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Pamela Lechtman Collection, 1926-1936, 1972-1996

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Price, Pamela, 1943-
Title: Pamela Lechtman collection
Dates: 1926-1936, 1972-1996
Abstract: Comprised of correspondence, newsletters, press releases, ads, travel brochures, posters, newspaper clippings, reports, magazines, articles, audio cassette tapes, slides, maps, and other materials, the Pamela Lechtman Collection, 1926-1936, 1972-1996, documents Lechtman's involvement in the women's rights movement and anti-smoking campaigns nationally and in Ventura, California, as well as her research and writing on travel, hotels, spas, and cuisine.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.02203
Extent: 10.08 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Writer, editor, activist, and radio personality Pamela Lechtman is known for her extensive writing on the women's movement, anti-smoking campaigns, travel, spas, and cuisine. Her work has been published in over 100 newspapers and magazines, such as Shape, where she was travel editor for eight years. Lechtman also produced spa videos for the tourist boards of Switzerland and Italy and served as an advisor for the National Geographic Traveler survey of spas in the United States. As an advocate for women's rights, Lechtman has participated in the National Organization for Women (NOW), the American Association of University Women (AAUW), and the Women's Information Network, in addition to her involvement in the anti-smoking movement.


Palm Spring Life, "The History of Palm Springs Spa." Accessed January 18, 2011.

Scope and Contents

Comprised of correspondence, newsletters, press releases, ads, travel brochures, posters, newspaper clippings, reports, magazines, articles, audio cassette tapes, slides, maps, and other materials, the Pamela Lechtman Collection, 1926-1936, 1972-1996, documents Lechtman's involvement in the women's rights movement and anti-smoking campaigns nationally and in Ventura, California, as well as her research and writing on travel, hotels, spas, and cuisine. The women's rights materials, such as correspondence, newsletters, juvenile literature, articles, ads, reports, and newspaper clippings, shed light on issues related to sexism in education, gender roles in society, women's history resources, sex role stereotyping, and domestic violence. The collection also contains newsletters and literature from the National Organization for Women and the American Association of University Women. Documents concerning the anti-smoking movement include articles, newspaper clippings, ads, and correspondence regarding nonsmoker's rights, smoke-free hotels and travel, as well as the relationship between smoking and health. Composed of brochures, hotel and resort packets, guides to bed and breakfast hotels, slides, posters, audiocassette tapes, and guide maps, travel material in the collection relates to tourism in the United States and Europe.


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Personal Names
Price, Pamela, 1943-
Corporate Names
American Association of University Women.
National Organization for Women
Antismoking movement
Bed and breakfast accommodations
Family violence
Nonsmoking accommodations
Sex discrimination in education
Sexism in literature
Travel writing
Women's rights
United States
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Children's literature

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Pamela Lechtman Collection, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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1993-072; 1996-150; 1996-185; 2013-126

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2.325/A77b [SRH1230000733] Unprocessed materials
2.325/D8c [SRH1230000654] Unprocessed materials
2.325/D32c [SRH1230000822] Unprocessed materials
2.325/OD7 Unprocessed materials
2.325/U507 [SRH1230002348] Unprocessed materials
2.325/J1 "Nonsmokers' Directory of Restaurants, Hotels and Guest Houses in the British Isles, 1985-1986
"Catalog of Nonsmoking Hotel Rooms, by Cindy Meek", 1985
Tobacco-Free Youth Reporter," , 1988, 1992-1994
