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Collection Summary

Creator: Livingston, Arthur, 1883-1944
Title: Arthur Livingston Papers
Dates: 1494-1986 (bulk 1904-1944)
Abstract: The Arthur Livingston Papers include typescript and holograph manuscripts, correspondence, postcards, printed sheets, invitations, programs, page proofs, galleys, photographs, contracts, an exhibition catalogue, and clippings. The collection is organized in four series: I. Works (2.5 boxes, 1907-1939); II. Correspondence (5.5 boxes, 1904-1944); III. Miscellaneous (10 boxes, 3 galley folders, 1 oversize folder, 1494-1986, bulk 1903-1944); IV. Personal (4 boxes, 1883-1944).
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-02515
Extent: 22 document boxes, 3 galley folders, 1 oversize folder (9.16 linear feet)
Language: English
Repository: Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Arthur Livingston, professor of Romance languages and literatures, publisher, and translator, was born on September 30, 1883, in Northbridge, Massachusetts. Livingston earned the A.B. degree at Amherst College in 1904, continuing his work in Romance languages at Columbia University, where he received the Ph.D. in 1911. His teaching positions included an instructorship in Italian at Smith College (1908-1909), an associate professorship in Italian at Cornell University, where Livingston also supervised the Petrarch Catalogue (1910-1911), and an associate professorship in Romance Languages at Columbia University (1911-1917). Among the various honors bestowed upon Livingston were membership in Phi Beta Kappa and the Venetian academic society, the Reale deputazione veneta di storia patria; he was also decorated as a Cavalier of the Crown of Italy.

Livingston's desire to disseminate the work of leading European writers and thinkers in the United States led him to an editorship with the Foreign Press Bureau of the Committee on Public Information during World War I. When the war ended, Livingston, in partnership with Paul Kennaday and Ernest Poole, continued his efforts on behalf of foreign literature by founding the Foreign Press Service, an agency that represented foreign authors in English-language markets. Among the many authors whose work Livingston introduced in the United States were Octave Aubry, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Giuseppe Antonio Borgese, Benedetto Croce, Claude Farrère, Guglielmo Ferrero, André Maurois, Alberto Moravia, Gaetano Mosca, Giovanni Papini, Vilfredo Pareto, Luigi Pirandello, Giuseppe Prezzolini, and Guido da Verona. Livingston returned to academic life at Columbia University in 1925, where he was appointed full professor in 1935. Livingston died in 1944.

Among Livingston's scholarly work, two book-length studies stand out: the critical edition I sonetti morali ed amorosi di Gian Francesco Busenello (1911) and La vita veneziana nelle opere di Gian Francesco Busenello (1913). Livingston was also an accomplished translator, whose translations include Octave Aubry's Napoleon: Soldier and Emperor (1938), St. Helena (1936), and The Second Empire (1940); Vicente Blasco Ibáñez's The Borgias, or, At the Feet of Venus (1930), The Knight of the Virgin (1930), The Mayflower (1921), Mexico in Revolution (1920), A Novelist's Tour of the World (1926), The Phantom with Wings of Gold (1931), The Pope of the Sea (1927), The Torrent (1921), and Unknown Lands: The Story of Columbus (1929); Benedetto Croce's The Conduct of Life (1924); Claude Farrère's The House of the Secret (1923); Guglielmo Ferrero's The Seven Vices (1929); Alberto Moravia's Wheel of Fortune (1937); Vilfredo Pareto's The Mind and Society (1935); and Luigi Pirandello's Each in His Own Way and Two Other Plays (1923), The Late Mattia Pascal (1923), and The One-Act Plays of Luigi Pirandello (1928). In addition to book reviews and articles, which Livingston wrote throughout his career, a collection of criticism, Essays on Modern Italian Literature, was published posthumously in 1950.

Scope and Contents

The Arthur Livingston Papers include typescript and holograph manuscripts, correspondence, postcards, printed sheets, invitations, programs, page proofs, galleys, photographs, contracts, an exhibition catalogue, and clippings. The collection is organized in four series: I. Works (2.5 boxes, 1907-1939); II. Correspondence (5.5 boxes, 1904-1944); III. Miscellaneous (10 boxes, 3 galley folders, 1 oversize folder, 1494-1986, bulk 1903-1944); IV. Personal (4 boxes, 1883-1944).

The collection offers a rich record of the process of bringing foreign-language authors to the American public. The collection is almost equally divided between English and Italian language materials, with a few additional materials in French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Livingston's own writings emphasize the strength of his commitment to promote European authors in the United States, especially his reviews of books such as Giovanni Papini's Gog and Dante Vivo, Guglielmo Ferrero's Four Years of Fascism, and Luigi Lucatelli's Teodoro the Sage. Furthermore, Livingston's articles on Luigi Pirandello and Sem Benelli introduced writers such as these to an American audience. There are, moreover, Livingston translations of important authors, including the correspondence of Niccolò Machiavelli, Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga's La Araucana, and several works by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez.

Livingston's position with the Foreign Press Service was a boon to his efforts on behalf of European authors. Trying to satisfy the financial demands of writers while allaying the fears of American publishers concerning the untested American appetite for foreign literature, Livingston convinced a large number of American publishers that a sustained market for the work of European authors could be created in the United States. The collection contains plentiful correspondence between Livingston and American publishers, ranging from discussions of the minutiae of publishing to trends in American reading taste. More important, much of the correspondence comments on important authors, their viability in an American market, and their interactions with the world of American publishing. At the same time, much correspondence reveals the authors' frustrations with American publishing and its aversion to risk as well as the unpredictability of American readers.

As a result of Livingston's work at the Foreign Press Service, original manuscripts by writers whom he courted are present. These range from opinion pieces and journalism to novels and literary criticism. Examples include Vicente Blasco Ibáñez's La tierra de todos, Guglielmo Ferrero's Liberazione, Alberto Moravia's La cospirazione, ovvero, La mascherata, and Vittorio Racca's "Working With Pareto." Luigi Pirandello, whose correspondence to Livingston offers an unusually detailed example of Livingston's working relationships with authors, is represented by a one-act play, L'Imbecille. In addition, there are four early Italian documents, dating from 1494 to 1637, which were apparently obtained by Livingston during his research on the Venetian poet, Giovanni Francesco Busenello.

Another important aspect of the collection is its illumination of international politics in the early twentieth century, above all, of the rise of Fascism in Italy after World War I. Throughout the collection, both American and Italian writers discuss Benito Mussolini and his disavowal of early leftist sympathies in favor of the authoritarianism of the extreme right of the political spectrum. Invariably, Mussolini provokes either uncritical support or acid dissent among figures such as Lauro de Bosis, Guglielmo Ferrero, Giovanni Gentile, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Gaetano Mosca, and Giuseppe Prezzolini. Even Americans were not immune to the divisiveness of Fascism, as Livingston's own professional difficulties--the result of his unapologetic and strenuous opposition to Fascism--at Columbia University affirm. Among the more potent testaments to the effects of Fascism are Gaetano Salvemini's correspondence, documenting the trials of living in Italy as an opponent of the Fascist Party, an interview with the prominent Futurist, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, conducted by Francesco Luigi Ferreri, in which the artist extols Fascism as the natural and desirable outgrowth of Futurism, and Lauro de Bosis's "Histoire de ma mort," the open letter in which he defends his final defiant gesture against the Fascist government, which would cost him his life.

Livingston's academic responsibilities underlie the balance of the collection. A quantity of correspondence evokes the vicissitudes of academic life, the aspirations and the frustrations of both teacher and student, and the political intrigues inevitably to be found in any academic environment. Although much of the correspondence concerns similar academic matters, some notably casts light upon larger issues, such as pedagogical methods in the early twentieth century and the effects of Fascism on university life, both in the United States and in Italy.



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Gift, 1950

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Robert Kendrick, Chip Cheek, Elizabeth Murray, 1996-1997

Arthur Livingston--Folder List

I. Works, 1907-1939

Livingston's manuscripts include book reviews, articles written for a general audience, and works of a more scholarly tenor. Examples of Livingston's own work include book reviews of Giovanni Papini's Gog and Dante Vivo, Guglielmo Ferrero's Four Years of Fascism, and Luigi Lucatelli's Teodoro the Sage in addition to a group of essays, articles, and introductions, treating such diverse topics as the influence of contemporary Italian writers, Giovanni Papini, modern language study in the United States, Luigi Pirandello, The Divine Comedy, the rise of Fascism, various American personalities and historical events for the Enciclopedia italiana, Lorenzo da Ponte, Marius Pictor, Vilfredo Pareto's The Mind and Society, European politics, Sem Benelli, and Gaetano Mosca's The Ruling Class. There are seventeen notebooks, which contain notes documenting Livingston's research interests. Two typescript speeches--on Italian-Americans and on Machiavelli--are present, in addition to a typescript translator's note to Benedetto Croce's The Conduct of Life. These materials are arranged alphabetically by format: Book Reviews, Essays, Notes/Notebooks, Speeches, and Translator's Note.
Box Folder
1 1 Book review of Giovanni Papini's Gog. Typescripts, [1931?]
2-3 Book reviews, 1922-1941, nd
Box Folder
1 4 Untitled and fragments, 1924, nd
5 A-L, 1907-1929, nd
6 "The Church and the National Myth." Typescripts and notes, nd
7 Dante Alighieri. The Divine Comedy. Introduction. Typescripts, [1931]
8 Enciclopedia italiana articles. Typescripts, nd; notes, nd; correspondence, 1927-1930; and guidelines for authors, nd
9 "Italian Notes." Typescripts, [1931]
10 "Lorenzo da Ponte in America." Typescripts, nd
11 "Luigi Pirandello." Typescript, nd
Box Folder
2 1 M-Z, 1914-1919, nd
2 "The Myth of 'Good English.'" Typescripts, nd
Mosca, Gaetano. The Ruling Class [book, 1939]. Introduction, [1939?]
Box Folder
2 3 Typescript, nd
4 Page proofs, 1939, and notes, nd
5 Notes, 1928, nd
6-12 Notebooks, nd
Box Folder
3 1 Speech on Italo-Americans. Holograph manuscript, 1936
2 Speech on Machiavelli. Composite manuscript, [1927]
3 "Translator's note" for Benedetto Croce's The Conduct of Life. Typescript and holograph manuscripts, nd

