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A Guide to the Irwin A. Tang Papers, 1995-2013

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Tang, Irwin A.
Title: Tang, Irwin A., Papers
Dates: 1995-2013
Abstract: The Irwin A. Tang Papers consist of materials relating to the journalist's research on the experiences of Asians in Texas.
Accession No.: 2015-291
OCLC No.: 951779021
Extent: 7 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English, Chinese, and Korean.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Irwin A. Tang is the author of works including Asian Texans: Our Histories and Our Lives, (It Works, 2008), Gook: John McCain's Racism and Why It Matters (It Works, 2008), and the non-fiction collection How I Became a Black Man and Other Metamorphoses, (It Works, 2006). He has written for Asian Week, The Nation, and National Public Radio. Tang, who received an M.A. in Asian Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, worked with César Chávez and the United Farm Workers and with leading student political coalitions.


Resnick, Sophia. "The Metamorphosis of Irwin Tang," The Texas Observer, June 30, 2006, (accessed May 23, 2016).

Scope and Contents

The Irwin A. Tang Papers consist of materials related to the journalist's research on the experiences of Asians in Texas. Most of the Tang Papers are research materials compiled while writing and editing Asian Texans: Our Histories and Our Lives. These materials consist of photocopied newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, including 19th and early 20th century newspaper accounts found in the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History collection. Also included edited manuscripts from chapters of Asian Texans, as well as correspondence with chapter authors and the book's publisher. Also included are notes with interview subjects, as well as recorded interviews on cassette, mini-cassette, and mini-disc. The collection also contains a number of dissertations and masters' theses on different aspects of Asian-American history.

Tang's papers also include materials related to his own master's thesis, written at the University of Texas at Austin, and various journalism projects.

Folder names reflect the creator's original description and arrangement.


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Subjects (Persons)
Tang, Irwin A.
Asian Americans--Texas--History.
Asian Americans--Texas--Social life and customs.
Texas--Ethnic relations.
Texas--Emigration and Immigration--History.
Asia--Emigration and Immigration--History.

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Irwin A. Tang Papers, 1995-2013, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


