage House Guest, typescript, 1946
[Chinese in California], untitled typescript, circa 1930s-1940s
Untitled poem, typescript 1937
Not with the Fist by Ruth D. Tuck, book review typescript (published in New Masses, January 1947)
Home, typescript, 1940
27.13 Week End Pass, typescript, circa 1940s
Rincon Hill typescript, circa 1940s
[Lars and Katy story], untitled typescript, circa 1940s
Notes, circa 1940s
28.1 Untitled manuscript, typescript, notes, circa 1940s
28.2 [Whose Names Are Unknown, The Lost Traveler, untitled], chapter drafts, notes, circa 1930s-1950s
28.3 [Greek Story], various working drafts, notes, clippings, 1959-1960
28.4 Untitled short story, typescript, notes, 1975
Displaced Persons, corrected typescripts, 1976
Untitled poems, corrected typescript, handwritten drafts, notes, 1976-1977
Untitled short story, typescript, circa 1970s
The World, poem, typescript 1978
Notes, circa 1970s
[James Wong Howe film project]
28.5 Jimmy, short story, synopsis, letters, typescripts, circa 1982-1988, undated
28.6 Incomplete synopsis, circa 1982-1988
‘Notes on the Life of Jimmy Wong Howe,' Babb and Daniel Mann interview transcript, 1982
Subseries E. Notes, Reflections, Story Ideas
28.7-29.1 Notes and Materials, circa 1930s-1970s
29.2 Drafts, 1966-1967
29.3 Baca County, Oklahoma, Kansas, circa 1930s-1960s
29.4 California and New Mexico, circa 1960s
29.5 Chinatown, Los Angeles, circa 1930s-1940s
29.6 Faulkner, William, 1980
29.7 ‘Ghost Story Notes,' undated
29.8 H_____[?], Israel, 1985-1996
29.9 ‘Historical,' circa 1950s-1990s
Howe, James Wong
29.10 Notes for film and book projects, 1939-2001
29.11-12 Notes and Reflections, 1949-1986
29.13 ‘Juvenile,' circa 1963
30.1 Koerner, Henry, 1952-1954
30.2 Los Angeles Library and Religion, 1930-1931
30.3 Love and Marriage, circa 1940s-1980s
30.4 Mexico, circa 1950s-1970s
30.5 Paris [1936-1937], 1990
30.6 Plays, circa 1960s-1980s
30.7 ‘Romantic Realist,' circa 1960s
30.8 Saroyan, William, 1934-1982
30.9 ‘Stars and Planets – Miranda poem,' circa 1980s
30.10 Spain, 1970-1972
30.11-13 Story Ideas; includes typescript "Something About the Monotony of Wanting," circa 1930s
30.14 U. S. S. R. and England, includes typescript There Are No Fences in Russia, circa 1936-1939
30.15-31.1 ‘On Writing,' circa 1940s-1960s
31.2-33.2* General, circa 1920s-1990s (*oversize article removed to flat file)
Subseries F. Related Material
33.3 Babb bibliography, 1928-1990
33.4-5 Readers' response, 1949-1995
33.6-10 Reviews, 1932, circa 1950s-2001

Series II. Correspondence, circa 1910-2006

Subseries A. Professional
34.1 Outgoing, 1968-1991
34.2 A-D, 1934-1993
34.3 A. M. Heath & Company, London (Ross, Patience), also royalty statements, 1953-1986
34.4 The Anvil (Conroy, Jack), 1933, 1973
34.5 California Quarterly, 1951-1954
34.6 Crown Publishers (Brand, Millen), 1952-1957
Dearcopp, Joanne
34.7 Cry of the Tinamou, 1996-1997
34.8 An Owl on Every Post and The Lost Traveler, 1991-1996
34.9 General; also photographs, 1987-2003, undated
35.1 E-J; includes typescript essay for Esquire, 1934-1996
35.2 Film options, 1982-1995
35.3 K-P, 1933-1992
35.4 The Lost Traveler reprint submissions, 1976-1983
McIntosh and Otis
35.5 Short stories, 1953-1964
35.6 The Lost Traveler, 1954-1964
35.7-36.1 General, 1959-1998
36.2 "Picnic Mephitis," short story submissions, 1959-1962
36.3-4 Q-Z, 1932-1996
36.5 "Run, Sheepy, Run!," short story submissions, 1960-1961
36.6 Short story collection manuscript submissions, 1961-1993
36.7 University of New Mexico Press [regarding An Owl on Every Post and The Lost Traveler reprints], 1993-1998
36.8 Wolf, Harriet, 1945-1955
36.9 The Writer, 1960-1997
36.10 Assorted [received while on-location in Alabama], 1967
Subseries B. Personal
37.1-5 Outgoing, circa 1930s-1980s, undated
37.6 A, 1946-1998
37.7 Algren, Nelson, 1946-1953, 1981
37.8-9 B, 1933-1991
Babb, Dorothy to Sanora
38.1 1920s
38.2 1930s
38.3 1940s; also photographs
38.4 1950s
38.5 1960s
38.6 1970s
38.7 1980s
39.1 1990-1994
39.2 1995
39.3 Undated
39.4 From Sanora Babb, 1959-1962, 1993
Babb (Kemper), Jennie “Muz” [Sanora's mother] to Sanora and Dorothy
39.5 1930s
39.6 1940s; also dust storm postcards
39.7-8 1950s
40.1 1960s, undated
40.2 From Sanora Babb, 1958-1959
40.3 Notes, poems, and songs, circa 1910s-1960s
40.4 Babb, Walter [Sanora's father], circa 1936-1950s; also postcards from Sanora while in Europe, letters to Dorothy Babb, and letters from Barney Woolverton
40.5 Baca County, Colorado, 1978
40.6 Bennett (Swanson, Sears), Allison, 1985-2003
Blake (Levitzky), Melissa
40.7 1950-1952
40.8-41.1 1953
41.2 1954-1955
41.3 1957-1959
41.4 1960s
41.5 1970s; also photographs
41.6 1980s, undated
41.7 Bradbury, Ray; also photographs and articles circa 1950s-1990s, undated
Bulosan, Carlos; also poems
42.1 1930-1935
42.2-3 1936
42.4 1939-1949
42.5 1951-1956, undated
42.6 Regarding Bulosan, circa 1942-1963
42.7-8 C, 1932-2000
42.9 Chawla, Louise, 1982-1988, undated
43.1 D, 1945-1996
43.2 E, 1928-1982
43.3 Ellison, Ralph, 1942-1943
43.4 F, 1933-1995
43.5 Forgan, Oklahoma, 1958-1998
43.6 G, 1940-1996
43.7 Garden City, Kansas, 1928-1946, undated
43.8 Gauldin, Sara, 1960-1979
43.9 Gray, Isa, 1972-1978
43.10 H, 1953-2003
Hawkins, Kathleen
44.1 1955-1959
44.2 1960-1963
44.3 1964-1967
44.4 1970-1979, 1985-1986
44.5 1990-2003
44.6 Howard, Mary, 1972-1999
Howe, James Wong
To Sanora Babb
45.1 1932
45.2 1933-1934
45.3-4 1936
45.5 1937, 1939
45.6 1943, 1948
45.7 1950-1954
45.8 1955-1958
45.9 1959
46.1 1960-1963
46.2 1964; also photographs and clippings
46.3 1966-1967, circa 1970s, undated; also photographs
46.4 Valentine's Day cards, 1959, 1973, undated
46.5 Personal notes and cards, 1957-1976, undated
From Sanora Babb
46.6 1936
46.7 1952, 1954, 1959
46.8 1960
46.9 1964
47.1 I-J, 1929-1935, 1963-1992
47.2 K, 1936-2002
Koerner, Henry
47.3 To Sanora Babb, 1952-1957
47.4 From Sanora Babb; also notes, 1952-1953
47.5* Programs, clippings, and photographs, circa 1950s (*oversize articles removed to box 84)
47.6 Kurnick, Stanley, 1976-1993, undated
47.7-8 L, 1935-2000
48.1-3 M, 1943-2006
48.4 Ma (Lee), Lotus and Ma (Newman), Roxana (“Roxie”), 1957-1990s
MacCarthy, Desmond
48.5 1937-1938; also photographs
48.6 1941-1959
48.7 1960-1987
49.1 McCoy, Esther; also story and clippings, 1947-1990s
49.2 N-O, 1951-1995
49.3 P-Q, 1944-2001
Pollard, Lillie [Sanora's second-cousin]
49.4 1931-1932; also from Babb to Pollard
49.5 1933; also photographs
49.6 1934; also photographs
50.1 1934-1936; also from Babb to Pollard
50.2 1939-1944
50.3 1945-1947
50.4 1948-1949
50.5 1950-1956
50.6 1957-1959; also photograph
50.7 1961-1962, 1968
51.1 Parks and Babb Families; also photograph, 1956-2004
51.2 Plouff, Elaine, 1956-1960
Politis, Jina
51.3 1954-1956; also photograph
51.4 1957-1961
51.5 Quiñones, Toni, 1959-1979, undated
51.6 R, 1939-2003
52.1-4 S, 1932-2003
52.5 Saroyan, William, photocopies of letters, original note and envelopes, clippings, photograph, and Sanora's reflections, 1932-1934, 1941, 1982
52.6 Siporin, Mitchell, 1935, 1939
52.7 T, 1937-1995
Traven, B. [also known as Hal Croves]
53.1 Photocopies and original letters from Hal Croves and wife, Rosa Elena Lujan, 1950-1966
53.2 Clippings, script, photograph, letter from Phil Stevenson, 1961-1982
53.3 Allan, Ted [Canadian Broadcast Company], 1952-1960
53.4 U-V, 1946-1998
Villa, José Garcia
53.5 1932
53.6 1933
53.7 1934-1935, 1946
53.8-54.2 W
54.3 Wald, Alan, 1989-1998
Waldeen [married to Asa Zatz]
54.4 1945-1947; also printed material
54.5 1948-1949
54.6 1950-1959
54.7 1969-1992
Wixson, Douglas
54.8 1983-1989, undated
54.9 1990-1995
55.1 1996-1999
55.2 2000-2003
55.3 Wolfe, Bonnie Barrett and Laurence [most are from Babb to Wolfe], 1963-1996, undated
55.4 Y-Z, 1970-1999
55.5-6 Zatz, Asa [married to Waldeen]; also photograph
56.1 Writing and fan letters, 1952-1990
56.2 Birthday cards, circa 1980s-2000s
56.3-4 Christmas cards, circa 1990-2000s
57.1-2 Unidentified, 1946-1996, undated
