University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the UT College of Pharmacy Records, 1899-1972

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas at Austin. College of Pharmacy.
Title: UT College of Pharmacy, records
Dates: 1899-1972
Abstract: The UT College of Pharmacy Records consist of correspondence, reports, course material, student work, administrative, records, photographs, tape recordings, and other materials which document the activities of the College from 1899 to 1972.
Accession No.: 68-148; 74-8
Extent: 32 ft., 1 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The University of Texas School of Pharmacy, known as the College of Pharmacy since 1920, was established on October 3, 1893. Graduate curriculum in pharmacy (Ph.G.) was introduced in 1925. The college operated out of the UT Medical Branch campus in Galveston, Texas until 1927, at which time it was moved to the Austin campus. The first bachelor’s of science degree in pharmacy was awarded in 1929. In 1948, the college offered its first continuing-education programs in the form of hospital pharmacy seminars. The Pharmacy Extension Service was created in 1953. In 1954, the college established programs for a master’s of science and Ph.D. degree.


James T. Doluisio, "UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN COLLEGE OF PHARMACY,"Handbook of Texas Online (, accessed September 09, 2013. Published by the Texas State Historical Association.

Scope and Contents

The UT College of Pharmacy Records consist of correspondence, reports, course material, student work, administrative, records, photographs, tape recordings, and other materials which document the activities of the College from 1899 to 1971.

Tape recordings of the College’s visiting lecture series are from 1958 to 1960. Lecture topics include pharmacy administration, prescription rooms, hospital pharmacy, and research in pharmacology.

The records also contain seminar and conference materials from 1952 to 1971, in addition to course material created by Dean Henry Burlage from 1923 to 1956, correspondence and reports on toxic plant studies from 1952 to 1956, and Hospital Pharmacy seminar correspondence and speeches from 1946 to 1972.



The records are arranged chronologically into seven series:
  • I. Classified office files, 1899, 1910-1965
  • II. Course files, 1923-1956
  • III. Toxic plant studies, 1952-1956
    • a. Reports and information
    • b. Test data notebooks
    • c. Test data sheets
  • IV. Seminar files, 1946-1972
  • V. Photograph files, 1948-1969
  • VI. Miscellaneous files, 1941-1963
  • VII. Visiting lecture series, 1952-1971


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Burlage, Henry Matthew, 1897-1978.
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin. College of Pharmacy -- Archives.
Hospital pharmacies -- Congresses.
Lecture series.
Pharmacy -- Research.
Pharmacy -- Study and teaching -- Texas.
Poisonous plants -- Toxicology.
Toxicology -- Study and teaching (Higher)
Austin (Tex.)

Related Material

See also Texas Society of Hospital Pharmacies Records, 1949-1958

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

UT College of Pharmacy Records, 1899-1972, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by W.H.R., November 1968 and Sandy Hanner, November 1979.

Subsequent revisions were made by archives staff, May 1998, Vanessa Attia, May 2014, and Jessi Fishman, January 2016.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Classified office files, 1899, 1910-1965

