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A Guide to the UT Physical Training for Women Records, 1911-1977

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas at Austin. Physical and Health Education
Title: UT Physical Training for Women Records
Dates: 1911-1977
Abstract: Records relate primarily to the operation of the Department of Physical Training for Women at The University of Texas at Austin. Materials include correspondence, financial records, scrapbooks, photographs, newspapers, and artifacts. The bulk of the collection dates from 1927 to 1960.
Accession No.: 83-355; 93-013
OCLC No.: 830694831
Extent: 52 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Physical training for women was first organized in September 1899 under the direction of Pearl Eleanor Norvell, who utilized the first Gymnasium for Women in the Old Main building. In 1903, the program began to operate out of the newly constructed Women’s Building, which was built with a gymnasium and swimming pool in the basement. In the fall of 1904, Eunice Aden, director of Physical Training for Women from 1910-1921, started the Women's Athletic Association (W.A.A). In 1924, the Board of Regents established the College of Physical Activities, under which the UT women's sports program continued to operate.

The first women's club to be organized under the W.A.A. was the Texas Turtle Swimming Club in 1919. Professor Anna Hiss, who came to the university as an instructor in 1918 and served as Director of Physical Training for Women from 1921 to 1957, acted as the faculty sponsor. In 1920, the Racquet Club (tennis) was organized with five charter members. Eight other clubs were also created and formed the nucleus of women's sports at UT: Tee (golf), Canter (riding), Archery (archery), Touché (fencing), Poona (badminton), Strike & Spare (bowling), Tumle (tumbling), and Triggerette (riflery). Women’s sports at this time were largely social and non-competitive in nature.

In 1931, Physical Training for Women became a department in the College of Arts and Sciences and the construction of a new Women’s Gymnasium (later named for Anna Hiss in 1974) was completed. At this time, the W.A.A. became known as The University of Texas Sports Association (U.T.S.A). In 1933, Women's Intramurals separated from the U.T.S.A. and started a formal program that was organized around three divisions: sororities, dormitories, and independent groups. Individuals and groups were awarded cups, pins, and felt emblems at the annual "T-Night" Banquet for Women. In 1937, the first posture contest was conducted and, due to its popularity as a spectator event, held its competition in Hogg Auditorium.

In 1952, Physical Training for Women was renamed the Department of Required Health and Physical Education for Women. In 1972, the Departments of Intramural Sports for Men and Women were combined into one administrative division and renamed the Division of Recreational Sports. The Division, also known as RecSports, is now composed of subdivisions for Intramural Sports, Fitness/Wellness, Outdoor Recreation, Sport Clubs, the Instructional Program, and Informal Recreation.


"UT RecSports – About – History."RecSports: Division of Recreational Sports. University of Texas at Austin. Accessed February 28, 2013.

Scope and Contents

Records relate primarily to the operation of the Department of Physical Training for Women at The University of Texas at Austin. Materials include correspondence, financial records, scrapbooks, photographs, newspapers, and artifacts. The bulk of the collection dates from 1927 to 1960. The collection documents the history of the Department, associated women’s sports organizations, intramurals, clubs, and physical education classes. Particularly well-documented are numerous extra-curricular women’s clubs, including Strike and Spare, Turtle Club, Orchesis, Bit and Spur, Touché, and others. Materials relating to these clubs include meeting minutes, correspondence, and photographs.


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Subjects (Persons)
Hiss, Anna.
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin. Division of Recreational Sports.
University of Texas at Austin. Physical and Health Education -- Archives.
University of Texas at Austin. Women’s Athletics
College sports--Texas--History
Intramural sports--Records
Physical education for women.
Student activities--Texas--History--Sources.
World War, 1939-1945--Women
Austin (Tex.)

Related Material

See also the Anna Hiss Papers at the H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports, University of Texas, Austin, Texas.

Separated Material

Copies of The Gusher (1925), The Dancing News (1940), Interscholastic Leaguer (1925, 1927, 1940), The Daily Texan (1935, 1937, 1952), and the Women's Athletic Association annual, The Sports Girl (1922-1924), have been transferred to the Newspaper Collection.

Club ribbons and patches circa 1957 have been separated to the Artifact Collection.

Some material has been separated to TXC.

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UT Physical Training for Women Records, 1911-1977, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Stefanie Wittenbach, April 1984.

Subsequent revisions were made by Vanessa Attia, February 2013.

