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Series I. The Sunwise Turn Papers, 1904-1929

Series II. Mary Mowbray-Clarke Papers, 1852-1987



University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

The Sunwise Turn/Mary Mowbray-Clarke Papers

An Inventory of Records at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Mowbray-Clarke, Mary Horgan, 1874-1962
Title: The Sunwise Turn/Mary Mowbray-Clarke Papers
Dates: 1852-1987
Abstract: The papers of The Sunwise Turn bookshop and of its co-founder Mary Mowbray-Clarke include business and personal records, correspondence, art works, and related materials.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-4126>
Extent: 30 boxes (12.6 linear feet), 2 oversize folders (osf), 2 galley files (gf), 2 oversize boxes (osb)
Language: English and French
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

Mary Helena Bothwell Horgan was born to Timothy and Catharine Bothwell Horgan in Nyack, New York, on 1 September 1874. The elder Horgans had married in Ireland and immigrated to Virginia in the early 1850s before returning to Great Britain several years later. In 1863, the family gave America another try, settling at Nyack, in Rockland County, just up the Hudson River from New York City. Mary was the youngest child and one of six Horgan children living at the time of Timothy's death in 1890.

Mary displayed an early interest in art, perhaps encouraged by her brother Andrew. She began formal study at the Art Students League in New York in the early 1890s and within a few years was teaching art history at the Finch School, as well as giving lectures and writing art criticism. In 1902, Mary Horgan published the first edition of her art history syllabus The Argonaut Art History.

In 1906, Mary Horgan met John F. Mowbray-Clarke, a Jamaican-born English sculptor who had moved from London to New York City in 1896. After a brief courtship they were married 28 March 1907. Not long after the birth of their only child, John Bothwell Mowbray-Clarke in the fall of 1908, the couple bought a small farm on South Mountain Road in rural Rockland County, New York, and began a period of urban and rural life. With John and Mary's many contacts in the art world they soon found their country place (which they named The Brocken) had become the nucleus of an informal artistic community.

In late 1911, John Mowbray-Clarke helped found the Association of American Painters and Sculptors (AAPS) and was elected its vice president. The association had been created with the specific aim of exhibiting and promoting the work of younger American and European artists, and toward this end hired the armory of the 69th Regiment of the New York National Guard for one month.

Thus did the International Exhibition of Modern Art--the Armory Show--open on 17 February 1913. The controversial Armory Show, which would later travel to Chicago and Boston, was an important event in the history of American art, as it introduced U.S. audiences to avant-garde artists and experimental forms of Modern Art.

Not long after Bothwell's birth John had, without Mary, attended a dinner given by "some liberal group" in the city. That evening he told his wife he'd been seated between "two of the most interesting women in America." One was the biographer Katharine Anthony; the other was Madge Jenison.

Madge Jenison was born in Chicago in 1874 to Edward S. and Caroline Jenison. Edward Jenison was a prominent Chicago architect; both parents were Ohio-born. In the first years of the 20th century Madge Jenison moved from Chicago to Manhattan and found success as a writer of short stories and social commentary. Not long after her encounter with John Mowbray-Clarke, she was invited for a visit to the Brocken, and soon she and John and Mary were good friends.

In late 1915, Madge Jenison conceived the idea that "a bookshop of a different kind must be opened in America." She sought to enlist her friend Mary Mowbray-Clarke in the project, and quickly gained her cooperation. Talking to people in publishing and bookselling wasn’t encouraging for the two amateurs, but they pressed on with their project and developed ideas for their "different" bookshop.

After much looking they found and leased a building at 2 East 31st Street that forty years before had been in a desirable location; now it was careworn and quaint. Mary and Madge, and various friends, used artistic skill, hard work, and fresh paint to bring the structure to life. The matter of what to call the venture was settled when Mary's old friend Amy Murray suggested The Sunwise Turn--"sunwise" to express the idea that movement as the sun moves is lucky. And so it was The Sunwise Turn. The firm was incorporated, stock sold, and a board of directors seated (the first board comprised Madge’s mother Caroline, John Mowbray-Clarke, and Alfred Harcourt of the publishing house of Harcourt Brace).

The dream of a bookstore that would meet needs previously ignored in American bookselling was outlined in the 1916 prospectus which announced that "The Sunwise Turn: the Modern Book Shop" intended to prepare subject booklists, to make foreign works promptly available, and to offer some paintings, sculptures, prints, and textiles. It made clear that the store was to be a place for readers as well as book-buyers and that readings and talks would be scheduled from time to time (Theodore Dreiser was the first to give a reading, on 30 April 1916).

The stresses upon a brave but undercapitalized venture became evident by the end of World War One. When Harold Loeb and his wife Marjorie Content Loeb came aboard in 1919 as stockholders and officers difficulties between Mary Mowbray-Clarke and the Loebs were not long in making themselves evident.

Initially Loeb and Mary worked together well, and (as Loeb told it in his The Way it Was) she supported his belief that Madge Jenison "was no good in a business organization" and joined him in buying Madge out. Before long he and Mary were at loggerheads about fundamental aspects of The Sunwise Turn. At length he came to believe they would not compromise and offered to either buy her out or to sell his shares to her. After a short stressful interval she was able to obtain the necessary funds, and the Loebs left the firm before the end of 1920. Mary was now the president, treasurer, and major stockholder in The Sunwise Turn.

In late 1919, the book store had lost its lease to the original location and moved to the Yale Club building at 51 East 44th Street. Despite the turmoil within The Sunwise Turn in 1919 and 1920 business continued to grow into the 1920/21 fiscal year, after which sales retrenched somewhat and then remained flat. The publication program the store had begun was dropped after 1920; the sideline of interior decoration ceased earlier.

With Jenison's departure Ruth McCall joined the firm as a stockholder and salaried employee. Her relations with Mowbray-Clarke appear to have been collegial and uneventful until her departure at the end of 1923. Curiously, the only significant first person account of The Sunwise Turn was written by Madge Jenison and published in 1923 as Sunwise Turn, a Human Comedy of Bookselling. Jenison's book deals with the store more than its staff but contains no suggestion of discord. She carries her narrative only up to the end of 1920.

By the mid 1920s, The Sunwise Turn had passed beyond the period of growth and tumult, but with little hope of significant investment and with sluggish sales even the unflagging resolve of Mary Mowbray-Clarke seemed unlikely to turn the situation around. Jessie Richards Dwight replaced Ruth McCall in the spring of 1924 as acting vice president and secretary for the remainder of Ms. McCall's term ending in mid-1925.

After repeated failures to develop new sources of investment or to deal satisfactorily with indebtedness, the end came in 1927. At the stockholders' meeting of 8 March, Mary pointed out that due to "the condition of the corporation" and the "lack of funds" the store should be closed and the lease and assets disposed of. Her motion passed, and the next day the directors accepted the proposition of Doubleday Page & Co. to acquire the lease, stock, and good will of the firm for $5,000.

For months after The Sunwise Turn closed its doors Mary Mowbray-Clarke worked to pay debts the corporation had incurred and to distribute assets among the stockholders. A quantity of books not accepted by Doubleday Page was sold off and the proceeds added to the other assets in hand.

At the beginning of 1920, Mary had learned that John Mowbray-Clarke had left New York with a woman pupil and settled in Canada, eventually moving back to England. In the last years of The Sunwise Turn she and her son had led a difficult existence with mother commuting from Manhattan to rural Rockland County and son completing his high school work, and both working to maintain The Brocken.

During the years 1927 through 1929, Mary worked on a projected history of reading and readership tentatively entitled Print Proud. While she collected notes on intended chapters for the book, only the introduction and a first chapter were actually completed.

In the early 1930s, Mowbray-Clarke grew interested in landscape design as a creative outlet and pursued this study at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. She was soon finding work in Rockland County in designing and installing gardens for private clients, and in the years 1935 to 1938 executed her best-known project, the Dutch Gardens adjoining the county courthouse in New City, New York. It is said to be the only Works Progress Administration-sanctioned outdoor construction project created and supervised by a woman.

Mary’s last effort at publication was Eden in Our Time, a sort of natural history of the lands around her rural home in Rockland County. She worked on this project for five years, from 1955 to 1960, but never succeeded in finding a publisher willing to take a chance on its commercial possibilities.

Mary Mowbray-Clarke remained active, alert, and opinionated to the end of her long life. She died at home on 20 November 1962.

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Scope and Contents

The papers of The Sunwise Turn and Mary Mowbray-Clarke embrace the years 1852 to 1987 and include manuscripts, correspondence, financial records, photographs, art works, proofs, diaries, legal documents, and clippings. These papers are generally in an order created at the Ransom Center.

The materials are arranged in two series, each of which comprises four subseries. Series I. The Sunwise Turn Papers, 1916-1929 includes Subseries A. General Business Records, 1904-1929; Subseries B. Publications published or distributed by The Sunwise Turn, 1916-1927; Subseries C. Correspondence, 1906-1929; and Subseries D. Sales and banking records, 1919-1929. Series II. Mary Mowbray-Clarke papers, 1852-1987 includes Subseries A. Works, 1880-1960; Subseries B. Correspondence, 1903-1960; Subseries C. Other papers, 1884-1962; Subseries D. Books and periodicals, 1895-1987; and Subseries E. Works and papers of others, 1852-1964.

Subseries I.A. General Business records, 1904-1929 (4 boxes) contains primarily records created in the last several years of the active life of the firm and was likely retained by Mary Mowbray-Clarke to assist her in paying New York state taxes and in distributing assets of the dissolved corporation to its stockholders.

Minutes of stockholders' meetings, stock certificates, corporation reports, and customers' bills were potentially useful in establishing the firm's assets. Also present are records which Mowbray-Clarke may have hoped to use in a history of the firm. Two of these are "Materials for history" in folder 1.1 and "The Loeb family and The Sunwise Turn" in folder 4.3. There is internal evidence Mowbray-Clarke assembled these folders years after the firm ceased business.

