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Amos Tutuola:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Tutuola, Amos
Title: Amos Tutuola Collection
Dates: 1940-1997
Abstract: The Amos Tutuola Collection, 1940-1997, includes holograph and typed manuscripts, transcripts, galleys, and correspondence concerning Tutuola's works, as well as works about Tutuola.
Extent: 11 boxes, 2 oversize boxes (4.58 linear feet)
Language: English and Yoruba.
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

Amos Tutuola was born in 1920 in Abeokuta, Nigeria. He first entered his home village school at the age of twelve and in 1934 he entered the Lagos High School, under the sponsorship of a family friend. Trouble with the people he lived with sent Tutuola back to school in Abeokuta in 1936 and the death of his father in 1939 forced Tutuola to end his formal education. He returned to Lagos to learn blacksmithing and in 1942 he joined the R.A.F. as a blacksmith.

Despite a somewhat abbreviated formal education, Tutuola originally wrote all of his novels in English. The success of his stories prompted him to translate a number of his works into his native language, Yoruba. While working as a messenger for the Department of Labor, Tutuola wrote the first draft of The Palm-Wine Drinkard, a romance built out of elements of Yoruba folklore. Published by Faber and Faber in London in 1952, The Palm-Wine Drinkard is considered the first of all anglo-phone Nigerian novels. Due to the critical and popular success of this novel, Tutuola became the first Nigerian novelist to win international acclaim. The Palm-Wine Drinkard was followed by My Life in the Bush Ghosts (1954); Simbi and the Satyr of the Dark Jungle (1955); The Brave African Huntress (1958); Feather Woman of the Jungle (1962); Ajaiyi and His Inherited Poverty (1967); The Witch Herbalist of the Remote Town (1981); The Wild Hunter in the Bush of Ghosts (written in the late 1940s, but not published until 1982); Pauper, Brawler, Slanderer (1987); and The Village Witch Doctor and Other Stories (1990).

The initial purchase of Tutuola's papers was arranged by University of Houston professor Robert Wren, while additional accessions were facilitated by Tutuola's friend and professor of African and English literature at the University of Texas at Austin, Bernth Lindfors. A number of Tutuola-related materials were the gift of Lindfors, and other pertinent materials are located in the Bernth Lindfors Papers, including a photostat of his typed manuscript Critical Perspectives on Amos Tutuola (1975).

Amos Tutuola died in Nigeria in 1997.

Scope and Contents

The Amos Tutuola Collection, 1940-1997, includes handwritten and typed manuscripts, transcripts, galleys, and correspondence concerning Tutuola's works, as well as works about Tutuola. The collection is arranged in four series: I. Works by Tutuola, 1952-1996 (5 boxes); II. Correspondence, 1950-1997 (2 boxes); III. Works about Tutuola, 1972-1975 (2 boxes); and IV. Personal Papers, 1954-1997 (2 boxes).

Although the Ransom Center's holdings include the handwritten manuscript of Tutuola's earliest published novel, The Palm-Wine Drinkard (1952), the remaining Tutuola manuscripts are much more recent, dating between 1980 and 1990. These include corrected typescripts of Tutuola's The Witch Herbalist of the Remote Town, Pauper, Brawler, and Slanderer, and The Village Witch Doctor and Other Stories. Tutuola's first work, The Wild Hunter in the Bush of Ghosts, written in the late 1940s but not published until 1982, is represented in this collection by photocopies of handwritten manuscripts, typescripts, printouts (some with corrections in Tutuola's hand), and galleys which were used by editor Bernth Lindfors. Also present are several notebooks with stories written in both English and Yoruba. Works from this series are listed in the Index of Works at the end of this guide.

The second series, Correspondence, covers a fairly even mix of personal and business letters. Most of the Faber and Faber correspondence arrived at the HRHRC, as a group, arranged chronologically. Some groups of letters relating to various of Tutuola's works are also separated by topic. All other correspondence, including letters to and from family, friends, fans, and publishers is arranged chronologically. Some of the more frequent correspondents include Peter du Sautoy, Alan Pringle, and others at Faber and Faber; Donald Herdeck of Three Continents Press; Bernth Lindfors; and Robert Wren. Correspondents are listed in the Index of Correspondence at the end of this guide.