4U208 "A"
Articles, May 1911 - September 1934, May 1935 - December 1960, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, 1931, 1933, 1952, 1955, undated
4U209 Acetanilid and Mixtures, notes and bibliographic study
Acids, articles, and notes, April 1935, June 1940, undated
American Cancer Society, research grant letter and information, June 21, 1960, undated
American College of Apothecaries
Correspondence, June 1958 - July 1965
Information, February 1962, undated
Texas Chapter
Correspondence, August 1961 - October 1965
Information, October 1961, March 1962, 1965
American Pharmaceutical Association, correspondence, September - October 1961
Anatomical charts, undated
Annual Beauty Reader Forum Survey, 1948
Antacid research, Savage Labs, Inc. grants, correspondence, November 1959 - April 1960
Anthelmintics, research paper, undated
Antimicrobial substances, articles, March 1952, March 1955
Army Chemical Center, research on toxicological warfare, correspondence, April - December 1951
Artemisia, correspondence, September 1933 - March 1934, January 1937
Artemisia Annus, correspondence, September - October 1942
Artemisia, research notes, undated
Artificially mineralized water, correspondence, July - August 1958
Assay of Nux Vomica…, paper submitted for Masters, June 1944
Articles, August 1920 - June 1956, undated
4U210 Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, November 1931, December 1933, May 1940, undated
Bentonite and other clays
Articles, 1936 - January 1942
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Correspondence and notes, September 1941 - November 1942, undated
Research paper, undated
Benzyl Benzoate, research paper, undated
Beryllium, correspondence and research paper, undated
Biochemical Triturations, (Rojahn) notes, 1931
Boiling point of organic compounds, article and charts, February 1946
Book, Pharmaceutical Latin, belonging to Dean W. F. Gridley, copyright 1926
Articles, March 1923 - March 1944
4U211 Articles, October 1945 - June 1962, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, October - November 1933, February 1944, 1945, undated
Calculations, 5 yr. Study of Pharmaceutical Calculations and Introductory Pharmacy, 1950-1955
Capsules, articles and notes, October 1932, December 1941, undated
Castor plant, correspondence, March - July 1940
Cataplasm, notes
Cerates (Waxes), articles and notes, November 1933, undated
Chromatographic Absorption, Analysis of Nux Vomica, notes
4U212 Cinchona, research paper, undated
P. F. Collier and Son, Corp., article on pharmacy, correspondence, April - July 1958
Collodium, articles and notes, student papers, 1937, September 1938, June 1939, undated
Coloring agents, notes
Committee of 75, Recommendations on Research…, correspondence, reports, January 1958 - July 1962, undated
Committee on Internship, correspondence, January 1959 - January 1961
Company founders (pharmaceutical), articles, April, June 1958, undated
Creams and lotions
Articles, 1929, 1931, 1937, undated
Gridley's files
Articles, April 1920 - January 1956, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
How to sell, articles, July 1932 - June 1934, undated
Incense, fumigants, perfumes
Articles, July 1929 - December 1936, January 1963
4U213 Notes
Shaving preparations, notes
Student papers, October 1930, May 1940, February 1951, undated
Articles, May 1912 - August 1941, August 1942 - December 1959, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
4U214 Student papers, September 1948, 1951, undated
DDT files, articles and notes, August 1945, undated
Dental care, correspondence and notes, June 1931, May 1935, undated
Dentrifices, notes
Displays, articles, and information, 1930, 1931, undated
Drug plants cultivation, correspondence, brochures, notes, February 1941 - December 1942, undated
Articles, May 1921 - November 1956, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, December 1933, undated
Ear preparations, article and student paper, undated
Articles, April 1933 - March 1955, undated
4U215 Notes
Student papers, June 1939 - June 1940, undated
Articles, August 1933 - August 1955, undated
Enteric coating, article for publication and letter, June 21, 1960
Ephedra, article and notes, 1927-1944, undated
Ethics and Progress in Medical Professions
Articles, March 1954 - December 1956, January 1957 - May 1958, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Extraction, research papers, undated
Articles, September 1932, July 1933, August 1940, undated
4U216 Student papers, May 1942, May 1943, February 1944, undated
Articles, January 1930 - October 1958, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, October 1931, November 1933
Ficin, notes
Fluid extracts, notes
Fluidglycerata, notes
Freons, brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Articles, 1903 - April 1955, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
4U217 Student papers, November 1931, December 1933, undated
Student papers on Galen, December 21, 1930, undated
Gargles, notes
Gelfoam, The Absorable Hemostatic Sponge, term report, undated
Gels, articles and notes, November 1942, undated
Glycerinatum, article and notes, undated
Glyco Products Company, brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Granular Effervescent Salts, notes
Articles, February 1915 - June 1936, October 1936 - December 1939, February 1940 - September 1957, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
4U218 News clippings, 1938, 1942, undated
Student papers on History of Pharmacy, 1931-1940, undated
Hair care
Articles, June, August 1931, January 1932, undated
Student papers and notes, October 1930, undated
Health News Institute, correspondence and information, September 1958 - April 1959
History of Pharmacy
Articles, 1924 - October 1938, undated
Brochure and notes
Chronological world history, notes
Newspaper clippings, undated
Student papers, October 11, 1931, undated
4U219 Hospital pharmacy
Agreement, Western Reserve University - University Hospitals of Cleveland, February 1932
Articles, December 1933 - January 1957
Bibliographies, undated
Correspondence, May 1942 - February 1950
Devils, Drugs, and Doctors, nos. 12-27, 30-52
Excerpts on Sterile Dispensation, January 1921 - November 1941
History and Development of Hospitals, manuscript, undated
Hospital Formulary, brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Internist information
Pictures of St. Luke's Hospital Dispensing Unit
Professional reports, undated
4U220 Reports on hospitals, undated
Training course descriptions, undated
Hyalurondidase, A Spreading Factor, research paper
Hydrogenated Castor Oil, articles, September 1939 – May 1941
Articles, March 1938 – June 1957, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, 1946, undated
Infusions and decoctions, notes
Injections, notes
Iodine Trichloride, student paper, July 1948
Ion Exchange in Water Conditioning, research paper
Isopropyl Bibliography, undated
Poison Ivy, research paper and research materials
Articles, February 1927-1949
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Janitorial supplies, purchase orders, bulletins, correspondence, August 1937 – June 1940, undated
4U221 Juice, notes
Articles, October 1930 - August 1951, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Articles, February 1931 - November 1955, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, December 1933, May 1951, undated
Laboratory Manual, Pharmacy of Medicinal Substances I, 1945
Lilly Industrial Seminar, information, August 1957
Linimenta, articles and notes, February 1935 - April 1939, November 1956, undated
Lotions, articles and notes, May 1949 - February 1956, undated
Articles, June 1921 - September 1958, undated
4U222 Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, undated
Magazine, "Pulse of Pharmacy", cover picture of Dean Burlage, 1953
