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Dvorah Telushkin:

An Inventory of Her Collection of Isaac Bashevis Singer Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Telushkin, Dvorah, 1954-
Title: Dvorah Telushkin Collection of Isaac Bashevis Singer Papers
Dates: 1951-1998
Abstract: Dvorah Telushkin’s Isaac Bashevis Singer materials date from 1951 to 1998 and include Singer's manuscripts; clippings and tearsheets of his published work; galley proofs, reviews, and correspondence; clippings of articles about Singer; royalty statements, lecture contracts, and receipts; one contact sheet; an award program; notes; and works by other authors.
RLIN Record ID: TXRC06-A24
Extent: 7 boxes, 2 galley folders (2.94 linear feet)
Language: English, Yiddish, Hebrew
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

Dvorah Telushkin was born February 12, 1954, in Brooklyn, New York. She attended the Yeshivah of Flatbush and studied at Bard College and Columbia University. Telushkin met author Isaac Bashevis Singer in 1975, when she was twenty-one years old and unable to afford the cost of a creative writing course that Singer was teaching at Bard College. She wrote to Singer, offering to drive him between Manhattan and the college in return for auditing the class. This led to a position as his personal secretary and assistant that lasted for twelve years.

Telushkin’s first marriage was to photojournalist Abraham Menashe, with whom she has one daughter. She married Rabbi Joseph Telushkin in 1988; they have three children and currently reside in New York. Telushkin, who studied Yiddish at Columbia University, has translated short stories by Singer and other Yiddish writers, and she also performs at storytelling festivals.

Telushkin wrote about her years with Singer in a memoir, Master of Dreams (1998).

Scope and Contents

Dvorah Telushkin’s Isaac Bashevis Singer materials date from 1951 to 1998 and include Singer's manuscripts, clippings and tearsheets of his published work, galley proofs, reviews, and correspondence, as well as clippings of articles about Singer, royalty statements, lecture contracts, receipts, one contact sheet, an award program, notes, and works by other authors. The materials are in seven series: I. Works by Singer, 1958-1989, undated; II. Correspondence, 1951, 1965-1988; III. Financial and Legal Papers, 1972-1986; Series IV. Photographs and Works of Art, 1980, undated; Series V. Personal Files, 1981-1992, undated; Series VI. Works about Singer and His Work, 1973-1998, undated; and Series VII. Works by Other Authors, 1959-1991, undated.

Singer’s works are arranged alphabetically by their English titles. Manuscripts are in English unless described otherwise in the following folder list. Notable manuscripts include Yiddish handwritten fragments and a corrected typescript of The King of the Fields, typescript fragments of The Lost Tribe, and corrected typescript pages of Shosha. Most of Singer’s fiction was first published in the Yiddish newspaper The Jewish Daily Forward (Forverts), and many clippings of the published texts are present. Many of the manuscripts have corrections by Singer, Telushkin, and Singer’s editor, Rachel MacKenzie.

Correspondence includes fan mail, general correspondence, and letters requesting lecture appearances, permissions for publication, and theatrical rights. The correspondence primarily consists of incoming letters, with a few of Singer’s replies, usually drafts written by Telushkin. Among the correspondents are Singer’s nephew Maurice Carr, Henry Miller, and Lottie Robins. A complete list of correspondents may be found in the Index of Correspondents at the end of this inventory.

Financial and legal papers include royalty statements, contracts for lecture appearances, and receipts. An undated contact sheet shows Singer signing books, and an ink drawing of Singer is by Muriel Schmalberg Ullman. Among Singer’s personal files are materials relating to the Compostela Award, clippings regarding a variety of topics, and miscellaneous notes by Singer and Telushkin. Works about Singer and his work include clippings and tearsheets, bibliographies, and typescripts by Richard Burgin, Yaakkov Jacobs, and others.

Works by other authors include photocopy proofs of Lawrence Kushner’s The Book of Letters, a typescript of "A Planet in Exile" by Chaim Potok, various clippings and tearsheets of essays by Lottie Robins, and other materials.



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Index Terms

Miller, Henry, 1891-1980.
Robins, Lottie.
Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991.
Authors, American.
Authors, Yiddish.
Jewish authors.
Short stories, Jewish.
Document Types
Galley proofs.

