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A Guide to the UT Dean of Students Records, 1925-2015 (bulk 1960-1978)

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas at Austin. Office of the Dean of Students
Title: UT Dean of Students Records
Dates: 1925-2015 (bulk 1960-1978)
Abstract: The University of Texas Dean of Students Records (1925-2015, bulk 1960-1978) contain reports, subject files, publications, programs, financial records, correspondence, clippings and news releases, minutes, speeches, some photographs and videocassettes, and three reel-to-reel audio tapes. The bulk of the materials are from 1960 to 1978. The records document student campus life, activities, organizations, and publications, and address topics such as the racial integration of the university, LGBT and women’s liberation movements, political rallies and protests, and various controversies.
Accession No.: 81-034; 82-017; 85-018; 85-048; 85-062; 86-019; 86-71; 89-279; 91-297; 94-225; 2016-034; 2016-167; 2016-280
OCLC No.: 77084941
Extent: 36.5 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The University of Texas at Austin Office of the Dean of Students functions as a resource serving prospective and current students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the university. One of its chief responsibilities is to conduct new student and transfer student orientations. The Dean of Students Office also maintains and advises registered student and faculty organizations, sororities, and fraternities. The Office provides legal, judicial, and emergency services. Additionally, the Dean of Students Office offers workshops to promote leadership development and cultural education.


Office of the Dean of Students. "Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Students," University of Texas at Austin. Accessed Oct. 25, 2016.

Scope and Contents

The University of Texas Dean of Students Records (1925-2015, bulk 1960-1978) contain reports, subject files, publications, programs, financial records, correspondence, clippings and news releases, minutes, speeches, some photographs and videocassettes, and three reel-to-reel audio tapes. The bulk of the materials are from 1960 to 1978. The records document student campus life, activities, organizations, and publications, and address topics such as the racial integration of the university, LGBT and women’s liberation movements, political rallies and protests, and various controversies.


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University of Texas at Austin. Office of the Dean of Students -- Archives.
University of Texas at Austin. Office of the Dean of Women.
University of Texas at Austin -- Students.
Continuing education -- Texas.
Student activities -- Texas.
Student housing -- Texas.
Universities and colleges -- Administration.
Universities and colleges -- Admission.
Universities and colleges -- Texas.
Austin (Tex.)

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UT Dean of Students Records, 1925-2015 (bulk 1960-1978), Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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At the Library Storage Facility:

CDL2/E1 (04539576) Tutoring Program to Wages, 1972-1973:
Tutoring program
Student Activities Office, auditorium rental
Dean of Students orientation program
Jester Center, activity fund
Project information (from Newman Foundation)
Women's residence halls, activity fund
Summer orientation program fees
Computer rental and purchased service
Information from account ledger sheets
Co-op housing
Summer school entertainment fund:
Other expenses
Estimated income
Married student housing, activity fund
National Association of Women Deans and Counselors
Administrative and professional salaries
Classified salaries
Men's residence halls, activity fund
CDL2/E2 (04534481) Project Information to Special Admissions MOE, 1972-1973:
Project information
Dean of Students M. O. & E.
