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Stuart Gilbert:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Descriptive Summary

Creator Gilbert, Stuart, 1883-1969
Title Stuart Gilbert Papers
Dates: 1900-1985 (bulk 1928-1975)
Abstract: The papers of British author, editor, and translator Stuart Gilbert relate primarily to his years in Paris and his association with Irish author James Joyce. Diaries, notebooks, manuscript drafts, correspondence, and photographs make up the bulk of the collection. A typescript of Gilbert's James Joyce's Ulysses and a typescript of the first chapter of Joyce's Finnegans Wake are present, as is extensive correspondence from Joyce. There are also materials by Gilbert's wife and collaborator Moune.
Extent 18 boxes, 1 gal1ey folder (gf), 1 oversize folder (osf)
Languages English and French
Repository Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Stuart Gilbert was born October 25, 1883, at Chipping Ongar, Essex, to Arthur Stronge Gilbert, a retired army officer, and his wife Melvina Kundiher Singh. After graduation from Cheltenham and Hertford College, Oxford, Gilbert joined the Indian Civil Service in 1907. Following military service in the First World War he served as a judge on the Court of Assizes in Burma, retiring in 1924.

With a lifelong interest in literature and in French culture, Gilbert moved to Paris in 1925 and remained there with his French-born wife Moune (born Marie Agnès Mathilde Douin) the remainder of his life, save for an exile in Wales during the Second World War.

Soon after his arrival in Paris Gilbert met James Joyce and advised him on the translation of Ulysses into French. From the 1920s until Joyce's death in 1941 Stuart Gilbert worked closely with the Irish novelist, and in his James Joyce's Ulysses helped explicate and popularize that landmark work. In 1957 the first volume of Joyce's letters, edited by Stuart Gilbert, was published.

In addition to his activities as a literary scholar and student of James Joyce, Gilbert Stuart had a major career as a literary translator, rendering into English the works of Saint-Exupéry, Malraux, Camus, Sartre, Simenon, Cocteau, and other contemporary French authors.

In the last decade of his long life Stuart Gilbert translated numerous texts for the art book publisher Albert Skira of Geneva. Gilbert died in his apartment at 7 rue Jean du Bellay on January 5, 1969.

Scope and Content

The Stuart Gilbert papers embrace correspondence, diaries, notebooks, clippings, photographs, and other material created between 1900 and 1985 (bulk 1928-1975) documenting Gilbert's literary career, particularly his work with James Joyce and as a literary translator. Due to the dislocation brought about by World War II little of the collection apart from one diary and Joyce's correspondence to Gilbert date from before 1941. There is virtually no material in the collection on Gilbert's personal history and non-literary activities, apart from a curriculum vitae and a few official documents. The material had little apparent original order when it arrived at the Ransom Center; the arrangement employed here is largely an imposed one. The papers have been organized into three series: Series I. Stuart Gilbert, 1900-1969 (bulk 1940-1969) (15 boxes), Series II. Moune Gilbert, 1919-1985 (bulk 1941-1975) (1 box), and Series III. James Joyce, 1921-1973 (bulk 1928-1973) (2 boxes).

The first series reflects several aspects of Stuart Gilbert's life and professional activities. The materials have been divided into eight subseries: Subseries A. Correspondence, 1940-1969, Subseries B. Diaries, 1929-1967, Subseries C. Notebooks, 1928-1952, Subseries D. Works, 1900-1957, Subseries E. Translations, 1946-1960, Subseries F. Biographical materials, 1907-1969, Subseries G. Photographs and illustrations, 1925-1960, and Subseries H. Programs, 1920-1972.

The Correspondence subseries represents material essentially professional in character. The letters to Gilbert--and a significant number of his surviving carbons--give considerable insight into his relationships with writers and publishers. Significant correspondents include Sylvia Beach, Peter Du Sautoy, T.S. Eliot, Richard Ellmann, Desmond Harmsworth, Ben Huebsch, Patricia Hutchins, André Malraux, Roger Martin du Gard, and Harriet Weaver. Gilbert's correspondence with James Joyce is found in the Joyce Series.

