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A Guide to the Charles E. Lankford Papers, 1955-1978

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Creator: Lankford, Charles E., 1912-1989
Title: Lankford, Charles E., papers
Dates: 1955-1978
Abstract: Charles Ely Lankford (1912-1989) joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin in 1949 as Associate Professor of Bacteriology. During his 42 years of service to UT, Dr. Lankford authored more than 40 scientific publications dealing with microbiological problems ranging from gonorrhea to brucellosis and cholera. The papers contain correspondence, course materials, subject files, research notes, and printed material that document Lankford's career at UT and pertain to microbiology, bacteriology, bacterial metabolism, and host-parasite relations, among other research topics.
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Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Charles Ely Lankford was born in De Valls Bluff, Arkansas, on March 22, 1912. He went to high school in Cisco, Texas, and earned a BA in Bacteriology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1935. After attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison, briefly for graduate school, he returned to Texas and earned his MA (1943) and PhD (1948) from UT. Between 1935 and 1949, Lankford worked for the Texas State Department of Health, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the UT Medical Branch in Galveston, and the UT Austin Department of Bacteriology. He joined the faculty of UT in 1949 as Associate Professor of Bacteriology.

During his 42 years of service to UT, Dr. Lankford authored more than 40 scientific publications dealing with microbiological problems ranging from gonorrhea to brucellosis and cholera. He received a grant from the U.S. Army Chemical Corps Biological Laboratories in the early 1950s and went with Dr. William Burrows to Calcutta, India, to study Vibrio cholerae, the subject of his and his students' research for decades to come. He was also known for his work in controlling the cholera epidemic that broke out in Thailand in 1958.

Professor Lankford, who supervised 44 MA theses and 21 PhD dissertations, was a member of the American Society for Microbiology and a charter member of the Texas Branch of the Society. He received their Distinguished Service Award in 1975. He also served as a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology and on the board of directors of the Travis County Tuberculosis Association.

Dr. Lankford married Mary E. Baker Darnell in 1942 and the couple had two children. He died on August 10, 1989. The Charles Ely Lankford Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System on February 14, 1991, for the benefit of the College of Natural Sciences.

Scope and Contents

The Charles E. Lankford Papers, 1955-1978, contain correspondence, course materials, subject files, research notes, and printed material that document Lankford's career at the University of Texas at Austin. The papers pertain to microbiology, bacteriology, bacterial metabolism, and host-parasite relations, among other research topics. Lab notebooks, abstracts, quizzes and review questions, papers, and class surveys convey work done by Lankford and his students in the Department of Bacteriology at UT Austin.


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Lankford, Charles E., 1912-1989
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University of Texas at Austin. Department of Bacteriology
Microbial metabolism.
Host-parasite relationships.
Austin (Tex.)