II. Correspondence, 1904-1944

Two folders of outgoing correspondence touch on such topics as poetry, Italian-Greek tensions over Corfu, a plan to sell foreign books in the United States at "foreign prices," advice on a student's dissertation, Lorenzo da Ponte, and Luigi Pirandello, just to name a few. The outgoing correspondence is organized chronologically. The arrangement of the bulk of the outgoing correspondence, which appears to have been organized originally with related incoming correspondence, has been maintained. Following the original organization of the collection, additional outgoing and incoming correspondence may be found in each of the other series.
The incoming correspondence, which is organized alphabetically by writer, richly documents a variety of general subjects, including methods of American academic training in the early twentieth century; the politics of academe and the political environment in U. S. universities; international politics in the early twentieth century; a variety of international conflicts; the rise of Fascism in Italy; American attitudes to Fascism and the perception of Italian national character; the cultural and political influences of Italians in the United States; modern language study in the United States; plans for the Foreign Press Service; the American Academy at Rome; Italian publishing; foreign language publishing; communism; the idea of a national university in the United States; Denton, Texas; the Council on Foreign Relations; and the betrayal of the Italian king, Vittorio III, by the Fascists, among many other subjects. The incoming correspondence also presents a detailed picture of French, Spanish, and, above all, Italian literature and thought in the early twentieth century. There are also occasional references to American, British, and other European authors and intellectuals. The incoming correspondence also illuminates early twentieth century perceptions of earlier literary epochs.
Significant correspondents include Douglas Ainslie, Chester Holmes Aldrich, Sibilla Aleramo, Luis Araquistain, Peter Bolt, Roberto Bracco, Marie-Anne Comnène, Nicola D'Aniello, Giorgio de Santillana, Ruth Draper, Theodore Dreiser, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Erminia Hauser-Arbib, Walter Lippmann, Vittorio Racca, Robert Sommerville, Arthur Symons, Miguel de Unamuno, Margaret Widdemer, and Frances Winwar.
Just a few of the important figures discussed include Pietro Aretino, Sem Benelli, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Giuseppe Antonio Borgese, Santa Borghese, Giovanni Francesco Busenello, Benedetto Croce, Gabriele d'Annunzio, Dante Alighieri, Lorenzo da Ponte, Lauro de Bosis, Eleonora Duse, Umberto Giordano, Carlo Goldoni, Brunetto Latini, Wyndham Lewis, Gina Lombroso-Ferrero, Niccolò Machiavelli, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Gaetano Mosca, Benito Mussolini, Giovanni Papini, Vilfredo Pareto, Giovanni Pascoli, Luigi Pirandello, Giuseppe Prezzolini, Countess Irene di Robilant, Gaetano Salvemini, Carlo Sforza, Gino Speranza, Adriano Tilgher, and Giovanni Verga.
In addition, larger groups of correspondence create a more sustained portrait of Livingston's relationships with some of the authors whom he championed in the United States.
The Spanish novelist Vicente Blasco Ibáñez discusses Livingston's translations of the novels La tierra de todos and En busca del Gran Kan; the expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain in the fifteenth century and later as the primary reason for Spain's decline; Blasco Ibáñez's unwillingness to have his works filmed or serialized; and Isadora Duncan.
Santa Borghese, like so many other correspondents, makes observations on Luigi Pirandello; she also discusses Gabriele d'Annunzio, Lauro de Bosis, and Giuseppe Prezzolini.
Lauro de Bosis's correspondence touches on the "poisoning and humiliating" atmosphere of Fascist Italy; his desire to translate James Branch Cabell's Jurgen into Italian; his translations of Antigone and Iphigenia in Aulis; Santa Borghese and Prince Hercolani; Prezzolini; Elio Gianturco; the exile of Farinacci; and his tragedy Icaro.
Claude Farrére writes at length about the rights to his novels; his novels, Thomas l'Agnelet and Les hommes nouveaux; Charles Boyer's work in the film Bataille and Boyer's eagerness to obtain the film rights to Thomas l'Agnelet; and Douglas Fairbanks's probable plagiarism of Thomas l'Agnelet.
Guglielmo Ferrero maps out his plan for a series of four novels, the first two to be published under the collective title La terza Roma (individual titles being Le due verità and La rivolta del figlio), the second two under the collective title Civili e barbari (individual titles being Adua and Per Crucem ad Lucem; later changed to Sudore e sangue and Liberazione); translation rights to his novels; Carlo Sforza and his ouster from Italian politics; Ferrero's inability to obtain a passport from the Fascists; his son Leo; Fascist prohibition of his novels and the suppression of those already published; and the war between Italy and Ethiopia. Also, there is a prospectus for the Italian edition of Le due verità.
Leo Ferrero describes his interviews with the Romanian king Carol II and the Yugoslavian king Aleksander I, while expressing his gratitude for Livingston's castigation of the New York Evening Post reviewer of La terza Roma and Livingston's request for equal space in which to offer a rebuttal.
The correspondence from Paul Kennaday of the Foreign Press Bureau (continuing through its incarnations as the Foreign Press Service and Kennaday and Livingston) includes requests for newspaper articles from Livingston as well as discussions of Claude Farrère; Kennaday's desire that Vicente Blasco Ibáñez return to his "former vigorous style;" Blasco Ibáñez's Mare Nostrum; Luigi Pirandello; Giovanni Papini; Alfred Knopf; and Giuseppe Prezzolini.
Gina Lombroso-Ferrero's correspondence includes comment on the American publishing business; her books L'Anima della donna and La donna nella vita; continual complaints about the slowness of payments to her; the oath of allegiance, required by the Fascists of all professors in Italy; and the evils of feminism.
Alberto Moravia considers his skills as a translator of Italian; his novel Imbroglio; tenders a request that American publicity for his future work not compromise his safety in Italy, as did the publicity for Wheel of Fortune; affirms his desire to keep La mascherata as the title of the English translation of his novel; and discusses his story collection I sogni del pigro.
The correspondence from the Italian senator Gaetano Mosca focuses on his major work, Elementi di scienza politica (published in the United States as The Ruling Class). Mosca discusses the English translation of the Elementi; his fear that the English translation will not be published before his death; Vilfredo Pareto's debt to the ideas of Mosca and the former's greater fame, resulting from his initial publication in French, rather than in Italian; Mosca's election experiences; Italy after World War I; and the apportionment of colonial spoils created by the Treaty of Versailles.
Giovanni Papini discusses Prezzolini; his own objections to the film of his Storia di Cristo; his novels, La seconda nascita and L'Uomo finito; the belief that financial and publication considerations cannot be allowed to compromise his art, since he has the means that allows him this luxury; the American market for confessional writing; Italian suspicions surrounding his conversion to Christianity; and the Foreign Press Service.
Vilfredo Pareto's widow, Jane Régis Pareto, refuses to grant the rights to her husband's work to Livingston. Letters from various correspondents are included with Ms. Pareto's correspondence, including those from her lawyer, C. Droin, stating the conditions pertaining to Livingston's translation and publication rights; letters from Harcourt, Brace and Co., documenting their own dealings with Ms. Pareto; a letter from the United States Copyright Office, concerning the foreign copyright of Pareto's Trattato di sociologia generale; and a letter from H. C. Brearley to Harcourt, Brace and Co., which castigates the publisher for its advertising campaign that makes Pareto appear to be a "patent-medicine sociologist."
Brock Pemberton, theatrical producer, discusses the performance rights and the success of various plays, including Sem Benelli's Say It With Flowers and Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author and Henry IV. Pemberton also comments on the German film of Henry IV and the indifference that American audiences have shown the play.
Giuseppe Prezzolini, the literary representative of the Foreign Press Service in Italy, touches on Gabriele d'Annunzio; Luigi Pirandello and his plays, La vita che ti diedi and Cosi è (se vi pare), as well as interjecting requests for larger royalties in Pirandello's behalf; the unhappiness of Pirandello with the royalties from Six Characters; Guido da Verona; Benedetto Croce; Giovanni Gentile; Ercole Luigi Morselli; his own imperfect English as an obstacle to a teaching position at Columbia University; Giovanni Papini's untrustworthiness; Benito Mussolini; Gina Lombroso-Ferrero as a sanguesuga, that is, "bloodsucker"; Giordano's opera La cena delle beffe and attempts to produce it in the United States; the aspersions that Santa Borghese had cast Livingston's way; the difficult negotiations with Pareto's widow; Catholicism and nationalism as social illnesses in Italy; the difficulties of earning one's livelihood in Italy, where, according to Prezzolini, one cannot even get a pedicure if he does not belong to the Fascist Party; the courses Prezzolini plans to teach at Columbia University; Renzo Rendi and his siring of twins; Lauro de Bosis; and the many people who claim to be Pirandello's literary representative outside Italy. Livingston's responses are included with Prezzolini's correspondence, which, in turn, address the low returns in the United States on Pirandello's work; Papini's contract with the British publisher Hodder, which compromises his contract with the American publisher Houghton and, ultimately, damages the reputation of the Foreign Press Service; Guido da Verona's similar ruse; Prezzolini's concern for his own interests to the detriment of the Foreign Press Service; Pirandello's visit to the U. S. (1923-1924); and a letter from the Macmillan Company, regarding Prezzolini.
Aldo Ravà discusses Casanova and a book of correspondence from certain women to Casanova; Venice; and the Venetian playwright, Carlo Goldoni.
Renzo Rendi's correspondence includes discussions of Prezzolini; Gioacchino Forzano's plays, Conte di Bréchard and I fiordalisi d'oro; Giordano's opera La cena delle beffe; the numerous parties vying for production rights to Pirandello's plays; the financial ignorance of Pirandello; Pirandello's infatuation with the 24-year-old leading lady of one of his plays; Fascistic suppression of the opposition press; a request for money after the birth of twins; and a letter written from the Penitenziario di San Gimignano, while he was incarcerated there.
Gaetano Salvemini writes about his lecture tour of the U. S. and potential topics for discussion; the oath of allegiance to the Fascist Party; the Italian military hero Emilio Lussa and his feats during World War I; Salvemini's desire to publish the names of those who have sworn allegiance to the Fascist Party; Benito Mussolini; Prezzolini as a Fascist spy; Fascist agents in the U. S. who attempt to thwart the efforts of men, such as Salvemini, against Fascism; Salvemini's Beneath the Axe of Fascism; Gaetano Mosca; and a plan to publish News from Italy as a response to Fascist propaganda outside Italy.
Arnaldo Segarizzi reports on the printing of Livingston's volume of Busenello sonnets and the activity of the periodicals, Ateneo and Nuovo archivio veneto, while also advising Livingston of necessary cuts in the Busenello volume in order to avoid violation of Italian obscenity laws.
Gino Speranza discusses Salvemini; his own disfavor with both the Fascist government in Italy and the Italian immigrant population in the U. S.; Livingston's work on Busenello; Pirandello's tendency to create "mannikins or corpses," rather than living characters; and the difficulty of translating Pirandello's work for an American audience.
Guido da Verona discusses Giovanola's role as his intermediary with the Foreign Press Service; Prezzolini's incompetence in contract negotiations; contentious points in negotiations with the Foreign Press Service; Livingston's apparent disregard for the terms of the contract for La vita comincia domani; the shortcomings of the translation of this work; Verona's desire to have certain works of his turned into films, especially Mimi Bluette; and American film actresses as a separate, "miraculous" race.
These subjects provide an extensive, though by no means exhaustive, map of the highlights of the incoming correspondence.
Box Folder
3 4 1909-1935, nd
5 Three dictation notebooks, 1928-1929
Box Folder
3 6 Unidentified, 1909-1940, nd
7 A-Al, 1912-1937, nd
8 Am-Az, 1911-1943, nd
9 Austin, Ada Harrison, 1924-1926, nd
Box Folder
4 1 Ba-Bo, 1908-1941, nd
2 Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente, 1922-1932, nd
3 Borgese, Giuseppe Antonio, 1932-1938, nd
4 Borghese, Santa, 1924-1925
5 Bp-Bz, 1904-1939, nd
6 Ca-Ch, 1910-1937, nd
7 Ci-Cz, 1908-1941, nd
8 Council on Foreign Relations, 1926-1937
9 D, 1914-1941, nd
10 D'Annunzio, Gabriele, 1922, nd
11 De Bosis, Lauro, 1925-1932, nd
12 E, 1911-1929
Box Folder
5 1 F, 1912-1940, nd
2 Farrere, Claude, 1922-1937
3 Ferrero, Guglielmo, 1926-1936
4 Ferrero, Leo, 1925-1932, nd
5 Foreign Affairs, 1925-1936
6 Foreign Policy Association, 1925-1929
7 G, 1910-1939, nd
8 H-Haw, 1910-1939, nd
9 Hay-Hz, 1909-1943, nd
10 I, 1908-1930
11 Italy America Society, 1924-1929
Box Folder
6 1 J, 1911-1941, nd
2 K, 1909-1943, nd
3 Kennaday, Paul, 1912-1927, nd
4 La-Lh, 1911-1941, nd
5 Li-Lz, 1912-1939, nd
6 Lombroso-Ferrero, Gina, 1922-1931
7 Ma-Md, 1910-1943, nd
8 Me-Mz, 1910-1944, nd
Box Folder
7 1 Mosca, Gaetano, 1928-1939
2 N, 1909-1939, nd
3 Nardelli, Federico Vittore, 1921-1931
4 O, 1914-1941, nd
5 Pa-Ph, 1909-1943, nd
6 Papini, Giovanni, 1924, nd
7 Pareto, Jane Régis, 1925-1935, nd
8 Pemberton, Brock, 1925-1931
9 Pi-Pz, 1913-1941, nd
10 Podrecca, Vittorio, 1925, nd
11 Prezzolini, Giuseppe, 1922-1938
12 Q, 1911
13 R, 1904-1940, nd
Box Folder
8 1 Rava, Aldo, 1911-1922, nd
2 Rendi, Renzo, 1922-1931
3 Sa-So, 1914-1943, nd
4 Salvemini, Gaetano, 1921-1939, nd
5 Segarizzi, Arnaldo, 1909-1914, nd
6 Sforza, Carlo, 1926-1930, nd
7 Small, H.W., 1935-1936
8 Sp-Sz, 1910-1939, nd
9 Speranza, Gino, 1915-1927, nd
10 Survey Associates, 1920-1939
11 T, 1908-1939, nd
12 U-V, 1909-1937, nd
13 Unamuno, Miguel de, 1925
14 Verona, Guido da, 1924-1927, nd
15 W, 1909-1940, nd
16 X-Z, 1906-1938

