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A Guide to the UT News and Information Service Records, 1928-1997

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas. News and Information Service
Title: UT News and Information Service Records
Dates: 1928-1997
Abstract: Records generated by the University of Texas News and Information Service (later known as the Office of Public Affairs) from 1928 to 1997 include press releases issued by the University, newspaper clippings related to the University, and biographical data on key University faculty, staff, and administration.
Accession No.: 71-123; 72-25; 72-99; 72-121; 73-39; 80-44; 80-54; 82-45; 82-250; 82-361; 84-15; 84-87; 84-153; 84-179; 85-5; 85-20; 85-41; 85-154; 86-236; 86-238; 86-293; 87-47; 87-153; 87-169; 87-173; 87-21687-240; 87-281; 87-338; 88-35; 88-218; 88-270; 88-335; 88-355; 88-392; 88-408; 89-20; 89-241; 89-257; 90-225; 90-264; 92-136; 93-098; 93-140, 93-220; 93-257; 94-157; 99-235; 2005-095
OCLC No.: 855675592
Extent: 97 ft., 2 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The University of Texas News and Information Service, which later became the Office of Public Affairs circa 1997, directed both the internal and external public relations functions of the University. It issued news and feature stories to local, state, and national print and broadcast media on the University's educational programs, including conferences and meetings, faculty and student achievements, innovative teaching activities and scientific discoveries. It published On Campus, a weekly tabloid for faculty and staff, as well as a number of other publications for UT Austin and the UT System.


"A to Z: A comprehensive look at UT History." UT History Central. University of Texas at Austin. Accessed June 5, 2013.

Scope and Contents

Records generated by the University of Texas News and Information Service (later known as the Office of Public Affairs) from 1928 to 1997 include press releases issued by the University, newspaper clippings related to the University, and biographical data on key University faculty, staff, and administration. Also includes photographs. Records provide a wealth of information on University personnel and those related to the University, as well as significant events, programs, organizations, and initiatives associated with the University of Texas.

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Records are arranged in rough alphabetical order as received by the organization.


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Subjects (Persons)
Long, Amy Jo, 1920-
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin.
University of Texas -- News and Information Service -- Archives.
Public affairs.
Public relations--Information services.
Public relations--United States--History--20th century.
Universities and colleges--Public relations--United States.
Austin (Tex.)

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See also the UT Office of Public Affairs Records and the Amy Jo Long Papers.

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Some material has been separated to the Photograph Collection and TXC.

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UT News and Information Service Records, 1928-1997, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


Stored off site at LSF:

