University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Bernard Malamud:

A Preliminary Inventory of an Addition to His Papers at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Creator: Malamud, Bernard, 1914-1986
Title: Bernard Malamud Addition to His Papers
Dates: 1938-1999
Abstract: This addition to the collection reflects Malamud's wife's interaction with publishers, literary groups, and academic institutions after his death. These papers include material related to Malamud's career such as awards, clippings, and correspondence, especially his correspondence with his brother Eugene.
Extent: 5 boxes, oversize flat file (2.1 linear feet)
Repository: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

Although smaller in size than a previous gift of Bernard Malamud papers given to the Ransom Center in 1998 by his wife, Ann Malamud, this accretion reflects her interaction with publishers, literary groups, and academic institutions after Malamud's death. While virtually no literary manuscripts are present, these papers include material related to Malamud's career such as awards, clippings, and correspondence, especially his correspondence with his brother Eugene. The collection is arranged in four Series: Series I. Personal and Career-Related Material, Series II. Posthumous Material, Series III. Family Papers and Correspondence, and Series IV. Work of Others.

The personal and career-related material in Series I includes awards, honorary degrees, and tributes; biographical material and personal papers; clippings; correspondence; drafts and notes on "A Lost Bar-Mitzvah"; obituaries; readings and events; and wills.

Series II contains posthumous material, especially Ann Malamud's correspondence regarding her husband's affairs and the events surrounding the PEN/Malamud awards from 1988-1992.

The family papers and correspondence in Series III relate primarily to Malamud's brother Eugene. Also present is a journal/scrapbook kept by Malamud's step-mother, Elizabeth, as well as papers pertaining to her estate.

Works of others comprise Series IV, including George Bluestone's screenplay adaptation of Malamud's work, along with works by Jonathan Brough and Howard Nemerov. Galleys for "The Immigrant Experience," edited by Thomas Wheeler, are also present.

Books and awards, as well as Malamud's typewriter, received with the papers have been transferred to the Ransom Center Library and Personal Effects Collection.



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Gift, 1999 (Gift no. 11408)

Processed by:

Liz Murray, 1999

Bernard Malamud Papers--Folder List

I. Personal and Career-Related Material

Box Folder
1 1* Awards, honorary degrees, honors, and tributes
[*unfoldered photograph album commemorating Carnegie-Mellon University honorary degree, 1975; oversize material removed to oversize flat file]
2 Biographical material and personal papers
3 Clippings re: BM, 1980s-1990s
Box Folder
1 4 Editors, New York Times Book Review, 1944-1946
5 Literary executors and related correspondence, 1974-75
6 Malament, Murray, 1961-84
7 Erasmus Hall High School
8 "A Lost Bar-Mitzvah," photocopies of drafts and notes
9 Notes on jokes
Box Folder
2 1-2 Obits
3 Oregon State University, appointment and sabbatical contracts
4 Papers on BM's desk on day he died, 3/18/86
5* Readings, events, exhibitions, lectures, etc. related to BM's works
[*oversize material removed to oversize flat file]
6 Wills for Ann and Bernard Malamud, 1956

II. Posthumous Material

Correspondence, Ann Malamud
Box Folder
3 1 Bernard Malamud Society Newsletter
2 "The Complete Stories," with reviews
3 Delbanco, Nicholas, re: "Talking Horse"
4 Giroux, Bob and others re: publishing BM's works
5 Lehrman, Leonard
6 OSU/Malamud scholarship fund
7 Walden, Daniel
8 Death certificate and funeral/burial papers
Memorials, 1986
Box Folder
3 9 Bennington
10 New York
PEN/Malamud awards
Box Folder
3 11-12 Brochures, invitations, descriptive material, 1988-94
Box Folder
4 1 Correspondence, 1986-98
2 Welty, Eudora, 1992, audio tape of PEN award ceremony and reading
3 Printed material on first editions
4 Miscellaneous memorabilia

III. Family Papers and Correspondence

Box Folder
4 5-6 Correspondence, BM to Eugene Malamud, 1949-1973
7-8 Correspondence and documents re: EM
[material in folder 8 received after formal appraisal]
Box Folder
5 1-2 EM's holograph notebooks
3 EM's Erasmus Hall High School diploma, 1938
4 Elizabeth Malamud's journal/scrapbook, 1957-61
5 Correspondence and documents re: Elizabeth Malamud's estate
[material received after formal appraisal]

IV. Works of Others

Box Folder
5 6 Bluestone, George. "Pictures of Fidelman," screenplay based on tales by BM
7 Brough, Jonathan. "The Model," VHS videotape
8 Malamud, Ann. 65th birthday poem for BM, illustrated by son, Paul Malamud
9 Nemerov, Howard. "Dangers of Reasoning by Analogy" and "The Race"
10 Various writers. Self-caricatures by writers drawn for Burt Britton, photocopies
11 Wheeler, Thomas C., ed. "The Immigrant Experience," uncorrected galleys, Dial Press, 1971