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Elias Tobenkin:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Collection Summary

Creator: Tobenkin, Elias, 1882-1963
Title: Elias Tobenkin Papers
Dates: 1899-1963
Abstract: Correspondence and newspaper clippings contained in this collection provide insight into Tobenkin's experiences as a reporter and editorial writer in New York and Chicago and as foreign correspondent during World War I, while manuscripts of all eight of Tobenkin's novels, including Witte Arrives, as well as manuscripts of his short fiction and non-fiction, represent his career as a novelist. The personal correspondence and unpublished short fiction of Tobenkin's son Paul are also included in the papers.
RLIN Record # TXRC99-A4
Extent: 28 boxes, 3 galley files, 3 oversize flat files, 5 sound recording discs (11.5 linear feet)
Repository: Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Elias Tobenkin was born to Marcus A. (Mosheh Aharon) and Fanny Tobenkin in the village of Slutsk, Russia, on 10 February 1882. When Elias was 17 the Tobenkin family left the poverty, bigotry, and growing political instability of Romanov Russia behind and emigrated to Madison, Wisconsin.

Elias prospered academically in Madison, receiving BA (1905) and MA (1906) degrees from the University of Wisconsin. In 1906 Tobenkin began his career in journalism with the Milwaukee Free Press. After his 1907 marriage to Rae Schwid, Tobenkin worked on the Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Examiner, and the New York Herald as a reporter and editorial writer.

Elias Tobenkin's long-standing interest in a literary career led to his first novel, Witte Arrives (1916), an early examination of the immigrant Jewish experience in America. Witte Arrives, along with God of Might (a 1925 novel depicting the problems of interfaith marriage), were to be the best-received of Tobenkin's six published novels.

After employment with the federal government's Creel Committee in the First World War Elias Tobenkin pursued a career as a foreign correspondent, travelling to Europe in 1919 and 1920, and to Soviet Russia in 1926 and 1931. During the decade he alternated between foreign affairs reporting (primarily for the New York Herald Tribune and the New York Times) and continuing his work as a novelist and writer for the periodical press.

Tobenkin's Russian birth and growing American interest in the Soviet Union led increasingly to his involvement in interpreting Russian trends and the world scene in the 1930s. His 1935-36 around-the-world tour was a factfinding mission which resulted in his last work, The Peoples Want Peace (1938).

The death of Rae Tobenkin in April 1938, together with the outbreak of world war in September 1939, seem to have had the effect of hampering Elias Tobenkin's career in journalism. The war brought to the fore a new generation of radio-based foreign correspondents; Tobenkin and others of his generation were effectively shunted aside.

As the career of Elias Tobenkin stagnated in the later 1930s, that of his only son, Paul, began to flourish. In his career with the New York Herald Tribune Paul Tobenkin made a name for himself as a reporter specializing in reporting labor and economic issues, as well as revealing to his readers the effects of racial and religious bigotry.

After the death of Rae Tobenkin, Elias and Paul lived together in New York or Washington, the elder man doing some syndicated journalism and working on his last unpublished novel, and Paul pursuing his career with the Herald Tribune.

After Paul Tobenkin's death in 1959 his father spent his final years trying--with eventual success--to place his library of Soviet materials and to create a memorial to his son. Elias Tobenkin's library came to the University of Texas at Austin in 1962; the Paul Tobenkin Memorial Award for "outstanding achievement in newspaper writing in the fight against racial and religious intolerance and discrimination" was established at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University not long before Elias Tobenkin's death in 1963.

Scope and Contents

The Elias Tobenkin papers, 1899-1963, comprise correspondence, manuscripts, clippings, photographs, notes, documents, diaries and address books, and biographical and autobiographical materials. The collection is in part grouped as it was foldered by Tobenkin in the 1940s and '50s, but in the main the present arrangement is an imposed one.

Series I--the bulk of the collection--contains the papers of Elias Tobenkin subdivided into large correspondence and works subseries and a smaller personal subseries. The second series--that of son Paul Tobenkin--is altogether smaller and principally includes personal correspondence and some unpublished fiction. Series I represents the years 1899 to 1963, while that of Paul Tobenkin covers the period 1913 to 1963.

The materials in Series I relate to Elias Tobenkin's dual careers as journalist and novelist. Little of the material in the series apart from Tobenkin's early published journalism predates 1917, and apart from correspondence with his wife and son there is little reflection of his non-professional life. Series II includes, in addition to his family and professional correspondence, some of Paul Tobenkin's unpublished fiction and songs, along with manuscripts of some of his journalism.

Specific subjects significantly represented in the collection are Central and Eastern European affairs at the end of the First World War, Soviet Russia in the early Communist period, and the antiwar movement of the middle 1930s. These topics are in most cases seen and described from a Jewish perspective and often for a Jewish readership.

Elias Tobenkin's major correspondents were his employers, his agents and literary outlets, and his family. Specific correspondents include Ann Watkins, Inc.; Collier's; Doubleday, Doran & Co.; G. P. Putnam's Sons; Garet Garrett; Harcourt, Brace and Co.; Irma E. Hochstein; the Jewish Telegraphic Agency; Liberty; Minton, Balch & Co.; the New York Herald Tribune; the New York Times; and the North American Newspaper Alliance. A list of all correspondents in the Tobenkin papers is located at the end of this inventory.

Elsewhere in the Ransom Collection is found the Elias Tobenkin Collection of Soviet Propaganda and Literature, comprising about a thousand volumes published in or about Soviet Russia between 1918 and 1936. In the HRHRC Photography Collection the 180 images of the Elias Tobenkin Collection of Russian People Photographs (theater, architecture, peasant life, Soviet political figures) is maintained.

Material withdrawn from the Tobenkin papers and housed in the Ransom Center's Vertical File Collection includes pamphlets, periodical issues, and clippings on the peace movement of the 1930s, anti-Semitism, and political radicalism. Also present is Elias Tobenkin's card catalog of his library, together with clippings of Paul Tobenkin's journalism, reviews of Elias Tobenkin's books, together with a number of Yiddish-language Russian newspapers. This material represents about ten document boxes in volume. A number of issues of Pravda, Izvestia, and other Soviet Russian-language newspapers published between 1926 and 1962 were removed from the collection, and a small group of coins, stamps, and currency was withdrawn to the Personal Effects Collection.



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Index Terms

Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945
Garrett, Garet, 1878-1954
Hard, William, 1878-1962
Hochstein, Irma E., 1887-1974
Hohlfeld, A. R. (Alexander Rudolph), 1865-1956
Landfield, Jerome Barker, 1871-1954
Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951
Rosenwald, Julius, 1862-1932
Schapiro, Israel, 1882-1957
Tobenkin, Paul, 1913-1959
Tobenkin, Rae, d.1938
Ann Watkins, Inc.
Doubleday, Doran & Company
Frederick A. Stokes Company
G. P. Putnam's Sons
George T. Bye and Company
Harcourt, Brace and Company
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Minton, Balch & Company
North American Newspaper Alliance
Simon and Schuster, Inc.
United States Committee on Public Information
Foreign correspondents--United States--Biography
Journalists--United States--Biography
Document Types
Christmas cards
Commonplace books
Galley proofs
Legal documents
Phonograph records
Sound recordings
Chicago Tribune
Current History
Everybody's Magazine
The New Republic
New York Herald Tribune
New York Post
New York Times
The New York Tribune

Administrative Information


Purchase and gift, 1960-62

Processed by:

Bob Taylor, 1998


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Elias Tobenkin Papers--Folder List