Magmas, articles and notes, January, June 1936, May 1945, November 1950, January 1951, undated
Manual of Toxicological Analysis, January 1899
Marketing survey, pharmacy, information and correspondence, 1937 - July 1942, undated
Massae, notes
Medicated oil, folklore remedies, notes
Mella, notes
Mixtures, articles and notes, April 1955, undated
"Motivating Influences to Study of Pharmacy", research report, August 1962
Mucilage, articles and notes, September 1937, February, May 1939, April 1948, undated
Articles, January 1940 - May 1954, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
National Science Foundation, undergraduate research application, January 1960 - March 1962, April 1957 - November 1960
4U223 Natural Products and Drug Principles
Articles and brochures, March 1936 - September 1946
Nervines and Antipyretics, Analysis, student paper and notes
Nicotinates, Review, student paper, undated
Nitrosyl Chloride, articles, March 1919 - February 1932
Articles, May 1936, February 1949, August 1950, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, December 11, 1933; February 28, 1944, undated
Articles, November 1928, February 1950, February 1951, undated
Articles, September 1932 - July 1958, undated
Student paper and miscellaneous information, undated
Oleates, notes
Oleoresins, notes
Oleosacchara, notes
Ophthalmic Solutions, article and notes, August 1955, undated
Ophthalmology, Historic Notes on the Development, research paper
Opium, notes, student papers, undated
Organic medicinals, notes
4U224 "P"
Articles, January 1925 - December 1937, 1938 - December 1959, undated
Articles, Pharmacology, January 1932 - 1956, undated
Articles, prescriptions, March 1932 - 1937, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
4U225 Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Papers presented to Pharmaceutical Conventions, 1936, April 1947, undated
Research papers, September 30, 1954, undated
Student papers, June 1931, October - December 1933, 1938, May 1940, February 1944, undated
4U226 Parke, Davis research grant, Examination of Alkaloids and Glucosils
Parke, Davis, and Co. research on Sarsapogenin, correspondence, May - August 1951
Pastes (Dermatological), articles and notes, August 1939, May 1956, undated
Penicillin, articles and notes, April 1945, 1949, undated
Peppermint, articles and pamphlets, September 1919 - May 1942
Perfumery, notes
Persimmon, Examination of the Oil of Seeds, research paper
Petroxalins, notes
Peyote, research study by Lawson Klosele
Pharmaceutical Flavoring, research paper and materials
Pharmaceutical Foundation, correspondence and brochures, August 1962 - April 1964
Pharmaceutical Handbook, undated
Pharmaceutical Syllabus, 1945
Pharmaceutically Important Organic Acids…, article, notes, student paper, 1932, 1940, undated
4U227 Pharmacoepia, Development and National Formulary, research paper, materials, April 1947, undated
Pharmacy, Accuracy and Tolerance
Articles, November - December 1947, undated
Student papers, October 1948, undated
Pharmacy Alumni Association, membership lists, undated
Articles, September 1931 - January 1959, undated
Notes and brochures
Pharmacy of the Future
Pharmacy survey, achievement tests
Correspondence, October 1946 - February 1948
Test Items 1-100 (incomplete)
Test items 11-100
Pharmacy survey, testing brochures, December 1944, undated
4U228 Phenols, medical and pharmaceutical, notes
Photographic formulas
Physical pharmacy, notes on mixtures
Physics in pharmacy, articles, October 1933, March - August 1934, October 1935
Articles, November 1930 - February 1939
Plant pigments, notes
Plasters, notes
Article and notes, undated
Laws, student paper
Polanisia Trachysperma, research paper
Polyethelene and Propylene Glycol, articles and notes, June 1950, May 1951, February 1954, undated
Powders, articles and notes, April, June, July 1949; August 1950, undated
Practical Pharmacy and Dispensing, research paper and materials
Prescription, articles and brochures, September 1941, April 1950, undated
Prescription Survey II
Correspondence, May 1944 - December 1945
Reports (North Carolina)
Professional terminology, articles, July 1956 - September 1957
Proteins and polypeptides, sequence of amino-acids, research paper, Spring 1960
4U229 "Q"
Articles, 1919, 1941, 1950, 1962
Student papers, undated
Articles, May 1923 - October 1955, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, May 1940, undated
Report to the President, College of Pharmacy, November 1962
Report, Progress and Prophecies, School of Pharmacy, correspondence, November - December 1962
Resin, article and notes, July 1938, undated
Salve, Liniment and Plaster Constituents, Procedure of Analysis
Solvents, Analytical Procedure for Identification (1930)
Articles, August 1917 - May 1942, March 1943 - September 1958, undated
4U230 Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, May 1931 - May 1942, undated
Safrol, report, undated
Salves, liniments, and plasters, notes and paper, May 1940, undated
Saponin, correspondence and research report, February 1942, undated
Scott’s Chronicle, pages from Guide to Stamp Collecting, October 1940 - August 1959
Seminars, outlines and reports, undated
4U231 Seminars, outlines and reports, undated
Sequestering Agents, Pharmaceutical Aspects, research paper
Smelling salts, notes
Soap and bath preparations, student paper, articles, notes, December 1930 - June 1937, undated
Soaps, notes
Solubilities, classification chart
Spirits, notes
Sprays, drops and inhalants, article and notes, November 1936, undated
Starch Glycerite, article and notes, August 1934, undated
Strychnine, Drug Assay, undated
Strychnine and Brucine Crystals, Microscopical Examination
Strychnine and Brucine
Separation of, literature
Sulphur, Drug Assay, research paper and notes
Suppositories, articles and notes, December 1936, June 1937, May 1950, undated
Suspensions, article and notes, September 1958, undated
Articles, April 1927 - May 1955, undated
4U232 "T"
Articles, April 1926 - March 1959, undated
Student papers, undated
Tablet manufacturing
Articles, July - October 1954, undated
Development and Application of Disintegrating Agents, research paper
Student papers, undated
Articles, August 1920 - February 1959
Talks by Dr. Burlage, May 1947 - November 1952
4U233 Talks by Dr. Burlage, January - May 1953, April 1954 - 1956, July 1958 - February 1962, undated
Talks by Dr. Taylor, slides from paper given at Miami, 1955
Talks by others, 1950-1959, undated
Talk materials and information
4U234 Texas Pharmaceutical Association, information, 1963-1965, undated
Tinctures, notes
Toilet formulas
Articles, January 1917 - November 1931, undated
Notes, 1922-1923, undated
Toilet preparations, information about hair care
Toilet waters, articles and notes, December 1931, undated
Tools of the apothecary, articles, June 1921, December 1942, February - December 1956
Travis Co. Pharmaceutical Association, 1963-1964
Trenchmouth, research materials and papers
Triturations, notes
Troches, notes
Tyrothricin, annotated bibliography, 1947
Articles, May 1928 - September 1949
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, undated
Urinalysis, Exams and Notes for Pharmaceutical Chemistry Class, 1932-1937, undated
Articles, April 1928, May 1955, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
4U235 Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, April 1931, May 1940, undated
Vinegar, notes
Articles, March 1933 - July 1952, undated
Brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Student papers, December 1931, undated
Waterless hand cleaner, report and notes
Wetting agents, correspondence and brochures, April 1937 - April 1940, May 1940 - February 1947, undated
"X, Y, Z"
Articles, August 1931, May 1934, June 1942, undated
Student papers, undated