Detailed Description of the Papers



3R196 (3615056) Roll books, 1924-1925 to 1930-1931
3R197 (3615045) Roll cards, 1931-1932 to 1937-1938
3R198 (3415090) Roll cards, 1938-1939
Roll sheet records, 1939-1940 to 1943-1944
3R199 (3615318) Roll sheet records, 1944-1945 to 1950-1951
3R200 (3615103) Roll sheet records, 1951-1952 to 1958-1959
3R201 (3615067) Yearly Record sheets:
A-G, 1940-1941
H-O, 1940-1941
A-D, 1941-1942
3R202 (3615307) P-Z, 1940-1941
E-K, 1941-1942
L-R, 1941-1942
3R203 (3615260) S-Z, 1941-1942
A-D, 1942-1943
E-K, 1942-1943
3R204 (3618633) L-Q, 1942-1943
R-Z, 1942-1943
A-C, 1943-1944
D-G, 1943-1944
3R205 (3618101) H-K, 1943-1944
L-O, 1943-1944
P-S, 1943-1944
T-Z, 1943-1944
3R206 (3618790) A-C, 1944-1945
D-G, 1944-1945
H-L, 1944-1945
3R207 (3618940) M-Q, 1944-1945
R-S, 1944-1945
T-Z, 1944-1945
A-C, 1945-1946
3R208 (3618509) D-H, 1945-1946
I-M, 1945-1946
A-Z, 1945-1946
3R209 (3618349) N-R, 1945-1946
Class registers:
Spring, 1963-1964
Spring, 1964-1965
Fall, 1964
Spring, 1965, 1966
Fall, 1965-1966
Spring, 1966-1967
Spring, 1967-1968
Fall, 1968-1969
Spring, 1969-1970
Fall, 1964, 1969, 1974
Fall, 1971, 1972
Spring, 1969, 1974
3R210 (3618350) Summer school, 1930
Fall, Spring, 1962-1963
Fall, 1960, 1970
Fall, 1963-1964
Spring, 1970
Summer school, 1961
Spring, 1958-1959
Fall, 1961, 1962
Summer school, 1959
Spring, 1962
Summer school, 1963
Summer school, 1960, 1962
Spring, 1964-1965, 1970
Spring, 1967-1968, 1973, 1977
Summer school, 1968-1969
Fall, 1972-1973, 1973
Fall, 1967-1968, 1971
3R211 (3418215) Spring, 1962-1963, 1969-1970, 1970-1971, 1974
Fall, 1966-1967, 1970-1971, 1975-1976, 1976-1977
Spring, 1971-1972, 1975
Fall, 1959, 1960
Spring, 1959, 1960, 1961
Fall, 1974
Summer school, 1969-1970, 1970-1971
Summer school, 1965-1966, 1966-1967, 1972, 1973, 1975
3R212 (3419433) Scrapbooks of Texan clippings, 1944-1945 to 1962
3R213 (3416388) Physical training handbooks, 1946-1947 to 1955-1956
Intramural Athletics:
Reports of the President, 1936-1937 to 1943-1944
Annual reports, 1944-1965
Management committee meetings, 1944-1945
Student management minutes, 1943-1948
Physical training for Women, classifier's statistics, Vol. 1, 1939-1940 to 1948-1949
3R214 (3414939) Committee meeting minutes, 1944-1945 to 1946-1947
Physical training for women:
Reports, 1949-1950
Clippings, 1948-1949 to 1950-1951
Fundamental fencing, 1949-1950
"Medical Gymnastics," a series of articles by the Baron Nils Possee, K. G. V. (2 copies)
Articles written by University of Texas staff members concerning sports, 1934-1943
3R215 (3618622) University of Texas Sports Association scrapbooks:
1921-1922 to 1934-1935
3R216 (3413153) 1934-1935 to 1943-1944
3R217 (4440581) Intramurals scrapbook:
3R218 (4440592) 1946-1949
3R219 (4440606) University of Texas Sports Association Club scrapbooks:
Bit and Spur, 1937-1938
Bow and Arrow, 1942-1943
3R220 (4440617) Tumle, 1950-1958
Touché, 1948-1954
Canter Club, 1948-1952
3R221 (4440628) University of Texas Sports Association scrapbooks:
T-Night, 1949
1939-1940 to 1946-1947
Intramural winners, 1949-1953
3R222 (4343279) 1928-1934
1933-1934 to 1938-1939
3R223 (4349130) Miscellaneous scrapbooks:
"Just Little Bits of Interest," by Anna Hiss
Folk arts in Texas
"University of Texas Sports Association Songbook," compiled by Anna Hiss
3R224 (3615271) University of Texas Sports Association Co-Rec Intramurals scrapbooks, 1962-1965 to 1966-1970
Women's Athletic Association scrapbook, 1925-1926
War related scrapbook, 1942-1945, undated
Guest book of "Visitors to the Present Women's Gymnasium," June 22, 1932 to April 13, 1954
Tee Club scrapbook, 1947-1948 to 1950-1951
3R225 (4267090) Sam Snead's Quick Way to Better Golf
Documents and minutes of the general faculty, 1961-1977
3R226 (3618338) Club meeting minutes:
Triggerettes, 1952-1953
Turtle Club, 1919-1953
Orchesis, 1942-1951
Poona, 1942-1951
Tee Club, 1942-1947
Women's Athletic Council, 1919-1928
Touché , 1942-1947
Racket Club, 1951-1952
Canter Club, 1942-1951
University of Texas Sports Association, 1942-1951
WAA, 1920-1927
Tumle, 1947-1953
Anna Hiss notebook, 1919-1923
3R227 (3618145) National Recreation Association, National Physical Education Services newsletter, 1938-1940
Club meeting minutes:
Orchesis, 1940-1958
Bow and Arrow; Treasury 1940-1946; 1937-1957
Racket Club, 1938-1958
Poona, undated
Strike and Spare Bowling Club, 1943-1959
Tee Club, 1953-1955
Robin Hood, 1928-1932
University of Texas Sports Association Treasury, 1956-1959
Tumle, 1953-1959
3R228 (3618473) Committee minutes and proceedings:
1947-1948 to 1954-1955
3R229 (3618167) 1955-1956 to 1964-1965
3R230 (3618000) 1965-1966 to 1971-1972
"Bibliography of Records for Modern Dance," compiled by Elizabeth Long, 1951
"Manual for Advisers," prepared by the Board of Advising Chairman, Stephens College, 1954
"Camp Songs," compiled by Betty Alexander, et al., 1954
Physical training for women, "Basic Physical Education Handbook" (3 copies)
3R231 (3618305) Club financial reports:
Turtle Club, 1932-1939
Orchesis, 1927-1942
Bit and Spur Horse Show materials, 1929-1940
Club constitutions, 1927-1947
Bow and Arrow, 1928-1946
Tee Club, 1930-1945
Strike and Spare, 1942-1946
3R232 (3618189) Course outline for freshman sports skills, undated
Basic physical education handbook (3 copies), undated
Department of Physical Instruction "Faculty Manual and Course Outlines," revised edition, (3 copies), June 1971
Physical training handbooks:
Articles written by members of the faculty of the University of Texas and other Universities, 1933-1950, undated
"An Evaluation of Practices in Excusing Girl Students from Physical Education in High School," thesis by Betty Jo McNatt, 1950
3R233 (3617867) Bow and Arrow book files, 1937-1942
Turtle Club scrapbook, 1927-1943
Canter Club business records, 1922-1946
Racquet Club business records, 1928-1943
UTSA constitutions, 1924-1952, undated
Dance Night programs, 1940-1951
Horse Show programs, 1930-1951
Turtle Club programs, 1927-1952
Club reports, 1943-1951
3R234 (3617845) Classifier's manuals:
July 1948
June 1953
August 1960
Orchesis programs, 1927-1951
UTSA Executive Council meeting minutes, 1939-1951
Club officer and member lists, 1939-1950
UTSA organization charts, 1939-1951
Department of Physical Training for Women reports, 1955-1956
Strike and Spare Club Ledger, 1952-1957
