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A Guide to the Harry Wilmer Papers

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Wilmer, Harry A., 1917-2005
Title: Wilmer (Harry) Papers
Dates: 1909-2005 (bulk 1940s-2005)
Abstract: The Harry Wilmer papers consist of personal logs, manuscripts, and correspondence, as well as papers and A/V materials relating to his work in the U.S. Navy, the San Quentin prison, the Langely Porter Youth Drug Ward, his work with Vietnam veterans and his work with AIDS patients and their caregivers.
Accession No.: 2011-187; 2013-179; 2012-094
OCLC No.: 923022711
Extent: 74 ft., 5 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical/Historical Note

Harry Aron Wilmer II was born in 1917 and earned his BA, MB and Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota, and later trained in psychiatry at the Mayo clinic. Wilmer began his career as a Freudian analyst but adopted a Jungian approach after receiving Jungian analyst training in Zurich.

In 1955 Wilmer was drafted into the U.S. Navy and served at the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California where he oversaw the care of Naval and Marine Corps patients with a variety of mental disorders. While serving at Oak Knoll, Wilmer developed his approach to group therapy, and integrated video technology into his practice. His observations about group interaction eventually led to his book Social Psychiatry in Action, later developed into the 1961 docudrama People Need People, hosted by Fred Astaire.

Dr. Wilmer continued his group therapy work in the late 1960's through the University of California at San Francisco, eventually establishing the Youth Drug Ward at the Langely Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute. The Youth drug ward served young hippies from the Haight-Ashbury district who had experienced adverse affects from drug use. The therapy included "creativity seminars" which featured such artists as Joan Baez and Rod Steiger. Also during the 1960s, Wilmer worked extensively with inmates from the San Quentin prison and their families.

In 1969 Dr. Wilmer moved to Texas and became professor of Psychiatry at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio. While there he provided therapy at a Veterans Hospital for Vietnam War veterans who were suffering from PTSD. He later expanded his practice to those affected by AIDS.

Dr. Wilmer retired from psychiatry in 1980 and the same year established the Institute for the Humanities at Salado, where he hosted artists, scholars and other speakers to conduct workshops and give lectures. Dr. Wilmer was a prolific writer with such titles to his name as Practical Jung: Nuts and Bolts of Jungian Psychotherapy, Closeness in Personal and Professional Relationships, How Dreams Help and many more.


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Briggs, Dennie, "Notes about Harry Wilmer," Institute for the Humanities at Salado, accessed July 3rd, 2015,

Scope and Contents

The Harry Wilmer papers consist of personal logs, manuscripts, and correspondence, as well as papers relating to his work in the U.S. Navy, the San Quentin prison, and to his work at the Youth Drug Ward. His papers also relate to his work with Vietnam veterans and his work with AIDS patients and their caregivers.

In addition, a significant portion of the collection consists of audio/visual material relating to Wilmer's work with AIDS patients, San Quentin prisoners, Vietnam veterans, and the Youth Drug ward. The collection also includes cassette tapes and reel-to-reel tape of lectures and interviews given by a wide variety of speakers on many topics.

A handful of films have been digitized. Digital copies can be accessed through a link next to the item.



The Harry Wilmer papers are organized into the following series:
  • I. U.S. Navy files
  • II. San Quentin files
  • III. Langely Porter Youth Drug Ward
  • IV. Vietnam veteran files
  • V. AIDS discussions and interviews
  • VI. Lectures and interviews
  • VII. Bound volumes
  • VIII. Assorted files
  • IX. Personal papers
  • X. Wilmer’s logs
  • XI. Books
  • XII. Music


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Wilmer, Harry A., 1917-2005 – Archives.
Jungian psychology.
Group psychotherapy.
Veterans -- Mental health services.
Youth -- Drug use.
AIDS (Disease) -- Patients -- Mental health.

Related Material

See also The Institute for the Humanities at Salado Records, 1981-2007.

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Harry Wilmer Papers, 1909-2005 (bulk 1940s-2005), Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


U.S. Navy files

HW103 US Navy officer Service Record, 1954-1959
HW8 Harry Wilmer U.S. Navy vols. 1-4 1955-1956
Harry A. Wilmer illustrations U.S. Navy experiment 1955-1957
Harry A. Wilmer photographic record of Oakland Experiment 1956
Personal notes and log material on U.S. Naval Hospital Oakland Therapeutic Community 1955-1956
2M508 [RESTRICTED] Glass slides ca. 1950s-1960s
Glass slides may be viewed by appointment only.


San Quentin files

HW60 [RESTRICTED] San Quentin meetings (journal) 1962-1963
Psychiatrist's journal San Quentin vol. I 1961-1962
Psychiatrist's journal San Quentin vol. II 1963
Psychiatrist's journal San Quentin vol. III 1961-1967
Psychiatrist's journal San Quentin vol. VI 1961-1964
San Quentiana vol. I, ca. 1953-1965
San Quentiana vol. II ca. 1966-1967
San Quentiana vol. III ca. 1963-1964
Children of prisoners (total family group at San Quentin) 1963-1966
HW99 [RESTRICTED] 1/4 inch sound-tape reel (7in. Diameter), September 1965-December 1966
2/Film F72 [RESTRICTED] 16 mm. film
2/Film F72 [RESTRICTED] State of California, TV Teaching & Learning Project, “San Quentin inmates,” undated
HW110 [RESTRICTED] Out-takes from "2nd Police Group", undated
Out-takes from San Quentin Group Therapy, undated
S.F Police Second Group Discussion, undated


