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Diane Johnson:

A Preliminary Inventory of Her Papers at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Johnson, Diane, 1934-
Title Diane Johnson Papers
Dates: ca. 1943-1997
Abstract: The papers of this American novelist and biographer include drafts and production material for books, as well as drafts of screenplays, television scripts, book reviews, articles, essays, unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, personal papers, interviews, reviews, and screenplay adaptations.
Extent 42 boxes, 4 oversize boxes (21.42 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

The papers of novelist and biographer Diane Johnson include drafts and production material for eleven of her twelve books, as well as drafts of screenplays, television scripts, book reviews, articles, essays, unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, personal papers, interviews, reviews of her works, and screenplays adapted from her works. The collection ranges from early childhood diaries through the publication of her most recent novel. The papers are organized into five series: I. Works, II. Correspondence, III. Personal Papers, IV. Information about DJ, and V. Works of Others.

The largest series, Works, is arranged in six subseries: A. Books; B. Screenplays; C. Adaptations, Teleplays, and Musicals; D. Reviews; E. Other Writings, and F. Unpublished Manuscripts. The alphabetical arrangement of books in Subseries A includes Johnson's two biographies, Lesser Lives, a biography of Mary Ellen Peacock, wife of George Meredith, which received a National Book Award nomination in 1973, and Dashiell Hammett: A Life, nominated for the Los Angeles Times book prize in 1984. Extensive research material, as well as correspondence with Lillian Hellman and production photographs, is included with the Hammett material. Johnson's eight novels are well represented, spanning more than thirty years, from her earliest Fair Game (1965) to Le Divorce (1997). Included is Persian Nights, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 1987 and Lying Low, which received a 1979 National Book Award nomination. Also present is her non-fiction work, Natural Opium, a collection of travel essays. Included in the Works series are handwritten and typescript drafts, proofs, galleys, publicity material, and editorial correspondence. Johnson's collected essays, Terrorists and Novelists, nominated for the 1983 Pulitzer Prize in general nonfiction, is represented solely by reviews in Series III.

Of the screenplays in Subseries B, "The Shining," produced in 1980 with Stanley Kubrick, stands as Johnson's universally recognized work. Although some of her other screenplays were optioned, none except "The Shining" has been produced. Two of her screenplays are drawn from her novels, "The Shadow Knows" and "Two Lives," based on the lives of Dashiell Hammett and Lillian Hellman. The screenplay material includes drafts of scripts, research material, and correspondence.

The adaptations, teleplays, and musicals in Subseries C include the PBS production "An Apple, an Orange" selected for Doubleday's 1973 edition of the O. Henry Prize Stories, Johnson's brief sojourn in script writing in 1968 for the television series "My Three Sons," the musical play "Colette's The Vagabond," and an adaptation of John Fowles's novel Daniel Martin.

Nearly all of Johnson's book reviews, from 1972 to 1996, are present in draft and published form, arranged in order by the author of the book reviewed in Subseries D. Johnson reviewed books on a wide range of topics from Patty Hearst and Angela Davis to John Ruskin and Julia Margaret Cameron, from AIDS to Victorian morality, and works by authors such as Margaret Atwood, Saul Bellow, Anthony Burgess, Joan Didion, Erica Jong, John LeCarré, Doris Lessing, Mary McCarthy, Norman Mailer, Joyce Carol Oates, Isaac Bashevis Singer, John Updike, Gore Vidal, and Eudora Welty. She has reviewed extensively for the New York Times, New York Review of Books, San Francisco Chronicle, and Washington Post.

Johnson's other writings in Subseries E include articles, essays, lectures, conference papers, letters to the editor, and contributions to books such as the preface to Margaret Gatty's Parables of Nature and the introduction to Josephine Herbst's The Starched Blue Sky of Spain, and Other Memoirs.

Subseries F contains drafts of Johnson's Ph.D. dissertation on the poetry of George Meredith, as well as correspondence regarding its potential for publication. It was during the research and writing of the dissertation that Johnson became acquainted with the life of Mary Ellen Peacock which subsequently led to the writing of Lesser Lives. Also present are drafts of her first novel "Runes" and a story "Rings."