57.3-4 Notes and envelopes, undated
57.5 Unsolicited mail, circa 1980s-1990s

Series III. Topical Files, 1878-2003 (bulk circa 1940s-1990s)

58.1-2 Address books
58.3 Animals, circa 1959
58.4 Artwork, sketches by Sanora Babb and paintings by Jennie Babb[?], circa 1920s, undated
58.5* Associated Writing Programs conference, includes correspondence, Babb's lecture notes and conference material, as well as Babb's critique of an unattributed short story called "The Hellbenders," 1958, 1984-1985 (*oversize newspaper removed to box 84)
58.6 Forgan High School diploma, 1924
58.7* Notes, resumes, questionnaires, documents (*oversize certificate removed to box 88)
58.8* Clippings and publicity material, also photographs, letters, and programs, circa 1930s-1980s, (*oversize clippings removed to box 88 and flat file)
58.9* Sanora Babb obituaries, 2006 (*oversize clipping removed to flat file)
58.10 Babb family, 1878, 1932-1933, circa 1990s
59.1 Parks family, 1904-1908, 1974
59.2-3 Blake (Levitzky), Melissa, poems and short stories, circa 1950s-1960s
59.4 Boston University Sanora Babb Collection, inventory, photographs, correspondence, 1966-1983
59.5* Bulosan, Carlos, photographs and articles, 1943-2003 (*oversize articles removed to box 84)
59.6-60.3* Clippings and articles, also photograph, poems and notes, circa 1940s-1990s (*oversize articles removed to box 84)
60.4 ‘Contracts,' 1952-1986
60.5 ‘Copyright and General Writing,' 1954-1989, undated
60.6 Course notes, circa 1920s [?]
60.7 Davis, Jane; poems, 1960, undated
60.8 ‘Dogs,' clippings, writings, and photographs, 1934-1985, undated
60.9 ‘Ellison, Ralph,' includes correspondence with Arnold Rampersad, photocopies of letters to Ellison from Babb housed in the Library of Congress, Ellison biography chapter draft mentioning Babb, circa 1941-2003
60.10 ‘Farm,' clipping, 1954
Forgan, Oklahoma
60.11 Panhandle Pep yearbook, also Babb's self-portrait drawings, 1922
60.12 Notes, town history, letters, 1972, undated
Daily appointment books
61* 1982-1995 (1994 not included)(*unfoldered)
61.1 Attached material
62.1 Gambling, correspondence with Walter Babb, clippings, catalog, 1945-1952
62.2 Great Plains, biographical notes, articles, 1970-1997, undated
62.3 House Un-American Activities Committee, clipping, 1952
62.4 La Salle Extension University, correspondence, 1968
62.5 Le Sueur, Meridel; articles, 1982, 1997
62.6 Los Angeles Writing Group, articles about Ray Bradbury, 1961, 1973
62.7 Maddow, Ben, poems and short story, 1990, undated
62.8 Native Americans, articles, 1963-1968, undated
62.9 New poetry pamphlets, Goosetree Press, 1965
62.10 Perlman, William J., contract, 1931
62.11 ‘Poems by Others' and ‘Poems I Like,' undated
62.12 Political and special interest, circa 1990s
62.13 Royalty reports, 1949-1976
62.14 Siporin, Mitchell, photographs of his art, 1935
62.15 Stanford, Ann
62.16-17 Submission reports, circa 1950s-1990s
63.1 Itineraries and ephemera, Greece and Vienna, 1959-1961
63.2 Clippings and stationery, undated
63.3-7 Maps and travel guides-California, the Southwest, Greece, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Mexico, New Orleans, circa 1950s-1970s
90* Postcards, circa 1950s-1970s (*unfoldered)
64.1 Traven, B., contains correspondence with Judy Stone and Michael Baumann, articles about Traven, photocopy typescript of Traven's "A Legend of Oaxaca," circa 1950s-2003
University of California Los Angeles Extension Short Story Class
64.1-4 Administrative, lesson plans and ideas, 1958-1960
64.5* Student roster, 1958-1960 (*Grade information has been redacted)
64.6 Teaching Materials
65.1 "The Armful of Fire," typescript, undated
65.2-3 Poetry, 1929-1952, undated
65.4* Printed material and photographs, circa 1950s-1994, undated (*oversize articles removed to flat file)
65.5 Wong, Tyrus, photographs, clippings, certificate, circa 1970s, 1994
65.6 Works by other writers, 1950-1964, undated
65.7-8* Writers and writing, quotes, notes, clippings, poems and stories, 1946-1996, undated (*oversize articles removed to box 88)
65.9 Assorted printed items and information, circa 1930s-2002

Series IV. Photographs, circa 1840s-2005

Babb, Sanora
66.1 Headshots, circa 1930s
66.2 San Joaquin Valley, 1938
66.3 Publicity, circa 1958-2005
66.4 Duplicate prints, circa 1920s-1990s
66.5-6* Assorted [from accordion file], circa 1930s-1940s (*original accordion file located in box 89)
66.7-9 Family and friends, circa 1930s-1990s
67.1 Babb, Dorothy, circa 1940s
67.2 Howe, James Wong, circa 1930s-1978
Babb, Parks, and Kemper families
67.3-6 Various, circa 1880s-1921, 1944
67.7 Unidentified, cased daguerreotypes, circa 1840s-1850s
67.8 Walter and Jennie Babb, cased hand-tinted prints, circa 1905
67.9* Baca County farm, Colorado, circa 1913-1917 (*oversize photograph removed to box 84)
67.10 Parks and Kemper families, circa 1888, 1910
Europe, 1936-1937
68.1-3 England
68.4 France
68.5 Germany
68.6 Poland
68.7-8 USSR
68.9 Queen Mary
69.1-2 California, circa 1930s-1950s
69.3 Greece, Vienna, and Spain, 1959, 1970
69.4-5 Mexico, 1951
69.6 Various people, circa 1930s-1990s
69.7 Farm Security Administration camps, 1938-1940
69.8 Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, 1996-1999
Photo albums and scrapbooks
69.9 Family and friends, circa 1930s-2005
86 Forgan years, two scrapbooks, 1919-1924
Garden City Years and Kansas University, two scrapbooks, 1924-1929
87 Travel, circa 1930s-1950s
Dorothy Babb, circa 1930s-1950s

Series V. Dorothy Babb, 1926-1996

Short Stories and Essays
70.1 "The Carnival," handwritten and corrected typescript, letter, 1955, 1981
"The Day It Rained Money," published photocopy, undated
"Dippy," three typescripts, corrected photocopy typescript, undated
"Eternal Days," incomplete carbon typescript, undated
"Konkie" (published in Kansas Magazine, 1949), published story, 1949
"Konkie and the Indians," incomplete corrected composite manuscript, undated
"Looking Back--With a Smile," corrected typescripts, undated
"The Making of a Lady," corrected typescripts, undated
70.2 "The Red Brick Wall," typescript and carbon copy, undated
"The Return," photocopy typescript, undated
"Ribbons and Bows," typescript, undated
"The Saddest Frog" [variously titled Mr. Frog and The Bell Pond Opera], photocopy typescripts and published booklet, 1989
"Several Moments with a Mite" (published in Science of Mind, September 1994), photocopy of published essay, 1994
"Summer Reading," carbon typescript, undated
"The Surrey" (published in Direction, July 1944) [variously titled Happy Birthday (published in Christian Herald, July 1957)], carbon typescripts, alternate version, composite version, 1944-1957
"Survival of Arsenio" (published in Decade, Spring 1951), published story, 1951
70.3 "A Tryst with the Stars" (published in Science of Mind, May 1988), handwritten manuscript, photocopy typescript, published story, 1988
"Unexpected Company," two versions, carbon and corrected typescripts, undated
"The Unnecessary Husband," typescript, undated
"Visit to Grandma's" (published in Capper's Weekly, 3 July 1984), photocopy of published story, 1984
"The Years That Went Away," corrected typescript, undated
70.3 Chapter Nine, typescript fragment, undated
Handwritten manuscript, undated
Fragments, undated
70.4 "The Answer," typescript, undated
"Aspiration," handwritten, undated
"Conflict," corrected typescript, undated
"Evening at Home," corrected typescript, undated
"Freight Train at Night," typescript, undated
"In Middle Age," carbon typescript, 1963
"In Time to Come," typescript of two versions, undated
"The Lighted Dark," typescript, undated
"A Plea" (published in The Herald, Garden City, Kansas, circa 1926), corrected photocopy of published poem, 1926
"Migrant Farmer" (published in Direction, circa 1930s), published poem, circa 1930s
"Mirage," typescript, undated
"Opiate," typescript, undated
"A Plea," typescript
