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Descriptive Summary

Creator Mitford, Jessica, 1917-1996
Title Jessica Mitford Papers
Dates: 1949-1973
Abstract: Correspondence, printed material, reports, notes, interviews, manuscripts, legal documents, and other materials represent Jessica Mitford's work on her three investigatory books and comprise the bulk of these papers.
Extent 67 document boxes, 3 note card boxes, 7 galley files, 1 oversize folder (27 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository Harry Ransom Center University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Born September 11, 1917, in Batsford, Gloucestershire, England, Jessica Mitford is one of the six daughters of the Baron of Redesdale. The Mitfords are a well-known English family with a reputation for eccentricity. Of the Mitford sisters, Nancy achieved notoriety as a novelist and biographer. Diana married Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British fascists before World War II. Unity, also a fascist sympathizer, attempted suicide when Britain and Germany went to war. Deborah became the Duchess of Devonshire. Jessica, whose political bent ran opposite to that of her sisters, ran away to Loyalist Spain with her cousin, Esmond Romilly, during the Spanish Civil War. Jessica eventually married Romilly, who was killed during World War II. In 1943, Mitford married a labor lawyer, Robert Treuhaft, while working for the Office of Price Administration in Washington, D.C. The couple soon moved to Oakland, California, where they joined the Communist Party. In California, Mitford worked as executive secretary for the Civil Rights Congress and taught sociology at San Jose State University. After resigning from the Communist Party in 1958, Mitford devoted her time to writing.

Mitford's first book, Lifeitselfmanship, was privately published in 1956. Her autobiography, Daughters and Rebels (1960), recounts her childhood and first marriage. The American Way of Death (1963), Mitford's first investigative study, exposes the avarice and commercialism of the American funeral industry. Although bitterly denounced by the industry itself, the book was Mitford's most successful and was used as the basis for a CBS television documentary, "The Great American Funeral." Mitford's second investigative study, The Trial of Dr. Spock (1969), concludes with the observation that American conspiracy laws threaten citizens' civil rights. Kind and Usual Punishment: The Prison Business (1973) launches a diatribe against the American penal system. Mitford condemns sentencing procedures, the parole system, and the use of prisoners in psychological and physiological research.

In 1977, Mitford published A Fine Old Conflict, a sequel to her autobiography, which traces her involvement with the Communist Party in America. Her latest work, Poison Penmanship: The Gentle Art of Muckraking (1979), is an anthology of her investigative articles as they have appeared over the years in such magazines as Life, Esquire, Nation, and the San Francisco Chronicle. These articles have earned Mitford the title "Queen of Muckrakers."

Scope and Contents

Twenty-seven linear feet of correspondence, printed material, reports, notes, interviews, manuscripts, legal documents, and other materials represent Jessica Mitford's work on her three investigatory books, The American Way of Death (1963), The Trial of Dr. Spock (1969), and Kind and Usual Punishment: The Prison Business (1973). The material is arranged in three series; one built around each work. Generally speaking, the series follow Mitford's original arrangement scheme. All three series have the same basic subseries encompassing Research, Works, Promoting the Book, and Response to the Book. However, there are significant differences in the amount of material in each subseries for the three books. For example, promotional material and response to the book for The American Way of Death is extensive, while these sections are small to nonexistent in the other two series. The Trial of Dr. Spock and Kind and Usual Punishment series have small sections of personal materials, while The American Way of Death series has none. The research subseries of The American Way of Death and Kind and Usual Punishment are subdivided into Research by Chapter, Research by Topic, and General Research. The Trial of Dr. Spock contains only topical entries. No attempt has been made to separate materials by format in any of the series. Correspondence, for instance, is scattered throughout the three series. Although Mitford has written several books and innumerable articles, this body of materials represents exclusively those materials relating to her three investigatory works and articles pertaining thereto. Those materials designated as Personal fall within the context of Mitford's activities as an author of the said books.

Because of the preponderance of research materials in this collection, it possesses a strong informational value beyond its literary significance in relation to Mitford as an author. Of the three series, that representing Kind and Usual Punishment, a scathing indictment of the American penal system, provides the greatest potential for research. Not only is it the largest series, but also it contains a wide variety of materials and topics which would be of value to researchers interested in criminal justice and corrections. The American Way of Death exposes the avarice and unscrupled practices of the American funeral industry. Materials in this series provide a candid and revealing perspective on American death rituals and how the funeral industry has institutionalized and exaggerated these rituals. In The Trial of Dr. Spock, Mitford documents the 1970 conspiracy trial of Dr. Benjamin Spock in order to illustrate the American legal system's intolerance of civil disobedience. This is a small series perhaps of greatest value to those interested in Spock himself and/or Vietnam era jurisprudence. Kind and Usual Punishment (17 linear feet) is the largest series, followed by The American Way of Death (6.5 linear feet) and, finally, The Trial of Dr. Spock (3.5 linear feet).



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Bass, Stanley A.
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Bromley, Marion.
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Chord, John C.
Dellums, Ronald V.
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Fritchman, Stephen Hole, 1902- .
Gottlieb, Robert.
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Sherrod, Robert.
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Spock, Benjamin, 1903- .
Stender, Fay.
Tostevin, Leslie W.
Treuhaft, Robert E.
Tromenhauser, Edward.
von Hirsch, Andrew.
Wennerstrom, Carl.
Whitehill, Joseph.
Wiles, Ronald. P.
Williamson, James Ralph.
Chicago Seven Trial, Chicago, Ill., 1969-1970.
Corrections--United States.
Prisoners--Legal status, laws, etc.
Trials (Conspiracy).
Undertakers and undertaking--United States.
Vietnam Conflict--1961-1975--Draft resisters.
American Civil Liberties Union.
American Correctional Association.
Bay Area Funeral Society.
California State Prison at San Quentin.
Committee for the Study of Incarceration.
East Bay Memorial Association.
Folsom Prison.
California. Inmate Welfare Fund.
Johnny Cash, Inc.
McNeil Island Penitentiary.
Patuxent Institution (Md.).
Prison Law Project.
Soledad Correctional Training Facility.
Solano Institute for Medical Psychiatric Research.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.
United States. Selective Service System.

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Donald Firsching, Amanda McCallum, Jana Pellusch, 1990

Jessica Mitford Papers--Description of Series

Series I. The American Way of Death, 1954-1973

Jessica Mitford is best known for her first book, The American Way of Death, which exposes the abuses of the American funeral industry. Mitford's attorney husband, Robert Treuhaft, stimulated her interest in the funeral industry while defending some of its alleged victims in court. Treuhaft was also active as an officer of the East Bay Memorial Association (later known as the Bay Area Funeral Society), a funeral cooperative. His involvement in this organization accounts for the presence of its records from 1954 to 1962 in the Mitford papers. In 1961, Mitford and two other authors published an article, "St. Peter Don't You Call Me," lambasting the funeral industry for its avarice and lack of scruples. This article received such a favorable public response that Mitford resolved to write an entire book on the subject.
This series spans two decades, from the records of the East Bay Memorial Association in 1954 to fan letters received by Mitford in 1973. It includes four subseries: Research, Works, Promoting the Book, and Response to the Book. The Research subseries begins with Research by Chapter. Chapters 2, 12, and 18 are not represented. Certain chapter titles are rather oblique: Chapter 4, "The Artifact," deals primarily with parlours and caskets; Chapter 8, "The Menance of P. O. [Please Omit]," discusses the florist's role in funerals; Chapter 9, "God's Little Million Dollar Acre," concerns cemeteries; and Chapter 10, "Shroudland Revisited," explores Forest Lawn, a southern California memorial park. Under Research by Topic are the records of the East Bay Memorial Association (EBMA). The article, "Can You Afford to Die?," by Roul Touley makes reference to the Mitford and her activties with the EBMA. Also present are the results of a mail survey of memorial societies conducted by Mitford. Under General Research is extensive correspondence with individuals from the funeral industry, the clergy, and other segments of society. Many of these correspondents are referred to in the book. J. Freeman is a pseudonym used by the Treuhafts in many letters. Mitford's articles appear in the Works section. "The Undertaker's Racket," of 1963 presages her book of that same year. The manuscript of The American Way of Death is present in multiple forms, from initial drafts to galley proofs. Records regarding the book's promotion include pre-release publicity, advertisements and articles, a list of persons to receive copies of the book, and material on a national tour sponsored by Simon and Schuster in the fall of 1963. Critical response to the book is heavily documented through reviews from the American and British press. Correspondence from this period includes exchanges between Mitford and Judith Viorst on President Kennedy's funeral. Dating from her first article, Mitford received letters from individuals seeking a sympathetic hearing for their experiences. Publication of the book increased this flow of letters which she initially categorized as "interesting" and "boring." In the spring of 1964 she discontinued this designation, filing all such letters as "fan letters."
Subseries I: Research
Research by Chapter
box folder
1 1 "American Way of Death" (Chapter 1)
"Funeral Costs" (Chapter 3)
box folder
1 2 Notes
3 Correspondence, Printed Material
4 "The Artifact" (Chapter 4)
5 "The Story of Service" (Chapter 5)
6 "The Rationale" (Chapter 6)
7 "The Allied Industries" (Chapter 7)
8 "The Menace of P.O. [Please Omit]" (Chapter 8)
"God's Little Million Dollar Acre" (Chapter 9)
box folder
2 1 Notes
2 Pamphlets
3 Printed Material
4 Correspondence, Miscellaneous
"Shroudland Revisited" (Chapter 10)
box folder
2 5 Correspondence, Notes
6 Printed Materials, Miscellaneous
box folder
3 1 "Cremation" (Chapter 11)
2 "Fashions in Funerals" (Chapter 13)
3 "Funerals in England" (Chapter 14)
"The Newest Profession" (Chapter 15)
box folder
3 4 Articles, Miscellaneous
5 Pamphlets
6 Manuals
7 "Funeral Service Facts and Figures," by Eugene F. Foran, 1961
box folder
4 1 "The 'Nosey' Clergy "(Chapter 16)
2-3 "Press and Protest" (Chapter 17)
box folder
4 4 Eyebanks
5 Donations of Bodies for Medical Science
6 Bibliography
Research by Topic
box folder
4 7 Burial of Indigent Dead
8 Cadavers
9 Death Benefits
box folder
5 1 Embalming
Funeral Industry
box folder
5 2-4 Printed Materials
5 Training and Management
6 Image and Public Relations
7 Government Agencies
8 Grief Therapy
9 Important People Program
Memorial Societies--General
box folder
6 1 Notes
2-3 Printed Materials
4 Questionnaires with Cover Letters, 1961
5 Response to Questionnaires A-N
6 Response to Questionnaires O-Z
East Bay Memorial Association
box folder
7 1 Newsletters, Miscellaneous
2 Official Documents
3 Mortuary Advertisements
4 Clippings, 1955-61
box folder
7 5 Incoming, 1955-63
6 Outgoing, 1955-61
7 Other to Other, 1955-59
8 "Can You Afford to Die?" by Roul Tunley, Saturday Evening Post, 1961
9 Correspondence regarding Tunley Article, 1961-62
General Research
box folder
8 1 n.d., 1960-61
2 1962-63
3 Outgoing, 1960-63
Correspondence with Robert Treuhaft, 1961-62
box folder
8 4 Incoming
5 Outgoing
6 Correspondence, Other to Other, 1961-62
7 Topical Notebook
8 Notebook
* Index Cards (*Housed in Box 68)
* Charts (12, *Housed in Oversized Materials File q)
Subseries II: Works
Articles and Essays
box folder
9 1 "St. Peter Don't You Call Me,"Frontier, 1958
2 "The Undertakers' Racket,"Atlantic Monthly, 1963
3 "My Funeral,"nd
The American Way of Death
box folder
9 4 Incoming, 1963-64
5 Outgoing, 1962-64
6 Memo to Printer, nd
7 Proposal for Book
8 Notes and Revisions
Typescripts with Revisions
box folder
9 9 Table of Contents
10 Acknowledgements, Foreword
11 Chapter 1
12 Chapter 2
13 Chapter 3
14 Chapter 4
15 Chapter 5
box folder
10 1 Chapter 6
2 Chapter 7
3 Chapter 8
4 Chapter 9
5 Chapter 10
6 Chapter 11
7 Chapter 12
8 Chapter 13
9 Chapter 14
10 Chapter 15
11 Chapter 16
12 Chapter 17
13 Chapter 18
box folder
11 1 Unpublished Chapter
2 Appendices, Index
3 Bibliography, References
4 Setting Copy with Revisions
* Galley Proofs (*Housed in Galley File)
Subseries III: Promoting the Book
box folder
11 5 Advertisements, Photos
Correspondence, 1963
box folder
11 6 Incoming
7 Outgoing
8 Other to Other
9 Publisher's Press Releases
10 Paperback Promotions
11 Mitford Tour
Subseries IV: Response to the Book
box folder
12 1-2 Reviews
3-4 Clippings, 1963-64
5 Journal and Magazine Articles, 1963-64
6 Clergy
7 Funeral Industry
8 Government
9 Right Wing
10 Phony Memorial Societies
11 TV Programs
Fan Mail
"Interesting Fan Letters"(July 1963-April 1964)
box folder
13 1 July-August 1963
2 September 1963
3 October 1963
4 November 1-18, 1963
5 November 19-31, 1963
6 December 1963
7 January 1964
8 February 1964
box folder
14 1 March 1964
2 April 1964
"Boring Fan Letters"(June 1963-March 1964)
box folder
14 3 n.d., June-August, 1963
4 September 1963
5 October 1963
6 November 1963
7 December 1963
8 January-February 1964
9 March 1964
box folder
14 10 1963
11 January-July 1964
12 August-December 1964
box folder
15 1 1965
2 1966
3 1967-69
4 1970-73