III. Miscellaneous, 1494-1986 (bulk 1903-1944)

These materials include original documents, including typescripts and holograph manuscripts, ephemera, financial statements, correspondence, contracts, receipts, printed advertisements, programs, clippings, and photographs. Much of this material arises from Livingston's responsibilities with the Foreign Press Service. Consequently, there are many manuscripts that were submitted to Livingston in his capacity as literary representative or that result from his work as a translator. An index of important manuscripts is available at the end of this inventory. The series is arranged alphabetically by writer or subject, although works of uncertain authorship are organized at the beginning of the series.
One of the most important groups of material concerns Luigi Pirandello and the publication and performance of his work outside Italy. Correspondence from Livingston, organized chronologically, includes a letter to the editor of the London Times, challenging a review of Livingston's translations of Pirandello plays, enclosures such as a typescript "Note for the Actors" and royalty statements from 1926 and 1927, handwritten notes on Pirandello royalties, and discussions of Pirandello's representatives, Livingston's attempt to promote Pirandello's work among little theaters, and various requests to produce the plays. A folder of incoming correspondence, organized alphabetically by writer, includes an inquiry made on Pirandello's behalf as to whether Henry Ford intends to underwrite an American tour by Pirandello's company and discussion of the public demand for Pirandello translations in Great Britain and The Man with the Flower in His Mouth. Of particular importance is the correspondence from Pirandello to Livingston in which the playwright complains about the twenty percent fee charged by the Foreign Press Service on American advances, names Manuel Aguirre as his literary representative abroad, relieves Manuel Aguirre of his duties as literary representative, recognizes Henry Ford as his fervent admirer, names the conditions on which the American tour by his company depends, and announces that he has agreed to be represented by the Società italiana del teatro drammatico and that his contract with the Foreign Press Service will not be renewed at the conclusion of 1927. Pirandello's contracts with the Foreign Press Service from 1922 until 1928, which are arranged chronologically, are present. In addition, there are subsidiary materials, including correspondence, receipts, and a printed advertisement for The Game as He Played It from the London Play Company; and correspondence from various literary agents; Saul C. Colin, an agent for Pirandello, who is trying to sort out possible financial irregularities by Pirandello's former representative, Paolo Giordani; Kennaday & Livingston; Brock Pemberton; a number of presses and publishers, including Chatto and Windus, Faber and Gwyer, William Heinemann, and E. P. Dutton & Co.; Robert Sommerville; the Theatre Guild; and, finally, theaters requesting production rights for the plays. There is also a program from Vassar College's Experimental Theatre for its production of Each in His Own Way, as well as clippings and advertisements and an untitled essay on Pirandello by Livingston. The sole Pirandello manuscript present in the collection is a typescript of the one-act play, L'Imbecille, which bears the stamp of Giuseppe Prezzolini.
Other significant works include typescripts of Vicente Blasco Ibáñez's novels, La tierra de todos and Unknown Lands: The Story of Columbus, in addition to shorter pieces and fragments, "At the Feet of Venus,""Condemned," and "The Warrior Virgin." Lauro de Bosis defends his final act of heroism against the Italian Fascist government in the incomplete holograph photocopy, "Histoire de ma mort," and in the typescript transcriptions of his correspondence to Eric Wood. There is also a typescript article by De Bosis, "Humanism of Italian Civilization," and a printed poem, "Ciascun mattino sugli azzurri monti."
Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga's long poem, La Araucana, was translated by Livingston as "The First Part of the Araucana," which is present here as a holograph manuscript. Guglielmo Ferrero's novel, Liberazione, appears in typescript and in page proofs, while there are also typescript fragments of Ferrero articles on World War I and Francesco Crispi, a typescript essay "Forza e autorità!", typescript English synopses of the third and fourth volumes of Ferrero's tetralogy, and holograph and typescript notes on the English translation of La terza Roma.
Alberto Moravia's novel, La cospirazione, ovvero, La mascherata (published as La mascherata), is present as a corrected typescript, signed by the author. There are typescripts of Dario Niccodemi's play, Acidalia, and his novel, Scampolo. Giuseppe Prezzolini is represented by a typescript fragment, "Filippo Turati," and the typescript essay, "Perchè Mussolini è sempre capo dell'Italia." In addition, there is correspondence from Prezzolini's son, Giuliano, in which he rebuts the charges of pro-Fascist sympathies levelled against his father.
Typescripts of Adriano Tilgher's essays, "The Italian Theater Marks Time" and "The Italian Theatre Since Pirandello," as well as Tilgher's notes and correspondence on contemporary Italian literature, are present. Correspondence from Charles Kenneth Scott-Moncrieff, translator of Proust's masterwork, questions whether he is a better translator than Livingston and Pirandello's dismissal of Livingston as his literary agent. Finally, there are typescripts of Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata's essays, "Four Years in Tripolitania" and "Italian Financial Policy," and Icilio Vanni's The Philosophy of Law.
There are also manuscripts of works, often in English translation, by Gilberto Beccari, Benedetto Croce, Gabriele d'Annunzio, Leo Ferrero, Merritt Y. Hughes, J. S. Lamplough, Gina Lombroso-Ferrero, Ettore Marroni, William Pepperell Montaigne, Leo Ongley, Vilfredo Pareto, Vittorio Racca, Beniamino de Ritis, Paul Scheffer, and Carlo Leonardo Speranza.
As a result of Livingston's research on Lorenzo da Ponte, there are four folders of typescript transcriptions of Anderson Family correspondence, dating from 1823 until 1846, including a typescript poem by Louise Duncan, "On the Death of Lorenzo L. da Ponte, January 28th, 1840" and a biographical notice of Da Ponte. There are also several folders of photocopies and photographic reproductions of Da Ponte manuscripts and publications, which Livingston compiled while completing his edition of Da Ponte's Memoirs. Livingston's own work in this series includes correspondence related to a meeting addressing the concerns of oppressed nationalities at Carnegie Hall in 1918, the typescript "Declaration of Common Aims of the Independent Mid-European Nations," notes, correspondence, and invitations to the launching ceremony of the S. S. Piave, eleven notebooks on Lorenzo da Ponte, and Provençal poetry materials, including student papers, poems, and notes, from a graduate seminar.
Box Folder
9 1 Unidentified, ca. 1919, nd
2 Unidentified book on contemporary drama, nd
3 Unidentified author. "The Achievements of Fascism." Typescript, nd
4 Unidentified author. "The Principles of '89.'" Composite manuscript, nd
5 A-L, 1912-1930, nd
6-8 Anderson Family
Box Folder
10 1 Anderson Family (continued)
Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente.
Box Folder
10 2 La tierra de todos [novel, 1922]. Typescript, nd
3 Unknown Lands [novel, 1929]. Typescript, nd
Busenello, Giovanni Francesco.
Box Folder
10 4-5 Transcriptions, nd; photocopies, nd; notes, nd; and correspondence, 1911-1912, nd
6 Correspondence, 1913-1926
* Holograph manuscript, "Pascalis Ciconia Dei gra[tia] dux venetiarum," [10 Apr. 1589]; holograph Latin fragment, [April 1637]; holograph Italian deed to mineral rights (?), [6 Dec. 1608]; unidentified holograph Latin manuscript, [23 May 1494]; two hand-colored maps, 1706
(*see Oversize Folder)
Casa Italiana (Columbia University)
Box Folder
10 7 Howson, Roger. "Historical Survey of the Casa Italiana," typescript, 1941;"Proposed Program and Budget for the Casa Italiana," typescript, nd; and correspondence, 1928-1941
Da Ponte, Lorenzo
Box Folder
10 8-9 Correspondence, 1929-1936, nd
Box Folder
11 1 J. B. Lippincott correspondence, 1929-1930
2-12 Transcriptions, photocopies, notes, photographs, and clippings, nd
Box Folder
12 1-4 Photocopies, nd
5-6 Photographs, nd
7 De Bosis, Lauro. "Ciascun mattino sugli azzurri monti," printed poem, 1925;"Histoire de ma mort," incomplete holograph photocopy, [1931]; "Humanism of Italian Civilization," typescript, nd; and correspondence to Eric Wood (1930-1931), typescript transcriptions, nd
8-9 Ercilla y Zúñiga, Alonso de. La Araucana [poem, 1569]. Holograph English translation of the first part, nd
Box Folder
13 1-6 Ercilla y Zuniga, Alonso de. La Araucana. Holograph English translation (continued)
Ferrero, Guglielmo.
Liberazione [novel, 1936].
Box Folder
14 1-2 Typescript, 1935
3 Page proofs, nd
4 La terza Roma [novel, 1926-1927].
4 Notes on the English translation, nd
5 Gentile, Giovanni. "The Philosophic Basis of Fascism" [essay, nd]. Typescript, nd
6 Ketoff, C. Memoirs of life in Russia, incomplete typescript, ca. 1925
Livingston, Arthur.
Box Folder
14 7 Correspondence concerning the meeting in Carnegie Hall, 1917-1918
8 Notes concerning the launching of the steamship Piave, 1918
9-14 Notebooks on Lorenzo da Ponte, ca. 1929
Box Folder
15 1-8 Provençal poetry class materials, nd
9 M-T, 1903-1944, nd
10 Machiavelli, Niccolò. Holograph translations of correspondence, nd
11 Mazzini, Giuseppe. The Living Thoughts of Mazzini [book, 1939]. Incomplete typescript, ca. 1939
Box Folder
16 1 Moravia, Alberto. La mascherata [novel, 1941]. Typescript with title La cospirazione, ovvero, La mascherata, nd
Mosca, Gaetano. The Ruling Class [book, 1939].
Box Folder
16 2 Incomplete page proofs, 1937; and advertisements, 1939
* Galley, 1938
(*see Galley File)
3 Nardelli, Federico Vittore. L'Arcangelo: vita e miracoli di Gabriele d'Annunzio [book, 1931]. Typescript and holograph fragments, nd
Niccodemi, Dario.
Box Folder
16 4 Acidalia: commedia in tre atti [play, 1922]. Typescript, nd
5 Il romanzo di Scampolo [novel, 1922]. Typescript English translation, nd
* Pareto, Vilfredo. The Mind and Society [book, 1935]. Prospectus galleys, 1933
(* see Galley File)
Pirandello, Luigi.
Box Folder
16 6 Clippings, 1924-1937; and advertisements, 1924, nd
7 Contracts, 1922-1928, nd
Box Folder
16 8 Livingston, concerning Pirandello, royalty statements, "Notes for the Actors," 1926-1927, nd
9 Pirandello to Livingston, 1923-1931
10 Other incoming to Livingston, 1924-1937
11 Agents, 1928-1931
Box Folder
17 1 Colin, Saul C., 1931
2 E.P. Dutton & Co., 1927-1943; and royalty statements, 1923-1931
3 Kennaday and Livingston, 1923-1930, nd
4 London Play Co. correspondence and receipts, 1927-1931, nd
5 Pemberton, Brock, 1925-1932
6 Presses/Publishers, 1924-1931
7 Società italiana degli autori, 1926-1929
8 Sommerville, Robert, 1929
9 Theatre Guild, 1924-1930
10 Theaters, 1924-1937, nd
Box Folder
17 11 Livingston, Arthur. Untitled typescript essay on Pirandello, nd
12 Pirandello, Luigi. L'imbecille [play, first performed 1922]. Typescript, ca. 1922
Box Folder
18 1 Prezzolini, Giuliano. Correspondence, 1986; and photocopy articles, "Il diario di Prezzolini" and "Prezzolini, la guerra, il fascismo," nd
2 Prezzolini, Giuseppe. "Filippo Turati," typescript fragment, nd
3 Ritis, Beniamino de. "What is Pareto's Sociology?" typescript, nd
4 Scheffer, Paul. "Shall We Have More Dictators? The Russian Answer," typescript, nd
5 Scott-Moncrieff, Charles Kenneth. Correspondence, 1924-1929
* Sereno, Renzo. "The Anti-Aristotelianism of Gaetano Mosca and Its Fate" [essay, 1938?]. Galleys, 1938
(*see Galley Files)
6 Tilgher, Adriano. "The Italian Theatre Since Pirandello," typescript, nd; fragment, nd; notes, 1928, nd; and correspondence, 1928
7 V-Z, 1928, nd
Vanni, Icilio. Lezioni di filosofia del diritto [book, 1904].
Box Folder
18 8 Typescript fragments of English translation, nd
9-10 Typescripts of English translation with title "The Philosophy of Law,"nd
11 Verona, Guido da. Correspondence to Luigi Giovanola, 1927

