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Jim Crace:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Crace, Jim, 1946-
Title: Jim Crace Papers
Dates: 1954-2013
Abstract: The Jim Crace Papers consist of manuscript drafts, scripts, advance proofs, notes, notebooks, research material, correspondence, clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, serial publications, books, sound recordings, moving images, watercolors, juvenilia, posters, and ephemera from the English novelist Jim Crace. The personal and professional papers span Crace’s writing career and document his diverse range of creative output which includes novels, essays, investigative journalism articles, short stories, dramatic and educational radio scripts, television scripts, watercolor paintings, and some poetry.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-5095
Extent: 59 document boxes, 3 oversize boxes (osb) (24.57 linear feet), 5 oversize folders (osf)
Language: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Czech, and Arabic
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

The English writer Jim Crace was born on March 1, 1946, at Brocket Hall in Herfordshire to Charles and Edith "Jane" Crace. Crace was raised on the boundary between city and country in Enfield, North London in a nurturing and well-anchored home. His working-class father, a curious, self-educated, politically-minded atheist, had an immense influence on Crace, as did attending the prestigious Enfield Grammar School. As Crace did not attend his local school, he was on a boundary once again between two distinct classes, and this maneuvering shaped Crace’s world view and informed his later writing. Throughout his teenage years and early adulthood, Crace sympathized with liberal causes and became politically active in the Enfield Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, for which he edited leaflets. After a period of travel and introspection, Crace attended Birmingham College of Commerce (now the University of Central England in Birmingham) and was awarded an external Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of London in 1968. While at university, Crace edited and contributed to the Birmingham Sun, the newspaper of the Guild of Students, University of Aston.

Immediately after graduating from university, Crace joined the Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) and was sent to Khartoum, Sudan, where he assisted writing and producing educational programs for Sudanese Educational Television. Crace traveled through Africa and briefly taught at a village school called Kgosi Kgari Sechele Secondary School in Molepolole, Botswana. Crace’s exposure to other cultures while living abroad in Africa and later while traveling through North and Central America also inspired his later writings.

Upon returning to Britain in 1970, Crace taught briefly and then worked as a freelance writer, initially for the British Broadcasting Corporation. There he wrote radio scripts for the BBC Schools’ educational broadcasts, many of which incorporated themes related to African culture and history. Crace soon broadened the scope of his writing and turned to short fiction. In 1974, the literary journal The New Review published "Annie, California Plates," his first of three short stories to appear in the journal. Crace soon had stories published in Cosmopolitan, Socialist Challenge, the London Review of Books, and Quarto, leading to book offers from agents and publishers. During this time, Crace met a teacher named Pamela Turton whom he married on January 3, 1975. The couple settled in Birmingham, England, and later had two children, Thomas and Lauren. Crace continued writing dramatic and comedic scripts for the radio and even co-wrote teleplays for a possible television series. Although the television scripts were unproduced, two of his radio plays, The Bird Has Flown (1976) and A Coat of Many Colours (1979), aired on BBC 4.

Despite offers from publishers, publication in The New Review led Crace to a freelance career in journalism, and he contributed investigative and feature articles to The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph Magazine, and The Radio Times. He also reviewed books and wrote literary criticism for Quarto, The Times Literary Supplement, and The Sunday Times. Even though Crace was committed to journalism, he grew increasingly frustrated with editors’ tight control over his articles. He accepted advances from the publishers Heinemann (U.K.) and Harper & Row (U.S.) that allowed him to leave journalism and focus on writing his first novel.

The transition from fact-reporting journalism to full-time fiction writing was difficult for Crace, and he initially had trouble focusing his ideas. While providing a rather unfavorable review of Gabriel García Márquez’s novel In Evil Hour, Crace became aware of the power and effectiveness of magic realism. Writing about imagined worlds in realistic--though often fictitious--terms came easily for Crace, and he found his voice and developed his distinct style. When Crace was 40, his first book, Continent (1986), a collection of seven loosely-related stories about an imagined continent, was published and received immediate critical praise, winning the Whitbread First Novel Prize, the David Higham Prize for Fiction, the Guardian Fiction Prize, and a year later, the Premio Antico Fattore.

Crace is regarded as one of Britain’s most original voices through his use of invented language, depiction of city and landscape, and exploration of individual behavior in ever-changing complex societies. Crace is interested in invention, as evidenced by his novel’s convincing but fictitious epigraphs. Though his novels are each very unique, they retain the hallmarks of Crace’s distinct style. As a result, the books have garnered critical success, and Crace has received numerous awards and honors, including the American Academy of Arts and Letters’ E. M. Forster Prize. His fifth novel, Quarantine (1997), was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and won the Whitbread Fiction Prize; his next novel, Being Dead (1999), won the National Book Critics’ Circle Award for Fiction and Book Review Best Books selection, and was short-listed for the Whitbread Novel of the Year Award. In 2000, Crace’s alma mater, the University of Central England in Birmingham, presented him with an Honorary Degree of Doctor of the University, and in 2002, the University of Birmingham awarded him an Honorary Doctor of Letters. Many of Crace’s works have been adapted to film and theatrical productions and even inspired musical pieces.

Between 1981 and 1983, Crace was Midlands Arts Centre Writer-in-Residence, where he concluded his tenure by founding and directing the Birmingham Festival of Readers and Writers. Crace has often mentored aspiring writers through writer-in-residence and university programs and was the inaugural recipient of the James A. Michener Center for Writers Distinguished Writer-in-Residence award at The University of Texas at Austin. Crace frequently contributes essays and articles for newspapers and magazines and was invited by Médecins Sans Frontières to contribute an investigative report for their series "Authors in the Front Line," in which writers travel and bring much-needed attention to the world’s most troubled regions.

The natural world, which features prominently in Crace’s writing, is not only an influence, but an avocation. He is a serious gardener, amateur ornithologist, and landscape painter. Indeed, his family’s annual trips to the Isles of Scilly off England’s southwestern coast have inspired his watercolors and three of his novels. Crace has stated that after finishing his books All That Follows (2010) and a "Cracean" autobiography provisionally titled Archipelago, he intends to devote more time to painting.

Scope and Contents

The Jim Crace Papers, 1954-2013, consist of manuscript drafts, scripts, advance proofs, notes, notebooks, research material, correspondence, clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, serial publications, books, sound recordings, moving images, watercolors, juvenilia, posters, and ephemera from the English novelist Jim Crace. The personal and professional papers span Crace’s writing career and document his diverse range of creative output which includes novels, essays, investigative journalism articles, short stories, dramatic and educational radio scripts, television scripts, watercolor paintings, and some poetry. The papers are organized into six series: I. Literary Activities, II. Journalism, III. Correspondence, IV. Career and Personal Papers, V. Works by Others, and VI. Magazines and Newspapers.

Series I. Literary Activities includes products associated with Crace’s writing and is arranged into three subseries: A. Novels, B. Short Works, and C. Radio Scripts. The Novels subseries is arranged in alphabetical order by title, and within each title the material generally follows the chronological order of literary production, from research notes to publication drafts. When applicable, related material such as dust jackets, reviews, publicity material, correspondence, or adaptations follow the drafts. The Short Works subseries contain two subgroupings with titles arranged alphabetically: Short Stories/Poems and Essays /Introductions/Articles. The Radio Scripts subseries contains both dramatic radio plays and school broadcasts and is arranged alphabetically by title. The School broadcasts are further arranged within each title by episode number.

Series II. Journalism pertains to articles and reviews written by Crace between 1970 and 1988, prior to his career as a full-time novelist. He wrote for the Telegraph Sunday Magazine, The Radio Times, Sunday Times Magazine, and reviewed books for the Times Literary Supplement, The Sunday Times, New Statesman, and Quarto. This series includes article typescripts, original clippings and photocopies of published articles and book reviews, notes and notebooks, research material, royalty statements, and scrapbooks containing original and photocopies of articles and reviews.

Series III. Correspondence contains personal, professional, and fan letters, including printed electronic mail (email). The arrangement closely follows Crace’s own categories. Personal correspondence consists primarily of letters with family and close friends, the bulk of which are letters Crace wrote to his parents while living in Africa and traveling abroad during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It also includes letters from and to friends he associated with during that period. The general correspondence is in alphabetical order by correspondent’s name or entity. It includes letters from authors, publishers, agents, friends, readers, and other associates. Publishers’ correspondence consists primarily of email exchanged between 2005 and 2008 and is arranged by date. Letters and email regarding film rights for Crace’s novels Being Dead and The Pesthouse are also contained in this series, as is readers' correspondence received largely from unknown fans. These two groupings are also arranged by date.

Series IV. Career and Personal Papers contains Crace’s address books, daily appointment calendars, childhood and school papers, family papers, financial documents, ephemera collected while in Africa and as a journalist, honors, clippings and transcripts of interviews and articles about Crace, invitations, journals, juvenilia and early works, photographs, brochures for public appearances and book festivals, lecture notes and drafts, Public Lending Right statements, publisher catalogs, material related to his residencies, material in support of Salman Rushdie, material related to his Voluntary Services Overseas work in Sudan, and his watercolors. The materials are in alphabetical order by name or topic.

Series V. Works by Others contains literary criticism of Crace’s work, in the form of journal articles and academic papers, works in which Crace is mentioned, and a piece of music inspired by The Gift of Stones.

Series VI. Magazines and Newspapers is in alphabetical order by title with the bulk consisting of periodicals containing Crace’s published works, interviews or articles about Crace, and in rare instances, issues he collected or retained for research related to particular writings.

Items identified as Scrapbooks in the collection were Nyrex albums containing plastic sleeves with Crace’s published articles, clippings, letters, awards, and some photographs. Because some albums were damaged and the general chemical composition of these albums creates an unfavorable archival environment for the material, the contents were removed from the albums and placed in the same sequence within folders.

The Jim Crace Papers include a small amount of material that was exposed to moisture and suffered minor mold damage. The Conservation Department has vacuum treated this material, but mold may still be present. These items are identified in the collection; for health reasons, patrons may consider wearing gloves and a dust/mist respirator while handling this material.

Additional material from Crace, received by the Ransom Center in 2012 and 2013, has been integrated into the existing Container List. It consists of numerous drafts and material related to Crace’s novels All That Follows (2010) and Harvest (2013); a small amount of material related to Being Dead (1999), Continent (1986), The Gift of Stones (1988), The Pesthouse (2005), and Quarantine (1997); and drafts for his unpublished work Archipelago. The addition also includes correspondence, career and personal material, a small amount of works by others, and magazines and newspapers.



Open for research

The Jim Crace Papers include a small amount of material that was exposed to moisture and suffered minor mold damage. The Conservation Department has vacuum treated this material, but mold may still be present. These items are identified in the collection; for health reasons, patrons may consider wearing gloves and a dust/mist respirator while handling this material.

Index Terms

Crace, Jim
British Broadcasting Corporation
Africa--Travel and description
Authors, English--20th century
English fiction--20th century
Journalism--England--20th century
Document Types
Address books
Serials (publications)
Sound recordings

Related Material

The Tom Stoppard Papers at the Ransom Center contain additional material related to Jim Crace.

The Jim Crace Collection at the Ransom Center contains a final draft typescript and first and third pass master proofs for All That Follows (2010).

Separated Material

Jim Crace’s library includes approximately 143 volumes of Crace’s novels in different editions and languages, as well as books containing contributions by Crace. These have been separated from the collection and are housed in the Ransom Center’s Book Collection. Two political buttons, one award plaque, and one certificate tube have been separated from the collection and are housed in the Ransom Center’s Personal Effects Collection. A collection of audio cassette tapes and CDs containing radio interviews, readings, and audio books have been separated from the collection and are housed in the Ransom Center’s Sound Recordings Collection. Three VHS tapes, one micro VHS tape, and one DVD have been separated from the collection and are housed in the Ransom Center’s Moving Image Collection. One 3.5-inch floppy disk containing drafts of The Pesthouse has been separated from the collection and is housed in the Ransom Center’s Electronic Records Collection.

Items received in 2012 and 2013 that were transferred to other departments within the Ransom Center include 181 books and 7 audio books transferred to the Ransom Center Library; 1 DVD, and 2 CDs containing photographs, and 2 flash drives containing all the files from Crace’s laptop and desktop computers transferred to the Electronic Records Collections; 1 DVD and 1 cassette tape containing BBC 4 recordings transferred to the Sound Recordings Collection; and ephemera from a gala for The Devil’s Larder in Turin, Italy transferred to the Personal Effects Collection.

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Processed by:

Amy E. Armstrong, 2010; Daniela Lozano, 2015


In addition to material found within the Jim Crace Papers, the following sources were used:

"Jim Crace."   Contemporary Authors Online, (accessed 26 October 2009).