I. Elias Tobenkin, 1899-1963

This series is arranged in three subseries: A. Correspondence, 1899-1963 (6 boxes), B. Works, 1903-1962 (12 boxes), and C. Personal, 1917-1963 (5 boxes).
The large correspondence subseries is strong in its documentation of Elias Tobenkin's work as a reporter and editorial writer in Chicago and New York into the middle 1920s. Letters and telegrams between Tobenkin and his editors during his trips abroad between 1918 and 1926, as well as his correspondence with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in the early 1930s, provide insight into the work of a foreign correspondent of the time. The extensive body of Tobenkin's correspondence with his wife during his overseas trips between 1918 and 1936 clearly illustrates the travails and day-to-day problems of an American abroad in that troubled era.
The substantial correspondence with Garet Garrett and Irma Hochstein is collegial and provides insight into Tobenkin the journalist from a different perspective. Tobenkin's career as a literary figure is not well-revealed in his correspondence, being generally limited to his communications with literary agents, publishers, and magazine editors. Unusual exceptions are the two letters from Sinclair Lewis in 1916, accompanied by Lewis' enthusiastic reader's report of the manuscript of Witte Arrives. Also of note are three letters from Theodore Dreiser encouraging Tobenkin to publish Witte Arrives.
In addition to the general lack of personal correspondence, there are also few letters of any kind dating from before the First World War, apart from those received from Everybody's Magazine and one or two other periodicals for which Tobenkin was writing at that time.
Elias Tobenkin's published work is well represented in Subseries B., containing, as it does, manuscripts of all eight of his published books, together with manuscripts of short fiction and non-fiction. An extensive representation of his journalism, comprising photocopied newspaper clippings, documents the evolution of his career from social commentator to foreign affairs expert. Much of Tobenkin's writing for serial publications--short fiction and non-fiction--is represented in the subseries in the form of articles detached from periodical issues.
Accompanying the manuscripts of his six published novels in the subseries are multiple drafts of his unpublished novel The Father, intended to complete the trilogy begun with Witte Arrives and God of Might.
Subseries C. contains Elias Tobenkin's diaries and address books, a few commonplace books, along with a quantity of photographs (family, Russian scenes, figures in European affairs and the peace movement), calling cards, and broadsides. Among the broadsides are a number of colorful anti-war posters, Russian-and Yiddish-language items, and a large poster announcing the 1918 formation of the Soviet Republic of Bavaria.
A. Correspondence, 1899-1963
Box Folder
1 1 A
Ann Watkins, Inc.
Box Folder
1 2 To ET, 1926-1933
3 From ET, 1926-1932
4 B
5 Ca-Ci
Box Folder
2 1 Cl-Cu
2 D-E
3 F
4 Frederick A. Stokes, 1917-1936
5 G
6 G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1930-1939
7 H
8 Harcourt, Brace, 1920-1932
Box Folder
3 1 Hochstein, Irma E., 1922-1948
2 I-J
3 Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 1925-1938
4 K-L
5 Liberty,1925-1933
6 M
Box Folder
4 1 Minton, Balch & Co., 1924-1938
2 N-New W
3 New York-Nye
4 New York Herald; New York Tribune,1915-1923
5 New York Herald Tribune,1925-1959
6 New York Times,1924-1943
7 O-Q
8 R
Box Folder
5 1 S-Sm
2 So-Sw
3 T-V
Tobenkin, Rae
Box Folder
5 4 To ET, 1918-1936
5-6 From ET, 1918-1924
Box Folder
6 1 From ET, 1926-1931
2 W-Z
3 The Father correspondence, 1954-1962
4 Letters of condolence, 1959
5 Outgoing
6 Unidentified correspondents
B. Works, 1903-1962
Books, 1916-1962
Box Folder
7 1 Outlines of the novels, nd
City of Friends(1934)
Box Folder
7 2 Revised typescript
3 Final typescript
* Galleys [*removed to Galley Files]
The Father (unpublished; several working titles), 1943-1962
Box Folder
7 4 Ancestors (carbon typescript)
5 Race (carbon typescript)
Box Folder
8 1 Race (revised typescript)
2 David and Diane (revised typescript)
3-4 The Father (revised carbon typescripts)
Box Folder
9 1 The Father (revised carbon typescript)
2 An American Postscript (typescript)
3 An American Postscript (carbon typescript)
4 Fragments and extraneous material
Box Folder
10 1 God of Might ( 1925, typescript)
House of Conrad(1918)
Box Folder
10 2 Typescript, to p. 145
3 Typescript, from p. 146
In the Dark(1931)
Box Folder
10 4-5 Revised carbon typescripts
* Galleys [*removed to Galley Files]
Box Folder
11 1 Meet the New Russia ( ca. 1928, project)
2 Neighbor Stalin (Stalin Speaks) ( 1944, carbon typescript)
The Peoples Want Peace(1938)
Box Folder
11 3 Notes on world peace, 1936-1938
4 Research notes
5 Notes on Japan and the Soviet Union
6 Notes on Birobidjan, Germany, Scandinavia
Box Folder
12 1 ABC of peace (notes)
2 Peace notes (ca. 1935)
3 European peace movement,1935-1936 (notes)
4 Draft pages
5 Typescript
6 Typescript, final
* Galleys [*removed to Galley Files]
The Road(1922)
Box Folder
12 7 Typescript, to p. 131
Box Folder
13 1 Typescript, from p. 132
2 "Stalin's Blueprint" (1943, notes and syndicated text)
Stalin's Ladder(1933)
Box Folder
13 3 Typescript (revised)
4 Typescript (final)
5 Typescript (excerpts)
6 Witte Arrives (1916, revised typescript (2 fragments))
Dispatches and other unpublished material, 1918-1948
Box Folder
14 1 News dispatches on Russia, 1926
2 Notes and drafts on Russia, 1926-1948
3 Notes and drafts on Soviet society, ca. 1935
4 Fragments on Russia, peace, etc., nd
5 Trotsky (notes and articles on), nd
6 Litvinov (notes and articles on), nd
7 Birobidjan notes, nd
Box Folder
15 1 Stories about Soviet Jews (for Jewish Telegraphic Agency), 1931
2 News stories on Europe, 1918-1920
3 Notes on Germany, 1920-1938
4 Prospecti and speeches, 1920s and '30s
Newspaper and periodical writings in ms.
Fiction, 1903-ca. 1920
Box Folder
15 5 A-L
6 M-U
Non-fiction (never published)
Box Folder
15 7-8 ca. 1915-ca. 1935
Box Folder
16 1-2 ca. 1919-ca. 1955
3-4 Non-fiction (published), ca. 1920-ca. 1936
Newspaper pieces, 1906-1939 (in photocopy)
Box Folder
16 5 Milwaukee Free Press and Chicago Daily Socialist articles, 1906
6 Chicago Tribune articles, 1907-1909
7 Chicago Sunday Tribune articles, 1912-1914
8 Chicago Tribune editorials, 1912-1914
9 Articles for New York papers, 1909-1910 and "articles on life of the poor, 1911-13"
10 Witte Arrives (Yiddish serialization, 1917)
Box Folder
17 1 Newspaper articles and reviews, 1915-1939
Periodical pieces, ca. 1905-1939
Box Folder
17 2 ca. 1905-ca. 1907
3 1908-1918
4-5 1919
6 1920-1923
7 1924
8 1925
Box Folder
18 1 1926
2 1927
3 1928-1931
4 1932-1935
5 1937-1939
6 1937-1939 (for North American Newspaper Alliance)
Box Folder
19 1-2 Script proposals, ca. 1928-ca. 1932
3 Verse, ca. 1906-ca. 1920
C. Personal, 1917-1963
Biographical material
Box Folder
19 4-5 The Small and the Great (autobiography, ca.1958)
6 Autobiographical sketches, nd
7 Autobiographical fragments, nd
8 Biographical and critical notes, ca. 1939
Box Folder
20 1 Criticism of ET, nd
2 Biographical clippings, 1916-1938
3 Bibliographical material, ca. 1935-1955
Documents and related matter
Box Folder
20 4 Contracts, will, IDs, 1915-1962
5 Minor documents, ca. 1915-1963
6 Banking and investments, 1916-1963
7 Menus and passenger lists, 1919-1936
Diaries, 1919-1961
Box Folder
21 1 1919
2 1920
3 1926
4 1931
5 1935
6 1935
7 1936
8 1960
9 1961
Address books, ca. 1925-1950
Box Folder
21 10 ca. 1925
Box Folder
22 1 ca. 1935
2 ca. 1950
Commonplace books, ca. 1920-1960
Box Folder
22 3 ca. 1920
4 ca. 1920
5 1930-1939
6 Jewish topics
7 Russia (ca. 1931)
8 ca. 1960
9 Postcards (unused), 1905-1930
10 Audio tape, nd
* Broadsides, 1916-1936 [*removed to Flat Files]
Calling cards
Box Folder
23 1 A-L
2 M-Z
Photographs, 1905-1955
Box Folder
23 3 Central Europe and Scandinavia, 1919-1936
4 Russia, 1920-1926
5 Peace movement, 1935-1936
6 Tobenkin, Mosheh A. and Elias, ca. 1910-ca.1935
Box Folder
24 1 Tobenkin, Rae, ca. 1905-1938
2 Tobenkin, Paul, ca. 1916-ca. 1955

II. Paul Tobenkin, 1913-1963

This second series is organized in five subseries: A. General Correspondence, 1931-1963 (1 box), B. Correspondence with Elias Tobenkin, 1918-1948 (1 box), C. Correspondence re Sale of Library, 1945-1963 (.5 box), D. Works, 1929-1958 (.5 box), and E. Personal, 1913-1963 (2 boxes).
Paul Tobenkin's general correspondence subseries includes a variety of letters from his friends and associates in journalism, the labor movement, and Jewish organizations. Apart from a number of notes of condolence written at the time of his mother's death there is little of a purely personal tenor. The most extensive correspondence in the series is that with the New York Herald Tribune, his employer for virtually his entire professional life.
Subseries B. contains the correspondence between Paul Tobenkin and his father, the bulk of which dates from April to October 1943 when Paul was in the U.S. Army. The correspondence illustrates the perceptions of an educated urbanite in the melting-pot army and describes his honorable discharge for a disability suffered in basic training.
The efforts of Paul and Elias Tobenkin to sell the extensive collection of Russian-language materials Tobenkin pere had gathered during his foreign trips is documented in the correspondence forming Subseries C. The replies of numerous institutions to the Tobenkins' offers document the finances and collecting policies of American universities of the time.
Subseries D. contains drafts of some of Paul Tobenkin's journalism, along with an unpublished play and short story, poetry, and song lyrics. Phonodiscs of several songs Paul wrote in collaboration with Ulpio Minucci are included.
The final subseries of personal materials includes some biographical materials and personal documents, along with correspondence between Elias Tobenkin and the Paul Tobenkin Memorial Award Committee leading up to the establishment of the memorial award.
A. General Correspondence, 1931-1963
Incoming, 1931-1963
Box Folder
24 3 A-K
4 L-R
5 New York Herald Tribune,1933-1958
6 S-Z
7 Outgoing, 1931-1958
B. Correspondence with ET, 1918-1948
Incoming, 1918-1948
Box Folder
25 1 1918-1942 and undated
2 1943 Apr.-June
3 1943 July-Oct.
4 1944-1948
Outgoing, 1923-1943
Box Folder
25 5 1923-1942, 1944, nd
6 1943 Apr.-Oct.
C. Correspondence re Sale of Library, 1945-1963
Incoming, 1945-1963
Box Folder
25 7 A-G
Box Folder
26 1 H-University of Michigan
2 University of Pennsylvania-Y
3 Outgoing, 1945-1959
D. Works, 1929-1958
Box Folder
26 4 Labor, politics, social issues, ca. 1938-1958
5 Bigotry in American elections, 1958
6 Articles submitted for 1958 Broun award
Box Folder
26 7 Evergreen in winter (play), 1953
8 The man who came back (short story), ca. 1944
9 Drama and fiction (mostly fragments), nd
Box Folder
27 1 Song lyrics and poetry, 1929-1955
Phonodiscs ("acetates"), ca. 1955
SR1 "Dreams" and "Wonderful to Me"; "Too Early to Care" and "Respond with Your Heart"
SR2-3 "Thanksgiving Song"
SR4 "Stranger" and "Dreams"
SR5 "Recording Blank"
E. Personal, 1913-1963
Box Folder
27 2 Biographical notes, ca. 1955-1959
3 Personal documents, 1913-1960
4 Paul Tobenkin Memorial Award, 1960-1963
5-6 Ephemera, 1916-1957
28 Commercial phonodiscs by others, ca. 1950

Elias Tobenkin Papers--Index of Correspondents

Names in bold appear in the RLIN record.

