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Gregory Corso:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Corso, Gregory, , 1930-
Title: Gregory Corso Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1890-1978,
Abstract: The collection consists of Corso's holograph and typescript poems, untitled works, essays, and reviews, working notebooks containing drafts of poems, prose works and sketches, and correspondence. Poems of particular interest include sections of The Geometric Poem, a proof copy of Selected Poems, and two versions of Way-Out: A Poem in Discord. Correspondence includes letters from Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, and Peter Orlovsky.
RLIN Record #: TXRC00-A15
Extent: 10 boxes (4.17 linear feet), 1 galley folder, 2 oversize folders, 4 cassette tapes
Repository: Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Gregory Corso, 1930- , one of the original Beat poets, was born to Italian parents in Greenwich Village. His mother returned to Italy shortly after his birth, and he spent his first thirteen years living in various orphanages, foster homes, and reform schools. At thirteen he began living on the streets, sleeping in subway stations, and resorting to petty thievery to eat. At sixteen he participated in an organized robbery which netted $21,000, was caught, and sentenced to three years in Clinton State Prison.

Corso used his time in prison to good advantage, reading the better part of the prison library and studying a 1905 English dictionary inherited from a fellow prisoner. It was in the prison library that he discovered Shelley and developed a life-long enthusiasm for the poet. It was during these years in prison that he began to write.

Released from prison in 1950, Corso met Allen Ginsberg in the Pony Stable, a Greenwich Village bar. Ginsberg took an interest in Corso's poetry and introduced him to Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. Over the next several years Corso eked out a living doing manual labor and other marginal jobs. During 1954-55 he sat in on classes at Harvard where his one-act farce In This Hung-Up Age was performed, and his first volume of poetry, The Vestal Lady on Brattle and Other Poems (1955), was privately published. In 1956 he moved to the West Coast following Ginsberg and Kerouac. He met Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg's publisher, who published a volume of Corso's poems, Gasoline, in 1958. Corso also joined Ginsberg in literary events where Ginsberg preformed his long poem Howl. In 1957 he joined fellow Beats Ginsberg, Kerouac, and Peter Orlovsky on a trip to Tangier to visit William Burroughs.

Over the next five years Corso traveled throughout Europe, returning occasionally to the United States for poetry readings. He supported himself with royalty and advance checks and loans from friends. His anxious moments at the American Express offices, waiting for checks, provided material for his only novel, American Express (1961).

Since 1961 he has alternated residences between New York City and the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. During his stays in New York he has taught occasionally at the State University of New York, Buffalo.

Scope and Contents

Holograph and typescript poems and working notebooks make up the bulk of the Gregory Corso Collection, 1890-1978 (bulk 1950-1976), supplemented by prose works and correspondence. The collection is organized into three series, arranged alphabetically by author or title and chronologically where possible: Series I. Works, 1950-1975 (8 boxes); Series II. Correspondence, 1954-1976 (1.5 boxes); and Series III. Third-party Works and Correspondence, 1890-1968 (.5 box). This collection was previously accessible through a card catalog, but has been re-cataloged as part of a retrospective conversion project.

The Works Series is divided into four subseries: A. Poetry, 1950-1975 (4 boxes); B. Other Works, 1952-1978, (1 box); C. Notebooks, 1957-1973 (3 boxes); and D. Personal Papers, 1964-1965 (1 folder). The poetry section contains hundreds of Corso's poems, many untitled and most undated. Of particular interest are sections of The Geometric Poem, a proof copy of Selected Poems, and two versions of Way-Out: A Poem in Discord. The other works section includes a quantity of fragments and untitled pieces of works, essays, and reviews in addition to partial versions and fragments of The Computer and the Centaur and J.F.K.: A Little Verse Play. The notebooks section contains 32 notebooks in which Corso wrote down thoughts and ideas. They contain numerous drafts of poems and prose works as well as ink and pencil sketches. The personal papers section has a few items including an address book and a tax statement. Titles and first lines of untitled poems, including those in the notebooks, are listed in the Index of Works at the end of this guide.

The Correspondence Series includes a few letters by Corso but is composed primarily of letters he received. Of particular note are letters from Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, New Directions (publishers), and Peter Orlovsky. Individual correspondents are listed in the Index of Correspondents at the end of this guide.

The Third-party Works and Correspondence Series is made up of a few works by other authors including a partial stage adaptation of Corso's American Express and two poems by Allen Ginsberg, and letters between friends and associates of Corso, many concerning Corso. There is also an 1890 letter from the Russian American National League to a Mrs. G.A. Frost. Individual correspondents are included in the Index of Correspondents.

Located elsewhere in the Ransom Center are 123 ink, crayon, and watercolor images created by Corso. A number of the pictures are in two sketchbooks and the subjects of the works include self portraits, landscapes, human figures, nature, animals, and street scenes. Most of the images in the drawings are abstract; some are illustrations for Earth Egg, a poem by Corso. Also located in the Art Collection are several caricatures of Corso and other Beat poets by several artists. There is also a proof sheet of Corso in twelve poses located in the Literary Files of the Photography Collection.

Other materials associated with Gregory Corso may be found in the following collections at the Ransom Center:

  • Cassady, Neal
  • Ford, Charles Henri
  • Genesis West
  • Ginsberg, Allen
  • Lehmann, John
  • New Departures
  • Paterson Society



Open for research. Advance appointment required to use audio materials and to view items in the Art Collection.

Index Terms

Burroughs, William S., 1914-
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-
Orlovsky, Peter, 1933-
New Directions
American poetry -- 20th century
Beat generation
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Galley proofs
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Purchases, 1964-1982 (R2079, R2209, R4193, R7954, R7998, R8225, R9722)

Processed by:

Chelsea S. Dinsmore, 2000


Dictionary of Literary Biography -- Volume 16: The Beats: Literary Bohemians in Postwar America. Ann Charters, Ed. (Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1983).

Watson, Steven. The Birth of the Beat Generation: Visionaries, Rebels, and Hipsters, 1944-1960. (New York: Pantheon Books, 1995).