International Union Against Cancer, international calendar of meetings on cancer, No. 26, 1993-1994
The Tobacco Observer , July 1987
Article on smoking from Los Angeles Times , June 26, 1994
2.325/J2 Action on Smoking and Health
Printed material
Americans' for Nonsmokers Rights
Coalition for a Health California
Reports, proposals
"It's Time to Stop Being a Victim"
Smoking Action Coalition of Ventura County
"Major Local Smoking Ordinances in the United States", 1989
"Nonsmokers Assertiveness Guide," by Bruce W. Miller, 1980
"A Curriculum for Death in the West", 1993
"A Curriculum for Secondhand Smoke", 1986
9th World Conference on Tobacco and Health, October 10-14, 1994
"Quit and Win: The War on Cigarette Withdrawal Once and for All," by Peggy Keigley
"If Only I Could Quit," by Karen Casey, 1987
2.325/J3 The Journal of the American Medical Association , January 6, 1989
New York State Jounral of Medicine , September 1986
"International Network of Women Against Tobacco, Directory of Members", 1992
Smoking is No Laughing Matter...BUTT Have You Seen This One? , 1987
Clippings and articles
Printed material
2.325/J36A The New Magazine (2), May 1992
Theatre Magazine (1), June 1926
Story Magazine (1), December 1936
"Letters to the editor", 1979-1987
Universal Amphitheatre letter, 1984
Non-smoker's rights clippings and correspondence, 1984-1988
"Los Angeles": Non-smoker's Rights, clippings, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1985-1990
"Audio Visual Presenters" Letter and Clippings from "Joanne", 1987
Mazal Tov RSVP, Travel brochures, Non-smoking clippings, news releases, mail-ins, 1983-1988
California Smoke-free hotels list
"#3-Screened by Katrina" Non-smoking travel correspondence, miscellaneous, 1986-1987
ASH newsletter; sign company mailer, 1990
"Non-smokers" newsletters, clippings and correspondence, 1980-1988
"Mexican Spas": newsletters, 1990
"Iceland Spas" miscellaneous non-smoking newsletters, clippings, 1981-1989
Americans for Non-smoker's Rights Annual Report, California B & B guide, letter, clippings, 1982-1989
"Jamaica" women and smoking conference letter, newsletters, 1989
News clippings and press releases, 1983-1985
"Public Relations firms" clippings, press releases, 1983-1987
Non-smoking newsletters, correspondence, etc., 1984-1987
"Las Vegas": wind pipeline newsletters, clippings, 1979-1983
Correspondence, clippings, etc.-smoking related, 1983-1990
Signed letter from Alan Cranston (public policy and smoking)
"Dorothy Hundley": newsletters, correspondence, clippings, smoking related, 1986-1988
2.325/J36B Smoking/Non-smoking correspondence, press releases, clippings, 1983-1987
"CNR-Newsletter" various anti-smoking newsletters, 1984-1990
Anti-smoking clippings, newsletters, 1983-1987
"Avery, Eunice" Anti-smoking correspondence, clippings, articles, etc., 1987
"Liftline Lodge/New Life Spa" smoke-free travel clippings, health spa ads, correspondence, Bob Kerr, 1982-1988
Truckee River Lodging House, smoke-free travel and accommodations brochures, clippings, etc., 1986-1987
"?" Smoking policy in hotels and airlines; correspondence, press releases, 1987
Smoking/non-smoking correspondence, press releases, clippings, 1986-1987
"F" Fitness/Forty + "Smoking/cancer brochures, correspondence, newsletters, etc., 1983-1989
"Apline Hiking Fitness Tour" Anti-smoking mail, correspondence, press releases, clippings, 1986
"Miscellaneous memos from Christine" non-smoking restaurant reviews, book press release, 1983-1988
"Austria" Anti-smoking correspondence, press releases, newsletters, galley proofs, clippings, etc., 1983-1988
Loose in box
2.325/J36C Non-smoking, clippings, correspondence, newsletters (ASH, GASP, STAT-91, CATS), miscellaneous, 1985-1991
"Washington West" non-smoking clippings, correspondence, newsletters, (GASP, ANS, BREATH STAT-91) miscellaneous, 1991-1992
Loose in box, Target Intervention (smoking cessation manual), undated
Loose in box, correspondence, newsletters, clippings, miscellaneous, 1984, 1989-1991
Resort information, magazines and pamphlets, correspondence, clippings, complaint forms, 1983-1987, 1989-1990
