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An Inventory of Its Records in the Manuscript Collection at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Creator: Klactoveedsedsteen
Title: Klactoveedsedsteen Records
Dates: 1965-1969
Abstract: Creative works, correspondence, production material, and advertisement flyers document the publishing of the magazine Klactoveedsedsteen and editor Carl Weissner’s relationships with a community of writers around the world.
RLIN Record ID: TXRC03-A6
Extent: 1 box (0.42 linear feet)
Language: English, German, French
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Biographical Sketch

Klactoveedsedsteen was a magazine founded by writer Carl Weissner in 1965 in Heidelberg, Germany. Through his own PANic Press, Weissner published five issues of Klacto from June 1965 to the fall of 1967.

Weissner’s connection to a network of writers in England, the United States, and throughout Europe enabled him to assemble a diverse group of contributors for each issue, including such luminaries as Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg, as well as European writers like Henri Chopin and Claude Pélieu. Frequent contributors included Doug Blazek, Diane Di Prima, Larry Eigner, Dick Higgins, Gerard Malanga, Harold Norse, and Jeff Nuttall, among others. Weissner also contributed his own work, sometimes writing under the pseudonym Kwee Sinh, Sr. With such an international collection of writers, Klacto was multilingual by design, incorporating pieces written in English, German, French, Dutch, and even Bengali.

Above all, Weissner wanted to create a forum for experimenting with language. Klacto became an amalgam of innovative literary forms, such as poem-drawings, concrete poetry, graffiti, and cut-ups, as well as more traditional verse forms. To exemplify his philosophy, he published Klacto 2 as two 7-foot long scrolls overlapped to create a series of cut-up texts. Subsequent issues were perhaps less daring in format, but continued to explore new forms. Klacto 3 included the first published accounts of William S. Burroughs’ tape recorder experiments that emerged from his collaboration with Ian Sommerville in London. Weissner’s own interest in sound recordings prompted the fifth and final issue, Klacto 23, to be published concurrently with an hour-long audio recording of readings by Klacto contributors and others, most notably an experimental sound piece by Brion Gysin. Weissner also published a variant edition of this final issue as Klacto 23 International.

One of Weissner’s closest connections in the United States, poet and contributor Carol Bergé, helped distribute Klacto by contacting bookstores in New York City and introducing Weissner to other writers. As was common practice in this circle, Weissner traded issues of Klacto for copies of other little magazines, such as Jeff Nuttall’s My Own Mag from London, to distribute them in Germany and, in turn, circulate Klacto more widely.

Scope and Contents

Creative works, correspondence, production material, and advertisement flyers document the publishing of the magazine Klactoveedsedsteen and editor Carl Weissner’s relationships with a community of writers around the world. The records are organized in a single series, Production Files, 1965-1969, spanning four issues of the magazine. Issue 2 is not represented in these files.

The bulk of the material consists of manuscripts submitted to Weissner for publication, but roughly half of these manuscripts were never published in Klacto. Manuscripts represent the work of Carol Bergé, Doug Blazek, Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Diane Di Prima, Larry Eigner, Allen Ginsberg, Dick Higgins, Gerard Malanga, Harold Norse, and several others. Letters from these writers commenting upon their work and the magazine are also included, several of which appeared in Klacto. Since many of the writers published their own magazines and anthologies, the pieces not accepted for publication may have been published elsewhere. A complete index of correspondents and works follows the container list in this guide. Titles of works in quotation marks indicate that they appeared in Klacto or, according to the author, had been previously published.

Layout and production materials exist for two issues: paste-ups and printing negatives for the cover and several pages of Issue 1; and paste-ups and some original artwork that appeared in Issue 23 (5). The Ransom Center Library holds single copies of Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, and 23 (5).



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Container List

Production Files, 1965-1969

Box Folder
1 1 Issue 1, manuscripts, cover art and other production material, 1965, nd; letter, 1969
2 Issue 3, author correspondence, manuscripts, and artwork, 1966
3 Issue 4, author correspondence and manuscripts, 1965-66, nd
4-5 Issue 23 (5), advertisement flyers, production material, author correspondence, and manuscripts, 1967, nd

Index of Correspondents

Names in bold appear in the RLIN record.