Gregory Corso Collection--Folder List

I. Works and Papers, 1950-1978

A. Poetry, 1950-1975
Box Folder
1 1 Unidentified poems
2 A
3 America Rounding the Bend, 1965,
typescript and copy with author revisions, 17pp.
4 B
5 Black Christmas, 1963,
eight typescripts, some partial, 8pp.
6 C
7 D
8 E
9 F
10 G-H
Box Folder
2 1 The Geometric Poem,
holograph, typescript, and copies of various sections with author revisions, 48pp.
2 Golem,
two holograph versions on legal pads, includes a pen sketch, 39pp.
3 Halloween,
holograph and typescript versions with author revisions, 20pp.
4 I-Im
5 In-Iz
6 J-L
7 M
8 N
9 O
Box Folder
3 1 P
2 Q-R
3 S
4 Selected Poems,1962,
typescript and proof copy, 91pp.
5 T-Tho
6 Thr-Tz
7 U-Wa
Box Folder
4 1 Various fragments, drafts, and untitled poems
2 War-Babies War, 1965,
holograph and typescript versions with author revisions, one in French, 49pp.
3 Way-Out: A Poem in Discord,1956-1975,
typescript and printed versions with revisions, 36pp.
4 We-Wh
5 Wi-Z
6 Window Reflections Real and Fanciful,
holograph and typescript versions with author revisions, some fragments, 25pp.
B. Other Works, 1952-1978
Box Folder
4 7-9 Unidentified pieces and fragments of prose
Box Folder
5 1 Untitled works
2 Untitled play
3 A-B
4 C-D
5 The Computer and the Centaur,
holograph, typescript and copies of sections and fragments, with author revisions, 99pp.
6 E-N
7 Fragment's of A Poet's Mind,
typescript and copy with author revisions, 74pp.
8 J.F.K.: A Little Verse Play,
holograph and typescript versions and fragments with author revisions, 51pp.
9 Notes on the beat generation,
holograph and typescript notes and fragments with author revisions, 31pp.
10 O-Z
11 The Other Side of April,
holograph and typescript fragments and pages with author revisions, 58pp.
C. Notebooks, 1957-1973
Box Folder
6 1 Holograph drafts and sketches in coverless notebook, 1957,
2 Holograph drafts, sketches, and collages in spiral sketchbook, 1959,
3 Holograph drafts and ink sketch in coverless notebook, 1959,
4 Holograph drafts in spiral notebook, 1961-62,
5 Holograph drafts in blue notebook, 1961,
6 Holograph drafts and sketches in notebook, 1961,
7 Holograph drafts in notebook, 1962,
8 Holograph drafts and ink sketches in blue diary, 1962,
9 Holograph drafts in black notebook, 1962,
Box Folder
7 1 Holograph drafts in orange notebook, 1962,
2 Holograph drafts in lined tablet, 1962,
3 Holograph drafts and ink sketches in notebook, 1962,
4 Holograph drafts in small spiral notebook, 1963,
5 Holograph drafts and ink drawings in spiral notebook, 1970-72,
6 Holograph drafts in a notebook, 1972,
7 Holograph drafts in spiral composition book, 1972,
8 Holograph drafts and ink drawings in orange composition book, 1972,
9 Holograph drafts in small spiral notebook, 1973,
10 Holograph drafts in spiral notebook, 1973,
Box Folder
8 1 Holograph drafts and sketches in notebook, n.d.,
2 Holograph poem and letter drafts in small spiral notebook, n.d.,
3 Holograph drafts in spiral notebook, n.d.,
4 Holograph drafts and ink sketches in green notebook, n.d.,
5 Holograph drafts in spiral steno notebook, n.d.,
6 Holograph drafts in orange notebook, n.d.,
7 Holograph drafts and ink sketch in small spiral notebook, n.d.,
8 Holograph drafts and ink sketches in blue notebook, n.d.,
9 Holograph drafts on notebook pages, n.d.,
10 Holograph drafts on writing pad and notepad pages, n.d.,
11 Holograph drafts and ink sketches on writing pad, n.d.,
12 Holograph drafts in notebook, n.d.,
D. Personal Papers, 1964-1965
Box Folder
8 13 Address book, biographical sketch proof sheet, notes, and tax statement

II. Correspondence, 1954-1976

Box Folder
9 1 Outgoing Correspondence, A-Z, 1959-62
Incoming Correspondence, 1954-76
Box Folder
9 2 Unidentified; A-B
3 C-E
4 Corso, Sam, 1954-55
5 F-G
6 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence, 1958-76
7 Ginsberg, Allen, 1957-67
8 H-M
9 Johnson, Kay, 1966
10 N-P
Box Folder
10 1 New Directions, 1959-66
2 Orlovsky, Peter, 1958-76
3 Q-T
4 U-Z

III. Third-Party Works and Correspondence, 1890-1968

Works, A-Z
Box Folder
10 5 Creagh, Patrick, Empty Vessel? Looks Like It, 1966,
typescript, 1p.
5 Gardner, Isabella, Writing Poetry, n.d.,
typescript, 1p.
5 Ginsberg, Allen, Magic Psalm, n.d., and Reply, n.d.,
typescript with author revisions, 2pp,
typescript with author revisions, 1p.
5 Pomeroy, Rachel, On Story's Bust of Mrs. Browning, n.d.,
holograph, 4pp.
5 Swedenborg, Emmanuel, The True Christian Religion, n.d.,
typescript, 1p.
6 Benjamin, Jerry, American Express: A Play in 3 Acts, n.d.,
unfinished typescript with author revisions, 44pp.
7 Correspondence, A-Z
8 Various envelopes and folders

Gregory Corso Collection--Index of Correspondents

Box and folder numbers are followed by a number in parentheses which indicates the number of items by that person. A single item is indicated where there is no number in parentheses following the box and folder number. Where there is correspondence from Gregory Corso, the number in parentheses is followed by the phrase "from Corso." So in the example: Ginsberg, Allen, 1926- --9.1 (2 from Corso), 9.7 (66), 10.7 there are 2 letters from Corso to Ginsberg in box 9, folder 1, 66 letters from Ginsberg in box 9, folder 7, and 1 letter from Ginsberg in box 10, folder 7.