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CDL2/A77 Ken J. Goodrum, 1976-1978
Ph. D. committees, 1970-1973
Joe Lepo, 1975-1978
Graduate students, 1971-1972
Ray Maldonado
MA committees
Graduate advisors reports, etc.
Robert Moore, qualifying exam
University of New Mexico, 1971-1972
Susan Hembree, 1977
Graduate students, 1964-1969
Graduate school
Vicki Baselski, Ph. D. qualification committee
Mark McIntosh, 1977
Williams, Howard, Ph. D. program
Ray Franklin, committee, 1976
Shelly M. Payne, Ph. D. committee, 1976
Pinina Zey, Ph. D. committee, 1976
Armstrong, James E., Ph. D. committee, 1973
Abstracts/Round table, ASM, 1973
B. A. in Microbiology
UT Research Bulletin
M. A./Ph. D. committees, thru 1978
Graduate students, 1977-1978
M. A./Ph. D. committees, 1973-1974
CRC Review
Printed material, notes, miscellaneous
College of Natural Science: Student Advisors Handbook for Academic Procedures, 1972
Gary Douglas
Patrick Davis, qualifying exam
Original figures, Fe
Review, page proof
E. J. Lovell, memorial resolution
Serum, Iron, illustrations
Note cards
Photographs and negatives
Correspondence, 1960-1978
Nutritional studies of G. C.
U. S. P. H. S. report
Miscellaneous data
SMFAR evaluation study
Brucella, Brucellosis
Gonococcus, miscellaneous
Venereal disease and social service
Drug resistance, seminar notes
Sufonamide resistance data
Penicillin resistance, staph
Puerperal infection
Original plates of figures
Drug resistance, Gonococcus
CDL2/A79 Lab notebooks, Lankford, students and unidentified
CDL2/A80 Lab and other notebooks, printed material
CDL2/A81 Effects of physical agencies
MIC. 419:
MIC. 619:
Review questions
Dr. Schade (and Caroline)
Nutrition, gut flora and resistance
Non-specific resistance and Fe
Cell regulatory mechanisms
Growth division and biosynthesis
Photosynthesis/N2 fixation, H2/Ferridoxin
Infection/Pathogenesis/Drug resistance
Urinary infections, etc.
Ferritin antiserum, conjugated
Berry, Andotoxins
Pathogenesis/Immunity, Salmonella
General Biology
Dupont Luminescence and Biometer
Biochemistry, general
Biochemistry, miscellaneous
Methods: Analysis, separation, etc.
Enteric Bacteremiae
Food: Infection and intoxication
Erythromycin, study D, 1977
Supplies, DDI, 1977
Microbiological assays, budget, 1976-1977
Personnel, DDI, 1977
Erythromycin, personnel, 1976-1977
Erythromycin study, supplies
FDA reports, July 1, 1976 - March 31, 1977
Erythromycin, references
DDI quarterly reports and proposal
Chromatography (printed material)
Equipment literature
"Iron Transplant Mechanism"
Erythromycin study, DDI, minutes, contract, etc.
CDL2/A82 Structure IgG, etc.
MIC. 340, Pneumonias
Lab diagnosis, pneumonia and TBC
Measurement of virulence
MIC. 340, Biologics
Diptheria, Texas
Diptheria, diagnosis
Diptheria, USA
Cholera research symposium, 1965
CH. 394, Enzymes
Organic chemistry notes
Notes, correspondence
MIC. 340
Notes and papers
LAG and growth
Me chelation and growth (LAG)
Printed material
Meetings, abstracts, papers
Visit to FDA Antibiotic Testing Center
DDI annual report and proposals, 1975-1978
E Estolate
BSSG, June 1971
MIC. 340
Grade changes, 1974-1975
Correspondence, siderochromes, Fe
Oblique light paper
Medical school bacteria lecture notes
BACT 340 and 460
Seminar and journal club
BAC. 361
Qual. exams
Psiatic cholera in the Americas
CDL2/A83 MIC. 461, class surveys
MIC. 461, review questions
MIC. 261, topics for papers, 1973
V. cholerae: col. mutants demon
Staph, typing templates
"Studies of the Antigenic Structure of Vibrio cholerae," Dissertation by Sanders Truman Lyles, 1955
AF contract, project reports
AF contract, correspondence
Detrick contract reports
Chemical corp. biological laboratories
Detrick correspondence
Eklund, thesis
Hagens, thesis
Finkelstein, dissertation
Physiopathology of cholera
Cholera reprints
V. c. diagnosis
Burrows, 1965
Cholera, intestinal path
Physiopathology of cholera and TRT
Burrows, correspondence
V. c., Burrows
V. c. antigenic structure and variation
Virulence factors
Report to NAMRU-2, on cholera diagnosis, 1958
Dallas cholera meeting
Shrivastava, D. L.
Cholera, miscellaneous
Correspondence, cholera
Manuscript factors and virulence
Charts, chick embryo
Calcutta cultures, notes and summaries
Mucinase, manuscript
Phage typing (S. aureus)
Notes on Pneumococcal pneumonia
MIC. 340, Meningitis
N. Meningitis: Groups and types
S. aureus: Pathogenic sequence
S. aureus: Bacteremias; transmissions
