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Hugh Kenner:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Kenner, Hugh, 1923-2003
Title: Hugh Kenner Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1916-1994, n.d. (bulk 1943-1994)
Abstract: The collection includes correspondence, offprints, clippings, typescripts, galley proofs, photographs, tearsheets, drawings, computer printouts and program sheets, holograph notes and drafts, notebooks, and academic papers documenting Hugh Kenner's career as a critic, scholar, and educator. Subjects include Kenner's numerous published works on Ezra Pound, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Buckminster Fuller, mathematics, computing, poetry and literature in general.
Extent: 106 boxes (45 linear feet), 3 oversize boxes, 1 oversize folder, 1 card file, 11 galleys files
Repository: Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

William Hugh Kenner was born in 1923 at Peterborough, Ontario, to Mary (Williams) Kenner and Henry Rowe Hocking Kenner, a school principal and instructor of Greek and Latin. He studied under Marshall McLuhan at the University of Toronto where he received a BA (1945) and MA (1946, gold medal in English). He then attended Yale University where his PhD dissertation, The Poetry of Ezra Pound, received the Porter Prize in 1950.

After completing his degrees, appointments followed at Santa Barbara College (later University of California at Santa Barbara), 1950-1973; Johns Hopkins University, 1973-1990, as Andrew Mellon Professor of Humanities; and the University of Georgia, where he was Franklin and Callaway Professor of English from 1990 until his retirement in 1999. Kenner has also held visiting professorships at the University of Michigan (1957), the University of Chicago (1962), the University of Virginia (1964-1965), and the Northrop Frye Chair at the University of Toronto (1985). He received honorary doctorates from the University of Chicago and Trent University, two Guggenheim fellowships (1956, 1963), and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature (1956).

Unlike most of his fellow academics and literary critics, Kenner knew personally, and collaborated with, many of the subjects about whom he has written. In a conversation with Ezra Pound in the early 1950s, Pound insisted, "You have an obligation to visit the great men of your own time." Kenner took this admonition literally and over the years has visited and befriended many of the major figures of literary modernism, including Samuel Beckett, William F. Buckley, T. S. Eliot, Wyndham Lewis, William Carlos Williams, and Louis Zukofsky. Kenner's circle of contacts also included prominent figures outside of the modernist movement, such as Guy Davenport, Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan, and Charles Tomlinson. In addition, Kenner has written extensively, sometimes definitively, about Joseph Conrad, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ford Madox Ford, Henry James, James Joyce, J. M. Synge, Evelyn Waugh, H. G. Wells, Virginia Woolf, and William Butler Yeats.

Considered the premier scholar and critic of literary modernism of his generation, Kenner's career spans 50 years during which he has produced 25 books (and contributed to at least 200 others), nearly a thousand periodical contributions, and numerous other publications, sound recordings, and broadcasts. He is generally acknowledged as the pre-eminent authority on Ezra Pound and one of the major voices of James Joyce scholarship. The 1951 publication of his Yale dissertation The Poetry of Ezra Pound was the first serious book on the subject to be published in America, and Dublin's Joyce (1955) and Joyce's Voices (1978) are considered classics in Joyce criticism.

Kenner's numerous articles and publications on modernist studies examine the movement in broad terms in a manner accessible to a general readership: The Pound Era (1971) outlines international modernism, A Homemade World (1975) analyzes American modernist writers, A Colder Eye (1983), the Irish modernists, and A Sinking Island (1988), the English modernists. Fellow professor, critic, and writer Guy Davenport summarized, "Kenner gave us a way to read Pound, as he has given us a way to read Joyce and Beckett. This is not to say that these are the only way to read these writers: What Kenner does best is show us how to read, and how to appreciate what we read. A critic cannot hope for more success."

The scope of Kenner's critical thought ranges across American and English intellectual history. He has written on mathematics, science, technology, and visual arts. Bucky: A Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller (1973) is a non-academic introduction to Fuller's theories of cosmic order and its physical properties. Kenner's book reviews for Byte magazine (1986-1993) examined computer technology for a general readership, and his Art and Antiques magazine column (1984-1992) provided cultural context for art, history, and theory. His critical works on popular culture and film include Chuck Jones: A Flurry of Drawings for the University of California at Berkeley "Portraits of American Genius" series, and articles on Buster Keaton. With his expertise in the modernist movement of the early 1900s and technology and culture of the later 1900s, Kenner has created a body of work touching on many of the leading movements throughout the twentieth century.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, offprints, clippings, typescripts, galley proofs, photographs, tearsheets, drawings, computer printouts and program sheets, holograph notes and drafts, notebooks, and academic papers document Hugh Kenner's career as critic, scholar, and educator from 1943 to 1994. The papers are organized in three series: I. Works, 1943-1994, n.d. (40 boxes); II. Correspondence, 1946-1993, n.d. (14 boxes); III. Subject Files, 1916-1994, n.d. (53 boxes).

The Subject Files series is the largest of the three, constituting one half of the Kenner papers. It includes a large number of papers and articles by colleagues of Kenner and topical files on individuals and subjects related to Kenner's academic interests. The Works series contains various drafts, contracts, and correspondence for books, articles, lectures, reviews, and introductions by Kenner. The smallest series, Correspondence, largely comprises incoming letters to Kenner. Some incoming correspondence and third-party correspondence is located throughout the papers and several correspondents have letters in more than one location. The Index of Correspondents at the end of the finding aid should be consulted to locate correspondence.

The vast majority of the materials are in English, although Chinese and Japanese ideograms are present in the Ezra Pound materials and small amounts of Greek, Latin, Gaelic, Italian, German, and French are located throughout the papers.

The bulk of the papers date from the late 1940s to the early 1990s. A very few items date as early as 1916, but these are generally photo reproductions of items or copies of letters.

The papers are generally in good condition except for occasional stains and smudges, some identified as food and drink spills or mold growth. Most of these materials have been placed in protective sleeves or photocopied and discarded. Although the Ransom Center Conservation Department has treated some of the manuscripts for mold, dormant spores may still be present and patrons sensitive to mold may consider wearing gloves and a dust mask while handling certain files.



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Index Terms:

Buckley, William F., 1925
Bunting, Basil
Cartier-Bresson, Henri, 1908
Davenport, Guy
DeWitt, Miriam Hapgood, 1906-1990
du Sautoy, Peter
Eliot, T.S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965
Fuller, R. Buckminster (Richard Buckminster), 1895-
Gabler, Hans Walter, 1938
Hesse, Eva, 1936-1970
Jolas, Maria, 1893-1987
Laughlin, James, 1914-
Lewis, Wyndham, 1882-1957
MacGregor, Robert
McClung, William J.
McCluhan, Marshall, 1911-
Meacham, Harry M. (Harry Monroe), 1901-1975
Moore, Marianne, 1887-1972
Muggeridge, Malcolm, 1903-
Pound, Dorothy
Pound, Omar S.
Ransom, John Crowe, 1888-1974
Shapiro, Karl Jay, 1913-
Terrell, Carroll Franklin
Tomlinson, Charles
Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963
Zukofsky, Celia Thaew
Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-1978
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
New Directions (Brookfield, Conn.)
Sterling Lord Agency
Beckett, Samuel, 1906-
Davenport, Guy
Eliot, T.S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965
Fuller, R. Buckminster, (Richard Buckminster), 1895-
Joyce, James, 1882-1941
Lewis, Wyndham, 1882-1957
Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963
Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-1978
English literature, 20th century, History and criticism
English poetry, 20th century, History and criticism
Geodesic domes
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Audio tapes
Christmas Cards
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Processed by:

Lisa Jones, 2001; Stephen Mielke, 2002


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Hugh Kenner Papers--Folder List

Series I. Works, 1943-1994, n.d.