Ginsberg, Allen, 1926- --9.1 (2 from Corso), 9.7 (66), 10.7

  • Agenzia Letteraria--10.7
  • Allen, Donald M. (Donald Macomber), 1926- --9.2 (2)
  • Ansen, Alan--9.2 (2)
  • Appes, -, Miss--9.1 (from Corso)
  • Arizona State University--9.1 (2 from Corso)
  • Art Voices--9.2
  • Authors Take Sides on Vietnam--9.2
  • Baraka, Imamu Amiri, 1934- --9.2 (3)
  • Barker, George, 1913- --10.7
  • Basic Books--9.2 (3)
  • Berger, Art--9.2
  • Berman, Ronald--9.2 (2)
  • Bidderman, Peggy--9.1
  • Blackburn, Paul, 1925- --9.2
  • Bremser, Ray--9.2
  • Burke, Richard A.--9.2
  • Burroughs, William S., 1914- --9.2 (3), 10.7
  • Canisus College--9.3
  • Carolina Quarterly--9.3
  • Carroll, Paul, 1927- --9.3 (2)
  • Ceské Budejovice (Czech Republic)--9.3
  • City Lights Books--10.7
  • Clark, Tom, 1941- --9.3
  • Columbia Review--9.3
  • Contemporary Authors--9.3
  • El Corno Emplumado--9.3
  • Corso, Joe--9.3
  • Corso, Sally--9.1 (from Corso)
  • Corso, Sam--9.4 (3)
  • Cosmopolitan--9.3
  • Creach, Patrick--9.3 (2)
  • Creeley, Robert, 1926- --9.3
  • Crosby, Caresse, 1892- --9.3
  • Davisson, Elsie--9.3
  • Dilia, Prague--9.3 (3)
  • Dommerques, Pierre--9.3 (5)
  • Doubleday and Company, Inc.--10.7
  • Du Bois, Carroll--9.3
  • Esquire--9.3
  • Evergreen Review--9.3
  • Eyre & Spotiswoode--9.3 (2)
  • Ferlinghetti, Lawrence--9.6 (28)
  • Fisk, Amanda--9.5
  • Florida Atlantic University--9.5
  • Ford, Charles Henri, 1913- --9.5
  • Frankau, -, Lady--9.1 (from Corso)
  • Fuller, John--9.5
  • Ginsberg, Allen, 1926- --9.1 (2 from Corso), 9.7 (66), 10.7
  • Glikes, Erwin A.--9.5
  • Goucher College--9.5 (2)
  • Grass, Günter, 1927- --9.5
  • Grove Press--9.5 (4)
  • H.W. Wilson Company--9.8 (2)
  • Hallmark Cards, Inc.--9.8
  • The Harvard Advocate--9.8
  • Heliczer, Piero--9.8
  • Hollander, John--9.8
  • Hollo, Anselm--9.8 (2)
  • Horovitz, Michael, 1935- --9.8
  • Howell, Charles--9.8
  • International Platform Association--9.8
  • Jeopardy--9.8
  • John Calder Publishers, Ltd.--9.8
  • Johnson, Kay--9.9 (4)
  • Jones, Le Roi--See Baraka, Imamu Amiri
  • Kerouac, Jack, 1922-1969--9.8
  • Lamantia, Philip, 1927- --9.8
  • Laughlin, James, 1914- --9.1 (2 from Corso)
  • Laurence Pollinger, Ltd.--9.8 (2)
  • Legros, F.--9.8 (2)
  • Lehigh University--9.8
  • Lerner, Kenneth--9.8
  • Limited Circle--9.8
  • Loewinsohn, Ron--9.8 (3)
  • Lowenfels, Walter, 1897-1976--9.8
  • Maas, Willard--9.1 (2 from Corso)
  • McClure, Michael--9.8 (4)
  • McGregor, Harvey--9.8
  • Monroe Defense Committee--9.8
  • Montgomery, John, 1919- --9.8
  • Naropa Institute--9.10
  • National Institute of Arts and Letters--9.10
  • Neil, Van B.--10.7 (4)
  • New Directions--10.1 (21), 10.7
  • New York Herald Tribune--9.10 (2)
  • O'Hara, Frank--9.10 (3)
  • Olympic Press--9.10
  • Orlovsky, Peter, 1933- --10.2 (15)
  • Partisan Review--9.10
  • Peacock--9.10
  • Pivano Fernanda--9.10 (5)
  • Poetry--9.10
  • Poetry Karamu--9.10
  • Poetry London-New York--9.10
  • Posner, David--9.10
  • Random House, Inc.--10.3
  • Raworth, Tom--10.3
  • Residu--10.3
  • Roditi, Edouard--10.3 (7)
  • Russian American National League--10.7
  • Slade School of Fine Arts--10.3
  • Smith, Maurice Temple--10.3
  • Snyder, Gary, 1930- --10.3 (4)
  • Sorenson, Marion--10.3
  • Southern, Terry--10. (2)
  • Spinney, Harry--10.7 (3)
  • Spoleto Recordings--10.3
  • State University of New York--10.3 (4)
  • Strand, Mark, 1934- --10.3
  • Savage, Hope--See Savage, Sura
  • Savage, Sura--10.3
  • Sulton, Al--10.3
  • Thomas, T.H.--10.3
  • Truszkowska, Teresa--10.3
  • Tsizkas[?], St.--10.3
  • University of Connecticut--10.4
  • Vaughan, Ray--10.3
  • Vinkenoog, Simon, 1928- --10.4
  • Waldman, Anne, 1945- --10.4
  • Wenning, Henry W.--9.1 (6 from Corso)
  • Whalen, Philips--10.4 (5)
  • Whitehead, Peter L.--10.4 (2)
  • Wieners, John--10.4
  • Writer's Forum--10.4
  • Zeitgeist--10.4 (2)