4T404 (4532486) Radio spots:
January 1967 – August 1968
4T405 (4532566) Radio spots, time capsules:
September 1968 – April 1970
4T406 (4532511) May 1970 – December 1971
4Y471 College of Engineering, 1966-1970
Ex-Students Association, 1966-1971
College of Fine Arts, 1966-1971
Texas State Historical Association, 1966-1971
Hogg Foundation, 1969-1971
4Y472 Hogg Foundation, 1960-1968
Honors Day, 1966-1970
Division of Housing and Food Services, 1966-1971
International Office, 1966-1971
4Y473 Department of Journalism, 1961-1971
KLRN, 1967-1971
Institute of Latin American Studies, 1966-1971
Tarlton Law Library, 1966-1970
4Y474 Law school, 1966-1971
Department of Music, 1966-1968
Shuttle bus, 1970-1971
Student's Association, 1965-1971
4Y475 Daily Texan, Student Publications, 1967-1971
Student Publications, 1966-1971
Texas Union, 1966-1971
YMCA-YWCA, 1967-1971
Architecture, 1966-1971
Art, 1966-1971
College of Arts and Sciences, 1966-1970
4Y476 College of Business Administration, 1966-1971
Bureau of Business Research, 1966-1971
Commencement, 1966-1971
4Y477 College of Arts and Sciences, 1970
Art Department, 1970-1971
College of Business Administration, 1970
School of Architecture, 1970
Graduate School of Business, 1970-1971
Drama Department, 1970-1971
Department of Economics, 1970-1971
4Y478 College of Education, 1970-1971
College of Engineering, 1970-1971
English Department, 1970-1971
College of Fine Arts, 1970-1971
Geological Sciences, 1970-1971
Germanic Languages, 1970-1971
Government Department, 1970-1971
4Y479 Graduate School, 1970-1971
History Department, 1970-1971
Department of Journalism, 1970-1971
Institute of Latin American Studies, 1966-1971
4Y480 Law School, 1970-1971
Microbiology, 1970-1971
Department of Music, 1971
Music, 1970
Physical Instruction, men and women, 1970-1971
Department of Psychology, 1970-1971
4C537 UT Board of Regents’ meetings and minutes:
4C538 1973-1974
4C539 1975-1977
4C540 1977-1979
4C541 1981-1984
4C542 1980-1987
4C543 1980-1981
2F446 Astronomy Department, 1981-1982
Center for Asian Studies, 1980-1982
Asian Studies Center, 1980-1982
College of Arts and Sciences, 1980-1982
Art History, 1980
Art, 1980-1982
Art Department, 1980-1982
Architecture, 1980-1982
Anthropology, 1980-1982
American Studies, 1980-1982
Afro-American Studies Center, 1980-1982
Afro-American Studies, 1980-1982
Advertising, 1980-1982
Accounting, 1980-1982
Accounting Department, 1980-1982
2/G16a Texas Student Publications, 1973-1979
Shuttle bus, 1972-1979
2/G16b Social Work, 1960-1979
Student attorney, 1969-1979
Students' Association, 1972-1979
Texas Union, 1972-1979
2/G17a UT Co-op, 1967-1974
Extension Division, Interscholastic League, 1967-1974
Extension Division, Public School Ethnic Studies Center, 1968-1974
Honors Day, 1971-1976
General Libraries, 1968-1971
Tarlton Law Library, 1971-1974
The Library Bulletin, 1973-1980
Pharmacy, 1958-1979
2/G17b UT Police, 1972-1979
2/G19 UT Press, 1969-1975
Report on organized research, 1985
UT Austin, financial statements, 1958, 1960, 1962-1963, 1979
UT Health Science Center at Dallas, financial statements, 1979
Calendars, 1960-1970
2/G20 Calendars, 1969-1970
Calendar file copies, 1961-1966
Calendar correspondence
I-newsletter main university; background information, correspondence, etc., 1960-1962
Calendar publications and correspondence
Weekly calendar of events, 1968-1969
The University of Texas at Austin, Student Services and Activities, Institutional regulations, 1967
Institutional rules on Student Services and Activities, copy of record, 1970-1971
A Guide to Student Services, The University of Texas at Austin, January 1970
Texas Engineering and Science Magazine, first edition, April 1965
The University of Texas at Austin, financial statements with detailed supportive schedules, fiscal year ended August 31, 1979
Research and Graduate Instruction, Chemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, 1966
Radio/Television, annual report, The University of Texas at Austin, year ending August 31, 1966
The University of Texas at Austin College of Business Administration, annual report, 1966-1967
The University of Texas at Austin College of Engineering, annual report, 1965-1966
Student files:
Repertory Theater
Discrimination, November 1973 - January 1974
Chuck Wagon, November 7, 1969
Student Catastrophes, 1968-1969, 1973-1976
Student protests and issues: miscellaneous, presidential, nuclear, alcohol, gays, etc., 1975-1976
Student protests and interests: politics, neighborhoods, 1975-1976
The Drag, 1974
Student interest groups:
Political, protests, common interests, handicapped, minorities, etc., 1974-1975
Local, county politics, Austin Tomorrow, miscellaneous, minorities, 1974-1975
Local county politics, international, health, miscellaneous, minorities, 1973-1974
Student issues and interest groups: political, protest, common interest, handicapped, etc., 1973-1974
Rallies and protests, 1968-1969
Now the Revolution, UT Curtain Club, February 1969
Union Rhubarb
Demonstrations and riots:
Campus riots:
University of Texas
University of Houston
Prairie View
Campus disorders:
Kent State
2/G23a Anti-war rally (SMC), October 31, 1970
Drag disturbance, November 1970
Bomb threats, November 1970
National Lawyer's Guild suit
Harold Stevenson suit against UT
Anti-Inauguration demonstration, January 20, 1973
Protest activities at LBJ Library Dedication, general information, May 22, 1971
Boys State, Keith Deen incident, 1971
SEC stock investigation, January 1971
Student residency suit
Larry Jackson CUF, breakfast program
Pending file for L. Franks, and drugs
Tom Crofut
Fires, explosions, UT
Students and athletics
False arrest suit, Stephen Russell
Flag abuse, Supreme Court ruling, March 28, 1971
Parade permits
Spies on campus
Regents' rule on use of physical facilities by student organizations
Demonstrations, rallies, Fall 1972
Kyle strike, August 1972
Anti-war demonstrations, Spring 1971, Spring 1972, Fall 1972
Student labor suit, Brown school, 1971
Door-kicking, Court House, James vs. Hill
Post-Arkansas celebration, 1970
Panty raid, December 5, 1970
SMC Convention, December 4-6, 1970
Events on or about April 21, student strike against the war
Campus disorder, Presidents advisor, George A. Heard
Demonstrations and federal support
Canadian kidnappings, October 1970
Rockfest, City Park, August 30, 1970
High School activism
Abbie Hoffman/Leonard Weinglass lectures, April 11, 1970
Trial of Chicago 7
Conference of student body presidents sponsored by South Texas Chamber of Commerce (San Antonio), September 14-15, 1969
Governor's Conference, College and University student body presidents, April 16-17, 1970
Protest history
Armadillo May Day Tribe, Austin People's Peace Treaty Trip
Events, 1971-1973
Abortion; WAAC, Texas Abortion Company, see also Women's Lib
Academic Freedom
Student participation in Academic Governance
Ad-Hoc Committee Against the Regents Rule
Alcohol/Beer in Union
Americans for Democratic Action
American Servicemen's Union (also "The Bond") Killeen
The Association of Religious Teachers
Astrological Research Forum of Texas
Athletics in Action
Austin Committee to end Grand Jury Abuse
Austin Peace Treaty Coalition
University Atheists Society and Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Campus Crusade for Christ
Christ is the Answer Crusade, November 1972
Chicano Huelga
CHILD - Campus Help Involving Land Development
Children of God
Cinema 40 Film Society
Citywide Committee for Human Rights, Inc.
College House
CORA - Committee to Oppose Racism and Apartheid (Co-op and Polaroid)
SOS, local
Project information
Integration in Education, general
2/G23b Racism, student opinion
Minority advancement
Doom House
Black Power, racism
Lee Otis Johnson
Congress for the Unity of Black People
National Association of Black Students
Negro Colleges
Blacks at UT Austin and in Higher Education
Black Arts Festival, April 16-20; Black America Series, 1968
Jeff Jones, first radical student body president
HEW, compliance report (minority groups)
Regents ruling on demonstration and drugs
Drug use, student cases
2/G24a Anti-War protest, May 12-June 9, 1970
Anti-War protest, May 8-11, 1970
Student Mobilization Committee
Boys' State, Summer 1970
War on Poverty Week, October 1970
Fall Mall Ball, October 1970
Governor Smith at the University of Houston, October 7, 1970
"Drag" disturbance, October 30-31, 1970
Bombings, October 1970
Camp Mabry files, October 9, 1970
UT demonstrations, May 1-June 18, 1970
Campus disorders:
Various studies
Senate consideration
Congressional and federal action, general
U. S. House action
State legislature backlash
The press
Campus in Turmoil, series, Meek and Evans
Student revolt, Supreme Court
Campus riots, general, January 1, 1970
Radicals and the Law
Vietnam, student opinion
Campus insurance
Vietnam, protest activities
Vietnam protest, Spock trial
Angela Davis, UCLA
Underground Press
Los Angeles Free Press
Student Mobilizer
Institute for Court Management
International Pentacostal Organization
Irish Americans
Jail conditions
John Birch Society
Kyle workers strike, student involvement
Labor University Alliance
La Raza Unida Party
Lettuce Boycott
Lyceum II School
Majority coalition
Malcolm X Center
Ecology Action
Energy Study Commission
Student, foreign travel
Food stamps to students
Gay Women's Liberation
Free University
Gas Co-op
Fatigue Press, Fort Hood
Fort Hood
Draft evasion, manual and information
2/G24b Draft and ROTC enrollment
Student responsibility/power
Police intimidation of minorities
Poverty Corps (UT)
Salary kickbacks incident, Prairie View A & M
The College Press
Radical Alliance
Radical Law Students Caucus (RLSC)
Radical Speakers
Rainbow Coalition
Recruiting, general
Peace Corps recruiting
Recruiting, UT campus
Revolutionary Marxist Caucus
A School for Children, East Austin's "Summerhill"
Mental Patients, Liberation Project
Middle Earth
Milo Menderbender Food Co-op
Militant Forum
Mothers Grits
Nader's Raiders
NPAC-National Peace Action Coalition
National Youth Alliance
The Pill
New Left
New Mobe
New Party
Organization of Arab Students
Peace and Freedom Party
Peace Votes
People's Free Clinic
People's Liberation Army
People's Peace Treaty
German House
Hippie Hollow incident
Greenbriar School
Group for a Democratic University
Guerilla Theatre
Hare Krishna Movement
Student parking
New America Coalition
GI Press service
Students, fraternities
The Greek System
Student lobbies
Jewish Students
Human Opportunities Corporation
Housing, open housing
Young Republicans
Youth International Parties (Yippies)
White House Conference on Youth
Zero Population Growth
Young Americans for Freedom, Inc.
Young Democrats
Young Democrats Conservative
Young Socialist Alliance
2/G25a Students role in policymaking, 1966-1967
Texas Student League for Responsible Sexual Freedom, Spring 1966
Dean Rusk visit, January 1967
SDS-Humphrey clips, ET. SEQ, March-May, 1967
Student discipline, Freedom Movement, Spring 1967
Notes (staff) Freedom Movement, Spring 1967
Documents, Freedom Movement, Spring 1967
General Harold K. Johnson, student opinion, November 30, 1967
Killeen, student cases, December 12, 1967
General Hugh B. Lester, February 21, 1968
General Lewis B. Hershey, March 6-7, 1968
Connally Party, February 27, 1968:
Student cases
Student opinions
Don Weeden Conoco, May 3, 1968
Union Food Services Boycott, 1968:
Student opinions
Rat patrol
Chilean Exchange
Willard D. Pittman
GI Solidarity Day, October 13, 1968
Draft, case of UT student Spearman
Killeen "Love-In," July 4, 1968
Campus arrests
Spring 1968
Mobilization Day, Spring 1968
Gentle Thursday, Spring 1968
Peace Rally, April 27, 1968
ROTC building bombing, May 29, 1968
Students and Poor People's March, 1968
Martin Luther King:
Aftermath, general, April 4, 1968
Aftermath, UT
Aftermath, student opinion
Memorial service, UT Austin, April 5, 1968
Students Union, 1968-1969
Walk for Development, February 1969
Regents suit against RAG, July 1969 and RAG suit against Regents, August 1969
Waggoner Carr speech to Boy's State, June 10, 1969
Joe Arden Olsen, armed takeover of plane, June 1969
Block party, May 2, 1969
Gentle Thursday, May 1, 1969
West Mall, Save the Grass, Spring 1969
Students, Visitors to Cuba, Spring 1969
Larry Jackson, probation violation, June 1969
Trees, Waller Creek, October 1969
Peace Fountain Wade-in, October 1969
Union Patio Sleep-in, October 1969
Moratorium, October 15, 1969
Drug Conference, Kahan's, November 1969
"That Drug Thing," November 1969
Chuckwagon incident, November 1969
2/G25b Regent's reversal, Chuckwagon, November 9, 1970
Moratorium, December 1969
Post Arkansas riot, December 1969
Concerned Faculty Committee, December 1969 - February 1970
Moratorium, January 1970
Walk for Development, Community Center St. John's area, February 22, 1970
11th Game, February 1970
Texas Independence Day, March 2, 1970
March 2, 1970
Anti-Draft, Anti-War Campaign, March 1970
MASO parade, April 1970
Student Association election, Jeff Jones, 1970
Radical Alliance, 1970
Abbie Hoffman, April 1970
Moratorium, Spring 1970
Anti-War protest, May 3-7, 1970
U. S. Campaign unrest, editorials, analysis, etc., May 6-June 15, 1970
2/G26 Drug use, UT
Draft protest, student opinion
Draft case of Albert Almendariz, effects on graduate students
Draft protest, student cases
Drug use:
General, 1968-1971
LeMar and student opinion
Speed, Amphetamines
Nixon message on drugs
Tobacco use
Recruiting, student opinion
Health food fad
Curfews, student opinion
Disruptions, student opinion
Campus drifters
Student culture
Student age
Student apathy
Profiles, students
Student profiles, Hippies
Open University, University without Walls
Students and student life
Mary E. Welch suit, August 1972
TA retirement plan
Teaching Effectiveness Program
Texas Consumers Association
Texans for Americans
Texas Intercollegiate Student Association
Texas Socialist Workers Party
Texas P. I. R. G.
Tolkien Society
Tomato Hubris for Wit and Wisdom
Union for Student/Faculty/Staff Control of the University
United Campus Ministry
United Ministries of the University of Texas
University Committee to End the War in Vietnam
University Economic Community
University YM-YWCA
Universities National Anti-War Fund
Vietnam Veterans
Veteran's Association
Vietnam Vets Against the War
W. E. B. Du Bois Club
Welfare Rights Organization
White Hats
White Panthers
Wichita State University plane crash
Women's liberation
World Youth Assembly
Campus response, Wounded Knee
Gay Liberation
2/G27 Regent's meetings, 1964-1968
2/G28 Regent's meetings, 1969-1970
Regent's, 1966-1970
2/G29a Whitman, 1966-1972
2/G29b Whitman miscellaneous clippings, printed material and UT records, 1966-1985
Anwar Sadat speech, 1985
2/G30 Whitman, UT sniper, 1966-1983
2/G34 Panhellenic Council, 1968-1979
Center for Particle Theory, 1970-1975
Pass-Fail, 1968-1974
Patent policy, 1974
Payroll division, 1968-1979
Pearl, 1976
Percussion Ensemble, 1970
Peregrinus, 1969
Personnel office, 1966-1979
Petroleum Land Management, 1979
Petroleum Extension Service, 1976-1978
Pharmacy Extension Service, 1978
Phi Beta Kappa, 1968-1977
Phi Delta Theta, 1976-1977
Philosophy Department, 1968-1979
Physical Sciences, 1970-1976
Physics Department, 1965-1979
Placement office, 1971-1979
Plan II, 1978-1979
Faculty Committee on Policy, 1967-1976
Graduate Union of Political Scientists, 1968
Population Research Center, 1967-1979
President's office, 1975
The President's Associates, 1972
Presidential Lecture Series, 1977
UT Press, 1967-1979
Ilay Prigogine Center for Studies in Statistical Mechanics, 1967-1978
Primate Center, 1975-1978