  • Bergé, Carol, 1928- --1.3, 1.4
  • Blackburn, Paul--1.3
  • Blaine, Julien--1.3
  • Blazek, Douglas, 1941- --1.3, 1.4
  • Bory, Jean-François--1.3
  • Bukowski, Charles--1.4
  • Burroughs, William S., 1914- --1.2, 1.4
  • Chopin, Henri--1.4
  • Di Prima, Diane--1.3
  • Eigner, Larry, 1927- --1.3, 1.4
  • Georgakas, Dan--1.2
  • Ginsberg, Allen, 1926- --1.4
  • Hand, Alex--1.3
  • Higgins, Dick, 1938- --1.5
  • Le Sidaner, Jean Marie--1.3
  • Lykiard, Alexis, 1940- --1.3
  • Malanga, Gerard--1.5
  • Norse, Harold--1.3
  • Nuttall, Jeff--1.5
  • Randall, Margaret, 1936- --1.5
  • Roy Choudhury, Malay--1.5
  • Vinkenoog, Simon, 1928- --1.3
  • Vostell, Wolf, 1932- --1.5
  • Weissner, Carl--1.1, 1.5

Index of Works

  • Belart, Gerard
    • "Closing Section from Panic Apocalypse"--1.4
    • "Cycloide"--1.3
    • From Hellas Journals--1.4
    • "Insecten Leven In Je Gezicht Vergeten Monument"--1.3
    • "Pop-Eye My Best Friend"--1.3
    • "To Nicolas De Stael"--1.3
  • Bergé, Carol, 1928-
    • "Piaf and Holliday Go Out"--1.3
    • "Service"--1.4
    • A Ticket to Ride--1.3
  • Blackburn, Paul
    • Ash Wednesday, 1965--1.3
    • Lenten Song: 1962--1.3
  • Blazek, Douglas, 1941-
    • Belief Now Past Tomorrow Loses--1.4
    • "Clark Street: Visions While on a Bus"--1.4
    • Czars Deactivating Beacons--1.4
    • Daisys Do More Damage than Van Gogh--1.3
    • The Doodle of Life--1.3
    • Flux Proliferations--1.4
    • Inquest into Bill Wantling--1.3
    • The Mad River Sings--1.3
    • The Man We Killed Killed Us: Bukowski--1.3
    • "More Directions to a Young Poet/Myself"--1.3
    • My Sprawling Ears Catch Woolworths & Old Tires Crying--1.3
    • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Artaud--1.3
    • Rain Poem--1.3
    • "raingizzards and frozen women…"--1.3
    • Red Tide Genesis Wild--1.3
    • The Salesman--1.3
    • "Snowfever: From an Overdose of Pyramids, Space Ships and Women"--1.3
    • The Surrender--1.3
    • Testimony Concerning a Sickness--1.3
    • Time Poem--1.3
  • Bory, Jean-François
    • Rank-Zeros--1.3
    • "Rank-Zeros II"--1.3
    • Rank-Zeros IV--1.3
  • Bukowski, Charles
    • "An Action Afternoon"--1.4
    • "communists"--1.4
    • The Deliberate Mashing of the Sun--1.4
    • "Escape is like fooling with monkeys nookies who have begged into light and have better souls than men, especially in Spain or New York City"--1.4
    • "finish"--1.4
    • "worms"--1.4
  • Burroughs, William S., 1914-
    • "A Tape Recorder Experiment"--1.2
    • "(Parenthetically 7 hertz)"--1.4
  • Burroughs, William S.; Pélieu, Claude; Weissner, Carl
    • "La Guerre Partout" [Tape Recorder Mutations]--1.3
  • Chopin, Henri
    • "Faire"--1.4
  • Di Prima, Diane
    • "C'est la guerre…"--1.4
    • A Charming Pome--1.4
    • For Joe Rosen--1.4
    • Frenchie--1.4
    • Get Well Poem to Bret--1.4
    • "I cannot build…"--1.4
    • "In Memory of My First Chapatis"--1.3
    • "In the Park"--1.4
    • "Little Popular Song"--1.4
    • Love Poems--1.4
    • "Maybe…"--1.4
    • "Note for Jimmy Waring"--1.4
    • "Okay September…"--1.4
    • "Poem to Jeanne"--1.4
    • "Pome for Freddie"--1.4
    • "So much of space between us two…"--1.4
    • "So winter brings…"--1.4
    • sure…--1.4
    • This is to inform you…--1.4
    • We're cool…--1.4
    • "You know…"--1.4
  • Eigner, Larry, 1927-
    • "the birds expand…"--1.3
    • Calcutta--1.4
    • different times…--1.4
    • he’s just…--1.3
    • "Head full…"--1.4
    • "how the blue changes…"--1.3
    • "jingling…"--1.4
    • Life used to grow on trees…--1.4