Langley Porter Youth Drug Ward

HW 1 1/4 inch sound-tape reel (7in. Diameter)
Dr. Wilmer, Drug Ward seminars in creativity
Dr. K. Keniston – Alienated and radical youth; Ilza [?] Vieth - Witchcraft September 28; September 27, 1968
Bill Graham, Friday morning creativity seminar October 4, 1968
Igor Mead – author, painter; Richard Crocrett, community meeting seminar June 7, 1968
Robert Anderson of “Imagination Inc.,” seminar with Lenny Bruce movies Friday, May 2, 1969
Dr. Robert Sommer – “Psychology of space”; Dr. John Langdell – English therapeutic communities (Finchden Manor) January 11, 1968
Charley Schultz – Peanuts, Friday creativity seminar April 11, 1969
Wallace Stegner April 5, 1968
Ansel Adams, Langley Porter Youth-Drug Ward, Friday creativity seminar March 14, 1969
Noel Parenti, Friday creativity seminar May 9, 1969
Alan Watts – “The Book” or the taboos against knowing who you are February 2, 1968
Multimedia seminar, tape #2 February 3, 1969
Byron Eshelman, Herman Spector, Creativity on the death row, San Quintin January 20, 1967
Tony Schwartz, symposium February 3, 1969
Tony Schwartz, symposium February 3, 1969
Tony Schwartz, symposium February 3, 1969
Joan Baez talks and sings to Drug Ward at U.C., Dr. Wilmer March 7, 1969
Eric Hoffer
Seminar dub from videotape #1013, LPNI Aud. August 4, 1967
“The Ordeal of Change” November 18, 1967
Creativity seminar November 18, 1966
Untitled January 20, 1969
Violence and other subjects (original recording) July 5, 1968
Dub of videotape of [Jim] Saunders July 1967
HW64 Joe Riccio, Friday creativity seminar; Jung soundtrack December 6, 1968
Ralph Gleason; O. Luster January 10, 1969; January 17, 1969
The multimedia ward May 2, 1968
Bill Graham, on Fillmore East; Friday creativity seminar at Langley Porter Youth Drug Unit February 21, 1969
Eric Hoffer and HAW November 18, 1967
Kathy Alden and HAW, seminar, creative writing, I never promised you a rose garden October 21, 1966
Leonard Pearson, creativity seminar; Joshua Lederberg, creativity seminar January 24, 1969; February 14, 1969
Sterling Hayden – “Alcohol and pot”; Brice Howard – “Far out TV” April 26, 1968; May 10, 1968
Dr. West, seminar November 8, 1967
Dr. James Paulson – “LSD on campus”; Joseph Katz – “Student activists on campus” (followed by 15 min of Katz and patients alone) October 13, 1967; December 1, 1967
David E. Smith on communes May 13, 1969
Sterling Hayden – “The wanderer” May 19, 1967
HW1 1/4 inch sound-tape reel (5 inch diameter)
Harry Wilmer – Haight St., afternoon, 3-6 p.m. October 9, 1968
Tony Schwartz – Telephone call of run-a-way teenage girl superimposed on Beatles’s song “She’s Leaving Home” undated
“Sounds of Haight Ashbury for film” undated
(13 reels)
HW58 16 mm. film
Youth Drug Ward film, Reels 1-4 (two hour version) ca. 1970
2/Film F70 Youth Drug Ward (one hour version) undated
[DVD copy in box HW510] [Click for video]
2M510 Drug Ward, silent film of the four-monitor playback from four cameras, five interviewers, five questions, one patient undated
[Click for video]
Haight Ashbury 1968
[DVD copy in box 2M510] [Click for video]
Unedited footage of Haight Ashbury October 11, 1968
[DVD copy in box 2M510] [Click for video]
HW 5 Ward log clippings 1 May 31 1969
Youth Drug Ward (film) financials and feedback
Langley Porter Youth Drug unit 1966-1969
Youth Drug Ward, articles and papers 1968-1970, undated
Drug abuse in the now generation, Conference program and papers March 15 - 16, 1968
Drug abuse information kit, prepared by the American Medical Association 1965-1969
Medical reprints, reports and papers on drug abuse 1965-1972
Publications and leaflets on drug abuse 1963-1971
Drug abuse related clippings 1962-1970
Youth Drug Ward film correspondence 1970-1972
A Nurse Diary, manuscript 1967-1968
Poems by patients undated
Children of Sham correspondence 1970-1971
HW102 Drug use related newspapers and articles, 1963-1972
HW103 Drug use related newspapers and articles (continues), 1963-1972
2.325/N36b Movie poster (screening at Brooks Hall-A) May 14, [ca. 1970]
Publications and underground newspapers 1967, 1969, undated
The Digger Papers, Height Asbury Tribune, Berkeley Bard, City of San Francisco Oracle
HW4 News clippings and miscellany
Archivist's note:
Folder titles enclosed in quotation marks are taken directly from original labels.
Group therapy notes
Sections labeled “Pot” and “Acid”
“Hippie scene”
Reports, and miscellaneous
“Hippie scene”
“Ward + LPNI Bureaucracy” February 2-27, 1968
“Ward" February 15, 1968, April 20, 1968
Includes reports
“Drugs”; “Ward” (with President report to Regents) April 19,1968
"Ward” June 5-August 9, 1968
“Drug ed[ucation]”
“Violence” 1967-1968
“Hippie scene" 1967-1968
“Pot” 1967-1968
“Newspaper rough draft" May 2, 1969
Clippings 1967-1968
Empty tab
Conference paper, “Sham” by Jules Henry
Clippings 1967-1968
Clippings 1967
Notes for “Judge Bypassing Marijuana Law” Ernest Lenn, San Francisco Chronicle October 24, 1967
Clippings 1967-1969
Clippings 1969
“Marijuana IV”
“The Haight
“Magnet pulls, pulls, mesmerizes and repels"
Some clippings come with notes
IV dope pusher (Dope! The big news story)
“Society” March 2-April 15, 1968
“Violence and crime”
“Hippies" January 2-February 27, 1968
“Social scene”
“Social scene hippies, December 1968
“Crime” 1968
”Ward” 1968
Includes flyers for screenings and seminars
“Hippies;” “Drugs” November 1968
“Hippie” October 1968
“Drugs” October 1968
“Drugs” September 1968
“Violence” February 1969
“Social Scene” February 1969
“Drugs and hippies" February 1969
“Social perspectives”
Correspondence, letter to Alex Simon November 29, 1968
“Chicago;" “Hippies” August 1968; September 1968
“Part local scene”
“The rule commune is best"
"Haight’s disenchantment”
Flyer for “Seminar creativity, Bill Graham” October 10, 1968
Chapter X: “San Francisco sewspapers: the media" August 30-November 4, 1967
“Sick, sick, sickness”
“Society" August-September 1968
“Social scene" September 1968
“Police” August-September 1968
“III death of the hippies: incident, exodus and residue”
HW 2 [RESTRICTED] 1 inch video reel (10 inch diameter)
Charles Schultz, Friday creativity seminar April 4, 1969
Therapeutic community meeting with Joan Baez [Family Groups annotated on front] March 7, 1969
Community meeting, Kennedy assassination June 5, 1968
Hot issue of resident who subsequently [?] committed suicide, Maxwell Jones April 5, 1968
Creative seminars undated
Jim Sanders, Eric Hoffer, Attender ?, Steve Fisher Band, Bill Graham, John Perry MD, Theodore Binder MD, Eric Hathaway
University of California, media symposia, Tony Schwartz [The multi-media program in the auditorium of Langley Porter NP Institute with Tony Schwartz] undated
Eric, 4 camera APA 1971
HW6 [RESTRICTED] HAW’s last time leading Friday community meeting June 6, 1969
HW109 [RESTRICTED] Hippie Social Worker, undated
Interview Digger and Eric Hoffer, undated
LSD Experience and Why #2, undated
Eric Hoffer, April 5, 1968
Why #8, undated
Drug patients talk to camera alone, April 3, 1968
HW6 [RESTRICTED] 1/4 inch sound-tape reel (7 inch diameter)
Dr. David Smith – “Drug compounds and LSD reactions”; Kennedy assassination, community meeting September 1, 1967; June 5, 1968
Nurse's rundown, nite group; old time forget it [?] Undated
John Braley November 1967
Erick Bridenwahl and HAW February 29, 1969
John Perry; staff rehash following Wed. community meeting April 15-April 16, 1969
Eric Hathaway and interviewers February 14, 1968
Theo – T.V. October 17, 1967
Nick Tyll, Eric Hathaway and HAW April 12, 1968
Peter Beagle, seminar; community meeting October 11, 1968; November 22, 1968
Resident Group; community meeting January 23, 1969; January 24, 1969
Chuck Goodman and HAW 24901
Large group meeting March 4, 1968
K. McPhearson and HAW March 4, 1968
Family group meetings March 19 and July 2, 1968
Susan Knutsen and HAW; John Holmdahl and HAW March 25, 1969
David Myers-George Soskins seminar; community meeting November 21, 1968; November 27, 1968
Denny’s group, video replay and discussion, staff meeting; Marty Greenberg’s small group December 3, 1968
Family group meeting December 3, 1968
Community meeting; seminar by John Perry October 25, 1968
Jan Bakken and HAW; M. Aguirre December 11, 1968; January 13, 1969
Dr. Erikson, community meeting and seminar; staff meeting January 29, 1969
Large group meeting; Papashvily, community meeting, showing slides, talking February 8, 1968; February 16, 1968
F.A. Waddell and HAW November 10 and November 12, 1968
HW14 [RESTRICTED] Community meeting (continued on side 2?), rehash and Harry Wilmer’s paper, s.1, undated
Two labels: community meeting, side 1, and rehash, and Dr. Graham Bennett: cancer and meaning, illness and isolation undated
Community meeting, and continued staff rehash June 19,1969
2 labels: Krishnamurti, “Action without conflict,” undated, and Friday community meeting (rehash to end), and Monday community meeting, staff rehash March 21, 1969, March 24, 1969
John Perry, 16 min. undated
Sandra’s dream
2 labels: Krishnamurti, “Love, death, creation,”; Side 1 community meeting, and [Denny’s] group undated; January 31, 1969; February 4, 1969
2 labels: Krishnamurti, Side 1. “Love, death, creation”; Side 2: “Mind renewal, mediation, loving,” 5th of 6 talks on problems of living at Ojoi all 1966, KWLPC; Thursday community meeting, replay to end, March 20, 1969, and staff rehash, March 20, 1969 1966; March 20, 1969
2 labels: A talk at Claremont College; Wednesday community meeting; and Thursday community meeting, labeled “poor sound” November 17, 1968; April 30, 1969; May 1, 1969
2 labels: Graham Bennett, “Cancer and meaning,” “Illness and isolation”; community and rehash, side 1 October 27, 1968
Ron’s family group Tuesday, April 15, 1969
Ron’s family group May 27
Danny’s group (side 1), and Danny’s group (side 2) October 1, 1968, November 19, 1968
Perpetua de la Garza interview (about war, dreams and military) January 23, 1981
HW97 [RESTRICTED] Community, family, group and staff meetings, September 1967-February 1969
HW98 [RESTRICTED] Community, family, group and staff meetings, September 1967-February 1969
Psychodramas, January 1968-Februrary 1969
Patients, June 1966-June 1969
HW6 [RESTRICTED] 1/4 inch sound-tape reel (5 inch diameter)
“Marci, a child again” undated
Jim Franz & HAW May 3, 1968
Erling Hoffield & HAW May 13, 1968
Joan Franz & HAW May 6, 1968
HAW & Mrs. Reynolds May 15, 1968
Wilmer – Langley Porter, “Community conference,” word January 26, 1968
HW99 [RESTRICTED] Patients, May 1968
HW6 [RESTRICTED] 16 mm. film
T.V. patient monologue, C.O.R.T. Motion Picture unit, U.C. Medical Center
2/Film F71 [RESTRICTED] Group psychotherapy, out patients undated
HW110 [RESTRICTED] Parades, undated
Dr. Wilmer's Training Film (out-takes from the extended color version of the film "Youth Drug Ward"), undated
HW6 [RESTRICTED] Audiocassette
A. Waddell; Jeff Smith February 18, 1969; February 17, 1969
HW57 [RESTRICTED] Children of Sham
Children of Sham scrapbook
Children of Sham rough manuscript
Chapters one through eight
Chapters 11 through 15
Chapter ? "Newspapers"
Last chapter "Countdown"
Poetry by Wilmer for manuscript
Excerpts from Jung's autobiography for Children of Sham
Notes and correspondence relating to Drug Ward and use of film
Children of Sham correspondence and follow-up letters
Children of Sham subject names
Negatives and photos from the Youth Drug Ward ca. 1968
Ward log December 1-31, 1969
Nurse's log January 1- March 31 1969
Ward log February 1-28, 1969
Ward log clippings 1968
HW100 [RESTRICTED] Ward logs, vol. I-X, July 1967-1969
Correspondence, April 1969
HW45 [RESTRICTED] Transcripts of interview with patients 1968
Poems by patients undated
Photocopies with redactions in HW5
A Nurse's Diary manuscript 1967-1968
Photocopies with redactions in HW5
Patients list undated
Negative + negative sleeves ca. 1966-1969
Assorted files
Envelopes 1966-1984
Patient transcripts
Photocopies with redactions in HW9
Listening post project, log February 27, 2002
Psychiatric interviews with inmate, San Quentin ca. 1964
TV Psychiatry, group session with videotapes ca. 1960s
TV interviews, negatives 1966, undated
3So83.1 [RESTRICTED] Photographs (matted)
Drug Ward patients, ca. 1966-1969
3So2.1 [RESTRICTED] Drug Ward patients, ca. 1966-1969