IV. Personal, 1883-1944

The Personal Papers include financial documents, official documents, invitations, programs, correspondence, clippings, photographs, and note cards. Livingston's U. S. passport, birth certificate, Italian visa, entrance passes for libraries and museums, financial receipts, business cards, programs of cultural events and banquets, and invitations are present. There is also one folder of correspondence of a personal nature, including financial transactions and material relating to Livingston's retreat on Swan's Island in Maine, which is arranged alphabetically by writer. In addition, there are photographs of prominent Italian personalities, including Giovanni Papini, Ettore Cadorin, Benito Mussolini, Rachele Mussolini, Mussolini's children, Mussolini and Gabriele d'Annunzio, a photographed drawing of Guido de Ruggiero, Luigi Federzoni, Benedetto Croce, Francesco de Pinedo, and Giovanni Gentile, among others. The remainder of the series consists of clippings and two document boxes of note cards, containing Livingston's bibliographical citations.
Box Folder
19 1 Personal documents, including birth certificate, 1883; U. S. passport, 1922; employment application, 1903; Italian visa, 1914; licenses, membership cards, business cards, receipts, 1911-1933; correspondence, 1922-1929; biographical sketch from Who's Who in America (vol. 20), [1939]; clippings, nd; "Constitution of the Alpha Chi Alumni Association," 1907; and "Reading List for A. M. Candidates Majoring in French," nd
2 Invitations, programs, ephemera, 1904-1938, nd
3 Correspondence, 1926-1940, nd
4 Photographs of paintings by Marius Pictor, nd
5 Photographs of Giovanni Papini, Ettore Cadorin, Benito Mussolini, Benito Mussolini and Gabriele d'Annunzio, Vittorio, Edda, and Bruno Mussolini, Guido de Ruggiero, Rachele Mussolini, Benedetto Croce, Luigi Federzoni, Francesco de Pinedo, and Giovanni Gentile, 1918-1926, nd
6-7 Clippings, 1912-1944, nd
Box Folder
20 1-5 Clippings (continued)
21-22 Index cards, nd

Arthur Livingston Papers--Index of Manuscripts

  • Anderson Family. Transcriptions of correspondence--9.6-9.8, 10.1
  • Beccari, Gilberto. "Vita Vergine"--9.5
  • Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente. "At the Feet of Venus"--9.5
  • Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente. "Condemned"--9.5
  • Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente. La tierra de todos--10.2
  • Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente. Unknown Lands--10.3
  • Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente. "The Warrior Virgin"--9.5
  • Busenello, Giovanni Francesco. Transcriptions of poetry--10.4-10.5
  • Croce, Benedetto. The Conduct of Life--9.5
  • Da Ponte, Lorenzo. Transcriptions--11.2-11.12
  • De Bosis, Lauro. Transcriptions of correspondence to Eric Wood--12.7
  • De Bosis, Lauro. "Histoire de ma mort"--11.7
  • De Bosis, Lauro. "Humanism of Italian Civilization"--11.7
  • Ercilla y Zúñiga, Alonso de. La Araucana--12.8-12.9
  • Ferrero, Guglielmo. "Forza e autorità!"--9.5
  • Ferrero, Guglielmo. Liberazione--14-1-14.3
  • Ferrero, Guglielmo. La terza Roma (translation notes)--14.4
  • Ferrero, Leo. "The Tragedy of the Duse"--9.5
  • Gentile, Giovanni. "The Philosophic Basis of Fascism"--14.5
  • Howson, Roger. "Historical Survey of the Casa Italiana"--10.7
  • Hughes, Merritt Y. "Fascist Reform in Education"--9.5
  • Ketoff, C. Memoirs of life in Russia--14.6
  • Lamplough, J. S. "Ship Wrecked on Cormoledo Island"--9.5
  • Livingston, Arthur. Articles for Enciclopedia italiana--1.8
  • Livingston, Arthur. "The Church and the National Myth"--1.6
  • Livingston, Arthur. Introduction [Dante Alighieri. The Divine Comedy]--1.7
  • Livingston, Arthur. Introduction [Mosca, Gaetano. The Ruling Class]--2.3-2.4
  • Livingston, Arthur. "Italian Notes"--1.9
  • Livingston, Arthur. "Lorenzo da Ponte in America"--1.10
  • Livingston, Arthur. "Luigi Pirandello"--1.11
  • Livingston, Arthur. "The Myth of `Good English'"--2.2
  • Livingston, Arthur. Translator's note [Croce, Benedetto. The Conduct of Life]--3.3
  • Livingston, Arthur. Untitled article on Luigi Pirandello--17.11
  • Lombroso-Ferrero, Gina. "La tassa sui celibi"--9.5
  • Machiavelli, Niccolò. Transcriptions of correspondence--15.10
  • Marroni, Ettore. "L'anniversario di Cavalleria rusticana"--15.9
  • Mazzini, Guiseppe. The Living Thoughts of Mazzini--15.11
  • Montaigne, William Pepperell. "Arthur Livingston, 1883-1944"--15.9
  • Moravia, Alberto. La mascherata--16.1
  • Mosca, Gaetano. The Ruling Class--16.2
  • Nardelli, Federico Vittore. L'Arcangelo: vita e miracoli di Gabriele d'Annunzio--16.3
  • Niccodemi, Dario. Acidalia: commedia in tre atti--16.4
  • Niccodemi, Dario. Il romanzo di Scampolo--16.5
  • Ongley, Leo. "Wild Geese"--15.9
  • Pareto, Vilfredo. The Mind and Society--Galley Files
  • Pascalis Ciconia gra[tia] dux venetiarum--Oversize Folder
  • Pirandello, Luigi. L'imbecille--17.12
  • Prezzolini, Guiseppe. "Filippo Turati"--18.2
  • Prezzolini, Guiseppe. "Perchè Mussolini è sempre capo dell'Italia"--15.9
  • Proposed Program and Budget for the Casa Italiana--10.7
  • Racca, Vittorio. "Working with Pareto"--15.9
  • Ritis, Beniamino de. "What is Pareto's Sociology?"--18.3
  • Scheffer, Paul. "Shall We Have More Dictators? The Russian Answer"--18.4
  • Sereno, Renzo. "The Anti-Aristotelianism of Gaetano Mosca and Its Fate"--Galley Files
  • Speranza, Carlo Leonardo. "Fonti della Divina commedia"--15.9
  • Tilgher, Adriano. "The Italian Theater Marks Time"--15.9
  • Tilgher, Adriano. "The Italian Theatre Since Pirandello"--18.6
  • Unidentified. "The Achievements of Fascism"--9.3
  • Unidentified. "Latin America and Europe"--9.1
  • Unidentified. "Porto di Genova"--9.1
  • Unidentified. "The `Principles of '89'"--9.4
  • Unidentified. Untitled article on English and French national temperaments--9.1
  • Unidentified. Untitled article on Vatican-Fascist relations--9.1
  • Unidentified. Untitled book on contemporary drama--9.2
  • Vanni, Icilio. The Philosophy of Law--18.8-18.10
  • Volpi di Misurata, Giuseppe. "Four Years in Tripolitania"--18.7
  • Volpi di Misurata, Giuseppe. "Italian Financial Policy"--18.7