The third series, Works about Tutuola, consists of materials relating to the writing and publication of Bernth Lindfors' Critical Perspectives on Amos Tutuola (1975). The material includes research and notes, typescripts, corrected galley proofs, page proofs, correspondence with his editor, Donald E. Herdeck, and permission letters.

The final series, Personal Papers, contains a wide variety of materials including bank records, employment papers, tax papers, programs for and articles about Tutuola's funeral in 1997, royalty statements, and various identity cards. Also present are several photographs of Tutuola and his family.

Other materials associated with Amos Tutuola may be found in the Robert Wren and Bernth Lindfors collections.



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Du Sautoy, Peter.
Herdeck, Donald E., 1924- .
Lindfors, Bernth.
Pringle, Alan.
Wren, Robert.
Faber & Faber, Ltd.
Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation.
African fiction (English).
Authors, African.
Authors, Nigerian.
Nigerian fiction (English).
Short stories, Nigerian.
Yoruba (African people)--Fiction.
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First drafts.
Galley proofs.

Related Material

Other materials associated with Amos Tutuola may be found in the Robert Wren and Bernth Lindfors collections.

Administrative Information


Purchases and gifts,1988-2005

Processed by:

Wendy Bowersock (1993), Joan Sibley (1994), Chelsea Dinsmore (2002), Katherine Mosley (2006)


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Amos Tutuola Collection--Folder List

Series I. Works by Tutuola, 1952-1996

Box Folder
1 1 Ajaiyi and the Witch Doctor (Playscript), corrected typescript, 1964
2 "A Brief Explanation of My Journey to America and London" (1983), typescript with handwritten revisions, [1983]
3* The Palm-Wine Drinkard (1952), photocopy of handwritten manuscript, nd (*original moved to oversize folder 12.1)
The Palm-Wine Drinkard (Yoruba translation, titled Omemu [Omuti] Ni Ilu Awon Oku)
Box Folder
1 4 Typescript with handwritten revisions, nd
5 Typescript, 1980, with additional handwritten and typescript pages, nd
6 Typescript with handwritten revisions, with additional typescript pages, 1980, nd
7 The Palm-Wine Drinkard, playscript adaptation by E. K. Ogunmola, photocopy of program for premiere, nd
8 The Path of Death, handwritten manuscript in six notebooks, 1954
Pauper, Brawler, and Slanderer
Box Folder
2 1 Handwritten manuscript, 1985, with corrected typescript fragments, 1986 (on some versos: Ise Baba Osi and declaration of guardianship typescript pages, 1985)
2 Typescript with handwritten revisions, 1986
3 Corrected typescript, typesetting copy, 1987
Pauper, Brawler, and Slanderer (Yoruba, titled Ise Baba Osi, Aso Ati Elenini)
Box Folder
2 4 Handwritten manuscript, [1985], with corrected typescript pages, nd
5 Typescript with handwritten revisions, 1985 (on some versos: Pauper, Brawler, Slanderer typescript pages)
6 Typescript with handwritten revisions, 1985
7 Typescript with handwritten revisions, 1995
8 The Pupils of the Eyes (Playscript), corrected typescript, nd
Short Stories
Box Folder
3 1 A-D
2 E-P
3 R-Z
4 Handwritten notebook in English and Yoruba, 1956, nd
5 Handwritten notebooks in English and Yoruba, 1954
6 Handwritten notebook in English and Yoruba, 1958-1960
The Sword of Vengeance (Playscript)
Box Folder
3 7 Handwritten manuscript, nd
8 Typescript with handwritten revisions, 1982
9 Photocopy of typescript with handwritten revisions, 1982
The Village Witch Doctor and Other Stories
Box Folder
4 1 Corrected photocopy typescript, typesetting copy, 1990
2 Corrected photocopy page proofs, 1999
Western Yoruba Folktales [Tort stories]
Box Folder
4 3 Handwritten and typescript fragments, 1983
The Wild Hunter in the Bush of Ghosts (facsimile edition edited by Bernth Lindfors, 1982)
Box Folder
4 4-5 Two photocopies of handwritten manuscripts, nd
6 Typescript, nd
7 Photocopy of typescript, nd
8 Typescript with handwritten corrections pasted in, nd
9 Incomplete computer printout with handwritten corrections, nd
10-12 Title page, table of contents, introduction, postscript, and typesetting material, 1981-82
Box Folder
5 1-2* Corrected galley proofs, nd (*four sets, one set removed to oversize folder 12.3)
3 Photocopy of published text; additional photocopy fragment with handwritten revisions, nd (see also folder 5.10)
The Wild Hunter in the Bush of Ghosts (first standard version edited by Bernth Lindfors, 1989)
Box Folder
5 * Corrected computer printout, 5 Dec. 1983, with corrections in the hand of Tutuola (*removed to oversize folders 12.2 and 13.1)
* Computer printout, 5 Dec. 1983 (*removed to oversize folder 13.2)
* Computer printout, 11 May 1984 (*removed to oversize folder 13.3)
The Witch Herbalist of the Remote Town (1981)
Box Folder
5 4 Handwritten and typescript pages, 1978, nd
5 Incomplete typescript with handwritten revisions, with additional typescript fragment, nd
6 Typescript with handwritten revisions, [1978]
7 Typescript with handwritten revisions, typesetting copy, 1981
Yoruba Folktales
Box Folder
5 8 Incomplete typescript with handwritten revisions, 1982
Unidentified manuscript fragments
Box Folder
5 9 English
10 Yoruba

