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A Guide to the Darwin Klingman Papers, 1970-1988

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Creator: Klingman, Darwin, 1944-1989
Title: Klingman, Darwin, papers
Dates: 1970-1988
Abstract: Darwin D. Klingman was a Professor of Statistics and Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin from 1969 to 1989, serving as the Hugh Roy Cullen Centennial Chair in Business Administration and director of the Center for Business Decision Analysis. His research on facility location, transportation problems, and financial planning was adopted by numerous government agencies and private companies. The papers include subject files, course materials, textbook drafts, lecture and workshop materials, notes, and research topics.
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Biographical Note

Darwin D. Klingman was born on February 5, 1944 in Dickinson, North Dakota. He earned his BA (1966) and MA (1967) degrees in Mathematics from Washington State University and his interdisciplinary PhD across the fields of Mathematics, Business Administration, and Computer Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin in 1969.

Dr. Klingman joined the faculty of UT in 1969 as Assistant Professor of Statistics, Operations Research, and Computer Sciences, and was awarded Germany’s distinguished Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship in 1974, serving as Visiting Professor of Computer Sciences in Berlin the following year. He moved up at UT to Associate Professor (1972-1976) and Professor (1977-1980) with the Graduate School of Business Administration and the College of Natural Sciences at UT. From 1983 to 1985 he held the David Bruton, Jr., Centennial Chair in Business Decision Support Systems, and in 1985 became the Hugh Roy Cullen Centennial Chair in Business Administration. He additionally directed the Center for Business Decision Analysis as well as the IBM-sponsored project known as "Classroom 2000" at UT, which showcased innovative computer-based teaching methods throughout the country.

Klingman's research on facility location, transportation problems, and financial planning was adopted by numerous government agencies and private companies including the Departments of Transportation and Energy, the United States Army and Navy, General Motors, Exxon, and Standard Oil. During 1984 and 1985, he worked with Citgo Petroleum Corporation to investigate a comprehensive combination of mathematical programming, statistics, artificial intelligence, organizational theory, and cognitive psychology, with a focus on timely project development and integration of information systems and management sciences technologies. This comprehensive project, which resulted in nearly seventy million dollars of yearly profit improvement, was awarded the Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences in 1986.

A member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi, Klingman authored hundreds of papers, influenced many researchers, and was the recipient of countless awards and honors. He served as the Representative for Texas in the Mathematical Association of America and as the Vice President at Large of the Institute of Management Sciences, and was a member of the Association for Computing Machinery and charter member of the Mathematical Programming Society, among other organizations. He was an authority on mathematical models and computer applications in policy and decision-making, and made major contributions to the fields of Management Science, Human Resource Planning, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Economics, and Energy.

Darwin Klingman died on October 27, 1989, at the age of 45 after a year-long battle with brain tumors stemming from lung cancer. He was married to Dr. Nancy V. Phillips, who also taught in the business school. They have one son, Loren Phillips Klingman. The Darwin D. Klingman Endowed Scholarship was established by the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System on June 6, 1991, for the benefit of the McCombs School of Business.


Fred Glover, (1990) In Memory of Darwin Klingman: A Tribute to an Esteemed Colleague and Friend. Interfaces 20(4):3-4.

Obituary: Darwin Klingman, 45, Computer Authority. New York Times. October 28, 1989.

Scope and Contents

The Darwin Klingman Papers, 1970-1988, are comprised of subject files, course materials, textbook drafts, lecture and workshop materials, notes, and research topics, documenting courses taught by Klingman at UT, textbooks he authored, his research projects, and workshops he led and attended. The materials also document Klingman's work with Analysis, Research, and Computation, Inc. (ARC), G. E., the U.S. Army, Citgo, and Cleveland Consulting Associates. Pertinent subjects within the papers include mathematical programming, statistics, artificial intelligence, operations research, system design, mathematical optimization, networks, and supercomputers.