Printing division, 1968-1977
Project information, 1974-1979
Provisional admissions, 1967-1973
Psychology, 1965-1979
Public Lectures Committee, 1972-1979
Radiocarbon lab, 1975-1979
Radio, TV, film, 1966-1979
Rally Committee, 1973
Texas Rangers, 1968-1977
Reading and study skills lab, 1968-1979
Division of Recreational Sports, 1974-1979
Recruiting, 1978
Registrar, 1970-1979
Registration, 1968-1979
Regulations regarding scholastic dishonesty, 1978
Center for Relativistic Astrophysics and Quantum Cosmology, 1976-1979
Center for Relative Theory, 1973-1976
Association of Religious Teachers, 1976
Repertory Theater, 1971-1972
UT Research Bulletin, 1974-1975
Research, 1968-1979
Research opportunities, 1977-1979
VP for research, 1975
University Research Institute, 1973-1979
Residential College, 1969
Retirement, 1967-1969
UT Rodeo Association, 1976-1977
Romance languages, 1966-1968
General, 1969-1979
Air Force, 1967-1978
Army, 1970-1979
Navy, 1970-1979
Round Top, 1976
Round Top Festival, 1976
Round-up, 1966-1979
Safety office, 1966-1979
Santa Rita Award, 1973-1977
Scandanavian languages and literature, 1973
Scholarships, 1966-1972
UT Office of School Surveys and Studies, 1968-1977
"SCHO PRO," 1968
Texas Academy of Sciences, 1976
Science development, 1966-1967
Science Education Center, 1975-1976
Science and Mathematics Summer Institute, 1966
Scientists and Engineers International Technical Conference, 1969
Seasonal and special events, 1974-1978
Self-evaluation, 1974-1978
Senior Cabinet, 1976-1979
Service Awards Program, 1962-1973
Services for handicapped students, 1977-1979
Services for returning students, 1969-1979
Showcase, 1967-1974
Sid W. Richardson Foundation, 1971
Silver Spurs, 1976-1978
Slavic Department, 1973-1979
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, 1972-1979
Center for Social Work Research, 1975-1979
Sociology, 1973-1979
Solar energy, 1975
Solo artists series, 1973-1976
Southern Regional Education Board, 1968-1970
Southwest Conference, 1970-1977
2/G35a Faculty programs, 1968-1974
Faculty salaries (Women), 1974
Faculty Senate, 1970-1979
Faculty-staff directory, 1971
Faculty workload, 1972-1978
Fast kinetics research, 1978
Federal programs, 1967
Fencing alliance, 1976
FHA Mortgage Program, 1967
Film classics, 1972
Film library (formerly Visual Instruction Bureau), 1975-1979
Finance Department, 1967-1979
Financial aid-student, 1936-1979
College of Fine Arts, 1972-1979
Fine Arts Festival, 1967-1977
Fire Marshall, 1973-1979
Flying Club, 1975
Folklore Center, 1975-1978
Food Day, 1976
Football program, 1969-1970
Foreign Language Education Department, 1968-1977
French and Italian, 1971-1979
Reshman encounter, 1969
Friar Society, 1977
Fusion Research Center, 1971-1979
Gas Co-op, 1971-1972
Gay Pride Week, 1976-1979
Generalized University model (GUM), 1967
Office of General Counsel, 1977-1979
General Business, 1977-1979
General and Comparative Studies, 1971-1979
Genesis, 1969
Genetic Foundation, undated
Genetics Institute, 1975-1978
Geography Department, 1971-1979
2/G35b Geology Foundation, 1963-1979
Geology Department, 1966-1979
Geopressured Geothermal Energy Conference, 1975-1979
Germanic languages, 1965-1979
Bureau of Economic Geology, 1966-1979
2/G36 History Department, 1966-1979
Research in Texas History, 1975-1979
Center for Studies in Texas History, 1979
Center for Highway Research, 1970-1977
University History Project, 1975-1979
Hogg Foundation, 1972-1979
Holidays, 1974-1976
Homecoming, 1977
Home economics, 1973-1979
Hook-em sign, 1979
Honors Day, 1977-1979
Housing and Food Service Newsletter, 1976-1978
Housing and Food Division, 1972-1979
Huges' Will, 1976-1979
Institute of Human Development, 1974-1979
Conference on Human Relations and the Law, 1968
Center for the Study of Human Resources, 1973-1979
Humanities newsletter, 1971-1973
Humanities program, undated
Humanities Research Center, 1968-1978
College of Humanities, 1972-1978
Huntington Art Gallery, 1960-1979
Institutional Studies, 1967-1979
The Inquiring Mind, 1973
2/G37a From Campus to Counselor, 1971-1972
Campus Development West-Phase Four, 1975
Campus minorities, 1978
Campus Services, Inc., 1967-1978
Campus Service Escort, 1978
Institute for Constructive Capitalism, 1975-1979
Career Choice Information Service, 1974-1980
Carlyle numbering system, 1978
UT Carnival, 1973
Carrascolendas, 1973-1976
Casis Elementary School, 1966
Call Research Institute, 1976
UT Centennial, 1979
Central Duplicating Office, 1974
Challenge, 1968
Chamber Ensemble/Choral Union, 1973-1979
Chamber of Commerce, 1974
Chancellor's Council, 1967-1979
Cheerleaders, 1975-1979
Chemistry, 1966-1979
Chess Club, 1972
Chicano Graduate Student Association, 1975-1979
Chicano Media Conference, 1976-1977
Chicano Studies Center, 1977
Child Care, 1976
Child Development Evaluation and Research Center, 1945-1978
Chilean Exchange Program, 1967-1976
Cinema Texas, 1976
Choral Organization, 1975
Classics Department, 1967-1979
College Loyalty Alumni Support Program, 1966
Coalition Against Racism and Intervention in the Middle East, 1979
Collections Deposit Library, 1967-1968
2/G37b Collector's Institute, 1979
College Bowl, 1967-1969
College Councils, 1968-1973
College Entrance Examination Board, 1976
College Houses, Inc., 1976
College Graduates, 1976
College Placement Council, 1977
Collegium Musicum, 1969-1975
Commencement, 1972-1979
Commercial Solicitation, 1967-1969
Common Trust Fund, 1967
Communication Center, 1967-1979
Communication Research Center, 1970-1976
College of Communication, 1972-1979
Communication Week, 1973-1978
Community Business Advisory Service, 1979
Community Involvement, 1969
Graduate Program in Community and Regional Planning, 1972-1979
Communiversity, 1971-1974
Comparative Studies, 1967-1978
Computer-assisted instruction, 1966-1974
Faculty Computer Committee, 1976-1978
Computer Sciences Department, 1966-1979
Construction and Maintenance, 1975-1979
CASMT (Conference for Advancement of Science and Math Teachers), 1973
Consultantships, 1977
Co-op, 1978-1979
Council, 1972-1979
2/G38 Law School, 1972-1979
Law student, 1975
Law week, 1970
LBJ Foundation, 1976
Learning Disabilities Center, 1973-1979
Learning and Media Research Project (LMRP), 1977
Lecture notes (Student-owned Corporation), 1967
Legal Aid Clinic, 1969-1974
Legislative Interns, 1967-1978
Society of UT Librarians, 1975
Liberal Arts, 1978-1979
Latin American Studies Language and Area, 1976-1978
Language Laboratory, 1977-1979
LBJ Foundation/Zale Award, 1973-1977
Land Resources Laboratory, 1974
Landscape architecture, 1966
Institute of Latin American Studies, 1972-1979
Law and the Free Society Lecture Series, 1969-1973
Law Day, 1968
Law Forum, 1975
UT System Law Office, 1976
General Libraries, 1972-1979
Architecture Library, 1977
Library, archives, 1970-1976
Asian Collection, 1979
UT Austin Library, 1975-1978
History of Aviation Collection, 1967-1978
Barker Texas History Center, 1956-1979
Norman Bel Geddes Collection, 1979
Collections Deposit Library, 1976
Communications Library, 1979
Library Criminal Justice Reference Library, 1972-1973
Library Documents Collection, 1971-1972
Duncan Collection, 1971-1972
Library-Eberstadt-Jenkins Collection, 1976
Engineering Library, 1977
Library: Ernie Stanley Gardner Collection, 1976
Film Library, 1979
Library-Gernsheim Collection, 1967-1979
Hanely Collection, 1960
Hellman Collection, 1969
Hoblitzelle Collection, 1967-1979
Humanities Research Center, 1972-1975
Mirabeau B. Lamar Library, 1976
Latin American Collection, 1968-1979
Leeds Gallery, 1975
Mexican-American Studies Collection, 1974-1978
Michener Collection, 1968-1979
2/G39 Disability income insurance plan, 1966-1969
Integration, 1977
Intercollegiate Athletics:
General, 1965-1979
Men, 1974-1979
Women, 1973-1979
Interfraternity Council, 1967-1978
Intercooperative Council, 1976-1979
Intercultural Studies in Folklore, 1975-1978
Internal Audits Office, 1978-1979
International Office, 1972-1979
International Studies and Programs, 1968-1979
International Poetry Festival, 1969
Inter-Service Council, 1977
Intramural Sports, 1969-1979
Office of Investments, 1975-1979
Investments, Trusts, and Lands, 1972-1979
Iranian Studies and Iranian Student Association, 1976
Jazz Ensemble, 1969-1978
Journalism, 1972-1979
Journalism Review, 1974
Junior Fellows, 1977
Junior String Project, 1969-1971
Kappa Sigma, 1977-1979
KLRN, 1972-1979
KLRU, 1978-1979
KRMH, 1976
KTVV, 1975-1978
KUT-FM, 1967-1979
Law School Foundation, 1966-1979
2/G40a Photography Collection, 1975-1978
Rare Books, 1930-1974
Ruth Stephan Poetry Collection, 1979
Reserve Book Collection, 1968
History of Science Collection, 1969-1979
C. R. Smith Collection of Western Art, 1979
Smither's Collection, 1979
Special Collections, 1970-1976
Miriam Lutcher Stark, 1939
Swante Palm Library, 1950
Swenson Collection, 1978-1979
Tarlton Law Library, 1950
Well Sample and Core, 1979
Undergraduate Library, 1968-1979
University Writings Collection, 1973-1978
Graduate School of Library Science, 1968-1979
Linguistics Department, 1971-1979
Linguistics Research Center, 1966-1979
Longhorns, 1977
Longhorn Hall of Honor, 1967-1979
Longhorn Radio Network, 1968-1978
Longhorn Singers, 1977-1979
Loyalty Oath, 1966-1968
Longhorn Band, 1960-1979
Maces, 1967-1969
Management Conference, 1967-1979
Management Department, 1971-1979
Management Development Program, 1977-1979
March 2, 1968-1977
Marine Studies, 1976-1979
Marketing, 1972-1979
Medical Athletic Advisory Council, 1967
Meteorology, 1971-1979
Mexican-American Studies, 1969-1979
Mexican-American Student Association (MASO), 1969-1975
Mexican-American Youth Organization (MAYO), 1975
Microbiology Department, 1971-1979
Middle Eastern Studies, 1970-1979
State Mining and Mineral Resource and Research Institute, 1977-1979
Minority students, 1974-1979
Mobility handicapped, 1967-1975
Mobilization for survival, 1978-1979
MIGHT (Mobility Impaired Grappling Hurtles Together), 1975-1978
Mortor Board, 1975-1979
Museum of Light, 1970
Music, 1969-1979
Museum Students Association, 1979
National Academy of Sciences, Texas members, 1967-1975
National Association of State University and Land Grant Colleges, 1972
National Geographic Society, 1975
Natural Sciences, 1970-1979
National Translation Center, 1968
Natural Fibers Economic Research, 1966-1976
Texas System of Natural Laboratories, 1965-1972
Division of Natural Resources and Environment, 1973-1975
Nepotism, 1970-1978
New Century Fund, 1975
News and Information Service, 1973-1979
Center for Nuclear Studies (Previously Accelerator Laboratory), 1966-1979
Center for Numerical Analysis, 1970-1978
2/G40b Nursing, 1973-1979
Student Ombudsman, 1969-1979
Open records, 1975-1978
Opera program, 1976
Opera theater, 1970-1979
Oral history, 1975-1979
Organization of Arab Students, 1979
Student Organizations, 1967-1978
Oriental and African Languages, 1974-1979
Orientation, 1968-1977
2/G41 Government, 1972-1979
Student government, 1971-1979
Governing Board of State Colleges and Universities, 1966
Governmental Accounting and Finance Institute, 1967
Grade inflation, 1978
Graduate Assembly, 1973-1979
Graduate School Foundation, 1976
Graduate School, 1966-1979
Graduate Student Caucus, 1975
Black Graduate Student Association, 1976
Union of Graduate Student Workers (UGSW), 1975-1979
Graduate studies, 1975-1979
Greek system, 1969-1973
Grievance procedure, 1976-1978
Grounds and maintenance, 1976
Gutenberg Bible, 1978-1979
Health Center, 1966-1979
Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1969-1979
Hebrew House, 1970
Hebrew studies
Junior Historians, 1977-1978
Texas State Historical Association, 1972-1979
2/G42 Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, 1971-1974
Spanish and Portuguese Department, 1970-1979
Speaker policy, 1974
Special Programs Office, College of Arts and Sciences, 1967-1976
Speech Communication, 1968-1979
Speech and Hearing Clinic, 1967-1979
Special events, 1976-1978
Special services, 1975-1977
UT Speleological Society, 1975
Office of Sponsored Projects, 1967-1978
Sports Information Office, 1976-1979
Staff Employee's Association, 1972-1975
Staff news, 1970-1975
26th Street, 1969-1976
Streakers, 1974
String Project, 1973-1979
Structural Studies, 1975-1978
Students Association, 1979
Student Associations' Student Body Presidents, 1973-1978
Student Services and Activities, 1967-1979
Student Association for a Realistic Approach, 1969
Student Bar Association, 1979
Students for a Democratic Society, 1967-1968
Student-Faculty Board, 1968-1970
Committee on Students' Use of English, 1969
Handicapped students, 1976
Student League, 1978-1979
Students for Libertarian Society, 1979
Students Older than Average, 1977-1979
Student Senate, 1975-1977
Student teaching, 1966-1969
Summer programs, 1969-1975
Supply and mail service, 1967-1979
UT Symphony Orchestra, 1973-1979
Sweetheart UT, 1976-1978
TACT (Texas Association of College Teachers), 1972-1978
American Federation of Teachers, 1972-1978
Teaching Assistants, 1967-1978
Teacher Certification and the Placement, 1967-1975
Teacher Corps, 1974-1977
Research and Development Center in Teacher Education, 1967-1979
Center for Teaching Effectiveness, 1973-1979
Teacher evaluation, 1968
Teacher placement, 1976
Student evaluation of teaching, 1968
12th Annual Conference for Teachers of English, 1969
Tektite II, 1970
Telephone counseling and referral services, 1973-1979
Telephones, 1966-1976
Tenure, 1972-1975
Tex-an, 1974-1975
Texas Association of College Teachers, 1975-1979
Texas A & M University, 1976
Institute of Texas Cultures, 1976-1979
TexPrig, 1973-1977
Texas Education Microwave Project (TEMP), 1967-1971
Texas Business Review, 1975-1979
Texas Law Review, 1970-1971
Texas Opportunity Plan, 1966
Texas Quarterly, 1968-1976
Texas Relays, 1976-1978
Texas Times, 1968
UT Theosophists, 1976
Third World Film Series, 1973
J. C. Thompson Conference Center, newsletter, 1972
Tinker Collection, 1968-1973
Tokenism, 1975
Tradition, UT, 1966-1973
Trailer Park, 1976
Translation Center, 1967
Council for Advanced Transportation Studies, 1973-1978
Travel, undated
Tuition, 1967-1974
Tunnels, 1972
Tutorial Assistance Program, 1976
"200 Years," 1975-1979
UT Foundation, 1976-1979
American Association of University Professors, 1975-1979
University Review Committee, 1977
University Sailing Club, 1976
University Student Tenant Association, 1979
University System Staff Employee's Association, 1973-1978
UT System at Austin, 1976-1977
The University Ladies Club, 1971-1972
Varsity Singers, 1972
Vending Machines, 1969
Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, 1975-1979
Veterans, 1974-1979
Visitors Center, 1973-1975
Voluntary Addiction Center, 1972
Center for Research in Water Resources, 1966-1978
Joint Center for West Texas Environment Studies, 1973-1974
President's Commission on White House Fellows, 1973
Wind Ensemble, 1975
Women's Concert Choir, 1975
Women's Law Caucus, 1975
Council on the Status of Women and Minorities, 1973-1977
Women's Referral Center, 1974
Work-Study Program, 1967
World Order Program, 1975-1977
University YMCA-YWCA, 1972-1976
Young Socialist Alliance, 1970
Zoology, 1963-1979
2/G43a College of Engineering, 1971-1979
Bureau of Engineering Research, 1979
Aerospace Engineering, 1969-1979
Architectural Engineering, 1970-1977
Biomedical Engineering, 1974-1978
Engineering Career Assistance Center, 1977
Chemical Engineering, 1972-1979
Electrical Engineering Research Laboratory, 1959-1977
Environmental Health Engineering, 1957-1977
Engineering Foundation, 1975-1979
Civil Engineering, 1966-1979
Mechanical Engineering, 1972-1979
Engineering Mechanics, 1977
Petroleum Engineering, 1969-1979