Series II. Correspondence, 1948-1997

Box Folder
6 1 1948-1959, nd
2 1960-1969
3 1970-1975
4 1976-1979
5 1980-1981
6 1982-1983
7 1984-1989
Box Folder
7 1 1990-1997
Faber & Faber
Box Folder
7 2 1951-1964
3 1965-1974
4 1975-1980
5 1981-1983
6 1984-1997
7 My Life in the Bush of the Ghosts, 1952-54
8 The Palm Wine Drinkard, 1951-1954
9 The Palm Wine Drinkard (Yoruba translation, titled Omemu [Omuti] Ni Ilu Awon Oku), 1966-1968
10 The Palm Wine Drinkard (film version), 1967-1969
11 Pauper, Brawler, Slanderer ( Yoruba, titled Ise Baba Osi), 1986-1987
12 The Wild Hunter in the Bush of the Ghosts, 1981-1982

Series III. Works about Tutuola, 1972-1975

Box Folder
8 1 "Amos Tutuola's Earliest Long Narrative" by Bernth Lindfors, mimeograph typescript
2 "Amos Tutuola's Search for a Publisher" by Bernth Lindfors, photocopy typescript, 1980
Critical Perspectives on Amos Tutuola edited by Bernth Lindfors (1975)
Box Folder
8 3-6 Drafts and notes
7 Corrected galley proofs; first run
Box Folder
9 1-2 Corrected galley proofs; second run
3-4 Corrected page proofs
5 Correspondence and agreements, 1972-1975
6 Permission letters, 1972-1975

Series IV. Personal Papers, 1954-1997

Box Folder
10 1 Agreements with publishing companies, 1973, 1980-1986
2 Articles and pamphlets about Tutuola's funeral, 1997
3 Automobiles and motorcycles, papers and receipts, 195?-1994
4-5 Banking checkbooks, deposit slips, savings account passbooks, statements, 1954-1996
6 Biographical information, typescripts and printed Materials, 1962-1996, nd
7 Employment papers, Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation and University of Ife, 1958-1984
8 Course notes, "Management of Stores and Stock Control," handwritten and printed notes, 1967
9 Identity cards, baptism card, licenses, registrations, 1958-1979
10 Medical registration cards, prescriptions, and receipts, 1992-1997
11 Photographs and negatives of Tutuola and family, 1947, 1960-1983, nd
Box Folder
11 1 Printed materials from conferences and interviews, 1983-1996
2 Receipts and invoices, 1955-1990
3 Royalty statements from City Lights Press, 1990-1996
Royalty statements from Faber & Faber
Box Folder
11 4 1978-1979
5 1980-1987
6 1988-1992
7 1993-1996
8 Royalty statements from Three Continents Press, 1983-1991
9 Tax receipts, 1952-1995
10 Tenancy agreements, 1959, nd
12-13 Oversize materials

