University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Byron W. Sewell and Susan R. Sewell:

A Preliminary Inventory of Their Collection of Lewis Carroll at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Creator: Sewell, Byron W. and Susan R.
Title: Byron W. Sewell and Susan R. Sewell Collection of Lewis Carroll
Abstract: The collection contains material supplementary to published editions of Carroll's works, as well as other near-print, nonprint, and ephemeral materials.
Extent: 24 boxes (10.08 linear feet)
Repository: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

The organization of these Lewis Carroll materials follows the headings and arrangement employed in Collections of Lewis Carroll, Edward Gorey, and V. S. Naipaul Placed on Deposit in the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin by Mr. Byron W. Sewell and Mrs. Susan Rafferty Sewell, August 4, 1984.

Published editions of the Alice books and other works by Carroll and Carroll scholars have been withdrawn from this collection and separately cataloged. Folders containing material supplementary to those now-withdrawn books, as well as other near-print, nonprint, and ephemeral materials, remain in the present collection and in their original arrangement.

Those items which were described in the 1984 catalog of the Sewell collection are noted herein by entries in the form " The New Belfry of Christ Church, Carroll photo of belfry (P2)." In other words, Carroll's small monograph on the belfry (P2 in the original Sewell catalog) has been removed for separate cataloging, but the accompanying Carroll photograph of that architectural feature remains in section P and is housed in folder 5.9.



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Gift, 1984 (G11811)

Processed by:

Bob Taylor, 2000

Sewell Collection of Lewis Carroll--Folder List

A: Alice's Adventures under Ground

Box Folder
1 1 General (A7h and A8)
2 "Auctioning Alice," newspaper article (A2)

B: English editions of the Alice books

Box Folder
1 3 Dali, advertising material
4 Miscellaneous English editions
5 The Nursery Alice, letter from S.H. Goodacre
6 Kate Terry, photos and ephemera (B1.1.11)

C: American editions of the Alice books

Box Folder
1 7 Amistad Press advertising material
8 Samuel Gabriel, 3 linenette variants
9 Barry Moser, ads and reviews (C28-30)

D: Translations of the Alice books

Box Folder
1 10 Arabic, Disney version (D2.1 and D2.2)
11 Chinese, 3 adaptations
12-13 Dutch (D6.8)
14 Esperanto, Humpty-Dumpty and correspondence with Stan Marx (D7.1)
15 Finnish, adaptation in wrappers (D8.1)
16 French, 3 adaptations (D9.25)
17 German, adaptation in wrappers
18 Greek, adaptation in wrappers (D11.3)
19 Hebrew, adaptation in wrappers (D12.2)
Box Folder
2 1 Italian, 2 adaptations (D15.7 and D15.11)
2 Japanese, notes and ms. translations
3 Pidgin, Margaret Mead's tea-party (D19.1)
4-9 Pitjandjara (D20.1-6)
10 Pitman, shorthand notes
11-12 Serbo-Croatian, several adaptations (D24.8)
13 Sinhalese, adaptation in wrappers (D25.1)
14 Spanish, several adaptations (D27.23)
15 Tagalog, adaptation in wrappers (D31.1)
16 Thai, adaptation in wrappers (D31.1)
17 Umbundu, typescript photocopy (D33.1)
18 Welsh, adaptation in wrappers (D34.1)

F: Parodies of the Alice books

Box Folder
3 1 Alice in Debitland (F50)
2 Barsley, Michael. Alice in Wunderground (F36)
3 Carroll, Maryrose. Alice's Book
4 Dixon, Jenny. Alice's Adventures …, with Dixon's letter
5 Froiland, Paul. "The Case Against the Thinking Machine"
6 The Guinness Alices (F25-29)
7 Martindale, F. W. Alice in Holidayland (F6)
8 Pileggi, Nicholas. "Alice in Juryland"
9 Quinn, Jim. The Campaign Alice (F47)
10 Saki. The Westminster Alice (F3)
11 Sewell, Byron W. Adventures of Alice in Polyland, with notes (F49)
12 Shaw, John M. The Parodies of Lewis Carroll
13-14 Collected parodies