The Works series is divided into four subseries: Books, Articles and Lectures, Reviews, and Introductions. The Books subseries makes up the bulk of the series and contains notes, typescript drafts, galley proofs, and small amounts of correspondence and clippings. The materials document Kenner's numerous published works on Ezra Pound, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Buckminster Fuller, mathematics, computing, poetry and literature in general, and other interests. Also included are typescript fragments for several unpublished books and one screen treatment. The files are arranged alphabetically by title with the majority of materials consisting of typescript drafts and fragments with hand written corrections by Kenner. A small amount of correspondence is included with many of the works, usually fan mail or letters and contracts from Kenner's publishers. General research notes and materials for Beckett, Fuller, Joyce, Pound, and others are located in the Subject Files series and complement the files found in this series. Kenner's academic papers and dissertation from Yale University are also located in the Subject Files series.
The Articles and Lectures subseries contains offprints, tearsheets, and photocopies of articles written by Kenner for magazines, newspapers, journals, and encyclopedias such as Harpers, Art & Antiques, The New York Times, Byte, Shenandoah, and Encyclopaedia Britannica. Also included are several short radio scripts used on National Public Radio and typescripts and notes for lectures and talks on computers, Joyce, Pound, and symbolism. As in the Books subseries, correspondence is sparse and predominately from editors and publishers, with some fan mail. One exception is for the 1964 Saturday Evening Post article "Don't Send Johnny to College," which generated a large number of letters from readers and numerous requests for use and reproduction. The materials in this subseries date from the early 1940s to the early 1990s and are arranged alphabetically by title.
The Reviews subseries contains book, movie, and software reviews written by Kenner and is similar to the Articles and Lectures subseries in date range and types of materials. The reviews appeared in The Los Angeles Times, London Times, Poetry, Inquiry, and many of the same publications noted under Articles and Lectures. This subseries is arranged alphabetically by the name of author of the work reviewed.
The Introductions subseries consists of one box of typescripts and correspondence related to book forewords and sound recording liner notes written by Kenner. Arrangement is alphabetical by author or by title when the author is unknown. Author correspondence is included with several of the titles.
A. Books, 1947-1994, n.d.
Anthology of English Literature [unpublished]
Box Folder
1 1 Holograph and typed notes, n.d.
2 Mimeo typescript outline and introduction, n.d.
3 Typescript draft fragment, n.d.
Early typescript and photocopy draft
Box Folder
1 4 Section I, n.d.
5 Section II, n.d.
6-7 Section III, n.d.
Box Folder
2, 1 Section III, n.d.
Box Folder
2 2-3 Section IV, n.d.
4 Section V, n.d.
5 Section VI, n.d.
6 Section VII, n.d.
Intermediate typescript and photocopy draft
Box Folder
2 7 Section I, n.d.
Box Folder
3 1 Section II, n.d.
2-4 Section III, n.d.
5-6 Section IV, n.d.
Box Folder
4 1 Section V, n.d.
2 Section VI, n.d.
3 Section VII, n.d.
4 Correspondence and contracts, 1969-1984
The Art of Poetry(1959)
Box Folder
4 5-6 Carbon copy typescript, 1959
7 Correspondence and contracts, 1952-1987
Bucky: A Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller(1973)
Box Folder
4 8 Research notes, 1970-1971, n.d.
Box Folder
5 1 Draft fragments, 1972, n.d.
2-4 Carbon copy typescript, n.d.
5-6 Typescript printer's copy with corrections, 1973
Box Folder
6 1 Typescript continued
2 Photographs and illustrations
3 Galley proofs, n.d.
4 Correspondence, 1970-1991, n.d.
5 Clippings, 1973-1976
Chuck Jones: A Flurry of Drawings(1994)
Box Folder
6 6 Final manuscript, ca. 1994
7 Printer's copy, ca. 1994
8 Correspondence and contracts, 1990, n.d.
A Colder Eye(1983)
Box Folder
7 1-2 Early typescript draft fragments, n.d.
3-4 Intermediate manuscript fragments, 1981-1982
5-6 Late manuscript, n.d.
Box Folder
8 1 Late manuscript continued, n.d.
2-4 Final draft mimeo manuscript with design notes, 1982
5-6 Printer's copy, n.d.
Box Folder
9 1 Printer's copy, n.d.
2-3 Master galley proofs with corrections, 1982
4-5 Duplicate galley proofs, 1982
6 Galley proof fragments with corrections, 1983
Box Folder
10 1-2 Corrected master galley proofs, 1983
3-4 Duplicate galley proofs, 1983
5-6 Page proofs with corrections, 1983
Box Folder
11 1 Page proof fragments, 1983
2-3 Blue sheets, 1983
4 Dust jacket dummies, n.d.
5 Correspondence, 1977-1983, n.d.
6 Clippings and reviews, 1983-1987, n.d.
7 8 in. floppy disk, n.d.
The Counterfeiters: An Historical Comedy(1968)
Box Folder
11 8 Research notes, n.d.
Box Folder
12 1 Holograph and typescripts drafts, 1965, n.d.
2 Mimeo typescript, n.d.
3 Galley proofs, 1985, n.d.
4 Printer's markup and cover, n.d.
5 Page proofs, n.d
6 Dust jacket, ca. 1968
7 Correspondence, 1966-1985, n.d.
8 Clippings and reviews, 1968-1986, n.d.
Dublin's Joyce(1956)
Box Folder
12 9-10 Incomplete carbon typescript with corrections, n.d.
Box Folder
13 1 Gatherings with corrections, 1955
2 Correspondence, 1950-1987
3 Clippings and reviews, 1955-1957, n.d.
Geodesic Math and How to Use It(1976)
Box Folder
13 4-7 Research materials and notes, 1973-1974, n.d.
Box Folder
14 1-2 Research materials and notes, 1973-1974, n.d.
3-4 Draft fragments with corrections, n.d.
5 Early incomplete photocopy typescript, n.d.
6 Intermediate typescript, n.d.
Box Folder
15 1 Intermediate typescript continued
2-3 Late incomplete typescript, n.d.
4 Photographs and illustrations, n.d.
5 Dust jacket dummy, n.d.
6-7 Correspondence, 1972-1988, n.d.
Box Folder
16 1 Clippings and reviews, 1976-1981, n.d.
Gnomon: Essays on Contemporary Literature(1958)
Box Folder
16 2 Correspondence, 1957-1972
3 Clippings and reviews, 1958
Heath/Zenith Z-100 User's Guide(1984)
Box Folder
16 4 Typescript draft fragments, 1983-1984, n.d.
5 Typescript, 1983
6 Photocopy typescript with corrections, 1983
7 Target proof fragments, n.d.
8 Correspondence and contracts, 1980-1986, n.d.
9 Clippings and reviews, 1985, n.d.
Historical Fictions(1990)
Box Folder
16 10 Dust jacket, ca. 1990
11 Clippings and reviews, 1990
A Home-made World(1975)
Box Folder
16 12 Notes, n.d.
13 Composite draft fragments, 1973-1974, n.d.
14-15 Incomplete typescript and mimeo copy drafts, n.d.
Box Folder
17 1 Galley proofs, n.d.
2 Dust jacket dummies, n.d.
3 Correspondence and contracts, 1973-1978
4 Clippings and reviews, 1975-1978
5 A Hundred Years of Joyce [unpublished] - typescript introduction and correspondence, 1977-1981
The Invisible Poet: T. S. Eliot(1959)
Box Folder
17 6 Research notes, n.d.
7 Early composite manuscript fragments, n.d.
8 Carbon copy typescript fragment, n.d.
9-10 Incomplete carbon copy typescript, n.d.
11 Dust jacket dummy, n.d.
12 Correspondence, 1954-1969, n.d.
Box Folder
18 1 Clippings and reviews, 1959-1960, n.d.
2 James Joyce: Critique in Progress [unpublished] - correspondence, 1950
Joyce's Voices(1978)
Box Folder
18 3 Photographs, n.d.
4 Jacket blurbs, n.d.
5 Correspondence, 1975-1981, n.d.
6 Clippings and reviews, 1978-1980
Box Folder
18 7-8 Photocopy composite manuscript, 1988
9 Dust jacket, n.d.
10 Correspondence, 1989
11 Clippings and reviews, 1989
The Mechanic Muse(1987)
Box Folder
18 12 Typescript draft fragment and layout, 1986, n.d.
13 Correspondence, 1985-1986
14 Clippings and reviews, 1987
15 The Night World [unpublished] - holograph and typescript fragments, n.d.
Paradox in Chesterton(1947)
Box Folder
18 16 Correspondence and contracts, 1947-1976
17 Clippings and reviews, 1947-1949
The Poetry of Ezra Pound(1951)
Box Folder
18 18 Typescript draft fragments, n.d.
19-20 Galley proofs, n.d.
Box Folder
19 1 Correspondence, 1948-1985, n.d.
2 Clippings and reviews, 1951-1986, n.d.
The Pound Era(1971)
Box Folder
19 3 Research materials and notes, 1963, n.d.
4 Typescript and carbon draft fragments, n.d.
5 Editorial notes, n.d.
6-8 Mimeo typescript with corrections, n.d.
Box Folder
20 1 Mimeo typescript continued
2-6 Carbon typescript printer's copy, n.d.
Box Folder
21 1 Carbon typescript continued
2-3 Photographs and illustrations, n.d.
4 Galley proofs, n.d.
5-6 Page proofs, n.d.
Box Folder
22 1 Dust jackets, n.d.
2 Correspondence, 1960-1991, n.d.
3-4 Clippings and reviews, 1972-1980, n.d.
A Reader's Guide to Samuel Beckett(1973)
Box Folder
22 5 Carbon typescript fragment with corrections, n.d.
6 Correspondence, 1969-1972
Rhyme [unpublished]
Box Folder
22 7 Notes and research materials, 1977-1980, n.d.
8 Composite draft fragments, n.d.
Box Folder
23 1-2 Draft fragments continued
3 Correspondence, 1975-1981, n.d.
Seventeenth Century Poetry(1964)
Box Folder
23 4 Notes and carbon typescript draft fragments, n.d.
5 Correspondence and contracts, 1961-1987, n.d.
Samuel Beckett: A Critical Study(1961)
Box Folder
23 6 Research notes, 1954-1963, n.d.
7-8 Composite draft fragments and notes, n.d.
Box Folder
24 1 Draft fragments continued
2 Composite draft with corrections, 1961
3 Carbon typescript with corrections, 1961
4 Galley proofs, 1961
5 Dust jackets, n.d.
6 Correspondence, 1958-1986, n.d.
7 Clippings and reviews, 1962-1983
8 German language clippings and reviews, 1964-1969
9 Scrunch Inc. [unpublished] - typescript fragments, n.d.
A Sinking Island(1988)
Box Folder
24 10 Notes, 1986
11 Mimeo typescript fragment, 1986
12 Incomplete mimeo typescript, 1986
Box Folder
25 1-2 Incomplete typescript continued
3-6 Typescript draft with corrections, 1986
7 Page proof fragment, n.d.
8 Dust jacket dummies, n.d.
9 Correspondence, 1984-1988, n.d.
Box Folder
26 1 Clippings and reviews, 1988-1989
2 A Starchamber Quiry (1982), clippings, correspondence and typescript draft fragments, 1981-1982, n.d.
The Stoic Comedians(1962)
Box Folder
26 3 "Bouvard and Pecuchet: Comedians of the Enlightenment,"Spectrum, 1961
4 Incomplete composite draft, n.d.
5 Carbon typescript printer's copy, n.d.
6 Illustrations, n.d.
7 Galley proofs, 1962
8 Correspondence, 1962-1983, n.d.
9 Clippings and reviews, 1963-1986
10 Studies in Change: A Book of the Short Story (1965), carbon typescript fragment, correspondence, contracts, and clippings, 1962-1964
T.S. Eliot: A Collection of Critical Essays(1962)
Box Folder
26 11 Notes and editorial recommendations, 1963, n.d.
12 Correspondence, 1960-1962
Box Folder
26 13 Notes and corrections, n.d.
14 Typescript draft fragments with corrections, n.d.
Box Folder
27 1 Typescript draft fragments continued
2-4 Typescript draft with corrections, n.d.
5-6 Mimeo typescript, n.d.
7 Mimeo typescript printer's copy, n.d.
Box Folder
28 1-2 Mimeo typescript continued
3 Page proofs, 1986
4 Dust jackets, n.d.
5 Correspondence and contracts, 1973-1987, n.d.
6 Clippings and reviews, 1981-1991, n.d.
7 The Vulgar Streak [not produced] - carbon typescript screen treatment, n.d.
8-10 Wyndham Lewis(1954)
8 Notes and page proof fragment, n.d.
9 Correspondence and contracts, 1950-1965
10 Clippings and reviews, 1954-1955, n.d.
11 Zukofsky's Eye [unpublished] - contract, 1979
B. Articles and Lectures, 1943-1993, n.d.
Box Folder
28 12 "The Aesthetic of Delay,"n.d.
"The Aesthetic of James Joyce,"n.d.
"Affairs of the Heart,"Art & Antiques, 1990
"After the Two Eyed Men,"National Review, 1962
Alex Comfort article, New York Times Magazine, 1974
"The Amazing World of Mazes,"Discover, 1986, (manuscript titled "Getting In and Out")
"Antics in Hartford,"Art & Antiques, 1989
"Antin, Cats & C.,"Vort, 1974
13 "Apples, Planets, Dollars,"National Review, 1961
"Approaches to the Artist as a Young Language Teacher,"1975
"Approaching Pascal,"n.d.
"Arabian Nights,"Art & Antiques, 1985
"Art: Illuminations of Time,"Art & Antiques, 1986
"Art in a Closed Field," The 26th Peters Rushton Seminar in Contemporary Prose and Poetry, typescript lecture, 1962
"Art: Paintings of Mother: Variations on a Universal Theme,"Architectural Digest, 1988
"As the World Turns,"Art & Antiques, 1986
"At Home with St. Mug,"New York Times Magazine, 1976
"Automated Out?,"National Review, 1959
"Avian Dandies,"Art & Antiques, 1990
Box Folder
29 1 "Barbarous English,"National Review, 1967
"Basil Bunting: The Sound of Poetry," National Public Radio typescript, 1979
"Beckett at 80,"The Irish Times, 1986
"The Beckett Landscape,"Spectrum, 1958
"Beckett, Samuel"Encyclopedia America
"Beckett: The Rational Domain,"Forum, 1960
"Beckett Translating Beckett: Comment C'est,"n.d.
"Beginners' Corner,"1978
"Bellow: A Wry Laugh at High Moments,"Baltimore Sun, 1976
"Berlitz Days,"Renascence, 1983
"Bicycles for the Mind,"Byte, 1991
"The Big Picture,"Byte,1990
"The Bigger They Are,"Art & Antiques, 1984
Bill Wimsatt festschrift, 1971
"Biography on the Ground Rules,"National Review, 1959
2 "Bloom's Chest,"n.d.
"Bloomsday 1979," National Public Radio typescript, 1979
"Bloomsday in Trieste,"Life, 1971
"The Book as Book,"Christianity and Culture, 1970
"The Broken Mirrors and the Mirror of Memory,"n.d.
"Brooklyn's Braque,"Art & Antiques, 1992
"Bucky Fuller: An Overview,"1993
"Bucky Fuller and the Final Exam,"New York Times Magazine, 1975
"Bucky Fuller at 80,"n.d.
"Budget Word Processing,"Sextant, 1981
Buss, Heath Company Computers newsletter, contributions, 1982-1985
"Buster Keaton: In Memoriam,"National Review, 1966
3 "Calcunuts,"Wall Street Journal, 1981
"Can Buckminster Fuller Save Us?,"New York Times Book Review, 1972
"The Cartesian Centaur,"Perspective, 1959
Censorship essay, ca. 1959
"Chambers' Music and Alger Hiss,"The American Spectator, 1979
"Chaplin Obit.,"n.d.
"Charles Tomlinson,"The Dictionary of Literary Biography, n.d.
"Chesterton at 110,"n.d.
4 "Circe,"James Joyce's Ulysses: Critical Essays, n.d.
"The Circle and the Three Nines,"n.d.
"Cleansing the Temple,"Art & Antiques, 1991
"The Comfort Behind the Joy of Sex,"New York Times Magazine, 1974
"Communication, Information Attention,"n.d.
"Communications," Shenandoah, 1955
5 "The Computerized Ulysses: Establishing the Text Joyce Intended,"Harpers, 1980
"Computers, Libraries, Scholars,"Ex Libris, 1986
"Con and Icon,"Art & Antiques, 1989
"Conrad and Ford: The Artistic Conscience,"Shenandoah, 1952
"Cribbed Out of Meredith,"n.d.
"The Critic and the Lagging Clock,"n.d.
6 "The Cubist Portrait,"n.d.
"Cut and Past,"Art & Antiques, 1992
"The Cybernetics of Art,"1975
"Criticism,"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1958
Box Folder
30 1 "D.P. Remembered,"Paideuma, 1973
"A Dan Pooh Bah,"Art & Antiques, 1987
"Dante tra Pound ed Eliot,"Il Verri, 1964
"Dead Letter Office,"Art in America, n.d.
"Decoding Roland Barthes,"Harper's, 1980
"The Department of Factual Verification,"National Review, 1987
"Design: The Big Picture,"Art Center Review, 1988
"The Devil and Mr. Lewis,"Shenandoah, 1955
"Disconnected Numerousness,"Ironwood, 1985
"The Distance from Normal,"Art & Antiques, 1987
"Divine Comedian,"Art & Antiques, 1987
"Does the Walking Do the Fingers?,"Byte1990
2 "Don't Send Johnny To College,"The Saturday Evening Post, tearsheets and correspondence, 1964
3 "Dr. Kenner Tells of a Visit with Wyndham Lewis, Artist-Writer,"Santa Barbara News-Press, 1957
"Drafts and Fragments and the Structure of the Cantos,"Agenda, n.d.
"The Drama of Utterance,"Migrant, 1960
"Dream Weaver,"Art & Antiques, 1991
"The Dutch Connection,"n.d.
"A Dutch Messiah,"Art & Antiques, 1987
4 "Ear Culture,"Harper's, 1988
"Earth's Attic,"Art & Antiques, 1986
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"Einstein Commemoration," National Public Radio, photocopy typescript and correspondence, 1979
"Electronic Books,"Byte, 1993
"The Electronic Muse," ACH-ALLC address, 1993
"Eliot and the Thunder,"1984
"Eliot and the Tradition of the Anonymous,"College English,1967
"Eliot and the Voices of History,"n.d.
"Eliot Reconsidered,"n.d.
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"Eugene O'Neil," radio typescript, 1980
"European Snapshots,"1965
"Evelyn Waugh: In Memoriam,"National Review, 1966
"The Examiner's Eye,"Conradian, 1987
"The Experience of the Eye: Marianne Moore's Tradition,"The Southern Review, 1965
6 "The Exploding Duck and Other Primal Tales,"National Review,1978
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7 "Ezra Pound und das Geld,"Neue Deutsche Hefte, 1966
"Ezra Pound's Commedia,"Dante Among the Moderns, n.d.
Box Folder
31 1 "Faces to the Wall,"Shenandoah, 1954
"Fafnir and After,"California Librarian, 1970
"A Fairy Tale Future,"Byte, 1990
"Father of the Vamp: Betty Boop's Creator Turns 100,"Art & Antiques, 1990
"Feast of Feasts,"Art & Antiques, 1990
"Fiction of Free-Fall,"Johns Hopkins Magazine, 1986
"First Prize,"Art & Antiques, 1990
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"The Fourth Policeman,"n.d.
"A Fractal Accelerator,"1987
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Box Folder
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Box Folder
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Box Folder
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Series II. Correspondence, 1946-1993, n.d.