Vietnam veteran files

HW43 War related clippings 1983
Dream therapy papers by HAW 1981-1982
War sequences on dreams undated
Vietnam dream therapy (Wilmer/Flowers, MS)
Requiem for a Dead Metaphor: the Vietnam Syndrome 1991
Clippings, papers, correspondence, manuscripts
Silence: America, A Nation of Gap-Fillers 1998-1999
Original manuscript and proof correspondence
Becoming and Being undated
Manuscript and correspondence
Civil rights clippings 1963-1967
Manuscript of Dreams of Vietnam, Healing Nightmares: An Unconscious History of the Vietnam War, HAW and Betty S. Flowers undated
Untitled manuscript of Vietnam Dreams undated
Vietnam Dreams 1982, 1986, undated
Illustrations and Wilmer's papers
Vietnam Dreams, Chapter VI - "The American Shadow" undated
Vietnam Dreams – Wilmer/Betty Sue Flowers, Interview transcripts 1992
Vietnam Dreams 1981-1983
Correspondence, manuscripts, transcript
HW79 Vietnam veteran’s dreams study 1981
Dreams of Vietnam, grand rounds Fall 1980
Dreams of Vietnam, background to book 1981
Dreams of Vietnam, background and planning 1981
HW104 Dreams of Vietnam, first draft, undated
HW43 Dreams of Vietnam, The Healing Nightmare: An Unconscious History of the War, by Harry A. Wilmer
Print out - unedited, Part I 1984
HW48 Print out - unedited, Part II 1984
Print out - edited, Part I 1985
Print out - edited, Part II 1985
Reference and citations 1985
UT Press 1983-1986
Case #78, for UT Press 1981-1985
Annotated drafts 1984
Bound manuscript, annotated 1984
Index cards 1982, undated
HW49 Clippings, tables, plates, correspondence 1981-1983
Articles, papers and seminars 1957-1984
Books about Vietnam
Vietnam! Vietnam!” by Felix Green 1966
“War and Memory in the Aftermath of Vietnam" September 15-December 19, 1987
HW15 Audiocassettes
World of Charlie Company, PBS July 2 1981 (?)
Archetypes of War, Dr. Stevens, parts 1-4
(4 cassettes)
PBS: Vietnam, Part 2, Sides October 5, 1983
The Uncounted Enemy: The Vietnam Deception
Vietnam: combat tape
HW13 1/4 inch sound-tape reel (7 inch diameter)
Vietnam tape: Mars – bringer of wars; Venus – bringer of peace; Mercury – messenger; Jupiter brings jollity. and bells and enter for meet. undated
Artic images and Vietnam undated
HW31 [RESTRICTED] Audiocassettes of Vietnam veterans interviews 1978-1982
HW32 [RESTRICTED] Audiocassettes of Vietnam veterans interviews 1978-1982
HW33 [RESTRICTED] Audiocassettes of Vietnam veterans interviews 1978-1982
HW105 [RESTRICTED] Audiocassettes of Vietnam veterans interviews, 1979-1981
HW106 [RESTRICTED] Audiocassettes of Vietnam veterans interviews, 1979-1981
HW107 [RESTRICTED] Audiocassettes of Vietnam veterans interviews, 1979-1981
Audiocassettes of Vietnam veterans interviews, UT Dental School at San Antonio, March-August 1981
HW39 [RESTRICTED] Vietnam veterans 1978-1982
(Eight 1/4 inch sound-tape reels)
Patient interviews, dreams June-October 1973
(Two 1/2 inch video reels; six 1/4 inch video reels)
Rev. Hall interview undated
(Two 1/2 inch video reels)
Group therapy, US Naval Hospital, Oakland 1955
(1 Audiocassette)
3 dreams September 22, 1994
(1 Audiocassette)
Ward II West
(2 audiocassettes)
HW108 [RESTRICTED] U-matic videocassette
Vietnam veterans interviews, 1979-1981
(4 videocassettes)
HW45 [RESTRICTED] Vietnam dream therapy (Wilmer/Flowers, MS)
Vietnam Dreams undated
Key to names, transcripts, case histories
HW100 [RESTRICTED] Key to names used in the Vietnam book, undated
HW45 [RESTRICTED] Vietnam veterans consent forms 1980-1982
Vietnam Dreams undated
Morals done
Vietnam veterans dreams, transcripts undated
Patient’s nightmare February 9, 1995
HW80 [RESTRICTED] Vietnam Dreams
Interview transcripts
HW81 [RESTRICTED] Interview transcripts
HW82 [RESTRICTED] Interview transcripts
HW83 [RESTRICTED] Interview transcripts
HW84 [RESTRICTED] Interview transcripts
HW100 [RESTRICTED] Interview transcripts (#66-82)
HW101 [RESTRICTED] Interview transcripts (#83-93)
HW111 [RESTRICTED] Interview transcripts (#121-127, 129-130)