  • A. N. Marquis & Co.--1.1
  • Abels, Moses J. S. (Temple Beth-El and United Community Centre, Cedarhurst, Long Island)--1.1
  • Abrams, A. (Fenton Tool and Die Co., Fenton, Mich.)--1.1
  • Academy of Political Science (U.S.) (Grayson Kirk)--1.1
  • Adamic, Louis, 1899-1951--1.1
  • Adler, Cyrus, 1863-1940 (Dropsie College; Jewish Theological Seminary of America)--1.1, 16.2
  • Adolph Lewisohn & Sons (Sam Lewisohn)--1.1
  • Aetna Life Insurance Company (H. Potosky, James C. Springer)--24.3
  • Agence Havas (Camille Lemercier)--1.1
  • Agrodzhoint (IA. E. Zaichik)--1.1
  • Albert Frank & Co. (Chas. C. Baldwin)--1.1
  • Alex Wohlgemuth & Son (Benjamin Wohlgemuth)--1.1
  • Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (Blanche W. Knopf, Harold Strauss)--1.1, 6.3
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (Eunice Fuller Barnard)--1.1
  • Alley & Geer (Firm) (Shirley Moore)--1.1
  • Altschul, Frank, 1887-1981--25.7 (with Gideonse, Harry D.)
  • Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (Joseph Schlossberg)--1.1
  • American Academy of Political and Social Science (Myrta B. Harris, Thorsten Sellin, Donald Young)--1.1, 26.2 (with University of Pennsylvania. Library)
  • American Association for Labor Legislation (John B. Andrews)--1.1
  • American Federation of Labor (Frank Morrison)--24.3
  • American Friends of the Hebrew University--24.3
  • American Friends of the Hebrew University. Manhattan Chapter--1.1
  • American Friends Service Committee (Anna J. Haines)--1.1
  • American Fund for Palestinian Institutions (Edward A. Norman)--24.5
  • The American Hebrew (Isaac Landman)--1.1
  • American Historical Company--1.1
  • American Jewish Committee (Rose J. Ginsburg, Samuel R. Kan, Richard C. Rothschild, Harry Schneiderman, Charles M. Segal, Sidney Wallach)--1.1, 24.3; see also Greenbaum, Edward S.
  • American Jewish Congress (Lillie Shultz)--1.1, 24.3
  • American Jewish Historical Society (Isidore S. Meyer)--25.7
  • American Jewish Literary Foundation (Abraham Scheinberg)--1.1
  • American Jewish Relief Committee for Sufferers from the War (Albert B. Elliott, Henry H. Rosenfelt)--1.1
  • American Jewish Tercentenary Committee--24.3, 24.5
  • The American Labor Monthly --1.1
  • The American Legion Monthly (Philip Von Blon)--1.1
  • The American Magazine (Albert A. Boyden)--1.1
  • American Management Association (W. J. Donald)--1.1
  • The American Mercury (Eugene Lyons)--1.1
  • American Play Company (Elisabeth Marbury)--1.1
  • American Red Cross (A. M. Brace)--4.4 (with New York Tribune)
  • American Relief Administration. Mission for Poland (Maj. James W. Webb)--1.1
  • American-Russian Chamber of Commerce--1.1
  • American Russian Institute--1.1
  • American Social Hygiene Association (Bascom Johnson, William F. Snow)--1.1
  • American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (Richard F. Frohlich)--24.3
  • Amerika-Institut (K. O. Bertling)--1.1
  • Amos Society (Isidor Singer)--1.1
  • Andersen Nexø, Martin, 1869-1954--1.1
  • Andrews, Bert--24.3 (with Harvard University. Nieman Foundation)
  • Ann Watkins, Inc. (Hazel L. Calman, Carol Denny Hill, Helen Jurgens, Harold Matson, Janet Newkirk, Alice C. Peterson, Anita Porterfield, Emily Snyder, Gertrude Thomas, Ann Watkins)--1.2, 3.1
  • Arm, Walter (New York Herald Tribune)--24.5
  • Arnold, Marty (New York Herald Tribune)--24.3
  • Associated Newspapers, Inc.--1.1
  • Atheneum Publishers--6.3
  • The Atlantic Monthly (Ellery Sedgwick)--1.1, 2.4
  • Authors' League of America (Eric Schuler, Luise Sillcox)--1.1
  • B. W. Huebsch, Inc. (B. W. Huebsch)--1.4
  • Backer, George--1.4
  • The Badger (Ewart L. Merica, Beatrice Walker)--1.4
  • Baker, C. B. (C. B. Baker Company)--1.4
  • Baker, Jack--24.3 (with Brown, Cross & Hamilton)
  • Baldwin, Charles Crittenton, 1888- (Foreign Press Bureau)--2.4
  • The Barbizon (Mrs. W. M. Bleecker)--1.4
  • Barnes, Joseph, 1907-1970--24.3
  • Barton, Albert O. (Albert Olaus)--1.4
  • Bathia No.10 (Dorothy London)--1.4
  • Bauer, Russ (U.S. Dept. of Labor. Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Division)--24.3
  • Belgian American Educational Foundation, Inc. (Perrin C. Galpin)--1.4
  • Bell, Jeff (The New York Times)--24.3
  • Bell Syndicate, Inc. (Henry M. Snevily, John N. Wheeler)--1.4
  • Belton, John (British Embassy, Washington, D.C.)--24.3
  • Berger, Victor L., 1860-1929--1.4
  • Bergman, Bernard A.--1.4
  • Berlingske Tidendes Klub (K. V. Hansen)--1.4
  • Bernays, Edward L., 1891- --25.7
  • Bernstein, David--1.4
  • Bertron, S. B. (Bertron, Griscom & Co.)--1.4
  • Bet ha-sefarim ha-le'umi veha-universita'i bi-Yerushalayim--1.4
  • Bieri, Bernhard H. (Bernhard Henry), 1889- --25.7
  • Billikopf, Jacob, 1883-1950 (Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science; Labor Standards Association; National Labor Relations Board)--1.4, 24.3
  • Bird, Pauline R. (City of Oakland Recreation Department; New Century Community Center)--1.4, 4.1
  • Black, Algernon D. (Algernon David), 1900- --24.3; see also Society for Ethical Culture in the City of New York
  • Bloch, S. A.--1.4
  • B'nai B'rith (Philip M. Klutznick, Bernard Simon)--24.3; see also Independent Order of B'nai B'rith
  • B'nai B'rith. Anti-defamation League (Jack Baker, Ethel Feinberg, Richard E. Gutstadt)--1.4, 24.3
  • B'nai B'rith Magazine (Boris D. Bogen)--1.4
  • B'nai Jeshurun Sisterhood--1.4
  • Bobbs Merrill Company (Diana Chang)--2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company)
  • Bogue, Anna--1.4
  • Bonetti, Maria--1.4
  • Boni & Liveright (Beatrice Kaufman)--1.4
  • Book of the Hour Club (Edith Kay Clark)--1.4
  • The Boston Globe (A. M. Kemp, Laurence L. Winship)--1.4
  • Bowles, Gilbert, 1869-1960 (Japan Friends Mission)--1.4
  • Bowles, Minnie, 1868-1958--1.4
  • Brandeis, Alice Goldmark, 1866-1945--3.1
  • Brandes, Georg Morris Cohen, 1842-1927--1.4
  • Brandt & Kirkpatrick (Firm) (E. N. Brandt, Lilla Worthington)--1.4
  • Brennan, John J. (Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York)--24.5
  • Brewer & Warren (Firm) (Joseph Brewer)--1.3
  • Brith Abraham (Leo S. Spooner)--24.5
  • British Information Services (Charles H. Campbell)--24.3
  • British Museum. Dept. of Printed Books (A. I. Ellis)--25.7
  • Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (Henry Neumann)--1.4
  • Brown, Cross & Hamilton (E. Douglas Hamilton)--24.3
  • Bullitt, William C. (William Christian), 1891-1967 (Embassy of the United States of America [Paris])--1.4, 25.7; see also United States. Embassy (Russia)
  • Bureau of National Affairs (Washington, D.C.) (Bertram G. Zilmer)--1.4
  • Bureau of Social Hygiene (New York, N.Y.) (Lawrence B. Dunham, Thorsten Sellin, Ruth Topping)--1.4; see also Sellin, Johan Thorsten
  • Byron, Robert, 1905-1941--1.4
  • Cairns, Huntington, 1904- (National Gallery of Art)--25.7 (with Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst)
  • Cameron, J.--24.5
  • The Capital Times (Madison, Wis.) (William T. Evjue)--1.5
  • Carl Byoir & Associates (David Gross)--1.5
  • Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation (Wilbur K. Thomas)--1.1 (with Adler, Cyrus), 1.5
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Malcolm W. Davis, James T. Shotwell)--1.5
  • Carter, John Franklin, 1897-1967--1.5
  • Cecil & Presbrey (Firm) (Frank E. Hammer)--1.5
  • Central Press Assocation (Leslie Eichel)--1.5
  • Century Company (Barry Benefield, Esther Strong)--1.2
  • Century Magazine (Esther Strong, Lyman B. Sturgis, Carl Van Doren)--1.5, 4.1
  • Charles H. Kerr Company (Oscar Peterson)--4.7 (with Patterson, Joseph M.)
  • Charles Scribner's Sons--1.5, 2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company)
  • Charles Sessler (Firm) (Mabel Zalin)--25.7
  • Charon, Lorette (WFDR Broadcasting Corporation)--24.3
  • The Chicago Chronicle --1.5
  • Chicago Daily News (C. H. Dennis, Gene Morgan, Henry Blackman Sell)--1.5