Stored off-site

2015-291/1 Asian American Voters Coalition, 1984
Asian Texans
Photocopies and notes, 1983-1993
Chinese/Viet Gangs, 1978-1991
Glenda Joe/Martha Wong, 1983-1993
Houston Chinese (1 of 2)
Photocopies of newspaper articles, maps, Houston Asian-American Festival, 1946-1989
Houston Chinese (2 of 2)
Photocopies of newspaper articles, Chinese Community Center information, 1986-1993
Robertson County trip, naturalization of Ah Cong
Photocopies of naturalization documents (1872-1874), correspondence, 2007
El Paso Chinese, 1883-2000
Asian Texans
Promotional materials, [2006?]
El Paso Newspaper index, Chinese of El Paso
Notes and photocopies of index cards, circa 1880s-1910s, from Briscoe Center for American History, 2002
Cambodian Texans, 1981-1993
Dr. Rhoads/Houston Asian Community, 1986-1993
Photocopies, notes, correspondence, (1 of 2) 1902-2006
Photocopies, notes, correspondence, (2 of 2) 2004-2006
Chinese astronaut,, 2003
Notes, notebooks, note cards, 2000s
Two 5"X3" notebooks
5"X3" note cards: Ch. In Texas
3"X3" notes, 2003 EP Ch. Cemetery
8"X5" note cards, El Paso Chinese Interviews
San Antonio Chinese, misc.
Reading notes
8"X5" note cards, 1 of 4, undated
8"X5" note cards, 2 of 4, undated
8"X5" note cards, 3 of 4, undated
8"X5" note cards, 4 of 4, undated
2015-291/2 Houston Telegraph / Houston Chronicle articles, 1870-1942
19th Century Chinese Texans, 1869-1872, 1973-2002
Reconstruction, blacks, reform, 1964-2002 and undated
Asian Texans project proposal, 2003
Galveston Chinese, 1877-1908, 1979-1995
Black Chinese, Calvert, Texas, 1888-1936, 1968-1981
Etta Peabody, Master's Thesis photocopy, "Effort of the South to Import Chinese Coolies, 1865-1870," 1967
Texas maps undated
Photocopies, 1 of 2 undated
journal articles, 2001-2002 and undated
Photocopies, 2 of 2
journal articles, 1996 and undated
Claiming America, ed. Wong and Chan, 1998
"Bitter strength," undated
Asian Americans and Politics, ed. Chang, 2001
Pershing Chinese articles, 1916-1922 and undated
San Antonio Chinese, 1970-1978
Nims Thesis, SA Chinese community
Photocopies and notes, including Master's thesis, Amy Nims, "Chinese Life in San Antonio," 1941, 2005
Chinese in SA
Photocopy, "Chinese Baptist church" article, 1983
Pershing Chinese, Briscoe Thesis
Photocopies: Master's Thesis, Edward Eugene Briscoe, "Pershing's Chinese Refugees, an Odyssey of the Southwest"; "Registration of Refugee Chinese," 1921, 1947
Chinese in Mexico, 1980-1996
"Who Are the Chinese Texans," 1979
San Antonio Chinese - Profiles, 1911, 1965-1991
Rose Wu, 1978-2004
Kenny Woo, "Ch. Colony in S.A.", 1955
San Antonio Chinese, 1917, 1967-1997
Chinese in S.A. 1879-19--, 1882-1943, 1989
Chinese Americans, general
Photocopy, "The Chinese in Texas," Edward J.M. Rhoads, 1977
Mary Eng, 1988 and undated
Chinese Immigration, 2002 and undated
Pershing Chinese/Mexican Chinese, 2003
Photocopy of The Chinese Texans, Institute of Texan Cultures, 1978
Jim Eng of SA, 1997
Sam Ng, 2003
A.L. Becker-Handy Andy, 1963
Korean American materials
Photocopies; Master's Thesis, David Ahn, "Korean Immigrants in the U.S.: Historical Analysis of their Assimilation and Settlement" (1992), 1971-2008
Border and West Texas Koreans, 1991-2002
Composition books (2)
"Asian Texans notes," undated
Ken Shinn-Donut 7, 2005
John Chu, 2004
Michelle Cho, Zo, Chui Ho Ahn Interviews, 2004
Korean Churches, 2004
Suzanne Ahn, 2004
Korean street signs, Long Point, 1998
Koreatown and Korean Merchants, 1987-2003
Paul Shinn, Manna mission to N. Korea, 2000
Bok Chu An-Killeen, 2004
Garment Workers, Viet and Korean, 1992
KASA writing group, 1977-2004
Korean San Antonio
Information on Korean-Americans from Institute of Texas Cultures, including interview transcripts, 1989
Black-Korean conflict, 1992-1994
Wonmo Dong, 2000
Dallas/FW shooting of Black, 1994
Korean Texans
Notes, clippings, Korean-American Journal of Austin, Newspaper and telephone directory photocopies, 1967-2002
2015-291/3 1910 Chinese and Japanese Special Census
Census info, 1872-1990
1960 Census
1970 Texas Census Table
1980 Census
Rhoads Chinese in Texas