Amos Tutuola Collection--Index of Works

  • "Ade the Traitor"--3.1, 4.1, 4.2
  • "Adebisi Ogoju Ode Obirin"--3.6
  • "Aghe Ati Isn re (Ki a ni awan ko da)"--3.4
  • Ajaiyi and the Witch Doctor (play)--1.1
  • "Ajaiyi and the Witch Doctor / Ajaiyi and the Soothsayer" (story)--3.1, 3.5
  • "Ajantala, the Noxious Guest"--3.1
  • "Ajao and the Active Bone"--3.1, 3.5, 4.1, 4.2
  • "Akanke and the Jealous Pawnbroker / Ankanke the Merciful Daughter"--3.1, 3.5, 4.1, 4.2
  • "Antere, the Child of the Goddess of the River"--3.1, 3.4, 5.8
  • "Awon Orogu Meji (Afunilohuje)"--3.4
  • "Baba Olowo ati Iwofa re soln"--3.4
  • "Baba Ati Iya Kan"--3.4
  • "Baba Ati Iyawo Re Pelu Oluweri"--3.1
  • "Bi ati nse oti oka-baba"--3.4
  • "A Brief Explanation of My Journey to America and London"--1.2
  • "Buje Ati Ajapa"--3.1
  • "The Cruel Whip and the Wonderful Wooden Spoon"--3.1
  • "The Debt Collector / The Debt Collector, the Money-Borrower, the Onlooker and the Money-Lender (Case Study)"--3.1
  • "Destination Cannot be Changed"--3.4
  • "Don't Pay Bad for Bad"--3.1, 3.5, 4.1, 4.2, 6.3
  • "Drunkards Forget Poverty" (in Yoruba)--3.4
  • "The Duckling Brothers and their Disobedient Sister / The Two Brothers and their Disobedient Sister / The Jungle Witch or the Witch of the Jungle"--3.1, 3.4, 3.6, 4.1, 4.2
  • "The Elephant Woman"--3.2
  • "The Girl and the Snake" (see "Segi and the Boa-Constrictor")
  • "The Greedy Friend: A Proverb Story / Greedy Man's Meat Always Lost in Bush"--3.4
  • "The Greedy Tortoise and the Medicine Man / The Greedy Tortoise and the Orisa-Oko"--3.2, 4.1, 4.2
  • "The Greedy Tort[oise] and Old Wizard"--3.2
  • "The Hunter and the Genie"--3.5
  • "I Became a Hunter"--3.2
  • "Ijapa, Ejo ati Akuko jyo nfe omo-obo… "--see "Tort the Shell-Man and the Three Nameless Sisters"
  • Ise Babe Osi Aso Ati Elenini--2.4-2.7
  • "Iya ati Awon Omo re meta"--3.4
  • "The Journey to Heaven"--3.4, 3.6
  • "Ki a ma se fi Buburu san Buburu Esan ko Dara"--3.2
  • "The Land Has Eyes / The Land Which Has the Eyes / Tort Finds the Eyes of a Land / The Land Gets Eyes"--3.2
  • "Lanwa the Traitor"--3.2
  • "The Life of the Village (Nigeria)"--3.4
  • "Miraculous Heal Medicines"--3.2
  • "The Money Lender, the Money-Borrower, and the On-looker (Case Study)"--see "The Debt Collector"
  • "My Life in the Clouds / My Life in the Whirlwind / Necromancer of the Whirlwind"--3.2
  • "Never Pay Bad for Bad"--3.4
  • "Oba Ati Opon"--3.4
  • "Ojo the Traitor / Ojo Betrayed His Brother"--3.2
  • "Omemu Ati Obemu Re (Drinkard)"--3.2
  • Omemu Ni Ilu Awon Oku--1.4-1.6
  • "Omo Yio Fiara Re Han - Beni Ere Yio Fiara Re Han"--3.4
  • "Omobirin ti nje Antere Ki a mase daeja"--see Antere, the Child of the Goddess of the River--3.4
  • "The Oppressor and the Traitor"--3.2
  • "Oro Huyo Lati Inu Ile / The Secret Woods that Sprouted / The Secret Woods that Make Man"--3.4