  • Chicago Examiner (C. S. Stanton)--1.5
  • Chicago Herald ([illegible] Clarke, William M. Handy)--1.5
  • Chicago Sinai Congregation (Louis L. Mann)--1.5
  • Chicago Tribune (Max Annenberg, Arthur W. Crawford, William H. Field, William M. Handy, Mary King)--1.5
  • China. Wai chiao pu (N. S. Cheng, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nanking)--1.5
  • Chinitz, Goldie, 1896-1971--1.5
  • Citron, William M.--1.5
  • Civic Club (New York, N.Y.) (Alexander Fleisher, Enid Johnson)--1.5
  • Claxton, Mary Hannah Johnson, d.1955 (Austin Peay Normal School)--2.1
  • Coffee, Rudolph Isaac, 1878- (First Hebrew Congregation of Oakland; Jewish Committee for Personal Service)--2.1, 5.1 (with Schneiderman, Harry); see also Jewish Committee for Personal Service
  • Cogen Lecture Bureaus (Jacob I. Cohen)--2.1
  • Collier's (William L. Chenery, Lowell Mellett, Frank D. Morris, Grant Onslow, Loren Palmer, Mark Sullivan, James N. Young)--1.2, 2.1, 2.4, 2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company), 4.1
  • Coloroto Corporation (Harvey V. Deuell, John N. Wheeler)--2.1
  • Columbia Pictures Corporation (Jeane Cohen)--2.1
  • Columbia University. Advisory Board on Pulitzer Prizes (Nancy Huntington)--24.3
  • Columbia University. Libraries (Dorothy E. Ryan, Maurice F. Tauber)--25.7
  • Columbia University. Russian Institute (Geroid T. Robinson)--25.7
  • Comité mondial des femmes contre la guerre et le fascisme--11.3
  • Committee on Militarism in Education (U.S.) (Edwin C. Johnson)--2.1
  • Common Sense (Alfred M. Bingham)--2.1
  • Conference on Jewish Relations (Abraham Shohan)--2.1
  • Congregation B'nai B'rith (Los Angeles, Calif.)--2.1
  • Congregation B'nai Jeshurun (Israel Goldstein)--2.1
  • Cooper, Frederica Taber--2.1
  • Coral Records (Firm) (Dick Jacobs)--24.4 (with Minucci, Ulpio)
  • Cornish, George (New York Herald Tribune)--6.4
  • Cosmopolitan (Ray Long, Arthur McKeogh, Edgar Sisson)--2.1
  • Covici, Friede, Inc. (Ilona Glück)--2.1
  • Crawford, Mary M. (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)--2.1
  • Crist, Judith (New York Herald Tribune)--24.3
  • Current History (Spencer Brodney, E. Francis Brown, Leonard Drew, Leonard M. Leonard, George W. Ochs Oakes)--2.1
  • D. Appleton and Company (John L. B. Williams)--1.1 (with The American Magazine), 2.2
  • Daiches, David, 1912- (Cornell University. Division of Literature)--25.7
  • Daily Mirror (New York, N.Y.) (Stanley Walker)--2.2
  • Daily News, 1919- --see Patterson, Joseph M.
  • David McKay Company (Keith W. Jennison)--6.3
  • Davidson, Cecilia R.--2.2
  • Davidson, Hattie (Eutaw Place Temple Sisterhood)--2.2
  • Davies, Joseph Edward--26.1 (with Hochstein, Irma E.)
  • Davis, Constance H.--2.2
  • Davis, Leslie (The Wall Street Journal)--2.2, 25.7; see also Frank Presbrey Co.
  • The Day (B. Z. Goldberg, Marion Weinstein)--2.2, 3.6 (with Moskovskii Gosudarstvennyi Evreiskii Teatr imeni S. M. Mikhoelsa)
  • Debrest's Weekly News Service (Harold Debrest)--2.2
  • Deckinger, Judith--24.3
  • Deutsche Bank (1870-1948)--2.2
  • Deutsche Sozialdemokratische Arbeiterpartei in der Tschechoslowakischen Republik--2.2
  • Deutscher Volksrat (Danzig, 1919)--2.2
  • Dicker, Mollie K.--2.2
  • Disabled American Veterans (Donald H. Dunn, Joseph L. Rall)--24.3
  • Disbrow, Alice--2.2
  • Dodd, Mead & Company (E. H. Dodd, Jr., Margaret Norton)--1.3, 6.3
  • Doubleday & Company (James Perkins)--6.3
  • Doubleday, Doran & Company (L. G. Booth, Page Cooper, Thomas B. Costain, Helen Crosby, Russell Doubleday, Lucy Goldthwaite, Malcolm Johnson, H. E. Maule, Dorothy McIlwraith)--1.2-3, 2.2, 2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company), 3.1
  • Doubleday, Page & Company (Russell Doubleday, Daniel Longwell, H. E. Maule, Ralph R. Perry)--1.2, 2.2
  • Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945--2.2
  • Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning (E. Zuckerman)--1.1 (with Adler, Cyrus)
  • Dudley, Winfield W. (Dunlap-Ward Advertising Co.)--2.2
  • Duff, William B. (Duff & Duff, La Grange, Ind.)--2.2
  • Duke University. Graduate School (Calvin B. Hoover)--25.7
  • Durrance, Dick, 1914- --24.3
  • E. P. Dutton (Firm) (Lydia Creighton, Nicholas Wreden, M. S. Yewdale)--1.3, 2.5 (with Garrett, Garet and George T. Bye and Company)
  • Eastman, Max, 1883-1969 (The Reader's Digest)--25.7
  • Einstein, Elsa, 1876-1936--2.2
  • Estonia. Teedeministeerium--2.2
  • Evans, Ernestine (Christian Science Monitor)--2.2
  • Evening Star (Washington, D.C.) (B. M. McKelway)--2.2
  • The Evening Times (Manitowoc, Wis.) (R. T. Bayne)--24.3
  • Everybody's Magazine (Ray Brown, John O'Hara Cosgrave, Gilman Hall, William Hard, Virginia Roderick, Howard Wheeler, Trumbull White)--2.2
  • Evjue, William Theodore, 1882-1970 (The Capital Times)--26.2 (with University of Wisconsin. Libraries)
  • Ewan, Earl O. (United States Steel Corporation)--24.3
  • Ewerts, Birgit (United Nations)--24.3
  • Faller, James--2.3
  • Farrar & Rinehart (Firm) (John Farrar)--2.3
  • Federal Board of Farm Organizations (Charles W. Holman)--2.3
  • Federated Press (Clark H. Gells)--2.3
  • Federation of Jewish Charities of Philadelphia (Elvira N. Chodowski)--1.4 (with Billikopf, Jacob)
  • Felsher, Rosa--2.3
  • Ferguson, Victoria (All-American Newspapers' Representatives, Inc.)--2.3
  • Fine Arts Guild (Symon Gould)--2.3
  • Finkelstein, Ben (New York Herald Tribune)--24.5
  • Finkelstein, Louis, 1895- (Jewish Theological Seminary of America)--2.3
  • Fishbein, Frieda--2.3
  • Fishman, Joseph F. (Joseph Fulling) (Department of Correction, City of New York)--2.3
  • Fitzhamon--2.3
  • Florida State University. Dept. of History (George A. Lensen)--25.7
  • Forbes, Russell, 1896- (General Services Administration)--25.7
  • Ford Foundation (William W. McPeak)--25.7 (with Free Russia Fund)
  • Foreign Language Information Service (U.S.) (Read Lewis)--2.3
  • Foreign Press Bureau (Carl Anderson)--2.3
  • Foreign Press Service (Paul Kennaday)--2.3
  • The Forum (Edith H. Walton)--2.3
  • Forverts (Abraham Cahan, B. C. Vladeck)--2.3, 3.4 (with Landfield, Jerome)
  • Foster, Reginald C. (Representant-adjoint de la commission americaine pour negocier la paix)--4.7 (with Poland. Sekretarjat Osobisty Prezydenta Ministrów)
  • Fox Film Corporation (Thomas B. Costain, Julie Pocock)--2.3, 2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company)
  • Frank, Glenn, 1887-1940 (Century Company)--2.3
  • Frank Presbrey Company (Leslie Davis)--2.3; see also Davis, Leslie
  • Frederick, Jane--see Meyerson, Marjorie E.
  • Frederick A. Stokes Company (M. J. Brady, William Morrow, Vernon Quinn, Frederick A. Stokes, Emily P. Street)--2.4
  • Free Russia Fund (George Fischer)--25.7
  • Free Synagogue of Newark (Lewis Browne)--2.3
  • Fresh Air Fund (Frederick H. Lewis)--24.3
  • Friedman, Elisha M.--2.3
  • Fullerton, Hugh S.--2.3
  • G. P. Putnam's Sons (Harriet Ashbrook, Earle H. Balch, M. L. Bless, Quentin A. Bossi, C. B. Boutell, Lynn Carrick, Lois Dwight Cole, Helen Ferrigan, Marie S. Kloog, Melville Minton, Walter J. Minton, Theodore M. Purdy, Kennett L. Rawson, Winfield Shiras, Robert F. Vermell)--1.3, 2.6, 3.6 (with Menorah Society), 6.3
  • Garrett, Garet, 1878-1954(American Affairs)--2.5, 25.7
  • Geffner, Abraham H.--2.5, 25.7
  • George H. Doran Company (George H. Doran)--2.5
  • George Polk Memorial Awards (Jacob H. Jaffe) (Long Island University. The Brooklyn Center)--24.3
  • George T. Bye and Company (George T. Bye, Marian McNamara, Jasper Smock)--2.5, 15.2
  • Georgetown University. Library (James B. Horigan)--25.7
  • German, William J.--24.5
  • Germann, Morris--2.5
  • Gerstenfeld, Norman (Washington Hebrew Congregation)--2.5
  • Gideonse, Harry David, 1901- (Brooklyn College)--25.7
  • Ginsburg, J. W., Mrs.--1.2
  • Gleason, Gene (New York Herald Tribune)--24.3
  • Glickman, Bernice--24.5
