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John Marks Papers, 1923-2014

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Creator: Marks, John, 1963-
Title: John Marks papers
Dates: 1923-2014
Abstract: Research files, correspondence, audio and video recordings, photographs, manuscripts, and published materials comprise the John Marks papers, 1923-2014.
Identification: camh-arc-004169
Extent: 15.5 linear feet
Language: English , Spanish; Castilian , Portuguese , German .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

The former bureau chief of U.S. News & World Report in Berlin, John Marks has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and U.S. News & World Report. He became a producer for Morley Safer at 60 Minutes, where he worked until 2005. Marks is the author of the novels The Wall (1998), War Torn (2003), and Fangland (2007), as well as the non-fiction book Reasons to Believe (2009). A Texas native and a graduate of Davidson College, Marks is an executive producer at Left Right productions, where he creates series and specials for Epix, History, A&E, Discovery, Smithsonian, and National Geographic. He also develops network documentary films, including Purple State of Mind (2007).

Scope and Contents

Research files, correspondence, audio and video recordings, photographs, manuscripts, and published materials comprise the John Marks papers, 1923-2014. The collection relates to Marks' career as an author and journalist with U.S. News & World Report, 60 Minutes, and other news publications. It also includes manuscripts, interview materials, and personal and literary correspondence related to Marks' journalism, his novels Fangland, The Wall, and War Torn, as well as the nonfiction book Reasons to Believe.


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Marks, John, 1963-
Safer, Morley.
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60 minutes II (Television program)
U.S. News & World Report, inc.
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Television journalists
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Documentary film

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John Marks Papers, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


