University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the UT Library and Information Science Collection Records, 1881-1994

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Creator: University of Texas at Austin.
Title: UT Library and Information Science Collection, records
Dates: 1881-1994
Abstract: The UT Library and Information Science Collection Records contain collected manuals, postcards, reports, publications, correspondence, tape recordings, and vertical files from 1881 to 1994. Materials relate primarily to library science; libraries in the state of Texas, nationally, and internationally; and children’s literature. Some materials, such as committee records and self-study reports, pertain to administrative activities of the UT Libraries and the UT Graduate School of Library and Information Science.
Accession No.: 95-135; 96-182
Extent: 15 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

The UT Library and Information Science Collection Records contain collected manuals, postcards, reports, publications, correspondence, tape recordings, and vertical files from 1881 to 1994. The bulk of the materials are from the 1970s and 1980s and relate primarily to library science; libraries in the state of Texas, nationally, and internationally; and children’s literature. Some materials, such as committee records and self-study reports, pertain to administrative activities of the UT Libraries and the UT Graduate School of Library and Information Science.


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Subjects (Persons)
Immroth, Barbara Froling.
Subjects (Organizations)
American Library Association.
University of Texas at Austin. Graduate School of Library Science.
University of Texas at Austin. Graduate School of Library and Information Science.
University of Texas at Austin. School of Information.
University of Texas Libraries.
University of Texas. Library.
Academic libraries.
Children’s literature.
International libraries.
Libraries -- United States -- History.
Library education -- United States -- History.
Library science.
Austin (Tex.)

Related Material

See also the UT Graduate School of Library and Information Science Records, 1913-2001 and the UT Library Records, 1884-1991.

Separated Material

Some material has been separated to TXC.

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UT Library and Information Science Collection Records, 1881-1994, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Ralph Elder, May 1995.

Subsequent revisions were made by Vanessa Attia, January 2014.

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Detailed Description of the Papers