J: The Hunting of the Snark

Box Folder
4 1 General
2 Blake, Quentin, illustrator, material regarding (J40)
3 Forssell, Lars, translator, partial Swedish translation (J19)
4 Goodacre, Selwyn H. The Listing of the Snark (J44, J47)
5 Kaufmann, William, publisher, material regarding (J46)
6 Minnion, John, illustrator (J39)
Sewell, Byron.
Box Folder
4 7 Snark source materials (J32)
8 Correspondence with Martin Gardner (J38)
9 Correspondence with I. Kenyur-Hodgkins (J34)
10 Snark card game (J35)
11-12 "Fit the first" materials (J41)
13 La Caza del Plubo illustrations

K: The Sylvie and Bruno books

Box Folder
4 14 Postcard from E. Wakeling to B. Sewell

L: Logic and mathematical works

Box Folder
4 15 The Game of Logic, bookseller's description only (L8)
16 Puzzles in Logic and W. W. Bartley's "Through the Logical Microscope"
17 Wakeling, Edward. The Logic of Lewis Carroll (L18)
18 Fraction Action A, math workbook, with Carrollian illustrations

M: Poetry and nonsense

Box Folder
5 1 Solitude, a Variorum Edition (M10)
2 Carroll published verse and related materials
3 Poetry with illustrations by Gene Day
4 Poetry with illustrations by John Minnion
5 Le Morse et le Charpentier
6 The Rectory Magazine, advertisements for (M4)
7 Sewell stationery

N: Short stories, journals and miscellaneous works

Box Folder
5 8 Shaberman, R. B. A Plum Cake Lost and Found

P: Pamphlets, leaflets and games

Box Folder
5 9 The New Belfry of Christ Church, Carroll photo of belfry (P2)
10 Eight or Nine Wise Words and Wonderland Postage-stamp Case, correspondence with S. H. Goodacre (P8-10)
11 A Day of Sea Air (1977) (P12)
12 Croquet Castles, and 1979 article on Carroll's game, by John Fisher

Q: Carroll to Music

Box Folder
5 13 David del Tredici, programs, clippings, etc.
14 Walt Disney, sheet music for Alice film
15 Sheet music, reviews, clippings

S1: Cinema and Television

Box Folder
6 1 Alice in Wonderland (Maienthau, c. 1930) (S1.2)
2 Alice in Wonderland (Paramount, 1933) (S1.4, S1.6)
3 Alice in Wonderland (Disney, 1951) (S1.18)
4 Alice (BBC-TV, 1965) (S1.22)
5 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Shaftel, 1972) (S1.23-28)
6 Alice in Wonderland (BBC-TV, c. 1975)
7 Alice in Wonderland (PBS, 1983)
8 Jabberwocky (Gilliam, 1977) (S1.33)
9 Jabberwalk (film, 1978)
10 Alice Underground (May, 1983) (S1.34)
11 Carroll on film, a miscellany
12 Educational films

S2: Carroll on the stage (programs and related material)