Correspondence is divided into two subseries: Incoming and Outgoing, with Incoming correspondence further divided into Personal, General, and E-mail. The majority of the Personal correspondence comes from Kenner's colleagues or close acquaintances and documents literary activities and projects. Included in this section is correspondence from such notable figures as Samuel Beckett, T. S. Elliot, Buckminster Fuller, Ezra Pound, Charles Tomlinson, William Carlos Williams, and Louis Zukofsky. Some of these individual's letters include third party correspondence between themselves and someone other than Kenner. Other third party correspondence, mostly photocopied, is located under the individual's name in the Subject Files series.
General correspondence contains routine requests and comments from fans and students, and business letters regarding Kenner's publications and travels. There is some overlap with the Personal correspondence, particularly with individuals whose correspondence covers several years and who became more closely connected to Kenner or his work over time. There is also some overlap with the Works files, with letters from publishers and from fans.
E-mail correspondence consists of printout correspondence mostly from colleagues and students at academic institutions and includes discussions from computer and literary online lists.
The small amount of Outgoing correspondence (two folders) mirrors the Incoming Personal and General correspondence, although there are no outgoing letters to the above notable figures. The files contain mostly carbons and photocopies of the original letters.
Both incoming and outgoing correspondence is arranged alphabetically. Additional correspondence is located throughout Kenner's papers and an Index of Correspondents is provided. The index lists all incoming letters to Kenner and select third party correspondence from well-known writers such as Beckett and Pound.
A. Incoming, 1946-1993, n.d.
Personal, 1946-1993, n.d.
Box Folder
41 1 Abbott - Ayrton, 1956-1993, n.d.
2 Barr - Beckett, 1958-1990, n.d.
3 Bedford - Bruns, 1954-1992, n.d.
4-5 Buckley, Christopher and William F. Jr., 1961-1993, n.d
6 Budgeon - Carne-Ross, 1960-1990, n.d.
Box Folder
42 1 Carter, Kathleen, Rosalyn, and Tom, 1952-1979, n.d.
2 Cartier-Bresson - Dalsimer, 1946-1993, n.d.
3-5 Davenport, Guy, 1958-1993, n.d.
Box Folder
43 1 Davenport continued
2 Davie - Donoghue, 1951-1992, n.d.
3 Driver - Eichman, 1947-1990
4-5 Eliot, T. S. amd Valeie, 1949-1983, n.d.
6 Ellison - Fisher, 1953-1991, n.d.
Box Folder
44 1 Fitzgerald - Frye, 1952-1993, n.d.
2 Fuller, Buckminster, 1969-1982
3 Gabler - Gifford, 1968-1990, n.d.
4 Glasheen, Adaline, 1953-1983
5 Goacher - Gugelburger, 1954-1993, n.d.
6 Hall - Horton, 1956-1994, n.d.
Box Folder
45 1 Howard - Kappell, 1959-1993, n.d.
2 Kasper - Lauffer, 1951-1989, n.d.
3-4 Laughlin, Ann and James, 1949-1991, n.d.
5 Leary - Levine, 1946-1985, n.d.
6 Lewis, Anne Wyndham and Wyndham, 1949-1964, n.d.
Box Folder
46 1 Lipking - McHugh, 1950-1992, n.d.
2 McLuhan - Meacham, 1947-1986, n.d.
3 Mead - Montiegel, 1951-1991
4 Mood - Moore, 1954-1989
5 Morawetz - O'Hehir, 1958-1986, n.d.
Box Folder
47 1 Olsen - Poirier, 1951-1993, n.d.
2 Pound, Dorothy, 1948-1972
3-6 Pound, Ezra, 1948-1959, n.d.
Box Folder
48 1 Pound, Ezra, 1948-1959, n.d.
2 Pound, Omar - Regnery, 1950-1992, n.d.
3-4 Reid, John and Peggy, 1950-1984, n.d.
5 Reilly - Shapiro, 1949-1991, n.d.
Box Folder
49 1 Siegel, Eli, and Fred, 1955-1989, n.d.
2 Sipper - Stiekle, 1950-1993, n.d.
3 Stock - Taylor, 1953-1993, n.d.
4 Terrell - Tierney, 1956-1992, n.d.
5 Tomlinson, Charles, 1956-1992, n.d.
Box Folder
50 1 Trilling - Wilhelm, 1951-1990, n.d.
2 Williams, Florence, Jonathan, and William Carlos, 1952-1993
3 Wills - Zimmerman, 1947-1992, n.d.
4-5 Zukofsky, Celia and Louis, 1960-1979
6 Unidentified, 1981
General, 1947-1993, n.d.
Box Folder
51 1 A, 1947-1990, n.d.
2 B, 1962-1992, n.d.
3 C, 1951-1992, n.d.
4 D, 1960-1990, n.d.
5 E-F, 1951-1992, n.d.
6 G, 1973-1990, n.d.
Box Folder
52 1 H, 1949-1992, n.d.
2 I-J, 1964-1990, n.d.
3 K, 1955-1990, n.d.
4 L, 1966-1992, n.d.
5 M, 1950-1990, n.d.
Box Folder
53 1 N-Q, 1951-1993, n.d.
2 R, 1963-1991, n.d.
3 S, 1951-1991, n.d.
4 T-V, 1962-1991, n.d.
5 W, 1951-1992, n.d.
6 X-Z, 1953-1992, n.d.
7 Unidentified, 1953-1992, n.d.
Box Folder
54 1 E-mail, 1984-1993
B. Outgoing, 1946-1991, n.d.
Box Folder
54 2 A-K, 1946-1991, n.d.
3 L-Z, 1946-1991, n.d.

Series III. Subject Files, 1916-1994, n.d.

