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Gordon Dickerson:

A Preliminary Inventory of His Collection of Modern British Playwrights at the Harry Ransom Center

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Creator Dickerson, Gordon
Title Gordon Dickerson Collection of Modern British Playwrights
Abstract: This collection contains material related to the careers of British playwrights Michael Frayn, David Hare, Tony Harrison, John Osborne, Tom Stoppard, and David Storey, including scripts, programs and playbills, reviews, articles, biographical material, business correspondence, contracts, and posters.
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Extent: 21 boxes, 1 folder, oversize flat file (8.82 linear feet)
Language: English.
Repository: Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

This collection, compiled by literary agent Gordon Dickerson of Fraser & Dunlop Scripts Ltd., contains material related to the careers of modern British playwrights Michael Frayn, David Hare, Tony Harrison, John Osborne, Tom Stoppard, and David Storey. The archive includes scripts, programs and playbills, reviews, articles, biographical material, business correspondence, contracts, and posters. While some original manuscript material is present, especially Stoppard scripts, the bulk of the collection comprises newspaper clippings and magazine articles.

The collection is arranged alphabetically by playwright in six series: I. Michael Frayn (1 box); II. David Hare (1 folder); III. Tony Harrison (2 boxes); IV. John Osborne (3 boxes); V. Tom Stoppard (13 boxes), and VI. David Storey (2 boxes).

Series I, containing material by and about Michael Frayn, is divided into two subseries: Subseries A. Works, and Subseries B. Articles, Correspondence, Playbills, Posters, and Reviews. The works in Subseries A include playscripts for Alphabetical Order, Benefactors, Donkey's Years, and Noises Off. Subseries B contains articles and biographical material on Frayn, as well as articles by and about his wife Claire Tomalin. Minimal correspondence is present, a letter each to Frayn and Dickerson, along with two revisions of Karen Blansfield's entry on Frayn in British Playwrights Since 1956 (Greenwood, 1996). Reviews include his adaptations and translations: La Belle Vivette, Exchange, and works by Chekhov; books: A Landing on the Sun, Now You Know (also for stage), and The Trick of It; plays: Alphabetical Order; Benefactors; Clouds; Donkeys' Years; Look, Look; Make and Break (also for BBC TV); Noises Off; The Sandboy; and The Two of Us; screenplay: Clockwise; and work for television: First and Last.

Programs for two works by David Hare, A Map of the World and Pravda: A Fleet Street Comedy, are present in Series II. Also included is Hare's review of Tony Richardson's memoir Long Distance Runner.

Series III contains articles, programs, and reviews for works of theatrical poet Tony Harrison. The articles and interviews with Harrison date from 1986-1993, while a published bibliography by John Kaiser covers the years 1957-87. Also included are programs and reviews for his adaptations: The Bartered Bride, The Misanthrope, and Orestia; book and film: The Gaze of the Gorgon; music-theatre: Bow Down and Phaedra Britannica; works for television: The Big H, The Blasphemers' Banquet, Black Daisies for the Bride, Loving Memory; and theater: Medea: SexWar, Poetry or Bust, Square Rounds, Trackers of Oxyrhynchus, and V.

The works of John Osborne, from the debut of his "angry young man" in Look Back in Anger (1956) to his angry old years and death in 1994, are represented in Series IV. The series is divided into Subseries A. Works; Subseries B. Programs, Playbills, and Reviews; and Subseries C. Articles, Contracts, and Correspondence. Osborne's works in Subseries A include scripts for The World of Paul Slickey and You're Not Watching Me, Mummy. Subseries B contains programs, playbills, and reviews for Osborne's works which are arranged by the title. Included are his memoir Almost a Gentleman; adaptations: The Father (Strindberg) and The Picture of Dorian Gray; collected prose: Damn You, England; and plays: Déjàvu, The Entertainer, Epitaph for George Dillon (with Anthony Creighton), The Hotel in Amsterdam, Inadmissable Evidence, Look Back in Anger (revival), Luther, A Patriot for Me, and The World of Paul Slickey; and screenplay: England, My England. Subseries C consists predominately of newspaper clippings and magazine tearsheets of articles by both John and Helen Osborne, especially items written for The Spectator. Articles written about Osborne from 1973-95, as well as biographical material and obituaries, are also present.

Osborne's contracts date from 1973-83 and represent such titles as The Entertainer, Look Back in Anger (for television), Luther, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Watch It Come Down. The correspondence, 1973-1993, from the Fraser & Dunlop [also Peters, Fraser & Dunlop] agency files on Osborne, comprises letters to and from its associates, Dickerson, Kenneth Ewing, and Robin Dalton. Carbons and photocopies of Osborne's correspondence are also present. Correspondents include producers for stage and television, literary agents, and directors, especially Stuart Burge, Peter Hall, Robert Kidd, Oscar Lewenstein, Michael Rudman, Norman Twain, Margery Vosper, and Audrey Wood. Included in the correspondence are photocopies of letters and notes from Osborne to Laura del Bono and Neale Stainton and theirs to him. Several typescript drafts of articles and reviews Osborne wrote for publication are also present. This material supplements the Osborne Papers previously received at the Ransom Center.