Subseries I.B. Publications published or distributed by The Sunwise Turn, 1916-1927 (2 boxes) represents fragmentary records of the printed works issued by The Sunwise Turn. Of the material present in the papers the most significant are the files for Ananda K. Coomaraswamy's The Dance of Śiva (1918) (which contains considerable correspondence from Coomaraswamy to Mowbray-Clarke and others) and also of his Prayers and Epigrams. The latter, which was issued in an edition of a hundred copies, is represented by a copy of the tiny work as well as the original ink drawing from which its single illustration was produced.

Subseries I.C. Correspondence, 1906-1929 (1 box) is a near random group of business letters from publishers, book stores, customers, and the occasional author (Clarence Day, Alfred Kreymborg, Christopher Morley). A series of letters written by The Sunwise Turn's legal counsel, Charles B. Alling, advising Mowbray-Clarke on issues involved in dissolving the corporation after 1927 is the most significant business correspondence in the series.

There is an interesting group of letters from a young Oxford undergraduate, David Eccles, who later held ministerial posts in Parliament and was in 1964 created Viscount Eccles. Eccles was a buyer for The Sunwise Turn in the years 1924-1927. Another British-based buyer of this period found in the papers is Helen B. Allan.

Subseries I.D. Sales and banking records, 1919-1929 (4 boxes) embraces those sales and banking records Mary Mowbray-Clarke retained after The Sunwise Turn closed in the spring of 1927. These records date primarily from the years 1923-1927 and, like the General business records found in subseries I.A. above, were likely intended to document the settlement of debts and the distribution of assets of the firm.

The invoices and sales slips offer concrete evidence as to what titles the store was stocking and selling in those years. Likewise, the canceled checks identify some employees of The Sunwise Turn not otherwise named in the papers due to the lack of any surviving personnel files.

Subseries II.A. Works, 1880-1960 (4 boxes and 2 oversize boxes) contains the files of Mary Mowbray-Clarke's Eden in our Time manuscript, the correspondence and materials relating to the unfinished Print Proud project, as well as various brief pieces and notes.

The art work present here includes not only works by Mrs. Mowbray-Clarke but also works by other artists and unidentified pieces. This filing policy was employed because works by known creators were outnumbered by those for whom the artists were unknown.

Works by other artists include several drawings by John Wolcott Adams, including two sketches of Mowbray-Clarke executed in their student days and presented to her. There is also a suite of ink drawings for periodical illustration by Rafael M. de Soto, a multi-media work by Jerome Myers, and several sketches by John F. Mowbray-Clarke. For the latter artist his plaster medallion The New Spirit (1913) is also present. An index of artists is provided at the end of this finding aid which lists all identified artists.

Subseries II.B. Correspondence, 1903-1960 (2.5 boxes) found in the papers includes a substantial number of letters from people significant in Mary Mowbray-Clarke's life. Despite the span dates of 1906-1960 the major part of the correspondence represents the years 1906 to about 1918.

Principal family correspondents are Mary's brother Andrew Horgan and her niece Gertrude Kitson, daughter of her brother Stephen. The group of letters between John Mowbray-Clarke and Mary include a number of courtship messages from 1906 and 1907. This correspondence is doubly important because it includes the only significant group of letters by Mary Mowbray-Clarke to be found anywhere in the papers.

People Mary Mowbray-Clarke became acquainted with as an art teacher include Irene Lewisohn and her sister Alice Lewisohn Crowley, Rose Greely, and the future educator Ruth Catlin, all of whom she taught at the Finch School. A notable series of 1912-1914 letters from the American sculptor Beatrice Wood to Mowbray-Clarke is also present, as are letters of Dorothea and Gladys Cromwell, other early pupils.

Mary Mowbray-Clarke's gift for friendship is seen in the diversity of her correspondents. In the papers are found not only letters from her old friend Grace Holt Reed, a woman of assured social position, but also from Howard Kretz Coluzzi, an artist-eccentric as well-known for having survived a jump from the Brooklyn Bridge into the East River as for his art. There are also letters from Madge Jenison in the years before The Sunwise Turn was dreamed of, and also from Clara Sidney Taylor, wife of the artist Henry Fitch Taylor.

Subseries II.C. Other papers, 1884-1962 (6 boxes) contains a number of items of biographical significance, including Mrs. Mowbray-Clarke's diary for the period 24 November 1897-31 December 1898. This account of 13 months in Boston records books read, walks taken, letters written, work (art, cooking, laundry, housekeeping) done and conversations engaged in by a 24 year old workaholic. Related materials include a 1915 address book and appointment books for 1918 and 1925, along with a series of loose-leaf notes written between 1928 and 1961 that are similar in content to the Old House notes filed in folder 15.7.

The photographs found in the subseries range from an original print of Chief Big Tree’s sister taken by William S. Soule at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 1870 to photographs of Mowbray-Clarke made in 1960. The largest group of related prints is nude studies of Mary and John Mowbray-Clarke dating from about 1908. A note in Mary Mowbray-Clarke's hand reads "Photos of M.H.M-C taken by J.M-C for sculptural poses." Other photos are rural scenes, art works, and people (identified and not), mostly pre-1930.

Accompanying the photographs is a substantial group of glass lantern slides. These slides were used by Mary Mowbray-Clarke in conjunction with her work as a teacher of art history and generally depict Asian and Western art works. There are also present a number of glass plate negatives of Mowbray-Clarke and of Rockland County from 1903 to the late 1920s.

The remainder of the subseries consists of the papers of a 1916 apartment house project in which the Mowbray-Clarkes were briefly interested, along with various fragmentary household records.

Subseries II.D. Books and periodicals, 1895-1987 (3 boxes) embraces a variety of printed matter related to Mary Mowbray-Clarke. The most significant items are a group of issues of The Independent containing articles by or mentioning the Mowbray-Clarkes, as well as a group of periodical articles by the psychoanalyst Trigant Burrow.

Subseries II.E. Works and papers of others, 1852-1964 (2 boxes) includes a number of texts in manuscript, written between about 1919 and 1934. Of these the most significant in the context of these papers is an apparently incomplete handwritten manuscript with crayon illustrations in the hand of John F. Mowbray-Clarke. It comprises 6 text leaves and 5 leaves of drawings.

Other papers present include Madge Jenison's 1958 Daily Reminder diary with several letters laid in together with the correspondence of John F. Mowbray-Clarke, John B. Mowbray-Clarke, and a group of third party correspondence.

John F. Mowbray-Clarke's correspondence, 1889-1920, includes a number of letters from artists (Gutzon Borglum, Paul Moschcowitz, Jerome Myers, Henry M. Shrady, Solomon J. Solomon, and Beatrice Wood), family (sister Margaret Clarke and aunt Harriet Walton) and various students and owners of medallic sculpture. Several of the letters found here were received by Mowbray-Clarke before his 1896 removal to the United States.

The correspondence of John Bothwell Mowbray-Clarke present here is virtually all in the form of greeting cards from friends and neighbors of his parents and dates from about 1910 to 1915. There are a couple of outgoing letters by Bothwell, one as a child to his parents and one as a college age young man.

The third party correspondence includes letters from about two dozen letter writers. The earliest present was written by Laurinda Cromwell of Vassalboro, Maine on 12 February 1852 to "my dear child." It is in an envelope addressed to Mr. John Walker of Union, Maine. The latest in the group was sent to writer William S. Wilson by his mother, artist May Wilson and is dated 13 July 1964.

A letter written by the sculptor J. Massey Rhind to another sculptor, Ordway Partridge, was dated at New York on 3 September 1897 and stated that John Mowbray-Clarke was "earnest and careful in his work." Rhind also noted that Mowbray-Clarke had been in New York since his arrival from England "a little over a year ago."

The third party correspondence also includes three letters addressed to Beatrice Wood at The Brocken in the early summer of 1912. The first of these is by Wood’s mother Caroline, the second by Hélène in Newtonville, Massachusetts, and the last by Leo at Knob Hill Farm in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

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Index Terms

Armfield, Maxwell, 1881-1972.
Coomaraswamy, 1877-1947.
Cory, Herbert E. (Herbert Ellsworth), 1883-1947.
Cromwell, Dorothea Katharine.
Cromwell, Gladys, 1885-1919.
Crowley, Alice.
Eccles, David Eccles, viscount, 1904- .
Greely, Rose, 1887-1969.
Horgan, Andrew J.
Hunt, Esther Anna, 1875-1951.
Jenison, Madge, 1874-1960.
Kitson, Gertrude.
Kretz Coluzzi, Howard.
Lewisohn, Irene, d. 1944.
Moschcowitz, Paul.
Mowbray-Clarke, John Frederick, 1869-1953.
Murray, Amy, 1865- .
Reed, Grace Holt.
Shrady, Henry Merwin, 1871-1922.
Taylor, Clara Sidney.
Van Orden, Alice Einstein.
Walker, Sophia A.
Willard, Mary Bannister, b. 1841.
Wood, Beatrice.
Arts and Crafts Theatre (Detroit, Mich.).
Diamond Press.
Macmillan Company.
Art--New York (State)--New York.
Artists--United States--20th century.
Booksellers and bookselling--New York (State)--New York.
New York (N.Y.)--Intellectual life.
Sunwise Turn (Firm).
Rockland County (N.Y.).
Document Types
Cartoons (humorous images).
Christmas cards.
First Drafts.
Galley proofs.
Legal documents.
Love letters.

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Related Material

The papers of Madge Jenison are in the holdings of the New York Public Library.