Related Material

Other manuscripts relating to I. B. Singer at the Ransom Center may be found in the Isaac Bashevis Singer archive as well as in the papers of Joann Biondi, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Paul Kresh, Elizabeth Shub, and Gordon Weel. Artwork by Sylvia Ary, including a portrait of Singer and her illustrations for some of his short stories, are housed in the Center’s Art Collection.

Separated Material

Framed artwork by Mischa Kallis and Zvi Ehrman has been transferred to the Ransom Center’s Art Collection. An issue of Yiddish devoted to Singer has been cataloged separately with the Center’s book and serials holdings.

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Gift, 2002 (G 12122)

Processed by:

Katherine Mosley, 2006


Dvorah Telushkin; B’nai B’rith International Speaker Biographies,; and interview by Ron Hogan,

Container List

Series I. Works by Singer, 1958-1989, undated

Box Folder
1 "The Accuser and the Accused" (Der bashuldiker un der bashuldikter)
1 Jewish Daily Forward text, Aug. 1983
2 Corrected typescript fragment, undated
3 "Are Children the Ultimate Literary Critics?" ("Children: The Unsung Philosophers"), clippings, 1972
4 ["At the Poorhouse"], Jewish Daily Forward text, 8 Feb. 1959
5 "The Betrayer of Israel" (Der oykher Yisroel), corrected typescript
6 "The Bishop’s Robe" (Dray in a tsimer) (Three in a Room), Jewish Daily Forward text, Nov. 1972
7 "Burial at Sea," translation by Dvorah Menashe, New Yorker tearsheets, undated
8 "The Bus" (Der oytobus), translation by Joseph Singer, photocopy New Yorker tearsheets, marked up for inclusion in Old Love
9 "The Cabbala and Modern Man," typescript page re. creativity
10 The Certificate (Der sertifikat), Jewish Daily Forward serialization clipping, 1967
"Children: The Unsung Philosophers"--see "Are Children the Ultimate Literary Critics?"
11 The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer, review clippings, 1982
12 "Confused" (Tsemisht), corrected typescript
"The Copy" (Di kopye)--see "The Plagiarist"
13 "A Day in Jerusalem" (A tog in Yerushalayim), Jewish Daily Forward text, Oct. 1972
14 The Death of Methuselah and Other Stories, photocopy of special message to [Franklin Library] subscribers
15 "Disguised," translation by Dvorah Menashe, two sets of New Yorker galley proofs; New Yorker tearsheets, 1986
16 "Eight Days of Passover" (Akht tog Pesah), Jewish Daily Forward serialization clippings, 1985-1986
17 Enemies: A Love Story (Sonim: di geshikhte fun a libe), Jewish Daily Forward serialization clippings, 1966
18 "The Enemy" (Der soyne), typescript fragment
19 "Errors" (Grayzen), Jewish Daily Forward text, 1972
The Family Moskat (Di familye Mushkat)
20 Typescript translation of chapter 65 by Joseph Landis, 1986
21 German review clippings and transcript, 1984
22 "From the Old and New Home" (Fun der alter un nayer heym), Jewish Daily Forward text, Jan.-Oct. 1964
23 "Getzel the Monkey" (Getsl malpe), Jewish Daily Forward text, Sept.-Oct. 1985
24 "A Gift" (A matone), corrected typescript of translation by Joseph Singer, titled "The Gift"
The Golem (Der goylem)
* Corrected galley proofs, 1982 (*galley files)
25 Review clippings, 1983
26 "The Great Disaster and the Rise of Chelm" (Der groyser zets un di antshtehung fun Khelm), Jewish Daily Forward text, with handwritten corrections, 11 Oct. 1966
27 "Hanka," translation by Singer and Blanche and Joseph Nevel, Twilight Zone tearsheets. With article and interview by Isidore Haiblum
28 "Hershele & Hanukkah," corrected typescript fragments, titled "Hershele and Chanukkah"
29 "The House" (Dos hoyz), Jewish Daily Forward text, Aug. 1985
30 "The House Friend" (Der hoyzfraynd), corrected galley proof fragment, 1985
31 The Image and Other Stories, review clippings, 1985
"The Impresario"
32 Corrected typescript
33 Corrected photocopy Harper's galley proofs, 1986
34 In My Father’s Court, typescripts, some with corrections, of stories "A Day of Pleasures,""The Dispensation,""A Gruesome Question,""The Laundress,""The Purim Gift,""Reb Chayim Gorshkover,""A Sacrifice,""Traitl," and "The Will"
["In the Poorhouse" (In hegdesh)]--see "At the Poorhouse"
35 "The Interview" (Der intervyn) [published in The Image], photocopy corrected typescript fragment; corrected typescript fragments
Box Folder
2 1 "Isaac Bashevis Singer on A Crown of Feathers," typescript
2 "Itele and Bentse" (Itele un Bentse), Jewish Daily Forward text, Sept. 1972
3 "Khazkele, Raytsele and Blind Itshe" (Khazkele, Raytsele un der blinder Itshe), photocopy corrected typescript, with additional corrections [by Rachel MacKenzie], titled "Red Reitzeleh, Chazkaleh, and Blind Itche"
The King of the Fields (Der kenig fun di felder)
4 Photocopy Yiddish handwritten fragments
5-7 "Rachel [MacKenzie]’s Editing," corrected typescript, with additional corrections [by MacKenzie]