"A Plea,""Laggard,""Aspiration,""Unanswered," published versions attached to sheet, undated
"The Question," typescript, undated
"Recoil," typescript, undated
"Resolve," photocopy typescript, 1929
"A Rose," photocopy typescript, undated
"Season Passing," typescript, undated
"Thoughts at Seventeen," typescript, undated
"To Sanora," photocopy typescript, October 1929
"Tryst," carbon typescript; annotated and corrected photocopy typescript, undated
"'Twas the Night Before Christmas, 1952," typescript, 1952
"Unanswered,""Halo,""Wind Call," typescript on single sheet, circa 1920s
Untitled, typescripts, undated
Book-Length Works
70.5 [Carlos Bulosan Letters, 1937-1942], typed and edited transcripts, letter, circa 1963
70.6 [Memoir], Chapters 1-5, corrected typescripts, undated
70.7 Letters, Clippings, Notes, Handwriting Analysis, circa 1946-1996
71.1 Photographs, still-life images, circa 1990s
71.2 Yearbooks, The Junior College, Garden City, Kansas, 1929-1930

Series VI. James Wong Howe, 1939-2003

71.3 Articles, 1939-2001
71.4 Clippings, 1959-1985
71.5* Ching How Restaurant; menus, advertisements, 1947 (*oversize clipping removed to flat file)
71.6 Collection inventory, Center for Motion Pictures Study, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; also letters, 1976-1996
71.7 Publicity, tributes, filmography, 1968-1981
71.8 Sympathy letters, clippings, cards, obituary, 1976

Series VII. Publications, 1928-1999

71.9 Inserts removed from books, magazines and journals, circa 1930s-1990s
72 American Book Collector, Vol 21, No 8, Summer 1971 (contains inscription by Jack Conroy)
The Antioch Review, Vol 13, No 2, Summer 1953 (contains short story "The Larger Cage" by S. Babb)
Arizona Quarterly, Vol 37, No 2, Summer 1981 (contains poem "In a Field in Peloponesia" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
The Atlantic Monthly
72 January 1947
February 1949
Black and White, Vol I, No 4, September 1939 (contains short story "Young Boy, The World" by S. Babb)
84 California Arts and Architecture, October 1939 (contains article "Photography of James Wong Howe" by Sylvester Davis, pseudonym for S. Babb) (2 copies)
The California Quarterly [S. Babb on Editorial Board]
72 Vol 1, No 1, Autumn 1951 (2 copies)
Vol 1, No 2, Winter 1952 (contains short story "The Vine By Root Embraced" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
Vol 1, No 3, Spring 1952
73 Vol 1, No 4, Summer 1952 (2 copies)
Vol 2, No 1, Autumn 1952 (2 copies)
Vol 2, No 3, Spring 1953
Vol 2, No 4, Summer 1953
Vol 3, No 1, Autumn 1953
Christian Herald, July 1957 (contains short story "Happy Birthday" by D. Babb)
Clay, No 3, Spring 1932 (contains short story "Little Pariah" by S. Babb)
88 The Clipper [formerly Black and White], Vol 1, No 2, September 1940 (contains short story "Polly" by S. Babb)
73 Coastlines, Vol 6, Nos 1 & 2, 1964 (contains poem "Fire Cat" by S. Babb)
Colorado, November-December 1975 (contains short story "Mama's Christmas Song" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
74 The Dalhousie Review, Vol 43, No 2, Summer 1963 (contains poem "The Visitor" by S. Babb)
Decade of Short Stories, Vol X, no 5, Spring 1951 (contains short story "Survival of Arsenio" by D. Babb) (2 copies)
74 Vol 7, No 3, July 1944 (contains short story "The Surrey" by D. Babb)
Vol 8, No 1, Fall 1945 (contains article "Hollywood Camera" by James Wong Howe)
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, September 1962 (contains short story "That Presence Out There" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
Feuille De Routes
74 No 5, April 1981
No 6, November 1981 (contains essay "An Adventure with Blaise Cendrars" by S. Babb)
No 7, April 1982
No 9, April 1983
No 10, November 1983
No 23, November 1990
No 24, June 1991
No 26, April 1992
75 No 27, November 1993
No 28, Summer 1993
No 30, Spring 1995
No 31-32, Winter 1995-96
No 33, Autumn 1996
No 34, Spring-Summer 1997
No 36, Spring 1999
Films in Review, April 1961 (contains article "James Wong Howe")
Grist West, No 2, 1965
The Harp, Vol 4, No 3, September-October 1928 (contains poems "Life" by S. Babb and "Aspiration" by D. Babb)
Hawaii Review
75 No 21, Spring 1987 (contains poem "The Last Year, to James Wong Howe" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
Vol 12, No 2, Fall 1988 (contains poem "Above Malpaso Creek" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
76 Vol 1, No 3, Spring 1975 (contains Howe on the cover and article "The Best in the Business") (2 copies)
Vol 2, No 1, Winter 1976
Kansas Magazine
76 1938 (contains short story "An Old Man Waiting" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
Supplement, 1939
1941 (short story "Morning in Imperial Valley" by S. Babb is missing from issue)
1949 (contains short story "The Wild Flower" by S. Babb and essay "Konkie" by Dorothy Babb)
1951 (contains short story "A Good Straight Game" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
1953 (contains short story "William Shakespeare" by S. Babb)
1966 (contains short story "Run, Sheepy, Run!" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
Kentucky Poetry Review, Ray Bradbury Issue, Vol 25, No 2, Fall/Winter 1989/1990 (contains poem "Critic" by S. Babb)
77 L. A., Vol 1, No 5, March 1959 (contains short story "The Low Cost of C Sharp Minor" by S. Babb)
88 Literary Cavalcade, Vol 10, No 5, February 1958 (contains short story "The Wild Flower" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
77 The Literary Review, Vol 1, No 11, January 1937 (contains short story "Little Wood Nymph" attributed to James L. Grant with notation by S. Babb stating story is plagiarized version of her "Poppies in the Wind" published in The Windsor Quarterly)
The Magazine, Vol II, No 6, May-June 1934 (contains short story "Farmers' Holiday" by S. Babb)
Masses and Mainstream, Vol 1, No 1, March 1948 (contains short story "Femme Fatale" by S. Babb)
Michigan Quarterly Review, Vol XXIX, No 3, Summer 1990 (contains excerpt from Whose Names Are Unknown by S. Babb) (2 copies)
The Midland, Vol XX, No 2-3, March/April, May/June 1933 (contains short story "The Old One" by S. Babb)
Montevallo Review, Summer 1950 (contains short story "William Shakespeare" by S. Babb)
New Masses
88 Vol XXVI, No 7, 8 February 1938
Vol XXVII, No 7, 10 May 1938
The New Mexico Quarterly Review
77 Vol XVII, No 2, Summer 1947 (contains short story "Reconciliation" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
78 Vol XVII, No 4, Winter 1947 (contains poems by close friends, Ann Stanford and Pablo Neruda)
Vol XIX, No 3, Autumn 1949 (contains short story "Woman on a Balcony" by S. Babb) (3 copies)
Vol XXII, No 4, Winter 1952
New Story
78 No 5, July 1951 (contains short story "Snow is a Promise" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
No 10, January 1952 (contains short story "The Golden Mountain" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
79 New Theatre, June 1936 (contains essay "The Los Angeles WPA Theatre Project" by S. Babb)
Northern Review of Writing and the Arts in Canada, Vol 4, No 1, October-November 1950
Northwest Review, Vol 9, No 3, Spring 1968 (contains short story "A Scandalous Humility" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
Old Travois Trails, July-August 1941
Outdoor World
79 May-June 1969 (contains essay "Picnic Mephitis: My Common Skunk" by S. Babb) (3 copies)
July-August 1970 (contains poem "Giant Sequoia" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
88 The Outlander, No 2, Spring 1933 (contains short story "Lost Cry" by S. Babb)
Prairie Schooner
79 Vol VII, No 2, Spring 1933 (contains poem "Essence" by S. Babb) (2 copies; poem is missing from one copy)
Vol XXXIX, No 4, Winter 1965-1966 (contains poem "Old Snapshots" by S. Babb)
Vol XLIII, No 1, Spring 1969 (contains excerpt from An Owl on Every Post by S. Babb)
80 Prospect, Winter 1959
Psychology Today, Vol 4, No 9, February 1971
80 September 1967
October 1967