Intramurals for Women Maintenance and Equipment Ledger, 1943-1967
Addresses by Katherine Warren, June 18-22, 1956
3R235 (3618316) Classified correspondence:
Accident reports, 1945-1951
Accidents in class, 1944-1945
Announcements, 1928-1929, 1932-1935, 1939-1947, 1949-1950
Special announcements by heads of activities, 1945-1946
Appointments, non-teaching personnel
Archery master outline, 1926-1933, 1944
Building equipment, 1950-1951
Bible material (physical training), 1938
Badminton master outline, 1944
Baseball master outline, 1926-1927, 1936-1937
Baseball, volleyball master outline, 1935-1936
Basketball master outline, 1926-1928, 1932-1933, 1937-1938
Basketball report, 1929
Curtains (new studio curtains), etc.
Curtains (studio curtains)
Catalog material, 1944-1945
Classifier's office, grades
Cultural Olympics
Curtis Wright Cadettes, February 1943
Correctives master outline, 1928-1929
Corrective and individual gym, 1927-1928
Degree establishment (physical education), 1923-1925
Dancing, 1926
Dancing master outline (Interpretative), 1927-1928
Dances (clog), 1927-1928
Dancing master outline, 1928-1929, 1932-1933
Dance master outline, 1934-1935
Exams, final written examinations, 1930-1931
Exams, written, 1934-1935
Fencing, master outline, 1944
Folk dancing, 1926
Folk and clog dancing master outline, 1927-1928
Freshman gymnastics, 1926
Freshman fundamentals master outline, 1932-1933, 1937-1942
Freshman orientation program
Freshman sports day, 1929
Freshman sports master outline, 1928-1930, 1933-1934
Fun week, 1942-1943
Fund, Freshman fund, 1945-1946
Gama Gama loan fund, 1925-1926
Game week
Golf master outline, 1928-1929, 1932-1933, 1935, 1942
Gymnastics, individual gymnastic master outline, 1944
Health lectures, 1935-1938
Health lectures Com., 1938-1939
Anna Hiss, Women's Athletic Section material, 1934-1935
Hockey master outline, 1926-1929, 1944
Inventory report, 1944
3R236 (3618021) Lights for gyms and pool
Lectures, Mrs. Overton and her lectures
Loan fund, physical training, 1929-1930, 1932-1933, 1937
Medical and physical examinations, 1940-1941
Meetings, faculty, 1947-1949
Mirrors, blueprints, 1947-1948
Night classes, 1931-1936, 1940-1941
Physical Education majors, 1927-1928
Physical exams and medical exams, 1928
Physical exams report, 1950-1951
Physical exam set-up for, 1950-1951
Physical and medical exams, 1932-1933, 1936-1937
Physical training requirements
Physical Training for Women
Pianists, 1950-1951
Pictures, departmental
Play Day, Austin's first sports day, April 7, 1928
Playdays and Sportsdays
Procedure medical and physical exams
Questionnaires, 1925-1926, 1929-1930, 1941-1942
Questionnaires, on organization of Physical Education
Rest, 1942-1943
Rhythmical gym master outline, 1944
Riding master outline, 1928-1933, 1937-1938, 1943-1944
Frank Schuch, lectures
Sectionization and space consideration, Thelma Dillingham
Soccer master outline, 1926-1927, 1944
Staff accomplishments, 1936-1937
Staff individual schedules, 1942-1943
Staff letters
Staff reports, 1925-1926
Staff studyload, 1943-1944
Staff teaching load
Statistics, 1926-1930, 1936-1945
Statistics, swimming load and grades, 1935-1939
Statistics, blood count by J. Schmidt and Dr. C. Crowell
Statistics, report on health and physical education
Summer school, 1952
Junior swimming notes
Swimming master outline, 1925-1933, 1944
Swimming suits, 1939-1940
Swim suit specifications
T-Night banquet, 1949
Teachers reports, 1925-1947
Team sports master outline, 1927-1928
Tenikoits, 1928
Tenikoits master outline, 1928-1929
Tennis courts, correspondence and material, 1932-1933
Tennis master outline, 1926-1933, 1936, 1944
Texas Conference on Child Health, 1935-1936
Tests and measurements touch football, 1941-1942
Tumbling master outline, 1933
3R237 (3618495) Alcalde, magazine for Texas Exes
American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Club memberships, past
Fiscal regulations of the University of Texas
Inter-America Relations Committee
Latin American Committee, NPECW, 1945-1946
Latin American Committee, active
Latin American Committee, 1944-1946
Dorothy LaSalle
Life and Labor Bulletin, NWTULA
National Association for Physical Education, Spring/Fall newsletter
National Recreation Association, newsletter
Newspaper clippings, 1942
Physical Education Department, manual
Physical Education Department, policies, 1940s
Physical Education Department, directors
Physical Education for College Women, war time curriculum
Physical fitness for students in Colleges and Universities
Physical Training Department for Women, history
Physical Training for Women, history
Physical training for Women, master calendar
Physical training staff, history
Physical Training Department for Women, official regulations
Posture and body mechanics by George W. Cox, M. D.
Recreation, A New Function of State Government
Board of Regents
Songs, camp
Songs and games
Southern Association for Physical Education, newsletter, February 1952
Southern Association for Physical Education, newsletter, February 1954
Southern Association for Physical Education
Summer School Administrative Office Committee
Texas Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Texas Recreation Federation of College Women, minutes
University of Texas Sports Association, examination report
University of Texas Sports Association, demonstration statements
University songs
University's Physical Education Department, director, miscellaneous
Reports to Vice President, 1933-1945
Volleyball master outline, 1926-1929
Walking physical training, special instruction sheet, 1943-1944
War effort, letters
War, miscellaneous
War effort, University
Wiring, blue print
Women's Athletic Association:
North Texas State Teacher College
Women's organizations
3R238 (3617856) A Study of the Record Forms and Recording Procedures in Physical Training for Women, by Gertrude Mooney, 1938-1939
Physical training staff and committee minutes, 1922-1944
3R239 (3618190) Report of the 1957 convention of the Texas Recreation Federation of College Women
Texas Recreation Federation of College Women convention report, 1959
Dads' Day mum sale report, 1959
Principles of Physical Education Advanced Placement Exam, undated
Recreational Sports Advanced Placement Exam, undated
Southern Association of Physical Education for College Women newsletters, Fall 1957, Winter 1958, Spring, 1958