Subject Files contain the most varied materials, both in format and content. Kenner's interests in mathematics, computers, art, literature, and education are all well represented and often files in one area of interest overlap with another. One example is "Frqwrd," a computer program written by Kenner that could read a text file and make an alphabetical list indicating the frequency of each word's occurrence. Kenner used the program to create a printout of vocabulary usage by James Joyce in Ulysses. Although it is Joyce related, the printout is located under the "Computer Printout" heading, not under the "Joyce" heading. Overlap also occurs due to the interrelationship of many of the individuals studied by Kenner. For example, Pound materials can be found under the T. S. Eliot heading and vice-versa.
The bulk of the subject files consist of single files containing offprints and photocopies of reviews, papers, journal articles, and book chapters sent to Kenner by colleagues and students. Many of these works contain a short note or letter to Kenner about the work, sometimes asking for his comment. The files are arranged alphabetically by the author of the work and are interfiled with subject files on various topics and individuals.
The topical files include headings such as "Haiku," "Irish," "Clippings," "Conferences and Seminars," and "Yale." Included in these files are notes, brochures, memorabilia, and other general material. "Clippings" include general clippings on various topics as well as interviews with and articles about Kenner. The "Conferences and Seminars" files document meetings on general literary topics. Conference material on specific individuals such as Beckett, Joyce, or Pound are located under the heading for that individual. The "Yale" files include notes and papers from Kenner's graduate studies, and a carbon typescript of his 1950 dissertation The Poetry of Ezra Pound.
The topical subject files do not contain the same depth of material that is found in the subject files on specific individuals, such as Samuel Beckett, Basil Bunting, Guy Davenport, T. S. Eliot, Buckminster Fuller, James Joyce, Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, and Louis Zukofsky. These files contain copies of works by and about the individuals, Kenner's research materials, clippings, and copies of correspondence.
James Joyce files make up the largest grouping in the series and consist primarily of copies of Finnegans Wake fragments, clippings on the Hans Walter Gabler edition of Ulysses, and articles about Joyce and his works. Despite the greater volume, the Joyce files lack the depth and variety found in files on other modernist writers that Kenner actually knew and interacted with, such as Beckett, Eliot, Pound, and William Carlos Williams.
The second largest grouping of materials documents Buckminster Fuller, who like Kenner pursued a great variety of interests throughout his life. The Fuller files contain works by and about Fuller, copies of Fuller patents, clippings and brochures regarding geodesic structures, and numerous files and notes on mathematic models and principles. Much of this was likely used as background material for Kenner's books on Buckminster Fuller and geodesic math, and like many of the subject files complements files found in the Works series.
Most of the files on specific individuals contain little if any original material created by the individual. Exceptions are a typed 1959 manuscript for "Measure" with William Carlos Williams' hand written notes and signature; typescript fragments for Mercier et Camier and a mimeo typescript for Film both with Samuel Beckett's hand written notes and corrections; and Congressional Records on Ezra Pound's war broadcast with Pound's notations, and several pages on ideograms and Confucian odes with hand written notes by Pound. In addition, the Davenport file contains 30 original pen and ink drawings by Davenport, some including correspondence to Kenner.
Other than the Davenport file, the subject files on famous individuals contain no original correspondence. The letters in the files are generally photocopies or transcriptions made by Kenner or others. Original correspondence between Kenner and these individuals is located in the Correspondence series.
Box Folder
54 4 Aarsleff, Hans - photocopy typescripts and offprints, 1970-1980
5 Abrams, Sam. "The Betrayal of Whitman,"n.d.
Adler, Jerry. "Taking Offense,"1990
Adler, Mortimer. "Six Great Ideas: Truth,"1982
Aiken, Conrad - photocopy correspondence and clippings, 1925-1963, n.d.
Alpers, Svetlana. "Seeing Is Knowing: A Dutch Connection", 1978
Altieri, Charles. "Genteel Modernism,"1976
Andre, Carl
Billy Builder and the Painful Machine, n.d.
Mimeo proofs and offprints, 1959-1963
Anthheil, George. "My Ballet Mecanique: What it Means,"1925
Box Folder
55 1-2 Antin, David - mimeo typescripts and correspondence, 1974-1978
3 Armstrong, Neil - autographed pamphlet, 1976
4-5 Art and Artists - clippings, tearsheets, photographs and brochures, 1955-1992, n.d.
6 Artificial Intelligence - mimeo clippings and correspondence, 1976, n.d.
Atherton, J. S. - correspondence, clippings, mimeo typescripts and offprints, 1954-1978
Auden, W. H. - The Harvard Advocate special issue, 1956
Box Folder
56 1 Bailey's Dictionary - photocopies, n.d.
Bard, Joseph - correspondence, pamphlets, and photocopy typescripts, 1957-1971, n.d.
Barolini, Teodolinda. Dante's Poets - photocopy, 1984
Beaurline, L. A. - offprints, 1960-1963
Beckett, Samuel
Box Folder
56 2 The Beckett Circle newsletter, 1976-1978
3 The Beckett Project - correspondence, 1987-1990
4 Clippings, 1953-1994, n.d.
5 Conferences, 1974-1991, n.d.
6 Kenner's notes and research materials, 1982-1984, n.d.
Works by Beckett
Box Folder
56 7 Come and Go - photocopy typescript, n.d.
8 Elethira - mimeo typescript, n.d.
9 Film - mimeo typescript with holograph annotations by Beckett
10 Happy Days: A Play in Two Acts - galley proofs, n.d.
Mercier et Camier
Box Folder
56 11 Typescript fragments with holograph notes by Beckett, n.d.
Kenner's typescript translation with holograph notes, 1972
Box Folder
57 1 Mimeo typescript, n.d.
2 Not I - mimeo typescript, n.d.
3 Play - thermofax copy of carbon typescript, 1963
4 Premier Amour - mimeo typescript, n.d.
5 Still - photocopy holograph manuscript and M'arte Edizioni publication, 1974
6 Stirring Still - photocopy typescript and Blue Moon Books publication, 1986, n.d.
Works about Beckett
Box Folder
57 7-8 A-C, 1970-1983, n.d.
9 D-L, 1968-1984, n.d.
10 M-Z, 1967-1986, n.d.
Box Folder
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Box Folder
102 5-6 Kenner's class papers - holograph and typescript drafts, 1947-1949
Box Folder
103 1-3 Kenner's class papers - holograph and typescript drafts, 1947-1949
4-6 Kenner's dissertation - carbon typescript, 1950
Box Folder
104 1 Kenner's dissertation continued
Yeats, William Butler
Box Folder
104 2 Conferences and exhibits, 1958-1994
3 Emory University collection - photocopies, 1981
4 Family - clippings and photocopies of published articles, 1979, n.d.
5 Kenner's notes and research materials, n.d.
Works about Yeats
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Zukofsky, Louis
Box Folder
105 2 General, 1960-1975
3 William Carlos Williams - photocopies, 1956-1979, n.d.
4 Notes, clippings, and photographs, n.d.
5 Paideuma - special issue correspondence, 1978-1979, n.d.
Works by Zukofsky
6 "A" - transcriptions, notes, and notices, 1966, n.d.
"American Poetry,"The Symposium, 1931
"Anew" - photocopy typescript, n.d.
Bottom: On Shakespeare - book jacket blurbs, n.d.
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"A Foin Lass Bodders,"n.d.
Kulchur - volume 2, number 5 & 7, 1962
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"Poem beginning `The',"n.d.
7 Reading at Evergreen House - adverstisement and notes, n.d.
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Unidentified photocopy fragments, n.d.
Works about Zukofsky
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Box Folder
106 1 Zukofsky, Celia. Prepositions - photocopy and correspondence, 1978, n.d.
2 Zukofsky, Paul - clippings and publicity materials, 1961-1987, n.d.