  • "Oti To Ki Ipani Lala Lo Nfini Se Akalamagbo Maje Oju Ore Mi-Oiu Teni Ni Ije"--3.4
  • The Palm Wine Drinkard (English)--1.3, 12.1
  • The Palm Wine Drinkard (Yoruba)--1.4-1.6
  • The Palm Wine Drinkard (playscript adaptation by E. K. Ogunmola)--1.7
  • The Path of Death--1.8
  • Pauper, Brawler, and Slanderer--2.1-2.3
  • Pauper, Brawler, and Slanderer (Yoruba)--2.4-2.7
  • "The People of the Clouds"--3.2
  • "Popondoro's Beauty of Magnet / Competition of a Wife"--3.2
  • The Pupils of the Eyes--2.8, 3.4
  • "Remember the Day after Tomorrow"--3.3 , 4.1
  • "Rere Omo Oluwo / Rere, the Disobedient Son"--3.4, 4.1
  • "The Rich Husbandman and his Odd-Lookind[sic] Pawn"--3.3, 4.1
  • "Segi and the Boa-Constrictor / Segi and the Strange Boar / The Girl and the Snake "--3.3, 3.5, 5.8
  • "Segi ati Abami Exac"--3.4
  • "The Shell-Man and the Terror of the Bush"--5.8
  • "A Short Biography of Tortoise"--4.1-4.3
  • "A Short Biography of Yanribo, Tortoise's Wife"--4.1, 4.2, 5.9
  • "Sisi to se anfani ju sile masun"--3.4
  • "Songo on the Road to Heaven / From Earth to Heaven / From the Earth to the Under World"--3.3
  • "Spirit of Lettuce"--3.4
  • The Sword of Vengeance--3.7-9
  • "The Talking Pregnancy / Talking from Womb / Speaking from Womb / Hinterland"--3.3
  • "The Temple of the Idols / The Keeper of the Village Shrines /Wonders of the Rivers / Immortal Creatures of the Rivers / The Aborigines of the Rivers / The Strange People of the Rivers"--3.3
  • "The Three Night Wizards / The Three African Night Wizards"--3.4
  • "Too Much of Indulgence Spoils a Child"--3.3, 3.4, 5.8
  • "Tort, Akiti, and the People of Heaven / Akiti, Tort, and the Strange Fellows / Tort, the Palm-Wine Tapper and the People of Heaven"--4.3
  • "Tort and the Walking Image"--4.3
  • "Tort Sells Six Ground-nuts for Six Shillings"--4.3
  • "Tort the Shell-Man"--4.3
  • "Tort the Shell-Man and the Three Nameless Sisters / Ijapa, Ejo ati Akuko jyo nfe omo-oba"--3.4
  • "Tort [oise] the Shell-Man Dines with Dog's Mother in Heaven"--4.3
  • "Tort's Bitter Destination [Destiny]"--4.3
  • "Tort's Bitter Marriage"--4.3
  • "Totofioko and the Active Skull"--3.3
  • "Totofioko the Traitor"--3.5
  • "The Trickster and the Detective"--3.3
  • The Two Brothers and their Disobedient Sister--see "The Duckling Brothers"
  • "The Two Robbers / People of the Underworld"--3.3
  • Untitled work re. Toji and a needle--3.4
  • "The Village Witch Doctor"--4.1, 4.2
  • The Village Witchdoctor and Other Stories--4.1-4.2
  • "We Are to Work Hard for the Future"--3.3
  • Western Yoruba Folktales--4.3
  • "What Is Freedom?"--6.3
  • The Wild Hunter in the Bush of the Ghosts--4.4-4.12, 5.1-5.3, 12.3, 13.1-13.3
  • "The Wise King"--3.3
  • "The Witch Doctor of the Village"--3.3
  • The Witch Herbalist of the Remote Town--5.4-5.7
  • "The World and Its Wonders"--3.4
  • Yoruba Folktales--5.8