Gregory Corso Collection--Index of Works

  • Abortacide--1.2
  • Active Night--1.2, 6.2
  • Adam's Piece--1.2, 6.1
  • After Reading an Egyptian Book of Pictures--1.2
  • After Reading H.G. Wells--1.2
  • Agamemnon--1.2
  • "Ah arduous evangel…"--1.2
  • "Ah Liberty thou adored butcher of human meat…"--1.2
  • "Ah Liberty you fur-mad goddess…"--1.2
  • "Ah Miss Scorpio thou bitch thou bad news…"--1.2
  • "Ah, my friend! You're back! Or I'm back…"--6.9
  • Air Is to Go--1.2
  • "The airplane, key, is a blue camel…"--1.2
  • "All bad! White spit on thee…"--6.5
  • "All the apples were his…"--1.2
  • Allen G[insberg] Reading Tanger Gazette--6.2
  • "Alone and dreamed of worlds…"--1.2
  • "America, America is yet to be…"--8.10
  • "America, I acted your discoverer…"--1.2
  • America Rounding the Bend, 1965--1.3
  • The American Express--5.3, 6.3, 6.9 (note), 7.3, 8.1, 8.10
  • "The American Indian never migrated like the Eskimo…"--1.2
  • "American poetry has not a frog to lean upon…"--6.1
  • The American Son of Man--1.2
  • Amnesia in Memphis--1.2
  • The Anatomy of Color--5.3
  • The Anatomy of Spirit--7.10
  • Apology--1.2
  • The Apothesis Of--1.2
  • Apples--1.2
  • "Artow comin centaur…"--1.2
  • As Written--1.2
  • At the Big A--1.2
  • Attempt at Sonnet
  • "Augh, the Daily News idiot…"--1.2
  • Azoola--6.1
  • Babbitt on Pants--1.4
  • The Bacchae--5.3
  • Ban-the-Bomb, Variations--1.4
  • A Beatnik's Britain--5.3
  • "Beauty is a memorial feeling…"--1.4
  • A Bed's Lament--1.4, 6.2
  • "Before I say I'll sing more…"--8.10
  • Before Me on the Table--5.3
  • "The beginning means…"--8.8
  • Berlin--1.4
  • Berlin Zoo-2--1.4
  • "The best way to see light…"--8.8
  • Biographical Fragments re. Hope Savage--5.3
  • The Biography of - --5.3
  • Birth--1.4
  • "A birth control of gods…"--1.4
  • Black Christmas--1.5
  • Black Christmas, 1963--Oversize 2
  • Blackout--1.4
  • The Bleeding Heart Pigeon--1.4
  • Body Fished from the Seine--8.3
  • "The bomb has fallen…"--1.4
  • "Boston city…"--7.6
  • "The boy is doomed…"--8.10
  • Buddha of Harmonic Motion--1.4
  • The Bugged Centaur--8.3
  • Burning Snow--1.4
  • But Surely Yaweh's Not Dead? --1.4
  • "By chance alone came happiness to me…"--1.4
  • "By mutable arts…"--1.4
  • By Oscar Wilde's Grave--1.4
  • By the Shore in Crete--1.4
  • "By this love &…"--1.4
  • Caesar--1.6
  • Cancer of - Doctors--1.6
  • The Cannes Film Festival, 1961--1.6
  • Capital Punishment--7.1
  • The Caricature of God: Poetica--5.4
  • "Carnage!…"--8.3
  • "Carnage stacked (heaped) in temples…"--1.6
  • The Cat--6.1
  • Cemetery--1.6
  • Centaur, A Gregorian Rant--5.4
  • The Centurion of Capernaum--1.6
  • A Chance Visit to an Anatomy Class--1.6
  • Ch'i-Ling--1.6
  • "A child knows a kicked rock can't cry…"--1.6
  • "Child thy true God by look and name knows…"--1.6
  • Christmas--1.6
  • "The city with it's horizon of domes…"--8.4
  • "…and clarions crack/O hear his piercing thunder cries…"--Oversize 2
  • "Clearly, I remember when…"--7.3
  • "A cloudless night like this…"--1.6
  • Columbusing the Mind-The Log--1.6
  • "Come Xmass [sic] time I would dream and smile…"--1.6
  • The Coming of the Ice Age in Peru-A Prophecy--1.6
  • Commission Unfulfilled--1.6
  • Communism--1.6
  • A Communism of Death--1.6
  • Composite--1.6
  • The Computer and the Centaur--5.5, 6.7, 7.1, 7.3 (notes), 8.2 (novel), 8.3, 8.6, 8.8
  • Concourse Didils--6.1
  • The Confessions of St. God of the Neanderthalers--5.4
  • "Confounder of twilight! Lesbians leave the sky…"--1.6
  • "Cupid holds a grey card…"--1.6
  • "The Cypresses! that green motionless…"--1.6
  • Danger--1.7
  • "Danger I am! And I still possess my soul…"--1.7
  • "Dannemora: The study of a youth…"--1.7
  • Dans Guerre de Monde II--1.7
  • "Darkly knock on thunder door…"--1.7
  • Datur Hora Quieti--8.3
  • "The day begins the way it ended…"--8.9
  • A Day in Berlin--1.7
  • Daydream--1.7
  • "Dead Zebra, the edge of the world…"--6.1
  • "Dear Angels of God…"--1.7
  • Dear Body--1.7
  • Dear Girl--1.7
  • "Dear Villon, how great our similarities…"--7.6
  • Death Comes at Puberty--1.7
  • Death Is all I Have--6.9
  • Death Is the Big Thing--8.10
  • Death Notice--5.4
  • Death of a Salesman--1.7
  • The Death of America--1.7
  • Death of the American Indian--1.7
  • Death of [the] American Indian's God--6.2
  • Decal Poem--1.7
  • Delicate Rockets in Crystal Orbit--6.8
  • "The demon means…"--8.2
  • "The demon meant…"--8.6
  • "Depression relinquishes all/definitions…"--6.9
  • Detective Frumpe's Spontaneous and Reflective Testament--5.4
  • Dialogue between a Revolution and a Poet--5.4
  • Dialogue between Eve and Satan--1.7
  • Dialogue, 2 Pastoral Children--1.7
  • A Difference of Zoo--1.7
  • The Disposition of Time--5.4
  • "Do make ladies hesitating…"--1.7
  • The Doll Makers--6.1
  • "Don't tell Death, I, stentorian spirit…"--1.7
  • Doomers--6.2
  • "Down with dreams! Down with romance…"--1.7
  • Dream of Dreams--1.7
  • Dream on the Steps--6.1
  • The Dreaming Historian--1.7
  • Dresden--6.4
  • "Dresden it was the beginning of 1957 then…"--1.7
  • Drunk and or Delirious and or Wild Poems--1.7
  • A Drunken Night--8.12
  • Dust Beam--1.7
  • An Early Dream--1.8
  • Earth Egg--1.8
  • "The East River holds silence and bridge shadows…"--6.1
  • Ecce Homo--6.1
  • Either Or--8.3
  • Elegy for Allen's Mother--6.1
  • Eleven Times a Poem: 9--1.8
  • Emblem--1.8
  • The Emperor Fawn--1.8
  • "An ending to begin with why not…"--1.8
  • "The English, even the English of Hyde Park…"--1.8
  • Envoi--1.8
  • Epistle to the San Franciscano--5.6
  • Errol Flynn-On His Death--1.8, 6.2
  • "Europe flows behind me…"--1.8
  • "Every day New York City drops dead a little…"--1.8
  • Evolution Is the Solution--1.8
  • Experiment in Sound and Color #5--1.8
  • The Eye Is Cause of the Sight--1.8
  • "Falls falls…till rises…"--1.9
  • "Fantasy is subject to law…"--1.9
  • "The fat sickness is not physical…"--6.4
  • Father Mother--1.9