Series II: The Trial of Dr. Spock, 1962-70

Legal documents, correspondence, printed materials, notes, interviews, typescripts and other materials represent Jessica Mitford's second investigatory work, The Trial of Dr. Spock, William Sloane Coffin, Michael Ferber, Mitchell Goodman, and Marcus Raskin. The book analyzes the 1969 trial in which the U.S. government tried the five aforementioned defendants on conspiracy charges. As activists critical of America's involvement in the Vietnam War, the defendants publicly denounced the policies of the Selective Service Administration and encouraged draft evasion. These activities elicited an indictment on charges of conspiring to subvert federal draft laws, although the five defendants had never actually met together prior to their indictments. The ensuing trial resulted in the defendants being found guilty with the exception of Marcus Raskin. A federal appeals court later reversed the decision. Of the defendants, Dr. Benjamin Spock stands out as the most prominent figure. A renowned pediatrician, he has published a number of books on child rearing. It is primarily due to Spock's reputation that the trial garnered so much publicity in the press. In her book, Mitford presents the trial as a travesty and condemns the American government for using conspiracy laws to deprive citizens of their civil rights.
Because Mitford's files for The Trial of Dr. Spock were acquired in a largely disorganized state, it was necessary to impose an order on this series of her papers, which follows the same organization as the other two. The series includes four subseries: Research, Works, Response to the Book, and Personal. The research subseries is by far the most extensive of the four, comprising some 2 linear feet of records. Included are materials concerning civil rights and antiwar demonstrations, and draft evasion and the draft policies of the Selective Service Administration. The subseries also contains information pertaining to conspiracy trials of other civil rights and antiwar activists. Bobby Seale and the Chicago Conspiracy Trial are prominent within this category. Conspiracy as a legal concept is represented by a file containing several articles on the subject. The largest body of material in the first subseries, however, describes the Spock trial itself. Legal briefs, articles, and a transcript of the trial proceedings are included, along with information pertaining to the defense, prosecution, jury, and verdict appeal. The defense documentation contains biographical information on the defendants, as well as information about the American Civil Liberties Union, which provided attorneys for some of the defendants. Of interest in Spock's files is correspondence between Spock and the White House concerning the Vietnam conflict. This includes photocopies of five letters from President Lyndon Johnson and one letter from Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Interviews predominate the materials filed under the prosecution and the jury.
The bulk of the materials in the second subseries, Works, consists of drafts for the various sections of the book. Four emended drafts of the text are included. Response to the Book, the third subseries, is a brief file containing the information generated in response to the book's publication. Of note here is correspondence between Dr. Spock and MacDonalds publishers in which Spock expresses his opinion of Mitford's book.
Personal, the final subseries, contains correspondence and photographs which originated while Mitford was writing her book, but have no direct bearing on the book itself. Correspondence between Mitford and her husband, Robert Treuhaft, appear separately within the correspondence category, the majority being from Mitford to Treuhaft. Also present is a letter from Spock to Mitford concerning draft resistance.
Subseries I: Research
Protest Movement, 1967-69
box folder
16 1 Interviews, Printed Material
2 Pamphlets
3 Articles
Draft Evasion
box folder
16 4 Printed Material
5 Clippings
6 Resist Newsletter
7 Selective Service (Lewis Hershey)
Related Trials
box folder
16 8 Catonsville Nine, 1968
Chicago Conspiracy, 1969-70
box folder
16 9 Magazines
10 Printed Material, Legal Brief
Defendant Bobby Seale
box folder
17 1 Printed Material
2 Legal Documents, Notes, Correspondence
3 David Mitchell Case, 1962-68
4 Oakland Seven, 1968-69
5 O'Brien Case, 1967-68
6 Conspiracy
Spock Case, 1968
box folder
17 7 Indictment
Legal Briefs
box folder
17 8-9 William Sloane Coffin
10-11 Michael Ferber
box folder
18 1 Mitchell Goodman
2 US Government
3 Marcus Raskin
4-5 Benjamin Spock
box folder
18 6-7 Transcript of Proceedings
box folder
19 1-6 Transcript of Proceedings
7 Trial Notes
8 Clippings
box folder
20 1-2 Articles
box folder
20 3 Support Appeals for Defendants
4 Attorneys for the Defense
5 American Civil Liberties Union
box folder
20 6 Coffin
7 Ferber
8 Raskin
9-10 Spock
11 Prosecution
box folder
20 12 Interviews, Correspondence
13 Articles and Essays
box folder
21 1 Correspondence
2 Interviews
3 Literary Productions
4 Articles
Subseries II: Works
The Trial of Dr. Spock
box folder
21 5-6 Notebooks
7-8 Notes and Fragments
Typescripts with Revisions
box folder
21 9 Foreword
10 Table of Contents, Preface
Part I
box folder
22 1 Chapter 1
2 Chapter 2
3 Chapter 3
4 Chapter 4
5 Chapter 5
6 Chapter 6
Part II
box folder
22 7 Chapter 1
8 Chapter 2
9 Chapter 3
Part III
box folder
22 10 Chapter 1
11 Chapter 2
12 Chapter 3
13 Chapter 4
14 Chapter 5
15 Chapter 6
Part IV
box folder
23 1 Chapter 1
2 Chapter 2
3 Chapter 3
4 Appeal Postscript
* Galley Proofs (*Housed in Galley File)
5 Publisher Correspondence, Contracts
Subseries III: Response to the Book
box folder
23 6 Correspondence, Printed Material
Subseries IV: Personal
Correspondence, 1968-69
box folder
23 7 Outgoing
8 Incoming
9 Correspondence with Robert Treuhaft
10 Photographs
11 Miscellaneous