    • the loudest wind of the year…--1.4
    • "the man my father…"--1.3
    • "maybe if we wiggled…"--1.3
    • "the moon drags…"--1.3
    • My life today…--1.4
    • never to wake the problem…--1.4
    • Optioian’s Glass Place--1.3
    • "Our chimney caught…"--1.4
    • since being in love you…--1.3
    • "the snow all…"--1.3
    • "the snow near…"--1.3
    • "The –"--1.4
    • a thought…--1.3
    • turning to the wall…--1.4
  • Georgakas, Dan
    • Cameo #1--1.2
    • Cameo #3--1.2
    • The Coffins Will Be Coming Home Soon--1.2
    • Every confused American cunt…--1.2
    • O poems of Heidelberg time…--1.2
    • Ristorante Flaminia--1.2
    • The Scene Pope John Wouldn’t Let Fellini Film--1.2
    • Suicides--1.2
    • The purest lay…--1.2
  • Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-
    • "Journal Entry on Visit to Timothy Leary's House in Boston"--1.4
  • Hand, Alex
    • "A Take for Alconbury"--1.3
    • "dog poem" --1.3
    • it was MAY DAY…--1.3
    • "Maggot meat"--1.3
    • Not guilty--1.3
    • On a painting by Kluce--1.3
    • To my brother, who is sick--1.3
  • Higgins, Dick, 1938-
    • "Four Dangers, a Structure, and a Symphony"--1.5
    • "Four Poems to be Performed"--1.5
    • Six Concretions [excerpt published as "Decorated With Witches/Concretion No. 3"]--1.5
  • Jodorowsky, Alexandro
    • "2wards/ephemeral PANic/"--1.1
  • Le Sidaner, Jean Marie
    • "Pulsation 2"--1.3
  • Lykiard, Alexis, 1940-
    • after the bomb--1.3
    • Agreed?--1.3
    • "Collage & Falling Dream"--1.3
    • For a Father--1.3
    • j from a--1.3
    • The Wait--1.3
  • Malanga, Gerard
    • "All the Beautiful People"--1.5
    • "American Vogue"--1.5
    • "As the boy grows…"--1.5
    • "Brain Damage"--1.5
    • "Charles Olson Speaks of the Will"--1.5
    • "Comic-Strip"--1.5
    • "The Confiscation of Behavior"--1.5
    • The Day Allen, Feeling Guilty, Told Me…--1.5
    • "Fresh Death"--1.5
    • "Just Another Pretty Face"--1.5
    • "Last Night Thoughts of Bobby Dylan"--1.5
    • "The Pleasure Seekers"--1.5
    • "The Retinal Circus"--1.5
    • "The Roots of Maximus"--1.5
    • The Scale Shed--1.5
    • "Silver Dracula"--1.5
    • "Sonnet VIII"--1.5
    • "Star of India"--1.5
    • "True Confessions"--1.5
    • "Two Years after the Disaster"--1.5
    • "We Are a People of Leisure"--1.5
    • "We Had No Thought to Enter the Sepulcher"--1.5
    • "Where is Debbie Caen....?"--1.5
    • "Windshield"--1.5
  • Norse, Harold
    • "Calling All Geniuses"--1.3
    • "future tectonic catastrophe"--1.3
    • he was an experiment--1.3
    • "Notes from Neanderthal City"--1.5
  • Nuttall, Jeff
    • "The black visit and I’m swollen…" [poem-drawing]--1.2
    • "MI - 3.25 a.m. pulled in on lay-by…" [prose poem-drawing]--1.5
    • "Pain Want"--1.1
    • "sexual relations much…"--1.1
  • Nuttall, Jeff; Weissner, Carl
    • "Sil-Kin ylon briefs ari"--1.1
  • Pélieu, Claude
    • "Post scriptum to the Manifesto for the Grey Generation"--1.5
    • see also jointly authored work by Burroughs, William S.; Pélieu, Claude; Weissner, Carl
  • Randall, Margaret, 1936-
    • "Birth II"--1.5
    • The Palmreader--1.5
    • Sleep-Waking--1.5
  • Roy Choudhury, Malay
    • "Stark Electric Jesus"--1.5
  • Vinkenoog, Simon, 1928-
    • Letter-poem--1.3
  • Vostell, Wolf, 1932-
    • "Dogs and Chinese Not Allowed"--1.5
  • Weissner, Carl
    • "Cinema"--1.1
    • see also jointly authored work by Burroughs, William S.; Pélieu, Claude; Weissner, Carl
    • see also jointly authored work by Nuttall, Jeff; Weissner, Carl
  • Woldt, J
    • "PAN FLEHT"--1.1