Diaries kept by Gilbert between 1929 and 1934 and from 1941 to 1967 are present, as are notebooks and drafts of articles and longer works. The notebooks are about equally divided between those containing fairly systematic material on Joyce and his novels, particularly Finnegans Wake, and commonplace books of the sort many writers maintain to store turns of phrase and to work out concepts.

The diary for the years 1929-1934 (published by the Ransom Center in 1993 as Reflections on James Joyce: Stuart Gilbert's Paris Journal) outlines Gilbert's evolving relationship with Joyce in those years. The diary for 1941-1945 was written during Gilbert's wartime exile, and in his reaction to the war and rural Wales represents his least guarded writing present in the papers. The diaries for the years 1948-1967 are essentially brief notations of appointments kept and friends seen.

Stuart Gilbert's Works subseries includes numerous essays and articles in manuscript, typescript, or galleys, as well as a film script of Anna Livia Plurabelle. His James Joyce's Ulysses is present in manuscript form, along with partial galleys, and related materials.

Drafts of Gilbert's translation projects are present only in fragments, apart from that of Valéry's Analects, which is essentially complete in manuscript and typescript. A small group of biographical materials, together with some photos and four boxes of musical and theatrical programs of 1920s and '30s Paris concludes the series.

Series II comprises materials relating to Moune Gilbert's life as the spouse and sometime collaborator of Stuart Gilbert and as a homemaker. Her papers are arranged in three subseries: Subseries A. Correspondence, 1939-1985, Subseries B. Notebooks, 1920-1981, and Subseries C. Home Economics Materials, 1953-1968. Moune's correspondents were generally social acquaintances, and included James and Christiane Emmons, Milton and Laura Runyon, Narcissa S. King, and Anie Parent. The notebooks contain poems and excerpts from French authors, together with abstracts of various books. An undated interview (in typescript and with notations in Moune's hand) describes her husband's relationship with James Joyce. The home economics materials are largely clippings and other materials indicative of maintaining a home in Paris in the postwar period.

The third and final series illuminates James Joyce's relationship with one of his most trusted associates during the years Finnegans Wake was being written and its author achieving international fame. The series embraces four subseries: Subseries A. Correspondence, 1921-1973, Subseries B. Works, 1929-1935, Subseries C. Biography and Criticism, 1928-1982, and Subseries D. Photographs and Artwork, 1928-1982.

The correspondence subseries includes about seventy postcards and letters Joyce sent Gilbert between 1928 and 1940. These missives were generally brief, dealing with questions Gilbert asked of Joyce, Joyce's comments on his own writing, and otherwise simply keeping in touch. Joyce's letter of 11 June 1938 includes a short poem, "Dapple Grey." Correspondence from Nora, George, and Lucia Joyce is also present.

The major item in the Works subseries is the opening chapter of Finnegans Wake in typescript, though the poem "Ecce Puer" and other pieces of short verse by Joyce are also included. The Biography and Criticism subseries is formed of numerous clippings on Joyce and his work that the Gilberts began collecting in the late 1920s and maintained the remainder of their lives.

The final subseries, Photographs and Artwork, embraces a significant number of photos of the Joyces, together with a number of pieces of Lucia Joyce's calligraphic art from the early 1930s.



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Index Terms

Beach, Sylvia.
DuSautoy, Peter.
Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965.
Ellmann, Richard, 1918- .
Emmons, Christiane.
Emmons, James.
Gilbert, Moune.
Harmsworth, Desmond.
Huebsch, B. W. (Benjamin W.), 1876-1964.
Hutchins, Patricia.
Joyce, George.
Joyce, James, 1882-1941.
Joyce, Lucia, d. 1982.
Joyce, Nora Barnacle, 1884-1951.
King, Narcissa S.
Malraux, André, 1901-1976.
Martin du Gard, Roger, 1881-1958.
Parent, Anie.
Runyon, A. Milton.
Runyon, Laura.
Weaver, Harriet Shaw.
Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence.
Paris (France)--Intellectual life.
Document Types:
Christmas cards.
Commonplace books.
Galley proofs.
Legal documents.