Redbook, April 1970 (contains a condensed version of An Owl on Every Post by S. Babb) (2 copies)
San Francisco Review, Vol 1, No 10, December 1961 (contains poem "Wedding Song" by S. Babb)
84 The Saturday Evening Post, Vol 232, No 22, 28 November 1959 (contains short story "Night of Yearning" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
80 Saturday Review, 18 May 1957 (2 copies)
Science 86, Vol 7, No 4, May 1986
Science of Mind, Vol 61, No 5, May 1988 (contains essay "A Tryst with the Stars" by D. Babb)
Script, Vol XXXI, No 714, 6 October 1945 (contains essay "Double-Ten" by S. Babb)
Senior Citizen, July 1961 (contains short story "The Wild Flower" by S. Babb)
84 Seventeen, March 1956 (contains short story "The Tea Party" by S. Babb)
The Southern Review
80-81 Vol 2, No 1, January 1966 (contains poem "Told in the Seed" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
81 Vol 17, No 3, July 1981 (contains poem "Night Visit" by S. Babb)
Vol 26, No 3, July 1990 (contains poem "Night in a Greek Village" by S. Babb)
Southwest Review
81 Vol XL, No 4, Autumn 1955 (contains short story "Matriarch of the Court" by S. Babb)
Vol XLVIII, No 3, Summer 1963 (contains poem "The Visitor" by S. Babb)
82 Vol XLIX, No 2, Spring 1964 (contains short story "Love Be My Destiny" by S. Babb)
Vol LIV, No 1, Winter 1969 (contains short story "Daft" by S. Babb)
Vol 60, No 3, Summer 1975 (contains poem "Lean Away from the Tree" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
Vol 67, No 1, Winter 1982 (contains short story "The Meeting" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
Story, Vol XXXI, No 126, September-October 1947
88 Vol 2, No 2, March/April 1934 (contains short story "The Wolves Cry Wild…" by S. Babb)
82 Literary Supplement, Vol 2, No 3, May/June 1934
University of Kansas City Review, Vol XXI, No 4, Summer (June) 1955 (contains poems "I Ride a Runaway Horse" and "Bird of Night" by S. Babb)
The Windsor Quarterly, Vol 1, No 2, Summer 1933 (contains short story "Little Wood Nymph" by S. Babb)
84 Woman's Journal (UK), September 1960 (contains short story "Picnic Mephitis" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
The Writer
82 October 1961 (contains essay "Storytellers' Street" by S. Babb) (4 copies)
83 January 1966 (contains essay "Rebellion and Response" by S. Babb) (4 copies)
January 1968 (contains essay "The Challenge of Words" by S. Babb) (3 copies)
July 1973 (contains "A World of Forms" by S. Babb)
December 1973 (contains "Letters to the Editor" from fan of S. Babb)
Wyoming, the Hub of the Wheel: A Journey for Universal Spokesman, No 5, 1988 (contains short story "El Ensueño" by S. Babb) (2 copies)
Yellow Silk
83 Spring 1986 (contains short story "Aslant the Moon" by S. Babb)
Summer 1986 (contains "Letters to the Editor" from fan of S. Babb)
84-90 Oversize Boxes
91-92 Restricted Material

Index of Correspondents

  • A. D.--34.5
  • A. M. Heath & Co. (Ross, Patience)--34.3, 35.6, 36.8, 62.13
  • Abbot, Mary Squire--13.4, 16.6, 17.1, 23.5, 35.5-7; see also McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
  • Abingdon Press--34.2
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences--37.6
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Margaret Herrick Library--71.6
  • Actors' Fund of America--37.6
  • Aker, Russell A., Dr.--37.6
  • Alan Swallow Publishers--34.2
  • The Alaska Quarterly Review--34.2
  • Alderman, Joine--33.4, 37.6
  • Alderson, Vera Huff , 1910-1985--16.6
  • Alfonso, Josephine M.--33.4
  • Alfred A. Knopf Inc.--23.5, 35.6, 36.6
  • Alfred Hart Distilleries, Inc.--71.5
  • Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine--34.2
  • Algren, Nelson, 1909-1981--37.7
  • Allan, Ted (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)--53.3
  • Alvarez, Lourdes--54.7
  • The Amanda Foundation--37.6
  • The American Friends of Spartan Children--37.6
  • American Indian College Fund--37.6
  • The American Library in Paris--34.4
  • The American Scholar--34.2
  • The American Voice--34.2
  • Amey, Vera Eaton--37.6
  • The Amicus Journal--34.2
  • Annie Laurie Williams, Inc.--13.5
  • Antaeus--34.2
  • Antioch Press--2.10
  • The Antioch Review--36.8
  • The Anvil (Conroy, Jack)--34.4
  • Appleton-Century-Crofts, inc. (Ogden, Archibald G.)--14.6
  • Arizona Quarterly--34.2
  • Artists Agency Corporation--2.10, 13.5
  • Aroeste, Maty--37.6
  • Associated Press--58.7
  • Associated Writing Programs--58.5
  • Association of Asian Pacific American Artists--37.6
  • Atheneum--34.2
  • Atlantic Monthly Press--23.5, 34.2, 35.6
  • The Ayres Clinic--37.6
  • B_____, Anna--16.6
  • B_____, Celeste--71.8
  • Babb, Alonzo (“Konkie”)--58.10
  • Babb, Dorothy--2.1, 2.10, 3.2, 5.7, 7.7, 13.2, 13.4, 27.6, 28.7, 28.9, 29.1, 29.3, 30.14, 31.2, 31.5, 32.2, 32.4-5, 32.7-9, 38.1-7, 39.1-3, 39.8, 42.6, 59.5, 60.1, 60.8, 70.8
  • Babb, Frank--16.6, 51.1
  • Babb (Kemper), Jennie (“Muz”)--13.4, 18.5, 29.3, 38.4, 39.5-8, 40.1-3, 46.7, 56.1, 59.1
  • Babb, Walter--13.4, 18.5, 38.3, 40.4, 62.1
  • Bach, Richard--16.6, 37.8
  • Backus, Baden--13.3-4
  • Bagley, Lois B.--16.6
  • Bailey, Dorothy B.--56.1
  • Bailey, Mary--16.6
  • Bainbridge, Sally--37.8
  • Balakian, Nona (The New York Times Book Review)--37.8
  • Ballin, Rex--37.8
  • Bancroft, Juliana and James Smith--37.8
  • Basic Books, Inc.--24.3
  • Bates, Helen (The Florida Times-Union)--16.6
  • Baugh, Stella Mae--16.6, 33.4, 37.8
  • Baumann, Michael L. (California State University, Chico)--37.8, 64.1
  • The Belfast Psychical Society--28.9
  • Belfrage, Cedric, 1904-1990--37.8
  • Bell, Alphonzo, 1914-2004--53.4
  • Bell, Susan--37.8
  • Bennett (Swanson, Sears), Allison--40.6
  • Beresford, Mollie Lee--37.8
  • Bernstein, Bruce--54.7
  • Bishop-Hittleman Pictures, Inc.--26.2
  • Black Sparrow Press--36.6
  • Blackburn, Nell--37.8
  • Blackman, Allison Lynn--37.8
  • Blake (Levitzky), Melissa--3.2, 13.4, 16.6-7, 40.7-8, 41.1-6, 56.1, 59.2-3, 60.1
  • Blankenship, Mrs.--18.6
  • Bleitz, Don--37.8
  • Bleitz Wildlife Foundation--16.6, 17.1
  • The Bloomsbury Review--34.2
  • The Bobbs Merrill Company--34.2, 35.7, 36.1
  • Book and Authors' Guild--34.2
  • Book Find Club--34.2
  • Book-of-the-Month Club, New York--60.4
  • Boone (Bulosan), Marjorie--33.4
  • Boston University. Mugar Memorial Library (Gotlieb, Howard B.)--59.4
  • Borst, Helen--16.6-7, 37.8
  • Boulevard--34.2
  • Bradbury, Ray, 1920- --2.8, 13.4, 33.4, 41.7, 56.1, 59.4
  • Braille Institute of America--34.2
  • Brand, Millen, 1906-1980--4.8, 33.4, 34.6, 37.9; see also Crown Publishers
  • Brewster, Evelyn--37.9
  • Brighton, E.--13.3
  • Brinegar, David F.--17.1, 28.9
  • British American Publishing, Ltd.--34.2
  • Broadman Press--34.2
  • Brooks, Jennifer--54.7
  • Brown (East), K. Ruth--17.1
  • Brown, Glenda--37.9
  • Brown, Glenn C.--51.1
  • Brown, J. C.--37.9
  • Brown, Norma--71.8
  • Brown, Pauline--37.9
  • Brown, Robert James--37.9
  • Brown, Stella--37.9
  • Brown, Vinson--37.9
  • Brownlow, Kevin (Photoplay Productions)--37.9, 56.1
  • Brune, Wesley--37.9
  • Buchanan, Peg--37.9
  • Buchman, Harold--37.9
  • Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973--33.4, 37.9
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  • Bulosan, Carlos--31.2, 42.1-5, 70.5
  • Burack, A. S. (Abraham Saul), 1908- --25.5, 27.5, 33.4, 36.9-10; see also The Writer
  • Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo), 1874-1965--37.9
  • Burns, Frances--37.9, 70.8
  • Burton, Isabel--37.9
  • CBS Television Network--60.4
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  • Cavalier Magazine--34.2
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  • Cerf, Christopher--36.3; see also Random House
  • Chamier, Suzanne--54.8-9
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  • Chang, Gypsy--42.7
  • Charles E. Tuttle Co.--34.2
  • Charles Scribner's Sons--14.6, 23.5, 34.2, 35.7; see also Crichton, Kyle S.