Course files, 1923-1956

4U236 Pharmacy 23, pharmaceutical literature, quizzes, May 1926
Pharmacy 24, lecture notes
Pharmacy 49
Antibacterial studies, notebooks, October 1948, undated
Lecture notes
Pharmacy 50, course outline (odor, taste, flavor)
Pharmacy 61/64, Galencial Pharmacy, lecture notes
Pharmacy 82, student notebook on Manufacturing Pharmacy
Pharmacy 88, lecture notes
Pharmacy 130, Perfumes and Cosmetics, lab reports, February 25-30, 1931
4U237 Pharmacy 162, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, lab report and reviews
Pharmacy 191, lecture notes
Pharmacy 261/263, Plant Analysis lecture notes
Pharmacy 334, Natural Products and Drug Principles, lecture notes and materials
Pharmacy 363, Pharmacopoeial Testing, lab notes, exams and problems, 1923-1934
Pharmacy 418
Examinations, July 1949 - August 1954, undated
Final exams, 1955, 1958, 1959
4U238 Quizzes
Pharmacy 436
Class averages on exams
Course outlines
Final exams, 1954, 1956, undated
Quizzes, October, December 1950, undated
Alkaloids, lecture notes
4U239 Enzymes, lecture notes
Examinations, senior comprehensives
Pharmacy Lab Manual
Correspondence and revisions for 3rd Edition, October - December 1950
Experiment schedules and supply lists, second semester, 1949
Pharmaceutical Preparations, Lab Manual, revisions, 1944
Student notebook, Ouida Louise Campbell, July - October 1941
Study Guides and Problems to Essential Literature of Pharmacy, report sheets, 1948, 1955
Surface tension, lecture notes