Box Folder
7 1 Alice in Wonderland (Prince of Wales's Theatre, 1886)
2 Alice in Wonderland (Copley Hall, 1897) (S2.1)
3 Alice in Wonderland (Vaudeville Theatre, 1900) (S2.2)
4 Alice in Wonderland (Eva Le Gallienne, 1933) (S2.3-4)
5 Alice Through the Looking-glass (Little Theatre, 1936) (S2.6)
6 Alice in Wonderland (Eva Le Gallienne, 1947) (S2.7)
7 Through the Looking-glass (Poulton Hall, 1972) (S2.9)
8 Alice & Wonderland, a Rock Opera (Kelso & Rosen, 1972) (S2.10)
9 Alice in Wonderland (Jo-Lay School of Dancing, 1975) (S2.11)
10 Alice in Wonderland (Albuquerque Children's Theatre, 1976) (S2.12)
11 Alice in Wonderland (Bijuberti Players, 1976)
12 Lewis et Alice (Cafe-theatre le Connetable, 1977) (S2.13)
13 Alice in Wonderland (Alley Theatre, 1978)
14 Alice in Wonderland (Manhattan Project, 1978) (S2.15)
15 Alice in Wonderland (Bay Theatre Collective, 1978) (S2.16)
16 Alice in Wonderland (American Conservatory Theatre, c. 1978)
17 Alice (PAC Kino, 1978) (S2.17)
18 Alice (Forrest Theatre, 1979) (S2.18)
19 Alice in Wonderland (Houston Ballet, 1978)
20 But Never Jam Today (Longacre Theatre, 1979)
21 A Lewis Carroll Evening (Citytheatre, 1980)
22 Crocodiles and Cream (Michael Rothwell, 1980) (S2.20)
23 Alice in Concert (Elizabeth Swados, 1980) (S2.21)
24 Alice! (Collegiate Theatre, 1980) (S2.22)
25 Only Alice (Strand Street Theatre, 1981) (S2.23)
26 Alice in Wonderland (Toneelgroep Arti Speelt, c. 1981) (S2.24)
27 Alice in Wonderland (Scholar Opera, 1981) (S2.25)
28 Alice in Wonderland (Attic Theatre, 1981) (S2.26)
29 Alice in Wonderland (Eva Le Gallienne, 1982) (S2.27)
30 The Lewis Carroll Hall of Wonders (Dickens Christmas Fair, 1982) (S2.28)
31 Alice in Wonderland (Minneapolis Children's Theatre, 1982) (S2.29)
32 Looking Glass (Studio Theatre Playhouse, 1982) (S2.30)
Box Folder
8 1 Alice in Wonderland (Barbican Centre, London, 1982)
2 Dodgson (Ensemble Studio Theatre, 1984)
3 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (University Players, n.d.) (S2.31)
4 Alice in Wonderland (Pacific Ballet, n.d.) (S2.32)
5 Alice in Wonderland (Manhattan Project, n.d.)
6 Alice in Wonderland (The Round House, n.d.) (S2.33)
7 Alice (Campus West Theatre, n.d.) (S2.34)
8 Alice in Wonderland (Porthcurno, n.d.) (S2.35)
9 Alice (The Playhouse, Harlow, n.d.) (S2.36)
10 Alice (Bellerby Theatre, Guildford, n.d.) (S2.37)
11 Adaptations of Alice, 1970s and '80s

S3: Playscripts

Box Folder
8 12 Chorpenning, Charlotte B. Alice in Wonderland (S3.8)

S4: Critical and miscellaneous

Box Folder
8 13 Alitji in the Dreamtime (Nimrod Theatre, 1977) (S4.3)
14 Sibley, Brian. Microscopes & Megaloscopes (S4.4)
15 Actresses who have played Alice (photographs)
16 Recorded performances (advertisements)
17 Dalice in Wonderland, a Texas Opera

T: Collections and selections of Carroll's works

Box Folder
8 18 The Lewis Carroll Circular, no. 1, 1973

U: Carroll in comic books and newspaper funny pages

Box Folder
8 19 Collection of comic strips, correspondence, mss.

V: Carroll in modern crime fiction

Box Folder
8 20 Clippings and 1 periodical issue


Box Folder
9 1 Hudson, Derek. Lewis Carroll(1966) (W19)
2 Lewis Carroll and Guildford (W27)
3 Biographical notes by Goodacre, Shaberman, and Wakeling (W28, W41, W42)
4 Lewis Carroll and his Birth-place Daresbury (W31)

X1: Biographical and bibliographical essays

Box Folder
9 5 Bohem, Hilda. "Alice's Adventures with Altemus" and postcard (X1.1)
Crutch, Denis.
Box Folder
9 6 A Century of Annotations to the Lewis Carroll Handbook, with 2 notes (X1.3)
7 Letter re Carroll Handbook (X1.31)
8 John Davis' correspondence and notes on Carroll's illustrators (X1.4, X1.5)
Goodacre, Selwyn H.
Box Folder
9 9 "Lewis Carroll's Easter Greeting" (X1.7)
10 Three offprints on Carroll (X1.8-10)
11 Guildford Muniment Room, Catalog of Carroll material (X1.11)
Guiliano, Edward
Box Folder
9 12 Lewis Carroll, an Annotated Bibliography for 1974 (X1.12)
13 Ms. bibliography and correspondence (X1.14)
14 Paluka, Frank. Lewis Carroll in the Bette Evans Collection (X1.15)
15 Parrish, M. L. Presentation note and errata to his List of the Writings of Lewis Carroll (X1.16)
16 Sewell, Byron W. Lewis Carroll in the Popular Culture (X1.18)
Weaver, Warren.
Box Folder
9 17 The India Alice (X1.23)
18 Alice in Many Tongues, material related to (X1.24)
19 Alice census in offprint (X1.26)

