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Richard Heron Ward:

A Preliminary Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Creator: Ward, Richard Heron, 1910-1969
Title: Richard Heron Ward Collection
Dates: 1910-1969
Abstract: The collection contains holograph, typescritpt, and published versions of many of this actor and producer's novels, plays, essays, lectures, BBC broadcasts, articles, poems, verse, and reviews. Correspondence also found in the collection documents Ward's participation in the Peace Pledge Union, BBC Home Service, and Religious Drama Society.
Extent: 24 Boxes
Repository: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

This collection reflects the varied landscape of Richard Heron Ward's writings, dating from the early 1930s through late 1960s, including novels, plays, essays, lectures, BBC broadcasts, articles, poems, verse, and reviews. Ward's life in the theater as an actor and producer, as well as founder and director of the Adelphi Theatre, is chronicled in his correspondence and works written for and about the theater. In addition, ample correspondence exists related to his activity in the Peace Pledge Union, BBC Home Service, and Religious Drama Society.

Ward's works are arranged alphabetically by title with his prominent works of a folder or more listed individually on the folder list. Of particular interest is the combined presence of holograph, typescript, and published versions of many of these titles. His smaller works are not foldered separately but are subsumed in alphabetical groupings, interfiled with his longer works. Following this alphabetical arrangement are Ward's poetry, verse, book and play reviews, manuscript fragments and notes, and contracts. In addition, some of his earliest writings are represented in his class assignments from Stowe School which provide a glimpse at his creative, young mind. Given the continuity of this collection, Ward's writings can be followed from his childhood through adult life.

His correspondence, both personal and professional in nature, remains in unmarked folders as received. While no organizational order has been imposed at this juncture, the correspondence does date from his days at Stowe School in the late 1920s through the years just prior to his death in 1969.



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Liz Murray, 1995

Richard Heron Ward Papers--Folder List

I. Works

Box Folder
1 1 A-Ad
2 Ag-And
3 The Angle of Vision
4 Ano-At
5 Ba-Bo
6 Brief History of Queen Equa the First
7 Brit-Ce
8-9 A Chapter in the Life of Jacob More
Box Folder
2 1 Charity in All Things
2 Chr
3-4 The Clouded Brow
5 Comments on the Church of England's Moral Welfare Council's Interim Report on the Problem of Homosexuality
6 A Common Error
7 Com-Cr
8 Da
9 Dead Letter
10 Des-Dies
11 The Discovery of Meaning
Box Folder
3 1 Dist
2-4 A Drug Taker's Notes
5 Ec-Ex
6 Fac-Fal
7 Far Side of Despair
Box Folder
4 1 Figures in the Landscape
2 Fire in His Bosom
3 Firs-From
4 Furious Faces
5 Ga-Gh
6 God's Absence: God's Return
7 Going Somewhere Else
8 H.R.L. Sheppard: A Note in Appreciation
Box Folder
5 1 Ha-He
2-3 Hidden Boy
4 Hid-Hob
5 Hookum-Snivvy
6 Hop-Hu
7 I Shew You a Mystery
8 Im-K
Box Folder
6 1 La
2 Leo and Olympia
3 Let-Lib
4 The Life of Cassie Pearson
5 Lift-Low
6 Ma
7-8 Max Plowman
9 Max Plowman and Blake
Box Folder
7 1 Me-Mod
2-3 The Moral Contrast
4 More Than Nature
5 Mos-Mu
Box Folder
8 1-4 Names and Natures
5 Nap-Nat
6 Neither Way
7 New-Nex
8-9 No Angels Now?
Box Folder
9 1 Note-Notes
2 Notes on the Writers and the Theatre
3 Noth-Nov
4 The Offenders
5 Ol-Or
6 The Other Prison
7 Our Estate; or, Publicans and Sinners
8 Pa-Pe
9 The Phoenix Ablaze
10 Pl-Pr
10 Prodigal Son
Box Folder
11 1 Prog-Ro
2 Sense and Sexuality
3 Sh-Sta
4 Stricture
5 Strindberg
6-7 The Sun Shall Rise
8 Syncopated Suspension
Box Folder
12 1 T-Th
2 The Powys Brothers
3 The Three Powys Brothers
4 Ti
5-6 To the Wood
7 Twisted Soul
8 U
9 Value of Professional Freedom to the Community
10 Variations on a Life: 1962 Onwards
11 Variations on a Life: The Conspiracy
Box Folder
13 1 Wa-We
2 Webster's Bosola
3 What
4 When I Am Dead, My Dearest
5 Where Are the Graves
6 The Wilderness
7 William Forest
8-9 William Somerset Maugham
10 Win-Wr
11 Your
14 Poems
15-16 Verse
Box Folder
17 1 Short works on the theater
2 Stowe School papers
3 French years, ca. 1928-29
4-6 Ms. fragments and notes
Box Folder
18 1-3 Reviews
4-5 Translation of Rene Daumal's The Night Before the Morning After
6 Contracts

II. Correspondence

19-24 Correspondence related to all aspects of Ward's personal life and professional career. (No organizational arrangement exists at the accession level.)