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Anita Brenner:

A Preliminary Inventory of Her Papers at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Creator: Brenner, Anita, 1905-1974
Title: Anita Brenner Papers
Dates: 1923-1981
Abstract: The papers contain material on several of Brenner's award-winning books for children, as well as her books on Mexican art, the history of the Mexican Revolution, and travel in Mexico. Also included in her papers are unpublished book projects, literary and research files, correspondence, agricultural files pertaining to her family farm in Mexico, business files of the monthly magazine Mexico/ This Month, biographical materials, diaries, photographs and personal documents.
Extent: 141 boxes, 25 oversize boxes, 1 oversize folder (120 linear feet)
Repository: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

Anita Brenner, author of children's literature and books on Mexican art and history, contributed articles to numerous magazines and newspapers, worked on the editorial staff of The Nation, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and Editorial Albatros, and founded the monthly magazine Mexico/ This Month. After studying at Our Lady of the Lake College in San Antonio, the University of Texas at Austin, and the National University of Mexico, she received a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Columbia University in 1934, under the direction of Franz Boas. She was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, 1930-1932, for the study of Aztec art in Europe and Mexico. Born in 1905 to Jewish immigrants in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Brenner maintained a life-long interest in art, as well as Jewish and political activism. In addition, she operated a farming business in Aguascalinetes for many years.

All aspects of her personal and professional career are reflected in her papers received by the Ransom Center as a gift from her children, Susannah and Peter Glusker. Following Brenner's death in an automobile accident in 1974, her papers remained in storage until retrieved by her daughter for use in writing the biography Anita Brenner: A Mind of Her Own. The collection was accompanied by estate lists of numbered folders which are referenced in the footnotes of Glusker's biography. This information was transferred to new folders when the material was rehoused at the Ransom Center. As much as possible, original order has been retained, along with Brenner's folder titles. However, in some cases, brittle folder tabs were missing and contents summaries had to be extrapolated.

The collection is organized in seven series: I. Books; II. Literary and Research Files; III. Correspondence, 1920s-1981; IV. Agricultural Files; V. Mexico/This Month, 1955-1971; VI. Personal; and VII. Publications.

The first series contains material on several award-winning books for children, The Boy Who Could Do Anything, I Want to Fly, and The Timid Ghost. Brenner's book on Mexican art, Idols Behind Altars (1929); her history of the Mexican Revolution, The Wind That Swept Mexico (1943 and University of Texas Press reprint, 1972); and a travel guide, Your Mexican Holiday (1932) are also represented. Included in this series are unpublished book projects such as a novelized work on Luis de Carvajal and the Carvajal family, a biography of Gonzalo de Guerrero, and a children's book on Moses. A scrapbook of reviews and articles about Brenner's activities during the 1930s provides details of her research travels and the impact of her published works.

Series II, the largest series in the collection, contains Brenner's literary and research files, including relevant correspondence. Brenner maintained her working files in subject order, including many articles written during her career as a correspondent, contributor, and columnist for magazines and newspapers such as Atlantic Monthly, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Fortune, Holiday, Jewish Morning Journal, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Mademoiselle, Menorah Journal, The Nation, New York Evening Post, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and the North American Newspaper Alliance. Her journalistic career was particularly fertile during the seventeen year period between 1927-1944 when she lived in New York and was closely associated with radical political intellectuals and art movements. There are numerous folders under the headings "Art," "Mexico," and the "Spanish Civil War," topics which preoccupied much of Brenner's research and writing throughout her career. The section on the war in Spain follows an arrangement derived from lists compiled by the Brenner Estate, containing content descriptions for 121 folders of material. Many newspaper clippings, political broadsides, and publications are found in this section. Because this material dates from the early 1930s, much of it is brittle and in poor condition.

Also of interest in Series II is the photographic material gathered during Brenner's Guggenheim Fellowship for the study of pre-Spanish American art objects in Europe and Mexico. She obtained several hundred photographic prints and negatives of terracotta objects and masks from museums in Germany, Spain, England, France, Austria, and Mexico. The photographs are numbered and described on index cards, although the indexing is not complete. Access to the negatives is restricted.

Numerous research files are labeled " Fortune material" in reference to an October 1938 article Brenner wrote for a special Fortune issue on the expropriation of foreign oil companies by President Cardenas.

In all, the material in Series II covers the majority of Brenner's non-book literary output from the early 1920s to projects she was working on at the time of her death.

The bulk of Brenner's correspondence is found in Series III, arranged alphabetically by correspondent, with subject files included. There is considerable family correspondence, especially letters between Brenner and her husband, David Glusker, during their times apart from 1929 through their separation in 1951. These detailed, often daily, reports of mutual activity offer a diary-like record of day-to-day events. Other correspondents include Carleton Beals, Lucienne Bloch, Jean Charlot, Waldo Frank, Francisco Goitia, Ernest Gruening, Lowell Houser, Lucy Knox, Carlos Merida, Tina Modotti, Diego Rivera, and Edward Weston. Brenner's activities in numerous professional and political associations are also well-represented, as are her interactions with publishers.