Offprint, "The Chinese in Texas," Edward J.M. Rhoads, Southwest Historical Quarterly, 1977
Chinese El Paso in WWI
Photocopy of Mary Elizabeth Bush, University of Texas Master's Thesis, "El Paso County, Texas, in the First World War," 1950
Sri Lankan Temple, 1983-2006
James Diamonon, 2004
Sonny Lew, 2004
Tim Eng, undated
1937 Alien Land Law
Misc. research
Notes, lists, photocopies, correspondence, 2003-2009
Kung, oil tycoon of Houston, [2004?]
Gordon Quan, [2003?]
Various contacts, 2002-2004
Information on Sam Kannappan, Ed Chen, Ben Ongoco, 2003
Underground Railroad
Corrected manuscript, Ch. 3, "The Asian American Underground Railroad," undated
AT Reader 1
Reader's report for Asian Texans, notes and correspondence, 2006
Mexican Revolution materials, 1968-2005
Morris Chang, 1998-2006
Hurricane Katrina, 2004-2005
Shaq v. Yao, 2003-2005
Paul Chu, 1988-1997
Asian Gangs, 1986
Dallas Chinese-Rebecca Teng, 2004
Chinese in Texas: Dallas Chinese and Asian American Communities, 1952-2001
"They Came Out Like Ants: Chinese Mexicali Tunnels"
Clipping, William T. Vollmann, Harper's Magazine, 2004
Taiwanese Texans, 1969-1993
Ed Chen, Manuscript and interview
Ms, newspaper photocopies, 1926-1994
Sam Mardock 2002
Notes, newspaper photocopies, correspondence, and "The Levee: A Nostalgic Look at Tyler's Railside Business District," by Dr. Julian Mardock 1943-2002
Gee Family
Newspaper photocopies and bound volume "The Gees in Houston, Texas," 1956-1998
Tiananmen and Beyond, 1989-1990
Black-Asian conflict, 1997-2003
Roy Vu paper
"History of Asian Pan-ethnicity in Movements in Houston," annotated ms., undated
Black Dixie
"Emergency of Black Business in Houston, Texas," by James SoRelle, photocopy, 1992
Jane Lee
Interview notes, undated
Interview notes, 2007
Texas Forts, 2004
San Antonio Crime Wave, 2000-2003
Yi-noo Tang
Biographical notes, undated
Martha Wong
Biographical notes, undated
Asian Texans
manuscript, 2005
Asian Texans in space, 2003-2004
Sept 11 Aftermath, 2002
Hubert Vo, 2004-2005
Asian American Politicians, 2005
Austin Asian-American Chamber of Commerce
Notes, business card, conference programs, event photocopies, 2004
Asian Texan Politicians, 1965-2005
Sept. 11, 2002-2005
Houston Asia Town
Booklets, directory photocopies, newspaper photocopies, manuscript, clippings, 1949-2002
Sri Lankan Texans, 2004
Sakamoto Section,
Manuscript, notes, 2004
Asian Texans Chapter
Newspaper articles, 2000 census information, notes, manuscript, 1995-2004
Klineberg Rpt.
Houston's Economic and Demographic Transformations, by Stephen Klineberg, Rice Univ., 2002
Highway maps of Houston, El Paso, Texas, and Mexico; notes and photocopies, 1995-2002
Indonesian Texans, 2004
Pakistani Texans, 1970-2004
Malaysian and Singaporean Texans, 2004
Thai Texans, 1990-[2004?]
Bangladeshi Texans
Corrected manuscript, research notes, 2004
Burmese Texans, 2004
Latina and Hmong Texans
Manuscript, notes, newspaper and article photocopies, 1984-2004
Pacific Islander Texans, 1971-2004
Tibetan/Nepalese Texans, 2004
Texas A & M Asians, 1925-2003
Asian Dixie, 2002
2015-291/4 Yao Ming
Newspaper clippings, notes, correspondence, corrected manuscript "Inside the Shaquille O'Neal Taunt Controversy" for Asian Week, 2002-2003
Small Towns--Chinese, 1968-2001
Martha Wong
Biographical material, undated
Houston Chinese, 1967-1974
Chinese in Texas-Photo Exhibit
Photocopied images and text from "Chinese in Texas," funded by China Council of the Asian Society; book and article photocopies, notes, 1915-1952 and undated
Pictures and Photos
Notes, photocopies, pamphlets, microfilm copies, 1870-[2004?]
Austin Chinese,
Newspaper photocopies from Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 1874-1882
Corrected manuscript
Asian Texans chapters: Chinese of El Paso, and Asian American Underground Railroad, undated
AAS: Syllabi and course outlines, 1987-1992
AAS: Bibliography, 1991
AA Movies and Reviews, 1991-1993
AA News Articles, 1988-1994
AA Studies--Academic reading, 1966-1991
Asian American Studies Programs, 1991-1993
Newspaper clippings
English and Chinese-language publications, 2003-2010
Irwin A. Tang, Master's Thesis