AIDS discussions and interviews

HW53 Cassettes
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 1, part 2
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 1, part 3
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 2, part 2
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 3, part 1
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 3, part 3
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 4, part 1
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 4, part 3
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 5, part 1
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 5, part 3
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 6, part 2
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 6, part 1
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 7, part 1
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 7, part 2
Learning/discussion group on AIDS, session 8, part 1
Learning/discussion group on AIDS
AIDS discussion June 10, 1986
AIDS discussion, session 2 June 10, 1986
AIDS discussion June 17, 1986
AIDS discussion June 24, 1986
(2 copies)
AIDS discussion July 1, 1986
(2 copies)
AIDS discussion, impressions July 8, 1986
Wilmer audio only
AIDS discussion July 8, 1986
Wilmer audio only
AIDS discussion, audio group Fuller July 15, 1986
(2 copies)
AIDS discussion tape 2 June 17, 1986
Wilmer/Ficht interview October 1, 1986
(3 copies)
Cognitive/conative discussion groups, grand rounds tape C October 20, 1986
(2 copies)
Conative groups 7 & 8 (continuation) tape B, 1986
HW65 AIDS: a human condition


Lectures and interviews

HW15 Cassettes
Mahler Symposium
(2 cassettes)
Morton Kelsey
School of Christian Living undated
(3 cassettes)
Cassette 2 labeled as “Dreams”
Love January 8, 1983
Media Seminar
(2 cassettes)
Thayer Green
(Centerpoint) Evil
Evil #1
Barbara Jordan Humanities (Texas) Lecture: "Equality, Liberty and Community," UT Law School Auditorium November 13, 1987
APA Talk, George Wahl 1976
Capra “Turning Point” Conference 1982
Grof, Watts and Silverman: "Science of Madness"
John Lily: "Programming Awareness"
Images of Aging: Music and Musing
Update on Borderline and Narcissistic Disorders
The Reverend Kenneth Leech, “Subversive Orthodoxy: The Oxford Movement and the Renewal of Christian Life Today," Episcopal Theological Seminary of S.W., Lecture 3 March 1983
El Salvador, Richard Sinkin March 1983
Update on Borderline and Narcissistic Disorders July 1987
General Discussion of Oriental and Occidental mythology
Tantric Yoga: the Sound of Aum
Joseph Campbell: Novels of Mann and Joyce
HW67 Jung
Joseph Henderson Talks
(6 cassettes)
C.J. Jung Institute Various Locations
(5 cassettes)
Steven Black Interview BBC
A Brief Introduction to Jungian Theory, Murray Stein
(2 cassettes)
(3 cassettes)
Jung Centenary Radio 1976
Listening to Silence: Beyond Images 1995
(2 cassettes)
HW66 Harry Wilmer
Lecture to Medicus Emeritus, Temple, Texas November 3, 1998
(2 cassettes)
Talk on Silence January 27, 1995
Two Dreams and Comments on Predicting the End of Dreams March 15, 1993
Listening Into Silence: Beyond Images 1995
(2 cassettes)
Dream Presentation for Dr. Wilmer by Tony Schwartz
Conspiracy of Silence Lecture Given to C.G. Jung Society December 9, 1994
HW67 Nuts and Bolts of Jungian Psychotherapy July 15, 1988
(2 cassettes)
Lecture for Jung Foundation Toronto December 12, 1988
Power of Touching lecture July 17, 1988
Dreams and Dream Interpretation November 27, 1990
Man, Women and Wise Old Fools July 18, 1991
(2 cassettes)
Untitled for Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive September 7, 1999
HW66 When is the Right Time to Ask the Question August 1999
(4 cassettes)
Hope Beyond Survival, Rick Halperin Seminar October 8, 1994
Silent Listening, Dr. Harry Wilmer Seminar April 23, 1991
HW68 Tony Schwartz
Dream Presentation for Dr. Wilmer
Smoking Spots for Radio/TV
Children and God
Schwartz and Senator Birch Bayh
Agorophobia [sic], Boat Trip Inner Dialogue
Close the Door
If You Love Someone
Inner Science Conference
(5 cassettes)
An American Hero Workshop 1979
Dream Seminar March 22, 1979
Moral Decisions and Dreams September 25, 1998
Randomness and Chance in modern art and Quantum Physics
Murray Stein, Individuating in Marriage
Bioethics and Modern Medicine
Dali Lama: Talk on Compassion
Dali Lama talk at Davos, Switzerland
Don’t Let the Cage Door Open,” Inner Speech of Therapist December 1989
Matthew Fox
Faces, Mirrors, Masks: The Voice of the Powerless 1984
Pre-traumatic Stress 1996
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on War
(2 cassettes)
Communications and the Future
The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Gary Zukav
(2 cassettes)
Dream Seminar May 3, 1979
Joseph Campbell: Synthesis of Myth and Evolution
Van der Post: Evil
Wild Woman Archetype
(2 cassettes)
HW74 Dr. Francisco Varela- "The Future of Perception and Artificial Intelligence" undated
Smoking Spots with Tony's Narration undated
Wilmer interviews Guggenbühl, Meier, Zurich June 1975
Bayard Rustin on Blacks and Smoking April 1987
Evil Conference Announcement July 16, 1987
(12 versions on tape)
Rusty Schweikert/Kyoto undated
Ronald Laing: Sanity, Madness, Blowout Center
Morton Kelsey: School of Christian Living January 10, 1983
Morton Kelsey: Love January 5, 1983
Nova- E. Kubler-Ross June 12 1984
Irina Tweedie- Davos September 3, 1983
Krishna Davos 1983
HW85 Harlan Smith Question and Answer March 25, 1984
Harlan Smith March 25, 1984
(2 copies)
HW74 Wilmer Lecture, Jung Foundation, Toronto - master February 12, 1988
(2 cassettes)
Wilmer Lecture, Jung Foundation, Toronto February 12, 1988
(2 cassettes)
“Practical Jung, Practical Myth: Nuts & Bolts of Jungian Psychotherapy,” Jung Institute of San Francisco May 7-8, 1988
(2 cassettes)
Paper section I: “Psychoanalysis; a Creating Work; Inner Dialogue of Analyst; Psychoanalysis and the Muses,” New York May 11, 1990
(2 cassettes)
“The Power of Touching,” Houston July 15, 1988
“Vietnam & Madness” Talk Am. Acad. Psy., San Francisco May 4, 1980
“When is the Right Time to ask the Question” The Guild of Pastoral Psychology, Oxford, England August 1999
“The Healing Nightmare: an Unconscious History of the Vietnam War,” C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco December 3, 1983
Betty Sue Flowers and Wilmer, Dialogue on Vietnam Nightmares at Sol y Sombra February-August, 1992
(4 cassettes)
“Dynamics of Harmony,” The Isthmus Institute February 4, 1989
(2 cassettes)
“Practical Jung,” Tucson, AZ February 17, 1989
Wilmer’s Talk at St. Paul Episcopal Church, Waco February 2, 1989
Radio Interview on Vietnam, New York January 2, 1990
H.P. Dream Analysis May 25, 1985
HW53 Wilmer Zurich Interviews, Guggenbühl, Meier
Evil Conference Announcement July 16, 1987
Smoking Spots with Tony's Narration
Russell Schweickart Kyoto
4D253b Your Choice: Peace of Mind by Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione
The Ghost Cave: Emptiness in Zen Tradition by Rev. John Daido Loori
HW74 Microcassettes
Harry’s Chamber of Commerce Lecture on Institute January 27, 1990
Creative Thinking, Am. Acad. Psychoanalysis May 11, 1990
Dream Seminar at Kansas City March 2, 1990
Kansas City Seminar February 29, 1990
Kusnacht June 30, 1989
(2 cassettes)
Zurich Lecture June 29, 1989
[Illegible] Seminar undated
HW109 [RESTRICTED] 1 inch video reel (10 inch diameter)
Simon introduction, Harry Talk, July 12, 1970
(2 reels)
HW13 1/4 inch sound-tape reel (7 inch diameter)
Harry Wilmer
2M510 Harry Wilmer's Zurich Interviews 1976
HW13 Wilmer Interview: Dr. Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig; Professor Carl Alfred Meier, Professor Markus Fierz, on the Jung Centennial June 28, 1975
Palo Alto Research Foundation, A Ballad for Tuberculosis Patients by Harry Wilmer, Part 1: The Newcomer; Part 2: The Wantaleaver, Part 3: The Oldtimer
Lecture on “Doctor Patient Relationship,” Scott and White Clinic 1973
3 copies
Prisoner Interview (Gilhousen), #1103 for the School of Psychiatry, #1103 June 7, 1966
57:00 approx.
Laurens van der Post
Stone Age Man and Our Dreaming Self, Lecture 1 and 2 March 28, 1972
Stone Age Man and Our Dreaming Self, Lecture 3 and 4 March 30, 1972
Van der Post Soundtrack, “Story of C.G. Jung,” Parts 1, 2, and 3 undated
Side one: Islam, Niels C. Nielsen; Side 2: Van der Post on Russia April 24, 1966; December 9, 1965
The Bushman, Introduction to the Film (side 1) undated
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Side 1: “Religious Mind” (illegible handwriting), Open Air Public Discourse; Side 2: Unconditioning and Simplicity,” January 1965; undated
“Thought Breeds Fear,” London March 16,1969
G.M. Carstairs: Speech (title illegible) October 23,1976 (?)
Graham Bennett: “A Jungian Dialectic, A Conflict in Marriage” May 23, 1968
Reverend Thayer Green: “Encounter with the Evil One” (Lecture: C.G. Jung Center) January 1968
End of Epic Dreams December, 6, 1975
Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig: “Individuation and Maturity” December 4, 1963
Adolf Guggenbuhl on Individuation (side 1), and Burt Kaplan, Chair at Rice, Existential and [Fry?]
Graham Bennett – Lecture on Jungian Psychology and Marriage undated
Wilmer – Frank Barber, UT October 13, 1981
HW65 Videotapes
Transference and Countertransference: Wilmer for Jung Society of Austin June 23, 1989