2019-221/1 Georgia Review: first published work, 1993
Copies of published works
2019-221/1 The Wall, 1998
War Torn, 2003
Fang Land, 2007
Fang Land translations: Spanish, Portuguese, Taiwanese, and German, undated
Type for Fang Land, undated
Reasons to Believe, 2008
Copies for UK editions, undated
DVDs - Purple State of Mind, undated
2019-221/2 Kashmir booklets, 1993
Journals and writings from India, 1985-1986
Journals: Personal entries, reporter's notes, short stories, 1994-2007
News clippings: Plano Star Courier, Iowa City Press Citizen, U.S. News & World Report, New York Times, Special to the New York Times, 1987-1994
Micro cassettes (approximately 200) from US and European reporting: Helmut Schmidt; Hans Dietrich Gensohn; Ronald Lauder; Billy Bragg; Larry Harvey (founder of Burning Man); members of East German counter intelligence HV A including Harry Schrift and Klaus Eichen; Stan Lee (Marvel Comics); Dimitri Pregov; Mustav (UNHCR); Glavas (Balkan Ivan criminal); etc., 1990-1999
2019-221/3 Notebooks, cartoons and manuscript, 1975, undated
Journals and book contract amendment, 2001-2002
Journals, 2005-2006, undated
Early unpublished short stories, undated
2019-221/3 Tristumbre, undated
Lupara Bianca, undated
Lapgard, undated
The Chimney Hawks, undated
The Ruins in the Wood, undated
The Hole in the Road, undated
A Christmas in Bodh Gaya, undated
Untitled, undated
Miscellaneous manuscripts and drawings, undated
Communique (college newspaper), 1982
Bagpipe (high school newspaper), 1980-1981
Davidson College materials, 1981-1985
School records book, 1969-1981
Miscellaneous letters, printed material, ephemera, 1973-1985, 2006-2007, 2015, undated
Newspaper clippings, 1987-1992, 2006
Manuscripts, 2007
2019-221/4 War Torn, undated
Divine Names, undated
Fang Land, undated
Reasons to Believe - First pass, July 2007
Reasons to Believe - Second pass, September 2007
Unidentified, undated
Review of The Wall, undated
Putnam catalog, Fall 2003
Novedades catalog, undated
OC Weekly magazine, January 13-19, 2012
2019-221/5 Manuscript - The Monument by Adam Cvijanovic, undated
The Rainbow Barrage newsletters, 1958-1965
Articles and papers - Albanians, Kosova, Serbia, etc., undated
Congressional African American Pastors' Briefing, April 4-5, 2006
School and art work, 1975, undated
Printed material, publications, and clippings, 1931, 1937, 1981, 1983, 1992-1993, 2005-2009, undated
Awards and certificates, 1977, 1984-1985
Book reviews, 1998
Videocassette - "The H.P. Zone", undated
Oversize thank you letter to Marks for his talk about India, 2006
Fraternity certificates and Davidson College photographs, undated
Transylvania photographs, undated
Miscellaneous letters and photographs - mostly high school and college, undated
2019-221/6 The Wall (aka Kilometer Zero), undated
War Torn, undated
Unidentified, undated
Agreements and statements, 2007-2008
U.S. News & World Report clippings, 1993-1994
Plano Star Courier - Horror movie reviews, 1987
Studio image for Marks' first 60 Minutes story with Morley, undated
Dallas Morning News clipping, April 29, 1998
New York Times newspaper, June 20, 2006
Unidentified journal, undated
Copy of book on Indian Territory, undated
Correspondence re: Kilometer Zero, 1997
Miscellaneous letters and photos, undated
The Booksmith author trading cards for John Marks, undated
Floppy disks, undated
Notebooks - comics and drawings, undated
Giant Hunters series breakdowns, undated
2019-221/7 Special to the New York Times clippings, 1989-1990
Letter from the New York Times to Marks re: application, June 1998
U.S. News & World Report clippings, circa 1990-circa 1999
60 Minutes
2019-221/7 Employment agreement, May 2000
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences certificate, undated
Contacts and notes, undated
Transcripts, undated
Studio/Intro images, undated
Beta tapes, undated
Transcriptions CD, undated
Morley Safer notes and letters, 2002-2010
John's file for Spy Interview for U.S. News, 1990
John Tower, United States Senate, March 1975
Book reviews, 1998
Andrew Weil script, May 18, 2000
A Thief on Zion, undated
Videocassette - CBS Reports "Faith and Politics", September 7, 1995
Fang Land book on CDs, undated
2019-221/7 Search for the Lost Giants, undated
The Verb, December 2007
Purple State, January 14, 2006
Ed Bradley memorial, undated
Miscellaneous clippings, 1992, 1996, 2007
Unidentified notebook, undated
Davidson College yearbook, Quips and Cranks
2019-221/7 Volume 84, 1982
Volume 85, 1983
2019-221/9 Volume 86, 1984
2019-221/8 Reasons to Believe, undated
Fang Land, undated
The Blue Age, undated
Report of the Independent Review Panel - Dick Thornburgh and Louis D. Boccardi - On the September 8, 2004 60 Minutes Wednesday Segment "For The Record" Concerning President Bush's Texas Air National Guard Service, January 5, 2005