  • Gollomb, Joseph, b.1881--2.5
  • Good Housekeeping (W. F. Bigelow, Arthur McKeogh)--2.5 (also with George T. Bye and Company)
  • Goodrich, William W.--24.3
  • Great Britain. Embassy (U.S.) (Joan Burbidge, David Daiches, W. P. N. Edwards)--24.3, 25.7
  • Greenbaum, Edward S. (Edward Samuel) (Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst) 2.5; see also American Jewish Committee
  • Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst (Morris Ernst, Alexander Lindey)--25.7
  • Gregory, Alyse, 1884-1967--2.5
  • Grimberg, L.--2.5
  • Griswold, Denny--24.3
  • Gross, Al (New York Herald Tribune)--24.3
  • The Group, a Clearinghouse of Opinion--2.5
  • Grover, Wayne C. (Wayne Clayton)--25.7 (with Forbes, Russell)
  • Gund, Henry (John Gund Brewing Company)--2.5
  • H. P. Kraus (Firm) (H. P. Kraus)--26.1
  • Haber, William, 1899-1988 (University of Michigan. Department of Economics)--2.7
  • Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America (Anna C. Brenner, Dr. Miriam Freund)--2.7, 24.5
  • Hale, Cushman & Flint (Weston B. Flint, Ralph Hale)--1.2
  • Hamburger Redaktionsbüro ([illegible] Singer)--2.7
  • Hampton's Magazine (Ray Long)--2.7
  • Handy, Jamison (Jam Handy Picture Service)--2.7
  • Handy, William M.--2.7
  • Hanft, Benjamin--24.3
  • Hapgood, Norman, 1868-1937 (New York American)--2.7, 4.1
  • Harcourt, Brace and Company (Margaret G. Cuff, Ellen Eayrs, Alfred Harcourt, Frank V. Morley, Charles A. Pearce, Harrison Smith, J. E. Spingarn, George L. White)--2.8, 6.3
  • Hard, William, 1878-1962(Everybody's Magazine; The New Republic)--2.7
  • Harper, Samuel N. (Samuel Northrup), 1882-1943 (University of Chicago. Russian Language and Institutions)--2.7
  • Harper & Brothers (William H. Briggs, Cass Canfield, L. F. Harper, Ordway Tead)--1.2, 2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company), 2.7, 6.3
  • Harper's Magazine (Lee Hartman)--1.2
  • Harper's Weekly (Katherine Buell)--2.7
  • Harris, Sam, 1872-1941--2.7, 3.5 (with Liberty)
  • Harvard University. Library (K. D. Metcalf)--26.1
  • Harvard University. Nieman Foundation for Journalism (Dorothy B. Erskine)--24.3, 24.5
  • Hearst's International (Saul Flaum, Carl Hovey, Rex Lardner)--1.3, 2.7
  • Heinecke, William (Committee on Public Information)--2.7
  • Held, Adolph (Amalgamated Bank of New York)--2.7
  • Henry Holt and Company (Roland Holt)--2.7
  • Henry Romeike, Inc. (D. J. Handler)--2.7
  • Herman, Henry B.--24.3
  • Hillman-Curl, Inc. (Alex L. Hillman)--2.7
  • Hillquit, Morris, 1869-1933--4.1
  • Hoan, Daniel W. (Daniel Webster), 1881-1961 (Mayor's Office, Milwaukee)--2.7, 4.1
  • Hochstein, Irma E., 1887-1974--1.2, 3.1, 3.4 (with LaFollette, Robert M.), 4.7 (with Patterson, Joseph M.), 26.1 (also with Harvard University. Library), 26.2 (with University of Wisconsin. Libraries)
  • Hohlfeld, A. R. (Alexander Rudolf), 1865-1956 (University of Wisconsin. Department of German)--2.2 (with Dudley, Winfield W.), 2.7
  • Hollander, Louis (New York State CIO Council)--24.5
  • Holly, F. M.--2.7
  • Holmes, Fred L., 1883-1946--2.7
  • Holtzmann, Fanny E. (Fanny Ellen), 1903-1980--2.7
  • Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964--26.1
  • Hoover Institute and Library on War, Revolution, and Peace (Harold H. Fisher)--26.1
  • Hotel Seneca (Rochester, N.Y.)--24.3
  • Houghton Mifflin Company (Carolyn Buracker, E. Daniels)--2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company), 6.3
  • House of Field (Berenice Bennis, Rudolph Field)--2.7
  • Hunter, Robert, 1874-1942--2.7
  • Independent Committee for Thomas and Hoopes--3.2
  • Independent Order of B'nai B'rith (Boris D. Bogen)--3.2; see also B'nai B'rith
  • Indiana University (Michael Ginsburg, Robert A. Miller, Roy V. Peel)--26.1
  • Innes, Kathleen Elizabeth Royds--3.2
  • Institute of Pacific Relations. American Council (Kathleen Barnes)--3.2
  • Internasjonal Kvinneliga for Fried og Frihet--see Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
  • International Business Machines Corporation (Eugene F. Hartley)--3.2
  • International Federation of League of Nations Societies (Lothian Small)--3.2, 11.3
  • International Federation of Trade Unions (G. Stolz)--3.2
  • International Film Service (Manvill Goddard)--3.2
  • International Labor Office (Sven Backlund, Sture Thorsson)--3.2
  • International Migration Service. American Branch (Frederick M. Warburg)--3.2
  • International News Service (Frank Mason)--3.2
  • Inturist (Firm) (A. Beckman)--3.2
  • Israel Zinn Hospital (Boris Fingerhood)--3.2
  • Italy. Consolato Generale d'Italia (New York, N.Y.)--3.2
  • J. B. Lippincott Company (Tay Hohoff)--6.3
  • J. H. Sears & Co. (J. H. Sears)--1.2
  • J. Sklar Manufacturing Company--3.2
  • James Madison High School (New York, N.Y.). Dept. of Mathematics (Murray J. Leventhal)--3.2
  • Japan. Gaimusho--3.2
  • Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company--3.2
  • Jessop, A.--3.2
  • Jewish Board of Guardians (Alice D. Menken)--3.2
  • Jewish Club (New York, N.Y.) (Sidney Matz)--3.2
  • Jewish Colonial Trust--3.3 (with Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
  • Jewish Committee for Personal Service (Rudolph I. Coffee)--3.2, 5.1 (with Schneiderman, Harry); see also Coffee, Rudolph Isaac
  • Jewish Community Building (Buffalo, N.Y.) (Jacob I. Cohen)--3.2
  • Jewish Daily Forward --see Forverts
  • The Jewish Daily News (Israel J. Zevin)--3.2
  • The Jewish Forum (Isaac Rosengarten)--3.2
  • Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.) (Walter L. Kirschenbaum)--24.3
  • Jewish Publication Society of America (Solomon Grayzel)--3.2
  • Jewish Telegraphic Agency (New York, N.Y.) (R. Kosimer, Jacob Landau, A. Puniansky, Boris Smolar, H. Wishengrad, Michael Wurmbrand)--3.3; see also Smolar, Boris, 1897-
  • Jewish Theatrical Exchange (S. Weintraub)--3.6 (with Moskovskii Gosudarstvennyi Evreiskii Teatr imeni S. M. Mikhoelsa)
  • Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Library (Gerson D. Cohen)--3.2, 26.1
  • The Jewish Tribune and Hebrew Standard (Milton Malakoff, David N. Mosessohn)--3.2, 5.1 (with Schapiro, Israel)
  • Jewish War Veterans of the United States, Inc. (Charles Drescher)--24.3
  • Jörgensen, Krista--3.2
  • Johannsen, Albert, 1871-1962 (Department of Geology, University of Chicago)--3.2
  • John Day Company (Critchell Rimington, Richard J. Walsh)--1.3, 3.2
  • John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (Florence C. Leonard, Henry Allen Moe)--3.2
  • Johns, Cloudesley--3.2
  • Joint British Commission for the Reconstruction of East European Jewry (Dorothy Mitchell, D. Mowshowitch)--3.2
  • Jones, Coleman B. (New York Herald Tribune)--24.3
  • The Journal of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin --3.2
  • The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (Robert H. Gault)--1.4 (with Bureau of Social Hygiene)
  • Julius Rosenwald Fund (Edwin R. Embree, Elisha Lee)--3.2
  • Kabayama, Sukehide--3.4
  • Kahn, Otto Hermann, 1867-1934 (Kuhn, Loeb and Company)--3.4
  • Kammer, Hyman--3.4
  • Karp, Walter--24.3
  • Kawakami--3.4
  • Kelleher, William F.--3.4
  • Kelley, Frank--24.3 (with Harvard University. Nieman Foundation)
  • Kellor, Frances, 1873-1952--3.4
  • Kennerley, Mitchell, 1878-1950--3.4
  • King Features Syndicate (J. D. Gortatowsky, M. Koenigsberg)--3.4
  • Klausner, Bertha--24.3
  • Kline, Otis Adelbert--3.4
  • Kogan, Herman (Chicago Tribune)--24.3
  • Kolesnikoff, Vladimir S.--25.7 (with Forbes, Russell)
  • Krebs, Hans, 1888- --3.4
  • Kronshage, Gertrude--3.4
  • Kumasaki, B.--3.4
  • L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters, Inc.--3.4
  • Labor (Edward Keating, W. P. Neville, D. Phillips)--3.1, 3.4
  • Ladies' Home Journal (Bruce Gould)--1.3, 2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company)
  • LaFollette, Robert Marion, Jr., 1895-1953--3.4
