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A Guide to the A. Leslie Willson Papers, 1952-1990

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Willson, A. Leslie (Amos Leslie), 1923-2007
Title: Willson, A. Leslie, papers
Dates: 1952-1990
Abstract: The A. Leslie Willson Papers contain correspondence, reports, manuscript notes, and departmental and administrative records from 1952 to 1990. Materials relate chiefly to Willson’s career as a professor and scholar of Germanic Languages at the University of Texas, and include records about educational and modern language organizations such as the American Literary Translators Association.
Accession No.: 89-258; 93-356; 99-149
Extent: 14 ft., 1 in.
Language: Materials are written in English and German.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Amos Leslie Willson, professor in the Department of Germanic Languages at the University of Texas at Austin from 1955-1961 and 1966-1992, was born in Texhoma, Oklahoma on June 14, 1923.

During World War II, Willson served three years in the Army as part of a top-secret operation at Fort Hunt, Virginia before completing a bachelor’s degree in journalism and master’s degree in German at the University of Texas. He married Margaret Jeanne Redrow in 1950. Willson received his Ph.D. from Yale University and taught at Wesleyan College, Northwestern University, University of Texas at Austin, Duke University, and Penn State University before returning to UT in 1966. He served as chairman of the Department of Germanic Languages from 1972 to 1980.

In 1968, Willson founded the bilingual German/English literary magazine Dimension: Contemporary German Arts and Letters, and served as the publication’s editor until 1994. He retired from UT in 1992.

In addition to his scholarship on German Romanticism, Willson was heavily involved in the translation of contemporary German literature. He was the first president and co-founder of the American Literary Translators Association and served as the president of the American Translators Association from 1991 to 1993.

Willson died on December 28, 2007 in Austin, Texas.


"A. Leslie Willson." Department Notables. Department of Germanic Studies, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin. Accessed April 7, 2014.

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Scope and Contents

The A. Leslie Willson Papers contain correspondence, reports, manuscript notes, and departmental and administrative records from 1952 to 1990. Materials relate chiefly to Willson’s career as a professor and scholar of Germanic Languages at the University of Texas, and include records about educational and modern language organizations such as the American Literary Translators Association.


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Willson, A. Leslie (Amos Leslie), 1923-2007 -- Archives.
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University of Texas at Austin. Department of Germanic Languages.
University of Texas at Austin -- Faculty.
Germanic languages.
German literature -- Study and teaching.
Austin (Tex.)

Related Material

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A. Leslie Willson Papers, 1952-1990, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers



93-356/1 Dean's meeting with chairman, 1978-1979
Departmental, 1978-1979
Departmental objectives, Office of Planning and Analysis
MLA (Modern Language Association), 1978-1979
MLA Program Committee, 1978-1979
SCMLA (South Central Modern Language Association), 1978-1979
Senate Committee on Admissions, Enrollments and Tenure, Fall 1976
93-356/2 Class registers (7), 1954-1961, 1964
Austin Repertory Theatre, personal, 1978-1979
Texas: newsletters, brochures, other printed material, 1956-1961
Fulbright: correspondence, printed material, 1962-1963
The South-Central Bulletin, SCMLA, 1958-1963
Students: correspondence, postcards, printed material, 1960-1972
Leland R. Phelps, correspondence, 1961, 1965-1966
Problems, ALTA (American Literary Translators Association), 1979-1980
ALTA, description of duties, 1978-1980
93-356/3 Exchange publications:
The Concordiant, Spring 1980
Translorial, April-May, 1979, June-November, 1980
Der Ubersetzer, March-July, 1980
Newsletter, 1980
Financial, 1980
Publicity, 1979
Yale; class registers, brochures, correspondence, printed material, 1952-1976
Summer Language Institute, curriculum, 1960
93-356/4 Departmental, 1969-1970
Rehder Festschrift, 1971-1973
Budget Council, 1972-1973
Departmental, 1970-1971
Foundations, 1975-1976
Budget Council, 1973-1974
Miscellaneous, 1971-1976
93-356/5 Committee on Graduate Studies, 1969-1971
Textbooks, 1968-1970
Publications Committee, 1970-1973
Reading lists, 1960-1961
MLA correspondence, 1961-1972
Graduate students, 1971-1972
Ph. D. program, 1963-1965
SCMLA, 1969
Policy Council, 1968-1970
Foreign Language Education Center, 1969-1972
Departmental, 1971-1972
German III section, SCMLA, Heinrich Bohl, 1973
93-356/6 Fellowships, 1958-1960, 1968-1969
Evaluations, 1969
Fellowships, student, 1968-1970
AATG (American Association of Teachers of German), 1964-1971
Colloquium, 1967-1968
Composition literature, 1970-1972
Budget Council, 1958-1960, 1968-1969
TAGS (Texas Association of German Students) newsletter, 1968-1972
Myth and Reason, symposium, 1971
Departmental, 1968-1969
93-356/7 Departmental, 1967-1968
Departmental, 1966-1967
FLEC Board (Foreign Language Education Center), 1969-1970
Books, 1960-1968
Miscellaneous to be filed in Dr. Willson's office, 1978-1980
Alan P. Cottrell, 1967
Miscellaneous correspondence, notes, printed material, 1972-1973
GRC sub-committee, 1985-1986
93-356/8 Faculty Senate, 1985-1986
Austin Repertory Theatre, 1980-1981
Budget Council, 1968-1971
Modern German drama, in translation, undated
Schlegel, F., Ideen and Fragmente, 1979
Weihnachtslieder, undated
Symposium (Photographs), 1970
Graduate faculty/Committee, 1969-1970
93-356/9 Student papers, 1982
Photocopied articles, 1979
93-356/10 A Mythical Image, by A. Leslie Willson; correspondence, reviews, 1964-1965
Graduate students, 1968-1971
Supervisory Committee assignments, 1967-1971
German 484: Realism to Expressionism, 1966
German 581: Literary Genres, Roman, 1966
German 91, 1961-1962
German 120, undated
93-356/11 German 464: Aufklarung and Sturm and Drang, 1965
German 469: Goethe, Life and Works, 1965
Ursula Behler, 1968
Leroy R. Shaw, 1964-1966
Erik Lunding, 1970
Ludwig A. Fabel, 1968, 1971
Edson Chick, 1961-1964
Cline, 1958-1959
Herbert Deinert, 1962-1970
Martin Dyck, 1968
Robert R. Heitner, 1965-1969
David Hickey, 1970
Charles I. Findlay, 1967-1968
Dr. Peter Frank, 1967-1970
Freies Deutsches Hochstift, 1964-1971
IVG (Internationale Vereinigung fur Germanische
Sprach-und Literaturwissenschaft), 1964-1970
Jantz, 1955-1957, 1970
Herbert Knust, 1966, 1969
Victor Lange, 1965-1970
Lehmann, W. P., 1964-1972
Ashbel G. Brice, 1967-1970
Personal letters, 1973-1974, 1985-1990
93-356/12 Graduate studies, 1967-1970
Miscellaneous, 1967, 1970, 1979, 1987-1989