Toxic plant studies, 1952-1956

4U240 "Los Animalitos", tranquilizer research, correspondence, October 1958 - January 1959
Antibacterial monthly reports, October 1952 - May 1954
Antibacterial effects, references
Antibacterial egg work and mice toxicity tests, monthly reports, April, June, July, 1954
Antibacterial egg work, monthly reports, 1952-1955
Antibacterial egg work, procedures and monthly reports, September - November 1954
Antibacterial egg work, reports and graphs, April - December 1952
Antibacterial papers
Toxic Plants and Ether II
Toxic Plants for Antibacterial Effects III
Antibacterial activity of plant extracts
Progress report, Summer 1951
Summary reports, September 1951 - June 1952
Antibiotic assay plates, disc test
Antibiotic sensitivities, data sheets, January 1952
Bacterial studies, use of yolk sac cultivated bacteria, manuscript for publication
Bacteriological methods, eggs
Bibliography, herbal remedies
Biological research, miscellaneous article, undated
Bone marrow, research on rejuvenescence
Cancer and cold information, September 1951, April 1952
Cancer chemotherapy experiments with plant extracts, correspondence, May - June 1952
Castor bean (ricin), correspondence and information, October 1951 - February 1952
Clayton Foundation
Annual reports, research on plant extracts, July 1952 - June 1954
4U241 Annual reports, July 1955 - December 1956
Budget proposal and information, July 1953
Cancer chemotherapy researchers, correspondence, November 1955 - March 1957, undated
Correspondence, 1950-1956
Expenditures, monthly statements, July 1955 - May 1956
Grant agreements, correspondence and information, July 1951 - January 1957
Correspondence and reports, October 1951 - February 1954
Dr. Taylor's office, October 1951 - November 1955
Burlage and Taylor, May 1952 - May 1956
4U242 Dr. Taylor's office, September 1954 - May 1956
Progress report, studies on poisonous plants, 1952, 1954
Report, general summary of research, June, December 1952
Report on work ending June 1951
Semi-annual report, publication copy, December 1951
Survey of salaries and proposed research project, November 1954
Comidendrol results, undated
Cooperia Pedunculata
Correspondence and information, July 1951
Report on work done, July - August 1951
Copies of reprint articles, 1920-1938, undated
Crown Zellerbach Corp., J. B. Martin, correspondence regarding grant, February - September 1955
Dosage for eggs and mice, February 1954 - November 1955
Dow Chemical Co., iodoform as wood preservative, November 1947 - February 1948
Egg and mice work, summary 5 year results, data sheets, 1950-1956
Ether, antibacterial activity studies
Extract data showing positive results, 1955-1956
Extract effects on bacterial growth inhibition
Extract effects on bacteria other than inhibition
4U243 Extract effects on body weight and tumor size, November 1951 - March 1952
Extract effects on tumors other than inhibition, list
Extract list, scientific names
Extracts lists, (number, common names, solvents)
Fungi and isolation of antibiotic, correspondence and research, December 1950 - August 1952
Grant application, UT Research Institute, (Maclura Pomifera), October, November 1958
Mr. Green’s drug, antibiotic tests, data sheets, April - May 1954
Inhibitory fractions in extracts of Parkinsona, July - August 1954
Inventory of lab equipment, June 1954
Jones' extracts
Virus data sheets and methods, May 1954
Virus reports, undated
Lab equipment diagrams, bibliography
Letters, incoming, January 1951 - December 1953, January - May 1956
Letters, outgoing, March 1951 - November 1954, 1955, January - May 1956
Eli Lilly research grant
Correspondence, March 1952 - October 1953, undated
Report on results and budget, ca. 1954
Lloyd Brothers, Inc., correspondence, January 1955 - January 1956
Mailing lists, requests for reprints, chemotherapy experiments, October 1953 - April 1956, undated
Media formulas
Mesquite leaves extraction methods and tests effects on tumor growth, October 1951 - March 1952, November 1953
Mice toxicity, monthly reports, 1952-1954
4U244 Mistletoe extract tests, effect on tumor growth, December 1951 - March 1952
Paper Chromatography of Chlorophylls, October 1953
Parkinsona, Turbidimetric Procedure, July - August 1954
S. B. Penick and Co., Botanical Products, correspondence, January 1953 - February 1954
Photographs, chick embryos tested with plant extracts
Photovolt Corp., photoelectric measuring instrument, letter and brochures, February 1954
Phytophthora, report on test results, January - May 1952