Special projects
Ombudsman special admissions project MOE
CDL2/E3 (04531370) Hartman, Neal to untitled (miscellaneous), 1972:
Hartman, Neal
Lewellen, Beatrice
Heimlich, Maralyn
Plotsky, Frances
McClintock, David
Van Dover, Margaret
Untitled (miscellaneous)
CDL2/E4 (04531235) Listed, affiliated and Schatzky versions, Ch. 6-10 IR To untitled (proposed budget?):
Listed, affiliated and Schatzky versions, Ch. 6-10 IR
II. St. 2. a. Use of University Facilities
II. St. 3. General
II. St. 4. a. A Proposal on Student Organizations at University of Texas at Austin
II. St. 5. Student Activities
II. St. 5. b. Rallies
II. St. 5. c. Solicitation
II. St. 5. d. Speakers
II. Student records:
Discipline, disciplinary procedures
II. St. 6. Student organizations, 1971-1973
II. St. 6. a. Gay liberation, 1970-1973
St. 6. c. Student Mobilization Committee, 1971-1972
II. U. I. Affirmative Action Program for Equal Employment Opportunity, 1972-1973
Untitled (proposed budget?), 1972-1973
CDL2/E5 (04539736) Duncan, James P., correspondence, September 1972 - August 1973
CDL2/E6 (04534357) I. Ad. Annual report to I. Ad. 10. c. Student Affairs Division:
I. Ad. 1. Annual report, 1971-1972
I. Ad. 2. a. Correspondence with, 1971-1973
I. Ad. 2. a. Blackburn/Varek-Ibarra incident, 1973
I. Ad. 4. Staff organization and ideas, 1968, 1972
I. Ad. 4. a. Areas for future development
I. Ad. 5. a. Drug abuse safety, 1970
I. Ad. 6. c. Registration, 1972
I. Bo Board of Regents
I. Bul Building and facilities, 1972-1973
I. Bus Business and fiscal, 1970-1972
I. Bus. 1. Budget materials, 1972-1973
I. Col. 1. University of Texas Marine Science Institute, 1973
Temporary, discussions with Brown, 1972-1973
I. Ad. 10. a. (1.) Proposals forwarded, 1972-1973
I. Ad. 10. b. (Summer) Senior administrative staff meetings, 1972-1973
I. Ad. 10. c. Student Affairs Division: Annual report, etc., 1972-1973
CDL2/E7 (04534346) I. Ad. 10. e. Placement meeting to I. T. i Authorizations:
I. Ad. 10. e. Placement meeting, 1973
I. Com. 2. Advisory Council on Student Affairs, 1972
I. Com. 4. Discipline (policies), 1973
I. Com. 5. Drug, 1971-1972
I. Com. 6. Financial aid to students, 1972
I. Com. 8. Orientation Policy and Procedures Committee, 1972
I. Com. 9. Parking and traffic policies
I. Com. 11. Student health, 1972-1973
I. Com. 12. Student living accommodations, 1972
I. Com. 12. a. Curfew and guest hours, 1973
I. Com. 13. Student organizations
I. Com. 14. Student publications, 1972-1973
I. Com. 16. a. Beer and wine in student union, 1973
I. O. 2. e. Senior cabinet
I. Q - Questionnaires, 1972-1973
I. Stu - Student government, 1972-1973
I. Stu. 2. Business and fiscal, 1972-1973
I. Stu. 7. Student attorney, 1972-1973
I. T. 1. Authorizations, 1971-1973
CDL2/E8 (04531392) I. T. 2. Governor's approval form to II. H. 2. Co-ops:
I. T. 2. Governor's approval form, 1972
I. U. 18. Texas Union, 1972-1973
II. D. 1. Administrative, 1971-1973
II. D. 3. General, 1971-1973
II. D. 4. Proposals, 1972-1973
II. D. 5. Student records, 1972-1973
II. D. 5. a. Deaths, 1973
II. D. 5. b. Discipline folders, 1972-1973
II. D. 5. c. Medical withdrawals, 1972-1973
II. E. 4. General, 1972
II. G. - General information and referral service, 1971-1974
II. H. 1. Administrative, 1970-1973
II. H. 1. a. Policies and procedures, 1973
II. H. 2. Co-ops, 1972
CDL2/E9 (04531086) II. H. 2. a. Guest hours programs to II. H. 8. c. Men's residence halls:
II. H. 2. a. Guest hours programs, 1972-1973
II. H. 3. Facilities, 1971-1973
II. H. 4. General, 1972-1973
II. H. 5. Personnel, 1971-1973
II. H. 7. c. University Students for Self Determination, 1973
II. H. 8. University owned, 1971
II. H. 8. a. Jester, 1971-1973
II. H. 8. b. Married students, 1971-1973
II. H. 8. c. Men's residence halls, 1971-1973
CDL2/E10 (04532828) II. H. 8. e. Contract to II. St. 1. a. Film programs:
II. H. 8. e. Contract, 1971-1973
II. Division of Recreation, 1971-1972