"Loshikl"--see "Khazkele, Raytsele and Blind Itshe"
The Lost Tribe (Der farloyrene sheyvet)
8 Jewish Daily Forward serialization clippings, 1975
9-10 Typescript fragments, undated
Box Folder
3 1-2 Typescript fragments (continued)
3 Love and Exile, review clipping, 1985
4 "Menashe & Rachel," photocopy corrected typescript
5 "The Mistake" (Der toes), photocopy corrected typescript
6 "Moon and Madness," photocopy corrected typescript fragment
"Motele the Apprentice" (Motele dos lern-ingl)--see "Motele the Tailor’s Apprentice"
7 "Motele the Tailor’s Apprentice, or The Terrible Secrets" (Motele dos shnayder-gerd oder di shocklikhe soydes), Jewish Daily Forward text, April 1967
8 My Love Affair with Miami Beach, typescript, typescript of proposed dust jacket copy, photocopy Sunshine tearsheets, 1989
9 "A Nest Egg for Paradise" (A knipl oylem habe), Jewish Daily Forward text, 1984
10 Nobel Lecture, typesetting copy for publication, including English and Yiddish text of lecture, "The Work of Isaac Bashevis Singer" by Lars Gyllensten, and "Why I Write for Children"
"Not for the Sabbath" (Nisht far Shabes)
11 Corrected typescript
12 Corrected typescript fragments
13 "The Oak Tree" (Der demb), Jewish Daily Forward text, Sept. 1972
* Old Love [collected stories], corrected galley proofs (*galley files)
14 "The Parrot" (Der popugay), Jewish Daily Forward text, Aug.-Sept. 1985
15 The Penitent (Der bal-tshuve), review, 1983
16-18 "People on My Way" (Menshen oyf mayn veg), Jewish Daily Forward text, 1958-1960
19 "The Plagiarist,"Jewish Daily Forward text, Oct.-Nov. 1985, titled "Di kopye" (The Copy)
20 "Pleasure and Trouble from a Daughter Near Us in South America" (Nakhes un tsores fun tekhter bay undz in Dorem-Amerike), Jewish Daily Forward text, 2 Jan. 1958
21 "The Power of Darkness" (Der koyeh fun finsternish), corrected typescript
"Powers" (Koyhes)
22 Jewish Daily Forward text, 1966
23 Translation by Singer and Dorothea Straus, tearsheets
24 "Problems of Yiddish Prose in America (1943)" (Problemen fun der Yidisher proze in Amerike), proofs of translation by Robert H. Wolf, 1988
Box Folder
4 1 Rebels (Di buntarn), Jewish Daily Forward serialization clippings, April 1973
2 "The Recluse," translation by Dvorah Menashe published in The New Yorker and The Death of Methuselah, New Yorker galley fragment and tearsheets, 1986
3 "The Reencounter," corrected typescript fragment and handwritten fragment in unidentified hand
4 The Road Home (Der veg aheym) Jewish Daily Forward serialization clippings, 1984-1985
"The Runners" (Di loyfers)--see "The Runners to Nowhere"
5 "The Runners to Nowhere,"Jewish Daily Forward text, Nov.-Dec. 1983
6 Jewish Daily Forward serialization clipping, as Shoym (Foam), 3 June 1967
7 Notebook with handwritten summary of installments in unidentified hand, titled Shoym (Foam). With list of 'early stories,' also in unidentified hand.
* Notebook with handwritten summary of installments in unidentified hand (*in The Secret notebook, folder 4.10)
8 Typescript fragment of translation by Sonia Pinkusowitz
The Secret (Der sod)
9 Jewish Daily Forward serialization clippings, 1986-1987
10 Notebook with handwritten summary of Aug-Nov. 1986 installments, in unidentified hand. With handwritten proposal [by Telushkin] for a collection of essays by Singer
11 Shadows on the Hudson, corrected typescript fragments
12 "Shamai and Dobe" (Shamai un Dobe), Jewish Daily Forward text, 1968
13-14 Translation by Nili Wachtel, 'original translation with Yiddish title "Farloirene Neshomes" (Lost Souls),' photocopy of typescript with corrections and handwritten insert pages by Singer, pp. 1-241
15 Typescript pages 344-457 and 458-502
Box Folder
5 1 'p. 432 – 2 versions,' corrected typescript Pages
2 'Rachel [MacKenzie] to Review,' corrected typescript pages. With handwritten notes [by MacKenzie] and with a doodle by Singer on back of a Jewish Center Lecture Bureau remittance statement, 1966
3-4 'Rachel [MacKenzie]'s Editing,' corrected typescript fragments, with handwritten page inserts by Singer
Stories for Children
5 Typescript of Author’s Note, typesetting copy
6 Review clippings, 1985
7 "The Structure" (Dos gebay), Jewish Daily Forward text, Dec. 1961
8 "Those Were the Days: Isaac Bashevis Singer on Miami Beach,"Philip Morris Magazine tearsheets, March-April 1989
"Three in a Room" (Dray in a tsimer)--see "The Bishop’s Robe"
9 "The Trap" (Di pastke), Jewish Daily Forward text, 1983
10 "Two" (Tsvey), corrected typescript fragment
11-12 "Types and Figures from Yesterday and Today" (Tipen un geshtalten fun amol un haynt), Jewish Daily Forward text, 1961-1963
13 "Under the Knife" (Unter’n meser), Jewish Daily Forward text, 14 Oct. 1966
14 Unidentified handwritten page re. himself, the supernatural, and humanism
15-16 Unidentified works, original and photocopy Yiddish handwritten fragments, possibly King of the Fields or Meshuga