"Jim Crace."   Contemporary Literary Criticism, (accessed 26 October 2009).

Tew, Philip. Jim Crace. Contemporary British Novelists Series. Manchester, England: Manchester University Press, 2006.

Series Descriptions

Series I. Literary Activities, 1971-2013, undated (36.5 boxes)

Series I. Literary Activities includes materials associated with Crace’s writing and is arranged into three subseries: A. Novels, B. Short Works, and C. Radio Scripts. Subseries A. Novels is arranged in alphabetical order by title and includes notes, notebooks, research material, drafts in various stages, proofs, promotional and marketing material, correspondence, clippings and reviews, and scrapbooks. Published works include: Continent (1986), The Gift of Stones (1988), Arcadia (1992), Signals of Distress (1994), Quarantine (1997), Being Dead (1999), The Devil’s Larder (2001), The Pesthouse (2005), Six (2003) [published as Genesis (2003) in the United States], All That Follows (2010), and Harvest (2013). Notes and drafts of Crace’s abandoned "Cracean" autobiography, Archipelago, are also present. Though not all produced, Signals of Distress, Quarantine, The Gift of Stones, and The Devil’s Larder have been adapted into theatrical productions and performed by Grid Iron Theatre Company, The Flying Machine, or Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Being Dead was adapted into an unproduced screenplay and The Devil’s Larder was also produced as a performance jazz piece.
Material for each novel is arranged in order of literary production, beginning with notes, notebooks, research material, draft fragments, and concluding with final drafts and proofs. In his writing, Crace uses invented language, imagined locales or fictionalized renderings of historical moments and places; therefore, there is little research material accompanying his novels. For Quarantine, he visited and photographed the Judean desert in order to invent his version of the desert. Crace does, however, make voluminous notes and crosses through them as he either rejects or uses the material. Within notes for Signals of Distress is a piece of wood Crace picked up and used to write a note on while on the Isles of Scilly.
Of significant interest within the Novels subseries is a blank pre-publication volume of The Pesthouse, entitled Useless America. In order to complete the publishing contract, Crace was asked to supply a temporary title. He borrowed a line from the novel and provided "This Used to be America," but inexplicably, the title was understood to be "Useless America." Curiously, though the book was not yet published, an online bookseller began selling copies of Useless America, complete with several lengthy reviews. Continuing the lark, Crace’s publisher printed seventy-five limited edition blank paperback copies of the novel to be used for a publicity contest.
Also notable within the notes and draft fragments for Six/Genesis are email exchanges with Alicja Lesniak, the namesake for a character within the novel. As part of a charity auction for the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture, Lesniak purchased the right to have a character named after her in a Crace novel. See also the Invitations folder in the Personal and Career Series for the charity auction program.
Within The Devil’s Larder material is a novella entitled The Slow Digestions of Night. It was one of twelve volumes that formed a boxed set entitled A Collection of Stories, published in 1995 in celebration of Penguin’s 60th anniversary. Crace’s small volume contains five excerpts which were later included as chapters in The Devil’s Larder. The complete boxed set is contained within the Ransom Center’s book collection.
Subseries B. Short Works contains Crace’s short fiction, including Short Stories and Poems, and non-fiction material, including Essays, Introductions, and Articles. Both sub-groupings are in alphabetical order by title and include typescript drafts, proofs, original clippings and photocopies of the published material, emails, and correspondence. Shorter pieces are housed together in folders by letter span, while larger files are housed in folders by title. Significant material in this segment includes drafts of Crace’s first published stories "Annie, California Plates,""Helter Skelter, Hang Sorrow, Care’ll Kill a Cat," and "Cross-Country," as well as papers relating to "Pycletius." Crace began Continent with an epigraph attributed to the fictitious historical figure "Pycletius." Further blurring the line between fact and fiction, the editors of the Oxford Companion to English Literature intentionally included an invented Pycletius entry written by Crace in their 2000 volume.
The Essays, Introductions, and Articles segment includes non-fiction material written between 1987 and 2013 after Crace published his first book. Articles written while Crace worked as a freelance journalist will be found in Series II. Journalism. Of importance is Crace’s report "Waiting for a Miracle," published in The Sunday Times Magazine. As part of its "Authors in the Front Line" program, Médecins Sans Frontières asked Crace to pick a troubled region that interested him and report on the problems confronting the area and the work of Médecins Sans Frontières there. Crace traveled to Cambodia in 2005, and this series includes his research material, photographs, notes, correspondence, and numerous drafts.
Subseries C. Radio Scripts is comprised of the dramatic radio plays and educational broadcasts Crace wrote for the BBC. As part of its education mandate, the BBC produced national and regional programming that aired in schools. These series and broadcasts often had published lessons that accompanied the program, such as Crace’s An African Casebook. The series is arranged alphabetically by title beginning with the dramatic and comedic scripts, followed by the school broadcasts which are arranged by title or topic and within each title by episode number.

Series II. Journalism, 1973-1988, undated (2.5 boxes)

Series II. Journalism pertains to articles and reviews written by Crace between 1970 and 1988, prior to establishing himself as a full-time novelist. He wrote for the Telegraph Sunday Magazine, The Radio Times, Sunday Times Magazine, and reviewed books for the Times Literary Supplement, The Sunday Times, New Statesman, and Quarto. This series includes article typescripts, clippings and photocopies of published articles and book reviews, notes and notebooks, research material, royalty statements, and scrapbooks containing original and photocopies of articles and reviews.
This series begins with article typescripts, many undated and with publication details unknown. When possible, the publication title is provided in parentheses. The final published versions of articles and book reviews in the form of original and/or photocopied clippings are housed in folders following the typescripts and with the removed contents of nine scrapbook albums within the series. See also Series VI. Magazines and Newspapers for entire issues of publications. Also included in this series are notes, four folders of reporter’s notebooks, and research material and ephemera associated with specific articles and works in progress. Of particular interest within the research files are newspapers commemorating VE-Day and D-Day containing facsimiles dated 1944-1945, several eighteenth and nineteenth century newspaper facsimiles, and three April Fool’s Day spoof editions of newspapers for the fictitious countries of San Seriffe and Bodoni.

Series III. Correspondence, 1968-2013, undated (4.5 boxes)

The Correspondence series consists largely of incoming letters and printouts of electronic mail (email). This series is divided into five groups: Personal, General, Publishers, Film Rights, and Readers. A large amount of the correspondence is comprised of email exchanges between Crace and other writers, publishers, and friends. In some instances, the exchanges might be incomplete and provide only one party’s communication.
The Personal correspondence is primarily letters with family and close friends, the bulk of which are letters Crace wrote to his parents while living in Africa and traveling abroad during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It also includes letters from and to friends he associated with during that period. These letters document Crace’s life abroad in a politically tumultuous region and his desire for adventure. Also contained in this section are letters from Crace’s mother after his father’s death and an early letter from Crace’s wife, Pamela. General correspondence forms the largest segment of the series and is in alphabetical order by correspondent’s name or entity. It includes letters and email from authors, publishers, agents, friends, readers, and other associates. Some of the authors represented include: Frederick Busch, John Fowles, James "Jim" Hynes, David Lodge, Julie Myerson, Salman Rushdie, Tom Stoppard, and Rose Tremain. Crace’s correspondence with publishers consists primarily of emails between 2005 and 2008 and contains, in particular, Crace’s final exchanges with Penguin before switching publishers. Letters from magazine and other publishers are also found in the General correspondence. Book-specific correspondence is sometimes filed with that work. Letters from producers and script writers regarding film rights to Being Dead and The Pesthouse are located in this series. Readers’ correspondence is mostly from unknown fans; however, fan mail is also filed in General correspondence. Correspondent names are listed in the Index of Correspondents located at the end of this finding aid; however, correspondence included in the 2012 and 2013 additions has not been indexed.

Series IV. Career and Personal, 1954-2013, undated (10.5 boxes)

Series IV. contains Crace’s address books, daily appointment calendars, childhood and school papers, family papers, financial documents, ephemera collected while in Africa and as a journalist, honors, clippings and transcripts of interviews and articles about Crace, invitations, journals, juvenilia and early works, photographs, brochures advertising public appearances and book festivals, speech notes and drafts, Public Lending Right statements, publisher catalogs, material related to his residencies, material in support of Salman Rushdie, material related to his work in Sudan, and his watercolors. The materials are in alphabetical order by name or topic.
The segment of material regarding Crace’s Childhood, School, and University days is particularly enlightening. Highlights from this period are grade reports from Worcester Junior School and Enfield Grammar School and an issue of Sixth Sense, an unofficial version of Enfield Grammar School’s magazine. Of significant interest are three hand-drawn maps completed by Crace when he was about nine or ten years of age. Crace enjoyed reading books about imagined islands, studying atlases, and, perhaps foreshadowing his later ability to create imaginary places with words, spent hours drawing these detailed maps of invented places with names often borrowed from teachers and books. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament leaflets collected by Crace and an issue of the Enfield Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s publication edited by Crace called "Against the Bomb" are in this series. Crace is pictured in the cover photograph; he is the second boy from the right, facing backwards. While at university Crace edited, contributed stories, and co-authored a comic-strip for the Birmingham Sun. There is one folder of clippings from the Birmingham Sun in this series and thirteen complete issues of the newspaper from 1967 in Series VI. Magazines and Newspapers.
Crace’s first fiction writing, the earliest dated 1965, with many undated, is contained in juvenilia and early writings. Included are television scripts co-authored with Mic Yates, short fiction, ideas and fragments, notebooks, and the few poems written by Crace. Notes and composite drafts of an abandoned novel entitled A Shortened Pyramid are also present in this series. Because the order of pages for this draft cannot be discerned, they have been kept in their original incorrect order.
The Identification and Travel Documents section contains several student and youth hostel identification cards, most affixed with a photograph of a young Crace. There is also a large amount of travel tickets, boarding passes and baggage claim tickets dating from the late 1960s to 2013, in addition to Crace’s Sudanese and international driver’s licenses. Five of Crace’s passports, dating back to 1959, are also included here.
Honors include awards, programs, letters, and clippings Crace has received throughout his literary career. Material related to awards for a particular work may also be filed under that work and/or in material removed from the scrapbook notebooks.
Photographs in the collection are black-and-white and color prints and include publicity shots, contact sheets, and snapshots. The photographs are largely related to Crace’s writing career and are of Crace in various poses in his garden and on city streets, receiving awards and honorary degrees, and at book readings. Photos of particular interest include Crace and author Salman Rushdie, who appeared together at a 1983 book signing, and several snapshots of Crace with American book collector Rolland Comstock. Comstock became a collector of Crace’s books when he bought all 1,000 remaining copies of Crace’s Continent. See also general correspondence and articles about Crace folders for additional material related to Comstock. Among the photographers whose photos are included are Abbas, Basso Cannarsa, Giovanni Giovannetti, Sophie Bassouls, and Mark Gerson.

Series V. Works by Others, 1994-2007 (0.5 box)

This series contains literary criticism in the form of articles by Susan Balée and several academic papers and theses authored by Miyahara Kazunari, John Constable, Hideaki Aoyama, and other students. As part of the Contemporary British Novelists series published by Manchester University Press, Dr. Philip Tew wrote Jim Crace, a biography and critical analysis of Crace’s novels. Order forms, emails, and dust jackets related to Dr. Tew’s work are present in this segment. Also in the series are two reports about Birmingham in which Crace is quoted or mentioned and a musical composition entitled "The Gift of Stones" by Roger Bruce.

Series VI. Magazines and Newspapers, 1933-2010 (bulk 1967-2010)(4 boxes)

Series VI. Magazines and Newspapers is arranged in alphabetical order by title with the bulk consisting of periodicals containing Crace’s published works, interviews or articles about Crace, and, in rare instances, issues Crace collected or retained for research related to particular writings.