X2: Exhibitions

Box Folder
10 1 Ephemera re "child's library" and 1932 centenary exhibit (X2.2, X2.5)
2 Companion-guide to the Exhibition "Alice at Longleat" (X2.6)
3 Catalogs and brochures for Carroll exhibitions at Longleat House (1973), the Ranger's House, Blackheath (1974), and elsewhere (X2.7-8)
4 Hewlett-Woodmere Library, New York Times article on (X2.11)
5 Davis, John N. S. Lewis Carroll & Hatfield House, and related material (X2.12-13)
6 Zerkow, Syma. Lewis Carroll: an Exhibition at the Houston Public Library, and related materials (X2.15-16)
7 Burstein, Sandor G. Catalog (printout) of collection (X2.17)
8-9 Sewell, Byron W. Adventures in Collecting Lewis Carroll, page proofs and related materials (X2.19)
10 A Houston Christmas Carroll, and related material (X2.20-21)
11 A Tribute to Lewis Carroll (Florida State University, 1982) (X2.24)
12 "Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast" (University of Virginia, 1982) (X2.25)

X3: Miscellaneous

Box Folder
10 13 Roxburghe Club of San Francisco. Printed keepsake of Dr. Burstein's talk (1981) and related material (X3.1)
14 "Alice in Wonderland" (Celebrity Doll club, 1970 ) (X3.4)

X: Unclassified (mostly 1979 and later)

Box Folder
11 1 Boston Public Library. Alice in Wonderland diorama
2 Franklin Library. Notes from the editors, on Alice special edition
3 Graves Art Gallery. Exhibition of the Goodacre collection
4 Guiliano, Edward. "Lewis Carroll: a Sesquicentennial Guide"
5 Schiller, Justin G. Carroll-related materials
6 Sewell, Byron W. Bibliography of Carroll's works
7 UCLA Carrolliana exhibition poster
8 Notes on sale of Earle V. Weller collection
9 Miscellaneous bibliographical materials
10 Carroll sesquicentennial events
11 Wardlow, Aidan. Lewis Carroll (Jackdaw no. 137)
12 "A Suppressed Adventure of `Alice' Surfaces After 107 Years"
13 Catalog of sale of C. L. Dodgson estate

Y: Critical

Box Folder
11 14 Burstein, Mark. To Catch a Bandersnatch (Y40)
15 Lehmann, John F. Lewis Carroll and the Spirit of Nonsense
16 Partridge, Henry M. The Most Remarkable Echo, material related to (Y3)
17 Piney, Simon. An Introduction to a Study of Lewis Carroll
18 Queen Victoria's secret diaries, material related to
19 Miscellaneous critical studies

Z: Carroll's illustrators

Box Folder
11 20 Minnion, John, 2 letters
21 Peake, Mervyn, material relating to
22 Steadman, Ralph, letter

AA: Advertisements for works by or about Carroll

Box Folder
12 1 Ads for various publishers, mostly 1970s

BB: Book reviews

Box Folder
12 2 Photocopies and clippings, 1974-82

CC: Parodied titles

Box Folder
12 3 Clippings and periodical articles
4 Ads for parodies

DD: Cartoons with Carroll References

Box Folder
12 5 Political cartoons
6 Other cartoons

EE: Bookplates, bookmarks, and miscellaneous paper items

Box Folder
12 7 Bookplates, bookmarks, stationery

FF: Games, toys, dolls, figurines, dishes, etc.

Box Folder
12 8 Alcoa chess set, correspondence regarding
9 Advertisements for figurines, etc.
10 Jigsaw puzzles

GG: Cloth items

Box Folder
12 11 Printed designs on cloth; advertisements
12 Cloth and plastic items

HH: Coloring, painting, and sticker books

Box Folder
13 1 Coloring books
2 Disney coloring books
3 Paperdoll books
4 Sticker books

II: Erotica

Box Folder
13 5 Cartoons
6 Erotica
7 Films
8 Greeting cards
9 "2005," cartoon strip in Heavy Metal magazine

JJ: Postcards and greeting cards

Box Folder
13 10 Greeting cards with notes from Alice Berkey
Box Folder
14 1-3 Greeting cards
4-5 Postcards