Bound volumes

HW7 Reprints & Papers 1938-1970
(10 volumes)
HW16 Reprints & Papers 1971-1975
(5 volumes)
HW17 Reprints & Papers 1976-1983
(7 volumes)
HW18 Reprints & Papers 1984-1986
(3 volumes)
Papers, mostly concerning San Quentin Prison 1964-1967
San Quentin Papers and Reports 1963-1964
San Mateo Community Psychiatric Meeting 1962-1963
Talks and Reports 1962-1964
Report on San Francisco City & County Hospital 1952
HW27 Active Imagination, vol. II-VI 1973-1975
HW28 Active Imagination, Switzerland 1973
Active Imagination 1975-1976
HW27 Miscellaneous 1937
Scotland Summer 1937
Papers of Wilmer's Father 1909-1940
Experiments ca. 1941
HW28 Panama Photo Album 1941
People Need People Scrapbook 1957-1962
Cover reads only "Harry A. Wilmer, M.D."
HW61 University High School Yearbook 1934
50th Reunion of Class of 1934
Rochester, Minnesota Telephone Directory July 1958
Sketchbook 1940
Sketchbook undated
International Film Festival Materials 1972-1978
HW19 Jung Seminar 1980
Jung Seminar 1983
Jungian Seminars 1983
Jung Syllabus First Draft 1980
Film Festival, Switzerland Jung 1972
HW20 International Film Festival, Jung and Switzerland 1972
2nd International Film Festival, Mexican Culture 1974
3rd International Film Festival, Great Britain 1976
4th International Film Festival, Canada 1979
(Volumes 1 and 2)
HW19 The Shadow of Man, Manuscript, Writings and Illustrations by Harry A. Wilmer 1973
Papers 1979
HW21 Harry A. Wilmer, Letters 1987-1988
Logs 1992-1998
(3 volumes)
Epic Dreams undated
HW87 [RESTRICTED] Scrapbooks 1985-1989
(7 volumes)
HW88 [RESTRICTED] Past Notes ca. 1977-1982
Stepping Stones 1978
Papers & Letters July-Dec. 1986
Papers & Letters 1987
Letters 1987-1988
Papers & Logs May-Oct. 1990
HW89 [RESTRICTED] Volume I-II: The Journey Dec. 31, 1983-June 8, 1984
Journey June 10, 1984-November 5, 1984
Journey November 6, 1984-February 22, 1985
Journey Sept. 1- December 13, 1985
Journey Dec. 15, 1985-Feb. 6, 1986
Miscellaneous: California, Zurich and Texas ca. 1966-1976
Scrapbooks ca. 1954-1955
(3 volumes)
HW95 [RESTRICTED] The River of Already: a Memoir
Volumes I to VI ca. 2002
HW96[RESTRICTED] Volumes VII to X ca. 2002
HW59 [RESTRICTED] Dream Logs 1975-1979
Therapeutic Community Logbooks Vol. I-II September 1974-March 1977