Series II contains correspondence from 1951 to 1997 with friends, family, authors, editors, publishers, agents, fans, colleagues at the University of California, and students. Incoming and outgoing correspondence is interfiled. Correspondents of note include editors from A. D. Peters & Co., Alfred A. Knopf Inc., The Bodley Head, Harcourt, Brace & World, and the New York Review of Books, as well as individuals such as Alice Adams, Jane Annesley. Eve Auchincloss, Helen Brann, Fred Dupee, Barbara Epstein, John Espey, Jean Gandesbery, David Garnett, Christopher Isherwood, Jascha Kessler, Stanley Kubrick, Alison Lurie, Mary McCarthy, Jessica Mitford, Iris Murdock, Joyce Carol Oates, Susan Sontag, Robert Sward, John Updike, and Dan Wickenden.

Series III includes information about Johnson found in articles, interviews, and reviews of her work. The personal papers in Series IV contain an childhood composition book as well as six diaries sampling three decades from 1943 to 1964, from elementary school to university years. Likewise, coursework from those years are present along with photographs and articles from her 1953 guest editorship at Mademoiselle, where she joined company with Sylvia Plath. Articles and information are included for her 1979 Rosenthal Foundation Award and Guggenheim fellowship for 1977-1978 as well as her diplomas from Stephens College, University of Utah, and University of California at Los Angeles. Also present are biographical data, financial receipts from 1966- 1993, and publicity and family photographs.

The last series contains the work of other writers including adaptations of "An Apple, An Orange" and Persian Nights, as well as articles by others.

Johnson's original order was maintained where discernable, especially for production material and drafts of works. Her correspondence was unordered for the most part, so a single alphabetical arrangement was imposed. Material for her reviews was pulled from several groups of drafts and printed versions, which were then combined into a single alphabetical arrangement.



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Diane Johnson Papers--Folder List