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CDL2/J488 SDM Model for Citgo Petroleum slides
Ciba-Geigy interim report, September 1980
Proposal for the Development of an Integrated Division Planning (IDP) System - Slides - Ciba-Geigy
Distribution Planning Model - Slides - Ciba-Geigy, December 1980
Notes - Reynolds Metal Company, May 1980
Phase II Presentation (slides) - Reynolds Metals Company
Solution to Example Problem - Reynolds Metals Company
FPP Systems Final Report - Reynolds Metals Company, August 1980
Exploiting Embedded Network Structure in Large Scale LP Systems (General Motors Project Proposal), October 1976
Discrete Optimization and Large Scale Systems Computation (General Motors Project Proposal), October 1975
General Foods Corporation, June 1981
G. E. Officer Forecast Technical Briefing Slides, April 1983
ARC Officers Forecast Slides
G. E. Officer Forecast Models
PNET - Correspondence, 1976, undated
PNET - Slides
I/O PNET-1 (Slides), 1976
Equitable Life (Slides)
Locate/Allocate (Slides), 1981
Correspondence, SUPERK, 1976-1977
Documentation, SUPERK, 1973, undated
NETGEN listings
Correspondence, NETGEN, 1973, 1975
ARCNET (Slides)
ARCNET (Originals)
Short Course Material
Integrated Production, Marketing, and Distribution Planning, 1985
Network Modeling Workshops/Seminars, 1977, 1988, undated
Computer Lab Session
ORSA/TIMS Advanced Seminars - Chicago, 1979, 1981
Applications of Large Network Planning Models (with John Mulvey), January 1980
Mathematical Optimization in Logistics Planning (IFORS '81 - Hamburg, West Germany), July 1981
Network Supercomputers
Layering Strategies for Creating Exploitable Structure in Linear and Integer Programs (Slides)
Complexity of Military Assignment Problems and Associated Computer Systems (Slides)
Improved Army Readiness Via Network Relaxation (Slides)
Equipment Procurement and Allocation Problem - Mathematical Models and Solution Procedures (Slides)
Army Readiness (RED FIX), 1986
Comprehensive Study of Maximum Flow Algorithms (Slides), 1979, 1983
Comprehensive Study of Maximum Flow Algorithms (Originals/Slides)
Enhancements to Spanning Tree Labeling Procedures
AGRICO - CPMS (Distribution Planning)
Fixed Charge (Slides)
Fixed Charge (Originals)
In-Core/Out-of-Core Shortest Path Analysis (Slides)
In-Core/Out-of-Core Shortest Path Analysis (Originals)
Solving Singularly Constrained Generalized Network Problems (Slides)
Network Applications, Computational Experience, and Extensions to Linear Programming (Slides)
Solving Singularly Constrained Transshipment Problems (Slides)
NETG Branch and Bound (Slides)
Generalized Network Approaches for Solving Least Absolute Value and Tchebycheff Regression Problems - UT Center for Cybernetic Studies, December 1979
Standard Oil Nonlinear/Integer Model (Slides)
An Algorithm for a Large-Scale Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Model (Slides)
Proposal for Implementation of a Branch & Bound Algorithm for Amoco Production Co.
NLP Problem Statement (Slides)
CDL2/J489 Integer Goal Programming System (Fred)
Out-of-Kilter Method (Slides)
Kilter States
Simplex SON Algorithm for Solving the LP Problem with Embedded Network (Slides)
Simplex SON Algorithm for Solving the LP Portion of the PIES Model (Slides)
Network Modelling for Tactical Logistics Planning, November 1983
Network Models (Slides)
Constrained Generalized Network Problems
PURE NETWORK 35 mm slides
A Planning Model for Multiple Time-Phased Requirements (Slides), 1979, undated
A New Alternating Basis Algorithm for Semi-Assignment Networks
Dallas Network Tutorial