Assorted files

HW30 Listening post project 2002
Neuropsychiatric Patients Reported Cured at St. Bartholomew's
Hospital in the 12th Century drafts and notes 1954-1959
International film festivals 1972-1975
Proposal for a center for the study of health and well-being 1973
Gillespie, C.H.: "Think Before you Speak" April 12, 1963
The Nobodies, a Jungian Parable 1958-1973
Nobodies book illustrations undated
Nobodies-legends-introductions undated
The Nobodies manuscript undated
The Nobodies manuscript 1960
Residency training program in psychiatry 1972-1974
Reports and papers 1966-1987, 2002
The television dream monologue 1973
Psychiatric film seminar notes 1971-1972
Psychiatric flow system 1973
Sleep clinic signage undated
"Jung at heart" pin undated
American Psychiatric Association awards and medal undated
HW34 Experimental video study proposal 1974
National Endowment for the Humanities 1973
Film series 1973
Jungian psychology 1973-1974
Helen Scott Saulsburg lecture 1971
Cancer rehabilitation unit proposal 1974
American Psychiatric Association 1973-1974
Bibliography- miscellaneous 1969-1974
Jamie the Inner Space Man manuscript undated
Child of the Rainstorm manuscript 1973-1973
Sandplay (film) notes undated
The Trouble is Communication, Period! manuscript 1966
The Trouble is Communication, Period! manuscript 1967
Nothing Never Happens manuscript 1967
Articles and publications 1967-2005
Stayput Junction and Beyond manuscript 2004
Nobodies illustrations undated
Harry Wilmer III Memorial Lecture 1997-2002
The Calendar: A Jungian Attitude 1994-1996
Duct tapeology 1998 and undated
Notes for memoir undated
Correspondence 1979-2004
Film festivals 1972-1978, 1992
Brochures ca. 1966-1976
Articles 1963-1971, 1992
HW24 Papers, articles, reprints and writings by HAW 1955-1999
Medical papers, articles and bibliographic references (Dreams, violence, torture, Jung, Freud) 1960-1992
Publications (Post-traumatic stress disorders, creative psychiatry) 1945-1980
Correspondence (AIDS, Alcoholics Anonymous) 1986-1987
Practical Jung, manuscript, written and illustrated by HAW 1985
Proposal for SAVETS project (San Antonio Vietnam Era Treatment and Service) at the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital, San Antonio 1979
Vietnam and Madness, Dreams and Schizophrenic Veterans 1980
Vietnam related materials (Clippings and Papers by HAW) 1982, 1990-1991
HW104 Institute for the Humanities at Salado ephemera, 1982-1992
HW29 Photographs
Staff meeting ca. 1950s
Staff/patient patterns diagrams 1955
Street scenes ca. 1960s
TV interviews graphs, negatives undated
Vietnam photographs, Operation “MacArthur” November 14-17, 1967
Miscellaneous [1970s]-1990
The shadow of a man, roll film undated
2.325/N36b Oversized ca. 1965-1969
HW75 Pamphlet photos (various sizes)
John Kenneth Galbraith
Black and white, 8 x 10, and negatives
34029 March 1993
Color, 5 x 7
Steven Feld lecture photos; April 23, 1994 April 23, 1994
Color, 3 x 5; Color 5 x 7
Texas Council pictures 1995
Color, 5 x 7
5 x 7
Chungliang, AC Huang Seminar 1997
Color, 5 x 7
James photo 1997
Color, 5 x 7
Loose speaker photos
Color, 5 x 7
Various sizes undated
Color, 5 x 7
Black and white prints
8 x 10
undated undated
Color, 5 x 7
The Nobodies Negatives
Dear Younger Ones: The Making of a Doctor, A Life, 1917-1949 by Harry A Wilmer
HW85 Other photographs
HW49 Miscellaneous lectures, stories and medical articles by HAW
Dream seminar (illustrations, manuscripts and notes) undated
Clippings about HAW 1958-2004
Correspondence 1987-2000
Stories, illustrations and lectures 1975-1992, undated
Talk by Wilmer: "Transference to the Institution: The Edifice Complex" 1962-1998
Biographical information 2001 and undated
Miscellanea (art, writing, religion) 1947-1980
Everybody is a Nobody Sometimes, Duplicate #2 1980
Everybody is a Nobody Sometimes, manuscript 1979
Everybody is a Nobody Sometimes, manuscript undated
Everybody is a Nobody Sometimes, plates undated
HW56 Doodles, notebook 1973
The triptych nightmare, drafts and materials for the novels 1986-2000
The Listening Post Project
Chronology 2001-2002
Salado group 2001-2002
Correspondence 2001-2002
Clippings 2001-2002
Morals done 1979-1997, undated
Materials on morals, dreams and psychology 1951-1997
Patient’s nightmare February 9, 1995
Silent Listening: a Manual for Counselors, Teachers and Parents, manuscript undated
Illustrations for the book 1992-1996
Miscellaneous 1997-1998
Outline of memoirs revised November 9, 2002
Bibliographical references
I – 1
I – 2
III – 11
IV – 19
IV – 20
HW71 The Nobodies, glossy illustrations undated
From Asif to Asis: Journey to Wholeness, manuscript photocopies undated
Zurich – 2001 (similarity of dream motifs) 2001
Penguins 1997
Nostalgia 1944-1997
Torture 1984-2002
San Quentin 1963-1967
Correspondence, minutes, clippings and memos
HW24 Mr. Jones – Hubert – Corky 1941-1944
Photocopies of the manuscript
Sketches at Glen Lake, by Harry A. Wilmer 1941
Doctor & patient relationship (transcripts and medical writings), mixed with poems and literary excerpts 1941-1965 and undated
HW9 Wilmer files
Wilmer reprints
Toward a Definition of the Therapeutic Community [Reprinted from The American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 114, No. 9, ] March 1958
Odyssey of a Psychotherapist [Reprinted from Science, Vol. 145, No. 3635, page 902-903] August 28, 1964
(2 copies)
Origins of a Jungian-Orientated Therapeutic Community for Schizophrenic Patients [Reprinted from Hospital and Community Psychiatry, ] undated
Innovative Uses of Videotape on a Psychiatric Ward, from Hospital and Community Psychiatry, Vol. 19, No. 5, May 1968
The Role of the Clique in the Large Therapy Group at San Quentin undated
Institute for the Humanities, brochures, programs, and blank letterhead
People Need People
Salado paper
Photo of unidentified man
Key reprints
On Psychotherapeutic Attention, Kathleen Riordan Speeth 1982
The Concept of Required Helpfulness, S. Rachman 1979
Reconstitutive Process in the Psychopathology of the Self, John Weir Perry, M.D. [Reprinted by the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco]
Life Crisis and Disease Onset: I. Qualitative and Quantitative Definition of Life Events Composing the Life Crisis by Thomas H. Holmes, M.D. and Richard H. Rahe, M.D. 1966
Social Facilitation, Robert B. Zajonc, Science July 16, 1965
From Clinical Intuition to Systematic Research, John S. Strauss, M.D., and Hisham Hafez, M.D. 1980
Signed by Strauss to Wilmer
The Basic Fault: Therapeutic Aspects of Regression by Michael Balint, M.D., PH.D., M.SC., 1968
The Psychology of the Psychotherapist by Edward Glover, [Reprinted from Brit. J. Med. Psychol.] 1928
Re-visioning Psychology by James Hillman 1975
The Fiction of Case History by James Hillman (from chapter 5 from Religion as Story) 1975
Science Exchanges Chilled by Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan: The arrest of Soviet academician Andrei Sakharov is a second blow to U.S.- U.S.S.R. scientific relations Aims and Conduct of Psychotherapy by James V. Coleman, M.D., 1968
Note to File under “Ward”
Heat as Cancer Therapy, JAMA, Vol. 235, No. 20 May 17, 1976
The Hug of Life undated
IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology)
Minutes 1977, 1981
Constitution with amendments
Paranoid Pollyanna, manuscript with notes
Pamphlets and articles on medication for depression
Victor Tausk-The Creativity and Suicide of a Psychoanalyst By Mark Kanzer, M.D., Psychiatric Quarterly 1967
Contributions to the Development of a Psychotherapist by O. Spurgeon English, M.D. 1968
The Patient and the Psychotherapist: Comments on the “Uniqueness of their Relationship,” by Otto Allen Will, Jr. [Reprinted from In the Name of Life]
Dermatology: Stanford Lecture
Notes and printed material such as photocopied articles and clippings
Patient’s writing
Annotated bibliography for Minds that Came Back by Walter C. Alvarez
The Inner World of Mental Illness: A Series of First-Person Accounts of What it Was Like, edited by Bert Kaplan 1964
Contains bibliography and introduction
Perceval’s Narrative: A Patient’s Account of his Psychosis 1830-1832 (Introduction), edited by George Batson 1961
A Mind that Found Itself: An Autobiography by Clifford Whittingham Beers (with notes at the end) 1945
Travel and meetings
Pamphlets and clippings