Container List

Series I. Literary Activities, 1971-2013, undated

Subseries A. Novels
All That Follows (2010)
1.1 Research notes and early drafts (working titles Heroes and The Finalist), 2005-2008
45.1 Research material
45.2-3 Research material and notes
45.4 Notebooks, circa 2006-2008, undated
45.5 Early typescript drafts and draft fragments, undated
45.6 Typescript with edits and notes (working title Heroes), 1-2 May 2008
45.7 Typescript with edits, 4 May 2008
Typescript with edits, circa May-July 2008
45.8 Typescript with edits, 5 July 2008
Typescript draft, 13 July 2008
45.9 Typescript with edits (working title Heroes and The Valiance), 12 August 2008
45.10 Typescript with edits (working title The Valiance), 20 September 2008
45.11 Typescript with edits, 24 October 2008
45.12 Typescript and handwritten notes, November 2008
46.1 Typescript with edits, 10 December 2008
46.2-3 Typescript and typescript fragments with edits (working titles Bravissimo, Fire and Smoke, The Disturbances of Hazelbeech, and The Herbivore), January-February 2009
46.4-5 Typescript with edits (working titles Hazelbeech, Alderbeech, and Mister Sinister), 1-7 March 2009
46.6 Typescript with edits (working titles Alderbeech and The Peacemaker), 17 March 2009
46.7 Typescript with edits (several working titles), 21 March 2009
47.1 Typescript, circa April 2009
47.2 'Final edit before copy-editing,' typescript with corrections, 11-3 May 2009
47.3-4 'Edit and notes from Kate Harvey Picador, UK,' typescript with edits, June 2009
1.2-3 Edited page proofs (final U.K. edition), October 2009
47.5 Page proofs, 7 December 2009
47.6 Correspondence, 2010-2011
47.7-9, 62 Clippings and reviews, 2009-2010
Arcadia (1992)
1.4-5 Notebooks, undated
1.6-7 Notes and early typescript draft fragments (working titles Victor’s City, Centre-Piece, and The Paradise of Termites), 1989
1.8 Computer schedule, undated
2.1-2 'First full draft,' edited typescript, 1989
2.3-4 'Semi-final version,' edited typescript, 1991
2.5-3.1 'Final edited version,' edited typescript, 1991
46 Page proofs, 1992
3.2 Dust jacket, 2008
3.3, osf Promotional Material, 1992
Reviews, Publicity, Book Tours, Bestseller Lists
3.4, 61 U.K., 1991-1993
3.5 Australia, U.S., and Netherlands, 1992
Archipelago (unpublished)
48.1 Notebook, circa 2008-2011
48.2 'Notes and sources,' circa 2008-2011
48.3 Typescript, February 2011
48.4 Typescript, March 2011
Typescript (working title Ding-Dong Bell), March 2011
48.5 Typescript with edits, April 2011
48.6 Typescript with edits, circa late April-early May 2011
48.7 Typescript, 17 May 2011
48.8 'Out-takes/Off-cuts' typescript, 1 April 2011
Being Dead (1999)
48.9 Article 'News story that partly provided plot,' undated
3.6 Notebook, undated
3.7 Work plan, schedule, and notes, circa 1998-1999, 2007
3.8 Preliminary chapter synopses and drafts, 1998
Revised chapter typescript fragments
4.1 Chapters 1-9, November 1998
Chapters 6-9, undated
4.2 Chapters 1-21, undated
4.3 Chapter 22-26, undated
Chapters 11-21, undated
Chapter 19, undated
Typescript with corrections
4.4 First draft, March 1999
4.5-6 Third draft, undated
5.1-2 Fourth draft, undated
5.3 Page proofs, June 1999
5.4 Uncorrected advance proofs (Viking and Farrar, Straus & Giroux), 1999
5.5, osf Promotional material, 1999
5.6 Dust jackets and designs, 1999
5.7 Letters and notes, 1999
5.8-6.1, 60-61 Clippings and reviews, 1997-2002
6.2 "Constant Reader" and "Streets Online" Web discussion transcript, 2000-2002
Screenplay adaptation by John Meyers
6.3-4 Typescripts, 2002
6.5 With annotations by Crace, 2003
48.9 Fan art, undated
Continent (1986)
6.6 Notebook, undated
6.7 Notes
48.10 'Early page notes,' undated
Story drafts
6.8 "The Prospect from the Silver Hill" [variously titled The End of the World], corrected typescript, undated
6.9 "The World with One Eye Shut" [variously titled At the Wire Gate], corrected typescript drafts and notes, 1986, undated
6.10 "On Heat" [variously titled The Lek], typescript draft fragments, undated
"Cross-Country," published story, undated
"Electricity", typescript copy and published story, undated
Fragments, undated
'Stories from Atlantis,' corrected drafts
7.1 "On Heat," undated
"Electricity," undated
"Talking Skull," undated
"The World with One Eye Shut," undated
"Sins and Virtues," undated
"Cross-Country," undated
7.2 'Original manuscript,' copy with edits and corrections, 1986
7.3 Page proof and dust jacket (Picador), 2008
7.4 Correspondence, 1983-1986
7.5, 60 Clippings and reviews, 1986-1995
7.6 Bound Italian clippings, 1986-1987
7.7-8.1, 61 Scrapbooks I-III; contain reviews, dust jackets for various editions, letters, awards, 1986-1987
The Devil’s Larder (2001)
8.2 Notes, undated
8.3 Draft fragments, undated
8.4-5 Early typescript drafts, undated
8.6 'Penultimate Edit,' typescript, December 2000
8.7 Typescript with corrections, copy (Viking), March 2001
8.8 Typescript with corrections (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), 2001
9.1 Page proof (Viking), April 2001
Page proof (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
9.2 May 2001
9.3 June 2001
9.4 Uncorrected advance proof, 2001
9.5, osf Promotional material, 2001-2004
9.6 The Slow Digestions of Night, five-excerpt novella, 1995
9.7 Dust jackets, copy, American Institute of Graphic Arts cover award, 2001-2008
9.8 Correspondence, 2001
9.9-11 Clippings and reviews, 2001
10.1 Theatrical adaptation by Grid Iron Theatre Company; contains letters, program proof, reviews, 2005
The Gift of Stones (1988)
10.2 Notes and research, 1987
10.3 Notebooks, undated
48.10 'Early page notes,' undated
10.4 Bound typescript with corrections, undated
10.5 Typescript with corrections, copy (Secker & Warburg), 1988
10.6, 61, osf Promotional material and dust jackets, 1988, 2008
10.7-11.1 Scrapbooks I-II; contain reviews, dust jackets for various editions, letters, catalogs, 1988-1989
'Spare Reviews'
11.2, 60 U.K. & Australia, 1987-1988
11.3, 60 U.S., 1989
Theatrical adaptation by Kim T. Sharp
11.4 Typescript draft, 1996
11.5 Typescript draft, 1997
Harvest (2013)
48.11 Notebook, undated
48.12 Notes, circa 2011
48.13 Notes and research, 2011-2012
48.14 Typescript 'First try,' June 2011
Typescript (working title Our Last Acres), 16 June 2011
48.15 Typescript with edits (working title Out of Nowhere), 27-29 June 2011
49.1-2 Typescripts with edits (2), circa July-early August 2011
49.3 Typescript with edits, 14 August 2011
49.4 Chapter 8, typescript with edits, circa August-September 2011
49.5 Typescript with edits, 4-8 September 2011
49.6 Typescript with edits, 1 October 2011
49.7 'Edited draft' typescript, November 2011
49.8 Typescript, circa late November-early December 2011
49.9 Chapters 9-17, typescript with edits, 12 December 2011
49.10 Typescript with edits 'sent to DGA,' January 2012
49.11 'Version sent to DGA and Picador' typescript, February 2012
50.1 Typescript 'edited from Nan Talese’s and Kate Harvey’s notes,' March 2012
50.2 'Line notes' from editor and typescript fragment with edits, March 2012
50.3 Proof, U.S. edition, 14 August 2012
50.4 Proof with edits, U.K. edition, September 2012
50.5 Bound Galley, 2013
50.6 "Enclosure," excerpt published in Granta Magazine, typescript with edits and page proof, February 2012
50.7 Correspondence
50.8 Reviews and Publicity, 2012-2013
The Pesthouse (2005)
50.9 Notebook 'Pesthouse Notes,' undated
11.6 Notebook, 2003-2004
11.7 Notes and research, 2005
11.8 Research and photographs, 2005
51.1 Notes and photographs, 2006-2007, undated
Working drafts
12.1 Chapters 1-10, 20 March 2005
12.2 Chapters 1-10, 18 April 2005
12.3 Chapters 1- 10, 5 May 2005
12.4 Chapters 1-13, 27 June 2005
12.5-7 Chapter fragments, June 2004-December 2005, undated
13.1-2 Typescript, January 2006
13.3-4 Typescript, 'submitted to DGA,' February 2006
14.1-3 Typescript and final notes for inclusion, January - March 2006
14.4 Typescript, 'line edit,' 29 April 2006
14.5-6 Typescript, copy with edits, undated
15.1 Typescript with additional edits, undated
15.2 Notes and edits, March 2006
15.3-4 Revised typescript (U.K.), 28 March 2006
15.5-6 Page proof, first pass (U.S.), October 2006
15.7 Bound galley proof, 2007
15.8 Uncorrected advance proof, 2007
16.1 Page proof, excerpt published in Conjunctions, August 2006
16.2 Dust jackets and copy, 2007-2008
16.3 Letters, 2005-2007
51.2 Correspondence (email print outs), 2005-2010
16.4 Promotional material, 2007
Reviews and clippings
16.5 U.K. and other countries, 2007
16.6-7, 61 U.S., 2007
Useless America
16.8 Orders, publicity, correspondence, "A New Kind of Ghost Writer" (published in The Guardian, 28 October 2006), 2006-2007
16.9 Blank manuscript, 2007
Quarantine (1997)
16.10-11 Notebooks, undated
17.1 Tasmania/Israel notebook, undated
17.2 'Fasting' notes, 1996
17.3, 61 Research, notes, photographs, 1996
17.4 Research photographs of Israel, circa 1995
51.3 Postcard of Jericho caves, undated
Working drafts
17.5-7 Fragments and notes, 27 September 1995-24 October 1996
18.1 'Annotated full copy,' 1 September 1996
18.2 'Penultimate version,' October 1996
18.3 'Annotated working copy,' 25 October 1996
18.4 'Agent’s copy,' 6 November 1996
18.5-6 'Submitted version,' 10 November 1996
18.7 'Line-edited version,' undated
19.1 Page proofs, 30 January 1997
19.2 Uncorrected advance proof (Viking), 1997
19.3 Bound galley proof (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), 1997
19.4 Advance reader’s copy (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), 1997
51.3 Front cover design by Crace, undated
19.5 Dust jackets, 1996-1997
19.6, osf Promotional material and copy, 1996-1998
19.7 Correspondence, 1996-1999, undated
19.8-20.2 Reviews and clippings, 1997-2007
20.3 Guardian Book Club articles, 2008
20.4 Awards and prizes, 1997-1999
20.5 Theatrical adaptation by Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 2000
Signals of Distress (1994)
20.6-8 Notebooks, 1991, undated
20.9 Note, wood fragment, undated
20.10 Research material, undated
20.11 Work and computer schedule, circa 1993-1994
21.1-2 Early chapter fragments, undated
21.3-4 'Early chapters, early versions,' Spring-Summer 1993
21.5-6 'First full version,' 1 February 1994
21.7-8 'Penultimate version,' 22 February 1994
22.1-2 'Final,' typescript with corrections, undated
22.3-4 Page proofs (Viking), 1994
22.5 Page proofs (Viking), 1994
Uncorrected advance proofs
22.6 Viking, 1994
22.7 Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1995
22.8, 61 Dust jackets and copy, 1994-2008
23.1-2, osf Promotional material, 1994
23.3 Letters, 1993-1994
23.4-6, 61 Reviews and clippings, 1993-1996
23.7 Australia and New Zealand book tour, 1994
23.8 Theatrical adaptation by The Flying Machine, 2001-2002
Six (2003) [published as Genesis (2003) in the U.S.]
23.9 Notebook, circa 2000-2002
24.1 Notes and draft fragments, 2002
24.2-3 Working draft fragments, 2002, undated
Typescript with corrections
24.4 11 February 2003
24.5 17-18 February 2003
24.6 28 February 2003
25.1-3 Undated
25.4 November 2006
25.5 Page proofs (Viking), 2003
25.6 Edits (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), 2 June 2003