Physical Training for Women student handbooks:
Individual Gymnastics and Freshman Fundamentals
Health Information Posture and Body Mechanics, September 1951, September 1957
Archery, May 1957, May 1963, September 1965
Tennis, undated
Badminton, revised, 1957
Golf workbook, undated
Supplement to freshman student handbook
PT for Women orientation handbook, 1950-1951
Fun for the Family, undated
Stunts and Tumbling, 1953
Student Swimming Handbook, November 1960
Fencing, revised 1953, revised 1962
Straight from the Horse's Mouth, horsemanship, undated
Extra and/or out-of-state copies of handbooks, 1951-1956
Annual reports for the President of the University of Texas:
Statistical and intramural report, 1944-1949
Statistical and UTSA reports, 1949-1956
Intramural sports, 1960-1961, 1961-1962
"The Requirements, Methods, and Procedures used in the Required Health and Physical Education Department for Women at the University of Texas," by Burdeshaw, Hewatt, Thompson, Weis, and O'Gara, 1963
Tap it, by Sheila O'Gara, published by A. S. Barnes and Company, 1937
Classifier's statistics reports, 1940-1946
3R240 (3617834) UTSA Club files:
Badminton score sheets, undated
Bow and Arrow Club:
Budget, 1955-1958
Calendar, 1954-1958
Officers and members lists, 1949-1958, undated
Old material, 1939-1944
Reports and history, 1932-1957
Rules and regulations (Constitution), 1952-1957
T-Night programs, 1944-1954
Budget, 1944-1958
Calendar, 1954-1956, undated
Constitution By-laws, 1948-1957, undated
Council and leaders, 1953-1955
Council minutes and club activities, 1952-1957, undated
Presidents' newsletters, 1953-1955, undated
Sportslight newsletter, 1950-1956
Canter Club:
Riding Committee minutes, 1932-1947
Riding terms and breeds, 1937-1938, undated
Riding lesson plans, 1937-1938
Riding student handbook, 1946, undated
Classification plan, equitation aims and objectives, horse advertisements, 1940, 1948
"Rating Scale on Riding to be used for an Elementary Class of College Women," ED. 1934, Dr. C. L. Brownell, 1936
Horseshows, 1940, 1946, 1956-1958, undated
General files:
1936-1958, undated
1944-1963, undated
1945-1957, undated
1954-1956, undated
Poona Club:
General files, 1958-1964
Current operating fund, 1951-1957
History; membership lists, 1954-1961; 1945-1961
Sponsors materials, 1956-1957, undated
Reports of tournaments attended by Poona members, 1956-1957
Tournaments, 1955-1961
UTSA, 1957-1958, undated
Racket Club:
Agenda, undated
Budgets, 1939-1952
Calendars, 1958-1962
Constitutions, 1937, 1957-1958, 1964, undated
Correspondence, 1959
General files, 1952-1967
History, 1944-1961, undated
Membership lists, 1936-1962
Minutes, 1950-1951
Programs, 1961
Reports and songs, 1933-1949, undated
Rules and regulations, 1933-1940
Intercollegiate tournaments, 1950-1959
3R241 (3618327) Intercollegiate tournaments, 1960-1967
Tee Club:
Award winners, 1945-1950
Budgets, 1939-1955
Calendars, 1947-1955
Correspondence, 1944, undated
History, 1924-1955
Miscellaneous, 1949-1955, undated
Officers and members lists, 1954-1955, undated
Songs, 1948-1950, undated
Sponsor's notebook, 1938-1939, undated
T-Night programs, 1950-1954
UTSA and club constitutions, 1954, undated
Touché Club:
Constitution, 1949-1955, undated
Duties of sponsor and officers, 1951-1952, undated
Club budgets, 1942-1954, undated
Touché and UTSA, 1948, 1954, undated
[RESTRICTED] Tryout sheets, undated
Tenative plans, 1942-1954
Council minutes, 1952-1954
Reports to council, 1941-1954
Intramural fencing tournament and club tournaments, 1944-1953
Correspondence, 1946-1954
Amateur Fencers League of America (AFLA), rules and score sheets, undated
Touché tournament, 1954
Rules for directors, undated
Membership lists, 1940-1954, undated
Tumle' Club:
Awards, undated
Calendars, 1949-1959
Correspondence, 1949-1953
UTSA constitution and calendar, 1948-1958, undated
Film rental, 1952
Tumle' constitution, 1948, 1956
UTSA information, 1954-1959
Officers and members, 1947-1959, undated
Sponsors' meetings, 1953-1958, undated
Budget, 1956-1957
Tryout sheets, 1954-1957, undated
History, 1946-1954, undated
T-Night, songs, 1946-1958
Programs and demonstrations, 1946-1957
Miscellaneous, 1954-1960
Turtle Club:
Records, 1949-1950
Miscellaneous, 1919-1960
3R242 (3618010) Bowling:
Duties of chairman, master outline, 1951-1953, undated
Special announcements, committee budget, inventory, 1953-1970, undated
Student handbooks, suggestions for care of equipment, procedure for ordering equipment, 1942-1958
Tests, check charts, Sports Day routine, minutes of meeting, recommendations, 1952-1967
Correspondence, 1957-1967
Forms, glossary, undated
Camping workshop, Spring 1954
Camp Counselor workshop, 1948-1951
Minutes, 1948-1951
Recreational games:
Announcements, 1957
Budgets, 1959-1960, undated
Bat tennis, undated
Billiards, undated
Chess, undated
Deck tennis, undated
Group singing, 1946-1947, undated
Horseshoes, undated
Mixers, undated
Paper and pencil games, undated
Party games, undated
Rhythm games, undated
Scoop, undated
Shuttleloop, undated
Skittle games, undated
Miscellaneous, 1943-1959
Recreational sports summary and inventory, 1959-1962
Rest, 1944-1949, undated
Team sports:
Activity, 1968-1973
Miscellaneous, 1961-1963, undated
Chairman's folder, 1961-1963, undated
Exercise folder, 1962-1963, undated
Course outline, 1967, undated
Equipment inventory, 1964-1967
Committee minutes, 1948-1966, undated
Basketball, 1961, 1964, undated
Field hockey, 1963, undated
Soccer, speedball, undated
Softball, undated
Touch football, 1949-1966, undated
Volleyball, 1964-1966, undated
PT for Women, quizzes, tests and exams, 1955-1957, 1960, undated
UTSA master outlines, 1941-1956, and 1935-1954
Visual aids:
Equipment information, 1956-1958, undated
Motion pictures and slides available, 1955-1956
Organization, undated
Organization, undated
List of visual aids available from the Visual Instruction Bureau Collection, 1956-1958
Policies, undated
Film rating outlines, 1956, undated
Completed film ratings, 1949, undated
Previewed-rated films, or need previewing or rating, 1956, undated
Poster Committee, 1955-1957
Visual Instruction Bureau films, 1954-1957, undated
Visual Aids Committee, 1956
Bulletin board materials, undated
Audi-Visual Advisory Council, undated