Series II. Correspondence, 1951, 1965-1988

Box Folder
6 1 'Fan mail,' 1985-1986
General Correspondence
2 A-Z, 1971-1988; includes 2 unidentified letters in Yiddish
3 Miller, Henry, 1965, 1968, 1978
4 'General, for bio – to review,' 1951, 1965-1979
5 'Inquiries from small journals,' 1983-1985
6 'Lectures: to review for bio,' 1983-1987
7 'Theatre inquiries,' 1984-1985

Series III. Financial and Legal Papers, 1972-1986

Box Folder
6 8 Lectures and appearances--contracts, confirmations, in folder labeled "Daisy," 1981-1986
9 Payments and royalty statements, 1972, 1984, 1986
10 Receipts, 1984

Series IV. Photographs and Works of Art, 1980, undated

Box Folder
6 11 Contact sheet, Singer signing books, undated
12 Ink drawing of Singer by Muriel Schmalberg Ullman, June 1980

Series V. Personal Files, 1981-1992, undated

Box Folder
6 13 The Compostela Award, Saint James Cathedral, program, with printed interview, 1983
14 Miscellaneous articles, some in Yiddish, 1981-1986
15 Articles re. Yiddish language and translation, 1983-1992
16 Notes by Singer and Telushkin, some in Yiddish, undated
17 Notes by Telushkin and Polish map, undated

Series VI. Works about Singer and His Work, 1973-1998, undated

Box Folder
6 18-19 Articles, clippings, tearsheets, and brochures, including whole issue of du: The Magazine of Culture, No. 10, Oct. 1990
20 Swedish articles, 1985
Box Folder
7 Bibliographies
1 Hebrew bibliography by Yosef Yerushalmi, tearsheets, undated
2 Photocopy of illustrated bibliography of Singer materials, undated. With brochures from Florida Atlantic University Libraries Judaica Collections, 1997-1998
3 Press release by Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc., [1982]
Other works
4 Alexander, __. "Isaac Bashevis Singer: Rebel and Traditionalist," typescript, undated
5 Burgin, Richard. "Conversations with Isaac Bashevis Singer: A Memoir," typescript
6 Heskins, Susan. "Isaac Bashevis Singer," typescript, 28 March 1982
7 Jacobs, Yaakov. "Isaac Bashevis Singer: The Problem of Translation in His Short Fiction," typescript, 1973
8 Unidentified. "Singer’s Women," typescript, undated