II. IM. 2. Administrative, 1972
II. IM. 2. Buildings and facilities, 1972-1973
II. IM. 2. a. Physical Activity Facilities Assignment Committee, 1971-1973
II. IM. 4. Personnel, 1973
II. IM. 5. Programs, 1972
II. IM. 6. a. Recreation Department, 1972-1973
II. IW. - Intramural Sports for Women, 1973
II. IW. 1. Administrative, 1972-1973
II. IW. 2. Buildings and facilities, 1973
II. IW. 3. General, 1973
II. IW. 4. Personnel, 1971
II. Om. 1. Administrative, 1972
II. Or. 1. Administrative, 1972-1973
II. Or. 1. a. Parents orientation speech, 1973
II. Or. 2. Advisers, 1973
II. St. 1. Administrative, 1972-1973
II. St. 1. a. Film programs, 1972
CDL2/E11 (04531246) University of Texas Bulletin, April 25, 1918 to NASPA Proceedings:
(National Association of Student Personnel Administrators), October 1967
Bulletins, proceedings, reports, 1918-1967
CDL2/E12 (04532839) NASPA Proceedings, March 15-18, 1950 - June 19-22, 1956
CDL2/E13 (04534335) NASPA Proceedings, 1952, 1957; American Colleges and Universities, 1932
CDL2/E14 (04532840) NASPA Proceedings, 1962-1966; NADAM Proceedings, (National Association of Deans and Advisors of Men), 1941-1969
CDL2/E15 (04534324) American Colleges and Universities, 1936, 1940; NADAM Proceedings, 1934-1942
CDL2/E16 (04534313) NASPA Proceedings, 1959; NADAM Proceedings, 1929-1933
CDL2/E17 (04539769) Annual reports:
1937-1938, 1951-1952
CDL2/E18 (04539770) 1952-1953, 1955-1956
CDL2/E19 (04539587) Associate Dean of Student Life, 1958-1959
Student Life staff, 1955-1959
CDL2/E20 (04539758) Student Life staff, 1959-1962
Assistant Dean, 1959-1962
Intramural sports for men, 1960-1961
Intramural sports for women, 1960-1961
CDL2/E21 (04531406) Dean of Students, 1966-1967
Dean of Men, 1965-1966
Student Life staff, 1962-1964, 1967-1968
Other offices, 1961-1965
CDL2/E22 (04532883) Student activities and organizations:
Business and fiscal, 1965-1970
Personnel, 1966
Special programs, summer entertainment, 1969-1970
Student activities:
General, 1965-1969
Cinema 40, 1968-1971
Flag burning incident, 1971-1972
Leaflets, 1968-1970
Rallies, 1968-1970
Rally Advisor Committee, 1971
Round-up, 1965-1969
Speakers, 1965-1971
Student organizations:
Curtain theatre, 1970
General, 1965-1971
Dean of Students:
General, 1970-1971
Round-up Rock Festival, 1971-1972
Student organizations, 1971-1972
Student publications, 1971-1972
CDL2/E23 (04532872) Student organizations:
Gay liberation, 1971-1972
Legal Research Project, 1971-1972
Longhorn Flying Club, 1967
Membership lists, 1968
SDS, 1966-1969
Youth International Party, 1970
Cabinet and Coordinating Committee, 1944-1951
Charros, 1958
Choral organization, 1963
Choral organizations (A. N., sponsor), 1961
I. A. D/S:
Committee on Student Organizations, 1967-1968
Facilities, University, 1967-1968
General, 1967-1968
Fraternities and sororities (social), 1967-1968
Students for a Democratic Society, 1967-1968
University of Texas Graduate Union of Political Scientists, 1967-1968
Youth International Party, 1969-1970
The Rag, 1967-1968
General, 1967-1968
The Companero, 1967-1968
The Phoenix, 1967-1968
Student government:
Blanket tax, 1967-1968
CDL2/E24 (04532861) Student government:
Chilean Exchange Program, 1967-1968
Housing Director, 1968-1969
Students Attorney, 1969-1970
Texas student publications, 1967-1968:
Financial statements, 1967-1968
Minutes, 1969-1970
Clippings, 1967-1968
Faculty Committee on Student Publications, 1969-1970
Texas Ranger, 1969-1970
The Daily Texan, 1967-1968
The Masterpiece, 1968-1969
Handbook, amended through March 1, 1969
Student activities and organizations:
Administrative, commercial solicitation
Buildings and facilities
Buildings and facilities, use of University facilities
Central Round Up Committee
Committee on General Student Organizations, 1961-1964
Time staggers on, 1948-1949
Use of University owned facilities
Student organization fund
Student organizations
Student’s Association