  • LaFollette-Wheeler National Progressive Committee (Fred Holmes)--3.4
  • Landfield, Jerome Barker, 1871-1954 (American-Russian Chamber of Commerce)--3.4
  • Lasker, Bruno, 1880-1965--3.4
  • Lasker, Florina--3.4
  • Latvijas Telegrafa Agentura--3.4
  • Lawrence, Gunther--24.4
  • Lee Kugel (Firm) (Lucile Watson)--3.4
  • Lehman, Sissie S.--3.4
  • Leipziger Redaktionsbüro--3.4
  • Leontief, Wassily, b. 1880--26.1 (with Harvard University. Library)
  • Lesher, Mortimer B.--3.4
  • Levinson, Salmon Oliver, 1865-1941 (Levinson, Becker, Peebles and Swiren)--3.4
  • Levitan, Mortimer--3.4
  • Levitan, Solomon (State Treasurer, Madison, Wis.)--3.4, 24.4
  • Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951--3.4
  • Liberty (Elliot Balestier, S. Barris, Theresa Bopp, Sheppard Butler, Parke Hanley, C. W. B. Hurd, Rex Lardner, Ronald Millar, Loren Palmer, D. E. Wheeler, John N. Wheeler)--1.2-3, 3.5
  • Library of Congress. Acquisitions Dept. (Thomas R. Barcus)--26.1
  • Library of Congress. Copyright Office (Abraham L. Kaminstein)--27.2
  • Lieber, Maxim--3.4
  • Lieberman, Elias, 1883-1969--3.4
  • The Literary Digest (Arthur S. Draper)--3.4
  • Little, Brown and Company (Angus Cameron, Alfred McIntyre, Alan D. Williams)--2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company), 3.4, 6.3
  • Litvinov, M. M. (Maksim Maksimovich), 1876-1951--3.4
  • Liveright, Inc. (T. B. Smith)--3.4
  • Lochner, Louis Paul, 1887-1975--6.4, 26.1
  • Longmans, Green, and Co. (Frank Hill)--1.3
  • Lore, Ludwig--2.3 (with Foreign Press Bureau)
  • Lowe, Lucy (International Studio)--3.4
  • Lowndes, Belloc, 1868-1947--4.1
  • Lubin, Simon J. (Weinstock, Lubin and Co.)--3.4
  • Lucius N. Littauer Foundation--24.4
  • McCarthy, Charles (United States Food Administration; Wisconsin Legislative Reference Library)--3.6
  • McClure Newspaper Syndicate (Mark Bak, Richard H. Waldo)--3.6
  • McClure's Magazine (Charles Hanson Towne)--3.6
  • McDowell, Mary E. (National Headquarters and Club of the AAUW; University of Chicago Settlement)--3.6
  • McFeely, Otto--3.6
  • McGraw-Hill Book Company (Guy Holt, Gray Williams, Jr.)--1.2, 3.6, 6.3
  • McGurn, Barrett (New York Herald Tribune)--6.4
  • Macmillan Company (Charles E. Cuningham, Everett E. Hale, H. S. Latham, L. H. Titterton)--1.3, 2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company), 3.6
  • The Maccabaean Magazine (M. Weisgal)--3.6
  • Mack, Julian W. (Julian William), 1866-1943--3.6
  • Maerker-Branden, A. Paul (Albrecht Paul), 1889-1942--3.6
  • Manduley, Lyn Smith--see Smith, Lyn
  • Manheim, Estelle--3.6
  • Manitowoc Times--see The Evening Times (Manitowoc, Wis.)
  • March of Time, Inc. (Roy E. Larsen, John S. Martin)--3.6
  • Margolin, M.--3.6
  • Margolis, Edythe--24.4
  • Marley, Dudley Leigh Aman, Baron, 1884-1952 (House of Lords)--3.6
  • Martin, Edward, Jr. (Army Service Forces, Washington, D.C.)--24.4
  • Martin, John Stuart, 1900- --3.6
  • Mason, Bill (San Francisco Examiner)--3.6
  • Maxey, J. O.--24.5
  • Melnikow, Henry P. (The Labor Bureau, Inc.)--3.6
  • Menorah Alumni of the City of New York (Julian M. Drachmann, N. Fish)--3.6
  • The Menorah Journal (Henry Hurwitz)--3.6
  • Menorah Society of Washington Square (Abraham I. Katsh)--3.6
  • Messer, Mary Burt--3.6
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (Albert Lewin, Nina Lewton, Miss Scully)--1.3, 3.6
  • Metropolitan (Carl Hovey, J. B. Kelly, Sonya Levien, H. J. Whigham)--3.6 (also with McCarthy, Charles)
  • Metz, Herman A.--4.1
  • Meyer, Isidore S.--3.2 (with Jewish Publication Society of America)
  • Meyerson, Marjorie E. (also signed by Jane Frederick)--24.4
  • Milbank Memorial Fund (John A. Kingsbury)--3.6
  • Miller, Racy--3.6
  • Milwaukee Sentinel & Wisconsin News (Paul A. Holmes)--24.4
  • Minton, Balch & Company (Earl Balch, Quentin Bossi, M. L. Dolan, Edyth Lowenberg, Melville Minton, H. Whitney)--1.2-3, 4.1
  • Minucci, Ulpio--24.4
  • Moran, Mary (Legislative Reference Library, Madison, Wis.)--3.6
  • Morris, Constance Lily Rothschild--3.6
  • Morrow, William--2.7 (with Hard, William), 3.6
  • Moskovskii Gosudarstvennyi Evreiskii Teatr imeni S. M. Mikhoelsa (Alexis Granowsky)--3.6
  • Mulgrew, Frank L. (Franklin Hospital, San Francisco)--3.6
  • Musmanno, Michael Angelo (House of Representatives, Harrisburg, Pa.)--3.6
  • NEA Service, Inc. (Alexander C. Herman)--4.2
  • Natchez, Gladys--4.2
  • Nathanson, Jerome (Society for Ethical Culture)--6.4
  • The Nation (Freda Kirchwey, Margaret Marshall, Marian Tyler)--4.2
  • National Association of Manufacturers (Marguerite B. Benson)--4.2
  • National Association of Public Relations Counsel (A. Schaeffer, Jr.)--24.4
  • National Board of the Young Womens' Christian Associations of the United States of America (Margaret Flenniken, Emma P. Hirth)--4.2
  • National Broadcasting Company, Inc. (Margaret Cuthbert)--4.2
  • National Committee on the Cause and Cure of War (U.S.) (Josephine Schain)--4.2
  • National Conference of Social Work (U.S.) (Jane Chandler)--4.2
  • National Coordinating Committee for Aid to Refugees and Emigrants Coming from Germany (Rose Markowitz)--1.4 (with Billikopf, Jacob)
  • National Council for Prevention of War (U.S.) (Jeanette Rankin)--3.1
  • National Council of American-Soviet Friendship (U.S.)--4.2
  • National Council of the Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States of America. Publications Dept. (S. M. Keeny)--4.2
  • National Foreign Trade Council--4.2
  • National Jewish Welfare Board (Mordecai Soltes, Janet G. Weisman)--4.2
  • National Peace Council (Great Britain) (W. A. Selby)--4.2
  • National Press Club (U.S.) (C. A. Alberding, J. Lacey Reynolds)--24.3 (with Jones, Coleman B.), 24.4
  • Negri, Sam--24.5
  • Neurological Institute for the Study and Treatment of Nervous and Mental Diseases (Gladys Tallman)--4.2
  • The New Republic (Bruce Bliven, Herbert Croly, Walter Lippmann, Daniel Mebane, George Soule, S. Willingale)--4.2
  • New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y.) (Alvin Johnson)--4.2
  • New Warheit (L. E. Miller)--4.2
  • New York (N.Y.). Office of the Mayor (L. B. Dunham)--4.3
  • New York (State). Committee on Discrimination in Employment (Frieda S. Miller)--4.3
  • New York (State). Division of Employment--24.4
  • New York (State). Education Dept.--see University of the State of New York. Rehabilitation Bureau
  • New York American (Bradford Merrill, T. V. Ranck)--4.3
  • New York Foundation (William F. Fuerst)--4.3
  • New York Herald (Winfield W. Dudley)--4.4
  • New York Herald Tribune (Bert Andrews, Barney G. Cameron, Luke P. Carroll, George A. Cornish, Howard Davis, Arthur S. Draper, L. L. Engelking, Richard L. Field, Elinore M. Herrick, Edith Huntington, Charles M. Hupp, R. C. McCabe, Julian S. Mason, Marie M. Meloney, A. V. Miller, Kay Phelps, Ray Price, Helen Rogers Reid, Whitelaw Reid, Ralph E. Renaud, Walter E. Slattery, Harry Staton, Richard L. Tobin, Stanley Walker, [illegible] B. Wells, Grafton S. Wilcox, Mae C. Wolff--1.2, 4.5, 24.3 (with American Jewish Congress), 24.4 (with Newspaper Guild of New York), 24.5
  • New York Journal American (Victor Watson)--4.3
  • New York Post (Mildred Blont, Edwin F. Gay, A. G. Glidden, William C. McCloy, Charles McD. Puckette, Arthur Ruhl, Simeon Strunsky) --3.4 (with Litvinov, M. M.), 4.3, 6.2 (with Williamson)
  • New York Public Library (Edward G. Freehafer, Paul North Rice, Avrahm Yarmolinsky)--4.3, 26.1
  • New York School of Social Work (Henrietta Dekan, George W. Kirchwey)--4.3
  • New York Times (J. Brooks Atkinson, Solomon Bloom, John Carter, Lillian Gleason, Walter B. Hayward, Lester Markel, Simeon Strunsky, R. E. Turpin, S. T. Williamson)--1.2, 4.1, 4.6, 24.4
  • The New York Tribune (A. M. Brace, Arthur S. Draper, Garet Garrett, Bampton Hunt, Lester Markel, Frederick Moore, Kay Phelps, Ralph E. Renaud)--4.4
  • New York Vocational Guidance Association (Franklin J. Keller, E. B. Porter)--4.3