  • "Fear is there in circles of bright wings…"--1.9
  • "Fifty American faces all ages…"--1.9
  • "The filthy nurse…"--Oversize 2
  • The Final Solution--7.9
  • "Firm and slick is the sten gun…"--1.9
  • The First Death--1.9
  • First Dream in Greece--1.9
  • First Night in the White House--1.9, 6.2
  • First Night on the Acropolis--1.9
  • First Stages of Geometry--1.9
  • "The first walk through these orange ills…"--1.9
  • The Flagpole Sitter and the View--1.9
  • Florence--1.9
  • Florida--1.9
  • For a Real Lady--1.9
  • For Good Pope John--1.9
  • For Queen Elizabeth II--1.9
  • For Randal Jarrel [sic] upon Reading of His Death--1.9
  • "For the love of words & the man who had them…"--1.9
  • 40 Writings--1.9
  • "The 4 points of the black compass…"--1.9
  • Four Scenes from the Life of St. Tropez--8.11
  • 4 Years of Judgment Day--1.9
  • Fra Angelico--6.1
  • Fragmentary Verses Found in an Old Box--1.9
  • Fragmented Variations on a Sad Capital Death--1.9
  • Fragments of A Poet's Mind--5.7
  • Fragments of War and Peace--1.9
  • A French Boy's Sunday--1.9
  • From a Green Notebook--1.9
  • From a Small Green Notebook--1.9
  • "From Hell…"--1.9
  • From Hell I Fell--5.6
  • From Holland Notebook--1.9
  • From Paris Notebook--1.9
  • "The fuckage of 500,000 years or more…"--1.9
  • "Gained of consciousness o Christ child…"--1.10
  • "Garver is dead. A dedicated man…"--6.1
  • Gasoline--1.10
  • Gasoline Self-Rejects--1.10
  • The Geometric Poem--2.1
  • "Germany declares Austria to be Mexico…"--1.10
  • Getting High at [an] Astronaut's Cocktail Party--6.8, 8.1
  • "The girl is happy about something…"--6.1
  • The Girls of Rain--1.10
  • Giving--1.10
  • God? She's Black--1.10, 6.2
  • "God still holds to man…"--1.10
  • "God. Why have I given him up?…"--6.1
  • "God's creations…"--8.9
  • Golem--2.2
  • Gone the Last Danger on Earth--1.10
  • Good-Bye--7.3
  • Grand Canal Taxi--6.3
  • Greece--1.10
  • Greek Poems of Gregory Corso--1.10
  • "The guilty no longer disgust me…"--6.9, 8.1
  • Haikus--1.10
  • Halloween--2.3
  • Happening on a German Train--1.10
  • "Happy America of the imagination…"--6.1
  • Happy Endings--6.8
  • "Hark! It bugs a fellow modern poet…"--1.10
  • "He a night with knees and chaotic eyes…"--1.10
  • The Head of Spring Is the Dying River--6.5
  • Heaven--7.3
  • Hell--1.10
  • "Here lies the heart no longer…"--1.10
  • "Here where ancients camels…"--1.10
  • "Homeless bird…"--1.10
  • Horses--1.10
  • Hospital--1.10, 6.2
  • "How difficult this book of poetry I mean impossible…"--1.10
  • "How do you like me, my new friend…"--8.11
  • "How easy it is for/these critics of war…"--1.10
  • "How nice to get out of Paris for awhile…"--6.8
  • How Lovely Bonwit Teller's in Boston--8.10
  • How One Looks at It--1.10
  • How Their God Seems to Me--8.9
  • How to Bring the Dead Back to Life--6.1
  • The Human Ass--6.6
  • A Human Ass in Outer Space--6.6
  • Humanity--1.10
  • "I always go back to Shelley…"--6.1
  • "I always say I love flowers…"--6.1
  • "I am Captain Poetry…"--2.4
  • I am Colors--2.4, 6.4
  • "I am invited to dine with a family of six…"--8.3
  • "I am my mother her son…"--2.4
  • "I am neither white-smocked in science…"--2.4
  • "I am no longer I…"--6.4
  • "I am not Lucifer-like that I envy him…"--2.4
  • "I am the speed of death light…"--2.4
  • "I begin this poem fast…"--2.4
  • "I believe that what I see is real…"--2.4
  • "I came from Delft,' he said, 'to a dark place…'"--6.1
  • "I can't get to them…"--2.4
  • "I damn evacuation; posted rangers…"--2.4
  • "I dreamed a man unknown to me he told me Christ…"--2.4
  • "I dreamed I was…"--Oversize 2
  • "I Ennatum, guardian clay of Kish…"--6.7
  • "I feel I was never intelligently happy…"--2.4
  • "I found a lyre not knowing what it was…"--2.4
  • "I gave my time to death…"--6.7
  • "I hardly have any pure love left…"--6.1
  • "I heard last night…"--8.2
  • "I liked the English very early in life…"--2.4
  • "I look upon the invisibilities…"--7.6
  • "I love her always setting her hair…"--8.1
  • "I love the skypot…"--2.4 (verso: Special Character Dedicated to Lenny Bruce)
  • "I love the smell of her sleep…"--8.1
  • "I must know that man…"--6.1
  • I Never Am Tree--6.1
  • "I, of another drink, personal, thirst heavens…"--2.4
  • I Paid No Tuition--2.4
  • "I saw the anthropomorphic God…"--2.4
  • "I see in you my love…"--7.4
  • "I sit in church in the bath of color…"--6.1
  • "I stood in winter everything everywhere all a-snow…"--2.4
  • "I took leave of Greece…"--2.4
  • "I wander in my circling thoughts…"--2.4
  • "I watched from my crib…"--2.4
  • "I weep for women slain by men…"--2.4
  • "I went to the toy department I saw an old man…"--2.4
  • I Where I Stand--2.4
  • "I will tell you all there is to know…"--2.4
  • "I would dream and smile, smile and dream…"--2.4
  • "I would not Rockefeller Center…"--2.4
  • "I would take that false modesty…"--2.4
  • "I would this poetry be sloppy…"--2.4
  • Icy Loveless Depression of 1931--2.4
  • "If clouds to wind prove pilgrimage…"--2.4
  • If Drugs Is Hell…--2.4
  • "If ever a gamble suffered is lost…" --2.4
  • "If I were Castro - if I were Castro…"--7.1
  • "If I sat and tried to peel a rock…"--6.1
  • "If legend marks my having passed by…"--2.4
  • If Prayers Were Letters and Answers Were Postcards--2.4
  • "Il parcourut avec son nuances…"--2.4
  • "I'll tell you true reality…"--2.4
  • "I'm no good at politics…"--2.4
  • Images--2.4
  • Immutable Moods--2.4
  • "In a cinematic market…"--2.5
  • In America Hope was a Southerner--2.5
  • In an Empty French Football Stadium--2.5, 6.8
  • "In back of his head (where…"--2.5
  • "In bed-over my head…"--2.5
  • In Honor of Girls--6.2
  • "In life we are awake and asleep…"--2.5
  • In Memory of Garver--2.5
  • In My Eight[h] Year--2.5
  • "In poetry I have given everything…"--2.5
  • "In sphinx school…"--2.5
  • In the End Was the Word--2.5
  • In the Eve of the First Death--2.5
  • "In the fleeting hand of time…"--6.1