Arthur Livingston Papers--Index of Correspondents

Names in bold appear in the RLIN record.

  • Abbott, Arletta M.--3.7
  • Ackerman, Arthur S.--3.7
  • Adams, Mildred, 1894- --3.7
  • Afreo, Saverio--3.7
  • Agence littéraire internationale--17.1
  • Ainslie, Douglas, 1865-1948--3.7
  • Alber, Louis J.--3.7
  • Albert & Charles Boni, Inc.--3.7
  • Albertini, Alberto--3.7
  • Alden, Clifton T.--3.7
  • Aldrich, Chester Holmes, 1871-1940--3.7
  • Aleramo, Sibilla, 1876-1960--3.7
  • Alexander, Benjamin--3.7, 10.8
  • Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.--3.7
  • Allen, Ben--3.7
  • A.L.T.E.A. (Agencia literaria y telegráfica de España y América)--3.7
  • Altrocchi, Rudolph, 1882-1953--3.7
  • American Antiquarian Society--10.8
  • American Asiatic Association--3.8
  • American Association of Teachers of Spanish--3.8
  • American Committee in Aid of the Italian Soldiers Crippled in War--3.8
  • American Consular Service--10.8
  • American Council of Learned Societies--3.8
  • American Historical Association. Radio Committee--3.8
  • American Journal of Sociology--3.8
  • American Line--3.8
  • American Philosophical Association--3.8
  • American Philosophical Society--3.8
  • American Play Company--16.11
  • American Red Cross--3.8
  • American Scholar--3.8
  • Amherst College--3.8
  • Amherst College. Dept. of Romance Languages--3.8
  • Anderson, Ellery O.--10.8
  • Anderson, Martha--8.4
  • Anderson, P. Chauncey--3.8, 10.8
  • Anile, Antonino, 1869- --3.8
  • Antinori, Maria Carolina--3.8, 16.10
  • Araquistain, Luis, 1886-1959--3.8
  • Arbib-Costa, Alfonso, 1869- --3.8
  • Archivio di stato (Venezia)--10.6
  • Armbaud, A.--3.8
  • Armstrong--3.8
  • Armstrong, Edwin C.--8.1
  • Ascoli, Max, 1888- --3.8
  • Associated Correspondence Schools--3.8
  • Association of Modern Language Teachers of Philadelphia--3.8
  • Ateneo veneto--3.8, 10.8
  • Atherton, Gertrude--14.8
  • Atkins, Charles D.--3.8
  • Auslander, Joseph, 1897- --3.8
  • Austin, Ada Harrison--3.9
  • Author's League of America--3.8
  • Axson, Stockton--14.7
  • Ayres, Harry Morgan--3.8
  • Babbitt, Eugene Howard--4.1
  • Bach, Luigi--4.1
  • Bacon, Leonard, 1887-1954--4.1
  • Baldwin, Charles Sears--4.1
  • Ball, W. C.--4.1
  • Ballou, Charles E.--4.1
  • Baltimore, Md. Superior Court of Baltimore City--10.8
  • Barbour, Emery--4.1
  • Barnes, Harry Elmer, 1889-1968--4.1
  • Barnouw, A. J.--4.1
  • Barr, Stringfellow, 1897- --4.1
  • Barzini, Mantica Pesavento--4.1, 16.10
  • Bazzi, Maria--4.1
  • Beals, Carleton, 1893- --4.1
  • Becker, Dorothy--4.1
  • Becker, Maurice--4.1
  • Behre, Edwine--4.1
  • Bellino, Vitus G.--4.1
  • Bellows-Reeve Company--11.1
  • Beltramelli, Antonio, 1879-1930--4.1
  • Beltramelli, Maria--4.1
  • Bender, Harold H. (Harold Herman), b. 1882--4.1
  • Bennett, Ernest--4.1
  • Berg, Frederic J.--4.1
  • Berg, Matilda L.--4.1
  • Berlandina, Jane--4.1
  • Bernardy, Amy A., b. 1879--4.1
  • Bertotto, Enrico D.--4.1
  • Bertotto, Norma--4.1
  • Bettini, Riccardo--4.1
  • Bevilacqua, A.--4.1
  • Biblioteca ambrosiana--10.6
  • Biblioteca apostolica vaticana--10.6
  • Biblioteca civica queriniana--10.6
  • Biblioteca comunale dell'archiginnasio (Bologna)--10.6
  • Biblioteca del seminario patriarcale--10.6
  • Biblioteca della città di Venezia--10.6
  • Biblioteca nazionale centrale (Firenze)--10.6
  • Biblioteca nazionale di San Marco in Venezia--10.6, 10.8
  • Biblioteca nazionale di Torino--10.6
  • Biblioteca nazionale Vittorio Emanuel (Roma)--10.6
  • Biblioteca Querini Stampalia--7.7, 10.8
  • Bibliothèque nationale (Paris, France)--10.6
  • Bibliothèques de la ville de Rouen--10.6
  • Bigongiari, Dino--4.1
  • Biondi, Albert--4.11
  • Bishop, Morris, 1893-1973--4.1
  • Blankner, Frederika--17.2
  • Blasco Ibáñez, Elena de--4.2
  • Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente, 1867-1928--4.2
  • Blondheim, David Simon, 1884-1934--4.1
  • Boas, Franz, 1858-1942--4.1
  • Bobbs-Merrill Company--4.1
  • Bolaffio, Roberto E.--4.1
  • Bolaffio, Roberto E., Mrs.--4.1
  • Bolt, Peter--4.1
  • Boncinelli, Luigi--4.1
  • Bondois, Virgilio--4.1
  • Boni & Liveright--4.1, 17.5
  • Bonstelle, Jesse--17.10
  • Books Abroad--4.11
  • Borgese, Giuseppe Antonio, 1882-1952--4.3
  • Borghese, Santa--4.4
  • Botwick, Regina Mae--16.10
  • Bowe, Forrest B.--4.1
  • Bracco, Roberto, 1862-1943--4.5
  • Bragaglia, Anton Giulio--4.5
  • Braithwaite, E. E.--4.5
  • Braman, Ruth G.--4.5
  • Bramhall, Edith Clementine--4.5
  • Branchi, E. C. (Eugenio Camillo), 1883- --4.5
  • Brandt & Brandt--4.5
  • Brearley, H. C. (Harrington Cooper), 1893-1960--7.7
  • Brenes, E.--4.5
  • Brentano's--4.5
  • Bressey, W. A.--4.5
  • British Consulate General (New York)--4.5
  • British Museum. Dept. of Printed Books--10.6
  • British War Mission--14.7
  • Brock, Henry G.--10.8
  • Brock, M. B.--10.8
  • Brock, Peggy--10.8
  • Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers--4.5
  • Brown, Frank E.--4.5
  • Brown, John Mason, 1900-1969--4.5
  • Brownell, W. C. (William Crary), 1851-1928--4.5
  • Bryn Mawr College--4.5
  • Bucher, Elizabeth--10.8
  • Buck, George S.--4.5
  • Bullard, Marion--4.5
  • Bunton, Christian--4.5
  • Bunzl, Lucille C.--4.5
  • Burgess, G. F. A.--17.10
  • Bush, W. T.--4.5
  • Butler, Nicholas Murray--4.5, 10.7
  • Cadorin, Ettore--4.2, 4.6
  • Cadorin, Lovie--4.6
  • Callcott, Frank--4.6
  • Campbell, J. L.--16.7, 16.8
  • Cann, Constance--4.6
  • Cardona, Chiara--4.6
  • Cartier, E. de--14.8
  • Casa Italiana (Columbia University)--10.7
  • Castillo, Teresa--4.6
  • Catalano, Calogero--4.6
  • Cattell, James McKeen, 1860-1944--4.6
  • Caulfeild, Ruby Van Allen, 1887- --4.6
  • Cavallera, Luigi--4.6
  • Cecchini, Luigi--4.6
  • Century Co.--4.6
  • Cenzato, Giovanni--4.6
  • Cerf, Barry, b. 1881--4.6
  • Cerqua, Ida Speranza--4.6
  • Chabot, Maria--4.6
  • Chaffey, Edith A.--4.6
  • Chamberlain, John--4.6
  • Charles Scribner's Sons--4.6, 17.6
  • Chase, P. A.--4.6
  • Chatto & Windus (Firm)--17.1, 17.6, 18.5
  • Chinard, Gilbert, 1881-1972--4.6
  • Chubb, Thomas Caldecot, 1899-1972--4.6
  • Cinelli, Delfino, 1889- --4.7
  • Ciocco, Jessie--4.7
  • Cipolla, Arnoldo--4.7
  • Circolo italiano dell'Università Harvard--17.10
  • Circolo italiano di New Haven--4.7
  • Circolo Vittorio Alfieri--4.7
  • Citizens Committee of Award--4.7
  • Civic Club--4.7
  • Civic Repertory Theatre (New York, N.Y.)--17.2
  • Civica biblioteca Berio--10.6
  • Civico museo e biblioteca--10.6
  • Claplin, Walter E.--10.6
  • Clark, Barrett H.--16.10
  • Clark, Charles Upson, 1875-1960--4.7
  • Clark, Eleanor--4.7
  • Clark, Thatcher, 1876- --4.7
  • Clayton, Vista, 1895- --4.7
  • Clement, C. M.--10.8
  • Coddington, Edna--4.7, 5.3
  • Cohn, Adolph--4.7
  • Colcord, Elmer D.--4.7
  • Colin, Saul C.--17.1
  • College of the City of New York--4.7
  • Collier, Mary--4.7
  • Collier's--4.7
  • Colonna de Cesarò, Giovanni Antonio--4.7
  • Columbia University Press--4.7, 17.6
  • Columbia University Press Bookstore--10.8
  • Comfort, William Wistar, 1874-1955--4.7
  • Committee on Public Information--14.7, 14.8
  • Committee on Public Interests of the Cosmopolitan Club--4.7
  • Community Arts Association of Santa Barbara, Calif.--see Pichel, Irving
  • Comnène, Marie-Anne, 1897- --4.7
  • Consolato generale di S. M. il Re d'Italia nel Canada--see Italy. Consolato generale (Ottawa, Ont.)
