University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Gordon J. Weel:

A Preliminary Inventory of His Collection of Isaac Bashevis Singer in the Manuscript Collection at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Creator: Weel, Gordon J.
Title: Gordon J. Weel Collection of Isaac Bashevis Singer
Dates: 1953-2004
Abstract: A collection of manuscripts, correspondence, and other materials relating to Isaac Bashevis Singer, collected by his friend Gordon Weel, former regional manager of Doubleday.
Extent: 4 boxes, 3 serial boxes (2.5 linear feet)
Language: English
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Scope and Contents

This collection of Singer material was received at the Ransom Center, together with a large shipment of books, from Gordon Weel, former regional manager of Doubleday and friend of Isaac Bashevis Singer and his wife Alma. While serving as the I. B. Singer Coordinator at the Florida Atlantic University Libraries at Boca Raton, Weel worked on acquisition and bibliographic projects related to Singer. He corresponded with publishers, family members, and associates of Singer, and collected a wide array of books and materials related to Singer.

The papers are arranged in three Series: I. Singer Works; II. Correspondence, 1979-2004; and III. Singer-Related and Other Files.

The short works in Series I. include articles, essays, forewords, lectures, and short stories, such as galleys for "The Admirer," and typescripts for "Bathsheba: A Sacred Memory" and "Yiddish, the Language of Exile." Published works in various publications, 1953-2003, are also present, including Du, Encounter, The New Yorker, Nimrod, The Pakn Treger, The Paris Review, Partisan Review, and The Tel Aviv Review.

The correspondence in Series II, arranged chronologically (1979-2004) and by subject, primarily reflects Weel's acquisition and bibliographic activities, especially in the 1990s, not only for I. B. Singer but also for Singer's brother and sister, Israel Joshua Singer and Esther Singer Kreitman (also known as Ester Kreytman). Additional family correspondence exists for Alma Singer, Israel Zamir, and Joe Singer.

Series III, Singer-Related and Other Files, provides numerous articles about Singer as well as a wide range of bibliographic information. Also present are several Singer book contracts and dust jackets for books by and about Singer, items related to his Nobel Prize and Singer-related events, and photographs. Weel's lengthy checklist of Singer editions and other writings on Singer conclude this series.



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Related Material

In addition to the manuscript material, the Ransom Center received numerous volumes on Singer from Weel's book collection.

Administrative Information


Purchase, 2004 (Reg. 15292)

Processed by:

Liz Murray, 2004

Container List

Series I. Singer Works, 1953-2003, nd

Box Folder
1 1* Articles, essays, and forewords (*published materials removed to serial boxes 5-7)
2 "The Admirer," corrected galleys, [ New Yorker?], Sept. 11, 1974
3 "Bathsheba: A Sacred Memory," corrected typescript
4 "Mazel and Shlimazel," photocopied page, corrected typescript
5 "Yiddish, the Language of Exile," corrected photocopy typescript

Series II. Correspondence, 1979-2004

Box Folder
1 6 1979-1989
7 1990-1991
8 1992
9 1993
10 1994
11 1995
12 1996
13 1997
14 1998
15 1999
16 2000-2004
17 Undated
Box Folder
2 1 Daily Forward
2 Drogin, Eve
3 Kreitman, Esther
4 Moskowitz, Ira
5 Ransom Center
6 Roshevsky, Eve
7 Singer, Alma
8 Singer, Israel Joshua
9 Singer, Joe
10 Translations, publishers
11 Zamir, Israel

Series III. Singer-Related and Other Files

Box Folder
2 12-13 Articles about Singer
Box Folder
3 1 Articles about Singer, cont'd
2 Author Price Guides, "Isaac Bashevis Singer," Dec. 1993
3 Bibliographic material and inventories
4 Book contracts
5 Book lists, dealers, I.B. Singer and I.J. Singer
6 Book lists, non-Singer
7 Dust jackets for books by and about Singer
8 Events, various
9 "Isaac Bashevis Singer: Centennial Media Kit"
10 Nobel Prize
11 "Odds and Bookends," Weel's articles for "Ex Libris" at Florida Atlantic University Libraries
12 Photographic images of Singer
Box Folder
4 1-2 Saltzman, Roberta, compiler. "Isaac Bashevis Singer: A Bibliography of His Works...," photocopy and preliminary edition, 1994
Weel, Gordon
3-9 "Checklist of Book Editions and Variants of the Singer Family...," various versions
10 "Collecting the Limited Editions of I. B. Singer," Biblio, June 1997
11 Personal and miscellaneous
12 Various writings on Singer
13 Works of others on Jewish topics
Box Folder
5-7 Serial boxes (publications)