Amos Tutuola Collection--Index of Correspondents

Names in bold appear in the RLIN record.

  • A. Fenton & Company--6.1
  • Abeokuta (Nigeria). Anglican School, Ilogbo-Olofin (re. Disu Ayoola Ghadamosi)--6.5
  • Abrams, Alan--6.7
  • Achebe, Chinua--6.4
  • Acco International, Inc.--6.6
  • Addison-Wesley Publishing Company ( Christine Darby)--6.2
  • Adebayo, Romoni--6.2
  • Africa Centre (London, England) (Alastair Niven)--6.6
  • African Universities Press--6.2
  • Ajayi, Jare--7.1
  • Akinadewo, Samuel--7.11
  • Albert Moravia Foundation--6.1
  • Alokolaro, Ade--7.6
  • American Cultural Center ( Robin C. Carter)--6.6
  • American Radio Station (Brentwood, N. Y.)--6.1
  • AMS Trading (AMSTRAD) Ltd.--6.4
  • Arnaud, Odette--7.8
  • Arnold, Mark--6.6
  • Audiotronic House--6.4
  • Awoyinfa, Michael (Concord House)--6.6
  • Azuonye, Chukwuma, 1945- --6.3
  • Axworthy, Geoffrey (Sherman Theatre, University College, Cardiff, South Wales)--6.3
  • Banjoko, __--6.7
  • Bank of the North (Nigeria)--6.5
  • Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste (Clemens Graf Podewils)--10.6
  • Berry, Jason--6.6
  • Biblioteca Nacional José Martí ( Maria A. Lastayo)--6.3, 7.10
  • Biedermann (Firm)--6.2, 6.4
  • Borelli, Elena--6.4
  • Boston University--6.6
  • Breton, Stephane--7.1
  • British Broadcasting Corporation ( B. H. Alexander, T. Cuthbertson, E. R. Edmett, Prudence Smith, Henry Swanzy, Mary Treadgold)--6.1, 6.2
  • Casa Editrice Valentino Bompiani & C. (Almanacco Letterario) ( Sergio Morando)--6.2
  • Chuo Boeki Goshi Kaisha--6.5, 6.6
  • City of Birmingham, Information Department ( F. W. Bradnock)--6.1
  • Collins, H. R.--6.2
  • Cremonesi, Heather Gordon--6.3, 7.10
  • Den norske Bokklubben (Norwegian Book-of-the-Month Club) (Ulla-Britta Nielsen)--6.3
  • Deutsche Afrika Gesellschaft ( Oskar Splett)--6.2
  • Dithrich, William--2.4, 6.1
  • Don Congdon Associates, Inc. ( Don Congdon, Susan Ramer)--6.7, 7.1
  • Drasdo, Harold--6.3
  • Du Sautoy, Peter (see Faber & Faber)
  • Dussutour-Hammer, Michele [Dussutour-Laforest]--6.3, 6.4, 6.7, 7.1
  • E. G. Group of Companies ( Anthea Norman-Taylor)--7.5
  • East African Literature Bureau--6.1
  • Éditions Revue Noire ( Frédérique Chapuis)--7.1
  • Editora Nova Frontiera ( Roberto Riet Corréa)--6.3
  • Eduwajeh, Margaret--6.4
  • Egba Omo Lisabi Club (Ibadan)--7.1
  • Ekwensi, Cyprian--6.3
  • Evans Brothers--2.7
  • The F Stop Camera & Supply, Inc.--6.7
  • Faber & Faber, Ltd. ( Virginia Battye, Virginia Bonham Carter, Julia Bright, Sally Broadbent, Louise Brooks, Katie Colquhoun, Peter Crawley, Rosemary Davies, Giles de la Mare, Kathleen Donaldson, Peter F. du Sautoy, Carolyne Ellis, Matthew Evans, Judith Fiennes, Amabel Gee, Rosemary Goad, Anthony Goff, Carol Gower, Mary Hill, Kate Hobson, Hilary Jones, Megan Larkin, Susan Jones, Audrey Mayall, P. Morbey, Charles Orwin, Frank Pike, Mavis E. Pindard, Alan Pringle, Helen Rogan, L. R. Simmons, G. Smith, Anne Trewby, Margaret Usiskin, Sandra Weston, Mary-Kay Wilmers, A. Winwright)--6.1-6.6, 7.2-7.11