  • Cooper, Lane, 1875-1959--4.7
  • Cooper, Lindsay--4.7
  • Corn Exchange Bank--4.7
  • Cornelia, William B.--4.7
  • Cornell Dramatic Club (Ithaca, N.Y.)--17.10
  • Cornell University. Dept. of the Romance Languages and Literatures--4.7
  • Cosenza, Mario Emilio, 1880-1966--4.7
  • Council on Foreign Relations--4.8
  • Council of National Defense. Women's Committee--4.7
  • Coward-McCann--4.7
  • Cragston Yacht and Country Club--4.7
  • Crane, T. F.--4.7
  • Cranath, Paul D.--4.7
  • Crémieux, Benjamin, 1888-1944--4.7
  • Crosman, Charles S.--4.7
  • Cross, Ephraim--4.7
  • Crowley, W. Irving--4.7
  • Crowninshield, Frank, 1872-1947--4.7
  • Cru, Albert L. (Albert Louis), b. 1881--4.7
  • Cumberlege, G. F. J.--4.11
  • Cuniberti--14.8
  • Cunliffe, J. W.--4.7
  • Cushman, James Stewart--14.8
  • Cutti, Berta--see Società degli autori italiani
  • Czechoslovak National Council--14.7
  • D. Appleton & Company--4.9
  • D. C. Heath and Company--17.6
  • D'Amora, Ferdinando--4.9
  • D'Aniello, Nicola--4.9
  • D'Annunzio, Gabriele, 1863-1938--4.10
  • Da Ponte, L. B.--10.8
  • Da Ponte, Roza--10.8
  • Da Ponte, Serrill--10.8
  • Dawson, T. B.--4.9
  • De Bosis, Lauro, 1901-1931--4.11
  • De Fabritiis, Carolina--16.10
  • De Gré, Gerard--4.9
  • Delgrella, G. H.--4.9
  • Dell, Floyd, 1887-1969--4.9
  • De Onis, Federico--4.9
  • De Santillana, Giorgio, 1902- --4.9
  • De Voto, Bernard Augustine, 1897-1955--4.9
  • Dexter, Rose L.--4.9
  • Dickinson, Thomas H.--16.10
  • Dinsmoor, William Bell--4.9
  • Dodd, Mead and Company--4.9
  • Dolcetti, Giovanni--10.6
  • Dombrowsky, James A.--4.9
  • Donetto, Maria--4.9
  • Dorfass--17.1
  • Drake, William A., 1899- --4.9
  • Drama League Players (Tacoma, Wash.)--17.10
  • Draper, Ruth--4.9
  • Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945--4.9
  • Droin, C.--7.7
  • Duncan, Augustus--17.10
  • Dunn, Gano--4.9
  • Dunn, Julia, 1904- --4.9
  • E. P. Dutton (Firm)--4.2, 4.12, 17.6, 18.5
  • E. P. Tal & Co.--7.3
  • Earle, Dorothy--4.12
  • Eastman, Dillon & Co.--4.12
  • Edge, Walter E.--14.8
  • Edwin Miles Fadman, Inc.--16.8
  • Ehrmann, Howard M.--8.4
  • Einaudi, Mario--7.1
  • Einstein, Lewis, 1877-1967--4.12
  • Eliot, Charles W.--14.8
  • Encyclopedia Americana Corporation--4.12
  • Ernest Benn Limited--4.12
  • Erskine, John, 1879-1951--4.12
  • Ettari, Francesco--4.12
  • Everson, Ida--4.12
  • Everyman Theatre (London, England)--4.12
  • Experimental Theatre of Vassar College--17.10
  • Eyre, Elizabeth--4.12
  • Fabbi, Matilde--5.1
  • Faber, G. C. (Geoffrey Cust), 1889-1961--17.6
  • Fackenthal, Frank D.--5.1, 10.7
  • Fallisi, Mauro--5.1
  • Farinelli, Arturo--10.6
  • Farrère, Claude, 1876-1957--5.2
  • Fassett, Dorothea--17.4
  • Federal Shipbuilding Company--14.7
  • Ferier--5.1
  • Ferrando, Guido--5.1
  • Ferrari, Francesco Luigi, 1891?-1933--5.1
  • Ferrero, Guglielmo, 1871-1942--5.3
  • Ferrero, Leo, 1903-1933--5.4
  • Field, Rachel, 1894-1942--5.1
  • Fife, Robert Herndon--5.1
  • Fifth Congress of French Language and Literature--5.1
  • Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, 1879-1958--5.1
  • Fitz-Gerald, Geraldine I.--5.1
  • Fleming, R. B.--5.1
  • Fleming H. Revell Company--5.1
  • Flower, Lenore E.--10.8
  • Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley--5.1
  • Fondazione Querini Stampalia (Venezia). Biblioteca--10.6
  • Foreign Affairs--5.5
  • Foreign Policy Association--5.6
  • Formiggini, Angelo Fortunato, 1878- --5.1
  • Fortini, Stefano--5.1
  • Fraccaroli, Arnaldo--5.1
  • Franco Campitelli Editore--5.1
  • Frank, Joseph, 1918- --5.1
  • Frank, Waldo David, 1889-1967--5.1
  • Frank Gayton (Firm)--5.1
  • Franklin, Fabian, 1853-1939--5.1
  • Frederick A. Stokes Company--5.1
  • Frink, Angelika W.--5.1
  • Fuess, Claude Moore, 1885-1963--5.1
  • Furst, Clyde--5.1
  • Furst, Henry François Amédée, 1893- --5.1, 16.10
  • Fussell, A. W. M.--5.1
  • G. P. Putnam's Sons--5.7
  • Gaddis, E. B.--14.7
  • Gallinger, Herbert Percival, 1869- --5.7
  • Gambarin, Giovanni--5.7
  • Gambinossi, Dante--5.7
  • Garibaldi, Italia--5.7
  • Garlick, Richard Cecil, 1901- --5.7
  • Gearhart, Heber G.--10.8
  • Geddes, James, 1858- --5.7
  • Gentile, Giovanni--1.8
  • George Palmer Putnam, Inc.--7.8
  • Gerard, Ferdinando--5.7
  • Gerig, John L.--5.7
  • Gertz, Julia E. F.--5.7
  • Geyelin & Company--5.7
  • Ghizé, Alef de--5.7
  • Gianturco, Elio--5.7
  • Gildersleeve, Virginia C.--5.7
  • Giordani, Paolo--see Società italiana del teatro drammatico
  • Giovanola, Luigi--5.7, 8.14
  • Gladiator--5.7
  • Glaspell, Susan, 1852-1948--5.7
  • Globe Theatre (London, England)--17.10
  • Graduate Club of Italian Studies--5.7
  • Gramercy Park Squash Club--5.7
  • Grand Street Follies Company--17.10
  • Grandgent, C. H. (Charles Hall)--5.7
  • Grant--14.8
  • Gras, Norman--5.7
  • Grebanier, Frances W.--5.7
  • Greenberg (Firm)--5.7
  • Greene, Nancy--5.7
  • Greenwich House Workshops--5.7
  • Grelling, Richard--4.2
  • Griffith, Florence I. Vernon--5.7
  • Griffith, William--5.7
  • Grillo, Giacomo--5.7
  • Groth, Catherine--6.6
  • Guidi, Giacomo--5.7
  • Haldene, Verner L.--17.2
  • Hall, William C.--10.8
  • Hamilton, George L.--5.8
  • Hand, Frances--5.8
  • Hapgood, Elizabeth Reynolds--5.8
  • Harcourt, Brace and Co.--5.8, 7.7
  • Harland, Frances--5.8
  • Harold Vinal, Ltd.--5.8
  • Harper & Brothers--5.8
  • Harris, George William--5.8
  • Harrison, Ada M.--16.10
  • Hart, Errol E.--17.3
  • Harvitt, Helen--5.8
  • Haskell, Juliana--5.8
  • Hauser-Arbib, Erminia--5.8
  • Hawkes, H. E.--5.8
  • Hawkes, Louise R.--5.8
  • Hay, Marie, 1873- --5.9
  • Hayes, Alfred, 1857-1936--5.9
  • Hazard, Paul--5.9
  • Hazlitt, Henry--5.9
  • Hearley, John--5.9
  • Heaton, H. C.--5.9
  • Heinemann (Firm)--17.6
  • Henderson, W. J. (William James), 1855-1937--5.9
  • Henry Holt and Company--5.9
  • Hill, Raymond Thompson, b.1883--5.9
  • Hills, E. C. (Elijah Clarence), 1867-1932--5.9
  • Hillsdale College--17.10
  • Hinkovac, J.--14.7
  • Hodnett, Edward--5.9
  • Hoffman, Sidney J.--5.9
  • Homewood Playshop (Baltimore, Md.)--17.10
  • How, Louis, 1873-1947--5.9
  • Hubbard, Grace--5.9
  • Hubbell, Lindley Williams, 1901- --5.9
  • Huguenin, Eloïse Parkhurst--5.9
  • Hull, Charles H.--5.9
  • Huntington, T. W.--5.9
  • Hurwitz, William A.--5.9
  • Huttman, Maude A.--5.9
  • Huxley, Aldous--5.9
  • Inches, Howard H.--17.2
  • Institute of International Education (New York, N.Y.)--5.10
  • International Magazine Company--4.2
  • International Theatre Arts Institute--5.10
  • Ironside, Margaret--5.10
  • Irvine, Camille Hart--5.10
  • Irvine, William Mann--5.10
  • Isola, Riccardo--5.10
  • Istituto Giovanni Treccani--1.8
  • Italian Book Company--5.10
  • Italian Military Mission in U. S. A.--14.7
  • Italy America Society--5.11
  • Italy. Consolato generale (Ottawa, Ont.)--16.8
  • Italy. Senate--10.6
  • J. B. Lippincott Company--6.1, 11.1
  • J. M. Dent & Sons--6.8, 17.6
  • Janni, Ettore, 1879- --6.1
  • Jay, Lucie--14.8
  • Jervis, Alice de Rosen--16.10
  • John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation--6.1
  • Johnson, Alvin--6.1
  • Johnson, Edward S.--6.1
  • Johnson, Eric H.--6.1
  • Johnson, Robert Underwood--14.8
  • Jonathan Cape & Harrison Smith Inc.--6.1
  • Jones, Adam Leroy--6.1
  • Jones, Howard A.--6.1
  • Jones, Robert E.--6.1
  • Jordan, David--6.1
  • Journal of Philosophy--6.1