KK: Original art, posters, prints

Box Folder
14 6 Blake, Peter, clipping about
7 Brown, Becky, calligraphy and design by
8 Freshman, Shelley, material about
9 Le Gerche, Geoff, material about
10 Miscellaneous art, by and about various artists

LL: Postage stamps

Wonderland Postage-stamp Case
Box Folder
14 11 Material for proposed book by Goodacre, King, and Sewell
12 Designs by B. Sewell for proposed book
13 King, Gerald M., material and correspondence
14-15 Gerald M. King stamp catalogs

MM: Carroll in science fiction

Box Folder
15 1 Correspondence and material

NN: Photography

Box Folder
15 2 Catalogs, clippings, correspondence, offprints

OO: Original letters

Box Folder
15 3 3 letters from Carroll to Mrs. Sinclair [withdrawn for separate cataloging]
4 Reprints of Carroll letters
5 Cohen, Morton N. The Letters of Lewis Carroll, reviews and correspondence about

PP: Carroll in advertising

Box Folder
15 6 Sewell, Byron W. Alice in Polyland, notes and correspondence about
7-9 Specimens of advertising using the Carroll theme

QQ: Correspondence with Carrollians

Box Folder
16 1 Berkey, Alice
2 Berman, Ruth
3 Bohem, Hilda
4 Brabant, Joseph A.
5-6 Burstein, Sandor
7 Clark, Anne
8 Davis, John
9 Fulcher, Lindsay
10 Goodacre, Selwyn
Box Folder
17 1 Guiliano, Edward
2 Heath, Peter
3-4 Imholtz, August
5 Jurist, Janet
6 Langlois, Virginia
7 Martin, Dick
8 Marx, Stan
9 Oultram, Ken
10 Schaefer, David and Maxine
11 Wakeling, Edward

RR: Chicken Little's Press production files

Alice in Modern Crime Fiction
Box Folder
17 12 Preliminary drafts
Box Folder
18 1 Originals
2 Alice in Wonderland in Words of One Silly-ble
3 Alice's Adventures in Oceania
4 Alas, in Litholand
5 The Annotated [Eye]
6 At 38
7 Fat Alice
8 Father William Performs
9 A Field Guide to the Talemice of Wonderland
10 Jabberwocky in Ruins
11 The King Sandor Bible
Box Folder
19 1 Legal Alice (project only?)
2 Noveling by Post (project only?)
3 Ou Est Ma Chatte?
4 Paperdolls from Lewis Carroll's Alice
5 Personal Interpretations of Alice by Her Collectors (project only?)
6 The Pitmanscript Alice
7-8 R.A.V.E.N.
Box Folder
20 1 The Semaphore Jabberwocky (project only?)
2 Through the Looking-glass in Mirror Image (project only?)
3 The Scientific Alician no. 1
4 The Scientific Alician no. 2

SS: Much of a Muchness

Box Folder
20 5-6 Bohem, Hilda, correspondence and notes
7 Goodacre, Selwyn H., correspondence
Box Folder
21 1 Articles for Jabberwocky
2 Miscellaneous correspondence

TT: Miscellaneous

Box Folder
21 3 Carroll in medicine, articles
4 Oblique references to Carroll, articles

UU: Carroll in editorial art

Box Folder
21 5 Clippings and periodical issues
Box Folder
22 1 Clippings and periodical issues

VV: Lewis Carroll society publications and correspondence

Box Folder
22 2 LCSNA correspondence
3 Knight Letter, newsletter of the LCSNA
4 The Herald, journal of the West Coast Chapter, LCSNA
5 The Bandersnatch, journal of the LCS
6 LCS form letters
7 Newsletter, of the Daresbury branch, LCS

Unclassified materials

Box Folder
23 1 Lewis Carroll in the Popular Culture, issues 1-4, production file, including correspondence with Edward Guiliano
2 Sewell, Nathan R. Alphabet Alice
3 Sewell, Susan Rafferty. Lewis Carroll, student book collecting contest submission, 1974
4 Jabberwocky articles, offprints, signed by the authors, c. 1982

Addendum: correspondence

Box Folder
24 1 Berkey, Alice
2 Colophon Book Shop
3 King, Gerald M.