Series I. Works

Subseries A. Books
Burning (1971)
box folder
1 1-2 Holograph and typescript draft
3 Early revised typescript
4 Typescript draft, carbon, revised 4/70
5 Typescript draft, photocopy
box folder
2 1-2 Typescript, setting copy
3 Proofs, corrected
4 Proofs, uncorrected
Dashiel Hammett: A Life (1983)
Typescript draft with holograph corrections
5 Ch. 1-3
6 Ch. 4-5
box folder
3 1 Ch. 7-8
2 Ch. 9-10
3 Ch. 11-12
4 Ch. 13-15
5 Ch. 16-17
box folder
4 1 Ch. 18-19
2 Ch. 20-21
3 Draft fragments, holograph and typescript
Typescript, setting copy
4 Ch. 1-10
5 Ch. 11-19
6 Ch. 20-22
7 Index, draft and galleys
[removed to Galley File]
box folder
5 1-6 Research and related material, articles and notes, photocopies of primary source material, and interviews
Research material, DJ's arrangement
box folder
6 1 "Hammett--original material--research"
2 "Hammett--publishing material"
3 "Hammett-research letters"
4 "Hellman letters to Diane"
5-7 Photocopies of DH correspondence, 1930-58
8 "State tax proceeding"
9 "Miscellaneous Hammett"
Random House photo proofs, prints, and negatives
box folder
7 1 Figures 1-16
2 Figures 17-32
3 "Dead matter," photographs with captions
4 Photographs not used by DJ
DH scripts
5 "Thin Man" sequels, 1935
6 "Another Thin Man,"5/13/38,
(file copy)
7 DJ's Vanity Fair article, May 1985
Le Divorce (1997)
box folder
8 1-2 Typescript, setting copy
3 Promotional material; editor's comments
Fair Game (1965)
4-5 Typescript, setting copy
[removed to Galley File]
9-10 Health and Happiness, (1990)
typescript drafts and fragments
box folder
11 1 Typescript drafts (cont'd)
2-3 Typescript, setting copy
4 Author's master set, 2nd pass pages
box folder
12 1 Printer's page proofs, repro
2 Page proofs, repro dupe
3 Unbound dummy
Lesser Lives (1973)
4 Holograph notebooks, including notes taken at the British Museum
5 Notes, with "Description of the Project"
6 Correspondence, research phase
box folder
13 1 Correspondence and research notes
2 Research material
3-6 Typescript drafts and fragments
box folder
14 1-2 Typescript, setting copy
Galleys and mechanicals
[removed to Galley File]
Loving Hands At Home (1968)
3 Early typescript draft
4-5 Typescript, setting copy
6 Publicity
[removed to Galley File]
Lying Low (1978)
[originally titled "Aspiradora"]
box folder
15 1 Holograph notes and drafts
2-4 Early typescript draft
5-6 Typescript drafts
box folder
16 1 Draft fragments and associated material
2-3 Typescript, setting copy, titled "Aspiradora"
4 Publicity and Granada paperback dust jacket
[removed to Galley File]
Natural Opium (1993)
5-6 Typescript draft
7 Draft and proofs for two chapters published separately
Persian Nights (1987)
box folder
17 1-6 Typescript drafts
box folder
18 1 Typescript drafts (cont'd)
2 Draft fragments
3-4 Typescript with holograph corrections
5 Production correspondence
6 Letters of congratulations
The Shadow Knows (1974)
7-8 Early draft fragments
box folder
19 1-2 Typescript, setting copy
3 Page proofs (blues), corrected
4 Publicity
[removed to oversize, Box 46]
Subseries B. Screenplays
"Apostasy," unproduced [various titles]
5 Rough draft, "The Death of John Singer"
6-7 Draft, heavily edited
8 Draft, June 20, 1986,
(bound script, uncorrected)
box folder
20 1 2nd draft, August 1986
"The Last Days" in collaboration with Volker Schlondorff
2 Draft, Aug. 19, 1986
3 Notes and correspondence, with V. Schlondorff
"Cure," unproduced
4 First draft, Nov. 22, 1991
5 First draft, Nov. 22, 1991
(copy #8, with corrections)
6-8 Script notes, drafts, and research material, 1992-93
box folder
21 1 First draft for reading, Jan. 27, 1993
2 Draft, 3/31/93
3 Drafts, 4/20/93 and 4/30/93
4-6 Draft fragments, April-May 1993
"Grand Hotel," unproduced
box folder
22 1 First draft, July 1980, photocopy
2 First draft, July 1980,
(bound, uncorrected)
"The Shadow Knows," unproduced based on DJ's novel
3 First draft, March 21, 1983
4-7 Draft fragments
"The Shining" with Stanley Kubrick, produced 1980
box folder
23 1-2 Draft fragments and notes
3 Correspondence with Kubrick and agent
"Two Lives" screenplay based on Dashiell Hammett
4-7 Draft fragments, first draft, Oct. 7, 1981
box folder
24 1 First draft, bound, Oct. 7, 1981
2 First draft, revised
3-4 Drafts and related notes
box folder
25 1-2 Drafts and related notes (cont'd)
3 First draft, revised, Dec. 7, 1981,
(bound copy)
4 "Wind," draft fragments, April 1992
Subseries C. Adaptations, Teleplays and Musicals
"An Apple, an Orange," television play in one act, PBS production
box folder
26 1 Typescript draft
2-3 Scripts
4 "Daniel Martin" adapted from novel by John Fowles, draft of play sequences
5 "My Three Sons" television series, "Chip and Debbie" episode written with Aljean Harmetz, May 10, 1968
6 "Colette's The Vagabond," musical play, text by DJ, synopsis of play
7 Ms. fragments, unidentified
Subseries D. Reviews
8 Abish, Walter, "Eclipse Fever,"1993
Alexander, Shana, "Anyone's Daughter,"1979