Administrative Information


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Bob Taylor, 1998

Stuart Gilbert Papers--Folder List

Series I. Stuart Gilbert, 1900-1969

Subseries A. Correspondence, 1940-1969
box folder
1 1 A-B
2 C-D
3 Du Sautoy, P.
4 E-G
5 Eliot, T. S.
6 Ellmann, R.
7 Gilbert, M.
8 H-K
box folder
2 1 Huebsch, B. W.
2 Hutchins, P.
3 L-M
4 Monro, Saw & Co.
5 N-R
6 S-T
7 U-Z
8 Weaver, H.
9 Unidentified
10 Outgoing correspondence, 1932-1968
Subseries B. Diaries, 1929-1967
box folder
3 1 1929-34 (manuscript original)
2 1929-34 (typescript copy)
3 1929-34 (typescript copy, corrected)
4 1941-45
5 1948
6 1949
7 1950
8 1951
box folder
4 1 1952
2 1953
3 1954
4 1955
5 1956
6 1957
7 1958
8 1959
9 1960
box folder
5 1 1961
2 1962
3 1963
4 1964
5 1965
6 1966
7 1967
Subseries C. Notebooks, 1928-1952
box folder
5 8 "Crayonnages" (loose leaves on Joyce, etc.)
9 "Écrits sur peinture et Joyce"
box folder
6 1 "Glossary [of] Ulysses"
2 "My W[ork] in P[rogress]"
3 Notes for study of Ulysses and on Flaubert
4 Notes on Ulysses and drafts of letters "To Miss Weaver for Joyce"
5 "Notes on W[ork] in P[rogress]"
6 Notes on Work in Progress (loose leaves)
7 Notes on Work in Progress and on Gilbert's study of Ulysses
8 On Dubliners and Ulysses (loose leaves)
9 On Joyce and Ulysses
10 Wordlist for Work in Progress
11 Aphorisms, etc. (manuscript and typescript on loose leaves)
12 "Extracts from writers"
13 "Obiter scripta"
14 On confidence and other topics
15 On Henry James, James Joyce, and on the future
16 "On Lawrence, Galsworthy, Priestly [sic]"
17 On literature and modern society
18 On literature, politics, society
19 "Phrases and ideas"
20 "The world of things"
Subseries D. Works, 1900-1957
box folder
7 1 Early verse and short fiction, 1900-1926
2 Essays, articles, stories, and poems
3-4 Essays and articles on Joyce
5 Scripts for Ulysses and Anna Livia Plurabelle
6 "La Mort du Sphinx" (script)
James Joyce's Ulysses
box folder
7 7 Manuscript draft in notebook; preface and chapter 5 in typescript
8 Partial typescript in French
9 Manuscript index and notes for text
10 Draft index of words and phrases
11 Notebook on "Hades" episode
Galleys [removed to Galley Files]
box folder
7 12 Das Rätsel Ulysses (prospectus and reviews)
13 Letters of James Joyce (draft introduction and proofs with manuscript notes)
14 Miscellaneous notes
Subseries E. Translations, 1946-1960
box folder
8 1 L'Etranger (manuscript and carbon typescript, partial)
2 Les Justes (manuscript and carbon typescript, partial)
3 Cocteau. The Knights of the Round Table, act 1, scene 1(carbon typescript)
box folder
8 4-8 L'Age d'Or de Justinien (paste-up)
box folder
9 1 Le Premier Art Chretien (page proofs)
box folder
9 2 Draft of a wartime account (manuscript translation)
3 Metamorphose des Dieux (manuscript and carbon typescript, partial)
Analects (manuscript and carbon typescripts)
box folder
9 4-8 Through "Rhumbs"
box folder
10 1-9 From "Rhumbs" to end
10 "Literature" (re-translation of translation in Hudson Review, winter 1950)
Subseries F. Biographical Materials, 1907-1969
box folder
11 1 Materials relating to Gilbert's life and career
2 Reviews and articles
3 "Press cuttings" (album)
4 Miscellany (printed ephemera, etc.)
Subseries G. Photographs and Illustrations, 1925-1960
box folder
11 5 Photographs of the Gilberts (small format)
6 Photographs of the Gilberts and others (large format)
7 Picasso Drawings (paste-up of illustrations)
8 "Albert Skira" (reproductions of Picasso drawings)
9 Paper cutouts by Sret (?); pictorial menu
10 Illustrations for Skira books
Subseries H. Programs, 1920-1972
box folder
11 11 A
box folder
12 1 B-F
2-3 Theatre des Champs-Élysées
4 G-J
5 Serge Koussevitzky
box folder
13 1 Concerts Lamoureux
2 M
3 Académie Nationale de Musique et de Danse
4 Od-Oe
5 Op
6 Orchestre Symphonique de Paris
7 Concerts Pasdeloup
8 Theatre Pigalle
box folder
14 1 Salle Pleyel
2 Concerts Poulet
3 Concerts Straram
4 T
5 Miscellaneous
6 Music hall
Ballet companies
box folder
14 7 A-J
box folder
15 1 M-W
2 Other continental
3-4 London
5 Film