  • Chawla, Louise--42.9
  • Chefdor, Monique (Blaise Cendrars International Society)--25.9, 42.7, 65.8
  • Chilton Books Company--34.2
  • Chin, _____--42.8
  • Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco--71.8
  • Christian Herald (periodical)--70.8
  • City Lights Books--18.2
  • City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety--71.5
  • City of Paterson, California--18.9
  • Clark, Roy--16.6
  • Clark, Mrs. Scott--13.4, 33.4, 42.8, 56.1
  • Clemens, Pat--16.6
  • Cline, Helen--33.4
  • Cline, Marshall--33.4
  • Coates, Grace Stone, 1881-1976--42.8
  • Coe, Michael--42.8
  • Cohen, Hy--15.4, 16.4; see also McCall Publishing Company
  • Cohen, Saul--42.8
  • Colburn, Gladys--34.2
  • Coleman, Anthony--42.8
  • Coleman, Cherida--42.8, 51.1
  • Collier, John--13.3
  • Collier's Publishing Company--34.2, 36.8
  • Collins, Tom (United States. Farm Security Administration)--18.6-10
  • Columbia Pictures--29.12
  • Comert, Anne-Marie--42.8
  • Commins, Saxe--23.4, 36.3; see also Random House
  • Committee of Small Magazine Editors and Publishers (U. S.)--36.4
  • Common Ground--34.2
  • Conard, Martha--16.7
  • Connoisseur Publications, Inc.--34.2
  • Conroy, Jack, 1898-1990--16.5, 42.8; see also The Anvil
  • Contemporary Authors--29.1
  • Cook, Bob--34.4
  • Cornell University--34.2
  • Corneto, Len--42.8
  • Cosmopolitan--34.2, 36.5
  • Country Beautiful--34.2, 36.2
  • Country Gentleman--34.2
  • Covici, Pascal, 1930- (Viking Press)--23.5
  • Coward-McCann Publishers--35.6, 36.8
  • Crampton, Laraine--42.8
  • Crawford, Joan, 1908-1977--29.12
  • Crichton, Kyle , 1896-1960 (Collier's Publishing Company and Charles Scribner's Sons)--4.6, 13.4, 34.2, 42.8
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  • Crowell-Collier Press--34.2
  • Crown Publishers (Brand, Millen)--34.6
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  • Curtis Publishing Company--34.2
  • CutBank--34.2
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  • The Daily Bulletin (Blackfoot, Idaho)--13.4
  • The Dakota Farmer--24.1
  • The Dalhousie Review--23.12, 34.2
  • David, Brother (also known as Hughes, Gareth, 1894-1965)--43.1
  • Davidson Films--16.6, 17.1, 34.2, 43.1
  • Davis, Beatrice--71.9
  • Davis, Maita Delsey--60.12
  • de Baroncelli, Joan Ranier--33.4, 43.1
  • Dearcopp, Joanne--16.2, 16.4, 18.4, 22.1, 22.4, 34.7-9, 35.3
  • Decade--16.6, 17.1
  • Dell Publishing Company--36.6
  • DeLoach, Gladys--43.1
  • Delston, Vernon--13.3, 33.4
  • Denson, Helen W.--33.4
  • Denver Museum of Natural History--16.6, 62.2
  • Derleth, August William, 1909-1971--16.6
  • DeSoto, H_____--16.7
  • De Yong, Joe--13.3
  • De Young Memorial Museum--43.1
  • Dial Press--34.2, 35.5, 43.1
  • Dickerson, Daniel--43.1
  • Dixson, Riley--18.6
  • Dodd, Bill--43.1
  • Dodd, Martha, 1908-1990--36.8, 43.1
  • Dodd, Mead & Company--34.2
  • Dookum, Ina--43.1
  • Doubleday & Company, inc.--35.6
  • Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945--43.1
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  • Esquire--35.1
  • Evans, Jean--49.1
  • Ewing, Margaret K.--43.2
  • Faber, Barbara Bugg--16.7
  • Faber and Faber--35.1
  • Fallowfield, Julie--35.7, 36.1; see also McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
  • Family Circle Magazine--35.1, 36.2, 36.5
  • Farm Journal--35.1
  • The Farm Quarterly--35.1
  • Farrar, Straus & Giroux--35.1, 36.6
  • The Feminist Press at the City University of New York--54.8
  • The Fessenden Review--35.1
  • Feuchtwanger, Lion, 1884-1958--34.4
  • Ficks, C. Richard--56.1
  • Finney, Isabel--13.3, 43.7
  • Finney County Kansas Historical Society--51.1
  • Flinn, John--56.1
  • Flynn, Nancy--43.4
  • Foley, Martha--35.1, 36.8
  • Folsom, Franklin, 1907-1995--43.4
  • Foreign Languages Press (Wai wen chu ban she)--35.1
  • Forgan Public Schools--43.5
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  • Frances, Hal--43.4
  • The Frank Company (Frank, Bobbi)--35.2
  • Franklin County Historical Society (Franklin County, Kan.)--35.1, 43.4
  • Franklin, Ralph--42.6
  • Frauziska--43.4
  • Freer, Stephen--43.4
  • Fuller, Hannah--13.4
  • Fulton, Lee--43.4
  • G. P. Putnam & Sons--13.6
  • Galileo Press--35.1
  • Gambit Publishers--35.1
  • Garden City (Kan.) Public Library--16.4, 51.1
  • Garden City (Kan.) Public Schools--43.7
  • Gardial, Aurora--43.6, 56.1
  • Garrison, Bob--50.5
  • Garrison, Troy--13.4, 56.1
  • Gaston, Lilian--43.6
  • Gatlin, Bettie--13.3-4, 16.6, 29.1, 33.4
  • Gauldin, Sara--13.4, 17.1, 33.4, 43.8
  • Gelue, Henrietta--13.4
  • Genetti, Flo--43.6
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  • Gibbs, Lilian--16.6
  • Gillmor, Daniel S.--34.4
  • Gilmartin, Lynda--43.6
  • The Glasgow Courier (Montana)(Smith, Harold H.)--16.7, 27.6
  • Glen, Emilie--13.3, 43.6
  • Golden Gate Junior Books--35.1
  • Goldman, Alex--43.6
  • Goldman, Harris--13.3
  • Good Housekeeping--35.1
  • Gordon, Don, 1902-1989--43.6
  • Gorham, Dave--43.6
  • Glamour--35.1
  • Gray, Isa E.--43.9, 56.1
  • Graywolf Press--35.1, 36.6, 55.6
  • Greco, Dede--43.6
  • Green, Marie--28.9
  • Greenpeace--32.8
  • Greenwood, Trevor--43.6
  • Griggs, Duffy--43.6
  • Griggs, Fannie Sue--17.1, 43.6, 59.1
  • [Grimsley?], Harley--43.6
  • Grosset & Dunlap--35.1
  • Grill, Jack--33.4
  • Grove Press--35.1, 36.6
  • Guss, Jack--13.4
  • Hackett, Laura--35.1
  • Hagglund, Ben, 1908- --16.6
  • Hall, Ralph and JoAnne--43.10
  • Hall, Susan--33.4, 43.10
  • Happi, Peter--71.8
  • Harcourt, Brace & Company--35.1, 35.6
  • Harcourt, Brace & World--35.1
  • Harcourt Brace Jovanovich--35.1, 35.4
  • Harper & Brothers--35.1, 35.6
  • HarperCollins (Firm)--35.1
  • Harper & Row, Publishers--35.1, 36.6
  • Harper's Bazaar--35.1, 36.5
  • Harper's Magazine--35.1, 36.5
  • Harrigan, Warren--43.10
  • Harris, Ruby--40.4
  • Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (Staley, Thomas F.)--43.10
  • Harvey, Fred--43.10
  • Hawaii Review--35.1
  • Hawkins, Kathleen--13.4, 44.1-5, 56.1, 71.8
  • Hawthorn Books Publishers--35.1
  • Hays, Kay--33.5
  • Henry Holt and Company--35.1
  • Hensley, Gene--43.10
  • Hethmon, Robert and Levine, Millie--43.10
  • Hicks, Demy--43.10
  • High Plains Literary Review--35.1
  • Higham, Charles, 1931- --29.11, 56.1
  • Highlights for Children--35.1
  • Hill, Eleanor H.--35.1
  • Ho, Phyllis--43.10