[removed to oversize, Box 43]
Alvarez, Alfred, "Life After Marriage;" and Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy, "Marriage, Love, Sex and Divorce,"1982
Atwood, Margaret, "Surfacing,"1972
Bainbridge, Beryl, "Young Adolf,"1978
Bair, Deirdre, "Simone de Beauvoir,"1990
Barthelme, Donald, "Great Days,"1979
[removed to oversize, Box 43]
Bell, Anne Olivier, ed., "The Diary of Virginia Woolf, vol. 2, 1920-24,"1978
Bell, Quentin, "Ruskin;" and Robert Hewison, "John Ruskin,"1978
Bellow, Saul, "The Dean's December,"1982
Bertin, Celia, "Marie Bonaparte: A Life,"1982
Bettelhein, Bruno, "The Uses of Enchantment,"1976
Bingham, Sallie, "The Way It Is Now;" and Ann Birstein, "Summer Situations,"1972
[removed to oversize, Box 43]
Brownmiller, Susan, "Men, Women and Rapes;" Jean MacKellar and Dr. M. Amir, "Rape: The Bait and the Traps;" and "Rape and its Victims" [report], 1975
Bryan, C. D. B., "Friendly Fire,"1976
[removed to oversize, Box 43]
Burd, Van Akin, ed., "John Ruskin and Rose LaTouche,"1979
Burgess, Anthony, "One Hand Clapping,"1972
Butler, Gwendoline, "Sarsen Place,"1974
Byatt, A. S., "Possession,"1991
9 Carlisle, Henry, "Voyage to the First of December,"1972
Conrad, Susan, "Perish the Thought;" and Judith Fryer, "The Faces of Eve,"1976
Dash, Joan, "A Life of One's Own,"1973
Davis, Angela, "Angela Davis--An Autobiography,"1974
DeLillo, Don, "Players,"1977
_____, "White Noise,"1985
Dickinson, Peter, "Tefuga,"1986
Didion, Joan, "The Last Thing He Wanted,"1996
Doctorow, E. L., "Loon Lake,"1980
Drabble, Margaret, "The Realms of Gold,"1975
Duras, Marguerite, "The Lover,"1985
Fellows, Jay, "The Failing Distance,"1977
FitzGerald, Frances, "Cities on a Hill,"1986
Flexner, Eleanor, "Mary Wollstonecraft,"1972
Fowles, John, "Daniel Martin,"1977
Fryer, Judith, "The Faces of Eve,"1976
10 Gordimer, Nadine, "The Conservationist,"1975
_____, "A Sport of Nature,"1987
Hacker, Frederick, "Crusaders, Criminals, Crazies,"1977
Hardwick, Elizabeth, "Sleepless Nights,"1979
Hadley, Leila, "A Journey with Elsa Cloud,"1997
Hartley, L. P., "The Will and the Way,"1973
Hayward, Brooke, "Haywire,"1977
Herr, Michael, "Walter Winchell: A Novel;" Richard Ford, "Wildlife;" and Margaret Mehring, "The Screenplay,"1990
Hill, Brian, "Julia Margaret Cameron;" and Julia M. Cameron, "Victorian Photographs of Famous Men & Fair Women,"1973
Hoagland, Edward, "The Edward Hoagland Reader;" and E. Hoagland, "African Calliope,"1979
Howard, Jane, "Families,"1978
Howard, Maureen, "Facts of Life,"1978
[removed to oversize, Box 43]
Hudson, Derek, "Munby, Man of Two Worlds,"1972
box folder
27 1 Jacoby, Susan, "Wild Justice;" and Steven Englund, "Man Slaughter,"1983
Johnson, Diane [bibliographic essays]
2-4 "Aids without end," with John F. Murray, M.D., research material and review of the "1988 Report of the Presidential Commission on the HIV Epidemic;" and Randy Shilts, "And the Band Played On"
5 "The flight of the bumble bee," review of 24 cookbooks on the new American cuisine, 1981
"La la land," discusses 8 Hollywood novels, 1987
"The lost world of the Mormons," review of five books on the Mormon faith and its peoples, 1990
"Ruskin our contemporary," review of 11 books on John Ruskin, 1983
"Something for the boys," review of 9 books on masculinity and femininity, 1992
"The war between the sexes," reviews of 3 novels about women and sex, 1994
"What do women want," discusses 7 books on feminism, 1996
6 Jong, Erica, "How to Save Your Own Life;" Joan Didion, "A Book of Common Prayer;" and Bertha Harris, "Lover,"1977
Kilduff, Marshall, "The Suicide Cult;" Charles Krause, "Guyana Massacre;" John Maguire, "Hold Hands and Die!;" and Jeannie Mills, "Six Years With God" (re: Jim Jones), 1979
Klassen, Albert, et al, "Sex and Morality in the U.S.,"1989
Kramer, Jane, "The Last Cowboy;" and John McPhee, "Coming Into the Country,"1978
[removed to oversize, Box 44]
Landow, George P., et al, "Approaches to Victorian Autobiography,"1979
LeCarré, John, "The Naive and Sentimental Lover,"1972
_____, "The Secret Pilgrim,"1991
Lenz, Seigfried, "The German Lesson;" and Chaim Potok, "My Name is Asher Lev,"1972
[removed to oversize, Box 44]
Lessing, Doris, "The Summer Before the Dark,"1973
Lewin, Leonard C., "Triage,"1972
Lottman, Herbert R., "Albert Camus,"1979
MacShane, Frank, ed., "Selected Letters of Raymond Chandler,"1981
McCarthy, Mary, "Intellectual Memoirs: New York, 1936-1938,"1992
_____, "Occasional Prose,"1986
Maddox, Brenda, "D.H. Lawrence: A Story of a Marriage;" Janet Byrne, "A Genius for Living: The Life of Frieda Lawrence;" and Rosie Jackson, "Frieda Lawrence,"1995
Mailer, Norman, "The Executioner's Song,"1979
Manso, Peter, "Mailer: His Life and Times,"1985
Mason, Bobbie Ann, "In Country;" and Anne Tyler, "The Accidental Tourist,"1985
Moglen, Helene, "Charlotte Brontë: The Self Conceived,"1976
[removed to oversize, Box 44]
Momaday, N. Scott, "The Names;" Maxine Hong Kingston, "The Woman Warrior;" and Carobeth Laird, "Encounter With an Angry God,"1977