  • New Yorker Staats-Zeitung (Victor F. Ridder)--4.3
  • Newspaper Feature Service--see King Features Syndicate
  • Newspaper Guild of New York (John E. Deegan, I. Kaufman, Herbert L. Marx, Thomas J. Murphy, M. Michael Potoker)--24.4, 27.4
  • Newsweek (Joseph B. Phillips)--4.3
  • Nihon Kokusai Kyokai (Tadashi Okuma)--4.3
  • Niles, David K., 1888-1952 (The White House)--26.1
  • North American Newspaper Alliance (Merritt Bond, James L. Freeman, William C. McCloy, Henry M. Snevily, John N. Wheeler, Bertram G. Zilmer)--1.3, 4.3
  • Norwegian America Line Agency (John W. Knudsen)--4.3
  • Novik, Morris S., 1903- (Radio Station WEVD)--24.4
  • Novoye Russkoye Slovo (Joseph B. Polonsky)--4.3
  • Noyes, George Rapall, 1873-1952 (University of California. Department of Slavic Languages)--4.3
  • Nye, Gerald Prentice, 1892-1971 (United States Senate)--4.3
  • O'Reilly, John (New York Herald Tribune)--24.5
  • Our World (Malcolm W. Davis, Harald Toksvig)--4.7
  • Overseas Press Club of America--4.7
  • Owens, Hamilton, 1888-1967 (The Sun)--26.1
  • Oyen, Henry, 1883-1921 (The Chicago Tribune)--4.7
  • Pacific and Atlantic Photos, Inc. (H. B. Baker)--4.7
  • Paderewski, Ignace Jan, 1860-1941--4.7
  • Pálffy, Eleanor, Countess, d. 1952--24.4
  • Pan-American Public Relations, Ltd. (Sandy M. Pitofsky)--24.4
  • Paramount Publix Corporation (Maude Kirk Miller, Sam Ornitz)--4.7
  • Parrish, Harcourt (Ivy Lee and T.J. Ross [Firm])--4.7
  • Patterson, Joseph Medill, 1879-1946 (The News)--4.7
  • Patterson, Mary King (Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate, Inc.) --26.1
  • Paul Tobenkin Memorial Award Committee (Arthur L. Jacobs, M. Michael Potoker, Charles M. Segal)--27.4
  • Pearson's Magazine (Frank Harris)--4.7
  • Peck, Robert B. (New York Herald Tribune)--24.5
  • Peixotto, Jessica Blanche, 1864-1941 (Department of Economics, University of California)--4.1
  • People's Mandate to Governments to End War. Committee for the Western Hemisphere (Catherine Turner)--4.7
  • Peters, A. D--1.3
  • Phelps, Kay (New York Herald Tribune)--4.7
  • Phelps, William Lyon, 1865-1943--4.7
  • Phillips, Elizabeth L.--4.7
  • Phillips, Frances--1.3
  • Poland. Sekretarjat Osobisty Prezydenta Ministrów--4.7
  • Politisch-parlementarische Nachrichten (E. Goldschagg)--4.7
  • Pope, Emma Field (Department of English, University of Wisconsin)--4.7
  • Potofsky, Jacob S. (Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America)--6.4
  • Powszechny Bank Zwiazkowy w Polsce--4.7
  • Preston Publishing Company (Cecile Preston)--4.7
  • Princeton University. Library (Edmund S. DeLong, Lawrence Heyl)--26.1
  • Printers' Ink Publishing Company--4.7
  • Quidde, Ludwig, 1858-1941--4.7
  • Rabl, Hilde--4.8
  • Rabochaia Gazeta (A. Podsotskaia)--4.8
  • The Railroad Man's Magazine (R. A. Davis)--4.8
  • Rand Book Store (Eleanore Levenson)--4.8
  • Randall H. Hagner & Co. (A. H. Gilbert)--24.4
  • Rascoe, Burton, 1892-1957 (The Chicago Tribune)--4.8
  • Rashkes, I. M.--4.8
  • Ray Long & Richard R. Smith, Inc. (Oscar Cooper)--4.8
  • Reader's Digest (Merle Crowell)--24.3 (with American Jewish Tercentenary Committee)
  • The Red Cross Magazine (John S. Phillips)--4.8
  • The Reflex (S. M. Melamed)--4.8
  • Reynal and Hitchcock (Barry Benefield)--2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company)
  • Richardson, Leon Josiah, 1868- (University of California. Extension Division)--4.8
  • Richmond, Charlotte E.--4.8
  • Ridder, Victor Frank, 1886-1963 (Ridder Publications, Inc.)--6.4
  • Ritzaus Bureau (L. Ritzau)--4.8
  • Robinson, Charles W.--24.5
  • Robinson, Donald B. (War Department Headquarters. Services of Supply)--24.4
  • Rockefeller Foundation (Stacy May, John V. Van Sickle)--4.8; see also Van Sickle, John V. (John Valentine), 1892-
  • Rohman, Richard (Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America)--6.4, 24.5
  • Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962--5.1 (with Smith, Lyn)
  • Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919--4.8
  • Roosevelt Memorial Association (Hermann Hagedorn, Mae V. Manning)--4.8
  • Roper, Ralph C.--4.8
  • Rose, Alex--4.8
  • Rosenman, Samuel I. (The White House)--5.2 (with Society for Ethical Culture)
  • Rosensohn, Samuel J., Mrs.--24.5
  • Rosenthal, Manny--24.4
  • Rosenwald, Julius, 1862-1932 (Sears, Roebuck and Co.)--4.8
  • Ross, Don (New York Herald Tribune)--24.4
  • Ross, Edward Alsworth, 1866-1951 (Department of Economics, the University of Wisconsin)--4.8
  • Rossiiskoe obshchestvo Krasnago kresta--4.8
  • Rothenberg, Ruth--24.4
  • Rubin, Leonard--24.4
  • Russell, Walter--4.8
  • Russell Sage Foundation (Beatrice Green, Fred S. Hall, Helen B. Russell, Mary van Kleeck)--4.8
  • Russia. Posol'stvo (U.S.) (K. Onu)--4.8
  • Russian Information Bureau (Howard Kellock)--4.8
  • Russian Red Cross--see Rossiiskoe obshchestvo Krasnogo kresta
  • Russian Telegraph Agency (Kenneth Durant)--4.8
  • Ruth & Maxwell Aley (Firm) (Ruth Aley)--4.8
  • Ryan, Marion--4.8
  • Samuel Goldwyn, Inc. (George Oppenheimer)--5.1
  • San Francisco Examiner (C. S. Stanton)--5.1
  • Sargent, Dorothy--5.1
  • Saturday Evening Post (Thomas B. Costain, Merritt Hulburd, George H. Lorimer)--1.2-3, 2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company), 2.7 (with Holly, F. M.), 5.1
  • Sax, Marcus--5.1
  • Schapiro, Israel, 1882-1957 (Division of Semitic Literature, Library of Congress)--5.1
  • Scheinfeld, Amram, 1899- --5.1
  • Schiff, Jacob H. (Jacob Henry), 1847-1920--4.4 (with New York Herald)
  • Schneiderman, Harry, 1885- --5.1
  • Schoville, Naomi--5.1
  • Schutzverband Deutscher Schriftsteller (Hans Kyser)--5.1
  • Schwarz, Paul--5.1
  • Schwimmer, Rosika, 1877-1948--5.1
  • Scott, Winfield (Western Pacific Railroad Company)--5.1
  • Sebring, L. B.--24.6
  • Seligson, Maurice V. (Garfield & Seligson)--5.1
  • Seligson, Max--24.6
  • Sellin, Johan Thorsten, 1896- (Wharton School of Finance and Commerce)--5.1
  • Service international de la Société des amis (Quakers) (Mrs. James Forsythe, Bertram Pickard)--11.3
  • Seven Arts Feature Syndicate (Joseph Brainin, Bernard Postal)--5.1
  • Shaughnessy, George A. (Chambers of Municipal Judge, Milwaukee)--5.1
  • Shettle, George P. (Society for Ethical Culture)--6.4
  • Shrine Magazine (Edgar Sisson)--1.3
  • Shubert, Milton (Select Theatres Corporation)--24.5
  • Shulman, Harry Manuel, 1899- (Committee of Community Service, the City College of New York)--5.1
  • Sidney Hillman Foundation (Howard D. Samuel)--24.6
  • Simon and Schuster, Inc. (Clifton Fadiman, Quincy Howe, M. L. Schuster, Henry W. Simon)--1.2, 2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company), 5.1
  • Sisterhood of Eutaw Place Synagogue (Lillian R. Cohen)--5.1
  • Skvirsky, Boris E.--5.1
  • Slonim, Y. (Yo'el), 1884-1944 (The Day)--5.1
  • Slutski Akrugovy Vykanauchy Kamitet--5.1
  • Smertenko, Johan J. (Skidmore College. Department of English)--4.1
  • Smith, Harry T. (The New York Times)--5.1
  • Smith, Lyn--2.6, 5.1
  • Smith-Gordon, Lionel--5.1
  • Smolar, Boris, 1897- --5.1; see also Jewish Telegraphic Agency
  • Social Science Research Council (U.S.)--5.2
  • Socialist Party (Wis.) (Al Benson)--4.7 (with Patterson, Joseph M.)
  • Society for Ethical Culture in the City of New York (Algernon D. Black, Allen Eaton, John L. Elliott, Laura B. Linville, Sidney H. Scheuer)--5.2, 24.6; see also Black, Algernon D.
  • Solomon, Charles (City Magistrate. City of New York; Goldberg and Solomon)--24.5, 24.6
  • Somervell, Brehon Burke, 1892-1955 (War Department, Office of the Quartermaster General)--24.6
  • Song Writers' Protective Association (Miriam Stern)--24.6
  • Sonne, H. P.--5.2
  • Soviet Union. General'noe Konsul'stvo SSSR v Niu Iorke (G. Arnold)--5.2
  • Soviet Union. Narodnyi Kommissariat po Innostrannyn Delam (Madame I. Litvinoff, Zalkind)--5.2