Uncorrected advance proofs
25.7 Six (Viking), 2003
25.8 Genesis (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), 2003
26.1 Dust jackets, 2003-2008
26.2 Letters, 2003
26.3 Promotional and related material, 2003
26.4-5 Reviews and clippings, 2003
26.6 'Proposal for Two Novels' in progress; The Finalist (working title; published as All That Follows) and Archipelago (working title), 16 June
26.7 Unfinished 'popular fiction' novel, chapter synopses, undated
51.4 Abandoned writing projects, 1976-2008 , undated
26.8-9, 61 Scrapbook I-II; contains book covers from various novels, clippings, letter, photographs, awards, 1988-1996
51.5 'Publishing Bits and Pieces,' promotional material and sample cover artwork for various novels, 1986-2011
51.6-7 Publishing Contracts, 1995-2012
51.8-9 Film, Audio and Stage Contracts, 1982-2012
51.10 Reviews, 1995-2013
Subseries B. Short Works
Short Stories, Poems
27.1 [Alice Howells] ("Three Writers in Search of an Author," BBC Radio 4), typescripts, email, 2001
"Blood Strangers" ("I Want to Be Alone," BBC Radio 4), typescript, clipping, 2005 (*audio recording removed to sound recording collection)
"Cross-Country," (published by The New Review, April 1976 and in revised form as a chapter in Continent), corrected typescript, publication copy, 1975-1976
"For Jack’s Birthday," typescript, 1972
"Gentle Giant," typescript, undated
Granite in the bone, poem, typescript, undated
27.1, 61 "Moving Finger" (an eight-part collaborative story started with Crace and published in The Guardian, 2002), typescript, published installments, 2002
27.1 My Dad, Black Rock and Me [variously titled The Tale of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Dad], corrected poem, undated
A & N Ltd: Photocopying [variously titled Intact]
27.2 Early typescript, undated
Revised typescript, undated
Typescript, September 1975
Typescript, undated
A & N Ltd: Photocopying
osf Revised typescript, undated
27.2 Revised typescript, undated
Revised typescript, July 1976
Typescript, undated
Revised typescript, August 1976
27.3 "Annie, California Plates" [variously titled Annie] (published in The New Review, June 1974 and The New Review Anthology, 1985), typescript drafts, proofs, publication copy, 1973-1974, undated
51.11 "Enclosure" (published in Granta Magazine, 2012), page proofs, 2012
27.4 "Helter Skelter, Hang Sorrow, Care’ll Kill a Cat" (published in The New Review, December 1975, Cosmopolitan, October 1978 and Introduction 6: Stories by New Writers, 1977), typescript, publication copy, 1975, undated
P-Z, untitled
27.5 "Pycletius" (invented entry printed in Oxford Companion to English Literature), typescript, copy of entry, correspondence, 2000
"Seven Ages" (published in Quarto, June 1980 and broadcast on BBC Radio 3 as "Middling," 1981)
27.5 "Seven Ages," publication copy, 1980
"Middling," typescript, copy, undated
"Sins and Virtues" (published in London Review of Books, 20 August-2 September 1981 and as a chapter in Continent), publication copy, 1981
"Supper Serbian" (unfinished poem), typescript, undated
"Talking Skull" (published in Quarto, August 1981 and as a chapter in Continent), typescript copy, publication copy, 1981, undated
"Three Sailors, Three Seas" (poem), typescript, undated
"Too Young for Funerals" (published in Harvard Review, No. 28, 2005), typescript, page proofs, 2005
"Windows" (published in Moz-Art, October-January 1981-1982), circa 1981
Untitled unfinished theatre script, notes, undated
27.6, 60-61 "Refugees" [variously titled Refugee] (published in Socialist Challenge, 15-31 December 1977), typescript story drafts, typescript script draft, publication clipping, 1971-1977
27.7 Rough Sleepers [variously titled It Could Be Worse and My Nights with God] (unfinished story written for Penguin 60th anniversary project), drafts, notes, 1995
27.8 "Sportsman," typescript drafts, 1971
51.11 [Twitter fiction] (published in The Guardian, 19 January 2013), web publication, 2013
27.9 "Wrath" (Opera North production), drafts, correspondence, 2003
Essays, Introductions, Articles
A-Z, untitled
27.10 "1979: Hearts of Oak" (published in 21: 21 Picador Authors Celebrate, 1993), publication photocopy, 1993
52.1 Atlantic Center for Arts Master Artist Report, typescript, circa 2004
"Birmingham Arts Lab: Remembered" (published in Birmingham Arts Lab exhibition catalogue, 1998) publication, 1998
"Book of a Lifetime: The Alexandria Quartet, by Lawrence Durrell" (published in The Independent, 8 February 2013), typescript, web publication, 2013
27.10 [Bridport Prize Judges Short Story Report] (published in Bridport Anthology, 2004 and on Bridport Prize Web site, 2004), 2004
[Chesterton the Radical] (published in the Sunday Telegraph, 13 February 2000), publication, 2000
Crossing Borders: New Writing from Africa, "Genesis of 'The Prospect from the Silver Hill," (published by British Council, circa 2005), circa 2005
52.1 "The Eighties" (published in The Adelaide Advertiser, 2010), email, typescript, 2009-2010
27.10 Electricity by Ray Robinson (dust jacket quote), dust jacket, 2006
27.10, 60 "Have You Seen Our Chicken?" (published in The New Review, The Independent on Sunday, 2007), typescript, publication, 2007
27.10 Introduction to Modern Baptists by James Wilcox (Penguin Modern Classics, 2005), email, notebook, typescript, 2004
"Jim Crace on Robinson Crusoe" (published in Financial Times Magazine, 2007)
27.10 Email, typescript, Web publication, publication, 2007
52.1 Web publication, 2007
27.10 The Liar’s Trilogy, typescript, undated
52.1 Making the Most of Your Novel [report for the Arvon Foundation for Writers course], typescript, 2011
"My hippy paradise postponed" (published in the London Daily News, 21 July 1987), publication, 1987
27.10 "New Buildings Have No Beauty or Courage" (published in The Birmingham Post, 29 June 2000), publication, 2000
52.1 Preface for Enesow by Kurt Jackson, email, notes, typescript and typescript with revisions, 2009
[Review of The Glister by John Burnside 'written for posting on Amazon at Nan Talese’s request'], typescript, undated
Review of Murder in the Dark by Margaret Atwood (published in The Times Literary Supplement, 23 March 1984, and on the Times Literary Supplement website, 15 April 2010), web publication, 2010
27.10 Sea Fever (published as "Tide and Prejudice" in Condé Nast Traveller, October 1999), typescript, undated
"Simple Thing: Scissors" (published in House & Garden, 2002), correspondence, research and notes, drafts, publication, 2001-2002
[Six Grim Words], manuscript, correspondence, 2008
[six word story] (published in The Guardian Weekend, 24 March 2007), letter, publication, 2007
Titles (published as "Two Looks, One Book" in The Author, Autumn 2003), typescript draft
Write Your First Book--in 12 Easy Steps, undated
52.1 Untitled [Appreciation of Mark Le Fanu on his retirement as head of the Society of Authors], typescripts (2), undated
Untitled [Article for Powell’s, Portland, Oregon, website], typescript and typescript with revisions, 5 January 2013
Untitled [book recommendations for Waterstone’s display], 2010
27.10 Untitled [book suggestions], Waterstone’s Magazine, 2003
Untitled [Roget’s Thesaurus], Sunday Telegraph, undated
Untitled [Christmas Books], Sunday Telegraph, 2003
Untitled [His Life is a Dull Autobiography], undated
Untitled [British Council Library], undated
52.1 Untitled [paragraph on Alpine Swifts for Birds and People by Mark Cocker], undated
Untitled [Q&A for blog Asylum], 2010
Untitled [talk at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham], images and notes, undated
27.10 Favorite books and items, assorted clippings, circa 2000s
The Daily Telegraph travel articles
27.11 [Gomers], drafts and notes, circa 1995
Israel (published as "Tempted to Follow in the Steps of Christ," 13 May 1995), drafts, letters, clipping, 1995
Mauritius (published as "Mauritius for Your Money," 22 October 1995), drafts, letters, clipping, 1995
Tasmania (published as "It’s Heaven to be Left Off the Map," 14 January 1995), drafts, letters, clipping, 1994-1995
28.1 Enfield (published as "The Green, Green Grass of Home" in The Sunday Times Magazine, 15 October 2006), correspondence, research and notes, drafts, publication, 2006
28.2 "Love, Hate & Kicking Ass" (published in The Guardian and Amazon Shorts, 2007), email, drafts, notes, Web publication regarding The Pesthouse, 2006-2007
28.3 "The Secrets of My Success" (excerpt published in the Eastern Daily Press, 2004 and in-full in The Guardian, 2005 and Amazon Shorts, 2007), clipping and Web publications, 2004-2007
"Waiting for a Miracle" (published in The Sunday Times Magazine, 22 January 2006)
28.4 Email and ephemera, 2004-2005
28.5 Notebooks, 2005
28.6 Research, 2005
28.7 Research photographs of Cambodia, 2005
28.8 Notes, various drafts, email edits, publication, 2005-2006
Subseries C. Radio Scripts
The Bird Has Flown [variously titled Bent Eggs] (BBC Radio 4, Birmingham, Afternoon Theatre, aired 28 October 1976)
29.1 Bent Eggs, typescript, undated
29.2 Early draft with corrections, January 1976
29.3 Revised draft, undated
29.4 Revised draft with corrections, undated
A Coat of Many Colours [variously titled Salateen] (BBC Radio 4, Birmingham, Saturday Night Theatre, aired 24 March 1979)
29.5 Salateen, typescript copy, undated
29.6 Typescript, undated
29.7 Typescript with corrections and production schedules, 1979
29.8 The Friends of Botany, typescript, copy, letter, 1982, undated
Middling (previously published as "Seven Ages" and published in Quarto, June 1980), two copies, 2 February 1981
School Broadcasts, BBC Radio 4
An African Casebook
29.9 #1, "Africa Before the White Man," 21 July 1973
#3, "Traders," 17 August 1973
Letter, printed lesson
By the People for the People
29.10 #3, "On the Knocker," 7 November 1977
#6, "The Minister," 11 January 1978
Health and Hygiene, "Water and Waste" (2 drafts), 20 July 1976
"The Family Today"
29.11 #4, "Old Way of Life in Africa" (2 drafts), 5 November 1971
#5, "Change in the African Family," 22 November 1971
"A Place Fit to Live In: Whose Decision?" (parts 1 & 2), 10 September 1972
"Violence: Man-the Aggressive Animal?," 30 November 1971
"Private Man: Us and Them," 11 February 1974
"Fleet Street" (2 drafts), 17 July 1978
"Dead Loss" (2 drafts), 4 January 1980
Material for Assembly
30.1 "The Kingdom Within: African Traditions," 7 August 1973
"A Chance to Listen," 3 June 1974
"The World of Faith: African Creation Stories" [variously titled African Religious Myths] (2 drafts), 21 April 1976
People of the World, "North Africa: Peter’s First Ramadan," 20 January 1972
30.1 "Exploring the Shore" [variously titled Along the Shore], 1 September 1976
"The Open Seas," 1 September 1976
The World of Work
30.2 #1, "Ronnie Gets a Job" (2 drafts), 3 October 1978
#2, "Ronnie Learns the Hard Way," 10 October 1978
#3, "Ronnie Settles In," 13 October 1978
Untitled Series
30.2 #1, The Typing Pool Versus the Microprocessor, undated
#2, The Newly Redundant Versus the Newly Employed. New Jobs for Old, undated
#3, The Manual Worker Versus the Silicon Chip, undated
Fragment, undated