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Administrative Information


Purchases, 1977-2012 (R7538, 12-06-009-P)

Processed by:

Bob Taylor, 2013

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Jenison, Madge. Sunwise Turn: a Human Comedy of Bookselling. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1923

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Mary Mowbray-Clarke is Dead; Widow of Sculptor War Critic. New York: The New York Times, 21 November 1962

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Tietjens, Eunice. The World at My Shoulder. New York: Macmillan, 1938

Timothy Horgan Dead. Nyack, N.Y.: Rockland County Journal, 11 January 1890

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Container List

Series I. The Sunwise Turn Papers, 1904-1929

Subseries A. General Business Records, 1904-1929
Late business records, 1925-1929
1.1 Mary Mowbray-Clarke's materials for history, 1907-1960
1.2 Consignment register, 1920-1927
1.3 Consignments (list of items, agreements), 1919-1927
1.4 Customer accounts settled, 1926-1927
1.5 General accounts, 1926-1927
1.6 Outstanding customer bills, 1922-1927
1.7 Refinancing correspondence, 1925-1928
1.8 Stock settlement, 1929
2.1 Winding up the business, 1927-1929
Secondary records, 1904-1929
2.2 Book-trade related printed ephemera, 1917-1922
2.3 Bookplates, 1904-1917
2.4 Catalogs and price lists, 1920-1929
2.5 Interior decoration designs and projects, 1917-1918
2.6 Requests for 1925 The Sunwise Turn catalog
2.7 The Sunwise Turn device and other graphic designs, 1916-1920
Insurance, utilities, and taxes
3.1 Insurance (policies and correspondence), 1919-1925
3.2 Maintenance and utilities (bills, receipts), 1920-1928
3.3 New York state tax forms, 1927, and The Sunwise Turn financial notes, 1920-1927
3.4 Taxes (forms, records, correspondence), 1916-1926
Corporate and financial records
3.5 Accounts (general financial), 1919-1925
3.6 Accounts (publications and sales), 1919-1920
Corporation reports
3.7 Annual, 1916/17-1920/21; 1923/24-1924/25; 1926/27
4.1-2 Special, 1920-1929
4.3 The Loeb family and The Sunwise Turn, 1919-1921
4.4 Minutes of stockholders' meetings, 1916-1928
4.5 Stock, Common, Certificates for, 1924
Stock, Preferred, Certificates for
4.6 1916-1919 (surrendered certificates laid in)
5.1 1924-1925 (surrendered certificates laid in)
Subseries B. Publications published or distributed by The Sunwise Turn, 1916-1927
5.2 Appia, Adolphe. L'oeuvre d'art vivant (projected translation by Mary Willard) correspondence only, 1922-1924
5.3 Armfield, Maxwell. The Hanging Garden (London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent, 1914) correspondence, invoices, sales slips, 1918-1920
osf 1 [Broadside series] (New York: The Sunwise Turn, 1916- ) Gary League Broadside no. 1, undated, Peoples Campaign Capital Punishment Broadsides no. 2, 4-5, 1917, galley proofs of Books For Women's Clubs by Madge Jenison and Book Problems by Earnest Elmo Calkins, related newspaper clipping and correspondence, 1916-1919
5.4 Catalogue of the work … of Varnum Poor (New York: [designed at The Sunwise Turn for the] Kevorkian Galleries, 1920) correspondence, photographic prints, proofs, 1920
Coomaraswamy, A. K.
Dance of Śiva (New York: The Sunwise Turn, 1918)
5.5 Correspondence, Coomaraswamy to Mowbray-Clarke, 1917-1927
5.6 Correspondence, General, 1918-1926
5.7 Correspondence and invoices, 1918-1927
5.8 Correspondence and typescript fragments, 1917-1926
5.9 Expenses and sales, sales slips, 1918
5.10 Sales slips, 1918-1925
6.1 Prayers and Epigrams (New York: The Sunwise Turn, 1918) Copy with colophon reading "One hundred copies printed Xmas 1918," accompanied by original ink drawing as reduced for use on title page verso, 1918
6.2 Cory, Herbert E. The Intellectuals and the Wage Workers (New York: The Sunwise Turn, 1918) correspondence, partial typescript, invoices, ads, reviews, 1919-1920
6.3 Kreymborg, Alfred. Plays for Merry Andrews (New York: The Sunwise Turn, 1920) publication file, reviews, 1920-1921
MacDonald, Anna S., translator. Guibour, a Miracle Play of Our Lady (New York: The Sunwise Turn, 1919)
6.4 Correspondence, copyright registration, sales records, 1919-1920
gf Galley proofs, 1919
6.5 Morgan, Elise N. The Angel of the Presence (Los Angeles: DeVorss, 1922) correspondence, wrapper design, sales records, 1922-1923
6.6 Nonesuch Press. General file of correspondence, sales records, and ephemera relating to Nonesuch publications, 1924-1927
6.7 Penty, Arthur J. A Guildsman's Interpretation of History (London: George Allen & Unwin, 1920) correspondence, publisher's ad leaflet, reviews, 1920
6.8 Rilke, Rainer M. Rodin, translated by Jessie Lemont and Hans Trausil (New York: The Sunwise Turn, 1919) correspondence and publication file, 1919-1920
6.9 Trausil, Hans. Holy Night … paraphrased in English by Leonora Speyer (New York: The Sunwise Turn, 1919) correspondence, publication file, and copy signed by the translator, 1919-1920
6.10 Zayas, Georges de. Caricatures (series of lithographs executed in Paris, 1919) typed carbon copy note from The Sunwise Turn to Marcel Duchamp, and consignment entry in facsimile, 1920
6.11 Fragmentary records for various The Sunwise Turn publications, including reviews of A. J. Penty's Old Worlds for New (1917) and sales records of Gilbert Cannan's Love is Less than God (1923)
Subseries C. Correspondence, 1906-1929
6.12 A-Ch, 1916-1927
7.1 Alling, Charles B., 1927-1929
7.2 Arts & Crafts Theatre, Detroit, Michigan, 1917-1918
7.3 Cl-J, 1916-1928
7.4 Cuala Press, 1916-1927
7.5 Eccles, David, 1924-1927
7.6 K-Rho, 1912-1927
7.7 Lutz, Caroline S., 1926-1927
7.8 Orientalia Book Shop, New York, 1920-1923
7.9 Peacock, Emily F., 1922-1926
7.10 Poets, 1906-1921
8.1 Ric-Z and forenames, 1916-1927
8.2 Outgoing, 1919-1926
Subseries D. Sales and Banking Records, 1919-1929
Sales records, 1919-1927
8.3 1919-1925 (Dodd, Mead; Robert M. McBride; others)
8.4 1924-1926 (Dodd, Mead and others)
8.5 A. & C. Boni; others
8.6 Harcourt, Brace; Atelier Bookbinding; others
8.7-8 1926-1927 (Baker and Taylor)
9.1 Invoices, Foreign, 1925-1927
9.2 Invoices, Periodical, 1925-1926
Invoices and statements
9.3 Booksellers, 1926-1927
9.4 Periodicals and trade publishers, 1924-1927
Sales slips
9.5 1919-1927, and general records
9.6 1925-1927
10.1 1925-1927 (with baggage checks)
10.2 1926
10.3 The Sunwise Turn invoice stubs, 1926-1927
Banking records, 1919-1929
Cancelled checks, Fifth Avenue Bank
10.4 1923 and Harriman Bank, 1919-1922
10.5 1924, January-June
10.6 1924, July-December
11.1 1925, January-May
11.2 1925, June-December
11.3 1926, January-March
11.4 1926, April-June
11.5 1926, July-October
11.6 1926 (December)-1927 (July)
11.7 Checkbooks and deposit slips, 1916-1925
12.1 Deposit slips, charge slips, 1925-1927
12.2 The Sunwise Turn check register, June-July 1926
12.3 Statements, deposit slips, 1924-1925
12.4 Statements, 1926-1929

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Series II. Mary Mowbray-Clarke Papers, 1852-1987

