University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Peter Owen Ltd.:

A Preliminary Inventory of an Addition to Its Records at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Creator: Peter Owen Ltd.
Title: Peter Owen Ltd. Addition to Records
Inclusive Dates: 1957-2002
Abstract: This addition consists of correspondence and production material, the bulk of which is book production material from the late-1990s to 2000, including corrected drafts and proofs.
Extent: 32 boxes (13.44 linear feet)
Repository: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

This collection of correspondence and production material adds to the Peter Owen Ltd. archive previously received at the Ransom Center.

The bulk of the collection is book production material from the late-1990s to 2000, including corrected drafts and proofs. Authors represented are Tom Ambrose, David Bolt, Paul Bowles, Jared Cade, Adrian Cairns, Hugo Claus, Richard Corson, Margaret Crosland, Peter Haining, Gloria Hargreaves, Paul Harris, Audrey Hawkridge, Anna Kavan, Karoline Leach, M. J. Levy, Guy de Maupassant, Gordon McAlpine, Donald McCrory, Patricia Meehan, Tim Mitchell, Atle Naess, Wendy Perriam, Terence Pettigrew, David Powell, Michael Simmons, Elizabeth Russell Taylor, Peter Vansittart, Noel Virtue, Benjamin Walker, Phyllis Willmott, G. Peter Winnington, and Fakhar Zaman.

The collection is in good physical condition and is open for research.



Open for research

Administrative Information


Purchase, 2002 (Reg. no. 15019)

Processed by:

Kristen Tucker, 2002

Peter Owen Ltd. Records--Folder List

I. Correspondence, 1957-2002

Box Folder
1 1 Agee, James
2 Allsop, Kenneth
3 Ballard, J. G. - Be
4 Blechman, Burt - Bo
5 Bowles, Paul - Br
6 Cade - Catling
7 Crichton, Ian - Crosland, Margaret
8-9 Dali, Salvador (Captain Peter Moore)
10 Dietrich, Marlene - F
11 Goudeket, Maurice
Box Folder
2 1 H
2 I - L
3 Lawner, Lynne
4 Lessing, Doris
5 M
6 N - O
7 Pasternak, Boris (about)
8 Perriam, Wendy
9 Pound, Ezra
10 R
11 S
12 Stuhlmann, Gunther
13 Va - Ve
14 Virtue, Noel
15 W and unidentified

II. Works

Box Folder
3 1-5 Ambrose, Tom. Hitler's Loss
Box Folder
4 1-4 Bolt, David. The New Authors' Handbook
5-6 Bowles, Paul. The Paul Bowles Reader
Box Folder
5 1-5 The Paul Bowles Reader, cont'd
Box Folder
6 1-3 Cade, Jared. Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days
4-5 Cairns, Adrian. The Making of the Professional Actor
Box Folder
7 1 Claus, Hugo. The Swordfish
2 Corson, Richard. Fashions in Hair
3-8 Crosland, Margaret. Sade's Wife
Box Folder
8 1-2 Haining, Peter. The Ghost Feeler
3-9 Hargreaves, Gloria. Your Personality Revealed
Box Folder
9 1 Harris, Paul. The Pantomime Book
2-8 Hawkridge, Audrey. Jane and Her Gentlemen
Box Folder
10 1-6 Jane and Her Gentlemen, cont'd
Box Folder
11 1-4 Kavan, Anna. The Parson
5 Leach, Karoline. In the Shadow of the Dreamchild
6-8 Levy, M. J. The Mistresses of King George IV
Box Folder
12 1 Maupassant, Guy de. Afloat
2 McAlpine, Gordon. The Persistence of Memory
3-7 McCrory, Donald. No Ordinary Man
Box Folder
13 1-4 No Ordinary Man, cont'd
Box Folder
14 1-5 No Ordinary Man, cont'd
Box Folder
15 1-3 No Ordinary Man, cont'd
4-7 Meehan, Patricia. A Strange Enemy People
Box Folder
16 1-5 A Strange Enemy People, cont'd
Box Folder
17 1-3 A Strange Enemy People, cont'd
4-5 Mitchell, Tim. There's Something about Jonathan
Box Folder
18 1-4 There's Something about Jonathan, cont'd
5-7 Naess, Atle. Doubting Thomas
Box Folder
19 1-2 Doubting Thomas, cont'd
3-8 Owen, Peter. Everything is Nice
Box Folder
20 1-4 Everything is Nice, cont'd
5-6 Perriam, Wendy. Dreams, Demons and Desire
Box Folder
21 1-5 Dreams, Demons and Desire, cont'd
Box Folder
22 1 Dreams, Demons and Desire, cont'd
2-4 Lying
Box Folder
23 1-3 Lying, cont'd
4-5 Pettigrew, Terence. Trevor Howard
Box Folder
24 1-7 Trevor Howard, cont'd
Box Folder
25 1-2 Trevor Howard, cont'd
3 Powell, David. What's Left?
4-5 Simmons, Michael. Getting a Life
Box Folder
26 1 Getting a Life, cont'd
2-3 Older People Talking
4-8 Taylor, Elizabeth Russell. I Is Another
Box Folder
27 1-6 Vansittart, Peter. Hermes in Pairs
Box Folder
28 1-2 Hermes in Paris, cont'd
3-5 Virtue, Noel. The Lady Jean
Box Folder
29 1 The Lady Jean, cont'd
2-5 Walker, Benjamin. The Foundations of Islam
Box Folder
30 1-2 The Foundations of Islam, cont'd
3-7 Willmott, Phyllis. Joys and Sarrows
Box Folder
31 1-6 Winnington, G. Peter. Vast Alchemies
Box Folder
32 1-5 Vast Alchemies, cont'd
6 Zaman, Fakhar. The Prisoner