"Not in Vain: Politics of Anti-Asian Violence," University of Texas at Austin, 1995
New York trip materials, 2007
El Paso trip expenses, 2003
Asian Texans, publication and promotional information, 2002
Asian Texans, Donors, 2002-2003
Submissions to publishers, 2002
Solicitations/Donations, 2002
Asian Texans History Project
Correspondence, clippings, 2002
Grants--Asian Texans, 2002
UT Nonprofit Account, 2002
Asian Texans revisions
Readers' reports and corrected manuscript, undated
Asian Texans, Chapter 1
Manuscript, undated
Asian Texans, Intro and Indian Texans
Corrected manuscript; includes ms for Pacific Time article, 2006-2007
Asian Texans, Chapters 3, 5, and 6 ms
Corrected manuscript for Asian American Underground Railroad, San Antonio Chinese Community 1880-1949, and Chinese and Japanese Texans during WW II, undated
Asian Texans, proposal, chapters 1-3,
Corrected manuscript, 2003
Asian Texans,
Corrected manuscript, newspaper articles, [2003?]
2015-291/5 El Paso interviews, 2002-2003
UTEP--Interviews re: Chinese El Paso
Interview transcript, University of Texas at El Paso, Institute of Oral History, 1968, 2005
Chinese in El Paso, 1881-1956
Chinese in El Paso, by Nancy Farrar
Monograph #33, Southwestern Studies, 1972
Fahy Interviews/El Paso Chinese
Chapter 5, corrected manuscript, undated
Herlinda Wong Chew Daughter
Interview transcript, University of Texas at El Paso, Institute of Oral History, 1978
Immigration Commissioner Reports, US government, 1905-1910
Chapter 2
Chinese El Paso, 1881-1945, corrected manuscript, notes, articles, 2003
Turning Points in El Paso
Photocopy, ch. 10, undated
Border, by Leon Metz
Photocopy, ch. 29 undated
Fahy dissertation
"Chinese Borderland Community Development," Anna Fahy, MA thesis, University of Texas at El Paso, 2001
Border Patrol, by Clifford Perkins
Photocopied text, undated
Pass of the North, by C.L. Sonnichsen
Photocopied text, 1968
The Chinese Leak, by Julian Ralph
Photocopied text, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, [1891?]
Chinese in Mexico, 1980-1989
Southern Pacific/Roy Bean, undated
El Paso Chinese, 1880-, 1885-1891, 1965-2001
El Paso Newspapers, 1882-1916
Prostitution--Texas, 1984
Zhao Thesis
"Chinese Immigration and American Business Interest," by Xuezhong Zhao, Master's Thesis, University of Texas at Austin, 1995
Chinese Tunnels/Secret Rooms, 1973-1984
Edward Chen, 2003
Misc. Notes and photocopies, 1973-1997
Neil Foley Article on Mexican-Americans, 2002
Out of the Desert, Owen White, excerpt, 1923
Judge Roy Bean Country, Jack Skiles, excerpt, 1996
Roy Bean, C.L. Sonnichsen, excerpt, 1958
Brigg-Archeology, RR
"Archeology of 1882 Labor Camps on the Southern Pacific Railroad, Val Verde County, Texas," Alton King Briggs, Master's Thesis, University of Texas at Austin, 1974
El Paso Archaeological sites
El Paso Union Plaza Project/Cortez Parking lot, 1983-1998
Laws as Harsh as Tigers, Lucy Salyer, excerpt 1995
Research notes, [2002?]
1891 Immigration Report
Photocopy of U.S. House of Representatives Report No. 4048, 1891
Abolition of the Opium Evil
Photocopy of U.S. House of Representatives Document No. 33, 1913
Reports of the Industrial Commission on Immigration
Photocopy of U.S. House of Representatives Document No. 184, 1901
Chinese Migrations, with Special Reference to Labor Conditions
Photocopy of U.S. House of Representatives Document No. 19, 1923
Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury
Notes and photocopy of Senate Ex. Doc No. 97, 1890
Immigration of Chinese into the United States
Photocopy of Senate Document No. 106, 1902
Annual Report of the Commissioner-General of Immigration
Photocopy of U.S. House of Representatives Document no. 758, 1903
Tale of Two Brothers: Jung Oi-Won and Ming S. Jung
Photocopy of journal article by Him Mark Lai and Edmund D. Jung, undated
Cortez Parking Lot Site, El Paso
Archaeological report, 1983
Border Revolution
Photocopied book chapter, undated
Enforcing the Borders
Photocopied article by Erika Lee, Journal of American History, 2002
Herlinda Wong Chew
Notes and photocopied article by Sarah E. John, 1992
Chinese Indentured Labor
Photocopied article by Wally Look Lai, Amerasia Journal, 1989