Subseries A. Works, 1880-1960
Prose works, 1900-1960
2.8 The Argonaut Art History. New York, 1907
Eden in our Time/A Woodland Sanctuary, 1955-1960
12.5 Correspondence, 1955-1960
12.6 Title page, dedication, and introduction, chapters 1-2 (two versions of chapter 1), undated
12.7 Chapters 3-7, undated
12.8 Chapters 8-13, undated
12.9 Chapters 14-18, undated
13.1 Chapters 19-21, undated
13.2 Handwritten, typed, and carbon sections, various, undated
13.3 Chapters 15-17, 19-20 (early drafts), undated
13.4 Late versions of part 4 (“Some realizations”) of A Woodland Sanctuary, 1956-1957
13.5 “Seven [i.e. 8] chapters in an early stage,” undated
13.6 "Early MS of 'Woodlands Sanctuary' … all in a jumble," undated
13.7 "Choreography of Tools in various stages," undated
13.8 "MS of 'Of a Woodlands Sanctuary' …" (various carbons through page 125, Bridges), undated
13.9 Unpaged typed and carbon pages with handwritten revisions, undated
13.10 "Of a Woodland Sanctuary … fall 1956-winter 1957" (carbon with handwritten revisions)
Print Proud, 1918-1933
14.1 Correspondence, 1927-1929
14.2 Chapter summaries, undated
14.3 Introduction and chapter 1, Birth of the Listener, undated
14.4 Topic B (Birth of the Listener), undated
14.5 Topics C-F, undated
14.6 Topics G-K, undated
14.7 Topics L-W, undated
15.1 Topics X-Y-Z and others, undated
32.9-14 Original tabbed dividers with intended chapter titles handwritten on each, undated
Related clippings
15.2 Topics B-Z, 1918-1929
15.3 Topics, 1921-1933
15.4 Printed ephemera, 1927-1928
Other works
15.5 Charles Burchfield sees America First (handwritten and typed drafts), undated
15.6 James Abbott McNeil Whistler [and] Technique of Book Selling (handwritten drafts), undated
15.7 Old House notes [The Brocken and its inhabitants], 1958-1960
31.5 Photographic record with notes of work done from December 1933 to October 1934 at the court house park, New City, Rockland County, New York …
15.8 Picasso garden (various drafts), undated
Brief pieces, fragments and notes
16.1 Essays, notes, reviews, 1900-circa 1930
16.2 Notes on Clive's Bell's Art and on the history of New York, circa 1900-circa 1915
Art, including works by Mary Mowbray-Clarke and others, 1880-1930
Signed and attributed works, small format
16.3 A-P and illegible signatures, undated
16.4 Cropsey, Carrie L. Dutch Reformed Church, Nyack, and Collyer’s saw mill, New City in watercolor, undated
24.7 Mowbray-Clarke, John F. The New Spirit. Plaster medallion depicting the pine tree symbol of the Armory show, 1913
16.5 Soto, Rafael M. de. Ink drawings for pulp fiction magazine, circa 1930
16.6 Works by unidentified artists, small format, circa 1890-circa 1910. Comprises about 85 drawings, mostly portraits, and mostly graphite or ink, some watercolors, a few in crayon, 1 lithograph. Probably work by Mary Horgan and other art students. Most are undated, but a few have dates 1892, 1893, 1897, or 1898. Only one or two appear to be post 1900.
16.7 Art fragments and juvenilia, circa 1880 to circa 1930
Works in large format
31.1 Three small landscapes by Mary Horgan. One, an oil, is unsigned; the others are watercolors dated 1891 and 1894
31.2 Two oils and a work in crayon by Mary Horgan. The first, a streetscape, is dated 1896; the second, unsigned, is of a barge. The last, dated 1889, is of a large dog and with the note "after Land" [Landsheer?]
31.3 Four ink drawings by Mary Horgan, 1893-1898. Subjects are a standing woman, a woman seated, the Bussing farm house in Harlem, and the last the ships of the U.S. Navy’s European squadron
31.4 Ten oils, probably by Mary Horgan. Two of the paintings are dated 1893; subjects include still lives, landscapes, and village architecture
32.1 Small multi-media work by Jerome Myers depicting a tree and human figures. Also an unsigned graphite drawing of a woman’s head and shoulders, together with a sheet with drawings of a seated woman on each side. One of the latter is signed "Barry"
32.2 Four comic watercolor and ink drawings by Andrew Horgan, dated 1917
32.3 The Sunwise Turn logos in various media, including one with a woman’s torso in crayon on the verso. An ink and watercolor rendering of the façade of the original The Sunwise Turn store is present, along with a graphite and crayon architectural drawing probably unrelated to The Sunwise Turn material
32.4 Intaglio etching of a seated woman, together with an ink drawing of a seated man wearing a hat and a forest scene in colored chalk
32.5 Six works in ink or graphite. The first is a classical design, as for a Spanish American War commemorative tablet, signed "November 19th 1898 JJH." Another sheet bears drawings, perhaps in the same hand, on both sides. Also foldered are drawings of the heads of a Negro girl and of a girl in a bonnet, as well as a rendering of a Hackensack River watermill by Carroll French
32.6 Three watercolors by Mary Horgan, each dated 1896. Subjects include a house with courtyard, a Neogothic church (?), and a rural bridge
osf 2 Four large sheets with designs in graphite and crayon, probably by John F. Mowbray-Clarke. The first contains graphite sketches for a design in memory of the Daniel Peixotto Hays family; verso of the sheet bears variant ornamental elements. Also present are a plan for a formal garden in graphite and colored crayon, a graphite sketch of a young man seated, and crayon sketches on both sides of a sheet depicting human figures in dramatic groupings
Subseries B. Correspondence, 1903-1960
16.8 A-Cat, 1907-1929
16.9 Ch-Cra, 1909-1922
17.1 Cro-F, 1909-1924
17.2 Cromwell family, 1909-1915
17.3 G-Hor, 1906-1925
17.4 Horgan, Andrew J., 1907-1915
17.5 Hou-Kre, 1903-1932
18.1 Jenison, Madge, 1913-1928
18.2 Kitson family, 1906-1918
18.3 L-O, 1906-1924
18.4 Mowbray-Clarke, John F., 1906-1916
18.5 P-R, 1906-1920
18.6 Reed, Grace Holt, 1908-1926
18.7 S-V, 1904-1923
19.1 W-end, 1908-1919
19.2 Wood, Beatrice, 1912-1925
19.3 Forenames and unsigned, 1907-1931
19.4 1942-1960
Subseries C. Other papers and related materials, 1884-1962
Biographical and personal, 1897-1961
19.5 Address book (circa 1915) and Appointment books (1918 and 1925)
19.6 Diary, 24 November 1897-31 December 1898
19.7 Journal notes, 1928-1961
32.7 Mary Mowbray-Clarke 80th birthday celebration: guest book, 4 September 1954
Household and general, 1884-1962
19.8 Apartment house project, 1916
20.1 Clippings, 1884-1962
20.2 Finch School attendance register, circa 1905
20.3 John Mowbray-Clarke personal materials, 1892-1921
20.4 Open Air School, New York, 1917-1919
20.5 Personal and household handwritten and print materials, 1905-1946
20.6 Rockland County materials, 1930-1961
20.7 Socialism, 1908-1920
Lantern slides and glass plate negatives, 1903-1928
27 Slides (3.25 x 4.25) formerly in Vertifile box; about 60 slides of works of Van Gogh, Gauguin, Picasso and others
28 About 50 slides (3.25 x 4.25) depict Asian art and architecture as well as Western sculpture; several bear labels reading "Rockwood's wet plate slides." A group of about 30 4 x 5 negatives depict art works and Rockland County scenes
29 Ten glass plate negatives (4.25 x 6.5); depict Mary Mowbray-Clarke and her son. The negatives are in original paper sleeves dated 1903-1915
30 A group of broken glass plate negatives. These have been noted as a future conservation project
Photographs, 1870-1960
20.8 Mary Mowbray-Clarke, The Sunwise Turn, sculpture, the Brocken, circa 1895-1960
Nude studies, circa 1908
20.9 John F. Mowbray-Clarke
20.10, 21.1-2 Mary Mowbray-Clarke
21.3 Rural scenes, children, adults, pottery, circa 1910-1930
21.4 Sculpture by John Mowbray-Clarke, undated
21.5 Seated portraits of Mary Mowbray-Clarke, circa 1912
32.8 Two large format prints depicting two women in a dormitory room (circa 1895) and of men playing cards ("about 1901")
21.6 Unidentified people and scenes, circa 1890-1910
21.7 Various, 1870-circa 1932
Subseries D. Books and Periodicals, 1895-1987
23.6 Burrow, Trigant. Articles (in whole issues) and offprints, 1911-1933
24.1 Catalogs of exhibitions, 1914-1931
24.2 Pamphlets, 1906-1927
24.3 Periodical issues, various, 1913-1931
24.4 Plays, 1930-1946
24.5 Poems and songs, 1908-1959
24.6 Programs (theatrical), 1915-1941
Works, Individual
26.1 Füssli through Tiffany: Fall Exhibition, Shepherd Gallery, 1987
25.1-2, 26.5 The Independent (various issues regarding the Mowbray-Clarkes), 1906-1913
gf Oldenburg, Claes. Store Days: Documents from the Store, 1961, and Ray Gun Theatre, 1962 (galley proofs, 1967)
26.2 The Open Review. Edited by Arthur Kitson. Vol. 1-2, 1909-1910 (inscribed to the Mowbray-Clarkes by the editor, London, Nov. 15, 1910)
26.3 Partridge, William Ordway. Technique of Sculpture, 1895
26.4 Pierce, R.V. The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, 1895
Subseries E. Works and papers of others, 1852-1964
Works, 1919-1962
21.8 Brown, Marian K. Two stories in typescript, circa 1920
21.9 Cook, Dyrus. The desire of all nations. Typescript, circa 1919
21.10 Coomaraswarmy, A. K. The Book of Monelle. Typescript carbon, circa 1922
25.3-4 Jenison, Madge. Money (drafts of article based on work of Work Relief Gang 49-B-68, under supervision of Mary Mowbray-Clarke). Typescript and handwritten, 1935
21.11 Khayyat, Khalil ibn Abd Allah. Humanity & Honesty (story in handwritten transcription) and On the death of a friend (translation by Khayyat and Elizabeth McMurtrie Dinwiddie of poem in Arabic by Abul Alal Maarry; typescript carbon), undated
22.1 Mowbray-Clarke, John B. Three essays, (two handwritten; one typescript), circa 1928-1932
22.2 Mowbray-Clarke, John F. Incomplete handwritten essay with crayon portraits, undated
22.3 Penty, Arthur J. Law and currency in the Middle Ages. Lecture to the Mediaeval Society, Oxford, Oct. 21st, 1919. Typescript
22.4 The Plow and the Pen, a Hungarian threnody; edited Ilona Duczynska, in collaboration with Karl Polanyi. Typescript carbon with handwritten revisions, circa 1962
22.5 Ziogas, Chrysochoidés. Manuscripts in Greek and French. Handwritten and typescript carbon, 1934
22.6 Brief manuscripts by various authors
Papers, 1852-1964
22.7 Jenison, Madge. Daily Reminder, 1958
Mowbray-Clarke, John F. Correspondence, 1889-1920
22.8 A-I, 1889-1917
23.1 J-Sh, 1905-1917
23.2 So-W, forenames, and outgoing, 1890-1920
23.3 Wood, Beatrice, 1914-1916
23.4 Mowbray-Clarke, John B. Correspondence, 1910-1931
23.5 Third party correspondence, 1852-1964

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Index of Correspondents

In this index the notation (s) following an entry indicates that name appears there as a subject.