Series VII. Works by Other Authors, 1959-1991, undated

Box Folder
7 9 Glatstein, Yankev. Yosl loksh fun Chelem, photocopy Yiddish text, undated
10 Kushner, Lawrence. The Book of Letters, photocopy proofs, 1975
11 Miller, David. "Bibliography as Ideology,"Yiddish tearsheets, 1991. "The New Yiddish Source Finder: A Guide for the Student," reprint, 1982
12 Potok, Chaim. "A Planet in Exile," typescript
13 Robins, Lottie L. "Yiddish: the Language that Refuses to Die,""Yankel the Turtle Comes of Age,""Schmaltz for the Holidays: a Passover Story," and "Jewish Values are Transmitted from Generation to Generation," clippings and tearsheets, 1983-1986
14 Singer, Alma. Unidentified handwritten fragment re. Annaliss Schleider, undated
15 Unidentified author. "A Shtetl," photocopy Yiddish text, [1959]

Index of Correspondents

Names in bold appear in the RLIN record.

The names of individuals at least some of whose correspondence is in Yiddish or Hebrew are given in italics. Index entries that include the notation (from Singer) indicate that the person is the recipient of correspondence from Isaac Bashevis Singer.

  • American Friends of Beth Hatefutsoth (Sam E. Bloch)--6.2
  • American Jewish Committee--6.6
  • Amram Nowak Associates--6.2
  • Bar-Adon, Aaron--6.2
  • Bay, Marie-Pierre--6.4
  • Becker, Lynn--6.2 (includes 1 from Singer)
  • Bellow, Saul--6.2
  • Bernard M. Baruch College (Aaron Sklar)--6.8
  • Bernheim, Mark--6.2
  • Bet ha-tefutsot al shem Naḥum Goldman (Jessaja Weinberg)--6.2
  • Bider, Djemma--6.1
  • Carey, Hugh L. --6.2 (from Singer)
  • Carl Hanser Verlag (Ursula Caspar, re. Christoph Schlotterer)--6.2 (includes 1 from Singer)
  • Carr, Maurice--6.2
  • Chute, Marchette Gaylord, 1909- --6.4
  • Cohen, Matt--6.1
  • Congress for Jewish Culture (re. Chaim Bez Yehoash) (includes 1 from Singer)
  • Crawford, Cheryl, 1902-1986--6.4
  • Doubleday and Company, Inc. (Samuel S. Vaughan)--6.2
  • Dunn, Jane F. (Mrs. Robert)--6.4
  • Eiseman, Carol--6.4
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica (Ann Englander)--6.9
  • Farrar, Straus & Giroux (Helene Atwan, Samuel Kam, Martin Weaver)--6.2, 6.4
  • Foa, Bruno--6.4
  • Forverts (Harold Ostroff)--6.2
  • Geller, Arlene--6.2
  • Ginsburg, Mirra--6.4
  • Harbourfront Reading Series (Greg Gatenby)--6.8
  • Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (David Rosenberg)--6.2
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem--see Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim
  • Hemmerdinger, Elizabeth--6.2
  • Hersey, John, 1914-1993--6.2 (includes 1 from Singer)
  • Hidalgo High School (Hidalgo, Texas) (Belan?, Gabriel Garza, Juanita Medina, Violitte Metz, Hortencia Prado)--6.2
  • Horizon (Ofek) (Yosi Gamzu)--6.5
  • Hughes, Mary Gray--6.2
  • Huntsville Literary Association (Huntsville, Ala.) (Norma Smock)--6.6
  • International Conference and Festival of Jewish Theatre (Daniel Horowitz)--6.2 (includes 1 from Singer)
  • Israel. Shagrirut (United States) (Uri Bar-Ner for J. Michman-Melkman)--6.2
  • Jacksonville University (Frances Bartlett Kinne)--6.6
  • Jewish Academy of Arts and Sciences (Arthur J. Goldberg)--6.6