  • Jusserand--14.8
  • Kahn, Otto H.--10.8
  • Kallen, H. U.--6.2
  • Keedick, Lee--6.2
  • Kennaday, Irene--6.2
  • Kennaday, Paul--4.2, 6.3, 17.3, 19.1
  • Kent, F. K.--6.2
  • Keppel, Frederick P. (Frederick Paul), 1875-1943--6.2
  • Kern, Paul J.--6.2
  • Keyser, C. J.--6.2
  • King, Grace Elizabeth, 1852-1932--6.2
  • Kinne, Burdette I.--6.2
  • Kinne, Willard Austin, 1892-…--6.2
  • Knight, Harry S.--10.8
  • Knight, Katharine Sturges--6.2
  • Kohler, Max J.--10.8
  • Kohut, George Alexander--6.2
  • Kra (Firm)--6.2
  • Ladd, Anna Coleman--6.4
  • Laguardia, Garibaldi--6.4
  • La Monte, Robert Rives--6.4
  • Lancaster, Henry Carrington--6.4
  • Lance, Harold B.--6.4
  • Landon, Fred--6.4
  • Lang, Henry Roseman--6.4, 10.6
  • Langley, Ernest F.--6.4
  • Lanier, Henry W.--16.10
  • Lasswell, Harold Dwight--6.4
  • Lauck, W. Jett--14.7
  • Laurìa, Amilcare--6.4
  • Laveille, Auguste Pierre--6.4
  • Layton, C. R.--17.2
  • Lazzarini, Vittorio--6.4
  • League for the Civic Service of Women--6.4
  • Lefèvre, Edmond--6.4
  • Légation de Belgique--14.8
  • Lehr, Marguerite--6.4
  • Leighton, Clare--6.4
  • Léon, Maurice--6.4
  • Leonard, Louise--6.4
  • Leonardo da Vinci Art School--6.4
  • Lerner, Max--6.4
  • Levi, Ezio--6.4
  • Lewis, Wyndham--6.4
  • Lewton, Nina--5.3
  • Liberatore, Umberto--6.5
  • Liberty--6.5
  • Library of the World's Best Literature--6.5
  • Library of Congress--10.8
  • Library of Congress. Copyright Office--7.7
  • Libreria antiquaria ed editrice--10.6
  • Libreria veneziana scolastica di giusto fuga--6.5
  • Lieberman, Max--6.5
  • Limited Editions Club--6.5
  • Lipari, Angelo--6.5
  • Lippman, Walter--6.5
  • Little Theatre of Los Angeles--17.5
  • Littlefield, Walter--6.5
  • Liuzzi, Fernando--6.5
  • Livingston, Alice Louise Braman--6.5
  • Lobero Theatre (Santa Barbara, Calif.)--see Pichel, Irving
  • Lodge, Henry Cabot--14.7
  • Lombroso-Ferrero, Gina--6.6
  • London, Hannah R.--10.8
  • London Intimate Opera Company--6.5
  • London Play Company--16.10
  • Long Beach Players Guild--17.10
  • López-Mezquita, José Maria--6.5
  • Loria, Arturo--6.5
  • Loschi, Maria A.--6.5
  • Loss, H.--6.5
  • Lovell, Guy--6.5
  • Luhan, Mabel Dodge--6.5
  • Lux, G. J.--16.10
  • Mabbott, Thomas Ollive--6.7
  • McAdams, William Douglas--6.7
  • Macaulay Company--6.7
  • McAvoy, Clifford T.--6.7
  • McBain, Howard L.--6.7
  • Macchi di Cellere--14.8
  • McGraw-Hill Book Company--6.7, 7.1
  • McKenzie, Kenneth--6.7
  • McLellan, Hugh--6.7
  • McMahan, Edward--6.7
  • Macmillan Company--6.7, 7.11
  • Magyarság--6.7
  • Maine Sea Coast Missionary Society--6.7
  • Malagodi, Olindo--6.7
  • Mallarmé, Camille--15.9
  • Manfroni, C.--10.6
  • Manning, William T.--14.8
  • Marchesan, Angelo--10.6
  • Marchesi, Vincenzo--10.6
  • Marden, Charles Carroll--6.7
  • Marinoni, Antonio--6.7
  • Marraro, Howard Rosarto--6.7
  • Marroni, Ettore--6.7
  • Marshall, Frank James--6.7
  • Mascioli, Frederick P.--6.7
  • Mason, Hamilton--6.7
  • Matchabelli, Norina--6.7
  • Matson, Norman--6.7
  • Mayfield, John S.--6.7
  • Mazzoni, Guido--10.6
  • Mazzucconi, Ridolfo--6.7
  • Medin, Antonio--10.6
  • Megan, Charles P.--6.8
  • Megaro, Gaudence--6.8
  • Mehr, M. Ver--6.8
  • Mencken, H.L.--6.8
  • Merriam Company--6.8
  • Merrick, Henrietta Sands--6.8
  • Merrill, R.M.--6.8
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art--6.8
  • Metropolitan Opera Company--10.8
  • Meyer, Milagros de Alda--6.8
  • Michieli, Adriano Augusto--10.6
  • Micocci, Antonio A.--6.8
  • Middleditch, Gerard E.--17.6
  • Middleton, Troy Houston--6.8
  • Minton, Balch & Company--4.11
  • Mitchell, Blanche--6.8
  • Mitchell, Nina C.--6.8
  • Mocenigo, Nani--10.6
  • Modern Language Association of America--6.8
  • Modigliani, Vera--6.8
  • Monelli, Paolo--6.8
  • Monroe, B. S.--6.8
  • Montague, William Pepperell--19.1
  • Mora, May--6.8
  • Moravia, Alberto--6.8
  • Moreno Villa, José--6.8
  • Morgan, J. P., Mrs.--14.8
  • Morris, Charlotte F.--6.8
  • Morris, Frank--6.8
  • Mortier, Alfred--6.8
  • Mosca, Gaetano--7.1, 15.9
  • Moschetti, Andrea--10.6
  • Motor Corps of America--14.8
  • Mowrer, Edgar Ansel--4.11, 6.8
  • Mowrer, Lilian Thomson--6.8
  • Mucelli, Joseph--6.8
  • Mulberry Community House--6.8
  • Muller, Henri François--6.8
  • Muret, Charlotte Tonzalin--6.8
  • Musatti, Cesare--10.6
  • Museo civico correr (Venezia)--10.6
  • Museo civico di Bassano--10.6
  • Museo civico di Padova--10.6
  • Napolitano, Maria M.--7.2
  • Nardelli, Federico Vittore--7.3
  • Nation--7.2
  • National City Bank of New York--17.4
  • National Cyclopedia of American Biography--7.2
  • National Dante Committee--7.2
  • National Peace Conference--7.2
  • Néel, Henri Charles--7.2
  • New International Encyclopedia--7.2
  • New York Press Club--7.2
  • New York Public Library--7.2
  • New Republic--7.2
  • New Review--7.2
  • New York Times--7.2
  • New York University--10.8
  • Newell, Henry H.--7.2
  • Nicotri, Gaspare--7.2
  • Nin, Teresa C. de--7.2
  • Nitze, William Albert--7.2, 15.9
  • Northampton Country Club--7.2
  • Northumberland County Historical Society--7.2
  • Nye, Rowland F.--7.2
  • Oceanic (Latin and Inter American Corporation)--7.4
  • Olsen, Marie--7.4
  • Ondis, Lewis A.--7.4
  • Ongley, Lucy Evelyn--7.4
  • Ortega, Manuel--7.4
  • Osborne, Mary Tom--7.4
  • O'Sullivan, Clara L.--7.4
  • Oteyza, Luis de--7.4
  • Oxford Players--17.10
  • Oxford University Press--7.4
  • Paine, Ethel--7.5
  • Palombi, Joseph--17.10
  • Paolella, N.--4.11
  • Papini, Giovanni--7.6
  • Paradossi, Giuseppe--16.10
  • Pareto, Jane Régis--7.7
  • Parisi, Paolo--7.5
  • Parisi, Pasquale--7.5
  • Park, Marion--7.5
  • Parker, Clifford Stetson--7.5
  • Parkhurst, Helen Hus--7.5
  • Pasadena Community Playhouse--17.10
  • Passarelli, Luigi Alfonso--7.5
  • Paterewski--14.7
  • Paterno, Charles V.--7.5
  • Patterson, Shirley Gale--7.5
  • Patterson, William--7.5
  • Peets, Elbert--7.5
  • Pegram, George B.--7.5
  • Pemberton, Brock--7.8, 17.5
  • Pennell, Elizabeth Robins--7.5
  • Pennsylvania State Library and Museum--10.9
  • People's Theatre--17.10
  • Pérez de Ayala, Ramón--7.5
  • Perrella, Francesco--7.5
  • Petillo, Diomede--7.5
  • Petruzzelli, Diego--7.5
  • Pfeiffer, Jeanne--7.5
  • Phelps, Ruth Shepard, 1876-1949--7.5
  • Phi Beta Kappa--7.5
  • Phi Gamma Delta. Alpha Chi Chapter (Amherst, Mass.)--7.5
  • Pichel, Irving--17.10
  • Piecourt, Alice--16.10
  • Pierce, Harold Fisher--7.9
  • Pietri-Tonelli, Alfonso de--7.9
  • Pilot, Antonio--7.9
  • Pinchot, Amos, 1873-1944--7.9
  • Pine, John B.--7.9
  • Pirandello, Enzo--7.9
  • Pirandello, Luigi, 1867-1936--16.9
  • Pirandello, Stefano--16.9; see also Società italiana del teatro drammatico
  • Pirazzini, Agide--7.9
  • Pitkin, Walter B. (Walter Bronghton), 1878-1953--7.9
  • Players Club of Seattle--17.2
  • Playfellows--7.9
  • Playhouse (Berkeley, Calif.)--see Pichel, Irving
  • Polish Military Commission--14.7
  • Polish National Committee--14.7
  • Ponchon, Alfred, 1878-1959--7.9
  • Podrecca, Vittorio--7.10
  • Political Association (Vassar College)--7.9
  • Poole, Ernest, 1880-1950--7.9
  • Porché, Simone F.--7.9
  • Porter, William Wallace--7.9
  • Pressey, William Benfield, 1894- --17.2
  • Preu, Angela W.--7.9
  • Prezzolini, Alessandro--7.11
  • Prezzolini, Dolores, 1881-1962--7.11
  • Prezzolini, Giuseppe, 1882- --7.11, 15.9
  • Price, Nancy, 1880-1970--16.8