  • Hoagland, Winifred--28.9, 43.5, 60.12
  • Hobson, Richard (“Dick”)--43.10, 56.1
  • Hodges, A. F.--40.4
  • Hodges, Larry--43.10
  • Hodges, Pauline--16.6, 43.5, 43.10
  • Hollywood Notebook (Hershon, Mae)--34.9
  • Hong, Vincent Lauw Koen--43.10
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival--71.7
  • Horwath & Horwath Accountants and Auditors--71.5
  • Houghton Mifflin Company--14.6, 35.1, 35.6, 36.3, 36.8, 70.8
  • House Rabbit Society--29.9
  • Household--35.1
  • Howard, Mary--16.6-7, 17.1, 33.4, 44.6
  • Howe, James Wong (“Jimmie”)--2.10, 29.9, 29.12, 40.2, 45.1-9, 46.1-5, 46.7, 48.2
  • Huie, Karen--43.10
  • Humboldt, Charles--2.8, 13.3, 43.10
  • Independent Press-Telegram (Ivy, Carol)--58.8
  • Interim--35.1
  • International Cultural Exchange--35.1
  • International Famous Agency--13.5
  • Irvin, Richard and Molly--13.4
  • Irving L. Leonard Business Management--2.10
  • Isobel Restall Associates--35.1
  • Ivan Obolensky, Inc.--35.1
  • J. B. Lippincott Company--35.1, 35.6
  • Jack Conroy Memorial Literary Society--42.8
  • Jackson, Lawrence (Howard University)--47.1
  • Jacobs, Lillian--47.1
  • Jacques Chambrun (Firm)--35.7
  • Jarrico, Paul--47.1
  • Jayne Development Corp. (Weissman, Lauren C.)--35.2
  • Jeans, Marylu Terral--16.7
  • Jerome Siegel Associates--16.3
  • Joffe, Eugene--47.1
  • John Daniel and Company Publishers--35.1, 36.6
  • John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation--43.6
  • Johnson, Alice--16.6
  • Jones, Chuck , 1912-2002--3.7
  • Jorgensen, Rebekah--47.1
  • Judd, Clarence H.--13.3, 47.1
  • Jung, Vivian--17.1
  • KDEN--47.2
  • KWTX Broadcasting--17.2
  • Kadis, Asya L.--13.4
  • Kahn, Gordon--35.3
  • Kai-Chu, Chen--47.2
  • Kalita, Teresa--47.2
  • Kamerman, Sylvia E. (Burack)--17.1, 33.6, 36.9; see also The Writer
  • Kane, Michael J.--2.10, 33.4, 47.2
  • Kansas Magazine (Kansas State College)--14.7, 35.3
  • Keane, Pete and Elizabeth--13.3, 47.2, 56.1
  • Keck, Caroline--47.2
  • Kellogg, Barbara--47.2
  • Kemper, E. C.--51.1
  • Kentucky Poetry Review--35.3
  • The Kenyon Review--35.3
  • King County Hospital--42.6
  • Kingman, Dong, 1911- --47.2
  • Kishbaugh, Alan--47.2
  • The Kiwanis Magazine--35.3
  • Kline (Klein), Herb--47.2
  • Klopfer, Donald, 1902-1986--13.6, 23.4; see also Random House
  • Koenig, Lester--47.2
  • Koerner, Henry--47.3
  • Korvin, Charles (also known as Korvin, Geza Karpathi)--47.2
  • Kristin Productions (Hunt, Marsha)--33.4
  • Krutch, Joseph Wood , 1893-1970--47.2
  • Kurnick, Stanley--13.4, 16.7, 29.12, 33.4, 38.7, 47.6, 56.1
  • Kwong, Sam--47.2
  • L. A.--35.3
  • L. B. Fischer Publishing--35.3
  • La Jolla Poets Press--35.3
  • La Salle Extension University--62.4
  • Ladies' Home Journal--35.3, 36.2
  • Lagda, Lee C.--47.7
  • Langer, William, 1886-1959 (United States. Senate)--47.7
  • Lansden, Merle--43.5. 51.1
  • Law Offices of Selvin, Cohen, and Rosen--2.10
  • Leahy, Mary--46.1
  • Lee, Betty--13.4, 47.7
  • Lee, Billie--56.1
  • Lee, Donald--33.4, 47.7
  • Lee, Helen--47.7
  • Lee, Joyce--16.6
  • Lee, Karl C.--47.7
  • Lee, Richard--13.4, 47.7
  • Left Field Publishing, Co.--35.3
  • Leong, Florence--47.7
  • Lester, William (“Bill”)--16.5, 47.7, 59.1
  • Le Sueur, Meridel--47.7, 50.1
  • Levy, Danielle--29.11, 30.3, 47.7, 56.1
  • Lewis, Kay--47.8
  • Lewis, Roger--35.2
  • Lieber, Maxim--16.6, 35.3, 47.8, 56.1
  • Linden, M.--35.3
  • Liles, Marcia D.--13.4, 16.6, 17.1, 47.8, 71.9
  • Little, Brown and Company--35.3, 36.6
  • The Literary Cavalcade (Scholastic Magazines)--36.3
  • Literary Clipping Service--58.8
  • Liu, Stephen--47.8, 62.11
  • Logan, Joshua--32.5
  • Loepp, Kathlyn--47.8
  • Loftui, Carol--47.8
  • Loo, Bessie--47.8
  • Los Angeles City Employees Asian American Association--71.8
  • Los Angeles Public Library--47.8
  • The Los Angeles Times--47.8
  • Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books--36.8
  • Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, La.). Press--36.6
  • Lujan, Rosa Elena--53.1
  • Ma (Lee), Lotus--5.7, 48.4, 71.8
  • Ma (Newman), Roxana--16.5, 48.4
  • McAndrew, Daniel J.--48.1
  • McCall Publishing Company--15.4, 16.4, 17.2, 35.3, 36.2, 36.5
  • MacCarthy, Desmond--13.4, 48.5-7
  • McClary, Barbara--13.3, 48.1
  • Maclean's--36.5
  • McCoy, Esther--2.1, 3.2, 4.6, 13.2-3, 16.6, 30.13, 33.4, 49.1, 71.8
  • McCoy, Mildred--13.4
  • McGilligan, Patrick--48.1
  • McGrath, Tom--48.1, 56.1
  • McGraw-Hill Book Company--35.3
  • McGuire, Omar L.--48.1
  • McIntosh & Otis, Inc.--23.5, 35.5-7, 36.1, 60.4, 62.13
  • MacKay, Heidi--35.2, 48.1
  • MacKendrick, Sharon--47.2, 48.1
  • McKenzie, Dorothy C.--71.8
  • Mackie, Connie--48.1
  • MacLeish, Archibald, 1892-1982--48.1
  • Macmillan Company--35.6, 36.6
  • Maddow, Ben, 1909-1992--33.4, 62.7, 65.8
  • Mademoiselle--24.1, 35.3, 36.5
  • Maher, Jacque--48.1
  • Mahony, Patrick--48.1
  • Maltz, Albert, 1908-1985--48.1
  • Mandorla--55.5-6
  • Manfred, Ernest F.--16.6
  • Mann, Daniel, 1912-1991--35.2
  • Mann, Sheri--17.1, 35.2, 48.1, 60.4
  • Manring-Blackman, Janice--13.3, 48.1
  • Mansalvas, J.--48.1
  • Manson, Jon Edward--48.1
  • Manuscript--53.7
  • Maoz, Igol--48.2
  • The Margarita G. Smith Fund--48.2
  • Mark, Ben C.--48.2
  • Mark, Brian--48.2
  • Mark, Martha--56.1
  • Markinko, Dorothy--36.1; see also McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
  • Marlin, Ruth C.--42.6
  • Martin, Jay (Yale University)--48.2
  • Marvin Josephson Associates--48.2
  • The Massachusetts Review--35.3
  • Masses & Mainstream--35.3
  • Matthiessen, Peter--48.2
  • Maxwell, Bill--13.4, 48.2
  • Meadows, Donna--48.2
  • Mei, Chen (China Film Association)--48.2, 71.6
  • Merson, Marc and Ryan, Tom--48.2
  • Meyer, Dodo--48.2
  • Meyer, Stanley--48.2
  • Michaan, John--48.2
  • Michigan Quarterly Review--35.3
  • Michigan's Voices--35.3
  • Miglia, Sabra--48.2
  • Milkweed Editions (Firm: Minneapolis, Minn.)--35.3
  • Miller, Glen and Audra--48.3
  • Mina Press--35.3
  • Minor, Elaine--48.3
  • Minton, J. D. (Mutual of Omaha)--48.3
  • Monitor Book Company, Inc.--35.3
  • The Montrealer--35.3
  • Moon, Juanita--48.3
  • Moore, Mary Margaret--16.6
  • Moore, Rena Dabney--33.4
  • Mori, Toshio, 1910- --48.3
  • Morita, Pat, 1932-2005--48.3
  • Morrison, Ray--13.4, 48.3
  • Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc.--71.6
  • Muench, Gerhart--48.3