Hugh Kenner--Index of Correspondents

A. D. Peters Literary Agent--26.10
Aarseleff, Hans--54.4
Abadie, Ann J.--62.2
Abbott, Porter--41.1
Able, Rudolph von--53.4
Abrams, Philip--51.1
Abrams, Sam--41.1
Acquadro, Andrew--51.1
Adamczuk, Charles--51.1
Adamczuk, Sarah--51.1
Adams, Barbara--51.1
Adler, Ana--51.1
Agel, Jerome--51.1
Agrosti, Olivia Rossotii--51.1
Ahearne, Barry--41.1, 105.5
Alber, Charles J.--51.1
Albright, David--51.1
Alexander, Bernice--74.3
Alexander, Michael--41.1, 94.2
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.--11.5, 17.3, 23.3, 25.9
Allen, James Lovic, 1929- --51.1
Allen, Madelein--51.1
Alpers, Svetlana--41.1
Altick, Richard--51.1
Altier, Charles--54.5
American-Asian Educational Exchange--51.1
Amirkhanian, Charles--41.1
Ammons, Archie--41.1
Amsterdam, Jonathan--51.1
Anderson, Chester--51.1
Anderson, Kenneth--51.1
Andrews, Chip--54.1
Antigonish Review--51.1
Antin, David--55.1
Apple Computers, Inc.--63.1
Applewhite, Ed--70.5-6
Ardinger, Rick--51.1
Armato, Douglas--76.3
Art & Antiques--99.3
Ashfield, Keith--41.1
Ashton, Geoffrey--58.2
Asia Foundation--62.4
Atherton, J. S.--65.6
Atkin, John--51.1
Atwood, Virginia--41.1
Ayre, John--51.1
Ayrton, Michael, 1921-1975--41.1
B. C. Research--81.3
Bacigalupo, M.--51.2
Bakalis, John--51.2
Baker, Nelson, Williams & Mitchell--17.12
Balena, ?--51.2
Ball, John A.--51.2
Balliet, Conrad A., 1927- --51.2
Bamberger, W. C.--25.9
Barakat, Richard--51.2
Barfield, B. F.--51.2
Barnes, Grant--15.6
Barr, Greg--41.2
Barrett, Amy--51.2
Barrie & Jenkins (London, England)--25.9
Barth, John--41.2
Bartoz, Paul--51.2
Barzun, Jacques, 1907- --41.2
Bates, Robin--78.9
Baumann, Michael L.--65.5
Beacon Press--19.1, 22.2, 26.8
Beattie, Glen W.--29.1
Beckett, Samuel, 1906- --41.2
Beckler, Mary Rhodes--51.2
Bedford, Agnes--41.3
Begnal, Michael--51.2
Behan, Brendan--41.3
Beja, Morris--41.3
Belitt, Ben, 1911- --41.3
Bell, Ian--95.1
Bender, Todd--41.3
Benton, Richard, P.--95.2
Bennett, Curtiss--41.3
Bennett, Jonathan--51.2
Bennett, Scott--86.1
Benstock, Bernard--41.3
Benton, Richard P.--58.1
Bergmann, Otto--51.2
Berkman, Lars--51.2
Bernardo, Aldo S.--51.2
Berniker, Donald--51.2
Berstler, Susan--51.2
Berwick, Robert C.--51.2
Best, Nigel, 1949- --51.2
Bethel, T. N. (Tom N.)--41.3
Beum, Robert--51.2
Bhatt, Pravin N.--51.2
Bieman, Elizabeth--51.2
Bier, Eugene--51.2
Bilofsky, Walt--16.8, 29.2, 41.3
Birchard, Guy--51.2
Birney, Earle, 1904- --41.3
Bizot, Richard--51.2
Black, Harold D.--51.2
Blackman, Robert--51.2
Bliss, C. K.--51.2
Block, Tom--51.2
Blotner, Joseph L.--41.3
Bly, Drew--41.3
Bock, Robert L.--51.2
Bodine, Paul--51.2
Boheemen, Christine van--51.2
Boileau, C. A.--51.2
Bonheim, H.--41.3
Booth, Jack--41.3
Booth, Marcella--41.3, 105.2
Booth, Richard--51.2
Bordelon, Mary--51.2
Bork, Hank--51.2
Borodin, David--17.5
Borroff, Marie--51.2
Bosinelli Bollettieri, Rosa Maria--35.2
Bosquet, Alain, 1919- --51.2
Bottrall, Ronald--41.3
Bowden, Mark--51.2
Bowers, Fredson--41.3, 51.1
Boyd, Ian--59.7
Boyers, Bob--51.2
Boyle, Robert--58.5
Bozell, Trish--41.3
Brady, Frank--29.1
Brakhage, Stan--41.3
Brann, Helen--41.3, 76.8
Brantingham, Philip--51.2
Bridson, Geoffrey--41.3, 94.2
Brien, John F.--51.2
Brinton, Ian--51.2
British Broadcasting Corporation--14.2, 34.2, 56.6
Broden, ?--51.2
Brodsky, Michael--41.3
Broening, Stephens--51.2
Bromberg, Rachel--51.2
Brooker, Jewel Spears, 1940- --65.5
Brookerose, Christie--41.3
Brown, Ashley--13.2, 41.3
Brown, Charles Frank--54.1
Brown, David--51.2
Brown, Douglas--51.2
Brumburg, Jim--41.3
Bruns, Gerald L.--41.3, 58.7, 78.9
Bryer, Jackson R.--51.2
Buckley, Christopher--41.4
Buckley, William F. (William Frank), 1925- --41.4-5
Budgeon, Frank--41.6
Bufithis, Philip H.--51.2
Bunting, Basil--41.6, 105.5
Burnbour, C. F.--51.2
Burnett, David--51.2
Burtness, Theodore--51.2
Burton, Richard--51.2
Bush, Ronald--41.6
Byrd, Don--105.5
Caedmon Records--40.5
Calder, John--24.6, 28.9, 41.6
Callanbach, Chick--41.6
Callow, Heather--51.3
Calthoyce, Peter--41.6
Cambridge University Press--22.2
Cameron, Sharon--41.6
Campbell, Hal--51.3
Campbell, Hugh--51.3
Campion, Marion--79.4
Campos, Harold de--51.3
Cantor, Jay--51.3
Cantor, Norman F.--25.9
Card, Jim--79.4
Carl Hanser Verlag--24.6
Carlisle, Paul--51.3
Carmichael, Fran & Pledger--51.3
Carne-Ross, Donald--41.6
Carringer, Robert L.--59.5
Carrington, Ruth--51.3
Carroll, Andrew--51.3
Carroll, Lorraine--51.3
Carter, Kathleen--42.1
Carter, Preston--51.3
Carter, Rod--51.3
Carter, Rosalynn--42.1
Carter, Tom--42.1, 90.6
Cartier-Bresson, Henri, 1908- --42.2
Cartland, Barbara, 1902- --51.3
Casillo, Robert--51.3
Cassidy, Frederic--51.3
Cavefors, Bo--51.3
Ceruzzi, Paul E.--51.3
Cerzy, Paul--51.3
Chace, Bill--51.3
Chadwick, Joe--51.3
Chalkley, Tom--51.3
Chamberlain, Narcisse--51.2
Chang, Wang-Rok--62.3
Charbonneau, Terry--51.3
Chastain, Lem--69.7
Chatterji, N.--51.3
Chatto & Windus (Firm)--13.2
Cheadle, Vernon Irvin, 1910- --51.3
Chelsea House--24.6
Chilton, Randolph--51.3
China Times (Beijing, China)--62.4
Ciesielski, Stephen--51.3
Clark, Conny--42.2
Clark, Thomas A.--105.5
Clark, Toni--51.3
Clarkson, William--51.3
Clemens, Cyril, 1902- --51.3
Clinton, Joseph D.--71.2
Cochran, Robert--57.8
Cohen, Mollie--51.3
Cohn, Ruby--35.5, 51.3
Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972--42.2
Columbia University Press--13.2
Conger, Steven--51.3
Conlon, D. J.--18.16
Connelly, Steve--51.3
Connolly, Thomas E.--51.1, 79.4
Conrad, Peter--17.5, 42.2
Cook, Albert S.--51.1
Cook, James A.--15.6
Cookson, William--42.2, 95.3, 105.5
Cooney, Rick--51.3
Cooney, Seamus--42.2
Cooper, Jerry--51.3
Cooper, Weldon, 1906- --51.1
Coppay, Frank--51.3
Corey, Martin--51.3
Corman, Cid--51.3, 105.5
Cornell University Press--13.2
Costler, Walter--51.3
Cotts, Cynthia--51.3
Cournos, John--42.2
Cox, Kenneth--105.5
Coxeter, H. S. M. (Harold Scott MacDonald), 1907- --51.3
Crane, Joan, St. C.--40.5, 63.4
Crane, Ronald S. (Ronald Salmon), 1886-1967--51.3
Craven, Peter--51.3
Cray, Jane L.--51.3
Creeley, Robert, 1926- --42.2
Crewe, Jonathan V.--51.3
Crinkley, Richmond--51.3, 93.4
Croft, Robert--42.2
Crowell, Doug--51.3
Culler, A. Dwight (Arthur Dwight), 1917- --51.3
Cullum, Jerry W.--22.2
Curley, J. W.--18.16
Curran, Dick--51.3
Dahl, David, 1940- --51.4
Dalsimer, Adele--42.2
Daly, Carson--51.4
D'Ambrosio, Vinnie-Marie--51.4
D'Arcy, W.P.--42.2
Darling, Edward--51.4
Dasenbrock, Reed Way--51.4
Davenport, Guy--22.2, 42.3-5, 43.1, 63.6, 63.8
Davidheiser, Bolton--51.4
Davie, Donald--43.2
Davis, Dale--43.2
Davis, Roland--43.2
Dawson, Fielding, 1930- --43.2, 105.5
Dean, Robert--51.4
De Bary, William Theodore, 1919- --93.9
De Garcia, Lore--51.4
DeBay, Randy--51.4
DeJong, David Cornel, 1905-1967--43.2
Dekker, George--43.2
Den Boer, James--51.4
Denick, Bill--29.1
Derr, Mark--31.3
Dewdney, A. K.--51.4
Dewdney, Christopher, 1951- --43.2
DeWitt, Miriam Hapgood, 1906-1990--43.2
De Yankowska, Stephanie--50.3
Di, Jin--51.4
Dickson, Greg--51.1
Diedrich, Steve--51.4
Dillon, Gilis--43.2, 51.4
Dilworth, Tom--64.2
Dixon, Stephen--51.4
Domijan, George--51.4
Donatelli, Stephen--51.4
Donnelly, Dorothy--43.2
Donoghue, Denis--43.2
Dover, Kenneth James--62.4
Dozer, Donald--51.4
Drachler, Jacob--51.4
Driver, Clive E.--43.3
Dudek, Louis, 1918- --43.3
Duncan, Edward--43.3
Duncan, Robert--43.3
Duncan, Ronald--43.3
Dunlap, ?--51.4
Durham University Library--77.4
Duritt, John--51.4
du Sautoy, Peter--13.2, 19.1, 22.2, 28.9, 43.3
Dutt, Moh--51.4
Dwyer, William--51.4
Eanthes (?), Helen--51.5
Eastham, Barbara--43.3
Eastham, Scott--43.3
Easton, Bob--43.3
Edel, Leon, 1907- --43.3
Edmondson, Amy--6.4
Egan, Desmond--43.3
Eichman, Erich--43.3
Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965--43.4
Elliott, Charles--11.5
Ellison, Ralph--43.6
Elton, L. R. B. (Lewis Richard Benjamin)--51.5
Elzinga, Kenneth G.--51.5, 95.2
Emerson, Anne--51.5
Emery, Clark Mixon, 1909- --43.6
Empson, William, 1906- --51.5, 80.1
Engel, Bernard F.--101.10
Epstein, Eddie--51.5, 65.5
Erickson, Melvin--51.5
Esh, Sylvan--51.5
Espey, John J.--43.6
Evans, George--51.5
Everman, Welch D., 1946- --51.5
Evett, David--62.4
Evryware (Firm)--16.8
Eyre & Spottiswoode--13.2
Faas, Ekbert, 1938- --51.5
Faber and Faber--4.4, 13.2, 19.1, 22.2, 28.9
Falconi, Antonella Francisco--51.5
Fallis, Richard--51.5
Fancy, Joanna--51.5
Fang, Achilles--51.5
Farrell, Barry--43.6
Farrell, Thomas J.--51.5
Feehan, Ellen--51.5