The largest series, Series V, contains the work of Tom Stoppard represented by scripts in Subseries A, followed by Subseries B. Programs, Playbills, and Posters; Subseries C. Reviews; Subseries D. Articles; and Subseries E. Career-related Material.

Stoppard's works in Subseries A include playscripts, radio plays, screenplays, and teleplays, which complement those already received and cataloged at the Ransom Center and provide important new material for researchers. The programs, playbills, and posters in Subseries B are arranged alphabetically by title of the work, as are the reviews in Subseries C. Numerous articles by and about Stoppard, which date from his early years in journalism in the 1950s, comprise Subseries D.

Career-related material in Subseries E includes announcements of Stoppard's 1979 Shakespeare prize and a 1980 commencement program from the University of Sussex listing Stoppard as the recipient of an honorary degree. Of particular interest are original copies of agreements and contracts which date from 1963-1972. Included are contracts with Fraser and Dunlop (Scripts) Ltd. for After Magritte (1970), Lord Malquist and Mr. Moon (1972), The Real Inspector Hound (1967), and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (1966); with Fraser & Dunlop Ltd. for A Separate Peace (1969); with Faber and Faber Ltd. for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (1967); with Oliver Moon Ltd. for The Preservation of George Riley (1968); with Paramount Pictures for Galileo (1972); and with Anthony Blond Ltd. for Lord Malquist and Mr. Moon (1963). Related correspondence is also present. Additional contracts are found in Kenneth Ewing's file on Stoppard, while Ewing served as director and chairman of Fraser & Dunlop (Scripts) Ltd. Dating from 1967-1992, the correspondence includes photocopied letters and carbons from Stoppard to Dickerson and others. Carbons of Ewing's outgoing letters, representing Stoppard's interests, form the bulk of the correspondence.

Series VI represents the works of David Storey, primarily through programs and reviews. Included are cuttings and programs for his plays The Changing Room, The Contractor, Cromwell, Early Days, The Farm, Home, In Celebration, Life Class, The March on Russia, Mother's Day, Otthon, Pasmore, Phoenix, Present Times, Sisters, Stages, Storey's Lives, and A Temporary Life. Articles on Storey and biographical material are also present.

The collection was processed according to the compiler's order as received, except for the organization of programs and reviews into folders by title. Original folders and descriptions are retained. The material is in good condition, although deterioration is evident where tape and glue were used to adhere articles and reviews to supporting pages.



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Index Terms

Frayn, Michael
Hare, David, 1947-
Harrison, Tony, 1937-
Osborne, John, 1929-
Stoppard, Tom
Storey, David, 1933-

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Liz Murray, 1998

Gordon Dickerson Collection of Modern British Playwrights--Folder List

Series I. Michael Frayn

Subseries A. Works
box folder
1 1 Alphabetical Order, playscript, duplicated copy with holograph corrections
2 Benefactors, playscript, photocopy of revision of published version (Methuen, third ed., 1985)
3 Donkey's Years, playscript, corrected typescript, top copy
4 Noises Off, playscript, revision of published version (Methuen, 1983)
5 Play and prose fragments: "Blots, ""Glycerine, ""A little peace and quiet, ""Never mind the weather, ""On an occasion of this nature, ""Value for money, "and "Who do you think you are"
Subseries B. Articles, Correspondence, Playbills, Programs and Reviews
box folder
1 6 Articles and biographical material, 1984-95
7 Articles by and about Claire Tomalin, 1987-94
8 Correspondence, including draft of entry for British Playwrights Since 1956,1988-93,
Playbills, programs, and reviews of Frayn's works: adaptations, fiction, screenplays, stage plays, television, and translations
box folder
1 9 A - F
Alphabetical Order
La Belle Vivette
The Cherry Orchard, The Sneeze, Three Sisters, Uncle Vanya (Chekhov) [poster of Wild Honey removed to oversize flat file]
Donkey's Years
Exchange (Trifonov)
First and Last
box folder
1 10 L - M
A Landing on the Sun
Look, Look
Make and Break
box folder
1 11 N - T
Noises Off
Now You Know
The Sandboy
The Trick of It
The Two of Us

Series II. David Hare

box folder
1 12 Programs for A Map of the World and Pravda: A Fleet Street Comedy; Hare's review of Tony Richardson's memoir Long Distance Runner