IFORS '84 Transparencies
TIMS Logistics Presentation
TIMS/ORSA Meeting - Detroit, April 1982
TIMS/ORSA Meeting, April 1983
A Polynomial Time Primal Simplex Algorithm for Minimum Cost Network Flows
Comments on Future Network Related Events (Slides)
History of Networks
History of Linear Programming (Charnes Lecture)
History of Network Flow Algorithms
European Addresses, 1974-1975, 1980, undated
Strategic Uses of Telecommunications
Decision Support System (DSS) Proposals, 1986, undated
Decision Support System (DSS) Funding Sources and Ideas, 1982, undated
Slide on DSS of others
Integrated Marketing, Logistics, and Production (IMLP) Slides
DSS - Originals
DSS Institute, College of Business Administration, UT, 1982
DSS Institute Slides
Vehicle Routing, 1988-1989
Traveling Salesman Problem - Fred, 1977-1985
National Science Foundation Workshop on "Operations Research--The Next Decade," 1987
Possible research projects, 1975-1988
CDL2/J490 Fundable projects, 1978-1979, undated
Assignment and Shortest Path, 1978-1981, undated
Math 360R - Quizzes, 1969-1982
Math 360R - Exam I, 1970-1982
Math 360R - Exam II, 1970-1982
Math 360R - Exam III, 1970-1982
Math 360R - Final Exam, 1970-1979
Math 360R - Syllabus, 1979-1982
Differential Calculus - notes, outlines, sets
Introduction to Linear Algebra and Calculus book, 1969
Statistics - Final Exam, 1975-1982
STA 380 - Exams, 1977-1979
LP - Intro Lecture
Linear Systems - The Practitioners Tool
LP (Linear Programs)
BA 380T Syllabus and Notes, 1972
Solutions to Chapter 17 (BA 380M)
Calculus (BA 380M)
Inventory (BA 380M)
LP Exams, 1975-1978
LP - Miscellaneous, 1976-1977, undated
STA 371 - Session 1, 1979-1980
CDL2/J491 STA 371 - Sessions 2 - 8, 1977-1980, undated
STA 371 - Quizzes 3, 4, 5, 1977-1980
STA 371 - Handouts
STA 371 - Test I, 1975-1980
STA 371 - Test II, 1977-1980
STA 371 - Test III, 1975-1980
STA 371 - Final Exam, 1980, undated
Linear Programming textbook draft, undated
BA 380L
Determinants, Dual Method, Degeneracy, other, 1972, undated
STA 360R - Algebra, Linear Algebra and Linear Programming for Business Students textbook copy, 1974
Math 360R - Answers
Executive Seminar for Personal Computers
ARC - Decision Support Systems for Integrated Logistics Management
Cleveland Consulting Associates - Proposal to Assist the Great Western Sugar Company Reduce Inbound Freight Expense, April 29, 1982
CDL2/J492 Operations Research in a Super Computer Environment - UT Austin Classroom 2000, June 1988
Applications of Large Network Planning Models, San Francisco, California, October 27-30, 1980
Slides - Linear Systems, Shortest Path Analysis, Equivalent Formations
Network Modelling - US Army Logistics Management Center, Fort Lee, Virginia, May 23-27, 1988
Information Systems: Applications for Executive Management - Management Development Programs, Graduate School of Business, UT Austin, June 4-5, 1984
Introduction, Selection, and Use of a Microcomputer - The Houstonian Microcomputer Training
Speech to Deans on MIS (Management of Information Systems), April 1985
Speech to CBA (UT Austin College of Business Administration) Foundation on MIS (Management of Information Systems), April 1985
DSS for Integrated Logistics Management
The Southland Corporation - Formation of an Executive Steering Committee for Management Information Services, 1982-1983
CDL2/J535 DOT Contract TSC-1617 - ARC - Multicriteria Facility Location Proposal and Final Report, 1978-1980
General Motors - Bender's, 1983
Research ideas, 1973, 1987, undated
Network book, 1977, 1979, undated
Networks with Extra Constraints, 1970-1983