Crossroad Continuum, catalogs, 1981-1983
389T Committee, Fall 1975
406 critique, 1977-1978
AATG, 1978-1979
93-356/13 ALTA Program Committee, 1979
ALTA conference artwork, 1979
ALTA, 1978-1979
Budget, 1978-1979
Budget, 1977-1978
Budget Council, Fall 1979
Budget Council, 1978-1979
93-356/14 Budget Council, 1977-1978
Bylaws, list of publications, printed material, 1980
Photographs, 1980
Newsletter, 1981
Memoranda, correspondence, 1979-1980
Financial, 1979
NEA grant application, 1980
4Jb65 Continuum Books, 1980
Departmental, 1979-1980
Dimension, 1970-1984
Education Testing Service, 1979-1981
FLEC Newsletters, 1979-1980
Faculty Committee on the Use of Historical & Literary Manuscripts, 1974-1983
GRE Committee of Examiners, 1978-1980
Graduate students, 1981-1989
Graduate Studies Committee, 1979-1989
Gunter Grass volume, 1972-1976
Mainz Academie Der Wissenschaften Und Der Literatur, 1975-1981
Modern Language Association of American (MLA), 1985
Plan II Program, 1979-1980
Research Center for the American Reception of Post-War German-Language Literature (RARGEL) Project, 1977-1979
Romantic Constructs of Mythology; Michigan Germanic Studies, undated
South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA), 1979-1980
Studies in German Literature, Linguistics, and Culture, 1979-1980
Die Deutsche Sommerschule von New Mexico in Taos bei Santa Fe, 1976-1985
Beck, Alan, 1965-1967
Cantarino, Vincente, 1968
American Translators Association (ATA), 1975-1981
Stoehr, Ingo, 1987
Veteto, Marilya Jae, 1986-1987
Alt, Arthur Tilo, 1965-1979
Behler, Ernst, 1973-1981
Brice, Ashbell, Duke University Press, 1973
Cornette, James, 1972-1974
Deschner, Dr. Margarete, 1972-1978
Cunningham, William, 1970-1973
American Association of Teachers of German, Inc. (AATG), 1974-1981
American Association of Teachers of German, Inc. (AATG), Texas Chapter, 1978-1981
Budget Council, Department of Germanic Languages, University of Texas at Austin, 1979-1988
Columbia Dictionary of Modern European Literature, 1980-1981, undated
Comparative literature, 1979-1981
Faculty Council of the College of Liberal Arts, minutes of meetings, 1982-1986
Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines, 1976-1979
4Jb66 Annual reports, 1956-1980
Professional, 1962-1981
Letters of Recommendation (faculty), 1972-1979
Correspondence with colleagues (A - D), 1972-1981
Donohue, Frank, correspondence, 1980
Correspondence with colleagues (E - H), 1966-1981
Correspondence with colleagues (I - L), 1966-1981
Correspondence with colleagues (M - P), 1966-1980
Correspondence with colleagues (Q - T), 1973-1981
Correspondence with colleagues (U - Z), 1974-1981
Derrenberger, John P., 1969-1978
4Jb67 Delta Phi Alpha, 1954-1970
Pabisch, Peter, 1976-1979
Phillips, Klaus, 1973-1981
Pitterman, Ervein, 1972-1978
Werbow, Stanley, 1958-1979
Wirth, Andrzej, 1975-1978
Woodruff, Margaret, 1971-1974
Townsend, Stanley R., 1965-1976
Unseld, Siegfried, 1977-1979
Van Selm, Jutta, 1978-1981
Weigand, Hermann J., 1953-1975
Ziolkowski, Dr. Theodore, 1972-1979
Ziegfeld, Richard E., 1971-1981
American Translators Association (ATA), 1974, 1978-1979
Job search correspondence and general job related material, 1954-1959
Northwestern University, 1954-1958
Comparative Literature Symposium: Kafka, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, 1970-1971
Tiermasken, undated
Textbook, 1960-1961, 1968
Professional, 1953-1961
Ernst Behler, 1963-1971
News articles, 1955-1979
Die Deutsche Sommerschule Von New Mexico, 1977-1979
Pennsylvania State University, 1964-1966
Creative works by:
Bachmann, Ingeborg
Benn, Gottfried
Bichsel, Peter Bichsel
Bienek, Horst
Bobrowski, Johannes
Brecht, Bertolt
Brockes, Barthold
Canetti, Elias
Dehmel, Richard
Eich, Gunter