Manuscript material (?) with notes, copyedited proofs, and artwork
Jung Book
Notes (for a book?)
Poetry by Wilmer
Transcripts of poems by other authors
Some notes on patient’s meetings with names
Jung Book (2)
What do you say when a patient tells you his dream? by Harry A. Wilmer, Ph.D.
Seminar session #1, UTHSCSA March 2, 1982
Imaginary Techniques in Psychiatry by F. Paul Kosbab, M.D. [Reprinted from the Archives of General Psychiatry, Vol. 31] September 1974
Notes regarding patient, possible book material?
Jung Book (3)
Manuscript material
Poetry by Wilmer and others
Index cards with therapy session synopsis
Psychopharmacology Current Studies on the Nature of Brain Function: newer significance of the extrapyramidal system, 10, 12-14
Pharmacology: A new series from Roche Laboratories: No.1, The monoamine systems: their structure, function and significance
Pharmacology: A new series from Roche Laboratories: "No. 2, Metabolism of the monoamines"
Pharmacology: A new series from Roche Laboratories: "No. 4, Interaction of psychotherapeutic drugs with monoamine systems"
Pharmacology: A new series from Roche Laboratories: "No. 5, Models of schizophrenia"
Frontiers of Pharmacology: The Twentieth Century Labeling
Clinical Application of Dreams for Today’s Practitioner symposium program October 24-25, 1980
(7 copies)
Manuscript material for The Myth of Communication
Some with proofing marks
Correspondence 1975 and 1976
The Communication of Information by Colin Cherry
Unlabeled folder (miscellaneous)
Confronting the [illegible] urges, hand drawn chart (for dream therapy?) Spring 1971?
Polar coordinate diagrams
What’s New in Immunology: Hybridoma by John Morrow, Ph.D
Ethiopia Halts Prehistory Research by Roger Lewin
A Reverence for Life: a Nurse Pays Tribute to Dr. Schweitzer, Texas Medicine, Vol. 78 December 1982
C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, library and bookstore catalog Fall 1982
The Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses by T.C. Chamberlin
Dreaming and Schizophrenia by Gerald W. Vogel, M.D.
Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences Service: The Management of the Violent and Suicidal Patient program guide, Veterans Administration March 13, 1978
HW49 Case of patient with a shadow problem June 23, 1976
HW44 Vietnam
“Requiem for a Dead Metaphor: The Vietnam Syndrome”
“The Shadow Archetype from Vietnam to the Gulf, What the Warrior’s Dreams Tell Us,” May 11, 1991
"The Possibility of Peace" 1983
Various manuscript chapters, Vietnam
Chapter One, “Welcome Home, Anti-Hero”
Chapter One, “Return Home”
Chapter Six, “The American Shadow”
Chapter Fourteen, “Encounter with a Beggar”
Untitled manuscript
“The Tenth Man,” second working copy
“A Silent Place of Our Own”
Untitled manuscript about good and evil
Understanding Evil program October 23-25, 1987
Letter to Betty Sue Flowers March 11, 1991
Letter to New York Times June 5, 1995
“Dreams of an AIDS Patient from Diagnosis to Death” May 13, 1987
“Downscaling your Mind: An Interview with Myself”
“Silence: Beyond Dreams and Analysis” January 19, 1994
“Let us Fellow Shamen Speak Together”
Emeritus Medicine talk at National Bank 1994
“A Model for Inner Dialogue and Parallel Processing in Analysis" 1989
"Creative Thinking: Inner Dialogue of an Analyst”
“Self Supervision: Inner Dialogue as a Key to Emphatic Psychotherapy and Analysis”
“The Dynamics of Transference and Countertransference: A Model of Inner Dialogue and Parallel Processing,” August 29, 1989
“Wise Old Fool, an Archetype for all Seasons" 1990
Lecture at Stanford University 1970
The Thinking Heart: Jungian Active Imagination, A Memoir 1998
“The Humanities in the Community: A Bright Lone Star" November 2, 1989
“Words Spoken at the Funeral of Harry Wilmer III" October 31, 1997
“The Quest for Happiness: An American Shadow” August 25, 1992
“Conceptual Schema for Staff Listening and Participation Groups,” presented at the Psychiatric Association September 26-29, 1963
“Four Psychological Levels for Observing Human Behavior”
“So They’re Seeing a Psychiatrist”
Synopsis of psychiatric interviews with Mr. Douglas R. Clutchey, San Quentin Prison
“With a Heart for any Fate,” Analytical Club of London January 15, 1993
“Battle Between the Sumbodies and the Somebodies”
“Good Guys and Bad Guys: A Litmus Concept of Man”
Transference of an Institution: The Edifice Complex" 1998
“Group Therapy Technique" September 23, 1961
Personal reflections
HW85 Jungian conference brochures 1975-1976
HW40 Research files undated
HW41 Research files undated
HW13 1/4 inch sound-tape reel (7 inch diameter)
Mrs. [Demi or Dennis?] Turk farewell tape May 29, 1972
“Transcribed from cassette”
Raga Jai-Jawarti (or Raga Jaijaivanti)
Film festival
Film festival, Friday & Saturday September 1978
Film festival, Saturday Night & Sunday September 1978
Countdown and explosion from the Daisy spot, Tony Schwartz undated
BBC Civilisation, no. 8, 9, 11, 12 undated
Unlabeled reel undated
HW66 Videotapes
Dr. Harry Wilmer contribution to psychiatry, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio March 3, 1987
HW65 Sounds of Evil by Tony Schwartz
UTHSCSA supervision
Canadian Film Festival
HW66 Moyers: Facing Evil (90 minutes special report) – Master March 28, 1988
HW15 Audiocassettes
Bill Moyers Message
[title illegible] June 3, 1975
Grand Rounds Presentation
UTHSC Room 409L, 1:30 P.M. November 3, 1981
Dr. Harry Wilmer’s Grand Rounds Presentation undated
Mexican [illegible]; Basic Jung, Dr. C. Brooks, San Francisco December 6, 1977; undated
Harry Wilmer
"Mental Images Upon Hearing, Seeing and Being Involved in Violence," TPS 1985 meeting 1985
Untitled December 12, 1982
Harry to Francis November 12, 19[?]
FW-HW September 16, 1969
The Nobodies
2 labels: C. Dean #103, 2nd session; PBS VN June 2, 1981; November 11, 1981
Sleeping Beauty for Dreams
Carstairs undated
Van der Post undated
Joe July 24, 1983
Mercury #2 (Messenger 4m 30 sec), Saturday afternoon at 2:25 PM
"Venus: Bringer of Peace" 9 min, play Sunday at 8:50 AM
"Jupiter" 4 min 30 sec., play tape, Sunday 2:25 P.M.
Demonstration cassette
HW13 Film festival, Saturday September 1978
HW66 Lee Marvin
Nien Cheng and Lee Marvin 8’
“I Was Born Under a Wondering Star” (3 minutes)
Guild of Pastoral Psychology August 1999
(5 cassettes)
Laurens van der Post
(5 cassettes)
Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness (Author/Reader: William Styron)
HW68 American Psychiatric Association in New Orleans 1991
School of Christian Living January 1, 1983
Southern Voices 1992
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
The Evolution of DNA
Soundprint Myth
Title Illegible April 23, 1998
Title Illegible undated
Tim Ainley and Kennedy-Dallas, 35th Anniversary
Roof of Thunder
Tape from Harley Grimm, Barbara Jordan
Barbara Jordan House Impeachment Speech October 10, 1993
Witnesses to the Holocaust, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Miles Lerman, Narrator
Bell: As Long as the River Flows
(2 cassettes)
Morning Edition, Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton 1993
Infancy: A Theoretical Playground 1991
Paper Section 1: Psychoanalysis a Creativity Work; Inner Dialogue of Analyst; Psychoanalysis and the Muses
All Things Considered, NPR April 8, 1992
Back to the World, Writing after Viet Nam
(2 cassettes)
Off Air
Mysterium, Secret Silence
Untitled undated
Untitled microcassettes
(4 cassettes)
Labeled “Blank”
2M510 8mm, Double8 and Super8
Super 8 mm. video reel: various films made by patients on Drug Ward 1967-1969
(2 reels)
Standard 8 mm. video reel: various films made by patients on Drug Ward 1967-1969
(2 reels)
16 mm. video reel: Commercials, People need People undated
Standard 8 mm. video reel: Home movies (Betty Boop, Raggedy Ann)
(3 reels)
Standard 8 mm. video reel: unlabeled
(14 reels)
1/4 inch sound-tape reel
Psychiatry Wilmer 31511
HW6 [RESTRICTED] Draft 1 of Silence
(Floppy disk)
Silent Listening
(3 floppy disks)
2.325/OD5 Jung Film Festival, 1972
Collage of brochures for "Understanding Vietnam" symposium, 1982
Collage of clippings the Institute for Humanities at Salado, 1984-1989
(several clippings are in very poor condition)
"Youth Drug Ward"
3rd International Film Festival on Culture and Psychiatry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, 1976
2.325/104a Letter from Franz Jung to Harry Wilmer, 1988
Understanding Evil Symposium, 1987-1988