Series III: Kind and Usual Punishment, 1963-73

This series of Jessica Mitford's papers, pertaining to her book Kind and Usual Punishment: The Prison Business, is comprised of five subseries: Research, Works, Promotion of the Book, Response to the Book, and Personal. By far the bulk of the series is comprised of research materials, including correspondence, notes, printed materials, interviews, legal documents, financial documents, and reports. The first section of the research subseries is arranged according to chapter. No folders exist for chapters 1 and 15. Chapter 8, "Clockwork Orange," addresses behavior modification programs employed as a method of rehabilitating convicts. Chapter 9, "Cheaper than Chimpanzees," discusses the use of prisoners as guinea pigs in testing experimental drugs.
The second section of the research subseries is arranged by topic. In conducting her research, Mitford compiled rather large files on various organizations, many of which provided her with background information and, in the case of the Guggenheim Foundation, funding and a research assistant, Susan Sussman. Other notable organizations represented include the American Civil Liberties Union, American Corrections Association, and the Committee for the Study of Incarceration. Materials relating to the Prison Law Project and its attorney, Fay Stender, appear throughout this section. Among other things, Stender filed a legal suit against the Inmate Welfare Fund of California on grounds that the state was misappropriating inmate monies. Correspondence between Johnny Cash Inc. and Mitford, concerning Mr. Cash's charitable contributions to the Inmate Welfare Fund is also present. The California prison system is heavily documented in Mitford's research files, with the Washington prison system a distant second. Noteworthy in the Folsom Prison files are prisoner short stories and poetry. San Quentin and Soledad are also well represented. Mitford was personally involved in supporting an inmate strike at Washington's McNeil Island Prison in 1971. An injunction and restraining order filed by Mitford against the penitentiary are present in the Washington files. Individuals prominently represented include prison researchers James Robison and Joe Kagan, prison reform advocates Ysabel Rennie and Louis Wolfson, and prisoner activist Roney Nunes. George Jackson, an inmate of California's Soledad Prison and author of the book Soledad Brother, was a well-known black revolutionary of the early 1970's. A bizarre series of events resulted in his death at the hands of San Quentin prison guards in 1971. A Mitford interview of Jackson and correspondence between the two just prior to his death are present in the collection. Also noteworthy are materials pertaining to the book Eye for an Eye, written by Indiana inmates. Of special interest in the last section of research materials, General Research, is a collection of prison system newsletters and files containing Mitford's correspondence with prisoners (1971-73). One inmate in particular, James R. Williamson, is anonymously quoted throughout Kind and Usual Punishment. Among Mitford's interviews is an audio cassette recording of a call-in radio interview hosted by former convict Dr. Korn and former warden Mr. Prescott.
As for the second subseries, Works, two of Mitford's four articles on prisons, "Experiments Behind Bars" and "Kind and Usual Punishment in California," are represented in the collection. Notes, fragments, drafts, and galley proofs comprise the remainder of this subseries. The seven drafts of the text are in various stages of completion. The remaining three subseries, Promotion of the Book, Response to the Book, and Personal, are extremely small in relation to the rest of the series, comprising a mere five folders.
Subseries I: Research
Research by Chapter
box folder
24 1 "Women in Cages" (Chapter 2)
2 "101 Years of Prison Reform" (Chapter 3)
3 "Criminal Type" (Chapter 4)
4 Leslie T. Wilkins--articles
5 "Indeterminate Sentence" (Chapter 6)
"Treatment" (Chapter 7)
box folder
24 6 Incoming
7 Outgoing
8 Other to Other
box folder
25 1-2 Journal Articles
3 Reports
4 Papers and Essays
5 "Attitudes and Role Perceptions of Correctional Officers: A Comparative Study," by B. Francisco et. al., 1961
box folder
26 1-2 Interviews
3 Legal Briefs
4 Pamphlets
Patuxent Institution
box folder
26 5 Correspondence, Notes, Printed Material
6 Legal Brief: McNeil vs. Director of Patuxent
7 Legal Brief: McGray et. al. vs. Patuxent
box folder
27 1 Solitary Confinement
2 The Draper Model
"Clockwork Orange" (Chapter 8)
box folder
27 3 Articles
4 Reports
5 Newsletters
6 Behavior Modification Projects
7 Notes and Interviews
box folder
28 1 Correspondence and Miscellaneous
2 Psychosurgery
3-4 Chemical Treatments
5 Maximum Psychiatric Diagnostic Unit, San Diego
"Cheaper than Chimpanzees" (Chapter 9)
box folder
28 6 Correspondence
7 Notes
box folder
29 1 Interviews
2 Newspaper Articles (March 1963-Oct. 1973)
3-4 Journal Articles
5 Essays and Papers
6 Pamphlets
Legal Documents
box folder
29 7 General
8-10 Legal Brief: Sims vs. Parke Davis (3 copies)
box folder
30 1 Sims vs. Parke Davis (Copy 4)
2 Guidelines for Medical Experiments on Humans
3 Martin Horowitz: Human Guinea Pig
4 Committee on Human Experimentation--Agendas
Solano Institute for Medical & Psychiatric Research
box folder
30 5 Financial Documents
6 Interviews and Notes
7 Bylaws, Research, Correspondence, Miscellaneous
"The Prison Business" (Chapter 10)
box folder
30 8 Correspondence and Notes
9 Printed Materials
box folder
31 1 Budgets
2 Costs
3 New York State Prison Finance Report (1971)
4 Lamson Research Office Publications
"Employment and Welfare" (Chapter 11)
box folder
31 5 Correspondence
6 Interviews and Notes
7 Journal Articles, Bibliography
8 Legal Briefs
9 Statistics and Reports
10 Pamphlets, Miscellaneous
Inmate Welfare Fund
box folder
32 1 Correspondence
2 Interviews
3 Notes
4 Statistics
5 Financial and Legal Documents
6 Printed Materials
7 Rules and Objectives
Work Furlough
box folder
33 1 Notes, Interviews, Miscellaneous
2-5 "Work Release Perspective," by T. Fitzharris (1971)
"Parole" (Chapter 12)
box folder
33 6 Essays, Papers, and Journal Articles
7 Works
8 Legal Briefs
9 Articles, Pamphlets
box folder
34 1 Government Documents
2 Correspondence, Miscellaneous
3 California Probation, Parole and Correctional Association Constitution and Bylaws, (1970)
4 "Parole Agent's Manual," State of California (nd)
5 "Parole Agent's Manual,"(1964)
6 "Revisions to Parole Agent's Manual," (Chap. 1-8, 1970)
7 "Revisions to Parole Agent's Manual,"(Chap. 5-8, 1970)
8 "Women Parole Agent's Manual,"(1968)
9 "Parole Component" California Correctional System Study (Copy 1, 1971)
box folder
35 1 "Parole Component "(Copy 2, 1971)
2 "The Protection of Human Rights in the Rehabilitation of Discharged Persons," by Christopher Nuthall (1968)
3 "Development of Legal Regulation of Coercive Behavior Modification Techniques with Offenders," National Clearing House for Mental Health Information (1970)
4 "Recidivism among Women Parolees: A Long Term Study," by John E. Barachochea (1972)
San Joacquin
box folder
35 5 Reports
6 Budgets
7 California Adult Authority
"Prison Protest" (Chapter 13)
box folder
36 1 Prisoner's Rights Council
2 Revolutionaries
3 Black Panthers
4 Racial Segregation in Prison
5 Atrocities
6 Raymond Lavon--Death while Incarcerated
box folder
36 7 Correspondence, Miscellaneous
8 Clippings (Aug. 1970-July 1971)
9 Clippings (March 1970-Jan. 1972)
Fortune Society
box folder
36 10 Fortune News (March 1971-July/Aug. 1973)
11 Articles, Program, History
Prisoner Grievances
box folder
37 1 Correspondence
2 "A Convict Report on the Major Grievances of the Prison Population with Suggested Solutions," San Quentin (Feb. 1969)
3 Printed Materials
"Lawlessness of Corrections" (Chapter 14)
box folder
37 4-7 Journal Articles
box folder
38 1 Unidentified Book by Fred Cohen (incomplete, nd)
2 Correspondence, Press Releases
3 Printed Materials, Miscellaneous
4-5 Legal Briefs--General
6 Legal Briefs on Prisoner Access to Lawbooks
7 Legislative Bills
8 Legal Testimonies
Sostre vs. Rockefeller--Civil rights case regarding solitar confinement
box folder
39 1 Legal Briefs
2 Court of Appeals Ruling
3 Correspondence, Literary Productions
4 Prison Law Project/Fay Stender (Prison Reform Organization)
5 Censorship in Prison
6 Prison Libraries
7 Prison Reform Workshops and Conferences
8 "Consumers of Justice Workshop," by David Flint (1971)
9-10 "Rights of Lawfully Incarcerated Prisoners in the US," by David Flint (1969)
"Reform or Abolition" (Chapter 15)
box folder
40 1 Printed Material
2 Waskow Proposal for Prison Abolition
3 Prisoner's Union
box folder
40 4 "The Triumph of Benevolence," by Anthony Platt (1972)
5 "The Role of Conflict in the Administration of Juvenile Justice," by David Fogel (nd)
6 Correspondence, Testimonies, Interviews
Research By Topic
box folder
41 1 American Bar Association
American Civil Liberties Union
box folder
41 2 Correspondence
3 Programs, Reports, Printed Material
4 National Conference on Prisoners' Rights
ACLU Hirschkop Operation
box folder
41 5 Legal Briefs
6 Testimonies
7 Questionnaries, Printed Material, Correspondence
American Corrections Association
box folder
41 8-9 Journal Article
10 Notes
ACA Miami Conference (1971)
box folder
41 11 Printed Material
12 Reports, Minutes
box folder
42 1 Correspondence, Notes, Interviews
2 Legal Briefs, Miscellaneous
3 "The Alabama Prison System," by Allen Tullos (1973)
4 Arkansas Prisons
5 Arizona State Prison
California Prisons
box folder
42 6 Legal Documents
7 Articles, Correspondence, Miscellaneous
8-13 "Strategies of Control," by Sheldon Messinger, nd
(2 copies)
box folder
43 1 "Characteristics of the Felon Population in California State Prisons by Institution," California Human Relations Agency (1950-71)
2 "Manual of Program Organization and Maintenance of State Institutions," California Department of Public Works (1971)
3 "California Prison System,"(1971)
4 "Jail Task Force Report," California Correctional System (1971)
5 "A Report on San Francisco County Jail and City Prison," SA Committee on Crime (1969)
Folsom Prison
box folder
43 6 Prisoner Poetry
7 Prisoner Short Stories
8 Articles
9 Dan Olsen--Legal Case against Adult Authority
10 Presidio Stockade
San Quentin
box folder
44 1 Printed Material
2 San Quentin News(Apr. 1970-Nov. 1973)
3 Reports, Guard Orientation Booklet
4 Notes, Memoranda
5 San Luis Obispo--California Men's Colony
6 Santa Rita--Billy Fulbright Case
box folder
44 7 Guard Personel Files
8 Post Orders, Procedures
9 Printed Material
box folder
45 1 Committee for Public Justice
Committee for Study of Incarceration
box folder
45 2 Parole Bill, Address
3 Meeting December 1971
4 Meeting--Issues for Discussion, Memo #2 February 1972
5 Memo #3 February 1972,
6 Meeting, Memo #4 February 1972
7 Meeting, Memo #1 April 1972
8 Meeting, Memo #2 April 1972
9 Meeting, Memo #1 May 1972
10 Meeting, Memo #2 May 1972
11 Meeting, Memo #2 December 1972
12 Meeting, Memo #3 December 1972
13 Meeting, Memo #1-2 May 1973
box folder
46 1 "Predictions of Criminal Conduct and Preventative Confinement of Convicted Persons," by Andrew vonHirsch (1972)
2 "Retributive Justice," by A. vonHirsch (1972)
3 "Rehabilitation and Special Deterrence of Offenders," by A. vonHirsch (1972)
4 "The Prosecuter's Role in Plea Bargaining," by Albert Alschuler (1968)
5 Criminal Justice
6 County Jails
Department of Corrections--Federal
box folder
46 7 Correspondence
8 Reports
9 Booklets
box folder
47 1 Printed Material
2 Rules and Regulations
3 Shenandoah Conference (1970)
4 Federal Prisons
5 Foreign Prisons
6 Foundations--Proposals and Correspondence re. Kind and Usual Punishment
box folder
47 7 Correspondence
8 Reports, Printed Material
9 "Correctional Officer's Training Guide," American Corrections Association (1962)
10 Guggenheim Foundation
box folder
48 1 History of Prisons
2 Hospitals
3 Illinois Prisons--Marion Federal Prison
Indiana Prisons
Eye for an Eye, by Indiana Prisoners (1971)
box folder
48 4 nd, 1968-70
5 1971
6 1972-73
7 Printed Material
8 Copy of Department of Corrections Reform Act (1971)
Jackson, George
box folder
48 9 Correspondence (nd, May 1970-Oct. 1972)
box folder
49 1-2 Clippings (Aug. 1970-Jan. 1972)
3 Printed Material
4 Interviews, Personal Accounts
5 Reports, Memos
6 Angela Davis Trial
7 San Quentin Six
Legal Opinions
box folder
49 8 Court Rulings
box folder
50 1 Chief Justice Warren Burger
Judge Bazelon--US Court of Appeals
box folder
50 2 Reports, Addresses
3 Legal Documents, Notes
4 Massachusetts Prisons
5 Minnesota Prisons
6 New Jersey Prisons
7 New York Prisons
8 North Carolina Prisons
Roney Nunes--Prisoner Activist
box folder
51 1 Correspondence
2 Reprinted Articles, Reports
3 Legal Documents
4 Memos, Prison Procedures, Miscellaneous
5-7 "Correlation of News Media Articles, Notes, Comments, and Abstracts on the California Prison System," by R. Nunes, nd
(3 copies)
8 "Perused and Selected Prison/Prisoner Case Law," by R. Nunes, nd
9 Excerpts from Dept. of Corrections & Youth Authority Manuals
Ohio Prisons
box folder
52 1 Correspondence
2 Articles
3 Prisoner Grievances, Miscellaneous
Ysabel Rennie--Prison Reform Advocate
box folder
52 4 Correspondence, Photos
5 Essays
6 Addresses
7 Gerhard Mueller--Presentation to Governor's Task Force on Corrections (1971)
Southern Ohio Penitentiary at Lucasville
box folder
52 8 Notes
9 Reports, Addresses
10 Clippings (Oct. 1969-Aug. 1973)
11 Printed Material
12 Correspondence
13 Pennsylvania Prisons--Buck County Prison
14 Rehabilitation Organizations--Correspondence, Notes
Jim Robison and Joe Kagan--Prison Researchers
box folder
52 15 Correspondence, Interviews
16 Notes, Printed Material
box folder
53 1-2 Reports
3 Sociology
4 Statistics
Types of Crime
box folder
53 5 Printed Material
6 Correspondence, Notes
7 Virginia Prisons
54 Washington Prisons
McNeil Island
box folder
54 1 Correspondence
2-3 Legal Briefs for Press Access Suit (1973)
4 Prisoner Grievances, Press Releases
5 Pamphlets
6 Articles
7 Notes, Interviews, Policy Statement
8 Walla Walla
9 Wesley Robert Wells National Defense Committee
10 Louis Wolfson--Prison Reformer
11 Wright Institute
General Research
box folder
55 1 Clippings (1970-72)
2-4 Interview Notebooks
* Interview--Audio Tape Recording (*Transferred to HRC Sound Recordings)
6 Printed Material
7 Articles and Essays
8 Notes
* Index Cards (*Housed in Boxes 69-70)
box folder
56 1-2 Miscellaneous Newsletters
3 The Anvil
4 Black Pride
5 The Cage and the Doorkey
6 Committee for Prisoner Humanity and Justice Newsletter
7 Communicator
8 Connections
9 Correctional Progress
10 Freeworld Times
box folder
57 1 The Grapevine
2 Intervene
3 The Outlaw
4 Pacesetter
5-7 Penal Digest International
8 Prisoner's Digest International
9 Prisoner Rights Newsletter
10 Support Our Soldiers
box folder
58 1 nd, 1970
2 1971
3 1972
4 1973
box folder
58 5 nd, 1970
6 1971
7 1972
8 1973
Other to Other
9 1970-72
10 1973
Correspondence with Prisoners
box folder
59 1 List of Correspondents
2 A
3 B
4 C-D
5 E-G
6 H
7 I-K
8 L
box folder
60 1 M
2 N-R
3 S-T
4 U-Wiles
5-6 Williamson, James Ralph
7 Winton-Z
Subseries II: Works
box folder
61 1 "Kind and Usual Punishment in California,"Atlantic Monthly, 1971
2 "Experiments behind Bars,"Atlantic Monthly, 1973
3 Response to Articles--Correspondence, Printed Material
4-6 Notebooks
Kind and Usual Punishment
box folder
62 1 Outlines and Notes
Typescripts with Revisions
box folder
62 2 Acknowledgements, Table of Contents
3 Fragments
4 Chapter 1
5 Chapter 2
6 Chapter 3
box folder
63 1 Chapter 4
2 Chapter 5
3 Chapter 6
4-5 Chapter 7
6 Chapter 8
box folder
64 1-2 Chapter 9
3 Chapter 10
4 Chapter 11
5 Chapter 12
box folder
65 1 Chapter 13
2-3 Chapter 14
4-5 Chapter 15
box folder
66 1 Citations
2 Index
3-4 Appendix
5 Bibliographic Information
6 Correspondence
7* Galley Proofs
(Remainder *Housed in Galley File)
Subseries III: Promotion of the Book
box folder
67 1 Correspondence, Mailing Lists
2 Printed Material
Subseries IV: Response to the Book
box folder
67 3 Correspondence
Subseries V: Personal
box folder
67 4 Correspondence, Mailing Lists
5 Printed Material, Miscellaneous
68-70 Note card boxes