  • Jewish Daily Forward--see Forverts
  • Jonathan Cape (Firm) (Tom Maschler)--6.2
  • Kehilath Israel (Kansas City) (Martin D. Rosenberg)--6.6
  • Kent, Roman--6.2
  • Koch, Ed, 1924- --6.2
  • Koenig, Jacqueline--6.2
  • Kushner, Lawrence, 1943- --7.10
  • Landis, Joseph C. --1.20
  • Lescher & Lescher, Ltd. (Todd R. Siegal)--6.2
  • Lionberger, Arthur--6.4
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Charles Fuller)--6.6
  • Mathieu, Bertrand (re. Henry Miller)--6.3 (includes 1 from Singer)
  • Mekorot Center (Merkaz Hamekorot) (Yehudit Kirstein Keshet)--6.7
  • Miller, Henry, 1891- --6.3
  • Moskowitz, Ira--6.2
  • MSS (Joanna Higgins)--6.5
  • Nagler, Richard--3.8
  • New Letters (David Ray)--6.5
  • New Yorker (Fred Keefe, Rachel MacKenzie, William Maxwell, Susan Sheehan)--6.4
  • Newsday (Stanley Green)--6.2
  • Otten, Ellen--6.4
  • Pace University. Center for the Study of Human Potential (Robert Hoffstein)--6.6
  • Paperno, Lisa Polly--6.4
  • Pennsylvania Humanities Council (Craig Eisendrath)--6.6
  • Petrakis, Harry Mark--6.4
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art (Cheryl McClenney)--6.6
  • Pinkusowitz, Sonia--4.8
  • Ploughshares (Stratis Haviaras, 1935- )--6.5
  • Prescott, Joseph--6.2
  • Present Tense (Hanna F. Desser)--6.4
  • Qiang, Sun--6.2
  • Queens College (New York, N.Y.) (Joe Cuomo, Shirley Strum Kenny)--6.2
  • Radiotelevisione della Svizzera italiana (Matteo Bellinelli)--6.2
  • Robins, Lottie--7.13
  • Rockville Centre Public Library (Rhoda Friedland)--6.6
  • St. Cloud State University (Benjamin J. Pepitone)--6.6
  • San Francisco Public Library. Friends (Sydney Goldstein, of City Arts & Lectures, Inc. )--6.6
  • Schezen, Roberto--6.2
  • Shaw, Spencer G.--6.2
  • Siegel, Charles E. (University of British Columbia)--6.7
  • Sigall, Eve (Basement Coffee House, Los Angeles)--6.7
  • Simmons College (Boston, Mass.). Center for the Study of Children’s Literature (Gregory Maguire)--6.6
  • Skurnik, Hillel--6.2
  • Southern Review (Baton Rouge, La.) (Donald E. Stanford) (includes 1 from Singer)--6.2
  • Sullivan County Community College (NY) (Paul D. Goldstein)--6.6
  • Swanson, Octavine--6.2
  • Synagogue Council of America (Herbert M. Baumgard)--6.2
  • Tallmer, Jerry (New York Post)--6.2
  • Telushkin, Dvorah--6.2, 6.6, 6.8
  • Toepp, Paula, Sister--6.2 (from Singer)
  • Tufts University (Sol Gittleman)--6.6 (includes 1 from Singer)
  • Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism (Sandra C. Davis, L. Elizabeth Hardin)--6.5
  • United Nations Staff Recreation Council Judaica Book Club (Florence Toledano)--6.6
  • Universitah ha-`Ivrit bi-Yerushalayim--6.2
  • University of California, Los Angeles (Herbert Morris)--6.6
  • University of Cape Town. Little Theatre (R. Martin)--6.7
  • University of Central Florida (Moshe Pelli)--6.6
  • University of South Carolina (James B. Holderman)--6.6
  • West Side Jewish Community Council (Susan Ellen Mesinai)--6.2
  • Wiesel, Elie, 1928- --6.6
  • Wiggins, Jim--6.2
  • Willcott, Lee L.--6.2
  • Winograd, Maurice--4.1
  • World Council for Yiddish and Jewish Culture--6.2
  • Writing! (Alan Lenhoff)--6.2
  • Zilcrest, Rosemary--6.1