Radio, "Good Listening," undated
Films, subject listings, undated
"Good Reading," undated
Catalogs, 1953-1954, undated
3R243 (3618462) Community recreation, undated
American Association Health, Physical Education and Recreation:
General file, 1941-1947
Newsletters, 1940-1941, 1947
National Section on Women's Athletics correspondence, 1947
Southern Association of Physical Education for College Women:
Report of the Program Chairman, 1937, 1939, 1941, 1943
Constitution, 1947
Texas State (Health and) Physical Education Association news bulletin, 1932-1936
Miscellaneous, 1940, undated
Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1922, 1942-1950
T-Night organizational materials, mailing lists, 1949
Membership lists, 1923-1931
Annual reports, 1950-1960
UTSA Constitution, undated
Correspondence and club invitation lists, 1926-1942
UTSA club lists, 1940-1943, 1959, undated
UTSA calendars, 1928-1952, undated
General UT related materials, 1950-1951, undated
Club reports, 1958
Second Wartime Physical Fitness Institute, 1944
Regional Training Institute, 1942, undated
Physical fitness, miscellaneous, 1942-1944, undated
TRFCW Conventions (Texas Recreational Federation of College Women), 1955-1956, undated
Physical instruction requirement waivers:
Alphabetically filed by student's last name
3R244 (3618484) Women's gym construction correspondence and miscellaneous related, 1913-1932
Women's gym blueprint and architectural drawings, undated
Women's gym consideration correspondence, 1923-1926, 1941, 1946
Magazine clippings, 1926-1940, undated
Publications, other colleges, 1927-1936, undated
Intramurals, 1930-1954, undated
UTSA history, 1923-1949, undated
Women's Athletic Association (WAA), 1926-1945
WAA miscellaneous, 1922-1931, undated
WAA correspondence, 1927-1929
UTSA miscellaneous, 1948-1952
Daily Texan clippings, 1927-1952, undated
Austin area recreation points of interest clippings, undated
UTSA staff reports, 1950, 1954-1955
Budgets, clubs, 1944-1957
Club tournament records, 1950-1951
UTSA miscellaneous, 1937-1958, undated
Volleyball master outline, 1945
Modern Dance, 1941-1942, undated
Softball master outline, 1944, 1945
Basketball master outline, 1937-1938
Hockey master outline, 1944-1946
Financial papers, 1952-1961
UTSA treasurer's financial papers, 1962
UTSA demonstrations ticket records, 1950-1966
Archery, undated
Golf, undated
Intergroup tennis (Racquet Club), 1923-1931
Orchesis, 1932-1951
UTSA constitutions, 1932-1958, 1961, 1963, undated
"Operation Balloon," 1957-1958, undated
History, 1927-1946
UTSA awards and award system, 1927-1935, undated
UTSA Club sponsor lists and miscellaneous, 1919-1949, undated
UTSA T-Night, House party, Supper Party, 1939-1950, undated
History, 1931-1932, 1935-1936, undated
Recreation miscellaneous, 1943-1944, undated
UTSA scholarship, 1951-1961
Display materials, 1950-1951
Miscellaneous, clippings, 1928-1930, 1942, 1954-1955, undated
3R245 (3618134) Returned form letters, 1949
Christmas letter, 1925-1946
Christmas fund, 1944-1946, undated
Poster material, magazine clippings, undated
Budget requests, 1933-1937, 1940-1941, 1945-1947, undated
PI minimum requirement study, 1943
Team sports, 1928-1934, undated
Duties of Activity Committees, undated
"Home Calisthenics," by Dr. C. H. McCloy, undated
"Why Exercise," 1943
Exercises undated
"Stewardship of Time, Talents, and Money," undated
"The Parable of the Water Tank," by Edward Bellamy, undated
"A Bibliography for School and Community Music Leaders and Teachers," undated
"What Constitutes a Profession in Education," by Thomas E. Benner, 1940
Teacher training:
P. E., 1926, 1938-1946, 1950, undated
General, 1934-1945, undated
The Optimist Creed, undated
"Would You End War?" by James Oppenheim from 1914 and after, undated
"Greetings," extract from a letter by Fra Giovanni, 1519, undated copies
"The Physical Training of Women for War Work in the University of Texas," by Franz Schuck, M. D., 1942
"Enriching the Required Service Program in Physical Education," by William L. Hughes, 1939
"Co-Recreation in Physical Education Programs," by G. M. Gloss, copies taken from the Journal of Health and Physical Education, January 1940
"Ethics for Teachers," National Education Association, 1941
"The Next Step in the Evolution of Teacher Training," by Arthur H. Steinhaus, reprinted from article in the Proceedings of the College Physical Education Association for 1938
"Indoctrination for American Democracy," by B. F. Pittenger, reprinted from School and Society, 1941
"Exercises," undated
"The Elements of Showmanship," by V. K. Brown, undated
Papers on Philosophy, 1936, 1940, 1948, undated
Papers on Recreation, 1938-1943, undated
Papers on Religion, 1936-1950, undated
"The Place of the Person in University Education," by Jesse Feiring Williams, circa 1940
Notes and articles by Frances Seybolt while in the PT Department, 1941, undated
Financial report of UTSA, August 1941 to May 1942
University Interscholastic League, 1953
Curtiss-Wright Cadettes, undated
Vilbig, Peggy, 1949-1952
Air Youth of America, 1937-1941
"Notes on Interview with Dr. Anna Hiss," undated
Sectionizing, 1926-1946
Campcraft, 1926, 1932-1933, undated
"Report of an Examination of the University of Texas Sports Association, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas, for the Period from February 18, 1939 to August 31, 1939," by Bill D. Walser
PT loan fund correspondence, 1952
UTSA history; miscellaneous UTSA staff profiles; membership lists, 1943; undated; 1948-1949
Camp Te-Wai-Hiss:
Calendar, manual, and blank forms, undated
History, 1930-1935, undated
Recipes, 1926, 1929, undated
Reports, 1930-1931, 1933, undated
UTSA applications, 1947-1951
3R246 (3618156) Athletic Federation of College Women, convention report, 1951
UTSA newsletters, Tumle' constitution; UTSA annual report, 1959-1960; 1958-1959
Club program lists; miscellaneous, 1920-1952; 1933-1954, undated
AFCW Sportlight (newsletter), UTSA council minutes, reports, and correspondence, 1936-1961, undated
UTSA constitution, council miscellaneous, intramurals budget, 1934-1935
Athletic Federation of College Women, materials, correspondence, etc., 1936-1941, 1945-1946, undated
War effort, 1942-1943, undated
Foreign policy campaign:
Minutes and correspondence, 1946-1947
Correspondence, 1946, undated
Branch lists, officers and addresses, 1946