  • Fears Export, Ltd.--6.5
  • Franklin, Leona M. (Beaver College)--6.2
  • German Africa Society ( Oskar Splett)--6.2, 10.7
  • Ginn & Company, Ltd. ( C. F. Bucke)--6.2
  • Goethe Institute (Lagos) ( Richard Lang)--7.1
  • Gold Coast Film Unit ( Sean Graham)--7.8
  • Griswold, Wendy ( University of Chicago)--6.7
  • Grove Press ( Donald Allen, Michael Nudelman, Barney Rosset, Lisa Rosset, Carla Rotolo, Robin Simmen)--6.1, 6.3, 6.4, 7.5
  • Hallicrafters Company--6.3
  • Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, Inc. ( Carol Anderson, Blair Brown)--6.3
  • Harding, __--6.1
  • Hargraves, Michael--6.5, 6.6
  • Harper's Magazine ( Eric Larrabee)--6.1
  • Hathaway Co. Ltd.--6.6
  • Heinemann Educational Books ( James Currey)--6.2, 6.3
  • Herdeck, Donald E., 1924-(see Three Continents Press)
  • Himes, Margery L.--6.7
  • Holmes & Associates ( Andrew Holmes)--6.6
  • Holy Trinity School--6.1
  • Horst Erdmann Verlag ( Margarete Graf)--6.3
  • Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967--6.1
  • Ibadan General Post Office--6.3
  • Ibadan University Press ( Chris W. Purisch [Bankole])--6.6, 6.7
  • Ilesanmi, Obafemi--6.5, 6.7, 7.1
  • Indian Council for Cultural Relations (S. Kochar re. S. O. Adebo)--6.3, 6.4
  • Industrie- und Handelskammer Nürnberg--6.6
  • International Visitors Information Service ( Lisa S. Smith)--6.6
  • K. J. Bredon's Bookshop--6.4
  • Kolock Manufacturing Company, Ltd. ( A. Hogan)--6.1
  • Lasky's, Export Dept.--6.4
  • Lawrence Smith Literary Agency--6.3
  • League of Veteran Journalists--7.1
  • Levitas, Yoav--6.7
  • Linear Products--6.3
  • Lindfors, Bernth (Research in African Literature)--6.2, 6.4-6.7, 7.1, 7.4, 7.12, 8.2, 13.1
  • The Lion of Africa Insurance Co.--10.3
  • Longman Nigeria Limited ( O. A. Atinmo, T. Gbadebo)--2.7, 6.5
  • Lynne Rienner Publishers ( Joe Morse)--7.1
  • Martin, Jane J.--6.1
  • Matshikiza, John--6.5
  • Mbari Ibadan (African Writers and Artists Club) ( Ulli Beier)--6.2
  • McDowell, Robert--6.2
  • McKenna, Kristine ( Los Angeles Times and Wet Magazine)--6.1, 6.5
  • Meany Magnet School (Seattle, Washington), sixth grade class--7.1
  • Minami Radio Co., Ltd.--6.2
  • Mitchell Beazley Encyclopedias, Ltd. ( Ann Usborne)--6.3, 6.4
  • Momodu, A. G. S.--6.3
  • Montgomery, H. S.--6.1
  • Mosk, Edward--6.2, 6.3, 7.3
  • Myers, Robert A.--6.6
  • Nation ( Carey McWilliams)--6.1
  • New Horn Press Ltd. ( Sherifat Abu, F. Abiola Irele)--7.7
  • Nigeria. Ministry of Foreign Affairs--6.2
  • Nigeria. Ports Authority--6.1
  • Nigeria. Posts and Telegraphs Department--6.4
  • Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation ( Anike Agbaje-Williams, J. T. Dunn, John E. Ewruje, E. M. Evans, E. A. B. Komolafe, Edward Obadan, J. M. Oguntols, J. I. Ohizua, A. O. Olajolo, Olaolu Omideyi, E. O. Onakoya, H. N. Osakwe)--6. 3, 10.7
  • Nimbus ( Paula A. Lumbard)--6.6