Series II. Moune Gilbert, 1919-1985

Subseries A. Correspondence, 1939-1985
box folder
15 6 A-B
7 C-D
box folder
16 1 E-G
2 Emmons, James and Christiane
3 H-O
4 P-R
5 S-W
6 Unidentified
7 Outgoing correspondence, drafts and fragments
Subseries B. Notebooks, 1920-1981
box folder
16 8 "La Question du Divorce," etc.
9 "Qu'est-la reputation?"; "Remembrances" (text of interview re Joyce and Stuart Gilbert)
Subseries C. Home Economics Materials, 1953-1968
box folder
17 1 Clippings and photocopies on home management

Series III. James Joyce, 1921-1982

Subseries A. Correspondence, 1921-1973
Incoming, 1927-1954
box folder
17 2 Stuart Gilbert to the Joyces (carbons)
Outgoing, 1921-1973
box folder
17 3-5 Postcards to Stuart Gilbert
6 Letters to Stuart Gilbert
7 Correspondence to various (transcriptions)
8 John S. Joyce to James Joyce, 16 Dec. 1921
9 Joyces (other than James) to the Gilberts
Subseries B. Works, 1929-1935
box folder
17 10 Prospecti and ads for Joyce's works
11 Finnegans Wake (p. 2-28)
12 "Ecce puer" and other short verse
Subseries C. Biography and Criticism, 1928-1982
box folder
18 1 Print and typescript materials
2 Offprints
3 Clippings
4 Photocopies of clippings
Subseries D. Photographs and Artwork, 1928-1982
Photographs of the Joyces
box folder
18 5 Small format
6 Large format
7 Lucia Joyce's artwork