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus
Frank, Karlhans
George, Stefan
Gerlach, Richard
Gleim, Johann Wilhelm Ludwig
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
Grass, Gunther
Gunther, Johann Christian
von Hagedorn, Friedrich
Hamann, Johann Georg
Handke, Peter
Hauptmann, Gerhart
Herburger, Gunter
Heym, Georg
van Hoddis, Jakob
von Hofmannsthal, Hugo
Holz, Arno
Keller, Gottfried
Klopstock, Friedrich
Kunert, Gunter
Lessing, Gotthold
Lettau, Reinhard
Lichtenstein, Alfred
von Lilienkron, Detlev
Loerke, Oskar
Lotz, Ernst
Mann, Thomas
Meyer, Conrad
Morike, Eduard
Nietzche, Friedrich
4Jb68 Creative works by various authors, undated
The German Early Romantic View of India: A Mythical Image, by A. Leslie Willson, invoice, program, 1977
Another Planet: Texas in German Literature by A. Leslie Willson, correspondence, 1976-1977
The Drowning Man by A. Leslie Willson, correspondence, 1965-1972
A Glance at Contemporary German Writing by A. Leslie Willson
Grenzverschiebung: Gunter Kunert's Humanistic Stance by A. Leslie Willson, correspondence, 1977-1980
University of Kentucky Foreign Language Conference material, 1966 - 1967, undated
Hoffman's Heroes by A. Leslie Willson
Hesse's Veil of Isis by A. Leslie Willson, 1961-1963
Conference in Comparative Literature: Literature and the Occult material, 1974 - 1975
The Myth of Texas in Contemporary German Writing by A. Leslie Willson, 1978
Texas-German Conference material, 1977-1978
Handke, Peter: The Critic On-Stage, 1969 and undated
Sakuntala: Indic Heroine, German Ideal by A. Leslie Willson, notes, undated
Tree, Rock, Concrete: From the Valley of Muir Woods to Alcatraz by A. Leslie Willson
Texas Association of German Students Convention (folder includes manuscript of Algebra and the Moon by A. Leslie Willson), 1978
Arrivals and Departures: The World of Heinrich Boll by A. Leslie Willson
Deutsches Theater Seit 1945 by A. Leslie Willson, 1978
Correspondence on translation of Don Carlos, 1981
Discord and Estrangement: Alienation in Contemporary German Prose by A. Leslie Willson and material on Literature Conferences, 1980 and 1974-1975
Material on translation of The Downfall of the Egoist Fatzer by Bertolt Brecht, 1977
German in Translation: An Assessment (folder empty), 1976
Goethe Lately: Echoes of Hauptmann in Lotte in Weimar by A. Leslie Willson, correspondence, 1960-1961
The Adamantine Flame: Configurations of the Hero in German Literature by A. Leslie Willson, wage and earning statements from Duke University, 1961-1965
Holderlin: A Reconciliation of Antimonies by A. Leslie Willson, correspondence, 1962, 1970
Deutsche Sommerschule von New Mexico, 1977
Prinz Friedrich von Homburg: The Genesis of the Hero by A. Leslie Willson, correspondence, 1960-1963
The State of Affairs by A. Leslie Willson
The Thousandfold Path: India's West Way by A. Leslie and material from class taught at the University of California, Berkeley, 1971
Translation Colloquium - Goethe House, New York, 1979-1980
Texas Education Agency Keynote address, 1977
Vom Sonett zum Calypso - und zuruck by A. Leslie Willson and creative works by other authors, Deutsche Sommerschule von New Mexico, 1979
(Unlabeled) Creative works by various authors
The Literary Craft and Graphic Art of Gunter Grass by A. Leslie Willson, notes, 1977
University of Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, 1976
Gunter Grass and His Double-Pronged Pen by A. Leslie Willson, 1979
3S303 Black & white photograph, Leslie Willson and family, 1966
CDL 3 (1-7) Unprocessed correspondence, reports, administrative records, records of education and modern language organizations, related to Germanic languages and the University of Texas Department of Germanic Languages.