CNR address, Great American Smokeout Promo, ANR newsletter (1 sheet), Thirfty-Rent-a-Car info sheet, 1986-1987, 1989
Smoking reports, newsletters, correspondence, clippings, etc., 1983-1984, 1987-1989
Smoking (anti) newsletters, clippings, correspondence; NOW brochure, 1988-1991
2.325/J36D "Gerry Tully correspondence" correspondence, newsletters, miscellaneous, 1988-1991
"Waves of Wailea" Proposition 99, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1987-1989
"Winthrop Hill, (CT)" CATS (Citizens Against Tobacco Smoke) letters to Shape, miscellaneous, 1987-1988
"The Wooden Door" correspondence, clippings, etc., 1987-1989
"Vista International-correspondence", 1988
"The Verandah" ASH, wind pipeline, action alerts, correspondence, miscellaneous anti-smoking campaigns, 1987-1988
"Wooden Door" clippings-anti-smoking related, 1984-1990
"The Tuscan National Resort and Spa" anti-smoking newsletters, correspondence, ads, miscellaneous, 1983-1986
Smoking correspondence, miscellaneous, 1983-1986
"Future Story Ideas" pro-smoking magazines, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1985-1988
"Travelers" Tye, Joe B. et al., "Tobacco Advertising and Consumption" Journal of Public Health Policy , Winter 1987
"Copies of Articles," CNR, undated
"Waunita Hot Springs Ranch" flyer: Anti-smoking poster contest, 1988
Tobacco Industry Brief, Press release, correspondence, 1987?
"Shape Business" CATS flyers, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1988-1990?
"Bahamas-photo" non-smoking, bulletins, newsletters, correspondence, miscellaneous, 1987-1989
"Newsletters" non-smoking mail-outs, news bulletins, 1988
"Non-smoking" news bulletins, correspondence, clippings, press releases, miscellaneous, 1983, 1987-1989
Press releases, clippings, 1986-1987, 1990-1992
2.325/J36E "Skywest" Sex roles in textbooks clippings, reports, agendas, 1972-1975
"Total Air" Sex roles in textbooks, workshop introduction, clippings, Pirate Press, 1974-1975
"UTA" Sex roles in textbooks, education list, bibliography, flyers, fight profile, etc., 1973-1974
AAUW/Areas of interest, 1973-1974
"Western" article - "from skates to scalpels", undated
"Oaks - Gellinto" gender and language and roles; essays, miscellaneous
"World Airways" sex role stereotyping study group packet, undated
Ranch Transfers - Patte Kong 5/20, 5/24" letter AAUW, newsletter CSD packet, 1976-1977
What Can We Be," coloring book, circa 1975
Sex stereotyping in schools, correspondence, reports, etc., 1975
"Chirman France '78" - Textbooks analysis, miscellaneous, 1975
"Sisterhood bookstore" non-sexist literature, miscellaneous, 1973
"Rebels with Words" Essay resource list
"Rebels with Words" Videotape shoot guide
State of Textbook Evaluation agenda, flyer for speech, 1974
"Hawaiian Airlines" Textbook revision, ERA miscellaneous, 1973-1975
"Lufthansa" "The Dinner Party," women's place, letter, 1973-1974
"Northwest Airlines" sex bias articles, memo, 1973-1975
"Pan Am" Sexism in schools, reports, 1975
"Ad Club" Sex stereotypes in education, miscellaneous clippings, essays
2.325/J36F "KVEN-AAUW FORMS, Goldwater, Lagomarsino - UPDATE" sex-typing in the classroom studies, clippings, correspondence, 1974
2.325/J36E "Vista International/Hilton" sexism in education; correspondence, newsletters, flyers, miscellaneous, 1974-1976
"The Prime Minister - ad" "Davis, Mac, 1-687-7153" agenda, correspondence, studies, 1973-1974
"Vegetarian Hotel" Agenda - Ventura district, clippings, workshop material, 1973-1974
"Tellman" "Corley" sex stereotyping studies, undated
Robert Johnson - Hawaii Honl., McGraw-Hill publishing guide, undated
"Veras N. B. R." Women's rights brochures, study guides, newsletters, surveys, 1975
Regurk, Davis, Kacerek 2-21, California Women magazine, illustrations for literary productions, 1976
Sex stereotyping magazines, curricula, literary productions, 1974-1977
"Press: Women of the Economy" Women's equality miscellaneous literary production, 1973-1974
Women's equality brochure, unidentified image
Magazines, clippings, etc., 1975-1976
2.325/J36G Sexism in Education, Miscellaneous correspondence, 1973-1976
Clippings, etc. re: battered women, 1977
Education, Battered women, etc., (Loose in box), 1975-1978