  • Soviet Union. Sovet Narodnykh Komissarov--5.2
  • Spalding, Keith (New York Herald Tribune)--24.6
  • Spivak, Lawrence E. (Lawrence Edmund), 1900-(The American Mercury)--24.6
  • Standard Daily Trade Service (L. H. Sloan)--5.2
  • Stark, Lou (The New York Times)--24.6
  • Starzl, R. F. (LeMars Globe-Post, LeMars, Iowa)--5.2
  • Steelman, Emma--24.6
  • Stein, Leon, 1912- (ILGWU, New York)--24.5
  • Stepanian, Kachadour--5.2
  • Stern, Abner--24.6
  • Stockwell, T. H.--5.2
  • Stolpe, Herman, 1904- --5.2
  • Stone, Betty--5.2
  • Stratford Company (Henry T. Schnittkind)--5.2
  • Stratton, David Vincent--5.2
  • Strauss, Lewis L. (Atomic Energy Commission)--5.2, 26.1
  • Strohm, Inez H.--5.2
  • Stuart, John, 1912- --5.2
  • Student Friendship Fund (Helen Ogden)--5.2
  • Study of Methods of Americanization (Allen T. Burns, Kate Holladay Claghorn)--5.2
  • Success Magazine (Howard Brubaker, Francis T. Miller)--5.2
  • The Suffragist (Pauline Clarke)--5.2
  • Sugarman, Ben (Ben Sugarman Limited)--24.6
  • Sullivan, Lucile (Annie Laurie Williams, Inc.)--26.7
  • Sun (New York, N.Y. : 1920) (F. E. Hill, Grant M. Overton)--5.2
  • Sweden. Utrikesdepartementet (Frits Hendriksson)--5.2
  • Swope, Herbert Bayard, 1882-1958--5.2
  • Syracuse University. Library (Wayne S. Yenawine)--26.1
  • Tabenkin, Al (Lt. Wallace Kaufman Post No. 416, Jewish War Veterans)--5.3
  • Tabenkin, Isadore M.--5.3
  • Taylor, Graham Romeyn, 1880-1942--5.3
  • Teachers' Anti-war Movement (M. G. Akhurst)--11.3
  • Temple Rodef Sholom (New York, N.Y.) (Rudolph Grossman)--5.3
  • Temple University. Office of the President (Robert L. Johnson)--24.6
  • This Week Magazine (Richard L. Field)--5.3, 26.2
  • Thomas, Lowell, 1892-1981--5.3
  • Thomas Y. Crowell, Publishers (William Poole)--6.3
  • Time (Evelyn Stearn)--2.6
  • Time, Inc. (John S. Martin, Evelyn Stearn)--5.3
  • Tobenkin, Harry, 1894-1965--5.3, 6.4
  • Tobenkin, Joseph, 1886-1966--5.3
  • Tobenkin, Mosheh Aharon ben Yehuda--5.3
  • Tobenkin, Rae, d. 1938--5.4
  • Today(Raymond Moley) --5.3
  • Turner, Jennie McMullin, 1885-1967 (Wisconsin State Board of Education)--5.3
  • Twentieth Century Fund (Evans Clark)--26.1
  • Ullstein GmbH--see Hamburger Redaktionsbüro; Leipziger Redaktionsbüro
  • Union of Democratic Control (Dorothy Woodman)--11.3
  • United Jewish Appeal--24.6
  • United Palestine Appeal (U.S.) (Rudolf G. Sonneborn)--24.5
  • United Press Associations (James H. Furay)--5.3
  • United States. Army Air Forces. Air Technical Service Command. (Julius Kass)--24.6
  • United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. (R. H. Brasel)--3.1
  • United States. Committee on Public Information (L. Ames Brown, George Creel, George Maoser, Ernest Poole, Edgar Sisson)--5.3; see also Foreign Press Bureau; Vigilantes
  • United States. Dept. of Commerce. Division of Current Information (Donald R. Burgess)--5.3
  • United States. Dept. of State (Loy W. Henderson, R. B. Macatee, William Phillips, John Ross, G. Howland Shaw, Francis B. Stevens)--5.3, 24.6, 26.1
  • United States. Embassy (Russia)--5.3; see also Bullitt, William C.
  • United States. Federal Security Agency (John Barrow)--26.1
  • United States. General Services Administration--see Forbes, Russell United States. Office of War Information (Joseph Barnes, Helen Block, Elmer Davis, Owen Lattimore, Howard Thurlow)--5.2 (with Society for Ethical Culture), 5.3
  • United States. President. (1933-1945 : Roosevelt)--5.3
  • United States. President. (1945-1953 : Truman)--24.6
  • United States. President. (1961-1963 : Kennedy)--3.4 (with Kelleher, William F.)
  • United States. Senate. Committee on Manufactures--5.3
  • United States. Veterans Administration (Charles C. Adams, W. F. Greene, L. M. Hylton, Rudolph Kay, T. R. Powers)--6.4, 24.3 (with Jewish War Veterans), 24.6
  • United States. War Dept. (F. J. Hatch, Kenneth D. Johnson)--5.3, 24.6
  • United States. War Dept. Military Intelligence Division. (Brig. Gen. M. Churchill, by Capt. Dick Slaughter)--2.3 (with Foreign Press Bureau)
  • United States Brewers' Association (Hugh F. Fox)--5.3
  • United States Civil Service Commission--5.3
  • Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (Louis Rittenberg)--5.3
  • University of California, Berkeley (Robert J. Kerner, Max Radin)--26.1
  • University of London. School of Slavonic and East European Studies (Dorothy Galton, Renate Grebenik, H. Thomas)--26.1
  • University of Michigan. Library (Rolland C. Stewart, Frederick H. Wagman)--26.1
  • University of Pennsylvania. Library (Charles W. David, Thorsten Sellin)--26.2
  • University of the State of New York. Bureau of Public Information (Hayden Weller)--26.2
  • University of the State of New York. Rehabilitation Bureau (E. B. Porter)--5.3
  • University of Wisconsin. Libraries (Gilbert H. Doane, Ralph Hagedorn)--5.3, 26.2
  • Vagabonds (Organization) (Joseph Vallon)--5.3
  • Van Buren, Maud, 1869- (Free Public Library, Owatonna, Minn.)--5.3
  • Van Doren, Irita Taylor, 1891-1960--5.3
  • Van Sickle, John V. (John Valentine), 1892- --5.3; see also Rockefeller Foundation
  • Van Wyck, Harriet (Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library)--26.2
  • Vanguard Press (James Henle, Evelyn Shrifte)--5.3
  • Vigilantes (Organization) (Henry Collins Walsh)--5.3
  • Viking Press (Pascal Covici, B. W. Huebsch)--2.5 (with George T. Bye and Company), 5.3
  • Vitagraph Company of America (Albert E. Smith)--5.3
  • Waldman, Louis (Waldman and Waldman, Counselors at Law)--24.5
  • War Progress (J. A. Livingston)--6.2
  • War Resisters' International (Grace M. Beaton)--11.3
  • Warburg, Felix M. (Felix Moritz), 1871-1937--6.2
  • The Warheit (I. Garrikman)--6.2
  • Warner Bros. Pictures (Irving Deakin, Jacob Wilk)--6.2
  • Washington Post (H. B. Elliston)--6.2
  • Watson, Warner (Blevins Davis [and] Robert Breen)--26.7
  • Weinstein, Marion--6.2
  • Wendroff, D.--6.2
  • West, Richard G. (New York Herald Tribune)--6.4, 24.5
  • Whitney, Charlotte, 1867-1955--4.1, 6.2
  • Whittlesey House (Guy Holt)--6.2
  • Who's Who in America --6.2
  • Who's Who in American Jewry (John Simons)--6.2
  • Who's Who in World Jewry (Harry Schneiderman)--6.2
  • William C. Whitney Foundation (Anna Bogue)--6.2
  • Wm. H. Wise & Co. (William Griffith)--6.2
  • William Morrow and Company (John C. Willey)--6.3
  • Williamson, [] (The Hotel Gazette)--6.2
  • Willmann, A. W.--24.6
  • Wilson, Edward (The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers)--6.2
  • Wisconsin. Legislature. Legislative Reference Library (Annie Neal, Edwin E. Witte)--6.2
  • Wisconsin. University. Dept. of Economics (Edwin E. Witte)--6.2
  • Witte, Edwin E. (Edwin Emil), 1887-1960--26.1 (with Hochstein, Irma E.), 26.2 (with University of Wisconsin. Libraries)
  • Wolfenson, Louis Bernard, 1882- (Hebrew Union College)--6.2
  • The Woman Citizen (Virginia Roderick)--6.2
  • Woman's Home Companion (Gertrude B. Lane)--6.2
  • Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (Helen V. Kirby, Marie L. Mohr, Lyn Smith, Florence Weiner)--6.2
  • World (New York, N.Y. : 1860-1931) (R. E. Renaud, Paul Sifton, Herbert Bayard Swope, Louis Weitzenkorn)--2.5 (with Garrett, Garet), 6.2
  • World Peace Foundation (Denys P. Myers, Ruth Pass)--2.6, 6.2
  • The World To-day (Shailer Mathews)--6.2
  • The World's Work (Arthur W. Page, Mrs. L. F. Robins, French Strother) --6.2
  • Wurmbrand, Fanny--6.4
  • YPO (Organization) (Florella Galt)--24.6
  • Yale University. Library (Elizabeth H. Butler, Leon Nemoy, Donald G. Wing)--26.2
  • Yezierska, Anzia, 1880?-1970--6.2
  • Yivo Institute for Jewish Research (Ezekiel Lifschutz)--6.2
  • Zieve, Harry (Gallego-Zieve & Co.)--6.2
  • Zimmerman, Charles S., 1896-1983 (Dressmakers Union Local 22)--24.5
  • Zionist Organization of America (Morris Margulies, Morris Rothenberg)--6.2
  • Zolotkoff, Leon, 1866-1938--6.2
  • Zucker, Louis C., 1895- --6.2