Phytophthora Cactorum, tests for antibacterial activity, report
Pinckneya Pubens, correspondence, January - May 1940
Plant collection and extraction, monthly reports, August 1952 - January 1953
Plant extract toxic dosage reports, October - December 1954
Poison ivy extract tests, effect on tumor growth, March 1952
Poisonous plants, early research and correspondence, November 1950
Positive results from plant extracts
Purchase orders, 1953-1956
Pythium, antibiotic properties, early research, correspondence, May 1948 - October 1950, January 1951 - August 1952
Reports and data sheets, September 1950 - February 1951
Reports on analysis of properties, October 1948 - June 1949
4U245 October 1948 - June 1949
Insects and Pests I
Insecticides II
Silicones III
Tuberculosis IV
American Indian remedies and practices V
Individuals and their contributions VI
Drug and pharmacy history VII
Alkaloids VIII
Plant products, essential oils, industrial raw materials IX
Chemotherapy - plant cancer XI
General plant information XIII
Cancer tumor XIV
Poisonous, toxic, and noxious plants XV
Antibacterials, antibiotics, antifungicides, and antimicrobials XVI
4U246 Miscellaneous XVII
Note cards, fungi
Research report
Antibacterial Effects of Toxic Plants, mailing list
Fungus Antibacterial Activity, May 22, June 3, 1953
Inhibition of Tumor Growth by Cooperia Pedunculata
Plant Extracts in Chemotherapy
Ricin (Castor Bean)
Rotenone Testing for Antibacterial Activity
Studies on Toxic Plants for Antibacterial Effects, February 10, 1954
Use of Plant Extracts in Chemotherapy
Ricin report on usage in toxicological warfare, correspondence, June - October 1951
Sapogenins, correspondence and information, 1954-1955
Smith, Kline and French Foundation, grant application, correspondence, December 1957 - July 1960
South American plant research, correspondence and information, November 1948 - May 1952, undated
Time report sheets, research assistants, October 1953 - January 1956, undated
Toxicity membrane tests, miscellaneous
4U247 Tumor and toxicity, miscellaneous data
Tumor tests, weekly reports, December 1955 - May 1956
Turbidity tests, method of procedure
Virus data sheets, solvents and test results
Virus tests, monthly reports, 1952-1955, undated
Virus tests, summary reports, undated
John Wu's plant extracts and chromatograms
Yucca extract tests, effect on tumor growth, October - December 1951
Mimeograph masters of charts and extract lists
Egg dosage charts, plant extracts, blank sheets
Egg toxicity, tumor, virus tests, blank sheets
Eggs, tumor inhibition test, summary reports, blank sheets
Mice body weight charts, monthly reports, blank sheets
Mice toxicity and tumor tests, blank sheets
Mouse tumor type test charts, blank sheets
Virus data summary reports, blank sheets
Virus data reports, monthly, blank sheet
4U248 Antibiotic test notebook
Extract data notebook
4U249 Plant extracts data notebook, May 1951 - August 1953
4U250 Plant extract preparation data notebook, October 1951 - April 1954
4U251 Plant extract preparation data notebook, September 1954 - May 1956
Plant extract preparation data notebook, September 1956 - October 1960
Antibiotic tests, October 1951 - September 1952
4U252 Antibiotic tests, September 1952 - December 1953
Egg tumor tests, October 1951 - January 1956
Egg tumor retests, June 1953 - March 1954
Mouse reactions to extracts data notebook, October 1950 - July 1951
4U253 Mouse tumor toxicity tests notebook, September 1951 - June 1955
4U254 Mouse tumor toxicity tests notebook, June 1955
Non-tumor experiments notebook, October 1951 - June 1956
4U255 Plant extract (Pythium) log book
Original research, August 1950 - August 1951
Duplicate results, August 1950 - March 1951
Original research, October 1950 - July 1951
4U256 Plant extracts, log book
Original research, January 1951 - October 1952
Methods and results, April 1951 - January 1953
4U257 Methods and results, August 1952 - July 1954
Daily report of original research, July - August 1954, February - May 1955
4U258 Virus tests
Index to notebooks, plant extracts
Plant extracts, December 1952 - December 1955
Virus test data sheets, eggs, 1951-1952
Antibacterial test data sheets, eggs, January 1952 - July 1954
Toxicity and tumor test data sheets, eggs, 1951-1953
Tumor test data sheets, egg and mouse, plant extracts
4U259 USDA extracts
Egg and mouse tumor test data sheets
Mice, tube method and toxicity tumor test data sheets, 1951-1952
Egg tumor tests
Positive, 1960, undated
Negative, 1959, 1960, undated