CDL2/E25 (04531381) Rodeo Association
Religious Council, Brochure Commission
Rally Committee, school "spirit"
Social calendar
Senior cabinet
Student Activities Council
Student Activities Conference
Daily Texan, 1965-
The Daily Texan, publications, editorials, correspondence, 1947-1948
Varsity carnival
Students’ Cooperative Association
Student Activities Committee
SOMH (Student Organizations Maintaining Houses):
Scholastic averages
Reports, 1946-1959
Music fraternities
Round Up
MICA (Men’s Independent Campus Association)
The history of Bevo
G. E. College Bowl, University of Texas winner, February 1967
Senior Cabinet, 1965-1966
Services for students, compiled by Dean of Women’s Office, 1965-1966
Silver Spurs, 1963-1964
CDL2/E26 (04532850) Orange Jackets, 1963-1965, 1968-1969
Mortar Board
Gamma Delta Epsilon, National Service Organization for Coeds
The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Association of College Honor Societies Handbook, 1965
SOMH (Student Organizations Maintaining Houses):
Minutes and history, 1965-1969
Dean of Students, budget recommendations, 1965-1967
Colonel George E. Hurt
CDL2/E27 (04539532) Foreign students
Founders Fund Scholarship applications
Dean of Students:
Committees, Advisory Council on Students, 1967-1968
Division of Student Affairs, 1969-1970
Conferences, meeting to discuss teaching effectiveness, 1969-1970
Personnel (loose material)
Office of the Dean of Women
Special Services Division
Master housing list, fall 1948
Dormitories list
Duke House
Report and Recommendations of the Special Committee on Student Housing and Eating Facilities
CDL2/E28 (04539747) University dorms, roster of residents, 1962-1963
Moore Hill Hall
Harris - Kuse (housing problem)
Von Boeckmann
Miscellaneous printed material
Educational Psychology seminar
White Arms
Student living accommodations, 1948-1949
Student living accommodations, 1957
Special Committee on Probation and Scholastic Penalties
Housing information
Sales tax
Scottish Rite Dormitory
Admissions, 1974-1975
Tutorial survey
Student Health Center
Admission’s and Registrar’s office, 1973-1974
Guide for the mobility impaired
Rock concert agreement
Union Board
CDL2/E29 (04539601) New staff orientation
Student Financial Aids Committee, 1973-1974
Dean of Students Office, goals and objectives
Research and Evaluation Task Force
Cross agency concerns
Student Volunteer Services
Activities Office
Career Choice Information Center
Student Attorney
Affirmative Action Programs, 1974-1975
Federal laws, 1974-1975
Legal matters, 1974-1975
Innervisions of Blackness Choir
General faculty, 1974-1975
General faculty, Christmas party, December 20, 1975
Faculty Senate, 1974-1975
Guest hours
National Project II
Financial aids minority report for November 1973
Financial aids minority report for January 1974
Placement concerns
Student survey, 1974
CDL2/E30 (04533060) Democracy and education, historical information
Dad’s day
Cactus statement, Dean of Men’s staff
TADAM (Texas Association of Deans and Advisors of Men), 1930-1951
Estes Park Conference, June 19-22, 1949
Dr. Gordon V. Anderson’s committee
Texas Union
Loans and scholarships
Absence regulations
Married students day
Oklahoma - University of Texas game
Public Relations Committee
Taylor "T" room
Texas - Army game
CDL2/E31 (04533048) Dean of Women’s Office material, transferred to archives July 1970
Negro students
Annual reports, intramural sports for men, 1956-1961
Intramural sports for men, budget
Annual reports, 1964-1967
Management survey report
Nursing School
National Beta Club
National Association of Student Personnel Administrators
National Safety Council
N correspondence
CDL2/E32 (04533059) President’s annual report
Student Services Organization
Report on Personnel Program in University Residence Halls for Women
Dormitories for women
Negro students
Negro housing
Integration, 1961-1963
Dean of Students:
Committees, discipline (policies), 1971-1972