Petroleum Extension Service, 1976
English, 1969-1979
Enrollment, 1956-1979
Registration enrollment, 1966-1972
Office of Environmental Health, 1977
Environmental Science Park, 1975-1977
Enrollment Limitation, 1970
Equal Employment Opportunity, 1973-1977
Ethnic Student Services, 1974-1975
Ethnic Studies, 1969-1979
European Studies, 1968-1977
Executive Development, 1966-1967
Ex-Students' Association, 1972-1979
Ex-Students', International Conference, 1970
Ex-Students' President, 1975
Extension Division, 1968-1979
Extension Teaching and Field Service Bureau, 1975-1976
"Eyes of Texas," 1969-1979
2/G43b UIL (University Interscholastic League), 1975-1979
Extension Division, Public School Ethnic Studies, 1975-1976
Faculty Artists Series, 1979
Faculty Associate Program, 1967
Faculty Center, 1973-1978
Faculty Council, 1968-1975
Faculty Forum, 1970
General Faculty, 1977-1979
2/G44a Council on Legal Educational Opportunity (CLEO), 1970-1975
Counseling, Psychological Services Center, 1967-1969
Course Evaluation Committee, 1970
Texas Cowboys, 1970-1979
Roy Crane Awards, 1973
Credit Union, 1967-1979
Crime Prevention Unit, 1975
Center for Cybernetic Studies, 1970
Cultural Entertainment Committee, 1979
Dads' Association, 1970-1979
Data processing, 1974-1979
UT Day Care Center, 1976-1979
Dean's Council, 1975-1979
Dean of Students, 1965-1979
Defense Research Lab, 1967
Degree requirements, 1967-1978
House of Delegates, 1970
Young Democrats, 1976
Dimension, 1968-1973
Discipline Policies Committee, 1975
Discovery Magazine, 1976-1978
Drama, 1967-1979
Drug Dynamics Institute, 1975-1979
Center for Earth Sciences and Engineering, 1976
Eberstadt Collections, 1975-1976
Center for Economic Development, 1972-1974
Economics Department, 1970-1979
Editorial Research Publication, 1968
College of Education, 1966-1979
Continuing Education, 1976-1979
Education Administration Department, 1973-1978
American Council on Education, 1975
Bilingual Education, 1975
Cultural Foundation of Education, 1975
Distributive Education, undated
Center for Higher Education Management, 1974-1979
Higher Education Provisions, 1975-1976
Center for History of Education, 1974
Program in Education Opportunity, 1969-1970
Educational Policy Committee, 1967
Educational Psychology, 1973-1979
UT Education Researchers, 1975
Special Education, 1966-1978
Educational television, 1975
Center for Electromechanics, 1977
2/G44b Emergency Counseling and Referral Service, 1960-1968
University of Texas Employee's Union, 1975-1979
Texas Public Employees Association, 1979
Outside employment, 1967
Energy Information Service, undated
Council on Energy Research, 1977-1979
Energy Conservation Committee, 1973-1976
Forum on Energy Resources and Mineral Plant Foods, 1972
Center for Energy Studies, 1974-1979
Ex-Students' Conference on Energy, 1976
2/G45a Academic Council, 1979
Academic Freedom and Responsibility, 1976
Academic Freedom and Tenure, 1975
Academic titles, 1971
A Cappella Choir, 1968-1974
Accounting pamphlets, undated
Accounting, 1970-1979
Achievement Scholarship Program, 1974-1977
Actors Theater, 1972
Admissions, 1966-1979
Adult Basic Education Learning Center, 1976
Advertising, 1967-1979
Student affairs, 1971-1979
Student Affairs Newsletter, 1969-1974
Affirmative Action, 1973-1978
Afro-American Studies, 1974-1979
Alcalde, 1977-1979
Alcoholic beverages, 1966-1973
Laboratories of Algal Physiology, 1975-1976
Alpha Phi Omega, 1974-1979
Alumni College, 1977-1979
Distinguished Alumnus Awards, 1976-1978
Ambulances, 1969
American experience, 1974
American Indian Now Texans, 1976
American Studies, 1971-1979
Office of Analysis and Planning, 1977
Archeology Research Lab, 1967-1979
Architecture, 1972-1977
Archives, 1977-1979
Arion, 1963-1972
Art, 1972-1979
Art of the Americas Collection Art Museum, 1974-1976
Committee on Arts and Letters, 1966-1972
College of Arts and Sciences, 1971-1979
Arts and Sciences Foundation, 1966-1976
Asian Studies Center, 1967-1979
Student assembly, 1969
Astronomy, 1967-1979
2/G45b Atheists, UT, 1975
Athletics Council, 1966-1979
Auditing of classes, 1967-1979
Balcones Institute for Research and Development (BIRD), 1973-1975
Bank depository agreements, 1966
Benefits, 1977
Beta Alpha Psi, 1976
Bevo, 1957-1979
Bible studies, 1975-1979
Bicentennial, 1973-1976
Bicycle plan, 1972
Biology/Biological Sciences, 1968-1978
Clayton Foundation Biomedical Institute, 1971-1979
Biomedical Research Institute, 1973-1975
Black Print, 1975-1977
National Congress of Black Professionals, 1972-1976
Black Studies, 1969-1978
Blanket Tax, 1967-1973
Blood drive, 1974
Border Research Project, 1978
Botany, 1970-1979
Budget, 1976
Building use fees, 1968-1975
Bursar's Office, 1972-1979
Business Administration Foundation, 1966-1976
Business School Foundation, 1977
Business Administration, 1972-1975
2/G45c Business Administration, 1976-1979
Graduate School of Business, 1968-1979
Business placement office, 1977
Business Research Bureau, 1972-1979
Business Training Bureau, 1975-1979
2/G198 Austin Oaks
General correspondence, 1964
2/G199 News releases:
Jan. 1961-Sep. 1964
2/G200 Oct. 1964-Apr. 1967
2/G201 May 1967-Jan. 1970
2/G202 Feb. 1970-Jan. 1972
2/G203 Feb. 1972-June 1973
2/G204 July 1973-Dec. 1974
2/G205 Jan. 1975-May 1976
2/G206 June 1976-March 1978
2/G207 Apr. 1978-Nov. 1979
2/G218a Symposia material:
Civil rights, scrapbook of symposium, December 11-12, 1972
Reservation forms
LBJ School and Library, Gerald Ford visit, photo prints, 1977
Decency Conference, Photo negatives and contact sheets, September 12-16, 1976
The Presidency and the Press (5 tapes), April 23, 1976:
Master plan, advance, Carpenter text
Clips, press credentials, Carpenter story
Requests, program, morning panel
Tapes, Photographs, afternoon panel
George Christian, biographies, cable television
Press conference, White text, president documents
Notes, White story, proceedings
2/G218b International Ex-Students' Conference on Energy (15 tapes), April 26-30, 1976:
Master plan, news conference, story #8
Center for Energy Studies brochure, press kits (4), story #9
Addendum - Energy and Society, Passport, news releases, November 1975
Energy Action news release, press credentials, envelopes , April 29, 1976
Proceedings, press room(s), participants
Clips, proceedings, Brown text
Burrelle's, program, Cook test
To do, registration forms, William Fisher text
Account #, Regents' action, Gardner text
ACTV, Rogers memo, Hoffman transcript
Auditorium, Rostow text, Ikard news release
Biographies, Tariki text, Ikard text
Photographs, Tuesday morning session, Ishida text
Alcalde, Social activities, Kometsky text
Poster, speaker biographies, Mufti abstract
Spelce Associates, speech texts, McKetta transcript
Shuttle service, Steering Committee, McKie text
Mailing lists, story #1, NASA tour, March 8, 1976
Conference head-quarters, story #2, Parsky news release
Donors, story #3, Parsky text
Ford, story #4, Peterson transcript
Friday events, story #5, Yaqub Khan text
Meetings, story #6, White text
NASA, story #7, Woodson
Reservation forms
Planning guides
2/G219a-b Conference on Women in Public Life (9 tapes), : November 9-11, 1975
Women-public life, Sunday evening, #1 story
Master plan, Monday morning, #2 story
Press room, Monday afternoon, Radin story
Speech texts, Women: news releases, Spelce story
Press credentials, Women: staff assignments, banners
UNIS coverage, Notes to accompany tapes, Crawford banner
News releases, Monday evening, photoexhibit
Memos, Tuesday morning, other exhibits
Photographs, Annie Wauneka photograph/clip, International Women's Year
Participants, Tuesday afternoon, transcripts
Women in Power Committee, workshops, press kit
Proceedings, layout diagram, clips
Program, Liz and Simone
2/G219c Toward New Human Rights: The Social Policies of the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations (19 tapes), September 12-16, 1976:
Press kit, special requests, Sunday
Decency, etc., press briefing, Monday
Program, Toward New Human Rights: The Book, Tuesday
Participants, press room, Wednesday
Master plan, remarks - Mrs. LBJ, Matthews news conference
Photographs, message - Gov. Carter, Thursday morning
Press credential requests
2/G219d-e Educating a Nation: The Changing American Commitment (5 tapes), January 24-25, 1972:
Education, news releases, photo requests
Programs and news releases, Texas Times, notes from meetings
Speaker photographs and biographies, programs, lecturn
Student/Faculty tickets, correspondence, planning committee
Auditorium press room sketches, tape notes, transcripts/speeches
Press queries, TV/Radio coverage, clips
Press room, press kits, school and society
Exhibit, press invitees, The Texas Outlook
News conference, education-editors list
2/G220a Government and the Humanities (9 tapes), December 3-5, 1978:
Humanities, notes, news releases
Duffey address, biographies, programs
Joan Mondale speech, photographs, press credentials
Charles Frankel speech, news clips, press kit
The Arts: Years of Development, Time of Decision (12 tapes), September 29-30, 1975:
Master plan, Colbert, Quayle
Press kit, Douglas, Reed
National Endowment for the Arts, Fichandler, Sills
UNIS coverage, Ford, Stevens
Press credential requests, Garvie, Straight
Clippings, Gregorio, Billy Taylor
"Austin People Today," Hanks, Joshua Taylor
Notes, Hightower, Weismann
2/G220b TV and radio, Humphrey, Willis
Special requests, Hunt, Wyeth
Program, Jamison, Thompson
Participants, Javits, Arts Council
Abravanel, Kroll, Schuller
Backas, Leland, Dayton
Bannard, Lowry, Munguia
Bartell, Mark, Halprin
Brademas, Merrill, miscellaneous
Caldwell, Middleton, "On Campus"
2/G220c Chapin, Mitchell, news releases "The Arts"
Coats, Pickle, staff assignments
Prescott, transcripts
Second Presidential Library Conference on the Public and Public Policy (6 tapes), March 22, 1984:
Advances, Domestic Policy Association, press credentials
Background, Kissinger protest, press kit
Biographies, Liz, Simone, and Shirley, press room
Clips, master plan, program
Continuing Education, notes, speech texts
Correspondence, photographs, teleconference
UNIS coverage
The Land, the City, the Human Spirit (9 tapes), April 12-13, 1984:
April 12-13, notes, press kit
Master plan, flyer, press room
Biographies, advances, program
Clips, photographs, speech texts
Correspondence, press credentials, UNIS coverage
Tape notes
2/G221a The New Deal 50 Years After: An Historical Assessment (19 tapes), March 2, 1983:
New Deal, photographs, speeches
Biographies, press credentials, tape notes
Clips, press kit, news releases
Correspondence, program, Mrs. Rostow's remarks
The International Challenge of the 80s (4 tapes), January 25, 1980:
1980s, press credentials, G, B and J
Master plan, biographies, Energy Policy
Program, requests, photographs
Clippings, outs, Energy Policy in perspective
Transcripts/News releases, press credentials, Press Symposium
Photographs, press kit, master plan
The Presidency and the Congress: A Shifting Balance of Power? (16 tapes), November 15-17, 1977:
Credentials, biographies, notes and programs
Press room, press kit, photographs
Lecture hall, Photographs, news releases
Programs, clips, speeches/papers
2/G222 The Business and the Nation and the Nation's Business: Toward a New Partnership (9 tapes), March 1-2, 1979:
Business/Government, press room, photographs
Press credentials, program, Liz
Master plan, press kit, IC2
Clips, correspondence, news releases
Notes, biographies, photographs
Alternatives to Confrontation: A National Policy Toward Regional Change (16 tapes), September 25-27, 1977:
Regional change, UNIS coverage, small photographs
Requests, notes, press kits
Credentials, experts, participants
Press room, biographies, programs
Background, photographs, clips
White House Conference, Campbell release, speeches, papers and transcripts
2/G223 Beyond Today's Energy Crisis: Future of the American Environment (7 tapes), November 11-12, 1974:
Master plan, campus maps, On Campus
Press credentials, Biographies and photographs, transcript
Special requests, miscellaneous
Exhibit, program, texts
Mailing lists, Browning-Ferris press kit, tape notes
News releases
The American City: Realities and Possibilities (6 tapes), October 8-9, 1973:
Press kits (7), Daley, Maier
Cities, Fuller, Rafsky
Press credentials, Gerstenberg, Ruckelshaus
Program, Haar, Weaver
Interview requests, Hamilton, Weese
Mailing lists (urban), Hatcher, Mary Pearl Williams
Exhibit, Mrs. Lyndon Johnson, Wood
Kit, Latting, Zale Award
Stories, Lee, transcripts: Fuller, Crombie
Participants, Lewis, requests for tapes
Banfield, Logue, news releases
Butler, Linowitz, press room
Crombie, McQuade, assignments
Tape notes
Equal Opportunity in the United States (8 tapes), December 11-12, 1972:
Civil Rights, Humphrey, Ximenes
Press credentials, Innis, speaker biographies
ACPRA contest, LBJ, programs
Photo requests, Mrs. Johnson, tickets
Papers, Barbara Jordan, Texas Times (Civil Rights)
Libraries, Vernon Jordan, announcement
Burrelle's clips, Marshall, theme
Press room diagram, Middleton, exhibit
Clippings, Mitchell, women
Speech texts, panel discussions, arrival
Mailing lists, Rostow, UNIS coverage
Press conference, Sampson, Thursday evening
Bond, Sikes, home folk
Brathwaite Burke, Smith, clips
Freeman, Spurr, tape requests
Garza, Stokes, confidential background
Gonzalez, Warren, (Staff assignments)
Gronouski, Jerre Williams
Harris, Robin Williams
Hatcher, Wilkins
2/G224 Commission on Critical Choices for Americans (no tapes), April 1-2, 1974:
Commission kit, photographs, UNIS coverage
Chronology, press credentials, press coverage
Commission, texts, miscellaneous
Gala, On Campus
The Press: Free and Responsible? (5 tapes), April 3, 1981:
Biographies, UNIS coverage, clips
Press credentials, press kit, requests
Transcripts/Tape notes
The Great Society (10 tapes), April 18-19, 1985:
Program and tape notes
2/G225 Tapes of Symposia held at LBJ Auditorium:
Bottom level:
The Presidency and the Congress: A Shifting Balance of Power? (16 tapes, files in box 9), November 15-17, 1977
Toward New Human Rights: The Social Policies of the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations (19 tapes, files in box 7), September 12-16, 1976
The Arts: Years of Development, Time of Decision (12 tapes, files in box 8), September 29-30, 1975
Conference on Women in Public Life (2 of 9 tapes, files in box 7), November 9-11, 1975
Second level:
Equal Opportunity in the United States (Civil Rights Symposium) (8 tapes, files in box 11), December 11-12, 1972
Educating a Nation: The Changing American Commitment (% tapes, files in box 7), January 24-25, 1972
Alternatives to Confrontation: A National Policy Toward Regional Change (16 tapes, files in box 10), September 25-27, 1977
The International Challenge of the 80s (4 tapes, files in box 9), January 25, 1980
The New Deal - 50 Years After: An Historical Assessment (19 tapes, files in box 9), March 2, 1983
Third level:
International Ex-Students' Conference on Energy (15 tapes, files in box 6), April 26-30, 1976
The Land, the City, and the Human Spirit (9 tapes, files in box 8), April 12-13, 1984
The 2nd Presidential Library Conference on the Public and Public Policy (6 tapes, files in box 8), March 22, 1984
Conference on Women in Public Life (7 of 9 tapes, files in box 7), November 0-11, 1975
The American City: Realities and Possibilities (6 tapes, files in box 11), October 8-9, 1973
Fourth level:
The Business of the Nation and the Nation's Business: Toward a New Partnership (9 tapes files in box 10), March 1-2, 1979
Government and the Humanities (9 tapes, files in box 8), December 3-5, 1978