Series III. Tony Harrison

box folder
2 1 With interviews, 1986-1993
2 In Spanish, 1993
3 "Awards details"
box folder
2 4 "Tony Harrison: A Bibliography, 1957-1987" by John R. Kaiser, photocopy of printed version (Mansell, 1989)
Programs and reviews
box folder
2 5 The Bartered Bride (Smetana)
6 The Big H, a music drama with Dominic Muldowney
7 The Blasphemers' Banquet
8 Black Daisies for the Bride
9 Bow Down, music by Harrison Birtwistle
10 The Gaze of the Gorgon
11 Loving Memory
12 Medea: SexWar
13 The Misanthrope (Molière)
box folder
3 1 The Misanthrope, cont.
2 The Mysteries
3 The Orestia (Aeschylus)
4 Phaedra Britannica
5 Poetry or Bust
6 Square Rounds
7-8 The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus
9 V, film and stage versions

Series IV. John Osborne

Subseries A. Works
box folder
4 1 The World of Paul Slickey, playscript, two uncorrected typescripts, top copy
2 You're Not Watching Me, Mummy, teleplay, corrected carbon typescript
Subseries B. Programs, Playbills, and Reviews
box folder
4 3-4 Almost a Gentleman
5 Damn You, England
6 Déjàvu
7 England, My England
8 The Entertainer
9 Epitaph for George Dillon
10 The Father (Strindberg)
11 The Hotel in Amsterdam
box folder
5 1 Inadmissable Evidence [poster removed to oversize flat file]
2-3 Look Back in Anger (revival)
4 Luther
5-6 A Patriot for Me [poster removed to oversize flat file]
7 The Picture of Dorian Gray
8 The World of Paul Slickey
Subseries C. Articles, Contracts, and Correspondence
box folder
6 1-3 About John Osborne, includes biographical material and obits, 1973-95
4 By Osborne, includes book reviews and letters to the editor, 1978-94
5 By Helen Osborne, 1993-97
6 Contracts, 1973-83
7 Correspondence, 1973-93