  • Noren, Cecil A.--6.2
  • Nouvel Observateur ( Jean Daniel)--7.1
  • Nwamife Publishers, Limited ( Nina Mba)--6.4
  • Odegbami, I. T. (son)--6.4
  • Odujimrin, Adefulu, Ayanlala & Co.--6.4
  • Ogun State Polytechnic--6.6
  • Oke-Ona United School (__ Ladipo)--6.1
  • Oloyede, Olabisi (sister)--6.3
  • Omotoso, Kole--6.3
  • Oni, Julius--6.6
  • Oxford University Press--7.9
  • Oyo State College of Education, Ila-Orangum ( E. A. Dina)--6.7
  • Parrinder, Geoffrey--6.1
  • Penguin Books ( Vicki Clarke, Valerie Willey)--6.2
  • Philips Export Company ( Walter Hardy)--6.1
  • PHP Magazine(Japan) ( Ken Iwai)--6.3
  • Présence Africaine (Firm) ( C. Ayodélé-Johnson, Marion J. Odusola)--3.4, 6.1, 7.10
  • Pringle, Alan (see Faber and Faber)
  • Pye Ltd. ( Martin Ellis)--6.3
  • Read Magazine ( William Manchester, Richard K. Tucker)--6.2
  • Ricard, Alain--6.3
  • Rond, Klaus Otto--6.2, 6.4
  • RSC Hi Fi Centres, Ltd. ( G. Cuthbertson)--6.3
  • Russell, Peter--7.1
  • Sablonière, Margrite de--6.2
  • Sado, Smarth Yahaya--6.7
  • Schimmelpfennig, Kurt--6.6
  • Scott, Foresman & Co. ( Geraldine C. Simmons)--6.2
  • Sey, K.A. ( Aggrey College)--6.1
  • Singer Media Corporation ( Kurt Singer)--6.7
  • Skurjat, Ernestyna ( University of Warsaw)--6.3
  • Societé Africane de Culture (see Présence Africaine (Firm))
  • The Soka Gakkai ( Tomiya Akiyama)--6.4
  • Sowande, Bode--7.1
  • Spectrum Books Limited ( J. Berkhout)--2.2, 6.7
  • Spiritual Encounter--6.3
  • St. James Press Ltd. ( James Vinson)--6.3
  • Starline Films Limited--7.10
  • Sydsvenska Dagbladets Aktiebolag--6.2
  • Thomas, C. O.--6.3
  • Three Continents Press ( Donald Herdeck, Norman Ware)--6.5-6.7, 7.12
  • Tobias, Michael--6.3, 6.4
  • Tsuchiya, Satoru--6.3, 6.5
  • Tumer, Savas--6.3
  • Tutuola, Yenka--6.5
  • Ultra Electric Ltd.--6.1
  • Unidentified--1.4, 2.5
  • United Society for Christian Literature--6.5
  • Università degli studi di Palermo--6.1
  • University of Ibadan. English Club ( Mowang Ganyi, Tom Biodun Nzerem) --6.4
  • University of Ibadan. Institute of African Studies ( Cornelus O. Adepegba)--2.4
  • University of Ibadan. School of Drama--6.2
  • University of Ife ( E. O. Adetunji)--6.5, 10.7
  • University of London. School of Oriental and African Studies. Library ( B. C. Bloomfield)--6.3
  • University of Texas at Austin ( William Livingstone)--7.12
  • University Press, Ltd. ( Banyo Adewuyi, G. O. Okunola, Alastair Scott)--2.7, 6.4, 6.5
  • Van de Werk, Jan Kees--6.7
  • Vimdex Battery Works Ltd.--6.4
  • Walmsley, Anne--6.5, 6.6
  • Webb's Radio ( __ Brett, E. J. Pickard, J. H. Roche)--6.1
  • Wehrle Uhrenfabrik--6.6
  • West African Book Publishers, Ltd. ( T. A. Doherty)--7.10
  • Western Michigan University. Institute of Regional Studies ( Claude S. Phillips, Jr.)--6.2
  • Willey, Valerie (Penguin Books, Ltd.)--6.2
  • Williams, Arnie--6.6
  • Williams, Chris--6.1
  • Williams Enquiry Bureau--6.1
  • Williams, Jay--6.1
  • Wren, Robert--6.1, 6.6, 6.7, 7.6