Mouse tumor tests, positive, 1960
Egg and mouse tumor tests
Positive, 1960
Negative, 1960
Untested, 1960
4U260 Lists of extracts
Lists of extracts and their solvents
Signal system
Acolypha Pheoides Cav.
Acocotillo o Teuogreco
Albizia Julibrissin
Aletes Acoules
Alfalfa Seed
Allium Helleri Small
Ambrosia Aptera
Amianthium Muscaetoxicum
Amphyteryngium Abstringens
Anemone Decapatala
Anthemis Nolulis
Arachis Hypogaea, Var. Valencia Peanut
Arundo Donax
Asclepiodora Decumbens (Milkweed)
Astragalus Earlii (Loco Weed)
Astragalus Wootini (Loco Weed)
4U261 Berberis Root
Beta Vulgaris Linn (Jumbo Mangle Beets)
Beta Vulgaris Linn (Perfected Detroit Beet)
Buffalo Burr (Solanum Rostratum)
Bull Nettle (Cnidoscolus Texanus)
Cactus (Prickly pear)
Cannabis Sativa
Cascara Sagroda
Cassia Tora L.
Chelidonium Majus
Chicorium Intybus (Chicory)
Conium Maculatum (Poison Hemlock)
Cooperia Drummondii (Rain-lily)
Cooperia Drummondii Hub (White Rain-lily)
4U262 Cooperia Pedunculata
Coprinus (Inky Cap Mushrooom)
Croton Monothogynus Michx (Mexican Tea Plant)
Cucumis Melo Linn (Muskmelon)
Cucumis Melo Linn (var. Stanley’s best)
Cucumis Melo Linn (Honeydew cantaloupe)
Cucumis Melo Linn (Banana cantaloupe)
Cucumis Sativus Linn (Model cucumber)
Cucurbita Foetidissima (Gourd vine)
Cucurbita Foetidissima (John Wu)
Cucurbita Pepo L. (Giant turbine gourd)
Cucurbita (Hastings jumbo pumpkin)
Cucurbita (Hastings field pumpkin)
4U263 Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar Bean)
Datura Stramonium
Delphinium Ajacis (Larkspur)
Elm Bark
Anethole N.F.
Anethum Graveolens Oil
Anise Oil
Star Anise Oil
Artemesia Mexicana
Bay Oil
Bergamot Oil
Birch Tar Oil
Bitter Almond Oil
Cedarwood Oil
American Cedarwood Oil
Chrysactinia Mexicana
Citral MM and R
Citronella Oil Ceylon
Clove Oil V.S.P.
Eucalyptus Oil N.F.
Hedeoma Reverchoni
Juniper Tar
Cade Juniper Tar
Koellia Nuntica
Lavender Flowers Oil
Lemon Oil V.S.P.
Mentha Alopecuroides
Monarda (Horsemint)
Monarda Citriodora
Monarda Dispersa
Monarda Fistulosa
Monarda Muctata
Ocium Basilicum
Oreganeium Majorana Oil
Spearmint Domestic
Sweet Birch Oil
Sweet Majorana
4U264 Euphorbia Marginata Pursh (Snow-on-the-Mountain)
Gossypium Hersutum (Cotton)
Gutierrezia Texana (Broomweed)
Helianthus Annus L. (Sunflower)
Henbane (S. B. Penick)
Horse Chestnut Bark
Ibervillea Lendpeimere
Lagenaria Leucantha Rusby (Hercules Club Squash)
Lagenaria Leucantha Rusby (Small Fruited Spoon Gourd)
Laitris Punctata (Blazing Star)
Leptotaenia Dissecta Nutt
Licorice Root
Lincpiaplata (Cola de Caballo)
Lomatium Dissectum
Lupinus Texensis Hook (Bluebonnet)
4U265 Melia Azadarach L. (Chinaberry)
Nicotiana Glauco (Tobacco)
Oleander Neium L.
Oleander and Aureomycin
Oleander and Streptomycin
Parkinsonia Aculeata
Burrs Parkinsonia
Parthenium Hysterophorus (False Ragweed)
Passiflora Incarnate
Pech's Texana
4U266 Phoradendron Flavescens (Mistletoe)
Podophyllum Peltatum
Poinciana Gilliesii (Bird of Paradise)
Prosopis Glandulosa (Mesquite)
Prosopis Glandulosa (Beans)
Prosopis Glandulosa (Leaves)
Pulsatilla Vulgaris
4U267 Purple Sage
Pythium Debaryanum
Red Chinchona Bark
Rhubarb Root
Rhus Glabra (Sumac)
Ricinus Communis L. (Castor Bean)
Salvia Farinacea (Mealy Sage)
Salvia Treggii
Sanguinaria Candensis
Sophora Secundiflora (Mountain Laurel)
4U268 Spearmint
Spearmint (Domestic)
Tecoma Radicans (Trumpet Vine)
Thuja Occidentalis L.
Tillandsia Usneodes (Spanish Moss)
Toxicodendron Radicans (Poison Ivy)
Toxylon Pomiferum (Hedge Apple)
Tung Oil
Umbellularia (California Nut)
Verbena Bipinnatifida Nutt (Verbena)
Viscum Album (European Mistletoe)
Vitis Candicans Engelm (Mustang Grape)
Wild Cherry Bark
4U269 Yucca Arkansana (Yucca)
Yucca (Commercial preparation)
Zea Mays (Yellow Dent Corn)
Zephryanthes Texana (Rain Lily)
Colloidum Passiflora Incarnata (Passion Flower)
Viscum Album (European Mistletoe)
Colloidum Stramonium (Jimson Weed)
Night-blooming Cereus
Berberis (Oregon Grape)
Fragrant Sumac
Chelidonium (Swallow-wort)
Colloidum Chionanthus (Fringe tree)
Collinsonia (Stone root)
Dioscorea (Wild yam)
Colloidum Geranium (Cranssbill)
Wild Hydrangea
Lobelia (Indian Tobacco)
Lycopus (Bugle weed)
Macrotys (Black Cohosh)
Phytolacca (Pokeweed)
Pulsatilla (Wild flower)
Sanguinaria (Bloodroot)
Thuja Vitae (White cedar)
Alpha Conidendrol
Beta Conidendrol
Conidendrol in Acetone
Digitonin from Parke Davis
Metal carbonates
Na Nucleate and Hyaduronidase
Piscaria extract
Ricinus Communis
Saponin from Agave Huachuconeis
Sarsasapogenin (Heifetz and Co.)
TR extract
USDA extracts
Yucca fat (Heifetz and Co.)