Fehsenfeld, Martha--51.5, 57.10
Feinberg, Charles--51.5
Feldmann, Samson--43.6
Feldmann, Richard--51.5
Fenallosa, Manuel--43.6
Fenstermacher, Dan M.--74.5
Fenwick, Brian--51.5
Feshbach, Sidney--51.5
Fickler, Edward--43.6
Field, Saul, 1912- --51.5
Fingerhood, Shirley--17.12
Fink, Jon Stephen--51.5
Finlay, Ian Hamilton--43.6
Finneran, Richard J.--43.6
Firth, John--80.2
Fischer, W. L.--51.5
Fish, Peter--51.5
Fisher, George Wescott, 1937- --43.6
Fitch, Bryan T.--57.9
Fitzgerald, Jes--51.5
Fitzgerald, Joan--44.1
Fitzpatrick, Frank--51.5
Flanagan, Thomas--51.1
Flannery, James W.--51.5
Fleissner, Robert F.--44.1, 65.6
Fleming, Bruce--51.5
Fletcher, John--51.5
Flint, Robert W.--51.5
Flory, Wendy Stallard--44.1
Fly, Richard, 1934- --51.5
Foley, Jack--51.5
Foran, Donna--58.5
Ford, Pat--51.5
Forde, S. Victoria--51.5
Fowler, Gene--51.5
Fox, C. J.--51.5, 84.3
Fox, Chris--44.1
Fozard, Jim--51.5
Frampton, Hollis, 1936- --44.1
Francis, Gregory--51.5
Frank, J. Edmund--44.1
Franson, J. Karl--51.5
Fredeman, William E. (William Evan), 1928- --44.1
Frederick, John Andrew--51.5
Freedman, Lenore--51.5
Freeman, Don--44.1
Freeman, Frank--44.1
Frick, Thomas--51.5
Fried, Phil--51.5
Friedman, Alan J.--80.2
Friedman, Milton--44.1
Friedman, Rob--51.5
Friedrich, Walter G.--51.5
Friesner, Scott--51.5
Frizzell, Francis--51.5
Frost, Everett--44.1
Frost, William--44.1
Froula, Christine, 1950- --44.1
Frugé, August, 1909- --44.1
Frye, Northrup--44.1
Fuller, Mary--51.5
Fuller, R. Buckminster (Richard Buckminster), 1895- --44.2, 67.4, 68.2
Fussell, Edwin S.--51.5
Fussell, Paul, 1924- --22.2
Gabler, Hans Walter, 1938- --44.3, 78.9
Gach, Gary--44.3
Gallup, Donald Clifford, 1913- --44.3
Gardner, Joann--51.6
Garfield, Eugene--51.6
Garfield, Susan E.--51.6
Garland Publishing, Inc.--78.9
Gaskell, Philip--51.6
Gattzden, Matt--51.6
Gawlik, James--51.6
Gazzaniga, Michael S.--51.6
Gehman, Christian--51.6
Geiger, Henry--51.6
Gendry, J.--51.6
Generoso, James--51.6
George, Allen & Unwin--28.5
George, Walter--44.3
Georgi, Helen--51.6
Geschwind, Irving I.--44.3
Gewanter, David--51.6
Gifford, Don--44.3
Gill, Brendan, 1914- --51.6
Gill, Mark--51.6
Gilley, Leonard--51.6
Gilonis, Harry--105.5
Giovanni, G.--51.6
Giovanelli, Felix--19.1
Girard, René--17.5
Glasheen, Adaline--44.4
Glass, Laurence, d'A. M.--51.6
Gleick, James--51.6
Glock und Lutz Verlag--19.1
Glover, Albert--51.6
Goacher, Denis--44.5
Goellner, Jack-- 51.6
Golden, Séan, 1948- --51.6
Goldman, Arnold--44.5
Gomes, Alan W., 1955- --51.6
Gontarski, S. E.--44.5
Goode, Stephen--51.6
Goodman, Maury--51.6
Goodwin, Will--44.5, 73.2-3
Goodwin, Willard E., Sr.--51.6
Gordon, Ambrose--44.5
Gordon, David M.--44.5
Goriepy (?), Colette--51.6
Gosman, Michael T.--51.6
Gowen, ?--61.4
Grabo, Norman S.--44.5
Grace, John--51.6
Gradman, Bob--51.6
Graham, John F.--93.5
Grajewski, Julian--51.6
Grauer, Neil A.--73.4, 59.9
Greenberg, Susan--51.6
Greenstone, Leonard--15.6
Greenwood Press--26.8
Grey, Macklin--51.6
Grieco, Mikos--51.6
Groden, Michael--44.5, 78.9, 80.5
Grootaert, Mark--29.1
Grosskurth, Phyllis--44.5
Grove Press--24.6
Grubb, Walter C., Jr.--33.1
Gruesen, ?--44.5
Grumman, Bob--51.6
Grune, Donald--51.6
Grygus, Andrew J--51.6
Guaspari, David--51.6
Guellner, Jack--44.5
Gundy, Evelyn--51.6
Günther, Joachim--30.7
Guenther, Charles, 1920- --44.5
Gugelburger, George--44.5
Gullway (Firm)--15.7
Hahn, Kevin--52.1
Haining, Jim--52.1
Hall, Clarence E.--52.1
Hall, Donald--44.6
Hall, Edward T.--52.1
Hall, Jim--44.6
Halpern, Mark--52.1
Halstead, Peter Adriance--52.1
Hamilton, A. C.--44.6
Hamilton, Fiona--52.1
Hammerman, Robert--52.1
Hammond, Douglas--96.3
Hanlon, Jim--52.1
Hannah, Lee--52.1
Hannay, John--52.1
Hanson, Bruce L.--52.1
Harcourt, Brace & Company--4.7, 13.2, 17.12, 26.10
Harmon, Roger--52.1
Harmon, William--52.1
Harold Ober Associates--13.2
Harper, George M.--52.1
Harper's Bazaar--29.5
Harris, Ruth-Ann Mellish--52.1
Harrison, Jim--52.1
Harriss, Robert Preston--52.1
Hart, Clive--44.6
Hart, Joan--52.1
Hart, Thomas Elwood--73.5
Hart-Davis, Rupert, 1907- --52.1
Hartman, Charles O.--44.6
Harty, John--52.1
Harvey, Elizabeth--52.1
Hassan, Ihab Hasib, 1925- --44.6
Hathaway, William--44.6
Hatlen, Burton--63.1
Haufe, Nils S.--52.1
Hayes, Brian--52.1
Hayes, Robert W.--52.1
Hayman, David--17.5
Hays, Jill--52.1
Heaney, Seamus--44.6
Heer, Jiet--52.1
Heigl, Al--52.1
Heintz, Georg--24.8
Heller, Michael--52.1
Helmling, Steven--52.1
Henderson, Archie--92.4
Henry, Florence--52.1
Herman, Paul--44.6
Herring, Phillip F.--44.6
Hesse, Eva, 1936-1970--44.6
Hewes, Robert--51.1
Heyman, David--44.6
Heyman, Victor--29.1
Higgins, Dick, 1938- --44.6
Higgins, James--101.10
Higham, Robin--52.1
Higson, Martin--52.1
Hill, Karl--22.2, 26.8, 44.6
Hinerfeld, Susan Slocum--52.1
Hinrichs, Delmar D.--74.5
Hirsch, Edward--52.1
Hitch, Charles Johnston--52.1
Hoepffner, Bernard--52.1
Hoffa, William W.--52.1
Hofstadter, Douglas R., 1945- --44.6
Hogan, Patrick Colm--52.1
Hollander, John--52.1
Holloway, John--52.1
Holt, Rinehart and Winston--4.7, 23.5
Hopmans, Walter E.--52.1
Horn, M. P.--52.1
Horton, T. David--44.6
Houghton Mifflin and Company--13.2
Howard, Ben F.--15.6-7
Howard, Donald--45.1
Howard, Donald Roy, 1927- --4.4
Howell, Douglass Morse--52.1
Hoyt, Robert Ingle--45.1
Hubbell, ?--52.1
Hubert, Thomas Hadaway, 1944- --52.1
The Hudson Review--13.2
Hueckstedt, Robert A., 1951- --52.1
Huggen (?), Burt--52.1
Huggins, W. H. (William H.)--54.1, 71.4
Hughes, Bob--45.1, 92.4
Hughes Massie and Company--13.2
Hughes, Milton--52.1
Hughes, Robert--52.1
Huisman, David--52.1
Hunt, John--30.2
Huntley, Andrew, 1940- --52.1
Hyman, Louis, 1912- --52.1
Hyatte, Reginald, 1943- --52.1
Indiana University. Press--12.7, 13.2, 22.2
Ingham, James B.--52.2
Irwin, John--52.2
Irwin, Mark--52.2
Isaacs, Rufus, 1914- --74.5
Isaak, Jo Anna--52.2
Israel, Calvin--45.1
Ivry, Benjamin--52.2
Jackson, Tom--45.1
Jaehne, Karen--52.2
James, Anthony--52.2
Jansen, Ulrich--74.5
Jay, Peter--52.2
Jefferies, Scott--52.2
Jenny, Urs--24.6
Jensen, Viggo W.--52.2
Jin, Di--52.2
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation--76.2
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Johns Hopkins University. Press--12.7, 28.5
Johnson, B. S. (Bryan Stanley), 1933-1973--52.2
Johnson, Cassius--52.2
Johnson, Chalmers A.--22.2
Johnson, Dirk--52.2
Johnson, Ion--105.5
Johnson, Kent--105.5
Johnson, Tom--52.2
Johnston, Conor--52.2
Johnston, Devin--52.2
Johnston, Dillon--40.7
Johnston, Russell--52.2
Jolas, Maria, 1893-1987--45.1
Joly, Robin--52.2
Jonathan Cape (Firm)--22.2
Jones, Chuck, 1912- --45.1
Jordenson, Guy--52.2
Joseph, Terri--52.2
Joshi, Krishnanand, 1936- --52.2
Judis, John B.--52.2
Judrey, David--52.2
Judy, Lawrence--45.1
Justema, William, 1904- --52.2
Kaeser, Fritz T.--52.3
Kahma, David--45.1
Kahn, Lloyd--38.6
Kahoun, Jack--74.5
Kaiser, David--52.3
Kaplan, Charles--52.3
Kaplan, Lance--52.3
Kappell, Andrew J.--45.1
Kasper, John--45.2
Kassel, Barbara--52.3
Kavanagh, Pat--52.3
Kavka, Jerome--45.2
Keenan, Edward--52.3
Kees, Weldon, 1914-1955?--45.2
Keiper, Jerry B.--15.6, 71.4
Keith, Joseph--45.2
Kelleher, John V., 1916- --45.2
Kellerman, Tom--52.3
Kelly, Paul--45.2
Keneally, Brendan--45.2
Kennedy, John--74.5
Kennedy, Lesley--52.3
Kenner, Alexander Dixon--52.3
Kenny, Herbert A.--45.2
Keogh, J.G.--52.3
Keppel, Francis, 1916-1990--52.3
Kershaw, Alister--52.3
Kessel, Harlan--52.3
Kessler, Jascha Frederick, 1929- --52.3
Ketcham, John, 1782-1865--52.3
Keynes, Quentin--52.3
Keys, Marshall--52.3
Khagendra, Naorem--52.3
Kher, P.R.--52.3
Kibens, Valdis--52.3
Kidd, John--78.9
Kilpatrick, James Jackson, 1920- --52.3
Kilroy, James--52.3
Kim, Chong-Keon--62.3
Kim, Seong-Jin--62.3
King, Dale--52.3
Kinser, Sam--52.3
Kinsley, William, 1934- --83.1
Kirkwood, Hilda--45.2
Kirschner, Susan R.--62.4
Kisor, Henry--52.3, 54.1
Kitch, Michael--52.3
Klein, Norman--45.2
Klenzahler, August--52.3
Kline, George Louis, 1921- --52.3
Klopfer, Donald, 1902-1986--45.2
Knapp, Robert S., 1940- --57.9
Knapp, Ron--74.5
Knapp, Sanford B.--52.3
Knoepflmacher, U. C.--4.4
Knowlson, James--52.3
Knoxton, Werner--52.3
Knuth, Leo--45.2
Kodama, Sanehide, 1932- --52.3
Koester, Martha S.--52.3
Kolb, William M.--29.1
Kolin, Philip C.--52.3
Kolokithas, Dawn, 1959- --52.3
Koppenfels, Werner von--52.3
Kostelanetz, Richard--45.2
Kostritski, Gyorgi--52.3
Kramen, Corley--52.3
Kramer, Kenneth Paul--52.3
Krance, Charles--52.3
Krehbiel, Ken--45.2