  • A______, A.?--23.4
  • Abbott, Leonard Dalton, 1878-1953 (Current Opinion)--6.12
  • Adams, Frances--16.8
  • Adams, Grace (Stewart & Kidd)--5.2
  • Aikins, A. K. C.--6.12
  • Aikins, Carroll (B.C. Lake and River Service)--6.12
  • Aird, Allan E.--6.12
  • Albert & Charles Boni (Albert Boni, Thomas Seltzer)--6.6, 6.12
  • Alfred A. Knopf Inc. (Stewart Richardson)--7.7, 12.5
  • Allan, Helen B.--6.12
  • Alling, Charles B.--1.7, 2.1, 6.6, 7.1
  • America (W. Dwight)--6.7
  • American Art Association (J. R. Canny)--16.8
  • American Book Company (W. T. H. Howe)--6.12
  • American Booksellers Association. Program Committee (Frederic G. Melcher)--6.12
  • American Economic Association (Ray B. Westerfield)--7.5
  • American Express Company (H. L. Pollock)--7.5, 9.1
  • American Institute of Architects Press (L. Ray Nelson)--1.5
  • The American Journal of Psychology (G. Stanley Hall)--6.2
  • American News Company (Belle Walker)--6.6
  • American Statistical Association (W. F. Ogburn)--6.2
  • Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941 (Greenwich House Music School)--6.12
  • The Annual Register of Women's Clubs and National Organizations in America (Helen M. Winslow)--5.2, 6.12
  • Anthony, Katharine Susan, 1877-1965--16.8
  • Applegate, Betty--16.8
  • The Argonaut (Morton Todd)--6.12
  • Armfield, Maxwell, 1881-1972 (The Greenleaf Studio, The Greenleaf Theater)--4.3, 5.3
  • Armour, Mary Augusta--16.8, 23.5
  • Art & Life (Gardner Teall)--6.8
  • Art Institute of Chicago (W. M. R. French)--22.8
  • Art Workers' Club for Women (Anne Punnett)--16.8
  • Arthur, Helen--6.12
  • Arts and Crafts Theatre (Detroit, Mich.) (Maude Hume, Sam Hume)--7.2
  • Arts & Decoration (L. H. Prichard)--6.8
  • Astell, William--6.12
  • B_____, C. de L.--16.8
  • Bailey, Louise Howe--6.12
  • Baird, Theodore, 1901- (Union College)--6.6
  • Baker & Taylor Co. (Fred R. Hood)--5.7
  • Baldwin, Helen--16.8
  • Baldwin, Katherine Willard--6.12
  • Balston, Thomas--7.5
  • Barnes, Roderic Barbour–16.8
  • Bazalgette, Léon, 1873-1928--5.6
  • Beattie, Robert (National Trust Company)--6.6
  • Beckwith, Bertha Hall, d. 1925--22.8
  • Beckwith, Carroll, 1852-1917--22.8
  • Bell, Clive, 1881-1964--6.12
  • Benedict, Barbara Irion--23.4
  • Bennett, Alice--6.12
  • Berg, Clara--16.8
  • Best, M.--22.8
  • Bianco, F.--6.12
  • Binns, Norah (The Box of Books)--6.12
  • Blair, Fanny G.--6.12
  • Blankmeyer, Helen V. C.--7.10, 16.8
  • Blatch, Harriot Stanton, 1856-1940--22.8
  • Bliss, Katharine P. L.--16.8
  • Bliss, Lizzie P. (Lizzie Plummer), 1864-1931--1.7, 6.12
  • Block, Maurice (The Art Institute of Chicago)--6.12
  • Bobbé, Dorothie de Bear--6.12
  • Bois, Jules, 1871-1943--16.8
  • Booksellers' League (New York, N.Y.). Bureau of Entertainment (Frederick D. Lacy)--6.12
  • Borglum, Gutzon, 1867-1941--22.8
  • Bothwell, Theodora--16.8
  • Boyce, Ethel Mary, 1863-1936--22.8
  • Bradin, Imogen M.--16.8
  • Briggs, Morris H. (Morris Henry), b. 1890--6.12
  • Bromberg, Alfred, Mrs.--6.6
  • Brookes, A. S., Mrs. (Parrot Shop)--6.12
  • Brown, _____ [The Sunwise Turn employee?]--6.12
  • Brown, G. M. L. (George M. L.) (Orientalia)--5.8, 7.8
  • Brown, Marian Katherine--21.8
  • Brown, Mary E.--16.8
  • Browne, Sibyl, 1895-1979--6.12
  • Bruère, Robert W. (Robert Walter), 1876-1964--22.7
  • Buck, Nina Cordelia--6.12
  • The Burlington Magazine (More Adey)--5.7
  • Burns?,_____--16.8
  • Burwell, Kate S.--18.3 (with Lyndon, B.)
  • Bustoch? Elinor?--16.8
  • Butler, Helen D.--19.4
  • C_______, Charlotte Holmes--see Holmes, Charlotte
  • Caldwell, Otis W. (Otis William), 1869-1947 (The Lincoln School of Teachers College)--6.12
  • Cannan, Gilbert, 1884-1955--6.12, 16.8
  • Carter, Frederick W.--18.2
  • Cary, Elisabeth Luther, 1867-1936--16.8
  • Casey, Thomas F.--6.12
  • Catlin, Ruth--16.8, 18.3
  • Central Christian Advocate (C. B. Spencer)--6.2
  • Central Union Trust Company of New York (E. Cook)--20.3
  • Chalif Normal School of Dancing (Louis H. Chalif)--5.7
  • Chase, Cleveland K.--6.6
  • Chelsea Bookshop (London, England)--1.5
  • Chenyerieze, Andhyar--6.12
  • Children's Book Shop (Chicago, Ill.) (Louise Douglas Hyde)--6.12
  • Chubb, Thomas Caldecot, 1899-1972--16.9
  • Churchill, Minnie L.--18.3 (with Lyndon, B.)
  • City Bank Farmers Trust Company (New York, N.Y.) (R. H. Pettigrew)--1.8
  • Clark, Barrett H.--7.3
  • Clarke, Margaret--22.8
  • Cobden-Sanderson, Anne, 1853-1926--16.9
  • Cobden-Sanderson, Stella--see Speyer, Stella Cobden-Sanderson
  • Coffin, Dorothy Prentice--22.8
  • Cohn, Bertrand W. (Wilson, Gates & Armstrong)--1.5
  • Colgate, Annie A.--22.8
  • Colgate, Florence--see Speranza, Florence Colgate
  • Colorado Springs Post Office (Colorado Springs, Colo.) (Earl E. Ewing)--1.5
  • Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972--16.9
  • Coluzzi, Howard Kretz--see Kretz Coluzzi, Howard
  • Commins, Saxe--7.3
  • Comstock, Elinor--18.5 (with Parry, A.)
  • Conant, Fred Rufus--16.9
  • Consolidation Coal Company (Wilson McGrath)--1.5
  • Content, Marjorie, 1895-1984--4.3
  • Cook, Catherine--16.8 (s), 16.9, 18.5 (s), 18.7 (s)
  • Cook, Dyrus--7.3
  • Cook, Ernest H.--7.3
  • Cook, Fritz (H. W. Trageser & Sons)--23.4
  • Cook, Morton--16.9
  • Cook, William--16.9, 19.3 (s), 22.8, 23.5, 23.5 (s)
  • Cooley, Harlan Ward, 1866-1938--22.8
  • Coomaraswamy, 1877-1947 (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass.)--5.5, 5.7-8
  • Cory, Ella F.--6.2
  • Cory, Herbert E. (Herbert Ellsworth), 1883-1947--6.2
  • Coward-McCann, Inc. (Ernestine Evans)--7.3, 14.1
  • Cowl, Jane, 1884-1950--7.3
  • Cowles, Genevieve, b. 1871--7.3
  • Crafts, Ida F.--7.3
  • Craig, Edward Gordon, 1872-1966--7.3
  • Crawford, M. D. C. (Morris De Camp), 1882-1949 (Women’s Wear Daily)--7.3
  • Crawford, Merritt, 1880-1945--16.9
  • Crawford, Sarah M.--16.9
  • Crisp Randall & Crisp (Firm) (Theodore M. Crisp)--4.3
  • Cromwell, _____--17.2
  • Cromwell, Dorothea Katharine--17.2
  • Cromwell, Esther H.--17.2
  • Cromwell, Gladys, 1885-1919--17.2, 22.8
  • Cromwell, Laurinda--23.5
  • Cromwell, Seymour L., 1871-1925--17.2
  • Crooker, Earle--17.1
  • Crowley, Alice--1.7, 17.1, 23.1 (with Lewisohn, I.)
  • Crowley, Herbert E., 1873-1939--17.1
  • Crump, Elizabeth--17.1
  • Cuala Press (Eileen Colum, Elizabeth C. Yeats)--7.4
  • Culin, Stewart, 1858-1929 (Royal Societies Club)--17.1
  • Curtis Brown Ltd. (Edith Haggard)--12.5
  • Curtis, Marguerite--17.1
  • Cushing, Ada T.--1.5, 6.6
  • Cyprian, Hieromonk--see Hieromonk Cyprian
  • D.B. Taraporevala Sons & Co.--5.7
  • Dabney, Lucy Jane (Sam Houston State Teachers College)--1.5
  • Dashiell, Margaret, 1869-1958 (The Serendipity Shop)--7.3
  • Davidson, Martha W.--7.3
  • Davies, Dr.--19.4
  • Davis, E. C.--7.3
  • Davis, Helen Spaulding (Madden-Davis Specialized Entertainment Service)--5.2
  • Day, Clarence, 1874-1935--7.3
  • Day, Irving M. (J. K. Rice, Jr. & Co.)--1.3
  • De Porte, Joseph Vital, 1889- (New York State College for Teachers Albany)--7.3
  • De Ronde, Henry--17.1
  • DeVinne Press (Henry B. Camp, George A. Hill)--6.4, 6.8
  • De Winton, Caroline E.--22.8
  • Deal, J. H.--22.8
  • Dennett, Mary Ware, 1872-1947--17.1
  • The Dial (Clarence Britten, Gilbert Seldes)--5.7, 7.3