Correspondence and membership list, 1947
Publicity and tours, 1946-1947, undated
Board members list, Student Committee members list, secretary's duties, undated
Correspondence, 1946-1947
Student Federalists, Inc., 1946-1947, undated
War training courses, AWVS, OCD correspondence, 1942, undated
PT and Intramurals miscellaneous and newsclippings, 1923-1949
Intramurals history and data, 1923-1925, 1939, undated
Cactus materials, 1933-1935, undated
Women's athletics miscellaneous, 1927-1933, undated
Women's Athletic Association publicity reports, 1929-1933
WAA activities, 1929-1934
WAA trial balance of accounts, 1927-1928, 1928-1929
Sports advertising publicity, 1931, undated
Bibliography of sports books and magazines, 1951-1952, 1953-1954
Library, 1949-1970, undated
Physicians' correspondence, 1970
Magazines, 1965-1971
"Chain of Events," poster room, bulletin board, 1947-1954
UT Active Student Organizations and their presidents list, March 1953
Poster Room Committee, 1946-1954, undated
Bulletin board and Poster Room Committee reports and location lists, 1946-1950
Notes on interview with Anna Hiss, undated
Club calendars and schedules, 1955-1958
Classifier's duties, 1939, 1942, 1944
Correspondence (TRFCW convention), 1949-1954, undated
WAA and UTSA presidents lists; UTSA annual reports, undated; 1954-1955, 1959-1960
"Regulations Governing the Handling of Tickets for Benefit Performances," undated
Treasurer's duties, 1951-1952, undated
Sampler of materials in PT Library that may be checked out:
A. Good Listening, 1946-1951
B. Good Reading, 1946-1951
C. Recreation and Games, 1943, undated
D. Song Collections, 1941, 1943, undated
E. Folk Dance, 1947
F. Health and First Aid, 1945, 1950-1951, undated
G. Exercise sheets, undated
H. "Sportslight," 1950
I. Freshman Fundamentals exam, 1946-1947
J. "Would You End War?" poem by James Oppenheim, reprinted
K. Education, Veteran's Advisory Service, UT, 1944, undated
L. General Information for PT students, undated
Activity reports, 1952-1953
ARFCW Sportlight, 1957
Canoe demonstration, 1950
Reports to Chairman of activities, 1953-1954
Master calendars, 1948-1957
Bibliography of music albums and sheet music, 1952-1953
Committees' duties and responsibilities, 1930-1931
Duties of Activity Chairmen, 1943, 1946-1947
Ballroom Dancing report by Margaret Freed, 1953-1954
3R247 (3618032) TRFCW:
Miscellaneous, 1936-1952
Convention booklet, 1954
Constitution; annual newsletter, 1939-1940; 1952
Convention materials, 1955
Convention letters, 1955-1956
Convention letters, 1955-1956
Preconvention miscellaneous, 1955
Committees, 1955
UTSA, 1951-1955
Convention program, 1955
"The Report of State Conferences of the Athletic Federation of College Women," 1954
Touché Club:
Demonstrations, 1948-1949, 1951, undated
Exercises, undated
T-Night songs, 1947, 1949, undated
Scrapbook material, 1942, 1952, 1954
Intercollegiate tournament, 1954
Miscellaneous, 1953-1954, undated
UTSA miscellaneous, 1952-1953
Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1934-1938, undated
Posture, 1937, 1940, 1944, undated
Miscellaneous printed material, 1925, 1937, 1939, 1943, 1945, undated
Camp Te-Waa-Hiss, 1928-1933
UTSA miscellaneous, 1921, 1929-1943, 1952, 1970, undated
Individual Gymnastics, 1943, 1949-1951
Golf tests, undated
Ballet information form, undated
Freshman Fundamentals Committee meeting minutes, 1948-1952
Freshman exercise:
Inventory, 1964-1965
Practical and written tests, undated
Course outline, reference materials, etc., 1963-1964, undated
Book and visual aid lists, undated
Committee minutes, 1962-1966
Canter Club:
Stephens College, Missouri, PE Horsemanship Department, Course number one outline, 1953-1954
Horsemanship, 1936, 1953-1954
Horseshow records, 1948-1949
Miscellaneous, 1946-1950
PT Student Handbooks:
Riding, undated
Fencing, 1951-1952
Social Dance, 1954
Archery, 1956
Tennis, 1951
Badminton, 1951
Women's Athletic Association annual, The Sports Girl magazine, 1924-1925, 1925-1926, 1926-1927
"Report of the Recreational and Cultural Resources Survey of the State of Washington," 1946
Miscellaneous printed materials, 1952, 1955-1959
3R248 (3617991) UTSA annual reports, 1951-1952, 1953-1954, 1956-1957, 1960-1961
UTSA Council minutes, newsletters, and miscellaneous, 1953-1959
National Amateur Athletic Federation:
Correspondence, 1925-1935, 1938-1940
Newsletters, 1933-1937
Printed material, undated
Blood Bank, Red Cross, 1952
Texas State Teacher's Association, 1944-1945
State Recreation Committee, proposal for organization, undated
UTSA organization, undated
UTSA Supper Party, 1951-1956
Instructor's manual, 1954-1955, 1955-1956
Student handbook page proofs, undated
"An 'IF' for Girls," poem by Elizabeth Lincoln Otis
Newsclippings, 1927-1928, 1931
Financial ledgers:
UTSA, 1953-1954
UTSA, 1954-1955
Bow and Arrow Club, 1950-1951 to 1958-1959
Poona Club, 1961-1962
Racket Club, 1949-1950 to 1956-1957
Receipt book, Poona Club, 1960
Secretary's roll books, minutes and membership:
Bow and Arrow Club, 1946-1950, 1955-1956
Canter Club, 1954-1956
Poona Club, 1952-1957, 1957-1960, 1960-1961, 1961-1962
Racket Club, 1953-1964, 1958-1963, 1963-1965, 1966
Strike and Spare Club, 1947-1948
Touché ' ledger, 1950-1955
Unidentified, undated
3R249 (3618178) PT for women staff handbook used until 1954-1955
National Physical Education service newsletters, 1929-1935
Past newsletters, 1957-1958, undated
Miscellaneous, 1927-1928, 1949-1950, 1952, undated
Council and sponsor directory, undated
"Council's Value to Clubs," undated
TRFCW Convention, Abilene Christian College, 1951-1952
TRFCW Convention reports; AFCW reports, 1939, 1941, 1955; 1946, 1954, 1956
Club reports, past, 1951-1958
Correspondence, 1957-1958
UTSA Council minutes, 1951-1959
T-Night reports, 1953-1957
TRFCW miscellaneous, 1940-1941, 1955-1956
WAA correspondence, 1922-1926
Profit and loss statements from club tournaments and demonstrations, 1959-1960
Finances, requisitions, 1944-1945, 1950-1951, undated
Budgets, 1959-1960
Demonstration budgets and financial report of demonstrations, Orchesis and Turtle, 1947-1955
Current and/or latest activity handbooks, 1944-1945, 1951-1956, undated
Student handbooks, 1953-1965
Physician's letters, Summer 1968-1969
Personal miscellaneous information, departmental, 1968-1969