Beyond Today's Energy Crisis: Future of the American Environment (7 tapes, files in box 11), November 11-12, 1974
The Presidency and the Press (5 tapes, files in box 6), April 23, 1976
The Press: Free and Responsible? (5 tapes, files in box 12b), April 13, 1981
The Great Society: A 20-Year Critique (10 tapes, file in box 12b), April 18, 1985
2/G226 "Pop Quiz":
News releases, January-June 1968
Pictures and promo flyer, 1968
Subject index, January-June 1968
"Insight: Campus '69," news releases, October-November 1969
"Insight: Campus '68/'69," news releases, October 1968 - February 1969
"Insight: Campus '68/'69," photographs
"Insight: Campus '69/'69," photographs
"Insight: Campus '69/'70," survey conducted by Sallie Sharp, UT Austin, Spring 1970
"Insight: Campus '69," program notes
"Insight: Campus '70/'71," summary correspondence, clips, requests for tapes, etc.
"Insight: Campus '70/'71," news releases, program listings, correspondence, clips, transcripts
"Insight: Campus '70/'71"
"Insight: Campus '71/'72"
"Insight: Campus '71/'72" program notes
"Insight: Today's University," news release and clips, program listings, 1971-1972
Texas Union desk calendar, 1971-1972
"Insight: Tomorrows' University":
Program notes, 1972-1973
News releases, transcripts, program materials, correspondence, 1972-1974:
#1-10 clips
#11-20 clips
#21-30 clips
#31-39 clips
News releases, 1973-1974
Program notes, 1973-1974
"Insight," topics for the season, 1973-1974
"200 Years," news releases, transcripts, clips, program materials, 1974-1975:
October-December, 1974
January-March, 1975
April-June, 1975
Texas Union desk calendar, 1974-1975
2/G227 "200 Years," news releases, clips, program materials and notes, 1975-1976:
Texas Union desk calendar, 1975-1979
"The Next 200 Years," news releases, clips, program materials and notes, 1976-1977:
"The Next 200 Years," news releases, clips, program materials and notes, 1977-1978:
"The Next 200 Years," news releases, clips, program materials and notes, 1978-1979:
"The Next 200 Years," news releases, clips, program materials and notes, 1979-1980:
"The Next 200 Years," news releases, clips, program materials and notes, 1980-1981:
#41-52, #1-81
#14-81, #27-81
41-81, Persuasion of Presidential Speech: 42-81, Scientific Literacy Part II (reruns)
#43-81 - CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Dialysis: #43-81 - Is Science Education in Crisis?
2/G228a Texas Union Desk Calendar, 1979-1983
"Insight: Tomorrow's University," Subscribing stations, Fall 1972-Spring 1974
"The Next 200 Years":
Correspondence - alcohol related topics
Index of subjects
Subscribing Stations, Fall 1974-Spring 1981
Correspondence, 1978-1980
2/G228b Correspondence, 1976-1977
Radio station surveys, 1973-1978
IPD's, 1974-1975
Excerpts from annual reports, Communication Center, 1968-1976, 1978
25-85 - The Corporate Classroom I: 26-85 - The Corporate Classroom II
22-85 - Supercomputers and Scientific Research: 23-85 - Program Verification and Security: 24-85 - Supercomputers
20-85 - The Arts and Technology I: 21-85 - The Arts and Technology II
18-85 - Alcoholism and Blacks I: 19-85 - Alcoholism and Blacks II
16 and 17-85 - Reform in Public Education: The Teaching Force-Surplus or Shortage (Parts I and II)
14 and 15-85 - Left Brain, Right Brain, Whole Brain: Research and the Arts (Parts I and II)
12 and 13-85 - Reform in Education: Is it Really Reform? (Parts I and II)
10 and 11-85 - Alcoholism and Mexican Americans, Parts I and II (Reruns of 43 and 44-84)
9-85 - The Future of the Arts in America
7 and 8-85 - Career Goals and Management in the Arts (Parts I and II)
5 and 6-85 - Alcoholism and Women (Parts I and II)
3 and 4-85 - New Directions in Research in Information Management (Parts I and II)
52-84 and 1-85 - Alcoholism and Children (Parts I and II)
2-85 - Electronic Records and Government History
48 and 49-84 - Computers and Information Management (Parts I and II)
50 and 51-84 - Shyness, parts I and II (Reruns of 21 and 22-84)
47-84 - Hispanic Language and Media use Survey
43 and 44-84 - Alcoholism and Special Populations: Mexican Americans (Parts I and II)
45 and 46-84 - Alcoholism and Special Populations: Blacks (Parts I and II)
41 and 42-84 - Supercomputers and Scientific Research (Parts I and II)
Reruns - Summer 1984
23-84 - Gifted Children: 24 and 25-84 - The Fed and Monetary Policy (Parts I and II)
26 and 27-84 - Computers and Public Education (Parts I and II)
18-84 - Personal Computers: 19 and 20-84 - Preventing Accidental Poisoning (Parts I and II)
21 and 22-84 - Shyness (Parts I and II)
13 and 14-84 - Quality and Education: Education in Arts (Parts I and II)
15 and 16-84 - The Powers of the Presidency: Presidential Appointments (Parts I and II)
17-84 - Computer Literacy, Computers in the Classroom (Part II)
7-84 - Computer Literacy, Computers in the Classroom (Part I): 8 and 9-84 - Super Computers (Parts I and II)
11 and 12-84 - Program Verification (Parts I and II): Balance of Power: Congressional Oversight
52-83 and 1-84 - Artificial Intelligence (Parts I and II): 2 and 3-84 - Languages (Parts I and II)
5 and 6-84 - Robotics (Parts I and II): Economic Literacy: Economic Education (Part II)
49 and 50-83 - Profile on Alcoholism: Research vs. Education (Parts I and II)
51-83 - The Supreme Court Ruling on the Legislative Veto Provision
43 and 44-83 - Early Childhood Education (Transcript Requests) (Parts I and II)
43 and 44-83 - Quality in Education, Early Childhood (Parts I and II)
45 and 46-83 - Quality in Education, Middle Years (Parts I and II)
47 and 48-83 - Quality in Education, High School Years (Parts I and II)
24 1nd 25-83 - The Family as a System (Parts I and II): 26 and 27-83 - Isolating High Level Nuclear Wastes (Parts I and II)
28-83 - Alcohol as a Political Issue
19 and 20-83 - Executive Power: The Potential for Abuse (Parts I and II): 21 and 22-83 - Gifted Children (Parts I and II)
23-83 - Personal Computers
13 and 14-83 - Child Abuse (Parts I and II): 15 and 16-83 - Public Perceptions of Science (Parts I and II)
17 and 18-83 - Science and Pseudoscience (Parts I and II)
"200 Years":
Press clips, 1982-1983
USNI news releases, 1980-1986
2.325/A71a Teaching ranks, 1965
Band Day
Book Collecting Contest
Chancellor’s Reception
Ecology Action
Educational travel program
Faculty Forum
Graduate Journal
Allied Health Science Program
International Honors Program
January graduation
July 4
Latin American Studies Association
Latin American Research Review
Leadership Awards Convocation
Le Potpourri
Linguistic Institute, 1965
The Mustang
New Artists Now
New courses
Peruvian Exchange Program
Pharmacy Refresher Course, 1965
Real Estate Society
School Opening, 1965, 1969
Texas Studies in Literature
Texas Times
Texas Today and Tomorrow
Visiting Fellows program
Current issues discussions
Program for Educational Opportunity
Social welfare program
Texana program
Summer Seminar on Academics Administration at Texas A&M
Academic Year Institute
American Society for Aesthetics
Symposium on Art History
Institute for Advanced Studies in Arts and Humanities
Atlantic Community
Atmospheric Science Seminar
Band directors' conference
Black Studies Institute
Childhood Education Teacher Growth Workshop
Choral Arts Workshop
Coffee House Committee
Conference for College Teachers of Academic Subjects
Symposium on Consumer Behavior
Counseling and Guidance Institute for Secondary School Counselors
Counselors and student advisors
Program in creativity
Creativity and the Human Spirit lecture series
Institute on the New Code of Criminal Procedure
Senior College Debate Tournament
Drug abuse conference
Economics conference
Education of American teachers
Engineering lecture series, 1965
Engineering for executives
Engineering Power Show
English teachers conference
Conference on Our Environmental Crisis
Executive program
Foreign language teachers
Formalist criticism
NDEA Geography Institute
Symposium on Contemporary Novel in German
Government conference, 1965
Guest lecture series
Seminar on Issues in Higher Education
Hospital Pharmacy Seminar, 1965
Conference on Human Relations and the Law
Industrial Associates Conference
Industrial Hygiene and Air Pollution Conference
Industrial Pharmacy Seminar
Industrial Water and Waste Conference
Conference on "Institutional Adjustments: Challenge to a Changing Economy"
Insurance Society
Inter-American Symposium on Contemporary Music
International Conference
International Insurance Seminar
International Students Conference
International Teacher Development Project
Southwestern Journalism Conference
Junior College Fine Arts Conference
Junior College Journalism Teachers Conference
Management Conference
Second Marine Sciences and Business Potentials Conference
Middle East Symposium
Interdisciplinary Conference on Multiple Access Computer Networks
Conference on Newtonian Studies
Operation Brainpower
Parent’s Forum
Peace Corps projects, 1965
Personal Injury Conference, 1966
College and University Personnel Association conference
Personnel and Management conference, 1965
Ezra Pound Symposium
Pre Law Convocation
Programs in Criticism
Public Understanding of Science
Seminar on Management of River Basins
Roman civilization lecture
Tomas A. Rousse Memorial Lectures
Summer Institute for School Administrators
Science Development Project
Science and Mathematics Teachers Summer Institute, 1965
Conference on Science and Press
Conference on Social Change in Latin America
Colloquium on Special Education
Summer Teaching Effectiveness Institute
Texas College Teachers of Academic Subjects
Texas Council for Social Studies, 1965
Texas Stanford Television Seminar
Texas State Historical Association annual meeting, 1965
Texas Study of Secondary Education conference
Texas Tort Claims Act conference
Traffic Court conference
Uniform Commercial Code Institute
Union Leadership Lab
Seminar on Planning Urban Resources
Visiting French Writers program
Water Law Conference, 1966
Symposium on Water Production Engineering in Texas
Water Quality Improvement lecture series
Water Resources Management lecture series
Winedale Festival, 1970
Co-recreational programs
Choice 68
Dean of Men
Interdisciplinary programs
Interdisciplinary retreat
Faculty-student cabinet
International students’ conference
Riata and other publications
Driskill Music Annex
Honors Day
Israeli Students Organization
Iranian Students Association
International Club
Middle East Studies Organization
Curtain Club
All Campus Advisory
College Bowl
Student Life Office
University Speleological Society
Southwest Athletic Conference (Southwest Conference)
Soccer Club
Association of Resident Supervisors for Women
Scholastic requirements
Art Students Association
Chinese Students Association
Cuban Studies
Debate Squad
Latin American Clubs
Oratorical Associations
Religious organizations—student
UT Sports Association
Freshman Council
Sing Song
Negro Association for Progress
Curtain Club
Rio Grande Valley Club
Campus Chest
Longhorn Flying Club
Student Publications, 1966
Cultural Entertainment Committee, 1961-1967
Orientation, 1965-1971
Shuttle bus, 1969
Advisory Council on Student Affairs
Bluebonnet Belles
Master’s Association
Air Force ROTC
Naval ROTC
Society of American Military Engineers
Arnold Air Society
Beta Alpha Psi
2.325/A72a News releases:
"Free at UT"
Cablevision, 1982-1984
Talk Show Tips, 1983-1984
Newsline, 1981-1984
Time Capsules, 1981-1984
Futures, 1981-1984
"The Next 200 Years", 1974-1984
2.325/A73a Campus disorders—Attorney General John Mitchell—Law Day
Black Panthers
City Council
Committee on Student Organizations
Communal living
Community Switchboard and Information Center (John Lane)
Common Cause
Computers on campus
Daily Texas computer study of youth vote, 1972
Co-op unionization
Counseling Psychological Services Center
Countdown ’72
Consciousness I, II, III, III 1/2
Critical University
Curtain Theater
Defectors and Amnesty
Diana Oughton series
Direct Action
Dobie Mall auction, 1973
Dobie Center
Draft protest—general
"Drag" merchants
"Drag" vendors controversy
COPE (Citizens for Overpopulation Education)
SDS National Committee, 1969
SDS (Students for a Democratic Society)
Student financial aid
UT Austin security training
SUN (Save the University Neighborhoods)
Seminar on problems in higher education
Socialist Workers Party
CIP Street Plan
Students and politics
Society for Individual Liberty
SLAM (Southern Legal Action Movement)
Southwest Center for Human Potential
Southwest Creative Film Center
Student Action Committee
Student Bar Association
SCVR (Student Council Voter Registration)
Student counseling
Students for a Voluntary Military
Students International Mediation Society
Students for Strikers
Student participation in general election, November 1972
Student Mobilization Committee
Student residency
Student rights
Students seeking government office
The Student Voter
Young Socialist Alliance
2.325/A74a Press releases and news clips, 1980-1982:
Afro-American Studies
American Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
Art History
Asian Studies Center
Business Administration
Communication College
Computer Science
Education College
Educational Administration
Bilingual Education
Continuing Education
Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Psychology
Physical and Health Education
Special Education
Engineering College
Educational Policy Committee
2.325/A75a Report on Organized Research, 1985
UT Financial Reports [incomplete], 1955-1979
Statements Relating to the UT:
Medical Branch at Galveston
M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute at Houston
UT Arlington
Medical School at San Antonio
Southwestern Medical School at Dallas
Dental Branch at Houston
UT El Paso
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Houston
Financial Statements, 1969
UT System Annual Report, Primary Financial Statements, 1980
Bureau of Economic Geology Annual Report, 1976
Operation Brainpower, A Program of the Ex-Students Association
Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Funding for Student Government, 1975
Institutional Self-Study, General Report, 1975
2.325/A76a Press releases and news clips, Fall 1978-Summer 1982:
Graduate Business Degrees
Graduate School (Masters)
College of Fine Arts
Business Honor Roll
Architecture Honor Roll
School of Social Work
College of Pharmacy
College of Natural Sciences
School of Nursing
College of Liberal Arts
Law School
Graduate School (Doctors)
Social Work Honor Roll
Nursing Honor Roll
Pharmacy Honor Roll
Natural Sciences Honor Roll
Liberal Arts Honor Roll
Fine Arts Honor Roll
Engineering Honor Roll
Education Honor Roll
Communication Honor Roll
Office of the Dean of Students Annual Report, 1966-1967
Texas Student Publications, Inc. Handbook, 1969
The Mission of the University of Texas System: Directions for the Future, 1975
Academy for Educational Development, Inc. Report to the Board of Regents, 1978
UT System Brief Sheets on Trust and Special Funds in Funds Grouped for Investment, prepared by the Endowment Office, 1964
UT Budget, 1967-1968
UT Police Fiscal Year Report, 1978-1979
2.325/A77a Press releases and news clips, Fall 1978-Summer 1982:
College of Engineering
College of Education
Architectural Degrees
College of Communication
UT System Financial Report, 1979
UT System Financial Statement, 1979
Reports on Organized Research, 1985
2.325/A78a Lyndon Baines Johnson:
New releases, 1969-1972
General information, 1965-1975
Governor Smith inauguration
Preston Smith
Ben Barnes
Gus Mutscher
Jake Pickle
Ralph Yarborough