  • Diamond Press (C. A. Diamond)--3.6, 5.6, 6.2, 6.8
  • Dickson, Edward R. (Edward Robert), b. 1880--5.7
  • Dodd, Marion E. (Hampshire Bookshop, Inc.)--7.3
  • Dorn, Marion V.--17.1
  • Dorrance, Anne--1.7
  • Doubleday, Page Book Shops, Inc. (Maria Cressey)--1.5, 2.1
  • Douglas L. Elliman & Co.--19.8
  • Douglas, Minnie Cooley--22.8
  • Dows, Annie O.--1.3, 1.5
  • Dreier, Katherine Sophie, 1877-1952--1.8
  • Du Bois, Cora--1.5
  • Dunster House Bookshop--7.3
  • Dwight, Jessie Richards--see Orage, Jessie
  • E_____, Jean--17.1
  • E.P. Dutton (Firm) (John Macrae)--4.4
  • Eames, Judith B. (Society of American Musicians)--1.7
  • Eccles, David Eccles, viscount, 1904- (The Central Mining & Investment Corporation Limited)--7.5
  • Eccles, Peter--7.5
  • Eddy, Lucius J.--7.3, 16.1
  • Éditions du Rhin (Ivan Goll)--5.6
  • Eidlitz, Robert James, 1864-1935--17.1
  • Einstein, Alice F.--see Van Orden, Alice
  • Emerson, Josephine (Open Air School, 120 East Sixty-Fourth Street)--17.1
  • Emmet, Beulah H.--1.7, 2.1
  • Emmett, Burton, 1871-1935 (Newell-Emmett Company)--2.1
  • Empire Trust Company (E. C. Wilson)--3.7
  • L'Esprit Nouveau--7.3
  • Ethical Culture Schools of New York City--17.1
  • Everhart, Alice--17.1
  • F. Rieder et Cie (L. Bazalgette)--5.6, 5.8
  • Farr, James M. (Christ Church Memorial Buildings)--22.8
  • Ferguson, Charles (The National Arts Club, New York)--17.1, 22.8
  • Fernandez, Alice Barrows--7.3
  • Fernández, Armando--6.2
  • Finch College (Jessica F. Cosgrave)--22.8
  • Fisher, A. Hugh (Alfred Hugh), 1867-1945--22.8
  • Fisk, Earl E.--7.3
  • Flannagan, Margherita--19.4
  • Flock, Louis--17.1
  • Ford, Edward Onslow, 1852-1901--22.8
  • Ford, Mignon Estelle--17.1
  • Ford, Sarah Louise--17.1
  • Foss, Wilson P., d. 1983 (New York Trap Rock Corporation)--19.4
  • Fox, Eugenie Nicholson--7.3
  • Foye, E. S.--23.5
  • France. Bibliothéque et Musée de la Guerre--7.3
  • Frank & Du Bois (Firm) (John W. Becker, Robert B. Brand, Arthur Gubitz, P. L. Hack, R. E. Lloyd, W. J. Maxwell, Robert Roehrig, C. Southard, J. Wensler)--3.1
  • Fry, Roger, 1866-1934 (Omega Workshops Ltd.)--7.3
  • Fuller, W. E. (The Bookshelf)--7.3
  • Furman, Rosalie--18.3 (with Lyndon, B.)
  • G_____, Lydia C.--17.3
  • G_____, Sydney--22.8
  • G.P. Putnam's Sons (Elliott W. Schryver)--12.5
  • Gallizier, Nathan, 1866-1927--7.3
  • Garden Club of Nyack (Erica Davies)--19.4
  • Garrison, E. V.--23.5
  • George Allen & Unwin (Stanley Unwin)--6.2
  • George Bell & Sons (G. H. Aicken?)--6.2
  • George H. Doran Company (John W. Ivins)--1.7
  • Gibbons, Charles--18.7 (with Vance, L.)
  • Gibson, Margaret J.--17.3
  • Glen-Clare Book Shop--7.3
  • Goldsmith, Carlotta--7.3
  • Goll, Ivan, 1891-1950--5.6
  • Gorham Company--22.8
  • Gossman, Ernest--17.3
  • Gottlieb, Isador--7.3
  • Graf, W.--7.3
  • Graham, Margaret Thayer--17.3
  • Greely, Rose, 1887-1969--17.3
  • Green, Edgar--5.8
  • Greenberg, David B. (Greenberg, Publishers, Inc.)--2.1
  • Gregory and Fitch (Firm) (Blanche Gregory)--12.5
  • Gregory, Blanche C.--12.5
  • Grendon, Felix, 1882-1965--7.3
  • Griffing, Anne V. W.--17.3, 18.3 (with Lyndon, B.)
  • Griffiths, Sarfaty & Content (Firm) (Harold A. Content)--3.1, 18.7 (with Vance, L.)
  • Gunn, Mary Wilder--2.5
  • Gunther, Emma H. (Teachers College, Columbia University)--7.3
  • Gurnee, Alice E.--17.3, 22.8
  • Gurnee, Sarah A.--23.4
  • H____, H. W.--17.3
  • Hage, Clara M.--17.3
  • Hale, Philip, 1854-1934--5.7
  • Hall, Alice May--17.3
  • Hall, G. J.--7.3
  • Hamaker, Margaret--17.3
  • Hamill, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest), 1883- --6.6
  • Harcourt, Brace & Howe (D. C. Brace)--7.3
  • Hardiker, W. S.--1.3
  • Hardy, Anton G. (Hodenpyl, Hardy & Co.)--6.6
  • Hardy, J. Harris--22.8
  • Hare, Elizabeth Sage--1.7
  • Harper & Brothers (Elizabeth)--12.5 (with Gregory, B.)
  • Hart, Francis--17.3
  • Harvard University. Press--5.6
  • Haughey, Charlotte--17.3
  • Hawley, James J.--22.8
  • Heald, Louise--17.3
  • Heap, Jane, 1883-1964 (International Exposition New Systems of Architecture)--7.3
  • Henderson, Archibald, 1877-1963--7.3
  • Henry Street Settlement (New York, N.Y.) (Lillian D. Wald)--1.3
  • Hewitt, R. (The Chemists' Club)--22.8
  • Hieromonk Cyprian--17.3
  • Holmes, Charlotte--17.3
  • Holmes, John Haynes, 1879-1964 (The Community Church, New York City)--7.3
  • Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1841-1935--7.3
  • Holt, Constance--17.3, 19.4
  • Holt, George C., Mrs.--see Holt, Mary B.
  • Holt, Hamilton, 1872-1951 (The Independent)--7.3
  • Holt, Mary B.--17.3
  • Hoopes, Emily (The Locust Street Book Shop)--7.3
  • Horgan Margis & Co.--23.4
  • Horgan, Andrew J. (Forrester Construction Co.)--17.4, 22.8, 23.5
  • Horgan, Harry, d. 1918--17.3
  • Horgan, Lucy Birnie, 1881-1968--17.3
  • Houghton Mifflin Company (F____ Greenly?, B. H. Ticknor)--1.7, 7.3
  • The House Beautiful (Ethel B. Power)--17.5
  • Hoyt, Deristha L. (Deristha Levinte)--17.5
  • Hoyt, Helen--7.10
  • Hoyt, Merrydelle--22.8
  • Huggins, Estelle Huntington, b. 1870--17.5
  • Hughes, J. P. (Romano-Americana, Bucharest)--7.3
  • Hult, John--19.4
  • Hunt, Esther Anna, 1875-1951--17.4 (with Horgan, A.), 17.5, 22.8
  • Husted, Katharine--17.5, 23.4
  • The Independent (New York, N.Y.) (Edwin E. Slosson)--22.8
  • J.J. Little and Ives Company ([illegible] Doscher, L. T. Scofield)--5.6
  • J_______, M. C.--17.5
  • J. Walter Thompson Company (Margaret Cribben)--1.3, 2.5
  • Jacks, L. P. (Lawrence Pearsall), 1860-1955--5.7
  • James T. White & Company (New York, N.Y.)--23.1
  • Jenison, Madge, 1874-1960--1.7-8, 18.1, 23.5
  • Jenison, Nancy Blanche, 1876-1960--18.1
  • John Howell Books (San Francisco, Calif.)--1.7
  • John Lane Company (W. H. de B. Nelson)--6.8
  • John W. Graham & Co. (Spokane, Wash.)--2.1
  • Johnson, Laura--6.6
  • Jones, Joseph Levering, 1851-1920--17.5
  • Jones, Llewellyn, 1884-1961 (The Chicago Evening Post)--7.3
  • Josephson, Aksel G. S. (Aksel Gustav Salomon), 1860-1944--5.7
  • The Journal of Philosophy Psychology and Scientific Methods (Edith G. Taber)--6.2
  • Juers, Grace--17.5
  • Junior Order United American Mechanics. Garrisonville Council No. 160 (Garrisonville, Va.)--23.5 (with Garrison, E.)
  • K_______, Lilian H.--17.5
  • Kauffer, E. McKnight (Edward McKnight), 1883-1954--17.5
  • Kaufman, W. H.--7.6
  • Kavanagh, William J.--7.6
  • Kawashima, Alberta--7.6 (with Kawashima, R.)
  • Kawashima, Ruchiro--7.6
  • Kelley, Hank B.--17.5
  • Kelley, Leon--17.5
  • Kelley, Nicholas--1.8
  • Kellogg, George Sawyer--17.5
  • Kellogg, Spencer (Aries Book Shop)--7.6
  • Kellogg, Susanna Mead--17.5, 23.4
  • Kelly, Anna R. (Learners' Club, Brownsville, Texas)--7.6
  • Kennedy, Charles Rann, 1871- --17.5
  • Kennedy, Edith Wynne--see Matthison, Edith Wynne, 1875-1955
  • Kevorkian Inc. (Kurt Havian)--7.6
  • Kimball, Elizabeth C.--7.6
  • Kin, Yamu--7.6
  • King, C. Daly, 1895-1963--1.8, 17.5
  • Kinoshita, Y. (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass.)--5.7
  • Kinsey, Frank Wilmarth--17.5
  • Kitson, Arthur, 1860-1937 (The Kitson-Empire Lighting Co. Ltd.)--17.5, 18.2
  • Kitson, Elinor--18.2
  • Kitson, Gertrude--18.2
  • Kitson, Marjorie--18.2
  • Kitson, Mary--23.4
  • Kline, John K. (Green Bay Press-Gazette)--7.6