The agricultural files in Series IV document Brenner's operation of Rancho La Barranca, the family farm in Aguascalientes, an eight-hour drive from Mexico City. From 1961 until her death, she oversaw the growing, harvesting, and marketing of a variety of fruit and produce. These files document her struggle to raise crops suitable to the climate and bring them to markets in the United States and Mexico.

Series V contains the business files of Brenner's monthly magazine Mexico/ This Month which she published in Mexico City from 1955-1971. With the assistance of the Mexican government and the Committee of U.S. Citizens for Mexico, Mexico/ This Month sought to improve social and business relations between Mexico and the United States by promoting American travel, investment, and retirement in Mexico. This series is divided into two subseries: Subseries A. Correspondence and Office Files, and Subseries B. Production Material. Subseries A combines all working files into one alphabetical arrangement, including sizeable subject groups such as financial records, promotional material, and subscriptions. The production material in Subseries B includes layouts, color separations, and printing blocks for visual material published in the magazine. A substantial number of lead-plated wooden cliches are present in the collection.

The personal papers in Series VI includes academic records, biographical material, diaries from 1925-1933, medical records, family photographs, and personal documents.

Numerous publications are included with the collection. These are listed in Series VII in three subseries: Subseries A. Magazines and Journals, Subseries B. Pamphlets and Reprints, and Subseries C. Newspapers. This material supports Brenner's research and writing interests, especially in the areas of art and politics. Newspapers and publications related to the war in Spain are particularly well-represented. Due to age and paper quality, much of this material is brittle.

A nearly complete run of Mexico/ This Month and several reels of film were transferred to appropriate departments within the Ransom Center.



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Gift, 2000 (Gift no. 11548)

Processed by:

Liz Murray, 2003

Anita Brenner Papers--Folder List

Series I. Books

Box Folder
1 1 The Boy Who Could Do Anything, review
2-5 Carvajal, Luis de; unfinished biography, correspondence and research material
6-10 Inquisition research
Box Folder
2 1-2 Inquisition research, cont'd
Guerrero, Gonzalo de; unfinished biography
Box Folder
2 3 Bibliography and data
4-5 Correspondence and research, 1969-74
6 Correspondence, Doubleday
7 "El Conquistador Anonimo"
8-9 Note cards
Box Folder
3 1-2 Note cards, cont'd
3 I Want to Fly, typescripts and layout drawings
Idols Behind Altars
Box Folder
3 4 Illustrations, proofs
5 Mexican Art notes for Omnibus; book outline of Mexican Renaissance; list of Weston photographs
6 Mexican Decorative Arts
7 "Postscript, 1970," reviews and correspondence
8 Prefatory material, appendix, typescript fragment, list of illustrations, article and writing by Jean Charlot
9-10 Reviews and publicity
Box Folder
4 1-2 Reviews and publicity, cont'd
3 "The Jew in Mexico," outline and articles for proposed book
Moses book project, not completed
Box Folder
4 4-5 Notes and research materials
6-8 Typescript drafts
Box Folder
5 1 A Race of Princes, autobiographical novel, unfinished, 1924; with letters from Jerry Aron and poems by Stanley Babb, 1923
2-3 The Timid Ghost, typescripts and correspondence
The Wind That Swept Mexico (Harper & Brothers and Univ. of Texas reprint)
Box Folder
5 4-5 Correspondence and related material
6 Page proofs
7-8 Serialization for Harper's,1942-43
Box Folder
6 1 Publicity and reviews
Your Mexican Holiday
Correspondence and reviews
Box Folder
6 2 1930s
3 1940s
4 Putnam, 1966-69
5 Maps
6 Notes and clippings on hunting and fishing
7 Clippings scrapbook of reviews and articles on AB's books, travels, and translations, 1930s
Card files, book and other projects