Index of Correspondents

  • Abelman, Arthur F. (Weil, Gotshal & Manges)--23.5, 58.10
  • Abelson, Philip (Amer. Assoc. for the Advancement)--28.6
  • Abowitz, Murray--28.6
  • Adams, Charles & Shirley (Music Teachers Assoc. of California)--7.5
  • Addison, Virginia S. (Addison, Goldstein and Walsh)--11.6, 11.7
  • Adler, Theodore A. (Office of the Attorney General (PA))--28.6
  • Albert, Mac S. (Simon and Schuster)--13.2
  • Albert, Paul (Prison Law Collective)--67.3
  • Aleo, Adrian Sebastian--59.2
  • Alexander, William--59.2
  • Alkes, John P.--59.2
  • Allen, Harry E. (Ohio State University)--52.1
  • Alsop, Raymond--7.5
  • Alvarez, Alfonso F.--59.2
  • Anderson, Croil (Jackson, Goldmark, Bender)--54.1, 54.2
  • Angel, J.A.--7.9
  • Arensberg, Suzi (Alfred A. Knopf Inc.)--66.7
  • Armsbury, Charles--54.1
  • Armsbury, Sonya--54.1
  • Armstrong, Gregory (Bantam Books)--48.9
  • Asbell, Bernard--8.2
  • Asher, Dick (CBS International)--32.1
  • Athearn, Leigh--7.5
  • Atkins, Richard L. (Atkins & Walker)--8.4
  • Austern, David T.--58.1
  • Bailleaux, Paul R.--59.3
  • Balcom, Johnny--59.3
  • Baldinger, Irving (A.F.L.-C.I.O., District 65)--4.2, 8.2
  • Ballerini, Luigi (Rizzoli Editore)--9.4
  • Bandel, J. (American Cemetery)--8.4
  • Barbeau, Clayton C. (Barbwire Theatre Inc.)--58.3
  • Barr, J.E. (Chambers Superior Court)--15.2
  • Barr, Loraine I.--40.6
  • Barrie, Nell--7.9
  • Barringer, Felicity--58.6
  • Bass, Stanley A. (Legal Defense Fund)--42.1, 48.3, 54.2
  • Bathe, Harold E. (East Lawn Memorial Gardens, Inc.)--12.8, 14.9
  • Batterman, Robert C.--28.6
  • Bayne, Stephen Louis--58.3
  • Beaty, Peter (National Assoc. of Funeral Directors)--3.3
  • Beecher, Henry K. (Harvard Medical School)--28.6
  • Behr, Edward (Saturday Evening Post)--14.9
  • Belew, Louise--24.6, 58.10
  • Belli, Melvin--11.8, 23.6
  • Benedict, Raymond--59.3
  • Bennett, Lawrence A. (Department of Corrections (CA))--24.8
  • Bennett, Leslie L. (University of California)--28.6, 30.7
  • Bergerson, Bernard E. (Dept. of Prof. & Voc. Standards (CA))--7.6, 7.7
  • Berman, Howard (Prison Law Project)--39.4
  • Bernhard, Carolyn G. (Department of Commerce)--1.3
  • Bernstein, Charles--38.2
  • Berry, Anne--8.6
  • Berry, Thomas Elliott (West Chester State College)--58.3
  • Berube, Allan James--67.3
  • Beyers, Charlotte--58.3
  • Bierman, O. C.--7.9
  • Birmingham, Roger H.--28.6
  • Bixby, F. Lovell (United Nations)--42.1, 58.2, 58.6, 67.3
  • Blair, Jimmy--59.3
  • Blakemore, Barbara (McCall's)--46.7
  • Blalock, Ugene U. (Forest Lawn Memorial Park)--8.1
  • Blumenthal, Dallas--40.2, 59.3
  • Boag, Don--59.3
  • Bond, J. Leonard--59.3
  • Bonner, Clyde L.--7.5
  • Boone, John O. (Department of Corrections (DC))--46.7
  • Bortin, David N.--7.5, 7.7
  • Botell, Anthony--7.5
  • Boudin, Leonard B. (Rabinowitz, Boudin & Standard)--20.12, 21.1
  • Bowers, John--28.6, 30.7, 58.6
  • Boyd, James (Fund For Investigative Journalism)--47.6
  • Boyette, Mary (American Assoc. of Univ. Women)--24.1
  • Brennan, Raymond Louis (Interment Association of California)--8.2
  • Brenner, Helene--12.9
  • Brich, George M. (American Library Association)--39.5
  • Brinkley, Cosby (University of Chicago Library)--8.4
  • Brodsky, Stanley L. (University of Alabama)--28.6
  • Bromley, Marion--26.5, 37.1, 52.1, 52.8, 52.12, 67.3
  • Bronson, Michael W.--59.3
  • Bronstein, Al (National Prison Project)--41.2
  • Brooke, Leonie N.--12.7
  • Broome, Aline--7.5
  • Broughton, Natalie--58.1
  • Broule, John A.--58.1
  • Brousseau, Helen B.--13.3
  • Brown, Arnold L. (Mayo Clinic)--1.6
  • Brown, Cabot--7.5
  • Brown, Chester A. (Sunset Memorial Gardens)--8.6
  • Brown, Francis (New York Times Book Review)--13.5
  • Brown, Helen Gurley--11.6, 13.2, 14.3
  • Brown, Jean F. (Peoples Temple)--67.4
  • Brown, Joseph Harry--28.4
  • Brown, William T. (City of Berkeley (CA))--8.4
  • Brown, Willie L. Jr.--32.1
  • Brunn, George (Municipal Court (Berkeley, CA))--67.3
  • Bundy, McGeorge (White House)--20.10
  • Burghardt, James H. (Library Association of Portland)--8.6
  • Burkhart, Kitsi W.--24.1
  • Burnam, Tom--58.3
  • Burnham, Dan (Wall Street Journal)--7.5
  • Burnham, David (New York Times)--53.6
  • Burns, Mary (Supreme Court of the United States)--58.2
  • Burrows, Donald E.--59.3
  • Burton, Phillip (Congress of the United States)--54.1
  • Bush, Philip (Minnesota Connections)--67.1
  • Bush, Sheila--3.3, 8.2
  • Calame, Donna (University of Pennsylvania Law Schl.)--58.4
  • Califano, Joseph A.--16.7
  • Callahan, Vince (Advertising Art)--14.9
  • Callan, Arnold (United Automobile, Aircraft)--8.4
  • Calomee, Lindsay R.--40.2, 59.4
  • Calvert-Link, Margaret (National Legal Aid)--24.7
  • Campbell, Mel--59.4
  • Canon, Edward J. (American Airlines)--1.3
  • Carlson, Norman A. (U.S. Department of Justice)--47.4
  • Carr, Jesse L. (University of California)--1.6, 8.2, 13.5
  • Carr, John D.--59.4
  • Carroll, S.D.--7.9
  • Carrow, Robert D. (Carrow & Jones)--49.6
  • Carson, Patricia--24.1, 32.1
  • Carter, John Mack (Ladies' Home Journal)--23.8
  • Cassidy, William A.--59.4
  • Catalano, John A.--59.4
  • Celler, Emanuel (U.S. House of Representatives)--58.2
  • Chalkley, D.T. (Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare)--28.6
  • Chambers, W.W. (W.W. Chambers Co., Inc.)--8.2
  • Champen, Roger--36.7
  • Chapelonis, A.--8.1
  • Chenoweth, (William B.Senate (CO))--12.8
  • Choice, Bart W.--59.4
  • Chord, John C.--12.10, 14.12, 15.1, 15.2
  • Christy, Charles S. (Department of Corrections (MA))--50.4
  • Cines, Fannette (Simon and Schuster)--11.6
  • Clanon, T.L. (Department of Corrections (CA))--28.2
  • Clark, Edna--7.9
  • Clark, James R. (Clark, Robinson and Hellebush)--11.8
  • Clemens, Cyril (Mark Twain Journal)--15.1
  • Clement, Lillian--7.9
  • Cleverdon, William Robert--59.4
  • Cochran, George (University of Mississippi)--28.6
  • Cochran, George C. (Duke University)--58.2
  • Coffin, William Sloane (Yale University)--23.6
  • Coffman, Florence--7.5
  • Cohelan, Jeffrey (Congress of the United States)--8.2
  • Cohen, Malvin A. (Department of Law (NY))--8.4
  • Coles, Bob (Harvard University)--50.6, 58.2
  • Collins, Leslie--14.2
  • Congdon, Thomas B. (Saturday Evening Post)--11.6
  • Conrad, John P. (University of Pennsylvania)--58.2, 67.3
  • Conreur, Vanita--58.3
  • Conway, L.--58.2
  • Conyers, John Jr. (Congress of the United States)--54.1
  • Cooper, Claire (American Civil Liberties Union)--41.2, 58.2
  • Corr, J. Wilfred (California Funeral Directors Assoc.)--8.6
  • Correll, Elmer J. (Mrs.)--7.9
  • Cosgrove, Thomas A. (Art Mart, Inc.)--8.1
  • Cox, Eddie David--67.1
  • Craig, Don (Headquarters, Dept. of the Army)--5.7, 8.4
  • Cranston, Alan (United States Senate)--54.1
  • Craven, Walter E. (California State Prison at Folsom)--37.1
  • Cray, William C. (Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Assoc.)--28.6
  • Cross, Ira B.--8.1
  • Cross, Laurance (Northbrae Community Church)--4.1
  • Curry, William R.--7.5
  • Cutler, Arnold R. (Lourie & Cutler)--8.4, 13.1, 13.2
  • Cutler, Hazel--14.2
  • D'Orgeix, Alva (Committee for Prisoner Humanity)--67.1
  • Dahl, Stella (Central Memorial Society)--13.2, 14.12
  • Daitch, Arthur A. (Railroad Retirement Board)--8.2
  • Daniel, Alice (Legal Defense Fund)--47.6
  • Daniels, Dale L.--59.4
  • Danley, Harold (Interstate Commerce Commission)--8.1
  • Darrow, Edward--7.5
  • Daughtrey, Tom--59.4
  • Davies, Byron P.--7.5
  • Davies, Mark (Hames & Hyatt)--28.6
  • Davis, Clive J. (CBS Records)--32.1