Monk, Wendy, ed., "The Journals of Caroline Fox, 1835-1871,"1973
Morrison, Toni, Song of Solomon; Gayl Jones, "White Rat;" and James Alan McPherson, "Elbow Room,"1977
Mukherjee, Bharati, "Wife,"1975
box folder
28 1 Naifeh, Steven and G. W. Smith, "Jackson Pollock: An American Saga,"1990
Oates, Joyce Carol, "A Bloodsmoor Romance,"1982
_____, "Do With Me What You Will,"1974
Opie, Iona and Peter, "The Classic Fairy Tales;""Fairy Tales From Many Lands;" and "The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales,"1974
Ovenden, Graham, "Pre-Raphaelite Photography,"1984
_____, "Victorian Children,"1972
Phelps, Robert, "Letters from Colette,"1983
Pugh, Marshall, "A Murmur of Mutiny,"1972
Raban, Jonathan, "Old Glory: An American Voyage,"1982
Ray, Gordon N., "H. G. Wells & Rebecca West,"1974
Reston, James Jr., "Our Father Who Art in Hell," and others on Jonestown and Jim Jones, 1981
Rhys, Jean, "Tigers Are Better Looking,"1974
Rich, Adrienne, "Of Woman Born;" and Oriana Fallaci, "Letter to a Child Never Born,"1976
Rosenberg, John, "Dorothy Richardson,"1973
Ross, Ishbel, "The Uncrowned Queen: Life of Lola Montez,"1972
Rybczynski, Wytold, "Home;" Tracy Kidder, "House;" Avilde Lees-Milne and Derry Moore, "The Englishman's Room;" and Stephen Calloway, "Designs for Interiors,"1986
Sand, George, "My Life" and other books about George Sand, 1979
Shainberg, Lawrence, "Memories of Amnesia,"1988
Shelley, Mary, "Collected Tales and Stories," edited by Charles E. Robinson, 1976
2-4 Shilts, Randy, "And the Band Played On;" and John Langone, "AIDS: The Facts, " including research material on AIDS, 1988
5 Singer, Isaac Bashevis, "Enemies: A Love Story,"1972
Snow, C. P., "Trollope,"1975
[removed to oversize, Box 43]
Solomon, Barbara Probst, "Arriving Where We Started,"1972
Spark, Muriel, "The Hothouse by the East River,"1973
Steegmuller, Francis, "The Letters of Gustave Flaubert, 1830-1857,"1980
Steinem, Gloria, "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions,"1983
Stern, Madeleine, ed., "More Unknown Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott,"1976
Strouse, Jean, "Alice James;" Leon Edel, ed., "Henry James;" and Ruth Yeazell, "The Death and Letters of Alice James,"1980
Theroux, Alexander, "Three Wogs,"1972
[removed to oversize, Box 44]
Thomas, D. M., "Ararat,"1983
_____, "The White Hotel,"1981
Trevor, William, "The Ballroom of Romance and Other Stories,"1972
Tyler, Anne, "Earthly Possessions,"1977
[removed to oversize, Box 44]
Updike, John, "The Witches of Eastwick,"1984
Vidal, Gore, "Kalki,"1978
_____, "Screening of History;" (Vidal) "Live From Golgotha;" Aljean Harmetz, "Round Up the Usual Suspects;" and H. Bruce Franklin, "M.I.A. or Mythmaking in America,"1993
Wastberg, Per, "The Air Cage,"1972
Welty, Eudora, "The Eye of the Storm;" and John Gardner, "On Moral Fiction,"1978
Westin, Jeane, "Making Do: How Women Survived the Thirties,"1976
White, Edmund, "The Beautiful Room is Empty;" and Edmund White and Adam Mars-Jones, "The Darker Proof,"1988
Whittick, Arnold, "Ruskin's Venice;" John Unrau, "Looking at Architecture with Ruskin;" Robert Hewison, "John Ruskin: The Argument of the Eye;" and Quentin Bell, "Ruskin,"1978
Williams, Thomas, "The Followed Man,"1978
Subseries E. Other Writings
Articles (arranged by title)
box folder
29 1 A-G
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
2 H-W
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
3 "Writing for the movies is harder than it looks, "New York Times Book Review, April 14, 1985
4 Untitled articles
5 Typescript and holograph fragments
6 Commencement address, University of California, Davis, 1983
Contributions to Books
7 Contributor to The Lake Reader, vol. 1, draft, 1985-86
8 Introduction to Josephine Herbst's The Starched Blue Sky of Spain, and Other Memoirs, Harper Perennial, 1992
9 Preface to children's classic reprint series, Garland, 1976
10 Preface to facsimile ed. of Margaret Gatty's Parables of Nature, Garland, 1976
box folder
30 1 "Aspiradora," in Janet Sternburg, ed., The Writer and Her Work, 1990
2 "The importance of plot," in The Pushcart Prize XIV: Best of Small Presses, 1989-90
3 "White hunter," in Pushcart Prize XVIII, 1993
4 Lectures, talks, panels, and conference papers
5 Letters to the editor
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
6 Various typescripts arranged by DJ in a binder, includes reviews, articles, essays
Subseries F. Unpublished Manuscripts
Dissertation, "A closer reading of earth: sexual mysticism in the poetry of George Meredith"
7-9 Typescript drafts
box folder
31 1 Typescript drafts (cont'd)
2 Dissertation Abstracts entry for DJ's dissertation
3-5 Revised draft, chapters 1-9
6 Research material for article on George Meredith
7 Typescript draft, "Meaning in poems: George Meredith"
8 Correspondence re: publishing Meredith ms.
box folder
32 1-2 Typescript draft, first novel, "Runes"
3 Typescript draft of story, "Rings"