Committees, drug, 1971-1972
CDL2/E33 (04534368) Committees, student health, 1971-1972
Disruptive activities, 1970-1971
Established procedures, 1967-1968
Established procedures, procedures on campus arrests, 1967-1968
Established procedures, specific procedures on drug situations for head residents, 1969-1970
Housing, University owned, residence halls, rules and regulations, 1969-1970
Academic and curricular pre-registration, 1970-1971
Administrative, annual reports, 1970-1971
Administrative, Dean’s Council, 1970-1971
Administrative, correspondence with Dr. Ronald Brown
Student records:
Buildings and facilities
Business and fiscal
Chuck Wagon incidents, special
Special programs and ethnic affairs, administrative, proposals, 1971-1972
CDL2/E34 (04522620) Dean of Students:
Administrative, Dean’s Council, 1971-1972
Administrative, senior administrative staff meetings, 1971-1972
Administrative, The University of Texas system, 1970-1971
Board of Regents, rules and regulations, institutional regulations, 1970-1971
Buildings and facilities, 1970-1971
Committees, ID card
Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1970-1971
Personnel, Affirmative Action Program for Equal Employment Opportunity, 1968-1969
Business and fiscal, 1971-1972
Codification of Residence Halls Rules and Regulations and Procedures for Adjudication and Enforcement, 1968-1969
Housing and Food Services, proposed revision of chapter V, 1969-1970
Jester curfew
Married student housing
Co-ops proposal
Allen, Kay
Mears, G. L., 1970-1971
Prestwood, Clyde Lee
Smith, Ruth
CDL2/E35 (04519499) University owned:
Jester Center
Jester Center Halls and Men’s Residence Halls, 1969-1970
Proposed Organizational Revisions, 1969-1970
Women’s Residence Halls, 1968-1969
Draft copy, student handbook, Jester Center
Intramural (IM), men:
Administrative matters
Buildings and facilities
Intramural sports for men, annual report, 1967-1968
Business and fiscal
Co-educational activities, 1969-1970
Equipment and utilities
Intramural (IW), women:
Administrative matters
Business and fiscal
Co-recreation program
Present annual report, 1968-1969
Academic and curricular, Provisional Admissions Program, 1969-1970
Idea-draft, final report, Committee of 75, 1958
Annual reports, 1969-1970
Correspondence from Dr. Bryce Jordan, 1968-1969
CDL2/E36 (04522610) Dean’s Council, 1968-1969
Staff organization and ideas, 1969-1970
Board of Regents, 1969-1970
Board of Regents, rules and regulations, institutional regulations, 1969-1970
Campus Personalization Project, 1969-1970
Publications, proposed brochure, 1968-1969
Satellite Program, Jester, 1969-1970
Committees, Faculty Ad Hoc Committee on Ethnic Studies, 1968-1969
Organizations, Alpha Phi Omega, 1969-1970
Seminar for Student Leaders, 1969-1970
Special programs, "Project Info," 1968-1969
Special programs, blind college students, 1969-1970
Organizations, University of Texas eating clubs, 1967-1968
Student relations, exit interviews
Continuing Education for Women (CEFW):
Personnel, 1969-1970
Dean Stephen McLellan
Administrative matters, 1969-1970
Business and fiscal, 1969-1970
Brochures, 1969-1970
Special programs and ethnic affairs:
Black awareness
Minority affairs information
Media 70
Business and fiscal
Project information
Tutorial programs
CDL2/E37 (04519488) PEO
Dean of Student Affairs:
Program for Educational Opportunity
Academic and curricular, College of Lower Division, 1969-1970
Office of Freshman Affairs, 1969-1970
Committees, Texas Today and Tomorrow, 1969-1970
Response for internship interview
CDL2/E38 (04534470) Texas Today and Tomorrow, 1969-1970
Dean of Students Affairs:
Discipline, Committee (policies), 1967-1968
Mental health, drugs, 1969-1970
Committees, University Drug Policies and Procedures, 1969-1970
University Committee on Drug Policy and Procedure
Disruptive activities:
Kent State, 1969-1970
Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities, 1968-1969