  • Knapp, Constance--17.5
  • Knapp, H. D.--23.5 (s)
  • Kohn, Laura Underhill (Parents and Teachers Conference of the Ethical Culture School)--17.5
  • Komisarjevsky, Theodore, 1882-1954 (The Theatre Guild)--17.5
  • Kranig, Richard--19.4
  • Kretz Coluzzi, Howard--17.5
  • Kreymborg, Alfred, 1883-1966--7.6
  • Kuttner, Alfred B. (Alfred Booth), b. 1886--7.6
  • Lamont, Florence Corliss, 1872-1952--7.6
  • Lane, William C. (Harvard College Library)--7.6
  • Lankes, Julius J., 1884-1960--15.5
  • Launder Bookbindery (A. W. Launder)--2.1
  • Lazarovich-Hrebelianovich, Princess (Eleanor Hulda Calhoun), 1864?-1957--1.7
  • Leopold, Marie--23.4
  • Lewis, Sallie H.--23.1
  • Lewisohn, Alice--see Crowley, Alice
  • Lewisohn, Irene, d. 1944--18.3, 23.1
  • Lewisohn, Lillie--18.3
  • Library of Congress. Copyright Office--5.6
  • Lindsay, Vachel, 1879-1931--18.3
  • Lingafelt, Georgie--1.5
  • Litchfield, Donald (Militia and Defence, Canada)--7.6
  • Literary Review (Priscilla C. Crane)--1.5
  • Little, Brown & Company (John A. S. Cushman)--12.5 (with Gregory, B.)
  • Littlehales, Lillian--18.3
  • Loeb, Harold, 1891-1974--5.8
  • Loeb, Marjorie Content--see Content, Marjorie, 1895-1984
  • Loeb, Mary Frank--4.3
  • The London Mercury (J. C. Squire)--7.6
  • Longmans, Green & Co. (Frank E. Hill)--14.1
  • Lotus Library (Firm)--6.12 (with Allan, H.)
  • Love, Maud Elizabeth, 1865-1949--7.6
  • Lowenstein, Malcolm--7.6
  • Lutz, Caroline S. (Millikin University)--7.7
  • Lyndon, Bertha--18.3, 23.1
  • M_____, Helen--18.3
  • MCA Artists, Ltd. (Gilbert Parker)--22.7
  • M. Morgenthau Jr. Company--19.8
  • Mac, 1869-1958--7.4
  • McCall, Ruth--1.7, 18.3
  • McCall, Samuel W. (Samuel Walker), 1851-1923--18.3
  • McCandless, Roberta T.--1.7
  • McCormick, Ada P.--7.6
  • McCoy, J. C.--18.3
  • Macdermott, Norman (The Everyman Theatre Ltd.)--7.6
  • MacDonald, Anne Sprague--6.4
  • MacDougall, Duncan (Duncan MacDougall and his Barn Players)--18.3
  • McGovern, Mary--23.5
  • McIntosh and Otis, Inc. (Elizabeth R. Otis)--12.5
  • McLaughlin, Mary E.--23.1
  • Macmillan Company (Henry G. Allen, R. Lowrie?, Anne L. Lucas, Cecil Scott, Carol H. Woodward)--1.7, 2.1, 7.6-7, 12.5
  • Macnie, Isa M.--see Mac, 1869-1958
  • Mairs, Joanna La Tourette--23.1
  • Mairs, Kate E.--23.1
  • Makepeace, William D.--6.6
  • The Mantle Tile and Grate Monthly--6.2
  • Maqueston, E. G. (General Lead Batteries Company)--16.8 (with Cannan, G.)
  • Maryland Casualty Company (S. A. Maglathlin)--3.1
  • The Mask--7.6
  • Matthison, Edith Wynne, 1875-1955--23.1
  • Maurice Inman, Inc.--2..1
  • Medallic Art Company--23.1
  • Méndez, Albert Alexander (Miranda Sugar Company)--18.3
  • The Mentor (Ruth W. Thompson)--23.5
  • Meserve, Frederick Hill, 1865-1962--23.1
  • Methodist Federation for Social Service (U.S.) (Harry F. Ward)--6.2
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art--18.3
  • Meynell, Everard, 1882-1926--7.6
  • Millay, Norma--19.4
  • Miller, Nellie Burget, 1875-1952 (General Federation of Women’s Clubs)--7.6
  • Miller, Wharton (Union College)--7.6
  • Mithertz, John--3.6
  • Mohan, Herbert--6.6
  • Mond, Gwen--18.3
  • Moore, Edward C., Mrs.--6.6
  • Morgan, Elise Nevins, 1876-1954--6.5
  • Morgenthau, Rita Wallach (The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre)--19.4
  • Morley, Christopher, 1890-1957--18.3
  • Morrill, Edward (S. Morrill & Sons)--6.6
  • Morris, May, 1862-1938--18.3, 23.1
  • Morse, Margaret--18.3
  • Moschcowitz, Paul--18.3, 23.1
  • Mowbray-Clarke, Hester--23.5
  • Mowbray-Clarke, John Bothwell--19.4, 23.4
  • Mowbray-Clarke, John Frederick, 1869-1953--18.4, 23.2
  • Much, S.--18.3
  • Mulet, Ethel--18.3
  • Murphy, Cecil Buller--18.3
  • Murray, Amy, 1865- --7.10, 18.3
  • Mussey, Henry Raymond, 1875-1940 (Columbia University)--23.1
  • Myers, Ethel--18.3, 23.1 (with Myers, J.)
  • Myers, Jerome, 1867-1940--23.1
  • The Nation (Carl Van Doren)--6.8
  • National Arts Club (New York, N.Y.) (Harold Howland)--7.6
  • National Woman's Party (Nina E. Allender, Mabel Vernon)--7.6
  • Neale, Fanny C. (Comstock School)--18.3
  • Neighborhood Playhouse (Helen Arthur)--6.4
  • Nevinson, C. R. W. (Christopher Richard Wynne), 1889-1946 (Frederick Keppel & Co.)
  • --18.3
  • New Age Press--7.6
  • The New Republic (Francis Hackett, Philip Littell)--5.7, 6.2
  • New York (State). Corporation Tax Bureau (N. W. Canfield)--3.4
  • New York City Post Office (New York, N.Y) (John J. Kiely)--2.1
  • New York Herald Tribune (Marie M. Meloney)--25.3
  • Newberry, John Strong, b. 1883--7.6
  • Nicholl, Louise Townsend--12.5
  • Nonesuch Press (Vera Mendel)--6.6
  • Nott, Stanley Charles, 1902- --5.6, 6.6
  • Odell, Maude S. (Wayfarer's Book Shop)--7.6
  • O'Neil, M. F. (Mike F.)--18.3
  • Open Air School (New York, N.Y.)--see Emerson, Josephine; Wilhelm, Leila Maude
  • Orage, Jessie--1.8
  • Osborne, Mary H.--18.3
  • Paddock?, _____--23.1
  • Palisades Interstate Park Commission (A. K. Morgan)--19.4
  • Palmer, Alice Smedley (Friends Seminary)--7.6
  • Palmer, H. Cecil--6.6
  • Paris, William Francklyn--23.1
  • Parry, Angenette--18.5, 23.4
  • Past, [illegible] E.--16.8 (with Armour, M.)
  • Patching, Isobel--18.5
  • Peacock, Emily F. (Middletown Book Shop)--7.9
  • Pearson, C. D.--1.7
  • Pearson, Edmund Lester, 1880-1937--5.7
  • Peavey, Leroy D.--17.5
  • Peck, Dorothy--7.6
  • Penty, Arthur J. (Arthur Joseph), 1875-1937--5.8, 7.6
  • Penty, Violet Leonard Pike--7.6
  • Pepler, H. D. C. (Hilary Douglas Clark), 1878-1951 (S. Dominic’s Press)--7.6
  • Peters, Julia--18.5
  • Peters, Rollo (Harvard Club of Boston)--18.5, 23.1
  • Phoenix Book Shop (Ralph Allen)--1.7
  • Pitt & Scott, Inc.--7.6
  • Political Science Quarterly (R. L. Schuyler)--6.7
  • Pomona Post Office (Pomona, N.Y.) (John E. Brown)--1.5, 2.1
  • Pontin, Marie Juliette Everett, 1873- --18.5
  • Poor, Henry Varnum, 1887-1970--5.4
  • Pound, Ezra, 1885-1972--6.8
  • Powell, Lawrence Fitzroy, 1881-1975 (The University of Wisconsin)--6.6
  • Presby, Charlotte S.--18.5
  • Quinn, John--7.6
  • R.R. Bowker Company (J. A. Moldar)--7.6
  • R_____, Paul--18.5
  • R_____, W. C.--23.1
  • Randall Wells, Mary--23.5
  • La Revue de France (V. Larbaud)--7.6
  • Reed, Annie R.--18.5
  • Reed, Frederick N.--18.5
  • Reed, Grace Holt--18.6, 23.1
  • Reiger, Henry--23.1
  • Rhind, J. Massey (John Massey), b. 1858--23.5
  • Rhoades, Theadora--7.6
  • Rice, Adams Thurber--1.5
  • Richardson, Ethel (State of California Department of Education)--8.1
  • Rizzi, Giuseppe--8.1
  • Rodgers & Carr, Inc. (J. E. Duffy, H. P. Wood)--3.1
  • Rolland, Madeleine, 1872-1960--5.7
  • Rolland, Romain, 1866-1944--5.7
  • Roman Bronze Works Foundry--23.1
  • Root, Winifred--18.5
  • Roquefort, Farina de--23.5
  • Rosenberg, Max L. (Rosenberg Bros. & Co.)--1.7, 8.1
  • Ross, Nancy Wilson, 1901-1986--22.7
  • Rothermere, Mary Lilian Share Harmsworth, viscontess, d. 1937--8.1
  • Royal Academy of Music (London, England : 1822-) (F. Davenport, John Gill, Walter Macfarren, A. C. Mackenzie)--22.8 (with Boyce, E.)
  • Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (J. G. Frazer, R. W. Frazer)--5.6
  • Royce, Lucy Atwater (The Bandbox Shop)--8.1
  • Rudge, William Edwin, 1876-1931 (Printing House of William Edwin Rudge)--2.1