Series II. Literary and Research Files

Box Folder
10 1 Ajijic [village on Lake Chapala], list of photos
2 Aleman, Miguel, articles about
Anthropology (Columbia University)
Box Folder
10 3-5 Notes and related material
6 Gamio, American lectures
7 Nahuas Indians and other cultures
8 Anti-semitism
Box Folder
11 1 AB's notebook on art, ethnography, and archaeology, ca. 1924
2 American; clippings and correspondence re AB's query concerning "a rising curve of production of artistic creative work in the United States," 1934
3 American Artists Congress report, issues of Art Front, "Taller-Escuela de Pastica y Grafica" (Siqueiros) Nov. 1936;1934-35;
4 Ancient American; correspondence with The Society of Independent Artists
5 Architecture
6 "Art and Artists in Mexico Today", Atlantic Monthly, 1964
7 Art Center, New York; Exhibition of Mexican Art; correspondence and related material 1927-28
8 Atl interview (Gerardo Murillo)
9 Brooklyn Daily Eagle, articles, 1935-37, n.d.
10 "Chagall", Time, [not by AB] July 30, 1965
11 Children's art; correspondence
12 European--general
13 Graphic
14 Industrial
15 Industrial design
16 Jewish
Box Folder
12 1 Ancient, 1935
2 Art News, 1950s
3 "A Critic's View", The Atlantic Monthly, March 1964
4 "Idols Behind Altars"--Church; with typescript "Algunas Super-Vivencias del Culto Religiosos Pre-Hispanico"
5-9 Miscellaneous publications
Box Folder
13 1 Abstract
2-3 American
4 European
5 General
6 Mexico, Brooklyn Daily Eagle
7 Mexico, Rivera
8 Misc. publications
9 Murals
10 The New York Times
11 "Moment of Creation", artists' sketchbooks project, 1967
12 The Nation, articles, 1928-34
13 The New York Times, articles, 1939-41
Box Folder
14 1 Persian; exhibition "Six Thousand Years of Persian Art," Iranian Institute, 1940
2 Popular, Mexico and America
3 Problems, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, misc. publications
4 Sculpture, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1936
5 Surrealism, articles and catalogs
6 Articles, various topics
7 ASI articles, July 1941
8 Ballads, includes AB's "Romance and Frijoles"
9 Barron, Frank, ref. "Barron"--creativity, papers
10 "Battle of America, Private," article on contagious diseases, n.d.
11 Berg, Louis. "Doctor in Petticoats", with AB, treatment for a film biography of Elizabeth Blackwell; Berg article on Charles Levine
12 Bibliography--Mexico, etc.; catalogs and lists
Box Folder
15 1 Bierce, Ambrose, article AB, draft fragments
2 Bloch, Lucienne--photographs of and murals
3 Boas, Franz; articles about
Book reviews
Box Folder
15 4 Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1935-37
5 The Nation, 1928-37
6 New York Evening Post, 1929-33
7 The New York Times, 1934-52
8 Various publications
9 "Border Story," script for television by AB and Martita Stone, with Nelson Stone, 1951
10 Brooklyn Daily Eagle, general articles
11 Chicanos--bilingual education
12 Children, articles, 1942
13 Children's manuscripts; Molins story
Box Folder
16 1 Children's stories and illustrations [various authors?]
2 Children's work-- "What's Being Jewish"
3-4 Clippings--political, social, economic
5 Colonial question, articles
6 Comité Norteamericano Pro-Mexico, registration of civil association, 1954
7 Committee for Cultural Freedom [?], drafts of "Statement of Principles" with a letter from Leon Trotsky to the Modern Monthly, October 15, 1937
8 Congress of Inter-American Studies, Univ. of Florida, Dec. 1955, AB's closing speech
9 "Conquest," film treatment drafts
10 Cooperative Distributors, proposal for publishing co-operative
11 Cuba
Box Folder
17 1 Davis, R., "Mohammed and the Termites," edited typescript
2 De la Silva, Salomon, "Mi primer Judio," typescript
3-4 Desk contents, miscellaneous
5 Diseases
6 Doctor play [untitled] by David Glusker, draft and notes
7 Film sequence notes--Todd Shipyards location
8 Folk material, including AB's article "Mexican Messiah" for The Nation, 1928,, and "Notes for a Study of the Mexican Nahual"
9 Goitia
10-11 Guerrero trip
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1930-31
Box Folder
17 12 Notes, handwritten
18-19 Photographs of pre-Spanish American art objects held in European museums and the National Museum of Mexico
20 Index cards, photograph descriptions
21-23 Negatives (RESTRICTED)
Box Folder
24 1 Holiday articles, AB and others
2-3 Ideas, articles for N.A.N.A., and correspondence; Lillian Libman's "Proposal for Mexican Trade Fair Project in the United States"
4 Ideas, fiction, drama, humor, philosophic, etc.
5 Ideas, personal experience
6 Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social report, 1960
7 Inter-American notes and articles
8 Inter-American relations, conferences, 1940s
9 Inter-American relations--war period, articles and clippings
10 Inter-American--Stalinism, political-social
11 Inter-American trade
12 Jewish immigration