Series II. Journalism, 1973-1988, undated

Article Typescripts
30.3 Assembly of Elegance (published as "Elegant Restoration" in Telegraph Sunday Magazine, 2 July 1978), undated
Broadwater Farm, undated
Chernobyl and Wales (published as "Chernobyl Comes to Paradise," undated), undated
Corsica, undated
Creatures of Mystery: The Elephant Seal, undated
Creatures of Mystery: The Platypus, undated
Creatures of Mystery: Sharks, undated
Creatures of Mystery: Whales, undated
Crete, undated
Cruising the Canal Du Midi (published as "Making Waves in France" in Telegraph Sunday Magazine, undated), undated
Cruising the Fjords, undated
"David Plastow of Rolls-Royce Motors" (published in Telegraph Sunday Magazine, 1978), circa 1978
Dr. Nicholas Humphrey (published as introduction to "The Bronowski Memorial Lecture," undated), undated
30.4 The Forgotten Voyage (published as "Scene of Discovery" in The Radio Times, 18-24 December 1982) and expense report, maps, 1982
Former Glory: The Restoration of St. Lawrence Whitechurch, undated
France and Spain on £20 a Day (published as "Freedom on Four Wheels" in Telegraph Sunday Magazine, undated) and expense report, 1979
Jimmy Hill (published as "Jimmy Hill’s Ultimate Goal" in Telegraph Sunday Magazine, May 1982), circa 1982
John Moore’s Tewkesbury (published as "Portrait of Elmbury 1976" in The Radio Times, undated), undated
Ken Campbell, undated
The Law of the Sea and expense report, Telegraph Sunday Magazine, 1982
Lenny Henry, undated
London’s Hidden Homeless, May 1974
Lord Longford’s Eleven (published as "Eleven at No. 10" in Telegraph Sunday Magazine), circa 1982-1984
Low-Paid Workers and letter, 1981
Lyonesse: The Lost Kingdom, undated
The MSV Tharos, undated
The Manor of Birmingham (published as "Birmingham" in Telegraph Sunday Magazine, undated), undated
Matlock Mercury, undated
Mauritius (published as "No Problem Destination" in The Illustrated London News, October 1988), circa 1988
30.5 The New Dealers, (published as "Take Three Drug Dealers" in Evening Standard, 20 August 1973), August 1973
One American Incident, September 1972
A Perfect Spy (published as "Pym’s People" in The Radio Times, 31 October-9 November 1987), 1987
Pula!: Trees Against the Kalahari, May, August 1973
The Second Blitz of Coventry (published as "Coventry-Surviving the Blitz but Back in the Wars," undated), circa 1980-1981
Shopping in Birmingham, undated
Thomas and Ruth (published as "Juliet Finds a Welcome in the Hillsides" in The Radio Times, 6-12 August 1988), circa 1988
Tim Dutton, undated
Tim Severin: Voyage of the Heroes (published as "In the Wake of the Argonauts" in The Radio Times, 12-18 October 1985), circa 1985
Time After Time (published as "Family Misfortunes" in The Radio Times, 25-31 January 1986), circa 1986
Tony Fahey and the World Water Speed Record, undated
West Coast 'Rental' (published as "Life at the Paradise Pace" in Telegraph Sunday Magazine, undated), circa 1978-1979
World Population (published as "How Many People Can the World Feed?" in Telegraph Sunday Magazine, 5 August 1984), circa 1984
Yevtushenko (published as "From Russia with Poem" in Telegraph Sunday Magazine, undated), undated
Yugoslavia (published as "Land of a Thousand Faces" in Telegraph Sunday Magazine, undated), undated
Untitled (Published as "The Long and Unwinding Road" in The Radio Times, undated), undated
30.6 Published articles, clippings and copies, 1973-1986, undated
30.7 Published book reviews, clippings and copies, circa 1980-1985
30.8 Notes, undated
31.1-3 Articles and book reviews
31.4 Chernobyl
31.5-6, 60 Research Material ('Working file 2')
31.7 Royalty statements and contracts (BBC & Daily Telegraph), circa 1980s
32.1-9, 60 Scrapbooks (9), 1968-1991

Series III. Correspondence, 1968-2013, undated

33.1, 61 A-Z, circa 1968-1981
52.2 Crace, Charley, 1968-1969
52.3 Crace, Tom (outgoing), 2001
52.4 Career-related (outgoing), circa 2011
Medical, 2010
33.2, 52.5 A-C, 1974-2010
52.6 Cocker, Mark, 2008-2013
33.3, 52.5 D-G, 1975-2010, undated
52.7 Fisher, Roy, 2008-2011
52.8 Giardina, A. E. "Tony," 2009-2012
33.4, 52.5 H-L, 1979-2012, undated
52.9 Hynes, James, 2007-2013
52.10 Lodge, David, 2006-2013
34.1, 52.5, 61 M-R, 1972-2009, undated
34.2, 52.5 S-V, 1976-2012, undated
52.11 Tremain, Rose, 2006-2012
34.3, 52.5 W-Z, unidentified, outgoing, 1978-2012, undated
52.12 'Poets, Novelists, and Other Writers,' 2006-2013
53.1-2 David Godwin Associates (DGA) Literary Agency, 2008-2013
53.3 Events, Readings, Festivals, 2008-2013
34.4 Publishers, 2005-2008
34.5 'Film' rights, 2001-2008
34.6 Readers, 1992-2005, undated
53.4 Translations and Foreign Publications, 2008-2012
53.5-6 U.K. Publishing, 2005-2013
53.7 U.S. Publishing, 2008-2013
54.1-2 U.T. Austin, 2007-2013
54.3-4 'Miscellaneous,' 2005-20133

Series IV. Career and Personal, 1954-2013, undated

35.1 Address Books
35.2 1972-1973, 1977-1987
35.3 1988-1996
35.4 1997-2002
35.5 2003-2007
54.5 2007-2010
54.6 2011-2012
Childhood, School, and University Papers
35.6, 61 Birmingham Sun clippings, cartoons, photographs, 1967-1972
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and other political activities
35.7 "Against the Bomb" [Crace is pictured on the cover and is editor], circa 1961
35.7, 61 Publications and clippings, 1961-1967
54.7 Certificates, 1957-1968
Enfield Grammar School
35.8 Magazine page, undated
Sixth Sense (unofficial magazine), undated
35.8, 54.8 Romeo and Juliet program drawn by Crace, 1963
54.8 History Exercise Book, circa 1957
35.9 'English Literature Essays,' circa 1960s
35.10 Letter and posters, 1967, undated
35.11 Maps, three hand-drawn of invented territories, circa 1955-1956
36.1 School reports, 1954-1963
36.2 Crace, Lauren; acting material, handmade card, circa 2000s
36.3 David Godwin Associates author directory, circa 2000
36.4 Drawings of Crace, photocopies, circa 1990s-2008
36.8 [Dennis Patrick Lynch], typescript and program, 2006
[Edith "Jane" Holland Crace], typescript, 2004
55.1-2 Financial documents; accounting records, tax returns, bills, invoices, and receipts, 1996-2006
55.3 Harry Ransom Center; publicity materials, correspondence, 2008-2010
36.9, 61 American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1996 E. M. Forster Award, 1996-1997
36.12 Fondazione Premio Napoli; also contains typescript [Illegality and Felix Mondazy], 2004
36.13 Grinzane Cavour Award (Premio Grinzane Cavour); bound articles, 2004
37.1 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, 1998-1999
37.2 Le Prince Maurice Prize, 2008
University of Birmingham, Honorary Doctor of Letters
37.3 Correspondence, speeches, program, photographs, 2002-2003
37.4 Award, 13 December 2002
37.5 University of Central England in Birmingham, Honorary Degree of Doctor of the University, 1999-2000 (*diploma tube removed to personal effects)
37.7 Whitbread First Novel Prize; program and seals, 1986
Identification and Travel Documents
36.5 University documents, visas and travel documents, identification cards, press credentials [removed from green file], 1966-1988
36.6-7 Travel tickets, check book, identification card, 1969-2006
55.4 Membership cards, tickets, identification cards, invitations, 1998-2013
55.5 Passports, 1959-1999
Interviews with, Articles and Clippings about Crace
37.8, 61 1979, 1988-1999, undated
37.9, 61 2000-2004, undated
37.10 2005-2008, undated
55.6, 62 2008-2012, undated
55.7-8 'Articles on JC,' 1995-2013, undated
37.11 "Belief" (BBC Radio 3), 2007-2008 (*audio recording removed to sound recording collection)
37.12-13 Notebooks; contain transcripts and copies of interviews, articles, publicity quotes, reader’s forums, manuscripts, clippings of short writings, biographical material, letters, 2000-2002
38.1 'U.S. Choice Reviews' contains reviews for Continent, Arcadia, and Gift of Stones, 1987-1992
38.2 General, 2007-2008
The Immortality Auction, 2000
Journals and Notebooks
56.1-4 Journals, 1965-1975
56.5 'Desktop notebook,' circa 2001-2012
56.6 Credit card transactions, circa 1998-2013
Juvenilia and Early Works
'Adolescent/Immature Fiction Pieces and Poems 1966-1974'
38.3 African poems, 1968-1969
Mixed Doubles for the Kids and untitled fragments, undated
Drama Drama Drama (script), undated
Sherlock Holmes, undated
Untitled fragments, undated
The Theory and Practice of Non-violent Resistance, undated
38.4 [African Trilogy:] "Salateen" [variously titled "A Coat of Many Colours"], "Presumptions,""Discoveries," synopsis, undated
"Château Libertas," 1965
Weeping with Joy [variously titled "Middling"], undated
Notes and fragments
38.5 The Cat with Two Tails (unproduced television script co-authored with Mic Yates), handwritten and typescript drafts, 1973
Easy Terms (unproduced television series co- authored with Mic Yates) [variously titled Hard Terms], episode scripts, undated
38.6 Synopsis
Cheese and Port Wine, bound typescripts
38.6-7 The Essay, composite script, typescript, bound typescript
38.7 Fit for the Family, typescript
Blind Date, typescript fragment for series Hard Terms and composite manuscript
The Party, typescript
Tickets for Two [for series Hard Terms], typescript
38.8 Notebook with handwritten drafts
39.1 A Shortened Pyramid (abandoned novel), outline and composite manuscript
56.7 Sunflower (short story), handwritten manuscript, circa 1962
39.2 Notebook with handwritten and typescript notes and fragments, undated
Assorted Works
39.3 Harrie and Glad (poem), undated
Untitled plot synopsis, undated
Untitled poem, undated
Skopje (poem), undated
The Geranium (poem), undated
Untitled poems, undated
Untitled fragment, undated
Aberfan: Wise After the Event (editorial published as "Aberfan: After-thought" in Spectrum, Autumn 1966 [a publication of The Guild of Students, Aston University]), typescript and publication, 1966
39.4-6, 61 Circa 1980s-2008
56.8 Personal, circa 1957-2004, undated
56.9 Press and Formal, 1974-2009, undated
Public Appearances and Book Festivals
56.10 Black folder 'used since 1986' containing lecture material, notes, and photographs
57.1-2, 62 'Events, Readings, Festivals, Programmes, etc;' publicity materials, typed and handwritten speech, 1992-2013
39.7, 61 'Lecture Notes'; speech drafts, note fragments, letters, circa 1990s
39.8 Speeches, 2004-2006
Birmingham Festival of Readers and Writers
40.1, 60-61 1983-1984
57.3 First Footing, edited by Crace, 1983
40.2, 61 Courses, Readings and Cheltenham International Jazz Festival, "Jazz in the Devil’s Larder," 1993, 2004-2007
40.3 Book Festival programs, 1989-2007
40.4 Aedean Conference, University of Coruna, 2007-2008
40.5 Hay Festival and Nestlé boycott, 2002
57.4 Boilerhouse Voices; notebook, research material, and typescript drafts of lecture "Can Things Only Get Worse?", 2012
57.5 Public Lending Right; statements, 1987-2012
Publisher’s and book catalogs and brochures
57.6 1988-1999
40.6-7 1989-2007
Residencies and Teaching
57.7 Letters of recommendation, applications, correspondence, 2003-2012
Atlantic Center for the Arts, 2004 Master Artists in Residence
36.10 Contract, brochures, maps, email, card, photographs, 2003-2004
36.11 Watercolor by Crace, 2004
University of Texas at Austin, James A. Michener Center for Writers, Michener Residency Award
37.6, 61 2007-2008
57.8 Course material, correspondence, brochures, 2004-2012
41.1, 61 Salman Rushdie; outgoing letter, clippings, 1989
Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), Sudan
41.2, 61 Letters, scripts, pupil handbook, 1968-1969
57.9 Notebook, photographs, theater programs, 1968-1970
58.1-2 Arabic notebooks, circa 1968-1969
Watercolor paintings
58.3, 62, osf 1960-1965
Isles of Scilly
41.3 Notebook, 2008
41.4, 61 Loose paintings, 2007-2008
58.4-5, osf 'Watercolor sketches,' 1995-2005
62 Watercolors (2) for Writers as Painters exhibition, 2009

Series V. Works by Others, 1994-2007

58.6 Abbas, untitled photograph, inscribed to Crace, 1974
Balée, Susan, criticism
41.5 "Jim Crace’s Violent Verities" from Hudson Review, 2007
"Memoir of a Ghost" from Wild River Review, 2007
[Jim Crace for Scribner’s], typescript, undated
"Maximalist Fiction" from Hudson Review, 2000
Bruce, Roger, musical works
41.6 "Birds of a Feather," 1994
"Distant Blue," 1994
"The Gift of Stones"
41.6 Score, undated
58.7 Score and correspondence, 1988-1992
41.7 Constable, John and Hideaki Aoyama, "Testing for Mathematical Lineation in Jim Crace’s Quarantine and T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets," also email, 2001
Fort, Tom, The Grass is Greener, photocopy excerpt, 2000
Hansen, Brigitte, "Memoire de Traduction Litteraire Pavillons de Detresse," 1996
41.8 Jukes, Steven Richard, "A Model for City Centre Redevelopment? Branding Space and Finding Place at the Bull Ring, Birmingham," 2006
41.9 Kazunari, Miyahara, "Quarantine: Jim Crace’s Anti-Christ," undated
Madden, David W., "Being Dead," Magill’s Literary Annual, 2001
Rapaić, Gordana, "The Narrative Structure and Technique of Jim Crace’s Continent"; also letter, 1996
Rozsa, Karoly, "The Gift of Stories: The Story of Storytelling in Jim Crace’s The Gift of Stones," 2002
41.10 Scaillet, Sylvie, "Salute the Liars: A Narrative and Thematic Analysis of Jim Crace’s The Gift of Stones," 1997
41.11 Tew, Philip, Jim Crace, Contemporary British Novelists Series, dust jackets, email, book order form, 2006
West Midlands Arts, Attlee, James, "Research into Publishing and Distribution in the West Midlands," 1994
Unknown, "Parabolic Storytelling in the Fiction of Jim Crace via Benjamin and Bataille," undated