  • Davis, James Edward--59.4
  • Davis, Mary C.--8.2
  • De Antonio, Emile (Monday Film Production Company)--17.3
  • Deacy, Thomas E Jr. (Deacy and Deacy)--8.4
  • Dean, Walter L. (CBS Records)--32.1
  • Dellums, Ronald V. (Congress of the United States)--38.2, 44.6, 67.3
  • Demorest, Dorothy (East Bay Memorial Association)--7.5, 7.6
  • DeMotte, Harold L.--7.5
  • Dennis, Albert C.--67.3
  • Dershowitz, Alan M. (Harvard Law School)--24.1
  • Derzon, Robert A. (University of California)--28.2
  • Desmond, Jerry--59.4
  • Deutsch, Michael--58.3, 58.4, 58.7
  • Dewey, Arthur W. (University of Connecticut)--1.8
  • Diamond, Bernard (University of California, Berkeley)--58.2
  • Donadio, Candida (Russell & Volkening)--11.6
  • Donahue, Phil (WHIO)--14.12
  • Dorek, John H. (Remembrance Memorials)--8.6
  • Dorsen, Norman (Committee for Public Justice)--45.1
  • Dowie, Mark (Transitions To Freedom Inc.)--32.1, 40.3, 58.1
  • Draper, Dick (National Lawyer Guild)--48.2
  • Dreiblatt, Carol (Doyle, Dane, Bernback Inc.)--20.11
  • Dreyfus, Benjamin (Garry, Dreyfus, McTernan & Brotsky)--40.2, 46.7, 52.15
  • Drinan, Robert F. (Congress of the United States)--54.1, 67.3
  • Dulsovich, Joseph--7.5
  • Dunbar, Leslie (Field Foundation)--47.6
  • Dunn, Alfred--59.4
  • Dunn, Halbert L.--8.2
  • Dye, O.I.--13.2
  • Eckehard, Gabriele--11.6
  • Eckes, Fred T. (Central Memorial Society)--6.5
  • Eddington, Lawrence--67.1
  • Eden, Philip (Int'l. Longshoremens)--8.2, 8.6
  • Edsall, Geoffrey--28.6
  • Edwards, Arthur F. (Sunset Mausoleum)--8.4
  • Egly, Paul (Egly, Wiener and Weiss)--8.7
  • Eitreim, Anthony C. (Duke Law School)--39.4
  • Elfers, James L.--7.5
  • Eli, Nathan E.--59.5
  • Elias, Stephen (Food Research and Action Center)--58.1
  • Elliott, Henry W. (Solano Inst. for Medical)--30.7
  • Ellison, Harlan--14.1
  • Ellison, Jane--52.1
  • Ellison, Terry C.--54.8
  • Ellsworth, Ralph E. (University of Colorado Libraries)--13.3
  • Engle, Clair (United States Senate)--8.2
  • Eshelman, Byron E. (Department of Corrections (CA))-8.2
  • Estep, Richard A. (United Papermakers & Paperworkers)--8.2
  • Evans, Fallon--13.2
  • Evans, Jeanne--7.5
  • Evett, Robert (New Republic)--11.6, 13.3, 14.4, 58.3
  • Fairbanks, George F.--8.1, 8.2
  • Farmer, Elton W. (Department of Corrections (CA))--32.1
  • Farmer, Helen (Southern California Memorial Assoc.)--6.6, 7.5
  • Farrell, W.J.--67.3
  • Fate, Robin--58.3
  • Fayssoux, Frank S. (Rotarian, The)--58.2
  • Fee, Joan (Bertrand Goldberg Associates)--52.1, 58.2
  • Feiffer, Jules--17.2
  • Ferber, Michael--21.1
  • Fergusson, M.S. (Forest Lawn Memorial Park)--8.2
  • Ferrell, William F. (St. Anthony's Church)--54.1
  • Fiedler, RonniHarper's Magazine--67.1
  • Fielding, E.U. (Mrs.)--7.5
  • Fields, Frank C.--1.3
  • Fields, Walter G.M.--8.1
  • Fine, Richard H. (Medical Committee for Human Rights)--30.7
  • Finley, Art--58.3
  • Fischer, Patricia L. (Women Concerned w/Criminal Justice)--67.3
  • Fitzgerald, John Thomas--37.1
  • Fleming, Leroy Nolane--39.4
  • Fletcher, C. Errol (Holmdahl & Fletcher)--1.3, 2.4, 8.2, 8.6
  • Flint, David (California State College)--58.2
  • Flom, Carl (County Court, Dane Co. (WI))--8.1
  • Flower, Ruth--67.3
  • Fogel, David (Department of Corrections (MN))--50.5
  • Folsom, J.C. (Department of Mental Health (AL))--24.7, 27.5
  • Forrester, Glenn C. (Niagara Falls Memorial Society)--6.5
  • Fox, Cecil (Y.M.C.A. of Oakland (CA))--8.4
  • Frankenberry, James R. Jr.--59.5
  • Frazier, John--59.5
  • Frieden, M.B. (Mosk and Rudman)--13.3
  • Friess, Joanne--8.1
  • Fritchman, Stephen H. (First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles)--11.6, 13.1, 13.2, 13.3
  • Frohbach, Hugh F.--7.5
  • Fryer, John L.--8.2
  • Fuller, Earle C.--14.3
  • Fulton, Robert L. (Los Angeles State College)--4.1
  • Gabriel, John H.--7.9
  • Gaddis, Thomas E.--36.2
  • Galbraith, John Kenneth (Harvard University)--13.2
  • Gallagher, James F.--59.5
  • Gammer, A. (Mountain View Cemetery)--2.4
  • Gardner, Robert Newton Jr.--32.1
  • Garrison, Floyd E.--54.8
  • Gasse, R. V.--7.5
  • Gavaghan, Paul F. (Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.)--1.3
  • Gayman, Warren W. (Sacramento Valley Memorial Soc.)--6.6
  • Geigley, Effie B.--7.9, 8.1
  • Gelinske, Tom--58.2
  • Gillers, Stephen (Committee for Public Justice)--45.1
  • Gilligan, John J. (Office of the Governor (OH))--52.9
  • Givens, Wayne (Kentucky School of Mortuary Science)--5.5
  • Glick, Lawrence B. (U.S. Commission on Civil Rights)--37.1
  • Goff, V. Barlow (Department of Justice (CA))--7.5
  • Goff, Victor V. (Pacific Coast Unitarian Council)--7.6
  • Gold, John E.--59.5
  • Goldberg, Bertrand (Bertrand Goldbert Associates)--8.4
  • Goldberg, Dave (National Lawyers Guild)--37.1
  • Goldberg, Robert--24.3
  • Goldstein, Abe--21.1
  • Goldstein, Patti (Addison, Goldstein and Walsh)--11.8
  • Gomes, A.E. (Department of Corrections (AZ))--32.1
  • Goodenough, Rosemary D. (Friends Outside inCalifornia)--56.8
  • Goodman, Denise Levertov--48.9
  • Gordon, Anne M.--67.3
  • Gordon, Leland J. (Denison University)--8.2
  • Gordon, Mitchell--14.3
  • Gordon, Ramon (Cell Block Theatre Corporation)--67.3
  • Gorman, John E. (Human Relations Agency (CA))--28.6
  • Gossage, Howard Luck--13.2, 14.3
  • Gottlieb, Robert (Simon and Schuster)--11.6, 58.4
  • Goyette, G.F. Jr. (Parke, Davis & Company)--28.6
  • Graeme, Jock L.--7.5
  • Graham, H. Neil (Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare)--4.7
  • Grant, Joseph W. (Penal Digest International)--58.2
  • Grant, P.J.--7.9
  • Gray, Donald--28.6
  • Green, Dan (Simon and Schuster)--11.6, 11.11
  • Green, Martha (Time, Inc.)--7.9
  • Green, Roy M. (Atlantic Monthly)--13.3, 13.6
  • Green, Walter J. (American Civil Liberties Union)--41.2, 41.3
  • Greenberg, David (Comm. for the Study of Incarceration)--52.12
  • Greenberg, Samuel L. (Senate, State of New York)--31.3
  • Greenwell, Ben E. (Rowell Laboratories Inc.)--28.3
  • Gregory, Dean W. (California State Prison at Folsom)--37.1
  • Grene, Robert--59.5
  • Griffing, P.B. (Mrs.)--7.5
  • Griswold, H. Jack (Lake Shore Outlook)--48.4
  • Griswold, Natalie M.--58.2
  • Grundstrom, Daniel--59.5
  • Gruves, Frank I.--7.9
  • Guichot-Perere, L. Henri de Borniol--3.3
  • Gunterman, Joe (Friends Committee on Legislation (CA))--28.1, 38.2
  • Guthrie, Philip D. (Department of Corrections (CA))--26.2, 30.7, 30.8, 32.1, 33.1, 58.9
  • Gutstadt, Joseph P.--24.8
  • Hackmeyer, Richard J. (St. Louis Co., Missouri)--2.4
  • Hall, Barbara--2.5
  • Hall, Harry A. (Circuit Court (Kansas City, MO))--8.4
  • Hall, Kenneth F. (Department of Finance (CA))--32.1
  • Halvonik, Paul N. (American Civil Liberties Union)--36.4, 37.1, 41.2, 58.3, 58.9
  • Hamilton, Dennis L.--35.7, 59.6
  • Hanson, Roselyn T.--7.9
  • Harkey, Marion--58.2
  • Harmer, Ruth Mulvey--1.3
  • Harmetz, Richard S.--14.2
  • Harris, Willie L.--59.6
  • Harrison, Scott (Amicus Inc.)--58.2
  • Hatfield, Frank--59.6
  • Haws, Edsel W. (Office of the Attorney General (CA))--31.5
  • Hayball, K.W. (California State Prison, San Quentin)--37.1
  • Hayden, Charles G.--11.6
  • Hayes, Lester X.--59.6
  • Hayslip, Patricia--8.1
  • Heath, Charlotte Coulter--7.9
  • Heil, Nicholas (State of New Jersey)--48.5
  • Heisler, Francis (Heisler & Stewart)--23.8
  • Hellerstein, William E. (Legal Aid Society)--58.4
  • Hemmings, Charles L.--24.3
  • Henderson, James T. (Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare)--58.3
  • Hendon, Ezra (Prison Law Project)--32.1