13 Jewish Morning Journal, articles, 1924-25
Box Folder
25 1 Jewish Telegraphic Agency, articles, 1925-26
2 Jews in Mexico; B'nai B'rith and Rabbi Martin Zielonka
3 Labor, U.S.
4 Ledon, Amalia, "La Soldadera" typescript
5 Life in New York
6 Life in our times, with works by R. H. Barlow, J. G. Sinclair, R. Benedict; story and typescript of AB's? "A Mexican Tragedy"
7 "Love, Love," by AB, story idea for film
8 Magdaleno, Mauricio, three typescripts
9 Medicine, The New York Times Magazine,1938-42
10 Mendez, Mariana, "Uy, que zoquete soy," typescript
11 "Mexico," article in Charm, Jan. 1930
Box Folder
25 12 Agrarian, general
Box Folder
26 1 Agrarian, Indian question and rural education
2 Agriculture, Commission del Maiz
3 Ancient, archeological notes and material lists
4 Archeology, Monte Alban
5-6 Ballads
7 Calles; typescripts by AB and others on labor movements in Latin America
8 Cardenas
9 Census records [oversize removed to Box 142]
10-11 Church, includes WEVD broadcasts
Box Folder
27 1 Church, cont'd
2 Colonia de la Bolsa, "Survey," typescript
3 Communist Party, notes and clippings
4 Cooperatives, Fortune material
5 "Crisis in Mexico…The Echeverria Enigma," typescript and clippings
6 Current, misc. and science
Box Folder
27 7 Graphs, Fortune material
8 Historical background up to 1940
9-11 Industrial, financial; includes Fortune material
Box Folder
28 1-2 Mining, Fortune material
3 Misc., 1932-33
4 Oil dispute, 1938
5 Education
6 Fascism, Camisas Doradas confidential report and Sinarquismo
7 Fortune article, Oct. 1938
8 General description, Fortune material
9 Grabados [photographic prints of engravings], pre-revolucion, 1900-05
10 Guerillas, students, social unrest--clippings
Box Folder
29 1 Historical
2 Inquisition
3 Juarez, Diaz, economic data
4 Madero, Mexico; Santa Ana, independence period (Colcott paper)
5 History of Mexico, outlines and chronology
6 Holiday articles
7 Jewish question
8 Juridical questions
9-11 Labor--agriculture and oil, 1930s
12 Orozco
Box Folder
30 1-2 Personalities
3 Political, social, 1929-48
4 Political, social, 1938-40 and Fortune material
5 Political, social, especially in The New York Times Sunday Magazine
6 Radio script, Magdaleno, 1947
7 Railways ( Fortune)
8 "Realidad y Ficción en México" newspaper series by AB, 1947
Box Folder
30 9 Carranza/Obregon
10 General
Box Folder
31 1 Guzman, Martin Luis, 1927
2 International, church, labor
3 "Rural Youth Social Assistance,"1974
4 Siqueiros
5 Social Welfare
6 Travel
7-8 U.S. relations
Box Folder
32 1 U.S. relations, cont'd
2 War years
3 Women
4 Mexico City, description of the National Museum and general information
5 Mexico City restaurants, menus
6 "A Mind of Your Own"Mademoiselle column, with other articles
7 Naft, Stephen, "Hundred years of German ambitions in Latin America" typescript
8 The Nation articles, 1928-34
9 Nazis
10 New York, war period, 1942-46
11-12 The New York Times Magazine, misc. articles
Box Folder
33 1 The News Weekly,1953
2 Notes, handwritten, various topics
3 Novilleros
4 Olmecs
5 Ortiz Vargas, Alfredo, "Los Conquistadores del petroleo" typescript
6 Papaloapan
7-9 Paricutin volcano, notes, photographs, Holiday story, 1948
10 People Today articles
11 Petition to Franklin Delano Roosevelt to allow immigration of German physicians
12 Photographs and drawings, various subjects
Box Folder
34 1 Attendees of the Segundo Congreso Interamericano de Cardiologia Mexico, panoramic photograph, 1946
2 Negatives (RESTRICTED)
3 Poems, 1923-27
4 Poetry
5 Posada
6 "Pottery of the United States"
Box Folder
35 1 Pre-Columbian, typescripts
2 Psychology notes and articles
3 Revolution in Oblivia
4 Revolution secrecy
5 Rivas, Francis; on the Monroe Doctrine
Rivera, Diego
Box Folder
35 6 Diego Rivera
7-9 Rivera monograph, correspondence; AB's "Memo on the Public Life of Diego Rivera"
10 Rockefeller
11 Rumba, film treatment
12 "Sal," some notes
13 Sims, A. Melvin, "Banking and Finance," typescript
14 Singerman, Berta; notes
Spanish Civil War
Box Folder
36 1 List compiled by Brenner Estate, folders 1-121
2-11 no.1-12
Box Folder
37 1-10 no.13-26
Box Folder
38 1-9 no.27-42
Box Folder
39 1-13 no.43-57
Box Folder
40 1-7 no.58-64
Box Folder
41 1-9 no.65-72
Box Folder
42 1-9 no.73-81
Box Folder
43 1-9 no.82-90
Box Folder
44 1-7 no.91-96
Box Folder
45 1-7 no.96-101
Box Folder
46 1-10 no.102-112
Box Folder
47 1-7 no.113-117
Box Folder
48 1-4 no.118-121
5-6 AB articles, 1933-36
7 Notes, war publications, WEVD Broadcast
Box Folder
49 1 Spanish Inquisition, notes and text
2 Spanish novel
Box Folder
49 3-9 Children's stories
10 Ideas
Box Folder
50 1 Short stories
2-4 Stories, cont'd
5-9 Tlatelolco
10 "Tough guys" [not by AB]
11-13 Translations
Box Folder
51 1 Traven, Bruno
2-3 Trotsky, Leon
4 U.S. military/Latin America, print material
5 Weissenberg manuscript
6-8 Writings, various topics, 1920s
9 Youth, articles on
10 Zen