("Legal Things") clippings, etc., 1977
("SB 91 & 92 Presley"), 1977
Ventura School District clippings, sexism in education forms etc., 1975-1977
Wind pipeline, ASH, Miscellaneous, (Loose in Box), 1976-1988
Newsletters re: battered women, 1976-1978
"AAUW Conference Materials", 1977
Note cards, clippings re: women and sexism, 1975
Gender roles in education papers, notes, clippings, miscellaneous, 1975
AAUW miscellaneous, 1975
Counseling battered women brochures and memos, 1976-1977
Clippings, AFSC reporter, 1977
Women's Awareness Week, August 1977
Clippings, Up or Down With Women's Liberation , 1975-1978
2.325/J36H Women and the Economy Conference, 1976
Transcript of Hearing of the Joint Committee on Legal Equality, 1976
Letter from Commission on status of women, 1977
AAUW Journal, 1976
Ms. Liberty color book, 1974
"Stamps" Domestic violence information, etc., 1977
Martin's Father storybook, 1971
"Challenge to Change", 1975
Contains letter from "Sally", 1976
Sex role stereotyping in K-3 reading textbooks, 1974
Eccentric Journal, 1974
Sexism: A Handbook for Teacher Intervention of Calling Off the Game , 1974
Graduate Woman , 1978
AAUW Journal, 1974
CSD-AAUW report, evaluation of sexism and sex-role stereotyping in California textbooks, 1976
The Magic Hat , 1973
A Guide to Textbook Evaluation , 1974
Study project of elementary school reading texts, 1975
"Did you know that you are free to decide what you want to be", 1975
A handbook for workshops on sex equality in education, 1976
A women's guide to social security, 1975
Women's rights, undated
Women's rights handbook, 1976
Stories for free children, 1974
2.325/J36I Pamphlets, magazines, children's books, 1976
Anti-smoking CATS, FANS, GASP, clippings, petition, press release, correspondence, Dole material, 1985-1988
Sex equality: LCC, NOW, book list, correspondence, pamphlets, brochures, CSD News Monitor , 1975-1976
Catalogue of non-smoking hotel rooms: Smoke-free Lodging in California , undated
Reports and other materials, 1984-1992
2.325/J36I Report, Tony Lechtman, 1984
Annual report, 1991
California festival of trees, 1992
Stickers, undated
"(H.E.A.T.) Ships": resort flyers, literart production, women's rights brochures, 1976
Magazines, clippings, database print out, correspondence, 1983-1984, 1987-1989, 1992
96-149/1 Kids Say Don't Smoke Posters From the New York City Smoke-Free Ad Contest, Andrew Tobias, 1991
The Smoke-Free Workplace, William L. Weis and Bruce W. Miller, 1985
Clippings, correspondence and printed material concerning non-smoking, 1973, 1986, 1993
Travel material
Bed and breakfast brochures, United States and some Canada, 1983-1995
Bed and Breakfast/Historic hotel information, 1987-1995
The Official Guide to American Historic Bed and Breakfast Inns and Guesthouses, Tim and Deborah Sakach, 1987
Historic Hotels of America, National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1994
Calling on North America: The Complete Source Book of Business and Leisure Travel Information, AT&T, 1988
"Jewish City Guide of Switzerland", 1988
New Hampshire
West Central Wisconsin State Bike Trails, 1994
Madison, Dane County and University of Wisconsin Campus
Liechtenstein, 1994
Brochures of restaurants, tours, and guides in the United States
Hotel and travel brochures for overseas destinations
Information and brochures on hotels in North America
Information concerning other travel areas and destinations
Printed material
Newsletters, 1989-1995
96-149/2 Reviews, 1980-1983, 1986-1990, undated
Curriculum from UCLA concerning Travel Journalism course, 1981-1991
Bed and Breakfast Associates
The Armand Hammer Foundation
Hotel/Resort packets
Hyatt-Regency, Scottsdale, Arizona
Riverplace, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Lafayette Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts
Hotel Meridian, Newport Beach, California
Mount View Hotel, Napa Valley, California
La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, California
Casa Del Gavilan, Cimarron, New Mexico
The Westin Hotel, Tabor Center, Denver, Colorado
96-149/3 Barnabey's Hotel and Restaurant, Manhattan Beach, California
Salt Lake City Utah
Colorado Travel News Bureau, Inc.