  • S_______, J.--18.7
  • S. Miller (Firm)--2.5
  • St. Martin's Press (Daryn Kent)--12.5
  • Satterlee and Canfield (Firm)--1.5
  • Saturday Review (Henry S. Canby)--8.1
  • Schorer, Eleanor (The Evening World’s “Kiddie Klub”)--18.7
  • Scott, Mildred Minturn--8.1
  • Scribner's Magazine (Alfred S. Dashiell)--25.3
  • Scuola d'Industrie Italiane--18.7
  • Seager, Henry R. (Henry Rogers), 1870-1930--23.1
  • Seaman, Norma--8.1
  • Seckler, Dorothy Gees, 1910- (Archives of American Art)--23.5
  • Shay, Frank, 1888-1954--8.1
  • Short, Florence, 1889-1946--18.7
  • Shostac, Nancy--18.7
  • Shrady, Harrie Moore--23.1
  • Shrady, Henry Merwin, 1871-1922--23.1
  • Simon and Schuster, Inc. (Richard L. Simon)--14.1
  • Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. Ltd.--5.6
  • Singer?, H.--8.1
  • Smith, Helen Raymond--8.1
  • Smith, L. Goodrich--18.7
  • Snyder, John T. (Ingalls & Snyder)--6.6
  • Solomon, Solomon J. (Solomon Joseph), 1860-1927--23.2
  • Sp_____, Carl--8.1
  • Sparkes, John C. L. (John Charles Lewis) (The Lodge, Marlborough College)--23.2
  • Speakman, Horace B. (University of Toronto)--1.5
  • Speck, William A. (William Alfred), 1864-1928 (Speck Brothers, Haverstraw, N.Y.)--18.7, 23.2
  • Speranza, Florence Colgate--23.2, 23.5
  • Speyer, Stella Cobden-Sanderson--18.7, 23.5
  • Spingarn, Amy Einstein, 1883- --1.7-8, 5.7, 18.7
  • Spingarn, Joel Elias, 1875-1939--1.7, 18.7, 23.2
  • Sprague-Smith, Isabella D.--1.5
  • Stark, William E. (Cochran Chair Company)--8.1
  • Sturge, Anna--8.1
  • Sturt, Bessie--19.4
  • Sturt, Margaret--17.1 (s)
  • Sturt, Vera--16.8 (s), 18.7
  • Suffern, Dorothy M. (The Plainfield Book Shop)--8.1
  • The Survey (Mary Chamberlain)--6.2
  • Swartout, Norman Lee--8.1
  • Tagore, Rabindranath, 1861-1941--8.1
  • Taylor, A. Ernest--23.2
  • Taylor, Clara Sidney--18.7, 23.2
  • Taylor, Martha Morgan (The Chaucer Head)--1.7, 3.7, 18.7
  • Teggert, Frederick John, 1870-1946--8.1
  • Theatre Arts Magazine (Edith J. R. Isaacs, Kenneth Macgowan)--5.2
  • The Theatre Magazine (Paul Meyer)--18.7
  • Their Book Shop (Colorado Springs, Colo.)--6.6
  • Thiste?, Margaret--2.1
  • Tod, Alice--18.7
  • Today, an independent journal of public affairs (Grace Waite)--25.3
  • Toffler, M.--23.2
  • Toner, Ellen M.--1.5
  • Tracy, Ellen--18.7
  • Trausil, Hans, 1890- --6.9
  • Trifiletti, Elisabeth--18.7
  • Tuttle, Donald S.--6.6
  • United States. Internal Revenue Service. Office of Collection (Charles W. Anderson)--8.1
  • United States. Office of Internal Revenue (E. H. Batson, F. Guderian)--3.4
  • United States. Treasury Dept. Office of the Collector--5.6, 9.1
  • University of Bombay. Dept. of Sociology & Civics--8.1
  • University of Chicago. Press--7.5
  • Vail, Laurence, 1891-1968--8.1
  • Vaillant, Louis David--23.2
  • Van Cortlandt, Katherine--1.7
  • Van Orden, Alice Einstein--1.7-8, 8.1, 18.7, 23.2
  • Vance, Louis Joseph, 1879-1933--18.7
  • Viking Press (B. W. Huebsch, Keith W. Jennison)--12.5, 14.1
  • Vitale, Zaira (Biblioteca Comunale Alessandria)--8.1
  • Vogel, Lillie--see Lewisohn, Lillie
  • Von Nagy, Amelie--17.1, 18.7, 23.4
  • Walker, Sophia A. (National Arts Club)--1.8, 19.1, 23.2
  • Walsh, Thomas, 1875-1928--6.8 (s)
  • Walter M. Hill (Firm)--1.7
  • Walton, G. M. (Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti)--8.1
  • Walton, Harriet--23.2
  • Ware, Alice Holdship--8.1
  • Warren, Whitney, 1864-1943 (Warren and Wetmore)--23.2
  • Wasson, R. G. (New York Herald Tribune)--1.5
  • Weber, John A. (Tice & Lynch, Inc.)--8.1
  • Weiss & Weiss (Firm)--2.1
  • Wells, Mary--18.2
  • Whitaker, Charles Harris, 1872-1938 (The Journal of the American Institute of Architects)--8.1
  • Whitall, William Van R.--8.1
  • White, Clarence H., 1871-1925--19.1
  • White, Ethelbert, 1891-1972--8.1
  • White, Mary (Turkey Hill Book Shop)--8.1
  • Whitlock's Book Store (C. E. Beyer)--6.6
  • Wiggins, Elizabeth A. J.--8.1
  • Wilder, Walter Robb (Wilder and White Architects)--19.1, 19.8, 23.2
  • Wilhelm, Leila Maude (Open Air School, 119 East Fortieth Street)--20.4
  • Wilkinson, Edith L.--8.1
  • Willard, Mary Bannister, b. 1841--5.2, 19.1
  • William Morrow and Company (Frances Phillips)--14.1
  • Williams & Norgate--6.2
  • Williams, Gladys--8.1
  • Williams, Michael--8.1
  • Wilson, May, 1905-1986--23.5
  • Winter, Mahlon Adolphus (The M. A. Winter Co.)--23.2
  • Winterrowd, W. H.--6.6
  • Wohlfert, Augusta--19.1
  • Wolff, Dorothy Sybil, 1890-1968 (Bryn Mawr College)--19.1
  • Wolff, Nat S.--23.2
  • Women's City Club of New York (Ida Blair)--19.1
  • Wood, Beatrice--19.2, 23.3
  • Wood, C. E. S. (Charles Erskine Scott), 1852-1944 (Wood, Montague & Hunt)--8.1
  • Wood, Caroline--23.5
  • Woodbury, Margaret Reed--19.4
  • The World Tomorrow (Norman Thomas)--6.2
  • Worsley, A.--5.7
  • Wyman, Loraine--8.1
  • Wynne Jones, Margaret, 1894-1957--19.1
  • Yeats, Elizabeth Corbet, 1868-1940--see Cuala Press
  • Zeeman, Ennie--8.1
  • _____Allan (Army and Navy Young Men's Christian Association)--8.1
  • _____Annie [cousin of Amy Murray]--18.3 (with Murray, A.)
  • _____Billie, of Ridgefield, Conn., 1912--19.3
  • _____Byron and Elena--22.7
  • _____Charlotte--23.4
  • _____Clair--23.4
  • _____Colm--see John
  • _____Cookie, 1920--2.5
  • _____E., art student, 1905--23.2
  • _____Endo, of Tokyo, 1920--19.3
  • _____Flossie, 1907--19.3
  • _____Frances--22.7
  • _____Frank, of New York--23.2
  • _____Harry, [The Sunwise Turn employee?], 1927--8.1
  • _____Hélène, of Newtonville, Mass., 1912--23.5
  • _____Irving's mother--17.5, 23.4
  • _____Jessie, local friend, 1960--19.4
  • _____John (or Colm), c. 1906--19.3
  • _____L. J. [surname illegible, ending in "--cott,"], of Parkstone, Dorset, 1890--23.2
  • _____Lee & Harry--19.3
  • _____Leo, of Knob Hill Farm, Honesdale, Pa. 1912--23.5
  • _____Little Wolf, actor, 1911--19.3
  • _____Lucy, of Fort Leavenworth, 1908--19.3
  • _____Lucy, on tour in Italy and England, 1909-10--19.3, 23.2
  • _____Margaret, of Tacoma, Wash.--22.7
  • _____Margaret [Sturt?]--19.3
  • _____Maude, of Chicago--22.7
  • _____May, c. 1906--23.2
  • _____Nellie, of Boston 1907 and England c. 1916--19.3
  • _____Peggy, of The Meadows, Halifax, Mass., 1914--19.3
  • _____Roger, of New York, 1929 on behalf of John Leo Jr.--23.5
  • _____Shirley, of New York, sister of Morris, 1922--19.3
  • _____Virginia, of New York, 1912--23.4

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Index of Artists

  • Adams, John Wolcott, 1874-1925--2.7, 16.3
  • Anderson, Ellen Graham--2.3
  • Chase, William Merritt, 1849-1916--16.3
  • Cropsey, Carrie L.--16.4
  • Dan[iels?], F. [Frank?]--16.3
  • DeWitte, Ysabel--2.3
  • French, Carroll--32.5
  • H____, J. J.--16.3, 32.5
  • Harris, Ruth Green--2.3
  • Horgan, Andrew J.--16.3, 32.2
  • Kent, Rockwell, 1882-1971--2.3
  • Kretz Coluzzi, Howard--17.5
  • Mowbray-Clarke, John Frederick, 1869-1953--16.3, 24.7, osf
  • Mowbray-Clarke, Mary Horgan, 1874-1962--16.3, 16.6, 31.1-4, 32.6
  • Murphy, Cecil Buller--18.3
  • Myers, Jerome, 1867-1940--23.1, 32.1
  • Peters, Rollo--16.3, 18.5
  • Soto, Rafael M. de, 1904- --16.5
  • Soule, William S. (William Stinson), 1836-1908--21.7
  • Stone, Pauline--2.3

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