Correspondence re. Ezra Stoller photographs of model of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, 1967
2.325/A79 Calendar and calendar files, 1961-1970
University newsletters, 1960-1962
Student services, 1970-1971
Texas Engineering & Science Magazine, first edition, 1965
UT financial statements, 1979
Chemistry research and graduate instruction, 1966
Radio/television annual report, 1966
College of Business Administration annual report, 1966-1967
College of Engineering annual report, 1965-1966
Student files:
Repertory theater
Discrimination, 1973-1974
Chuck Wagon, 1969
Student catastrophes, 1968-1976
Student protests and rallies, 1968-1976
The Drag, 1974
Student interest groups, 1973-1975
Now the Revolution, UT Curtain Club, 1969
Union Rhubarb
Demonstrations and riots, campus disorder, Texas and nationwide
2.325/G223 Box #16:
Reel-to-reel tapes, Longhorn Radio Network, The Next 200 Years, 1977-1978, 1985-1986
2.325/G224 Box #17 (tapes from manuscript collection in box #15):
Cassette tapes; Tape recordings of various addresses, symposia, conferences, etc., 1970s-1980s
Energy Conference reel-to-reel tapes
Insight, tapes, index of panelists, 1969-1970
Insight, tapes, program lists, 1968-1971
Insight, tapes, radio station affiliates, 1968-1969
Insight, news releases, clips, scripts, etc.:
Campus 1968
Campus 1969
Campus, survey by student Sally Sharp, 1969-1970
Campus 1970
Campus 1971
LeMaistre, reel-to-reel tapes, 1974
2.325/G225 Box #18 (Reel-to-reel tapes and cassette tapes):
Capitol Eye, interview with Dr. Norman Hackerman, 1970
Miscellaneous cassette tapes
Challenge '68 Colloquium, Iscoe Address
Challenge of the 80s, LBJ Library Symposium
The Challenge of the 70s
Classroom USA, 1970
Commemorative Assembly for Harry Huntt Ransom, 1976
Commencement, 1976
Faculty meeting, 1974
Faculty Senate, 1974
The Human Condition, "The Psychological Adjustments of Flood Victims," guest S. Danzinger, 1981
The Inquiring Mind:
Jan Perkowski
Martha Williams, 1976
Host Kathy Glover; Guest Isabella Cunningham; Interviewer, Panchinta Gar, 1982
John Peace's press interview, Board of Regents meeting, 1971
King Memorial Service, 1968
LBJ Library Symposium, 1972
LBJ Memorial Service, 1973
Lecture by Hackerman, 1968
McDonald Observatory script, written by James Overon, 1972
Perspectives in Education
Point Counterpoint
The Presidency and the Press, LBJ Library Symposium, 1976
Spurr "State of the University Address," Steven Spurr, UT President, 1971
Texas Times
Texas Weekly #410
The University of Texas Report:
Dr. William Reeder
Dr. Gary Vliet and John Walzenski
Dr. Frank Bash
Dr. Robert Bishop
Dr. Jeffrey Hubbell
Dr. Cliff Frohlich
Dr. Adam Heller
Dr. Wayne Holtzman
Dr. Garry Cole
Dr. Nasser Al-Rashid
Dr. Jack Lipovski
Dr. Steven Nichols
Dr. Alex Storrs
Dr. Alice Reinarz
Dr. Karl Trappe
Walt Rostow press conference, 1969
2.325/G226 Box 15a (Transcript of tapes from box #17):
The Next 200 Years:
Transcripts, 1975-1986
News releases, 1975, 1985-1986
Advance questions, 1985-1986
Mailing lists, 1981, 1984-1985
Texas response to KUT radio survey, 1985
LRN (Longhorn Radio Network) scoreboard, 1985-1986
2.325/M59 Time capsules—news releases, 1972-1979
2.325/M60 Time capsules—news releases, 1980
Civil Rights clippings
2.325/M61 Clippings—death of President Johnson
Clippings—Civil Rights
3U207 Instruction units—news releases:
Engineering, 1970-1979
English, 1972-1979
Ethnic Studies, 1969-1978
European Studies, 1970-1979
Finance, 1970-1979
3U208 History, 1972-1979
Home Economics, 1970-1979
Humanities, 1970-1979
Iberian Studies, 1978
International Studies, 1970-1971
Journalism, 1972-1979
Institute of Latin American Studies, 1972-1979
Law, 1972-1979
3U209 Behavioral Genetics, 1973
Biology, 1970-1978
Business Administration, 1971-1979
Graduate School of Business, 1970-1979
General Business, 1970-1979
Chemistry, 1970-1979
Classics, 1970-1979
3U210 Communication, 1970-1979
Comparative Studies, 1970-1979
Computer Sciences, 1970-1979
Fine Arts, 1972-1979
Folklore, 1974-1979
French-Italian, 1970-1979
General & Comparative Studies, 1970-1979
3U211 Geological Sciences, 1972-1979
Germanic Languages, 1972-1979
Government, 1972-1979
Graduate School, 1972-1979
Community & Regional Planning, 1971-1978
Liberal Arts, 1978-1979
Library Science, 1970-1979
Linguistics, 1970-1979
Management, 1970-1979
Marine Studies, 1973-1979
Marketing, 1970-1979
3U212 Mathematics, 1970-1979
Medieval Studies, 1973-1979
Mexican American Studies, 1970-1979
Microbiology, 1978-1979
Middle Eastern Studies, 1970-1979
Museum Studies, 1974
Music, 1974-1979
Natural Sciences, 1970-1979
Nursing, 1971-1979
Drama, 1972-1979
3U213 Economics, 1972-1979
Education, 1972-1979
Community College Education, 1966-1978
Curriculum and Instruction, 1970-1979
Educational Administration, 1970-1979
Physical and Health Education, 1970-1979
Educational Psychology, 1970-1979
Cultural Foundations of Education, 1970-1975
Special Education, 1970-1975
Accounting, 1970-1979
Advertising, 1976-1979
3U214 American Studies, 1970-1979
Anthropology, 1970-1979
Archeological Studies, 1971-1979
Architecture, 1972-1979
Architecture: Graduate Program in Planning, 1970-1978
Art, 1972-1979
Art History, 1973-1975
Arts and Letters, 1966
Provost for Arts and Sciences, 1970-1972
Arts and Sciences, 1971-1979
Asian Studies, 1970-1975
Astronomy, 1970-1979
Athletic Medicine, 1973
3U215 Oriental and African Languages, 1970-1979
Pharmacy, 1970-1979
Philosophy, 1970-1979
Physics, 1970-1979
Plan II, 1951-1979
Psychology, 1970-1979
Radio-Television-Film, 1970-1979
ROTC, general, 1970-1979
ROTC, Air Force, 1970-1979
ROTC, Army, 1970-1979
3U216 ROTC, Navy, 1970-1979
Scandinavian Language and Literature, 1973-1978
Slavic Languages, 1970-1979
Social Work, 1970-1979
Social Work, Gerontology, 1979
Sociology, 1970-1979
Spanish and Portuguese, 1970-1979
Special Education, 1976-1979
Speech Communication, 1974-1979
Speech Communication Instructional Lab, 1977
Zoology, 1970-1979
94-157/1 Box #15b:
"The Inquiring Mind," list of programs, 1973
Articles, correspondence, reports, 1981-1983:
New Directions in Advertising; New Directions in Advertising; Correspondence Staying Well; Teaching Science to Children, 1983
The State of the Economy, 1983
Economic Literacy: Economic Education, 1983
State Judicial Selection; Economic Literacy; Economic Reporting; Campaign Finance, I & II, 1983
Changing Roles of Private Foundations, 1982
Baccalaureate in Nursing; Career Opportunities and Service Options in Nursing; Nursing Research; Educational Opportunities in Nursing, 1982
Computer Literacy: Computers in the Classroom I & II, 1982
Economic Literacy: Measuring the Economy I & II, 1982
Outlook for Careers in the Health Profession, 1982
Support for Children of Divorce; Energy from Fusion; New Directions in Advertising
Clippings, 1980-1982
Volunteerism: Corporate Contributions to Social Support Systems; Volunteerism in America: I) The Potential for Growth and II) An Assessment; Improving the Effectiveness of Volunteer Services, 1982
New Technologies in Broadcasting; New Directions in Advertising, I & II; Consumer Response to New Directions in Advertising, 1982
Housing in the 80s: Is the American Dream Shattered; Needs of Elderly: The Needs of Women Different then Men, 1982
New Federalism; Science and Pseudoscience: How does One Distinguish, 1982
New World Information Order, 1982
The Needs of the Elderly: Intergenerational Relationships, 1982
Impact of Federal Budget Cuts on Social Support Systems I & II; Impact of Federal Budget Cuts on Family Assistance, 1982
Controlling World Population Growth, 1982
Impact of Federal Budget Cuts on Mental Health Services I & II, 1982
Fusion, 1982
The 1981 Tax Law; Teaching Science to Children, 1981
Impact of Economic Forces on Science Education; Science and Math Education: Where Have All the Teachers Gone?; The Earth's Vanishing Species I & II; Public Perceptions of Science, 1981
Budget summaries, 1970-1984
94-157/2 Box #21:
Budget summaries, 1965-1969
Constitutional amendment #3, 1960
Appropriations for State Colleges and Universities, 1941-1951
Bonds authorized by Constitutional amendment, 1941-1959
Appropriation request, 1972-1973
UT general information, 1983-1986
UT workshops
Permanent University fund, 1990-1992
Regent's student advisory panel, 1987-1993
The University of Texas Report, 1992
UT Foundation, 1992
Office of Asset Management, 1988-1991
Research Imaging Center, 1991
Available University funds, 1991-1993
University lands, 1987-1990
University lands, St. Genevieve vineyard and winery, 1987-1993
Billy Carr, UT system land manager for University lands, 1981-1985
UT general information, 1961
UT general information, 1962
UT system:
Endowment Corporation, 1973
Pooled income fund, 1978
Physical plant, news releases, 1974-1976
Physical plant, general, 1974-1976
UT system, 1976-1980
Board for lease of University lands
Endowment for real estate, 1990-1992
Institute for Immunological Disorders, 1986-1987
Hans Mark bio; Organization chart; UT system brochure; UT system strategic plan, 1991-1997
Common Trust fund, 1988-1992
Faculty Advisory Council, 1992
Office of Academic Information System, 1987
Office of Minority and Women Owned Business Development, 1992
News releases, 1965-1984
General information, 1965-1984
Board for lease, 1966-1988
Box #23:
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, 1990
UT Southwestern Medical Center, 1989
UT Health Science Center at Dallas, 1985
94-157/3 UT Health Science Center, Dallas, Mike Brown and Joe Goldstein, 1985
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, 1991
UT Health Science Center at Houston, 1990
UT Health Science Center at Houston, 1986-1989
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, 1991
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, 1985-1990
UT Health Center at Tyler, 1985-1992
UT Medical Branch at Galveston, news releases, 1986-1992
UT Medical Branch at Galveston, 1987
University of Texas at Arlington, 1992
University of Texas at Arlington, 1986-1991
University of Texas at Arlington, news releases, 1987-1992
University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Brownsville
University of Texas at Dallas, 1990
University of Texas at Dallas, 1978-1989
University of Texas at El Paso, 1991
University of Texas at El Paso, 1986-1991
UT Pan-American, 1992
UT Pan-American, 1989-1991
UT Pan-American, background, 1969-1989
UT Permian Basin, 1986-1992
University of Texas at San Antonio, 1991
University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), 1982-1991
UT at Tyler, 1989-1992
94-157/4 Box #22:
Archer M. Huntington Art Gallery:
News releases, 1980-1983
Clippings, 1980-1983
Erwin Center, news releases, 1972-1983
McDonald Observatory, 1949-1970
Marine Science Institute, 1976-1979
Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, 1945-1979
Student Organizations
Who's Who, American Universities
Junior Fellows
Honor's Day
Morter Board
Master's Association
Longhorn Hall of Honor
International Programs
Registration Information, 1960-1964
Enrollment trends, 1918-1986
Enrollment, 1968-1979
Registrar, 1954-1989
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System, 1985-1990
94-157/5 Box #19:
ROTC, general
Air Force ROTC
Student film awards
Naval ROTC
Faculty Advisory Committee, 1968-
Faculty Building Committee, 1966-
Faculty Senate, 1969-1983
Air Force Academy Assembly
American Assembly
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
American Astronautical Society
American Physical Society
American Psychological Association
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Microbiology
American Statistical Association
Americas Foundation
Arthur Andersen and Company Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne Universities Association
Associated Midwest Universities
National Foundation for the Arts and Humanities
National Council of the Arts (NCA)
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
National Council for Atmospheric Research
Atomic Energy Commission
Behavior Genetics Association
Black Academy of the Arts and Letters
Miscellaneous scholarships and fellowships
Student organizations
A Cappella Choir
Alpha Phi Omega
Chorus (girls and mixed)
Choral organizations
Collegium Musicum
Dart Association
Debate Team
Dormitory advisors
Exchange program
Experimental Jazz ensemble
Ex-Students Association
Glee Clubs (men and women)
Intercooperative Council
International Business Association
International Law Society
International Student Groups
Instrumental Music organizations
Longhorn Band
Longhorn Singers
University of Texas Foundation
Madrigal singers
Departmental Foundations
94-157/6 Box #14:
Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum:
Clippings, 1965-1985
News releases, 1965-1977
Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs:
Public Policy Conference, 1984
New Deal Conference, 1984
Toward New Human Rights. . . Conference, 1976
Beyond Today's Energy Crisis. . . Conference, 1974
The Second Presidential. . . Conference, 1984
Land, City, and Human Spirit Conference, 1984
Robert Sutherland Symposium, 1978
World Energy Conference, 1976
International Ex-Students Conference, 1976
Equal Opportunity in the U. S., 1972
4C327 Student honor rolls, degree lists, Ex-Students Association, UT Police, UT academic units, news releases, Personnel-O-Grams
4C331 Student honor rolls, degree lists, Ex-Students Association, UT Police, UT academic units, news releases, Personnel-O-Grams
4J568 Typescripts, newsletters, programs, other printed material
2/G208-209 Commencement news releases, 1936-1980
Commencement general information, 1948-1968
Commencement programs (incomplete), 1969-1991
2/G210-211 Course schedules (incomplete), 1972-1987
Degrees conferred (incomplete), 1960-1978
Doctoral degrees conferred, 1915-1943
2/G212 Director of Federal Affairs
Development Board
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
UT System Medical
UT Health Science Center at Dallas
Sprague, Charles
UT Medical School at Dallas
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Dallas
School of Allied Health Sciences at Dallas
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
2/G213 UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Truman G. Blocker, Jr.
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Galveston
School of Allied Health Sciences at Galveston
School of Nursing, Galveston
Texas Institute of Marine Life Science
Marine-Related Activities (System)
Sea Grant Colleges and Marine Research
Health Science Center at Houston
Dental Branch and Dental Science Institute
UT Medical School at Houston
Dr. Cheves McCord Smythe
School of Allied Health Sciences at Houston
School of Public Health Houston
Speech and Hearing Institute at Houston
School of Nursing at Houston
2/G214 UT at Houston (Complex)
UT System Cancer Center
M.D. Anderson Hospital
UT Environmental Science Park at Smithville
UT Health Sciences Center at San Antonio
UT Medical School at San Antonio
2/G215 UT Medical School at San Antonio
UT Dental School at San Antonio
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at San Antonio
School of Allied Health Sciences at San Antonio
School of Nursing, San Antonio
UT Arlington
UT at Arlington
2/G216 Institute of Urban Studies at UT Arlington
School of Nursing, Fort Worth
UT at Dallas
UT at El Paso
Black Power Conference, UT El Paso
Arleigh B. Templeton
School of Nursing, El Paso
UT of the Permian Basin
UT at San Antonio Publications
2/G217 UT of the Permian Basin
UT at San Antonio Publications
UT at San Antonio
UT Lutcher Center at San Antonio
UT Institute of Texas Cultures at San Antonio
UT at Tyler
UT at Tyler Health Center