Series VI. Magazines and Newspapers, 1933-2010 (bulk 1967-2010)

41.12 Inserts removed from books, magazines, audio, circa 2000-2006
Arts Report
60 No. 18, December 1982-January 1983 (contains article about Crace)
No. 26, October 1983
No. 27, November 1983
No. 28, December 1983-January 1984
Supplement, New Writing, No. 1, November 1983
42.1 The Author, Vol. CXIV, No. 3, Autumn 2003 (contains essay "Two Looks, One Book")
BBC Radio for Schools (researched, edited, and compiled by Crace)
58.8 Nationalism in Europe, 1972
The Idea of Empire, 1973
Europe of the Dictators, 1974
The Cities, 1975
City Skyline, Summer 1977
Seascape, Spring 1977
62 No. 4, Spring 1976
No. 11, Summer 1978
42.1 The Believer, No. 9, December 2003-January 2004 (contains interview)
61 Birmingham, catalog accompanying art exhibit, July-September 2001 (contains excerpt from Arcadia)
42.1 Birmingham Arts Lab, 1998 (contains essay "Birmingham Arts Lab: Remembered")
62 The Birmingham Enquirer, May 1983
Birmingham Sun
60 24 January 1967
7 February 1967
21 February 1967 and supplement
7 March 1967
14 March 1967
25 April 1967
9 May 1967
23 May 1967
3 October 1967
17 October 1967
24 October 1967
31 October 1967
7 November 1967
42.1 Spring 1998 (contains an excerpt from Quarantine)
42.2 Spring 2000 (contains interview)
60 Vol. 13, No. 2, June-September 2006 (contains contribution to article "The First Novel")
Vol. 14, No. 1, April-May 2007 (contains article about and review of The Pesthouse)
Books Quarterly
42.2 No. 13, 2004 (contains "Summer Reading")
No. 23, 2007 (contains review of The Pesthouse)
The Bookseller
58.9 15 February 1991 (contains interview)
42.2 18 May 2001(contains marketing material for The Devil’s Larder)
42.3 Condé Nast Traveller, October 1999 (contains essay "Tide and Prejudice")
Encounter, February 1985 (contains short story "Electricity")
The Fiction Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 7, September 1986 (contains excerpt from Continent, "The World with One Eye Shut")
Financial Times Magazine, 6 January 2008 (contains "Small Talk")
42.4 Gold Dust, Spring 2006 (contains interview)
The Guardian
42.3 G2, 10 April 2007 (contains article about Crace)
60 Review, 5 February 2005 (contains article "The Secrets of My Success")
42.4 Weekend, 25 August 2001 (contains article about Crace)
Harper’s, Fall 2001 (contains excerpt from The Devil’s Larder, "No Need to Starve")
Health & Homeopathy, Autumn 1995
58.9 Hotline, March 2010 (contains interview)
House & Garden, July 2003 (contains essay "Sun Strokes")
60 Il Mattino, 18 September 2004 (contains short story "La felicità del brivido di gioventù," Italian title for "Too Young for Funerals")
The Independent on Sunday
60 2 May 2004 (contains short story "Wrath")
18 March 2007 (contains interview)
The New Review, 23 December 2007 (contains essay "Have You Seen Our Chicken?")
The Sunday Review, 13 July 1997 (contains short story "Eating Roots")
42.4 Ink, 2 January 2004 (contains interview)
42.5, 58.9 Island, No. 55, Winter 1993, (contains excerpt from The Signals of Distress)
42.5 John O’London’s Weekly, 24 June 1933
Knack, 7 January 2004 (contains article about Crace)
43.1 La Licorne, special supplement, 1990 (contains article about Crace)
Literary Review
43.1 September 2001 (contains review of The Devil’s Larder)
September 2003 (contains review of Six)
Livros, June 2001 (contains article about Crace and review of Being Dead)
London Magazine, August-September 1986 (contains short story "On Heat")
60 London Review of Books, Vol. 3, No. 15, 20 August-2 September 1981 (contains short story "Sins and Virtues")
Midlands Arts Centre Canon Hill, The Birmingham Post, 9 March 1983
43.2 Moz-Art, October-January 1981-1982 (contains short story "Windows")
National Geographic Special Edition: Water, November 1993
The New Review
43.2 Vol. 1, No. 3, June 1974 (contains short story "Annie, California Plates")
59.1 Vol. 1, No. 11, February 1975
Vol. 2, No. 13, April 1975
Vol. 2, No. 19, October 1975
Vol. 2, No. 20, November 1975
43.2 Vol. 2, No. 21, December 1975 (contains short story "Helter Skelter, Hang Sorrow, Care’ll Kill a Cat")
59.2 Vol. 2, No. 22, January 1976
Vol. 2, No. 24, March 1976
43.2-3 Vol. 3, No. 25, April 1976 (contains short story "Cross-Country")
59.2 Vol. 3, No. 28, July 1976
Vol. 3, Nos. 34/35, January/February 1977
43.3 New Scientist, July 2001 (contains excerpt from The Devil’s Larder)
The New Yorker, 7 May 2001(contains short story "Digestions")
Newsweek, 1 May 1989 (contains review of The Gift of Stones)
Observer Magazine, 18 December 1988 (contains story about Crace)
62 The Palestine Report, advertisement from The Guardian, 14 May 1976
43.4 The Paris Review, No. 167, Fall 2003 (contains interview "The Art of Fiction CLXXIX")
44.1 Picture Post, Vol. 10, No. 1, 4 January 1941
60 Publishing News, 23 January 1987 (contains article about Crace)
62 No. 1, October 1979
No. 2, December 1979
60 No. 3, February 1980 (contains review of Old Soldiers by Paul Bailey)
No. 4, March 1980 (contains review of Metroland by Julian Barnes; Puffball by Fay Weldon; In Evil Hour by Gabriel García Márquez)
No. 5, April 1980 (contains review of The Little Disturbances of Man by Grace Paley; The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood; Life Before Man by Margaret Atwood; From the Fifteenth District by Mavis Gallant)
No. 7, June 1980 (contains short story "Seven Ages")
60, 62 No. 8, July 1980 (contains review of Fantastic Invasion by Patrick Marnham)
60 No. 10, September 1980 (contains review of Season of Migration to the North and The Wedding of Zein by Tayeb Salih)
No. 16, April 1981 (contains review of Black Sunlight by Dambudzo Marechera and The Non-Believer’s Journey by S. Nyamfukudza)
No. 20, August 1981 (contains short story "Talking Skull")
62 No. 24, December 1981
44.2 The Radio Times, 18-24 December 1982 (contains article "Scene of Discovery")
Raw Edge, Autumn-Fall 1995 (contains excerpt from The Devil’s Larder, "The Slow Digestions of Night")
62 Review, February 2010 (contains article about Crace)
SA Weekend Magazine, 27 February 2010 (contains essay "The Eighties")
44.3 Seventh Quark, 31 January 2005 (contains short story "Annie, California Plates")
60 Socialist Challenge, 15-31 December 1977 (contains short story "Refugees")
44.3 The Spectator, 17 March 2007 (contains review of The Pesthouse)
The Tablet, 14 April 2007 (contains review of The Pesthouse)
Telegraph Sunday Magazine
44.3 No. 130, 18 March 1979 (contains article "For Some, Home is Where the Boat Is")
59.3 No. 406, 5 August 1984 (contains article "How Many People Can the World Feed?")
44.3 No. 437, 10 March 1985 (contains article "What Sort of Land Do We Live In?")
60 The Times, Metro (London), 18-24 September 1999 (contains story about Crace)
The Times Literary Supplement, 9 March 2007 (contains review of The Pesthouse)
44.4 Tin House, Vol. 5, No. 1, Fall 2003 (contains an excerpt from Genesis entitled "Never")
44.5 Vogue, October 1989
44.6 The Week, 12 January 2008, (contains "Best Books…Jim Crace")
What's On
44.6 1-14 November 1986 (contains article about Crace)
25 September-8 October 2004 (contains interview)
20 October-2 November 2007(contains interview)
Word, No. 24, February 2005 (contains "Word of Mouth")
62 The Word (Birmingham Post companion to Birmingham Readers and Writers Festival), April 1996 (contains essay "Zhenya’s Lost Day is our Gain")
44.6, 59.3 The World & I, August 1998 (contains excerpt from Quarantine)