2.325/P52 New acquisitions, youth collection, 1989-1990
New acquisitions, LIS collection, 1989-1990
Acquisitions, daily record, 1980-1988
Library Acquisitions Manual for Faculty, UT Austin, 1983
Activities, 1981
Advanced Research Services Taskforce, 1989
Annabelle Quick, 1986
Reception, 1982-1983
Australian Children's Literature, 1983, 1989
Behavioral Science Cluster, 1987-1990
Bibliographers' Council, 1986-1987
Bibliographic instruction:
Evaluations, 1986
Originals, search strategy, etc., 1983-1985
Sessions, old stuff
Project for 386 course, 1983
Presentation, professional literature, 1982
Bibliographies, guidelines, 1975
Budget, acquisitions expenditures LISC and youth collections, 1987-1990
Library budget, 1982-1991
Budget, past, includes annual bibliographers, 1982-1987
Campus access guide, 1986
Centennial Showcase (Library of Science Information Collection (LISC), 1983
Centennial exhibit, LISC and GSLIS press releases, letters, 1983
Centennial exhibit, LISC and GSLIS, 1983
Circulation, 1965-1981
Class schedules, GSLIS, 1982-1983
Committee on Accreditation (COA) visit, April 14-18, 1985
Collection Development information, 1981
Collection statistics, 1985
Computer skills training group, 1992-1993
Academic computing plans, 1991
The Country Scholar, 1983
Curriculum Study Committee, 1986
Disabled students services, 1982
Duplicate materials, LSL, 1982-1984
Duplicates, Monterrey, 1982-1983
Exhibit information, 1973
Exhibit, Children's Literature and Heroines, 1992
Canadian Dollar, 1976
TLA Scholarship Endowment, club pin, 1964
ALA pin and arm band, 1917-1918
Reel-to-reel tapes:
LS 288K1 College and University Libraries - The University Library and the Information Explosion. Lecturer, Dr. William S. Dix, Princeton University
Life of Joseph Wheeler
2.325/P53 Floor plan, library school
Jean Fritz, bibliography and exhibit, 1984-1985
Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Goals Committee, 1954, 1972-1974
GSLIS self study, 1983-1985
GSLIS self-study, drafts and notes
Houston, GSLIS courses
GSLIS Library Committee
GSLIS General Libraries Subcommittee to GSLIS Study Taskforce, 1983, 1986
Barbara Immroth, reserve materials list, 1984
Immroth, Egoff order request forms, 1984
Information for LS personnel, 1980
Inventory information, 1978-1980
King Research, Inc., 1983
Annual reports, 1978
Library School Library Committee, 1975-1976
Library school library publicity
Library school library move files, 1981
Mentor program, 1986-1992
Move, 1982-1983
LS Library, Battle Hall moves, 1983-1984
"News from the Library and Information Science Collection," 1984-1985
Orders: Periodicals, negative, 1978-1982
Orientations, new students, LISC meeting, 1984-1985
Appointment reminders (blank)
Orientation tours, 1977, 1983-1987
PCL self guided tour, 1986
Planning information, 1985
Serials, 1981-1988
Serials cancellation project, 1986-1987
Serials list upgrading project, 1982-1983
Esther Stallman material, 1932-1937, 1969-1975
2.325/P54 Surveys, 1982
Swante Palm Associates, Friends of UT Libraries
UGL youth collection move, 1988-1989
Undergraduate report, 1988
Annual report, 1981-1991
LISC annual report, 1949-1986
Schedules, Fall 1983 - Summer 1984
Library science library manual
Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Announcement, 1981-1991
2.325/P94 Order request forms handbook
UT Library on-line catalog
Reserves, M-Z
LISC procedures manual, 1988
Winnie the Pooh's Calendar Book, 1972-1980
"Texas in Children's Books," Kay Pinckney Braziel and Dorothy Brand Smith, UT Austin Graduate School of Library Science, 1974
Guestbooks, 1972-1973, 1979
"Catalogue of the Young Folks Library of La Junta, Colorado," 1888
"Catalogue of the Broadway Church Sunday-School Library, Norwich, Connecticut," 1881
"Books Approved by the Connecticut Ladies Commission on Sunday-School Books," 1881-1892
"Annual List of Books for Sunday-School and Other Libraries, Recommended by the Ladies' Commission on Sunday-School Books," 1897
Postcards of libraries
Catalog card of postcards
2.325/P95 Postcards of libraries
"Cognotes," ALA conference, Las Vegas, 1973
"Bicentennial Reading, Viewing, Listening"
"Song of the Library Staff," by Sam Walter Foss
"Bulletin of the Mercantile Library of New York," January 1942
"History of Type and Printing in Easy Lessons"
Texas Humanities Resource Center:
Gold of El Dorado
Crossroads of Empire
The Search for Alexander
The Sun King
Great Bronze Age of China
The Art of Chivalry
Sentimental farewell from Casis school, Dr. McGuire
Joseph Lewis Wheeler
Letters from authors
Letters accompanying bookplates
Library resolutions
Handbook of Texas Libraries, slide list
Research collection display, 1980
New York Public Library display, 1980
ALA convention site postcard for 1890, 1909
New York State Library School bulletin, annual report, 1909
List of Students who studied under Louis R. Wilson, 1959
Letter to Esther Stallman from Mary Evelyn Hall, November 4, 1939
A Survey of Research Materials in the Library of the University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Austin General Libraries manual