General information, 1968-1969
Physician's letters, 1970
Books ordered, 1968-1970
AFCW Sportslight, 1947-1953
Committee minutes and reports, 1928-1929
Club calendars, 1929-1930
Newsclippings, 1940, 1946-1948
Dance, 1935-1948
Social dancing, 1945-1947
Council and club membership, 1926-1946
Council miscellaneous, 1937-1940, 1945, undated
Reports to council, 1927-1933
UTSA election material, 1940-1941, 1941-1942, undated
Proposed constitutional changes, undated
Constitutions, other schools, undated
Girl's Athletic Association, 1925, undated
Ideas for handbooks, 1949-1950
Visual aids, 1955-1957, 1959
Varsity Circus (Yama-Yama Girls) newsclippings, 1925
Advanced placement, credit by exam materials, 1974, 1976, undated
UTSA Sportslight, 1950-1954
Check-out and check-in lists, 1959-1968, undated
Staff check-out list, 1969-1970
Coke list, undated
3R250 (3419422) PT Department budget, 1930
PT Department history, 1917, 1927-1951
History, 1918, 1925-1952
Membership lists, 1926-1953
Duplicating masters, 1957-1958, 1968-1969, undated
Freshman Fundamentals, 1948-1949
UTSA by-laws, undated
Faculty handbook, 1969
Faculty manual and course outline, 1971
Intramural manager's handbook, undated
Riding Club, 1949-1950
Chess Club, 1937, 1942, 1944, undated
Work checklist for staff members, 1937-1938
Student handbooks, 1951-1954
Miscellaneous printed materials, 1949-1954, 1962
Fundamentals handbook, draft, undated
Freshman fundamental handbook, Summer 1951
Handbook reports, 1948-1954
Procedure for making handbook, undated
Completed handbooks, 1945-1946, undated
Charts, 1946, undated
Handbooks (unapproved), 1946-1949, undated
Miscellaneous printed material, 1947-1954, undated
Handbook reports, 1951-1954
Badminton master outline, undated
UTSA Council, 1960, undated
Archery master outline, 1926
Rhythmic gymnastics, 1940-1941, undated
Initiation service, 1943, 1951-1955
UTSA vouchers, 1959-1960
Operation Balloon, 1957
Article reprints and other printed material, 1911, 1922, 1926-1927, 1930-1939
Article reprints and other printed material, 1940-1949
Addresses, papers, reports, 1927-1945, undated
Addresses, papers, reports, 1932-1943, 1950, undated
3R251 (3418190) Orchesis Club:
Budgets, 1960-1962, undated
Reports, 1959-1967, undated
Special projects, 1962
Constitutions, 1958, 1961
Laws and pledge, undated
History, 1942-1959
Folk and Square Dance:
Handbook and master outline, 1947, 1958-1959, 1961, undated
Dance symposium correspondence, 1951
Miscellaneous, 1947-1951, undated
Inventory, 1947-1948, undated
Committee, 1947-1949
NAAF, 1936-1940
PT loan fund, history, 1951-1953, undated
Recreation printed material, 1941, undated
Deck tennis, 1938-1939, 1941-1947, undated
Remedials inventory, undated
Sports Day, January 5, 1952
Roller skating, 1957
Intercollegiate Fencing tournament, 1952-1953
Swimming, 1966
Individual cases, special students, undated
Freshman sports, 1945-1947
Fencing magazines, 1940-1950
Rest, 1948-1949, 1951-1954, undated
Summer School:
Staff minutes, schedules and announcements, 1956-1959
Statistical report, 1954-1959
Summer staff manual, 1956
Schedules, 1953-1959
Red Cross Swimming Skill sheets, undated
Reports and studies, 1956-1957
Duties and responsibilities, 1955, undated
Recommendations and suggestions, 1956-1957
Correspondence, 1956-1960
Publicity, 1954-1960
Announcements, 1954-1958
Boy's program, 1956
Classification of swimmers, 1956-1957
Annual reports and information, 1932-1948, 1954-1963
Triggerettes, 1926-1927, 1931-1932, 1954-1955, 1958-1960, 1952-1960, undated
Bit and Spur:
Accounts, 1934-1937
1929-1931, 1934-1937, undated
PT statistics, 1940-1941
Classifier's duties, 1948
PT for women duties of committees, 1933-1936
Health education, 1931, 1937-1942, undated
3R252 (3419411) Examinations, 1927-1930
Committees, 1929-1935
Printed forms, 1930-1940, undated
UTSA and club constitutions, 1939-1941
Statistical reports, 1939-1941
Salaries and budgets, 1946-1951
Resignation, 1945
Individual gymnastics reports, 1927-1934
"Nicodemus, the Man Who Knew too Much," 1939
Reports, 1943-1945, 1955, undated
Exercise miscellaneous, 1942-1945, undated
"The Unhappy are Always Wrong," by A. E. Johnson, undated
Sermon by Percy M. Dawson, 1941
Excerpts from "Maturity," by Dr. Adolf Meyer, 1950
TRFCW convention minutes, 1951
TRFCW convention, 1955-1956
TRFCW convention, 1958
T-Night reports, 1948-1960
Club membership lists and reports, 1958-1960
UTSA elections, 1953-1955, 1961, undated
UTSA, 1957-1961
T-Night Committees, 1941-1943, 1956
T-Night report, 1959
UTSA and club secretary's duties, 1957-1958, undated
Fencing syllabus, undated
NAAF newsletters, 1930-1933
AFCW convention, 1942, 1953-1959
Recreation, 1943, 1949, undated
Recreation clippings, 1938-1945
Intramural Athletics for Women (annual reports), 1950-1960
UTSA and club constitutions, 1946-1954
Annual reports to the president (statistical reports), 1948-1960
Miscellaneous, 1951-1960
Card section, undated
Membership lists, 1934, 1941-1942, undated
Budgets and letters, 1922-1928
Freshman fundamentals, 1954-1955, undated
T-Night programs, 1928-1963
3R253 (3418204) T-Night programs, 1934-1965
Miscellaneous UTSA programs, 1928, 1930-1962
T-Night reports, 1929, 1930-1931, 1937-1938, 1948-1949, 1953-1954
T-Night Committee, 1954-1956
T-Night awards, 1955-1956
Index to articles and papers, undated
Skills in Human Relations, 1945, undated
"I Like to Work With Women," in The Texas Business and Professional Women, 1940
"A Man Looks at Marriage," by Dr. Paul Weaver, undated
"Psychology of Physical Activities," by Goodwin Watson, 1933
"Take Me With You," by Henry M. McCracken, undated
"Spiritual (Religious) Values and Mental Hygiene," by A. B. Haydon, undated
"Trends in Teacher Education," by E. M. Best, undated
Miscellaneous papers, 1939-1940, 1944, undated
Faculty rank correspondence, 1944
Greek games programs, Barnard College, 1928-1929, 1932
Christmas letter, 1946-1947
Archery master outline, undated
Medical and physical examination, 1939-1940, 1946-1947
Miscellaneous, 1930-1947
T-Night banquet program cover layout, 1957
Class schedules, 1939-1948
CDL2/E479 (4477978) Printed material, 1923-1925, 1950-1977:
Women's Athletic Association
Intramural Sports for Women
Department of Physical Training for Women
State wide publicity of Physical Training Department, clippings, 1929-1932