  • "In the hiss of nothingness I lay…"--7.3
  • "In these hands of division…"--2.5
  • "In this age of uncertainty and understanding…"--2.5
  • In This Hung-Up Age: A One-Act Farce--5.6, 7.1
  • "In what I say and how I say is me…"--6.1
  • "The infant devil is a red kid…"--2.5
  • "Innumerable epitaphs stake a rebel's grave…"--2.5
  • Inspired by a British Tax Form Sent to the Poet--2.5
  • Interview with Myself--5.6
  • "It had to be denied to himself…"--2.5
  • "It is the after-eve of an historic day…"--2.5
  • "It was love and spring as well…"--Oversize 2
  • "Iwo Jima where Iowa stepped on shore…"--6.1
  • J.F.K. A Little Verse Play--5.8
  • Jack--2.6
  • Jap Aircraft Carrier, 1942--8.10
  • Japanese Aircraft Carrier--2.6, 6.2
  • "Je suis un tragique illettre …"--2.6
  • "The Jews are their own messiah…"--6.4
  • The John of Creation--2.6
  • Jottings on the Lower East Side--2.6
  • Joy to Drink--2.6
  • A King and a Bum Share This Soul--2.6
  • "The Kingdom of God is within us…"--2.6
  • Last Poem--2.6
  • The Least Warmth of Arnold--2.6
  • Let It Remain--6.3
  • "Let the skycrotch open…"--2.6
  • "Let the snake coil such history…"--2.6
  • "Let's go to the murder/of Goethe…"--6.4
  • Life--2.6
  • "Life is cruel Harry…"--2.6
  • Like--2.6
  • Literary Revolution in America--5.6
  • "Little girl, am I denied…"--2.6
  • Little Writings--2.6
  • Looking Back on Europe, 1962--5.6
  • Love--2.6
  • The Love of Two Seasons--2.6
  • "Love. There is not enough love…"--6.1
  • "Lovely Anita, communication…"--7.10
  • "Make beautiful tho hell bake…"--2.7
  • The Making of a Poet--2.7
  • Man, Autumnal England, to Roman Conquest & Little After--2.7
  • Man (Fragment) --2.7
  • "A man burns blonds, a Visigoth…"--2.7
  • Man Entering the Sea, Tangier--2.7, 6.2
  • "Man is a creep! He sells soap…"--2.7
  • Manifesto of Alternatives--5.6
  • Mantegna's Crucifixion--6.1
  • "The many branched antlers, and the wet…"--2.7
  • A Map of Buried Thought--2.7
  • Mariner II--6.9
  • "Mark the man in pink tights…"--2.7
  • Masterpiece--2.7
  • "Me voici, genou a terre, dans Paris…"--2.7
  • "Melancholy is a window with drapery hair…"--2.7
  • "Memories of childhood, depression and war…"--7.10
  • "Men are serious men…"--2.7
  • "Men should wear antlers she said…"--2.7
  • Menorrhagia Unto Menopause--2.7
  • Menstruation--8.11
  • Middleton Gardens--2.7
  • "Millioned yearsome bleeps…"--2.7
  • "The mind means…"--8.10
  • The Minds Burning of Lizzie Borden's Living Room--2.7
  • Mine Be Not Mine but Another's--6.7
  • Miniature Poem-Paintings--2.7
  • Mirror Talk--2.7
  • Misery in Mesopotamia--2.7
  • Mr. Bradley Mr. Martin--2.7
  • Mr. Moneybag's Lament--2.7
  • Moment before the Sandstorm--6.1
  • Montana--2.7
  • Moon--2.7
  • "Moose of marksman…"--2.7
  • Morrocco [sic] Notebook--2.7
  • "The muse has it above all a poet be true…"--6.6
  • Music--2.7
  • The Music Within--6.6
  • Mutation of the Spirit--2.7
  • "My boyfriend has a tender head…"--8.8
  • "My cycle, and the spin from life…"--2.7
  • My Death, the Ice-Rat--8.12
  • "My eternal clothes are lain…"--2.7
  • "My finger, runs down death's edict…"--2.7
  • My First Lecture--5.6
  • My First Sonnet--2.7
  • "My left hand can no longer write…"--Oversize 2
  • "My photo daughter just a year ago…"--2.7
  • My Time as Gregory, by Nunzio Corso--6.5
  • Mystical Rhymes--2.7
  • Nature's Gentleman--2.8
  • Nazi War-Crime Poem--2.8
  • Near the Arch of Titus--2.8
  • "The Negroes I encounter are not sitting-in…"--2.8
  • Never Where Ocean Loved Pollack--6.1
  • The New Poem--2.8
  • News Copy Flash--2.8
  • Newsflash! Summer 1962--2.8
  • Niagra [sic]--2.8
  • "A night awake-not at dream's mercy…"--2.8
  • "The night beam falls speared…"--2.8
  • "The night before the God-closed day…"--2.8
  • Night by Train--6.1
  • A Night in -[?]--2.8
  • Nine Year Old Suicide--8.7
  • 1963--Oversize 2
  • 1970's Puerto Rican Leader in 1962--5.6
  • "No boy is as big as his mischief…"--6.4
  • No Doubt What He Saw--2.8
  • "No it was never life was terrible…"--6.4
  • "No living being knows what nothingness is truly like…"--2.8
  • "No matter what it's fighting for…"--2.8
  • "No piece of goat bodies me…"--2.8
  • "No there is nothing weird about it…"--8.1
  • No Word--6.1
  • Nonsensical Jottings while Listening to the G.O.P. 1964 Convention--2.8
  • North Italy--6.8
  • "Not that I saw him take off his antlered beast head…"--2.8
  • Note on Allen Ginsberg Poetry Reading--5.6
  • Note on Italian Young People--5.6
  • Notes on Beat Generation--5.9
  • Notes on Evolution--5.6
  • Notes on Prometheus Unbound--5.6
  • Not[re] Dame--2.8, 6.8
  • "Now it's for real…"--2.8
  • Now May I of Ladies Be--2.8
  • "And now the ace of earl…"--7.6
  • O--2.9
  • "O blessed detachment! How…"--2.9
  • "O contemporary inquisitor…"--2.9
  • "O discovery! Beauties are everywhere…"--2.9
  • "O future dreamer!…"--7.3
  • "O heaving sobs of sudden rain…"--6.8
  • "O how I wish I were challenged…"--2.9
  • "O omnimetrical cosmosry…"--2.9
  • "O questing rhapsodic funeral in God land…"--Oversize 2
  • "O Sally November do you remember…"--8.6
  • "O the highest echelon…"--2.9
  • Observations--2.9
  • "Obvious cruel thought…"--8.2
  • October 23, 1962--5.10
  • Ode to Coit Tower--6.1
  • Ode to Demeter--2.9
  • Of One Month's Reading of English Newspapers--2.9
  • The Ogre--2.9
  • "Oh but this is not it no not it…"--2.9
  • Oh Canada--8.12
  • "Oh how achingly my past endures…"--2.9
  • "Oh rat, blessed vagrant…"--8.12
  • "Oh so many Christmases have I known…"--2.9
  • "The Ohioan regular, brown socks & brown shoes, leaves…"--2.9
  • "Old flowers…"--2.9
  • "An old man dreams…"--2.9
  • "The old they are looking at me…"--6.9
  • Old Young--2.9
  • On Abstract Impressionism--2.9
  • On Having Once Lived--2.9
  • On Hogarth's Painting--6.6
  • On Loneliness--2.9, 8.3
  • On Love--2.9
  • On Modern Art--6.5
  • "On níant de l'or…"--2.9
  • On Poetry--2.9
  • On Seeing Turner's Paintings--2.9