60-62 Oversize boxes

Index of Correspondents

  • A. P. Watt (Firm) (King, Caradoc)--33.2
  • Abbas, 1944- --33.1
  • Air Kent (Paine, Robin G. P.)--33.2
  • Aitken, Gillon R.--33.2
  • Aitken, Maria--33.2
  • Akin, Marla (James A. Michener Center for Writers)--34.2, 37.6
  • Alexander, Clare (Penguin [Firm], Viking Press)--19.7, 23.3
  • Alexis Hotel (Seattle, WA)--33.2
  • Ali, Hamed--41.2
  • Aliab, Paul Mabu--41.2
  • Alvarez, A. ("Al")--5.7
  • American Academy of Arts and Letters--36.9
  • Ames, Katrine ("Cage") (Condé Nast Publications, inc.)--27.10
  • Angel, Frances--33.1
  • Anstey, John (Telegraph Sunday Magazine)--33.2, 34.2
  • Anti-Apartheid Movement (Child, Chris)--33.2
  • Arnold, Andrew--34.6
  • Arrow Books (London, England) (Harsent, David, 1942- )--33.2
  • Arts Council of England (Mackintosh, Lawrence)--33.2
  • Arvon Foundation (Boekelman, Huib)--33.2
  • Aslan, Reza--33.2
  • Atabani, Mamoun--41.2
  • Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, Fla.) (Frost, James)--36.10
  • Axbey, Geoff (Telegraph Sunday Magazine)--34.2
  • Baby Milk Action (Rundall, Patti)--40.5
  • Bailey, Catherine (Catherine Bailey Ltd.)--19.7
  • Bailey, Paul, 1937- --33.2
  • Baker, Jeremy--33.2
  • Baker, Paul--33.1
  • Bakewell, Joan (The Guardian)--33.3
  • Baldwin, Beth--34.6
  • Balée, Susan--41.5
  • Bamlett, Claire--34.6
  • Barnes, Joslyn--34.5
  • Barrett, Kerry--28.1
  • Barrouyer, Sophie--33.1
  • Bashier, Nasr Hassan--41.2
  • Battersby, Nick--33.2
  • Becker, Peter--39.7
  • Berard, Stephen--34.6
  • Bergstein, Michael (Conjunctions)--16.1
  • Berney, Pat--33.2
  • Bernstein, Catherine--34.5
  • Berridge, James--34.5
  • Blau, Rosie (Financial Times [London, England])--27.10, 33.3
  • Boland, George A.--33.2
  • Bond, John (Penguin [Firm])--5.7
  • Bookforum (Mobilio, Albert)--33.2
  • Bookgroup Info--34.4
  • Borsberry, June V.--39.7
  • Boulevard (Bevan, J. Thomas)--34.6
  • Bowsher, Paul--33.2
  • Boyle, Michael F.--34.6
  • Bravo, Emma (MacMillan Publishers)--16.3
  • Brewis, Kathy (Sunday Times [London, England: 1931])--28.1
  • Brewis, Sarah (Heinemann [Firm])--7.4
  • British Broadcasting Corporation--27.1, 27.5, 29.9, 33.2, 33.4, 34.1, 37.11
  • The British Council--33.2, 34.6
  • Brothers, Connie M. (University of Iowa)--34.2
  • Brown, D. C.--28.1
  • Brown, Derek--34.6
  • Browne, Julian (Telegraph Sunday Magazine)--34.2
  • Bryan, Felicity--34.6
  • Buford, Bill (Granta)--7.4, 33.3
  • Busch, Frederick, 1941-2006--10.7, 19.7, 26.2, 33.2
  • Busch, Judy--33.2
  • Butler, Michael (University of Birmingham)--37.3
  • C_____, Trudy--33.2
  • Canham, Bill--33.2
  • Carson, Peter (Penguin [Firm])--19.7, 23.3
  • Cassavetti, Patrick--34.5
  • Catherine Bailey Limited (Bailey, Catherine)--34.5
  • Cavalcante-Luther, Lídia--34.4
  • Ch_____, John--33.1
  • Chapman, Ian S. (MacMillan Publishers)--19.7
  • Chapman, Peter, 1948- (Financial Times [London, England])--33.2
  • Charlton, Gill (Daily Telegraph [London, England])--27.11
  • Chase, L. S.--33.2
  • Chorlton, Robert G. ("Bob")--33.2
  • Cīsař, Peter--33.2
  • Classics for Pleasure--32.8
  • City of Dallas (Tex.) (Hill, Corinne M.)--33.2
  • Coady, Frances (Jonathan Cape [Firm])--23.3
  • Cochrane, Kristin (Doubleday and Company, inc.)--34.4
  • Coe, Jonathan--33.2
  • Coleman, Jonathan--33.2
  • Collum, Thomas Francis--34.6
  • Colter, G.--33.2
  • Comstock, Rolland--33.2
  • Conroy, Frank, 1936-2005 (Iowa Writers’ Workshop)--19.7
  • Constable, John, 1963- (Magdalene College)--41.7
  • Contemporary Authors--33.2
  • Conway, Ilana--33.2
  • Cooper, Paul--33.4
  • Coover, Robert ("Bob")--33.2
  • Cosmopolitan (London, England) (Boston, Anne)--33.2
  • Coury, Mrs. F. A.--33.2
  • Coventry City Football Club (Hill, Jimmy)--33.2
  • Cox & Hasell Ltd. (Cox, L. H.)--33.2
  • Cox, Helen--34.6
  • Crace, Edith "Jane"--33.1
  • Craig, Amanda , 1959- --23.3
  • Cregg, Tamsia [?]--34.6
  • Creswell, Rosemary, 1941- (Cameron Creswell Agency)--19.7, 34.6
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  • Cupper, John--34.6
  • Daily Telegraph (London, England)--27.11, 30.4, 33.3
  • Dajani, Virginia (American Academy of Arts and Letters)--36.9
  • Dalton, John, 1963- --33.3, 36.10, 40.1
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  • Davies, Mrs. K. J.--33.3
  • Day, Sarah (Penguin [Firm])--9.1
  • De Barde, Marianne--33.3
  • Deane, A.--33.3
  • De-Bakson, Luke--41.2
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  • Doubleday & Company, inc.--1.1, 15.2, 16.3, 34.4
  • Doyle, John--34.6
  • Doyle, Timothy--34.6
  • Dugdale, John--33.3
  • Duvall, Liz--16.3
  • Eades, Alwyn--34.6
  • Edgbaston High School for Girls (Goodall, Jenny)--33.3
  • Ehrenreich, Ben--33.3
  • Ellis, Jane (Penguin [Firm])--9.5
  • The English Association (Lucas, Helen)--33.3
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  • Forster, Margaret, 1938- --33.3
  • Fortescue, Lisa (Writers' Guild of Great Britain)--19.7
  • Fowles, John, 1926-2005--7.7, 10.7, 33.3
  • Francis, Kevin--34.6
  • Fraser, Bill, 1908-1987--33.3
  • Fraser, Helen (Penguin [Firm])--9.8, 26.2, 33.3, 34.4
  • Frearson, Mrs. E. G.--33.3
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  • Geller, Leslie--1.1
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  • Glusman, John (Farrar, Straus & Giroux; MacMillan Publishing)--9.2, 9.8, 10.7, 16.3, 23.8, 24.1
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  • Humphreys, Raymond--34.6
  • Hyman, Saul--19.7
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  • Independent on Sunday (Morrison, James, 1971- )--40.5
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  • International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (Ellis-King, Deirdre)--33.4
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  • Justice Peace and Race Commission (Spear, Susanna)--33.4
  • K_____, Sara--34.6
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  • Kilburn, Mark--33.4
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  • Lee, Stevie (Contagious Films)--36.10
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  • Lyndon, Deirdre (The Radio Times, Telegraph Sunday Magazine)--34.1-2
  • Lyon, Ron--33.4
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  • McGrath, Patrick, 1950- --19.7
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  • Martin, Seamus--34.1
  • Martyr, Guy--34.1
  • Masella, Matt--34.6
  • Matthews, David--34.6
  • Mayne, Richard, 1926-2009 (Encounter)--7.4
  • Mays (Roark, Ryan)--34.1
  • Menski, Werner--34.1
  • Menzies, Alison (Picador)--34.4
  • Middhlar, C. W. Swetz van--34.6
  • Millar, Andy--28.1
  • Miller, Kevin--34.5
  • Miller, Peter (Bloomsbury [Firm])--34.1
  • Minney, Primrose (Sunday Times [London, England : 1931])--28.1
  • Miyahara, Kazunari--34.1
  • Monte, Dan--34.1
  • Morgan, Myfanwy--34.6
  • Morrison, Tina--34.6
  • Moss, Elaine--34.6
  • Moss, Stephen, 1960- (British Broadcasting Corporation)--34.1
  • Murray, P.--34.1
  • Myers, John (Tern Productions)--34.5
  • Myerson, Julie--5.7, 26.2, 34.1
  • Nan A. Talese Doubleday--15.5, 16.3, 34.4
  • Naparstek, Ben--16.3, 27.10
  • Nestlé UK Ltd. (Parsons, Hilary)--40.5
  • The New Review (Hamilton, Ian, 1938-2001; Gowrie, Xandra)--34.1
  • New Statesman (Binding, Paul)--34.1
  • New York Magazine--34.1
  • New York Public Library (Spyros, Marsha)--19.7
  • News and observer, Raleigh, N.C. (Zane, Peder J.)--34.1
  • Nicholson, Cathy--34.1
  • North Tyneside (England). Metropolitan Borough Council (Hipkin, John)--34.1
  • O’Farrell, John--34.1
  • Ó Floinn, Aodaoin (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)--9.3, 25.6
  • O’Brien, Jim--33.1
  • O’Connell, Helen--34.6
  • Ognjenovic, Vujica (Vijesti)--34.1, 37.10
  • Olcoy, Lynn--34.1
  • One World Week (Barnes, Sylvia)--34.1
  • Orme, Hazel--5.7, 26.2
  • Orth-Guttmann, Renate--34.1
  • Osman, Elnur--33.1
  • Oxfam (Tilley, Alex)--40.5
  • The Paris Review (Carr, Ryan)--34.1
  • Parks, A. H.--27.11
  • Parry, David--34.6
  • Payne-Myers, Diana--34.1
  • Pearce, Ivor--34.1
  • Penguin (Firm)--5.7, 9.5, 9.8, 16.3, 19.7, 23.3, 24.1, 26.2, 27.10, 34.1, 34.4
  • Perham (Garton), Janet--34.6
  • Perreault, Russell (Vintage/Anchor Books)--34.4
  • Perril, Simon--34.1
  • Peve, Tom--33.1
  • Picador--7.3, 19.7, 23.3, 34.1
  • Pichumani, S.--34.6
  • Plowright, Piers (British Broadcasting Corporation)--33.2
  • Pobe, Judith--34.6
  • Pope, Dan, 1961- --34.6
  • Poppy, Donna--16.3
  • Proctor, Minna (Bomb [New York, N.Y.])--19.7
  • Publishing News (Stamford, Ct.) (Newman, Fred)--34.1
  • Pullinger, Kate--34.1
  • Quarto (_____Craig; Ryle, John)--34.1
  • Quinn, Alison--28.1
  • Raban, Jonathan--34.1
  • The Radio Times--34.1
  • Raine, Maureen--28.1
  • Ramnarayan, Gowri--34.6
  • Rankin, J. K. (Telegraph Sunday Magazine)--34.2
  • Ransley, Peter--34.1
  • Rapaić, Gordana--41.9
  • Rapaport, David (Mali Finn Casting)--34.5
  • Reeves, Dave--34.6
  • Reinheimer, Gigi--9.8
  • Rendall, Penny--34.6
  • Rhodes, Chloe (Daily Telegraph [London, England])--33.3
  • Rice, Mick--34.6
  • Rigby, Terence--34.1
  • Roberts, David (University of Central England Birmingham)--34.1
  • Rogers, Colin (British Broadcasting Corporation)--33.2
  • Rogoyska, Jane--34.5
  • Rolfe, Michael (British Broadcasting Corporation)--33.2
  • Rolls, Ralph (British Broadcasting Corporation)--33.2
  • Rosen, Jonathan, 1963- --34.1
  • Rosenheim, Andrew (Penguin [Firm])--5.7
  • Roughley, Tom--34.6
  • Rouse, Steve--34.1
  • Routledge--34.1
  • Routledge & Kegan Paul (Godwin, David)--34.1
  • Roy, Alan--7.4
  • Royal Society of Literature (Great Britain) (Parham, Maggie)--34.1
  • Rushdie, Salman--34.1
  • Ryle, John--10.2, 34.1-2
  • Sacks, Oliver W.--3.5, 34.2
  • Sadler, Mark--34.2
  • Saunders, H. de Beaufort--34.2
  • Schmitz, Carol--34.6
  • Scott, Mary--34.2
  • Shah, Haroum--33.1
  • Shamberg, Michael--34.2
  • Shannon, Roger--34.2, 34.5
  • Sharp, Kim T.--11.4
  • Shawe-Taylor, Desmond, 1955- (Dulwich Picture Gallery)--34.6
  • Shiffler, Stacy--33.4
  • Shipster, Katya (David Godwin Associates)--16.3, 34.4
  • Siempelkamp, Alice (House & Garden [New York])--27.10
  • Simmons, M.--34.2
  • Slalom Committee (Munro, Jennifer)--34.2
  • Slater, Daniel ( [Firm])--16.8
  • Smith, Chris--34.6
  • Smith, P. A. (National Westminster Bank Ltd)--34.2
  • Smyth, Bob (The Radio Times)--34.1
  • Snell, Stephen--34.6
  • Snelling, Ian--34.6
  • Socialist Challenge (Etkind, Roger)--34.2
  • Society of Authors (Great Britain) (Le Fanu, Mark)--34.2
  • Sodeau, Lilian--34.6
  • Solotaroff, Ted, 1928-2008 (Harper & Row, Publishers)--7.7
  • Somger, Richard--34.2
  • Soole, Richard--39.7
  • Springfield news-leader (Springfield, Mo.: 1991) (Bridges, Amos)--37.10
  • Squires, Debra Lillistone (Medical Foundation)--24.1
  • St. James Press (Henderson, Lesley)--37.12
  • Stambler, Kirk--34.5
  • Steadman, Susan ("Sue")--16.3, 34.6
  • Stephenson, Gilbert--34.2
  • Sterling, Michael John Howard (University of Birmingham)--37.3
  • Stoland, Laura N. (American Academy of Arts and Letters)--36.9
  • Stoppard, Tom--34.2
  • Strachan, Pat (Time Warner Book Group - Little, Brown and Company)--16.3
  • Strathclyde Community Relations Council (Akram, M.)--34.2
  • Straus, Peter (Picador)--23.3
  • Straus, Roger W. (Roger Williams), 1917-2004 (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)--9.8
  • Summerhayes, Cathryn (David Godwin Associates)--16.3, 34.4
  • Sunday Times (London, England : 1931)--28.1, 34.2
  • Swift, Graham, 1949- --34.2
  • Talese, Nan A. (Nan A. Talese Doubleday)--16.3, 16.9, 34.4
  • Taylor, Rosemary--34.2
  • Telegraph Sunday Magazine--34.2
  • Tennant, Emma (Bananas)--34.2
  • Tew, Philip (University College Northampton)--16.3, 41.11
  • Thompson, Christina (Harvard Review)--27.5
  • Thomson, Trudie--34.6
  • Thrift, Nigel (University of Warwick)--34.2
  • Times Literary Supplement (Treglown, Jeremy)--34.2
  • Tóibín, Colm, 1955- --34.2
  • Toney, Geoffrey--34.2
  • Treglown, Jeremy (University of Warwick)--34.2
  • Tremain, Rose--34.2
  • Tristram, Claire--34.2
  • Truskawecka, Krysia--34.6
  • Tupholme, Iris (HarperCollins [Firm])--16.3
  • Turner, Zelda (Penguin [Firm])--24.1, 34.4
  • Turton, Pamela--33.1
  • TV Times (Browne, Julian)--34.2
  • Ukula (Haramis, Nick)--34.2
  • University of Birmingham--37.3
  • University College Hospital (London, England) (Knight, R.)--33.1
  • University of Central England in Birmingham--34.1-2, 37.5
  • University of Iowa, Iowa Writers’ Workshop--19.7, 34.2
  • University of Texas, James A. Michener Center for Writers--34.2, 37.6
  • University of Warwick--34.2
  • University of Wolverhampton--34.2
  • Urstadt, Susan P.--7.8
  • Vasconcellos, John--34.6
  • Verroest, Delphine--34.2
  • Villegas, Penny--34.6
  • Vollmer, Matthew (Iowa Writers’ Workshop)--34.2
  • Wadley, Veronica (Telegraph Sunday Magazine)--34.2
  • Walden, Betty--33.1
  • Walsh, Brendan P., 1955- --34.3
  • Wandsworth School (Howard, A. E.)--33.1
  • Ward, Rosie--34.6
  • Warwick, Paul (The John Osborne Arvon Centre)--10.1
  • Washington Post (1877) (Charles, Ron)--34.3
  • Watanabe, Toshio--34.3
  • Waterstone & Co. (Blackstock, Matt)--34.3
  • Watts, Helen--27.11
  • Weldon, Tom (Penguin [Firm])--26.2, 34.4
  • Werrett, Ian C. (Saint Martin’s University)--34.3
  • West, Deborah L. (Iowa Writers’ Workshop)--34.2
  • Wheeler, Justin (Vashon Films [Firm])--34.5
  • Whitburn, Vanessa (British Broadcasting Corporation)--33.2
  • Wild, Peter, 1972- (Bookmunch)--34.3
  • Williams, Elizabeth Lewis--34.6
  • Williams, Gerwyn Lloyd--34.3
  • Wilson, Leigh--34.3
  • Wilson, Vincent--34.3
  • Windham, Margaret (British Broadcasting Corporation)--33.2
  • Windsor, Stuart--28.1
  • Witte, George (Picador USA)--19.7
  • Wood, Harriet Harvey, 1934- --34.6
  • Wordsworth, L.--34.3
  • Wright, Annabel (HarperCollins [Firm])--27.10
  • Wright, Daryl--34.6
  • Wright, Dorothy--34.6
  • Wright, Elizabeth (Heinemann [Firm])--7.7
  • Wright, Mrs. R.--7.4
  • Wroe, Nick--34.6
  • Wronoski, John W. (Lame Duck Books)--34.3, 37.6
  • Yardley, Janet--34.3
  • Zeff, [Candia?] (Heinemann [Firm])--7.4
  • Unidentified/Unsigned--33.1, 34.3, 34.6
  • _____Adrian (West Midlands Arts)--34.6
  • _____Alan--34.6
  • _____Alastair--33.2
  • _____Birdie--33.2
  • _____Charly--33.1
  • _____Colin--33.2
  • _____Diane and Kent--33.1
  • _____‘Doc’--33.1
  • _____Fred--33.3
  • _____Gail--33.3
  • _____Gill--33.3
  • _____Harold--33.4
  • _____Jenny--33.4
  • _____Jonathan (British Council)--33.4
  • _____Juliet (Penguin [Firm])--5.7
  • _____Kate--19.7
  • _____Kate (Picador)--7.3
  • _____Katherine--33.4
  • _____Kent--33.4
  • _____L--33.4
  • _____Maggie--5.7
  • _____Margaret--23.3
  • _____Mark--34.1
  • _____Pat--34.1
  • _____Peter--34.6
  • _____Ray (Ruddick Tours Information)--34.1
  • _____Simon (Updates Conferences)--34.6
  • _____William--5.7
  • _____Yasmin and Gil--34.3