Stuart Gilbert Papers--Index of Correspondents

  • Agence Marie-Stuart--15.6
  • Albert, Leonard, 1918- --1.1
  • Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (Blanche Knopf, Joy du Bois, Joseph Lesser, R. Meyer, Herbert Weinstock)--1.1, see also Camus, Albert
  • American Center for Students and Artists (Paris, France) (David M. Davis, Leonard Radlo)--1.1
  • American Theatre Association (Golda G. Antignac)--1.1
  • Anderson, Dick--15.6
  • Anderson, Molly--15.6
  • Anderson, Robin, 1913- --15.6
  • Antheil, George, 1900-1959--1.1, 2.1
  • Armstrong, Edwin R.--2.4, 2.8
  • Arnoldi, Angelika--15.6
  • Aron, Robert, 1898-1975--1.1, see also Gallimard (Firm)
  • Aronow, Gerald--1.1
  • Associated British Picture Corporation (A. S. Hendry, Victor [Skut?])--15.6
  • Astier, Emmanuel d', 1900-1969 (Mouvement de Liberation Nationale)--1.1
  • Aubert, Jacques (University of Tulsa)--15.6
  • Austin, Frederick Britten, 1885-1941--1.1
  • Baker, James R.--1.1
  • Batho, Jack H.--1.1
  • Beach, Sylvia--1.1, 1.3 (with Du Sautoy, P.), 15.6
  • Beckett, Samuel, 1906- --1.1
  • Belgion, Montgomery, 1892- --1.1
  • Bellon, Jacqueline--15.6
  • Bentley, Nicolas, 1907- (André Deutsch Limited)--1.1
  • Bergerud, Magda--15.6
  • Bibescu, Martha, 1887-1973--1.1
  • Bibliothèque Municipale de Vichy--1.1
  • Bigum, Miss--see Karls, L.
  • Bird, William, 1889-1963--17.5
  • Black, Douglas M., 1895-1977--15.6, see also Doubleday & Company, Inc.
  • Blackwood, Algernon, 1869-1951--1.1
  • Blish, James--1.1
  • Bollingen Foundation (William McGuire, Mary C. Ritter)--1.1
  • Book Handbook (Reginald Horrox)--1.1
  • Bowers, Nancy Hale--15.6
  • Boyle, Kay, 1902- --1.1
  • Bragança, Nadeja de, 1910- --15.6
  • Bredin, Robin--15.6
  • Briffault, Herma--1.1, 15.6
  • Briffault, Robert, 1876-1948--1.1
  • British Broadcasting Corporation (Judith Bumpus, Margaret Curtis, E. M. Layton, Maggie West)--1.1, 15.6, see also Raine, Craig, and Rodgers, W. R.
  • British Burma Commission Association (R. E. McGuire)--11.1
  • British Council (Philip Henderson, R. H. Milner, P. F. D. Tennant)--1.1, 11.1
  • British Embassy Club (Paris, France)--11.1
  • Brody, Daniel--1.1, see also Rhein Verlag
  • Budgen, Francine--15.6
  • Budgen, Frank, 1882-1971--1.1
  • Budgen, Joan--15.6
  • Bulloch Brothers & Company--1.1
  • Bureau, Christiane--15.6
  • Burma. High Court of Judicature (S. M. Robinson)--11.1
  • Bussy, Dorothy--2.3 (with Martin du Gard, R.)
  • CMR (Firm) (Paulette Dorisse)--15.7
  • Campion, Louise--15.7
  • Campion, Margaret--15.7
  • Camus, Albert, 1913-1960--1.2, see also Films Paramount (Firm)
  • Carěme, Maurice, 1899- --15.7
  • Carr, Dorothy--15.7
  • Centre Culturel Américain (Paris, France) (Morrill Cody)--1.2
  • Centre Georges Pompidou. Bibliothèque Publique d'Information (Jean-Pierre Seguin)--18.1
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  • Chabannes La Palice, Marquis de--15.7
  • Channing Renton, E. M., 1905- (Arts Club, Nice, France)--1.2
  • Charlton, Kitty--15.7
  • Chicago Review (Ed Leibstone, James Sherwood)--1.2
  • Clairouin, Denyse--1.2
  • Cocho,?--15.7
  • Cocteau, Jean, 1889-1963--1.2
  • Cohn, Louis Henry (House of Books, Ltd.)--1.2
  • Colle, Olympe--15.7
  • Collectors' Bookshop (New York, N.Y.) (R. F. Roberts)--1.2
  • Collier, John, 1901- --1.2
  • Colum Padraic, 1881-1972--1.2
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  • Connolly, Thomas Edmund--1.2
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  • Dyson, Margaret--9.6
  • Éditions Ditis--16.1
  • Éditions Gallimard--see Gallimard (Firm); Librairie NRF Gallimard
  • Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965 ( The Criterion, Faber and Faber)--1.5, see also Faber and Faber
  • Eliot, Valerie--16.1, see also Fletcher, Valerie
  • Ellmann, Richard, 1918- (Indiana University, Northwestern University--1.6, 16.1