Influenza, pandemics, epidemics, etc.
Venereal disease, G. C.
Disease transmitted by water, etc.
Techniques, miscellaneous
Aromatic metabolism
Invasion, Gonococcus
Invasion, S. Typhimurium
Cell penetration
MIC. 340, Spread of infection
Stages of viral invasion in Exanthomatous diseases
MIC. 340, Leucocytes
Non-specific factors of resistance
Transferrin, siderophores
Toxins, Leucocytes
MIC., B and T cells
CDL2/A84 Graphs
Theses and dissertations
Lankford thesis, "Studies on the Origins of Sulfonamide Resistance of the Gonococcus," 1943
Notebook, "Effects of Glucose Sterilization"
J. W. Foster, publication, 1937-1960
Bacteriostatic agents for G. C. culture
Drug resistance, G. C., miscellaneous outlines
Sulfonamide resistance, G. C.
Penicillin, clinical report
Figures and miscellaneous, amino acids, inhibitors
"Browning Reaction"
Heat effects, papers
GP factor
Chelating agents
Symposium, genetics and epidemidogy
Distinguished Service Award, Committee of the Texas branch of the ASM
G. C. work conference
Cytochrome oxidase inhibitor
CDL2/A85 Reprints
Lab notebooks
CDL2/A86 Spores
Intestinal flora, lactobacilli
Metabolite: Analogue competitions, miscellaneous
Sulfur metabolism, notes
Polysaccharide and antigen
Growth inhibitors of culture media
Inhibitor of SH enzymes
Cystine and peptone toxicity
V. cholerae, notes
Correspondence: personal to answer
Pasteurella project reports
"Factors Involved in the Ability of Certain Bacilli to Form Chains"
"Analysis of Medical Theses from Selected Mexican States," by Bettie N. Winnie
CDL2/A86b Cholera
Cholera 2
Trip to Bankok, Thailand, 1959
General bacteriology, lectures
Mutation, selection
Genetics of microorganisms
Reprints, general microbiology
Techniques, methods
CDL2/A87 Reeves, 1964
Evans, Jr., 1968
Class gradebooks, 1949-1978
Finkelstein, 1952
Erythromycin, quarterly reports
DDI quarterly reports
Personnel, study D, 1977-1978
Supplies, study D, 1977-1978
Erythromycin proposal and budget, 1977-1978
DDI data, 1975-1976
Microbiology, general
CDL2/A88 MIC. 419
MIC. 619b, current
Arthrobacter, JG-9 assay
Symposium, serum bacteriostasis
MIC. 419, lab grades, Fall 1971
MIC. 619a, current
MIC. 619a/b, handouts, 1965-1966
MIC. 482k, papers, Fall 1971
MIC. 619a, charts and figures
MIC. 619a/b, schedule
Flacella, pilli, axistyles, etc.
Internal organizations of cells, procaryotes and eucaryotes
Endospores, Rode
Endospores and cysts
Bacterial cells: stains, darkfield, phase
Cell walls, mesosomes, and internal membranes
Morphology and cytology
Topics, illustrations for MIC. 619 exhibit
Bacillus megaterium, EM. 42 a/b, photographs
Walker, Arceneaux and Lankford
Dr. Robert P. Williams, Baylor Medical School
Byers, paper II
Endotoxin, correspondence, 1965
Miscellaneous notes on SK
Veilands, correspondence
Schizokinen, paper I
Lag phase cells
Arceneaux and Lankford, paper IV
Research notes, miscellaneous
G. P. factor, figures
Correspondence, Schizokinen, Siderochromes, etc.
The Journal of the Microbiological Society of Thailand, 1957-1959
The Indian Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology, January 1963
Annals of Biochemistry and Experimental Medicine, June and December 1963
Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Resistant Infections, New York, 1958
CDL2/A89 MIC. 261K:
Class infections
Class instructions, Fall 1973
Class instructions, 1974
Class instructions, 1975
My responsibilities, 1974
Current lab, my responsibilities
Class cultures
Instructions to TA's, 1973
MIC. 261K, Culture TA
MIC. 261K, Instructions to TA's, 1975
Demonstrations, legends
DIFCO correspondence
VD, miscellaneous
Correspondence and reprint requests, Glutamine
Finkelstein, cholera
MIC. 461, class instruction, 1972
MIC. 461, culture inventory
MIC. 261K, special assignments, 1974
MIC. 261K, reclassify
MIC. 461, inventory, to be ordered
MIC. 461, antiserum inventory
Requests for SHL cultures
MIC. 461, special assignments
MIC. 261K, special assignments, Fall 1973
MIC. 261K, lab rosters
MIC. 461, miscellaneous
MIC. 261/261K, grade changes
MIC. 461, Incubator checks, etc.
MIC. 461, Evaluation, 1972
Food-borne infections and intoxications
Finland, "Excursions into Epidemiology..."
General Bacteriologic Diagnostic Procedures
Drug resistance, notes
Enteric bacteria
University radio
Anaerobes and infections
TB diagnosis
MIC. 461, instructions to assistants
Final report, Detrick
Finkelstein dissertation
Pant, K. D.