Stored on site at SRH:

2.325/OD14 Oversize map
4Jc18 Former faculty (general) (photos, bios, clips, news releases), 1945-1994:
4Jc21 Former faculty (General) (photos, bios, clips, news releases), 1936-1988
4Jc26 V-VanM
4Jc27 Miscellaneous publications:
Texas union, 1977
75th year observance (photos), 1958
75th year service conferences, 1958
Conference on issues facing the state university (75th special event), 1958
75th year, 1958
Personality development in children lecture series (75th special event), 1958
Conference on Texas (75th year), 1958
Anniversaries (75th), 1958
Division of housing and food service, 1928-1973
Division of housing and food service, 1975-1993
Division of housing and food service, 1937-1974
Division of housing and food service, 1974-1992
Division of housing and food service, 1959-1973
University of Texas history, 1953-1974
History (UT), 1946-1993
University of Texas history, 1978
Transcript of John B. Connally graduation, December 1990
Transcript of William P. Hobby commencement address, May 18, 1991
Study of student life (50 years at UT- Margaret Berry), undated
General information- main university (obsolete data; for reference only), 1961-1965
Traditions (UT), 1961-1991
Historical information, 1979
Office of dean of graduate studies, 1972-1978
History of the university, 1936-1986
4Jc28 Board of regents- general information, 1982
Board of regents- general information, 1983
Board of regents- general information, 1984
Board of regents- news releases, 1981
Board of regents- news releases, 1982
Board of regents- news releases, 1983
Board of regents- news releases, 1984
South Africa- divestiture issue- general, 1977-1989
South Africa- divestiture issue- general, 1986
South Africa- divestiture issue- The University of Texas, 1980-1984
South Africa- divestiture issue- The University of Texas, 1985
South Africa- divestiture issue- The University of Texas, January-May 1986
South Africa- divestiture issue- The University of Texas, June 1986 - June 1987
South Africa- divestiture issue- The University of Texas, June 1987 - December 1989
South Africa- divestiture issue- The University of Texas, 1990
South Africa- divestiture issue- UT Austin- BSA demands to TSP, 1984-1986
2Q75 UT 75th Anniversary
Conference of Expectations, 1957-1958.
Correspondence and reports.
Work group reports.
Planning correspondence, 1956-1957.
2Q76 Committee correspondence and report, 1956-1959.
Convocation invitations, RSVPs, and plans, 1957-1958.
Newspaper Features from The Houston Chronicle and The Daily Texan, 1958.
Information pamphlets, 1958.
3So14b Photographs:
UT Centennial Commission, 1983
UT Centennial Exhibit Committee, 1981
Telephone directory, 1982
Showcase, October 1, 1983
September 15, 1983
Roundup, 1983
Longhorn sculpture, Mark Schwartz, John Cracken, John Harkey, Jr., 1982
"Gone with the Wind," exhibit photographs, 1983
Five millionth book program, 1983
Black alumni, Wilhemina Delco, William Raspberry, Mary Simpson McFall, Reuben McDaniel, Jr., 1983
Commencement, Lady Bird Johnson, 1983
Centennial Park, Peter Flawn, John Trevino, and Ben T. Head at site of Centennial Park, circa 1983
Centennial Commission, Vice-President Bush address, April 8, 1983
Centennial, four representative members of the class of 1983 with President Flawn, 1979
OS Pubs The Daily Texan, Centennial, April 8, 1983
The Daily Texan, Centennial, February 4, 1983
The Daily Texan, September 15-16, 1983
Centennial, A supplement to The Daily Texan, September 15, 1983
Sports ’83, Supplement to The Daily Texan, 1983
"UT: A century to build on," section F, Austin American Statesman, September 14, 1983
On Campus, February 7-13, 1983