The Grande Butte Hotel, Crested Butte
Winter Park Resort, Winter Park
The Sheraton Steamboat Resort, Steamboat Springs
Loews Giorgrio Hotel, Denver
Montecito Inn, Santa Barbara, California
North Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, California, 1996
Fodor's, 1989
The Westin Hotel, Washington, D. C.
Captain Zodiac Raft Expeditions, 1991-1992
Hyatt Regency, Kauai, Hawaii
Princeville Resort, Kauai, Hawaii
The Waves at Wailea, Hawaii
The Big Island of Hawaii
Alexander House, Sussex, England
Greater Madison, Wisconsin
Cricketer Travel Apparel
Hotel Hana-Maui at Hana Ranch
The Charlotte Inn
Tickle Pink Inn at Carmel Highlands, Carmel, California
Alabama Tour and Travel Guide, 1995-1996
The Natural State, Arkansas, 1988
Photographs and slides
Cassette tapes, travel commentary
96-185/1 Travel material
General travel information
Boca Raton Hotel Club
Palm Springs
Hotels and resort scenery
Radio scripts on travel information
Pan Am press kit
Entree, 1984-1995
The Best Report, 1982-1984
Best Letter, 1981-1982
The Privileged Traveler, 1986-1987
Bon Voyage, 1986
Bruce David Colen's The Good Life, April 1984
Travel Scope, May 1986
Jan Keown's Very Special Places, Winter 1983-1984
Romantic Dining and Travel Letter, January 1984
The Hideaway Report, June 1981
Bed and Breakfast information
Brochures, printed material
Travel Profiles Publicity, 1988
Guide to California Bed and Breakfast Inns, 1994
The Governors Inn
Anasazi, The New Wisdom
The Inn at Saratoga
John Rutledge House Inn
The Inn at Blackberry Farm
The Innkeeper's Register, 1991-1992
Bed and Breakfast American Style, 1987
Non-smoking material
Fresh Air Colorado - Quality Lodging and Dining for the Environment-Sensitive Traveler, Katherine McMullen-Serrault, 1991
General information
Northwest Clears the Air
Through with Chew
Women and role reversal information
General infornation, 1975
Evaluation of Sexism and Sex-Role Stereotyping in California Textbooks
Women's Rights Handbook
"You're on the Air," by Pamela Lechtman, 1983
3J128b [SRH1230017248] Shape [magazine], 1981-1989
Pet columns
Desert Pet Companion columns, 2011--2013
"Little One," My Desert , May 2013
Printed material
Business cards and program passes, undated
Professional correspondence, 2003
Book release flier, 2006
Italia-Experience the Spa Legend [videocassette cover], 1994
Travel and spa columns
First Class , 1980
Agoura Acorn , 1980
Spa Finders , 1987
Malibu Times , 1989, 1998, undated
Jewish News , 1992
Club & Sports Society , 1995, undated
Vacation Jubilee , undated
The Public Record , 2003
Spa Du Jor , 2003
American Spa , 2003
Desert Entertainer , 2009
2.325/D19a [SRH1230000709] News Chronicle , 1980-1982
Malibu Times , 1999-2013
Various, 1980-2011
2.325/B114a [SRH1230000412] Cassettes from travel programs
KFAC-Los Angeles
Word on Travel with Carl Princi, 1984, 1986
KCSN-California State University
The L. A. Connection, 1984, 1986
Dining Out [segment], 1984
KWNK West Hills, L.A.
The Hollywood Chef, Van Lanegrasse, 1989, 1990
KNJO Westlake Village, CA
Health Hotline, 1993