3S116 Photographs:
Badminton photographs and negatives, 1938, undated
Basketball, undated
Bit and Spur, undated
Bow and Arrow, 1940-1941, undated
Canter Club photographs and negatives, 1953, 1956-1957, undated
Dance photographs and negatives, 1933, 1937-1939, undated
Miscellaneous PT Department individual and group photographs and negatives, 1924, 1927, 1937-1956, undated
Field hockey, 1946, undated
Racket Club, 1940-1942, undated
Riding, 1937-1939
Softball, 1940, 1946, undated
Strike and Spare (bowling), undated
Tee Club (golf), photographs and negatives, 1946, undated
T-Night banquet, 1953, undated
Touché Club photographs and negatives, 1953, undated
Triggerettes (Rifle Club) photographs and negatives, UT ROTC negatives, undated
Tumle', 1957
Turtle Club, 1949-1950
Varsity Circus, 1925
Visual history, 1955-1956
Volleyball, undated
Intramural negatives, 1937-1939
Riding glass negatives, undated
Miscellaneous negatives, 1957-1958, undated
3S139 Oversize photographs:
Group portrait: Virginia Hunt, Helen Mobley, Virginia Broadfoot, and four others, unidentified
Team sport scene, unidentified (damaged)
Women tennis player, unidentified
Women golf player, unidentified
Women fencers, unidentified
Unidentified dancers
Women in costume dancing
Women with bow and arrow