Children’s printed material
2.325/P96 Vertical files:
Accessibility of information, 1977
Accuracy in Media, 1979
Acquisitions, 1977
Adult education, 1978, 1981
Affirmative Action
Aged, 1978
University of Alabama at Birmingham
ALANET, 1983-1984
Alaska State Library and Museum, 1978
Alliance of Information and Referral Systems, 1977
American Association of School Librarians, 1970, 1981
American Indian Library Association
American Library Association, 1989
ALA Student Services Division
ALA, Association of Research and College Libraries (ACRL), 1979
ALA Conference, San Francisco, 1981
ALA Council, 1980-1981
ALA goals and objectives, 1975
ALA group insurance plan, 1981
ALA headquarters library, 1979
ALA office for library personnel resources, 1981
ALA publishing, 1986
ALA social responsibilities roundtable, 1994
ALA Washington office, 1981
American Library History Roundtable, 1981
American Merchant Marine Library Association, 1975
American Society for Information Science
American Society of Indexers, 1971-1974
AMIGOS, 1989
Appraisal of books, manuscripts, etc., 1978
Architecture and building:
Office and library building, 1974
College and university libraries, 1966-1970
Library schools, 1966
Lighting, 1954
Public libraries, 1904, 1954
Public libraries, branches, 1900-1910, 1951-1952
Archivists, 1967
University of Arizona, 1977
Art libraries and collections
Art Library Society of North America, 1973
Association for Educational Communications and Technology, 1981
Association libraries, 1901, 1903
Association of American Library Schools, 1981
About ASLIB, 1978
Association of Research Libraries (ARL)
ARL office of management studies, academic library consultant training program, 1980
Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Services, 1980
Associations, 1975
Audiovisual services, 1986
Awards, citations, prizes, 1981
John Baskerville
Benjamin Franklin Library, 1977-1981
Beta Phi Mu, 1980
Bibliographic Retrieval Services, 1977
National Bibliography, 1916
Biblioteque Nationale du Canada, 1980-1988
Book collecting, 1981
Book fairs, 1963
Book illustrations
Book of Hours
Book of Kells
Book of the Month Club, Inc., 1976
Book reviews, 1951
Book selection, policy statements, 1963, 1974
Book storage, 1959
Book thefts and losses, 1966, 1972, 1980
Book week
Bookbinding, 1951, 1979
Booketerias, 1961
Bookmaking, 1950, 1954, 1980
Bookmobiles, 1927, 1953, 1980
Bookplates, 1967, 1971
2.325/P97 Booksellers and bookselling, 1959-1961
Books, history, 1961
Books and reading, 1952, 1959, 1974, 1979
Books in sheets, 1973
Books on Demand, 1978
Boston Public Library, 1927, 1957, 1974
Branch libraries, 1922, 1926
British Columbia University
British Library, 1978-1981
British Library, lending division, 1976-1981
British Library, lending division, translation section
British museum, 1972
Budgets, 1975
Bulletin boards, 1976
Calligraphers, 1970
Caldecott Medal, 1971
California State University:
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Santa Barbara
San Diego
Canadian Library Association, 1978-1979
Care and Restoration of Books, Periodicals, Inc., 1971, 1979-1981
Carter Presidential Library, 1987
Cataloging services
Catalogs, 1979
Catalogs and exhibits, 1968-1970
Catalogs, printed book, 1979-1980
Catholic Library Association, 1965, 1979
Censorship, 1973-1979
Center for Research Libraries, 1963, 1973, 1979, 1981, 1990-1991
Centre for Public Libraries in Israel, 1973
Certification of Librarians:
General, 1974-1976
California, 1966
Canada, 1965
Illinois, 1965
Indiana, 1965
Massachusetts, 1965
Michigan, 1967
Nevada, 1965
New Mexico, 1965
New York, 1966
Washington State, 1965
Charging systems:
General, 1967
Machine, 1930, 1950s
Photographic, 1949, 1961
Punched cards, 1949, 1951
Charles Clarence Williamson annual lecture series, 1969
Charles W. Follett Award, 1955
Chicago, 1963
Chicago Public Library, 1967-1971
Chicago University, 1966, 1985
University of Chicago, Center for Children's Books, 1967
Children's Book Council, 1974
2.325/P98 Children's libraries, 1906-1910, 1952, 1957, 1974
Children's literature, 1974-1977
Children's Literature Association, 1974-1977
Children's literature:
Authors and illustrators
Book lists
Children's reading
2.325/P99 Copyright Kit, American Library Association (ALA), 1981-1987
Copyright Kit, ALA, 1977
Copyright Kit, ALA, 1982
Council of Research and Academic Libraries (CORAL), 1979
Cornell University Libraries, 1974, 1978
Council on Library-Media Technical Assistants, 1981
Council on Library Resources, Inc., 1973-1981
Dana Library Public Relations Awards contest, 1972
Dana Publicity Awards, 1972-1973
Databases, 1979
Data Processing Management Association, 1978
Dataphase Systems, Inc., 1978
Dedication programs and invitations, 1973-1980
Defense Documentation Center (folder 1 of 2), 1976, 1979
Defense Documentation Center (folder 2 of 2), 1976
Delivery services, 1973-1978
Department of Human Resources Library, 1981
Depository libraries, 1971
Disaster preparedness, 1978
Dissertations – academic, 1983
Duke University, 1978, undated
Duties of librarians, 1977