  • Emmons, Christiane--16.2
  • Emmons, James--1.4, 16.2
  • English-Speaking Union--1.4
  • Envoy (Michael Heron, James K. Hillman)--1.4
  • Expanding Cinema (Firm) (Mary Ellen Bute)--1.4
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  • Films Paramount (Firm) (Simon Benzakein)--1.4
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  • France. Ministère des Affaires Étrangères (Jacques Dumaire)--11.1
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  • France. Tribunal de Premiere Instance (Seine)--1.4
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  • Furniss, Ruth Pine--16.1
  • Fynes Clinton, Joan--1.4
  • Gallimard (Firm) (Robert Aron)--1.4, see also Aron, Robert, and Librairie NRF Gallimard
  • George VI, King of Great Britain, 1895-1952 (Buckingham Palace)--11.1
  • Gerard, James Watson, 1867- (Citizens Committee of Award [for the] Louis D. Brandeis Medal)--1.4
  • Giedion-Welcker, Carola--1.4
  • Gilbert, Moune--1.7, 11.1, 16.7
  • Gilbert, Stuart--11.1, 16.1, 17.2
  • Gischia, M.--16.1
  • Glynn, Dorothy--1.4
  • Gordon, Mildred, 1912-1979--16.1
  • Gotham Book Mart--2.6 (with Schwartz, J.), see also Steloff, Frances
  • Goudier, J.--16.1
  • Govender, Robert (BBC Club)--1.4
  • Graff, Robert (National Broadcasting Company)--1.4
  • Gratrix, Dawson--16.1
  • Greacen, Patricia--see Hutchins, Patricia
  • Great Britain. Consulate (Bordeaux, France)--1.4
  • Great Britain. Embassy (France) (Duff Cooper, Sir Oliver Harvey)--11.1
  • Great Britain. Embassy (France). Information Dept. (C. H. Bourke Borrowes)--11.1
  • Great Britain. Embassy (France). Press Dept. (Viviane Watt)--11.1
  • Great Britain. Foreign Office (R. E. Barclay)--11.1
  • Great Britain. India Office. Record Dept.--11.1
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  • Heaton, N.--16.3
  • Heberden, M. V. (Mary Violet), 1906-1965 (Associazione Italiana Traduttori Interpreti)--1.8
  • Hertford College (University of Oxford)--11.1
  • Horizon (S. Brownell, Peter Watson)--1.8, see also Connolly, Cyril
  • Hotchner, Geraldine--16.3
  • Howell, Son & Bonnin--1.8
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  • Humphreys, Beatrice--1.8
  • Hutchins, Patricia (Institute of Contemporary Arts)--2.2, 2.4, 16.3
  • Ida W. Schuman (Firm) (Henry Schuman)--1.8
  • Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, England) (Ewan Phillips)--1.8
  • International James Joyce Symposium--see Senn, Fritz
  • International Psycho-Analytical Press (Joan Riviere)--1.8
  • Jacob, René--1.8
  • James Joyce Museum (Robert Nicholson)--16.3
  • Jeans,?--16.3
  • Jensen, Audrey C.--16.3
  • Jensen, Borge--16.3
  • Jolas, Eugene, 1894-1952--1.8
  • Jolas, M.--1.8
  • Jones, Melville--1.8
  • Joyce, George--17.9
  • Joyce, Helen K.--17.9
  • Joyce, James, 1882-1941--1.1 (with Budgen, Frank), 1.2 (with Croessman, H. K.), 2.8, 2.10, 17.3-7
  • Joyce, John S.--17.8
  • Joyce, Lucia, d. 1982--17.9
  • Joyce, Nora Barnacle, 1884-1951--17.9
  • Joyce, Stanislaus--17.9
  • Joyce, Stephen J.--2.8, 17.9
  • Kahane, Maurice John (Obelisk Press)--1.8
  • Kain, Richard Morgan, 1908- --1.8
  • Karls, L.--7.6
  • Kessel, Joseph, 1898- (Royal Automobile Club)--1.2 (with Connolly, C.)
  • Keynes, Quentin--1.8
  • King, Narcissa S.--16.3
  • Klein, A. M. (Abraham Moses), 1909-1972--1.8
  • Knight, W. F. Jackson (William Francis Jackson), 1895-1964 (Virgil Society)--1.8
  • Korybut, Kathleen Daly--16.3
  • Kumar, Shiv Kumar, 1921- --1.8
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  • Laboratoire National d'Audiométrie (G. Rofe)--2.3
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  • Larbaud, Valéry, 1881-1957--2.3
  • Larroque, J.--16.3
  • Leinwall, George--2.3
  • Leon, Lucie ( New York Herald Tribune)--2.3
  • Leon, Paul--2.3
  • Leven, Charlotte--16.3
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