Kreiswirth, Martin--52.3
Kretschmer, Doris--52.3
Kretzchmar, Bill--52.3
Krishnan, Rajiv--52.3
Kroll, Ernest--52.3
Kruppa, Joseph E.--51.1
Kruskal, William, 1919- --52.3
Kuberski, Philip--96.3
Lal, P.--52.4
Lamar, David S.--52.4
Landis, James--6.4, 22.2, 45.2
Lane, Jessica--52.4
Lanestedt, Jon--52.4
Laney, Lynn--16.8
Lang, Frederick K.--52.4
Lauffer, Don--45.2
Laughlin, Ann--45.3
Laughlin, James, 1914- --45.3-4, 83.2, 97.1
Laurie, Peter--52.4
Law, Jules--52.4
Lawdes, Mark--52.4
Lawrence, Karen, 1949- --52.4
Leary, Lewis Gaston, 1906- --45.5
Leary, Paris--45.5
Leavis, F. R. (Frank Raymond), 1895- --45.5
Lee, Il-Hwan--52.4
Leggott, Michele J.--52.4
Leimbacher, Ed--52.4
Leonard, Christopher--52.4
Lesser, Murray L.--52.4
Levertov, Denise, 1923- --45.5
Levin, Stephen M.--6.4
Levine, Phillip--45.5
Levitan, Seymour--52.4
Lewis, Anne Wyndham--45.6
Lewis, Harry--45.5
Lewis, Roger--52.4
Lewis, Wyndham, 1882-1957--45.6
Liberty Fund (Washington, D. C.)--28.13
Lightman, Irz--52.4
Lilienthal, Phil--52.4
Lilienthal, Sally--52.4
Limes Verlag--19.1
Linder, Carl--52.4
Lipking, Larry--46.1
Lipscomb, Thomas--46.1
Lipsett, Don--33.1
Litmann, ?--52.4
Little, Brown and Company--18.2
Littlefield, Lester--46.1
Litz, Walter--46.1
Lockett, John S.--52.4
Loder, Bruce--52.4
Londraville, Richard, 1933- --84.3
Longenbach, James--46.1
Longville, Tim--52.4
Lord, Sterling, 1920- --12.7, 40.6
Lorshbough, A. L.--52.4
Loughborough, Bill--52.4
Loughhead, Charles--52.4
Low, Edward J.--52.4
Luck, George--52.4
Luftig, Victor, 1959- --52.4
Luhr, Arnold--52.4
Lukacs, Karen--52.4
Lyle, David--52.4
Lyon, C.--65.2
Lyons, Leland--11.5, 46.1
MacGregor, Robert--4.4, 17.12, 19.1, 28.9
Machie, Erin S.--52.5
Mack, Maynard--26.10, 26.12
Macksey, Richard, 1931- --46.1, 105.8
Macleish, Archibald, 1892- --46.1
MacLeod, Joseph--52.5
MacMillan Company--13.2, 17.12
Macner, Edward--52.5
Maddox, Brenda--46.1
Magid, Barry--52.5, 101.9, 102.3
Maginnis, Russell F.--52.5
Mahoney, J. Daniel, 1931- --16.2
Maier, William L.--30.4
Majer, Gerald--52.5
Makegould (?), Gregory J.--52.5
Makin, Peter--46.1
Malloch (?), Archie--46.1
Mano, D. Keith--52.5
Mansbridge, Francis, 1943- --52.5
Mansfield, Elizabeth--52.5
Marber, Peter--52.5
Marcus, Phillip L., 1941- --11.5, 52.5
Maril, Nadja--52.5
Marshall, David--52.5
Martin, Anthony Powell--52.5
Martin, Jay--52.5
Martin, Martha--52.5
Martin, Mary--46.1
Martinelli, Sheri--46.1
Mason, Franklin--52.5
Mason, Rick--15.7
Mason, Shelley--46.1
Materer, Timothy, 1940- --52.5
Matheson, Nina--52.5
Matthews, Jack--46.1
Mathur, Anurag--52.5
Maud, Ralph--96.4
May, Frances--52.5
Mayer, Gerhard--52.5
Maynard, Mack--46.1
McBride, Margaret, 1949- --52.5
McCandlish, ?--52.5
McCarthy, Edward--52.5
McCarthy, Pat--46.1
McClain, Bill--52.5
McClinton, Katherine--52.5
McClung, Karen--46.1
McClung, William J.--6.8, 17.5, 18.5, 105.5, 106.1
McCougar, James--52.5
McCracken, Harry--46.1
McDonald, Gail--52.5
McDowell, David--16.2
McGarry, Jean--52.5
McGonigle, Thomas--52.5
McHugh, Ronald--46.1
McIntosh, Tom--52.5
McIver, Bruce, 1943- --52.5
McKenon, Séamus--52.5
McLuhan, Corinne--46.2
McLuhan, Marshall, 1911- --46.2
McMahon, Robert--52.5
McNaughton, William, 1933- --46.2
McNew, Sanders--52.5
McNiff, Virginia--52.5
McPherson, Clair--52.5
McWilliams, Peter--54.1
Meacham, Harry M. (Harry Monroe), 1901-1975--22.2, 46.2, 93.4
Mead, Matthew--46.3
Megarefs, George--52.5
Meisel, Martin--52.5
Menasche, Samuel--46.3
Mercier, Vivian, 1919- --13.2, 46.3
Mercier, William--52.5
Messer, Peter, 1954- --52.5
Methuen & Co.--17.2, 28.9
Michel, Walter, 1922- --40.6
Microtran (Firm)--16.8
Miller, J. Hillis (Joseph Hillis), 1928- --46.3
Mindell, David--54.1
Mitchell, Charles--52.5
Mitchell, Henry--52.5
Mitchell, Mary Ann--52.5
Mitchell, P. David--52.5
Miyake, Akiko, 1930- --52.5
Mizener, Arthur--46.3
Mlotek, Joseph--52.5
Mokashi-Ponekar, Shankar--52.5
Moelsworth, Charles--22.2, 52.5
Monod, Sylvère, 1921- --52.5
Monoghan, Charles--78.1
Monro, Saw and Company--13.2
Montegue, Joan--46.3
Montgomery, Marion--46.3
Montgomery, Niall--46.3
Montiegel, Robert--29.1, 46.3
Mood, John--46.4
Moody, A. D.--46.4
Moore, Arthur--46.4
Moore, Harry T.--52.5
Moore, Marianne, 1887-1972--46.4
Moore, Prentiss, 1947- --52.5
Moore, R.--52.1
Moore, Terence--52.5
Moran, Michael G.--63.2
Morawa, Marie--52.5
Morawetz, Cathleen S.--46.5
Mornaghn, Francis D., Jr.--77.8
Mountcastle, Shawn--52.5
Moutou (?), Michael--52.2
Moye, Stephen--15.6
Müller, Klaus Peter--81.2
Muggeridge, Malcolm, 1903- --46.5
Mule, Steven--51.1
Muller, Steven--46.5, 86.1
Murphy, W. M.--46.5
Murray, Ed--46.5
Murray, Tom--52.5
Nänny, Max--46.5, 65.7
Nankai University--63.1
Narita, Tatsushi--65.7
Nassar, Eugene Paul--53.1
Nassivera, John C.--96.5
National Public Radio (U. S.)--29.1, 30.4
National Review--17.12
Natwick, Myron H.--53.1
Neame, Alan--46.5
Needham, Joseph, 1900- --53.1
Neely, Kris--53.1
Neill, Edward--22.2, 53.1
Nelson, Esther--53.1
Nelson, Milo--46.5
Nelson, Richard--74.5
Nemerov, Howard--46.5
Nemoianu, Virgil--53.1
Neuman, Michael--63.2
Neumann, Anne--53.1
Neville, Nik--53.1
New Directions (Brookfield, Conn.)--4.4, 17.12, 19.1, 28.9, 45.3-4, 91.3
New Overbrook Press--56.6
New, W. H.--53.1
New York Herald Tribune--18.1
The New York Times--33.2
Newberry, S. D.--46.5
Newlin, Bill--53.1
Newton, R.--53.1
Ng, Marjorie--53.1
Nicholls, I. G.--53.1
Nichols, Fred--53.1
Nims, John F.--53.1
Nisbet, Robert--53.1
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913- --46.5
Noble, Sid--53.1
Noon, W. T.--46.5
Nordenson, Guy--53.1
Norton, John--53.1
Nugent, Frank--53.1
O'Brien, Darcy--40.7, 46.5
O'Brien, Joe--46.5
O'Brien, John--53.1
O'Brien, Suzanne--53.1
O'Connor, Ulick--46.5
Oden, Gloria--46.5
Odlin, Reno--46.5
O'Doule, Patrick--53.1
Oeste, Robert, 1949- --53.1
O'Grady, Tim--53.1
O'Hagan, J. F.--53.1
O'Hehir, Brendan--46.5
Olsen, Charles--47.1
Olsen, Ted--47.1
Olson, David--53.1
O'Meara, John J.--53.1
Ong, Walter J.--89.1
Oppen, George--47.1
Oppen, Mary, 1908- --47.1
O'Regan, Brenda--6.2
O'Rourke, ?--54.1
O'Toole, Mary--81.5
Overbeck, Lois More--53.1
Owen, George E.--31.3, 47.1, 51.1
Owens, Cóilín--53.1
Owens, Louis--53.1
Oxenhandler, Neal--47.1
Oxford English Dictionary--77.7
Oxford University Press--18.13
P. F. Collier & Son Corporation--30.6
Paige, D. D.--47.1
Page, Gerald W.--53.1
Palm, Carl R.--53.1
Palm Publishers--18.16
Palmer, John--47.1
Pantheon Books--13.2
Paolucci, Anne--47.1
Patterson, Lee--47.1
Paulson, Ronald--47.1, 51.1
Pearce, Donald--89.4
Pearce, Richard--53.1, 89.4
Pearson, Norman Holmes, 1909-1975--47.1, 97.3
Pease, Lisa K.--53.1
Peck, John--53.1
Percy, Walker, 1916- --47.1
Perfect Sofware--16.8
Perk, H. F. W.--6.4
Perl, Jeffrey--47.1
Perlis, Alan--53.1
Perlmutter, Ruth--53.1
Perloff, Carey--53.1
Perloff, Marjorie--89.5
Pesch, Joseph W., 1958- --53.1
Peter, John--26.12
Pettibone, Richard--53.1
Pinsky, Robert--53.1
Pirsig, Bob--53.1
Pfister, Manfred--53.1
Placer County (Calif.). Board of Supervisors--6.4
Pobóg-Malinowski, Tomasz--53.1
Poirier, Richard--47.1
Pomerantz, Alfred--90.2
Pond, Angela W.--63.1
Poretz, Ruth--53.1
Potter, Robert R.--6.4
Poulos, Phil--53.1
Pound, Dorothy--47.2, 91.4
Pound, Ezra, 1885-1972--47.3-6, 48.1, 52.3, 90.7, 91.3-4
Pound, Omar S.--48.2
Pountney, Rosemary--53.1
Powell, James--53.1, 97.5
Power, Michael--53.1
Powers, David J.--53.1
Pratt, Roy--53.1
Prentice-Hall, Inc.--17.12, 26.10
Présence et Revue de Suisse--36.1
Preston, Raymond--93.4
Prichard, Ed--48.2
Princess Grace Irish Library--48.2
Princeton University Press--13.2
Pritchard, William H.--53.1
Probst, Mark--53.1
Prokasy, William F.--63.1
Pryer, Rich--53.1
Pugh, Jennifer--53.1
Pugh, Tony--48.2
Purcell, Mark--48.2, 53.1
Quartermain, Peter--48.2, 99.2, 105.8
Quasha, George--48.2
Quinn, Judith--15.6
Quinn, Mary Bernetta--97.5
Rachewiltz, Mary de--48.2
Rachewiltz, Walter de--48.2
Ragle, Thomas--53.2
Rago, Henry, 1915-1969--48.2
Rainbird, McLean, Ltd.--31.4
Rainey, Lawrence--53.2
Raleigh, John Henry, 1920- --48.2, 81.6
Ramsey, Eva--48.2
Random House--13.2
Ransom, John Crowe, 1888-1974--48.2
Rash, Wayne--54.1
Ravetz, Elliot--53.2
Rawn, J. David, 1944- --53.2
Raza, S. Abbas--53.2
Reck, Mike--53.2
Rector, Liam, 1949- --53.2
Redman, Tim--48.2
Reed, Arden, 1947- --53.2
Reed College (Portland, Or.)--53.2
Reed, Rich--53.2
Regis, Ed--53.2
Regnery, Henry, 1912- --48.2
Reid, Ben L.--11.5, 53.2
Reid, Dave--53.2
Reid, John--48.3-4