Series V. Tom Stoppard

Subseries A. Works
box folder
7 1 Albert's Bridge, radio play, uncorrected, duplicated typescript
2 Always, screenplay, final shooting script, uncorrected, duplicated typescript, 12/9/89
3 And Now the Incredible Archibald Jumpers, playscript, top copy with holograph corrections
4 Another Moon Called Earth, playscript which later became Jumpers, uncorrected, photocopy typescript
Artist Descending A Staircase
box folder
7 5 Play for radio, corrected, duplicated copy
6 Playscript, revision of printed version, incomplete photocopy with holograph corrections
7 Billy Bathgate, screenplay, second draft, uncorrected duplicated typescript, May 1990
box folder
7 8 Screenplay, typescript with minor holograph corrections
9 Playscript, corrected typescript, September 1982
10 Dirty Linen, playscript, early version "Maddie Sees It Through, "duplicated typescript and photocopy
box folder
8 1 Doctor Masopust, I Presume, serial for radio, uncorrected carbon typescript
2 Doog's [sic] our Pet: An Opening Ceremony playscript, carbon typescript with minor holograph corrections
3 Dogg's Troupe [Dogg's our Pet], playscripts, two uncorrected duplicated typescripts and corrected galleys
4 Dogg's our Pet, second filmstrip, uncorrected photocopy typescript
5 Empire of the Sun, screenplay treatment?, corrected typescript, 24/6/85
6 The Engagement, screenplay, corrected carbon typescript
7 The Explorers, teleplay, typescript, top copy with holograph corrections
8 The Frog Prince, screenplay, uncorrected carbon typescript
9 Funny Man, teleplay, uncorrected carbon typescript
Galileo, screenplay
box folder
8 10 Duplicated typescript
11 2nd draft, uncorrected duplicated typescript
12 The Gamblers, playscript, uncorrected carbon typescript
13 Hapgood, playscript, corrected typescript, Dec. 1986-Jan. 1987
box folder
9 1 Home and Dry, playscript, [previously titled "The Preservation of George Riley, "uncorrected duplicated typescript
House of Bernarda Alba, playscript, English version by T.S.
box folder
9 2 Corrected photocopy typescript
3 Uncorrected photocopy typescript
4 How Sir Dudley Lost the Empire, playscript, first draft, carbon typescript with minor holograph corrections
5 Knuckle, screenplay, corrected typescript
6 Lord Malquist and Mr. Moon, screenplay, first draft, top copy with holograph corrections
7 Michael the First, screenplay by T.S. and others, duplicated typescript with minor corrections
8 Murder at Mousetrap Manor, playscript, photocopy typescript
9 Neutral Ground, screenplay, typescript with holograph corrections
Night and Day
box folder
9 10 Playscript, corrected duplicated copy #17, with typescript inserts, Dec. 1978
box folder
10 1 Screenplay, second draft, heavily corrected typescript with numerous inserts, August 1980
2 One Pair of Eyes, teleplay, duplicated typescript
3 Professional Foul, radio script, corrected duplicated typescript
4 The Real Inspector Hound, playscript for CBC stage, uncorrected, duplicated typescript
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, screenplay
box folder
10 5 Corrected duplicated copy, Aug. 1987
6 Composite typescript with corrections, Jan. 1989
7 #13, photocopy typescript
8 Uncorrected, duplicated typescript,
box folder
11 1 Playscript, uncorrected, duplicated typescript
2 Rough Crossing, playscript, corrected typescript and draft revision of printed version, March 1987
3 The Russia House, revised first draft, uncorrected duplicated typescript
4 Squaring the Circle: Poland, screenplay treatment
5 Tango, playscript, adapted by T.S., uncorrected duplicated typescript
6 Teeth, playscript for Thirty Minute Theatre, corrected carbon copy and photocopy
7 This Way Out with Samuel Boot, screenplay, carbon typescript with holograph corrections
Travesties, playscript
box folder
11 8 Carbon typescript with minor corrections
9 Photocopy of printed version
10 Two Hands Smashing Together, playscript, [A.C.H. Smith], uncorrected carbon typescript
11 The Undiscovered Country, English version by T.S., playscript, first draft, duplicated uncorrected copy, April 1979
A Walk on the Water
box folder
12 1 Playscript, uncorrected duplicated typescript
2 Playscript, mimeograph typescript
(2 copies)
3 Teleplay, camera script, final draft
4 Teleplay, camera script, final draft no. 2
Subseries B. Programs, Playbills, and Posters
box folder
12 5 After Magritte
6 Albert's Bridge [combined with If You're Glad I'll Be Frank]
7 Arcadia
8 Artist Descending a Staircase
9 Dalliance
10 Dirty Linen and New-Found-Land
11 Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth
box folder
13 1 Empire of the Sun
2 Enter a Free Man
3 Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
4 Hapgood and Indian Ink
5 Jumpers, including production photographs
Largo Désolato [poster removed to oversize flat file]
box folder
13 6 The Love for Three Oranges and The Merry Widow
7 Magic Moments with Mantovani in "Two Acts of Love with a 15 Minute Interval" in aid of the Ford Martin Fund
8 Night and Day
9 On the Razzle and The Real Inspector Hound
box folder
14 1-2 The Real Thing
3 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
4 Rough Crossing
5 Tango and Travesties
Subseries C. Reviews
box folder
15 1 After Magritte and Arcadia
2 Artist Descending a Staircase and Born Yesterday (T.S. director)
3 Dalliance
4 Dirty Linen
5 Dog It Was that Died; Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth; Dogg's our Pet
6 Empire of the Sun; The Engagement; and Enter a Free Man
7 Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
8 Hamlet
9 Hapgood
10 The House of Bernarda Alba and The Human Factor
11 In the Native State and Indian Ink
box folder
16 1 Jumpers
2 Largo Desolato
3 Lord Malquist and Mr. Moon and Love [of] Three Oranges
4 The Merry Widow and Night and Day
5 On the Razzle
6 The Real Inspector Hound
7 The Real Thing
8 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
box folder
17 1 R and G, cont.
2 Rough Crossing
3 Squaring the Circle
4-5 Travesties
6 Undiscovered Country and Where Are They Now?
Subseries D. Articles
box folder
18 1-3 Articles about T.S.
4 Articles about others in which T.S. is mentioned
5 Articles by T.S., early journalism, photocopies, 1950s-60s
6 Articles by T.S., mid-1960s-1992 and nd
box folder
19 1 Magazine issues and newspaper magazine sections related to T.S. [oversize material removed to flat file]
Subseries E. Career-related Material
box folder
19 2 "Awards, etc."
3 Biographical info
4 Contracts
5-6 Kenneth Ewing (Fraser & Dunlop) file of T.S. material, including correspondence and contracts
7 Univ. of Iowa brochure, "A Tom Stoppard Summer: Summer Rep '85"

Series IV. David Storey

box folder
20 1 Articles about DS
2 Biographical entry from DLB
Programs and reviews
The Changing Room
box folder
20 3 America
4 England and other countries
5 The Contractor
6 Cromwell
7 Early Days
8 The Farm
box folder
21 1 Home [poster removed to oversize flat file]
2 In Celebration
3 Life Class
4 The March on Russia
5 Mother's Day
6 O - T
Present Times
Storey's Lives
A Temporary Life
box folder
21 7 Phoenix
8 Sisters
9 Stages