  • On the Bombing of Rotterdam--2.9
  • On the Death of Father Time--2.9
  • On 12th Street--2.9
  • "Once again a poetman has writ me an epitaph…"--7.2
  • One Happy Day--2.9
  • "One's relationship with God…"--2.9
  • "Opposition in power of the spectre…"--2.9
  • The Other Side of April--5.11
  • "Ou falle enfants sauter dans excitation…"--2.9
  • "Outside Hell or in it…"--2.9
  • Over Matter--Galley Folder 1
  • "Over the Bay of Pigs…"--8.11
  • "The owl is a fat bird…"--6.9
  • "Pagancatholic winter soul annex thy pure sweet dead white furs…"--3.1
  • A Page of the N.Y. Times--6.9
  • Parable of the Oil Field--3.1
  • Paris--3.1, 8.2
  • Paris, 1965--3.1
  • Parody of opening pages of Naked Lunch--5.10
  • "Peace is here…"--3.1
  • "People of tomorrow, people when I am long dead…"--7.2
  • The Phoenix of Cornelia--7.6
  • "A photo of Allen and me…"--7.10
  • The Photographer--3.1
  • "Pillow/ I remember you…"--3.1
  • "Pious merchants they were…"--3.1
  • Planet to Spaceship--6.8
  • Playing--3.1
  • The Poem and the Poet--3.1
  • A Poem for a Poet's Wounded Behind-hole--3.1
  • The Poem Is Endless--7.10
  • Poeme Francais le Premier--3.1
  • Poems of the Yellow Jayman--6.9
  • Poesia Catches Fat Rats--3.1
  • "Poetry must die…"--3.1
  • Political Haiku--8.10
  • "The poorest rabble of winter…"--3.1
  • A Portrait of Grace--3.1
  • Portrait of the Poet as God; an Experiment in Discord--3.1
  • Poseidon--3.1
  • The Post Lines in the Memory--7.10
  • Pot--3.1
  • Predilection for a Young Lady--3.1
  • "Predilection for a young lady…"--7.4
  • Premier Poems Francais--3.1
  • The Press the Assassin & Poet--3.1
  • Prison Remembrances--3.1
  • "The process of the poet's mind…"--3.1
  • "Prophecy now a Columbus in reverse…"--3.1
  • Purcell's Little Opera, Dido and Aeneas--8.2
  • "Quand à honte avec fortuné…"--3.2
  • "Quick, through this door sounds grip the senses fine…"--3.2
  • "The ravages of roses and those roses…"--3.2
  • "Red top as you rise…"--6.8
  • The Red, White & Blue--3.2
  • Reflection--3.2
  • "Relinquish all definitions yet acquire precise uses…"--7.3
  • A Remembrance of Childhood--3.2
  • Replica of a Page--3.2
  • Reply to a Dying Stranger's Letters--3.2
  • Requiem & Gloria--3.2
  • Requiem for an American dreamer--6.1
  • Return from Sunday Park--3.2
  • Return to Catholicism--6.9
  • Return to Shelley's Grave--3.2, 6.8
  • Review of Spare Parts by Charles Henry Ford--5.10
  • Revisit--3.2
  • "Revolution is a demon-fink to her revolutionaries…"--3.2
  • Revolution Is the Solution--5.10
  • "Rimbaud!…"--6.5
  • "Rimbaud! L'heure nouvelle/est tres sévère…"--3.2
  • "A Royal Air Force Britannia…"--3.2
  • The Ruins of America--3.2
  • Russian Dream--3.2
  • S.P.Q.R.--8.8
  • "Sabbathai sabbathai…"--3.3
  • A Sad Person--3.3
  • Saga of a Three Handed Archmage--3.3
  • Saint Francis--3.3
  • St. Tropez, Early Morning--3.3
  • Sarpdon--5.10
  • "Save them from plastic invective…"--3.3
  • The Saving Quality--3.3
  • Scene--5.10
  • Scope--3.3
  • "The scurvy con-man from Thebes…"--3.3
  • "Seated on the lap of the seated Demeter…"--3.3
  • 2nd Attempt at a Sonnet--3.3
  • Seed Journey--3.3, 6.2
  • Selected Poems--3.4
  • Self-Pity--3.3
  • "The senior class I taught Shelley to…"--3.3
  • Series Break Thru--3.3
  • "Shakespeare, idiotism never shed a tear…"--3.3
  • "She was ancient and black…"--6.4
  • A Short Poem in Prose--8.7
  • "The siamese cat sits up on a red pillow…"--3.3
  • "Sibyl whose avalanche breasts…"--3.3
  • "Silence falls from the poet a long…"--3.3
  • "Since crime is increasing from year to year…"--3.3
  • Sir World--3.3
  • Sketches--5.10
  • Small Poems--3.3
  • "So being that it was his shoe…"--3.3
  • The Social Rebel--3.3
  • "So loved she the rebels of beauty…"--3.3
  • "The so small black body of God…"--3.3
  • Some Christmas--3.3
  • Some Hells--3.3
  • "Something in me there is nameless…"--7.9
  • "Soon I'll be returning home…"--3.3
  • Soul--3.3
  • "South not gray vegetable…"--3.3
  • Special Character Dedicated to Lenny Bruce--2.4 (verso: "I love the skypot…")
  • Speed-Slow--3.3
  • "The spirit has fled! The head spins to die!…"--6.7
  • The Spirituality of College Girls, 1955--3.3
  • A Spontaneous Delve into 1892--3.3
  • A Spontaneous Poem Written in London, 1965--3.3
  • "Spooning visibilities of the naked spirit…"--3.3
  • Spring Cleaning--3.3
  • "Starman puts a star in an unprophecied void…"--3.3
  • Stars--3.3
  • The Stick-Up--5.10
  • "Stinkest rose by the rosy cheeks…"--Oversize 2
  • Storch--8.12
  • Strict Poem--3.3
  • "Stubborn infest constant…"--8.12
  • "…Subtract a dimension from a sphere…"--3.3
  • Suburbia Mad Song--3.3
  • "Such are the said bitter truths…"--3.3
  • Suicide--7.1
  • Synopsis on a Book of Poems--3.3
  • The System Falls Apart--3.3
  • "Take me, fire, creep me down the wall of night…"--6.1
  • A Talk with a Moribund Snowman One Lonesome Day--3.5
  • "A terrific killer is televised…"--8.12
  • That Long Long Christmas--3.5
  • "That was me…"--3.5
  • "There are ghosts who were…"--3.5
  • "There are some would say it were my craft…"--8.10
  • "There is no single person I know who has my fullest respect or love…"--3.5
  • There Is Yet Time--3.5
  • "There was a time plenty of time running ahead…"--3.5
  • "There was the body of Rimbaud…"--6.5
  • "There were times indigenous…"--3.5
  • "There's always enough time…"--3.5
  • "There's this new soap suds…"--7.6
  • "They are he the walker to and fro and up and down in it…"--3.5
  • "And they are there…"--3.5
  • "They them boot-consumed…"--3.5
  • "They'll always lie a new god…"--3.5
  • "The thing I hate most to see I see…"--6.1
  • Thinking About A Dead President, February 1964--3.5
  • This Beautiful America--7.2
  • "This intelligence you live at all…"--3.5
  • "This is how my last world closed…"--3.5
  • "This laughter knows…"--6.1
  • "This lightline finder…"--3.5
  • "This plant means nothing when death…"--3.5
  • This Poem Is Only Poem Like it in Existence--3.5