Personal papers

HW85 Diaries and notebooks
Medical school notebook 1936
Notebook labeled "Zurich" November 15, 1972
Personal diary 1952
HW103 Dream Research (2 parts), 1952-1954
Zürich, vol.1 and 2, January 27, 1969-March 5, 1970
Miscellaneous notebooks and diaries, 1983-1984
Loose leaves, 1954-1987
HW71 Family correspondence 1913-1972
HW103 Miscellaneous personal correspondence, 1969-1975
HW11 Manuscripts
Drawings for Huber the Tuber, Your World, etc. 1941
Doctor in the Black Forest a Novel 1942
A Fable for Melinda etc. 1944
The Idle Flood, a Play 1952
Poems: In the Stream of Things 1952-1957
Talks and Short Stories 1954-1955
The Tenth Man 1955
Arkansas W. Bancroft original manuscript 1958
Dr. Roger Pembrook, a Novel, original manuscript 1959
Dr. Roger Pembrook, a Novel, revised manuscript 1959
HW12 Dr. Roger Pembrook A Novel First Revision 1959
People Need People 1960-1961
People Need People undated
People Need People & Byron Gray 1961-1969
People Need People Vol. II 1962
Poems: Nothing Never Happens 1966
Day in Life Bryon Grey third draft 1967
Day in Life Byron Grey, original manuscript 1967
Day in the Life of Byron Grey, novel, second draft undated
Day in the Life of Byron Grey, novel, third draft undated
Day in Life Byron Grey fourth draft: part I 1968
HW21 Silence part II undated
HW25 A Day in the Life of Bryan Gray undated
Day in Life Byron Grey fourth draft part 1 1968
Day in Life Byron Gray fourth draft part II 1968
The Future isn't What it Used to Be vol. I-III 1973
The Future isn't What it Used to Be original and final drafts 1972-1973
HW26 The Future is not What it used to Be 1972-1973
HW103 The Future isn't what it used to be, author's interpretation, March 20, 1973
HW26 Journey to a Bridge 1966
Shadow of Man 1973
Lieber Herr Professor 1980
From Asif to Asis ca. 1985
Becoming and Being 1988
I, Matter: A Story of Silence and Listening, 2nd draft 1996
HW3 Children of Sham volume I
(3 copies)
Children of Sham volume II
Children of Sham volume II, part 2
HW26 Children of Sham, final draft 1971
HW102 Children of Sham, first draft (vol. I and II), 1971
Children of Sham, final draft (unpublished), 1971
Notes and correspondence, Februrary 22, 1981
HW28 Corky the Killer A Story of Syphilis ca. 1945
Illustrations for Corky the Killer
Huber the Tuber original manuscript by Harry A. Wilmer 1941
Corky the Killer and The Odyssey of Mr. Jones by Harry A. Wilmer 1942-1944
HW61 Nuts and Bolts seminar 1984
(3 copies)
People Need People, a play in three acts 1962 and undated
(3 copies)
Practical Jung undated
Shooting script, Hell in the Pacific 1967
Stayput Junction & Beyond: Jungian Psychology in a New Dimension 2004
Places Beyond Stayput 2004
Corky the Killer 1945
The Tenth Man, a Novel undated
Lieber Herr Professor, a Play 1980
The Inner World of AIDS: A Confrontation, Instructor and Class Manual 1987
(2 copies)
The Idle Flood, a Play in Three Acts 1952-1953
HW24 The Inner World of AIDS: A Confrontation, Instructor and class manual, by Harry A. Wilmer and David S. Fuller (University of Texas at San Antonio) 1987
Conceptual Schema for Staff Listening and Participation in Groups, by HAW September 27, 1963
The Envelope and the Psychiatrist 1966
Manuscript and plates
Envelopes 1965-1974
Research material, clippings, publications, notes and lectures
HW103 The River of Already: Reflections on a Lifetime, typescript, October 3, 1999


Wilmer’s logs

HW90 [RESTRICTED] June 1988 – July 1991
(5 volumes)
HW91 [RESTRICTED] July 1991 – March 1994
(6 volumes)
HW92 [RESTRICTED] March 1994 – January 1996
(6 volumes)
HW93 [RESTRICTED] February 1996 – February 2000
(6 volumes)
HW94 [RESTRICTED] February 2000 – November 2003
(6 volumes)



HW85 Reprint of "The general adaptation syndrome and the diseases of Adaptation"
Huber the tuber: A Story of Tuberculosis by Harry A. Wilmer, M.D.
HW86 Creativity: paradoxes & reflections Edited by Harry A. Wilmer
Mother and Father, Edited by Harry A. Wilmer
Symposium on preventive and social psychiatry April 15-17, 1957
Closeness: a Dictionary of Ideas by Harry A. Wilmer
Practical Jung: Nuts and Bolts of Jungian Psychotherapy by Harry A. Wilmer, M.D.
Understandable Jung: the Personal Side of Jungian Psychotherapy by Harry A. Wilmer, M.D.
How Dreams Help by Harry Wilmer



HW74 Audio cassettes
Donna Cribari: 5 Original Songs for Everybody is a Nobody Sometimes 1974
HW85 Naomi Nye: Lullaby Raft
Johnny Gimble: The Texas Fiddle Collection
Megan Meisenbach and Mary Golden: Mozart Flute & Harp Concerto in C K.299, Allegro Chamber Orchestra
HW15 Swiss [illegible] Play prior to evening…
Hayden-“Theresienmesse,” Robert Geary, Conductor (with Mary Wilmer)
“Landscapes,” The Festival of Canada, University of Texas
Dental School at San Antonio (10 min)
A concert, David Underwood, guitarist
Music off air
(3 cassettes)
Coffee Break Music Afternoon (theme is Viet Nam)
Coffee Break Music Morning, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky
Berlitz symphony
Jimi Hendrix; Dr. John Night Tripper
Baroque Choral Guild, All Saints Episcopal June 3, 1984, 7:30 p.m
HW13 ¡O Child! By Ruth Margaret Williams (with recording of “Mighty Lak a R[ose?]l” at conclusion)
Elgar Pomp & Circumstance & Crown of India Suite undated
Mendelssohn: Scotch Symphony and Hebrides Overture; also Fantasia on Greensleeves, Handel undated
1/4 inch sound-tape reel
5” reel: “Classic Scots Ballads,” Highland bagpipes, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and Handel
Ninnu Vinaga Mari; 2. Parkhaway and Tabla Solo; 3. Tabla Solo-Alla Rukha; 4. Tabla Solo-Kanai Dutta
Piano Sandy Dr. D. [?]
Edinburgh Military Tatoo & Elgar: Pomp & Circumstance and Crown of India Suite