Seminar files, 1946-1972

4U270 1st Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, December 1948 - May 1949
General information, January - July 1949
2nd Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, January - December 1950
General information, February, May 1950, undated
3rd Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, December 1950 - May 1951
4th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, June 1951 - June 1952
General information, April 1952
Speeches, April 1952
5th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, August 1952 - May, October 1953
General information, April 1953
6th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, September 1953 - August 1954
4U271 General information, March, April 1954
Speeches, March 1954
7th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, May 1954 - May 1955
General information, January 1954 - March 1955, undated
8th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, December 1955 - March 1956
General information, February - March 1956
9th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, November 1955, June 1956 - March 1957
General information, February 1955 - February 1957, undated
10th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, February 1957 - May 1958
General information, October 1956 - June 1958, undated
11th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, June 1958 - March 1959
General information, February 1957 - March 1959, undated
12th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, February 1959 - June 1960
4U272 General information, March, April 1960
Lists, February 1959, April 1960
Speakers, information and biographical data, April 1960
13th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, February 1960 - March 1961
General information, February - April 1961
Lists, April, June 1960, February 1961
14th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, April 1961 - February 1962, undated
General information, March 1961 - February 1962
15th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
General correspondence, July 1962 - March 1963
General information, February 1963
16th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
Biographical data, December 1963
General correspondence, October 1963 - June 1964
General information, October 1963 - April 1964
17th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
Biographical data, undated
Expenses, February - April 1965
General correspondence, April 1964 - May 1965
General information, January - April 1965
18th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
Biographical data, undated
General information, November 1965 - March 1966
19th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
Biographical data, September 1965 - February 1967
Committee correspondence, March 1966 - April 1967
General information, March 1966 - March 1967, undated
4U273 Invoices and receipts, January - April 1967
Speakers, February - May 1967
Sponsors' correspondence, March 15, 1967
20th Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
Academic center accommodations, March 1967 - February 1968
Acceptances, August 1967 - February 1968
General correspondence, April 1967 - March 1968
General information, February - March 1968
Invoices and receipts, March 1968
Program Committee, March - September 1967
Programs, March 1968
Speakers' correspondence, September 1967 - June 1968
Sponsors' correspondence, March 1967 - April 1968
21st Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
Biographical data, March 1969
General correspondence, May 1968 - May 1969
General information, March 1969
Program Committee, March 1969
Registrants and certificates, March 1969
Speakers' correspondence, July 1968 - May 1969
22nd Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
Biographical data, January 1970
Expenses, February, March 1970
General correspondence, June 1969 - July 1970
General information, February, March 1970
Speakers' correspondence, November 1969 - March 1970
4U274 Address lists, master file, January 1956 - March 1963
Conference Foundation Advisory Committee, notebook of meetings, 1957, 1958
History of Texas Hospital Pharmacy Seminars, 1949-1956
Hospital Pharmacy Seminar
Financial reports, 1955-1958
Five and ten year certificate recipients, 1949-1964
Mailing lists, 1968-1969, undated
Notebook, pictures and programs, 1949, 1953-1957
4U275 Notebook, pictures and programs, 1958-1970
Proceedings, 2nd-5th annual, 1950-1953
Programs (file copies), May 1949 - March 1963
Institute for Hospital Pharmacy
General correspondence, November 1955 - July 1956, undated
General information, January 1954, May - August 1956, undated
Newspaper clippings, December 1953 - January 1957
News releases (file copies), April 1953 - December 1961
Pharmacists' Round-up, announcement newsletters, May 1943 - April 1946
Pharmacy Management Conference, notebook, February 1954 - June 1956
4U276 Pharmacy Management Conference, notebook, 1954-1964
Postgraduate pharmacy refresher course, notebook, 1955-1960
4U277 Postgraduate pharmacy refresher course, notebook, 1961-1968
Program ideas (file copies), 1946-1954
Speeches, March 1954 - March 1967, undated
Statistics, 1949-1958
Texas Industrial Pharmacy Seminar, notebook, January 1962 - February 1970
Texas Pharmaceutical Association, blank certificates
Texas Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Bulletins, June 1955 - June 1958
History, 1949-1955
Information, February 1951 - March 1954, undated
4U278 Lists of members, February 1951 - 1966
Texas Regional Seminars, notebook, 1966-1969, 1972


Photograph files, 1948-1969

4U278 Kappa Epsilon National Convention, 1953
Miscellaneous, identified and unidentified
UT College of Pharmacy
Laboratory facilities
Senior class, Walgreen lab tour, 1948
Visit to Abbott Labs, 1948, 1959, 1962-1967, 1969
Visit to Eli Lilly Co., 1950-1970
Visit to Parke-Davis, 1948, 1958, 1961-1964, 1966-1967
Visit to E. R. Squibb and Sons, undated
Visit to Upjohn Co., 1948, 1953, undated


Miscellaneous files, 1941-1963

4U279 Correspondence and information, 1941-1942, 1952, 1954, 1962
Guest book, January 1950 - June 1963
Log of trip made by UT Pharmacy students to Eli Lilly, April 1947
Movie of trip made by UT Pharmacy students to Eli Lilly, April 1947


Visiting lecture series, 1958-1960

4R307 (05224661) Tape recordings:
Albert M. Matlock, February 6, 1958
Albert Fisher, April 2, 1958
Mr. Green, May 6, 1958
Bob Bogash, February 17-18, 1959
Thomas J. Haley, February 24-25, 1959
Herber Younken, March 28-29, 1959
Sidney Riegelman, April 14-15, 1959
Rudolph H. Blythe, April 12-13, 1959
Third Annual Visiting Lecture Series:
Glenn Sonndecker, February 9-10, 1960
Walter Hartung, February 23, 1960
4R308 (05224050) Walter Hartung, February 23-24, 1960
Max Lemberger, March 8-9, 1960
Martin Barr, March 22-23, 1960
Richard Schultes:
April 12-13, 1960
April 13, 1960
Justin Powers, May 10-11, 1960
Fourth Annual Visiting Lecture Series:
Joseph D. McEvilla, February 13, undated
4R309 (05224060) Paul F. Parker, undated
Special Lecture Series, Spring 1960:
Dr. Carr, April 26-27, 1960
John W. Nelson, undated
Kenneth N. Campbell, March 18-19
John E. Seybert, April 15-16
Dr. Swinyard, undated
Dr. Wilson, undated
4Y116 (04255309) Regional Pharmacy Seminars, 1966-1971
4Y117 (04255229) Pharmacy Management Conferences, 1954-1963
4Y118 (04255218) Pharmacy Management Conference, 1954-1963
Annual Post-Graduate Pharmacy Refresher Courses, 1952-1966
4Y119 (04255284) Annual Post-Graduate Pharmacy Refresher Courses, 1952-1966