Legal matters, 1967-1968
Tragedy, Whitman, August 1966
CDL2/E39 (04539598) Student relations:
Student unrest, 1969-1970
Discipline procedures and recommendations
Administrative matters
Business and fiscal
Policies and procedures
Research monograph, 1968-1969
Counseling resources on campus available to students
Special programs:
Campus to Counselor
Freshman Encounter, 1971-1972
General Studies 359K
Transfer students
University of Texas Day
Summer orientation and pre-registration, 1968-1969
A Guide to Student Services, The University of Texas at Austin
Sourcebook, 1974-1975
Final report, Health Education Project, 1978
CDL2/E41 Concerning Dorothy Gebauer: correspondence, clippings, bulletins, printed material, video tape, reel-to-reel tape, 1984
Integration at University of Texas at Austin, report, 1975
CDL2/E42 (04520840) Reel-to-reel tapes, Colloquium: Issues in the Continuing Education of Women, tapes #1-2, May 17, 1969
Woman’s notebook
Consumer Finance for Women, 1980-1981
Why Adults Learn, Allen Tough, 1968
Thesis: "Plans for Expanded Services for Women at The University of Texas," Continuing Education
Executive Committee photographs
An Academic Refresher Workshop clippings
Student unrest, bibliography, Dr. Margaret Berry, September 1968
Student Life Staff Self Study, Dr. Margaret Berry, December 1963
Institutional Self Study: Southern Association of Colleges, 1962-1964
Gordon Anderson report, 1956
Survey of Student Services at University of Texas, 1955-1956
Master copies, Rules and Regulations
Guestbook, containing signatures, clippings, photographs
Miscellaneous proclamations (oversize)
94-225/1 (05228629) Freshman Student Association:
Photo album, first meeting of the year
Agenda, fall 1991
Human scavenger hunt
Letter sent to freshmen inviting them to participate
General pictures of members and students
Elections night agenda, fall 1991
Agendas, fall 1991
Mission statement
sheet for new members
General information
Agenda, fall 1992
Pictures of new officers and advisors
Social Committee
2.325/M86 (04524069) Individual committee accounts, R-U, 1964-1966
28-4902-0000 account, 1966-1967
28-4900-0050 account, 1967-1968
38-0600-0310 account, 1966-1967
Central Round-Up, individual, 1966-1967
Central Round-Up Committee, 1960-1969
Report of Committee on Student Activities, Recreation and Entertainment:
Second term, summer session, 1926
Summer session, 1929, 1930
Report of the Committee on Student Activities, Recreation, Entertainment and Fees in the Summer School, 1925
Report of the Social Activities Committee, first term, summer session, 1925
Final report of the Committee on Student Activities for the first term, summer session, 1926
2.325/M87 (04520669) General student organizations
Committee on General Student Organizations
Clubs, active
Organizations, clubs, list of members, officers
Active student organization lists
Student Life staff meetings, minutes, agenda, related information, 1960-1962
Annual report workbook of student organizations
Office of the Dean of Student Life, annual reports, 1949-1954
Student Life staff, annual reports, 1954-1964
Student Activities Office, annual reports, 1963-1966
Annual reports
2.325/G125 (04520830) Ethnic Student Services, 1972-1973 and undated
Ombudsman, 1968-1974
Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities, 1968-1972 and undated
Jester Center, 1966-1974 and undated
Co-op Housing, 1966-1973 and undated
Dean of Students, 1969-1976 and undated
Professionals Interested in Continuing Educational for Women, Conference for, 1976
Program for Educational Opportunity and project information, 1968-1970 and undated
Intramurals, 1968-1974 and undated
Project information, 1969-1974
General information and referral, 1971-1973 and undated
Minority enrollment, 1973-1974
Executive group, 1970-1975
Big grant proposal, 1968-1970 and undated
Annual reports, 1974
Outline for research proposal, 1968-1974