Stored off site at CDL3:

2005-095/1 Amy Jo Long files:
Centennial files:
Centennial, 1972-1979
Centennial, 1979
Centennial, news releases, 1983
Centennial, 1980-1982
Oral History Project, Centennial, 1982
Centennial, 1980-1981
Centennial Class, October 1979
Centennial Commission, 1981-1984
Centennial Endowment, 1983
Centennial, 1981-1983
Centennial, 1982-1983
Centennial Fellows, 1980-1983
Centennial Park, 1983
Centennial flag, 1983
Centennial Teachers and Scholars Program, 1981-1983
Commencement, 1983
Commission Report, 1983
Communication lectures, 1983
Computerized calendar, 1983
Computing and information age, 1984-1984
Cook’em Horns, 1983
Cornerstone anniversary, 1982, 1986
Courthouse architect, 1983-1984
Paul Cret at Texas, 1983
Daily Texan, 1982
December 9, 1983
Centennial Commission Reunion II Meeting, November 23, 1985
Alcalde, November/December 1981
Athletics, 1983
Black alumni, 1983
CBA week, 1983
CPC PSAs, 1983
Discovery, Centennial Issue, 1983
Press kit, 1983
Centennial Observance, 1981-1983
Commencement programs, May, August, December 1983
Treasures of the University’s First Hundred Years, Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, June 4-November 27, 1983
Early entomology, 1983
Education, November 1983
Enabling legislation, 1981-1983
Encuentro, October 1983
Engineering dedication, September 1983
2005-095/2 Exhibits, 1982
Ex-students, 1983
Fan, 1983
February 4, 1983
Fifth graders, 1983
Finest Adventure, 1983
Five millionth volume, 1983
Frantz, Joe B., 1983
Genetics symposium, 1983
"Gone With The Wind," 1983
Gutenberg Tour, 1982-1984
Home economics lectures, 1983
Honors Day, 1983
Images of Texas, 1983
Inquiries, 1980-1983
LBJ Reunion, 1983
Logo, 1982-1983
Longhorn Band, 1983
Longhorn sculpture, 1982-1984
March 2, 1983
Mexican American reunion, October 1983
Mexican American series, 1983
Migration, October-November 1983
New Deal symposium, 1983
Nuremburg, 1983
Nursing symposium, 1983
Oral history, 1982
Organ concerts, October 1983
Pharmacy dedication, September 1983
Planning committee, 1979-1980
Plants, renewable resources, 1983
Poster contest, 1983
Public information advisory, 1982
Pictorial history, M. Berry, November 1980
Risk assessment, 1983
Round Up, 1983
Sculpture competition, 1982
September 15, 1983
Showcase, October 1, 1983
Solvay conference, 1982
Southwest classical symposium
Southwest Historical Quarterly, 1983
Speakers bureau, 1982
Stallmann lecture, 1983
Steering committee, 1981
Steering committee, 1981-1983
Student leaders, 1983
Student life, 1983
Sutton Hall, 1983
Telephone directory, 1982
2005-095/3 Texas literary tradition, 1983
Texas Union Calendar, 1982-1983
Texas Union lectures, 1983
Transportation research, 1983
Treasures, June-November 1983
U.S. Mexico ties, 1983
Water resources symposium, 1983
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Centennial [newsclippings]:
September-December 21, 1983
September 14, 1983
June-September 17, 1983
March-May 1983
1980-February 5, 1983
January-April, 1983
May 1983-
2.325/P90 (SRH) OS newspapers, 1983
Various issues of the Daily Texan commemorating the UT Centennial