  • This Was My Meal--3.5
  • "This we know…"--3.5
  • "Those who best the female heart dissect…"--6.8, 6.9, 8.1
  • "Though it be intolerable…"--3.5
  • Thoughts in a Greek Arena--3.5
  • Thoughts of a Dreamer in a Real Café--6.1
  • Thoughts on Outer Space--3.5
  • "The thoughts pass…"--3.5
  • 3--3.6
  • "3 Americans out of every 1000 Americans…"--3.6
  • 3 Rapid Thoughts--3.6
  • "Through a spinning funnel I fell…"--8.12
  • Thru Stentor--3.6
  • "Thus unavoidable ledge lodestone dreaded day…"--3.6
  • "Thy Amazon ritual a fresh head shall doff…"--3.6
  • "Thy nude body…"--3.6
  • "Time goes, any moment…"--3.6
  • The Time of Hope--7.3
  • "The time of truth is a continuum…"--7.10
  • To a Poet--3.6
  • To Christ in Shelley's "Triumph of Life"--3.6
  • "To explain the greatest…"--3.6
  • To H.S.--3.6
  • To Learn the Hard Way--3.6
  • "To leave New York City…"--3.6
  • To Shelley--6.1
  • "To you Miranda my child…"--3.6
  • "Today's world is all a-color…"--3.6
  • "Tonight, this April 1963 night…"--7.4
  • "Towards the end of Hell…"--3.6
  • Town Cats at Nights--6.8
  • Train Wreck--3.6
  • "Training at the piano…"--3.6
  • Tree Root--3.6
  • "Trees watch all you do…"--6.9, 8.1
  • "Tremble eye as quakesome the sight you see…"--3.6
  • Trend of Thought--3.6, 6.4
  • The Trip Up the River--3.6
  • The Turning Tide--3.6
  • Two Dream in a Night--3.6
  • 2 People Telling Their Dreams at Same Time--3.6
  • 2 Weird Happenings in Harlem--6.1
  • "Two years gone from that magical language…"--3.6
  • The U. N. Opera; Or An Opera Even An Ancient Can Dig--5.10
  • The Ugly Englishman--5.10
  • Unaccounted For--3.7
  • "Unbearable mail…"--3.7
  • The Unsuccessful Ballad of an Unsuccessful Poet of Successful Woe--3.7
  • Upon Entering College--8.10
  • Upon First Reaching Balboa's Pacific--3.7
  • Upon Leaving France--3.7
  • "Useless to question reality…"--6.9
  • Variations on a Dying Love--8.3
  • Variations on a Mood--7.3
  • Variations on the First Page of the Communist Manifesto--3.7
  • A Venture in Break Through--3.7
  • Venus Felled by German Measles--3.7
  • Vermeer--6.1
  • Vision of Rotterdam--6.1
  • "A voice must pay its dues…"--7.1
  • Voices, Messages, Deadends, Mouseholes--5.10
  • "The void as goddess, womb, disposal unit…"--6.9
  • "The void is a disposal unit…"--8.1
  • The Wages of Truth--3.7
  • Walk--3.7
  • Walking Along Mountparnarse--3.7
  • War--3.7
  • War-Babies War--4.2
  • "War/is hard to deplore…"--3.7
  • "War is peace in drag…"--3.7
  • "War is sex in synthesis…"--6.3
  • Washington--6.4
  • A Way or Poem Becomes (Not)--3.7
  • Way Out: A Poem in Discord--4.3
  • "We are our mothers…"--4.4
  • "We near-climaxed in some dream…"--4.4
  • "We turn the neanderthaler over on his back…"--4.4
  • "The weather sang softly…"--4.4
  • A Week in Rome--4.4
  • "The West hankers for flowers, curves…"--4.4
  • "What breaks rice and raisin upon delta point…"--4.4
  • "What darker walks…"--4.4
  • "What divination rinsed from mouth or eye…"--4.4
  • "What god awaits me…"--8.9
  • "What God awaits me outside this city…"--4.4
  • "What man was this who faced the trio…"--6.3
  • "What matter ways…"--4.4
  • "What revives a dead forgetfulness…"--4.4
  • "What rose history's ghost…"--4.4
  • "What simple profundities…"--7.6
  • "What was I when I died there sailing away…"--4.4
  • "When a child takes aim oh…"--4.4
  • When a Girl Sadly Asked "What's the use?"--4.4
  • "When Count Dracula leans against the fireplace…"--4.4, 6.2
  • "When God was present…"--4.4
  • "When I do not care…"--7.6
  • "When I find what is stupid in others in myself…"--4.4
  • "When I first felt the joys of God…"--4.4
  • "When I give thoughts to gun-totin' poets…"--4.4
  • "When I looked back to take note…"--6.9
  • When I See the War Dead--6.1
  • When I Was a Counsellor [sic]--4.4
  • When I Was Five I Saw a Dying Indian--Galley Folder 1
  • "When I was young I rather wished I was a poet…"--4.4
  • "When I'm alone I smile to lie…"--4.4
  • "When in doubt be serious accuse men of dying…"--4.4
  • "When Paris to me was but a dream…"--4.4
  • "When pinball machines first appeared…"--4.4
  • "When the unitauric compound of god and man…"--4.4
  • "Where are we going? they ask…"--4.4
  • Where the Freedom has Stopped--4.4
  • "Where once children played…"--6.5
  • "While all night roofing it beneath the Charleston stars…"--4.4
  • "While marksmen curse their guns…"--4.4
  • "While the act is unfolding a movie is made…"--4.4
  • While Waiting in a French Banque--4.4
  • While Watching Gemini Take-off on T.V.--4.4
  • While Watching the G.O.P. '64 Convention--4.4
  • "The white arm of a woman levels the plaque…"--4.4
  • "Who ate at the table of slow kings…"--4.4
  • "Who sees himself in the sun…"--4.4
  • "Who'll give out the right items…"--7.9
  • "Whose past is measured by the common calendar…"--4.4
  • "Why America, do you treat God…"--4.4
  • "Why are some women so damned phoney!…"--7.3
  • Why Are You No Longer Catholic--6.1
  • Why Not--6.3
  • "Will you ever dream of Demeter…"--8.2
  • Window Reflections Real and Fanciful--4.6
  • Wish--4.5
  • "With ink y air…"--4.5
  • Withdrawal--4.5
  • The Wlamcptor--4.5, 6.5
  • Wlamcptor Deathrym--4.5
  • Words from a Sex Unit--4.5
  • The Work is Undone--6.6
  • "The world I see endears me wild apparel…"--4.5
  • "Would I cry…"--8.1
  • Writ When a Lady Complained all Her Prayers Went Unanswered--4.5
  • Writ When I Found Out His Was an Unmarked Grave--4.5
  • Writings--4.5
  • Written on a Train to London--4.5
  • Written Upon Hearing of the Death of Randall Jarrell--4.5
  • Written When a Sad Young Girl Spoke of Her Shock Treatment at the Age of 15--4.5
  • "Yanked breathless-blue out of a teenagers womb…"--4.5
  • "Ye Alps audacious, thro' the heavens that rise…"--6.4
  • Ye Olde Poem--4.5
  • A Year--6.9
  • The Year 2462--4.5
  • "You cry my brother more saddened than I…"--4.5
  • "You know there are those…"--4.5
  • "Zeus was born in a cone…"--4.5
  • Zizi's Lament--6.1