  • Prince, J. D.--7.9
  • Prior--17.2
  • Proffitt, Charles G.--7.9
  • Provincetown Playhouse--7.9
  • Provine, J. W.--7.9
  • Puccini, Mario, 1887-1957--7.9
  • Quaranta di San Severino, Bernardo, barone, 1871- --7.12
  • R. Bemporad & Figlio--17.6
  • Racca, Vittorio--7.13
  • Radio--7.13
  • Raggio, A. P.--7.13
  • Ravà, Aldo, d. 1924?--8.1
  • Rawle, Francis--10.9
  • Reale archivio di stato in Venezia--10.6
  • Reale biblioteca casanatense (Roma)--10.6
  • Reale biblioteca marucelliana--10.6
  • Reale biblioteca universitaria di Padova--7.13
  • Reale biblioteca universitaria di Pavia--10.6
  • Reale deputazione veneta di storia patria (Venezia)--10.6
  • Reale deputazione veneto-tridentina di storia patria
  • Venezia--7.13
  • Reale istituto veneto di scienze, lettere, ed arti--10.6
  • Reid, Charles I.--5.3
  • Reid, Ogden--14.7
  • Reilly, Henry J. (Henry Joseph), b.1881--7.13
  • Rendi, Renzo--8.2, 16.9
  • Revista de archivos, bibliotecas y museos--7.13
  • Riccio, Peter M.--7.13, 10.7
  • Rice, Winthrop Huntington, 1903- --7.13
  • Riezler--7.13
  • Robilant, Irene di--15.9
  • Robinson, Frederick Bertrand, 1883- --7.13
  • Rochelle, P. de la--7.13
  • Rodman, Henrietta--7.13
  • Roe, Gilbert E.--7.13
  • Roe, James P.--7.13
  • Roelker, Alfred--7.13
  • Rohe, Alice--7.13
  • Roman Legion of America. Committee on Public Information--14.7
  • Romance Club (Columbia University)--7.13
  • Rooke, Margaret--7.13
  • Rose, G. B.--10.6
  • Rose, Wickliffe--14.7
  • Rosenbaum, Belle--7.13
  • Rossetti, Raffaele, 1881-1951--7.13
  • Rothermel, Ed--10.9
  • Round Table (Dartmouth College)--7.13
  • Routt, Louise C.--7.13
  • Royal Italian Embassy--14.8
  • Ruggiero, Guido de--7.13
  • Russo, Frank A.--7.13
  • Russo, J. L.--16.10
  • Ruutz-Rees, Caroline, b.1865--7.13
  • Sabelli, Franco--8.3, 16.10
  • Sadero, Geni, 1886-1961--8.3
  • St. John's Church--10.9
  • St. Louis Public Library--10.9
  • Saks, Donald--8.3
  • Salbitano, Louis--8.3
  • Salvemini, Gaetano--8.4
  • San Francisco Review--6.6
  • Sanchez--8.3
  • Sansaini, Pompeo--8.3
  • Santa, Giuseppe dalla--10.6
  • Sargent, Porter--8.3
  • Savini, Michelangelo--8.3
  • Schapiro, J. Salwyn (Jacob Salwyn), 1879- --8.3
  • Scheffer, Paul--8.3
  • Schiff, Jacob H.--14.7
  • Schmidt, Raymond--8.3
  • Schuele, Franck--8.3
  • Scribner, Blanche P.--15.9
  • Scott, R. Walker--7.7
  • Scott-Moncrieff, Charles Kenneth--18.5
  • Segarizzi, Arnaldo, 1872-1924--8.5
  • Segré, Angelo--8.3
  • Seligman, Edwin R.--8.3
  • Seminario di Treviso--10.9
  • Serbian Legation--14.7
  • Seringhaus, Sophie M.--8.3
  • Sexer, Alfred--8.3
  • Sforza, Carlo, conte, 1872-1952--8.6
  • Shaw, Anna Howard--14.8
  • Shaw, J. E.--8.3, 10.9
  • Shearer, Virginia B.--17.2
  • Shepard, Odell, 1884-1967--8.3
  • Sheppard, Leslie A.--10.9
  • Shields, Fred H.--17.2
  • Simon and Schuster--8.3
  • Slater, Joseph L.--8.3
  • Slattery, J. T.--8.3
  • Small, H. W.--8.7
  • Smith, Harrison--6.6, 8.3
  • Smith, Horatio--8.3
  • Smith, Munroe--8.3
  • Social Democratic League of America--8.3
  • Società dell'unione--10.6
  • Società italiana degli autori (Milan)--17.7
  • Società italiana del teatro drammatico--16.9, 17.7
  • Società italiana libraria--8.3
  • Società nazionale Dante Alighieri. Comitato di New York--8.3, 16.10
  • Society for Political Study (New York)--8.3
  • Sommerville, Robert--17.2, 17.4
  • Southard, Paul J.--8.3
  • Speranza, Carlo Leonardo--8.8
  • Speranza, Florence Colgate--8.8
  • Speranza, Gino--8.9
  • Spezzano. Lia Mancuso--8.8
  • Spingarn, Joel Elias, 1875-1939--8.8
  • Sprager, Sam O.--17.2
  • Spring, Gerald Max, 1897- --8.8
  • Stanford University. Dept. of English--17.10
  • Steck, Ethel da Ponte--10.9
  • Stern & Reubens (Firm)--18.5
  • Steuart, A. Francis (Archibald Francis)--8.8
  • Stewart, Frederic W.--8.8
  • Stoica--14.7
  • Stone, Harlan Fiske, 1872-1946--7.7, 8.8
  • Stouch, C. E.--14.7
  • Studio Players (Minneapolis, Minn.)--17.10
  • Sturgis, Fred E.--8.8
  • Sullivan, Mary--8.8
  • Sun (Baltimore, Md.)--8.8
  • Sunbury (Pa.). Office of the City Clerk--10.9
  • Survey Associates--8.10
  • Sweet, May McDaniel, 1865- --8.8, 8.14
  • Symons, Arthur, 1865-1945--8.8
  • Symons, Rhoda--8.8
  • Syz, Hans--8.8
  • Szütz, Vilmos--8.8
  • Tarkington, Booth--14.8
  • Taromelli, A.--15.9
  • Taylor, Charles M.--7.7
  • Taylor, Pauline, 1900- --8.11
  • Technology Dramashop (Cambridge, Mass.)--17.10
  • Thatcher, Isabel--8.11
  • Theatre Guild--17.9
  • Thieme, Hugo P.--8.11
  • Thomas, Alfred Barnaby--8.11
  • Thomas, Calvin--8.11
  • Thomas, Elizabeth--8.11
  • Thomas Paine Society--8.11
  • Thompson, Dorothy--8.11
  • Tilgher, Adriano--18.6
  • Tillson--14.7
  • Tobenkin, Elias, 1882- --8.11
  • Todd, Henry Alfred, 1854-1929--8.11
  • Todd-Naylor, Esmé--8.11
  • Toglia, Vito G.--8.11
  • Tolnay, Lea Danesi--7.3
  • Torrey, Leila--8.11
  • Torrey, Norman--8.11
  • Toscanini, Walter, 1898- --8.11
  • Traboulsee, Anthony--7.7
  • Travers, Seymour, 1909- --8.11
  • Trier, John--8.11
  • Trinity Church--10.9
  • Trustees of St. Patrick's Cathedral in the City of New York--10.9
  • Turnbull, Archibald Douglas--8.11
  • Turrell, Charles A.--8.11
  • Unamuno, Miguel de, 1864-1936--8.13
  • United States Publishers Association--8.12
  • United States. Shipping Board--14.8
  • United States. Treasury Department--8.12
  • University of Chicago Dramatic Association--17.10
  • University of Pennsylvania--10.9
  • University Theatre (Madison, Wis.)--17.5
  • Vaccariello, Michele A.--8.12
  • Vance, J. Milton--8.12
  • Vanderlip, F. A.--16.7
  • Van Doren, Irita Taylor, 1891-1966--8.12
  • Varney, Jeanne--8.12
  • Varola, Giuseppe--8.12
  • Vaughan, George--8.12
  • Vecchi, Paolo de--10.9
  • Veggetti, A. C.--8.12
  • Venerando, Marco--8.5, 8.12
  • Venturi, Lionello--8.12
  • Verona, Guido da, 1881-1939--8.14, 18.11
  • Vescovi, Lucilla de--8.12
  • Viking Press--8.12
  • Viola, Juliet K.--18.1
  • Virginia Quarterly Review--7.7, 8.12
  • Vittorini, Domenico--8.12
  • Volpati, Carlo--10.6
  • Volpe, Gioacchino, 1876-1971--1.8
  • Waldo, Richard H.--8.15
  • Walter, Janet B.--8.15
  • Walter H. Baker Company--17.2, 17.6
  • Warner Library Company--8.15
  • Waterfield, Frances L.--8.15
  • Watkinson--8.15
  • Watson, E. Bradlee--17.2
  • Weekes, G. N.--14.7
  • Weeks, Mabel Foote--8.15
  • Weeks, Raymond--8.15
  • Wellman, Rita, 1890-1965--8.15
  • Wertheim, Maurice, 1886- --8.15
  • West Side Tennis Club (Forest Hills, N.Y.)--8.15
  • Wezzetti, Anacleta C.--8.15
  • White, Horatio Stevens, 1852- --8.15
  • White, W. A.--14.8
  • Who's Who in America--8.15
  • Widdemer, Margaret--8.15
  • Wiggins, Henry H.--8.15
  • Wilkins, Ernest Hatch, 1880-1966--8.15, 10.6
  • William B. Feakins, Inc.--8.15
  • William Morrow and Company--8.15
  • Williams, Lorenzo F.--10.9
  • Williamson, George Charles, 1858-1942--8.15
  • Wilshire, Florence--8.15
  • Wilson, Edwin Mood--8.15
  • Wilson, Frances B.--8.15
  • Wilson, Woodrow--8.15
  • Wilson-Seabury League of Greater New York--8.15
  • Winwar, Frances--see Grebanier, Frances W.
  • Wishnieff, Harriet V.--8.15
  • Wood, T. Kenneth--10.9
  • Woodbridge, Frederick James Eugene, 1867-1940--8.15
  • Wright, E. H.--8.15
  • Yarmolinsky, Avrahm, 1890- --8.16
  • Young Men's Institute of the Young Men's Christian Association of the City of New York--8.16
  • Zappulla, Giuseppe--8.16