Division of Student Affairs, 1966-1972 and undated
Ethnic Student Services, 1970-1973 and undated
Housing and Food Services, 1973-1978 and undated
Student fees, 1974-1975
Minority scholarship, recruitment, 1975-1978 and undated
Office of Student Financial Aid, 1966-1978 and undated
Grants/scholarships outside Office of Student Financial Aid, 1975-1978
Dean of Students, 1977-1978
Holidays, 1969-1978
Board minutes, 1969-1973
Recreational sports, 1973-1978 and undated
2.325/G126 (04521005) Dean of Students, 1973-1976
Blood drive, 1971-1976
Student Affairs Division, 1968-1978
Dean of Students, fall 1966 through summer 1973
RASSL/Learning Services, 1968-1978
Career Choice Information Center, 1974-1977
Continuing education of women and men (Whatley), 1968-1972
Dr. Berry, Campus to Counselor, 1971-1972
Young Socialist Alliance, 1970-1971
Committee for Responsible University Administration, 1970
Student organizations, 1970-1973
Frank Fleming, 1974
Sandy Kress, 1973-1974
Undergraduate research, 1967-1971 and undated
Dick Benson, 1972-1973
Bob Binder, 1971
Student exchange, 1968-1971
Student's Association, 1965-1973
Conference on Women in Public Life, 1975 and undated
Admissions/enrollment nationwide, 1969-1977
University of Texas admissions/records/registrar, 1968-1973
Student affairs, 1970-1973
Texas Today and Tomorrow, 1963-1965
Edward L. Carpenter, 1973-1974
Student employment, 1967-1973
Financial aids, national/state, 1966-1971
Health Center, 1967-1974
Provisional admissions, 1970-1973
Tuition, in and out of state, 1973
2.325/G127 (04520670) Pre-registration, 1969-1971
Residency requirements, 1972-1973
Pass-fail, 1968-1973
Study abroad, 1973-1974
Financial aid, 1972-1975
Counseling and Psychological Services, 1963-1973
RASSL, 1967-1973
Telephone counseling, 1967-1973
Married students, 1969-1974
Financial Aids Office, 1964-1975
Upperclass advisors, 1966-1972
Orientation, 1967-1973
Blind students, 1968-1972
Housing and food, 1964-1974
Housing (general), 1969-1973
Rally, 1975
Cohabitation, 1974 and undated
Women in athletics, 1973
Older students, 1972-1973
Drugs, 1968-1973
Continuing education for women and men, 1969-1973
Veterans, 1972-1974
Students, 1972-1974
Miscellaneous, 1971-1972 and undated
University of Texas Police Department annual reports, 1972-1976
2.325/A97 Student organizations, 1986
2L264 [Restricted] Student records, discipline:
F/S, Discipline Committee hearings, 1969-1970
Drug cases, 1967-1972
Special program, medical withdrawals, 1971-1972
Student relations:
Williams, Darryl Trent, 1969-1970
Students arrested at Don Weedon's, 1967-1968
McCollam, Clifford Ellis
Student-family relations, Adams, Robert M., 1967-1968
Lamar, Christine Laura, spring 1970
Administrative, confidential, 1968-1969
Dean of Students, discipline, 1967-1968
Dean of Students, disruptive activities:
Waller Creek, 1969-1970
March 2nd celebration, 1969-1970
Chuckwagon incident, 1969-1970
Housing violations
Student records, discipline
Death of a University student, 1970
Student affairs and activities:
Hazing, 1967-1968
Housing, administrative, confidential, 1969-1970
Freshman, transfer student, parent and summer school orientation programs, invitations, confirmations and schedules:
1949, 1959-1962, 1965-1967, 1969
Inactive Student Organization Records, 1996-2012
2016-167/1 [Restricted] Organizations A-L, 1996-2012
2016-167/2 [Restricted] Organizations M-S, 1996-2012
2016-167/3 [Restricted] Organizations T-U, 1996-2012
Inactive Student Organization Records, 1969-2015
2016-280/1 [Restricted] Various organizations, 1969-2015
2016-280/2 [Restricted] Various organizations, 1969-2015
2016-280/3 [Restricted] Various organizations, 1969-2015
2016-280/4 [Restricted] Various organizations, 1969-2015


At Sid Richardson Hall:

3S49b Photographs of UT Austin collected by Dorothy Gebauer:
Photographic prints, circa 1940-1960
Film negatives, circa 1940-1960