Index of Works Not Identified by Title in Container List

  • "Acting Armageddon"--32.5
  • "Action Stations"--30.6, 32.5
  • "Acts of Repossession"--30.7, 32.5
  • "African Collisions"--30.7, 32.5
  • [Alice Howells]--37.13
  • "Ambassadors of Song"--32.8
  • "Andy with His Pen"--32.3
  • "Annie, California Plates"--32.4
  • "Autobiology"--30.7, 32.4, 61
  • "The Bazaar on the Corner"--30.6, 32.3
  • "Big Noise with a Recorder"--30.6, 32.2
  • "Birmingham"--30.6, 32.1
  • "Blight of the Ages"--32.1
  • "A Book that Changed Me"--37.12
  • "Books about Islands"--37.12
  • "Bookshop"--37.12
  • "The Boys in the Hills"--30.7, 32.6, 32.9
  • "Brave New Campus"--32.7
  • "Breaking the Silence"--32.5
  • "A British Firm Goes Dutch"--32.9
  • [Bronowski Memorial Lecture]--32.9
  • "Brothers in Work"--32.4
  • "Building Reality out of a Dream"--30.6, 32.8
  • "Can You Make a Movie?"--32.5
  • "Cavalier Attitudes"--32.5
  • "The Century’s Greatest Failures"--37.12
  • "Checking the Candelabra"--32.1
  • "Chernobyl Comes to Paradise"--46
  • "Classics for Pleasure"--30.6
  • "A Clean Liver"--32.5
  • "The Cold-Eyed Terrors"--30.7, 32.5
  • "Comedy of Terrors"--32.8
  • "Coming Out Fighting"--46
  • "Cool and his Gang"--32.1
  • "Could Their Name Be Your Game?"--32.1
  • "Courtship Conga"--32.5
  • "Coventry-Surviving the Blitz but Back in the Wars"--32.4
  • "Crazy Lights"--32.8
  • "Crooks’ Tour of Your Castle"--32.4
  • "Cross-Country"--32.4
  • "Dark Horses of the Chalk"--30.6, 32.8
  • "Days of Hunger"--32.6
  • "Dedicated to Surgery’s Daily Drama"--30.6, 32.2
  • "Derby Days in Germany"--32.6
  • "Devoted to Being a Star"--30.6, 32.1
  • "Different but Effective? Five Schools and What they Offer?"--32.3
  • "Dilemma of Bond’s Girl’s"--32.1
  • "Drowning in Style"--32.5
  • "Dusk Jackets"--30.7, 32.4, 61
  • "Electric Shockers"--32.9
  • "Electricity"--32.1
  • "Elegant Restoration"--30.6, 32.6
  • "Eleven at No. 10"--32.5
  • "Elsie’s War"--32.2
  • "English Music of the Twentieth Century"--37.12
  • "The English Rose of Texas"--32.2
  • "Everybody’s Favourite Stuntman"--32.6
  • "Family Misfortunes"--32.1
  • "Fast Wheels of Fortune"--32.9
  • "Fecund but Flavourless"--30.7, 32.1
  • "The Ferry Tale Unfolds"--32.5
  • "…a figment of his childhood"--32.2
  • "Finding the Time to be Nasty"--30.7, 32.9
  • "Flying Scot"--32.9
  • [For]--37.12
  • "For Some, Home is Where the Boat Is"--32.2
  • "Franzl’s Austrian Restaurant" (review)--32.5
  • "From Coronets to Choristers"--32.5
  • "From the Middle Ground"--32.1
  • "From Russia with Poems"--32.2
  • "From Singing Waitress to Prima Donna"--32.5
  • "Full Tilt into the Future: Inside the Apt"--32.9
  • "Funny Folk"--32.6
  • "Game, Set-and Watch!"--32.1
  • "Give the Stars Something to Sing About"--32.5
  • "Going a Long, Long Way"--32.6
  • "Golden Boy of Sprinting"--32.5
  • "Graham Greene and the Cinema"--32.4
  • "The Great Holiday Test ’79: Life at the Paradise Pace"--30.6, 32.3
  • "Gums"--30.7, 32.4
  • "Helter Skelter, Hang Sorrow, Care’ll Kill a Cat"--32.3, 32.4, 32.6
  • "High School Subversions"--30.7, 32.5
  • "High Wire Heroes"--32.4
  • "How Do Opinion Polls Work?"--32.5
  • "How Many Doubles in a Yankee?"--30.6, 32.3
  • "How Many People Can the World Feed?"--32.5
  • "Hurdles Facing Women in Sport"--32.8
  • "I Wish I Had Written…Jim Crace on Map References for a Daydreamer"-- 37.12
  • "In the Melting Pot"--30.7, 32.1
  • "In the Wake of the Argonauts"--32.1
  • "It Started with a Snake"--30.6, 32.1
  • "Jimmy Hill’s Ultimate Goal"--32.5
  • "Juliet Finds a Welcome in the Hillsides"--32.7
  • "The Lady Loves a Risk"--32.1
  • "Land of a Thousand Faces"--32.1
  • "The Littoral Truth"--32.1
  • "The Long and Unwinding Road"--30.6, 32.6
  • "The Long, Hard Ride Back"--30.6, 32.9
  • "Long-Service Guru Converts Altruism into Action"--32.4
  • "Looking at the Shelmikedmu"--30.7, 32.1
  • "The Loser Takes All"--32.5
  • "Low German High Jinks"--30.7, 32.9
  • "Making Waves in France"--32.1
  • "Malice Aforethoughts: How to Inject Some Venom into Your Daily Life" by Emile d’ell Ova--37.12-13
  • "Meanest Nation?"--30.6, 32.9
  • "The Mercenaries of the World"--30.7, 61
  • "Migraines"--30.7, 32.3
  • "Misanthropy Abroad"--30.7, 32.8
  • "A Modern Day Clown"--30.6, 32.6
  • "My Hippy Paradise Postponed"--46
  • NBCC Acceptance Speech--37.12
  • "A New Bonanza on Land?"--32.1
  • "A New Breed of Television Tycoon?"--32.9
  • "No Problem Destination"--32.7
  • "Not So Elementary, My Dear Watson"--30.6, 32.6
  • "Off-cuts"--30.7, 32.5
  • "Only Fade Away"--30.7, 32.4
  • "Opportunity Knocks for New Faces"--30.6, 32.6
  • "Phizog Familiar"--32.2
  • The Pleasure Dome: The Collected Film Criticism of Graham Greene edited by John Russell Taylor (review)--30.7, 32.3
  • "Plotting His Course"--30.6, 32.5
  • "Pop Goes the Bubble"--30.7, 32.4
  • "Pop Goes the Laird"--32.4
  • "Portrait of Elmbury 1976"--32.6
  • "Possessor Possessed"--30.7, 32.5
  • "Puffed Up with Pride"--32.6
  • "Putting in a Winning Paddle"--32.9
  • "A Puzzle in Black and White"--32.1
  • "Pym’s People"--32.8
  • The Red Hourglass: Lives of the Predators by Gordon Grice (review)-- 37.12
  • "Refugees"--32.6, 61
  • "Riding the Airwaves"--30.6, 32.5
  • "Riding the Bow Wave"--32.9
  • "The Rise and Rise of Rossiter"--30.6, 32.5
  • "The Rot in Samoa"--32.8
  • "Sadness in Shabby Rooms"--32.8
  • "Saint Joan of Merseyside"--32.4
  • "Scene of Discovery"--32.5
  • "Scream Tests"--32.8
  • "The Secrets of My Success"--37.13
  • "See You on Judgment Day"--32.7
  • "Seven Ages"--46
  • "Shape of Success"--32.1
  • "Sins and Virtues"--46
  • "The Slimmer’s Art"--30.7, 32.3
  • "The Small Airlines Start to Think Big"--32.2
  • "A Social Disease"--30.7, 32.1
  • "Sounds in the Sunshine"--32.2
  • "Sounds Local"--32.6
  • "Sticking to the Backroads"--32.5
  • "Stoke Radio is Ten"--32.6
  • "The Stones Keep Their Secret"--32.8
  • "Students Set for the City"--32.1
  • "The Stones Keep Their Secret"--30.6
  • "'A Surreal, Undignified Farce'"--32.5
  • "Survival of the Fittest"--32.8
  • "Tabloid Tactics"--30.6, 32.5
  • "Take Three Drug Dealers"--30.6, 32.6
  • "Taking Off for a New Record?"--32.9
  • "The Talents of 'Parks'"--32.2
  • "Talking Skull"--46
  • "Tarka Takes the Big Screen Plunge"--32.3
  • "Ten Times a Hero for Britain"--32.5
  • "A Terrifying Power"--32.1
  • "That’s Life in the Forest"--30.6, 3.6
  • "They Fought for Potteries"--30.6, 32.6
  • "To Camelot by Car"--32.7
  • "Too Many Books?"--32.3
  • "Trevor Griffiths"--32.9
  • "Tribal Views"--30.7, 32.2
  • "Troy: What’s Left of the Legend"--30.6, 32.1
  • "Under the Slipper"--30.7, 32.1
  • "A View of the Country"--30.6, 32.9
  • "A Vocal Battler"--32.7-8
  • "Voice that Stunned the Globe"”--32.6
  • "Waiting for the End"--30.7, 32.4
  • "A Walk with the Whippet"--30.6, 32.6
  • "Whale-Road, Dream-Road"--32.8
  • "What Book?"--37.12
  • "What Sort of Land Do We Live In?"--32.1
  • "What Would You Do?"--37.12
  • "Who Shot the Borgias?"--32.9
  • "Windows"--32.9
  • "The World with One Eye Shut"--32.8
  • "Zebra’s Mouth"--30.7, 61
  • Untitled--37.12-13