  • Mulholland, Hazel--33.4
  • Murphy, Joan--16.6
  • Murphy, William F.--48.3
  • Murphy, Yvonne--48.3
  • Museum of Autographs (Yugoslavia)--17.1
  • Mystery Writers of America--33.4
  • National Cyclopedia of American Biography--16.7
  • The National Five Arts Award--60.4
  • National Museum of Women in the Arts (U. S.)--29.9, 49.2
  • Naturegraph Books--35.3
  • Negative Capability (New York, N. Y.)--35.3
  • Nelan, Mary Jane--49.2
  • Nelson, Eugene, 1929- --16.7, 17.1, 49.2
  • Neto, Susan White and David--49.2, 54.1
  • New American Library--16.3, 35.4, 35.6
  • New American Review--35.3
  • New Directions Publishing Corp. (Laughlin, James)--16.3, 36.6
  • New Letters (University of Kansas-Missouri)--17.1
  • New Mexico Humanities Review--35.3
  • New Mexico Quarterly Review--35.3
  • New-Story--35.3
  • The New Talent--1.3
  • New York Public Library--49.2
  • The New Yorker--35.3
  • Nicholas, D.--49.2
  • Nicholson, Roberta J.--16.7, 49.2
  • Nishimura, Kenji, 1928- --49.2
  • Nixson, Margaret--49.2
  • Nolan, Bill--49.2
  • North Point Press--35.3
  • Northwest Review--35.3
  • Nutter, Dell and Sarah--49.2, 51.1
  • Oberst, Mary--16.6
  • Occident--35.3
  • Oklahoma Today--28.9, 35.3
  • Olvey, Carol--33.4
  • Ostrander, Susan Parks--51.1
  • Otis, Elizabeth R.--35.5, 35.7; see also McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
  • Outdoor World--35.3
  • Oxford University Press (Oxford Books for Boys and Girls)--36.8
  • Oxford University Press--35.3
  • Pacific Review (San Diego, Calif.)--35.3
  • Pantheon Books--35.3
  • Parapsychology Foundation--49.3
  • Paris Review--35.3
  • Parker, Dorothy, 1893-1967 and Evans, Ross, 1916-1967--29.11
  • Parnassus Press--35.3
  • Pasanen, Jane--16.4, 17.2; see also McCall Publishing Company
  • Patton, Frances--49.3
  • Pavan, Marisa , 1932- --49.3
  • Payne, Robert, 1911-1983 (Alabama College)--4.6, 13.4, 33.4, 49.3
  • Pearson, Alan--49.3
  • Perlman, William J.--49.3, 62.10
  • Peretz, Doraine--49.3
  • Perry, Richard--49.3
  • Per/Se--35.3, 36.10
  • Persea Books--36.6
  • Peregrine Smith, Inc.--35.3
  • Peter Davies Ltd.--16.3, 62.13
  • Philen, Pat H.--49.3
  • Pike, Jane--49.3
  • Plasberg, Elaine--49.3
  • Plouff, Elaine V.--51.2
  • Ploughshares--35.3
  • Plowden, Judith--16.3
  • Pocket Books--35.4
  • Poetry East--35.3
  • Poetry Northwest--35.3
  • Pollard, Inez--16.6, 42.6, 49.5, 50.7
  • Pollard, Lillie--33.4, 38.2, 49.4-6, 50.1-7, 56.1
  • Politis, Gina--3.2, 13.4, 51.3-4
  • Poore, Clark (The New York Times)--13.4
  • Popular Library Publishers--35.4
  • Prairie Schooner--35.3
  • Price, Eugene L.--52.2
  • Price, Robert, 1900-1989 (Otterbein College)--16.6-7, 17.1, 33.4, 49.2
  • Price, Vincent, 1911-1993--49.3
  • Prideaux, Tom (Life)--13.4, 49.3
  • Prism International--35.3
  • Pritchard, Pam--16.6
  • Pryor, George--71.8
  • Pudil, Maria--49.3
  • Puerto Del Sol--35.3
  • Quarry West--36.3
  • The Quarterly--36.3
  • Queen's Quarterly--36.3
  • Quigley, Robert--49.3
  • Quiñones, Duffy--51.5
  • Quiñones, Toni--33.4, 51.5, 56.1, 71.8
  • Quo, Beulah--35.2, 49.3, 56.1
  • Quon, Wally--49.3
  • Rachel, Naomi--51.6
  • Rainsberger, Todd--51.6
  • Ramos, Alice--51.6
  • Ramos, Ricardo--51.6
  • Rampersad, Arnold (Stanford Humanities Center)--51.6, 60.9
  • Random House--13.6, 23.4, 36.3; see also Cerf, Bennett, 1898-1971; Cerf, Christopher; Commins, Saxe; Klopfer, Donald, 1902-1986
  • Rasson, Ella--13.3
  • Reader's Digest--36.2
  • Redbook--36.3; see also Smith, Margarita G.
  • Redman, Peggy Dowst--36.3; see also The Saturday Evening Post
  • Reed, Temple Lee--51.6
  • Reidel, James--29.11
  • Rex, Erna--13.3-4, 33.4
  • Reynal & Company (Reynal, Eugene S.)--14.7, 35.6-7, 36.1
  • Reynal, Eugene, Mrs., 1905-1977--13.3
  • Rhodes, Clifford B.--40.5
  • Robertson, Foster--51.6
  • Robinson, Robert--56.1
  • Rodgers, Larry (Kansas State University)--51.6
  • Roosevelt, James, 1907-1991--53.4
  • Rosenfeldt, Helen--51.6
  • Roskolenko, Harry--51.6, 71.8
  • Ross, Patience--34.3, 35.6, 36.8; see also A. M. Heath & Co.
  • Rosson, Ella--16.7
  • Rubel, Dorothy--33.4
  • Ruben, Ben--51.6
  • Rubin, Leanne--51.6
  • Ruckert, Jan--54.7
  • Ruiz, Petra Salgado--51.6
  • Ryan, Tom--17.1
  • Sahl, Hans--30.14, 52.1
  • St. Martin's Press--36.3
  • Salemson, Harold J.--52.1, 71.8
  • Sandford, John, 1944 Feb. 23- --52.1
  • San Francisco International Film Festival--71.6
  • San Francisco Review--36.3
  • San Juan, E. (Epifanio), 1938- (“Sonny”)--52.1
  • Santa Monica Unified School District--52.1
  • Saroyan, William , 1908-1981--16.6, 52.5
  • Sassane, Iley--29.11
  • Saturday Evening Post--35.5, 36.3
  • Saturday Review Press--16.3, 35.7, 36.3, 36.6
  • Sawyer, Arlene--33.5, 52.1
  • Schiff, Liz--52.1
  • Schiff, Nancy--52.1
  • Schiff, Richard--47.7
  • Scholastic Inc.--36.3
  • Scholastic Magazines, inc.--36.3
  • Schulberg, Ad--36.8, 70.8
  • Schulberg, Budd--52.1
  • Science of Mind--70.8
  • The Scoal Press--36.3
  • Scott, Mary Ann--50.6
  • Script--36.3
  • Seale Company, Inc.--36.3
  • Second-Chance Press--35.4
  • Selb, Henry V.--18.6
  • Senior Citizens of America--36.3
  • Sepp, Anto--52.1
  • Sequoia--36.3
  • Seventeen--36.3, 60.4
  • The Sewanee Review--36.3
  • Sharp, Dolph--52.1
  • Sharp, Roslyn (“Ros”)--13.3, 16.6, 17.1, 33.4, 49.1, 52.1
  • Shaw, Robert--56.1
  • Shea, Ed--17.1
  • Shepard, Mrs. Ben--16.6-7
  • Shore, Wilma--52.2
  • Short, John D., Jr.--23.6
  • Short Fiction By Women--36.3
  • Short Story International--36.3
  • Show--36.3
  • The Shuey Institute--31.2
  • Siems (Barclay), Alice Littig--52.2
  • Silver Foxes Magazine (Bilkie, Helen S.)--32.5
  • Silverton, Doris--17.1
  • Siporin, Mitchell, 1910-1976--52.6
  • Simon and Schuster, inc.--35.6, 36.3
  • Sky--36.3
  • Smart, Faye--33.4, 52.2
  • The Smith--36.3
  • Smith, Elizabeth--17.1
  • Smith, Harold--52.2, 71.8
  • Smith, Irene Brock--51.1, 52.2
  • Smith, Jim (Davidson Films)--16.6, 17.1
  • Smith, Kim--52.2
  • Smith, Marjorie--16.7
  • Smith, Margarita G. (“Rita”)--52.2, 56.1
  • Smith, William A. and Feral--16.6, 52.2
  • Solomon, Wilma--71.8
  • Solomos, George P. (Hoetis, Themistocles, 1925- )--33.4
  • Somers, Marguerite--16.6
  • Sorrells, Helen--17.1, 33.5
  • Souster, Raymond, 1921- --52.2
  • Southern California Restaurant Association--71.5
  • Southern Review--36.1, 36.3, 36.6, 36.10