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library, 1971-1984
Education for librarianship, 1970-1981
Eighteenth-century short title catalogue, 1979
Endowments, 1979
Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science – Acronym Index
Euronet, 1978
Federal libraries, 1978-1981
Federal Library Committee Task Force on Public Relations, "Guidelines for Library Handbooks," 1972
Films, 1974-1979
Fines, fees, etc., 1973
Fire sprinklers
Florida State University at Tallahassee
Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C., 1963-1971
Fore-edge Painting
Foundations, charitable and educational, 1973-1980
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, N.Y., 1971-1985
Freedom to Read Foundation, 1972-1974
Friends of Libraries, U.S.A., 1980-1986
2.325/P100 G.K. Hall catalogs, 1970-1983
George C. Marshall Research Library, 1967-1974
Gerald Ford Library, 1986
Government publications – United States
Grants, 1979
A – P
2.325/P101 P – Z
Handicapped, library services for, 1973-1980
Handicapped, library services/books for, blind, 1979
Harry S. Truman Library, 1976-1982
Harvard University Library, 1976-1980
Hawaii State Library, 1976
Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, 1970-1978
Herbert Hoover Library
Hispanic Society of America – Library, 1958
ISBN and ISSN, 1983-1984
Illinois. University at Chicago Circle, 1978
Illumination of books and manuscripts, 1966, undated
Independent Research Libraries Association, 1979
Indexing, 1960, 1971
Indian Library Association, 1968-1971
Information and referral centers, 1978
Information Center Institute, 1985
Inforonics, Inc., 1980-1981
Information retrieval – systems, 1981
Information Science, 1979
Information services, 1978
Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences, 1977
Instructional materials centers, 1977-1978
Material selection, 1981
Intellectual freedom, 1981
International Association of Law Libraries, 1978
International Board on Books for Young People, 1978-1980
International Book Committee, 1978
International Council on Archives, 1978
International Federation for Documentation, 1979-1985
International Federation for Information Processing, 1980
International Federation of Library Associations, 1979, 1986
International libraries
International Serials Data System, 1979
International standard bibliographic description, 1978
International standard book numbering, 1972
International Year of the Child, 1979
International Youth Library, 1978
InterUniversity Council, 1981
Interviewing, 1979
2.325/P102 Contact repository for inventory.
2.325/P103 Contact repository for inventory.
2.325/P104 Position classification
Powell, Benjamin Edward
Presidential libraries
Press, private
Printers’ marks
Prison libraries
Private libraries
Public libraries – standards
Professional literature
Program for information managers
Public libraries:
Service to senior citizens
Services to schools
Public relations
Publishers and publishing:
Great Britain
West Germany
Rare books:
Reading is Fundamental Program
Reed, Sarah Rebecca
The Research Libraries Group
Right to Read Program
Rogers, Bruce
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Rules and regulations – before 1925
Rural library services
SAA – Manuscript repository section, 1983
School and public library relationship
School libraries
School libraries – Texas
School library Bill of Rights
Selective dissemination of information
Serial publications
Society of the University of Texas Libraries
South Carolina State College Library
South Carolina University
Southeastern Library Association
Southeastern Library Network, Inc.
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
Southwestern Library Association
Special collections
Special librarianship
Special Libraries Association
Southwestern Library Association
"The Speaker"
Special Libraries Association – History
Staff participation in administration
Stanford University. Hoover Institution War, Revolution and Peace
State libraries
Subsidy publishing
Technological formats
Telefacsimile transmission
Television – children’s programs
2.325/P105 Textbooks
Theatre Library Association
Time management
Translating machines
Tulsa (Oklahoma) City-County Library System
Union Catalogue of Pennsylvania
Universal serials and book exchange
U.S. Library of Congress Center for the Book
University of Chicago
University of Pittsburgh
University of Toronto
Use studies
User education
Video/cable information packet
Washington, D.C.
Washington Library Network
Washington. University at Seattle.
White House Conference on Children and Youth
White House Conference on Library and Information Services
William Allen White Children’s Book Award
William L. Clements Library
Wilson, H.W., firm, publishers
Wilson, Louis Round
Wisconsin University at Madison
Wisconsin University at Parkside
WISE/World Information Systems Exchange
Women library workers
Women’s History Research Center, Inc.
Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library
Work measurement
Writers (authorship)
Writing – history
Yale University
Young adults library services
2.325/P108 Contact repository for inventory.