Reid, K. H.--11.5, 53.2
Reid, Peggy--48.4
Reid, Ralph--53.2
Reid, Richard--53.2
Reilly, John--48.5, 56.3
Reilly, Robert T.--53.2
Reinders, Arnold--53.2
Reis-Smith, Agate--48.5
Renfro, Stan--53.2
Renker, Elizabeth--53.2
Renoff, Peggy--53.2
Reuman, Miriam--53.2
Rexroth, Kenneth, 1905- --48.5
Reynolds, Mike--48.5
Reynolds, Tim--53.2
Richardson, N. Matthew--53.2
Richman, Bruce N.--60.3
Ridland, John--48.5
Rinehart & Company, Inc.--4.7, 17.12
Ringer, Gordon--48.5
Roabe, Susan--53.2
Roarke, Jesse, 1927- --53.2
Robbins, Warren M.--53.2
Robertazzi, ?--53.2
Robert J. Brady Company--16.8
Roberts, Hilary--53.2
Robertson, William--53.2
Robinson, Derek--53.2
Robinson, Earle--29.1
Robinson, Ken--53.2
Robinson, Peter--48.5
Robinson, Robert--48.5
Rodefer, Stephen J.--53.2
Roessel, David E. (David Ernest), 1954- --53.2
Rogan, Helen--48.5
Root, William Pitt, 1941- --53.2
Rose, Danis--53.2
Roseboone, Effa--53.2
Rosenberg, Benjamin--12.7
Rosenblatt, Jonathan--53.2
Rosenthal, M. L. (Macha Louis), 1917- --53.2
Ross, Douglas--53.2
Rothenberg, Jerome, 1931- --53.2
Rothenstein, John--53.2
Round, Howard W.--53.2
Ruland, Richard--53.2
Russell, Peter--48.5
Ruthven, K. K.--99.7
Rutledge, Suzan--51.1
Sabey, Jean--48.5
Sadao, Shoji--48.5
Saddlemeyer, Ann--48.5
St. Martin's Press--13.2
Sajkovíc, Miriam Taylor--53.3
Salep, Roger--48.5
Sander, Don--53.3
Sanders, Barry, 1938- --53.3
Sanders, Emily E.--53.3
Sanderson, Robert--15.7
Sandy, Stephen--48.5
Sargent, M. Elizabeth, 1948- --53.5
Saunders, Lesley--53.3
Sauzey, Francois--53.3
Schafer, Murray--48.5
Schaffenburg, Carlos A.--53.3
Schenker, Daniel, 1955- --48.5, 53.3
Schimmel, Harold--105.5
Schimmerling, Walter--53.3
Schinto, Jeanne, 1951- --53.3
Schleifer, Ronald--40.7, 48.5
Schmidt, Judith--24.6
Schmitz, Axel--53.3
Schneidan, Herbert N.--53.3
Schneidau, Herbert--48.5
Schneider, Elisabeth--48.5
Schocken Books--26.10
Schramm, Lawrence P.--53.3
Schultz, Dwight E.--15.7
Schultz, Robert--53.3
Schwartz, Joseph--53.3
Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft--30.7
Scott, Foresman and Company--4.4
Scott, Jody--53.3
Scott, Laurence--48.5
Scott, Robert Ian--53.3
Seager, Allan--48.5
Searcy, Robert--53.3
Seebach, Linda, 1939- --48.5
Seidman, Hugh, 1940- --105.5
Sein, Arnold--49.2
Selby, Charles M.--53.3
Sencourt, Robert, 1890-1969--48.5
Senn, Fritz--48.5
Ser, J. P.--53.3
Shapiro, Karl Jay, 1913- (to William Carlos Williams)--50.2
Sharp, Dan--53.3
Shears, Dirk--53.3
Sheed and Ward (Firm)--13.2, 18.16
Shelter Publications--68.3
Shemitz, Jon--53.3
Sheppard, Gordon--53.3
Sherry, Vincent B.--53.3
Shiang, David--53.3
Shields, Seamus--53.3
Sieburth, Richard--98.1
Siegel, Eli--49.1
Siegel, Fred--49.1, 105.5
Sikora, Stephen--53.3
Simms, Daniel M.--53.3
Simon, Kathleen--53.3
Simpson, Mickie--6.4
Sipper, Ralph B.--49.2
Skaff, William--53.3
Skoblow, Jeffrey--53.3
Slatin, John M.--49.2, 54.1
Slaughter, M.--53.3
Sleigh, Tom--53.3
Sloan, Bob--53.3
Slocum, John L.--49.2
Smith, James D., Jr.--53.3
Smith, Kingsley--53.3
Smith, Robert C.--53.3
Snyder, Allegra Fuller--49.2
Snyder, Mark Helen--53.3
Snyder, Robert--49.2
Sobran, Joseph--49.2
Società Editrice il Mulino--53.3
Sohn, Louis S., Jr.--53.3
Somma, Evelynn--53.3
Sorrentino, Gilbert--49.2
Spear, Steven--53.3
Spencer, Sharon--53.3
Spires, Yusuf--91.2
Spoleto Recordings--34.2
Srygley, John--53.3
Staley, Thomas F.--17.5, 49.2, 80.6
Stam, David H.--49.2
Stanford, Donald E., 1913- --53.3
Stahler, Helen B.--53.3
Stancliff, Joseph J.--53.3
Steinberg, Erwin Ray--49.2
Steiner, Tom--100.5
Stephens, Al--49.2
Steppe, Wolfhard--49.2
Sterling Lord Agency--12.7, 15.6, 17.3, 17.12, 18.5, 26.8, 30.1, 30.6
Stern, Richard--49.2
Steurer, Lorraine V.--53.3
Stewart, Bruce--53.3
Stewart, D. J.--53.3
Stiekle, William--49.2
Stock, Noel--49.3
Stoenescu, Stefan--53.3
Stoicheff, Peter, 1956- --98.2
Stokes, A.--53.3
Stone, Ellen--53.3
Stoneburner, Tony, 1926- --53.3
Stoop, Norma McLain--49.3
Strache, Irving--53.3
Strater, Henry, 1896- --49.3
Stratton, Dirk--53.3
Strauss, Leon--49.3
Strupp, Dean R.--72.1
Suhrkamp Verlag--24.6
Sulkin, Will--22.2
Sullivan, John--53.3
Sultan, Stanley--49.3, 66.2
Sundaranu, Narumol--53.3
Surette, Leon--49.3
Surman, Diana--53.3
Sutherland, Donald--53.3
Sutliff-Brown, Susan--53.3
Svinicki, Marilla D., 1946- --51.1
Swabey, Henry S.--53.3
Swift, Richard G.--53.3
Sylvester, Barbara--53.3
Symone, Johnny--53.3
Tabbi, Joseph, 1960- --49.3
Taggart, John--49.3, 105.9
Tallmer, Jerry--53.4
Tanenhaus, Sam--53.4
Tashiro, Tom T.--53.4
Tatlow, Antony--53.4
Taylor, Gordon-- 49.3
Taylor, Jeff--53.4
Taylor, Richard--49.3, 53.4
Taylor, Zachary--53.4
Terrell, Carroll Franklin--32.3, 49.4, 98.5, 101.1
Thames & Hudson--22.6, 28.9, 40.6
Theroux, Alexander--49.4
Thomas, Brook--49.4, 82.5
Thomas, Charles J.--53.4
Thomas Nelson & Sons--13.2
Thompson, Mary Lou--51.2
Thompson, Noel J.--53.4
Tierney, Bill--49.4
Tiptree, James, Jr.--53.4
Tisdale, Lyn--53.4
Tobin, Ron--53.4
Tofts, Darren--53.4
Tomlinson, Charles--49.5, 50.2, 105.5
Topler, Philip--53.4
Torrey, E. Fuller (Edwin Fuller), 1937- --53.4
Toth, David--53.4
Trainor, Jim--29.1
Trell, Bluma L., 1903- --53.4
Trilling, Lionel, 1905-1975--50.1
Trimble Navigation Ltd.--40.3
Troendle, David--53.4
Tufte, Edward--53.4
Turbert, ?--62.3
Turnbull, Gael--50.1
Turner, Mark--53.4
Turner, William J.--53.4
Tyler, Anne--50.1
Tyler, Steve--53.4
Tytell, John--50.1
Ullyat, A. G.--53.4
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration--6.2, 6.4
University of California Press--6.8, 15.6, 17.5, 18.5, 22.2-3, 26.8
University of Florida. Libraries--4.7
University of Nebraska Press--19.1, 33.1
University of Toronto Press--23.3
University of Tulsa--25.9
University of Virginia. Library--22.2, 93.10
University of Wisconsin Press--95.6
Untermeyer, Louis, 1885-1977--53.4
Valier, Robert--53.4
Van Den Haag, Ernest--50.1
Van Voris, Bill--53.4
Vaughan, Samuel S.--53.4
Vendler, Helen Hennessy--50.1
Verschel, Laurence--53.4
Vickers, Brian--53.4
Vidal, Gore, 1925- --50.1
Viking Press--13.2
The Virginia Quarterly Review--13.3
Vivas, Eliseo--53.4
Von Hallberg, Robert, 1946- --53.4
Voss, John--50.1
W. H. Allen and Company--17.12, 22.2, 24.6
Wachtel, Al--50.1
Wade, James O'Shea--53.5
Waite, Jeff--50.1
Walch, Christian J.--66.4
Wald, Jerry--50.1
Wallace, Emily Mitchell--53.5
Wallace, Weldon--53.5
Wallen, Charles--50.1
Walls, Phillip D.--53.5
Walsh, Terrence--53.5
Walter, Michael--50.1
Walters, Joel--50.1
Wang, David--50.1
Ward, Bruce--53.5
Ward, M. Charlotte--53.5
Warner, Michael--53.5
Warshaw, Howard--50.1
Wasserman, Eleanor B.--50.1
Weakly, Larry--15.6
Weaver, Michael--53.5
Webber, Akemi Horie--96.2
Weintraub, Eugene--53.5
Weintraub, Stanley, 1929- --50.1
Weis, Leonard--50.1
Welke, Robert J.--53.5
Weller, Guy--53.5
Wells, Tandy--53.5
West, Michael--53.5
Wexler, Joyce--53.5
Whamond, William--15.6
Wheeler, B. F.--50.1
Wheeler, Fred--74.5
Whigam, Peter--50.1
White, E. J.--53.5
White, J. Allen--50.1
White, W. D.--53.5
Whitman, Jon--23.3
Whittingham, Eric H.--53.5
Who's Who In America Publication--53.5
Wiener, Chet--53.5
Wiesenfarth, Joseph--53.5
Wilcox, William--53.5
Wilhelm, James J.--50.1, 98.7
Willey, Basil, 1897- --51.1
William Morrow and Company--6.4, 22.2
Williams, Florence--50.2
Williams, Jonathan--40.7, 50.2
Williams, Lora--53.5
Williams, Nancy--53.5
Williams, Robert Parvin--53.5
Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963--50.2, 105.3
Wills, Garry--50.3, 102.4
Wilson, James A.--50.3
Wilson, John D.--53.5
Wilson, Robert Anton--50.3
Wilson, Virginia--50.3
Wimsatt, William--50.3
Winsor, Philip--53.5
Winston, Matthew--53.5
Witemeyer, Hugh--40.6, 50.3
Wolff, Norman--53.5
Wood, Richard Clement--53.5
Wood, Robert T.--53.5
Woodhouse, A. S. P. (Arthur Sutherland Pigott), 1895-1964--50.3
Woodruff, Juliette--53.5
Woods, John A.--53.5
Woolf, Harry--62.2
Woolridge, David--50.3
Wormser, Koch, Kiely and Associates--16.2
Wykes-Joyce, Max--50.3
Yale University. Department of English--13.2
Yale University. Library--13.2
Yale Review--40.4
Yankowski, Roan--29.1
Yeats, Anne, 1919- --50.3
Yenser, Jon Kelly--53.6
Yip, Wai-Lin--93.9-10
Yoken, Melvin B.--53.6
Young, Ann--53.6
Yudewitz, Hyman--53.6
Zachary, Robert Y.--50.3
Zapponi, Niccolò, 1941- --53.6
Zenith Data Systems (Firm)--16.8
Ziff, Larry--50.3
Zimmerman, Everett--50.3
Zsuffa, Joseph--53.6
Zukofsky, Celia Thaew--50.4
Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-1978--50.5, 105.3