  • Southwest Review--36.4, 36.10
  • Spak, Margaret--52.2
  • Spinney, Judy--33.5, 52.3
  • Spingarn, Lawrence Perry, 1917- --52.3; see also The California Quarterly
  • Springer, Mildred--17.1
  • Springer, Richard--17.1
  • Stanford, Donald E. (Donald Elwin), 1913-1998--62.15
  • Stanford, Ann--24.3, 52.3, 71.8
  • Stanwood, Susan--16.4; see also McCall Publishing Company
  • Star Weekly--36.4
  • Starr, Aloa--52.3
  • Steck-Vaughn Company--36.4
  • Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968--18.11
  • Steinberg, Lawrence William--16.6
  • Stetson, G. Henry--52.3
  • Stevens, Claudine--52.3
  • Stevenson, Phil--13.2-4, 34.5, 52.3, 53.1
  • Stone, Judy (San Francisco Chronicle)--17.1, 52.3, 56.1, 64.1
  • Stouder, Fred--52.3
  • Strick, Anne--52.3
  • Sty, Suzanne--52.3
  • Su, K.--52.3
  • Stuart, Errett--56.1
  • Sullivan, Glenda--16.5-6, 33.7, 52.4
  • Sullivan, Jack M. (Offtrail Films)--13.3, 29.11, 33.4, 52.4
  • The Sun (Chapel Hill, NC)--36.4
  • Sun & Moon Press--36.4
  • Sunstone Press--36.4
  • Sydney, Abbott--52.4
  • Swanson, Yvonne--16.5
  • Switzer, Aleta--51.1
  • Ta-cheng, Hao--71.6
  • Taggard, Genevieve, 1894-1948 (“Jed”)--33.4
  • Talisman Press--58.8
  • The Tattler (Two Buttes, Colorado) (Gaurley, Mary May)--40.5
  • Taylor-Young, Leigh--55.4
  • Tevis, Jamie Griggs--52.7
  • Thomas, Greta--52.7
  • Thomas Nelson & Sons Publishers--36.2
  • Thompson Jr., Franklin--52.7
  • Thorburn, Bertha B.--52.7
  • Thornton, Robert B.--16.6
  • Thorp Springs Press (Foreman, Paul)--36.4
  • The Threepenny Review--36.4
  • Timberman, Elizabeth (“Timmy”)--52.7
  • Time--33.4
  • Tirado, Lally--52.7
  • Tobey, Berkeley--52.7
  • Today's Woman--36.4
  • Tomorrow--36.4
  • Townsend, Irving J. (CBS/Columbia Group)--52.7
  • Traven, B. (Croves, Hal)--53.1
  • Travers, David--49.1
  • Treusch, Dr.--52.7
  • Triolo, Don--33.4
  • Tripp, Hazel B.--16.6
  • Troll Associates--36.4
  • Tromley, Ruth--16.6
  • Trueblood, Harriet--52.7
  • Tsang, Yankee P.--13.4
  • Tsei, Loh--52.7
  • Tuck, Vera--13.3
  • Tuscarora Indian Tribe--56.1, 71.8
  • Twentier, Max (Products International Company)--16.6, 28.9
  • U. S. Atomic Energy Commission--53.4
  • United States. Food and Drug Administration--53.4
  • United States. Treasury Department--53.4
  • University of California, Los Angeles. Film Archives--29.9
  • University Editions, Inc.--36.4
  • University of Illinois Press--36.6
  • The University of Kansas City Review--36.4
  • University of Nebraska Press--7.5, 34.9
  • University of New Mexico Press--36.7
  • University of Oklahoma. Press--22.3, 22.5, 23.1-2
  • University Press of Florida--36.4
  • Vadnay, Laslo, 1904-1967--26.2
  • Vander Haak, Dolly--53.4
  • Van Riper, Kay--4.6
  • Vanity Fair--36.4
  • Vigran, I. Myron, M. D.--71.8
  • Viking Press--14.6, 23.5, 36.4, 36.8
  • Villa, José Garcia--53.5-7
  • Villetard, Xavier--53.4
  • Vogel, Lois T.--13.3
  • Voils, Jessie Wiley--16.7
  • Vossen, Lois--53.4
  • von Brecht, Betty--53.4
  • WJJL (Radio station) Niagara Falls, N.Y.--16.5
  • W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.--35.6, 36.4
  • Wachs, Joel--53.8
  • Wagner, Donald E.--33.5
  • Wagner, Robert W. (The Ohio State University)--53.8
  • Wagoner, Dorothy--53.8
  • Wagstaff, Blanche Shoemaker, b. 1888--56.1
  • Wahab, Farida--53.8
  • Waldeen--2.8, 54.4-7
  • Wald, Alan M., 1946- (The University of Michigan)--7.5, 36.4, 54.3
  • Wallace, Norma--54.1
  • Walt Disney Productions--36.4
  • Watts, Georgia--13.4
  • Waynoka (Okla.) Historical Society--51.1
  • Weatherwax, Clara, 1905-1958--54.1
  • Webster, Ila--16.7
  • Wee Wisdom--36.4
  • Weigel, Henrietta--71.8
  • Weill, Herman (The University of California Los Angeles)--33.4
  • Weldon, Don--54.1
  • Wells, Thelma R.--16.6
  • West End Press (Crawford, John)--18.4, 34.9
  • West, Helen--56.1
  • Western Review--36.4
  • The Westminster Press--36.4
  • Westways Magazine (Automobile Club of Southern California)--36.2
  • Wexler, Haskell--33.4
  • Whipple, Gladys--54.1
  • Whitehead, Evelyn--71.8
  • Whitehead, Fred--54.2
  • William Morrow and Company--36.4, 36.8
  • Williams, Edith Sloan--43.5
  • Willow Bee Publishing House--36.4
  • Wilson, Ivy Crane--13.3
  • Wimick, Harriet--33.4
  • Windham, Kathryn Tucker--54.2, 71.8
  • Windhover Press (Iowa City, Iowa)--36.4
  • Wing, John P.--54.2
  • [Winn?], Keith--54.2
  • Winters, Ella--34.5
  • Wixson, Douglas C.--23.2, 54.8-9, 55.1-2
  • Wolf (Strachstein), Harriet--2.1, 3.2, 13.2-3, 14.6, 16.6, 23.5, 35.6, 36.8, 56.1
  • Wolfe, Bonnie Barrett--16.7, 37.8, 55.3, 56.1
  • Wolquitt, Eleanor--16.6
  • Wolsky, Albert--54.2
  • Woman's Day--36.4
  • Woman's Journal (U. K.)--36.2
  • Wong, Dolores (Friends of the Chinatown Library)--54.2, 56.1, 71.8
  • Wong, Honey and H. K.--54.2
  • Wong, Ken--54.2
  • Wong, Pamela A.--54.2
  • Woo, Alice--54.2
  • Woo, Elaine Mae--54.2
  • Wood, Harriet--54.2, 56.1, 71.8
  • Woods, Henry and Esther--16.7
  • Woods, Nancy--56.1
  • Woods, Virginia--56.1
  • Woolverton, Barney--40.4
  • The Wormwood Review--36.4
  • The Writer--17.1, 25.5, 27.5, 33.4, 33.6, 36.9-10; see also Burack, A. S. (Abraham Saul), 1908- and Kamerman, Sylvia E. (Burack)
  • Wynda, Kathryn--16.6
  • Yale Review--36.4, 36.5
  • Yang, P. Y.--55.4
  • Yes! Press--24.1
  • Ying, Sylvester J. C.--71.6
  • Yung, Jimmy--55.4
  • Yung, Peter--35.2, 55.4
  • Yung, Portia--55.4
  • Zatz, Asa--13.3, 16.6-7, 30.4, 55.5-6, 65.6, 71.8-9
  • ZYZZYVA--36.4
  • _____Aubrey--29.11
  • _____Betty--71.8
  • _____Brose--40.4
  • _____Carol--28.9
  • _____Caroline (The Brooklyn Museum)--56.1
  • _____[Chavil?]--71.8
  • _____D. H.--29.9
  • _____Della--33.4
  • _____Edna--40.4
  • _____Elliott--47.4
  • _____Eloda--38.6
  • _____Gilber--16.7
  • _____Glenda--13.4
  • _____Hank--40.4
  • _____Harold and Maurine--38.7
  • _____Irving--38.4
  • _____Janet--13.3
  • _____Joan--16.6
  • _____John--33.5
  • _____John and Fred--17.1
  • _____Juan--2.8
  • _____Kris--16.5
  • _____Lal--38.4
  • _____Lil--33.4
  • _____Linna--16.5
  • _____Lois--51.1
  • _____Lucille--16.5
  • _____Mamie--17.1
  • _____Mary and Bob--39.1
  • _____Nina--4.6
  • _____Philip--13.2
  • _____Peggy and Betty--39.1
  • _____Peter--13.3
  • _____Peter (Evenings on the Roof)--34.4
  • _____Richard--38.6
  • _____Sharon--16.6
  • Unsigned--3.2
  • Unidentified--4.9, 13.3, 19.4, 23.5, 33.5, 57.1-2