Southern Pacific: 75 Years
Photocopied book excerpt, by Erle Heath, 1945
Texas Lawyer
Photocopied book excerpt, by J.F. Hulse, 1982
In the Age of Exclusion: Race, Region and Chinese Identity in the making of the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands, 1863-1943
Grace Delgado dissertation, Univ. of Calif. At Los Angeles, 2000
Yepp family correspondence, 1980-2007
High-Tech jobs in Texas, 1985-2006
Houston Oil Bust, 1981-1992
Newspaper and magazine articles, 2005-2006
Manuscript and typescript
Asian Texans and "How I Heal," [2007?]
Clippings and Notes
Includes newspaper articles and census information, 2005-2007
Census materials
Almanac and Census Bureau photocopies, 1900-2000
2015-291/6 HIS 366N Course Materials
Photocopies of materials for Dr. Rhoads "Chinese in the US" class, University of Texas at Austin, 1994
San Antonio Chinese, 1937-1999
Asians in Austin
Clippings, notes, 1981 Chinese Professional Association directory, photocopied newspaper articles, 1973-1999
News Clippings: Asians in Texas, 1985-2001
Chinese in Texas: clippings, 1944-1989
Houston Area Survey/American Attitudes towards Chinese Americans surveys, 2001
Misc. clippings and correspondence
Includes 1976-1977 University of Texas Chinese Student Association directory, and photocopies of Terrell County Texas, its Past, Its People, 1958-1998
Indian Texans 1 of 2
Manuscript and clippings, 1912-2005
Indian Texans 2 of 2
Notes, Experiences of an Immigrant by Sam Kannappan, oral history transcripts, 1989-2003
Iqbal "Ike" Singh
Newspaper articles, 1959-1997
Kannappan notes, 2000-2005
Filipino Texans
manuscript, undated
Alfredo Quijano
printed materials regarding Santo Nino Catholic Church, San Antonio, 2004-2005
Filipino Texans
Correspondence and photocopies of marriage licenses, letters of introduction, and newspaper articles, 1899-2006
Ongoco paper
Manuscript "Filipinos, not New in Houston," undated
Virginia San Luis Dizon
Correspondence, photocopied memoir pages, 1970-2005
Socorro Montague
Interview notes, undated
Filipino Texans
Manuscript, interview notes, newspaper and magazine article photocopies, 1936-2005
Lope Lindio
Notes, undated
Remy Banas
Notes, undated
Gus Mercado
Notes, undated
Filipino Nurses, 1948-2004
442 RCT Nisei
News release, correspondence, notes, manuscript, oral history transcripts, printed photocopies, 1963-2004
Neggie Loudermilk
Interview notes, undated
Japanese chapter
Edited manuscript, 2004
Japanese Texan interviews, 1979
Japanese Texans
Newsletter, Japan Business Association of Houston 1989 directory, Japanese in Houston booklet, newspaper photocopies, 1919-1989
Houston Chinese WW II, 1902-1989
World War II and Korean War, 1931-2004
Japanese Internment materials, 1945-2004
Misc. Clippings and announcements
Support group announcements, clippings, census materials, 1990-2010
Nee and Wong article
Photocopy, "Asian American Socioeconomic Achievement," 1985
Bonacich article
Photocopy, "Theory of Middleman Minorities," 1973
Immigrant hunt
Correspondence and newspaper articles, 2005
UT Press contract
Contract and correspondence, 2003
Tsunami Relief story, 2005
Photos--Asian Texans
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, research materials from University of Texas El Paso and Institute of Texas Cultures; 2004-2007
Japanese of East Texas
Manuscript, newspaper and journal photocopies, 1976-1983
Japanese in Texas
Correspondence, note cards, manuscript, newspaper photocopies, 1921-1987
Early Japanese Texans, 1927-1992


Stored on-site at Sid Richardson Hall

3F422 [RESTRICTED] Restricted materials
Student papers and donor information, 2000-2002
2.325/D32a Oversized materials
Photograph, newspapers, color photocopies, 2005-2013 and undated
3S62b Interview recordings and digital materials
Interviews on cassette, mini-cassette, and mini-disc; 1 DVD of photographic images, [circa 2000s]
3Z298 Photographs
Photographic negatives and reprints, including those from the Institute of Texas Cultures: 15 8X10 black and white photographs; 17 5X7 black and white photographs, 1 3X5 black and white photograph, 1919-1979 and undated