  • Henley, Nancy (Rough Times)--67.1
  • Hering, Leonora--7.5
  • Hermann, Michele (American Civil Liberties Union)--41.2
  • Hilgenfeld, Melvin D. (California Coll. of Mortuary Science)--5.5
  • Hill, Gary (Crime and Corrections, U.S. Jaycees)--42.1
  • Hill, John E. (Belli, Ashe, Ellison, Choulos & Lieff)--31.5
  • Hillman, Marnell--7.5
  • Hines, Walter C.--37.1
  • Hinickle, F.W. (Dept. of Health & Soc. Services (WI))--32.1
  • Hirschkop, Philip J. (American Civil Liberties Union (VA))--41.7, 42.2
  • Hirsig, Alan R.--58.4
  • Hodgson, Arlee (Civil Liberties Review)--41.2
  • Hoffman, Charles--39.5
  • Hoffman, Nancy--58.3
  • Hogan, William (San Francisco Chronicle)--11.6
  • Holder, Willie (Prisoners' Union)--40.3
  • Holiff, Saul (Johnny Cash Inc.)--32.1
  • Holley, Lee A.--54.1
  • Holt, Patricia (San Francisco Book Co.)--58.4
  • Holter, Lanier--59.6
  • Holter, Sandra--58.4, 59.6, 67.3
  • Hopkins, Arnold J. (American Bar Association)--41.1
  • Hopkins, Donald R. (Congress of the United States)--54.1
  • Hornick, Richard B. (University of Maryland)--28.6
  • Houlihan, John C. (Institute For Local Self Government)--39.7
  • Hounshell, William--59.6, 66.3
  • Howard, David--59.6
  • Howard, Genevieve H.--15.1
  • Hubbard, David G.--53.6
  • Huish, Lois (Vallejo Public Library)--39.6
  • Hull, C.H. (Department of Corrections (CA))--58.3
  • Humphrey, Hubert H. (Vice President)--20.10
  • Hunter, Opal P.--7.5
  • Hunter, Sally--7.9, 8.1
  • Hurd, Reginald--7.5
  • Hutt, Peter Barton (Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare)--53.6
  • Hyatt, Wayne S. (Hames & Hyatt)--58.4
  • Ickes, Steven J. (Wisconsin School for Girls)--58.3
  • Ingelfinger, Franz J. (New England Journal of Medicine)--28.6
  • Irany, Helen (Simon and Schuster)--13.4
  • Irby, James--46.7, 47.3, 59.7, 67.1
  • Irwin, Lucietta (East Bay Memorial Association)--7.6
  • Jackson, George--48.9
  • Jackson, Jane Rudel--67.3
  • James, Raymond Dana--59.7, 67.1
  • Jeffs, Rae (Hutchinson Publishing Group)--11.6
  • Jelinek, Donald A.--36.7
  • Jensen, Carl (California State College)--67.4
  • Johnson, Lyndon B. (White House)--20.10
  • Johnston, J. Richard (Avakian & Johnston)--7.5
  • Johnston, Lamont--8.4
  • Jollett, Jean (Simon and Schuster)--9.10
  • Jones, Austin W. Jr. (United States District Court)--23.8
  • Jones, Gene Melvin--59.7
  • Jorstad, T.O.--8.1
  • Kagan, Joe--52.15, 53.2
  • Kalman, Herbert S.--1.3
  • Kamath, Elinor--14.6
  • Kane, M. Martin--24.3
  • Kaplan, Martha (Alfred A. Knopf Inc.)--58.4
  • Kaplan, William L. (Feisner, Kaplan, Smith and Joseph)--29.7
  • Kastenmeier, Robert W. (Congress of the United States)--38.2, 54.1
  • Katz, Louis S. (Gostin & Katz Inc.)--53.4
  • Kay, Melissa--4.2, 6.2
  • Keating, Michael B. (Foley, Hoag & Eliot)--24.1, 50.4
  • Kellock, Katharine--13.8, 14.8
  • Kelly, Paul C.--37.1
  • Kennedy, Edward M. (United States Senate)--40.6
  • Kerr, Henry W. (Adult Authority (CA))--35.7
  • Keyes, Jim--33.1, 59.7, 67.1
  • Kifner, Rona--36.3
  • Kight, Morris (Gay Community Services Center)--24.3
  • Kim, Luke I.C. (Human Relations Agency (CA))--30.7
  • Kimbrough, Brian--54.1
  • Kirby, Bernard C. (San Diego State College)--58.2
  • Kleinstuler Marguerite--7.9
  • Knudsen, Raymond Barnett (Counselor Association Inc.)--11.10
  • Kohn, Lawrence--28.6
  • Korn, Richard R. (University of California, Berkeley)--44.6
  • Krebs, Albert V. Jr.--7.9
  • Krieger, W.M. (National Selected Morticians)--8.2, 8.4
  • Kroncke, George Jr. (First Natl. Bank (Madison, WI))--8.2
  • Krone, Pamela (Phizer, Inc.)--29.5
  • Kruglak, William T.--7.9
  • Kunstler, William L. (Law Center for Constitutional Rights)--21.1
  • Kytle, Calvin (David Apter & Associates)--41.2
  • Lake, Thomas A. Edison--14.9
  • Lamont, Corliss--8.1
  • Lamson, Robin (Assembly Office of Research (CA))--30.7, 32.1, 32.4, 52.15, 58.1
  • Larkin, Margaret--14.12
  • Lassow, Dina (Rabinowitz, Boudin & Standard)--23.8
  • Laurence, Virginia (East Bay Memorial Association)--7.5
  • Laurent, Carl E.--2.4
  • LaVoie, Ruth--7.9
  • Lawrence, Memmom Jr.--32.1
  • Lawson, Allan H. (Prisoners' Rights Council)--36.1
  • Lawson, Stanley (Superior Court, State of California)--7.9, 8.1
  • Lawton, Sandy (Jelinek & Samsel)--24.7
  • Learning, Christian B. (Rehabilitation Research Foundation)--58.1
  • Leavitt, John--54.1
  • Leban, Abbot A. (United States Senate)--15.1
  • Lee, Eugene (University of California)--1.4
  • Lehmann, Joyce A. (Rochester Memorial Society)--6.6
  • Lembhe, Allen--58.4
  • Lemmons, John R.--32.1
  • Levanthal, Harold (U.S. Court of Appeals)--47.3
  • Levertov, Denise (see Goodman, Denise Levertov)
  • Levin, Elena--58.7
  • Levin, John--58.4
  • Levine, Ellen (Curtis Brown Ltd.)--48.4, 48.5, 58.2
  • Levine, Myra E.--58.2
  • Levy, Barnett (Department of Law (NY))--12.8
  • Lewis, Jonathan (California Legislature, Senate)--38.2
  • Lippman, Linda--28.6
  • Lisook, Alan B. (Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare)--28.6
  • Lockard, Wallace L. (Lockard's)--7.9
  • Longstreth, J.A.--7.5
  • Loos, Esther W. (Princeton Memorial Association)--6.6
  • Loper, Rodney--7.5
  • Louie, George Sing--24.8, 48.3, 59.8, 60.3
  • Louie, Maxine--48.3
  • Lovedahl, Cecil--59.8
  • Loveridge, L.L. (Int'l. Longshoremens)--7.9
  • Luncan, Alexander--67.3
  • Lyle, Dave--20.1, 23.8
  • Lynch, John C.--59.8
  • Lynott, Jason--59.8
  • Lyon, Walter A. (Mrs.)--13.3
  • Mabry, Terry--32.1
  • MacGibbon, James (Macdonald & Co. (Publishers) Ltd.)--23.6
  • Macias, Peggy--54.1
  • Mackes, LeRoy E. (Mrs.)--7.5
  • MacLeod, Celeste--58.2
  • MacNeur, R.N. (Grant Miller Mortuaries)--8.2
  • Magee, Ruchell--48.9, 60.1
  • Magnuson, Warren G. (United States Senate)--54.1
  • Mailes, R.M.--47.7
  • Maki, William (Assoc. of Better Business Bureaus)--8.2
  • Maldve, R. Elizabeth--7.9
  • Malone, Joann (Institute for Policy Studies)--40.2
  • Mangee, Charles T. (Upjohn Company)--28.6
  • Mann, Richard E.--7.5
  • Manning, Robert (Atlantic Monthly)--28.6, 39.6, 47.6
  • Mansker, Don E. (Travel Unlimited Inc.)--8.4
  • Marcentaro, Laura 9College Association For Public)--23.8
  • Marchbanks, Owen--7.9
  • Margaronis, Stasse--58.2
  • Marshall, Betsy--7.5
  • Marshall, Burr W. (State of New York, Dept. of Health)--8.1
  • Marshall, John B. (State Board of Equalization (CA))--1.3
  • Marsicano, Vincent A. (Department of Law (NY))--8.5
  • Martig, Ralph R. (Secretary of State (CA))--7.5
  • Martin, Willis L. (Peerless Garments)--1.3
  • Maschler, Tom (Jonathan Cape Ltd.)--48.9
  • Mason, Florence (Consumers Union)--7.7
  • Mason, Gene L. (Franconia College)--28.1
  • Mason, George M.--60.1
  • Massie, Robert L.--40.2
  • Massie, Robert L.--60.1
  • Mathias, Charles McC. Jr.--58.9
  • Mathias, James F. (Guggenheim Foundation)--47.10
  • Matthews, Emily Inks--54.1
  • Maxwell, Henry H. 9Zurich Insurance Company)--58.2
  • Mayer, Dorothy D. (Amer. Academy of Funeral Services)--5.5
  • Mayer, Paul (Catonsville Nine Defense Committee)--16.8
  • Mayfield, Glenn E.--7.6
  • Mayor, Juan “Pinon”--36.2
  • McAiney, Phil (Narconon)--28.6
  • McCabe, Charles (San Francisco Chronicle)--28.6
  • McClean, Elinor--12.10
  • McCleary, James H.--60.1
  • McCormick, Anne H. (Alfred A. Knopf Inc.)--58.4
  • McHenry, J.E. (California State Prison)--39.6
  • McKinley, Maytor H.--14.3
  • McLaughlin, Dorothy F.--7.5
  • McNulty, Elizabeth (Joint Commission on Accreditation)--28.6
  • McTernan, John T. (Margolis and McTernan)--14.2
  • Mellish, H.W. (Public Utilities Comm.(B.C., Canada))--8.2