Series III. Correspondence, 1920s-1981

Box Folder
52 1 A-Am
2 An-Ar
3 As-Az
4 Agents
5 Anti-war, 1938
6 Art News
7 Atlantic Monthly
8 Ba
9 Be
10 Bi-Bo
11 Br-By
Box Folder
53 1 Barach, Edmund
2 Beals, Carleton
3 Bennington College
4 Berquist-Knebel, Laura
5 Blackwell Defense Committee
6 Bloch (Dimitroff), Lucienne
7 Bobbs-Merrill Co.
8 Brandeis University
Box Folder
53 9-10 Dorothy
Box Folder
54 1 Henry and Esther
2 Isidor
3 Leah
4 Milton
5 Paula
Brenner family
Box Folder
54 6 AB's 1939 shipment of belongings to Mexico
7 General
8 Paula Brenner's illness and death, 1971
9 Brewer, Warren and Putnam Inc.
10 Bright, John
Box Folder
55 1 C-Ch
2 Ci-Co
3 Cr-Cu
4-6 Cards, greeting, 1950s-1960s
Box Folder
56 1-5 Cards, cont'd
Box Folder
57 1-5 Cards, cont'd
Box Folder
58 1-2 Cards, cont'd
3-6 Charlot, Jean
Box Folder
59 1 Collier Books
2 Constantine, Mildred
3 Cultural Commission
4 Da-De
5 Dh-Du
6 Durieux, Caroline
7 E
Editorial Albatros
Box Folder
59 8 A-B
9 C-D
Box Folder
60 1 E-G
2 H-K
3 L-O
4 P-R
5 S-T
6 U-W
7 F
Box Folder
61 1-2 Fantasy Records; Gus Arriola
3 Fortune
4 Frank, Waldo
5 Ga-Gi
6 Gl-Gu
7 Gendler, Everett
Glusker, David, to and from AB and others
Box Folder
62 1 Sept.-Oct.
2 Nov.-Dec.
Box Folder
62 3 Jan.
4 Feb.
5 March-April
6 May-Dec.
Box Folder
63 1 1931, July-Dec.
2-4 1932-33
5 1935
6 1938
7-8 1943
Box Folder
64 1 1944
2 1945
3 1946
4 1947-56
5 Glusker family
6 Goitia, Francisco
7 Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst
8 Gruening, Ernest
9 Guggenheim
Box Folder
65 1 Ha
2 He-Hu
3 Harper & Brothers (Harper's)
4 Houser, Lowell
5 I
6-7 Idols Behind Altars
8 J
9 Jagoda, Robert
Box Folder
66 1 The Jewish Morning Journal
2 Jewish Telegraphic Agency
3 K
4 Knox, Lucy
5 Krakovsky, Levi, Rabbi
6 La
7 Le
8 Li-Ly
9-10 "Libros para Todos" Project
Box Folder
67 1 Ma-Mc
2 Me-Mi
3 Mo-Mu
4 Mademoiselle
5 Marof, Tristan
6 McCullough, John
7 Menorah Journal
8 Merida, Carlos
9 Modotti, Tina
10 Morris, Nelson
11 Na
Box Folder
68 1 Ne-No
2 The Nation
3 New Bookstore and Gallery
4-5 The New York Times
6 O
7 Orozco
8 Pa
9 Pe-Pu
Box Folder
69 1 Palavicini, Felix
2-3 Perez, Luz Jimenez
4 Posthumous correspondence, 1974-81
5 Publishers' letters of introduction for AB
6 Publishing, 1950s
7-8 Putnam
9 Q
10 Ra-Re
11 Ri-Ru
Box Folder
70 1 Rodell, Marie
2 Rüthling, Paul
3 Sa
4 Sc
5 Se-Si
6 Sk-Sp
7 St-Sy
8 Scobey, re Paula Brenner estate
9 Scott, William R.
Box Folder
71 1 Siqueiros
2 Starr-Hunt, Jack
3 Stephansky, Ben and Anne
4 T
5 U
6 Univ. of Florida, Gainesville
7 University presses
8 V
9 Viking Press
10 Vlady
Box Folder
72 1 Wa-Wh
2 Wi-Wr
3 Weston, Edward
4 Whitehorn, Nathaniel
5 X-Z
6 Your Mexican Holiday
7-8 Unidentified, first names
9 Unidentified
Box Folder
73 1-4 Notes and fragments, loose with correspondence
5 Stamps, cancelled, and AB's stationery