Left/Right, LLC "Land of the Giants" confidentiality and participant agreements, undated
Wayfaring Strangers sneak preview screening, May 2006
Purple State of Mind sneak preview screening, undated
Agreement - Fang Land for Brazil, October 2007
Letter from Penguin Press, undated
Highland Park High School Writing Festival, April 1997
Clippings, 1984, 1999, 2002, 2014
Letters, 1987, 2006, undated
Miscellaneous printed material and photographs, undated
Doug Wright materials
2019-221/9 Correspondence, etc., 1994-2014
"I Am My Own Wife", 2001-2003
Playbills and printed material, 2001, 2007
Screenplay of "The Burial", 2001
Letters to Marks about his acting, 1983-1984, undated
East German espionage materials, including Stasi files related to the bombing of La Belle Discotheque, circa 1990-circa 1999
President Clinton's visit to Berlin - printed material and videocassette, 1994
Materials on Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, etc., 1991-1995, undated
Highland Park High School materials
2019-221/9 Commencement program, 1981
Alumni publication, 2013
Gilligan's Archipelago: The Secret Diary of Mister Potato Head - the making of Subspecies by Ted Nicolaou, 1990
Once in a Lifetime: A Comedy in Three Acts by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman, undated
Miscellaneous letters, postcards, and photographs, undated
Literary and personal correspondence [some including photographs, clippings, and/or notes by Marks]
2019-221/10 Marburg correspondences, including Jeff Schneider, 1981-1993, 2000
India correspondence (general), 1985-1989, undated
CBS correspondences - Jürgen Neumann, 2002-2004, undated
Miscellaneous personal letters, including to family during Marks' junior year abroad in West Germany, 1981-1986, 1996, undated, 1996
Rainer Danne correspondence in German, 1985-1990
Brit correspondence: Harriet Davison, James Rampton, Tom Henry, Caroline Loncq, 1983-2000
Correspondence with John Tagliabue (New York Times) and Paula Butturini (UPI), 1993, 2003, 2005
Laeta Kalogridis correspondence, 1987-1988
Stephen Kiernan correspondence, circa 1989-circa 1991
Miscellaneous literary and journalism letters, circa 1986-circa 2005
Andreas Meier letters in German, 1999-2002
Baron Fain correspondence, 1978-1980, 1992
High school friends and relationships/Defense of Constance Adams in school prayer fight, 1976-1987, 1998, 2001
Correspondence with Rod Molinare, Davidson College, 20th Century Fox Europe, 1986-2005
Davidson College correspondence (general), 1981-2005
Literary correspondence: Gordon Kato, Gordon Lish, Jimmy McWhinney (Reasons to Believe), rejection letters, 1987-2008
Correspondence with Jim Hynes, 1988-1995
Iowa City '87-'89: Car wreck, workshop, 1987-1993
Murphy Martin correspondence, 1981-1986
U.S. News correspondence - Robin Knight, 1992-2002
Erich Heller correspondence, 1986
2019-221/11 Allen Gee correspondence, 1988-1994
Correspondences - Germany '90-'95, 1988-2005
Craig Detweiler and Purple State of Mind correspondence, 1985-2005
New York Times correspondence - clerkship, 1991-1993
Stephanie Strom correspondence, photos, and clippings, 1987-1988
Correspondence with parents/family, 1981-2014
Miscellaneous letters and photographs, 1998, undated
The Wall book cover, press tour schedule, 1998
Manuscripts on floppy disks, undated
2019-221/11 The Two Cities, 2002
Among the Evangelicals, 2007
2019-221/12 The Blue Age, undated
Reasons to Believe, 2007
Immergut, 1991
A Christmas in Bodh Gaya, undated
Fang Land, undated
Unidentified, undated
Scripts for 60 Minutes episode with Morley Safer - The Rosenberg case [includes photograph, Iraq, 1991], 2000
Agreement - The Putnam Berkley Group, Inc. for Kilometer Zero, 1997
Evangelical book contacts [includes The New York Times Magazine, March 27, 2005], undated
Government contacts, undated
Interrogating The Nude by Doug Wright, 1987
Distant Music: A Play in Two Acts by James McLindon, 2007
Next: A Novel by James Hynes, 2007
Written by F. S. Millard, For the Trail Drivers, August 20, 1923, August 20, 1923
Rejection letter, Harper's Magazine, July 17, 1991
Correspondence regarding federal policies and laws on abortion, 2007
Miscellaneous letters, printed material, and photographs, undated
Miscellaneous media
2019-221/12 "God's Definition of Marriage" - Jon Sherman (CD), 2005
"The Influence of the Bible on America" - David Barton (CD), 2002
"Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White" - David Barton (DVD), 2004
"Rat u Mostaru" - BBC video production (videocassette), 1997
"Thomas K. (22): Porträt eines DDR - Neonazis" (videocassette), undated
Book of labeled CDs, undated
2.325/A106c [SRH1230000286] Journals and book contract amendment, April 2001
Conditions Governing Access
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