  • Menci, Tanya (College Association For Public)--23.8
  • Mendenhall, James E. (Consumers Union)--8.2, 8.4
  • Menn, Thorpe (Kansas City Star)--11.11
  • Menninger, Karl (Menninger Foundation)--58.3
  • Merkl, Earle C. (Headquarters, Dept. of the Army)--5.7
  • Merrick, Florence M.--58.2
  • Merriman, Russell--60.1
  • Merritt, George Jr.--40.2, 60.1
  • Michaels, Sarae (California Citizens Committee)--37.1, 42.7
  • Miele, Dolores (Atlantic Monthly)--58.2
  • Milbank, Ann (National Funeral Directors Assoc.)--7.5, 8.2
  • Miller, James Henry--60.1
  • Miller, Leonard E.--60.1
  • Miller, Willie Curtis--60.1
  • Millie--13.3
  • Milne, J.C. (J.C. Milne Organization)--8.6
  • Misenheimer, Mike--48.4, 48.5, 48.6
  • Mitchell, Gordon (Wall Street Journal)--15.1
  • Mittler, Manny--24.3
  • Moeykens, J.V. 9State Correctional Facility (VT))--28.6
  • Monroe, Eason (American Civil Liberties Union)--41.2
  • Moore, Robert J. 9Department of Corrections (MA))--50.4
  • Morgan, Ernest--5.1, 7.5, 8.2, 8.6, 9.4, 9.6, 12.10, 13.3
  • Morris, Richard B. (Bar Association of San Francisco)--28.2, 42.7
  • Mosley, John L.--46.7
  • Murphy, Ellen G.--7.9
  • Murphy, R.B. (R.B. Murphy & Co.)--7.5
  • Murphy, Raymond C.--60.1
  • Murton, Thomas O. (University of Minnesota)--24.2
  • Nadan, Paul--58.3
  • Nagel, William G. (American Foundation Inc.)--52.9
  • Naggrar, Patricia (West German Television)--11.6
  • Narveson, P.O. (Successful Mortuary Operation)--7.5
  • Natividad, Pete V.--60.2
  • Negrotto, Susan G. (Natl. Council on Crime & Delinquency)--31.7
  • Neier, Aryeh (American Civil Liberties Union)--24.1. 41.2, 54.1, 58.4
  • Nelson, Bruce--16.7
  • Nelson, Gerald D.--24.8
  • Nelson, Helen Ewing (Office of Consumer Counsel (CA))--8.4
  • Nelson, J.S. (California State Prison)--39.6
  • Nelson, Rosemery (University of North Carolina)--28.1
  • Nevler, Leona (Fawcett World Library)--9.4
  • Newcomer, Earl T. (Professional Securities Corp.)--8.1
  • Newlin, Lyman W. 9Kroch & Brentano's Inc.)--11.8
  • Newman, Alexander--60.2
  • Newquist, Roy A. (WBBM)--11.6
  • Neyhart, Stanley H. (Neyhart & Grodin)--8.6
  • Nichols, H. 9California Men's Colony)--32.4
  • Nichols, Richard R.--48.1
  • Nicholson, Robert F.--28.6
  • Nielsen, George L. (State Brd. of Funeral Directors (CA))--7.5
  • Nissen, Cinde--13.4
  • Nolan, Dan--50.4. 60.2
  • Nollenberger, Kay (Bay Area Council for Jail Reform)--42.7
  • Nora, Fred--13.4
  • Nugent, Patricia (County of San Mateo)--33.1
  • Nunes, Roney R.--30.8, 32.1, 39.4, 39.5, 51.1
  • O'Hanlon, Patricia--24.3
  • Oakley, A.G. (Department of Corrections)--58.3
  • Oberdorfer, Conrad W. (Choate, Hall & Stewart)--28.6
  • Ockert, Virginia--7.5
  • Oldham, W.F. (Manitoba Mortuary Association)--6.5
  • Olsen, G. Robert--37.1
  • Olson, Daniel--43.9
  • Oppenheimer, A. (California Institution For Men)--39.6
  • Opton, Edward M. Jr. (Wright Institute)--28.2, 24.8, 28.5, 58.2
  • Orr, Lois A. (Valley View Memorial Gardens)--8.2
  • Ortiz, Victoria (Monthly Review)--32.1
  • Ottley, Allan R. (California State Library)--8.2
  • Outerbridge, W.R. (National Parole Board)--24.7
  • Outze, Bill (National Parole Board)--58.1
  • Papanek, Paul--54.1
  • Parker, Florence E. (San Diego Memorial Society)--6.6
  • Parker, John M.--8.1
  • Parker, Marjory Winston (Office of the Attorney General (CA))--30.7
  • Pauling, Ava Helen (Mrs. Linus)--13.5
  • Pauling, Linus (National Welcoming Committee)--13.3
  • Pearl, Dennis--28.3
  • Pearson, A. Raymond (National Funeral Directors Assoc.)--8.2
  • Pearson, Talbot (Continental Association of Funeral)--13.3
  • Pederson, Walt--9.4
  • Pepper, Claude (Select Committee on Crime)--38.2
  • Perlmutter, Mark B. (Mutual Service Insurances Co.s)--8.1
  • Perrin, Leroy M. (Board of Funeral Directors (CA))--8.2
  • Peters, Ferdinand J. (Granit-Bronz, Inc.)--8.6
  • Peterson, H.A.--7.9
  • Peterson, M. (Mrs.) (Memento Shop at Forest Lawn)--8.1
  • Petris, Nicholas C. (Assembly, California Legislature)--7.5, 12.8, 38.7, 58.9
  • Phelps, Thomas R. (Sacramento State College)--58.3
  • Phillips, George W. Jr. (Superior Court (CA))--23.8
  • Phillips, Stella L. (Interment Association of California)--8.2
  • Pickett, G.W. (U.S. Department of Justice)--48.3
  • Pike, James A. (Diocese of California)--4.1, 13.3
  • Pimentel, A.G. (Menlo Funeral Home)--8.1, 8.2
  • Pinson, E.R. (Pfizer Central Research)--29.5
  • Platt, Tony (University of California)--53.3
  • Pleasance, Simon--27.1
  • Plotkin, Robert (National Law Office)--58.3
  • Plumb, Donald D.--13.8
  • Poland, Fred (Montreal Star)--58.3
  • Pollard, James--67.3
  • Pollock, George H. (Institute for Psychoanalysis)--1.6
  • Pompa, Florence--7.5
  • Porter, Eve--8.1, 8.2, 14.4
  • Potter, J. G. (Mrs.)--12.9
  • Potter, Mary Carroll--24.1, 58.2
  • Powers, Art--48.4, 48.5, 48.6
  • Prettyman, E. Barrett Jr. (Hogan & Hartson)--24.7
  • Prewitt, Robin Lin--60.2
  • Price, Mary (Yale Review)--23.8
  • Priest, A.J.G. (University of Virginia School of Law)--14.4
  • Procunier, R.K. (Department of Corrections (CA))--24.8, 28.2, 30.7, 33.1, 46.7
  • Pronger, Camille S.--58.4
  • Puchalski, Anthony M.--48.5, 60.2
  • Purnell, Karl H. (House of Representatives)--58.4
  • Quates, McKinley (Southern Conservation Center)--39.6
  • Rabinowitz, Leonard (Rabinowitz, Boudin & Standard)--21.1
  • Rabinowitz, Victor (Rabinowitz, Boudin & Standard)--39.2
  • Raether, Howard C. (National Funeral Directors Assoc.)--8.2, 8.4
  • Raffle, John (Correctional Training Facility)--39.6
  • Ramer, Chris--24.7, 54.1
  • Ramer, Lanier A.--24.8, 28.1, 60.2
  • Ramey, Dru--32.1
  • Raskin, Marcus G.--20.8
  • Ray, Gordon N. (Guggenheim Foundation)--47.10
  • Reagen, Michael V. (Syracuse University Research Corp.)--67.3
  • Rector, Milton G. (Natl. Council on Crime & Delinquency)--31.5
  • Rees, Toinette L.E. (Alfred A. Knopf Inc.)--23.5
  • Reeves, Anthony Ayanna--60.2
  • Reid, J. Filson--8.2
  • Reinders, Robert C. (Tulane University)--13.5, 14.4
  • Rembar, Cy--13.7
  • Rennie, Robert A.--52.1
  • Rennie, Ysabel--52.1, 52.4, 52.7, 52.12, 58.3
  • Reuter, Ralph R. (Int'l. Ladies' Garment Workers)--5.4
  • Reynolds, Del (Freeman & Cox-Roach & Leonard Inc.)--8.4
  • Reynolds, Kenneth Duke--60.2
  • Rhoades, Rufus--8.1
  • Ridgway, Franz (Courtesy Credit Corporation)--8.1
  • Riegel, Stevie (United Prisoners Union)--40.3
  • Rightley, Al (International Union)--8.6
  • Rinn, Fanny (California State University)--67.4
  • Rinzler, Alan (Holt, Rinehart and Winston)--48.4
  • Robb, Charles C. (American Civil Liberties Union (PA))--67.3
  • Roberts, Emmett S. (Department of Health...(FL))--28.6
  • Roberts, Evan--60.2
  • Roberts, W.A. (Domenic Zappia Art Studios)--2.4
  • Robinson, Lawrence R. (State Board of Control (CA))--32.4
  • Robinson, James O.--53.2
  • Roessner, Elmer (Bell-McClure Syndicate)--12.1
  • Rogaway, Betty J. (Palo Alto Unified School District)--11.6
  • Rogers, Deborah (Deborah Rogers Ltd.)--58.3, 58.4
  • Rogers, Neil K.--40.2, 51.1
  • Romer, Roy R. (Schmidt & Van Cise)--12.10
  • Ropa, Donald W. (White House)--20.10
  • Rose, Larry G.--40.2, 60.2
  • Rosenshine, Annette--13.3
  • Rosenthal, Aaron (M.U.S. Dept. of Commerce)--8.1
  • Rosenthal, Albert H. (Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare)--8.1
  • Rosner, Lita--58.2
  • Rossant, M.J. (Twentieth Century Fund)--47.6
  • Rostow, W. W. (White House)--20.10
  • Roth, Robert (Center for the Study of Legal)--24.7
  • Roth, William E.--13.6
  • Rothenberg, David (Fortune Society)--36.11, 60.2
  • Rothman, David J. (State University of New York (Albany))--67.3