Series IV. Agricultural Files

Box Folder
74 1-7 Lista de Raya, 1963-1965
Box Folder
75 1-2 Lista de Raya, 1965, cont'd
3 Contabilidad, 1973-74, billing and receipts
4 Addresses, contacts and vendors; brochures
5 Advertising handouts, Rancho La Barranca
6 Alar, correspondence and information, 1969-71
7 Alimentos Findus, S.A., 1971-72
8 Alvarez project
9 Armendáriz, Antonio, 1965
10 Aurrera
11 Bean, Myron, 1964
12 Bee supply catalog
13 Bomba Rancho
Box Folder
76 1 Bregger, John T., orchard consultant
2 Brick production, 1961-63
3 Brokers correspondence
4 Campbell's de Mexico
5 Cannon Foods
6 Castelazo, Francisco
Box Folder
76 7 Tool and supply
8 Vegetable and flower
9 Chem-Frost
10 Clemente Jacques & Cia.
11-12 Cohen, Jack; exporting proposal
Crops and orchard products
Box Folder
77 1 Artichokes
2-3 Asparagus
4 Berries
5 Celery
6 Chile, chives, paprika
7 Chile markets and chiles export
8 Cucumbers
9 Figs
10-13 Garlic and onions
Box Folder
78 1 Mushrooms
2 Orchard orders
3 Orchards
4-9 Pickles
Box Folder
79 1 Strawberries
2 "El Cultivo del Chile en Aguascalientes"
3-4 Customers, produce
6 Fertilizers
7 Heinz
8 Herbs, brochure
9 Information--publications and references
10 Insects and insecticides
Box Folder
80 1 Irrigation
2 Israeli fruit and vegetable pamphlets
3 Jones, Ditzler; Trappist preserves
4 Letterhead, Rancho La Barranca
5 Macy's
6 Management, 1970-76
7 Market information, 1962-72
8 Marketing
9 Markets, misc. info
10 Minges, Philip A.
11 Murez, Joe
12 Notes, AB's handwritten notes and lists
13 Oxytrol Corp.
Box Folder
81 1 Personnel; applications for ranch administrator
2 Photographs of ranch; La Barranca logo
3 Plans--production
4 Plantania, Vincent and Anthony Prezziosi
5 Publications, agricultural
6-7 Ranch, current, 1967-71
8 Ranch partnership ventures
9 Ranch payrolls, electricity accounting, etc., 1972
10 Receipts
11 Recursos hidraulicos, 1923-29
12 Schnell & Co.
Box Folder
82 1-3 Seeds
4 Spices--information
5 Technical data
6 Weather data--rainfall, Aguascalientes
7 Webb, Raymond; USDA
8 White & Co., dehydrated herbs
9 Yucatan irrigation

Series V. Mexico/ This Month, 1955-1971

A. Correspondence and Office Files
Box Folder
83 1 A-B
2-3 Advertising
4 Articles from various MTM issues, photocopies
5 Book project, proposed publications by MTM
6 C
7 Consuls
8 D-E
9 Distribution
10 Editorial bank
11 F-G
12 "Fifty Answers to Questions about Mexican Vacations," typescript
Financial records
Box Folder
84 1-5 Account ledgers
6-7 Checks
Box Folder
85 1 "Documentacion de Grafica de Mexico, S.A.," 1970
2 "Estado de Cuenta,"1970-72
3-6 General balance, 1959-68
7 Nacional Financiera (NAFIN), 1965
8 "Poliza Diaria de Ingressos y Egresos al Banco"
9 Production cost summaries, 1964-65
10 Reports
11 Trayectoria, 1955-70
12 Gift lists
13 H-I
86-91 Indexes of MTM issues in card files
Box Folder
92 1 Inventory of MTM and Graficia de Mexico files
2 Inventory of negatives, 1962-71
3 Inventory of negatives by issue, 1955-71
4 J-K
5 L
6 Letters, unanswered, 1970-72
7 Lindgren/Chevalier, 1972-73
8 M
Maps and brochures
Box Folder
92 9-10 International
Box Folder
93 1 Mexico
2 U. S., various cities
3 "Maya Magic" article, October 1969
4 Mexico Kit for schools
5-6 MTM's Guidelet, various locations
Box Folder
94 1 MTM sale negotiations, 1968-71
2 Museo Nacional de Antropoligia, Mexico, subject brochures
3 N-O
4 Notes, various topics
5 P
6 Pamphlets, national fairs in Aguascalientes and San Marcos, Mexico
7 Personnel
8 Personnel search, replies
9 Photographs, AB, ca. 1955
10 Pinatas
11 Planned communities
12 Poetry and prose, edited
13 Poetry translation contest
14 Postal regulations and correspondence re lottery
15 Posthumous correspondence
Box Folder
95 1 Powers, Robert B.
2-3 "Pre-Columbian, in process" with MTM insert brochure "Olympic Power" and photographs of artifacts from the collection of Kurt Stavenhagen
4 Printed material, miscellaneous
Promotional correspondence and related material
Box Folder
95 5 Back issue requests and gratis copies
6 Chicanos
7 "Compliments of the Editor" cards
Box Folder
96 1-10 Corporate and government agencies, including consuls, newspaper syndicates, and travel services
Box Folder
97 1 Marketing brochure drafts, 1959
2-10 Selected letters featuring MTM's programs and services, includes several subject sets
Box Folder
98 1 Question desk statistics, 1963-64
2 R
3 Readership survey, 1965-66
4-5 Reorganization plan, 1970
Box Folder
98 6-7 Information Service ( MTM)
8 Inquiries, general
9 Investments
10 Real estate
99 Rubber stamps, MTM office
Box Folder
100 1 S
2-3 Social Studies kit
4 Submissions
Subscriptions, 1970-74
Box Folder
100 5-8 Agencies
Box Folder
101 1-6 Back issue requests, inquiries, gratis copies
Box Folder
102 1-6 Back issue requests, etc., cont'd
7 Back issue inventory, 1974
8 Cancellations
Box Folder
103 1-2 Cancellations, cont'd
3-7 Complaints
Box Folder
104 1-4 Complaints, cont'd
5 Credits due
6-9 Invoices and invoice forms
Box Folder
105 1 Invoices, cont'd
2-8 Orders, subscription requests
Box Folder
106 1-8 Orders, cont'd
Box Folder
107 1-2 Orders, cont'd
3 Procedures
4-9 Renewals
10-11 Reports
Box Folder
108 1-2 Reports, cont'd
3 Statistics
4 T-V
5-6 Tourism
7 Typestyle booklets
8 W
9 X-Z
B. Production Material
Box Folder
109 1-6 Layouts, advertising and announcements
Box Folder
110 1-6 Layouts, cont'd
Box Folder
111 1-11 Visual material and designs used in MTM publications [printing cliches removed to oversize boxes 125-148]
Color separations for MTM issues, with captions
Box Folder
112 1-6 1962-63, Aug.-Jan.
Box Folder
113 1-8 1963, Feb.-Nov.
Box Folder
114 1-9 1964, Jan.-Nov.
Box Folder
115 1-9 1967, Jan.-Nov.
Box Folder
116 1-7 Christmas/New Years-July/Aug. 1967-68
Box Folder
117 1-4 Christmas/New Years-Aug./Sept. 1968
Box Folder
118 1-6 1969, Jan.-Dec.
Box Folder
119 1 1970, April
2-3 1971, Jan.-March