Series II. Correspondence, 1951-1997

box folder
32 4 A - Al
5 Am - Ax
6 Alfred A. Knopf Inc.
7 Auchincloss, Eve
8 B - Bos
box folder
33 1 Br - By
2 Brann, Helen, 1970-92
3 Ca
4 Ce - Cu
5 D
6 E
7 F
8 G
box folder
34 1 Gandesbery, Jean
2 H
3 Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich (World), 1964-69
4 Harcourt, Brace, World, 1970-79
5 I - J
6 Johnson, B. Lamar (Larry)
box folder
35 1-2 Johnson family
3 K
4 L
5 Lain family
6 Lurie, Alison Bishop
7 M - Mi
box folder
36 1 Mo - Mu
2 McCarthy, Mary
3 Murray, John
4 Murray family
5 N - O
6 P - Q
7 Peterson, Brenda
box folder
37 1 Parks, Lorine and Floyd
2 R
3 S - Sh
4 St - Sw
5 Sward, Robert
6 T
box folder
38 1 Turner, Donna
2 U - V
4 X - Y - Z
5 Unidentified

Series III. Information about DJ

box folder
38 6 Articles about DJ in newspapers and magazines, 1965-97
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
7 Interviews with DJ, 1974-93
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
Reviews of DJ's books and screenplay
8 Burning
9-10 Dashiell Hammett: A Life
box folder
39 1 Le Divorce
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
2 Fair Game
3 Health and Happiness
4 Lesser Lives
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
5 Loving Hands At Home
6 Lying Low
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
7 Natural Opium
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
8-9 Persian Nights
10 The Shadow Knows
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
11 "The Shining"
12 Terrorists and Novelists

Series IV. Personal Papers

box folder
40 1 Composition book, juvenile [n.d.]
2 1943
3 1947
4 1951
5 1952
6 1963
7 1964
box folder
41 1 Elementary and high school coursework
2-6 College and university papers
7 Mademoiselle, guest editor, 1953
box folder
42 1-2 Graduate seminar papers, 1963-65
3 Awards, certificates, diplomas
4 Biographical data
5 Financial receipts and papers, 1966-93
6 Photographs
7 Miscellaneous

Series V. Works of Others

box folder
42 8 Hara, Lillian and Dorie Taylor, "Vacancy," script based on DJ's "An Apple, An Orange"
9 Jenkins, Victoria, "Persian Nights," script based on DJ's novel
10 Various articles
[oversize material removed to Box 45]
43-45 Oversize material