  • Rothschild, Arvin K.--47.6
  • Rountree, Lester (California State University)--67.4
  • Rubin, Donald (Pocketbook & Novelty Workers Union)--1.3, 8.1, 8.2, 13.3, 14.3, 15.1
  • Rundle, Frank L.--58.2
  • Ruttle, Margaret (Eli Lilly and Company)--28.6
  • Sagerson, James Lawrence--60.3
  • Saltzman, Joan--58.1
  • Salvatore, Nick--17.3
  • Savoy, Maggie (Arizona Republic)--11.11
  • Sax, Joseph L. (Resources for the Future, Inc.)--23.7
  • Saylin, Gary--28.6
  • Sayre, Nora--58.3, 58.4
  • Schacter, Harry W.--58.2
  • Schein, Edgar H. (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology)--28.1
  • Schulte, Anthony M. (Simon and Schuster)--11.6
  • Schultz, David E. (Corrections Legal Services Program)--32.1
  • Schwalb, Alice--40.2, 46.7, 58.2, 58.6, 58.9
  • Schwartz, Herman--39.3, 47.4
  • Scott, Joseph W. (Library, University College London)--8.6
  • Scott, Sandra--58.1
  • Sedig, Walter--7.5
  • Sedlak, Joseph F. (National Center for Urban Ethnic)--48.5, 48.6
  • Segar, Robert L. (Leitson, Dean, Dean, Segar & Hart)--28.6
  • Seike, Frederick W. (Mrs.)--7.5
  • Shapiro, Michael H. (University of Southern California)--28.6
  • Shapiro, Samuel (Boston Collaborative Drug)--28.6
  • Sharp, E. Preston (American Correctional Association)--42.1
  • Sher, Byron D. (Stanford University)--8.4
  • Sherrad, Tom--7.5
  • Sherrill, Bob--54.10
  • Sherrill, Robert--47.6
  • Sherrod, Robert (Saturday Evening Post)--1.8, 8.2, 8.6
  • Shippey, Frances W.--67.3
  • Shirek, Brownlee (Bay Area Funeral Society)--12.8
  • Shook, Kathryn J. (Sixth Judicial Court, Rockville (MD))--46.7
  • Shulman, Matthew (Vermont Media)--28.6
  • Sieroty, Alan (California Legislature)--38.2, 43.3, 58.9
  • Silberman, Richard D.--32.1
  • Silliman, Ron (Committee for Prisoner Humanity)--58.3
  • Sills, Marion--13.3
  • Simpson, Donald J. (First Unitarian Congregational Soc.)--7.5
  • Skoler, Daniel L. (American Bar Association)--41.1
  • Smiley, Charles (Clark Grave Vault Co.)--8.6
  • Smith, Cecilia N. (Bobbs Merrill Company)--15.2
  • Smith, Charles C.--7.5
  • Smith, Evlyn E.--7.5
  • Smith, James F. (California Rural Legal Assistance)--58.2
  • Smith, Norvel--54.8
  • Soderberg, R.T. (Department of Finance (CA))--32.1
  • Soladay, Salle S. (Committee for Prisoner Humanity)--56.6
  • Solka, Paul Jr. (Office of the Governor (Alaska))--9.4
  • Sommer, Dorothy--7.5
  • South, Edward P. (California Correctional Psychiatrists)--24.7
  • Spaan, David B.--7.5
  • Sparks, Wilbur D. (United States Senate)--12.8
  • Specht, A.R. Jr. (California State Prison at Folsom)--31.5
  • Spectorsky, A.C. (Playboy)--8.2
  • Sperber, Irwin--23.9
  • Spock, Benjamin--23.6, 23.8
  • Springs, Savatar Saadi--60.3
  • Sprouse, Irby Jr.--60.3
  • Staidl, Stanley A. (Outagamie County Court (WI))--8.2
  • Stanford, Phil--58.3
  • Stark, Fortney H. Jr. (Security National Bank)--32.1
  • Stark, R.I.--7.5
  • Steger, R.W. (Mrs.)--7.9
  • Stender, Fay--24.5, 30.8, 32.1, 39.4, 40.2, 42.5, 48.9, 54.1, 58.2, 58.4, 67.1
  • Stern, Philip M.--14.2, 47.6
  • Sternberg, David (Washington State University)--58.1
  • Stessel, P. (Lederle Laboratories)--29.5
  • Stetson, E.H. (State Board of Equalization (CA))--7.6
  • Stevenlars, Philip--13.3
  • Steves, William--60.3
  • Stillman, Carl F. (National Health Federation)--28.6
  • Stockwell, Elisabeth (Hutchinson and Company)--9.4, 11.6
  • Stone, Arnetta G. (National Selected Morticians)--8.4
  • Streub, Clarence G. (Royal Bond Research Institute)--1.3
  • Stutsman, L.M. (Department of Corrections (CA))--32.1, 32.7
  • Surian, V.--7.5
  • Sussman, Peter Y.--32.1
  • Swanson, Thor (Washington State University)--58.1
  • Sweet, Fred--14.5
  • Swinkels, Rudolf--24.3
  • Sylvester, Arthur (Assistant Secretary of Defense)--20.10
  • Symonds, Lewis L.--7.5
  • Tannehill, Phillip Lee--32.1
  • Tanner, Richard (Penal Digest International)--48.3
  • Tasse, Austin Vincent--60.3
  • Taylor, Eddie Willie--28.6
  • Taylor, H. Marshall (Plain Planned Funerals Ltd.)--12.10
  • Taylor, Harold--13.2, 47.6
  • Taylor, Isaac J.--60.3
  • Taylor, Jane--67.3
  • Tepper, Julian (National Legal Aid)--34.2, 58.3
  • Terwilliger, Barbara--15.1
  • Thieben, Lore (KCBS)--7.5
  • Thogmartin, Vern--60.3
  • Thorne, John E. (Thorne, Clopton, Herz, Stanek Inc.)--49.4
  • Throp, James L.--47.7
  • Tilden, Gladys--48.1
  • Toby, Anna P.--7.5
  • Todd, Richard (Atlantic Monthly)--24.7, 30.2
  • Tole, Benny R.--60.3
  • Tooks, Freddie Lee--60.3
  • Torok, Lou--60.3
  • Tostevin, Leslie W.--11.6, 13.3, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4
  • Toynbee, Philip--13.3
  • Treuhaft, Robert E. (Edises, Treuhaft, Grossman & Grogan)--7.5, 7.6, 7.9, 23.9
  • Tromanhauser, Edward (Operation Dare)--48.4, 48.5, 48.6
  • Trotter, Sharland (Center For Study of Responsive Law)--28.2
  • Truscott, Isabelle (Denver Post)--12.10
  • Trust, Nelson R.--7.5
  • Tullos, Allen E. (Civil Liberties Union of Alabama)--42.3
  • Tunley, Roul--7.9, 11.8
  • Tunney, John V. (United States Senate)--54.1
  • Tupin, Joe P. (University of California, Davis)--28.1, 28.3
  • Turner, Joan E.--67.3
  • Turner, Phyllis--24.8
  • Ulrich, Carl E. (Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church)--13.3
  • Unruh, Jess (Assembly, California Legislature)--37.1
  • Upchurch, William H.--60.4
  • Vale, Paul W.--7.9
  • Van de Kamp, John--23.6
  • van Geldern, John--32.1, 60.4
  • vanden Heuvel, William J. (Board of Corrections (City of NY))--36.6, 50.6, 58.2
  • Viorst, Judith--9.4
  • Vogler, Lewis (Lewis Vogler & Co.)--14.2
  • von Hirsch, Andrew (Comm. for the Study of Incarceration)--24.3, 45.2, 46.3, 58.3
  • von Struve, A.W. (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)--1.3
  • Voorhis, Jerry (Cooperative League)--7.5
  • Waggoner, George Mark--40.2
  • Wagner, John G. (University of Michigan)--28.6
  • Wakeman, John (H.W. Wilson Company)--15.1, 15.2
  • Waldie, Jerome R. (Congress of the United States)--37.1
  • Wall, John (Dept. of Attorney General (MA))--20.11
  • Wallace, Thomas C. (Holt, Rinehart and Winston)--48.5, 58.2
  • Walsh, J.E.--5.7
  • Wamnes, Leonard B.--7.5
  • Ward, Donald--60.4
  • Warner, George F. (California State Prison, San Quentin)--31.5
  • Waskow, Arthur I. (Institute for Policy Studies)--40.2
  • Watson, Mary A.--7.5
  • Watts, Robert B. (Supreme Bench of Baltimore)--24.7
  • Wells, Wesley Robert--54.8
  • Wenner, Sim--7.5
  • Wennerstrom, Carl (Chicago Memorial Association)--6.5, 8.1, 8.2, 8.6
  • West, Celeste (San Francisco Public Library)--39.6
  • Whitehill, Joseph--24.7, 26.5, 58.3, 67.3
  • Wilcox, Fred (KCBS)--7.5
  • Wiles, Ronald P.--31.5, 32.1, 60.4
  • Williams, Edwin A.T. (Veterans Association)--8.4
  • Williamson, James Ralph--30.8, 32.1, 60.5, 60.6, 67.1
  • Willis, R. Dean--8.1
  • Wills, Robert D.--58.2
  • Wilson, Charles H. Jr. (United Press International)--11.6
  • Wilson, J. R. (Project T.A.C.T.)--41.4
  • Winn, A.E. (Dominion Bur. of Statistics (Ottawa))--8.2
  • Winton, James--60.7
  • Wiseman, A.L. (Chapel Management Consultants)--8.6
  • Witkin, Richard (New York Times)--24.3
  • Wolf, P.T. (Godeau Funeral Home)--8.2
  • Wolfson, Louis E.--34.2
  • Wolthouse, Velma--36.5
  • Woodring, Muriel--54.1
  • Woodward, Overton S. (Mutual Insurers, Inc.)--7.9, 8.1
  • Wright, C.S. Jr.--60.7
  • Wright, Robert L. (U.S. Department of Justice)--5.7
  • Wulf, Melvin L. (American Civil Liberties Union)--20.5
  • Wyndham, Francis--58.4
  • York, Jim--28.6
  • Young, Tracy (Village Voice)--24.3
  • Zinn, Howard (Boston University)--23.8