Series VI. Personal

Box Folder
120 1 Academic records, high school and university [Columbia Univ. 1934 doctoral diploma removed to oversize folder]
2 Address/telephone book; misc. addresses
3 Articles about AB
4 Biographical material
Box Folder
120 5 Nov. 19, 1925-April 5, 1926?
6-7 April 7, 1926-Dec. 27, 1926
8 Jan. 1, 1927-May 31, 1927
Box Folder
121 1-2 June 1, 1927-Dec. 31, 1927
3 Jan. 1, 1928-June 1, 1929
4 June 1, 1929-June 2, 1930
5 June 30, 1933-Oct. 9, 1933, with additional undated material
6 Sept. 15-Nov. 10, year not given; record of dreams
Box Folder
122 1 Girl Scouts
2 Interview with Beth Miller, 1974
3 Letters of certification; financial papers
Medical records
Box Folder
122 4-5 Cardiologists
6 Dental
7 Various doctors
8 Memberships and library cards
9 Notes, personal
Box Folder
123 1 Obit
2 Photographs, AB and family
3 Prayer books
4 Press credentials and memberships
5-7 Receipts, goods and services
8-9 Recipes, 1940s
10 Visas and travel documents

Series VII. Publications

A. Magazines and Journals
124 Act 1, Jan.-March 1967
Acta Americana, partial issue
Amauta, no. 28, Jan. 1930
American Anthropologist, vol. 31, 1929
Anales del Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Historia y Etnografia, July-Dec. 1922 and April-June 1925
Anales del Museo Nacional de Mexico, various issues and fragments, 1878-1900
125 Anales del Museo Nacional, cont'd
Anda Mios, no. 9, 1955
Aqui Esta, ano 1, no. 46, 1936
Art News, vol. 57, no. 4 and 5, 1958
Arte Publico, ano 2, no. 2, Nov. 1954-Feb. 1955
Arte Vivo Mexicano, no. 3-4, 1955
The Arts, vol. 15, no. 1, Jan. 1929
The Atlantic, vol. 227, no. 6, June 1971; [cover only, March 1964]
Atlantic Monthly, vol. 207, no. 1, Jan. 1961
Autentico, vol. 1, no. 1, Aug.-Sept., 1969
126 Boletin del Museo Nacional de Arqueologia Historia y Etnografia, Tom. 2, no. 11, May 1913; and Nov.-Dec., no. 5 and 6, 1922
Boletin del Petroleo, Sept. 1928
Bulletin D'Information Espagnole, no. 393, 14 Oct. 1937
Bulletin of the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology, Dec. 1923
Casa de las Americas, vol. 5, no. 28-29, 1965
Comunismo: Organo Teorico Mensual de la Izquierda Comunista de Espana, vol. 4, no. 33, 38, March-Sept. 1934
Creative Art: A Magazine of Fine and Applied Art, vol. 11, no. 4, Dec. 1932
Documentos Politicos, vol. 1, no. 13. "Cataluna Bajo la Dictadura" by Artuto Perucho
Economic Notes, vol. 4, no. 9-10, Sept.-Oct. 1936
Estudios, vol. 15, no. 162-163, 1937
Ethnos, vol. 1, no. 6, Nov. 1936; vol. 2, no. 1, Jan. 1937
L'Etudiant Socialiste: Organe Mensuel de Langue Francaise de L'Internationale de Etudiants Socialistes, vol. 8, no. 6, March 1933
127 Fortune, fragments: "Gold in Canada,""Tin's Fantasic Hero,""Silver, Just Silver" and vol. 18, no. 4, Oct. 1938, "Mexico in Revolution," fragment
Fortune, 87, no. 4, April 1973
Gaceta de la Propiedad Industrial, vol. 16, no. 10, Oct. 1944
Generalitat de Catalunya, Presidencia Commissariat de Propoganda, no. 215, 217, 1937
Harper's Magazine, March 1953, March 1956, and Feb. 1958
Hearst's International-Cosmopolitan, vol. 103, no. 2, Aug. 1937
Holiday, March 1947
128 I.N.A.H. Boletin, no. 26, Dec. 1966
I.W.M.A. Press Service (International Working-Men's Assn., Paris), no. 1, March 1938
International Press Correspondence, vol. 16, no. 13, March 1936 and vol. 16, no. 41, Sept. 1936
International Review, fragment
Jewish Daily Bulletin, numerous issues, 1930-31
Labor Notes, Labor Research Assn., various issues 1936-37
Libre Studio, vol. 2, no. 2-3, 1937
Life, June 30, 1947; Dec. 22, 1958
Look magazine, Sept. 21, 1965, and special edition on flying saucers, 1967
El Maestro Rural, vol. 8, no. 11, June 1936
The Massachusetts Review, Spring 1960
Mate: A Magazine of New Zealand Writing, no. 15, Oct. 1967
129 Mediodia Decenario Popular, no. 16, April 25, 1937
Mexican Folkways, vol. 1, no. 1-4, 1925; vol. 3, no. 2-4, 1927; vol. 4, no. 1-3, 1928; vol. 5, no. 1-3, 1929; and vol. 6, no. 2, 1930
130 Mexican Life, vol. 5, no. 10, Oct. 1929
Mexican News Digest, vol. 1, no. 8, Jan.-July 1944
Mexico en el Arte, no. 4, 1948
Midstream: A Quarterly Jewish Review, vol. 2, no. 4, Autumn 1956
Motive, vol. 19, no. 4, Jan. 1959; and vol. 23, no. 6, March 1963
Mujeres Libres, no. 11
Mundo Grafico, vol. 26, no. 1295, 1936
The Nation, vol. 128, no. 3315, Jan. 16, 1929
Newsweek, vol. 49, no. 23, June 10, 1957
Le Nouvel Observateur, no. 538, March 1975
Nueva Cultura, no. 11, 1936
Octubre, no. 1, Nov. 1934
Panorama: A Record of Inter-American Cultural Events, no. 21, Dec. 1942
Photo-History Magazine, vol. 1, no. 1, April 1937, "War in Spain"
131 Planete, no. 27, 1966
Quetzalcoatl: Organo de la Sociedad de Antropologia y Etnografia de Mexico, vol. 1, no. 2, Aug. 1929
Realites, no. 212, July 1968
Revista de Economia Socialista, no. 1, Oct. 1933
Revista de la Universidad de Mexico,"Hojas de Critica," supplement, vol. 22, no. 11, July 1968
Revista del Tribunal Fiscal de la Federacion, vol. 1, no. 6 and vol. 2, no. 8, 1937
132 The Saturday Evening Post, July 6, 1957
Scribner's Magazine, vol. 93, no. 5 and vol. 96, no. 2, 1933-34
The Socialist Bookshop, "Service Plan," no. 2-3, 1937-38
Solidaridad, no. 34, Dec. 1970; no. 100-101, Oct. 1973; and no. 102-103, Nov. 1973
Stand: Quarterly of the Arts, vol. 9, no. 2, 1967
Survey Graphic, vol. 32, no. 6, June 1943
Tiempos Nuevos, vol. 4, no. 3-4, 1937
Time, June 16, 1967
Tlatelolco a Traves de los Tiempos IX and X, vol. 6, no. 2, 1947 and vol. 7, no. 2, 1948 (partial)
The University of Puerto Rico Bulletin, Series 12, no. 1, Sept. 1941
Vanguard, vol. 3, no. 8, Aug. 1937
Vida-Americana, incomplete
The World Journal Tribune Magazine "New York,"Oct. 2, 1966
World Shopping, no. 11, July 1969
B. Pamphlets and Reprints
Accion Nacional, Mexico:
133 Cuentas Claras
Estudio Sobre--El Problema Agrario
No es Botin
Si Quieres un Hogar
Si Quieres una Patria
Sexto Aniversairo, 1945
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Tourist Guides:
Baja y Alta
Castle of Chapultepec
Mexico, general
Oaxaca, Mitla, Monte Alban, Cuilapam, etc.
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C. Newspapers
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138 Boletin de Informacion, cont'd
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Youth newspapers, various titles
Unidentified print material
142 Oversize
143-166 Oversize, MTM clichés